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Izuku Ate a Tesseract

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Izuku was so excited! UA, the best school he could possibly get into, and he was going there! As a student this time! He had already thanked Nedzu a thousand times for letting him in on recommendation. Not that he wouldn’t have done well on the entrance exam, it was, well, more like he still wanted other people to get in. His kind were really rare, and he was a smart one, so when Nedzu had taken him under his wing (Paw?) he couldn’t have been more grateful. Learning his powers hadn’t been easy, both sets of them. 

But now he was here! Really here! And oh no he was going to be sick. Too many nerves. What if they didn’t like him? Creature discrimination hadn’t been a real danger in years, but it still made him nervous. Especially when his kind were already a rarity. 

He stopped at the door that was much bigger than he was. Probably for creatures that were bigger than the average human. Ok. He could do this. He wasn’t going to be sick. He was going to walk in and meet the people he’d be spending the next three years with. Ok. 

So Izuku took a deep breath, and opened the door. Only to be greeted with two angry mages. The door was promptly slammed shut. Nope. Not dealing with that. He did not want to deal with Kacchan right now. Not when his wild magic was already firing off in his palms. And he recognized the other one, the boy with innate superspeed. He was the younger brother of Ingenium, Iida Tensei. 

See, in their world, nearly everyone has a type of magic or power, usually called a Quirk. There were different variants, all of which were interesting. First were the normal people that had magic. They had a designated type and couldn’t perform it outside of that, but everyone was interesting and exceedingly interesting. They made up the most amount of magic users. Second were the people who had mutations because of their magic, mostly to use it properly. Third, and final, were the creatures. Beings that held a resemblance to humans and were either full or part creature of some sort. Their powers could technically be called a Quirk, but it wasn't especially accurate. 

Izuku was the third type. 

“Oh, hello!” A chipper voice piped up from Izuku’s right. He turned, and saw a girl. “You’re in 1-A too, right?”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

“Sooo why’re you standing out here?”

“I, er, people a-are fighting. I d-didn’t want to try and go pass, passed them.”

“If you’re here to socialize, you can leave.”

Izuku stifled his yelp as something talked from the floor. Looking down, he saw his teacher. He had met Aizawa-sensei before, but him and his sleeping bag (which Izuku mentally dubbed the caterpillar cocoon) still managed to surprise him a lot. He also knew he found it amusing to see students reactions to it on the first day.

“Get to your seats,” Aizawa-sensei told them. Izuku hurried inside, finding himself behind Kacchan. The girl was on the other side of the classroom. 

Aizawa then rolled to the front of the classroom and stood up, somehow still inside his sleeping bag, before unzipping it and stepping out. The rest of the class was silent, though Izuku had a feeling Kacchan wanted to turn around and blast him into tomorrow. 

“I am your teacher.” Aizawa-sensei grabbed a box of uniforms from behind his desk and set them on top. “Put these on and meet me outside, we’re having a test.”

The class murmured amongst themselves when Aizawa-sensei left. Izuku just sighed, and retrieved a gym uniform. Everyone else followed his lead to the lockers. Being taught by Nedzu for the better part of two years definitely helped his ability to navigate UA’s halls. 

Once outside Izuku began to mentally panic when Aizawa announced they were doing what was essentially fitness testing, but using whatever power they had at their disposal. Izuku was panicking because his wasn’t suited for this sort of thing. Well...maybe? It depended on what the guidelines were really. 

He then watched Kacchan launch his ball over 700 meters away, and suddenly really wanted to go home. 

Some of the exercises were alright. Stretching has always been super easy for him. The long jump wasn’t the worst, but it could have been better. For the dash he experimented with his teleportation. As far as his classmates were concerned he disappeared in a flurry of pink and red, and then reappeared at the other end with a time of one second. Izuku avoided Kacchan like the plague after that stunt. 

The ball throw...did not go as he expected. His powers didn’t help with almost any of the tests. He had to do something to get his ranking up, or he would be expelled. Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t hesitate just because Nedzu let him in on recommendation. So he did the only thing he could think of, using the power he had been given. 

His arm lit up with green sparks as he wound it back. With as much force as he could muster, he threw the ball. 

And it landed only a couple dozen meters away. Izuku knew what happened. He knew who his teacher was afterall, and if anything was sort of expecting this to happen. 

“No breaking bones, Problem Child,” Aizawa-sensei scolded, tossing a new ball to him. “You would be useless in the field if that happens. You break your arm and you’re expelled, understand?”

Izuku nodded, catching the new ball. Ok. He could do this. If he wanted to get a good score he still needed to use One for All, but he couldn’t break his whole arm.

Well, Aizawa-sensei never said anything about his finger. 

With another wind up, the ball soared off into the sky. Eventually it landed, showing a score just above Kacchan’s. Said Kacchan almost immediately tried to attack him. 

“HOW DID YOU DO THAT, HUH DEKU?!” He screamed, flying through the air on the power of his explosions. 

Gray scarves wrapped around and restrained Kacchan, holding him in the air where he was. His explosions stopped. Izuku uncurled from his flinch to watch the spectacle. Aizawa-sensei’s magic cancelling really came in handy for being a hero teacher.

“I will not have you attacking your classmates, Bakugou,” he said calmly, setting the seething boy on the ground. 


“I assure you, he did not. If he did then he would be expelled.”

Kacchan yelled incoherent before finally backing off. Izuku let himself relax slightly, and merged with the crowd again. His finger was broken, but it was better than his whole arm. He was told he had high pain tolerance anyway. 

The rest of the tests were relatively simple. Izuku didn’t have anything that could help with them. At least nothing he wanted to show off. 

That was, until he saw one of his classmates sneaking towards the group of girls. Izuku remembered his name was Mineta, and he was suddenly very high on his list of “people to watch out for.” He stared intently as the tiny grape rat edged his way closer to some of the girls, who hadn’t noticed him. 

Izuku snuck up to the purple boy, and stood directly behind him. “What’re you doing, Mineta?”

Mineta jumped, and spun around. He calmed down when he saw it was Izuku, but the idea that he would be tense in the first place was discerning. 

“Oh, Midoriya, it’s just you,” he said. “Hey, you wanna help me?”


Mineta got a disgusting look on his face. One Izuku didn’t like one bit. “Getting a look at the girls.”

Izuku scowled down at the midget, who was grinning up at him. Disgusting, he thought. Izuku opened his mouth. 

In an instant of pink, Mineta was gone. The noise seemed to attract the attention of everyone else, or at least the girls and Aizawa-senei. One look at Izuku’s puffed cheeks and their teacher sighed heavily. 

“Midoriya, spit him out,” he sighed in exasperation. The girls watched in interest. “Nedzu did not teach you that just to eat your classmates.”

“Buf he ‘as ‘eing gross!” Izuku cried, muffled by his cheeks.

“And I can deal with that properly. Now spit him out.”

Izuku grumbled, but spat Mineta out onto the ground. No one got a good look at how he had done it, too focused on the boy on the ground. Mineta was covered in slimy looking spit and small cuts. He was laying on the ground about and complaining about how gross it had been. The whole class stared at Izuku in shock, while said boy refused to look up from the ground. More annoyed with Mineta than embarrassed. 

“Mineta, what were you doing that made Izuku do that,” Aizawa demanded. 

“I was just trying to look at the girls!” He wailed. 

The girls all glanced over at Izuku in surprise, who was glaring daggers at Mineta. The purple boy crawled as far away from Izuku as he could. Aizawa-sensei sighed once again, and picked Mineta up by the back on his uniform. 

“We’re finishing the tests. Mineta, stay away from the girls. Izuku, no more eating people.”

“Yes Sensei,” they all said, some more begrudging than others.

The day went decently smoothly from there. People whispered about Izuku, but that was nothing new. The subject was different this time though. In middle school it had been mostly how useless a simple cat morph power was. Here, in UA, it was apparently going to be how he “ate” his classmate after he acted gross. And how he could teleport when he was a “simple cat morph.” Izuku nearly started laughing. While part of what he was was a cat morph, he was anything but simple. 

The scores were displayed for all to see. Izuku wasn’t last, and he finally let himself fully relax. Mineta, however, was. Aizawa expelled him on the spot, citing his behavior and lack of creativity with his power. Had he acted differently, Izuku would have asked him how his power worked. It had to be a type of magic mutation, since Mineta himself looked like a Dwarf or Gnome. 

They walked back to the classroom. Some of them quiet at the prospect that someone had been expelled so soon, and others in contemplation. The girls were happy Mineta was gone, at the very least. Izuku felt he had done something good by helping get rid of the pervert. Even if Aizawa-sensei didn’t let Izuku send him to another dimension. 

Once everyone had grabbed a syllabus they started chattering. Izuku kept well away from Kacchan. Instead gravitating towards the girl he had met that morning and the younger Iida. 

“Hey, Midoriya, how did you do that this morning?” The girl, Uraraka he learned, asked.

“Yes, I would like to know as well,” Iida said a bit too loudly. It drew the attention of others, and Izuku knew they were paying attention to him now too. 

“Er, my powers a-are very complicated,” he stuttered.

“COMPLICATED MY ASS,” Kacchan yelled, stomping up and grabbing Izuku’s shirt collar. “YOU’RE A WEAK CAT MORPH, DEKU. HOW THE HELL DID SOMEONE LIKE YOU DO THAT!”

“I’m not, not j-just a c-c-”

The door slid open to reveal their teacher. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing. Even Kacchan, reluctantly, let go and sat at his desk. Izuku let out a breath he had been holding and followed their example.

“Mineta has been expelled, as you all saw. I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior in this class. Same goes for attacking classmates. This is your first and final warning to not follow previous examples.” Aizawa-sensei paused, sweeping his gaze over the classroom. “With that said, you may leave.”

The first day was done. One student expelled, and one that held a grudge against Izuku. 

This year was going to be fun

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It was supposed to be a normal field trip. It was supposed to be a normal field trip. There were not supposed to be villains. There wasn’t supposed to be a thing that looked like creatures and magic had been sewn together into something resembling Frankenstein’s Monster. Izuku could nearly see the waves of clashing magic rolling off of it. 

They tried to leave. Tried to escape while Aizawa-sensei held the villains off. Izuku wanted so badly to just run back and help his teacher. He couldn’t take on that many villains, he knew that. Even before Nedzu had offered to help him, he had known about the pro hero Eraserhead. He knew he fought without physical magic or having creature mutations. His capture scarf was one of the only weapons he used. Against a hoard of villains with all types of magic? The odds weren’t entirely in his favor. 

A villain appeared in front of the class. Murky and dark and made of mist. A physical mutation from their Quirk, Izuku guessed. But now was not the time to get into the physics of Quirks and magic. Right now was the time to try and find a way out. 

Izuku couldn’t do anything as Kacchan and Kirishima launched themselves at the villain. They fell through him, landing harshly on the concrete. Izuku thought he caught a glimpse of metal, but he didn’t have time to think about it. The mist expanded around them, blanketing the whole class in darkness. 

And then Izuku was falling. When the darkness finally receded he found himself falling towards water. Why of all things did it have to be water?! He hated water. To be fair, he was technically part cat, so it made sense. Didn’t make the situation any better. 

He lashed out when he hit the surface, trying to stay afloat. He knew how to swim, but that didn’t mean he liked it. Especially when he saw a shark villain swimming towards him. Nopenopenopenopenope big nopity nope. 

He was suddenly yanked from the water and found himself on the deck of a ship. Tsuyu landed not a second later. 

“You ok, Midoriya?” 

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” he replied, vigorously shaking his limbs to get rid of the water. “Any idea how we’re getting off this ship?”

“Not currently, ribbit.”

Izuku hesitantly walked to the edge of the ship and looked into the water. It made him a bit nauseous, but he had to do it. There were villains, at least a dozen of them. Way too many for the two of them to take on themselves. Izuku knew what he had to do, but it wouldn’t be pleasant. 

“Ok, so, h-how well are you w-with gross things?” He asked, turning away from the water.

“Alright I think, ribbit. Why?”

“Because I c-can teleport us out of, of here, b-but I would need, e-essentially need to,, you.”

“Like you did with Mineta?”

“Y-yeah. It might be a bit, bit gross, but it would g-get us off the ship.”



“If that’s the only way you can think of, ribbit, then I think it will be ok.”

“S-sure. Ok. Just, um, don’t freak out.”

Izuku was hesitant to do anything. He had been raised to keep his stronger powers contained and sealed up inside of him. Then when he actually wanted to use them, they had been out of control. Which is why Nedzu had offered to teach him. Now he had a good grasp on his powers, but a lifetime of hiding them made him reluctant to reveal them to anyone. 

With a deep breath, he teleported the two of them. Just outside of the giant pool of water. Tsuyu was set on the ground almost instantly, not covering in spit like Mineta had been. She did look a bit shell shocked though. 

“You weren’t kidding, ribbit,” was all she said. 

“Uh, y-yeah. S-sorry about th-that.”

“At least I didn’t come out looking like Mineta.”

“He deserved it,” Izuku said simply, scowling for a second. It quickly melted off when he looked out from their cover. 

Aizawa-sensei was beneath the hulking abomination. Arm bent in an angle it definitely should not be bent at. His other one was bleeding and looked...cracked? The man covered in hands was laughing, and the mist-man was besides him.

“Kurogiri, did you take care of Thirteen?” The hand-man asked.

“They have been incapacitated, Tomura Shigaraki, though a student managed to escape.”

Shigaraki growled, scratching furiously at his neck and muttering to himself. Izuku watched, frozen, as the abomination didn’t move, but neither did Aizawa-sensei. 

“The boss isn’t even here. This level is corrupted. Let’s go.”

Izuku almost sagged with relief. They were leaving? Just like that? And someone had gotten out, so reinforcements were probably on the way. They would be alright.

“But before we go,” Shigaraki said, stopping his scratching. He turned, and stared directly at Izuku and Tsuyu. Izuku had never felt fear like he did in that moment. “Let’s leave the heroes a message. Nomu.”

Izuku had hardly a second to realize what was happening. The abomination, the Nomu, was on the two of them in an instant, swinging it’s oversized fist with speed that shouldn’t be possible for something so big. It wasn’t aiming at Izuku though, no, it was aiming for Tsuyu. 

Izuku didn’t think, only moved. One moment Tsuyu was just starting to turn and look behind her, the next Izuku was there in place of her. The impact shattered at least a few bones. Good thing he was more resilient than normal humans. 

His back hit a tree, and then another tree, before he finally slumped to the ground. He felt more than heard the Nomu coming after him. 

Call it instinct or panic or adrenaline. Anything you will, but now out of sight, he let himself loose. 

Things came out of his mouth. Jagged teeth and tentacles that logically should not fit where they did. Jaws that expanded and multiplied and grew. All of it descended on the Nomu, and swallow it whole. 

Izuku stumbled forward as he returned to normal. He could hear Shigaraki shrieking somewhere for the Nomu to come back. Seeing as it had just been eaten, it decidedly could not. Izuku shook his head and crept out of the trees. 

It was then that the doors to the USJ burst open. All Might stepped in in all his glory. Izuku, no matter how many times he saw the man, was still in awe. 

The villains turned to All Might. Shigaraki laughed, though it sounded more like a hyena cackle. “Finally, the boss arrives! Nomu!”

Nothing happened. Izuku stayed where he was. The Nomu couldn’t hear Shigaraki. All Might zipped down, retrieving Tsuyu and getting her to safety. He did the same for Izuku a second later. One moment he was in the bushes and the next he was standing at the top of the stairs. 

Shigaraki and Kurogiri quickly retreated once they realized the Nomu wasn’t coming back. The class was quickly brought back together. No one was hurt too badly, which lifted a lot of their spirits. 

The police arrives not long after the other pros did. Each kid was brought to the side to be questioned. Izuku was one of the last, which gave him time to calm down and think about what exactly had just happened. 

The fact was that he ate the Nomu, a creature meant to destroy All Might. And he had eaten it. Even if it was being held in a pocket dimension right now, and was alive. He could technically choose to actually eat it, but he really didn't want to do that. 

He was called to questioning after a while. An officer with a notepad stood with him near the edge of the police car line.

“Ok kid, just need to ask you a few questions. That alright?” 


“Good. First, did you catch any information that could be useful in finding the villains responsible for this?”

“Um, I, I heard their names. One was Kurogiri, he was tall and made of black mist that could t-teleport things. The second was called Shigaraki, he had, um, blue hair. He, he had a b-bunch of hands as a costume too.”

“Ok. Second, what happened after this Kurogiri separated your class?”

“I was dropped into, into the shipwreck z-zone with Tsuyu Asui. I used m-my...powers to teleport us o-out. Then we, we saw Aizawa-sensei get hurt by the, by the Nomu.”

“We’ve heard about the Nomu, but no one knows where it went. Did you see what happened to it?”

“I ate it.”

The officer looked up from their notes to stare at him. He blinked back at them innocently. “You...ate it.”

“I can spit it out if you need it back. I don’t think it’ll attack without orders.”

“Uh, yeah, give me a sec, kid. Stay there.”

The police officer ran behind a few police cars. Izuku waited patiently. They came back a few minutes later with a man dressed in a trench coat.

“Hello there,” the man greeted. Izuku waved. “Now, I’m just here to confirm something, apparently. You said you know what happened to the Nomu.”

“Yes. It, it was trying to attack me, so I ate it. I can give it back if you want it.”

Both officers blinked in shock. The first one spoke into his communicator. Another minute went by before a whole squad of police came marching up. 

“You said you could...spit it up, right?” The second man said. Izuku nodded. “Ok then, go ahead, I guess.”

Izuku took a step away from any people, and spat the Nomu back up. It landed on the ground and didn’t move, though it wasn’t dead. It was, however, covered in spit. He had to make a conscious effort to not get stuff on things if he wanted to do that. 

He got to return to his class without anything else to do. No one had seen him eat or spit out the Nomu. It was alright, the danger had passed. For now, at least. 



“Wait, so you’re telling me, that ‘sunshine smile and looks like a fluffy cat’ Midoriya, teleported eating you.” Uraraka gawked at Tsuyu, trying to process what she had just heard. Midoriya was getting interviewed right now, so she couldn’t demand answers from him. 

“Yes, ribbit. It was odd, but I didn’t come out covered in slime like Mineta, ribbit, so I’m alright.”

Uraraka had one thought and one thought only. Just what the heck is Midoriya?!

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The sports festival was one of the most hyped up events of the year in Japan. With so many different Quirks, it was no wonder why. Izuku himself watched them almost religiously every year. Though the third years had the most attention, the first and second years were still popular. 

Izuku was nervous. He had to go out and show off to the whole country. It wasn’t just that, but it ran the risk of someone figuring out what he was. Not...necessarily a bad thing, but it still made him anxious. At least he could probably get by with only using One for All.

Then Todoroki challenged him. Well, more like stating he was better than everyone, but Izuku saw the meaning behind it. He fired right back. Kacchan was angry, but didn’t get to say much before they were called out. 

The first competition was interesting. An obstacle race. Izuku couldn’t use his normal powers, and One for All still wasn’t exactly easy to use yet, so he improvised. Shooting himself like a rocket might not have been what he imagined himself doing when he arrived that morning, but it worked. 

Round two was fun. Izuku was explicitly told he could not, in fact, eat the headband to keep his one million points. Or people. He could not eat people in this round, or any of the other ones. He wasn’t keen on using the snapping teeth to deter people either, since it left a big blindspot. Leaving Kacchan in a blindspot was a big no no. 

They survived that round by the skin of their teeth, all four of them moving onto the third round. It was 1v1, like it was every year. 

Todoroki pulled Izuku aside during lunch. He listened intently, and with a growing hate of Endeavor. When the boy had finished his story, Izuku growled to himself. Todoroki looked a bit taken aback at the sound. Right, not everyone knew he was part cat. 

Izuku looked up and stared down Todoroki. “Do you want me to eat him?”

“Do I...what?”

“Do you. Want me. To. Eat him.”

“No? I...honestly don’t know what you mean. At least I hope I don’t.”

“I can transport him to a different universe too. Or keep him in a pocket dimension until he learns his lesson. Or I can punch him through a wall, probably. Might break my arm, but it’ll be worth it.”

“Uh, no thanks, Midoriya. I just wanted to tell you why I must beat you.”

“I’m not All Might’s son, Todoroki,” Izuku groaned, hiding his face in his hands. He looked back up a second later. “Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?”


“Ok, come on then. You’re eating lunch with us, and I will not take no for an answer.”

Izuku grabbed Todoroki’s wrist and dragged him down the hallway. Right before they entered, he had an idea. 

“Hey Todoroki, can I prank your dad?”

“I...guess so. His security is tight though. Any human activity is monitored.”

“Human activity, you say?” Izuku grinned mischievously. Oh how he was going to have fun this weekend.

The 1v1’s came sooner than Izuku expected. He won against Shinsou, but only by getting help from the past users of One for All? He didn’t exactly understand it. What he did understand was that Shinsou wanted to be a hero. And he was going to be a great one, he knew that for a fact. 

His match against Todoroki was next. Having been told he can’t eat him, which would be counterproductive for what he wanted to do anyway, he would have to rely on One for All. Good thing he was completely willing to break a few bones to help his classmate. 

They stepped into the ring, and were off. Todoroki sent a wave of ice, and Izuku broke a finger. Rinse and repeat. Their dance continued until Todoroki started yelling at Izuku. 

“Why are you trying to trying so hard to get me to use his fire! I told you why I never use it!

“It’s not his, Todoroki!” Izuku screamed back. 

“You’re doing nothing! You can’t win this!”

“Can’t win this? Todoroki, you haven’t put a scratch on me yet!”

Todoroki grumbled to himself, and sent another wave of ice. Izuku leapt over it, thankfully not breaking his legs. 

“Why are you so willing to break yourself! I will never use his power, and nothing can change that!”

“It’s yours! Your Quirk, not his!” 

Izuku’s scream made both freeze. It had come out tinged with something definitely not human. Hopefully the audience didn’t catch that, he found himself thinking. 

And then Todoroki caught fire. Izuku smiled in the new light.

“I don’t know what you are, but you’re crazy.”

Izuku never knew losing could feel so good.

Emotionally, that is. His hand and arm were still broken, as Recovery Girl reminded him as soon as he walked into the halls. At least this time she didn’t whack him with her cane. That thing hurt. 


It was the weekend now. Saturday, to be specific. Izuku put the final item in his backpack and headed out. 

“Bye, Mom! I’ll be back later!”

She reminded him to come back before it got dark, and he was off. A skip in his step as he walked down the sidewalk towards the train station. The ride would be a while, but completely worth it. 

After all, Todoroki said humans were recognized in the security system. Cats, on the other hand...well, he could fit the pieces together just fine. 

The smile never left his face on the train. It would take an hour or so to get to Endeavor’s main agency, so he used that time to plan things out. The cans of spray paint in his bag would be his centerpiece. 

Once off the train, and hidden in an alleyway, he changed forms. Izuku was extremely grateful that his clothes changed with him instead of being left on the floor. The backpack didn’t, but that didn’t matter when he could just store it in a pocket dimension. 

No one paid any attention to the alleycat wandering down the street. A few children pointed him out, since he was green and all. It wasn’t uncommon for animals to be odd colors nowadays, so a green, curly-haired cat walking down the street wasn’t too out of place. 

The front of Endeavor’s agency was intimidating and flashy. There weren’t many people going in or out right now. Izuku knew the hero himself wasn’t there either, since he was out all day on the weekends. Which meant it was the perfect time to sneak in and cause some trouble.

Izuku, as a cute little cat, trotted his way down the alley along the side of the agency. No one was down there thankfully, save for one person. And Izuku was in luck, because the person was taking out the trash for the agency. The door was left open because of it. 

No one noticed the green cat slip into the building. Izuku stuck to the wall, fur brushing it as he crept along on silent paws. Cameras were mounted on the walls, but he could stay in the blind spots since he was so small. There weren’t many people that he could sense in the building too. Maybe a few sidekicks, but that was it. 

A few turns later and Izuku was at Endeavor’s personal office. Set in the front corner of the building and lined with windows. Izuku smirked, or at least as much as a cat could. There were no cameras in here. 

He transformed back into a person, and spat his bag onto the floor. The contents spilled out, but that was ok. Izuku checked to make sure everything was there anyway. Three cans of spray paint, two of silly-string, streamers, and the poster he had made and subsequently hidden from his mom. 

First, Izuku took out the paint. He wasn’t the best artist by any means, but he was decent. Good enough to paint a caricature of Endeavor with comically big eyebrows and a scowl to match. And to spray lines along his office walls that looked like confetti. It might have been a tad bit more destructive than what he would usually do, but he deserved it. Nedzu’s personality might be rubbing off on him a bit too much too. 

Next, Izuku had fun with silly-string and streamers. By the time he was done it looked like an American high school party gone wrong, but without any alcohol. Before he put the poster up, Izuku turned back into a cat. Claws were a wonderful thing to use for furniture damage. In the next few minutes Izuku went haywire turning each and every chair, table, and especially the curtains into worn out pieces. Some might call it vintage and distressed, others would call it claw marks from an angry cat.

With that done, he taped the poster up (as a human). He surveyed the office proudly, especially the sign. It said “Congratulations on being a horrible human being!” with a smiley face at the end. Izuku made sure nothing he did could be traced back to him or Todoroki. 

Before turning back into a cat, Izuku unlocked the window and propped it open. Just enough to not set the alarm off, but enough for a cat to slip through. He swallowed the bag again too. With that he leapt onto the windowsill and out of the building. One advantage of being a cat was that he always landed on his feet, even if he was two stories up. 

A green-haired boy walked out of the alley a cat had walked into, and not a single person batted an eye. 



Endeavor was satisfied with his work today. Even if it did generate paperwork, as it always did. Might as well get it over with, he grumbled as he walked to his office. 

What he found was...a mess. His walls had neon stripes, his furniture and curtains were shredded, there was a ridiculous caricature of him behind his desk, and silly-string was everywhere. It also looked like everything on his desk had been swiped off, though most of it wasn’t broken. Then he noticed the poster. 

It’s safe to say his whole office needed to be rebuilt after he quite literally burst into flames from anger. 

Chapter Text

Izuku knew he should have insisted Iida talk about his brother. He should have done something more to make sure he was ok. If he had, then maybe he wouldn’t be racing over rooftops, desperately searching for his friend in the chaos that was currently Hosu. 

Then he saw Iida, but his heart just sank further. The Hero Killer, Stain was standing above his friend. Another hero was there too, slumped against the wall behind Iida. Izuku leapt down, rebounded off an alley wall, and kicked Stain from behind. 

The Hero Killer stumbled off of Iida, leaping back once he had balance. Izuku hissed at Stain, standing over his friend protectively. No one touched his clan. Not without consequences. 

“Another child,” Stain grumbled. 

“Leave him alone!” Izuku snarled, his arms crackling with light. 

“You have good friends, Ingenium.” Stain shifted his stance, and Izuku tensed. “But fake heroes must be culled.”

Stain rushed forward faster than a human should be able to. Izuku took a single step back, but regained ground by punching his attacker. He reeled backwards, not expecting the force behind it. 

Behind his back, Izuku sent out a distress signal. Hopefully another one of his classmates was in the area. That or they could at least tell a pro. He put his phone away, balling his fists in a guard. 

“So that’s how it will be?” Stain said. “So be it.”

Izuku made the first move before Stain could. He shot from where he was, lightning dancing over his body. Stain easily dodged. Too easily. He was too quick to be human. 

The realization hit Izuku just as a knife did. He lurched backwards, but not fast enough. Stain was on him in an instant, licking his cut. 

Izuku collapsed like his strings had been cut. He tried to struggle, tried to move, anything. But he couldn’t. Nothing worked. Not One for All or any of his other powers. He couldn’t do anything to help. 

“Shame, you seemed to be one of the good ones,” Stain mused. “But the fakes must die.”

Stain raised his sword, poised over Iida. Izuku yelled, tears streaming down his face now. 

Then a column of fire burned down the alley. Stain had to leap away from Iida and the hero to avoid it. Izuku sobbed in relief when he saw Todoroki standing there.

“Be more specific next time Midoriya, I was almost late.” A sheet of ice drove Stain farther back, and allowed Todoroki to get to Izuku. “Are you ok?”

“Don’t let him get your blood,” Izuku warned almost frantically. “He’s a vampire with a paralysis Quirk!”

Todoroki nodded, getting back to his feet, just as Stain dove for him from over the ice. Izuku tried to move again, and found himself able to twitch a finger. 

“Why are you doing this?!” Iida yelled, he was crying too. “This is my fight! I’ve taken my brother’s name, he’s mine!”

“Funny,” Todoroki called back, avoiding another sword swing. “The Ingenium I knew would never say something like that.”

A knife grazed Todoroki’s cheek, just enough to draw blood. His left side flare before Stain could reach it. Another knife was thrown in the air, while Stain lunged forward at the same time with a sword. A trap. A dangerous one. 

Izuku screamed, and found himself able to move once again. He grabbed Todoroki and pulled bot of them out of the way. The two retreating to Iida. 

“Please, don’t spill any more blood for me,” he cried. “This is my fight !”

“If you want us to stop, then stand up,” Todoroki said, before sending more ice towards Stain. 

A knife came flying out of nowhere and stabbed Todoroki’s shoulder. Izuku watched as if it was in slow motion. His friend stumbled backwards, a hand coming up to the wound. Blood dripped down his arm, staining his costume. His eyes were wide. 

Izuku...he felt something snap. He turned to look at Stain, everything felt slow. One for All ignited beneath his skin. He felt more than saw part of his other side emerge without conscious effort. 

“You hurt my clan,” he whispered. Though it boomed down the alley like it had been screamed. Something inhuman and distorted laced each sound. “You made them bleed.”

“Clan?” Stain questioned, coming to a stop for a mere moment.

It was all Izuku needed. 

He moved too fast for the eye to track. One moment he was next to Todoroki, the next he was in Stain’s face. Expression twisted into a snarl and eyes alight in more ways than one. His mouth opened as if he was going to breath fire, but something very different came out.

A cluster of teeth and tentacles surged towards Stain. The vampire managed to dodge, but just barely. Izuku did not stop. He dove forward again, and again. Stain wasn’t infallible. He could make mistakes. 

And he did. One simple slip. Quite literally, as he tripped on a piece of ice. All it took was a second.

Izuku lashed out with his hands, tentacles retracting. Though he didn’t punch like he usually did. No, he raked claws down the side of Stain’s face. It didn’t look like more than a glancing blow, certainly not something for such a strong villain.

And yet, Stain backpedaled down the alley, one hand covering his face. The mask he wore fell down in shreds. Izuku didn’t stop. He rushed forward again with a One for All powered punch straight to Stain’s face. Iida rushed in, seeing the opportunity, and kicked Stain in the ribs. Izuku followed it up with a kick of his own. Todoroki made a ramp to let them get down safely. 

None of them moved, Stain included.

“Is it, is it over?” Todoroki asked, breathing heavily. 

“I think he’s unconscious.” Iida edged closer. Stain didn’t move an inch, though Iida noticed the five deep gashes that cut across his face.

“Midoriya, are you ok?” 

Izuku vaguely knew he heard Todoroki, but he felt...detached. Like he wasn’t in control right now. Sounds were muffled, smells were loud, and everything he saw was like he was underwater. His instincts were still screaming at him to protect his clan. To make sure his family was safe. To dispose of the threat for good. 

A tap on his arm made him look up, but it didn’t feel like it was fully him. 


“Clan. Safe?” He chattered, sounding like a cat. Oh dear. 

Oh, that’s what was happening. His mother had told him about this. If his clan, his family, was in danger, then he could revert to instincts. Not human instincts, that is. Which...was a problem. 

“Yes, we’re alright now, Midoriya,” Iida answered. 

“Clan safe. Good.” Izuku felt himself start to purr. 

“Midoriya, how are you doing that? Are you ok?”

Izuku opened his mouth to answer, but suddenly the ground was a lot closer than it had been before. Not in the sense that he fainted. No, that would have been too kind a fate. Instead, he looked down and saw paws. His thoughts were no clearer than before.

Todoroki and Iida sort of just, stared at him. Their mouths open as he trotted up to them. Todoroki let out a strangled noise as Izuku rubbed his cheek against Todoroki’s left leg. 

“He’s...a cat,” Todoroki stated. 

“Bakugou did say something about him being a cat morph. Perhaps us being in danger brought it out?” Iida suggested, leaning down to scoop up the purring green kitty. Izuku made no protest. The contact was helping him think at the very least.

It was then that the police and heroes showed up. Stain was tied up, and all weapons removed. The two boys were questioned, which included why they had a cat. The explanation seemed to satisfy the officers. 

The three were taken to a hospital and checked for injuries. A very much still a cat Izuku watched the nurses carefully as they checked over his friends. He still couldn’t transform back. Probably wouldn’t for another hour or two when he finally calmed down. 

For the time being, his friends were content with the purring green fluff-ball that curled up in their laps. Izuku would freak out when he finally transformed back into a person, but that was a problem for future Izuku.

Chapter Text

Izuku knew this camp wasn’t going to be extremely fun when him and his class were yeeted off a cliff. He did get to meet the Pussycats though! That was fun. The next day was very much not fun. At least Aizawa-Sensei took his aversion to sharing his other abilities to heart and let him practice in the trees. He did have to fight Tiger though. Once again, not very fun. 

The test of courage sounded fun, in theory at least. They get to try not to scream at 1-B, and then hide in the forest to try to make 1-B scream. Izuku thought Kacchan looked a bit too excited at the prospect of scaring the pants off people. Knowing him, he might take it literally. 

Izuku was just happy he didn’t get a bad partner. Then again, he didn’t get one to begin with. Sero had gotten teamed up with Ashido and Kaminari, and all three of them had failed the final. Honestly not too much of a surprise since they were teamed up against Nedzu . Izuku’s mentor wasn’t an easy opponent to beat, even if he was going easy on them. 

Then he smelled smoke, and saw the fire a second later. Azure flames that ate away at the forest. Swirling clouds of dark gas rose from somewhere too, blanketing the trees and path. 

Izuku physically stumbled when Mandalay said she didn’t know where Kouta was. Right. His secret hideout. The one up on a cliff that only Izuku knew about. 

He hardly stayed long enough to tell a teacher where he was going. Green sparked off his body as he pushed his limit. He need to go faster. Needed to protect Kouta. Needed to protect the lonely kit

Izuku saw the looming figure, and the child at his feet, and dove without regard for himself. He scooped up Kouta in his arms and jumped away. A fist bigger than his arm slammed into the ground not a second behind the two. 

“Oh ho ho. Seems like I have another challenger!”

Izuku dared to look up, Kouta clutched to his chest. He took a few steps back, because in front of him was an Oni. It was missing an eye, and his horn only a stump near his hairline. This one must have been half human, Izuku noted, since his skin was the same color as one. The Oni also seemed to have some sort of magic, since he could see the muscles physically escaping his skin. 

This particular Oni was one Izuku knew too. Recognized, at least. Muscular, a villain known for his psychopathic nature. An S-ranked villain, the most dangerous rank. And he was here at his summer camp. Probably with the league. 

Muscular was also the one to kill the Water Hose duo. Kouta’s parents. 

“Oh I know you!” He shouted, he sounded happy. “You’re on our list, like that Bakugou kid! So I can’t kill ya, but Bossman never said you had to be conscious.”

Izuku muttered possible plans under his breath. Kouta was clinging to his shirt like a lifeline. Muscular was smiling like a lunatic, which he was, and saying something about showing him blood. Izuku…really didn’t see an easy way out of this. 

Muscular darted forward with more speed than Izuku thought was possible. He swung a fist, backed up by more muscle than his arm could contain. Izuku took Kouta and lunged out of the way, towards the trees. Maybe Muscular wouldn’t be able to navigate as well in the dense forest.

He was proven wrong when Muscular just yelled and mowed down the trees like a rampaging elephant. If he could just avoid him for long enough. If he could just get to camp, then the pros could handle it. 

They wouldn’t make it. He realized that in the split second before Muscular’s fist collided with his side. Izuku went flying, curling protectively around Kouta. He was the priority. He had to keep Kouta safe. 

But he couldn’t fight Muscular using One for All. At the percentage he could use now, it was essentially a weaker version of Muscular’s own Quirk. Unless he wanted to risk breaking his arms so bad he couldn’t ever use them again. Which he was, but right now it would do more harm than good.

Which left one option. Not one Izuku was particularly happy about, but…it would keep Kouta and his classmates safe. If it would protect them, he’d be willing to do almost anything. 

“Kouta,” he said, loud enough for the kid to hear, “I need you to close your eyes. Don’t open them until I say so, ok? I’m going to set you down in a bush, so you need to stay quiet.”


Izuku checked that Kouta’s eyes were closed, then hid him in the greenery. Satisfied the kid would be alright, he dashed farther from the hiding spot before stopping. Muscular was there in an instant. He stopped a few feet from Izuku.

“You finally standin’ and fighting then?” He crowed, smiling more. “Then come at me!”

Izuku swayed at the thought of what he was about to do. Quietly, he said, “I’m sorry.”

“For what, kid?” 

“For breaking a promise I made.”

Izuku took a deep breath, and opened his mouth. 

The teeth and jaws were familiar to him. Not to Muscular obviously. The insane villain hesitated, and it was all the time Izuku needed. 

He felt the crunching of bones and the taste of blood. He felt whatever he bit off being dragged to different places, different pockets of space and time. His eyes were closed. Izuku didn’t want to see what he had done. He felt the blood splatter on his legs anyway. 

He retracted his jaws and tentacles, feeling more blood smear over his mouth. A thump told him the other half was down now too. Izuku didn’t look, and went to find Kouta. 

Aizawa-sensei found them on their way back. The two must have been quite the sight. One crying little kid and a teenager looking like he’d gotten splashed by something darker than water. Izuku knew he couldn’t get sick from what he’d just done, not fever kind of sick at least, but he did feel like he wanted to puke up everything in his stomach. 

He handed off Kouta, and went off to find Kacchan. He was in danger. He had to protect him. 

Izuku sat on his hospital bed. His stomach had long been settled, though his nerves were not. The teachers had discovered what remained of Muscular while he was unconscious. They didn’t blame him, but he knew the looks Vlad-sensei gave him. It was why he avoided using his powers. Why he jumped at the chance to have One for All and not be associated with what his ancestors had done. 

His class didn’t know. They all visited him. Kirishima told him their plan for rescuing Kacchan. Izuku agreed almost instantly. Anything to get his old friend back. Even if Kacchan had long since left him, Izuku still wanted him safe. 

They left that night, sneaking along in disguises in Kamino Ward. The tracker lead to a warehouse of Nomu.

Then the building caved in. All at once it was obliterated, as well as the heroes that had broken in in the first place. A single man, if he could even be called that, strode out into the open. 

Izuku instincts were screaming . Repeating danger, danger, danger to clan, chase away, kill, dangerous over and over in a mental mantra. It made his head hurt. 

The villains, and Kacchan, appeared not a minute later. All of them emerging from some sort of gray goo. Izuku went to leap up, to help Kacchan and get him away, but a hand stopped him. Iida was holding onto his sleeve, pinning Todoroki where he about to move alongside him. A glance to the side showed him Yaoyorozu was clinging to Kirishima’s arm to stop him from running out too. 

We said no fighting ,” Iida hissed quietly. 

“But Kacchan’s right there,” Izuku growled. “We have to save him!”

“I will not allow you to become a vigilante, Midoriya!”

“Then help me find a way to get him out!”

Silently, Todoroki held up his right hand and made an ice cube. Izuku nodded, and waited for the pieces to snap into place for the others. 

Before Izuku knew what was happening, he was flying up an ice ramp with Iida and Kirishima. He risked looking down, and saw Kacchan shooting himself in the air. He was alright. He was safe. All Might didn’t have to hold back now. 

They landed not too far from the ruined buildings. Todoroki and Yaoyorozu had promised to meet them at the train station. Kacchan was set down, though he didn’t let go of Kirishima’s hand. None of them commented on it. 

The four of them cautiously made their way to more populated streets. No villains tried to stop them thankfully. 

His clan was safe. Kacchan was with them now. Izuku finally let himself relax for the first time since the training camp.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi Shinsou was finally moved to the hero course following the events of Kamino Ward. He was ecstatic. The hero course! It was his dream, and had been since he was a little kid. 

That being said, his new classmates were…a bit odd. He knew most of them, but not their Quirks. Some were obvious, like the dude with a tail and the invisible fae girl. Others were definitely not, like the person that kept flirting with him. Even if he literally sparked when Hitoshi snarked (read: flirted) back. 

Then there was Midoriya. Hitoshi had a decent opinion of the kid. They had fought in the sports festival, and Midoriya had shifted his world view by telling him that his power was so dangerous when he first tried to use it that one part had broken his limbs and the other had almost eaten someone. He was also still nice to Hitoshi after learning his Quirk, so Midoriya was automatically bumped up on his list of ‘people he hated the least.’ 

Moving into the dorms was…fun. Well, the moving itself was alright, but living with nineteen other teenagers proved to be more chaotic than Hitoshi had originally been prepared for. The number of times he had witnessed something weird in this dorm, in the one week they had been living there, was already in the double digits. He usually just ignored it or walked out of the room.

Currently, it was maybe one am. Way past curfew, but Hitoshi didn’t really care. He was awake and thirsty, so he went down to the kitchen. Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t do more than warn him off of doing it again anyway. 

It was pitch black in the hallway though. Curfew meant literally all the lights went off, save for the ones inside rooms. Hitoshi improvised and used his phone flashlight so he didn’t trip over anything. 

He was mindlessly playing on his phone, checking for things on the floor every few seconds, when he heard a noise. It made him look up, and Hitoshi immediately tripped. The crash caused whatever had made the noise look over at him. He promptly covered his mouth to muffle his shrieking. Because there was…something, standing in the kitchen. It was looking at him with glowing yellow eyes. 

For a moment Hitoshi was outright convinced Mothman had broken into their dorm kitchens. 

The thing, obviously startled too, yelled and stumbled back a step. Except that when they opened their mouth, tentacles came out. Ones that had teeth on them. Hitoshi pointed his flashlight at whatever it was in his panic. 

What he saw was a wide-eyed Midoriya staring at him with what looked like half an octopus coming out of his mouth. Hitoshi’s mouth gaped open like a fish. The tentacles retracted, letting Midoriya start stuttering out incomprehensible phrases. 

“No way,” Hitoshi breathed. He knew he had stars in his eyes and an awed expression. “You’re a Flerken.” 

Midoriya was now moved onto his ‘people he actually liked’ list. Currently only occupied by Eraserhead, Present Mic, and now Midoriya. 

“Um, y-you know wh-what those are?”

“Of course I do! I, uh, I went through a phase of obsessing over different magics, especially creatures. Sorta never got over Flerkens and how cool they were.” Hitoshi paused for a moment. “Wait, does that mean you can turn into a cat?!”

“You’re not…scared?”

Hitoshi leveled a deadpan look at Midoriya. “I’m a Siren, Midoriya. I’m the last person that would be scared of you.”

“Oh.” Hitoshi couldn’t be sure, but he thought Midoriya was blushing. “T-to answer your qu-question, yes, I can t-turn into a cat.”

“So cool,” Hitoshi whispered. An idea suddenly lit up light a lightbulb in his mind. “Hey, does the class know you can turn into a cat?”

“Y-yeah, Kacchan yelled about it on the first day. Only Iida and Todoroki know what I look like though. None of them…none of them know I’m a Flerken though.”

“Wh- how?”

“Not a lot of people know what we are anyway.” Midoriya shrugged. “I don’t really care if they find out though.”

“Good.” Hitoshi smirked, idly wondering if Midoriya could see in the dark. “Want to help me pull a prank on them then?”

When Midoriya smiled, Hitoshi was suddenly reminded of why cats were predators. 


Hitoshi was either really early to class or borderline late. There was no in-between. So his classmates didn’t exactly worry when they were all there before him. Aizawa-sensei wasn’t supposed to come in for another few minutes anyway. 

However, most of them were shocked when he walked in carrying a cat. A cute, fluffy little thing that had curly fur. It was dark green too, almost black. The class didn’t move for all of thirty seconds before they descended on him like a flock of reporters. 

“Awww,” Ashido cooed. “He’s so cute! Where’d you find him?”

“Can we pet him?” Hagakure squealed. 

“Is he yours?” Uraraka asked. 

“He’s not mine,” was all Hitoshi said. The cat gave a small nod when Hitoshi glanced down at him. “But you can pet him.”

Most of the class almost instantly stroked the kitty. Hitoshi saw a few more of them coming up to see what was going on. He held back a laugh when he saw someone dragging Kouda over. 

“Kouda! Kouda! Come talk to the cat! Ask what his name is!”

The shy boy edged closer until he was finally near the cat. They blinked up at him. Kouda froze, which surprised a lot of them.

Then he started signing wildly. Hitoshi, one of the only one to actually know sign in the class, got the general message. 

“What is it Kouda?” Kirishima asked. 

“Not a cat,” Kouda whispered, his voice laced with a bit of worry. “Not a cat. Not a cat. Not a cat. Where did you find him Shinsou?”

It was then that Todoroki walked up to see what the fuss was. He stopped for a moment, before scooping up the cat from Hitoshi arms. They didn’t protest, so Hitoshi let him. Everyone else looked extremely jealous as the cat started purring in Todoroki’s arms. 

One of the last to come over was Iida. He walked by, stopped for a moment, and pat the cat on the head. “Good morning, Midoriya.”

The rest of the class was in an instant uproar. Hitoshi was smiling like Aizawa-sensei when he revealed a logical ruse. Todoroki, Iida, and Bakugou seemed unaffected. Only Hitoshi knew why, and he loved it. 

“Wait, wait, WAIT,” Kaminari yelled over everyone else. “Didn’t Bakugou say something about him being a cat morph?”

“Oh yeah, he did, didn’t he.”

“Wasn’t it on the first day of school?”

“After he threw the ball, right?”

Hitoshi didn’t say a thing, too busy trying not to laugh. Midoriya was watching everything from his perch on Todoroki. Everyone else was busy arguing over not remembering Midoriya was a cat morph.

Midoriya meowed loudly, so Todoroki set him on his desk. The green cat then changed back into a green-haired teenager. Everyone stopped talking. Bakugou was cackling in the background. 

“Hey everyone.”

There were sixteen cries of “Midoriya!” that followed. He jolted from the sudden noise, but stayed where he was. Uraraka was the first one to ask him anything coherent.

“How’d you do that Deku?”

“I, uh, remember when I, I told you and Iida my powers are complicated?” She nodded, with the rest of the class was listening intently now. “It’s because I’m a, a Flerken.”

Hitoshi was proud of his friend for telling everyone. They all seemed to still be processing, when Bakugou stormed up and grabbed Midoriya’s shirt collar, lifting him off the desk he was sitting on.

“What the FUCK is a Flicken,” he growled.

Flerken,” Hitoshi corrected, tapping Bakugou’s shoulder. “And I would suggest putting him down before he eats you.”

“This useless cat can’t do anything.”

“Oh yeah, isn’t it that cat-thing that can hold pocket dimensions and universes in its mouth?” Kaminari piped up. 

Bakugou dropped Midoriya on the ground. He slowly turned to stare at Kaminari, who looked about ready to use Kirishima as a shield. Midoriya picked himself up and brushed off his uniform.

“He’s right, Kacchan,” he said, though softly.

It was silent, then Bakugou spoke again. “You’re lying,” he growled. “You’re a lying cat that learned magic somehow. You’re not powerful, you’re not some mythical creature, you can’t be because all you’re useless ass can do is turn into a weak little cat.”

Bakugou’s palms glowed as he dove for Midoriya. Everyone moved forward, but it wasn’t needed. Midoriya turned into a cat, effectively dodging the blast from Bakugou. The enraged dandelion then swung at the green, hissing cat. 

No one expected for a giant mouth and tentacles to make Bakugou disappear. The cat blinked, and leapt onto Midoriya’s desk. Serenely licking a paw with a normal cat tongue. Everyone was staring at him, asking themselves if they had seen that correctly. 

Aizawa-sensei chose that moment to walk into class. Everyone scrambled for their seats, except for Midoriya. He stayed a cat sitting on his desk. Aizawa swept his gaze over the class. His eyes fell on Midoriya and the empty seat in front of him. 

“Midoriya, not again,” he sighed heavily. “I assume you told them this time?”

He got a meow in answer. Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“Midoriya spit Bakugou out right now.”

Class 1-A watched as the tiny cat spat a mostly dry Bakugou out onto the floor. Midoriya licked his paw again, though Hitoshi noticed he looked ready to run. Aizawa-sensei had one hand on his capture weapon.

“Bakugou, sit down. Midoriya, please turn back into a human, cats can’t take notes.”

Both boys complied quickly. Bakugou looked, well, stunned was putting it mildly. He also looked slightly murderous, so there was that. Aizawa-sensei just looked done. 

“Any questions can be directed at Midoriya after class. Now then, today’s heroics lesson is-“


Izuku spent every period between classes trying to explain things to his class. Ranging from why Kacchan called him only a cat morph to explaining that, no Kaminari, he cannot send his homework to another dimension because he forgot to do it. He knew Shinsou was trying not to laugh at some of it, being the only one to know what a Flerken was apparently. It sure explained why Iida and Todoroki didn’t figure it out after Hosu.  

Kacchan exploded for a minute, but cooled down eventually. Izuku had to explain that he had no control whatsoever over his powers in the beginning, which is why he never showed it. Seeing as he didn’t want to actually eat someone on accident. 

The questions eventually trickled to a stop. Everyone was curious, that much was obvious, but…they weren’t mad. None of them were yelling or treating him different. No one accused him of being a villain or eating people for fun. It was…nice, having them accept him. At least now he had an actual alibi for One for All. 

Classes went on as normal, minus the chaos trio (Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero) asking if he could eat various things. “For science” they claimed. The list included, but was definitely not limited to: Paper, pencils, two textbooks, Kacchan’s extremely spicy curry (he ate that one like normal. The whole class amazing and slightly disturbed), a shirt, a tie, his backpack, and an entire desk. Everything but the curry was spit back up to where it belonged. Everyone asked if he could eat something at least once. Homework was off the list of things he would eat though. 

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way for his class to find out what he was. They were his family now, his clan. And he wasn’t about to let them go anytime soon.



“Hey Todoroki, Iida, he used his tentacles and things in Hosu, right?” Jirou asked at lunch, maybe a week after he had revealed he was a Flerken. “So then, how come neither of you figured it out?”

“Ah, I did not know what a Flerken was,” Iida answered. “And I assumed it private, since Midoriya did not choose to share his powers with us.”

Jirou nodded, accepting the answer. She turned to Todoroki next. Izuku went ahead and hid his head in his arms. 

“Soooo, Todoroki, why didn’t you figure it out?”

The split boy looked up passively, shrugging. “I just thought it was a thing normal cats do.”

The table was quiet. Ashido finally broke it when she said, “I don’t know if I should be sad for you, or laugh. Why didn’t you know what a normal cat was??”

“My father didn’t want distractions for me.” He shrugged again. “I didn’t get out much either, so I had never interacted with cats before.”

“So then, what’s the verdict on cats?” Jirou asked, waving a chopstick at him. 

“They’re nice, especially ones that tear up my father’s office.”

Izuku squeaked, and curled into a tighter ball. Everyone else was looked at the two of them with raised eyebrows. Because how could the cute little kitty boy destroy anything that belonged to a hero? Surely not Izuku. Never. He loved heroes too much. 

Izuku smirked as his class whispered. Perhaps it was time to remind them that cats had claws.