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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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I look around Jack's living room. So many people in one room. There's a couple dozen, since our friend group is pretty large. I'm still wondering how we became girls. And was everyone in New York affected, or just us few?
What happened to Sarah and Les? Since I've been at Jack's house the whole time I've been like this, I have no idea how my family could be handling this. I decide to text Sarah.

Me: Sarah? Are you alright?
Sarah: Good morning to you too, David. And no, I am not fine.
Me: Let me guess: you've mysteriously been turned into a male overnight and have no idea how it happened.
Sarah: Yes, actually. How did you know?
Me: I became a female in that exact way.
Sarah: You were affected too???
Me: Sadly, yes.
Sarah: And are you okay?
Me: Yes, I'm okay. It's a bit unusual, but I'm handling it well.
Sarah: Are you still at Jack's house?
Me: Yes, I am.
Me: Has Les been turned into a girl too?
Sarah: Yes, and he's freaking out. I've been trying to calm him down all morning.
Me: The poor seven year old must be terrified.
Sarah: Hopefully he stops freaking out soon so I can go hang out with Katherine. Who is probably also a male.
Sarah: Talk to you later, David.
Me: See you, Sarah.

I put my phone away and look at Jack. He's adorable as a girl, I have to admit. That messy ponytail is way more poofy than any ponytail should be. I'm surprised he's handling this so well. He's so manly, so I wouldn't imagine him being fine with being turned into a girl for god knows how long.
Speaking of Jack, she's currently chattering away to Crutchie about various different things. It feels so weird referring to these male people as females. I guess that's what I have to do for now.

Even while a girl, Jack's overconfident nature still shines through.  There's no mistaking female Jack for anyone else. She has that Jack look in her eyes like she can do anything. We're currently sitting on the couch, Jack's arms wrapped around me. While talking to Crutchie, which, judging by her desire to date Jack, shouldn't be working out so well.

"Be right back," Crutchie says, and steps outside.

Immediately after Crutchie leaves, Jack's lips are all over my face.
"Jackie, please calm down," I tell her.

The kissing stops, and Jack looks at me.
"I can't kiss you with Crutchie right next to me, so I'se lettin' all of my stored-up affection out now," she explains.

I chuckle.
"Just kiss me normally then, silly."

She nods, and her lips quickly attatch to mine. The kisses that her lips produce are rather passionate, and I kiss back, enjoying every second of it.     
I don't know why, but it's been years since I've kissed a girl. If Jack weren't a girl right now, I probably wouldn't kiss a girl again. But Jack is Jack, and I enjoy kissing Jack no matter what gender he is. So if I have to part from my homosexual guy tendencies to become a lesbian to keep my lover satisfied, I'll gladly do it.
Jack then lets go, and we're both smiling at each other.

"I love you, Jackie."
"I love you too, Davey."

In this situation, it's kinda confusing as of what my sexuality is. Since I'm a guy biologically and am kissing a girl who is also a guy biologically, I'm technically still gay. But since we're both physically girls right now, I'm technically a lesbian. And since Jack's bi, he's still bi even if he is a girl. Lucky.

After a couple hours of sitting around doing pretty much nothing, we're still confused as to why exactly we're at Jack's house.

"So, Jack, why'd you call us to this meeting?" I ask Jack.

Jack shrugs.
"Well, I guess that I wanted to bring my group together to discuss their issues with the gender thing," she replies.

I look around and remember everyone in this room is a female.
"Oh, yeah, that's why we're here. You didn't say exactly what this was about, but now seein' all of us here, I can see the reason."

Anyway, since it seems everyone is just here hanging out, I look down at Spot, who is somehow still in my lap.

"How are you still here in my lap?" I ask her.

"Am I not allowed to cuddle?" she replies.
She has her arms around me, smiling.

I chuckle, kissing her cheek.
Spot puts her hands on my cheeks and pulls me into a kiss.

I kiss her back. It's funny how Jack called us to a meeting, yet everybody here is just either chattering or being couply.

Hopefully something actually happens to change our outlooks on our situation. We can't just sit here.

|A/N| Heya, friends! I promise there will probably be only like one more of these before I end this weird thing. Anyway, bye, friends!