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Carlydia or Carphia?

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Dear Sophia,
Leave me alone. Lydia doesn't like you. She wants me to stay away from you, no matter how much you "punch me" (Lydia's words). Maybe we can sneak away from her sometime

Carl scratched out the last part. He wasn't sure how he could do that.

He sighed. There are both pros and cons to both people.

That got him an idea. He can write down some pros and cons about each of them and maybe that could help him feek better!

Pros and Cons


·Hates Sophia
·A little too strict
·Daughter of Alpha, our enemy
·Can be an a-hole at times
·Wants to ruin relationship with Sophia
·Wants me to write mean letters to my bestfriend

·Nice to me
·Loves me for who I am
·Despite hating Sophia, she doesn't punch her in the face
·Has better couple name (Carlydia)
·Very smart
·Knows what she's doing (most of the time)


·Lydia hates her
·Punched me in the face once (on accident)
·Hates Lydia
·Has worse couple name (Carphia)

·My best friend
·Loves me for who I am
·Has been my best friend for so long
·Knows what she's doing (almost all the time)
·Despite hating Lydia, she doesn't kill her
·Doesn't make me write mean letters to my girlfriend

Looking over the notes he just made, Carl relized something: maybe Sophia was better for him. Maybe not as a girlfriend, but he should keep her as a friend.

Carl got up and went to talk to Lydia about this. But as soon as he left, Lydia came into his room.

She looked around, confused, then notices the two pieces of paper and picks them up and reads them. First the onee he was planning to write to Sophia, then the other one.

She smiled.

Just then, Sophia walked in. She saw Lydia then her eyes narrowed, but she didn't do anything.

Sophia went to leave then Lydia said, "Wait. You need to see this."

Sophia slowly turned around and faced Lydia.

First, Lydia gave Sophia the paper Carl was planning to write to her. Sophia got a bit angry of course, despite the scratched out part, but then Lydia gave her the other piece.

A smile slowly crept up Sophia's face. When she was done reading, she looked up at Lydia, who was still smiling.

"I think we should both talk to Carl," she said, then Lydia nodded.

They both walked out, with the two pieces of paper, ready to find Carl.

The End.