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Bakugou sucked at his teeth, expression sour as his lip curled and his eyes squinted from furrowing his brows so much.

"The fuck?"

Kirishima offered a weak grin, heart racing, and he tried to will himself into staying strong long enough for him to get away from this interaction with his dignity. Clearly he'd been reading the blond incorrectly. He'd never felt more stupid.

"Sorry, sorry, just forget it," he forced a laugh, the sound too high pitched and warbling. He flinched at his own voice, twisting on his heel and ready to stalk off and hide for the rest of the day. Maybe the rest of his life.

"What--Get back here, shitty hair, don't you dare run from me, goddammit!" Bakugou demanded, snatching his wrist and almost yanking his arm out of his socket as he forced the redhead to turn and face him once more. Kirishima yelped and was fully prepared to blame the starting of tears in his eyes on the pain of the rough treatment and not on the pain in his chest.

"Shit, sorry," Bakugou muttered, letting him go. "But don't just run away, fucker. Explain yourself."

Kirishima winced, looking down at his feet as his lip trembled without his permission. "Hey, man, we can just forget it. Clearly I read some things wrong, I didn't mean to upset you or anything, and I want us to still be friends--"

"On second thought, shut up and let me talk," Bakugou interrupted, "Cause your explanation is shit. So listen. I've never--" Bakugou cut himself off, grinding his teeth and groaning, face reddening, "had a friend like you," he finally finished, obviously stressed by that much admission. "So whatever, I'm not the greatest at social stuff. Not a surprise. Like I fucking care. I say what I want and do what I want."

Kirishima had to fight to keep from whispering 'So manly' in reaction to Bakugou's honesty, despite everything.

"So I might not be the best at, like, reading signs or whatever," Bakugou waved off. "I'm the best at everything else so it's fine."

Kirishima blinked, tears forgotten in his confusion. "What are you trying to say, man?"

Bakugou hissed. "I mean," he growled, "that I didn't realize you were into me like that. And that I'm not fucking against it. But I don't know shit about dating."

It took Kirishima an embarrassingly long amount of time to process that.

"So...are you saying you like me like that too?" He finally asked.

"Fuck if I know," Bakugou shrugged. "You're the most tolerable person I've ever met. I don't mind having you around. And you don't usually ask me stupid questions. Plus you're pretty strong. Not as strong as me, obviously, but stronger than most of the losers in our class."

Kirishima blushed despite himself, honestly a little enamored with Bakugou's awkward compliments. "Did you want to try going on a date?" He asked, heart almost choking him as it pounded heavily in his chest. The whiplash of emotions that he'd just experienced had left his head spinning and he almost felt a little lightheaded.

"I don't have time to waste when I could be training, but we can do something together, I guess," Bakugou said. "At night or sometime when I don't have something better to do."

Kirishima laughed, nearly crying with relief now that he knew his best friend didn't hate him. "How about we watch a movie on my laptop after dinner?"

"Fine. After homework though; Aizawa gave us a shitload and you take forever doing yours."

Kirishima grinned. "You'll help me?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes, starting towards the dorms now that the awkwardness was passed. "Obviously. I'll beat it into your brain until you're bloody."

"You're so weird, bro," Kirishima said, falling into step beside him.

"Don't call me bro if we're dating," Bakugou demanded.

Kirishima turned bright red. "Okay," he squeaked nervously, chuckling despite himself.

They stepped into the dorm and Bakugou dropped his bag by one of the tables in the kitchen, moving to the fridge. "Get started on your homework while I make dinner. That way we won't have to come back down later."

Kirishima grinned, touched that Bakugou would freely offer to cook for him when usually it took a bit of begging and also incredibly pleased that Bakugou was clearly already making an effort. He sat down and dug out his notebook, trying to get through it with a newfound determination. He wanted to make this date, or night in, or whatever it was called, the best and he had to finish his homework first to do that.

"Hey, Bakugou? Can you look at this one? I think I've got most of it but I can't figure out how to start this last one," he said.

Bakugou stirred whatever he was making--which smelled delicious and Kirishima was already drooling--and then lowered the heat as he walked over and looked at the paper over Kirishima's shoulder.

"It's like these two you already did, they just combined them," Bakugou explained.

Kirishima frowned in thought. "So...I do this?" He wrote a formula, looking up at Bakugou for confirmation.

"There you go," Bakugou nodded, expression pleased. Kirishima's face reddened as Bakugou turned back to the food and he buried his head into finishing the problem.


Kaminari launched himself at the blond, barely avoiding a sparking palm while Sero laughed and leaned against the counter.

"Smells good," Sero said, grinning.

"Yeah, and that's, like, way more than you eat," Kaminari pushed.

"Fuck off. This is for me and Kirishima."

Sero's brows raised. "Oh?"

Kaminari smirked over at Kirishima. "Oh ho?"

Kirishima hid his face. "Guys!"

Bakugou scowled. "Oi, I said to fuck off."

"Give us some food and we'll leave you guys to your date," Kaminari said, clearly wanting to fluster Bakugou as he smirked confidently at him.

"Get the fuck out or you'll have a date with my explosions!" Bakugou shouted.

"Bro, chill," Sero laughed. "We're just teasing."

Bakugou's palms popped and he glared at them.

"Fine, fine! Spoilsport!" Kaminari shouted at him as they both retreated.

"Fuckers," Bakugou muttered, plating the food onto two plates and bringing them to the table. He sat it down in front of Kirishima loudly before going back to grab them drinks.

"You didn't have to chase them out," Kirishima said, "They really were just teasing."

"I'm not letting Sparky and Scotch Tape be involved on our first date," Bakugou stated straightforwardly, sitting and already starting on his food, completely blasé about what he'd just said while Kirishima couldn't help but be a little flustered.

"How are you handling this so straightforwardly when you said you didn't even know if you liked me romantically?" Kirishima managed to say, embarrassed.

Bakugou hummed, swallowing his mouthful. "I told you, I don't do anything I don't want to. I don't know if I like you as more than a friend, but you do, and I like you enough to try, I guess."

Kirishima smiled. "You're so manly, br--Bakugou," he hastily corrected.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "Eat your food before the two idiots come back and convince you to give it to them," he ordered.

Kirishima laughed and quickly starting digging in. Daringly, he reached his foot out until he could touch Bakugou's under the table, curling his foot around his calf and watching under his lashes for Bakugou's reaction. The blond raised a brow at him but didn't comment, holding his leg out to make the touch easier to maintain. Kirishima beamed, deliriously happy.

Once they finished eating, Kirishima volunteered to wash up while Bakugou finished his own homework and checked over Kirishima's. There were only a few mistakes Kirishima had to correct before Bakugou finished everything and joined him in drying the last few dishes and put them away. Then they both grabbed their bags and started for the elevator. Kirishima bravely reached out to curl his pinky around Bakugou's, legs trembling and heart racing when he wasn't pushed away. He bit his lip, ridiculous smile fighting to break through, and he tried to hide his face by looking at the ground.

"Let me go change and I'll meet you in your room," Bakugou said.

"Yeah, sure thing!"

Kirishima closed the door to his room, instantly melting onto the floor and covering his face with his hands, fighting the urge to cheer and shout and scream for joy. He had a date with Bakugou! He'd almost held his hand!

Kirishima quickly changed out of his uniform, running around the room to try and tidy up a little. Even if Bakugou had been in his room more times than he could count, this time was different. It was their first date and Kirishima wanted it to be special. He'd barely managed to throw all his dirty clothes in his closet and shove the door shut before Bakugou rapped his knuckles against the door and then waltzed in without waiting for an answer.

Bakugou raised a brow at Kirishima's obvious excitement, the way the redhead stood before him and was rocking on his toes. "Calm the fuck down," Bakugou drawled, rolling his eyes as he walked over to Kirishima's bed and moved the pillows back so they could sit together comfortably. Kirishima grabbed his laptop and shut off the main light, leaving only his desk lamp on as he shuffled up to sit beside the blond.

"Sorry. Can't help it," he said, biting back a nervous giggle. "I'm excited."

"We're just watching a fucking movie. We do this shit all the time," Bakugou frowned, brows furrowed in confusion.

"Yeah, but this time it's a date," Kirishima said dreamily. "I didn't think you'd ever be interested in me like that."

Bakugou shook his head. "Why did you even confess if you thought I'd turn you down?"

Kirishima looked at his fingers in his keyboard, biting his lip. "I want to live a life without regrets. I felt kind of like I was lying to you by not telling you. Plus, there was always a chance you might return my feelings and I'd never know if I didn't try."

Bakugou hummed thoughtfully at his answer. "Fucking weird," he surmised, making Kirishima burst into laughter.

"It's fine if you don't agree. You're giving me a chance so I'll just have to win you over," Kirishima declared. He shuffled closer, leaning against Bakugou's side. "What do you want to watch?"

"I don't care. Just pick something that isn't stupid."

Kirishima grinned, deciding that for their first date he would fall back on what he knew Bakugou liked. He chose an old All Might film that he was sure the other had seen multiple times and arranged his laptop to sit on some pillows down the bed. Then he hurriedly grabbed Bakugou's hand in his own before he could think about it too much, shaky and sweaty, but Bakugou's hand was sweaty too so it was okay. He doubted it had anything to do with nerves, probably just his quirk, but it made him feel better anyways.

"Make sure you wash your hand before you touch you mouth or any food or anything," Bakugou said, and Kirishima looked over at him in confusion to see the blond looking down at their hands with a contemplative look. "I've got a pretty good tolerance to my own sweat--I mean, it would be kind of shitty if I gave myself nitroglycerin poisoning every time I ate fucking chips--but you don't."

Kirishima hadn't thought about that. He looked down at their hands too, thoughtful, before tightening his hold. "I'll be careful," he assured him. It was worth it, to hold Bakugou's hand. He could barely believe it.

Bakugou hummed, relaxing back into the pillows and looking at the laptop. Kirishima couldn't help but shift closer to him, heady on his warmth. Suddenly Bakugou pulled his hand from Kirishima's and Kirishima startled, scared he'd done something wrong already.

"Quit looking like I kicked a puppy," Bakugou muttered, wrapping his arm around Kirishima's shoulders and tugging him closer. "You keep fidgeting. Just fucking--come here."

Kirishima bit back an excited beam, cuddling into Bakugou's side and carefully resting his head on Bakugou's shoulder. The blond was warm and he wrapped his arm tighter around Kirishima's shoulders. He offered his other hand to Kirishima, staring resolutely at the screen with a forced nonchalance, and Kirishima nibbled at his lip as he took Bakugou's free hand in both of his own.

"I really like you, Bakugou," Kirishima murmured.

"You already fucking said that," Bakugou responded.

Kirishima snorted, hiding his face against Bakugou's chest. "I wanted to say it again."

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "Whatever, fucking weirdo."

"I think you like me too," Kirishima whispered, looking down at their hands as he gently tried to coax Bakugou's fingers into playing with his own.

"I already told you I did."

"No, I think you like me romantically," Kirishima clarified. "I like this? Right?" He glanced up hopefully, nervously.

Bakugou tilted his head a bit. "It's not bad."

Kirishima smiled, laying his head back down on Bakugou's shoulder. "You totally like me, man," he chuckled. "How embarrassing," he teased.

Bakugou huffed, flicking his ear and making Kirishima burst into giggles. "You're--" Bakugou chewed on his lip for a moment. "You're my best friend," he finally managed to say, and Kirishima felt touched by the admission. "I don't have a lot of experience with...friends," Bakugou added after a moment. "I don't...I don't really know…"

"Maybe…" Kirishima paused, hesitant, shy, heart pounding. Bakugou pulled away enough that he could look at his face, silently encouraging him to continue. "Maybe...we could try...kissing?" Kirishima blushed, face burning hot as he tried to power through his suggestion. "That's definitely not something just friends do. If you...if you like that, then maybe that'll settle that you like me as more than a friend?" He squeaked at the end, unable to believe that he'd really just suggested that.

Bakugou frowned, though it was a thoughtful look. "If I kiss you and like it, does that mean Kaminari becomes my best friend because you're my boyfriend? I don't know if I can accept that."

Kirishima blinked in surprise before laughing so loudly he snorted.

"Oi! Don't laugh at me!" Bakugou shouted, though the corner of his lips was curling up.

Kirishima grinned, giggles still coming. "Don't worry, I can be your best friend and your boyfriend. I'm willing to make that sacrifice."

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "Fucker," he accused, smirking a little. He leaned closer, softly butting his head against Kirishima's, shocking the giggles from him as he brushed his nose along Kirishima's, breath warm against Kirishima's lips.

"Oh," Kirishima whispered, hand curling into Bakugou's shirt as he shakily exhaled, eyes hooding.

"Like this?" Bakugou breathed out before brushing their lips together chastely, sending Kirishima's pulse rocketing.

"Yeah," he gasped, leaning closer. He licked at his lips, tongue swiping across Bakugou's lip for just a second before Kirishima pressed their mouths together again, harder but still chaste.

"Hmm," Bakugou murmured, eyes sliding shut. "Damn."

Kirishima couldn't hold in the start of a grin. "Good?"

"Fuck," Bakugou hissed, pressing close and kissing him again. "You goddamn son of a bitch," he growled.

Kirishima laughed, leaning back and delighting in the way Bakugou nearly crawled on top of him to get closer, eyes sparkling fiercely like when the blond was really focused on a battle, the wicked smirk on his face managing to set Kirishima's heart pumping. Bakugou kissed him again and again, pausing only for Kirishima to giggle, both of them sliding back until Kirishima was almost completely lying down with Bakugou lying at his side, one arm holding himself up while the other rested at Kirishima's side. Kirishima held on to Bakugou's shirt with one hand, his other reaching up to comb through Bakugou's hair.

"You like me," Kirishima sang lightly, honestly feeling like he could fly right then, completely over the moon.

"Maybe I fucking do," Bakugou said, grinning challengingly down at him. "What are you going to do about it?"

Kirishima blushed, unable to keep from smiling. "Kiss you," he said, before pulling Bakugou closer so they could kiss some more. "Date you."

"Already did that, idiot," Bakugou murmured.

"Keep you?"

Bakugou hummed. "Not if I keep you first."

Kirishima smiled. "I'll make that sacrifice too."

Bakugou snorted. "Come here, you goddamn cute fucker."

Kirishima leaned closer and they kissed again.

It was perfect.