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For once can we act we can't

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phantom theives chat

Panther: why did we agree to do this?!?

Skull: it's  the right thing to do Ann

Joker: in the words of ryuji "The cops ain't gonna do shit"


Joker: he is using people's talents to become famous and plagiarize the creations of those students

Pather:... your right

Skull: hey akira quick question

Joker: and I have an answer

Skull: did ya say something about kitagawa?

Joker: ...maybe

Panther: gay

Skull: gay

Joker this is abuse

Panther: only to you

Joker: shit you rite

Panther: hay akira?

Joker: no I can't switch places with you

Panther: pussy

Joker: bitch

Skull: listen ladies your great in all but shut the eef off

Panther says you hoe

Joker: good fucking luck

Panther: thanks I guess

May 19th In madarame's palace

(3rd pov)

"I'm worried about those two, I hope they make it out" Ryuji said waiting for his other teammates while Akira looked around for any enemies lurking. "I'm a bit worried for yusuke as well" Akira said turning his attention towards Ryuji until a scream interrupt the conversation. "Jesus christ-" Ryuji said as two figures fell from the sky. "Well damn panther way to make an entrance" akira said while Ryuji stood there in shock, and then Mona descended from the sky hitting yusuke on the head. "Well that escalated quickly" ryuji said. "Hey will you let go of me already" Ann yelled while in yusuke's arm then hitting him and now ended up out cold. "ANN YOU KILLED HIM!!!!" Akira yelled while Ann started to panic.

~few minutes later~

"HE LIVES" Ann yells as yusuke starts to sit up, "who are you all?" He questions looking at everyone. Ann trying to help while Ryuji and Akira just stood there questioning to how and why. "I don't remember the cat costume before?" Yusuke said looking and up and down. "Kinky" akira mumble under his breath and ryuji tried to cover his laugh with a cough, Ann shot a glare at the both of them before answering yusuke questions and trying to help him understand where he is and how madarame truly feels. "If everything you say is true...Then the sensei I know doesn't exist" yusuke said really sad and still wanted to denied it but he could not run from it not again. "We need to get out of here" Morgana said. Akira started to lead them out hoping to get Yusuke out to safety. "It's quiet...too quiet" Ryuji said before madarame shadow showed up and Yusuke awaken his persona.

May 19 after place exploration

Phantom theives chat

Joker: fuck me that was very artistic

Panther: it fit him very well

Skull: is he one of us?

Joker: for now yes

Panther: shit I left majority of my clothes at his place

Skull: wait that was your plan

Joker: so you looked like that one chick from Willy Wonka?

Skull: Ann.jpg

Panther: wow rude

Joker: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A/n: a decision that may come bit me in the ass, so at the moment I might be going to fan x in September and will be and idiot running around and might change and update this differently idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~doll

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May 20th after palace exploration 

phantom theives chat

Joker: I am tired of getting buttfucked by the shadows in the palace

Skull: it fucking sucks why do they have to be their

Panther: what about trying to find the right painting??

Joker: I get the painting is important but if I have to look at it one more time I am gonna lose it

Joker: but we will bring justice to those he has wrong

Panther: lets hope we do this right

Skull: hell yeah

Joker: Ann add Yusuke 

Panther: Kay

Panther added Yusuke Kitagawa to the phantom theives chat

Joker changed Yusuke Kitagawa name to fox

Joker: one of us

Panther: one of us

Skull: one of us

Fox: I suddenly regret joining the phantom theives

Joker: too late your stuck with us


Skull: he broken

Panther:he will fit in just right

Joker: so everyone ready for tomorrow, callin card and all??? 

Fox: yes

Skull: ye

Panther: yea

Joker: time for justice

may 22 palace explorations

(3rd pov) 

"It's time" Akira said getting into position, his team headed into their locations. They were close to taking the treasure. Ann and ryuji had to kill the lights, yusuke had to secure Morgana onto the claw above the treasure, all akira had to do was lower Morgana. The plan went into action as the lights went down. "Joker now" Yusuke said has Akira pulled the switch. The phantom thieves regroup and started to leave but something was off. Morgana being the one who likes the treasure the most wanted to see what was underneath the cloth. While the others examined the treasure yusuke saw the trap.  "GET BACK!!" yusuke yelled he and ann move out of the way to one side , Morgana and ryuji in the front, while Akira backflip to safety. Madarame came out with two guards one holding his treasure. 

(Yusuke's pov)

'What cause him to become this, why did he used kids the way he did, why did he use me, why am I important' I thought over and over every time I look at him, I felt pain and betrayed by the man who raised me. "... Now I think back the only reason I took you in was due to the ties I had with your mother" Madarame didn't break eye contact with me as he continued. "That woman never lost her passion for painting even after her husband died" I was shocked and felt another pair of eyes on me but I couldn't dare look away from this man. "Your mother and the artwork she created-they're all MY works of art!" I felt my anger rise even more. Madarame showed us his treasure the genuine real sayuri, my own mother's self portrait. How dare he ruin the truth and how dare he lie about my mother's painting. "I can't believe you're treating both mother and son like they're objects... You're inhumane!" Ann shouted.  I couldn't bare looking at him gazing at the ground and all I could ask of he got rid of her as well. "She just so happened to have a seizure in front of me. That's when a thought crossed my mind... If I don't call for help and leave her be, I could obtain her painting without any strings attached" Madarame answer. This man let my mother die all for fame and riches, the same man who took me in and raised me. "You killed her...! " I yelled, I was beyond mad ready to kill but I will not go to his level. "Every reason for me to forgive you has disappeared without a trace at this moment! You aren't some rotten artist... You're a despicable fiend who wears the skin of an artist!" I yelled at him, he can't use me anymore. "It time to take your heart and make you repent your sins" Akira said getting ready to fight. 

may 21 after palace exploration

Akira Kusuru -->Yusuke Kitagawa

Ak: yusuke how are you feeling? 

Yk: let's see my foster father basically killed my mother and stole her painting and used me as well so terrible

Ak: I'm sorry that madarame is a dick and he will now answer to those he wrong

Yk: I need to thank you all

Ak: no you don't no thanking is necessary we do what is right

Yk: alright I should get some sleep

Ak: same let me know if anything happens

Yk: very well 


One big family

Dad: Akira we will be stopping in s9me time this week

Smart parent: it was supposed to be a surprise

Best aunt: you should know he couldn't keep it

Child: okay see you guys soon


A/n: the decision did bit my butt cause now I'm broke and not ready for the panel TWT it was worth it~doll

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may 23 after school

phantom thieves chat

Skull: yo @fox how is madarame? 

Fox: his demeanor has soften a bit at the moment

Skull: cool 

Joker: let us know if something happens okay

Fox: will do

Joker: @panther how is your girlfriend

Panther: she's great and telling me about one of her teachers who is nice

Skull: careful you might lose her to him

Panther: naw she told me he is gay and has a lovely family

Fox: this is the one girl who called during one of the meet ups

Panther: yeah she is

Joker: Ann like showing off her gf

Panther: Exposed.png

Skull: anyways Akira I need to talk to you about something

Joker: it's got to wait for tomorrow

Skull: wtf why

Joker: I'm talking to boss

Fox: boss? 

Joker: I live above a coffee shop and I call the owner boss

Panther: doesn't your aunt work with him

Joker: yep but she spending some time with my dad cause it's been awhile since she last saw him

Panther: that is sad

Joker: very

Fox: i feel very out of the loop

Joker: don't worry you will met her someday, I got to go night

Skull: see ya

Fox: good 

Panther: night

may 24th lunch time

(Akira's POV) 

I found a nice quiet area with a bench, some vending machines, and a few tables. I sat on the bench about to pull my phone out when ryuji walks up to me, fuck I forgot that ryuji needed to talk to me. "Hey, there you are" Ryuji says, " Need something ryuji?" I ask having a feeling he needs something. "I need your help with something..."  Ryuji stops talking to look around, oh no. "I found this flyer stuffed in my mailbox" He continues and shows me a maid housecleaning service flyer, 'ryuji what the actual fuck'. ""Housekeeping service"! It says that a cute maid will do anything for you!" Ryuji said. "Ryuji-" I start before he cuts me off. "A maid, dude! A MAID! Who'll do ANYTHING for us" Ryuji said excited. "Right?..Right!? ", "...what do you want me to do?" I said knowing he will drag me along. "We should give it a try" He said looking very happy, "luckily,  some guy on my floor just moved out so there's a vacant apartment in my complex. The key is right behind the mailbox, so we can get in any time. The landlord seriously doesn't care" Ryuji said as he basically explained his plan. "... Hey, I heard that" Mishima yelled from a short distance away. Great Mishima wants in on this adventure explaining it's for "research". With everything all plan they leave me to my devices, "now let's get those embers" I said running a certain app. 

may 25th after school

phantom thevies chat

joker: I no longer know ryuji or Mishima

Skull: I said I was sorry Akira

Joker you fucks Abandon me when the maid showed up

Panther: what the fuck is going on

Joker: ryuji wanted to use a maid service and I got dragged along and Mishima wanted some damn research to see if they were corrupted

Skull: I'm sorry

Joker: you fuckers ditched me and I dealt with it in a fine way

Fox: ryuji why are you so stupid? 

Skull: wanna fight? 

Panther: ryuji Abandoning our leader

Joker: more @ eleven

Skull: I did not come here to get bullied guys

Joker: Talkshitgethit.jpg

Skull: I hate you

Joker: the feelings mutual

may 26th  Evening

phantom thieves chats

Skull: Akira are you still mad at me?!? 

Joker: idk was Kali still mad when the battle was over between the asuras? 

Skull: wtf I don't know

Joker: the answer is no and they had to grab her husband for help

Panther: I am confused, Akira what are you talking about? 

Joker: Kali the Hindu goddess of death, wife of Shiva 

Joker: SmiteKali.jpg 

Skull: why smite? 

Joker:... Cause the art style is great, but in all seriousness look her up

Panther: Akira wtf

Fox: this is something knew

Panther: tell me about it

Fox: the art style original done for Kali was beautiful and yet terrifying and yet Akira found one where it still radiates her fear yet she is more covered

Joker: she is bad as but I didn't think Ann would appreciate Kali without a top on even if nothing is show still gonna respect

Panther: she seems badass

Fox: well she is a goddess of death and destruction, married to shiva the God of destruction

Skull: why is there two gods of destruction?!? 

Joker: She is an avatar of his first wife so in some tellings she is stated to be his wife, who is supposed to be kinda like his female half

Panther: damn well it's late talk to you all tomorrow

Fox: good night Ann

Skull: see ya

Joker: night ann





 A/n: sorry this took so long many things happen and I took a huge break just to cry, but I did get to go to fanx it was fun and please be nice to my coment section it's been awhile since I studied Hindu myths so if I got anything wrong please tell me ~doll