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Izuku Ate a Tesseract

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Izuku knew this camp wasn’t going to be extremely fun when him and his class were yeeted off a cliff. He did get to meet the Pussycats though! That was fun. The next day was very much not fun. At least Aizawa-Sensei took his aversion to sharing his other abilities to heart and let him practice in the trees. He did have to fight Tiger though. Once again, not very fun. 

The test of courage sounded fun, in theory at least. They get to try not to scream at 1-B, and then hide in the forest to try to make 1-B scream. Izuku thought Kacchan looked a bit too excited at the prospect of scaring the pants off people. Knowing him, he might take it literally. 

Izuku was just happy he didn’t get a bad partner. Then again, he didn’t get one to begin with. Sero had gotten teamed up with Ashido and Kaminari, and all three of them had failed the final. Honestly not too much of a surprise since they were teamed up against Nedzu . Izuku’s mentor wasn’t an easy opponent to beat, even if he was going easy on them. 

Then he smelled smoke, and saw the fire a second later. Azure flames that ate away at the forest. Swirling clouds of dark gas rose from somewhere too, blanketing the trees and path. 

Izuku physically stumbled when Mandalay said she didn’t know where Kouta was. Right. His secret hideout. The one up on a cliff that only Izuku knew about. 

He hardly stayed long enough to tell a teacher where he was going. Green sparked off his body as he pushed his limit. He need to go faster. Needed to protect Kouta. Needed to protect the lonely kit

Izuku saw the looming figure, and the child at his feet, and dove without regard for himself. He scooped up Kouta in his arms and jumped away. A fist bigger than his arm slammed into the ground not a second behind the two. 

“Oh ho ho. Seems like I have another challenger!”

Izuku dared to look up, Kouta clutched to his chest. He took a few steps back, because in front of him was an Oni. It was missing an eye, and his horn only a stump near his hairline. This one must have been half human, Izuku noted, since his skin was the same color as one. The Oni also seemed to have some sort of magic, since he could see the muscles physically escaping his skin. 

This particular Oni was one Izuku knew too. Recognized, at least. Muscular, a villain known for his psychopathic nature. An S-ranked villain, the most dangerous rank. And he was here at his summer camp. Probably with the league. 

Muscular was also the one to kill the Water Hose duo. Kouta’s parents. 

“Oh I know you!” He shouted, he sounded happy. “You’re on our list, like that Bakugou kid! So I can’t kill ya, but Bossman never said you had to be conscious.”

Izuku muttered possible plans under his breath. Kouta was clinging to his shirt like a lifeline. Muscular was smiling like a lunatic, which he was, and saying something about showing him blood. Izuku…really didn’t see an easy way out of this. 

Muscular darted forward with more speed than Izuku thought was possible. He swung a fist, backed up by more muscle than his arm could contain. Izuku took Kouta and lunged out of the way, towards the trees. Maybe Muscular wouldn’t be able to navigate as well in the dense forest.

He was proven wrong when Muscular just yelled and mowed down the trees like a rampaging elephant. If he could just avoid him for long enough. If he could just get to camp, then the pros could handle it. 

They wouldn’t make it. He realized that in the split second before Muscular’s fist collided with his side. Izuku went flying, curling protectively around Kouta. He was the priority. He had to keep Kouta safe. 

But he couldn’t fight Muscular using One for All. At the percentage he could use now, it was essentially a weaker version of Muscular’s own Quirk. Unless he wanted to risk breaking his arms so bad he couldn’t ever use them again. Which he was, but right now it would do more harm than good.

Which left one option. Not one Izuku was particularly happy about, but…it would keep Kouta and his classmates safe. If it would protect them, he’d be willing to do almost anything. 

“Kouta,” he said, loud enough for the kid to hear, “I need you to close your eyes. Don’t open them until I say so, ok? I’m going to set you down in a bush, so you need to stay quiet.”


Izuku checked that Kouta’s eyes were closed, then hid him in the greenery. Satisfied the kid would be alright, he dashed farther from the hiding spot before stopping. Muscular was there in an instant. He stopped a few feet from Izuku.

“You finally standin’ and fighting then?” He crowed, smiling more. “Then come at me!”

Izuku swayed at the thought of what he was about to do. Quietly, he said, “I’m sorry.”

“For what, kid?” 

“For breaking a promise I made.”

Izuku took a deep breath, and opened his mouth. 

The teeth and jaws were familiar to him. Not to Muscular obviously. The insane villain hesitated, and it was all the time Izuku needed. 

He felt the crunching of bones and the taste of blood. He felt whatever he bit off being dragged to different places, different pockets of space and time. His eyes were closed. Izuku didn’t want to see what he had done. He felt the blood splatter on his legs anyway. 

He retracted his jaws and tentacles, feeling more blood smear over his mouth. A thump told him the other half was down now too. Izuku didn’t look, and went to find Kouta. 

Aizawa-sensei found them on their way back. The two must have been quite the sight. One crying little kid and a teenager looking like he’d gotten splashed by something darker than water. Izuku knew he couldn’t get sick from what he’d just done, not fever kind of sick at least, but he did feel like he wanted to puke up everything in his stomach. 

He handed off Kouta, and went off to find Kacchan. He was in danger. He had to protect him. 

Izuku sat on his hospital bed. His stomach had long been settled, though his nerves were not. The teachers had discovered what remained of Muscular while he was unconscious. They didn’t blame him, but he knew the looks Vlad-sensei gave him. It was why he avoided using his powers. Why he jumped at the chance to have One for All and not be associated with what his ancestors had done. 

His class didn’t know. They all visited him. Kirishima told him their plan for rescuing Kacchan. Izuku agreed almost instantly. Anything to get his old friend back. Even if Kacchan had long since left him, Izuku still wanted him safe. 

They left that night, sneaking along in disguises in Kamino Ward. The tracker lead to a warehouse of Nomu.

Then the building caved in. All at once it was obliterated, as well as the heroes that had broken in in the first place. A single man, if he could even be called that, strode out into the open. 

Izuku instincts were screaming . Repeating danger, danger, danger to clan, chase away, kill, dangerous over and over in a mental mantra. It made his head hurt. 

The villains, and Kacchan, appeared not a minute later. All of them emerging from some sort of gray goo. Izuku went to leap up, to help Kacchan and get him away, but a hand stopped him. Iida was holding onto his sleeve, pinning Todoroki where he about to move alongside him. A glance to the side showed him Yaoyorozu was clinging to Kirishima’s arm to stop him from running out too. 

We said no fighting ,” Iida hissed quietly. 

“But Kacchan’s right there,” Izuku growled. “We have to save him!”

“I will not allow you to become a vigilante, Midoriya!”

“Then help me find a way to get him out!”

Silently, Todoroki held up his right hand and made an ice cube. Izuku nodded, and waited for the pieces to snap into place for the others. 

Before Izuku knew what was happening, he was flying up an ice ramp with Iida and Kirishima. He risked looking down, and saw Kacchan shooting himself in the air. He was alright. He was safe. All Might didn’t have to hold back now. 

They landed not too far from the ruined buildings. Todoroki and Yaoyorozu had promised to meet them at the train station. Kacchan was set down, though he didn’t let go of Kirishima’s hand. None of them commented on it. 

The four of them cautiously made their way to more populated streets. No villains tried to stop them thankfully. 

His clan was safe. Kacchan was with them now. Izuku finally let himself relax for the first time since the training camp.