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It wasn’t anything like the office he’d had when he worked real estate years ago, but his tiny office at Majima Construction brought Kiryu back to calmer times. He felt like he was doing something better with his life, like he was a real white collar worker. It gave him a renewed sense of pride. Majima’s original men knew of Kiryu’s reputation, so did some of the punks. But there was a sense of respect and honesty that wasn’t there before. They respected him as their boss.

Kiryu was sitting patiently at his desk when the door to his office slammed open.

“Nii-san.” Kiryu rose from his seat to give him a bow, but Majima waved him off. His boss plopped into the chair in front of his desk.

“Came to check on my new foreman.”

Kiryu nodded. “I’m interviewing new men today. Someone’s scheduled to come in right about now. We’re low on manpower, but I’m still making sure we’ll hire good men. We’ll have them sign up for insurance and then get them trained as soon as we can.”

His boss grinned at him. “I was only expecting ya to help us in combat. Didn’t think y'ad actually take this job seriously. Glad we have a man as serious about his work as you, Kiryu-chan.”

“Its good what you’re doing here. Rehabilitating these delinquents so they can have proper jobs. They wont have to resort to petty crime for their income anymore. We’re making a difference.”

Majima scoffed. “It ain’t that deep, Kiryu-chan. And our company doesn’t exactly have the cleanest business practices. If that’s how you wanna see it, go ahead. I’m glad y'ave been enjoying the job. But,” He got up. “There are still certain duties that you haven’t been accomplishing.”

Kiryu stiffened and looked at him with concern. He’d done more than he had been asked to for the sake of the welfare of the employees and company. Majima had never assigned him any more formal responsibilities. “And what’s that?”

Ya have to fuck the boss,” Majima hissed.

Before he could even react, Majima was seated on top of Kiryu’s lap, straddling their hips together.

The Mad Dog pushed a gloved hand through Kiryu’s hair and splayed another on his chest. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out, Kiryu-chan. How long’s it been since y'ave gotten any action?”

He looked at Majima, dumbstruck. Kiryu’s face heated up at the question, but he was defiant with his scowl. “That,” He stuttered. “That doesn’t matter. I’ve been focusing on taking care Haruka and getting my life back together.”

“But who’s been taking care of you?” Majima whispered. He tilted Kiryu’s chin and Kiryu was surprised when Majima kissed him deeply. Taken aback, the sudden display of affection made his heart start hammering in his chest while his body tensed like a spring. A primed response from years of fighting. The adrenaline setting fire through his veins was something Kiryu hadn’t felt in a while.

Majima could feel how tense Kiryu was, and he kissed him slowly to try and melt it away. Kiryu hadn’t been kissed like that in years, and certainly not by Majima. Moments passed, but Kiryu tentatively began to welcome it. He put his hands on his slender hips and kissed Majima back, brushing their tounges together.

Majima started planting wet, open-mouthed kisses along Kiryu’s jawline. His hand slipped into Kiryu’s shirt as he spoke, an uncharacteristic softness to his voice. “I haven’t stopped thinking about ya since our fight in the arena.” He confessed. “I’ve missed you. None of the punks in Kamurocho have a cock as big as the Dragon of Dojima. None of them are enough for me. Not one of them are half as strong or half as rough as you.” He leaned in close, rolled his hips against Kiryu’s and whispered, “I know you’ve missed it too.”

His head was spinning. Majima’s lips on his sensitive skin, his beard brushing against his own stubble, combined with the rocking of their hips had fired up parts of Kiryu’s brain, parts of his body, that he’d been neglecting. He’d forgotten how good it felt to have a warm body sitting on his lap. He’d forgotten how good it was when it was with Majima. He knew how to fire Kiryu up, where to touch him, how hard to bite him, and how far to push him until Kiryu snapped and the both of them ended up covered in sweat, bruises, and semen.

Kiryu did miss it. He missed pounding into Majima and grinding against him in dark alleyways at night. He missed the smell of his cologne, the feel of his cold chains against his skin, and having the privilege of seeing his hannya tattoo. Kiryu’d never known a better lay in his life. He missed him.

Against his better judgement, Kiryu’s broad hands gripped at Majima’s ass. He responded by dragging their hips together and digging his fingertips into Majima’s flesh.

Majima’s hips circling against his, the friction of his slacks rubbing against Majima’s leather pants, his hot breath on him, so much Majima, made his mind short circuit. He couldn’t think. He barely heard him when Majima spoke again.

“So what’s it gonna be? Ya too good to fuck at work? Let’s go down to purgatory. We can be as loud as we want. And I’ve always wanted you to bend me over my desk.”

“Not now,” Kiryu croaked. “We’re on duty. We have a responsibility to the company.”

Majima took Kiryu’s jaw in his hand and tilted his neck. He rubbed their noses together affectionately. “Aww, you’re no fun, Kiryu-chan. What kind of boss would I be if I left you here sitting here alone with a hard-on?” To make his point, Majima pressed his erection flush against Kiryu’s. It was the most erotic thing he’d felt in months. He couldn’t stop his hips from jerking or the low moan that slipped past his mouth.

He could’ve pushed Majima off him, simply have stood up and left. But Kiryu didn’t want to. He couldn’t deny how much he wanted this.

“How about we compromise?” The heel of Majima’s hand pressed against his crotch. “I’ll jerk you off real quick, and we’ll have some real fun back at my place once your shift’s over.”

Kiryu’s chest felt tight, like he was starting to suffocate. It had been so long since he’d been intimate with anyone, since he’d even gotten off, and the feelings were too intense. Majima squeezed his clothed cock which sent another hot spark of arousal through his spine. He arched into the touch.

“Your men-,” Kiryu grunted.

“My boys,” Majima corrected, “Go through Nishida before going through me. And Nishida knows better than to walk in on us when we’re alone.”

At any moment, Kiryu’s interviewee could walk in. He could hear the loud construction undertaking outside and the chatter of men just outside the thin walls of the office building. It should have grounded Kiryu, but the thrill of getting caught only excited him further.

“Ok,” He finally decided. “Be quick.”

The Mad Dog kissed him deeply, forcing his tounge into Kiryu’s mouth until Kiryu found it hard to breathe. Gone was his previous sensual pace, now his lips moved against him hungrily and with purpose. Kiryu did his best to keep up and kiss back, but all he could do was focus on Majima’s palm rubbing against his crotch and the taste of his spit in his mouth. Majima bit and sucked Kiryu’s lower lip hard enough to draw blood.

Kiryu eventually had to pull away, his face was red and his breathing was ragged. Majima wasn’t phased at all, instead looking at Kiryu with a wickedly smug smile.

“You’re such a cherry boy, Kiryu. What are ya a teenager?” He dragged his fingers over Kiryu’s clothed cock. “You’re already so hard and I’ve barely even touched you.”

He shut his eyes as he felt his elder undoing his belt. Majima’s hands, now gloveless, pulled out his cock.

Majima pumped him with fast, hard strokes that left Kiryu panting and writhing with pleasure. It was rough, but the friction of Majima’s palm against his cock only had him pushing his hips deeper into Majima’s fist.

Majima was still looking at him with that shit-eating grin Kiryu desperately tried to look away from. Kiryu could tell this was giving him too much satisfaction, Majima was winning, but his own body betrayed him as his legs spread wider.

It was too much. The heat in the pit of his stomach finally exploded as Kiryu came all over Majima’s hand, his face red and teeth grit. Majima continued pumping him through his orgasm until Kiryu was groaning from over-sensitivity and had to slap his hand away.

Much to Kiryu’s disgust, Majima licked the semen off his hand and then tried to grab his face again.

“How about a goodbye kiss, Kiryu-chan?”

“Get off me.” Kiryu shoved Majima off him, and hurriedly tucked himself back in as the shame of what they’d done began to set in. Kiryu was acutely aware of the sweat rolling down his neck and the ache in his loins. He hoped to God that he didn’t look as disheveled as he felt. He needed to be a good leader for the company, and once again, Majima had pushed Kiryu off his path.

Kiryu was thankful that his candidate arrived so late.