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A Marvel Wonderland: Passage No. 39

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            Following the directions on the back of the business card that Peter had given him, Sam made his way to the destination. Standing in front of the building that was clearly abandoned, Sam looked from the address on the card to the address on the building. It was a three-story building of medium size and looked to have been a bar once. Turning and looking toward the street, Sam’s eyes immediately noticed the two expensive cars parked on the side of the road. One was an extended wheelbase Bentley in a black velvet color which was basically a black with a purplish undertone and the other was the freaking Red Skull’s car from the first Captain America movie.

            “Whoa,” Sam mouthed then turned back to the building.

            Shrugging his shoulders, Sam walked up to the abandoned building and started to knock. Seeing that the door was slightly ajar, Sam pulled it open and stepped in.

            “Let me get this straight, you want me to refurbish a bar all by myself?” Alcide was bitching to Machelle.

            Sighing and rolling her eyes, Machelle waved her pinky and phantoms dressed in black jumpsuits and black hard hats appeared. The phantoms started picking up tools and going to work on reconstructing the place. Sam arched a brow and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. The phantoms were odd, no matter what direction you looked at them, they always appeared to have the side of their faces toward you. Additionally, they were pale without any distinct features other than they looked male.

            “Oh, God, these freaky ass things,” Alcide exclaimed. “What are they doing?”

            “Everything you want them to do,” Machelle said. “Whatever work you are thinking about doing to the place they are doing it.”

            “I don’t like them,” Alcide said.

            “Well, do it all by yourself,” Machelle said raising her pinky again.

            “Wait,” Alcide said and then that’s when he caught sight of Sam standing over behind Machelle.

            Seeing the direction that Alcide was looking, Machelle turned and looked at Sam.

            “Hey, Sammy!” Machelle grinned then ran over to him and tossed her arms around him.

            Sam tried not to enjoy her body pressing against his so much but the damn lycan pup hormones were running rampant and images of him dry humping her flooded his mind, but then she was pulling away and he sighed with relief.

            “Peter sent me here,” Sam said.

            “Yes,” Machelle said gesturing around the place. “This is yours, a gift from me to you.”

            Sam blinked and shook his head, “What?”

            “It’s going to be the lycan only hangout with the exception of me and Breyna,” Machelle said. “Me and Peter thought it would work well with you running it. Rather it was Peter’s idea and I said yea sure. Peter has this thing with the wolves in the neighborhood, you’re not allowed to sit around on your asses if you’re male, so here we are.”

            “What?” Sam shook his head. “I don’t know a damn thing about running a bar.”

            “No, but you used to work at one and you’ve been to your fair share of them, I would say more than your fair share of them, man you and your brother would get smashed,” Machelle laughed.

            “I...” Sam shook his head.

            “You’ll be going to school for business management,” Machelle continued.

            “What?” Sam was doubly astonished now. “Can’t I pick my own major?”

            “What else are you going to do, Sam? Be a lawyer? That old dream went down when Jess went up in smoke,” Machelle replied.

            Sam glared at Machelle for her comment about his deceased girlfriend, but for some reason it did not sting as much as it should. In fact, it was true, his desire to be a lawyer had fizzled away and he had to admit when Peter mentioned him going to school he was thinking about going into some type of business or economics major.

            “Alright,” Sam said as he nodded. “I guess it’s something.”

            “Alcide here is gonna do all the work on it,” Machelle said.

            “I don’t know how you expect me to do this shit,” Alcide exclaimed. “Peter want me to read 15 books by Friday.”

            “Fifteen?” Sam looked astonished. “For what?”

            “Werewolf laws.”

            Sam looked around the room and he spotted an old looking tome on what was once a bar. Strolling over to the book, Sam began to flip through it.

            “He didn’t say anything to me about rules,” Sam said. “This looks pretty archaic.”

            “Peter’s full of shit,” Machelle said. “What did you do to him, Alcide?”

            “Nothing,” Alcide replied.

            “I tell you what,” Sam said as he removed his suit jacket and started to loosen his tie. “I’ll read the books, take notes for you to study, and you work on the place.”

            “I guess,” Alcide said as he took off the corduroy blazer and tossed it on the bar next to Sam’s and then he tugged his plaid shirt off revealing the white tank he was wearing underneath it.

            Sam appreciated the tank top because it was snug against Alcide’s form and showed his bulging biceps. Alcide, of course, did not give any attention to Sam. Instead, the large wolf grabbed a tool belt from the mess of tools and tugged it around his waist.

            “Seems you boys will be getting along,” Machelle said. “No pissing wars, please.”

            Alcide did not offer any comments and Sam rolled his eyes.

            “One more thing,” Machelle tossed a set of keys at Sam and he caught them. “The Bentley is yours. You can change the color if you don’t like it. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. Black with a little something underneath.”

            Sam grinned, “Whoa, a Bentley? Are you serious?”

            “Yea, you earned it,” she shrugged. “I’m going home.”

            Not offering any more words, Machelle turned and left out the bar. Picking up the old book, Sam carried it to a corner where some crates were and sitting on them he began to flip through the book. Every now and then, Sam looked up to check on the phantoms and Alcide. He could tell that Alcide was creeped by them like any lycan would be, but he was making the best of it. From what Sam could tell, Alcide and the phantoms were ripping out the old and worn wood from the foundation and carrying it out back. Trying not to give Alcide too much of his attention, he buried his face in the book, but that really did not help, and he kept looking over the edge at the large man working. Finally, Sam stood and headed through the door on the left that headed to what appeared to be the kitchen and some other rooms. Turning with his back to the serving window, so he would not look out at Alcide, Sam perched on top of the old steel table that was there and stuck his nose in the book.

            The book was insane and had to have been written by Peter. No sex on the full moon unless you bathe in milk, oldest brother automatically gets first pick of sisters, most beautiful sons had to spend one night with the alpha, Peter Stubbe. Sam highly doubt that Peter actually enacted these rules and looking at the book closely he started to doubt it was as old as it appeared to be. He knew that Peter was an asshole like most people on that street and what Alcide might have on his hands was a good old hazing.

            “No bathing in chocolate ice cream with a virgin but vanilla is ok,” Sam read aloud. “What? They didn’t even have ice cream when this book was written or supposed to have been written.”

            “Hey, kid,” Alcide called from the serving window.

            Turning to look at Alcide, Sam said, “What’s up?”

            “Think you can put something to eat together? I worked up an appetite.”

            Sam turned and looked at the refrigerator. It looked old and beat up and he saw the plug laying on the floor next to it. Deciding to take a look inside anyway, Sam stood, stepped over to the appliance, and opened the door. It was on as could be expected with all the magic in this neighborhood. Reaching in he pulled out various types of cold cuts and cheese, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce along with some sub bread and Miracle Whip.

            “Sub?” Sam asked as he gestured to all the food he had laid out.

            “Sure,” Alcide said as he came to the kitchen. “Something to drink.”

            “Yea,” Sam said then went back to the fridge, pulled out a six pack of beer, and sat it on the table.

            Grabbing some crates from a corner, Alcide sat them at the table and perched on top of them as he watched Sam. It was clear Alcide wanted him to serve him and Sam gave a little smile. Taking a bottle of beer from the case, Sam slid it across the table to Alcide. Cracking the beer open, Alcide tossed the cap on the table top and took a deep swig from it. Sam watched as he tilted his head back enjoying that furred chin speckled with grey and the way his taunt throat flexed as he drank.

            “So, what you gonna do with the place, kid?” Alcide asked after lowering the beer bottle.

            “I have no idea,” Sam said as he went to the cupboard, took down some plates, and then after going through some drawers, he found some utensils. Bringing everything back to the table he began to form Alcide’s sub first.

            “Your place, your show,” Alcide said as he watched the kid preparing his sub. Enjoying the bit of submitting Sam was doing, Alcide knew exactly why he was doing it.

            “I mean, I only worked in a bar for a short time, I didn’t know the ins and outs of it,” Sam said as he sliced the bread down one side and split it open. He then slathered the bread with Miracle Whip.

            “Go easy on that, kid, shits too sweet. Should’ve got Hellmann’s, that’s for men.”

            “Well, I can take this one and make you another one,” Sam suggested.

            “I’m hungry now, kid.”

            Sam looked at Alcide for a bit, then shrugged his shoulders and kept making the sub which caused Alcide to smirk. Sam loaded the sub up with cold cuts and cheese then sliced up the veggies and stuffed them in.

            “Looks good,” Alcide said as Sam slide the sub over to him. “Can you cook?”

            “Uh, not really,” Sam said. “My brother did a lot of cooking when I was a kid.”

            “How you gonna satisfy a man if you don’t know how to cook?” Alcide asked as he picked up the sub and took a large bite out of it.

            “Never had a problem so far,” Sam said with a small smile as he started on making himself a sub.

            “Everything ain’t about dick and ass,” Alcide said. “That’s what you kids don’t understand today.”

            Sam shrugged and said, “Well, you can’t deny that it’s not fun.”

            Alcide snorted, “Chips?”

            “Uh, yea,” Sam went to the cupboard and snatched out a bag of Lays. Opening the bag, he sat them in front of Alcide who started to chomp on them.

            “I’d assume you were a pussy magnet where you came from,” Alcide said.

            “I, ugh, that’s another story,” Sam replied.

            “What, they thought you were too pretty?” Alcide asked.

            “No, I just really wasn’t the type to jump in everyone’s bed just because they wanted me,” Sam replied. “I’m still selective.”

            “Not from what I hear,” Alcide said.

            “And what is that?” Sam halted in making his sub.

            “Captain America,” Alcide started. “Kid, everything he’s done slept with you’re doing the same. No telling what diseases he got.”

            “Look, Steve is clean!” Sam snapped as he gripped the hilt of the knife tight. “On top of that, he was raped by those Stubbe bastards! Steve is a bit fucked up because of Bucky but he always takes care of himself and on top of it he’s a good person!”

            Alcide chewed slowly on the food in his mouth as he listened to Sam speaking. He watched how tensed he was and the level of anger in his voice that resonated across his face.

            “You really love him, don’t you, kid?” Alcide asked.

            “What?” Sam shook his head. “No, he’s just, he’s just, just a real nice guy with some self-esteem issues is all.”

            Alcide smirked and continued to eat, “Sure kid.”

            Sam sighed and continued to finish his sub. Once he stuffed it with veggies he picked it up and took a big bite out of it.

            “You ain’t sitting down?” Alcide asked.

            “I’m good,” Sam said.

            Standing, Alcide split up the crates he was sitting on and patting one for Sam, he said, “Come on, pup.”

            Sam smirked, picked up his sub, and went to sit beside Alcide. Being so close to him made Sam want to lean over and run his tongue up the length of his throat. The black hair with the grey speckled on the sides and in his beard made him think about his father, which was odd as fuck, but hey.

            “So, you fucking around with Captain America but you looking to be someone’s pup?” Alcide asked frankly.

            “What?” Sam looked over at Alcide.

            “Come on, pup,” Alcide said. “You fucking dropped your clothes in front of me. All this,” he gestured around. “You’re egging to be fucked up the ass.”

            Sam did not respond, he simply looked at Alcide with his eyes moving over his strong handsome face.

            “You’re the kinda pup that like to do the pounding but every now and then you like to grab your ankles for the right one,” Alcide continued.

            “You know me so well,” Sam said with a sly smile as he bit his lower lip.

            “All it took was one sniff,” Alcide said as he leaned in and sniffed around Sam’s throat.

            Sam’s eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of the older dominant wolf close to him. A groan of satisfaction passed Sam’s lips as he felt Alcide’s furred face rubbing against his cheek as he sniffed at his ear. Steadily turning to mush as he sat beside the man, Sam relaxed, sat his sub down, and forgot all about it. A groan passed his lips as he felt Alcide’s teeth nipping and tugging at his earlobe before he began to lap behind his ear with his warm moist tongue.

            “Ugh,” Sam groaned at the mercy of the older lycan.

            Pulling back, Alcide took hold of Sam’s chin and turned his face toward him.

            “You need somebody to take care of that puppy hole?” Alcide asked.

            “Yes, Sir,” Sam replied. He used to call his father sir and it just seemed like something he needed to say at that moment.

            “Sir?” Alcide grinned, “I like that, pup.”

            Leaning in, Alcide pressed his lips to Sam’s soft smooth bubble gum pink lips. Pressing back against the kiss, Sam parted his lips and eagerly welcomed Alcide’s tongue in. Sam could feel the rumbling vibration as a growl built up in Alcide’s throat. Alcide let the growl spill out as he latched onto Sam’s bottom lip. Pulling hard on Sam’s lip, Alcide ripped the flesh with blood trickling out. Gasping, Sam only became more aroused as he felt blood trickling down his chin. Grabbing hold of the collar of Alcide’s tank, Sam prepared to rip it but Alcide yanked his hands away and slapped him across the face. Growling in retaliation, Sam bore his maw of fangs at Alcide who growled back. Sam detected another in his growl. Could it be a wolf spirit? Lowering his shoulders, Sam submitted and started to lick at Alcide’s chin displaying his submission. Catching his tongue in his mouth, Alcide pressed his lips to Sam’s that were still weeping blood. Enjoying the taste of his blood, Alcide could feel it pushing him further.

            After being smacked, Sam was hesitant to make a move on Alcide, but he was burning for more, burning to touch the man’s flesh. Reaching out, Sam placed his hand between Alcide’s legs and grabbed his crotch. Gently, Sam began to stroke Alcide through his jeans. Groaning at the man’s girth, Sam’s anus quivered at the thought of being pounded by that hefty meat. Reaching down, Alcide unfasten the tool belt and let it fall to the floor. With the tool belt out of the way, Alcide unfasten his pants, pulled his cock out, and let Sam have it. Grabbing the meaty rod with both of his hands Sam groaned out and looked down at what he held. Alcide’s cock was both fat and long, about ten inches, and the thickness was amazing.

            “That’s gonna hurt,” Sam murmured with lust as he began to jerk Alcide’s huge cock with both his hands.

            Alcide snorted at Sam’s words, then gripped him forcefully by the back of his neck and yanked him down to the floor in front of him. Sam, of course, did not protest, he wanted this, he wanted to be dominated, wanted an older man to take over him, an older wolf male.

            On his knees between Alcide’s thighs, Sam tugged Alcide’s pants down to his ankles. Reaching down, Alcide ripped Sam’s tie, shirt, and undershirt to shreds as he tore them from his body. Sam knelt there with what remained of his shirt and tee dangling from his pants with the bottoms still tucked in them. Without further ado, Sam leaned in and ran his wet tongue over Alcide’s fat cock head with his mouth watering at the taste of the bit of precum leaking out the slit. Becoming a bit impatient, Alcide gripped the back of Sam’s neck with his hand, held the base of his cock with the other, and pushed his face onto his cock. Sam’s mouth was open wide to receive the delicious treat and he groaned with pleasure at the taste of that flesh and the feel of his mouth spreading wide. Looking up, he looked into Alcide’s face seeing the bliss that was there, then he was gagging and struggling to take more as Alcide continued to push his face onto his cock. Sam’s face contorted in discomfort as his throat was forced to accommodate such a thick meat and muffled groans of discomfort passed his lips. Finally, once Alcide’s monster cock was fully down the hatch, Alcide let go and sat back. He groaned and panted at the silky pulsing confines of Sam’s throat as he obediently kept the cock down though it was proving hard.

            “Come on, boy, suck that dick,” Alcide ordered as he tugged his tank top off and tossed it aside.

            With consent being given, Sam began to pull back until the cock was half way out of his mouth and then he would suck it back in picking up a nice pace as he sucked on Alcide’s cock. One of Sam’s hands gripped onto Alcide’s heavy sack and began to massage and tug gently on them while the other soothingly rubbed at the man’s thigh. Alcide’s scrotum was also hefty and Sam’s mouth watered more thinking about all the cum that was in them and he wondered if he came as much as Steve did.

            “Aw fuck, pup!” Alcide cried out at how skilled Sam was sucking on him, it was truly mind blowing.

            Sam’s head bobbed rapidly up and down on Alcide’s cock as spittle trickled from his lips to hang on Alcide’s scrotum and his fist that held them.

            “Umm, umm, umm,” Alcide groaned as his muscles tensed and bulged from the pleasure that Sam was delivering him. “My God, fucking suck that cock, pup, suck that fucking cock!”

            Sam closed his eyes and just concentrated on nothing else but that fat cock going in and out of his mouth and down his throat. All he wanted to do was make this man feel good, to make him get off, to serve him as best he could so that he could submit fully to him. Sam wanted to be Alcide’s so badly that he was now at the brink of doing anything to be with him.

            “Ah, fuck!” Alcide groaned as he squirted off a bit of pre in Sam’s mouth.

            “Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Sam moaned graciously as he swallowed down the cum that Alcide had given him.

            “Goddamn boy,” Alcide panted as he pried his cock from Sam’s mouth and grip with him trying to suck it back down greedily. “You suck one hell of a cock.”

            Sam sat there on his heels gasping with slob trailing down his chin, neck, and chest.

            “Fucking cum,” Sam groaned. “Feed me your fucking cum. Cum all over my face and in my mouth. God your fucking cum taste so fucking good.”

            Alcide grinned and stroked his cock. Rubbing his cock head on Sam’s lips, Alcide groaned as he let a bit more of pre shoot out. It splattered on Sam’s lips and he opened his mouth to lap whatever else there was off of Alcide’s cock and fist. Alcide wiped the excess cum from his fingers and cock on Sam’s face, then watched as he wiped it off and licked it from his fingers.

            “Mmmm,” Sam groaned as he sat there sucking on his fingers. “I want more.”

            “You gonna eat it all up? Before I get to ride that hole?” Alcide asked.

            “Mmmm,” Sam groaned pathetically.

            Alcide smirked and grabbed Sam, tugging him to his form. Their lips pressed together and Alcide pulled Sam onto his lap holding the large overgrown pup close which was not hard as Alcide was the same size as Sam, though he had more muscle. Alcide then broke the kiss and pushed the boy up to his feet. Unfastening Sam’s pants he looked at the man’s beautiful form. His cock was average but thick and juicy looking but that was not what he was after. Pushing Sam back against the table he was satisfied when the boy perched on top of it. Alcide lifted Sam’s long legs and he instinctively knew to lay back. The boy had a small behind but what he had was good and besides, it was what was inside that counted. Pushing the boy’s legs back, Alcide smiled as Sam took hold of his legs and held them back for him knowing what he wanted. Gazing at that sweet little pink hole, Alcide’s mouth watered. Reaching in, he placed one rough finger at that pucker and began to slowly in a taunting manner rub at that soft sensitive flesh.

            “Uh, uh,” Sam groaned out as his body was being teased. “Uh, uh, ummm.”

            “Yea,” Alcide responded back to the male’s groans of pleasure. “That hole as nice and as sweet as it looks?”

            “Yes! Yes, sir!” Sam called out in lust.

            “Let me take a lick at it and see,” Alcide said as he leaned in and lapped the very tip of his tongue over Sam’s puckered hole.

            “Ugh!” Sam groaned with his hole quivering at even that slight touch from the fleshy appendage. A shudder worked its way through the male’s body and his toes curled as his body thrilled from one end to another.

            “You really want that ass licked, huh?” Alcide asked as he started to rub Sam’s hole in a soothing circular fashion with his thumb.

            “Yes, sir! Please, sir!” Sam begged as he looked down between his legs and into Alcide’s brown eyes. “Oh God, please eat my ass, sir!”

            “You like begging, huh, boy?” Alcide asked as he pushed in the very tip of his index finger and felt those anal walls grip at it before tugging his finger out.


            “Where did you learn to beg so well?” Alcide asked as he slipped in the tip of his finger again, this time letting it stay there teasing the male.

            “Gay bondage clubs,” Sam groaned.

            “You like all that, huh, kinky shit?” Alcide asked.

            “No,” Sam groaned and pushed his hips up against the finger eagerly wanting more. “I just like submitting.” The male groaned and panted as he started to jerk off, “Submitting, to the right one.” He managed to say all of that between gasps and groans for more.

            “You were taught well,” Alcide said as he leaned in and spit on Sam’s hole making the male groan out in pleasure.

            With his hole wet, Alcide rolled his fingers around in it getting them coated with spittle. Alcide then started to press them inside and got a rewarding coo from Sam. Alcide grinned as he felt how tight Sam’s hole was.

            “Haven’t had anything up in here in a while, huh?” Alcide asked.

            “No...sir...” Sam started to pant as Alcide speared him with three of his long, thick, and rough fingers. “Oooh, oh, oooo, oooo.” He groaned out.

            “Yea,” Alcide grinned as he continued to conquer that tight hole as he pressed his fingers in further.

            “Ugh!” Sam cried out and reached down grabbing Alcide’s wrist. The further in he went the wider his hole got, and it hurt.

            “Come on, boy, how you gonna take my cock?” Alcide demanded.

            Sam relaxed his grip on Alcide’s wrist, but he kept his hand there. Pressing onward, Alcide groaned at Sam’s tightness, it was almost painful. Sam growled and called out but eventually, Alcide had all three fingers shoved inside of him.

            “That’s a good boy, a real good boy,” Alcide consoled Sam and began to finger him, pushing his fingers in and out of his body.

            Sam lay back on the table and relaxed enjoying the sweet care Alcide was giving his hole. It felt so good to be filled once again. It had been so long since he had been filled that he had almost forgotten what it felt like. Sam cooed out sweetly as he held his thighs back and open for the man that was dominating him. He closed his eyes and let the feeling flow over him with the pleasure washing over his body and consuming him. There was not any place that Sam wanted to be at that moment but there getting his ass tended to by a dominate male lycan. God, the way he touched him was so magical, so skillful, and so experienced.

            “Yea, sweet little sugar hole, huh?” Alcide asked as he slipped his fingers out. Sam’s hole gaped a bit and Alcide used two fingers from each hand to spread him open.

            “Oh!” Sam called out.

            “Aw fuck that’s beautiful,” Alcide said with lust as he gazed into Sam’s fleshy pink tunnel. “I’mma eat that hole.”

            “Yes! Yes, please!” Sam begged.

            Alcide grinned, leaned in, and shoved his face between Sam’s cheeks and his tongue into his tunnel as he held it open. Sam’s mind was blown feeling Alcide’s furred face scratching him in such an intimate place and to feel that tongue wiggling and lapping him on the inside was so beautiful. Sam’s body quivered with each lap of his asshole that he got. Alcide then began to tongue fuck his hole his head bobbing between the boy’s thighs with his fat tongue flicking in and out. Sam’s thighs began to tremble, and his pants became heavier and heavier, then he called out as he squirted off a bit of goo that splattered on his flat abs.

            “Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck! Fuck!” Sam called out as he stroked himself.

            Taking a few more laps of his ass, Alcide finally pulled back. Sam let his legs go and they flopped down to dangle off the table as his body continued to spasm. Alcide stood and lapped the cum from Sam’s abs and lapped up his strong form to his lips where they kissed. Breaking the kiss, Alcide stood and looked down at Sam.

            “I want that ass on my cock,” Alcide said.

            Sam reached down to take hold of his thighs again, but Alcide yanked him off the table, then forcefully turned him around, and bent him across it.

            “I’mma fuck you like a man,” Alcide said. “Bitches get fucked on their backs with their legs in the air.”

            “Yes, Sir,” Sam groaned with pleasure as he pushed his hips back waiting for Alcide’s big cock.

            Alcide took the time to slap both of Sam’s cheeks leaving angry hand prints and causing him to call out. Gripping the younger male by the hips, in one swoop, Alcide yanked him back onto his ginormous cock.

            “Ow! Fuck!” Sam called out in pain as he collapsed on the table top with the pain ripping through his anal passage.

            “Come on, take that shit like a man!” Alcide shouted and began to thrust roughly in and out of Sam.

            “Ahhhh!” Sam shouted and panted as Alcide ripped into him. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

            Reaching up, Alcide grabbed Sam’s wrists and yanked his hands behind his back to add to the discomfort. Sam called out with every hard thrust from that massive cock as it sliced inside of him, it was all he could do.

            “You like that? You like me ripping up that sweet little puppy hole?” Alcide demanded.

            “Yes! Yes, sir! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder! Harder! Please fuck me harder, sir!” Sam begged to be dominated.

            Alcide’s hips slammed so hard into Sam’s rear that it was burning bright red. Alcide growled and snarled as he conquered Sam’s body and took it as his own as he possessed it. To do his part to give the other male pleasure, Sam tightened and constricted his anal muscles around the fat meat with every thrust he received. Sam’s body was on fire for Alcide as something in him called to his wolf spirit and Sam did not understand it after what he had been told about the man. Sam gasped and gritted his teeth with each hard thrust. God, it felt so good to be taken and not only taken, but taken by the right man, an older man. Being the youngest, Sam always liked older men. He had to admit that was part of why he was attracted to Steve although he was not dominate. Sam did not have anyone at the moment. There was nothing, no one he belonged to. He was with Steve, but they did not belong to each other and he did not know if he and the other Sam would ever see each other again, so here he was with Alcide.

            Sam called out repeatedly as Alcide hammered his poor hole. Alcide then pulled out a bit and began to hit at the male’s prostate deliberately as he knew this would drive him mad. Sam’s pants picked up and his body began to shudder hard as he was dealt an overload of pleasure. His ass began to clench tight around the thrusting cock and sparks began to go off behind his eyes. Sam’s pants soon turned into snarls and growls then he felt Alcide rip into his shoulder with his sharp teeth and that was it. Sam screamed aloud and came with his jizz shooting down to splatter on the tile floor. Right after he came, Alcide shot his load inside of him. Sam had forgotten he had begged him for his cum in his face and mouth and he supposed Alcide had too. The room was filled with their shouts, moans, groans, growls, and snarls of pleasure. Alcide kept fucking Sam as he came and the load of cum squirted out around his cock and trickled down the male’s legs.

            The two let their climax ride until it slowed to a stop. The two were stuck together, just resting and enjoying the togetherness of the moment. Sam felt...saved. He did not know how long they stayed connected but soon Alcide was pulling out and he reached down and pulled up his pants. Slowly, Sam pushed away from the table and managed to turn around, but he leaned against the table since his legs were like spaghetti.

            “You gonna be alright?” Alcide asked.

            “I won’t be able to sit down for a while,” Sam said and then smiled, “but yes, I’m alright.”

            “Good,” Alcide said as he reached out, gripped Sam behind the neck, and pulled him to close.

            Sam allowed the older man to embrace him and he sagged in his arms. It felt so good.