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Rainy Day in Morioh

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It was an abnormally stormy day in Morioh. The forecast was supposed to be sunny, but you can never really trust those news channels at times. Rohan didn’t seem to mind it that much though. It was just more reason to keep working on his manga. He had next week’s chapter for his manga completed and decided to take a well deserved break. Well, Rohan has to take care of himself too, like everyone else.

The manga artist poured himself a cup of tea, taking in its floral aroma. He liked to take his tea straight-up with no milk or sugar. Not that he minded taking his tea with milk or sugar though. He preferred it all natural, so to speak. Rohan sipped his tea, letting the warmth trickle down his throat. A good day for tea. When the first cup was empty, Rohan thought it was a good idea to pour himself another cup. This went on for a little while. The young manga artist was treating himself after working so hard.

It was only a matter of time before he finished that whole pot of tea. Rohan thought to himself:

“Well, I guess I better get back to work.”

As Rohan was getting started on another chapter for his manga, his stomach began to swell up full with liquid. He saw this as nothing more than a nuisance and he told himself he could keep it in until he was finished. There was no way in hell he would wet himself while he’s got his nose in his work! Rohan said to himself:

“Maybe this might be a nice touch for the series. We shall see.”

The manga artist didn’t have any public accidents since that one time in high school. That was because he was sick, but went to school anyway because of testing and he didn’t want to deal with making it up. Poor thing couldn’t help it, as he felt weaker due to being sick. He had hurled in the toilet that day, but the coughing after throwing up alone was enough to make Rohan completely wet himself. As embarrassing as that day was for Rohan, he was thankful he only had an accident in the privacy of a stall. Not to mention, his pants were black, so he hid his accident with ease. The worst part was that Rohan had to tell his teacher what happened in front of everyone in his class with his pants wet. To make matters worse, his teacher scolded him and some of his classmates snickered. He could never bring himself to use public restrooms, or he could do so very rarely, due to how bladdershy he was then. Rohan hasn't quite grown out of that yet; however, his bladder is very strong.

By the time Rohan was in the middle of creating this new chapter, the urge to urinate hit him like a ton of bricks. He had no choice but to squeeze his thighs together and continue his work. Rohan was not getting up. The manga artist would have usually stopped what he was doing and went to the bathroom, but not this time. He was creating a scene where one of his characters wet themselves out of pure, agonizing terror, so he wanted to experience that feeling to the fullest. It had been a number of years since he last had that happen to him. Well, out of fear, that is. Most of the accidents he’s had when he was younger were when he was alone. They were usually whenever he was sick, or was too busy with schoolwork and art to get up.

The harder it was raining outside, the more difficult it was for Rohan to hold his composure. He let a loud whimper fall from his lips. This need was dire, but Rohan couldn’t get up. The chair was stuck on him like glue.

He asked himself, “Why did I have to drink all that tea earlier?” Rohan added, “That isn’t like me at all! Getting carried away like was a bad idea. Oh, I just hope nobody comes here today while I am in dire need of relief.” If word got out that the great manga artist Rohan Kishibe wet himself and it was in front of someone, he would never show his face again. He would have to move to a different city. It would be even worse if someone he knew came in and saw what he was about to do. They would never let him live it down! Or they would be very understanding and would end up comforting Rohan, but the thought of that was even more embarrassing. They would still know what he did. With that in mind, Rohan continued to try keeping himself focused on his work instead of the overwhelming urge to urinate.

Rohan touched his cheeks and his forehead to find that his face was bathed in cold sweat. His snowy complexion was clammy to the touch. He was desperately hoping he wasn’t coming down with something because that would make his urge even more difficult to deal with. Rohan involuntarily tapped his foot on the wooden floor, then let out a soft gasp, fearing that he had leaked. He let out a soft laugh afterwards. He knew he was in a bit of a pickle, but he decided he could wait until he was done. What Rohan didn’t know was that he would probably regret his decision later.

An hour had passed. The rain wasn’t stopping anytime soon, and every single drop that hit the windows of the house made Rohan dampen his underwear to temporarily relieve the pressure. Trying to loosen his belt wouldn’t do anything but make him have to go even more. Why bother? He crossed one leg over the other and tried to keep himself busy. Rohan began to gently bite his bottom lip and shift around in his seat, thinking that it would keep his urge at bay. To his surprise, all that did was make his bladder scream that it needed to be emptied and he needed to do it now. Rohan touched his stomach and it was even more swollen than earlier. He cursed at himself for having all that tea and not just getting up to relieve himself right away. Just touching his stomach alone made his bladder threaten to explode all over himself, the chair he was sitting in, and the floor. He thought of doing something crazy like relieving himself in a bottle or a trash can, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. He’s too modest for his own good when it comes to this kind of thing. There was also a high chance that his zipper was stuck, so that didn’t help.

Rohan got up from his chair and sighed heavily. He realized he got up a little too fast, and a weak stream of urine began to slowly trickle down his thighs, showing up on his light colored pants. He made sure to stop it from getting worse, as he didn’t want to make a big mess right where he was working. Rohan drew his curtains closed, just in case anyone were to spy on him from another house. He knew he had to do something about this, but he wasn’t sure exactly what he had to do. All he could think of was how badly he needed to relieve himself, and he didn’t want to go all over himself. As much as the manga artist hated to admit it, he was beyond his limit. Rohan also realized that no matter how hard he tried to stop this from happening, it was going to happen. His snowy complexion began to burn red hot from the strain he was putting on himself, and his teal eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

He shuddered. “Oh’s beginning to hurt. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.” Rohan chuckled softly and began to palm himself through his pants. He whispered, “I’m kind of enjoying this feeling, oddly enough.”

Out of nowhere, a boom of thunder echoed. Since Rohan didn’t expect this, and jumped slightly from the thunder alone, it was harder for him to hold back on doing the inevitable. There was another weak spurt of urine that came out. It was now creeping down his legs, a little bit dripped out onto the hardwood floor, and the artist’s eyes went wide out of pure shock. The room he was in was so quiet that the drops of urine almost echoed. It sounded similar to a pin dropping. Rohan immediately stopped again, whimpering in pure desperation and pain afterwards. It was a huge mistake, and he knew that damn well. Rohan tried to undo his belt and pants, but they both were stuck on him. He couldn’t get them off.

“, no, no. I can wait…” Rohan’s body involuntarily tried to lower into a crouch, but he fought against it. “Drinking a whole pot of tea was a foolish idea. I know I wouldn’t be able to make it to the zipper and my belt are stuck.” He squeezed his now dampened thighs together. Rohan gulped. “I’ll try my best to keep it in a little longer, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. It will just pour out on its own eventually.”

He released his hands from between his dampened legs and sighed heavily in defeat. The tears were now burning against his cheeks, and all he could do was weep quietly, with his back against the wall in an isolated corner in his work room. Rohan knew that being up against the wall was going to do nothing but hurt him even more, but he was so frazzled that this was the first thing that came to mind. However, nothing would get ruined here except for the floor, so in a way, it was a smart move. His legs were beginning to give out underneath him again, yet he kept himself standing up straight as much as he could.

He whimpered quietly. “I-I can’t...hold it anymore. It’s going to happen, whether I want it to or not.” Rohan swallowed and rubbed his stomach with one hand. He whispered, “It hurts so much...I really need to go. I should have gone earlier.”

A shiver went up and down his whole body, and that was when he began to completely wet himself. Just like he did in high school. Except he was feeling quite well, and nobody was here to scold him or laugh at him. With his back still up against the wall, his knees knocked against each other. Rohan’s legs were like jello at this point, and he couldn’t hold himself up anymore, so he helplessly slid down to sit on the floor. The manga artist’s legs shook so much, it caused the urine to splatter loudly against the wooden floorboards. He couldn’t believe the acoustics in his work space were so great that if anyone were in his house, they would hear everything. Thankfully, nobody was in his house, let alone at his front door. He would definitely have some explaining to do. Rohan wanted to stop the flow, get up, and just release in the bathroom so badly. His legs would not stop shaking, so there was no way he would be able to get up without the possibility of injuring himself. Rohan tortured himself enough for one part in his manga. Plus, there was no stopping this flow. The manga artist had no choice but to let his bladder erupt all over himself while still sitting on the floor, and hope that his body would naturally grant him permission to get up from this spot. He gently massaged his stomach and it wasn’t as sensitive to the touch as it was earlier. The bulge on his stomach was slowly but surely shrinking in size.

Usually, Rohan would clean up right away and act as if nothing happened. He couldn’t bring himself to get up and do so. He gently bit his bottom lip in an attempt to keep himself from moaning, but it became useless. Why not enjoy the sensation for once? Rohan was still going all over himself and the floor, so he might as well enjoy it. The young man let out a soft sigh of relief, which then lead to nothing but soft, quiet moans. He palmed himself through his pants, trying to take in the overwhelming warmth. Doing so made him moan a little louder. Not so loud the neighbors could hear, of course. Again, he does not want anyone to walk in on him wetting himself and enjoying doing so.

The manga artist thought he was done, but the flow was still going strong. Rohan looked down at the still growing wet spot on his light colored pants in shock. He shuddered. “W-Wow...I was quite desperate, but I didn’t know I was this desperate.”

He let out a whorish moan, then snickered. “Goodness, it’s pooling underneath me. There’s so much...this feels very naughty.” Rohan closed his eyes and wiped the tears from them. He slowly spread his trembling legs further apart, almost in sheer ecstasy. Part of him wanted to stop, but he was so overwhelmed by the true pleasure of releasing that he didn’t care. He added, “But it is very warm...and I’m not in any pain that’s good. It also feels nice, for some reason.” The manga artist still couldn’t believe he was enjoying this, but he mentally thanked his lucky stars that this didn’t happen in front of anyone and nobody heard it. He grinded against the heel of his hand, almost drooling at this point because sitting in his own steaming hot urine turned him on.

The flow came to a complete stop after a few minutes. By the time he was done, his light colored pants were sopping wet, sticking to his legs, and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He looked down to see that he made a huge puddle. Rohan giggled and began to touch himself through his pants some more. “This is so filthy and naughty, but at least I feel better.” He tried to stop himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to. A throbbing erection would bother him all day if he didn’t take care of it right away.

Rohan’s manhood throbbed before he came in his sopping wet underwear. He sat there, gently panting in relief. The manga artist did realize that he added cum to his mess, but he was too relieved to care.

The artist was now sitting in a steaming hot puddle, contemplating on either getting up and cleaning up his mess right away, or stay there and pleasure himself again while still sitting in it before it grew cold. As much as Rohan wanted to do the latter, he didn’t want his work space to smell, let alone want any fans to know about this. He shrugged, got up, and cleaned up his mess. Well, at least nobody saw it, so he was pretty relieved about that.

After getting everything cleaned up, dressed in dry clothes, and pretty much forgetting about the whole thing, Rohan went back to finishing up the chapter. What he didn’t realize was that his manhood was very erect from him having an accident earlier. Rohan looked down and blushed bright red. He must have gotten very aroused from his accident and was completely oblivious to it. Well, at least until now. The phone rang, so he had to take the call. He said, as clearly as he could:

“H-Hello, Kishibe residence?”

*To be continued…*

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It was Jotaro over the phone. He said, “Hello, Rohan-sensei. It’s Jotaro.”

Rohan laughed softly. “Oh...hey, Jotaro-san! How are things?”

Jotaro replied, “They’re going well. How about you?” Before Rohan could respond, he let out desperate, breathy moans. The older man shook his head. “Good grief. Guess I called at a bad time, huh, Sensei?”

The artist gulped and tried to figure out a way to respond. He tried to play it cool when he said:

“What are you talking about? It’s wonderful that you called. I was just thinking about you too. What a small world we live in, right, Jotaro-san?”

The older man chuckled softly. “Well, from the sound of it, you’re very embarrassed and very aroused.” Rohan tried to hold back another moan, but failed. His face was now very warm and red. He began to desperately grind against the chair he was sitting in while trying not to whimper over the phone. Jotaro added, “You also want to have someone come over to help with that. Right?” The manga artist felt as if the marine biologist was reading him like a book. It’s a feeling he wasn’t used to, but it was still intriguing.

Rohan nodded, then replied, embarrassed, “ would be nice.” He asked shyly, “If it’s not too much trouble, would you want to come over and do...y-you know, with me? I understand if you don’t want to...because I’m an odd fellow and we’re only friends, for the most part. I’m not looking to wreck any sort of romantic relationship you have at home, I promise you that.” It had been some time since Rohan last had a man come over to have sex, so it’s not a total surprise he was a little desperate and lonely. Jotaro couldn’t believe what he just heard. It took the older man a little while to respond. Rohan said, “I’m so sorry, Jotaro-san! I should’ve just kept my mouth shut! I-I didn’t mean to ask for that out of probably think I’m vile.”

Jotaro replied gently, “Settle down. You didn’t do anything wrong. All you did was ask for consent to have sex.”

“Very well aware, but I’m afraid that I’ll wreck whatever romantic relationship you’re in if we do this.” The younger man was obviously worried.

The marine biologist reassured him, “I’m not in any relationship right now. My ex left me a few months ago, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

The manga artist gulped and almost stumbled on his words. “Oh...I’m very sorry to hear about that, Jotaro-san.”

“No need to apologize, Rohan-sensei. Things happen for a reason.”

“Agreed. That is very true,” The manga artist replied, fidgeting with a pen on the desk. Rohan asked, “I know this is a strange thing to ask, but...Jotaro-san, are, clean? Because I’m very clean.”

Jotaro chuckled. “You’re asking me if I have any STD’s? Do you have any?”

Rohan replied, “Of course I don’t have any diseases!” He laughed. “I have a clean bill of health. I was just wondering if you had a clean bill of health as well, Jotaro-san. Better to be safe than sorry...I always ask people things like this before we know.”

The marine biologist cleared his throat before he answered, “Of course. It wasn’t strange to ask at all, Rohan-sensei. I knew you would I’m sure you would ask anyone.” He whispered into the receiver, “Don’t worry. I’m willing to go through with it. I won’t tell a soul.”

Rohan flushed warmly. “Thank you, Jotaro-san. I won’t say anything about this either.” He added with a girly giggle, “I’ll give you a little something in return, if you’d like...for your time. Optional, of course.”

“I’ll be over in a bit. You hang tight.”

It took a little while because Jotaro was on the other side of town, so this was a good time to take a quick shower. Just so Jotaro wouldn’t get suspicious. Well, he sounded a bit suspicious about something over the phone, but the manga artist didn’t think too much of it until now. After getting out of the shower and changed, Rohan desperately wanted to pleasure himself again, yet he waited for Jotaro instead. He still can’t believe the self-control he has. While trying to forget about what had happened before Jotaro called, Rohan was also still cursing at himself for having an accident. Well, he knew it couldn’t be helped at that point, but he was still a little disgruntled over it. Rohan was a twenty year old man, for crying out loud. He thought he was over that stage. The manga artist just sighed and tried his best to relax a little. When he heard the doorbell ring, Rohan went over to the door and saw the older, tall marine biologist at his doorstep. Without saying a word, Rohan immediately motioned Jotaro to come in and closed the door behind them.

Jotaro poked a little fun at Rohan when he asked, “Guessing you couldn’t wait any longer?” Rohan gulped and shook his head, his face now lobster red. The older man caressed the younger man’s cheek. “No need to be so embarrassed...Sensei.”

The younger man’s teal eyes went wide. He replied quietly, “Forgive me, Jotaro-san. It’s...been a while since I last did this with someone.”

“It’s fine,” he said. They went upstairs to Rohan’s room and were preparing to get down to business. While they were getting ready to do the deed, Jotaro noticed that Rohan was beginning to become hesitant. Both of them still had their clothes on, mind you. The older man asked, “What’s the matter, Rohan?” Formalities weren’t needed at the moment, apparently. This shook the younger man to his core. He didn’t know how to take it. Jotaro whispered, “Scared?”

Rohan answered with a forced smirk, “Dropping the formalities, hmm?”

Jotaro gave Rohan a pat on the head. He said, “It’s obvious something is bothering you, so tell me.” All the younger man could do was be silent. It was like he needed to be quiet or else he would risk driving the marine biologist away. The older man sighed and shook his head. “Good grief. Sometimes, I don’t understand young people these days...especially when they’re like you, Rohan.” The younger man looked like he was about to break down and cry, but tried to keep his composure for Jotaro’s sake. The way Rohan did this was fold his arms across his chest and purse his bottom lip. Jotaro said, “Just tell me what’s going on so I can help you.”

“Fine! I’ll tell you, since you’ll keep digging if I don’t!” The manga artist almost snapped. He blinked quickly, then added quietly, “Excuse me...this isn’t the easiest for me to put into words. I’m afraid that I’ll be disgusting in your eyes. I’m afraid you’ll hate me after this. I fear whoever you’re with will leave you because of me.” There were a few other things he feared, but he didn’t want to discuss them because he thought of them as pointless. Rohan was afraid word would get out. He was afraid people would shun him, curse his name, and that nobody would be able to take him seriously anymore. He continued, “I care about you, Jotaro, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Only the best for you, dear friend.”

The marine biologist tilted his head in confusion. “What are you going on about?” He comforted Rohan, who was literally on the verge of tears. Jotaro said, “Listen to me, Rohan. None of that will happen. You’re a nutty artist who goes to insane lengths to get material for your work for the sake of realism. Not to mention you’re very abrasive; however, I respect you and how kind you are in your own strange way.” Rohan looked up at Jotaro with a soft smile as if to thank him. The older man asked him, “How come you said that you’d be disgusting in my eyes?”

Rohan hung his head down and whispered, “It’s because I don’t like women in the way most men do. I thought I did at one point, and I still feel awful for using a woman as a cover-up. It was because I was afraid of what people would say if I was under another man’s arm.” He sighed heavily. “I broke up with this woman. I just couldn’t love her like most was torture, to put it bluntly. Because I felt awful for not truly loving her. I came out to her because I felt she needed to know the truth and I trusted her. Needless to say, she didn’t take it very well. She said I was disgusting. I don’t exactly blame her, but this is something that’s out of my control. I felt alone, and I ended up basking in any sort of attention a man would give me. There were few who were willing to bother.” Rohan quietly trailed off, “The reason why I am so ungodly terrified of you thinking I’m absolutely disgusting is because…”

Jotaro asked, confused, “Because...what?” The younger man looked down at the floor. He delicately lifted up Rohan’s head with his fingers so they were both looking at each other. Jotaro gently stroked Rohan’s hair and gave him an understanding gaze. “Whatever it is, please tell me so I can help you.”

“This isn’t something that you or anyone else can help me with.”

He whispered, “I understand that. Whatever the reason is, I want to help you get that off your chest. It’s not healthy to carry that weight around, you know. I promise, I will not judge you.”

The manga artist almost broke down crying, but held in the tears. He still could feel that godforsaken lump in his throat, but it went away when he swallowed. Rohan asked:

“Will you get upset with me if I tell you?”

Jotaro shook his head. “Of course not. I told you that I won’t judge you, Rohan.” He said, “Go ahead and tell me when you’re ready. I won’t force it out of you.” The younger man began to fidget with his vest buttons and looked away from Jotaro. Eventually, Rohan looked Jotaro in the eyes and said:

“It’s because I’m gay.”

The marine biologist rose an eyebrow. “Are you serious? That’s the only reason?”

Rohan nodded. “Yes, dear friend. I’m gay. I’ve been gay for years...I’ve never been attracted to women like a lot of men are. There are plenty of women who are pleasant to the eye, but it’s nothing more than that. It’s just that I haven’t come to terms with my sexuality until I was a teenager...a couple years before I became famous.”

“That had to have been challenging for you growing up.”

“It was...I had to put on an act just so I wouldn’t have people hurl slurs at me. Very few people know about my sexuality. Only a few members of my family, a few very close friends, and a small handful of fans know that I’m gay.” Rohan closed his eyes, trying to hold in the tears and prevent them from coming. He didn’t want to cry. Not right now. Jotaro immediately pulled Rohan into a comforting embrace. He said in a cold tone, “If you want nothing to do with me anymore, I understand. This information is a lot to process, and I apologize if that drives you away. That is the truth and nothing but the truth.”

The marine biologist replied bluntly, “I would never abandon a friend for something they can’t help.” He added, “I know that was very difficult for you to tell me. You’re not disgusting for being attracted to men, Rohan. That’s your business. I know people can be cruel, and not every single person accepts things like this, but don’t let them stop you. You have my full respect for being able to get this off your chest.” Jotaro finished with, “Not everyone can do that.”

Rohan sighed. “People have made me feel awful for what I told you, so it’s comforting to have a friend who is understanding. I cannot thank you enough.”

“You’re still human.”

“I-I know, but for some reason, I don’t always feel human.”

The older man let the younger one go so he could have some breathing room. All Rohan did was sit on his bed and try his best not to break down in front of the older man. He doesn’t like crying in front of people. Jotaro could tell that Rohan was about to break, so the marine biologist stayed close by just in case. He placed his hand on Rohan’s back and gently rubbed it. The younger man asked him:

“This won’t change anything, will it?”

Jotaro asked, “What do you mean?”

Rohan shrugged. “About me know, attracted to men. That won’t change our friendship, will it?”

“Of course not. I have no problem with it,” Jotaro replied. “That doesn’t bother me at all. You’re not hurting anyone.” He asked, “Do your readers know about this?”

Rohan shook his head. He was afraid of how they’d react. At least how his newer readers would react. Rohan did have a feeling deep down that some of his newer fans already know about his attraction to men, but he didn’t want to think about it. The only people who knew about his orientation were a few members of his family, a small handful of very close friends, and some of his fans. Whenever any of his newer fans asked him about his love life, he always dodged the question or just stayed silent. Rohan knew he couldn’t come clean and risk people boycotting his work. Deep down, he knew that time would eventually come and he would have no choice but to come clean. It would probably take several years for that to happen though.

Jotaro said, “It’s fine if you haven’t said anything to them about it. Come out when you’re ready to. Don’t force yourself to come out if you don’t feel safe doing so.”

That advice made Rohan feel a bit better. The understanding and support from Jotaro was even more comforting for him. The artist had an overwhelming dilemma. There was still a part of him that was trying to tell him that his attraction to men was unnatural and disgusting. He kept telling himself he didn’t care, but deep down, he cared too much.

The manga artist replied apologetically, “I’m sorry...this was supposed to be some quickie, but now you’re here comforting me.”

The older man kissed his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’d rather make sure you’re feeling okay before doing anything else.” He added, “If anything feels wrong, you let me know. Understand?”

Rohan nodded. “Will do.” He leaned in closer to Jotaro and gave him a peck on the cheek. When Jotaro looked at him, Rohan immediately covered his mouth and blushed beet red. “E...Excuse me. I don’t know what drove me to do that!”

“My god, you’re cute when you’re all flustered,” the older man said with a soft chuckle. He asked, “And all over a peck on the cheek? What are we in, grade school?”

He laughed nervously. “Well...I had some feelings for you for a while. I wasn’t sure how to put it into words. Every time I see you, I melt.” Rohan crawled onto Jotaro’s lap, placed his hands on the older man’s shoulders, and gazed into his ocean eyes. The manga artist looked at Jotaro as if to ask for permission to kiss him. Not on the cheek this time, but his lips. Maybe slip in a little tongue.

Jotaro chuckled. “You got that look in your eyes. What’re you planning on doing now, you cute, nutty bastard?”

Rohan asked shyly, “May I...kiss you?”

“Well, that depends. Can I hold you so you don’t fall off?”

The manga artist giggled. “Of course.”

The marine biologist placed his hands on Rohan’s hips, preparing to pull the younger man into a kiss. What he didn’t expect was that Rohan leaned in, and initiated the kiss instead. Well, he had some experience with it. Jotaro deepened the kiss by slipping in some tongue, and they were eventually making out, heavy touching and all. What Rohan didn’t expect was Jotaro’s hand lingering down to grab his ass and slap it, so a squeak came out of his mouth. They both pulled away and were left breathless.

Jotaro smirked almost devilishly and did it again. “What? You’ve never had a guy grab your ass like that?”

Rohan shook his head. “N-No, it’s not that. I like it.” He explained sheepishly, “My body’s a little sensitive from something that happened earlier...before you called. That’s all.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

The manga artist said quietly, “I was trying to do something for a chapter in my manga. I took a break and had tea...way too much of it.” His cheeks darkened more. He whispered, “You can guess what happened’s embarrassing.” All Jotaro could do was laugh. Rohan closed his eyes and hung his head down in embarrassment.

“You’re joking, right?”

Rohan shook his head. “This is no joke. I piddled all over myself.” Jotaro blushed in realization.

“ actually did. That isn’t like you.”

The artist sighed. “It was putting me in pain. There was nothing that could have been done at that point.” He added meekly, “Needless to say, it felt...nice. Almost didn’t want to stop. It felt so nice that I became a little...gooey afterwards.”

Jotaro kissed the top of Rohan’s head. “Relieved you didn’t hurt yourself.”

Rohan pleaded, “Please don’t tell anyone about that, Jotaro. You know none of them will let me live it down.” Them, meaning their allies.

“Hey, everyone’s had accidents. Don’t beat yourself up over that. Wasn’t your fault you couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

He muttered, “I’ve had more accidents than you probably have. I’m twenty years old, for God’s sake!” Rohan pouted and looked away from Jotaro. He was too embarrassed to look at him.

Jotaro placed a hand against Rohan’s back. “I’m sure they would understand.”

The younger man gulped and said quietly, “They’ll think I’m disgusting...especially because I enjoyed it.”

The marine biologist sighed. “Good grief, it happens to everyone at least once in their lives. It’s not that big of a deal.” He added, “I promise you, I won’t say anything. You must have felt better after that, right?”

“Yes, I felt so much better. Though, drinking a whole pot of tea wasn’t the smartest idea,” Rohan replied with a soft laugh. He shrugged. “You probably think I’m gross for liking it.”

“No judgment here. Just find you doing something filthy incredibly intriguing,” Jotaro said. The older man crept his hands up to Rohan’s face to gently stroke his cheeks. He added smoothly, “You’re hot chocolate, and I’m the marshmallows. You’re hot and I want to be on top of you.”

The manga artist flushed warmly. “More like I’m whipped cream and you’re hot chocolate because you’re making me melt.” He unbuttoned his long green vest and took it off slowly, moaning quietly as he was grinding against Jotaro’s lap. Both of them were getting a little hot and bothered. They kissed again, then pulled away to heavily touch each other. Jotaro’s cheeks flushed and his judgment grew cloudy when he felt Rohan grinding against him. He asked, “ you prefer to have sex with some clothing on, or none at all?”

Jotaro replied, “Doesn’t matter to me. If you’d like to keep some clothing on, that’s fine.” Rohan sure wasn’t shy about showing off in public, but the bedroom was a different story. His vulnerability showed the most whenever he was getting intimate with someone. As Rohan was taking off his white pants, he kept covering himself up. Jotaro comforted the younger man, then took off his white coat to drape over Rohan’s shoulders.

“You didn’t have to do that...but thank you.”

“It’s not a problem,” Jotaro said. He began to remove his clothes while Rohan was laying on his back, still covering himself up with the abnormally baggy purple shirt he had on. It was so he could take off his underwear discreetly. The manga artist was trying his best not to make direct eye contact with the marine biologist as he was undressing. He didn’t want to be impolite. When Jotaro looked over, he saw that Rohan still had his coat draped over his shoulders and gave him a soft smile. He went back to undressing.

Rohan flushed red hot and wanted to just get this over with, but he was too distracted by the older man to do anything. He looked down lower, accidentally saw Jotaro’s manhood, and squeaked. This made Jotaro turn around and lock eyes with Rohan. He stuttered, “J...J...Jotaro, I-I’m so-so-so sorry! It was an accident, I swear!” Except this wasn’t an accident. Rohan oozed all over himself from the size of it alone.

Jotaro smirked. “It really has been awhile since you last had a man come over to have sex with you. You can barely handle seeing another man’s cock right in front of you without getting all hot and’s okay, pretty baby. I understand.” Rohan gave him a very embarrassed nod. Jotaro motioned the young artist to come closer to him. The younger man’s chest fluttered and he was trying his best to hold back his moans. What Jotaro didn’t know was that there was pre-cum dripping down Rohan’s thighs, due to his shirt covering most of it up. He whispered in the manga artist’s ear, “You weren’t joking when you said I was making you melt.”

Rohan answered, “Why would I lie about that?”

When the older man discovered that the younger man’s thighs were delicately painted in pre-cum, all the older man did in response was rile the other up a little more. Jotaro went down to lick Rohan’s neck, making him shudder with delight.


Rohan moaned. “Goodness,’re really making me melt!” He added, “I-It’s driving me crazy, truthfully.”

Jotaro kissed Rohan’s forehead, then picked him up and laid him down on the bed. He asked Rohan, “ have any lube and condoms on you?”

He nodded. “Yes. Bottom drawer, left side...they’re in there.” Jotaro opened the drawer and saw not only condoms and lube, but a few other things as well. Those other things were sex toys and a box of disposable gloves. The older man didn’t even pay attention, but it did make Rohan feel rather embarrassed. Rohan cleared his throat, making Jotaro perk up and look at him. He asked, “You didn’t see anything, did you?”

“Hmm? Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”

Rohan playfully replied, “It’s not good to lie, Jotaro!” He gave Jotaro’s cheek a playful pinch. He asked, “So...what are we going to do?”

“I didn’t see anything private, so don’t worry.”

He giggled. “Good!” Rohan added with a pout, “Because then I’d have to kick you out and pleasure myself instead. I don’t want to have to do that because you’re handsome and I’m rather infatuated with you.”

Jotaro laughed. “Wouldn’t mind watching you masturbate after I get done with you.” Rohan’s face went completely red. He asked, “Why so bashful today?”

“I-I have never pleasured myself in front of anyone before,” he said. Rohan added bashfully, “Nobody’s ever asked for that...the most that a man has ever asked was for me to stimulate him with a toy because we both were bottoms. He didn’t use any of mine, but still.”

The older man said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to. I can stand outside and make sure nobody bothers you while you do that.” Jotaro handed the bottle of lube over to Rohan, and the younger man grasped the bottle to warm it up. He added, “I won’t be impolite and prep you with cold lube.”

“Why thank you.”

Jotaro kissed Rohan’s forehead. He whispered in his ear, “Tell me how you like it.”

Rohan gulped. He said meekly, “Well...I like it gentle at first, then a little rough in the midst, then slow and gentle near the end.” Rohan’s stomach was swollen full of liquid again, so he immediately used his free hand to hold himself. He added, “Excuse me, Jotaro, but I need to use the restroom again...if that’s okay.”

“Good grief, you drank a lot of tea.”

The manga artist pouted. “A whole pot of it, to be exact. It’s not surprising I piddled all over myself earlier.”

Jotaro smirked. “How about you cum for me first?” Rohan’s eyes went wide with shock. He took off Jotaro’s white coat and placed it neatly on a chair. Jotaro added, “Bet you’ve tried it before.”

“How in the hell do you know that? Have you been spying on me?”

“You give me the impression that you’ve tried that before.”

Rohan gulped. “I’ve done it before. It was an experience. A very interesting one...but I didn’ know, cum, until afterwards.” He immediately threw his hands down to hold himself. “I-I’m not going to lie, I really need to go.”

Jotaro got off of Rohan. “How bad is your need?”

“It’s worse than earlier. I can barely hold it in,” the younger man said in embarrassment. He got up off his bed, bottle of lubricant still in his hand, and covered his manhood with the bottom of his shirt with a free hand. Rohan whispered, “I-I might...piddle all over the floor...or on you…”

The marine biologist comforted the desperate manga artist. “You can go ahead and relieve yourself if you can’t wait anymore.” Rohan shook his head, then buried his face into Jotaro’s chest. He said calmly, “Please go. I don’t want you hurting yourself to please me.”

Rohan insisted, “N-No...I can wait.” He gently chewed on his bottom lip and was trying to relax enough to where he could go, but to no avail. His throat began to swell up and he was lost for words. Rohan went over to the bathroom and gave Jotaro a naughty smirk.

“Are you feeling alright, Rohan?”


The manga artist lifted up his shirt slightly to tease the older man, whose face was getting more and more flushed by the minute. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jotaro wasn’t aware of how freaky the manga artist was in the bedroom. All Jotaro had seen of him was his abrasive, crass, pompous attitude and how he would go to insane lengths to get material for his work. Now the marine biologist had seen what Rohan was like underneath that cold, beautiful, intimidating exterior. He thought the manga artist’s kindhearted, shy, sensitive side was adorable and oddly nostalgic, to an extent. The filthy, kinky side of Rohan excited Jotaro the most. Rohan giggled and motioned the marine biologist to come into the bathroom with him. He said to Jotaro, “I’m about to burst.”

Jotaro shrugged. “What are you wanting to do?”

“I don’t know, JoJo. You tell me.”

The marine biologist pulled the manga artist close and snarled in his ear, “Good grief...piss yourself. You obviously can’t hold it in anymore, so do the both of us a favor and let it come out. You’ll feel better...just do what I say, beautiful.” Rohan was a little stunned by Jotaro’s tone at first, but it turned him on. That husky voice was enough to send chills up and down Rohan’s body. He snickered as an attempt to cover up his true arousal. Jotaro asked, “What’s so funny, hmm? You’re into this, aren’t you?”

Rohan sassed him back. “Yeah. What about it?”

“Is it wrong that your urge is turning me on a little?”

“No. I’m very turned on...this is what I wanted to do. I want to go all over this godforsaken floor.”

The older man asked jokingly, “Why are you talking so big? Trying to hide your little stage fright?” Rohan folded his arms across his chest and pouted. Jotaro added, “Good grief, what am I going to do with you? Go all over yourself and the floor for me, piss slut.” The manga artist giggled, slowly pulling up his shirt to tease Jotaro with a peak at his modesty. Jotaro said firmly, “Do it. Now.”

Rohan was beginning to be a little cheeky. He snickered, then said, “Oh, this is no stage fright. I like feeling it build up. That’s all.” Rohan whispered in Jotaro’s ear, “Plus, having you watch me unravel is exciting.”

Jotaro was about to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. He was cut off when Rohan closed his eyes, grabbed at his shirt to prevent it from getting wet, and almost immediately released all over himself and the bathroom floor. He let it spill down his legs, then splatter all over the bathroom floor, and didn’t care that there was someone here watching him. All Jotaro could do was look at the manga artist stunned. He was at a loss for words. There was nothing he could say about this.

The manga artist let only soft, quiet moans fall from his lips and continued to go, despite the marine biologist watching him do so. It came to a complete stop, and the young man let out gentle pants.

Rohan let his eyes flutter open, then asked, “Is this what you wanted?” Jotaro gave him a stunned nod. “Wonderful! Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you bring in one of your friends and you both can run a train on me.” Rohan whispered, “I like that redheaded friend of yours. Noriaki Kakyoin, right? You can bring him if you want to.”

Jotaro smirked. “You’re into redheads too?” Rohan gave him a nod. The marine biologist said, “Bet you think any man who has a pulse is cute.”

Rohan laughed. “Oh, JoJo, sweetheart, I may be gay, but I wouldn’t fuck any man that walks. I have standards, you know.”

“Got it. What do you see in Noriaki, hmm?”

“Well, he’s cute...and he’s an artist. He seems very intelligent as well, with maturity to boot. What can I say? I like older men,” the manga artist replied bluntly. He began to draw swirls all around Jotaro’s chest with his finger, then trailed it down his stomach. Rohan smirked at him when he added, “Especially those who are successful like you and your friend, JoJo. I wouldn’t mind having you two double team me.”

The marine biologist asked him, “Interesting. So you’d also let a man as old as my grandfather go to town on you?”

Rohan shook his head. “I’d never take advantage of the elderly. Especially not those who are losing their memories like your grandfather is. I could never in a million years bring myself to put him through’d be torture.”

“Sorry. I was just curious is all,” the older man replied. “You want me to make love to you while you’re on your back, on your knees from behind, or would you prefer riding me?”

Rohan replied, “On my back, please. I want to be able to see you.” He quickly cleaned up his mess, went over to his bed, laid back, and pushed his knees up so he could easily conceal his modesty. Rohan sat up and held the bottle of lubricant up to show Jotaro that it was warmed up now. He purred in Jotaro’s ear, “You had your eye on this, hmm?”

Jotaro nodded. “Sure did. Mind giving it to me?”

“Sure, JoJo. You know what to do,” he said. Rohan handed the bottle of lubricant over to Jotaro. The older man squeezed out a good amount of lubricant onto his fingers and lathered them against each other. Rohan was still feeling a bit squeamish for some reason. Probably because of how Jotaro was making sure his fingers were fully coated in lubricant. Rohan continued to lay there, preparing himself for what was about to happen. He closed his eyes temporarily.

Jotaro was eventually done with coating his fingers with lubricant. With his hand that was free of lubricant, he gently tapped his fingers against Rohan’s knees. When the manga artist opened his eyes, Jotaro comforted him. He asked him, “I need to get in here, so could you please spread your legs for me?”

Rohan nodded and spread his legs so he was fully exposed to Jotaro. This was intimidating for the young manga artist because it had been some time since he last had sex with someone. Especially with a man like Jotaro. His calm and collected exterior alone sent chills all over Rohan’s body.

The older man comforted the younger man by gently stroking his cheek. He whispered, “There’s no need to be embarrassed. We’re both men here.” Jotaro teased Rohan in the most sensitive spots only another man would know. When the marine biologist’s fingers brushed against the manga artist’s stomach, a shaky gasp was all that came out of the manga artist. Rohan’s cheeks flushed warmly and he tried to hide his intimidated state by giggling. Jotaro reassured him, “It’s alright, Rohan. I’m not looking there. I know where to me.” The marine biologist gave him a wink.

Rohan let out a soft laugh. “You’re so hot...especially with the lust ablaze in your eyes. Your good looks were distracting me. I became sheepish there momentarily. But you sound very experienced. I like that.” He sat up to kiss Jotaro’s forehead. “I don’t know if I said this, are absolutely hung. No disrespect, of course.” He added with a giggle, “Bet I can fit that whole thing in my mouth.”

The older man chuckled. “Very bold of you, as always. Perhaps we can test that theory later.” Jotaro began to insert one finger inside of Rohan, and was surprised that the younger man didn’t yelp in pain or anything. He just laid there all relaxed. He had done this before, so he was used to this ritual. Well, he only did this once in a while, but he was still used to it. Jotaro held Rohan’s hand while he inserted a second finger inside of him. He said, “Can’t believe you’re not screaming in pain or anything.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know, because you haven’t done this in a while?”

Rohan sighed. “Jotaro, I trust you. That’s why.” The younger man felt a third finger being inserted. He poked fun into Jotaro. “You know what they say about big hands, right? It means you have a big package. It’s definitely true for you, Jotaro.”

Jotaro replied, “Keep sassing me, Rohan...see what happens. That attitude of yours will be fucked out of you, and you won’t be able to sit comfortably, let alone walk properly. Believe that, pretty boy.” He added, “You’re such a bratty bottom. Kakyoin and you would definitely hit it off. It would be interesting watching you two. You’re both artists, so that would be perfect. Bet he’d fuck some sense into you too.”

He whispered, “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“I do.”

The manga artist handed the older man a condom that was still in its wrapping. Jotaro took it, unwrapped it, and rolled it onto himself. All Rohan was able to do was look at Jotaro’s length in shock. He began to salivate at the sight of it. Eventually, his vision grew cloudy from how aroused he was now. The younger man started to trail a hand down to touch himself. When his hand trailed down his stomach, he immediately stopped because he didn’t want to climax before they even did anything.

Jotaro quickly took note of the manga artist’s extremely aroused state and pulled him into a hungry, lustful kiss. The marine biologist lined himself up in between Rohan’s legs, waiting for him to grant him permission to enter. Rohan gave Jotaro a desperate nod and began to cling onto him. At first, the older man carefully pushed the tip of his cock inside of the younger man, then waited for him to adjust. The younger man seemed to be getting a little impatient, so Jotaro slid in more. As soon as the marine biologist slid his cock completely inside, the manga artist let out a soft gasp. Truthfully, he wasn’t sure Jotaro would fit, as his manhood was well above average sized.

“You okay, Ro?”

When Rohan heard Jotaro call him “Ro”, it shook him to his core. The only person he had ever heard call him that name was someone he held dear. He wasn’t expecting Jotaro, out of all people, to call him “Ro”. He thought that maybe the name slipped out by accident. It took him a few minutes to respond. Rohan finally said:

“I’m fine.”

Jotaro replied, “You’re obviously bothered by something. Mind talking about it?”

Rohan sighed and closed his eyes. “Maybe later. I really don’t want to kill the mood.” Jotaro shrugged it off and they continued to get down to business. The manga artist felt the marine biologist tease his sweet spot over and over again, which lead to him letting out some feminine sounding moans. He began to moan in Jotaro’s ear, then gently licked his earlobe to rile up the older man. He purred into his ear, “ feel so wonderful.”

“Hey, no disrespect,’ve got a pretty cock.”

“Excuse me?”

Jotaro smirked. “You heard me. I can see why you don’t top unless you ride a guy, pretty boy. Because your cock is so pretty. You’re not too tight, and not too loose...such a pretty sub.” Rohan blushed beet red and wrapped his legs around Jotaro, who was delighted. He added lowly, “You started this by talking about how big my dick is and how you can fit it in your mouth, so I get to say that yours is pretty. It’s only fair, Rohan.” They had an intense make-out session, and they were both even more flustered when they pulled away.

Rohan stuck his tongue out to playfully taunt Jotaro. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Rohan let out a loud, whorish moan. He pleaded, “Oh, please fuck me harder, JoJo. I promise, I won’t break.” Jotaro slammed inside of the manga artist harder, now hitting his sweet spot almost aggressively. Rohan moaned louder and felt his eyes roll to the back of his head when this was going on. His hair was practically sticking to his forehead and his body began to pulse and throb. Rohan mewled in approval, “That’s it, JoJo! Please...d-don’t stop!”

“Good grief. Such a cock slut.”

The manga artist giggled. “I don’t let just any man fuck me, you know.” He was about to say something else, but all that came out were whimpery moans. Rohan whispered, “I-I’m close…”

The older man stroked the younger man’s flushed face with his thumb, while ramming into him slower this time. He whispered back, “So am I, Rohan. You’re so pretty all flushed and glowing.”

Rohan nodded. “Th-Thank you.” When Jotaro kept teasing the manga artist’s sweet spot, Rohan squirmed underneath him, whimpering and trying so hard not to move too much. He was afraid of hurting Jotaro. The older man unbuttoned Rohan’s collar to expose the snowy flesh of his neck, then began to glide his lips and tongue up and down to rile the younger man up. Rohan’s cock was already dripping pre-cum, though he was desperately trying to hold back.

Jotaro ran a hand up Rohan’s shirt to carefully brush his fingers against his flesh, leaving goosebumps all over. Well aware of the younger man’s current state, the marine biologist cooed gentle sentiments in his ear while brushing his fingers against the manga artist’s thighs. He whispered, “Let it happen, Rohan. It’s okay. Show me how good you feel...cum for me.”

They both only lasted a few more minutes before they hit their climax. Rohan let out a loud moan as he hit his climax, letting his cum squirt out of him, then drip. He was trying so hard not to clench down on Jotaro’s manhood, as he was afraid of breaking him by doing so.

“That’s right, beautiful...scream to the heavens.”

The manga artist’s body began to tremble as he practically screamed to the heavens. Despite Jotaro having an orgasm as well, with a grunt, he continued to slide in and out of Rohan gently until he was done. He then pulled out, threw the used condom away, and laid down next to Rohan.

Jotaro asked, “ do you feel?”

Rohan said between soft pants, “Amazing...I’m still...cumming.” He trembled some more as he rode the aggressive waves of his orgasm. His cock would not stop dripping and his whole body pulsed. Jotaro held Rohan’s hand to help him ride out his mind-blowing orgasm. The manga artist had never felt this evangelical in his life. It almost left him in tears. Eventually, Rohan came down from his orgasmic high and gave Jotaro a soft smile. “My goodness, you’re the best.”

“You say that to all the guys you had sex with?” Jotaro poked some fun into the manga artist. Rohan shook his head, which surprised Jotaro. He asked, “’ve never told any of them this?”

He replied, “Never told any other man that except for you.” Rohan placed a hand on his chest to feel that his chest was still fluttering a bit. “That drove me up the god. You’ve done men before?”

Jotaro blushed. “Kakyoin...but we were both wasted. We both wanted it, don’t worry.”

Rohan tapped his fingers against Jotaro’s arm. “Interesting. I only do this once in a while and make sure that any man who comes in is clean.” He added, “Some of them were very good-looking, but unfortunately, not all of them were that great in bed. Especially this one guy. He didn’t prepare me properly. Like, he used his saliva instead of lubricant, and by the time he was done, I was bleeding.” Rohan shook his bangs out of his face and scoffed. He continued, “Then he had the nerve to ask me to give him head! After calling me a series of horrible names because I bled after he penetrated me! His reason? Oh, saliva is just as good as lubricant. I call bullshit! For heaven’s sake, it was his fault for being an absolute imbecile. Saliva and lubricant are two different things!”

“Wait...was that your first time, or no?”

He sighed. “No. My first time was with this guy who I was dating in university...graduated early from high school, so of course, most of the people there were older. He was a few years older than me, but he was very delicate and made sure I wasn’t in any pain.” Rohan added, “We still talk. It’s just that I’ve been separated from him because of my work and he does work overseas.”

The older man sat up and gave the younger man a hug. “I’m so sorry.” Jotaro gently stroked Rohan’s side with his hand. He asked, “You’re not in any pain, are you?”

“Not at all. I have never felt this amazing in my life.”

Jotaro sighed in relief. He said, “Oh, good. Because you deserve to enjoy this, not be in pain.” They both got up and put their clothes back on before going back down next to each other on the bed. He added, “Hey...umm...I noticed that you seemed a little bothered by me calling you ‘Ro’, and I would like to make sure that you’re okay.”

Rohan said, “I wasn’t bothered, exactly. It’s just that I’ve never heard anyone call me ‘Ro’, except for someone who I hold very dear. I’m not mad at you or anything. It was surprising to hear someone else call me that name. That’s all.”

“Fair enough. I was just making sure you were okay,” Jotaro responded. Rohan gave him a nod, and all was quiet for a while. Out of the blue, Rohan could not hold back his tears anymore, and a few tears began to slowly roll down his cheeks. Jotaro asked, “Rohan? What’s the matter?” The manga artist shook his head and trembled. He was trying to keep himself from full-blown sobbing. Jotaro rubbed his back and held him close. He murmured, “Talk to me. What’s going on?”

He sniffled. “I’m terribly sorry you have to see me like this. You didn’t do anything to cause this, so please don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

Rohan said, “I’ve come to the realization that no matter what I do to try pleasing people, it always comes off as overbearing, abrasive, or just flat-out terrifying. People hate me and only tolerate me because we have a mutual enemy.” He added, “I never meant to hurt anyone, Jotaro! You know that, right?” The older man gave him a nod. Rohan forced a smile and a laugh, which was too painful for Jotaro to hear. Rohan continued, “You know...sometimes I wonder how people would react if I suddenly decided that enough is enough. They would forget I even existed. They’d say, ‘Oh, that one crazy manga artist? He deserved it. He was gay anyway, so he had to go sometime. Gays are damned...I hope he burns in Hell!’ Yeah...that’s what they’d say! If I ever publicly came out of the closet, people would turn me into a pariah and boycott the work I put blood, sweat, and tears into.”

Jotaro replied sharply, “Rohan, none of that is true! People love you and your work! They would be devastated if you were gone!” He cleared his throat. “Also, you wouldn’t become a pariah if you ever decide to come out. I won’t let that happen.”

He shook his head, laughing through his tears. “Let me finish, hon. This is just the beginning. Here’s the best part. You know your uncle Josuke? Well, he’d have a field day with his friend Okuyasu if he ever found out that I lost it and killed myself. Don’t even get me started on Koichi and his little lady friend Yukako...they’d celebrate! You know damn well they would! Especially if they found out that I’m a lonely, desperate gay man who buries myself in my work to hide it!” Rohan completely crumbled and broke down sobbing loudly, his tears now like fire against his cheeks. He continued in a sappy voice, “I never meant to hurt anyone! I don’t want to either, if I can help it! All I was trying to do was get material for my work to feel real. I-I mean, sure, my methods are unorthodox, but it’s what I do.”

The older man placed his hand on top of Rohan’s thigh. “I know you never meant to hurt anyone. You all had your differences, but that doesn’t mean that any of them would want you to die. None of them would want that.”

Rohan clenched his fists out of frustration. He replied coldly, “How can you be so sure of that?”

“They would all be devastated. Especially Koichi,” Jotaro replied in a low, calm voice. “He looks up to you, you know.”

Rohan breathed in a sob. “They hate me...they all hate me...they just tolerate me because we’re trying to take down Kira.” He wiped away his tears furiously. He continued, “They think I’m an absolute basket case. You’re the only one other than Tonio who respects me and treats me like a human being.”

“Well, what about Aya-sensei? You got along with her too, right?” After Jotaro asked this, all Rohan could do was nod.

“Yeah, but she’s dead now. I know she only tolerated me for the most part.”

Jotaro calmly took Rohan’s hands and held them to comfort him. He knew that the younger man was saying all these things simply because he’s upset, so most of this he didn’t take to heart. He said calmly, “They don’t hate you, alright? You’re odd, but it doesn’t make you a bad person. We’re all odd in our own way. That’s what draws us together.”

He sighed shakily. “I’m completely horrible and I deserve to pay for that by dying.” Rohan practically screamed, “TELL KOICHI I’M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING AND HE’LL NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME AGAIN!” All that came out after that was incoherent babbling and loud, shaking sobs. He choked out, “H-He...he will b-be...b...better off...n-never...d...dealing with me again.” Rohan coughed out sobs and would not stop. He balled up his fists and was about to either punch something or get up to do something he knew he would regret. The manga artist mumbled, “I’m a disgrace to mankind. The world would be better off without some introverted, rash gay man like me taking up space...I haven’t felt like this since before I got famous.”

The marine biologist shook his head. “Don’t say that.”

Rohan laughed softly. “It’s true.” He tapped his balled up fists against Jotaro’s chest gently at first. Rohan tried his best not to take any of his boiling frustration out on the older man, and attempted to take it out on himself instead. Jotaro immediately stopped the manga artist from doing so, which ended up with Rohan almost wailing and yelling incoherently.

The older man retorted, “That’s enough! Get a hold of yourself and settle down!” Jotaro tried his best to wipe away the manga artist’s tears. He added quietly, “I don’t mean to raise my voice...I care about you and the last thing I would ever want to see is you hurting yourself. Look, those kids don’t hate you. None of them do. You are not a horrible person, and you don’t deserve death just because you’re different from other people. You deserve to live your life just like everyone else.”

Rohan replied, “I’m going to die alone...nobody will ever want me. All they want is sex. Sex is great and all, but it would be nice to have someone who I can bond well with and possibly spend the rest of my life with.” He added with a forced laugh, “But I know that’ll never happen.”

He was about to say something else, but was cut off by Jotaro gently rocking him in his arms. The older man then continued to wipe away Rohan’s tears. The manga artist rested his head against the marine biologist’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. It soothed him and helped keep his breathing in check. The thing is that he literally could not stop the tears from falling. When Jotaro handed him a box of tissues, he gave him a watery smile.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I don’t deserve it.”

Jotaro answered, “You deserve to have people treat you with kindness.” He kissed the top of the manga artist’s head and closed his eyes. He asked, “How long have you been bottling this up?”

Rohan said quietly, “Too long.” He desperately held onto Jotaro and wept gently. He couldn’t even remember the last time he cried this much in front of someone. Rohan had broken down crying while on the phone with people, but even that was rare. Usually, he was alone whenever he cried. Now he felt like Jotaro would judge him because he was witnessing this. Rohan was also afraid of ruining Jotaro’s shirt with his tears.

To Rohan’s surprise, Jotaro wasn’t judging him and did nothing except comfort him. He let go of the older man to try calming down on his own. Jotaro held Rohan’s hands and placed them onto his chest. “It’s alright...take some deep breaths.” The manga artist slowly took a few deep breaths in and out. The marine biologist nodded in approval. He said, “There you go.” Rohan eventually stopped crying and had calmed down enough to talk to Jotaro.

Rohan replied, “You are too kind. Thank you.”

“You’re all better now?”

He nodded. “Much better.” Rohan gave Jotaro a hug and rested his head against his chest. He murmured, “Anyone would be so lucky to have you.” Rohan wiped away the last of his tears and laughed. “I must not look very pretty right now.”

Jotaro replied, “I’m only concerned about whether you’re going to be okay or not. You’re still a cutie.” He added, “Before you say anything about my shirt being ruined, nobody will notice a thing. You needed to cry. It’s not good to hold emotions in like that.”

“True...I just felt that you would judge me for crying like I did. I don’t cry in front of people often because of that fear.”

“Huh? Why would you think that?” Jotaro was pretty confused. Rohan just shrugged. He sighed. “You ever considered...I don’t know, maybe talking to someone?” Rohan shook his head. Jotaro suggested, “That might help. Kakyoin is a good person to talk to about that stuff.”

Rohan rested his head against Jotaro’s shoulder. “Maybe. He seems nice.”

Jotaro nodded. “You two have a lot more in common than you’d think. He would be a lot better at helping you than I would ever be. I’m just a marine biologist, after all. I’m no shrink.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. You’re a total sweetheart anyway.”

The marine biologist held the manga artist close to his body. “Same goes for you. You’re a kind person. A lot of people look up to you...if you want to, why don’t you go visit that guy you mentioned earlier? Maybe catch up with him. I’m sure he’s wondering how you’re doing.”

Rohan shrugged. “I don’t’s been years. We do talk sometimes still, but he told me he had feelings for someone else, the last time we spoke. Hearing that absolutely broke me, and all I could do was cry because he means the world to me.”

“Damn. Know how that feels.”

The manga artist said, “We’re still very good friends, so don’t worry. I didn’t cut him completely out of my life. That man still means the world to me.”

Jotaro replied, “You seem like the kind of guy who would never speak to a guy again after dumping him, depending on the circumstances.” Rohan just held onto the older man like he had never held onto anyone before. Jotaro gently rocked the younger man in his arms, which made the younger man’s teal eyes flutter closed. He let out a soft chuckle and kissed Rohan all over to wake him up. “Worn out, pretty boy? Or did you wear yourself out by crying so hard?”

Rohan laughed softly. “A little bit of both. Not to mention, your warmth is quite soothing...intoxicating, truthfully. I wouldn’t mind sleeping with you, Jotaro.”

“You want round two, don’t you?”


Jotaro ran his hands up in Rohan’s clothing, caressing the snowy flesh. “This isn’t a ‘kinda’ or a ‘maybe’ situation, Rohan. You understand that, don’t you?” Rohan nodded. Jotaro added, “Good grief. Bet you’re too embarrassed to say that you want to get yourself off while I’m still in here.”

Rohan gulped. “I’m down for anything, really. I wasn’t sure if you were willing to go through with it is all.” He looked down to see that Jotaro’s cock was erect again. Rohan still wasn’t sure that the marine biologist wanted to go through with round two. He knew it was best to make sure. This gave the manga artist a brilliant idea. He suggested, “How about I take care of you first?”

The older man nodded. “Go ahead. You’ve been drooling over it since I walked in the door.” Rohan carefully took off Jotaro’s pants and his erect cock almost made the younger man jump back in surprise. Jotaro said, “You’re so fucking cute. Damn. You’d be much cuter with my cock in your mouth though...slut.”

The manga artist replied with a bit of sass, “Slut is my middle name. Don’t wear it out.” Rohan gently pressed his lips against the tip of Jotaro’s cock and began to plant kisses on it. He wrapped his lips around the tip and sucked on it, to the delight of the older man. Rohan made a fist, with his thumb pressed against his palm, and took more of Jotaro’s length into his mouth. He did this to suppress his gag reflex. Jotaro felt the younger man bobbing up and down on his cock, which then lead to him thrusting to let Rohan get a better taste of his cock. The younger man looked up at the older man, who gave him a devilish smirk in return.

“Can’t believe you can fit it in your mouth...dirty piss slut.”

Rohan continued to bob his head up and down on Jotaro’s cock, waiting for him to fill his throat with his cum. This didn’t take long, as Jotaro was already close to cumming. The marine biologist was still shocked that the manga artist could fit his entire cock in his mouth like it was nothing. He was afraid of harming Rohan by accident.

Jotaro’s blue eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he came all in Rohan’s mouth. Afterwards, he gently pulled himself out. When the manga artist swallowed every last drop of cum, the marine biologist gave him gentle kisses on his cheeks.

“Oh, thank god you’re okay. I was afraid I’d hurt you with my dick.”

Rohan giggled. “You didn’t hurt me at all!” He added, “You taste quite lovely.”

Jotaro smirked. “And you swallowed all of it. What a dirty little piss whore you are...a good one too.”

“Spitters are quitters.”

The marine biologist caressed the manga artist’s face and planted a kiss on his nose. He suggested, “How about you get yourself off, cutie? I would offer to get you off, but I don’t want to hurt you.” Rohan took his pants off, keeping his underwear on this time. Jotaro looked down and noticed how badly the younger man was throbbing. He said, “You’re definitely all hot and bothered again. Let me know if you need any help.”

“I know how badly I’m throbbing down there. Why do you think I’m going to masturbate in front of you, Jotaro?”

Jotaro replied, “Probably because you can’t get enough of me. You said so yourself.” He took a moment to admire the manga artist in between his legs. He added, “Got a pretty face and a pretty body...especially between your legs. You’re still such a cheeky brat though...good grief.” Jotaro placed his hand there and teased Rohan through his underwear. This made Rohan want to pleasure himself in front of Jotaro even more. The marine biologist stopped and said, “It’s alright to pleasure yourself now, if you want to.”

Rohan nodded. “Alright. I’ll show you how I do it...when there’s no man like you to pleasure me.” He pulled out one of his sex toys out of the drawer, along with a pair of latex gloves. The purpose of the gloves was to make sure Rohan didn’t hurt himself while lubing himself up. Luckily, the lubricant was still out, so that was a breeze.

Jotaro admired the odd arrangements to Rohan’s masturbation ritual. He asked, “Just out of curiosity, why do you have gloves out?”

The manga artist was in the middle of putting the latex gloves on when he answered, “Oh, dearest nails are a little long, so I put these gloves on to make sure I don’t hurt myself while masturbating. And they’re manicured...don’t want to mess them up.” Rohan added, “Lesbians do this too.”

“And how do you know that?”

Rohan replied bluntly, “Quite a few of my female fans are lesbians. Also, Aya was telling me about that before she hooked up with my best friend...who is obviously another woman, by the way.”

Jotaro nodded. “Ooohhh. Interesting.” There was a knock on the bedroom door, and Rohan immediately covered himself up with the blanket.

“Who’s at the door, JoJo?”

“I don’t know...I’ll go check.”


*To be continued….*

Chapter Text

Jotaro went over to the bedroom door to open it, and his friend Noriaki Kakyoin was right there. He had on a coat similar to Jotaro’s, except it was green instead of white, was currently wearing glasses, and his cherry locks were now past his shoulder blades. The marine biologist let his friend in and closed the door behind them.

“Wait a did he get here?”

The redheaded artist answered, “Jotaro invited me over.” Noriaki walked over to the bed and introduced himself to the now confused Rohan. He said warmly, “Hello. I’m Noriaki Kakyoin, a good friend of Jotaro’s.” The redhead added, “I also helps me teach people how to express their emotions. I guess you could say I’m a shrink with unusual methods.” He asked, “What is your name, sir?”

Rohan smiled. “I’m Rohan Kishibe. I’m a manga artist.” Noriaki was contemplating on sitting next to the young manga artist, or just stand. The younger man said, “Please, Noriaki-san...sit, if you’d like.” Noriaki sat down next to Rohan. The manga artist blushed, then added, “If you heard everything, I sincerely apologize.”

Noriaki comforted Rohan. “No worries...Rohan-sensei.” He asked, “How are you feeling right now, darling?”

The manga artist replied, “Better than earlier, I guess. I was about to pleasure myself in front of Jotaro.” Noriaki nodded as if to say he understood. His violet eyes locked onto Rohan’s teal eyes, and the painter crawled on top of him.

“You look like you need some help. May I help, Rohan-sensei?”

Rohan laughed. “You can just call me ‘Rohan’, Noriaki. I don’t mind.” He added, “You may help me...just...get under the covers.” The redhead shrugged and got under the covers. The manga artist smirked. “Yes...just like that. Good. My goodness, you’re even cuter in person.”

The redhead blushed. “Thank you. You’re quite the beauty yourself.” He asked, “Where do you need help?”

The green-haired young man became bashful. He whispered, “In between my’s throbbing.” Rohan wanted to use Heaven’s Door on Noriaki to get to know him better, but he was too distracted by the throbbing in between his legs. He turned the toy on, then carefully pushed it against his opening. Being as impatient and desperate as he was, Rohan eventually slid the toy inside completely. The painter got a little hot and bothered just hearing the gentle whimpers falling from the manga artist’s lips.

Noriaki’s chest began to flutter and he took off his coat. He accidentally looked down underneath the covers to see Rohan throbbing in between his legs. It was mostly covered up by his long shirt and underwear, but the redhead didn’t know what to do except comfort the younger man. He took Rohan’s hand and held it to soothe him.

“It’s a little sensitive...I apologize.”

The redhead said, “Nothing to apologize for, darling. If you need help getting there, I’m more than happy to do that.” Rohan gave him a nod as if to tell the redhead that he did need some help. Noriaki began by massaging Rohan all over and giving him gentle kisses. When the painter’s hand went down to rub the manga artist’s stomach, he found that Rohan came all over himself and was gently pulling out the sex toy to clean it. Noriaki asked him, “Did I put you in pain?”

Rohan shook his head. He whispered, “I just...really need know, again.”

“What do you mean?”

He answered meekly, “I need”

Noriaki looked at Rohan with wide eyes. “I’m so sorry if I caused this!” He looked at the marine biologist, afraid he had harmed the younger man. He said, “ me out here. Please. I think I might have done something to Rohan.”

Jotaro replied lowly, “Don’t freak out, Noriaki. Stay calm.”

The younger man sighed softly. “What is all the fuss for? I’m fine!” Rohan admitted in the most polite way possible, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Noriaki. I just need to piddle again. That’s all.”

The redhead snickered. “You could have just said you needed a piss, Rohan. We understand.”

Rohan pouted. “It’s not funny. I really need to go.”

Jotaro, who was sitting on the sidelines watching the whole thing, decided to come over to Rohan and hissed in his ear, “You already pissed yourself twice. Really think doing it a third time is ideal?”

Rohan sighed. “Frankly, I don’t care anymore.”

The marine biologist looked at the manga artist and the painter. He replied, “Why don’t you go on my friend’s lap?”

Noriaki tilted his head. “Don’t you think taking him to the bathroom would be a better idea, Jotaro?” He said, “I don’t want to make him uncomfortable.”

“The guy can barely walk properly because my dick was inside of him and he came like three times already.”

Rohan interjected, “I-I don’t think that’s necessary, Jotaro. I can get up and go by myself.”

Jotaro smirked. “My friend’s lap, my mouth, or all over yourself. Your choice.” He added, “Noriaki’s been desperate the whole time.”

“Really now?”

Noriaki nodded in embarrassment. “Yes...I came over here to help Jotaro, mainly. It was a long trip...almost lost control a few times. I was too afraid to ask where the restrooms were.” Rohan immediately took the redhead to a chair and sat down on his lap. The manga artist grinded against the painter to tease him. He said, “I can barely hold it’s bad. If I do so much as sneeze, I’ know.”

“Afraid you might leak?” the manga artist asked, smirking afterwards. The redhead nodded quickly. He whispered in the painter’s ear, “If it hurts, just let me know. Understand?”

The redhead let go momentarily and his underwear was now damp. Noriaki stopped it from getting worse. He replied embarrassed, “Rohan-kun, I...leaked already. I really need to go, and I don’t want to ruin your furniture.”

Rohan chuckled. “Welcome to the club.” He pulled the painter in for a lustful kiss. The manga artist ran his hand up the painter’s periwinkle shirt and let his fingers dance all over his skin. Rohan’s teal eyes pierced Noriaki’s violet eyes. He said, “I have an idea...come with me.” They went into the bathroom and closed the door behind them. Rohan helped Noriaki with freeing himself from his pants before discreetly taking off his underwear.

“Wait...what are you trying to do?”

He answered quietly, “I’m trying to help you.” Rohan pulled Noriaki close, and they were inches away from each other. The manga artist giggled and kissed the painter’s flushed cheeks. He asked him, “How would you like this done, Cherry Boy?” Rohan sat down on the toilet, still keeping a close eye on Noriaki. “You could use my mouth if you’d like. I won’t make you have an accident if you’re not comfortable.” He looked down at the redhead’s dampened underwear. “Good thing we got you here now...I will not tell anyone that you leaked.”

The painter sighed. “Thank you, darling. But Jotaro already knows that I almost had a full-blown accident.” He laughed. “Thankfully my pants are dark.”

Rohan batted his lashes at Noriaki. He suggested, “How about you relieve yourself between my legs?”

Noriaki tilted his head. “Come again? What did you say?” Rohan whispered in his ear and the redhead’s face turned as red as his hair. He added, “You’re joking, right? This has to be a joke.”

The green-haired man replied frankly, “You really think I’d joke about that? Besides, you’re obviously in pain.”

He shrugged. “Yeah...I’m still glad that I didn’t ruin your furniture. It looks like it wasn’t cheap.”

Rohan said, “Look, Noriaki, I wouldn’t have gotten upset anyway because of your situation. We’re both in the same boat, so it’s only appropriate that we both get some relief.” He added gently, “You’ll feel so much better.”

“I don’t know...are you sure you’re okay with that, Rohan-kun?”

The manga artist nodded. “Of course. Always wondered what it would be like to have a cutie like you piddle between my legs.” He added, “I’ll help you go if you need me to. I’m bladdershy as well.”

Noriaki replied sheepishly, “Ummm….we can both go at the same time. I...would need you to keep your legs spread though. It’d be bad if I got someone I just met dirty.” Rohan gave him a playful smile and spread his legs a bit more. The redhead got distracted and his gaze went right to the younger man’s genitals.

Rohan whispered, “You going to piss with me, or are you going to keep staring at me down there?”

“It’s pretty...I’m sorry,” Noriaki whispered back. “Ummm...not to be weird or anything, but the carpet definitely matches the drapes...just the carpet’s a little darker.” The manga artist blushed wildly from the bizarre observation. The painter added, “Mine’s the same way...don’t worry.”

At first, Rohan didn’t know how to respond to Noriaki’s observation. He replied blankly, “Why, yes, Nori-kun. The ‘carpet’ and the ‘drapes’ do match, as you put it. Is it...bizarre to you, knowing this is my natural color?”

The painter shook his head. “No, not at all! I was just making an observation...because I’m sure you get people who don’t believe that pretty green-black is natural.” He added in an awkward tone, “I get that personally. Some people don’t believe I’m naturally a redhead.”

“I know you’re a natural redhead.”

“You’re still quite pretty down there though.”

The younger man licked his lips. “I get that a lot. Yours is quite a beauty as well. Could take some clay, mold it, and display it in a museum.” He held Noriaki’s hand and gently squeezed it. “Just go. I won’t look there, I promise. You must be in so much agonizing pain, poor thing.” He asked, “How come you didn’t say anything earlier? You know, before you got under the covers with me?”

Noriaki shrugged. “I didn’t want to kill the mood.” He added, “Plus, I was about to completely go in my pants anyway.”

Rohan raised an eyebrow. “You really thought you would kill the mood? Are you serious right now, Noriaki?”

“Yeah...I dampened my underwear when you were grinding on me. I almost went while sitting on your chair.” The painter blushed. Rohan gave him a smirk. He whispered:

“Nori-kun...I wouldn’t have minded you going on the chair because you were in pain. Why didn’t you?”

Noriaki replied, “Didn’t want to be rude to a pretty little thing like you.” He snickered, then whispered, “Plus, I enjoy teasing Jotaro with this kind of thing.”

Rohan whispered, “Fair enough. I won’t scold you. As long as you relieve yourself, I won’t say anything.” He stroked the painter’s wavy red locks. He added, “Go ahead. Don’t hurt yourself, please. Just relax and let it come out.”

The redhead prepared himself to release; however, it was difficult for him to relax at first. It took a few seconds to let the stream out, but he let it out with a semi soft moan of relief. Noriaki moaned out, “Finally...I’ve been bursting for hours. Thank you.”

The younger man eventually released as well, with a soft sigh. He replied quietly, “You’re very welcome, Nori.” Rohan almost squirmed in delight, but stayed still while both their streams were going strong. He moaned softly under his breath. “Goodness, you must be feeling so much better.”

“I’d say the same for you...Ro-kun. You must feel evangelical,” Noriaki answered, breathless. He murmured, “You’re so pretty like this too.” He used his free hand to gently stroke Rohan’s face, then trail down slowly. He continued, “Those soft, gentle moans falling from your pretty lips...the way your cheeks are delicately painted much you want to keep your breathtaking, sparkling eyes open, but you’re so sluiced with pleasure that you can’t help but close them.”

The manga artist’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own as he let a hand trail down to his sweetest, most delicate areas. He didn’t expect the painter to be so poetic. Noriaki’s hand gently grasped Rohan’s. He asked him:

“Are heat?”

All Noriaki got as a response was a nod. Rohan eventually admitted, embarrassed:

“I am...and you noticed. I’m usually good about hiding that from people.”

“It’s alright, Ro-kun. There’s really no need to be embarrassed. I’m not judging you for being in heat.” Noriaki finished up and stepped back so Rohan could have some room. He asked, “Didn’t you say you were a bit bladdershy?”

Rohan’s complexion completely turned lobster red. He said, “Yes. It’s...rather embarrassing.” He added, “Caused me to have quite a, in my day. Some of them were in public, but it was way too dark for anyone to see what happened. It happened when I was younger. Thankfully I was alone, so nobody would laugh at me for genuinely having an accident.”

Noriaki chuckled. “Damn, I wanted to see you piss yourself too.”

“Then you should’ve come here earlier...because I completely piddled all over myself and the floor in my workroom.”

“Really now?” The redhead lifted an eyebrow. Rohan nodded. He whispered, “You ever given anyone a golden shower?”

Rohan shook his head. “I don’t piss on command. If I wasn’t so bladdershy, I would give a man a golden shower if he asked.” He added, “However, I would happily piss myself in front of a man who happens to be into that.”

Noriaki shrugged. “Just curious.” He added, “You seem like the type to enjoy humiliating others in the bedroom.”

The manga artist smirked. “Not really. I’m very submissive...Jotaro says I’m a bratty bottom and we might be able to hit it off.” He tilted his head. “You must be a pretty bratty bottom as well...perhaps a switch.”

“I don’t seem to be the type that would switch.”

Rohan said, “I don’t top unless I’m riding a man’s dick. Only things I’ll do for another bottom as far as dominating goes are oral pleasure or stimulating them with a toy. Even using my hands.”

Noriaki replied, “If you want to have sex with me, that’s fine. I’ll be very delicate with you, since I can tell that you’re very sensitive down there right now.”

The manga artist gave him a nod. “We might as well. You watched me pleasure myself and relieve myself. That must turn you on. I have to admit, watching you relieve yourself definitely turns me just looked so much cuter like that.” Rohan got up and teased Noriaki through his shirt with his fingers. He whispered, “I know it not lie to me.”

“Yeah, it does turn me on. It’s mainly the sounds and the way your body physically reacts to it.”

“How would you like to do that, hmm?” Rohan asked. He suggested, “I could lay on my back so you can get down to business easier. Perhaps you’d like to have me on my hands and knees, face down on the you’re able to hit it from the back. Maybe you’d like to pick me up and fuck me against the wall.” Rohan chuckled and gave Noriaki a playful kiss. He added in a sing-song voice, “Ooorrr you may lay down on your back and have me ride your cock. Whatever you want to do, sweet cherry boy.”

Noriaki’s fair complexion immediately turned almost as red as his earrings. He replied, “ have a say in this too. I mean, it wouldn’t be fun if it was just what I wanted. You know?”

Rohan shrugged. “True, but I’m willing to go along with whatever you’d like. It won’t make a difference.”

The redhead suggested, “How about you lay down on your back and I give it to you oh so gentle and delicate that anything just slightly rough will send you to the highest level of Heaven?” Noriaki picked up the younger man and playfully patted his ass. “The thought of you squirming in delight underneath me...that’s what I’d like.”

The manga artist smiled. “Sounds like a plan. Please do be careful with me right now. Your friend Jotaro drove me up the wall earlier, and it might not take long for me to cum again.” They walked out of the bathroom and went back to Rohan’s bed. Rohan offered, “You may pull the covers over us, if you’d like.”

“You treat all the guys like kings, Rohan-kun?”

“Only the guys who are absolute gentlemen like Jotaro,” Rohan said with a wink. He playfully pinched Noriaki’s cheeks. “Especially cuties like you, Nori-kun.” The manga artist handed the painter a condom in its wrapping and held onto the bottle of lubricant to warm it up. Noriaki shrugged and took off his pants, along with his underwear. Rohan gently ran his fingers through the redhead’s hair and played with his earrings a little. He asked innocently, “Embarrassed? Nervous, perhaps?”

Noriaki shook his head. “N-Not exactly. I just don’t top very often.” Rohan let his fingers dance all over the redhead’s body and stopped at his waist. Noriaki let out a soft moan. “Your hands are so soft...holy shit.” The manga artist held up the bottle of lubricant that was now warmed up. The painter smirked and said, “Hell yeah, let me teach you a lesson, pretty boy.”

Rohan gently bit his bottom lip in delight. He taunted, “Oh, Nori-kuuunnn~! What are you going to do to me?” He asked, “You going to punish me?” The redheaded painter gave him a devilish smirk in response. He said:

“Be a good boy and spread your legs for me, Ro-kun.”

The manga artist laughed and played with Noriaki’s hair. The painter repeated himself, his tone a bit more stern:

“I thought I made myself clear about you spreading your legs so I can do something about our aroused states.”

Rohan obeyed, closed his eyes, and spread his legs, exposing himself to Noriaki. The redhead nodded in approval and gently caressed the manga artist’s thighs. He planted kisses on Rohan’s thighs, making him squirm a little underneath Noriaki and let out a shaky moan. When the kissing turned into licking and sucking, Rohan moaned a little louder and the warmth in between his legs grew more intense. Noriaki lifted his head up to see that Rohan’s cheeks were flushed and his eyes were still closed.

The redhead looked back down to see Rohan throbbing in between his legs. He whispered in awe, “Wow...your cock is so pretty. Especially when it’s happy. Jotaro was right about you being pretty in between your legs too.” Rohan gave Noriaki an embarrassed whimper in response. He laughed softly. “I’m sorry...was that invasive? Or are you just trying to hide how much this is turning you on?” The manga artist wanted to cover himself up, but was too busy trying to distract himself. Noriaki kissed Rohan’s flushed cheeks, then went down to give his neck a nice lick.

Rohan moaned loudly, “Noriii~!”

Noriaki chuckled. “You embarrassed, Ro?” The manga artist gave him a slight nod. The painter whispered in his ear, “I’m sorry if I said anything to make you uncomfortable. It’s not often I’m this dominant...forgive me.”

“I’m not mad at you. Don’t worry about it,” Rohan replied with a soft laugh. “Be delicate with me right now, please.”

The redhead replied, “Of course.” He lubed up his fingers and gently began to prep Rohan. Noriaki said, “You’re so warm down here.”

Rohan let out a fervor whimper. “I-It’s throbbing...that’s part of why it’s so warm down there.”

“I can imagine, considering you haven’t had sex in a while. You can thank Jotaro for that.”

Jotaro perked up. “Hey! He asked me to come over and fuck him!” He chuckled, folding his arms. He added, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, if I were you, Noriaki, or else.”

Noriaki giggled. “Oh, Jotaro. Your cute little friend here is in heat and I was telling him that he can thank you for relieving him.”

“You should have heard him on the phone earlier...I could tell he was in heat,” the marine biologist replied. He looked at the manga artist, who was squirming with delight. “From my observation, the little bit of fun he had earlier definitely triggered it.” Jotaro heard Rohan whimpering quietly. He whispered in his ear, “You know I’m right...should have come over earlier to watch you helplessly pissing yourself and enjoying it.”

The redhead cleaned off his glasses, then put them back on. He said to the marine biologist, “Your observations were correct, as always.” He looked back down at Rohan, who was throbbing below the belt and spreading his legs further apart for the painter’s pleasure. Noriaki curiously placed a couple fingers onto the manga artist’s perineum and pressed on it gently. The result was Rohan letting out loud, whorish, desperate moans. The painter asked him, “I must be teasing you...poor baby. This is a sweet spot, no?”

The marine biologist said, “From what came out of his mouth, yes.” He whispered in Rohan’s ear again, “You’re such a fucking cute twink. Good grief. Could jack off to the sounds that come out of your mouth. And now my best friend is going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit comfortably for a few days.”

Rohan smirked. “You loved it, JoJo.” He asked, “What’s wrong? Jealous that your best friend Noriaki’s going to fuck me too? How about you join us?” Rohan added, “I told you that I wouldn’t mind you and Nori running a train on me.”

The marine biologist replied, “Just watching you two is good enough for me. I might end up hurting both of you if I joined in.”

“This is what you’re into, Jotaro? Watching your cute redheaded friend have sex with a bratty twink like me?”

Jotaro nodded. “Damn right you’re a bratty twink. A thirsty, cute one, at that.” He added, “Just watching you two excites me.”

Rohan giggled. “What’re you going to do, Jotaro? Live in my bedroom so you can watch me getting dicked down by men I carefully select, once in a blue moon?”

“I couldn’t watch twenty-four seven though. That’d be plain rude of me.”

Noriaki rolled the condom onto himself and gave Rohan an innocent look, like he was asking the manga artist if he was ready. Rohan gave Noriaki a nod and responded:

“I’m ready.”

The redhead gently pushed himself inside of the manga artist, feeling the warmth wrapped around him. He whispered, “You feel so nice.” Noriaki slid in and out of Rohan slowly and gently. He didn’t want to hurt the younger man. He asked, “Hey...Ro-kun, may I kiss you?”

Rohan replied, “Of course, dear.” Noriaki pulled Rohan into soft, sweet kisses while continuing to carefully thrust in and out of the younger man. When the manga artist’s sweet spot kept getting hit, he whispered in the painter’s ear, “Good, Nori. Please don’t stop.”

Noriaki whispered back, “Wouldn’t dream of it, Ro.” He began to quicken his thrusts, little by little, so the manga artist wouldn’t be able to tell.

“Don’t tease me so much, Nori~! That’s not nice!”

The redhead glided his tongue against the manga artist’s ear. He whispered, “Wanting it harder, Rohan?” The manga artist let out a loud moan in response. “Is that a ‘yes’, darling?”

Rohan replied, “Please. I’m not some dainty doll. Give it to me harder.” The redhead obeyed, his thrusts now becoming aggressive. Rohan’s chest fluttered and an all too familiar warmth moved to his groin. He couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. Having sex with a man, especially when he is another artist, was overwhelming for the manga artist. They were practically on the same wavelength. Rohan cried out desperately, “Nori~! I’m going to…!”

Noriaki responded quietly, “Cum for me. I’m going to join you.” He cooed, “You’re about to completely spill. Let that feeling take over.”

The manga artist nodded. “Goodness, you’re big down there too.” When the painter slowed down, he still gave the manga artist aggressive thrusts against his sweet spot. Rohan’s moans became feverish and he desperately clung onto Noriaki’s shirt, awaiting another orgasm. He begged, “Nori...please...let me cum. Don’t tease me like this.”

“But it’s fun teasing a pretty boy like you.” The painter trailed his hand down to press his fingers against the manga artist’s perineum again. Rohan squirmed even more as a result. He added smoothly, “Such a good boy...cum for me, angel. I know you desperately want to cum, so I’m helping you get there. That’s what you deserve for being such a sweet little angel.”

Before he could find the words to speak, an aggressive orgasm tore through him. All Rohan could do was ride it out long enough to feel Noriaki release inside of him.

The painter slid in and out of the manga artist until they both came down from their orgasmic highs. They were too busy with each other to notice that Jotaro was still in the room watching them. Noriaki pulled himself out, tied up the used condom, and threw it away. He slumped next to Rohan, who was experiencing aftershocks of his orgasm. All the painter could do was snuggle up to the manga artist until he was done.

By the time Rohan came down from another orgasmic high, he was so refreshed that his eyes filled with tears, then fell down his cheeks. Noriaki became worried that he had hurt Rohan, so he wrapped an arm around the manga artist to calm him down.

“Did I hurt you?” Noriaki was worried. Rohan shook his head. The redhead kissed his cheek. “Was it that good for you?”

Rohan nodded. “I’m fine, Nori. Both you and Jotaro have me on cloud nine, so that’s why the tears came out of the blue.”

Noriaki replied, “Oh...I’m sorry. This is just a new know, having a partner cry after mind-blowing sex.” Rohan’s teal eyes began to flutter and his body practically melted because of how relaxed he was for the first time in a while. The redhead asked him, “Cuddles?”

“That would be nice. Sorry...I’m sleepy.” Both of the artists began to snuggle and cuddle with each other until Rohan fell asleep in Noriaki’s arms.

Jotaro suddenly got up and was about to walk out of Rohan’s bedroom, but Noriaki perked up and asked him:

“Where are you going?”

The marine biologist smiled. “Don’t worry, Noriaki. I’ll be back in here. Just heard someone knocking on the front door.”

Noriaki replied, “Do you need me to come with you?”

“Stay with Rohan for now. When I need you to come down, I’ll let you know,” Jotaro answered. He suggested, “If he’s up to it, you can both bring your Stands you two know each other better. It will help.”

The redhead gulped and took off his glasses. “Ro-kun is asleep, Jotaro. I don’t know if he’ll be able to bring out his Stand right now...unless he’s trained his Stand to come out even when he’s asleep.”

Jotaro reassured Noriaki, “Don’t worry. He’ll bring it out soon.” The marine biologist noticed the manga artist pulling the painter close to him and just smiled. “Aaawww. Rohan must really like you.”

Rohan responded in a sleepy voice, “I truly adore both of you. Nori-kun is silky.” He opened his eyes and added, “I know that neither of you gentlemen will get me out of your mind for awhile. I know I sure will be unable to, considering I had mind-blowing sex with a handsome marine biologist and an adorable painter.” Both the painter and the marine biologist’s cheeks were now painted red.

The marine biologist replied with a soft smile, “Good grief.” He added, “You’re the one who gets off on pissing yourself.”

He said, “Bet I’d get off on your cute friend piddling himself too. Deep down, I wanted him to, but I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable, so I let him piddle between my legs.” Noriaki gave Rohan a weird look, making the younger man blush. He added defensively, “I-I wouldn’t force anyone to piddle themselves if they weren’t comfortable doing that, you know.”

Jotaro smirked. “Hot.” He pulled Rohan in for another lustful kiss. After pulling away, leaving the manga artist breathless, Jotaro said smoothly, “I’ll see you two cute twinks in a little while.” He left the room and it was just the two artists.

Noriaki brought out Hierophant Green. “Ro-kun, this is Hierophant Green. He’s my who can fight long-distance or close range.” Rohan looked at the redhead’s Stand in awe. “Does he remind you of someone else’s Stand, by any chance?”

Rohan nodded. “Koichi has a Stand that has an overwhelming resemblance to yours.” He added, “You would be a great mentor for him, Nori-kun. He would learn a lot from you.”

The redhead replied, “How about I meet your Stand, Ro-kun?”

“Alright. I’ll bring him out.” Rohan called for Heaven's Door. Instead of having Heaven’s Door turn Noriaki into a book, Rohan thought it would be better to have Noriaki meet Heaven’s Door in all his glory.

“Your Stand looks like a doll. He’s so...little. It’s adorable!”

Rohan smiled at him. “Thank you. He can turn anyone into a book...and I can write in some orders.” They both withdrew their Stands, then cuddled some more. He closed his eyes and nuzzled into Noriaki’s chest. He said, “So warm…” Rohan breathed in Noriaki’s scent. He added, “You smell lovely. Like late summer, going into early autumn.”

Noriaki replied, “Same for you, Ro-kun. It’s a sophisticated scent that I can’t describe.” He added, “You would be fun to just let our Stands have fun with each other.”

The manga artist blushed. “What are you implying, Nori-kun? Are you implying that our Stands should”

“No, no, no! Not that! Hierophant Green is so much bigger than Heaven’s Door...he would end up hurting the little guy. Not like he’d mean to, though.”

“Then what were you implying?”

Noriaki shrugged. “Maybe they with each other. Bond together. I don’t know. Jotaro said it’d be best to have our Stands get to know each other.” He added, “I didn’t mean it in a sexual way, I promise.”

“I know. I was just teasing.”

A few minutes later, Jotaro came back up to knock on the door. After the manga artist granted him permission to enter, Jotaro said:

“I’m going to need both of you to come downstairs.”

Noriaki asked, “Right now?” Jotaro nodded. He said, “I don’t think Ro-kun will be able to come downstairs without anyone knowing that he got fucked by us.”

Jotaro sighed. “This is very important, and I need you to come down.” He looked at Rohan, then added, “That includes you. Try to control yourself.”

Rohan replied, “JoJo, do you expect us to come down with barely any clothes on?” Jotaro gave him a smirk, making the manga artist squirm in delight. He said, “That was a rhetorical question...unless it’s just Tonio there. If it’s just him there, pants are optional.” The painter looked at the manga artist puzzled. Rohan said to him, “What? He’s cute! You should see him!”

The redhead asked, “Who hasn’t fucked you?”

“Oh no! Now I’m outed as a slut, though I rarely even have sex!” Rohan laughed. “But I can say that most men haven’t fucked me, and no women have fucked me.”

Noriaki laughed. “I barely met you and I already like you.”

Rohan whispered, “Perhaps we could have some fun later? Just the two of us?”

“What kind of fun?”

The manga artist responded quietly, “You know what I’m implying, right?”

The painter raised an eyebrow. “Are you implying more mind-blowing sex, or something else?” All Rohan could do was blush in response. This caused Noriaki to blush as well. He asked, “Are you...wanting me to...umm...piss myself?”

Rohan replied, “That would be hot.” He added, “I won’t force you to if you’re not comfortable.”

“Well...I wanted to see you do that anyway.”

“And I’m sure Jotaro wants me to give him a golden shower.”

Jotaro laughed out of the blue. It was rather unusual for him to laugh this much. Rohan had only managed to get a chuckle, even a soft laugh out of him thus far. The marine biologist chimed in, “How did you know? You readin’ me while I’m not looking?”

Rohan said bluntly, “You wanted me to piss in your mouth.” He continued, “If I wasn’t so bladdershy, I would happily do that for you.”

“That was a joke.”

“No, I could tell you were being serious.”

Both Noriaki and Rohan got their clothes back on, then made sure they looked presentable before following Jotaro downstairs.


*To be continued….*

Chapter Text

Noriaki walked downstairs, keeping one arm wrapped around Rohan to save him from embarrassment. The embarrassment being that their allies seeing the manga artist walking as if he had a limp and finding out that it was because of his encounters with the marine biologist and the painter. Jotaro was about to take Rohan off Noriaki’s hands, but he shook his head, reassuring his friend that he was more than capable of helping the manga artist on his own.

Jotaro asked, “Rohan can be a handful. Are you sure you can handle him by yourself, Noriaki?”

“Of course. He’s not heavy at all,” the redhead answered. He added, “Jotaro, I appreciate your concern because of what happened to me when we were teenagers, but I’ve healed up a lot since then.”

Rohan asked, “Wait...that’s where the scars came from, Nori-kun?”

Noriaki sighed. “ was with an enemy of Mr. Joestar’s...and of Jotaro’s great-great grandfather’s. I almost died that day. Thankfully, the Speedwagon Foundation treated me as quickly as they did...or else I’d have been a goner.”

“Looking into the eyes of Death is never fun.” Rohan’s knees began to buckle as they got down to the last few steps. He leaned on Noriaki for support and tried his best to stand upright again.

The painter asked the manga artist, “Are you okay?”

Rohan nodded. “Just a little dizzy.”

“You haven’t eaten anything at all, have you?”

“Not since this morning, to be truthful.”

Noriaki said calmly, “Rohan, I understand you have a demanding job, but you need to take care of yourself.”

Rohan sighed. “I know...I try my best to take care of myself when I need to.” He added quietly, “To tell you the truth...sometimes when I get overly stressed or I fall ill, it’s very hard to control certain things.” Rohan saw that Noriaki was getting even more worried about him, so he finished with, “I’ll go in-depth with you later. Preferably when we get some time alone.”

The redhead replied, “Sounds like you have some trauma that you’ve suppressed for years.”

All three of the men were finally downstairs, and that was when things became kind of awkward. The whole Duwang gang was here to discuss tactics on how to defeat Kira head-on. The manga artist was silently praying that none of them would ask why he was leaning against who they considered a stranger, and why Jotaro and Noriaki were both in his house.

Rohan sat by Noriaki, trying his best not to make his earlier sexual encounters obvious. He tried to tune it out by flipping through the pictures of who Kira might be posing as, but the shifting around in his seat alone made Josuke, out of all people, look over and ask:

“Rohan? You okay? Who’s that guy right next to you?”

The manga artist replied with an unusually calm tone, “Just peachy. And this man’s name is Noriaki Kakyoin. He’s a good friend of Jotaro’s.”

Noriaki said to Josuke, “Hello. You must be Jotaro’s uncle Josuke.”

Josuke replied, “Yeah, I am.” The redhead draped his coat over Rohan’s shoulders, making him nuzzle closer as a result. The pompadoured teen noticed that something was off about the manga artist. He was unusually relaxed. He asked the painter, “Noriaki-san, what’s with Rohan and why’s he leaning on you?”

“He’s a little worn out, I’m afraid,” the painter answered. He explained, “Rohan had a...busy day.”

Rohan added, “That’s exactly what it is. Consider yourself lucky I’m in a pleasant mood today, Josuke.” Tonio was sitting on the other side, so Rohan thought it would be a good idea to point him out to Noriaki. He whispered, “Nori-kun, that man over there is Tonio Trussardi. He’s a chef.”

Noriaki gave Rohan a soft smile. “He’s a very good-looking fellow. Is he foreign?”

“He’s Italian,” he said quietly. “Tonio’s such a sweetheart. He takes pride in his work...and my god, is he great in bed too.”

“Yeah...I can believe that. Since you treat guys like gentlemen in the bedroom.”

Rohan replied, “Only if they’re actually gentlemen. Musty, impolite men aren’t allowed in my house.”

The whole Duwang gang was introduced to the redheaded painter, then they were figuring out where Kira would possibly hide. Rohan was not only in an oddly good mood, but he was also a little spaced out because of his encounters with Jotaro and Noriaki. When they were done, all of them went home. Jotaro went over to Noriaki and Rohan to say:

“I need to check on a few things. I’ll be back soon.”

Noriaki asked, “Is your grandfather doing alright?”

Jotaro nodded. “Losing his memories slowly, day by day, but he’s doing fine. There’s been a lot of suspicious activity going on in this town lately. I don’t think it’d be wise for you to get involved at the moment, Noriaki. Not until you’ve adjusted to your surroundings.”

“JoJo, I’m not going to let that happen to me again.”

He sighed. “I know, Noriaki. I just want to keep you safe. Like I’m keeping my family safe, though my ex left me and took my kid. You’re pretty much family to me, so when I tell you that I want to keep you safe, I mean it, Noriaki.” Jotaro gave his friend a hug, then went on his way.

Once the marine biologist left, the painter and the manga artist had the place to themselves. They almost didn’t know what to do with the time they had before Jotaro would eventually come back. Noriaki noticed that Rohan seemed a little out of it. He took the manga artist upstairs to another room where they could talk in private. The painter also wanted to show the manga artist how he helps people. He put up a canvas on an easel along with a cup of water, different colors of paint, and a few paintbrushes. Noriaki said:

“Rohan, using those colors, show me what you’re feeling at the moment.”

The manga artist wet his brush, then painted quickly. Once he was done, he showed Noriaki, who nearly passed out from the shock alone. It contained a cluster of very depressing colors, mostly greys and blues, but the amount of black that was splattered on the canvas was enough to floor the painter. He almost didn’t notice what was supposed to be flames. Like a dystopia, so to speak.

“What’s the matter, Noriaki? Is it bad?”

The painter replied with wide eyes, “No, it’s not that. It’s just...different from what I’m used to seeing.” Noriaki added quietly, “You’ve been suppressing a lot of emotions...then you broke down in front of Jotaro. No wonder your eyes were still a little puffy. I knew something had happened, but I wanted to wait until we were alone to ask you about it.”

Rohan closed his eyes. “The truth is, Nori-kun, this is the weight I’ve been carrying since I was a teenager. It’s not about anyone dying, if that’s what you’re going to ask. Even if it was, I was too young to really remember it, or I had gotten over it a long time ago. It’s about something that very few people fully understand.”

“What do you mean?”

He answered, “I have always known deep down that there was something that set me apart from other boys, growing up. Boys would talk about girls they had crushes on, going out with girls, and I was unable to relate to them.” Rohan continued, with a sigh, “I thought I liked girls at one point, so I dated one...just so I could be a normal boy. Well, appear to be a normal boy, that is. This girl was so sweet, but I couldn’t even bear to hold her hand, kiss her, nothing. Not loving her like any other boy around my age at the time made me feel absolutely awful and broken. I wish that I could have just handed her off to another boy so he could love her because I couldn’t love her. Not in that way.”

Noriaki asked, “I’m assuming you were very young then, correct?”

“Yes...I was thirteen, at the time,” Rohan said. The godforsaken lump in his throat almost completely came back, so he knew he had to keep it together for Noriaki’s sake. He ended up swallowing before continuing, “The girl confronted me privately, asking me why I never bothered to make a move on her. She also asked me if I truly loved her, as if something was wrong with me. That was when I came clean. I thought I could trust this girl because we knew each other for a while. The truth will set you free, right? It shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but it was.”

“What exactly did you tell this girl, Ro-kun? How did she take it?”

Rohan replied quietly, “I asked her if she liked boys. She said yes, then she asked me if I liked girls. I told her that I didn’t like girls in the way boys normally do. She asked me why. I told her I was gay, that our relationship was over, and I wished her the best. The girl said I was disgusting, then told me to ‘burn in Hell’ because I’m gay.”

Noriaki looked at Rohan with wide eyes. All was silent between them for a few seconds. The painter told him:

“Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person. If it gives you comfort, I’m bisexual. I like both men and women. I prefer men a little bit more. It’s very difficult, so I know how you feel.”

The manga artist put down the paintbrush and placed his hands on his thighs. “Yes, that is very understand how it feels.” Rohan’s eyes welled up with tears, and they were threatening to fall. He whispered, “I felt lonely and broken for so long. Any man who would give me any sort of positive attention, I basked in it. Almost became obsessed, even. Few were willing to bother giving me a chance. To be truthful, I cried myself to sleep a lot of nights as a teenager, and had to put on an act in school so nobody would bother me.”

Noriaki nodded as if to say he understood. There was yet another moment of silence, except this lasted longer. The painter sat down next to the manga artist, who was trying his hardest to hold back his tears. The redhead broke the silence with:

“Ro-kun, you’re not broken because of what can’t be helped. You are just as worthy of being respected and treated with kindness as anyone else would be.”

The comforting, gentle words from Noriaki made Rohan’s heart feel heavier. Heavier with the realization that there was someone who understood him. He didn’t know what to say. Noriaki brought the painting closer, as if to show him something. He asked:

“Do you mind if I show you something?”

Rohan shook his head. “Go right ahead. I don’t mind.” Noriaki got to work and Rohan watched him like a child watching their older sibling. When the painter was done, the manga artist sheepishly said, “Sorry if I made it difficult for you to properly paint over it, Nori-kun.”

Noriaki smiled. “Not at all!” He gently squeezed the younger man’s hand. He told him, “We will always have stormy days like this...when we’re depressed, the world seems to be crashing down on us...bursting into flames. Some of us have more stormy days than others, and that’s okay. The only choice we have is to cope with those days as much as we cope with sunny days.” Noriaki continued, “There is always a rainbow that comes at the end of a storm to tell us that things get better. We have to go through the storm for that rainbow to appear...meaning we need to travel through the rough paths in life before we get to travel onto smoother, desired paths. In layman terms, we cannot have pleasure without pain. Pleasant and unpleasant experiences go hand in hand. Peace cannot exist without chaos. Think of this as yin and yang, if you will. Balance is key to a healthy life.” He finished with, “The one thing that matters is how we choose to deal with events in life, no matter how pleasurable or painful they are. Does that make sense to you, Ro-kun?”

“Of course. You are the professional here.” The manga artist laughed softly. “You have quite a fascinating view on life. I’m sure the people who see you appreciate it as well. It’s a breath of fresh air.” He added, “ the way, if I looked like I was about to start crying again, I’m sorry.”

The painter put a finger to the manga artist’s lips, shushing him. He murmured, “There’s no need to apologize. You told me things you’ve been holding onto for years. It’s natural for people to get emotional over things they don’t discuss with most people, if anyone at all. I’m sure we have plenty of time to get to know each other and break down our walls one by one. If you feel any sort of emotion coming on, by all means, let them come through. Let yourself be happy, cry, scream, laugh, whatever you desire. Bottling up your emotions and putting up a tough front all the time is unhealthy. But we can work on that at a later time, if you’re interested.” Noriaki pulled Rohan into an embrace. He asked, “Happy you got that weight lifted off your shoulders?”

Rohan replied, “As a matter of fact, yes. I feel...better. Thank you, Nori-kun.” Out of nowhere, Noriaki let go of the manga artist. He could clearly see the painter squirming right beside him. Rohan asked out of concern, “What’s wrong?”

Noriaki answered hesitantly, “I...It’s nothing you need to worry about, I promise you that!” He let out a nervous chuckle. He then said, “Just a little anxious for Jotaro’s return. That’s all.”

The manga artist read right through the painter. He stood up and got closer to Noriaki. Rohan whispered in a sing-song voice, “I know it’s a little bit more than that, sweet Nori~.”

“Well, it’s not that important anyway, dear.”

“If it’s not important, why can I see you shifting around in your seat?”

The painter said, “Really, it’s nothing, Rohan.” He corrected himself, “I-I guess it’s a little different with just the two of us alone.” Rohan sat down on Noriaki’s lap, touching his stomach, and finding that it was swollen. The redhead gasped. “Ro-kun...this is very bold of you.”

“You’re adorable, Nori. How about we make out a little?”

“Good idea, Ro. I was missing shutting that crass mouth of yours up.”

Both of the artists got up and kissed each other gently at first. The intensity grew more and more until they were making out and heavily touching each other. Once they pulled away, they were left breathless. Noriaki’s glasses fogged up from their little moment, so he cleaned them off to see Rohan with passion burning in his eyes. He whispered in the manga artist’s ear:

“You are about to awaken the beast, Rohan Kishibe. Be careful.”

Rohan giggled. “Is this about me teasing you earlier?” The redhead curiously rubbed Rohan’s stomach, then pressed on it with his hand, making the manga artist wince. He said, “Nori, I’m sorry for teasing you earlier.”

Noriaki replied with a devilish grin, “Don’t worry about it, my darling Rohan. I was just fucking with you. Jotaro just wanted to get off on us having fun with each other.” He whispered, “It was hot having him watch us...wouldn’t you agree?”

“So hot,” the manga artist said in agreement. He giggled and lead Noriaki down to the kitchen. Rohan pulled out a bottle of sparkling water and showed it to the painter. Noriaki held the bottle, examining it. He asked Rohan:

“What are you showing me a bottle of sparkling water for? It’s just sparkling water, isn’t it?”

Rohan explained, “Well...yes and no. Tonio came over here last week to discuss a few things with me, and he gave me this bottle of sparkling water. It’s an experimental thing. He told me to try it out whenever I was ready to.”

Noriaki said, “Ro-kun, it better not be poisoned.”

“It’s just plain sparkling water. Tonio’s a Stand User like us. You really think he’d give me poisoned sparkling water to share with people?”

The painter laughed. “I’m just teasing. He seems like a kindhearted man.” He asked, “ you want to go back upstairs or do you want to stay down here?”

Rohan replied quietly, “Upstairs, please. Trust me, what might happen will make you want the ground to swallow you whole, if someone were to see.” Noriaki gave Rohan a puzzled look. He explained, “You’ll see what I’m talking about, Nori-kun.”

“Ro-kun, I wouldn’t mind. I is just you and me here, right?”

He whispered, “People have tried peeking in on this house while I’m doing something as simple as make coffee.” Rohan handed Noriaki some glasses and said, “Come upstairs with me...and make sure you have an extra change of clothes.”

Noriaki smiled. “I have things packed just in case. No need to worry about that. You know I’m going to be bunking with you for a little while, right?” Rohan raised an eyebrow in confusion. The painter said, “Jotaro arranged this a while back...I’m sure you remember. I was putting my things in the guest room earlier. That’s probably why you might have heard some strange things.”

Rohan replied, “Oh, yes. That’s right. Jotaro and I did talk about something along those lines not long ago. I’ve had my nose stuck in my apologies.” He added, “ long have you been in my house?”

The painter smirked. “I heard you having an accident earlier today, if that helps.” Rohan’s complexion flushed. He really wanted his hardwood floors to swallow him whole. Noriaki said, “Don’t worry, Ro-kun. I was asleep, so I didn’t hear much of what happened. But hearing you in heat while talking to Jotaro was exciting.” He added, “Truthfully, I was going to ask you where the bathroom was earlier when I initially came over, but I knew you were very busy and I didn’t want to frighten you.”

“Noriaki, you could have just knocked on the door to my work room and asked me.” Rohan sighed. “And you wouldn’t have scared me anyway. The only frightening thing is that I didn’t hear you make a peep until Jotaro showed up.”

The redhead tied his wavy locks back. “The sounds you made while he was fucking you were hot. Was literally jacking off by your bedroom door. Surprised you didn’t hear me.”

Rohan blushed. “What else are you going to tell me?” He was hoping that Noriaki didn’t find his soiled clothing from earlier to sniff or do unthinkable things to. That was rather unlikely, but still. Rohan begged, “Please don’t tell me you found anything private.”

Noriaki replied calmly, “I don’t go snooping through people’s things. I especially wouldn’t go snooping through your things. There’s no reason for me to. Ro-kun, I understand it’s different having someone else in your home, but you can trust me.” Rohan nodded as if to tell him that he understood.

When they got upstairs, both of the artists sat down next to each other, and the manga artist poured them a couple glasses of the sparkling water. They both took a few sips of the sparkling water. Nothing odd happened so far. Noriaki said to Rohan:

“This is some very nice sparkling water...very smooth.”

Rohan smiled. “Isn’t it? This one is even smoother than’s like silk.”

He noticed that his friend finished his glass. The manga artist held up the bottle as if to ask the painter if he wanted some more. Noriaki nodded and Rohan poured some more of the sparkling water into his glass. After Rohan finished his own glass, he went ahead and poured himself another. That was when Noriaki began to feel the effects of the special sparkling water. He squeezed his thighs together and held himself with his free hand, finishing up his glass.

“Nori-kun? Are you alright?”

Noriaki tried his hardest not to make his now very urgent need obvious. He said politely, “I’m fine.” The redhead began to squirm in his seat. He admitted truthfully, “Actually, Ro-kun, I really need to use the restroom. I can wait, but I’m not sure how long.”

Rohan admitted, “I am in the same boat as you.” The manga artist shifted around in his seat. He added with empathy, “We’re both in a pickle, aren’t we, Nori?” Noriaki glared at the manga artist.

“What did your friend Tonio put in the water to cause this? Can you answer that for me, please?” Noriaki snapped.

The manga artist gulped. He answered apologetically, “Noriaki, it’s part of what Tonio’s Stand ‘Pearl Jam’ can do. His Stand manipulates food and beverages in order to make people feel better, depending on their needs.”

The redhead rolled his eyes and scoffed. “What do we do here? Do we just sit here and wait for it to take effect?” Noriaki tried to get up, but his body prevented him from doing so. At least for now. He said quietly, “I guess I got my answer.”

Noriaki tried his best to keep his composure in front of the manga artist, though it was short-lived. His body screamed at him to relieve himself. The tension and strain the redhead put on his body took a toll on him, causing his violet eyes to fill with tears, and threatening to fall. He admitted with a lump in his throat, “It hurts. I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

Rohan stood up, took the painter’s hands, and helped him up to his feet. Noriaki stammered:

“I...It’s about to...c...come out! I-I don’t think this...will help.”

The manga artist empathized, “You must be in so much pain...I’m so sorry, Nori.”

“No need for apologies. We both wanted this,” the redhead replied. His body relaxed only the slightest bit, and he let out a slow leak. Noriaki stopped himself before it got worse, but he knew his need would have to be taken care of soon. His cheeks were red hot from the strain he was putting on himself. It caused the tears welling in his eyes earlier to fall, burning against his cheeks. Noriaki let out a soft whimper. He choked out, “R...Rohan, I’m terribly sorry. I usually don’t do this in front of people, but I am desperate and this cannot wait.” He succeeded in loosening his belt, thankfully, so the pressure wasn’t as bad, but it was still bad enough to where it caused pain. The painter then tried to unbutton his pants. The button was stuck in the hole that kept his pants secure. He tried unzipping, but his zipper wouldn’t budge.

“ you need help?”

Noriaki admitted with tears in his eyes, “ pants...they’re stuck. I really cannot hold it anymore. If you try loosening my pants now, you’ll get my urine all over your hands.”

“You know I don’t care about that, right?” The manga artist tried to help him at least unbutton his pants. Even when Rohan attempted at getting Noriaki’s pants off, they were still stuck.

“Hey, I appreciate you trying to help, but my pants are really stuck.”

Rohan massaged the painter’s swollen stomach to soothe him. He advised, “Just relax and let it all out.” Noriaki took off his glasses, buried his face into Rohan’s shirt and cried in pain and pure desperation. The redhead knew he didn’t have a choice at this point, but his body resisted trying to relax. Rohan wiped away the tears that fell. “Relax, Nori. I’m going to join you soon, so you’re not uncomfortable. There’s nobody here to judge you.”

The painter put his glasses back on, then gave the manga artist a gaze. “Trust me, dear, I’m trying to relax. My body’s fighting it.” The younger man began to push on the redhead’s stomach in an attempt to help him relax his body. Noriaki said, “Please be careful, Rohan. I can now feel it trickle down my legs.”

“You’re in pain, so do yourself a favor and let it out.”

“It seems like that’s my only option at this point...I might as well.” Before Rohan could respond, Noriaki let out a shaky moan and immediately opened the floodgates. He moaned out, “Oh my…it’s so...warm. I definitely see the appeal now. It feels so...good.” The redhead held the manga artist’s hand, trembling in relief. Noriaki let out another shaky moan. “Why didn’t I do this earlier? This feels amazing…!”

With a quiet sigh, the manga artist soon joined the painter, wrapping his arms around him. Noriaki pulled Rohan into a kiss while grinding against him. The painter kept his hands on the manga artist’s waist while they made out with each other, moaning between kisses. By the time they were done, their pants were sopping wet and their puddles combined into one bigger puddle. They pulled away and panted in sheer relief. Noriaki’s knees buckled underneath him, so Rohan helped him down to the floor, preventing him from hurting himself.

After a few moments of silence, the manga artist asked the painter, “Better?”

Noriaki replied, “It won’t stop, but it feels too good.” Rohan nodded in agreement. He palmed the manga artist through his sopping wet pants. “You’re still going too?”

Rohan giggled. “It feels way too nice to stop.” He whispered, “Bet you want to take my pants off and fuck me silly.”

“Not exactly. Dicking you down while sitting in our own filth would be torturous. I couldn’t do that to you, Ro-kun.”

The younger man nodded in agreement. “You make a good point.” He asked, “So...whatever shall we do now, Nori-kun?”

“I want to watch you masturbate in our mess. I’ll join you, if you’d like.”

The manga artist shrugged. “I’ll be more than happy to pleasure myself while you watch again. I know how much that turns you on.” The flow completely stopped, so that was when Rohan rubbed himself through his now see-through pants. Still sitting in his mess, he grinded against his hand and moaned. Rohan knew this wouldn’t take long at all. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he trembled, desperately waiting for his climax. He finally hit his orgasmic peak, adding cum to his mess. Rohan got up on his feet, his knees knocking against each other, panting quietly. Noriaki noticed the manga artist’s current state and nodded in approval. He began masturbating in front of Rohan, who was slowly peeling off his sopping wet pants to expose his underwear. The manga artist did this to tease the painter.

Noriaki nodded, chuckling. “You helping me out, beautiful? How sweet.” He squirmed in his mess, trying to focus on hitting his climax. Rohan took Noriaki’s hand and placed it on his manhood. He whispered, “You kinky slut. I swear, I’ll fuck you silly when we get ourselves cleaned up.”

Rohan said, “Lovely, dear cherry boy. But I would like to see you cum before we clean up and make love again.” He completely took his pants off and knelt down to admire Noriaki and all his glory. Rohan’s hand accidentally met up with Noriaki’s. He whispered, “My, my, look so uncomfortable with those pants still on.”

“That’s because watching you flooding all over yourself and masturbating afterwards excited me.”

“I told you I’d happily piddle myself in front of a man who’s into it.”

The painter began to unbutton his pants, unzip them, and let his throbbing erection free. He adjusted his glasses before asking, “This is what you wanted, huh?” Rohan mindlessly began to salivate. Noriaki said, “You’re more than welcome to put my cock in your mouth. You don’t have to.”

Rohan replied, “That’s fine. I can wait until after we clean up.” He added, “Go ahead and pleasure yourself, Nori.”

Noriaki laughed softly. “Oh, Rohan, don’t put me on the spot like that.” He said, “I’m close anyway, so you’ll see it soon.”

“You’re comfortable pleasuring yourself in front of someone else? Because I know you’ve done that in front of Jotaro too.”

The painter blushed. “Yes, I have, and it didn’t make me uncomfortable. Why would I be uncomfortable doing this in front of you? It’s not a big deal.”

Rohan giggled. “Guess my comments on how cute you look when you’re desperate for an orgasm aren’t helping.” The manga artist grinded himself on the painter’s erect manhood. The redhead was sluiced with so much pleasure that he closed his eyes. When he saw how close Noriaki was to an orgasm, Rohan said softly, “That’s it, Nori. Good boy. Go ahead and cum.” Noriaki moaned loudly as his cum spilled out of him, then panted afterwards. The manga artist tickled the head of the painter’s cock with a finger, then put it to his mouth to taste the painter’s cum. Rohan licked off the cum that was on his finger, then gave Noriaki a smile. “My, my, Nori-kun. You taste good.”

Noriaki gave Rohan’s cheek a lick. “Bet you taste just as sweet. Mind if I test it?” Rohan blushed. The painter clarified, “After we clean up, of course.”

The manga artist nodded. “Sure. You go ahead and get cleaned up first. I’ll join you after I’m finished cleaning the floor.” Noriaki went ahead and got himself cleaned up in private while Rohan cleaned up the floor. After he was done with that, Rohan finally got himself cleaned up, put their soiled clothes in the wash, and folded the clean clothes. The younger man went to meet up with Noriaki, who had been patiently waiting in his bedroom. He came up to the bed, almost crawling on top of the painter. What Noriaki noticed was how Rohan’s face was flushed and warm, along with his feverish panting.

“Goodness, Ro-kun, are you falling ill?” Noriaki asked, touching Rohan’s forehead and cheeks. “Your cheeks are so red. You feel like you’re burning up.” Rohan closed his eyes and moaned quietly, squirming a little.

“Noriaki, I’m not getting sick. But there is something else that’s wrong,” he replied. Rohan laid down on his bed with his legs spread. Noriaki stroked the younger man’s hair and waited for the manga artist to grant him permission to see what was going on. The manga artist admitted, embarrassed, “I’m throbbing badly.”

The painter asked, “Do you mind if I have a look?” Rohan gave him a nod, meaning to say that he didn’t mind. Noriaki went ahead and checked everything out. He couldn’t find anything unusual at first. He asked Rohan, “You’re not sore anywhere, are you?”

Rohan replied, “Nothing is sore, per se, but I’m throbbing so badly.” He eventually covered up his face to hide his giggling. “Sorry for making this awkward, Nori. I just needed to know if I’m just imagining things or what.”

“Nothing to worry about,” he said reassuringly. Noriaki began to throb as well, and his cheeks burned. “You’re not the only one throbbing, you think it was the sparkling water that did this?”

He shrugged. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think it was Tonio’s intention though. He was just experimenting.”

Noriaki whispered, “If it wasn’t his intention, why would your Tonio friend only give you that specific sparkling water?” Rohan shrugged again. He mindlessly placed his hand on the bed in between Rohan’s legs. The painter asked smoothly, “Does Tonio know about your little...fetish? Or have you kept it a secret from everyone except for Jotaro and me?”

Rohan answered truthfully, “It’s because Tonio trusts my judgment. Plus...we kind of touched base on our fetishes when we had sex, but he never flat-out asked me what I was into specifically. I just told him I was into urolagnia, he told me the things he was into, and we left it at that. No judgment from either party, of course.” He continued, “I’ve pretty much kept it a secret from everyone except for Tonio, Jotaro, and you.”

“How about that man you saw overseas? Have you ever told him?”

He gulped. “You want to know about Emmett? Well...we met each other while I took some classes abroad in America. I was learning about how Americans did their own comics and I could get some tips from another part of the world.” Rohan continued, “Emmett’s a couple years older than me. He was an upperclassman...he was about to turn nineteen when I met him. I was seventeen. Nothing crazy, I promise. We were in the same classes for art and such, so we began seeing each other outside of school.”

Noriaki poked some fun into Rohan. “That’s nice, Ro-kun, but did you ever tell him know?”

Rohan sighed. “No, I never told him. I didn’t want to drive him away. I mean, Emmett was my first steady boyfriend, and I loved him. He was stunningly handsome...curly locks the color of espresso, fair skin, and gorgeous eyes...they made me feel like I was looking into two oceans. We were also roommates, so it was perfect.”

“Emmett sounds like he was very special.”

“I mean, yeah,” the manga artist replied. “Emmett was and still is a special guy. He was so gentle and made sure I wasn’t in any pain.”

Noriaki looked at him with wide eyes. “You’re telling me that you had your first time with an upperclassman?!” Rohan nodded, smiling. The painter gasped, then squealed. He said, “Me too!”

Rohan smirked. “Let me guess...Jotaro?”

“How did you know?” Noriaki looked down, blushing. “I know Jotaro told’s okay. He’s such a good man.” He asked, “You’re not seeing that American anymore?”

The manga artist sighed heavily and placed his hands on the painter’s shoulders. “We got separated because of our work. Emmett and I talk still, but he has someone else in his life now.” Rohan’s teal eyes threatened to fill with tears. He continued, “It hurt hearing that from a guy I saw every single day. Emmett made me feel special...he was one of the few Americans who knew Japanese at the time, so it was easy for the both of us to communicate.” That was when the manga artist’s head began to throb. He was trying so hard to hold in his tears and keep himself from killing the mood. He said sharply, “For goodness sake, Noriaki, I was in love with him! I thought he was the one guy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life! We are very close friends, but hearing that he has feelings for someone else still absolutely kills me!”

“I know it’s hard, Ro-kun, but you’re happy for him, right?”

Rohan nodded. “Of course I’m happy for him. I’m thrilled and I support him one hundred percent. I wish nothing but the best for Emmett because he is a wonderful guy. My heart aches still, you know?” He added, “It was foolish of me to think our relationship would last forever. I was a naïve seventeen year old. Our relationship would be non-existent anyway.”

The painter took note of Rohan’s state and treaded lightly when asking, “What makes you say that, Rohan?”

“Because I’ve been working on ‘Pink Dark Boy’ since before I met Emmett and he works on his own series. I can’t bring myself to say the name of it.”

Noriaki brushed the manga artist’s hair out of his face. “It brings you tremendous pain, does it not?” Rohan gave the painter an embarrassed nod. He said, “I understand. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

The manga artist held his head in his hands, trying to keep himself together. Rohan’s breathing became sporadic. “Oh dear...Nori…”

“Are you alright?”

Rohan buried his face into Noriaki’s chest and groaned. “My head’s throbbing now...fuck.”

“Do you need me to call someone for help?”

“No, thank you. I only need you right now.”

Noriaki lifted up Rohan’s head. “I didn’t mean to bring that up, sweetheart...I apologize.”

Rohan sighed. “You didn’t do anything wrong. You needed to know, so I’m not mad at you.”

All the painter did was hold the manga artist in silence for a while. The younger man tried his hardest to keep bottling up his tears because he didn’t want to break down crying again. He had already broken down in front of Jotaro. Rohan wanted to make a good impression on Noriaki, since he was going to be bunking with him for a while. When the manga artist desperately clung onto Noriaki, it shook him to his core.

“You okay, dear?”

There was no answer. Noriaki repeated:

“Ro-kun. Are you okay?”

Still no response. Well, except for the tears that began to roll down the manga artist’s cheeks, then land on the painter’s periwinkle shirt. Noriaki gently rubbed Rohan’s back to soothe him. He tried to get Rohan to talk to him, but all he got as a response was quiet weeping along with some trembling. The painter held the manga artist close. He continued to rub his back without saying a word.

Rohan eventually whispered, “Sorry...I’m not okay. I’m really not.” He felt the tears come down faster and he began to sob. He choked out, “I...alr..ready...broke down in front of J...Jotaro…” Rohan completely broke down, unable to finish his response.

The painter kissed the top of the manga artist’s head and gently pulled him onto his lap. He said, “I know, dear. I could hear you all the way from downstairs.”

“B...But I didn’t want to break down like this in front of you, Nori! I-I wanted to keep myself happy for your sake!”

Noriaki replied gently, “Ro, you told me your head was throbbing. I know you were bottling up your emotions. It’s not healthy, hon.” He temporarily let Rohan go and just held his hands. He murmured, “Don’t be afraid. Nobody’s here to judge you.”

Rohan insisted, “But…”

The painter shushed him. “I said there is nobody here to judge you. You’re not any less of a man if you express your emotions.”

“It’s not even about manliness! All I wanted to do was to make a good impression on you! Because I’m apparently some wack job gay man who unintentionally scares people away!”

Noriaki asked calmly, “Is there a possibility that you are envious of say...Koichi for having a girlfriend? Or of Jotaro’s uncle Josuke for having women flock to him, contrary to when you were sixteen?”

Rohan replied coldly, “Why would I envy Koichi-kun for having a girlfriend? My only problem is that girl is possessive over him and he feels obligated to be with her. Even after the torture she put him through, which isn’t how love is supposed to be. I’m not his mother, so I can’t exactly do anything except support him.”

“Alright. How about Josuke? You envy him too?”

The manga artist shook his head. “As far as Josuke is concerned, that boy will never begin to understand what it’s like to have to hide constantly.”

Noriaki tilted his head. He asked, “What makes you say that, hmm?”

“He can flaunt some woman around or vice versa and nobody would give a shit,” Rohan replied with a scoff. “But God forbid I want some man to flaunt me or I want to flaunt him! People would throw in their two cents, telling us to go to Hell.” He sighed shakily, then furiously wiped away his tears.

“Fair enough. It was something I wanted you to think about,” the redhead replied with a nod. He adjusted his glasses so he could see the manga artist better. “Your concern for Koichi and his safety is commendable. I understand where you’re coming from; however, your friend has to figure that out on his own. I don’t know Yukako very well, as we were only acquainted today, but that is something your friend and his girlfriend need to sort out by themselves.” Noriaki continued, “About Josuke, he won’t know what it’s like to be gay unless you tell him. Who knows? Maybe you two can understand each other better.”

The manga artist said bluntly, “If you’re telling me that I should come out to Josuke, I’m sorry, Noriaki, but I refuse.” He added with a sarcastic laugh, “I despise Josuke. Why would I tell him I’m gay? Just so he can use that to blackmail me later?”

Noriaki sighed. “Rohan, I never said that. Please listen. I was saying that in a hypothetical sense. If you want someone to know what it’s like to be a gay man, you can tell them if you desire. At the end of the day, it’s your choice, whether you want to tell them or not.” He gently wiped away the tears that were falling down Rohan’s cheeks. Noriaki asked him, “Have you experienced any unusual thoughts?”

Rohan replied quietly, “, I thought about how people would react if I lost it.” The painter took off his glasses and his jaw dropped. He knew exactly what that meant. The manga artist added, “I know it sounds crazy, but I can never lie about that.”

“I appreciate your honesty, Rohan. What exactly drove you to have these thoughts?”

“To be honest with you, it’s a lot of things, but I can’t name all of them off the top of my head. I pretty much already gave you the answer.”

The painter thought about the manga artist’s response for a moment. He replied, “About your manga. It causes you a great deal of stress at times, does it not? Especially when you’re on a tight schedule.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve enjoyed working on my manga since I was sixteen. Tight schedules are no problem for The Great Rohan Kishibe. Why would it cause me stress?”

He explained, “When a person has too much on their plate, so to speak, a lot of times, they can get overwhelmed and spiral into destructive behaviors to cope. The bad part about doing those things is that they most certainly come back to bite them later.” Noriaki whispered, “It definitely came back to bite you. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way.”

The manga artist shrugged. He was still in a state of denial. Rohan couldn’t wrap his head around someone finally taking the time to not only understand him, but also...helping him? He had never thought about anyone actually helping him for no reason other than pity or it was their obligation.

“Of course, Nori.”

Noriaki batted his lashes at Rohan. “I advise you to take breaks from it when you need to...especially when you’re feeling like this. It had to have been difficult to focus when Emmett told you he had feelings for someone else. Not to mention your readers and publishing companies constantly breathing down your neck, begging for more of your work. The work you put blood, sweat, and tears into since you were a teenager.”

Rohan looked down. He thought about a response, but he couldn’t. His new friend was right about everything. He couldn’t lie to himself and say that the painter was wrong. The thought of doing so was futile and useless. Noriaki practically read him like a book. Rohan hoped that Noriaki wouldn’t ask him about his early childhood next. He knew he would have to answer for it eventually, but not now. Maybe when they were comfortable with each other’s company, he would try to. There was so much that Rohan wanted to know about Noriaki.

He replied, “You know what, Nori? You’re right. Sometimes my work does cause me a great deal of stress, but you know, I’ve been in the business for four years. It’s not very long, compared to others, but still. I take breaks when I feel the absolute need to.” Rohan continued, “The same logic could also apply to you, Noriaki, since you’re a therapist who uses art to give people tools to deal with various events in life. You take breaks, do you not? Your work causes you stress as well, despite being in that field of work for several years, correct?”

Noriaki laughed. “Of course, dear. Being a therapist isn’t easy, I’ll tell you that right now. But I deal with you deal with being a manga artist.” He saw that Rohan had stopped crying. “I suppose talking about this made you feel better. That’s good.”

The manga artist let out a soft laugh. “Then why don’t you come over here and fuck me...Sensei?” Rohan whispered, “Perhaps you’re waiting for your hot friend to come back?” Noriaki shook his head. “Oh, you don’t want a threeway then?”

“It’s not that. I want to turn you into a flustered mess right now. I’m not waiting for Jotaro to come back to fuck you silly.” Noriaki placed his hands on Rohan’s thighs, then opened his legs. “Especially since nobody is watching us. We can have some more fun.”

Rohan smirked. “Thought doctors didn’t fuck their patients.”

Noriaki replied, “You’re not my patient, so there’s nothing to worry about. You’re my friend. Maybe we can be more...but I know you love Jotaro too. We can make a poly relationship work.”

“A hot, mysterious marine biologist and an adorable, gentle painter? We could make something work, Sensei.”

The redhead blushed. “I didn’t know you had a thing for authority figures...or is it teachers you’re into?” He brushed his fingers against the manga artist’s body. He whispered, “How about we make love to each other again? Would you like that, sweetie?” Rohan gave him a nod.


Noriaki smiled and patted Rohan’s head. “Just needed to make sure you were still interested.”

“I appreciate you being so considerate, Nori. I’d be interested either way.”

“I wouldn’t have asked if you weren’t feeling better. It would break my heart to do that to you while you’re crying,” the redhead replied in a soft tone. He pulled the manga artist close, kissing his head. “If there’s anything wrong, you let me know.”

Rohan nodded. “Of course. You know what to do.” Noriaki began to give the manga artist a full-body massage. To loosen him up, of course. This surprised Rohan at first, but he got used to it. He asked, “What are you doing? Is this necessary for what we’re going to do? I appreciate it very much...I’m just confused.”

“Oh, you’re so cute. You like this, Ro-kun?”

“Why, yes, I do. I don’t know what purpose this serves, Nori,” the manga artist answered sincerely. He asked innocently, “You’re not going to make the kids watch, are you?”

Noriaki laughed. “Why would I do that? They don’t need to see this. It’s grown-up stuff. If it was Jotaro or Tonio-san watching, that’s a whole different story.” He nibbled on Rohan’s earlobe before whispering, “There’s something I would like to ask you. It might be a little personal, so I understand if you don’t answer right away.” The painter pulled away and looked at the manga artist in the eyes. He asked, “Rohan, you do extensive research for your work as well, right?”

“What do you mean? Of course I do research.”

The redhead clapped his hands together. “Great!” He added, “You know how women are capable of ‘squirting’, right?” Rohan gave him a nod and a confused look. Noriaki asked, “Did you know that men are capable of ‘squirting’ as well?”

Rohan looked at Noriaki wide-eyed. “Well...I guess so. I don’t know anyone who’s had that happen to them personally.” He gulped and looked down. Rohan admitted, “If you must know, I’ve ‘squirted’ before. It happened while I was having sex with Emmett one night. I had put off using the restroom because I was finishing up work and whatnot. Plus, we wanted to have sex. It just...happened.” He continued, blushing redder and redder, “We kept going and I ended up ‘squirting’ again, but this time, I completely wet the bed after. He didn’t know what to do at first, poor guy. Told him I was fine, even when I was afraid he’d think I’m disgusting and we’d never talk to each other again. He kept reassuring me that he didn’t have a problem with it. We kept it a secret.”

“Sounds fun. Bet him not thinking you’re disgusting gave you comfort,” the redhead replied. Noriaki trailed his hands down, having them rest on Rohan’s waist. He said, “We can make that happen again, if that’s what you want. I’m curious as to how that looks.”

“Go for it, Sensei,” Rohan answered, stroking the wavy red locks. Afterwards, he gave Noriaki a peck on the lips. He added with a hint of sass, “Don’t be afraid to get a little rough. I appreciate you being a gentleman and fucking me oh so delicately, but it’s okay to rough me up a little.”

Noriaki said softly, “I don’t want to hurt you...didn’t you have a guy who hurt you so bad you bled?”

“Yes, but that was because he prepped me with his saliva instead of lubricant.”

The painter looked at the younger man, dumbfounded. He grabbed the bottle of lubricant and a condom before doing anything. Noriaki didn’t want to hurt Rohan, but he wanted to have sex with him again. At least until Jotaro returns. He replied:

“You know Jotaro and I would never do that to you, right?”

“I know that. You’re both fantastic in bed...such gentlemen too,” the manga artist replied. He added, “I’ll let you know if I need you to ease up. Since I see you grabbed the things on the nightstand, you’re welcome to get down to business whenever you’re ready.”

Noriaki let his hands trail down to the manga artist’s shirt to undo the top few buttons. He kissed Rohan’s neck and continued to kiss all the way down to his chest. All the while, Noriaki teased the manga artist’s nipples through his shirt with his fingers, making him tense up at first. The manga artist eventually relaxed as soon as he got used to the touching. He didn’t want the painter to stop.

Rohan’s shirt was lifted up slightly to expose his stomach. The painter then moved down to plant kisses all over it. Noriaki looked up to see Rohan giggling, smiled at him, then continued to relax the manga artist some more. The painter’s hands trailed down to the manga artist’s thighs to rub them with a gentle touch at first. The rubbing lead to kissing on the inside of his thighs, then sucking and nibbling. Rohan squirmed around in pleasure, not caring about how exposed he was to the painter’s calm violet eyes. Well, he didn’t care in the first place. With the painter taking his precious time in loosening Rohan up, the desperation burned everywhere. He wanted Noriaki to take him again and make sweet, sweet love to him. When the painter finally squeezed out some lubricant onto his fingers, the manga artist mentally screamed in happiness. His index finger swirled around his entrance, then he pushed that finger inside of Rohan. He then added his middle finger. The manga artist remained relaxed, letting the painter continue prepping him for the sex they were about to have.

How relaxed Rohan was alarmed the painter to a degree. He had never seen anyone act so carefree about anything this intimate. Noriaki put in a third finger, his ring finger, to stretch Rohan out more, and it didn’t seem to faze him.



“Do you need a fourth finger or no?”

Rohan smirked devilishly. “No. You may put the condom on yourself and then slide inside of me.” Noriaki politely wiped off his lube covered hands with a wet wipe before tearing the condom out of its wrapping. He rolled the condom onto himself, positioned himself in between the manga artist’s legs, and gently pushed inside of him. Rohan clawed his sheets, waiting for the painter to tease his sweet spot.

Noriaki gave him a concerned gaze. He whispered, “If you’re uncomfortable, let me know.”

“I’m not uncomfortable, Nori. I’m just anticipating you teasing my sweet spot,” Rohan replied. Noriaki took off his glasses, setting them on Rohan’s nightstand. The manga artist freed his hands from the sheets to cup the painter’s face. He noticed the scars on Noriaki’s eyes, which were unsettling to him at first, but that was because he didn’t get a chance to fully see them without the glasses being in the way. Rohan asked, “You got these when you were a teenager...correct?”

The redheaded painter sighed. “Yeah. It messed up my eyesight for a while. I can still see without my glasses...though there is a slight blur in my vision if I don’t have them on.” He grabbed his glasses and put them back on so he could see Rohan better. Noriaki added sheepish, “Sorry I’m taking my glasses off so much. Guess I’m still a bit jumpy since we’re alone.”

“Fair enough. It piqued my curiosity,” the manga artist hinted. He hushed, “Would you like to know how to make me ‘squirt’, Noriaki-sensei?” Noriaki nodded. He wanted to see if the phenomena was true for himself. Rohan added in a light tone, “Since you wiped the lubricant off your hands, this will be a I’ll break it down as simply as I can. You’re lucky I still have the nerve endings down there.”

Noriaki watched as Rohan pulled back his foreskin with his left hand, exposing the tip. Rohan held Noriaki’s hand with his free hand, guiding him. He coated the painter’s hand with lubricant and placed it on the tip of his cock. Rohan instructed:

“They say to use the palm of your hand to do this, but it doesn’t sit right with me. Put only the tip in between your index and middle fingers and rub it up and down. If that’s not enough, you’re more than welcome to twist it in between your fingers a little.”

The painter replied, “They also say to stimulate your prostate while doing this, but it seems we got that part covered.”

Rohan nodded. “That’s why I didn’t mention it.” He added, “Nori-kun, if you want to really make me ‘squirt’, there’s one part you’re more than welcome to caress as much as you’d like. It’s my left side...right in the middle of my rib cage.” Noriaki curiously placed his hand there to feel for it. Rohan let out a soft gasp, nodding in approval. He breathed, “Lovely. You knew exactly where to put your gentle, please. It’s sensitive.”

“Of course, Ro-kun. I’ll be careful.”

The older man with cherry hair pushed himself in and out of the younger man carefully while focusing on the tip of his manhood. Using a delicate touch, Noriaki stroked the tip of Rohan’s manhood up and down, twisting it with his fingers the slightest bit every few strokes or so. Rohan laid there with his eyes closed, moaning as the painter pleasured him. Noriaki took this as approval, so he kept going with pleasuring the manga artist. This caused Rohan’s moans to sound higher pitched and desperation grew in his voice. He moaned out:


Noriaki kept going until Rohan let out louder moans, threw his legs up, and squirted. It got all over the manga artist’s snowy legs, the bed, and all over the painter’s face. Rohan panted almost like a dog afterwards with tears streaming down his face. The painter kept reassuring him that it was okay and he couldn’t help it.

“Ro-kun, do you want to keep going?”

Rohan nodded. “Yes...please.”

Both of the artists kept going for a little longer. During those few minutes, Rohan moaned loudly in desperation. He couldn’t believe that Noriaki was this good at pleasuring him with his hands! The manga artist’s whole body being bathed in sweat and other fluids made the clothing he still had on stick onto him like glue. Rohan was too overwhelmed with pleasure to care. He’d take a shower after Noriaki was done fucking him silly, of course. Perhaps Rohan could have Noriaki join him, though letting any man shower with the manga artist is a rarity in itself. Thus far, the only man Rohan allowed to shower with him was Tonio. He whimpered, then choked out:

“N...Nori, I’m about to…! I’m seeing red…”

The redhead licked his lips, tasting the strange fluid that came out of the younger man with green-black hair. Noriaki nodded in approval. He said lowly, “My prediction was correct. You do taste quite sweet. I like that.” His lips pulled into a smirk as he continued toying with Rohan’s manhood between his fingers. He coerced, “Go ahead. it again.”

Rohan explained, “There’s something that I forgot to mention. When I ‘squirt’ a second time, I end up...piddling after.”

“You do realize I don’t mind if you actually urinate, right?”

“I’m well aware. I was letting you know,” Rohan replied. “Is there anything you’d like to do as far as that goes?”

Noriaki offered, “ can piss in my mouth, if you’re comfortable with doing it.” Rohan gulped and hesitated for a moment. The redhead added, “It’s okay if that doesn’t sound comforting to you, Rohan. Whatever you decide to do will stay between us.”

Rohan blinked his eyes, then said, “You know my bladder is it would be rather difficult to release it in your mouth.”

“True...and I know you don’t want know, on your bed.”

The manga artist replied with a laugh, “Noriaki, don’t treat me like I’m incapable of using the restroom.” They both heard snickering on the other side of the bedroom door. Rohan asked, “Didn’t everyone leave my house? Or did Jotaro come back quicker than we thought and he brought someone over?”

Noriaki shrugged. “I’m sure that everyone left...and maybe Jotaro brought that Tonio guy you told me you had the hots for.”

Rohan sighed. “Tonio and I are good friends...very good friends, I might add. He would never listen in on things like this intentionally.” He let out a shaky moan as he squirted again, the stream more powerful this time. Noriaki immediately took his hand off of the manga artist’s manhood. Rohan’s eyes filled with tears again from the pleasure alone. He stuttered, “S...So…good.”

A couple minutes passed. The manga artist finally recovered enough from the orgasm tearing through him to walk over to the bathroom and do his business. He was too into his own world to care, let alone notice that Noriaki was watching him. Rohan finished up, then asked:

“Care for a shower, Nori-kun?”

Noriaki perked up. He almost didn’t know how to respond. The redhead asked:

“Are you sure, Ro-kun? You strike me as the kind who would never let anyone shower with him. I have no problem with waiting until you’re done.”

Rohan nodded. “Correct; however, I will make an exception for you. Since we trust each other...perhaps Jotaro can join us.” The redhead’s cheeks burned in embarrassment. Rohan walked over to Noriaki and sat on his lap, squishing his thighs with a soft touch. He whispered, “You’ll get to see me in all my glory. Exciting to hear, is it not?”

Noriaki whispered back, “Why yes, darling. That excites me. Wonder who else you let see you completely exposed...your friend Tonio, I’m assuming? Bet you two fucked in the shower too.”

“He has, but we never had sex in the shower. Shower sex isn’t at the top of my list, unfortunately.”

“Well...the movies make it look inviting.”

Rohan’s teal eyes narrowed. “Let me tell you, Nori-kun, it’s not as glamorous as the media makes it out to be. Water makes everything...dry, for lack of a better word.” The manga artist unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time, exposing himself more and more. This would have gone on longer if it wasn’t for a loud knock on the door. Rohan immediately made a quick change and opened the door. When the manga artist saw that it was only Jotaro at the door, he sighed in relief and let him in.

Jotaro said, “Hey, Rohan...Noriaki. What were you two up to?”

Noriaki gave Jotaro a smile. “Well, Jotaro...what do you think we were up to?”

“Some hot sex. Could hear you two going at it when I was walking up to the front door,” the marine biologist replied. Jotaro slapped Rohan’s ass, making him giggle. He whispered, “I know about that little experiment Noriaki wanted to try with you...sounded so damn cute.”

Rohan looked at Jotaro with wide eyes. “What are you talking about?”

Jotaro smirked. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Rohan.”

“Are you referring to me ‘squirting’, Jotaro?”

The marine biologist trailed his hand down to the manga artist’s hip. “ me how it’s done when you get a chance, pretty boy.” Rohan nodded. Jotaro whispered, “I won’t pressure you.”

Rohan didn’t pay any mind to what Jotaro said. He knew he had some unfinished business to take care of. The manga artist began walking back to his workroom to put the final finishing touches on what he was going to submit. It didn’t take him very long to finish up the rest of his work for today.


*To be continued…*