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Newsies- Middle School AU!

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After that incident at lunch, I don't know how to view my relationship with Jack.

Am I really gay now?
Or am I still straight, just with occasional encounters with guys?

Then again, I'm not sure if I'm truly gay. Maybe I'm just sorta gay for Jack?

And are Jack and I becoming something? Or are we just those weird friends who make out and act like we're dating even if we're not?

I am so confused.

I think I may have fallen asleep, because I hear a person yell my name.

"Mr. Jacobs, are you gonna wake up?"

I open my eyes. I expect to see our Science teacher, but instead I see Jack, laughing his ass off.

Jack smiles.

"Hey, Davey," he chuckles.
"I do a pretty good impression of that asshole, don't I?"

I groan.
"Just because I fell asleep thinking about something, it doesn't mean you gotta pretend to be the teacher and wake me up."

That makes him laugh again.

"Jack!" I exclaim.

As if on cue, our teacher yells, "Mr. Kelly! Will you please sit down?"

Jack laughs yet again, quickly pecking me on my left cheek and sitting back down.

Why would Jack do that in class while the teacher is in the room? He does know he can get in trouble for doing that, right?

Then again, referrals and detention are nothing new for him. He almost got one three days ago. Oh, and don't get me started on how many things he's gotten one for in the past two years.

I've only gotten one referral since I started middle school, and it was because of something Jack dragged me into. I would rather not say what it was. All I can tell you is it was embarrassing as hell.

The teacher gives us an assignment to work on with a partner. The minute those words came out of his mouth, Jack rushes over to my desk, whisper-yelling, "I call dibs on working with Davey!"

Everyone else groans, since they know I'm the smartest kid in the class.

The teacher glares at Jack.
"Mr. Kelly, I get that Mr. Jacobs is your best friend, but you need to calm down."

"I like workin' with Davey," Jack replies, plopping down in the empty desk next to mine.

I facepalm as he continues lecturing Jack. Jack seems not to be listening. He grabs onto my arm and kisses the top of my hand, forcing it off my face.

"Hey, you need to stop facepalmin' so much," Jack says softly.
"I can't see your beautiful face if your hand's coverin' it."

"Jack, stop it," I mumble.

He replies by kissing my nose.

"Seriously, you're gonna get us in trouble," I whisper.

Jack moves the desk he's sitting in closer to mine, brushing his side against mine.

A very faint blush finds its way onto my cheeks.

"Seriously, Jack, are you trying to draw attention to me?" I ask him, annoyed.

He laughs in response.
"Davey, relax."

He then stares into my hazel orbs, a blush of his own forming on his cheeks.

"Are you gonna work, or are you gonna stare at me and end up driving me nuts?"

He stops staring at me, frowning.
"I'se not tryna drive you nuts. I'se just observin' your beauty. Beautiful things need to be looked at, y'know?"

I ignore him and say, "We have to get to work, Jack. Stop getting distracted, or we'll never get anything done."

Jack nods.

We start working like normal, discussing the questions on the worksheet. Then, out of the blue, Jack asks an irrelevant question.

"So, you said you were thinkin' about something earlier. Would you mind tellin' me what it was?"

I groan. I have to tell him, since he would keep bugging me until I told him.

"You," I reply, looking down at my paper and analyzing the next question.

Jack smiles a little.
"You were thinkin' about me?" he asks me.

I nod.

"What about me?"

I start writing down an answer as I reply, "I was thinking about how my relationship with you has changed since what happened at lunch today."

Jack looks over at my paper, copying my answer.
"We's still friends, ain't we? Nothing more or nothing less?"

He sounds kinda sad while saying that last part.

I look at him and give him a soft smile.
"Of course we're still friends, Jack. Actually, we're not just friends. We're best friends."

"Are we more than that, though?" he teases.

Then it hits me. I'm unsure if we're more than friends. Like, I mean, friends don't make out with their friends during lunch, do they?

No, they don't.

So what are Jack and I to each other now?

We aren't officially lovers, are we?

Of course we aren't. I wouldn't want to launch myself into such a relationship. I've never had a romantic partner before. And because this would be my first ever relationship, I'm not sure if it being a gay one is a good idea.

Jack notices I'm lost in thought.
"You still thinkin'?" he asks me, looking over towards the door.

Our eyes meet again.

"No, I'm done thinking. I just-"

Jack's lips are on mine now, cutting me off. I kiss back quickly, then let go to yell at him.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing?" I ask him.

Jack sends me a glance, then answers, "What does it look like I'm doin'? The teacher ain't in here, so nobody's gonna catch me stealin' a kiss."

With that, he places his lips on mine again, and I give in. My eyes keep glancing over to the door, waiting for the teacher to come back into the classroom and bust us. I tap Jack's shoulder and point to our papers. It seems like he got the message, so he stops kissing me.

Jack is now focused on getting the assignment done. He watches as I write down more answers, although not copying them like he was before.

"Jack?" I ask, looking at him.

He doesn't look back at me, though.

"Hmm?" he mumbles.
"Oh, I'm just watchin' you write. Your handwriting is so neat."

I shake my head, chuckling. "You gonna write down these answers?"

Jack nods. Now his pencil is moving and writing down what I have onto his paper.

Eventually, the bell rings for fourth block. Jack bends over and kisses me again. "Bye, Davey. Seeya in Gym class."

And with that, Jack walks off to his locker.
Leaving me in the classroom, blushing my ass off.
Damn that boy.

Now it has occurred to me. Jack and I are officially dating.

And I didn't even realize it.

"Mr. Jacobs, you need to leave the classroom now," I hear the teacher say.

I look up and see him directly above me. "Sorry," I say, and run off to my locker.

You know what else has occurred to me?

Gym class is going to be hell.

|A/N| Heya, friends! I ship Javid so hard. I originally didn't ship it, but I started shipping it when I was originally writing this goddamn fanfiction on Wattpad. Damn this thing for dragging me into the inescapable hole known as Javid. Anyway, bye, friends!