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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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It's around 5AM on a Saturday. I'm asleep at this time, like usual.
While I'm asleep, though, I hear some odd noises. Too tired to wake up and investigate, I continue sleeping.

A little later, I feel the weight on my bed shift. I have two other siblings in the house, so it was probably one of them.

Actually, no, it can't be. Les isn't this heavy, and Sarah's at Katherine's house. Who the hell is on my bed?
I wake up to see... JACK.

"How did you get into my room?" I ask him, worried.

Jack frowns.
"Dave, that was rude. You need to say good mornin'."

I groan.
"Good morning. Now answer my question."

Jack smiles and points to the window.
Oh, so that's what I heard earlier.

I stare at him.
"You could've waited a few hours and used the door," I tell him, irritated.

"But I want to see you now, baby," Jack replies.

He moves from the base of my bed to the space next to my pillow, pulling the covers up so he can crawl in.

"You never asked if you could sleep with me."
"I shouldn't need to."

Jack kisses my cheek, then strokes my forehead.

"Jack, please. I'm tired," I say, a bit whiny.

"Davey, stop whinin'. Your boyfriend's visitin', so you should have no problems."

I put my head onto my pillow, trying to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, it won't work, since Jack has decided that now is the time to start kissing my neck.

I groan. I'm tired, and Jack won't let me go back to sleep.

He stops kissing my neck and moves my head off my pillow.
"Yes, baby?" he asks.

I sigh and sit up in my bed.
"I want to sleep."

Jack shakes his head, sitting up as well and kissing my chin.
"Sorry, but that's not what Jack wants."

"It's not about what Jack wants. My room, my rules."
"My boyfriend, my preferences."
"It doesn't work like that."
"It does too. Now, c'mere. Jack wants a kiss."

Jack's arms drape around my body, and he pulls me into a kiss. I kiss back, quickly letting go afterward.

"Happy, Jack?" I ask, irritated.

Jack smiles, stroking my head.
"I love you, Davey."

I lay back down.
"Love you too."

Jack lays back down too, moving his bare chest against mine. Jack kisses me again, this one lasting longer than the one before.

"You're a creep," I tell him.

"Yeah, but I'se your creep, ain't I?"

I sigh.
"Yeah, I guess you are."

Jack kisses my chest, then moves up my neck and to my mouth, kissing me softly.
I kiss back softly, and Jack continues kissing me.

"We's happier now, ain't we?" Jack asks after letting go.

I nod, stroking my boyfriend's head.

Maybe having Jack in my bed isn't as bad as I thought it was.

I don't know why I decided to get out of my bed at 5AM and climb into my boyfriend's bedroom through the window.
Well, nonetheless, I'm here with my baby now, so I'm happy.

I know, I literally just saw him yesterday. But when Jack Kelly's bored at five in the morning, he goes to find his lover (which, in this case, is Davey).

"Baby?" I ask Davey.


Davey looks into my eyes, smiling lightly.

"You'se cute," I tell him.

Just to think he was grumpy a few minutes ago. Grumpy, but still cute.

Davey chuckles.
"Yeah, that's what you tell me. You're cute too, Jack."

I place a light kiss on his shoulder.
"Yeah, but you'se cuter," I reply.

He shrugs, turning over onto his side. After that, he starts fake sleeping.

I chuckle.
"Dave, I can tell you'se fakin'."

Davey turns back over and smiles.
"Wow, you're smart, Jackie-boy," he says.

"Did you just call me 'Jackie-boy'?"
"Yeah. Don't like it?"
"No, no, it's fine. It's just... different."

Chuckling, Davey kisses my forehead. I kiss him underneath his chin as a reply.

"I'm glad you came over, Jack," he says, cupping my face in his hands.

I smile, replying, "I'se happy I came over too.".

Davey kisses me, softly and slowly. I kiss back, enjoying the rare occasion where he's the one to kiss me, not the other way around.

I love being in Davey's bed. It's not like I haven't slept with him before (we did that on our first day of dating), but I've never slept in his bed before. In fact, I've never slept with him in any bed. It's just been couches. This is a new experience, and I love it.

"You enjoyin' yourself, Davey?" I ask him.

Davey nods.
"Yeah, I am. Are you?"


I start to kiss his neck, Davey chuckling as I do.

"Jackie, that tickles," he says, blushing.

I don't know why he's calling me 'Jackie' all of a sudden. I guess because I'm in his bed and he can't help it.

I take out my tongue and lick his neck, causing Davey to lightly moan.

"Please, keep doing that," he says, blushing slightly harder.

I giggle and keep licking him. More moans come out of my boyfriend.
I'd never think Davey'd be the type to want to moan. He's always so civilized; moaning is not something I'd associate with him.

As I continue licking his neck (and getting more adorable moans), Davey kisses my ear.
"That feels amazing, Jackie," he whispers, before another stroke of my tongue causes him to moan again and jerk away.

Right at that second, the door opens, seven year old Les now awake.
Shoot, did I make Davey moan too much?

Oh, and... Les has no idea Davey and I are dating...

"Jack???" Les asks, shocked.

I immediately stop licking Davey. My boyfriend looks at me, turning red.
"Jack, you licked me too hard," he whines.

"Hush, Dave," I reply.
"Why are you whinin'?"

Les, still in the doorway, clears his throat. I focus my attention on him.

"Why are you in Davey's bed?" Les asks.

I chuckle nervously.
"Uh.... we were havin' a sleepover?"

Davey glares at me.
"Damn you, you handsome man."

"Davey, I'se sor-"

"Davey's GAY?" Les asks.

Davey sighs.

"Yes, Les," he replies.
"I'm gay... for Jack."

Les still looks confused. If only he hadn't heard the moaning.

"Gross, get a room," he says.
"Mom and Dad are asleep, and if they hear you moanin', they'll be concerned and come investigate."

"Please, Les, don't tell them. I don't think being gay would go over well with Mom and Dad."

I hesitantly place a kiss on Davey's cheek.
"Baby, please calm down," I tell him.

Davey looks me in the eyes.
"Now I'm worried about Mom and Dad finding out my secret. Hell, the seven year old knows now. I don't trust him with secrets, Jackie."

Les silently leaves the bedroom, carelessly leaving the door open. Davey frantically gets out of bed and closes the door, then returns to my protection.

"Maybe we should've done this at your house," he says quietly.

"I shouldn't have started lickin' your neck to make you moan out of pleasure," I say back, ashamed of myself.

Davey strokes my head.
"Jackie, it's okay. I enjoyed it."

I sigh, turning my head away. Davey grabs my arm gently, causing me to look back over.
"Baby, I misbehaved. Punish me. Jack gets no kisses for a week. Sound good to you?"

Davey shakes his head.

"Jackie, you don't need to be punished," he says.
"It was an accident. A mere mistake Les came in on us being all coupley."

"I'se sorry, dearest David," I mutter.

"Hey, hey, it's okay, Jack. You don't need to apologize."
Davey pulls me into a soft kiss. I kiss back hesitantly.

"You're okay. Our relationship's okay. Everything's okay."

|A/N| Heya, friends! Here, have some Javid. I've been depriving you of it since the original Javid story, so you can have some more of my OTP. I'll probably write Javid more often now that I've decided to write this. Okay, bye, friends!