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The art of loving

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Jungkook :

The lightbulb of the store keep flashing, annoying Jungkook who is trying to stay focus on his homework but unfortunately he fails.

« I thought the owner was supposed to fix it… » He mumbles.

It’s 11PM. There is no customer in Magma. It’s always empty at this hour. He could close but the owner of Magma would know it and will reduce his salary. So he’s staying here till midnight.


Jungkook is heading toward his home. His parents should be asleep by now but in case they are not he will keep silence anyway. He’s pushing his keys in the lock carefully and open the door. He is not surprised to find his parents arguing again. He’s getting out of his shoes before heading into his bedroom. He doesn’t want to listen to their fight because he knows if he stays here their fight will turn to him even if he did nothing. He’s too tired and is feeling sad. Not only because of his situation or his toxic parents but also because of his soulmate.

He’s throwing himself on his bed, earphone pushing in his ears. He’s feeling nauseous, hurt… He is used to feel like that but it doesn’t mean he can stand it. Indeed, he can support that kind of feeling but knowing that someone helpless, weak, alone and specially someone who is linked to him is feeling like that… it’s killing him.

He doesn’t know him, he doesn’t love him but he feels the need to save him from the hell he is living. He promised him he'll do it when the universe decided that their souls were linked. He'll do everything he could to rescue him.

But he need money.

He’s looking at the moon through his window, feeling the hit that his soulmate is receiving. His back is hurting him, he can’t even move because it will create him even more pain. He’s trying to breath, to calm his breathing so the pain will be more bearable.

It will be a long night.

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He’s in class. He is in history now, he thinks because he can’t really focus on the words which is getting out of his teacher mouth’s. He’s trying to stay awake and not let his eyes close but the two hours of sleep he had aren’t helping. He’s wiping off his need to sleep and put his head between his hands. He really really need to pay attention to what his teacher is saying… he is already in trouble with his grade and he need to improve his grade.
It’s been ten minutes and he succeeded to stay focus and guess what ? he’s in economic class. He’s taking note when he receives a paper ball… Yoongi looks around him in order to find the one who threw that on him but he only finds few of his classmate glaring and smiling mocking at him. A guy is nodding at him then at the paper. Yoongi gets it… He’s looking at his teacher while opening the paper. He knows that the paper will contain something mean and offensive. Like always. But why is he still scared of what he could find inside ? Why does his hearts beat so fast ?
« W-what… »
The fuck ?
No… no… NO !
They drew him with several dicks around him. They drew him with an exaggerate ass with a dick inside. They drew him as someone he wasn’t.
He feels tears falling down his face. He doesn’t want to cry. He doesn’t want to cry in front of these asshole. They don’t deserve his tear. He’s better than that. He need to be strong and…
« The faggot is crying » Someone screams before the whole class bursts into laughing.
Tears fill his eyes as he hears his classmate laughing at him. His eyes are getting wider open when his teacher wrestes the paper from his hand. He tries to get it back but his teacher’s glare says otherwise.
« Yoongi… Your grade are already bad and instead of following my class to get better grade… You disturb it ! Huh ? What is it inside this paper to make all of your classmate laugh ? » The teacher says, angry.
« It’s… it’s not me… Please… do not look inside… I beg you... » Yoongi cries.
« You do that often Yoondick ? Begging ? » One of his classmate asks, laughing.
It’s too much for him. He wants to get out of here. He’s fed up with these insult. He can’t support it anymore. It’s the first time things are getting that far. He hates himself for being weak. He hates himself for letting things happen to him. He hates himself because he can’t defend himself. He scared. Scared of who he is. Scared of what people would think of him when they discover who he truly is. A disgusting boy. That’s why he gets up, takes the paper from his teacher's hand, gets out of the class and runs.


It’s lunch time. Yoongi doesn’t usually eat there but his home is unavailable at this time and it’s too cold outside. So he’s here, tray in hand heading toward a table in the back of the lunchroom. He takes a pasta salad with a yoghurt. It’s not enough for his health but he’s not hungry. He didn’t attend the rest of his class after the event. He tried to avoid the student but it’s not easy when it’s lunchtime.
He smiles when he sees he’s near to his table.
« Final… argh»
A heavy noise then nothing .
There’s no sound anymore.
Everybody is looking at Yoongi who is on the floor covers in his food. He couldn’t make it to his table. His classmate have to make fun of him. In front of everybody. What did he do to deserve all of this ? He tries to stand up but a hit in his stomach prevent him from it. He coughs hard and closes his eyes because of the pain. He is used to this. Used to get hit. Used to feel pain. Used to be reduce like a garbage. That’s why he knows if he is not on his back in the following second, the next hit will be harder. So he turns on his back and he prepares himself for the next blow : Breathe in… Breathe out
The hit doesn’t come.
« What do you think you’re doing Kai ? Huh ? » SeokJin shouts.
« Yoongi fell… I was just trying to help him getting up Mister Kim… » Kai tries to explain.
SeokJin laughs then turns his head toward Yoongi. He extends his hands and helps him to stand up.
« Your little carousel doesn’t work on me Kai ! Do you take me for a dumb huh ? GO TO THE HEADMASTER'S OFFICE ! »
Kai swears and before leaving the lunchroom he passes by Yoongi side and whispers to him these words ‘’ It’s over for you whore ‘’. Yoongi shivers under his threat. He doesn’t want to cause any problem.
« Yoongi… are you okay ? » SeokJin asks.
« Can… can I eat in your office M. Kim ? »


He’s watching him eating. He always eats slowly when he’s here… Jin guesses Yoongi wants to avoid people, avoid his bullies even if he doesn’t consider them like that. And Jin understands it, that’s why he lets him stay here and doesn’t hurry him.
« Yoongi… »

« Don’t… please… »

« Okay… we won't talk about what happen in the lunchroom… »
« Thanks y… »
« But I would like to talk about the incident that happened in your economic class »
Yoongi knows Jin will bring this subject. He’s not surprised. He sighs and pushes away the sandwich that Jin bought him.
« I… I really don’t wanna talk about it… that’s embarrassing Jin… »

« Listen Yoongi… These people have to pay for what they do to you… I wanna help you… you know that… »

« I know but… »
« But… ? »
Yoongi likes Jin. He likes him like a brother. A brother he whished he would have. He knows him for 4 years. Since he was 15 years old. He told him his history. Well a part of it. A tiny part of it in fact. It’s not that he doesn’t trust him. He does trust him. But he doesn’t want to hurt him. He doesn’t want him to look differently at him. He doesn’t want him to be disappointed at him.
« They… they drew something… something that is not me and… and… »

« Calm down Yoongi… it’s fine… you don’t need to tell me what they drew. »

« They called me a faggot. »
« Yoongi… I am sorry… »
« I don’t even know if I love men or not and they… they categorized me already… »
« It’s okay not to know your sexual orientation… but they have no right to decide for you ! »
Yoongi is not really affected by being gay or not. He haven’t really got time to think about it. He’s not attract to women that’s for sure… but men ? Men ? No. He’s not. Men are trash. Men who are not Namjoon and Jin are trash. Men who are friends with his parents are fucking trash. Men and women who bully him are fucking trash. And specially his soulmate. His soulmate is fucking trash!
« I hope I will find someone who will love me as much Namjoon loves you… » Yoongi says shyly.
« I am sure of it Yoongi… don’t worry about it. » Jin smiles. « I want you to finish your sandwich before returning to your class »


It's 11PM. He’s still outside. He should be at home right now but he doesn’t have enough strength to cope his parents. He knows something or rather someone is waiting for him at his house that’s why he doesn’t want to go there. He’s too tired. Too exhausted. Too hurt.
He sighs and drops his bag next to a bench. He lies on it and closes his eyes. He’s cold but it’s better than staying with his parents. In fact everything is better than staying with these bastard. He’s laughing, thinking about his parent’s face when their friends don’t get what they come for. He’s not regretting it but he knows that when he passes the entrance of the door… he will kinda regret it.
The sky looks nice. There’s few stars up there but not many because of the pollution. He feels nice for the first time in a while. Is it because of the words of Jin ? That somewhere there is someone means for him. He refuses to believe it but inside of him, there is hope. And he knows that hope is bad. Hope is only getting him trouble and hurt but he lets it happen because he is weak.
It’s midnight now. It’s been an hour and he is still here, lying on the bench. Right now, he is not thinking of what is waiting for him. He’s thinking of his supposedly soulmate. He doesn’t know his name, he doesn’t love him because he hates him. He hates him because he is not here with him. He hates him because he has a nice life while Yoongi is in hell. Fuck… he hates him because he gave up on him too soon. But he also hates him because he is his hope. His only hope. He is the reason why he is still in live.
Because he promised him.
When the universe decided that their soul were meant to be, he promised him that he will save him from the hell he is living.
That’s right. He trusts him because of these words.
These words can be meaningful as well insignificant.