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Christy Collection

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An answer. I have to give him an answer. I tell myself though how I heard myself through the pounding on my heart I don’t know. How can I answer him, I don’t know what I want. Do I love him? Yes I do. He loves me. And when I am with him it feels right. So I should say yes there is no reason not to. I would be crazy to do anything else. So why I am just standing here staring at that ring in his hand, such a beautiful ring. It would look beautiful on my hand. Now Christy that’s not a reason to marry someone!

I realize that all the kids are now whispering to each other trying to determine from one another as to why I haven’t answered. The kids. They do give David and I so much joy and are a common element, among other things, that we share. God bought us here to Cutter Gap, and He brought us to each other. David has such a wondrous spirit and soul, and his talent goes past sermons. He is understanding, brave, and he has a gift for architecture. Just look at the schoolhouse, not did he built, he built it twice! Such noble hands. Come on Christy just say yes! I can’t.

My mind going to the conversation with Fairlight earlier. I do love David, but it’s not love for you marry someone. That love and my heart belong to another. To someone I might never be able to have and might not even love me. So I should say yes to David, I will be happy to some degree. But that’s wrong not only to myself but also to David. These mountains and a certain stubborn doctor hold the heartbeat of my dreams.

“Sorry David I can’t.”