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shut your fUCK

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<< speed added candygore, bones, birbfish, rockhard, boom boom bitch, and 20+ others to CLASS-1A >>

speed: Hello, everyone! This is a chatroom created in order to keep everyone in perfect health and hopefully bring us all together as a bonding opportunity! it was recommended by our teachers and staff members, so please maintain your dignity for they are linked to this chat!

bones: Kaminari.


sparky: yes my wonderful friend?


bones: Time to fuck shit up.


broccboi: skskndadojn please no


bones: Too late. :)


sparky: getting the ammunition


broccboi: nfiefbefe n o pls


speed: Tsukuru! Please refrain from using such profane words!


bones: lmao How about no.


candygore: OWO what's this?


rockhard: uwu a chatroom?






boom boom bitch: fucking perish


boom boom bitch left CLASS-1A ]


birbfish: bakugone


rockhard: should we just add him again


candygore: make him suffer


speed: Akuma, Kirishima, and Sutekina!


candygore added boom boom bitch to CLASS-1A ]


boom boom bitch: fuck


birbfish: boom boom bitch


speed: I am beginning to regret following through with this.


speed: Since my own thoughts have been diminished by your tomfoolery, do whatever you please; but I will personally lecture you if you do something too extreme!


alien queen: lmao okay dad


hOMO: i thought me and jirou were your moms


earplug: tratior


birbfish: the useless lesbians are back god damnit


earplug: hey now
earplug: no need to get angry


birbfish: is that a challenge


earplug: sutekina no-




glitch-hop: shhh sleep my sweet prince




rockhard: miss me with that gay shit


boom boom bitch: ahem ur super gay


birbfish: ahem your dating an idiot and a tape dispenser


rockhard: y'all y u gotta do me like this


birbfish: because we lack the needed stability to give a damn


boom boom bitch: ^^^^ she's fucking correct


sparky: well i've been exposed
sparky: but i have memes


flex-tape: :0


candygore: i have blackmail :)


icey hoty: Akachan, please do not harass my comrades.


candygore: i'm harassing your comrades


icey hoty: W h y are you like this.


acid: ooo blackmail?


hOMO: Do tell, sister.


broccboi: skmdoafnjAFni why do you condone this


birbfish: show us the tea, honey


candygore: you got it sister


boom boom bitch: what the actual fuck is this


candygore: he.want.sum.fucc.jpg

candygore: and here we have bakugou, stalking his potential mate; the midoriya izuku specimen.


boom boom bitch: bITCH TF




birbfish: he passed out, don't worry about him :)


rockhard: oh.
rockhard: i,,, did not know your blackmail was,,, graphic,,


candygore: are you forgetting the fact that i, on a daily basis, allow myself to be ripped to shreds and merely explode as a way to distract y'all


sparky: noted
sparky: but on the other hand
sparky: apparently boom boom boi has something for brocc boi 0w0


boom boom bitch: i'm going to personally murder you, u bitch


candygore: the last time you tried to kill me you started crying and apologizing when i pretended to die from your explosion
candygore: u fcking softie don't @ me


boom boom bitch: YOU WANNA GO


candygore: imma make your bitchass cry >:V don't fucking @ me


boom boom bitch: @candygore >:V


candygore: imma fite


speed: Well then.
speed: it seems as if Akuma possesses the will to blackmail all of us. Please, do not infuriate her, for she will destroy your reputation.


broccboi: w h y would you do that
broccboi: and wtf,,, kacchan,,, why,,,,


icey hoty: ah, they're fighting again
icey hoty: like an old married couple

candygore: ew gross
candygore: i'm fucking bisexual not a goddamn disaster


speed: LANGUAGE!


candygore: i literally implode and splatter my gut juice on you guys all the time during sparring wdym 'language'


sparky: /gut juice/


flex-tape: what the hell akachan


hOMO: How exactly are you typing whilst sparring/fighting with Bakugou?


candygore: y
candygore: you're asking me that question


earplug: bby she can remove her limbs and have them float,,,,


hOMO: oh.


icey hoty: andddd she dropkicked him.
icey hoty: that's wonderful.


broccboi: she,, just threatened your 'comrades' and now your cheering her on,,,


icey hoty: i want to be able to go back to my dorm feeling normal, not abused via text messages.
icey hoty: she knows everything and everyone, midoriya.


speed: I can confirm.


earplug: lmao same


hOMO: This concerns me.


candygore: fucking fuck i beat that shit into the dirt damn fuck
candygore: fucking tired of this bs


flex-tape: i have never heard her curse aloud so this scares me
flex-tape: pls no hurt


candygore: all the hurt
candygore: on me
candygore: because he FUCKIGN


acid: /necc/


broccboi: are you okay?!?!? that sounds painful!!??


candygore: lmao yeah don't worry prince


boom boom bitch: who tf u calling a prince


speed: And the cycle continues.


Chapter Text

demidragon: so this is the new chatroom, i presume?


candygore: /presume/


demidragon: hey now


sparky: wow how did u know


demidragon: hEY NOW


sparky: i see you haven't changed kemuri :)


demidragon: i see you've become more deadass than before denki :)


acid: NFNFJ


sparky: r00d


alien queen: hey kemuri :3


demidragon: yo yoru


alien queen: i see that pun and i despise it


acid: probably the point sis


alien queen: sksksks


speed: Kemuri! Welcome to the chatroom! Please do not infuriate Akachan for the sake of your own health and mental well-being! Otherwise, hello!
speed: Concerning the fact that you don't really use phones thanks to your claws, is there something important or the such occurring?


demidragon: Ah, that.
demidragon: Time to spill the tea, I guess.


sparkles: I heard spilled tea?


bones: ah the cryptic appears temporarily


sparkles: That would be me!


broccboi: :0 kemuri!!! :DDD


boom boom bitch: share the tea kemuri


acid: i


hOMO: That was unnerving to look at, but okay-


demidragon: anyways
demidragon: Two people are joining the 1-A class in order to make room for spots in 1-B and the General Departments. One of them come from 1-B, whereas the other hails from the General Studies Department, 1-C. Don't give them shit.


speed: ?? I was not informed on this! Thank you for sharing this information with us, Doragon! This will make it much easier to welcome them with open arms! Could you please add them to the chat, if that's not too much of a hassle?


demidragon: anything for you, engine boi




broccboi: ksksks he keyboard smashed for the first time wow


candygore: they grow up so fast


demidragon: Also, I will kill you if you give them shit. K?


boom boom bitch: i feel like that's directed at me in particular


see me?: it probably is, bakugou


flex-tape: the cryptic appears to shame bakugou
flex-tape: cool


boom boom bitch: i stg-


demidragon: Adding them rn.


broccboi: yay! :D


<< demidragon added copycat and sleeb to CLASS-1A >>


speed: Welcome to Class 1-A, new classmates! We hope you can feel well about being here in this new locale!


copycat: oh shit


kermit: waddup
kermit: i saw an opening and i took it im sorry


copycat: nah it's fine
copycat: but like wow okay that's one hellva welcoming


sleeb: kemuri bby why


acid: E X C U S E M E ?


sleeb: ??


demidragon: i hope you know they don't know who you are and you literally just revealed the fact that i am in a romantic relationship with you


sleeb: ah
sleeb: don't matter tho


copycat: did y'all really forget me :C


demidragon: okay monoma
demidragon: don't
demidragon: like ever use that wretched face again because it makes me upset


broccboi: monoma?!?!! he's joining our class?!?!


flex-tape: sksksksk


sparky: kemuri,,,, you're dating two people,,,
sparky: tf,,,


flex-tape: so are you


sparky: damn u rite


bones: oh hey monoma :)


copycat: is,,, that,, tsukuru,, :))


bones: hell,,,, yeah,,, sister,, :)))


sleeb: This happened in the last chat and it no longer surprises me
sleeb: but why do you call everyone 'sister' 


copycat: because sis


candygore: that's just the tea, sis


copycat: i like this one
copycat: let's be friends


candygore: okay


icey hoty: What-


acid: :0 monoma is iconic
acid: lmao he's a queen


copycat: fuck yeah im a queen


birbfish: q u e e n ^^^


boom boom bitch: apparently the person who declared war on us for most of his existence is now apart of our class and being iconic and nice
boom boom bitch: i think i may have eaten weed


broccboi: 'eaten weed'
broccboi: kacchan.


boom boom bitch: who fucking knows


sleeb: god


boom boom bitch: hrm


demidragon: well i smoke weed and here we are now
demidragon: bet u haven't snorted cocaine bitch


boom boom bitch: I
boom boom bitch: w h a t ?


icey hoty: I chose the wrong time to look at my phone.




broccboi: kEMURI


speed: You all didn't know he smoked weed?


sleeb: lmao he looks like he'd smoke weed


speed: My point exactly.


sparky: our iconic prince is back


rockhard: i leave for one second


speed: I'm not even surprised at this point.
speed: Otherwise, Kemuri, Monoma, and Shinsou [i'm assuming that's shinsou]! I would like to congratulate you all on your relationship, and I hope that entering this class will not demolish or taint it in any form or fashion whatsoever! I hope for the best in your relationship!


broccboi: iida your so pure


boom boom bitch: sksksksk


copycat: ksksksk i can't believe it
copycat: god is that you
copycat: have you finally answered my prayers


sleeb: i-


demidragon: oh my gOD-


broccboi: iS tHaT gOd?


boom boom bitch: G O D IS THAT YOU?


sparky: OUR L O R D AND S A V I O R ?


acid: G O D ? ? ?


alien queen: i'm crying


rockhard: i'm also crying--




nightmare: he's panicking but that's never a problem :T


see me?: hello fellow cryptic


nightmare: g'day


sparky: imma just,, cri


flex-tape: 'god is that you' lmao
flex-tape: hell yeah iida is our lord and savior man




boom boom bitch: i hate that your right ngl


broccboi: you always hate it when someone's right kacchan (:T
broccboi: and *you're


boom boom bitch: ow okay thanks for the information
boom boom bitch: my pride hurts


broccboi: you're welcome :D


flex-tape: feels bad


bones: sksks hey monoma you're apart of the umi-squad now btw


copycat: there are squads???


candygore: yes and the umi-squad is full of sisters uwu


sleeb: i-
sleeb: can,,, i be apart of it,,


broccboi: noooooooo shinsou y


acid: we lost him


sparky: he was one of the real ones


boom boom bitch: lmao oof i guess




birbfish: lolololol yeah sure shinsou dude
birbfish: btw im sutekina umi
birbfish: call me umi tho


acid queen: i am a 'xenomorph' gal that likes flowers and happiness
acid queen: but everyone calls me Yoru :3


copycat: i also like this one


demidragon: lmao you already know me


copycat: i ReAlLy LiKe ThIs OnE


sleeb: mE tOo


acid: gay


kermit: nobody in this chat is hetero really wdym


acid: damn u rite


bones: already know this sister TwT


copycat: [insert finger guns here]


bones: sksks nice one sis


glitch-hop: everyone calls me glitchy


copycat: is that like,, your real name???


glitch-hop: no bc i dont remember it thanks to my quirk


copycat: feels bad man


glitch-hop: ikr


sleeb: look he's bonding


demidragon: sksksks lilac no


birbfish: who else is in the squad arise peasants >:O


boom boom bitch: ADNIEF PEASANTS




speed: hm.


<< birbfish added i am dragon, succ, dustyboi, and 2+ people to CLASS-1A >>


birbfish: y'all we got new members


dustyboi: oh shit nice


i am dragon: I am Iku, Aizawa's companion! Hello, Shinsou and Monoma! :3


succ: im Izuku's sister; Himiko Midoriya, at your service!!! 


dustyboi: uhhhh im his older brother Tenko Midoriya
dustyboi: h,,hi


tusks gal: Teacher of 1-A, Ikari. Yo.


copycat: sksksks h i


tusks gal: :3 Hello!


copycat: imma cri again
copycat: t,,that face,, why??? is it effecting me??? like this??


tusks gal: uwuwuuwuwuwuwuwu :333




succ: aa that's cute


dustyboi: aaa 50/10


broccboi: i think i accidentally swallowed a piece of grass looking at that


dustyboi: how the fuck did you swallow grass izuku


broccboi: outdoors is a bad place man


succ: y
succ: but your name


broccboi: sis dont out me like this


boom boom bitch: i feel ashamed


kermit: my heart went u w u at ikari tho
kermit: but gays stop fighting


sparky: dont u dare correct her cuz you know she did it on purpose


boom boom bitch: ksksks


dustyboi: ksksksk


succ: lmao kay


speed: Hello, Furōraru-sensei!


tusk gal: Hello, favorite student.




boom boom bitch: i dont :C


tusk gal: lmao but welcome to the squad and class sweeties
tusk gal: but we have the same b-days bakugou be happy


boom boom bitch: i-


broccboi: he dropped his phone and is now smiling a lot wow
broccboi: get u a mans who smiles like that


gravity (falls): this is why akachan called him a softie huh


candygore: ye


sleeb: t,,,,teacher---


birbfish: anyways


sunshine gal: :) k
sunshine gal: I'm Yorokobi Taiyo; call me Tai, please.


copycat: yo


sleeb: i like this one


sunshine gal: lmao hey shinsou


demidragon: of course the two locals know each other


sunshine gal: lmao yeah


birbfish: and that's just the squad, sis
birbfish: although everyone else should introduce themselves too uwu


demidragon: Kemuri Doragon, loving bf 


copycat: i-


sleeb: *we love you <3


gravity (falls): y'all cute
gravity (falls): but i'm uraraka! hi!!! :D


hOMO: Call me Momo.


boom boom bitch: Winner of the sports festival; Bakugou fucking Katsuki


broccboi: Midoriya Izuku!! :3


see me?: Hagakure! :D


kung fu boi: Ojiro


stretch: Mezo Shoji.


ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ: Koda! :33


mcr crow: Fumikage here.


speed: Iida Tenya, at your service.


acid: Mina Ashido!!


flex-tape: Sero Hanta!


sparky: your friendly neighborhood pikachu, Denki Kaminari!!!!


candygore: I'm Akachan Akuma! Pleased to meet ya


sleeb: so,,, bright,,,, ksksks


icey hoty: Todoroki Shouto.


earplug: Jirou.


rockhard: Kirishima Eijirou!


nightmares: I'm Streak; yes, that's my real name.


kermit: I'm Tsuyu, call me Tsu.
kermit: kero


gravity (falls): I think that's everyone!!! but welcome to 1-A!!!
gravity (falls): I'll help you move into the dorms if you'd like!!! :DD


speed: What a great idea, Uraraka! I'll help as well!


broccboi: me too!!


boom boom bitch: if deku's helping then i'm helping
boom boom bitch: ksks *izuku


broccboi: :D


acid: We'll all help!! 


demidragon: y'all monoma's quaking


copycat: i stg i don't deserve this support ksksks


sleeb: [softly] but u do




boom boom bitch: lmao k


sleeb: ksksks


candygore: yeah uh where's your stuff im super small


copycat: wdym super small


demidragon: you'll see


copycat: oH MY  G OD


icey hoty: Yeah, and mine.


copycat: lmao im a gay boi in a straight boi body 


icey hoty: SJDODNBAOFH


broccboi: huh there's a lot of button smashing today


speed: From my calculations, Akuma is approximately 3'7. 
speed: Another thing I've drawn from my calculations is that she is, indeed, adorable.


candygore: :D


copycat: LE T ME H UG YOU P LEASe


demidragon: softies


boom boom bitch: whomst


demidragon: u


boom boom bitch: no u


demidragon: no us


boom boom bitch: damn u right


acid: i'm loving this shipping parade


broccboi: speaking of which
broccboi: someone owes me money


sparky: well wont u look at the time gOTTA BLAST


broccboi: my mo n e y


gravity (falls): fear

 [ copycat >> birbfish ]


copycat: lmao also tetsu likes you




copycat: 'lmao also tetsu likes you'
copycat: he mainly talks about u and this literally not a joke
copycat: he's whipped x 100


birbfish: :0


copycat: do with that information as u please

birbfish: u cocky shit,,, wtf,,,,

Chapter Text

glitch-hop >> nightmares ]


glitch-hop: hey @nightmares


nightmares: what
nightmares: what do you want, boy.


glitch-hop: you remember that one song and how people say we look alike.


nightmares: yes?


glitch-hop: username change? only for the squad chat tho :)


nightmares: do
nightmares: do you even have to ask yes bitch :D


glitch-hop: :0 best bro


nightmares: damn straight


glitch-hop: *bi


nightmares: valid


[ glitch-hop changed nightmares's name to who r u ]


glitch-hop changed name to i am u ]


who r u: lmao we're gonna have fun explaining this to the others


i am u: sksksks yeah


<< whomst the fuck >>


birbfish: Squad! After the warm welcoming of Shinsou and Monoma to not only Class 1-A, but to the Umisquad, I'd like to propose something that may interest you!
birbfish: A movie night with the fellow squads whom have come to a peaceful resolve with us in terms of the squad war! [Toothsquad, Bakusquad, Girlsquad, Dekusquad (the 1-B squads and the Emosquad seem to want us to perish, but in a more.. formal matter, perhaps?)]
birbfish: It'll start sometime this week, but we want to plan ahead of time!


sleeb: movies? cool.


copycat: 0`0 why do people want you to perish


birbfish: That's a long story that I will never tell.


i am dragon: ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴ are you sure about that?


tusks gal: Cursed.
tusks gal: Anyways, who will be accompanying us this time around? The generals? The leaders?


birbfish: A single general mixed with the leader, of course; we've made plans with them individually. Tetsutetsu & Honenuki, Bakugou & Kaminari, Midoriya & Mirio, and Momo & Jirou.
birbfish: Whomst would like to accompany me as the general? [only goes for Ikari, Iku, and Kemuri]


demidragon: Depends. What are the pros and cons?


sleeb: suddenly i fear the worst


i am dragon: I could go, but I'd need to maintain the shape of another to properly get my own existence across, albeit there should be no problem since I can configure the body to look more like a dragon quirk.


tusks gal: I'm still seen has a fighting tactic; many still think I'm a 'war tactic' for the little wars as of right, so there's that ever-lasting issue on deck. However, I don't think they'll be very.. 'forgiving' when I barge into a room with you in tow. You are known for ending any wars occurring nearby by just throwing me and Kemuri in the hassle.


copycat: excuse me what


sleeb: there,, are gang wars,,


i am dragon: Yes.


sleeb: what the fuck guys


sunshine gal: They don't occur as much anymore, but we are the alphas around here.
sunshine gal: Primarily Sutekina, however.


demidragon: *we kick ass, smoke grass, and sled fast but Sutekina has a gun


copycat: i
copycat: okay


sleeb: ah that makes sense


copycat: i,,,is this what 1-A always does,,,


demidragon: yes


sleeb: hrm


i am dragon: Thank you for the rough translation, Kemuri.


sunshine gal: I also thank thee for that.
sunshine gal: However, @birbfish, would it be troublesome to be the one who accompanies you?


birbfish: Not at all, Taiyo. Everyone else; get your sleeping bags and movie-night equipment, because we're doing a marathon of The Office and all 3 HTTYD movies.






demidragon: You had them at 'The Office' really.


birbfish: Then it's settled! Everyone, get ready and bring snacks in tow with the equipment!


i am dragon: Aye aye! :D


sunshine gal: I'll bring pillows from the s t o r e .


who r u: [streak here] can i bring a cat?


birbfish: [lmao matching with the bff?] Of course.


i am u: [you know it!!] I'll get the c h i p s from the s t o r e .


demidragon: How iconic.


copycat: well
copycat: im getting stuff and getting it fast :)


sleeb: because we sled fast


alien queen: and eat grass


candygore: *ass


alien queen: True.


sleeb: apparently hetero doesn't exist in this server and that's tight


demidragon: not the only thing that's tight :)


bribfish: i




copycat: suddenly pineapples 


sleeb: this doesn't help at all


copycat: suddenly, pineapples!


sleeb: i feel threatened by my own boyfriends smh


demidragons: accept that your a bottom 


sleeb: n o


tusks gal: huh
tusks gal: yaint virgins huh




copycat: death welcomes me with a warm embrace


demidragon: smh she can hear the walls guys


alien queen: she knows who did the fucc and who did the succ


tusks gal: y'all nasty


<< nuck my suts >>


boom boom bitch: okay
boom boom bitch: movie night is this week and i will skin anyone who dares act like a lil shit alright ):V


acid: that's a fine offer but i'm gonna have to deny it
acid: y'know the skinning part


sparky: lmao i don't wanna get skinned


rockhard: movie night??? when?? did this happen?


flex-tape: i heard that sutekina decided to just,, buy a bunch of movies and wanted to marathon them


boom boom bitch: well you're right
boom boom bitch: the movies consist of like,, i think httyd,, and that's it right now
boom boom bitch: however she also mentioned that we're watching the office too so that's cool


acid: tHe OfFiCe!!!!!????


sparky: yEAH ME TOO


flex-tape: and then there was hype.


rockhard: sksks the office is a good show


boom boom bitch: fuck yeah it is
boom boom bitch: Okay, but really; everyone get your shit together so we can gather up with the others because Umi wanted to see me and dunce-face first before we get to class n shit.


flex-tape: he's using proper capitalization he's serious,,


boom boom bitch: wanna fite?


flex-tape: n o


boom boom bitch: did i say you had a choice??


acid: o shit


rockhard: oKAy ending that there
rockhard: kaminari you got that?


flex-tape: i think he's still getting his shit together


sparky: no im here
sparky: and sksksk okay i'll meet with you in the living area :D


boom boom bitch: I'll peel you like an orange if you're late.
boom boom bitch: This is simply a warning, mere mortal. I shall cast thee to the depths of Hellheim if thee are late.




i stg children: calm down or i will decease u


sparky: T EA CH ER


i stg children: :)


boom boom bitch: AJOCAEIUFNH
boom boom bitch: please desist


i stg children: y'all ugly
i stg children: mutes chat poof


boom boom bitch: oop


rockhard: please don't harass my boyfriend


flex-tape: i second that


acid: i leave for a few minutes and this is what i come back to
acid: smh y'all virgins doing too much


boom boom bitch: actually


rockhard: actually


flex-tape: actually


sparky: actually


i am dragon: blease you still ain't got your pussy popped girl




boom boom bitch: and the dragon comes in clutch
boom boom bitch: lmao tho how the fuck did you enter the server


i am dragon: i am dragon :)


sparky: she is dragon. she do the hacc.


i am dragon: hacc hacc :)


flex-tape: i just had infinity war flashbacks don't do this to me


i am dragon: i am groot! :3


flex-tape: im cryeing in the club


boom boom bitch: It seems that those tears aren't Gucci.


acid: wHAT-


i am dragon: smh y'all too broke and crusty for Gucci
i am dragon: other than Bakugou he cool


boom boom bitch: [loudly, but with meaning] I appreciate you.



<< birbfish added tetsu x infinity, toothy nom, hi im ethan, and 7 others to 'you heccing friccs' >>


tetsu x infinity: oh wowzers


birbfish: nice to see you too, iron boi


tetsu x infinty: umi??? 


birbfish: what's up m'dude :)


tetsu x infinty: :0


icarus: hah hetero


birbfish: hawks dabi said he'll punt u if u keep bullying me istg


icarus: hah cool
icarus: pls don't punt me :,)))


green-bean: wHY is a pro hero in our chat


hi im ethan: You guys have a chat?? Cool! Thanks for adding me, Sutekina-chan!


birbfish: i
birdfish: i see you are a man of culture, mirio


hi im ethan: Indeed. Blonde Boyz.


green-bean: then suddenly everything is clearer


boom boom bitch: i don't remember prickass having admin commands


icarus: excuse me whomst


boom boom bitch: sksksks sutekina


patchwork: wanna get hecc'ed


birbfish: d A d


birb-whisperer: Wanna get punted? I'll punt you.
birbi-whisperer: The birds will punt you.


birbfish: M o M


boom boom bitch: suddenly i fear for my life hahahahahaHAHHAHAH


icarus: imma punt em'


birbfish: do it and i'll sue u


icarus: damn u acting shitty now


birbfish: fuc u birdman


patchwork: girls, girls; u both are pretty


birbfish: imma stab you in the knee caps dad


waves: Ah.
waves: Back at it again at U.A Academy.


acid: this is where the crackheads live how may i take your order


shyness mode: are you guys high


demidragon: what


shyness mode: high


demidragon: hi amajiki


rockhard: K E MU R I


sleeb: im cr yi ng


copycat: why,,, did he do this,,


icarus: drama? oh do tell 




copycat: he inhaled cocaine as a d a re and said it was f uccking sugar im s  o b b i ng


icarus: oh


boom boom bitch: my


patchwork: G O O D N E S S


birb-whisperer: Umi, honey.
birb-whisperer: Why.


birbfish: you talk to birds and duo just so happened to learn how to use a chainsaw so uh
birbfish: Yes.


green-bean: f e a r


sparky: where i s duo


birbfish: watching these poor unfortunate souls


boom boom bitch: calm down ursala


birbfish: how dare


rockhard: :D I wanna pet him!!


birbfish: im sure you do


tetsu x infinity: okay so uh A H E M
tetsu x infinity: i have a thing to s a y 


rockhard: oh! say it, bro! :D


sparky: bright


boom boom bitch: >3


icarus: ew gross


shyness mode: sksksk


tetsu x infinity: im safely assuming monoma can't keep a secret


copycat: offensive


demidragon: but he rite


copycat: your high you can't say shit


demidragon: But I fucking can, you bIcTh.


sleeb: don't mind the crackheads carry on sir


copycat: JDNAIJEFN


green-bean: I can't believe Monoma's dead.


patchwork: lmao y'all are entertaining


birbfish: dad i will punt you in the dick with my tail
birbfish: say one more thing and imma P U N T you like a mcfucking baseball m'dude


rockhard: OOF


flex-tape: OOF


sleeb: OOF


demidragon: OOF


icey hoty: OOF


boom boom bitch: O O F


green-bean: she punches hard are you sure you want to continue this fight


patchwork: oof nevermind sorry


birbfish: :) continue tetsu


tetsu x infinity: oof
tetsu x infinity: anyways i have a confession because monoma has properly let it slip already
tetsu x infinity: uh,,, i kinda have a crush on umi :T


rockhard: and then the manliness shows!!!


flex-tape: ah she fucking dead
flex-tape: oop nevermind tetsu she's tracking you


tetsu x infinity: oh guanijaFJINmakd


sleeb: I can't believe Tetsutetsu died.


green-bean: He fucking ded.


boom boom bitch: :)


green-bean: :)


acid: oh


flex-tape: all i see is the mixture of yellow and green


sparky: yeen


hOMO: No.


acid: smh Bakugou obviously hasn't gotten the 'D'.


boom boom bitch: tell me that when you've got your pussy beat u.u


green-bean: wow stating the facts huh


gravity (falls): MIDORIYA-




icarus: lmao virgin


patchwork: lmao


birb-whisperer: [softly, but with meaning] why are you my husband.


patchwork: IKDMOAJIFJ


icarus: I can't believe Touya fucking died.


icey hoty: He will be missed, but not really.


patchwork: okay fuck you dude


icey hoty: ew incest




icey hoty: I can't believe my brother is deceased.


birbfish: why did i add the pro-heroes and the good bois and gals


zippleback: oi


demidragon: oh hey s i s k i


zippleback: aye b r o s k i


boom boom bitch: it's the zippleback mother


zippleback: i have been remembered
zippleback: hello my children


green-bean: suddenly i have three moms


gravity (falls): wHY are so many people blowing up the chat


kermit: Hawks, Touya, Airoma, and others have been added.
kermit: Also, I just watched Tetsu get tackled by Umi. Is everything OK?




kermit: ah
kermit: she's gonna beat that bussy i see
kermit: unlike you




icarus: l m a o v i r g i n


acid: i can't believe hawks is dead to me


icarus: sksks virgin oil looking ass don't try it




boom boom bitch: I can't believe Mina fucking died, m'dudes.
boom boom bitch: Didn't ever get that pussy popped, smh.


i am dragon: Your pussy simply does not pop, Mina.
i am dragon: You are weak, for I have the sauce.


icarus: i


patchwork: pineapples


green-bean: why father


patchwork: pineapples, Midoriya. Take the fucking pineapples out of the fridge and murder the anxiety.


green-bean: ah thanks dad


icey hoty: hm


green-bean: shut or i shove pineapple down your throat


icey hoty: oh no


boom boom bitch: why are you like this zuku


green-bean: the all fathers have raised me into a meme man
green-bean: i am not dan, but i am midoriya the meme boi.


boom boom bitch: disappointing.


birbfish: y'all i got a bf
birdfish: also todoroki i will rip off your h a n d s 


candygore: i'll make u a pinata and eat it inside out :)


birbfish: kinky


candygore: ew


birbfish: stop kink-shaming me


candygore: kink shaming is my kink.


birbfish: oop suddenly i'm hetero sorry


candygore: lmao i don't eat pussy


icey hoty: what the fuck


candygore: i saved you from losing your hands better fucking thank me every time you masturbate u prick


icey hoty: W A I T -


icarus: what



speed: Guys, what the actual motherfucking of fucks are you all on.


demidragon: the good shit dude


speed: Valid.
speed: But get off y'all phones or I'll chop you to Hell.


sparky: kinky


speed: You're going to Hell first, Kaminari. :D




hOMO: Kaminari fucking died. Wow.


zippleback: much sad, many tears, much sorrow
zippleback: lmao he fucking d i e d


speed: I have apprehended him and I shall do the same to anyone who wishes it upon their kinky asses.


green-bean: that sounds like an invitation to a spanking


boom boom bitch: wh y are you aware of these things, izuku


green-bean: you know why


hi im ethan: i can smell tea. spill it all over the floor and slip in it, guys.


waves: ^


shyness mode: ^^


boom boom bitch: don't u fucking dare


green-bean: once upon a time i drilled bakugou into a couch and he kept screaming 'fuck,' 'yes', 'please', ''zuku', and 'harder/faster'. ever since, i am aware to all things related to a sense of sexiness and/or intimacy. :)


boom boom bitch: you traitor how dare you ruin this foundation


green-bean: ;) 


speed: m i d o r i ya w  h y


green-bean: @boom boom bitch can't spell fuck without u ;;;;;)))))


boom boom bitch:
boom boom bitch: suddenly i am seduced




hOMO: midoriya is the full package huh


see me?: yes
see me?: yes, he is


acid: gf pls im in need of comfort


see me?: k cmere <3


acid: <<<333


hOMO: Useless gays.




demidragon: if that ain't the tea of the day


shyness mode: i woke.


icarus: i can't believe angry boy is a bottom


boom boom bitch: you have nothing to say, hawks.
boom boom bitch: remember hoppu


icarus: ah


patchwork: hawks is a twink he has no choice
patchwork: hoppu actually has M U S C LE


birb-whisperer: she stronk


green-bean: hey mom


birb-whisperer: hi child


green-bean: if hawks is kinda your brother does this mean everyone can call him uncle


birb-whisperer: yes


icarus: im not  o l d


boom boom bitch: you are now
boom boom bitch: bout to get my bussy D E S T R O Y E D so bye


speed: mistakes have been made ever since i have been born into this cruel word jesus why have you left us god why aren't you saving us from this madness both of you are frauds


birbfish: lies
birbfish: i got my boi tetsu and icecream tf


tetsu x infinity: chaos has erupted, huh


yaoi hands: huh y'all seemed crazy and now i understand why


hi im ethan: welp time to skiddadle


waves: mirio
waves: no


hi im ethan: mirio yes
hi im ethan: S K I D D A D L E ! 


shyness mode: well
shyness mode: goodbye you useless and sex-craved gays
shyness mode: succ a dic or something idc


zippleback: i am suddenly enlightened
zippleback: who want sum succ


dustyboi: succ?
dustyboi: i heard free succ


zippleback: f r e e s u c c im sobbing


speed: i heard screaming
speed: oh god something's hitting the walls im s o b b i ng now


hOMO: Midoriya has acquired the bussy.


tusks gal: ahem


zippleback: O H  S H IT SEE YA


hOMO: oh


speed: shit uh


tusks gal: y'all thirsty ho's smh


alien queen: not i, said the xenomorph with a smile.


tusks gal: you're too good
tusks gal: dusty boi wtf are you talking about


dustyboi: i saw succ and registered free succ


succ: A H E M


dustyboi: ah


tusks gal: y'all need help


speed: indeedly do but do we got it


tusks gal: no so get to class before i eat your socks


icarus: what the fuck?