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i'll keep you my (dirty) little secret

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everyone in this high school believed that jimin was simply just a nerd who studied all day, but they were all very wrong. little did they know that jimin cared more about his jock boyfriend than his actual grades. jimin only pretended to be a nerd to satisfy his parents.

he couldn't care less about school or his grades.

ever since he started dating namjoon, he was all he could think about. yes, it was quite unhealthy, but what could he say? it was love!

how they started dating, well to put it simply, jimin and namjoon were actual neighbors for years now. ever since middle school, they've been neighbors but hardly ever paid attention to each other. one day, a small incident happened and caused them to talk. a fire started to spark between them by then..

jimin realized that not all jocks were jerks. some jocks were actually very sweet and soft, just like namjoon. namjoon was the best boyfriend jimin could ever have. namjoon couldn't care less if jimin was a nerd or a damn punk! he thought jimin was the most adorable human he had ever seen, and of course he had to make jimin his. and he did.

only that their relationship was a secret for almost a year now. jimin's parents were mostly at fault here. what would they think if their lovely son dated a jock?!

namjoon also wanted to avoid unnecessary remarks and comments from their fellow classmates. what would they think if popular jock kim namjoon dated the school nerd? yes, jimin was very cute indeed, but he was an actual loner. he only had one friend at school.

“are you not ready yet, dear?“ jimin heard his mother call for him, sighing since he had to get out of bed already. usually, he woke up early, but today he wasn't in the mood. soon enough, exams would start again and he would have to study. he wouldn't be able to go out on dates with namjoon like they usually do.

“i'm up~“ jimin announced, trying to sound cheerful. as he got up, he ate his breakfast quickly and rushed outside. he wanted to meet up with namjoon as they usually do. “see you later, mom~“

jimin was now outside, glancing at the house next door, waiting for namjoon to come out. as he heard a familiar voice, he saw namjoon come out. namjoon just smiled at him sweetly, showing off his dimples that made jimin melt everytime, “did you wait for long, baby?“ namjoon approached him. they walked a bit further away, so their parents wouldn't be able to see them anymore, “n-no, i was actually a bit late today!“

“hm, why?“

jimin just shrugged, “guess i was tired?“

namjoon just chuckled, “i guess you're not excited for the upcoming exams~“ namjoon realized that it was that time of the year. he knew how much jimin hated exams.

“of course not! you're lucky you don't have to study! all you have to do is kick a damn ball!“ namjoon could tell jimin was a little angry. he thought jimin was adorable when he was mad. like a little kitty whining. “it's not that easy to kick a ball, you know. “ namjoon replied, teasing him. jimin just pouted, “i guess you know better than me,“

namjoon let go of jimin's hands as they arrived at school. they made sure that no one saw them holding hands and talking casually like this to each other,“i'll text you later, baby~“ namjoon reminded jimin and he just nodded, “i will too!“

they both smiled at each other sweetly and entered the school separately. this was their daily routine. but they didn't mind so much.

sometimes secret relationships were fun. sometimes not.

“ah, park jiminie~i was waiting for you. what happened and you're so late today?“ jimin heard his friend call out for him, rolling his eyes. taehyung was always so loud and cheerful, it pissed jimin off sometimes. jimin only pretended to be sweet and kind. he hated almost everyone in his school.

maybe the only people he liked were, his boyfriend and taehyung.

all the others, he couldn't care less about them.

“taetae, don't be so loud, it's still early in the morning!“ jimin whined and taehyung just giggled, “what-or WHO kept you up at night? because it's obvious you haven't slept well, jimin-ah~“ taehyung wiggled his eyebrows at jimin, making him roll his eyes again. but taehyung was right.

jimin was talking with namjoon all night yesterday. he liked hearing his voice late at night.

“s-shut up! you know i'm not seeing a-anyone..“ jimin lied to him once again. he knew taehyung wouldn't say anything if he found out, but jimin couldn't tell him the truth just yet. he was a little scared.

“then..were you playing games or something?“ taehyung insisted, wanting to find the truth. “ah! stop being so nosy, brat! let's get to class alread-y“ jimin started to stutter feeling a little cornered by his friend. he just chuckled seeing his reaction, “kay~i'll let you go, for now~“

they finally headed to class. as they entered the classroom, their classmates as usual blatantly ignored them, not even greeting them with a good morning. jimin noticed that namjoon was already in class as well. namjoon glanced at him briefly, smiling at him. jimin tried to give him a smile as well, but immediately stopped when he heard taehyung talk to him.

the class ended and all students headed to the cafeteria. jimin really needed something to eat to regain his energy.

jimin sat on the cafeteria with taehyung as usual. jimin saw the usual jocks enter the cafeteria. they were loud and annoying as usual. jimin tended to avoid jocks, since most of them were mean to him. the only jock he liked was namjoon. he was very different from them.

jimin frowned a little when he didn't see his lovely boyfriend with them. where was namjoon?

“looking for someone, jiminie?“ taehyung teased his friend again. jimin just hit him on the chest, “n-no! stop it, tae!“

taehyung just continued eating his sandwich, jimin as well, wanting to avoid any cheeky remarks from his friend again. he just patiently waited for namjoon to show up. he wondered where he was.

finally, after five minutes, namjoon entered the cafeteria. namjoon looked quite exhausted. jimin figured he was probably practicing on the track field. namjoon passed by jimin, looking at him for a while, making jimin choke on his sandwich.

usually, namjoon tried not to be so obvious with jimin in public, but jimin noticed namjoon was acting bold today.

“you okay, jimin-ah?“ taehyung tried to calm jimin down after he almost choked on his food, “i'm f-fine, j-just didn't swallow properly.. “

“did you notice too? that jock definitely just checked you out as he passed by!“ taehyung said to jimin. jimin was thankful he wasn't eating anymore, because he would definitely be choking on his food again. was namjoon this obvious that taehyung noticed too?

“h-he was probably looking at the cheerleaders table, close to us..“ jimin pointed to the table close to them subtly, “hm, maybe you're right..“ taehyung didn't sound fully convinced, but jimin didn't know what else to say as an excuse.

he just wondered why was his boyfriend acting so bold today?

“but have you seen him? i swear he's so hot- i mean his ass and his full lips, bet he could put them into some good use-“ namjoon overheard a very ridiculous conversation of his teammates as he sat down on the table with them, “who are you talking about?“ namjoon wondered, as he took a bite of his sandwich. usually, his teammates only talked about girls, so he was genuinely surprised.

“you know about that nerd, park jimin!“ he replied, making namjoon choke on his food as well. he couldn't believe what he just heard. this was the first time he had ever heard his teammates talk about HIS jimin.

were they out of their minds?

namjoon was furious.

they were basically objectifying jimin, talking about his body in the worst way. he was trying so hard to control himself and not snap on them.

“haha, i thought you guys weren't interested in boys anyway?“ namjoon replied awkwardly, trying so hard not to show that he was affected by this, “i guess that nerd is an exception. i mean..bro, have you seen him? he looks so feminine for a guy! it makes even straight guys fall for him!“ namjoon's eyes widened hearing his teammates repulsive words.

“namjoon-ah, are you okay? you look like you've seen a ghost or something- “ hoseok, one of namjoon's teammates pointed out, sounding quite concerned. hoseok was one of the few jocks namjoon actually liked.

yes, namjoon was the captain of the football team, but he hated most of his teammates. he only liked hoseok.

“um, i'm fine. i guess i was just surprised by his words.“ namjoon fake laughed again, trying so hard to convince everyone. they all stared at him for a minute, “i-i have some things to take care of, regarding our team, so i'll be going now. “ namjoon lied to them, so he could get out of there as soon as possible. he couldn't stand hearing them talk about jimin this way.

is this how everyone viewed jimin? as an object?

it really disgusted namjoon. he wished he could just go to jimin at that moment and hug him. but he couldn't.

namjoon passed by jimin's table again, seeing him giggle with his friend. he smiled subtly at them and exited the cafeteria. at least, he could trust taehyung. he knew taehyung would never say such things about his jimin.


“joonie!“ jimin ran to his boyfriend, seeing him wait for him outside of the school. most students had already left as school finished, so they could finally see each other again. namjoon gave him a short kiss on the lips as he approached, smiling at him “hey, how was your day today, baby?“

“fine, was the know?“ jimin just shrugged, making namjoon chuckle. he wasn't expecting jimin to say anything else.

as they started to walk together, namjoon suddenly asked him something he wanted to ask for a while now.

“jimin. babe..c-can i ask you something?“

“sure, what is it?“ jimin looked up to his boyfriend, wondering what was up with him. he was definitely acting strange today. while they were walking together, namjoon couldn't keep his hands to himself. he still had his arms wrapped around jimin, “y-you know..has anyone...e-ever flirted with you at school? ever said anything rude?“

jimin's eyes widened hearing his question. he just shook his head, “no..i don't think so. but why are you asking me this, joonie?“

namjoon sighed out of relief, “ah, it's nothing. don't worry about it.“ namjoon reassured his boyfriend. he felt somehow relieved knowing that none of his teammates have tried to hit on him....yet.

“anyway, joon! should we go on a date tonight? you know..before exams start again..“ jimin suggested to him and namjoon smiled at him softly, “sure, what time?“

“midnight? also bring your bike with you!“ jimin said making namjoon chuckle. it had been a while ever since they went on a bike date at midnight. usually, they went on dates at such hours so they wouldn't get caught by their parents.

“yeah, will do baby. i'll call you later~“ namjoon gave jimin a sweet kiss again, then finally let go of him. they finally arrived home. jimin just smiled at him as namjoon entered his place. jimin was now home as well.

he couldn't wait for their date tonight.


“jimin!“ namjoon almost whispered seeing his boyfriend run to him all cutely, “your bike is okay now, right? last time we went on a ride it broke down!“ jimin giggled cutely. he remembered how much namjoon was whining on that night. he basically had to carry his bike on his way home.

“nah, i fixed ever since then. but, jimin..aren't you cold? what you're wearing is light!“ namjoon pointed out, staring at his outfit, “oh, i'm okay!“ jimin reassured him, “if you say so, then let's go~“

they both went on their bikes, riding next to each other at midnight. it wasn't so cold but not too warm either. they could both feel the breeze hit them in the face as they rode. they were planning to stop at the park close to them, the park they usually used to hang out at midnight.

in this park, there was only namjoon and jimin.

“oh-it's as peaceful as ever in this park.“ jimin noticed as he parked his bike. namjoon did the same. “yeah, i guess this is why it's an ideal place for our dates here.“

“joonie-“ jimin was about to say something when he felt namjoon wrap his arms around him again. jimin noticed that namjoon was acting quite overprotective today. he wondered why.

“l-let's go sit over there, wanna talk to you about some things..“ jimin just nodded and let his boyfriend guide him to the nearest bench. there was not a single soul in this park except them, but they both didn't mind.

it was better this way.

“so? what's wrong? you've been acting weird today?“ jimin told him and namjoon just sighed. he realized he had to tell him about this..or at least try.

“it's just....jimin, if someone ever bothered you at school, you would tell me about it. right?“ namjoon repeated his words from before. jimin wondered why namjoon kept asking him the same question. was he worried about something?

“namjoonie~haven't i told you so many times? people barely pay attention to me! i only talk with taehyungie!“ jimin reassured him. but namjoon couldn't say that he was relieved. he heard what his teammates were saying about him.

jimin didn't know that his teammates were basically objectifying him.

but how could he tell him?

“ah..okay, i'm sorry. just had a weird day today, that's all..“ jimin remained silent, still wondering what happened to namjoon today. “jimin-ah..c'mere.“ namjoon pulled jimin closer to him, positioning him on his lap,

“what-“ jimin squeaked a little, surprised by his actions. it had been a while ever since they were this close with each other.

“i've missed..y-you, haven't you missed me too, jimin-ah?“ namjoon murmured, nuzzing his face into jimin's neck, making him shiver a little. was he shivering because of the summer breeze or was it namjoon's wonderful deep voice?

“i've missed you too, joonie! more!“ jimin exclaimed way too quickly making namjoon chuckle. jimin really was adorable, namjoon thought. without saying anything, namjoon started planting sweet kisses to jimin's neck, making him squirm a little. he secretly loved it when jimin got all squirmy and excited under his touch.

“a-ah, but joon~what if someone sees-m-maybe we shouldn't do this here-“ jimin whined, namjoon continued kissing him fully unbothered. he wanted to mark jimin and he didn't care if someone found out about it tomorrow.

“no one will see. it's just the two of us here, baby. “ namjoon reassured him, and continued kissing jimin, now some hickeys were formed into jimin's neck. namjoon liked calling them love bites mostly.

he thought they looked pretty on jimin's pretty neck.

“joonie~want to kiss you too!“ jimin almost demanded in the cutest way. of course, namjoon let him. he enjoyed jimin's affections too, “go ahead, baby. i'm all yours~“ namjoon pulled away, admiring all the pretty love bites he created on jimin's neck and collarbones.

jimin wrapped his small hands around namjoon's neck, nuzzling his face close to his neck softly. namjoon felt jimin's plump lips kissing his neck gently. jimin's lips always felt so soft and pretty, namjoon couldn't help but groan. he missed jimin.

jimin was about to abandon kissing namjoon's neck, heading for his pretty lips, when they were interrupted by jimin's phone buzzing. who the hell was texting him at almost 1am?

it made both of them jump slightly.

“ah, geez. gave me a damn heart attack~“ namjoon whined. jimin took his phone out from his pocket, checking who it was. jimin rolled his eyes when he noticed it was just taehyung.

“it's just taehyungie, that idiot isn't sleeping yet and he's texting me about that one silly video game he likes. he recently bought that new playstation or whatever it's called!“ jimin explained to namjoon about the text. namjoon just chuckled, “at least your friend is not making out with someone at 1am in the middle of nowhere~“ namjoon teased him with a grin, jimin just slapped him in the chest softly, “you started kissing me out of nowhere, joonie! you're the one who's thirsty~“

“guess you're right. ah..but i think we shouldn't continue this. if we take off our clothes, you might get cold, baby~“ namjoon pushed jimin off from his lap gently, now sitting next to him instead.

it wasn't that cold outside, but he didn't mind. namjoon was cute when he was overprotective, jimin thought.

“should we go home then?“ jimin suggested as he held namjoon's hand. he liked holding hands with him every chance he had. namjoon's hands were a bit bigger than his, so it made him feel smaller.

“yeah, you need your beauty sleep as well, don't you?“ namjoon got up, still holding onto jimin's small hands, “you need to rest too! for your upcoming match!“ jimin reminded him and namjoon just grumbled, “ah, god. don't remind me. i already am super nervous about this.. “

“you will do fine, joonie! like you always do!“ jimin kissed his cheek sweetly to reassure him. namjoon just smiled shyly, “ha, you always say this to me before i have a match. what a cute boyfriend you are..“

“of course i am~“

and after their midnight bike date, they finally headed home. both trying to sneak in and not get caught by their parents.

sometimes, it was fun to be in a secret relationship. sometimes not.

it was fun for them to sneak in sometimes.


jimin woke up a bit late once again, but luckily for him, his mother didn't scold him about it this time. jimin quickly washed and got dressed up so he could meet with namjoon.

until he received a text from him.


hey baby. i might be a little late today cus i need to buy some stuff for the team before i come to school, so pls dont wait up for me today sorry :( love u

jimin just pouted reading his text. he usually liked walking to school everyday with him. but whatever.

it was only for today. he could manage.


it's okie~ have fun joonie ^.^ i love u 2

he texted him back and put his phone in his pocket.

jimin headed outside, on his way to school. he felt a little lonely not having namjoon by his side, but he didn't mind. he would be seeing him in a few hours anyway.


jimin entered the gates of his school, now roaming around the halls, heading for his locker.

he was met with some buff guy. he recognized him. he was definitely a jock, specifically from namjoon's football team.

he started to panic a little, wondering what the guy wanted. did he know about their relationship? did he want to beat him up? what did he want?

“um, could you pleave move? i want to open my locker.“ jimin said to him bluntly, the guy glared at him angrily, “oh? so this is how you speak? you little-“

“come with me.“ the guy demanded, suddenly grabbing jimin roughly, guiding him to some corner close to them, so no one else could see them, “j-jerk! what the hell are you doing! don't touch me-“ jimin protested but the guy just laughed at him. jimin knew he wasn't strong enough to fight him.

jocks were always like this.

strong and stupid.

“since you're acting so brave, now that we're here no one can save you! now get down on your knees. “ jimin's eyes widened hearing his command. what was that jock implying?

the jock grabbed jimin's hair roughly, not giving him a chance to protest, bringing jimin down to his knees. jimin could see the jock unzipping his pants hesitantly. jimin thought he was going to be sick.

what was happening?

“i'd never want to suck your dick, you stupid jock!“ jimin tried so hard to avoid the jock. he noticed he wasn't completely exposed to his dick yet and was thankful.

he'd rather die than give a blowjob to a jerk like him.

jimin knew he wasn't as physically strong as he was, but he wouldn't give up. he'd try to fight him anyway.

“huh?! but why not, you little twink? i know you're one of them! it's obvious that you like cock!“ jimin didn't know if he should laugh or cry hearing his repulsive words. yes, he was into guys, but that didn't mean that he would let any guy assault him like this. he wasn't an object.

jimin was human as well.

“just suck me off and get on with it already, you little f-“ jimin closed his eyes immediately as he saw the jock finally take his boxers off, making him gag a little. the jock was still holding onto him tightly, not giving him a chance to get up or run away. he wished there was a way to escape.

“what the hell are you doing, __ ?“ the jock suddenly let go of jimin, putting his clothes back on when he heard a familiar voice. jimin also recognized that voice. it was his boyfriend, namjoon.

he was so thankful.

“ah, namjoon! i-i wasn't doing anything, just showing this little nerd loser how to-“ the jock was obviously embarrassed about the whole situation, jimin couldn't help but laugh. he really was pathetic.

some seconds ago, he was threatening jimin and acting manly, now he was trembling.

“get the hell out of here. and don't you dare touch jimin again. i'll kick you out of the team if i see you around him! got it?“ namjoon spoke a bit louder than usual. the jock just nodded in fear and ran away.

namjoon helped jimin get up and pulled him into his embrace.

“ah, geez. jimin-are you okay baby? i was gone for an hour and this is what happens..“ namjoon was disappointed in himself. he knew he should have told jimin about the jocks lusting over him, but he didn't know how to tell him.

jimin just shook his head. “it's not your fault, joonie. jocks..are like that, most of the time. i guess all jocks except you~“

“but..jimin, are you sure you're alright? that jerk literally had you on your knees and the way he was holding you-oh my god! i can't believe that jerk-i'm definitely going to kick him out of the team and-“

“calm down, joon! i'm big deal.“ jimin reassured him, seeing him so furious. jimin thought it wasn't as bad as it seemed. but namjoon thought otherwise.

he wanted to beat up this jock so bad. he was so angry.

but he tried to control his anger for jimin.

he knew jimin wouldn't like it if namjoon got in trouble for this.

jimin remained in namjoon's arms for some minutes, trying to calm down from this very traumatizing incident. as they heard the bell ring, they separated from each other's arms. they had to go to class.

that meant that jimin would be seeing that jock again.

but namjoon reassured him.

“stay by my side, jimin. i don't care if the others talk or whatever. you can bring your friend along too. just don't interact with that jerk for today. i'll teach him a lesson tomorrow!“ namjoon said to jimin, making him wonder what he meant by that.

tomorrow was the football match.

jimin knew it was an important match for namjoon.

if their school team won, they would definitely win the school championship.

what was namjoon planning?

“what-“ jimin was as confused as ever.

“oh. and i always show up at my football matches in secret to support me, but tomorrow, please do not come in secret. find a front row seat. i have a surprise!“ namjoon said to jimin, surprising him again.

namjoon was definitely planning something for tomorrow. something big.


tomorrow came and things were a little better. the whole day yesterday, jimin was by namjoon's side, with taehyung as well. he felt safe around namjoon and his friend taehyung. he could see some other jocks stare at him weirdly, but he ignored them. other cheerleaders of the school also gossiped about him but he just ignored them.

he wondered how would they react if they knew that he was actually dating namjoon. that they weren't just friends.

“taetae~thank you for coming with me!“ jimin said as he saw his friend approach the gates of the stadium. it was finally time for the football match. jimin already spoke with namjoon before, giving him lots of support.

“but how come you came to see the match? i thought you hated football. “ taehyung was as clueless as ever making jimin giggle. even yesterday, sitting on the cafeteria with namjoon, taehyung was still as clueless as ever. he didn't understand why namjoon wanted to suddenly hang out with his friend, park jimin.

was jimin hiding something from him? he definitely did, taehyung thought.

“w-well, this match is important for our school, so i thought to come!“ jimin lied, coming up with the lamest excuse. luckily for him, taehyung believed him, “hm- oh! here's your jock friend!“ taehyung pointed at namjoon, seeing him emerge on the field. jimin felt his cheeks redden slightly. namjoon always looked very handsome in his football clothes.

“s-stop! i told you we're jus-t neighbors.. “ that's what jimin and namjoon said to taehyung as an excuse yesterday, which was partially true.

“o-oh the game is starting!“ jimin pointed out, hearing everyone's loud cheers. he could also see the cheerleaders on the side, starting their choreo and chanting. sometimes jimin wondered how would it be if he was a cheerleader.

he often fantasized about wearing a cheerleader costume while namjoon was in his football uniform-

then, he started to blush.

his lewd thoughts were interrupted by his loud friend next to him. apparently, their school team already managed to score one point.

“oh-great!“ jimin's eyes were only on namjoon, observing his every move. jimin knew how much football meant to him. he prayed that they would win this match. if namjoon was happy, jimin was as well.

he liked seeing his boyfriend happy.

as time went by, their footbal team remained on the winning side. there were only 5 minutes left until the game ended. jimin continued watching closely, fingers crossed for namjoon to win. he was already feeling so giddy inside, he knew victory was close.

and after the five minutes, the game was finally over.

their school won. everyone along jimin and taehyung cheered as loud as they could for them. jimin thought he had gone deaf for a moment.

then, namjoon, as the captain of the football team he was, had to make a speech about their victory.

jimin couldn't help but smile widely seeing him hold the mic. he didn't mind if taehyung was eyeing him weirdly at this moment. he just felt so proud of his boyfriend.

“and, yes. thanks to our great team, we've managed to win! thanks to all of my lovely teammates and our hard work!“ namjoon thanked his teammates like any other captain would do and continued with his short speech. the crowd wondered what else he would say,

“also, i would like to thank my boyfriend, who is currently sitting in the front row over there! park jimin, i love you! thank you for always supporting me!“ namjoon pointed at jimin's direction making the whole stadium gaze over his side. jimin could feel everyone's eyes on him.

but was this actually happening? was it a dream?

did namjoon actually just announce that his boyfriend was the loser nerd of the school park jimin?

he thought he was dreaming. taehyung kept poking him trying to make him come to his senses.

“jiminie!~jiminie~he's coming here! he's coming to you!“ taehyung was more than excited seeing namjoon approach them. everyone's eyes still on them. jimin was practically frozen, still shocked by the current situation. he felt like crying from happiness.

“hey baby~why are you tearing up?“ namjoon pouted slightly, seeing his boyfriend tear up. “i'm just-so happy, that's all!“ jimin replied to him, his voice sounding small. he was crying but was definitely the happiest.

it was definitely a moment in his life that he would always remember.

“i love you! so much!“ namjoon suddenly leaned in, kissing jimin in front of everyone. some gasps from the crowd could be heard, making taehyung chuckle.

he was really enjoying this.

right now, taehyung was happy since his friend was happy as well. he didn't mind that his friend had lied to him. he figured out the reason why jimin probably hid their relationship from him.

namjoon left the stadium with jimin by his side, holding his hand tightly. he could see so many people gossiping about them, but he didn't mind.

as long as he was with jimin, he couldn't care less about anyone else. from now on, they could act like a proper couple and not care about what everyone would think. they could hold hands, hug, talk, laugh, even kiss each other!

their relationship was no longer a secret and they couldn't be more happier about it.

as long as they had each other, everything would be okay.