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"Stockings or no stockings?"

"Oh, definitely stockings," Taehyung says without glancing up from his phone. "It's been weeks, you have to remind your viewers what they've been missing. Wear the white ones." 

Jimin rolls his eyes. "I'm sure they found someone else to jerk off to while I was crying through my final exams... Choker?"

Taehyung does glance up at this, tilting his head. Jimin is currently in sweatpants and a t-shirt, all of his cam show outfits thrown into a pile on his bed. Taehyung helped him clean up his room to get ready for tonight because he's the best platonic soulmate and roommate ever, but also because he kind of owes Jimin for scoring Taehyung a date with his crush. "Wear the one with the bell."

Jimin flushes, inexplicably. "Tae, you know how I feel about that one. It— It's too— It makes me feel—"

"Like a sexy little kitten?"

Jimin groans, face-planting onto his bed and wincing when a harness pokes him in the forehead.

"Just trust me. The choker and the stockings. And panties, obviously. I won't even suggest the tail plug!"

"I hate sometimes that you're so open-minded," Jimin mumbles, but he's staring at Taehyung with fondness now, head resting on his folded arms. "How long will you be out?"

Taehyung grins, then, shy and giddy, and Jimin's chest wells with more fondness for his best friend. "I mean, the goal is to get Namjoon to take me back to his place. But if that doesn't work out, I still won't be back before 11. Give you plenty of time to edge yourself as punishment for holding out on your loyal viewers."

Jimin bursts into laughter. "You just want me to suffer, you jerk!"

"Jimin-ah, please, I speak for the people—"

"I've suffered enough from waxing just to get ready for this stream, thank you. Now shoo, go get ready for your date, you know it's going to take you twice as long to pick out an outfit."

"Offensive," Taehyung says, but he's still grinning when he stands up, heading to the doorway. "I look good in everything, why do I need to stress over what I wear?"

Jimin agrees, of course, but doesn't say this out loud, because Taehyung's ego is healthy enough. "Please remember this moment in half an hour when you're crying over what beret to wear to impress Namjoon-hyung," Jimin says with a laugh, watching Taehyung's eyes widen like the stress of picking out a beret hasn't occurred to him until just now.



Jimin sends Taehyung off with a tight hug ("You smell so good! You're definitely getting lucky tonight." "Jimin-ah—") and then goes through his own preparations. He listens to his R&B playlist and rubs lotion into his skin, stretches himself with a couple of fingers just because he always tends to get impatient about that when he's on camera.

He's a little nervous, but the music helps. He spent some time in the gym after the horrors of finals were over, ate healthier, so he's confident in his looks. He does some stretches, tests his flexibility even though he doesn't have anything too wild planned tonight.

It's ten minutes until his stream is scheduled to start and Jimin feels ready — the camera set up, lube and toys lined up on his desk, the slender masquerade mask to hide the top half of his face already on. He goes to kneel on the bed and rolls his eyes at himself when the little bell on his collar jingles. He's not sure why that, compared to everything else he's tried in his shows, embarrasses him, but he can feel his face heat with each soft jingle, wonders briefly if the camera will pick up the pink in his cheeks when he starts his stream.

Jimin stares at himself in the camera feed, at his pillowy lips shining with gloss, the sheer robe already falling off one shoulder, the peek of lingerie underneath. He runs his fingers through his blonde hair and watches the viewer count climb, watches the chat come alive as his regulars get notifications that CutieSexyLovely has started to stream.

He feels powerful and alluring, the wicked little thrum of satisfaction when tips start coming in. He makes a decent amount of money in one night, that's for sure.

"Hi there," Jimin finally says, voice breathy and soft, only a little bit of an act. He's been half-hard ever since he fingered himself open and pulled on some panties, and the attention, the flurry of comments praising his looks, have his pulse picking up easily. "It's been too long since I've done this, hasn't it?"

Another flood of comments, viewers agreeing, some already commenting on his collar and the hints of lingerie. Jimin welcomes the blushing heat in his face, hopes the camera is picking up on it now.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I've been busy," Jimin murmurs, answering a few comments. "But I'm here to make it up to you, aren't I? Been thinking about this all week..." Jimin sighs, trailing off, hand sliding down his stomach to rest over the bulge of his cock through his panties. Some more tips come in, and Jimin tilts his head back, fakes a moan that sounds just soft enough to be genuine.

His moans will be genuine soon enough, anyway.

Jimin continues to touch himself and talk to the viewers to warm up. He lets his robe fall off his shoulders until it's caught at his elbows and his fingers pinch and rub at his nipples, his hips arch into the air as his cock hardens under the delicate material of the panties. He turns his head too fast and the bell on the collar jingles, Jimin's eyes closing in hot embarrassment at the sound, teeth tugging at his lip. When he opens his eyes again, a comment in the chat grabs his attention.

Seagull97:  such a pretty kitten

Jimin's breath catches in his throat. He recognizes the name from other streams — another subscriber, a fairly generous tipper even though he always waits until the end of the stream to tip — but for some reason being called that, amidst all the other names his viewers throw at him (cutie, of course, baby, slut, twink, and some raunchier ones that don't even faze Jimin anymore), jolts arousal low in his belly.

He blinks, clearing his head before he brings his knees up, shows off the thigh-high stockings and spreads his legs just far enough to reveal the curve of his cock straining under the white material barely covering it. He trails his fingers over the length, legs falling open wider and toes curling in his stockings at how good the teasing touch feels.

"My roommate says I should drag this out, tease myself for a while because it wasn't nice of me to go so long without streaming. Mm, what do you say?"

The comments go by in a flurry of obscenity in the chat, and Jimin bites his lip, rubs the pad of his thumb over the wet spot where he's started to leak pre-come through the panties. 

"I don't know if I can wait that long, though. Showing off for you gets me so worked up..."

Seagull97:  be good for me now kitten

Jimin sits up, flustered when the movement has the bell on his choker jingling, like he's proving Seagull's point. Kitten. God, why does that word spark such a bright, embarrassed heat under his skin? 

"Okay, I'll be good," Jimin says with a heavy gaze at the camera before he's reaching for one of his plugs and the bottle of lube. Even at its widest point, the plug isn't very big, which is why it's good to start out with. It doesn't hurt that it vibrates, too.

Jimin rattles off some thank yous for tips that trickle in and makes sure the plug is slicked up well before spreading his legs and tilting his hips up. He tugs the panties aside so he can rub the tip of the plug between his cheeks, teasing himself and all the people watching with the view.

"I haven't been fucked by anything except my own fingers since my last stream," Jimin says, voice coming out husky, and of course he's playing it up, but it's not untrue. He lines the plug up and presses, legs falling open wider, his hole giving under the pressure and stomach clenching from the stretch. He's just working in the widest part of the plug when he reads,

Seagull97:  your cute fingers can't fill you up the way you need, can they?

Jimin feels a flare of annoyance, is just opening his mouth to reply when the rest of the plug glides in to the flared base, and the sound that leaves his throat instead is a startled moan.

Jimin flushes, head dropping back for a moment at the sudden fullness. He hates a little bit that this Seagull97 is right — his fingers are no match for being filled with something wider, something firm that keeps him stretched, that he can't help but squeeze around. He hears the ping of more tips and glances at the camera feed to see what they're seeing, a pleased kind of heat settling in his belly at how good he looks, thick lips parted, the black base of the plug a sharp contrast against the white panties, his smooth skin.

"Feels so good," Jimin sighs, reaching for the control for the vibrator, licking his lips slowly when he gazes into the camera. "Whichever one of you mentioned me wearing this in public, and streaming it, oh, I'm—I'm going to have to try that one day, aren't I?"

Jimin doesn't have to look at the chat to see the excitement that statement causes, turning the vibration for the plug on to its medium setting, squeezing around the toy at the sudden thrumming. It's not enough to make him come, on its own, but the pressure is sweet enough to have pre-come beading at the head of his cock, and Jimin eases the waistband of the panties down, swollen cock straining towards his belly, shining wet at the tip.

He ignores his cock and slides one hand up his flat stomach instead, fingers teasing at his nipple, hips rocking down to grind the plug deeper as the pleasure slowly builds, as the heat swirls and tightens in his groin. Maybe Jimin's too much of a narcissist, but— he likes how dark his cock looks against his pale belly, likes how desperate he must look too, robe still hanging off his elbows like he couldn't even bother to fully undress before playing with himself. 

He turns his head and the collar jingles, and Jimin doesn't bother trying to hide his moan.

More tips catch his attention and Jimin makes himself sit up, shivers as the change in angle has him fully sitting on the plug, pressing it so deep, the vibrations teasing his prostate now. His voice is raspy and strained when he says, "Ah, you already want me to switch to that toy? But I've barely teased myself," Jimin adds with a pout, fingertips pressing at the base of the plug, cock jerking over his stomach when it fills him deeper.

Seagull97:  bet the plug feels nice but wouldn't a knot feel better?

Heat jolts in Jimin's stomach. This Seagull might be a little more cocky than is attractive, but damn, he makes a good point.

Some generous tips come in after hearing Jimin mention his other toy, and he huffs out a laugh, getting up to his knees to start undressing, taking the robe off first.

"Okay, okay. I'll switch now. Mm, gotta make sure I'm stretched first, though—"

Jimin cuts off, just about to slide his panties down and off when he catches,

Seagull97:  leave the collar on for me, kitten?

Jimin kicks his panties off and brings one hand up to his throat, shyly touching the fabric around his neck. He wasn't planning on taking it off anyway, but the reminder of it makes him irrationally flustered. "Say please."

The response is immediate.

Seagull97:  please, pretty?

"Okay," Jimin says, softer, blushing. He's naked now except for the choker and thigh-highs, plug still buzzing inside of him, his cock jutting over his belly. The full length of it twitches and bobs as he turns the vibrations for the plug off, slowly drawing it out, head dropping back at the drag at his rim when he does.

The bell jingles, and Jimin bites at his lip, the pink sex flush spreading fast down his chest.

He stays in a position facing the camera, knees drawn up and legs spread, when he eases three fingers inside himself, and then four. The plug stretched him enough that it doesn't burn, opening for his fingers, but he can't hide the frustration in his noises when they don't quite reach like he wants them to.

He pointedly doesn't look at the chat, doesn't want to know if Seagull is teasing him for his short fingers now.

Impatient and eager to give his viewers what they want, Jimin slides his fingers out and wipes them on a towel, reaching for his dildo next.

The dildo.

When Jimin was first starting out, months ago, one night after drinking with Taehyung he let himself be goaded into purchasing The Dildo. Jimin was furiously embarrassed, at first — it's not the rarest kink out there, with the gradual acceptance of werewolves in society, but it's still certainly a shameful one. Even with his inhibitions lowered by drinking he still blushed as he clicked through the website with a gleefully curious Taehyung, settling on a toy that wasn't too weird, was just unrealistic enough for Jimin to indulge himself without feeling like he was doing something wrong.

And so, The Dildo. Colored with swirling blues, big but not frighteningly so, and fairly human-like in shape except for some extra ridges and the wide knot near the base.

Jimin never intended for it to become his thing while he's streaming, but he can't deny how hard it gets him off, and his viewers go crazy for it.

He brings the dildo in view of the camera, holding it upright as he pours lube onto the tip, making a show of it when he uses his hand to spread the lube slick over the rest of the toy. Jimin can't pretend there isn't a hot, twisting excitement in the pit of his stomach as his fingers curl around the knot, the way he can just barely circle his hand around it. He would normally spend more time teasing, maybe sucking it until he's drooling or holding the dildo against his own cock, shuddering at the difference in size.

The chat is flooding with comments, though, and after a couple big tips — including one from Seagull, surprisingly — Jimin doesn't want to tease anymore. He lies back against a pillow, knees bent and ass tilted up for the camera, and drags the wet tip of the toy over his hole. Arousal pulses hot under his skin, stomach drawing up tight when he starts to press the tip inside, feels the stretch and forces his eyes open to watch himself in the camera feed.

His lips part with a soft noise as the toy sinks inside, face scrunching, but he doesn't tear his gaze away from the way he opens up for the toy, the way it spreads his pink hole. The stretch burns, a throbbing pleasure at the base of his spine as he pushes it inside, trying to clench around the thick length of the toy, stopping with the knot nudging teasingly at his rim.

Jimin's hips jerk involuntarily, and his cock twitches, pre-come leaving a sticky trail over his belly.

"Fuck, fuck, so full," Jimin gasps, body suddenly burning with the need to feel the toy move, to feel like he's being fucked with it. Jimin's always been a little bad at this aspect of being a camboy, at putting on a sensual show, moans and orgasms all carefully planned. Instead, he loses himself to the pleasure too quickly, whines and squirms and sweats and begs, thighs trembling and cock so sensitive he can't touch himself until he's close to coming.

He knows most of his viewers enjoy that sort of thing — seeing him so desperate, watching how he falls apart under his own hands — but there's still a kind of unavoidable humiliation to letting strangers see him that way. And, if anything, that flush of shame just makes Jimin harder.

"Been so long since I've had anything this thick..." Jimin says as he continues to slowly fuck himself with the toy without pushing the knot inside yet. Heat twists tightly in his belly each time he drags the toy out only to press it back in, shuddering as it grazes over his prostate.

More tips ping and Jimin makes himself look at the comments, is already getting lost in that bleary haze of need where he feels like he deserves the names they call him, the viewers that tell him he's desperate and slutty, that he takes cock like he's made for it. Comments about his thick lips, his small hands, his tight asshole.

Jimin throws his head back and moans, collar jingling, and more pre-come dribbles from the swollen head of his cock.

When his legs start to ache from being spread he sits up (letting the dildo slip out when he does, grateful for the towel underneath him) and turns around to his elbows and knees, glancing behind himself to check the angle — his ass looks amazing from behind, of course — and catching a comment before he can sit back on the toy.

Seagull97:  wish it was my knot filling you instead, kitten

Jimin shudders, huffing out a soft, overwhelmed ah. He doesn't normally let particular viewers play into his fantasies, but something about the way this guy talks tugs at the heat in Jimin's belly, lets himself briefly imagine someone attractive and strong, someone's hot voice at his ear as he pushes back onto their cock, desperate for their knot.

Fuck, Jimin needs to stop or he's going to come.

"Feels so good, it's so big, a—ah," Jimin pants, voice breaking as he eases back onto the toy, cock jerking under his belly as he's filled with it. He stops when he gets to the knot again, feeling the pressure nudge against his rim, the sweet ache of how much he wants it. "I don't know if I can take it, it's so much—"

Comments flood in and tips chime, as expected, and Jimin lets his knees slide apart on the mattress, lowering himself onto the dildo. He braces himself for the pressure of the knot, teeth digging into his lip as he makes himself open for it, waiting for it to sink inside.

When it's finally in — the biggest part of the toy, the unforgiving pressure of it — Jimin turns his head and shouts, an overwhelmed ah! that breaks off into a moan. The stretch burns, it always does, feels like he's so full his muscles flutter with the need to clench around the knot and just... can't.

"Oh fuck, fuck me," Jimin moans, grinding back on the toy, letting his body adjust to the feeling. His toes curl in the stockings, his fingers grasp at the bedding underneath him and with a strained whimper he finally reaches back to hold the base of the toy still as he lifts his hips, letting the knot stretch him without slipping out.

He doesn't have to look back to know how obscene it looks.

"Fuck, that's— so good, please, don't stop—" Jimin babbles, sitting up to sink back farther onto the toy, shuddering at the way it fills him. It almost hurts, like this, so deep it aches in his belly, but he's still completely hard. He's outright messy with it — glistening strings of pre-come drip from his cock and he tosses his head back, hears the bell on the collar jingle and rides the dildo harder.

Jimin drops forward to his elbows again when the pleasure starts to tighten into something impatient, when the heat rushing through him makes him needy and desperate, aching to come. He wishes, a little deliriously, that this was sex and not just a cam show, that he had someone to fuck him and make him come. But there are still viewers to think about, so Jimin moans prettily, slowly pulls the toy out and flushes hotly when he can feel how open he is.

He turns back over and folds his legs at the knee to spread himself for the camera, ass tilted up again, balls drawn up tight and cock straining dark over his belly. His asshole already looks a little tender, swollen — abused, his viewers would say, which makes that embarrassed heat flare — so he drips more lube onto the dildo before pressing it back inside, toes curling down and cock twitching at the thick glide, the stretch of the knot, the heavy fullness once it's in.

"Feels so good," Jimin moans, soft and high, breath hitching. "Your cock fills me so much, fucks me so good, I—" He starts to rock his hips back with each thrust, grinding the knot into his prostate, pleasure sparking and building. His eyes flutter, breath coming out in quick pants. He knows he's close. Everything is so hot, so good, the heavy pounding of the cock inside him and the thought of being watched, people getting off to the sight of him. "You're gonna make me come, it's too good, I'm gonna come—"

Jimin curls his fingers weakly around his cock just as he starts to come, clenching down helplessly around the toy still buried inside, cock spilling white onto his trembling stomach, up to his flushed chest. He comes and comes and moans at the blinding pleasure of it, the rush of heat, the boneless satisfaction.

His thighs are trembling when he slowly drags the dildo out, braces himself to stretch for the knot one last time and then drops the toy to the towel, panting.

"I came so hard," Jimin rasps, making himself sit up with shaky arms, body still shuddering with aftershocks even as he drags his fingers through the come on his stomach, smearing his mess. He slides his hand between his legs, grips at one cheek when he says, "Ah, it's— see how open I am?"

The comments and tips pour in, and Jimin replies to a few — they really seem to enjoy when he indulges them and whispers "thank you, daddy," even if that's a little greasy for Jimin's tastes — before he sees one from the now-familiar username.

Seagull97:  you're fucking perfect

Seagull97:  if it was my knot you were stuck on I'd already have you coming a second time kitten

The words are hot, of course, but Jimin doesn't think too much of them until a couple comments pop up after, ones that make his eyes widen.

I_eat_ass46:  seagull97 is the real deal fuckkk

sweetcherryboi:  ive seen his videos, id pay for him to fuck Cutie~

Jimin finishes his stream by replying to a few more viewers who left big tips and stroking his hands over himself, humming like he could go for round two (he totally isn't going to, though — he's going to clean up and eat leftovers and then pass the hell out) because his viewers eat that up. He signs off and pulls off his mask, using a towel just off to the side to start cleaning himself up. He lasts about 30 seconds before he finally gives in to his nagging curiosity.

Seagull97 has videos? He talked about his "knot" a few times, could that mean he really

Oh, fuck.

He is the real deal.

Jimin's soft cock gives a little twitch of excitement and he frowns down at his lap, barely resists the urge to say, "Stop it, you," out loud. He had no plans for a round two, or else he would have kept his cam show going. And yet...

Seagull97 has two videos on his channel, both jerk-off videos, both shot chest-down of a shirtless man in grey sweatpants, sitting in a chair, teasing himself to hardness through the pants and then shoving them down to finish himself off with his hand.

He's muscular but not overwhelmingly so — defined abs and thick biceps and gorgeous, elegant hands, toned thighs, a pleasantly thick cock. Jimin has no way of knowing how old he is but it doesn't matter so much when the base of Seagull97's dick swells with his knot, and Jimin has to close his mouth before he starts to drool.

Jimin hurriedly closes the video when watching Seagull97 come in thick spurts over his hand, voice surprisingly breathy, has arousal swirling in his belly like he really will start to get hard again. It is only a few moments later, when Jimin opens his own page back up, that he sees a message notification.

His settings only allow other verified users to message him, and even then there's still a lot of creepy guys to sift through, so Jimin doesn't let himself get his hopes up.

Which ends up being pointless, because the message really is from Seagull97, who thanks Jimin for streaming in a rather adorably polite way, and then goes on to say, I hope those comments didn't make you uncomfortable, of course I fantasize about being with you but I'd never assume you're willing to hook up with a random werewolf viewer from Seoul...

The rest of the message is equally as sweet, and thoughtful, and Jimin struggles to think of how to reply back. He lets himself assume, for now, that the 97 in Seagull's username could be his birth year, making him a year younger than Jimin himself.

Jimin tries to think of a reason to not hook up with this person if he's legitimate, or at least get to know him better. He's wiping his hands off to start typing his reply when he hears the door to the apartment bang open, and Jimin falls off his bed in surprise, suddenly grateful for his roommate's bad timing saving him from saying something he might regret. (Like, You seem really sweet and I want to sit on your dick, let's meet up?  God. Jimin has been single for too long.)



Taehyung is on the phone in his bedroom when Jimin pokes his head out into the hallway — a goodnight call with Namjoon, it sounds like, which is just too cute — so he hurries through cleaning up, washing himself and his toys and heading into the kitchen for a snack once his stuff is put away.

He doesn't talk to Taehyung until the next day, both of them puffy-eyed from sleep and Jimin moving a little slower because of the soreness from last night. Even then, when they settle down to talk, Jimin makes Taehyung tell him every detail of his romantic date (they made out a little, but then Namjoon sent him home with a forehead kiss, ugh too cute) before he brings up his whole werewolf dilemma.

"Wait— Seagull? Seagull97, you said that was his name?"

Jimin blinks, an uneasy feeling settling in his stomach. Taehyung loves to tease but Jimin knows his roommate doesn't watch his streams. He's not even sure if Taehyung watches porn, always just assumed he used his favorite indie film sex scenes to get in the mood. "Yeah, that's his username. Why?"

Taehyung's eyes widen and the grin that stretches across his face is nearly manic. "Holy shit. There's no way someone else has that exact same username. That's totally Jungkook. Jungkookie does jerk-off porn. I can't wait until I tease him about this oh my god—"

"You know him?!" Jimin shrieks. "Yah, answer me right now!"

"Jeon Jungkookie goes to our university, we play Overwatch together. I can't believe he uses the same username for his jerk-off porn, holy shit."

"You never told me one of your friends was a werewolf," Jimin says, still taking in the shock that one of his viewers goes to their school, is one of Taehyung's friends. Jimin doesn't remember meeting him, but maybe he's seen him around? All he can think of is grey sweatpants pushed down strong thighs and the masculine hand wrapped around a big cock, the tightness of his defined abdominal muscles. Jimin thinks of Seagull's — Jungkook's — comments from last night and flushes, because now it's not just a silly fantasy. Jungkook really is his age. Jungkook must live nearby.

"Well, no, I didn't know until now. I don't blame him for not announcing it, you know the kind of negative attention that comes with that. Ah, it does make a little sense, though, he's always been so sensitive to smell—"

"Is he cute?" Jimin blurts out, and the glittering look in Taehyung's eyes can only be described as dangerous.

"Oh, Jiminie. You have no idea. Hey, you should meet up today! Hold on, let me text him—"

Jimin yelps and tackles Taehyung to the floor, trying to grab the phone out of his hands, gasping out when Taehyung tickles him in retaliation. "Don't you dare! He can't know who I am, are you crazy?"

"Yah, what do you mean?" Taehyung holds his phone protectively to his chest but stares at Jimin in confusion. "Weren't you just saying you'd hook up with him if it were possible?"

"But—But that was just a fantasy," Jimin mutters, sitting back on his heels, trusting that Taehyung won't immediately shoot off a message to his friend. "What if he's disappointed when he meets me? What if he, he secretly resents me for objectifying his body—"

"Oh my god, are you listening to yourself?" Taehyung says, mostly exasperated, but the smile he gives Jimin is soft and almost annoyingly patient. "I'm not even going to touch that comment about objectifying him, because we both know he watches your cam shows, but how could anyone be disappointed after meeting you? Jimin-ah. I raised you better than this."

"Real life is different from porn," Jimin mumbles.

"Yeah, exactly? So meet each other in real life, and if there's any kind of spark there, get that werewolf dick, my friend."

Jimin covers his face with his hands. "Kim Taehyung. How can you pimp out your friend like this? Both your friends?"

"Ah, well, it's been over a year since you broke up with What's-His-Name—" Jimin rolls his eyes at that, remembering how Taehyung was never fond of Jimin's ex, although towards the end of their relationship Jimin wasn't too fond of him, either, "—and Jungkookie is a total hermit who's too shy to ask anyone out, so."

At this, Jimin almost chokes on nothing. "Shy? Shy? Are you kidding? He—He told me he wanted to—"

"Please don't share the details, I don't want to think about his kinks every time we're gaming together." Taehyung stares at Jimin for a moment, and finally seems to decide on something, because he says, "Look, I'm going to text you his number, okay? And then you can decide when you're ready to reach out to him. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't trust he'll treat you right, though, and you deserve to have some fun, Jiminie."

Jimin winces at how soft and hesitant his voice sounds when he asks, "You really think it could work out?"

"If you give him a chance? I know so. I trusted you to hype me up to Namjoonie-hyung, didn't I?"

Jimin laughs, reaching out to smack Taehyung's leg. "You mean you thirsted after him desperately but refused to make a move so I basically asked him out for you—"

"No, it was definitely all about the trust I had in you," Taehyung insists, but he's smiling.

"I'll text him, okay? Maybe not right away, but... he did seem nice in his message."

Taehyung's still smiling when he crawls back over to Jimin, wrapping him up in a clingy hug. "I hope it works out. I'm still a little sad Kookie hid the werewolf thing from me, though. I wonder if that's why he likes lamb skewers so much—"

Jimin laughs, smacking Taehyung's arm.



Jimin spends two days with Jungkook's number in his phone before he finally reaches out. They both don't have classes on Wednesday, apparently ("It's fate!" Taehyung shouts, and Jimin hits him with a pillow), so Jimin texts him in the evening on Tuesday, thinking that in the best case scenario, maybe they can meet up tomorrow.

Worst case scenario, he has an entire day to lie in bed and wallow in his humiliation.

Jimin is grateful that, when he finally does message him, Jungkook's replies come fairly quickly.



is this jeon jungkook?



yeah that's me
who is this?



i'm taehyung's roommate, park jimin
i hope it's okay he gave me your number



i remember tae mentioning you!
hello jimin-ssi
do you play overwatch too?



not really
i actually wanted to ask...
do you use the same username for everything?



uh what do you mean



that username



for a couple things but not like
why do you ask...?



so are you also the same seagull97 who's subscribed to cutiesexylovely?



is this a prank



so are you...?



before i answer that
i have to assume you watch CSL's videos too then?



lmao more like i am CSL






that's my account



i'm sorry but what



lolol jungkook-ssi i'm not sure how else you want me to explain it...



i'm really just supposed to believe that tae's roommate is a pornstar?



i'm just a camboy not a pornstar hehe
do you want proof?



i mean
i guess so?



before i do
i know tae trusts you but can you promise to keep this private?
between us?



yeah of course
if you really are CSL....
then you know my secret too now so
i promise it'll stay private jimin-ssi



thank you
[photo sent]
it's from tae's birthday party last year
it's not the most flattering but as you can see
i lost a bet and tae made me wear that collar









you're gorgeous






sorry that's
probably not what you wanted to hear
i didn't mean to be disrespectful



who doesn't like hearing they're gorgeous hehe
so you believe me now?



taetae-hyung is really roommates with a pornstar... wow



omg stop with that
anyway about why i messaged you...



no i completely understand jimin-ssi
i promise i'll stop following your channel and watching your streams
i never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable



look, just call me hyung, ok?
i'm the same age as tae
and i was actually going to ask if you wanted to meet some time?



in person?



hehe yes in person
look let me explain myself before i give you the wrong idea
i watched the videos on your channel as well






and your comments on my last stream maybe
made me feel... things






don't tease



no, sorry!



but then i read your message and it was so sweet
i'm attracted to you, at least i think i could be
but i'm not as sexy as my internet personality






i mean... it's been a while since my last boyfriend
like, over a year
and i don't do hookups
so i might be different than what you're expecting



feels weird to say all this over text but
i've only ever been with one other person?
the werewolf thing gets hard to hide
i promise i won't judge you for anything



so it doesn't bother you
that i fuck myself for strangers but i've only had 2 boyfriends?



i mean jimin-hyung honestly
it's not my place for it to bother me anyway
but no it doesn't
you'd really want to meet?



but just to talk at first



of course






i'm not as bold in real life as my messages might seem but
meeting you, even just as a friend of a friend, is a dream come true



aw jungkookie
that's so cheesy hehe
actually that gives me a good idea
are you ok meeting at a bakery tomorrow afternoon?
the hyung who works there is a friend of mine
i can send you the address



ok but
only if you let me buy you a cupcake



if you insist~
haven't you spent enough money on me already hehe






It's Wednesday, Jimin has an hour before he has to leave to meet Jungkook, and he's already changed his sweater six times.

"Is the collar on this one too wide? Does it make me look slutty? Is it too white?"

Taehyung stares blankly at him for a moment before mouthing the words too white to himself. "Jimin-ah. It's not that big of a deal. He's already seen you naked?"

"I want to look nice!" Jimin whines, adjusting his necklace. He kind of likes the wide collar on this sweater, even if it makes him think of Jungkook staring at his neck, maybe leaving marks.

Jimin groans, covering his face with his hands. He needs to calm down, they agreed to meet for cupcakes.

"You do look nice. If it makes you feel any better, Kookie texted me about his outfit too. You're both so annoying."

Jimin perks up at this. "He did? Did he send a picture? Can I see?"

"Oh no way, I'm not spoiling the surprise. It was your idea not to Facebook stalk him before meeting him," Taehyung points out.

"I know, I know," Jimin sighs. "I want to prove to myself I'm not just in this for his looks."

"And his dick," Taehyung adds helpfully.

"And his dick," Jimin agrees.

"Even though you kind of are."

"Yah, shut up!" Jimin says, laughing and punching at Taehyung's shoulder with a tiny fist. "Are you trying to tell me you didn't trip and fall on your face that time Namjoon-hyung wore a tank top?"

Taehyung huffs. "Hey, don't bring me into this, I know what I am."

"Sorry," Jimin says with another sigh. "I'm just nervous."

"You want my advice, really?" Taehyung asks softly, walking over to brush Jimin's hair away from his forehead, grabbing some cherry-pink tinted lip balm from Jimin's desk and applying it for him. "You look amazing in what you're wearing now. Are you wearing nice underwear too?"

Jimin blushes. "Taehyung-ah."

Taehyung hums sagely. "The black lacy pair then?"

"Shut up," Jimin mutters, secretly a little impressed Taehyung figured that out so fast.

"You'll really like Jungkookie a lot, I know it. Just relax and enjoy yourself."

"You talk like dating Namjoon-hyung has suddenly made you so wise," Jimin teases, and Taehyung gasps in mock indignation.

"Hey, fuck you, I am wise—"

"Thanks, Tae-Tae."

"Ah, no problem." Taehyung smiles gently, pulls Jimin in for a hug that admittedly does help some with Jimin's nerves. "Go get 'im, soulmate."



Jimin arrives at the bakery ten minutes early and finds a table in the corner, waiting for Seokjin to finish serving customers before he goes over to say hi.

"You're here for a date," Seokjin says by way of greeting, his stare calculating. If Jimin didn't know Seokjin well, he might be intimidated. Instead, Jimin smiles sweetly and waits as Seokjin prepares him a mug of his special hot chocolate.

"I am, yeah."

"Well he better be cute, at least, to deserve a date with our Jiminie," Seokjin says, giving Jimin a wink.

"Ah, hyung, don't embarrass me. I think I really want this to work."

"Embarrassing? Me? Honestly I'm offended, if anything your date will be in awe once he sees how handsome I am and I'll have to sadly inform him I'm not currently taking applications for my harem—"

"I'm going to go sit down now, please behave," Jimin says with a laugh, dropping money into the tip jar for the hot chocolate since he knows Seokjin won't let him pay.

It's only a couple minutes later, as Jimin's absently scrolling through Instagram on his phone, that a warm voice in front of him asks, "Ah, Jimin-ssi? Hello."

Jimin looks up and his mouth drops open.

"I'm Jungkook. I hope you like vanilla and strawberry?" He's holding out a very prettily decorated cupcake on a plate.

"Hyung," Jimin blurts out, and Jungkook just blinks his large, expressive eyes. "Call me hyung."

"Oh, right, of course. Um, do you mind if I—"

"Please sit down, sorry, I'm just—" Completely stunned at how fucking handsome Jungkook is, apparently.

He's gorgeous. Wide eyes and dark hair parted to reveal strong eyebrows, cute pink lips, a smile that scrunches his face, a sharp jaw. He's wearing earrings and a little bit of eye makeup, he's dressed nicely — tight jeans and a belt, a black leather jacket — and he smells amazing.

Jimin finally glances down at the cupcake and tries to focus on not crawling across the table and into Jungkook's lap instead.

"The—The guy at the counter said to get you that one, I hope you like it. He, um, also looked me straight in the eye and said he could take me in a fight? But like, I'm not sure if he was being protective of you or if he just wants to fight me."

Jimin bursts into laughter, covering his mouth with his hand a second too late but catching Jungkook's wide smile directed at him, the boyishly cute scrunch of his eyes. "That's Jin-hyung. I promise he won't fight you. Or, well, he probably won't fight you. And thank you for the cupcake, it looks delicious."

"So do you," Jungkook answers immediately, and Jimin watches with something like delight as Jungkook's eyes widen in horror, his forehead falling to bang onto the table. "Fuck," he mutters into the table top. "I didn't say that."

"You totally did. And thank you, I'm flattered." Jimin's still smiling when he picks up his fork and tries some of the cupcake. It really is delicious, light and fruity and not too sweet, but Jimin wouldn't expect anything else from one of Seokjin's creations. "Want to try a bite?"

"Ah, yeah, sure." Jungkook moves like he's going to take the fork but Jimin ignores him, getting another piece and holding it up to Jungkook's mouth expectantly.

Something in Jungkook's gaze darkens, just for a moment, when Jimin feeds him. Jimin shivers and licks his own lips. "Good, right?"

"Wow, yeah. Seokjin-ssi can beat me up all he wants if his cakes taste that good."

Jimin laughs again, throwing his head back. "Don't let him hear you say that!"

Things are slightly less awkward after that (except for when Jungkook starts a sentence with "So, Nice Buns?" and it takes Jimin a moment to remember that's the name of the bakery, not Jungkook boldly complimenting his ass). Jungkook smiles as often as Jimin laughs, both of them leaning over the table like they're close friends and not near-strangers.

Jimin can see how Taehyung is friends with someone like Jungkook — he's sweet but still young in a lot of ways, passionate about gaming and a little messy when he helps Jimin finish the cupcake. Jimin licks his thumb to clean some icing from the corner of Jungkook's mouth and shamelessly sucks his thumb past his lips to taste it, enjoying Jungkook's dazed, hungry stare.

Young and sweet, yes, but also kind of unbearably handsome. Strong (he works out regularly, to no one's surprise) and broad in all the right places, at least a few inches taller than Jimin. Jimin teases him briefly for dressing so nice, and Jungkook just shrugs it off, but Jimin doesn't miss the way his gaze lingers on the exposed skin of Jimin's neck, his collarbone.

"Okay, so. This is a little rude, but I have to ask."

"Mm, go for it," Jungkook replies, already looking amused.

"Where do you work that you make enough money to be able to blow it on my streams? I mean, I'm grateful, but—"

Jungkook huffs out a laugh, fiddling with his dark hair like he's embarrassed. "Ah, hyung. I actually do streaming too. Video game streaming, you know. I get decent money from subscribers and donations. I have some popular YouTube videos too—"

"Wait, wait. Please don't tell me you're gaming with the same username you use for... you know," Jimin hisses, and Jungkook just shrugs and blushes a little pinker. "Oh my god!"

"I never really thought anyone would make the connection!" Jungkook complains. "I can just rename the one I use on... that site, okay."

"I can't believe this," Jimin says through his hands, but he's smiling now, his own face a little warmer now that he's steered the conversation toward how they originally met. "Do you have a face cam when you stream video games?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, I do. Why?"

"Well now I can see why you make so much money from it," Jimin says, and Jungkook's eyebrows furrow once he realizes what Jimin is implying.

"Hey! I'm popular because I'm good at games, not because of—of my looks—"

"Mm, yeah, okay, keep telling yourself that," Jimin teases, not too surprised at the sudden shiver of want that rushes through him when Jungkook's gaze goes dark and a little dangerous again. Jimin brushes his own fingers through his hair, pushing it off his forehead, and Jungkook follows the movement, licking his lips.

God, Jimin wants him. He figured he would, but he didn't expect to feel it this strong.

"Jimin-hyung," Jungkook says, voice coming out low, a little rough. The sound of it pulls Jimin from his thoughts. "I should be completely honest with you."

Jimin blinks. "Okay."

"I, um— as part of the werewolf thing, I'm really sensitive to smells? And sounds and changes in mood and things like that."

Jimin nods. He knew as much from what little he's studied about werewolves on his own, anyway.

"So, to some degree, I can sense..." He meets Jimin's eyes, leans in closer so he can whisper his next words. "Interest. And arousal."

"O—Oh," Jimin stutters out, the heat of a blush rising to his cheeks almost immediately. Caught.

"I'm totally not trying to, like, pressure you or anything!" Jungkook says hurriedly, sounding a little younger, a little sweeter now. "This has been really nice, I like talking to you. But... but if you wanted to come hang out at my place—"

"I would," Jimin blurts out, stomach fluttering with excitement already at the thought. "I would like that."

"Great," Jungkook says, looking a little dazed, and Jimin lets himself smile brightly and take Jungkook's hand when he stands, pretending the blush in his face doesn't glow brighter at the size difference between them, the way Jungkook's longer fingers nearly engulf his own. "Did you want to say goodbye to your friend—"

"No, god no, he'll just embarrass us both," Jimin says quickly, ignoring Jungkook's snickers.



Jungkook's apartment is nice but small, which helps reassure Jimin a little that he's not secretly a chaebol. His computer setup is in the living room and Jungkook points out the bathroom and his bedroom. Jimin takes some time admiring all the expensive camera equipment (Jungkook explains he's a film major with a little more confidence than he had before) and the computer gaming setup.

"So you watch my streams here?" Jimin asks, not realizing how borderline inappropriate the question is until the words leave his mouth.

"I do, yeah."

"Does my asshole look good in high def?" Jimin asks next, and he's happy to see Jungkook start to cough and sputter in shock.

"Ji—Jimin-hyung. What the fuck."

Jimin raises his eyebrows playfully.

"Yes, okay?" Jungkook admits, and he's still a little red, but he seems more willing to tease back, if the way he moves across the room toward Jimin is any indication. "Every part of you looks good in HD."

"Ah, that's so cheesy," Jimin says with a whine, grabbing the lapels of Jungkook's leather jacket, tugging a little even if his chest warms at Jungkook's words. Jungkook grins, and Jimin turns around to face away from him. They're so close, and as much as Jimin loves the innocent flirting, he's ready for more. "Tell me something dirty, Jungkook-ah."

"Mm, already?" Jungkook's voice drops lower, and Jimin shivers at the change, the tickle of Jungkook's breath when he speaks directly above Jimin's ear. "Do you want to know about how I jerk off in this chair thinking about how tight you'd feel around me? How often I imagined you riding me right here, watching yourself on all these screens while you take my cock. Is that what you want to hear?"

"God, yeah," Jimin breathes out, leaning back into Jungkook's chest, finally getting a feel for how much broader he is, the firmness of his chest and the warm width of his hand where he touches Jimin's hip.

"If you really want to... we should go over some stuff, first, before we get into it," Jungkook says, voice a little clearer, and Jimin nods, turning around until they're facing each other. Jungkook's stare is no less intense, especially up close like this, but there's concern on his face too.

"You've watched my streams, you know most of what I can handle... I'm okay with rough. I'm okay with pet names or words like, ah, slut?" Jimin flushes at this, saying it so plainly with Jungkook's gaze on him. "I'm okay with biting and marking, and I really want you to knot and come inside me. I'll say red if I need you to stop, and you can say that too if anything is too much?"

"Yeah, of course, absolutely," Jungkook agrees, looking a little stunned. "You know condoms don't really work for me—"

"Ah, yeah, one of Seokjin's boyfriends is actually a werewolf too. So I'm aware. That's fine, I'm clean, and I know we can't pass anything to each other anyway."

"I hope I haven't killed the mood," Jungkook adds with an embarrassed huff, and Jimin smiles gently, reaching up to slide his arms around Jungkook's neck.

"You really haven't. I'm glad you cared enough to check all that stuff before throwing me onto your bed."

Jungkook's grin is a little wicked when he grabs at Jimin's waist, lifting him until Jimin gets the hint and wraps his legs around Jungkook, letting himself be carried. "I'm throwing you on my bed, am I?"

"Oh, definitely," Jimin says as Jungkook starts walking backwards, only bumping into a wall once, and Jimin giggles so hard Jungkook nearly loses his grip. They get to his bedroom and he does dump Jimin onto his bed, leaving him to lie back and stare as Jungkook starts to undress.

The jacket goes first, and then the belt, which already has heat stirring low in Jimin's belly. The tight black shirt Jungkook was wearing goes next, and even though Jimin's already seen him shirtless, getting to see it in person still takes his breath away. Jungkook's body hardly looks real with how chiseled and smooth his torso is, his broad shoulders, his defined abs. Jimin drinks up the sight of him, stomach clenching impatiently when Jungkook pushes his jeans and underwear down next, leaving him bare.

Jimin licks his lips, and Jungkook catches him doing it. A heated burst of shame rushes through him.

"Kitten," Jungkook says, and hearing that word in Jungkook's low voice, in person, affects Jimin more than he wants to admit. "Do you want something?"

Jimin nods, fingers twisting nervously into the sheets. It's really difficult to not let his gaze drop back to Jungkook's cock, thick and long with how hard he already is.

"You have to ask for it, hyung."

"Please," Jimin blurts out, throwing his pride to the wind. Fuck it, he knows what he wants. "Please let me suck you off."

"Fuck, listen to you," Jungkook groans, and he steps forward, stopping in front of Jimin's legs where they still hang off the side of the bed. Jimin sits up, knows his face is bright red when he circles his small fingers around Jungkook's length, stroking it teasingly until he's fully hard.

The real thing feels so much better in his hand than any of Jimin's toys, that's for sure.

"Your lips, Jimin, god, do you even know—" Jungkook doesn't finish, though, because Jimin is leaning over to sink his mouth over the head of Jungkook's cock, moaning at the weight on his tongue, the heat, the taste. Jimin knows how obscene his thick lips must look stretched around Jungkook's cock, and he makes a show of it. He takes Jungkook as deep as he can before he starts to choke and doesn't care how much he's drooling, the wet sounds, the tightness of Jungkook's fingers in his hair.

Jimin loves it. He loves that Jungkook isn't gentle but doesn't push him to take more than he wants to without asking first, that his moans are breathy and maybe too sweet for someone who likes to talk a big game about filling Jimin with his knot. Jimin loves all of it, but his jaw starts to lock up and he wants more than this, so he pulls off with a gasp, leaves a glistening trail of saliva from his mouth to Jungkook's straining cock.

"Fuck, baby," Jungkook groans, dropping to his knees on the mattress, cupping Jimin's messy face between his hands and kissing him deeply.

(Jimin realizes he begged to suck Jungkook's dick before they even kissed for the first time. Oh, Taehyung is so never letting him live that down.)

Jungkook kisses well, using his thumbs to brush away spit from Jimin's chin, licking into his mouth like he doesn't care about the taste of himself. Heat floods Jimin's belly, tightens into something impatient and wanting, and when Jungkook finally breaks the kiss Jimin is already tilting his head to the side, exposing his neck and collarbone, shuddering at Jungkook's low growl.

A classic "how to rile up werewolves" move, but god, does Jimin love that it works. Jungkook buries his face where Jimin's neck meets his shoulder, nuzzles and mouths hotly across the smooth skin. Jimin's glad he decided to skip wearing a necklace, although when Jungkook's voice rumbles out, "You should know how dangerous it is to tease me, kitten," Jimin is a little sad he didn't bring his collar.

Maybe next time. Maybe they could even film it.

"Mm, your scent just spiked, what are you thinking about?" Jungkook asks, still dragging his lips over Jimin's neck, over the front of his throat. It takes Jimin a moment to answer, breath catching at the surge of pleasure Jungkook's mouth brings when he starts to suck hard kisses.

"You fucking me on camera. Me— ah, in that collar, with the bell, and you calling me kitten—"

"Holy shit, you're a kinky thing, aren't you?" Jungkook says, awed. Jimin just thinks, a little hysterically, Duh.

Jungkook sucks hard enough to draw Jimin's skin past his lips, for him to feel the scrape of teeth, and Jimin shudders at how good it feels, how sensitive he is there. Heat sparks so brightly under his skin, twists low in his belly until it's hard to ignore the throb of arousal in his groin. 

"Fuck, hyung, I want to do everything to you," Jungkook mutters, one warm hand sliding up the front of Jimin's sweater, fingertips seeking out a nipple to tease and rub at.

"Is it— ah, is it weird?" Jimin asks, lifting his arms when Jungkook grabs the hem of his sweater, helping Jimin out of it until he's bare-chested as well, goosebumps on his skin from the way Jungkook stares.

"Is what weird? How much I want you?" Jungkook asks, tilting his head, and Jimin huffs out a nervous laugh.

"No, just... seeing me in person. After watching me play with myself through the computer so many times."

Jungkook's face drops back to Jimin's neck, lips skimming across his shoulder, and his voice is a low rumble when he finally says, "Weird is really not the word I would use. It's— well. You know I don't watch any other streams besides yours, right?"

Jimin blinks. "Really?"

Jungkook's grin is a little crooked, his lower lip so pink in a way that makes Jimin want to kiss him again. "Is that so hard to believe? Something about you is just... different. I'd never seen anyone so beautiful, and— fuck, this is embarrassing," Jungkook groans, hiding his face against Jimin's bare shoulder, and Jimin laughs.

"What? Tell me!"

"You're sexy when you stream, of course, but sometimes when you'd smile it would reach your eyes, even with the mask on, and make your cheeks glow and look so genuine and just. I couldn't look away. So seeing you smile and laugh so much at the bakery earlier, I just— couldn't believe how gorgeous you were in person. I'm really lucky."

Jimin's chest floods with a sudden warmth, his heart beating fast at Jungkook's sweet words. He's so stunned, so touched that he can't even find the words to tease Jungkook for it. "Yah, Jungkook-ah," he eventually says, giving Jungkook a very gentle punch in the arm with his fist.

"I mean it."

"With your good looks, you could have anyone, you know."

Jungkook's eyebrows knit together, and he leans into Jimin, far enough that Jimin has to lean as well, his back hitting the bed with Jungkook settling over him, eyes glittering and dark.

"It's only you I want, kitten." He ducks his head, lips brushing Jimin's teasingly when he asks, "Will you let me taste you?"

"Taste me?" Jimin asks back, eyes fluttering shut when Jungkook answers him with a kiss, just hard enough to leave Jimin gasping before his mouth is trailing across Jimin's jaw, down his neck, to his chest.

Jungkook sits up so he can work at the front of Jimin's jeans. "You think you can play with your hole so much in your shows and not have me desperate to get my mouth on you?" Jungkook asks, stilling when he gets Jimin's jeans open enough to see his choice of underwear. "Oh, fuck."

Jimin blushes — at Jungkook's reaction, at his words, at all of it — and squirms as he lets Jungkook drag his jeans down and off, leaving him in just the black lacy panties. His cock is already straining beneath the material, barely contained with how hard he is, and he swallows a gasp when Jungkook drops his head to mouth over the shape of Jimin through the panties, tongue hot as it drags wet over the material.

"Can I take these off?"

Jimin nods quickly, lifting his hips as the underwear is carefully dragged down and off.

Jungkook stares and stares, Jimin's cock twitching over his belly at the attention. Jungkook grabs his thighs, pushes his legs up until Jimin's exposed under Jungkook's gaze and the need swirls hot in his stomach. "Please."

"Still okay?" Jungkook asks, settling in between Jimin's spread legs and mouthing at his inner thighs, messy wet kisses, the drag of his nose. Jimin's fingers curl up impatiently at his sides and he nods, stomach clenching when Jungkook's lips trail wet over his cock, when he sucks at the head. Jimin's hips buck and Jungkook settles an arm across Jimin's stomach, keeping him in place.

Jimin whines at how hot that is, being held still by Jungkook's strength.

"The way you smell here, it's— I can't really describe it, but fuck, it's driving my wolf crazy," Jungkook says in a low voice, nosing at the base of Jimin's cock, licking his way lower. "You smell most like yourself, like arousal and heat."

"That's embarrassing," Jimin mutters, lifting his hands to cover his face, and Jungkook growls and tugs at his arms until he can't hide behind his hands anymore.

"It's not. You smell amazing." As if to prove his point, Jungkook drops his mouth back to lick wet over Jimin's hole, and Jimin shudders at the sudden slick pressure, the messy way Jungkook presses his face close and doesn't stop.

"Jungkook, fuck," Jimin pants, hips twitching, trying to push back with Jungkook's wide licks. Having a mouth there isn't like anything he's felt before, and Jimin's cock jerks over his belly, body straining when Jungkook starts to lick inside.

Jungkook isn't hesitant or even particularly gentle with the way he eats Jimin out, fingers now gripping Jimin's thighs to keep them spread, tongue fucking Jimin open and pulling back to lick at his clenching hole, all slippery hot pressure that has desperate whines leaving Jimin's lips.

Jungkook slides a finger in, then, and turns his head to bite at the pale inside of a trembling thigh, and Jimin comes with a shout.

Jungkook looks shocked. Hell, Jimin wasn't expecting the heat to build up that fast either. He whimpers and squeezes around Jungkook's finger when there's a mouth on his sensitive cock, sliding over the head and his belly, licking up his come.

"Ah, please," Jimin gasps out, shivering as he comes down from his orgasm, cock twitching with oversensitivity under Jungkook's hot mouth.

"Too much?"

Jimin giggles, feels loose and giddy now, even when Jungkook's still staring at him like he could eat him. "No, just— I mean, a little. Come cuddle me for a little bit?"

Jungkook seems to blink some of the haze of want from his eyes, smiling sweetly at Jimin now. "Yeah, of course. I'm just gonna brush my teeth really quick, okay?"

"I don't care—" Jimin mumbles, but Jungkook shakes his head, leans up to kiss Jimin's forehead in a gesture that's almost too tender for Jimin to handle right now.

"I have to get the lube anyway, it's in the bathroom, just— one second, okay?"

Jimin hums, watches as Jungkook hurries out of the room and doesn't miss the new burst of arousal that floods his belly at the sight of Jungkook's naked butt.

It's a really nice butt.

Jimin stretches his legs out and flushes at the wet feeling between his legs still, all slick with Jungkook's spit, the distant throb in his thigh from where Jungkook bit him. 

"Hey," Jungkook says when he gets back, dropping the lube off to the side and crawling onto the bed, smiling lips meeting Jimin's in a minty kiss. "Feeling okay?" he asks when Jimin shivers, when his arms slide around Jungkook's shoulders to pull his body closer, feel warm bare skin against his own.

"Yeah. Feel amazing. Keep kissing me?"

Jungkook does, and Jimin draws in a sharp breath before sighing into the kisses, lips fitting and sucking, moving together like they're already familiar with each other.

Jimin feels inexplicably safe, underneath Jungkook like this, being kissed so thoroughly that heat pools in his stomach, hips arching when his cock starts to fill again.

"Finger me?" Jimin asks in a hushed voice, nearly embarrassed, but Jungkook's answering groan makes him smile.

"Felt so tight around just one finger... Are you sure you'll be able to take my knot, kitten?"

"Please, I want it," Jimin says, thoughts already gone unfocused with Jungkook's hand between his legs, one finger circling his rim teasingly. Heat flushes his face each time Jungkook calls him that, kitten, and he lets out a soft sound when Jungkook's mouth is at his neck again, when he noses up to his ear and sucks at the lobe, tongue playing with Jimin's piercing.

"You're so easy to rile up."

"Speak for yourself," Jimin shoots back, getting a nip at his ear in reply, arching off the bed to feel the wet drag of Jungkook's hard cock over his hip. "How do you want to fuck me?"

Jungkook pauses just as he's bringing two lube-slick fingers to Jimin's hole, his gaze getting dark again, a little wild, a little predatory. Jimin wonders how much of it is the wolf, and how much of it is just Jungkook. "On your back, so I can see your pretty face when you come around my cock. So lucky to get to see you without that mask," Jungkook mutters, and Jimin's stomach flutters as Jungkook works in two fingers, the pressure of them thicker than Jimin's own. "The second time, though, I want you on your hands and knees. Wanna fuck you right into the mattress."

"Second time?" Jimin asks, breathless. Jungkook's fingers have found his prostate so easily, teasing over it while Jimin's cock twitches and fills until he's fully hard again.

"Jimin..." Jungkook says, face scrunching a little with a cocky smile. "Don't tell me it was an accident on your part to want to meet so close to the full moon? Makes it easier for me to knot again, something about—about being closer to my wolf brings out the, ah, breeding instincts. Could probably fuck you all night, if you wanted."

Jimin squirms, swallows a groan when Jungkook works in a third finger. "I didn't know."

"It's still a few days away, it's not— dangerous, or anything," Jungkook says quickly. "It just kind of heightens everything."

"It's okay, I trust you," Jimin says, not surprised at how much he means it. It's been so long since he's been with someone else but Jimin is greedy, doesn't want Jungkook to hold back anything. "Three's enough--" Jimin gasps out when Jungkook drips more lube into Jimin's hole and eases in a fourth finger anyway, the stretch making it hard to do anything except try to squeeze around Jungkook's fingers.

If anything, his hole feels more sensitive after coming once, and the drag of Jungkook's fingers makes him shudder, pleasure tugging low in his belly.

"Please," Jimin begs after a minute of that, and Jungkook is slow to slide his fingers out, leaving Jimin empty and open. The desperation claws inside him, makes him ache to get fucked already. "Please, please—"

"Shh, I've got you, kitten," Jungkook mumbles, smearing more lube all around Jimin's hole ("Ah—" "It'll help when I knot, sorry, just—") and lining himself up.

Jimin can see how tense Jungkook's strong arms are, the red flush to his ears, the way his dark hair sticks to his sweaty face. It's unreal, how handsome he is, how much he's probably held back for Jimin's sake. Warmth blooms in his chest, and Jimin feels— protective? Honored? He just knows he wants to take care of Jungkook the way he's been taken care of too.

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin says, and Jungkook lifts his head, blinks dark, wide eyes. "So gorgeous, and you've been so good for me. Made me feel so good when you've been hard this whole time..."

Jungkook's throat bobs with a swallow. "Ah, hyung."

"Don't hold back, okay? I like it hard. Want to be able to feel you for days, ah—" Jimin cuts off when Jungkook starts to press inside, the blunt pressure stretching him, filling him so deep. Jimin drops his head back and moans, tries to focus on how different this feels from his toys. The heat of Jungkook inside, the way Jimin swears he can feel Jungkook throb when he clenches down around him, when Jungkook huffs out a rough noise and fucks back into him.

"Fuck, Jimin, so tight—" Jungkook grits out, grabbing Jimin's thighs and pulling him closer, leaning down to swallow Jimin's cry when his cock sinks that much deeper inside. "You feel so good around me," he says against Jimin's mouth, face dropping to Jimin's neck, teeth worrying the skin there, little nips that jolt heat into Jimin's belly.

"Fuck me, please," Jimin begs, and Jungkook pushes his legs up, nearly folds him in half and thrusts so deep the sudden ache of it is almost too much, Jimin is mindless with the pleasure of it. He can't stop moaning, can't stop leaking pre-come all over his stomach.

Jungkook snarls, sinks his teeth lightly into Jimin's shoulder, the sharp heat of it making Jimin moan louder. "Can you hear how slutty you sound? My needy baby, made to take my cock, yeah?"

Jimin whines when Jungkook slows his thrusts, drags out nearly all the way before pushing back in, somehow stretching Jimin wider, each thrust making heat burn and twist in his belly—

Oh. That's his knot

"Please, Kook, I want it," Jimin begs, voice rough and breathy, small with need. "Please—"

"Fuck, look at you take it." Jungkook doesn't sound much better, arms shaking now, voice strained. "Look at you open for me. Gonna let my knot in, kitten? Is your greedy hole gonna swallow it up?"

Jungkook's words go straight to the arousal in his gut but Jimin can't make himself reply, nails digging into Jungkook's shoulders at the burn of the stretch, the wide pressure at his rim. It's so much.

Jungkook finally sinks inside with a shaky ah, hips flush with Jimin's ass, forehead dropping to Jimin's chest as he grinds forward, knot rubbing at Jimin's fluttering walls.

It aches, being so full. Jimin's face is still scrunched up, lips parted with his soft moans, and Jungkook's only warning is a hoarse, "Jimin, oh Jimin—" before he starts to come.

Jimin swears he can feel it, each hot pulse of Jungkook filling him with his come, and all it takes is a few strokes of Jungkook's fingers around his own aching cock for Jimin to come too. His muscles clench so tightly around the knot, draw a low groan from Jungkook as Jimin pants and spills wet over Jungkook's hand, over his own stomach.

The pleasure of it is so intense, so consuming that Jimin's whole body trembles, vision blurry from how tightly he squeezes his eyes shut.

"Holy fuck, baby, so tight," Jungkook grits out, almost sounding pained now. Jimin's ass throbs where he's still stretched so wide on Jungkook's cock and— Jungkook is still coming? Jimin makes a small sound, wiggles his hips, and Jungkook growls, low and warning.

Jimin shivers in pleasure.

"Hyung, you're—you're basically milking my cock right now, please stop squeezing," Jungkook huffs out with something like an overwhelmed laugh, and Jimin does try to relax, focuses on catching his breath and lifting a hand to pet his fingers through Jungkook's dark hair.

"Sorry," Jimin finally says, voice raspy.

"It's okay, it's just— intense," Jungkook replies, nuzzling at Jimin's chest, licking at the dip of his throat. Is he— tasting Jimin's sweat? Because that's definitely gross, and Jimin's cock definitely doesn't twitch in interest at the thought.

"How long does it, usually, um." Jimin wiggles his hips pointedly and Jungkook hums, flexes his fingers where he's still gripping Jimin's hips.

"Just a few more minutes, maybe? You're the first person I've ever knotted."

"Oh," Jimin says, surprised. His chest warms a little at the thought. "Thank you."

Jungkook laughs, a little cackle of a noise that makes Jimin smile. "I should definitely be the one thanking you."

"Yeah, you made me come twice and the second time was so intense I nearly cried, you really owe me," Jimin teases, shivering again when Jungkook nips at his jaw.

"C'mere," Jungkook hums, hugging Jimin close and carefully rolling them (the knot tugs at his rim a little when he does, and Jimin moans, tucks his face against Jungkook's neck) until Jungkook's lying on his back, Jimin settled on his chest, straddling his hips to accommodate where they're still connected.

"This is okay?" Jimin asks, referring to how his weight is settled over Jungkook's body. Jungkook just squints an eye open, smiles dazedly.

"This is perfect."

"Ah, cheesy," Jimin mutters, but he gives in to the urge to cuddle, enjoys the way Jungkook strokes a hand down his back as they wait.

Jimin is just starting to drift off when Jungkook rolls them again, gets Jimin on his back and carefully pulls away, cock slipping out in a way that startles Jimin fully awake.

He wrinkles his nose, squirming. "Ah, the mess—"

"Don't worry about it," Jungkook mutters, already moving down the bed, already settling between Jimin's legs. "Mm, are you sore, kitten?"

"I'm, um." Jimin can't finish, eyes widening when Jungkook gently pushes his thighs apart, spreads Jimin's ass to start licking. "Jungkook—"

"Is it bad?" he asks, tilting his head curiously when he stares up at Jimin. Jimin finally shakes his head, face heating and shame curling warmly in his belly when Jungkook's mouth is back on him, cleaning him up, long licks where Jimin knows he must be tender and swollen.

Jimin's toes are just starting to curl with pleasure when Jungkook finally pulls back, disappears for a minute and comes back with a bottle of water and a damp towel, his breath minty again when he leans down to kiss Jimin slowly.

"I'm staring to think you aren't real," Jimin sighs between kisses, and Jungkook pulls back, grins a little wickedly before nipping sharply at Jimin's ear. "Yah, was that necessary?"

"Do I seem more real now?" Jungkook asks cheekily.

"More annoying, anyway," Jimin mumbles, pulling Jungkook back into bed. "This is so much nicer than after my streams. Maybe I won't share you with my viewers after all."

Jungkook laughs, fingers tracing lightly over Jimin's throat. "But you'll still wear your collar for me some time, right? You looked so pretty blushing in it, kitten."

"Maybe," Jimin says, but the red high on his cheeks says yes. "Jungkook-ah. You'd really like to do this again? Not just tonight, but— more? In the future?"

Jungkook blinks, expression going serious when he cups Jimin's face in his palm and says, "Ah, hyung, I haven't exactly been quiet about my crush on you, have I? You have to know I want this for as long as you do. I won't ask you to be exclusive for me, but—"

"I want that," Jimin interrupts, smiling softly when Jungkook stares at him with something like surprise. "I want to be only yours."

"Really?" Jungkook's voice is soft and Jimin smiles wider, eyes scrunching with it, before pressing a slow kiss to Jungkook's lips.

"Really. I think I already knew it after talking to you at the bakery, but— the way you took care of me. How good you made me feel. Are you sure you're real?"

Jungkook's smile is toothy and pleased, and he rolls them playfully in bed, tickles Jimin's sides until he's shrieking and then lets Jimin pin him down, grins up at him with a softness in his gaze that makes Jimin feel so warm inside.

"Yeah, I'm real. Real into you, anyway."

Jimin groans in complaint, smacking a hand down on Jungkook's chest. "Yah, don't be like this."

"You bring out my romantic side, hyung," Jungkook tells him cheerfully, sitting up to wrap his arms around Jimin's shoulders, pulling him back down on top of himself. "Let's nap, then I'll make us some dinner."

Jimin hums. "You can cook too?"

"I mean, I can make ramyeon. Does that count?"

Jimin can hear the smile in his own voice when he says, "You know what, ramyeon sounds amazing."