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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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After the stressful situation the both of us just went through, we fall asleep on each other. It's only about 6AM, so we should be asleep anyway.
Neither of us could believe we embarrassed ourselves all because Les decided to be his too-curious self.

Although Davey and I met when he moved to our school in the middle of sixth grade, it feels like we've known each other forever. I guess that's what happens when you've been best friends for almost three years.

In my sleep, I guess I may have been latched onto Davey too tightly, because a little before seven, he wakes up and whines, "Jackie, too tight.".

I open my eyes and frown at myself, loosening my grip.
"Oops, sorry, baby. I didn't know I was holdin' onto you that tightly. I guess... I wanted to... protect you from nightmares?"

Davey laughs, replying, "Jack, you're such a good boyfriend. I bet you don't even need to hold onto me to protect me from nightmares.".

He turns to face me and smiles that sweet smile I love. I mess around with his hair, chuckling. In response, he pecks my forehead.

"I love you, Jackie."
"Love you too, Dave."

I yawn loudly, causing Davey to burst out into laughter.
"Dear god, Jack. We're awfully noisy this morning. This is why we don't wake up at 5AM to visit our boyfriends."

I pout, pretending to be sad.
"But Dave..."

Davey decides to go along with my little act and responds, "Oh, I'm sorry, did I make you sad, Jackie-boy?".

We both laugh, and I kiss Davey roughly. Davey, as always, kisses back at almost the same roughness.

"You're so good at kissin'," I tell him.
"How is this possible, o glorious David Jacobs?"

Davey scoffs and replies, "Oh, I didn't do that, my brain told my lip muscles to kiss you like that.".

"You're not gonna comment on how I called you 'o glorious David Jacobs'?" I ask, chuckling a bit from Davey's statement.
Davey just laughs.

"Are you gonna answer me, or do I hafta kiss you again? I'll make you regret it~"

Davey laughs.
"Nah, I'll take the punishment. Punish me, o deathly-handsome Jack Kelly."

I laugh as well, both glad Davey wants to be 'punished', and that I got called 'o deathly-handsome Jack Kelly'. In my opinion, that's even better than 'o glorious David Jacobs'.

I smirk, latching my hands onto Davey's shoulders and forcing my tongue into his mouth and kissing him.
While we kiss, my tongue finds Davey's and intertwines them, causing Davey to moan softly.

I continue kissing Davey, earning more moans (albeit softly). While our lips are busy, our tongues are also busy whipping each other around in the process of Davey's tongue trying to escape my tongue's grasp.

"Jackie..." he moans, his hazel eyes helplessly glancing into my green ones.
"Let g- wait, no, keep going, ahhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I snicker, accidentally letting go of Davey and falling off the bed.

Davey immediately looks down to the floor where I landed, worried.
"J-Jackie! I'm so sorry, it's my fault!"

I sit up, laughing.
"Dave, I'm okay."

"Return to the goddamn bed and get back on it, mister Kelly," he playfully orders.

I laugh.
"Help me up first," I say.

Davey sighs, getting out of bed and picking me up off the floor.
"C'mon, back to bed."

He sits me back on the bed, not bothering to put the covers on. Then he sits down next to me.
"Okay, you may cont- mmph"

I don't let him finish his sentence; my lips are on his already. I pin Davey to the bed and slide my tongue back into his mouth again, quickly finding his tongue and fiddling around with it.

Moans fall out of Davey's mouth, quiet at first but progressively getting louder as our makeout session resumes.

"Ngh, Jackie, don't kiss me so hard..." Davey says between moans.

I soon let go, tired out and needing to breathe again.
"Augh, fuck, I need to breathe, holy fuck, Francis Sullivan," I curse at myself.

"Stop cursing in my bedroom," Davey replies.

"Aww, but Davey, I need to."

Davey shakes his head, a smirk on his face.
"You do not. Gentlemen do not curse."

"I ain't a gentleman, Dave. Gentlemen don't force their boyfriends into makeout sessions just to hear them moan."

Davey chuckles, replying, "And gentlemen also don't enjoy being kissed to death by other gentlemen. I guess I'm not a gentleman either."

I cover his mouth, faking shock.

"David Jacobs!" I exclaim, laughing.
"You are too a gentleman!"

Davey yawns.
"You tired me out, Jack," he says.

I softly hug him, rubbing his back.
"Aww, poor thing. You'll be okay sometime tomorrow."

Davey chuckles.
"Damn you."

"Hey, how come you can curse and I can't?" I ask him.

Davey lays back down under the covers, pulling me down with him.

"Because my room, my rules."
"Davey, that's not fair."
"Nowhere does it say my rules have to be fair to Jack Kelly."
"Excuse you, mister, that's the famous and handsome Jack Kelly you're talking about."

Davey chuckles, causing me to latch onto him way too hard.
"You'll regret that, David Jacobs."

I start attacking his neck with kisses, Davey immediately laughing.
"J-Jackie, I- Jackie, stop it, that tickles! I surrender!"

I smirk, retreating from Davey's neck with another victory.

"Loosen the grip, would you, handsome?" Davey says, causing me to do as I'm told.

"I love you~", I tease.

Davey strokes my head.
"Love you too, Jackie," he replies.

We both laugh, pulling each other into a soft kiss. I end it right after that one so it doesn't turn into another makeout session. God knows what would happen if we launched ourselves into another one of those.

I then remember I left my shirt at my house, so I just have on my socks, sweatpants, and boxers. That's the exact same thing Davey has on.

"Jack, did you even bring shoes or a shirt?" Davey asks.

"Nope!" I reply, laughing.

"No wonder your chest smells odd. You ran all the way over here with no shirt."
"Is that a bad thing, baby?"
"No, of course not."
"Oh, okay."

We spend the rest of the day fooling around, not even bothering to get dressed. I'm surprised nobody came into Davey's room all day.

Laying next to him on his bed shirtless is such a nice experience. A few weeks ago, poor Davey would be petrified to do this. Thank god we started dating, or weekends would be boring as hell.

God, Davey looks so sexy without a shirt on.

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