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Dance With You

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I don't want to start a riot

I don't want to blaze a trail

I don't want to be a symbol

Or cautionary tale

I don't want to be a scapegoat

For people to oppose

What I want is simple

As far as wanting goes


“Hey.” Alice tapped on the window from the fire escape. Wearily, Gwen got up from her bed and let her in. “How was your day?”


Gwen rolled her eyes and fell back on the bed. “It was exhausting. All everyone talked about was the homecoming dance. As if the posters, banners, and morning announcements weren't enough.”


“Would you have wanted to go?” Alice sat next to her, concerned.


“Who would I have gone with? I don't do friends and if we went there'd be all this press about the ‘brave little lesbians.’”




“What does it matter?” Gwen threw up her hands. “They'd have blown it all out of proportion. It seems like we can't do anything that's just us anymore.”


“That is the problem with being a powered queer couple.” Alice put an arm around her.


Gwen pushed it off. “I know. I mean, why does my dimension have to be the homophobic one? We never get to do things simply, like most couples.”


“What would you have wanted?”


I don't need a big production

Streamers hanging in the air

I don't need to spend the night

With confetti in my hair

I don't need a room of people

That I don't really know

I just want to hold you

and never let you go




“What would you have wanted?” Alice stood up from the bed. “If you were in charge of it all, what would you have wanted?”


“I don't know.” Gwen sat up. “I would have wanted things to be simpler, I guess. There's all these committees that are in charge of this and that. I'd want something easier. Just a night sky.”


“What else?” Alice looked at her. “If you were going to plan out your dance, what else would you need?”


I just wanna dance with you

Let the whole world melt away

And dance with you

Who cares what other people say?

And when we’re through

No one can convince us we were wrong

All it takes is you and me

And a song


“Well,” Gwen stood up. “I don't think I'd need anything else really. Besides you of course.”


Alice grinned. “of course.”


Gwen stood up and took her hand. “All I want is a time for us just to be us. I would kill for one night away from villains, council meetings, official dinners. I want us to have a chance to relax.”


“Then let's do it.” Alice guided her toward the fire escape. “I'm sure the city can survive one night without their Spider Woman. After all,” she smiled coyly, “I believe I'm entitled to one evening with you on my own.”


Two people swaying slowly

Nothing more and nothing less

Why anybody fears that

Is anybody's guess


She opened the window and climbed out onto the fire escape. “Do you want to come?”


Gwen tossed her head and laughed. “Why not? After all,” she put an arm around her, “it's not like you can get up without me.”


Alice rolled her eyes. “You never know, I have my ways.”


The school’s roof was wide and flat. It was bare except for a shed and a few flower pots, barren of all things that could possibly resemble life.


Helping her up, Gwen gazed out across the rooftop and smiled. “It's perfect.”


Alice grinned, looking at her. “It is.”


The two made eye contact and burst into laughter.


“I have no idea how to start this. Do you know what you're supposed to do?”


Alice took her hands in hers and led her out to the center. “All you have to do is hold me.”


Gwen smiled. “I know how to do that much.”


They wouldn't have looked like much to a bird passing by. Gwen's sweatshirt hung loosely around her waist, her jeans clinging to her legs. Alice’s shirt and leggings held tightly to her sides, almost too small. Her sweater did just the opposite. Large and floppy, it turned her figure into a sort of shapeless lump.


Any onlooker wouldn't have glanced at the two. Swaying softly in the starlight, it would be hard to see them at all. No one would have seen the way their eyes shone, looking at each other or the way their arms held tight, too afraid to let go and lose it all. No one would have seen their hidden kiss, below the starry sky in their own homecoming dance.


No one saw anything.


And that's how they liked it.


I just wanna dance with you

Let the whole world melt away

And dance with you

Who cares what other people say?

And when we’re through

No one can convince us we were wrong

All it takes is you and me

And a song