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Izuku Ate a Tesseract

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Hitoshi Shinsou was finally moved to the hero course following the events of Kamino Ward. He was ecstatic. The hero course! It was his dream, and had been since he was a little kid. 

That being said, his new classmates were…a bit odd. He knew most of them, but not their Quirks. Some were obvious, like the dude with a tail and the invisible fae girl. Others were definitely not, like the person that kept flirting with him. Even if he literally sparked when Hitoshi snarked (read: flirted) back. 

Then there was Midoriya. Hitoshi had a decent opinion of the kid. They had fought in the sports festival, and Midoriya had shifted his world view by telling him that his power was so dangerous when he first tried to use it that one part had broken his limbs and the other had almost eaten someone. He was also still nice to Hitoshi after learning his Quirk, so Midoriya was automatically bumped up on his list of ‘people he hated the least.’ 

Moving into the dorms was…fun. Well, the moving itself was alright, but living with nineteen other teenagers proved to be more chaotic than Hitoshi had originally been prepared for. The number of times he had witnessed something weird in this dorm, in the one week they had been living there, was already in the double digits. He usually just ignored it or walked out of the room.

Currently, it was maybe one am. Way past curfew, but Hitoshi didn’t really care. He was awake and thirsty, so he went down to the kitchen. Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t do more than warn him off of doing it again anyway. 

It was pitch black in the hallway though. Curfew meant literally all the lights went off, save for the ones inside rooms. Hitoshi improvised and used his phone flashlight so he didn’t trip over anything. 

He was mindlessly playing on his phone, checking for things on the floor every few seconds, when he heard a noise. It made him look up, and Hitoshi immediately tripped. The crash caused whatever had made the noise look over at him. He promptly covered his mouth to muffle his shrieking. Because there was…something, standing in the kitchen. It was looking at him with glowing yellow eyes. 

For a moment Hitoshi was outright convinced Mothman had broken into their dorm kitchens. 

The thing, obviously startled too, yelled and stumbled back a step. Except that when they opened their mouth, tentacles came out. Ones that had teeth on them. Hitoshi pointed his flashlight at whatever it was in his panic. 

What he saw was a wide-eyed Midoriya staring at him with what looked like half an octopus coming out of his mouth. Hitoshi’s mouth gaped open like a fish. The tentacles retracted, letting Midoriya start stuttering out incomprehensible phrases. 

“No way,” Hitoshi breathed. He knew he had stars in his eyes and an awed expression. “You’re a Flerken.” 

Midoriya was now moved onto his ‘people he actually liked’ list. Currently only occupied by Eraserhead, Present Mic, and now Midoriya. 

“Um, y-you know wh-what those are?”

“Of course I do! I, uh, I went through a phase of obsessing over different magics, especially creatures. Sorta never got over Flerkens and how cool they were.” Hitoshi paused for a moment. “Wait, does that mean you can turn into a cat?!”

“You’re not…scared?”

Hitoshi leveled a deadpan look at Midoriya. “I’m a Siren, Midoriya. I’m the last person that would be scared of you.”

“Oh.” Hitoshi couldn’t be sure, but he thought Midoriya was blushing. “T-to answer your qu-question, yes, I can t-turn into a cat.”

“So cool,” Hitoshi whispered. An idea suddenly lit up light a lightbulb in his mind. “Hey, does the class know you can turn into a cat?”

“Y-yeah, Kacchan yelled about it on the first day. Only Iida and Todoroki know what I look like though. None of them…none of them know I’m a Flerken though.”

“Wh- how?”

“Not a lot of people know what we are anyway.” Midoriya shrugged. “I don’t really care if they find out though.”

“Good.” Hitoshi smirked, idly wondering if Midoriya could see in the dark. “Want to help me pull a prank on them then?”

When Midoriya smiled, Hitoshi was suddenly reminded of why cats were predators. 


Hitoshi was either really early to class or borderline late. There was no in-between. So his classmates didn’t exactly worry when they were all there before him. Aizawa-sensei wasn’t supposed to come in for another few minutes anyway. 

However, most of them were shocked when he walked in carrying a cat. A cute, fluffy little thing that had curly fur. It was dark green too, almost black. The class didn’t move for all of thirty seconds before they descended on him like a flock of reporters. 

“Awww,” Ashido cooed. “He’s so cute! Where’d you find him?”

“Can we pet him?” Hagakure squealed. 

“Is he yours?” Uraraka asked. 

“He’s not mine,” was all Hitoshi said. The cat gave a small nod when Hitoshi glanced down at him. “But you can pet him.”

Most of the class almost instantly stroked the kitty. Hitoshi saw a few more of them coming up to see what was going on. He held back a laugh when he saw someone dragging Kouda over. 

“Kouda! Kouda! Come talk to the cat! Ask what his name is!”

The shy boy edged closer until he was finally near the cat. They blinked up at him. Kouda froze, which surprised a lot of them.

Then he started signing wildly. Hitoshi, one of the only one to actually know sign in the class, got the general message. 

“What is it Kouda?” Kirishima asked. 

“Not a cat,” Kouda whispered, his voice laced with a bit of worry. “Not a cat. Not a cat. Not a cat. Where did you find him Shinsou?”

It was then that Todoroki walked up to see what the fuss was. He stopped for a moment, before scooping up the cat from Hitoshi arms. They didn’t protest, so Hitoshi let him. Everyone else looked extremely jealous as the cat started purring in Todoroki’s arms. 

One of the last to come over was Iida. He walked by, stopped for a moment, and pat the cat on the head. “Good morning, Midoriya.”

The rest of the class was in an instant uproar. Hitoshi was smiling like Aizawa-sensei when he revealed a logical ruse. Todoroki, Iida, and Bakugou seemed unaffected. Only Hitoshi knew why, and he loved it. 

“Wait, wait, WAIT,” Kaminari yelled over everyone else. “Didn’t Bakugou say something about him being a cat morph?”

“Oh yeah, he did, didn’t he.”

“Wasn’t it on the first day of school?”

“After he threw the ball, right?”

Hitoshi didn’t say a thing, too busy trying not to laugh. Midoriya was watching everything from his perch on Todoroki. Everyone else was busy arguing over not remembering Midoriya was a cat morph.

Midoriya meowed loudly, so Todoroki set him on his desk. The green cat then changed back into a green-haired teenager. Everyone stopped talking. Bakugou was cackling in the background. 

“Hey everyone.”

There were sixteen cries of “Midoriya!” that followed. He jolted from the sudden noise, but stayed where he was. Uraraka was the first one to ask him anything coherent.

“How’d you do that Deku?”

“I, uh, remember when I, I told you and Iida my powers are complicated?” She nodded, with the rest of the class was listening intently now. “It’s because I’m a, a Flerken.”

Hitoshi was proud of his friend for telling everyone. They all seemed to still be processing, when Bakugou stormed up and grabbed Midoriya’s shirt collar, lifting him off the desk he was sitting on.

“What the FUCK is a Flicken,” he growled.

Flerken,” Hitoshi corrected, tapping Bakugou’s shoulder. “And I would suggest putting him down before he eats you.”

“This useless cat can’t do anything.”

“Oh yeah, isn’t it that cat-thing that can hold pocket dimensions and universes in its mouth?” Kaminari piped up. 

Bakugou dropped Midoriya on the ground. He slowly turned to stare at Kaminari, who looked about ready to use Kirishima as a shield. Midoriya picked himself up and brushed off his uniform.

“He’s right, Kacchan,” he said, though softly.

It was silent, then Bakugou spoke again. “You’re lying,” he growled. “You’re a lying cat that learned magic somehow. You’re not powerful, you’re not some mythical creature, you can’t be because all you’re useless ass can do is turn into a weak little cat.”

Bakugou’s palms glowed as he dove for Midoriya. Everyone moved forward, but it wasn’t needed. Midoriya turned into a cat, effectively dodging the blast from Bakugou. The enraged dandelion then swung at the green, hissing cat. 

No one expected for a giant mouth and tentacles to make Bakugou disappear. The cat blinked, and leapt onto Midoriya’s desk. Serenely licking a paw with a normal cat tongue. Everyone was staring at him, asking themselves if they had seen that correctly. 

Aizawa-sensei chose that moment to walk into class. Everyone scrambled for their seats, except for Midoriya. He stayed a cat sitting on his desk. Aizawa swept his gaze over the class. His eyes fell on Midoriya and the empty seat in front of him. 

“Midoriya, not again,” he sighed heavily. “I assume you told them this time?”

He got a meow in answer. Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“Midoriya spit Bakugou out right now.”

Class 1-A watched as the tiny cat spat a mostly dry Bakugou out onto the floor. Midoriya licked his paw again, though Hitoshi noticed he looked ready to run. Aizawa-sensei had one hand on his capture weapon.

“Bakugou, sit down. Midoriya, please turn back into a human, cats can’t take notes.”

Both boys complied quickly. Bakugou looked, well, stunned was putting it mildly. He also looked slightly murderous, so there was that. Aizawa-sensei just looked done. 

“Any questions can be directed at Midoriya after class. Now then, today’s heroics lesson is-“


Izuku spent every period between classes trying to explain things to his class. Ranging from why Kacchan called him only a cat morph to explaining that, no Kaminari, he cannot send his homework to another dimension because he forgot to do it. He knew Shinsou was trying not to laugh at some of it, being the only one to know what a Flerken was apparently. It sure explained why Iida and Todoroki didn’t figure it out after Hosu.  

Kacchan exploded for a minute, but cooled down eventually. Izuku had to explain that he had no control whatsoever over his powers in the beginning, which is why he never showed it. Seeing as he didn’t want to actually eat someone on accident. 

The questions eventually trickled to a stop. Everyone was curious, that much was obvious, but…they weren’t mad. None of them were yelling or treating him different. No one accused him of being a villain or eating people for fun. It was…nice, having them accept him. At least now he had an actual alibi for One for All. 

Classes went on as normal, minus the chaos trio (Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero) asking if he could eat various things. “For science” they claimed. The list included, but was definitely not limited to: Paper, pencils, two textbooks, Kacchan’s extremely spicy curry (he ate that one like normal. The whole class amazing and slightly disturbed), a shirt, a tie, his backpack, and an entire desk. Everything but the curry was spit back up to where it belonged. Everyone asked if he could eat something at least once. Homework was off the list of things he would eat though. 

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way for his class to find out what he was. They were his family now, his clan. And he wasn’t about to let them go anytime soon.



“Hey Todoroki, Iida, he used his tentacles and things in Hosu, right?” Jirou asked at lunch, maybe a week after he had revealed he was a Flerken. “So then, how come neither of you figured it out?”

“Ah, I did not know what a Flerken was,” Iida answered. “And I assumed it private, since Midoriya did not choose to share his powers with us.”

Jirou nodded, accepting the answer. She turned to Todoroki next. Izuku went ahead and hid his head in his arms. 

“Soooo, Todoroki, why didn’t you figure it out?”

The split boy looked up passively, shrugging. “I just thought it was a thing normal cats do.”

The table was quiet. Ashido finally broke it when she said, “I don’t know if I should be sad for you, or laugh. Why didn’t you know what a normal cat was??”

“My father didn’t want distractions for me.” He shrugged again. “I didn’t get out much either, so I had never interacted with cats before.”

“So then, what’s the verdict on cats?” Jirou asked, waving a chopstick at him. 

“They’re nice, especially ones that tear up my father’s office.”

Izuku squeaked, and curled into a tighter ball. Everyone else was looked at the two of them with raised eyebrows. Because how could the cute little kitty boy destroy anything that belonged to a hero? Surely not Izuku. Never. He loved heroes too much. 

Izuku smirked as his class whispered. Perhaps it was time to remind them that cats had claws.