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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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"Jo-Jo..." I whine.
"I don't understand the question..."

Yep, another Spanish class with my boyfriend. I'm taking Spanish half-year, and Jo-Jo's taking Spanish full year.
I don't get why Jo-Jo's even taking the class. He's been fluent in Spanish as long as I've known him.

"Take out your blue paper then, Henry. The question's on there."

I sigh, fetching the blue paper from my binder.
If I'm only taking Spanish half year, I don't get why Jo-Jo and I are in the same class.

Every year in Spanish class, we get to choose names. Jo-Jo and I have it easy. Jo-Jo stays Jo-Jo, since Jorgelino Josephino is already Spanish, and Jo-Jo is easier to say and write. And for me, there's Enrique, the Spanish variant of Henry. So we're lucky.

We're currently working on our warm-ups, which are written on the board in Spanish. I'm only taking Spanish because Jo-Jo "reccomends" it (in reality, he's like "You have to take this class, or we can't date").

I scan my blue sheet, looking unsatisfied.
"But Jo-Jo, there's too much on here to find one simple question."

"The question's not directly stated, silly."
"Oh, um... thanks, babe."

I chuckle at my stupidness and start writing down my answer. The question was asking to guess which teacher it was based on the description.
I sigh, jealous of Jo-Jo. This must be a breeze for him.

Soon it's time to go over the answers.
The Spanish teacher goes up to the board, reviewing the question.
"So, today's entrada asks the question, '¿Quién es?'. In case you didn't figure it out, that translates to, 'Who is it?'. You had to figure out which teacher it was based on their physical description and their personality."

There were two descriptions on the board, so there were two different teachers being described.

The teacher picks Jo-Jo's name card.
"Jo-Jo," she says, pronouncing it "Yo-Yo", since that's how it's pronounced in Spanish.

"Pelo castaño, ojos marrones, alto, lentes, simpático. ¿Quién es?"

"Es Señor Darcy," Jo-Jo replies in Spanish.

"Sí," the teacher says, approving of Jo-Jo's answer.

I chuckle. Gosh, I probably never would've gotten that.
The teacher calls on another person, and they answer to her description of Mr. Pulitzer.

Literally everybody else seems to be doing better than me.

The teacher leaves the room to go make copies of today's worksheet, and Jo-Jo looks at me, concerned.

"Enrique, ¿estás bien?" he asks.

"No," I mumble in response.
"And if you want to talk to me, speak English."

"You'se no fun," Jo-Jo says.
"We's in Spanish class, so you should be tryin' to speak as much Spanish as you can."

"But I'se not like you, Jo-Jo. I'se not fluent in Spanish."
"Henry, it's okay. You'se still learnin'."
"It's your fault I'se even takin' this class."
"Stop blamin' it on me."
"But you very clearly ordered me to take Spanish class."
"I-I did not! I recommended it, not ordered."

I look away, irritated. Then Jo-Jo's hand is holding mine, telling me to turn back towards him.
"Enrique, por favor, deja de estar enojado."

I have no idea what he just said, so I don't say anything.

Jo-Jo then clears his throat.
"Sorry, um... I meant, stop bein' angry. Shit, I really need to stop speakin' to you with phrases you haven't learned yet."

"I-I'se sorry."

I continue being angry, despite Jo-Jo trying to make me feel better.

Why's Henry so upset today? I get he doesn't particularly like Spanish class, but I've never seen him like this.

The teacher returns to the room and notices Henry's mood change.
"Jo-Jo, Enrique parece estar de mal humor. ¿Él está bien?"

"Uh... está un poco molesto ahora, y no entiendo por qué."
"Esto es un poco inusual para él. Normalmente está contento."
"Sí, pero... por alguna razón, no entender la entrada lo está molestando."

I shake my head, looking into my upset boyfriend's eyes.
"Estoy preocupado por él."

Then I face the teacher again.
"Mi novio está molesto, así que yo también estoy un poco molesto."

Seeing Henry in a bad mood really concerns me. The teacher nods, clearly understanding that.

I cup Henry's face in my hands, kissing him gently. Henry, as I expected, doesn't kiss back.
"Enrique, por favor, cálmate. Nadie es perfecto."

"Yeah, I darn well ain't perfect," Henry mumbles.
Then he slumps down onto his desk.

I sigh.
"I guess he needs to be left alone for a while," I tell the teacher.

I work on my worksheet, occasionally glancing over at Henry to check on him. Every time I turn, he's upset, so nothing is changing.
I sigh, putting down my pencil.


Henry looks up, a glum look on his face.
"What, Jo-Jo?"

"Not gettin' the warm-up is nothin' to be upset about. It's normal. I get the Math bellringer wrong all the time."
"Yeah, but... I can't understand Spanish to save my life, and you'se perfect at it..."
"Spanish just isn't your thing. I know you'se really passionate about actin'. You'se better at actin' and singin' than I could ever be."

Henry sighs and hugs me. I hug him back, gently kissing his cheek.

"Thanks, Jo-Jo. I really needed that little pep talk."

I smile a bit, pulling my boyfriend into a kiss. This time, he kisses back. Yep, Henry's back to normal.

"Better now?"
"Okay, good. Now get to work. I'll help you, kay?"

Henry pulls out his pencil and starts working on his worksheet, occasionally asking me questions.
Soon, the afternoon announcements start, and Henry and I smile at each other.

Thank god I got him calmed down, or our time together after school would be hard to enjoy.

|A/N| Heya, friends! There was a lot of Spanish used here. See the notes for translations! Anyway, Jenry is an amazing ship that does not get enough attention. I may or may not post bio things for Jo-Jo and Henry (they originally didn't have one). Let me know if you want them!
Okay, bye, friends!