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Christy Collection

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Christy began to shake from the inside out, sweat starting to moisten her all over as she watched Margaret smirk enjoying the reaction. They had passed each other in the dusk of evening exchanging shallow hellos, than Margaret stopped, called the young teacher over requesting a friendly chat. First reaction to occur was to say no and keep on walking. That wasn't nice and would be hypocritical of lesson taught to her students about tolerance and giving others a chance. Plus it was Christmas the time of year where niceness takes preceednes. With a nod and smile Christy agreed without word they walked to empty church and school house.

Margret wanted to ask a few questions to get to know each other better was given as a reason. cautiously Christy agreed promising to be open, honest and with hold her Christian morals. It started simple, friendly and comfortable. Questions of youth, of her friends, family; and Margaret too answered a few questions. This was a good decision Christy had thought to herself.

"One more question Christy if you don't mind of course."

"I don't mind." there had been a pause, the look on Margaret's face changed the mood became darker.

"Does your fiance know that your in love with my husband?"

"David knows I care for Neil I have never hid that." She had hoped that was enough.

"Now Christy, Christy, Christy the real question is if your precious beliefs would allow it would you fuck Neil?" That's when the shaking began. Christy stares at the daughter of her role model, at the wife of her dear friend wanting to do nothing but knock her straight in the nose.

"How dare you!" Finally able to blurt out.

"Are you not going to answer? Wait you have to. After all avoiding a question is the same as lying and that's considered a sin. Now we can't have little Christy sinning can we?" Christy disput telling herself to remain in control, to stay strong starts to tear up.

"I hate you." Said in a whisper.

"That's nice Christy, but it doesn't answer my question. Would you fuck my husband if the opportunity appeared?" No longer able to contain herself Christy jumps up from her seat with enough force it knocked the bench over with a crash.

"Yes I would Margaret! There are you happy?" Tears are now flowing without care, her darkest secret exposed to the light. To make it worse Margaret remained smirking watching the show.

"Now was that so hard Christy? No, no it wasn't." Margaret stands herself, walks from the room humming loudly. Few minutes pass as Christy tries to collect her emotion.

"Christy! What's wrong?" Jumping at the sound of Neil's voice the tears almost cleared start to refreshen her face. Shaking her head, trying to hurry past him, his arm reaches forward gently taking a hold of her, pulling her to him.

"Please let me go."

"What happened Christy!?" The worry and fear shined bright.

"I was given a reminder that there are somethings that no matter how much I wish for them can never be. I suppose I was crying over the what-ifs. Thanks for your concern."