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Missing You

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Sure, he was handsome and he was charming. He was a lot of things she’d normally be attracted to, but after her divorce, she’d sworn off a relationship. No strings attached, mindless sex was all she wanted from time to time. And even getting to that point took time, for two years after her acrimonious divorce she’d sworn off men entirely. That was until she’d met Richard. He wasn’t really her type. Hillary normally went for the intellectual sort, but where had that led her in the past, straight to heartache.

Instead, she decided to go for the pretty to look at type, and that was Richard. He couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag with holes at both ends, but he was fantastic in bed and was just as uninterested in commitment as she was. And while he was able to fulfill her physical needs her emotional and mental needs were starving. She needed an equal someone she could talk to and not just about the latest protein powder at the gym or how much he could bench press.

That is where he fits in. They literally ran into each other, he was a powerful D.C. lobbyist for the Biotech Innovation Organization, she the senior senator from New York. She’d heard of him, how he used his charisma and charm to get what and who he wanted, but Hillary had never laid eyes on the man until the day she barreled right into the hard-masculine planes of his chest. She was rushing to her next meeting, head buried in her Blackberry, quickly firing off an email. Hillary was completely unaware of her surroundings and that’s when she walked right into him. Clearly, he too was not paying attention.

She was about to snap and tell him to watch where he was going until she looked up into his eyes. Eyes that were sparkling with hidden mirth that she was not privy too, his full mouth quirking up into a smile, making the sides of his eyes crinkle.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going Senator Rodham” his words were laced with his Arkansas drawl, the rasp of his voice going straight to her core and she briefly wondered what it would sound like saying her name in breathless ecstasy.


That faithful meeting had now turned into something more. From that day on they just both happened to “run” into the other at least two days a week. She hated how she felt around him while loving it at the same time. But she was aware that this wasn’t casual and that was not what she wanted especially with a man like Bill Clinton. That was her reason for turning tail when she saw him and trying to walk as fast as her legs would carry her.

“Hillary!” he called out to her. He was certain she’d seen him, and he was confused about why she seemed to be avoiding him. Bill weaved his way through the hordes of people milling around, and he silently cursed when he lost sight of her.

Hillary’s chest was heaving with the exertion it took to get away from him. Once she’d stopped running and was practically wedged at the back of a column hiding from him she felt sufficiently stupid, but this was exactly the type of reaction she did not want.

Thankfully the rest of her day was busy, and she didn’t have time to dwell on her problem named Bill Clinton and she really hoped he got the message to leave her alone. Although the thought made her heart drop.

Bill for his part was not put off. He knew much more about Senator Rodham than he’d ever let on. It was his nature to research and read up on anything he was interested in and he was certainly interested in her. He was well aware that Hillary was no coward and if she were truly not interested in him any longer she’d just come out and say it instead the opposite happened, and she ran away from him, and the feelings he was certain were growing inside of her just as they were in him.

He just had to plan out his next move carefully. It was time for him to up the ante if he was going to get through to her. While he was going in full pursuit mode it did not escape him that he needed to be delicate as well. Her husband had broken her heart from what he’d found out and the divorce was tough. It made sense that she was once bitten and twice shy. Bill bit his bottom lip thinking about the challenge that lay ahead of him and how sweet the victory would be once he conquered her and made her his own.


She found herself looking for him. Every time she stepped out of her office she expected him to be there, but he wasn’t. And he hadn’t called. Perhaps he’d gotten the message and that realization filled her with sorrow.

“He sure did give up easy, maybe he wasn’t that interested, and it was all my imagination” she mused to no one in particular. Hillary walked back to her office after grabbing a quick coffee at the café downstairs.

“Oh, you’re back senator,” her assistant said in a high pitch voice, with a goofy smile on her face. She seemed to be bouncing with barely contained joy.

“Yes, I told you I was just going to get coffee” Hillary stated bewildered by her reaction. As she made move to go into her office Rachel scrambled around her desk and stood there. “Do you need anything?” she just shook her head no.

She turned the knob to her office door and all her confusion washed away when she saw the ginormous bouquet of roses sitting on her desk. Rachel silently closed her door with a smile on her face. Hillary walked to them, her hurt thudding in her chest. She leaned in and inhaled the sweet scent before going in search of a card.

“Looking for this” she jumped nearly knocking the vase over, but he was quickly there righting it before it tumbled to the floor.

“You scared the shit out of me!” she exclaimed hitting him on the arm, none too gently.

“Sorry I wanted to surprise you” Hillary stood clutching her chest.

“That you did. What are you even doing here?” she found herself getting lost in his eyes as she so often did. She fought against inhaling his cologne and pushing her body against his. He stood over her small frame looking down into her deep blue eyes.

“I wanted to give you those flowers and this” he held up the small card. She stared at it momentarily before reaching up and grasping it from those surgeons’ fingers of his.

“You certainly didn’t have to personally deliver them” she hated herself right now, hated how her voice had an airy lilt and her cheeks burned just at his proximity.

“Oh, but I did, I wanted to see your face when you read the note” her eyebrow arched, and she was curious. Hillary opened the small envelope. She had to fight back the gasp that wanted to escape her body. Oh, how she’d wished he’d let her read it alone. “That bad huh?” he stated as he looked upon her stricken face. Hillary’s head snapped up horrified at what he must think of her reaction, but those fears soon soothed when she saw the smirk on his face. “I thought I’d finally ask you out on a formal date, you know since we’ve been flitting around each other for months now” he stated casually.

For her part she was still quiet, fighting a war between her heart and her head, with her stomach caught in the rapturous middle.

“I can’t I’m too busy” she knew it was lame, he knew it was lame.

“Well at least you didn’t run from me this time” she sagged against her desk, he had definitely noticed.

“What do you want from me?” she asked defeated. He scoffed softly before walking closer to her.

“It would be a shorter answer to tell you what I don’t want” her eyes widened, and she tore her gaze from the burning glacier that was his. He ran his long index finger down her cheek and she couldn’t stop the involuntary shiver that coursed through her cells at his touch. Finally, she mustered up the strength to look at him and speak.

“I don’t know what you think is going on here, or what you think is going to happen, but I think you need to get it out of your head. I’m not interested in anything with you. I’m sorry if you’ve misinterpreted my niceness for something more” he stepped back clutching his chest. She rolled her eyes.

“The details are on that card. I’ll be there tomorrow night, I hope you will as well” Bill stated before leaning in and kissing her gently on her slightly parted lips. The kiss ended as quickly as it began, but the heat where his soft lips had been remained for hours.


I'm not in love
It's just some kind of thing I'm goin' through
And it's not infatuation
Ain't nothin' goin' on between me and you
But I dream about it every night, baby
Wantin' you here with me
Makin' love to me