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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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[Jack's POV]
After the power outage that happened yesterday, all of us are kinda cautious about coming back to school.

Luckily, when I arrive in the morning, everything's back to normal. We have power again.

Because today's a full day of school, I have student council again. I get to see Katherine for the first time since Friday.

The bell for co-curricular rings, and I rush into the Student Council room. As usual, Katherine is already busy working on something.

But not as usual, it's not just Mr. Darcy in there this time. His assistant, Mr. Hearst (otherwise known as Bill), is there too.

"Hello, Jack," says Mr. Darcy, waving to me.
Mr. Hearst waves as well.

I smile.
"Hi, Mr. Darcy. Hi, Mr. Hearst."

Mr. Hearst is really quiet, so he doesn't talk much.

Mr. Darcy looks at him.
"Hey, Billy, don't wanna talk for me today?" he asks.

Mr. Hearst stays silent, leaning onto Mr. Darcy's side.

"Not-not so close," Mr. Darcy says, lightly tapping Mr. Hearst on the shoulder.
"We're supposed to be teaching, not doing... that..."

Mr. Hearst just chuckles a bit, not moving.

"Why are we not listening?"
"Because I don't want to."

I walk over to Katherine, sitting down in my usual spot. I get out a laptop and go to our club communication server so I can actually talk to Katherine.
I'm about to send a message when I hear something odd.

"Give me my hat back."
"You'll have to take it from me, Darcy."

I glance over and see Mr. Hearst has Mr. Darcy's hat. Mr. Hearst waves the hat around, Mr. Darcy trying to grab it out of his hand but failing.

"Darn you, Blueberry."
"Saying that isn't gonna convince me to give you your hat back."

I can see that Mr. Darcy was struggling not to say "damn you" because teachers don't curse in school.
Also, Mr. Darcy sometimes calls Mr. Hearst 'Blueberry' because of the blue suit he always wears. Mr. Darcy wears a matching yellow suit.

Mr. Darcy continues jumping up to reach his hat, but Mr. Hearst keeps pulling it away.

"Bill, we're not supposed to be playing," Mr. Darcy says, irritated.

Mr. Hearst seems not to care. He throws the hat across the room. Mr. Darcy runs to retrieve it, but Mr. Hearst pulls him back over by the arm.

"That was not fair," says Mr. Darcy.
"And you're not supposed to stop me."

"I'm not allowed to have fun, Darcy?"
"No, not in school. We have a club to run. Let go of me."

Mr. Darcy successfully escapes Mr. Hearst's grasp and makes his way across the room to retrieve his hat. He puts the hat back on.

Mr. Hearst smirks from across the room, Mr. Darcy rushing over to him. The two look each other in the eyes, and Mr. Hearst laughs, taking Mr. Darcy out into the hallway and closing the door.

The two return back to the room about thirty seconds later, Mr. Darcy slightly red in the face. But it appears not out of aggravation, but out of embarrassment.

"Bill, you're not supposed to do that," Mr. Darcy tells Mr. Hearst.
"I could see a couple students in the hallway. Luckily, they weren't in the eighth grade section, but still, doing that is uncalled for."

Mr. Hearst boops Mr. Darcy's nose.
"They'd be too busy dilly-dallying and chattering to focus on us, Darcy."

"Watch what you say. There's a couple students in here."
Mr. Darcy looks over at me and Katherine.

"Says the one who dragged me into Mr. Pulitzer's office the other day to snoop," Mr. Hearst replies.

The two continue chattering as I continue typing my message to Katherine and send it.

Me: Hey Kath.
Katherine: Yes?
Me: Didja see the teachers over there?
Katherine: Um no? I was working. Like you should be.
Me: Mr. Hearst stole Mr. Darcy's hat then proceeded to throw it across the room.
Me: Then he dragged him into the hallway.
Katherine: So what?
Me: Now Mr. Darcy's blushing and told Mr. Hearst he's "not supposed to do that".
Katherine: Oh. They like each other, in case you didn't know.
Me: Dang, I'm so stupid for not figuring that out sooner.
Me: It's like most of the people in the school are gay.
Katherine: Ikr. And you said Mr. Hearst dragged Mr. Darcy into the hallway?
Me: Yeah.
Katherine: Mr. Hearst most likely decided to be slick and kiss him.
Katherine: And the hallway because teachers aren't effected by what security cameras see. Plus there's no one else out there.
Me: I can't believe teachers would do that. They know PDA is forbidden.
Katherine: Apparently Mr. Hearst didn't care.

I glance back over at the two teachers.  Mr. Hearst is swiping his thumb over Mr. Darcy's cheek, both of them smiling lightly.

Mr. Darcy notices I'm looking over from the corner of his eye and whispers something in Mr. Hearst's ear. The shorter teacher nods, removing his thumb from Mr. Darcy's cheek.

"Hello, Jack..." Mr. Darcy says, sounding nervous.

"Is it true Mr. Hearst kissed you in the hallway?" I ask.

Mr. Darcy chuckles.
"Why would Bill do that? We're not ho- Bill, let go of my arm. Sorry. We're not homose- mmm!"

Mr. Hearst stands on his toes and kisses Mr. Darcy softly. Then Mr. Hearst pulls away, chuckling.

"Don't listen to him," Mr. Hearst says.
"We are too homosexual."

Mr. Darcy blushes, staring at Mr. Hearst.
"D-don't say that!"

I chuckle at the two teachers.
"So everyone is queer in this room, eh?"

"I'm straight, excuse you" Katherine says.

"No, you like Sarah. Davey told me."

Katherine stares at me.
"So you asked him out after all, and he didn't reject you?" she asks.
"And why the heck did Davey run his mouth about Sarah?"

Jesus, this has been one hell of a Student Council meeting. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Hearst are gay. I never would've guessed that. Hmm, I wonder if more teachers in the building are gay...

|A/N| Heya, friends! Here, take this crap I wrote while losing my brain cells by looping Old Town Road. Well, um, BillDarcy, anyone? Also, you got to discover Student Council a little more. Anyway, bye, friends!