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The Legend of Zelda: Missing Links to the Past

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Hi, this is my first fanfiction on this site so I hope ot goes well...
I am going to make this a long running series, updating it when I am not busy and have freetime. I plan to tell the story of what happenes between or after each Zelda game as well as tell some of the stories we do not see in any games like the Hero of Men for example.

The order of time lines I will follow will be Child First and then probably Adult then Downfall. I will not be including Breath of the Wild in this since the sequel is announced and I plan to try and keep this series as canon as possible and I don't want to write a fanfic just for it all to be wrong later down the line. If Nintendo decide "Breath of the Wild 2" wont have a direct sequel then I will do an aftermath for that game too. I do belive Breath of the Wild falls in the Child Time line but those are the reasons I wont include it right away.

This series is titled by the games so by looking at the chapter it is clear which game it is focusing on. Each story is fresh so I wont be relying on characters and plot lines from Skyward Sword in later ones like Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time or any other unless the characters are the same like in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. This means if for example you are not interested in the Minish Cap, skipping it is totally reasonable.

This series will have adult themes, mainly sexual content but probably more as I am not one to shy away from sensitove subjects. I cant be certain what but I am not ruling anything out.
This series will focus on Hetrosexual relationships as the stories will follow Link and to me he is straight but I know their will be at least one Homosexual character in the future but that will be some way in.

I also hope that people will comment and give me possitive or negative feedback. Of anyone has any points to make or suggestions I am open. Grammar and spelling may be off at times so feel free to let me know.
Afrer all this, I hope you enjoy this.

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Link and Zelda stood and watched as their Loft Wings flew off back to Skyloft above the Clouds. The Tri-force hovering just behind them. The two knew they would be staying here on this Earth and the two knew that the rest of the residence of Skyloft would soon follow. And although she didn't like to admit it to herself, Zelda knew she was important.

With the Blood of the Goddess running through her she knew that she had an obligation to keep her bloodline going as the reincarnation of Demise's Curse would eventually rise up to destoy this land. Only the blood of the Goddess and the Spirit of the Hero could stop the Curse of Demise.

This meant that Zelda had to produce and heir, and heir that would continue to produce and heir for generations and they would have to know of their Legendary purpose when this threat would arive. This was why Zelda decided she would be the self proclaimed Queen of this new land that she had dubbed Hyrule.

It isnt like she never planned on having Children, the opposite in fact. She had always wanted to have kids, it was more about how she felt like she had to and didnt get a say in her own fate. Luckily she still had the choice on who to have children with and that was non other than the love of her life Link.

Well... she technically cant be 100% certain that Link wants to be with her as she has never told him of her love and nor has he too her. She cant recall him ever mentioning that he wanted Children either. She was assuming alot though but would be heart broken if she found out he wanted neither and she would have to have an heir with someone else.

As they stood on the Goddess Statue she looked at his happy face, wondering what was going through his mind, was it the same as hers or did he have anything else in mind.

"Link. Are we going to stay up here all day?" She asked playfully grabbing ahold of his right arm and pulling it a little. He looked at her and smiled
" Not unless you want to. Do you have anywhere in mind?" He asked with genuine curiosity. She sat down on the edge of the statue with him sitting next to her.
"I dont know. I want to create a world down here for people to live, for us to live. We have the whole world but I have no idea where to start" she said looking off into the Green Forests.

Link sat and said nothing for a while as he thought if an answer.
"Why dont we build a House over there" he said pointing to the left of the statue too an area with just trees and nothing else. "We can live here in the Sacred Temple while we prepare and continue as we go. I have all the equipment we are going to need" he said smuggly until she interupted with
" Except a bed". He laughed and said
"We will have to make one of those two". She sat there and smirked to her self "Just one?" She asked with a blush and Link went red as well, as he turned to her "We are close enough for it not to be weird right?". He asked as she smiled and nodded.

Link knew that he was madly in love with her but didnt know how to say it. He hinted in every possible way and made it as obvious as he could but she never picked up on it. He knew that she was important and that she had to produce an heir, he just hoped she would pick him. Not for the fame or the sex or anything, he loved her long bwfore he knew of her Legendary heritage, he juat wanted to spend his life with her. I mean he wasnt kidding him self, the sex had crossed his mind, he was a 18 year old Boy and she was their with him all through his puberty years, and with how attractive she objectively is and how close they were he had a few guilty nights with him self over the thought of her.

He started thinking about all the moments they had together that stired him up inside like the time they rode the same loftwing and he was pushed right up against her, forced into grinding against her back. The time they were exploring the area beneath Skyloft and a gust of wind blew up her skirt. The time she fell asleep ontop of him with her breasts pressed against his chest. But most of all the time he was playing around in the attic of the Knights academy and accidently saw a peak of her naked in tje bath.

He looked away right away as he was no pervert but the breif image has been the subject of many of his nights alone and she has no idea this occured and never will.

Zelda was enjoying the silence for a while until she looked up at his strange smile, glanced down slightly to see the bulge in his tunic. From where the previous conversation had ended she could put the peices together and work out what he was thinking. She blushed over the thought. She assumed Link had feelings for her but she KNEW he was sexually attracted to her so she used this to play with him sometimes. Their was one time she insisted on riding the same Loftwing so she could feel him agaist her. She would move subtley enough against his crotch to make him hard and to get a reaction out of him, a one in this case ended with wet pants that he tried to act casually on like it never happened. Another time they were snuggling together on a lonely island and she pretended to fall asleep ontop of him with her breasts pressed against him.

Although she enjoyed the thoughts nearly as much as him she was getting bored so she stood up, snapping him out of his day dream.
" So, you gonna float me down from here, youre the one with the sail cloth?" She said as a question even though it wad more of a demand. Link was a little nervous as she might feel his erection against her but stood up anyway, trying ti hide it as much as possible.
" You are gonna have to hold on tight" he said as the steped towarda him and pressed right against him. She felt his erection press against her which was only made harder by her boobs pressed against his chest. Neither commented but both knew the other had felt it. He moved to the edge of the stature and jumped off the side, pullimg her with him. He emidiatly pulled out the sail cloth as he forgot to take into account the extra weight he had which caused him to fall much quicker than he was used too.

He landed with an awkward landing and toppled over trying to keep his balance. She landed right ontop of him with their face inches from each other. They could both feel theri bodies pressed together and they were close enough to feel each others breaths. Link decided then and there he was going to go to a spring for a "wash" which was really going to be his excuse to relive him self of the sexual tension he cant escape. Zelda got up and smiled, helping him up.

"Im gonna go to the spring for a wash. I havent washed for like two days an well, Im a bit sweaty after killing a Demon King" he said smuggly. She smiled at him
"Alright. I will do the same, I havent washed in 1000 years" she said with a laugh " Do you have a place in mind?" She said curiously.
"Yeah, I stopped for a break at the peoce of land I spoke of building a house. Their are a few springs seperated by trees, you can take one I can take the other" he said.

They made their way over to one spring. Their was a think line of trees but Link assured her another apring was just past it. " You take this one and I will take the other. If you need anything just shout, I should be able to hear you" he said as he walked off to the spring. He got into the water after leaving his clothes by the side. As he sat back he slipped his hand into the water and started stoking him self.

The thought of Zelda rushing through his mind. He imagined after they toppled over each other earlier he grabbed her and started kissing her with her kissing back. He flipped her over so he was on top and grabbed her breasts making her gasp. He lifted her dress up and pulled her underwear down. She was stroking his buldge before grabbing at his belt. He spend no time undoing it and pulling down his pants. He was rock hard and lined him self up. She smiled and he asked permission to enter and he got a small nod so he thrust him self inside her.

His knowledge of what sex was like was lacking since he never experienced it, he knew the basics so his imagination only took him that far. He kept thrusting in and out if her, with her moans making him more turned on. It didnt take long for him to cum, the water washing it away and snapping him back to reality.

However, what he did not know was Zelda had caught some of that. She didnt know what compelled her but she krept through some of the treeline, far away enough to not be caught but close enough to see what he was doing. He had his back to her so she could only see his head and broad shoulders, but knew exactly what he was doing. She didnt KNOW he was thinking of her but she could take an educated guess based on his reactions to her earlier. And she liked it. It made her wet.

She went back to her spring and her hand rubbed against her self. Feeling herself. She stopped, feeling guilty about her thoughts of him, she thought to her self "If you want him, you should do the right thing and be open about it". The rest of her wash was just her thinking about how she will approach him. Link on the other hand had a bigger issue. He was done. He was ready to leave but had to pass Zelda's spring. He got close to the edge and loudly said
"Zelda. I am done, I am going to walk past your spring now. I promise I wont look". This gave he lr a fright but she took a deep breath. "Thats fine by me..." she said quickly, wanting to add more but couldnt. She was fine with him looking as she wanted him to come onto her and make her job more simple.

She hatched a quick plan she waded to the end of the water where he clothes were, picking them up and moving them onto the path he will cross, pushing them as far out of reach as she could. She then returned to where she was in time for Link to arrive. He had his right arm blocking the veiw to his left and also only had his trousers and boots on with the rest of hia clothes under his left arm. She bit her lip at the sight of his body.
"Link, could you do me a quick favour" she said sitting up enough so her boobs were visible above the water " Can you bring my clothes over to me, I took my clothes off and put them to far away ro reach" she said slightly nervously. Link took a few seconds
" I'll have to turn around so could you cover your self?" He said and she responded with a simple
"yes". He laid his clothes down and picked hers up and turned around to see her bare chest right there in the open. He quickly turned his head and putting the clothes down closer
"I thought you said you would cover your self" he said embarassed
"I thought you would give me a warning" she lied as she smiled.
"Sorry I..." he nervously said before she interupted
"Link, its fine. I am looking at your bare chest right now so it is only equal that you should see mine". She said

"I guess so", he peaked another glance trying to make eye contact and not stare but his eyes kept dropping down every few seconds. God he loved them so much. He wanted them in his hands.
"Do you like what you see?" She teased grabbing them and pushing them together making him turn awah in embarassment. She laughed and he just said
" Yeah... they are nice" he said before gasping " Are you getting out?" As he heard the sound of her gettimg closer
" Yeah, I cant stay there all day" she laughed. She was red from the excitment and she was also turned on but decided she had teased him enough today . She got changed and hugged him from behind " I am done now" she said with her friendly smile.

They walked in silence for a while as neither, especially Link, has nothing to say. Link with bo warning pulled out his bow and shot it upwards. They arrow hit a few apples out of a tree and Link caught them.
"Impressed?" He smirked, doing this to break the ice and to give them something to eat.
"Slightly...Yes". She smiled next to him as they walked on. "Sorry about earlier". She said shyly as they cintinued to the temple.
"Its okay, it was my fault really I should have warned you I was turning around. Sorry". He said and Zelda felt guilty about this.

They arrived down at the Goddess statue and Link noticed the setting sun which hatched an idea in his mind. He grabbed a hold of Zelda by her waist, making her gasp in the process and used his Claw shots to pull them both up to the top of the Statue.

They landed ontop and Zelda smiled at him and he smiled back. They both sat on the edge with the Sun setting on their first Day together on the surface. What a wild day. A day that Link cant keep straight in his head but he is certain he started the Day in the Sky Keep searching for the Tri-force. Its hard to say since he has travelled in time and killed Demise as well as everything else that went on.

Zelda however was not cincerning her self with such things. She just wants to enjiy the beautiful moment they are having together. She looked at Link and she couldnt keep her guult locked away.
"Link. Dont feel bad about seeing me naked". She said making him aroused at the thought and making her blush. " I planned it. I wanred you to see. I am sorry". She said as Link stared in disbelief. There was a silence for lomger than she hoped.
"Why? I mean dont get me wrong, I enjoyed it but why would you do that?" He asked and she knew why but didnt want to say it.
"Is it not obvious?" She asked nervously but Link just looked puzzled. She swallowed. "Link. I love you".

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Link stared at her in disbelif. His heart racing. Zelda's heart was racing faster. She just came out and said it. What if he says no? What if this ruins everything? What has she done?
"Zelda... I...." he knew what he wanted to say but it was harder than he thought. Why though? She has already done the hard part. "I love you too..." he said in a smile as she gasped bursting out in to a relived sob.
"I was so scared you wpuld say no". She sobbed into him. He grabbed her cheek and made their eyes meet.
" I have always. Loved you Zelda. And I always want to be with you. I am sorry I worried you". He said as their breathes became heavy and they realised how close together they were.

"Link I...." she didnt know what came out of her but they found them selves edging closer before Link made the first move and crashed his lips into hers. She was shocked by the movement but she enjoyed it regardless of the fact she didnt know how to respond. She forced her self forward more as he used his power over her to push her on her back. He was inbetween her legs, her breasts pressed against his chest and his hands were by her head. They stopped the kiss for air and they panted and looked into eachothers eyes. Link kissed her again and she pulled him in by the back of his head.

When they eventually stopped Zelda hugged him as they lay next to each other.
"You have no idea how long I have waited for you to do that" she sighed.
"You have no idea how many times I have thought about doing that" he said with a laugh. They stared up at the sky that was going dark. Neither said anything as the two just enjoyed each others company.

Zelda started thinking about the surface in relation to skyloft and how it worked. All through her life she read about Legends of a 'surface world' that is bellow the cloud barrier. A world no one could prove existing as their was no way down and no one could see bellow the clouds. Most believed it was a story, but Zelda believed their was something down there. Although she eventually discovered their was something, she was still shocked. If she was shocked at the impossibility of this world existing how will those of Slyloft react when they come down. But she thought more about the sky barrier. It was impossible to see the surface from above but the night sky was clear right now. How could this be? Was it just Hylia's magic stopping the residents of Skyloft from attempting to go down to the surface? If she didnt have an answer to that no one would.

She then spotted it.
"Look Link. I think that is Skyloft". She said with excitment as she pointed upwards to a tiny island floating in the Sky.
"To think we were born all the way up there. Its amazing". He said with a peaceful smile on his face. Zelda then responded
" What do you think will happen to Skyloft when everyone leaves?" She said a little more sad " Do you think it will fall down to the Surface like this island did or will it stay there forever?" She wondered, not really expecting Link to have an answer.
"Do we have a plan for them? About how everything is going to work?" He said sitting up and shuffelimg towarda the edge of the statue. She copied his movements.
"What do you mean?" She asked leaning her head agaist his shoulder. He took a few seconds
"It is our duty to protect the Triforce. Our duty for the rest of time. Our kids..." he paused there going a little red and not making eye contact with her but knew she thought the same. " Our kids will have that duty too.. Forever. We can trust each other to not use it but can you really trust everyone on Skyloft to not want to abuse it? The Triforce cannot be used for small things. Even selfish big things. Like if someones friend died. People wpuld ask for the Tri-force to bring them back, which of course it could but we cant afford to let it be used like that". He finished, giving Zelda a chamce to speak.

"I dont really have an answer and I should". She said in a slight disapointed tone " I agree with everything you said but I dont know what to do about it. I also dont know how I manage to convince everyone I am in charge". Link looked at her confused before she continued " I have the blood of the Goddess inside me and so will everyone of my ancesstors. My bloodline and your spirit has been curse by Demise for all atternity. It is only the females that can access the sealing Power simce Hylia was female. When ever Demise's curse springs into action my ancesstor will need to be prepared to deal with it. They will need to know these stories and Legends and their importance. I hate saying it because I dont want to treat my self as more important than anyone else but they will need to know, my kids will need to know" she said realising she had he arm around Link now.

"I get it Zelda. A Monarchy provideds a structured society and its power can be used to keep the Legend of you. The Legend of Zelda alive". He said smiling but she just laughed.
"Come on. You did all the hard work Link. It should be 'The Legend of Link' or at least 'The Legend of Hylia'" she said not liking the attention to be on her.

"Anyway. It is night time now and we neef to figure out where to sleep". She said as Link put his hand around her waitst and pulled her off the side of the statue, usimg the sail cloth successfully this time to land. They walked inaide the Sealed Temple.
"This is as good of a place as any" he said optamistically but Zelda wasnt convinced.
"There is no beds or anything, how did Impa manage all these years?" She complained.
"I imagine she mastered the art of sitting cross legged on the hard floor. But you have a good point, a bed will be the first thing I make tomorrow morning" he said as Zelda walked up to where Impa used to sit
"Was this always here?" She asked bending down and picking up a ancient looking cloth. She threw it down the steps towards Link who caught it and looked at it
" It doesnt ring a bell" he said laying it flat " It must have been what Impa used but I dont recall seeing her with it. But hey, it solves a little of our issue" he smiled gesturing her over.

They stood on the cloth link had places ontop of the circular part of the temple "We could sleep here, put the sail cloth over us for warmth...its better than the cold hard floor" he said with his arm around her.
"I guess so..." she said disapointed but there wasnt alot either of them could do at this moment. Link handed her the sail cloth and she took off her shoes to turn around to link wearing only his Trousers. She blushed and he noticed
"Sorry, I am used to sleeping like this should I put my shirt back on?" He asked thinking only about her but she shook her head
"Its fine, I was just surprised. I am sleeping in this, after 1000 years of sleeping in it I would say I am used to this" she laughed.

They got into the makeshift bed together, Zelda sleeping on her side facing Link and Link lying on his back. It took a while for them to get to sleep due to the uncomfortable conditions and the sexual tension they both felt. Link wondered if he should ask her for Sex but didnt want to seem like a perv or rush things. But deep down its what he wanted. Zelda managed to get to sleep but after a few hours of trying Link gave up.

He got out of the bed trying not to disturb Zelda in the process and walked up the steps. He pushed open the big doors and walked inside. The Master Sword was sitting in the centre of the room where Zelda had once been sleeping. Link walked over to it and sat on the steps next to it.
"I dont know if you can hear me Fi but thank you for your help. I wouldnt be here of it wasnt for you" he said talking to the Sword. As he expected he got no reply but he felt calm sitting next to the Sword, almost like his Spirit had a connection. He knew the Sword was only to be pulled out by his successor but if Link decided would he still be worthy to pull it out. He toyed with the idea but decoded it was not worth any risk regardless of how tempting it was. He liked how the Sword looked and it was better than his basic Sword he has at the moment.

The Door creaked and Link looked up to see Zelda standing there.
"What are you doing in here Link?" She said confused as she walked towards him.
"I couldnt sleep so I came in here because I find the Sword.... relaxing" he said realising it sounds insane to anyone that wasnt him.
"Was it the uncomfortable floor, I can understand that?" Zelda said completly moving past the comment on the Sword.
"Thats one if the reasons, yeah". He said with Zelda imediatly asking
"One of the reasons?"

He took a moment. To think before responding
"Are we together Zelda? Actually scratch that, your answer doesnt matter for what I want to say" he said going red " You told me the truth about you showing me your chest so I want to bw honest with you. You might be disgusted by what I tell you but here me out" he was saying in shame, Zelda already knew where he was going but she let him continue. " I think about you, like more than I should. I have fantasies about you and well.... you with my self over those fantasies.... when I went to the springs I didnt just need a wash, I needed to relieve some tension I had from being close to you... I just cant help but think about you.... do you know what I am saying?" He asked looking up to her.

She put her arm around him and leaned her head against his shoulder.
"I know exactly what you are saying and I do not find it disgusting. I find it flattering". She said to his surprise " It excites me a little. If we are being open then I must tell you that I saw you at the spring having some fun" she said making him blush alot more than he already was "It made me want to touch my self but I stopped because I would rather have the real deal" she said smiling at him. His heart started racing.
"Zelda. Are you saying what I think you are saying?" He asked looking at her and she nodded
"Do you want to do it?" She asked with her face as red as his.
"Of course I do but what if you get pregnant ?" He said trying to assure it was the right thing to do.
"Well thats great in my account. I want to have children. Especially if they are with you" she said looking lovingly into his eyes "what about you? Do you want children?" She asked hopefully
"Of course I do. I have dreamed of having a family with you" he smiled
"Then dont just sit there. Lets get to work" she said as Link pushed in a passionate kiss that was full of lust and desire and Zelda reacted with an equally lustful kiss.

He pushed her onto her back with him between her legs. They kissed each other and Link reached up to grab her right breast. She moaned with his touch as she was not expecting it and grabbed the back of his head pulling him in more.

She could feel his bulge against her so she tried to grind against it which made him moan. She grabbed at his trousers and pulled them down feeling his dick swing out and hit her. She couldnt see it from her angle but she could grab it and she blushed at its size. She started stroking it making him moan and she pulled him on his back so she was ontop. She went down to have a look and was shcoked for a second time. She couldnt believe she was looking at Link's Penis. She had always dreamed of the day but now it seems unbelievable. She put her mouth to it and started sucking.

Link leaned back and moaned, just enjoying her on his dick. He couldnt believe the love of his life was doing this, let alone capable of this. It felt so good, the stuff of his dreams but one million times better.
"Zelda I love this but if you dont stop I'm gonna cum" he said into a moan she kept going thinking of why that is an issue then remembered she wanted more. She stopped and came back up too him and straddled him.
"Show me what you can do then" she said with a lustful smile so he grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head. Sje was just in jer underwear but his eyes were on her breasts. He squeezed both of them, getting a good feel as he loved their size and shape. As he grasped the hook of her bra she pulled down her panties and sat afainst his dick. He felt her against it as he let her bra drop to the ground.

The two sat naked together. Their hearts racing.
"Are you sure about this" Link asked her and she nodded
"Only with you" she said as he picked her up and pushed her against the door, thrusting his dick into her at the same time.

She gasped in pleasure and pain as there was a sting but he kept going which made the pleasure over ride the pain in seconds. She moaned as she felt his hard dick push right inside her, filling her entirely as his muscular chest was pushed against her boobs. His hands were on her ass giving them the occasional squeeze that made her moan each time.

Link couldnt believe how good this felt. She wad increddibly tight on his dick and to thurn him on more there was her boobs against his chest and the firm touch of her ass which he squeezed to get a moan out of her.

He kept thrusting and she was screaming, riding a wave of pleasure each time. She liked him being the dominant one. The possition was great but Link kept looking at her boobs that were bouncing up amd down and wanted more of them. He let go of one of her ass cheeks and groped her breast. He was feeling it over but due to the loss of support Zelda had to wrap her arms around his shoulder.

She pushed at him an he went back into the wall and slid down so she was straddling him. She rocked her hips and Link let go of her ass and put it on her hip helping her. He kissed her again and pushed her back to the floor thrusting into her as hard and fadt as he could.

This was it. How could Zelda last any longer from this. "Link.... Oh... Yes... I think Im...." she moaned making him even closer. Her could expload at any second but was trying to make it ladt as long as he could.
"Zelda... I know.....I am about to cum" he groaned into her. She screamed as she hit her oragasm and clenched her walls against him. He moaned and exploaded inside her.

He lay ontop of her for a few seconds as they caught their breaths until he pulled out of her and lay next to her.
"Wow". She said in a pant " Thats what I have gone 18 years without experiencing" she said just laying there on the cold floor, at the exact same spit where she told Link about her destiny.
"You can say that again" he moaned as he turned to her." I love you more than anything" he said with a smile as he stood up.

She saw his dick as he did so and it was still slightly hand but drooping a little. She wondered if they were all this big or Link was special. He offered her a hand as he looked at her breasts, he loved them, he knew Zelda's were better as no one in Skyloft were as big as hers. He pulled her up and they walked back to their "bed"

It didnt take Zelda long to fall back to sleep from all energy she used up but Link still couldnt. He enjoyed the feel of her naked body against his as he sat in thought. What a day he had. It started with him waking up really early to put the gem he got from the Silent Realm into the bird statue in the proccess going through a huge dungeon that was buired beneath the Goddess Statue this whole time. After that he obtained the Tri-Force and with it wishing upon Demis' death. This made the island of the Goddess Statue fall to the surface back to its original location. He then had his reunion with Zelda which was interupted by Ghirahim who took her through the Gate of Time to the past. He saved her and defeated Demise in the past and returned to the time he had left. Impa passed away and Groose was taken back up to Skyloft too tell everyone of the surface and their tales. Leaving Link and Zelda alone. He managed to see her naked having a wash and then loose his Virginity to her all in the same day. He would be shocked to have another day like this.....

Zelda woke up the following morning to an unfamiliar ceiling. It took a few moments for her to figure out where she was and why. It dawned on her then she turned to her left where there was an emptt space where Link was and the door to the Master Sword was open. Then she realised what transpired the night before and she went bright red.

She wondered where Link was but then noticed the side door was open so she put it together that Link went out, his reasoning unknown. She got up and shivered due to her lack of clothes so she put on her white Goddess Dress as there wasnt exactly a lot of choices and then left to find Link.

She found him out side after a short walk through Faron woods and he was shirtless, chopping down trees with his sword. She stood watching him hack away at the tree, the sword nit being the best tool for the job but all he had but with Link's Sword skillsbhe made it look effortless.

She approached him and he turned to her and smiled
"How are you doing this beautiful day?" He asked with a smile and she walked to him and flung her arms around him
"I love you" she said into his shoulder as he put his arms around her, resting his head on hers.
"I like that answer. I love you to" he said as they stepped back from each other.
" I assume this is going to be our bed?" She asked with a simple nod from him
" Yeah, I thought I would get it out of the way as soon as possible, start early. I already caught our dinner" he said pointing over behing her to a small pen of cuccos she turned around to him throwing an apple to her with her catching it in midair.
" And Breakfast" she said
"Except I found breakfast, I didnt catch it" he said with them both laughing.

Link stood up and walked back to the tree he was just at. " Do you want a go?" He said holding the sword to her and she shook her head
"Dont tease, you know I couldnt lift that sword" she said but he insisted and guided her over
"Let me show you" he said putting her arms around her, supporting her arms from the weight of the sword. "Bend your knees" he said to her and she done so " now swing it" he said as she did with the help of him and the sword hit the side of the tree going straight through it . The tree fell to the side and she dropped the sword.
"Impresive. Only one swing" he said and she smirked
" With your help" she said as he hugged her again
" Maybe, but if you want I can give you lessons" he offered but she politely declined. "Well I cant exactly say I have experience with making beds or.... anything for that matter but I think we have enough wood for the job".

Link started collectong the wppd together while Zelda sat on a log playkng with a twig. She noticed a small bug walking on the twig. She then notoced something that made her eyes widen.
"Oh Hylia!" She exclaimed.....

Chapter Text

She dropped the branch in shock and Link turned to her staring in shock at the branch. He scratched his head.
"Is there a problem?..." he asked confused and Zelda just pointed as the branch he walked over and sat next to her. He looked to see what she was pointing at and he saw two tiny people that looked as confused as they were.

"Do you think they can see us?" One of them said and the other hit him on the arm
"Of course not. Hylians cant see us Picori unless they are decendants of the Heroes in the "Legend of Hylia"" one of them said before the other butted in
"Or kids..... Kids can see us" he said. The two kept talking to each other as if they had forgot Link and Zelda were there and Link turned to Zelda and they both laughed. The two tiny people turned back to them.
"Maybe they eat branches". One of them said until Zelda eventually butted it
"We can both see you and hear you"....

There was a long silence as everyone looked at each other.
"YES! That means you are Hylia right? Unless she mixed it up and reincarnated as a Male" he said dancing excitedly as Link was took back by his comment.
"No I am a decendant of the Hero" he said to the small person that wasnt listening. Zelda butted in again
"Who are you?" She asked to clear the huge confusion. The second one stepped forward
"Specifically ot in general?" It said and she just sighed and said
"Well I am Olzo and this my Brother Vaki. We are the Picori. You may have heard of us in Legends before but yes. We are real" but Link turned to Zelda again.
"Never heard of you" he said bluntly to the offended Olzo.
"Well maybe not you because you are clearly an idiot but Hylia will have right?" He asked her but she shook her head.
"Sorry, we havent. The Legends only cover the battle and Hylia sending us to the Skies. And also my name is Zelda, I may be the reincarnation of the Goddess but I am not her.... if that makes sense" the two looked at each other really confused but nodded.
"Makes sense" they said proudly as Link sighed. Vaki stepped forward again
"We were one of the races created by the Goddess's back in the day but due to out size we werent able to help fight but we have stories and procesies of our own which tell us we would someday be visited by the decendants of the Heroes. You know what that means?" He said excited
"It was correct" Link said harshly to the annoyed Picori
"Well yes. But also we are apart of a Legend in the making" he said happily.

Zelda took a breath and said
"Is there anything you need that we can help with?" She asked and Vaki smiled
"A favour for a favour. You could not tell anyone of our existance and we could go up to Skyloft and bring it down here". He said proudly but Zelda just looked at him in confusion
"Hang on. You plan on dropping Skyloft from the Skies as a favour?" She asked while Link turned to her
"It will be quicker than building houses" he said in a sarcadtic tone with Zelda glaring at him " What? I am being serious. Think about it Zelda, we know the rest of the people in Skyloft are going to come down any way and also the Isle of the Goddess didnt fall down heavily like a meteor, why should the rest of Skyloft be different?" He said with Zelda's glare turning more optamistic
"How do you plan on bringing Skyloft down to the surface?" She asked still concerned about the plan.

Olzo walks forward
"We have something called the has emence power and can do as we wish with it as long as out intentions are true." He said as Link shrugged.
"Well you cant do damage if your intentions are true" Link said as Zelda nodded.
"Go on then. You know how to get uo there right?" She asked and they smiled.
"Of course the Bird Statues. Could you do us a favour and bring this branch over to the statue?" He asked as Zelda bent down to pick up the branch and Link has a look at his Girl friends ass. It was turning him on to much so he looked away and tryed to focus on the task at hand.

Zelda put it down and Olzo wistled loudly, louder that someone as small as him to be able too. It echoed through the forest and Zelda stepped back. About 10 seconds pasted and hundereds or thousands of leaves fell from the trees and glided towards the Bird Statue. Link looked at one as it glided past his head and it was a Picori gliding on a leaf, they all were. They all landed either infront of the statue or on it.

"Right then Hylians!" Olzo called to the couple "We are off to the skies. Good bye" Zelda and Link smiled and waved as a gust of air shot in the sky just like when Link had used it and all the Picori zoomed up with their leaves, eventually out of sight.

"I wonder how long it is going to take. We should have asked " Link said as Zelda put and arm around him
"Well at least we dont need this bed" she smiled as they laughed.
"I love you Link" she said and he hugged her
"I love you too Zelda. Last night was the best night of my life" he said as she blushed
"Mine too but I want... I want more....of that" she said into his chest so he wouldnt see her face. Link got hard from that comment
"Well thats good too know because I planned on giving you more of them nights. In fact, before the people of Skyloft get down her we should make the most of it. We are the only people down here so we can do it where ever we want. But not for long" he said as she was getting turned on by this talk.
"I have somewhere" she said looking at him and he smiled.

Link went alkng with her plans always as they never let him down and this was no exception. He lay her down on the hard ground stone of the Goddess Statue but took his time.... well.... relatively. He didnt need to pull most of his clothes off since he was shirtless from his cutting earlier but his belt was still a barrier. That was Zelda's priority. He was fondeling her breasts, squezzing them into shaped in his hand and playing with her hard nipple, all through her dress. Zelda was moaning at this and Link loved the look of pleasure on her face as he couldnt get that in the dark of ladf night. She pulled his belt off and dropped it off the side of the statue with its metalic clang heard a few seconds later..

She pulled down his trousers along with his boxers as far as she could reach but then Link pulled them all the way down, pulling them iff with his boots. They also fell off the side. Zelda grabbed hold of his dick thst was solid as a rock and looked down at it. She blushed at its size as she could see it in the light now. He moaned at her touch and stopped playing with her boobs as he needed his hands to keep his balance as the pleasure was so good.

He started pulling at her dress and she let go off his dick to help pull it from over her head. Link watched as her boobs bounced free of couldnt believe it. He was seeing Zelda lying naked in front of her for the second time, enjoying it more as he could see all her details. He used one hand to stoker her clit and the other one to grab her round breasts. She moaned at the touch of both but especially the way he strocked her down bellow. She gasped squirming as Link kissed her again. Lust was driving through them and they just needed each other. Link let go of her, positioned himself with her and looked at her for confirmation and she nodded.

He slowly pushed inside her, feeling all of her as he did so. She gasped at how hard she was but was glad there was no pain this time. He slowly pulled out and then back in again. Bot going fast at all and it felt so good.
"Link....." she moaned as he licked the side of her neck and then down to her breasts.
"This is so damn good Zelda, I love you so much" he said through a moan as he lowerd an arm to grab her boat. She felt a shiver go through her body
"Yes Link! " she moaned louder causing him to thrust harder into her. He thought about her ass and decided he wanted more of it.
"Fancy it from behind?" He said seductively into her ear and she nodded. Link pulled out of her and she got on all four.

Link didnt want to put it in her ass but he did live the veiw and pushed forward, meeting her pussy again amd pushed it in. He wss going faster now and Zelda was just in it for the ride. He done her from behind with one hand on her back for support and the other he bend around her waist to reach for her clit. She didnt know if she could take more of this.
"LINK! YES" she screamed as Link was nearing his limit.
"I dont think I can last much longer Zelda" he moaned as her walls tightened. A wave or pleasure shot through her body as she panted uncintrollably. Link groaned and couldnt take more and shot inside her again.

They rolled onto their backs and panted. "I love you so famn much Zelda" he said as she faced him and pressed her boobs into his side.
"I adore you too Link" as he faced her and gave her a less lust filled kiss.

They lay there for a few more moments before they saw an uncreddibly bright light fill the sky. They looked up and saw an island slowly decending from the sky.
"That looks like Skyloft. They must be lossing it up there, thinking the island is falling" Link said standing up.
"Link! Forget that. We are completly naked. We need to get changed before they arive" she said completly relying on Link since all there clothes were at the bottom of the statue.
"Are you sure? We could just tell them we have gone wild". He smirked
"Link." She sternly said as he laughed helping her up. He grabbed hia sail cloth which he was wise enough to keep up here and they pressed their naked bodies together and floated down.

They quickly got changed and went used the clawshot to get over the wall to where the island would land. They sat there watching the familiar land slowly decend until it reached a crator it used to occupy and filled it with all the dust and tree life underneath it crushed.

They approached skyloft from the part where the bridge to the Goddess Statue used to be, right in front of the Knights Academy. They could hear the crowed of concerned citezens at the front of Skyloft at the main plaza but Eagus of the Knights Academy was the first face they saw as he came out of the training grounds. They looked down from the ledge at him and he looked uncincerned.

"Hey! Link. Zelda. You guys are all right. Does that mean all that crap Groose was shouting yesterday is true?" He said as They nodded.
"It sure is. We are on the Surface now". Zelda called to him realising that she had lived on Skyloft her whole life and had hardly talked to the Man, not like she had a lot of reasons too.
"Well damn. Are we still gonna need Knights?" He said concerned which was the first time Link had heard that from him.
"More than ever." Link said as they walked ontowards the Plaza.

The crowd was chaotic. The residence of the other islands were here like Peater, the Bamboo cutter, Dodoh the clown, Pumm and Kina from the Pumkin Island and even Beedle with his flying shop. Jakamar was fasinated that there was a land beneath the Clouds as he was a strong believer in an endless void and the Bug Kid Gully and his friend Kukiel were runninf around on the new ground to the dismay of Kukiel's Mother, Wryna. Parrow looked relieved at the fact there was a Surface whilst his Sister looked concerned. The descriptions in Link's head could go on forever but non other than Groose caught his eye. He was standing atop some benches boating about how right he was with Crawlin and Stitch following along with the embarassed members of the Knights Academy. Zelda smiled as she saw Pipit and Karane holding hands and knew what it meant.

It wasnt long until the excited voice of Fledge was heard shouting
"Link! Zelda!" With everyone going silent and darting their heads towards them. They swarmed around them asking them all kinds of questions leaving Groose on the bench. Gaepora pished everyone aside to hug his daughter and Link kindly smiled at Fledge to give him the confindece boost he needs. All the voices could be heard at once. Sparrot was heard saying
"What do we do now?" With Croo responding
"You're the fortune teller. You figure it out".

"Enough. Enough!" Gaepora announces to the crowd. "Everyone has questions and they will be answered but we need to hear what Zelda and Link have to say". He said smiling as Zelda steps forward.

"Its true. All of what Groose said.... well I dont know what he said so what I mean is most of it probably is. The old Legends of Hylia and the Surface world are real, Slyloft was sent to the sky by Hylia and an Ancient Hero to save us Hylians from Demise, a demon King". Zelda was telling the story but Link whispered something to Gaepora and he odded as they continued to listen. "I fell to the ground and survived and Link came looking for me. It was Link who defeated Demise but Demise was after me because...." she paused and looked at her Father for reasurance. " Because.... I had the Triforce" she lied in a split second decision to not reveal her self as the Goddess Reincarnate like initially intended. The crowed looked confused.
"Did Groose really bomb the Demon King or did he make that up?" Pipit called and Link steped forward
"He did. And you all know me and Groose never saw eye to eye so I wouldn't support his claim if he hadn't earned it" he said to a shocked crowed and an ever happier Groose. Groose onew Link could have spun that how he wanted to make him self seem like the Hero but he didnt. In the past Groose knew he would have. This made him smile.

"I am sure there are alot more questions but wrme have time but I would like ti say as leader of Skyloft my time is now up. I leave my rank as leader to my Daughter Zelda" Gaepora announces shocking Zelda as she turns to Link who just smiled and she smiles back. Everyone cheers having no resistance to her as she is an intelligent Girl and the Daughter of a wise man and great leader. Everyone feels safe.
"Thank you all" she says over joyed " I know life is going to be different now but for those who can keep going as normal for the forseeable future I ask that you do so, those who are out of a job now come and see me". She says as the que startes lining up.

Groose sits on the Bench alone and Link walks over and sits next to him.
"Whats on your mind?" He asks as Groose looks down
"I just dunno what to do with my life" he says " I was a jerk before all this. I wanted to be the big shot who would marry the most attractive Girl in Skyloft and everyone would fear me but all that got me is the disrespect of everyone here. I can't have a life alongside people who think I am still that guy. My life peaked having been given the honour of helping you and Zelda and Grannie. I dont know ehat I can do from now on" he said with a silence between them.
" Groose. I cant tell you for certain until tomorow but I think I might have just the thing you need" Link said making Groose look up in hope.....

Chapter Text

No one in Skyloft knew of Gaepora's trip down to the surface. He told no one where he was going and headed down. He knew enough about Legends and Prophecies to know what the Goddess Statue going back down to the surface world meant so he followed it down. Not directly of course. He made sure everything he needed done for the day wad out of the way, the people of Skyloft were calmed down after losing such a holy site and then he secretly took off down.

What he did not know was Crawlin and Stritch were keeping an eye on him as they had seen Link go down to the Surface, they had saw Groose go down and now the Giddess Statue. They were going to follow Gaepora.

Later that day, Gaepora decided to head back up to they Sky after Zelda had told him the people of Skyloft will eventually come down to the surface so he lefter the two to get some alone time that they deserved. Crawlin and Stritch were blown away by all this but got to meet there "boss" again. Groose had told Zelda he would return to Skyloft and telp everybody of the "Legend of Zelda" and off the three of them went.

"So're like a Legendary Hero or something now" they said knowing how to get Groose's aproval and it worked
"Yeah. There was this huge Demon King, bigger than anything you've ever seen and me and Link took the sucker down. He couldn't have done it without me there. I blow the sucker up with Bombs, shot it out the sky so Link but do the easy part" he boasted with his two friends amazed by his story, believing everyword of it.

Groose loved the attention but he did feel a bit bad about pretending he done more than Link. He knew it wasnt true and he had a knew found respect for Link thst he didnt think could ever happen but he wasn't good at being a nice guy.

The three of them landed on Skyloft and the Three Skyloft Knight were waiting for them. The Green one, Avi stood forward
"Do you know how reckless that was! Going bellow the Cloud Barrier. You dont know what it bellow so how could you fly straight down?" He said taking his job really seriously.
"Dont worry pal. I know exactly what is down there as we were just there. The Surface World of Legends is there. There is a vast plain of land right bellow the Clouds" he smuggly responded making Janka, the Red Knight bright up, she stepped closer to Groose
"Oh Marvelous. What is it like bellow there?" She asked amazed at the braveness of Groose for going but Horg, the Blue Knight interupted
"We dont know what he is saying is true. Why dont you announce it to the whole of Skyloft if you are so confident". He proudly said starimg at Groose to make him back down.
"Alright Sir. You have a deal. If you get everyone from Skyloft and the other islands here together I will tell them all instead of some" Groose said.

They both had a different idea of what this meant. Groose genuinly wanted to tell everyone to embarass Horg and impress Janka who liked what he had to say but Horg thought he said this as he didnt think he would be able to gather everyone here. He was wrong. Horg was going to prove him wrong and keep Janka away from his farfetched stories.

Both Horg and Toby spent the day telling the people of Skyloft and its surrounding islands to come and hear this amazing announcement Groose had. Tobi thought they were maybe going a bit far with this. They are supposed to be Knights and they are gathering everyone here to disprove a bully. This wasnt worth it. But it was for Horg who wasnt going to be shown up by Groose. They eventually got everyone to turn up, Eagus turned up but saw what was going on and thought to him self
"I've got no time for this" and wandered back to the Training Hall. Gaepora showed up and heard runours that Groose was going to tell everyone about the Surface. It wasnt his place to stop it but he trusted Zelda and Link's judgement and wanted no part in shaping their destiny. He also needed to be a responsible leader and keep everyone calm. He quietly asked Groose to keep him out of it and Groose agreed.

"So. You might have heard somethings" he shouted to the crowd. "Its true. Zelda, Link, Me. Even Crawlin and Stritch here have all seen what is bellow the clouds. The Legends are true. There is a world bellow there". Some people were jntrigued while others were groaning at their time being wasted. " Zelda fell to the Surface World and Link went down there to save her. He searched for weeks looking for her, nipping in and out of Skyloft. Surely some of you encountered him up to some suspecious activities. Jackamar! Did he or did he not ask you about a weird proppeler that fell of Skyloft years ago?"
"He certainly did. He even brought is back" he replied with a smile.
"Peatrice! Gondo! Rupin! How often did he come by your shops for things?"
"A lot. He bought a lot too" Rupin said
"He fixed up my old Robot" Gondo replied
"Well he came to see me just abiut svery day" Peatrice said with a dreamy smile.
"Dont tell me non of this feels off too you lot" Groose declaired over the crowed that was begining to come around.

Groose smiled. " I saw him go down after Zelda went missing so I dived off my loftwing like he did and he broke me fall. I didnt know what to do with my self. A whole new weird world with tiny Loftwings and other creatures. I thiught I was doomed, especially when I saw the Demon King rise from the Earth. It was huge. Bigger than anything in Skyloft. It rose a secind time around and I bombed it out the sky to help Link". He started to lose some believers in this story.

"Groose that is enough now, you've wasted everyones time enough" Inspector Horwell said ambarassad over Groose's actions.
"Yeah, get down Groose. You didn't bomb a Giant Demon out the sky". Pipit shouted at him with some agreeing while others wanted to hear more of the story. Groose was heart broken that the people of his own town had no bellief in him.

Groose was about to step off the Bench when a Golden Light lit up the cloud barrier and it disapeared with the violent shanking of Skyloft right after it. Everyone begun panicing but Groose stood proudly watching. Heather looked at how cool he looked. Skyloft slowly started decending downwards. Groose heard the sound of someone screaming
"What is happening!" But the voice was muffled by the shaking so Groose couldnt figure it out.

The Islands of Skyloft kept falling and Kina watched in despair as the Pumpkin Island stated where it was. Some of the braver people looked off the side in amazment. Pipit was awestruck by the lands view, especially the Red topped mountain in the distance.

Eventually after about five minutes of panicing it lands with a thud, nocking a few people over. Some coughed from rhe dust but Groose just smiled.
"Welcome to Grooseland!" He said triuphantly.

"This cant be..." Horg said as the confused citezens were worried, some excited, some already stepping off into the new landscape.
"I believed you Groose" Janka said even more impressed with him as Groose blushed, scratching the back of his head. The crowd continued until Fledge's voice was heard shouting
"Link! Zelda!" Which cut the silence as everyone began swarming them leaving Groose on the bench.

"Dont worry boss. Everyone will believe your story now Link and Zelda are back" Stritch said as Groose stood their in silence. All that he could think about was how everyone loved Link and Zelda but nobody wanted to give him the time of day.

Chapter Text

Groose looked up in hope but Link smiled. "Me and Zelda have big plans for down here you know. We are planning on building a fortress or a Castle to protect us for when ever Demise's curse comes to be, right now we only have the Sealed Temple and Skyloft to call home, we need to start expanding into the main land of Hyrule" he says with a pause.
"Hang on, when did you start calling this place 'Hyrule' and what is that even supposed to mean?" He said in confusion. Link turned to him
"I dunno, just now I guess, it had a nice ring to it. Its Hylia's land so why not name it after her?" Link said but Groose had better ideas.
"Well when I came down here for the first time it had no name and I named it 'Grooseland' and you didnt object. I was the first one to name this place so I should get the say" he said with a cinfident grin and Link was stunned, he had a point.
"I cant argue that except I dont think everyone will take to that" he said standing up.

"I have a roll for you right now though" he said making Groose stand up ready " We need wood for houses and forts, no better people to ask than the Kikiwi's . We want to unite all the races of the land and they are only a walk away, so what do you say? You coming?" He said with a smile and he just nodded.

Groose waited patiently by the enterance to Faron Woods while Link went to tell Zelda he was going.
"Zelda, we talked about uniting the races so we might aswell start now, with the Kikwis. I will easily be back for tea, they are not far away at all" he said as she smiled back.
"Alright. I will make a start on organising roles for all the people. I feel silly telling you this but be careful" she said pulljng him in for a kiss.
"I will. Dont worry. And good luck" he said to her as they turned away from each other and Link returned to Groose. "Come on then Groose". He said as Groose followed his lead.

It didnt take long for them to arrive in the Forest and spot the Kikwi Elder, he wasnt what either of them would discirbe as subtle. Groose had never seen it before but didnt need to ask if that was him or not.
"Ah. Green guy. What brings you back kwiii". It said in a deep voice and barely even bothering to turns its body to look at Groose.
"We've came to ask a really important request" Link said as several Kikwi started appearing from ledges and bushes. The Elder just leaned forward slightly giving the message that he wanted to hear his request. "Me and Zelda have returned the.... Hylians to the surface thanks to the Power of the Triforce and we are aiming to unite all the Races of the land. Naturally that includes the Kikwis but I wont pretend that is all I am asking. We would like your permission to use wood from the Trees to start building forts and houses" Link said hoping the Elder woudnt get the wrong idea.

There was a silence. Link and Groose juat looked at each other, wondering if he was offended or just didnt hear a word of it.
"Of course we would like to be apart of your new Kingdom kwii" he suddenly spoke up giving Link a chance to relax slightly. "And I will let you take wood under the deal that us Kikwi control and regulate the amount you take" it said in its same monotone voice. Link saw this as a win and looked up to the Elder.
"That is fine by me, looks like we have a deal" Link smiled, hoping the other races would be this easy when their time comes.

"Lets show you the way" Groose said enthusiastically making all the Kikwi jump and turn to him like they hadnt noticed or forgot his presence.
"I will stay here in these woods, some of the Kikiwi can go with you to introduce us to your people wiiii" the Elder said again as two Kikwi steped forward.
"We will go kwiii" one said in a happier and higher pitched tone than the Elder. The group set off back to the camp.

Meanwhile as the camp....
Zelda is talking to some people around what used to be Skyloft, trying to keep everything right and make sure everyone has something too do.
"Zelda! Zelda!" The voice of a young woman crys from being her, she turns around to see Kina, the pumpkin girl running too her. Zelda knew who she was but couldnt recall if she had ever talked to her.
"Hi Kina. I'm sorry Pumpkin island didnt fall to the surface with Skyloft, Dodoh is broken up about his little island being stuck up there too" she said with sympathy.
"Its not just that, its worse. Guld is still up there." She said in distress, Zelda's dace showed a sign of confusion that told Kina she had to ellaborate. "He is a Mogma that was helping me with plowing the Pumpkin feilds." Zelda was still confuses but understood the problem.
"How... how did a Mogma make it up to the skyworld in the first place?" Zelda asked trying to think of a solution to her problem.
"Well, Link borrowed Gondo's robot and it flew him up there" she replied....
"So we could use the robot again" the two girls said at the same time.

As the two were about to head to the Bazar a noise was heard from the woods behind them. Both turned to see Link, Groose and a little creature Zelda was familiar with but not so much everyone else.
"What is..." kina said before Zelda cut her off
"Kina, dont worry about it. Its friendly. You go see Gondo and I will see to this.

Zelda felt she had to do something as a small crowd was surounding the group.
"This here is Machi, a Kikwi. They are a race that lives in the Faron woods and they have agreed to be part of the new Kingdom we are starting, in return they will allow us to use wood for building a town and Castle" Link said to the group of folk gathering. "He is a little shy so be nice to the little guy".

Horwell approached the creature, everyone confident that if anyone could comunicate it would be him as he is the only one capable of Taming the Remlets at night.
"Hi, little buddy. No one here will harm you so its safe". He said calmly but it didnt rake long for the little guy to dive on its front to hide.
"Sorry, it took me a while. I think its just best if we give them space" Link said shrugging his shoulders. Groose strode off towards town without any prompting. "Hey! Where are you going?" Link called but Groose just turned and said "I have a life outside of you" in an attempt to act cool and turned around. Link was confused but called
"I wanna talk to you tomorrow, so be there!" With Groose just raising a thumbs up as he continued to walk off.

As the crowd disparted Zelda and Orielle greeted Link.
"So the Kikiwi task went well then" Zelda smiled to him as they hugged each other as Orielle crouched to the hiding Kikwi.
"Hello, my name is Orielle. I am a friend of Link and Zelda. I would like to be your friend too" she said in the nicest voice possible. Link was shocked to see the Kikwi look up at her.
"Machi would like to be friend of Orielle wii" it said with a smile as the two laughed. Link and Zelda looked at each other in shock but was glad that one person could get through to the Kikwi.

The two just started talking as if Link and Zelda wernt even there.
"She was always good with Loftwings... speaking of flying, Kina needed to use Gondo's robot.... because apparently he has one of those" Zelda said looking at Link.
"What on earth could she possible need..... Shit. Guld was left in the Sky". Link said alarmed and ran off towards the Bazar. Zelda sighed.
"Orielle, Machi, are you two gonna be alright?" Zelda asked as Orielle nodded and Machi just hoped in joy. Zelda smiled and then ran after Link.

When Link arrived Kina was already talking... no. Arguing with Scrapper.
"I told you, I am not carrying that old thing again bzzrt." It said in its Robotic voice. Gondo just scratching the back of his head.
"Scrapper, please" Link called, needing no explaination as to what was going on.
"I dont do anything for you, only Mistress Fi bzzrt. Get her and I will comply" it said as Link looked down in sadness.
"I cant. And you will never be seeing her again." He said in the most serious voice possible. The robot was having non of it.
"You got left by her I see, no wonder really you are a ....." it stopped mid sentance like a Human would when Link glared at it.
"Link! So this is it huh?" Zelda said impressed by this old tech. "Cool isnt he" she said.
"I like her bzzt. I will carry out my mission on account of this lovely lady" it said as it flew off out the sun roof.

"What was that about?... Link?" She said seeing him looking a bit down.
"Who is this Fi person?" Kina asked and then Zelda kinda unserstood the situation. Link forced a smile.
"Its nothing. Just trying to scare the little shit into doing its job. The thing has never liked me. But hey. Guld will be back in no time" he said with a smile making Kina clap with joy. Zelda out an arm around Link as they all left the Bazar.

In no time at all, Scrapper had arrived with the Mogma.
"Here is the old Mogma Mistress" it said to Zelda
"Yahooo. I thought I was gonna be stuck up there alone for ever" Guld called as it landed with a thud from Scrapper dropping it.
"Guld!" Kina called hugging the Old Mogma as is scratched the back of its head in embarassment.
"Glad to see you too Kina".
"Thank you Mr. Robot!" She called as it flew back to Gondo ignoring her.

"Well that is them to sorted. I guess we do more of this for the rest of the day huh." Link said hugging Zelda.
"Right you are." She said with her beauitful smile.

The two spend the day seeing to people who needed them. There was so many people to see too that the two of them were split up. Zelda saw to people in the Bazar as well as giving Beedle his own place for his shop and Dodoh permission to open up a space in Faron woods for his 'fun park' while Link saw that all the Knights were happy, the people working at the academy as well as Wryna's family that seemed to have made friends with Batreaux.

"Link, is that good for nothing Husband, Rusta still oggeling the pumpkin girl?" She asked wile patting her broom in her hands menacingly.
"Well... he used to spend a lot of time in the bar with Keet for he singing but I guess he is still spending time around her.." Link said not wanting to cause issues in a marrage.
"Haha. I am only kidding. I know he does. Why would he want to spend time looking at my figure. I am not as good looking as I used to be you know. Not like your lovely Zelda. She is a keeper" she said smiling at Link who was bright red.

"Thanks"... he said feeling akward that he was planning on heading up to her dorm room but felt it would be too strange and obvious after her comment.
"You know its against the rules for Boys and Girls to spend time in each others dorms in the Knights Academy. You two used to do it all the time". She said walking up to Link.
"You... you knew about that?"
"Yes. You two didnt.. you know. Do anything did you?" Link backed up. He had never felt as uncomfortable as this.
"Well no. We were only kids you know"
"I was ralking about recently!" She said louder making Link jump.
"Well nothing that is against any rules or... its non of your business" Link deffended, realising a old woman half his size was messing with him.

"Hahaha. I know you two got it on. You are young and in love and I got it on in these very halls when I was young. I dont care about rules" she laughed but Link screwed his face up.
"Two much info... well I am gonna go. Night Henya". He said running up the stairs.
"Have fun tonight. I will hear through the walls I hope" she called, continuing to tease him.

Link was free of the mad old woman and got to Zelda's dorm. No lights were shining through the bottom of the door so Link just leaned agaisnt it waiting for Zelda to arive.

Zelda was done for the day. She walked over to the old Knights Academy and thought about how much she desired her old, soft bed. She made her way to her old dorm room to find Link standing outside.
"I figured you would come here" he said with a smile as the two hugged.
"You know my bed isnt exactly a double but I am sure you wouldnt mind a tight squeeze" she said as she opened the door and walked in, leaving it open to assure he got the hint. He got the hint all right, so he wanted no time closing the door behind them. They climbed into the seemingly small bed and Zelda kisses him right away and he moans but then pulls away. Zelda looked puzzled and knew something was on his mind. " What is it?" She asked concerned as Link turned to her.
" I want you right now and we can get to that but I want to end on a high note so I will tell you this first..." he paused which she wished he never because the suspense was worrying her. " I need to go away for a while. I will need all the help from all the races from over the surface so that includes the Gorons and Mogmas from Eldin. It will be a few days, maybe weeks. I dont want to be apart from you but you cant come because you have a lot to sort out here" he says looking into her sad but understanding eyes.
" I dont want you to go Link". She said which made his heart ache " But I know you must. I knew it was inevitable so its best you get this out the way as soon as possible so we never have to apart again" she smiles at him and he smiles back kissing her on the lips " Just be careful" she said as he pushed in for more of a kiss.
"Careful in what we are about too do or going to Eldin?" He asked in a seductive voice. This turned her on a little
"Definitly dont be careful right now" she whispered into his ear as he pushes into another kiss.

He discards his shirt pretty quickly, he would have regardless as Link sleeps in his boxers. Zelda on the other hand was wearing a nightie with nothing underneath which Link soon realised as he could feel her braless breasts through it. He grabbed one and started squeezing it making her squirm and moan and she rolled ontop of him and sat up, straddeling his erect dick that wanted loose.

"Zelda, I need you" he moaned which made her smile. He kept his hand on her breast and his other hand slipped under her nightie and onto her womanhood. She gasped in a surprised tone and then let out a more pleasurable gasp when he started to push a finger in. She started rocking her hips into his finger as he played with her breast.
"Dont stop Link" she sighed in bliss. Although she was enjoying every second of this she also wanted Link to feel some more so as he fingered her she started unbuckling his pants. He pulled out of her and let go of her and pulled his pants and boxers down in one go, his penis springing out. She leaned into the penis before taking the idea of sticking it in her mouth.

Link was surprised by this but did not complain as she started sucking his penis. He lay back and just let it happen. After a few minutes that seemed like seconds Link was about to cum.
"Zelda, if you keep going I am gonna cum.... and I want to save that for you" he gasped while trying to hold back. She stopped sucking and licked his shaft on the way out.

"Thats good because you will be nice and wet now and you will just slide in" she said as she got back ontop of him and impaled her self on his hard, wet cock. They both moaned at the same time with Link putting one hand on her hip and the other back to her clothed breast. She rocked back and forward and up and down, feeling Link's dick slip in and out of her each time. The fact she had a nightie on made no difference but she was getting hot she she pulled it over her head letting her beautiful round boobs see the light. Link grabbed it again and started playing with a nipple which made her moan loudly.

"LINK! LINK! YES! KEEP GOING!" she screamed as he was pulling on her waist for more force.
"ZELDA! I DONT KNOW HOW LONG I CAN LAST!" He moaned just as loudly. He pulled him self up so he was facing her, he kissed her as she moaned into the kiss. He put his arms around her onto her lower back, helping push her into each thrust.
"Liiiinnnnkkkk, I'm gonnaa....." she moaned as she felt and orgasm ripple through her body. She continued bouncing up and down on him as he gasped and then uncintrollably and suddenly shot right into her, spilling a lot of cum into her.

He lay back gasping as she rode out her orgasm, gradually slowing down before getting off him and laying next to him. "I will definitly miss that" she said as they snuggled together. However, unknown to them there was an uncomfortable Groose on the other side of the wall.

He was trying to get to sleep but heard the young couple clear as day through the wall which left not alot to the imagination. This was hard for Groose as Zelda was his childhood crush even though it was always obvious that Link and Zelda were made for each other. Thet were not the only ones having fun, on the other side of his bedroom were Karane and Pipit screaming each others names in bliss. Groose felt him self get hard and couldnt resist the urge to get off to the thought of him and Zelda. He thought about fucking Zelda as she screamed out his name. He came onto his own chest, some shooting past his head and onto his pillow as a lot had built up from him not reliving him self for a long while now.

He felt guilty of his perverted thoughts of a Woman who had no interest in him but they were only thoughts, he wasnt huting anyone and he wasnt going to act on them. By the end of the night, five people in the dorm had pleasured them selves but unknown to each of them, there was a watchful eye above them......

Chapter Text

The Sun was shining on Skyloft, or what was Skyloft and evryone was tired. But that didnt stop Groose waking everyone up to hear Link's plan in the Plaza. As everyone gathered, Link stood ontop of some crates as Zelda sat on a near by bench.

"I am leaving town on an important mission" he said to get everyones attention. "I am going far north of here to a Volcano.... a big mountain that shoots out fire.... an area called Eldin. This is a really dangerous place but there ate teo races living up there, the Mogma's and the Gorons, both of which are friendly and could help us out with the construction of what I am naming Hyrule Castle". He loomed down and everyone was eargly awaiting more. " I come to ask for volunteers. I cant do this alone and I will need anyone feeling up to the tast but I do want to stress, it is dangerous.

"Count Groose in" he said boldly. As Link smiled.
"I expected no less, anyone else?"
Toby strode forward,
"I am not afraid of fire mountains so I am in". He said, Link suspected it was to one up Groose but didnt argue.
"We would like to join too" Janka spoke up standing next to Horg. And then finally Karane and Pipit steped forward.
"Us too" they said together.
"I think that will be enough". Link said jumping down and then guiding the attention to Zelda. "Zelda can take it from here" he said smiling at her, making it obvious the two were a couple to anyone who somehow was unaware.

"Business as usual, more or less. Since most are knights are going I do want to ask for some people to keep a look out ad there are monsters in Farin Woods thst could wander in to town but apart from that we keep going, everyone has an important job to do" she said smiling.

Once everyone had packed gear they were ready to leave. Link kissed Zelda, promicing he will be back soon and the group set off through the woods.

"Once we get through Faron Woods I am not really sure what the terain will be like before we get to Eldin but do be aware there are monsters around". Link said as Pipit stepped forward.
"Like that one there" he said as five Bokoblins stepped out from behing a rock.

Everyone pulled a Sword out except for Groose who pulled out a sling shot.
"What ya gonna do Groose? Kill an insect" Toby said, mocking him but Groose ignored him.
"I wanna see what you can all do and this is the perfect time to see if you can handle your selves" Link said letting everyone do this fighting.

Karane and Pipit ran forward in unisen as one Bokoblin Karane being slightly ahead. The Bokoblin swung its cleaver as her but she ducked under it leaving its other side open for Pipits slice. They made it look seamless, they had obviously practiced that one. Janka leaped ontop of a log and then onto the shoulders of a Bokoblin before stabing it in the top of the head while Horg battled it straight on before dealing a strike to it. Toby decided he wanted to show off and battled using only one hand. A second Bokoblin came into the fray , making him stuble and trip backwards. The two were about to hit him until a rock from Groose's sling shot hit them both in the face. The distraction let Toby stab one of them while Groose leapt forward, grabbing the head of one with his bare hands and smashing it against a rock.

Everyone stared at Groose's raw stregnth.
"That was soooo cool Groose!" Janka screamed making him blush.
"Me? Nah. The way you leapt around was awesome" he responded as Link steped forward.
"Everyone was great except for you Toby. I believe you can do better but your showing off nearly got you killed. You mocked Groose for his sling shot but without it you would be dead, and I think we have just been proven the Groose doesnt need a sword". Link sternly said. Toby was annoted but Link was right. He was nearly killed by a pathetic Bokonlin.

The continued throught the woods, battling some monsters as they went on before reaching a mountainous area.
"Okay, we need to climb this but we should take a break for now" Link said to the releif of everyone.

Meanwhile at Skyloft Zelda was sitting on a stool in the sealed Temple, it was the only place she seemed to be able to find peace and quiet. She needed a break from being a leader as it was harder than she thought. Although she was getting this break, she now felt lonely and it dawned on her how she wouldnt be seeing Link in a while. Suddenly the sound of the loud door echoed through the Temple, giving Zelda a small shock. She stood up, straightening her red dress and saw Orielle standing there.

"I thought I would find you here" she said with a smile as she walked to the steps and sat down, Zelda joining her. "Its so quiet in here. No wonder this is a go to place" she said to Zelda who was now thinking she will have to find a better place to find quiet.
"Not that I dont enjoy your company because I do and in fact, I am glad you are here but is there something you want?" Zelda asked, a little confused as to why she has came here.
"Not exactly, I came here because I thought you might be lonely, although I do have more 'official' matters too" she said wondering how Zelda would take this. Zelda was relieved that she didnt just want her to go and work.
"What is it you want?" She asked kindly.
"Well, I dont really have a job. I used too look after Loftwings but now that isnt really a posibility and I dont know what else I am good at" she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.
"You dont have to be good at an entirely new skill, just extend on what you know. Me and Link talked about you, you have a gift talking to the Kikwi, Instructer Horwell couldnt even manage it. We need someone good at comunicating with them and you are great at dealing with other races". She stopped for breath and then there was silence. After a few seconds Orielle hugged Zelda giving her another shock.
"Thank you Zelda. I think I can do that" she cheered.

Zelda stood up, offering a hand to Orielle. Well I think I should be getting back. I can only neglect my huge responsibilities for so long affter all" she said with a grin. They both left the Temple happier than they came in.

Meanwhile in Faron Woods, Link was helping everyone climb the small mountian. Some where naturally better than others but all managed it without too much trouble. As Link reached the top he gasped in awe at the beautiful landscape. It was a vast open feild with nothing seeming placed in it. Link had never seen anything like it but he could see his destination, Mount Eldin, in the distance.

"Whoaaa. What a veiw!" Exclaimed Grosse after making it up the top, soon followed by similar sounds from the rest of the crew.
"That Mountain there. That is where we are heading" Link says pointing to their destination. Horg sighs
"Still a long way then.. "
"Yeah, so lets not waste anytime and cross this huge stretch of land" Toby says with Link agreeing with him for the first time.

They make their way across the feild until they are all shocked by this four legged beast that runs past them. They all draw their weapons in anticipation but it doesnt attack, instead ot goes and joins other of its kind.
"Have you seen anything like them before Link?" Janka asks as he shakes his head.
"They are so fast. Do you think we could catch ine for dinner?" Groose says but Horg dismisses it.
"Maybe we could ride them like we did with Loftwings" he says while the others look at him like he is crazy. They all start arguing about the possibility but Link likes the sound of that plan. While the others argue, Link sneaks off, creeping behind the beast before jumpin on its back.

They are all alerted to Link's actions by the sound the creature makes as it tries to buck Link of its back.
"Is he insane?" Toby says
"Nah. He is Link" Groose remarks.
"Come on guys! Its not all that hard!" Link calls to them as he manages to settle the creature down.

They all follow Link's lead, failing a few times but after about an hour they all seem to figure it out. "Lets go then!" Link says with confidence as they get some spead across the land.

"I'm calling mine Arthur. What about you Link? Are you naming yours?" Horg asks as Link thinks.
"Epona". He says like he is remenising.
"Yeah, nice name. Like your Loftwing right?" He replys but Link doesnt feel the need to answer since he already got it.

Night approaches and Zelda is walking back to the Knights Academy alone.
"Zelda!" She hears Orielle call as she comes running with the little Kikwi behind her.
"What is it?" Zelda asks concerned due to the look on Orielle's face.
"Tell her Machi". She says panting for breath after running.
"Last Moon, a person climbed in the chimney wii". It said to a confused Zelda.
"Last Moon. That means last Night" Orielle ellaborstes. "Some one was sneaking around above the dorm tooms last night". She says.....

Chapter Text

"Agh. Agh. Agh. YES. YES. MORE. MORE!" The moans of which were coming from a behind a small tree. Link was coming back from gathering food to witness Pipit thrusting in and out of a naked Karane.
"You know, if you were at least in your tents no one would see you" he said walking by. Both got a shock from this but kept going.
"Karannneee" Pipit exclaimed as he came inside her, both of them panting from their orgasms. Link was waiting near by, he wasnt watching or anything but he needed Pipits help with the food. Pipit pulled his pants up and walked over to Link as Karane took slightly longer as she had more clothes to put back on.
"Disturbing thought to know that I might have witnessed the conception of your child". Link remarked but Pipit smiled
"Nah. I would be shocked of she wasnt already Pregnant. What about you and Zelda though?" He remarked, nudging him as Link went bright red.
"You know about that?" He asked concerned about of he heard them in the Knights Academy, having flash backs to his encounter with Henya.
"I mean, its pretty obvious, and plus Groose heard you two going at it" he says as Link sharply turns to Groose. Who shrugged.
"I mean I heard them that same time I hear you. And I heard you just now since you were litterally just behind that Tree. So technically I have heard you go at it more than him" Groose says directly to Pipit as Karane joins the conversation.
"Did it turn you on?" She askes teasing Groose, fully aware he has never had a girl friend but Link changes the subject.

"I need you help with this food. I dunno anything about cooking. It was a miracle I managed to save the world without this skill." Link said as Pipit obliged to his request.

After the meal they set up camp and as Link was nearly asleep he heard the moans of Karane again. "He sure wasnt joking" he sighed as he attempted once more to get to sleep.

Meanwhile back home Gondo is hammering away at some wood atop the chimney.
"No one is getting in here again but I have set up some traps inside to make sure" he calls down to Zelda who is standing down below.
"Thank you!" She calls up to him before Turning back to Orielle, Machi and Fledge who was now with them. "I cant believe someone could have been watching me and Link having sex" she says in fustration making Fledge go bright red at the thought. "Oh, sorry. To much info" she says noticing Fledge's akwardness. "But still. Who would do that?" She complains.
"Dont worry Zelda, I will keep watch all night for any suspicious activity". Fledge says making Orielle smile at his akward beavery. The two girls and the Kikwi walk off and Fledge calls out "See ya Orielle" making her blush.
"You know he likes you right?" She says as she opens the door to the Knights Academy and steps inside. Orielle looks back at Fledge and then walks off with the Kikwi.

The morning rolled around and the crew of seven set off to the mountains, leaving the horses behind as Link told them they would be no use in this environment. It wasnt long before they reached a point where lava was running through the crack in the earth.
"Be really careful" Link warns them.
"No shit" Horg responds as Link was statkng the obvious.
"Just do as I do" he warns them as he hops over the small streams of lava like its nothing.

After a while they make it half way up the mountain a small mound appears benesth the feat of Groose.
"YO!" Exclaims the voice of the strange creature popping out of the ground that caused Groose to fall over and Karane to nearly fall into a pool of Lava.
"Ledd, how have you been?" Link asks the Mogma as it glances at the Hylians it has never laid eyes upon before.
"Great, who are these folk, and did you find your gal?" Ledd replies in his friendly tone and Link nodds
"These are my people, the Hylians have returned to the Surface and we want to unite the races and build a Castle to call home. We actually came here to see if you Mogmas and the Gorons were in and on top of that, of you are willing to help with the construction if the Castle". Link said smiling and the Mogma took no time thinking.
"Sounds rad dude. We are all in. Say, where is this Castle gonna be?" He asked.
"South of Faron Woods. The Sealed Temple. You can come back with us or make it there your self. Its up to you" Link smiled and Ledd shrugged.
"You go on with out us. We know the way, and besideds. We will make it back quicker because we can burrow there. I'll go tell the crew. See ya then" and before Link could respond he was gone in the ground. The rest of them just stood there.
"Weird guy" said Janka. "But I like him."

Meanwile back home.
"Dad, do you think it is possible?" Kina asks him optamistically. He looks down at the Mogma.
"What do you think Mole Man?" Plum asks at the Mogma scratches its head.
"I think it will be if we have enough Pumpkin seeds, we dont at the moment but I think there is a lot in Faron Woods for us to use" it said happily.
"Then I guess we only need Pumpkin seeds and permission from Zelda". Kina said hopping with delight.
"Need permission for what?" A familiar voice was heard behind them. Kina turns around to see Zelda's innocent smile.
"Oh, Zelda. I didn't know you were there. We were planning on starting up a Pumpkin bar just like the one up in the Sky but we need your permission for the land, you know, since you are our leader". He smiled at her.
"To be honest I just assumed you were already getting on with it now that Guld is back. The Pumpkin Bar is a nessessity. Right over there is a perfect spot". Zelda said pointing to a great spot of land.
"Ooh thank you Zelda". She hoped but Zelda just smiled.
"Its no problem".

In the Bazar things were not so happy for Peatrice. She sat depressed at no one paying her any attention. She thought of Link on a dalay, no hourly basis at least but he never looked at her once since Zelda got back. She hated Zelda for taking Link away from her but despite her anger she still got wet at the throught of what they must do in their spare time, imagining she was Zelda and Link doing all those things to her. She played with her self on the job while in this fantasy world of hers. Gondo could hear her, as they were fairly close to one another and he tried not to think about it. Despite how it made him feel. This didnt last when he heard her moan in the back of her shop, a shop thats back they shared. He needed to taking the load off too so once he was sure she had finished he went out back and started getting off to him self.
"Is that because of me?" A voice was heard from probably centimeters away from him.
"GAAHH! Peatrice.... what are you?..." he said pulling his pants up, shocked at the Girl just standing there. He was sure she got back to work.
"I need to feel it" she said grabbing his bulge and sitting on his lap. He wasnt sire about this but his body couldnt lie, he may never get a chance with a Girl again. Not at his age. "Dominate me" she whispered in his ear as he pulled his pants down as she pulled hers down and got to work.

He said nothing, he just thristed in and out of her, wasting no time letting of steam. He wasnt really bothered if she felt good or not but she did. She was in bliss, imagining Link's penis slide in and out of her.
"Peatrice my love. Store my items for me, aggghhh" Link said grabbing her breasts and pounding her as she grabbed his back and bucked her hips into him.
"Agh, agh, agh, agh.... Liiiiiink. Dont stop!" She screamed as Link covered her mouth to stop her making any noise.
"Dont talk my love" he said as he started grunting, ovbiously coming close to his climax.
"Liiinnnnk" she moaned again as he filled her with his seed. A few more thrusts later and reality sank in for Peatrice. Link wasnt with her, it was Gobdo... and Gondo had came inside her. She suddenly felt terrible guilt like she had cheated on Link. Gondo got up and said nothing. He felt terrible as well. Hald way through he realised he was being used but continued and he selfishly came inside her. The rest of the day was complete silence.

They reached the sumit of Moun Eldin and stopped for a break.
"I am sure the Goron Cheif is supposed to be around here somewhere" Link complained.
"And what if he is?" A deep voice called behind them. Link turned to see Goron with a black beared staring at him. Horg drew his sword and the Goron laughed. "Is that thing supposed to be a weapon?" It said as Link turned and frowned at him, making him withdraw the sword.
"Sorry about that. My name is Link, I have came here with a offer and request for the Gorons" he said apologetically.
"Go on." It said wasting no time.
"Right. Well the Hylians have returned ti the surface and we are creating a Kingdom, we want to unite all the races bur we also want the help of the Gorons for out Castle. You are stringer than any of other races and your stone work is like no other. Would you like to join us?" He said hopeful but not as sure as he was with the Mogmas.
"A few conditions. One we request the top of this mountain to remain out home. No Hylians up on top. And two, you dont make a mess of the beauitful nature". It said seriously. Link was shocked, he never took this intimidating leader as a softy for nature.
"We have already got the Kikwi on that sir. And this mountain will remain Goron territory". He said smiling.
"Haha. Good on ya Brother. We are in. The names Dargorko, leader of the Gorons. Wheres this Castle gonna be at?" He asked, changing his tone imidiatly after agreeing.
"South of Daron Woods. You can come with us or make it on your own but we are going to the Western Desert first mind" Link said but the Goron wanted non of that.
"We know the way brother. See ya there" it said as it rolled off down the hill, assumably to find the other Gorons.

"Its getting late. We should rest here before heading off" Link said as the others started setting up camp.


Zelda pushes her door open. She takes off her clothes and gets into her Nightie. Sinks into her bed and lets out a sigh. She closes her eyes and then SLAM SLAM SLAM. She darts up in disbelief as someone knocks on her door now. She gets up and strideds towars the door.
"This better be worth it". She says to her self at she opens the door. Initially she thinks no one is there until she glanced down at Crawlin looking up at her. He had necer seen her look so good before and blushed a little. Until she glared at him to get his point out.
"Kina! Kina the Pumpkin girl is missing!" He nervously gets out.
"What!?" She asks grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt.
"Her things were found on the outskirts of Faron Woods. Keet found them. Stritch is already searching for her". He said as Zelda pushed past him and ran to the Sparring hall.

Chapter Text

The crew have a camp on the side of Mount Eldin and like the previous night. Karane and Pipit are at it. This get Link thinking about Zelda and needs some privacy. He leaves the camp and sits on the ledge of the Volcano, sure that no one is looking he pulls down his pants and grabs a hold of his already hard cock and starts stroking it. He thinks about Zelda as he pulls it up and down. After a while he is getting close and climaxes, his cum shooting of the side of the cliff face and lands in a small lava river. He sits back riding out his orgasm before pulling his pants up and returning to camp.

Link needed that but also had the self respect to not go at it so obviously as Karane and Pipit. He walks past their tent and the noise has stopped to the pleasure of Link so he decideds he can finally get some sleep.


Meanwhile back home, Zelda has gathered Eagus and Fledge as well as Cawlin who was already alert to the situation at hand. Orielle and Keet joint them two for personal reasons. They split up into two groups and wandered into the pitch black forest.
"Why was I so stupid to let Link tall all our best Knights, we should have more people who can search than this". She complains to her self as she wanders through the woods. Although Fledge, Orielle and Keet are with her she can only see what Fledge's lanturn illuminates.
"Make sure everyone stays close to me" he says reasuringly as everyone is scared, even himself but he manages to be brave enough to rake lead and not show his fear. Orielle grabs his hand and he is unsure if she even knows it is his or not but he says nothing as they continue on.
"Guys! Can you hear that? I think it is her". Keet alerted them and they stopped and listened. Zelda focused and she could hear someone struggling, almost as if they were tied up.
"It is her guys" Zelda aaid quietly before Fledge came to the same conclusion.
"Come on but be quiet" Fledge whiapered as he took lead once more.

They approached a Bokoblin camp that was lit better by their fire. Kina was tied to a tree with her mouth covered with tape. There was five of them, Fledge knew he could take them. No. He had to. "I'll be back". He said handing the Lanturn to Zelda.
"Dont you think we should...." Orielle never got to finish her sentance before Fledge leapt out of the bushes and darted towards the Alarmed Bokoblins.

He stabbed one of them in the head before the others had time to react. They grabbed their weapons but Fledge managed to his two of them back with a spin attack. He turned to get a club in the face , knocking him down but roll dodged the slice of a cleaver and stabbed the Bokoblin in the side. The two Bokoblins he knicked down got up and the three remaining had him surounded. One went to hit him with its club but he ducked, allowing one of the others to be hit in the face before he stabbed it in the gut. He kicked the other down and stabbed it. The remaining one went to run but he launched his sword at it, hiting it dead in the back and impaling it to a tree.

He looked back at Zelda, Orielle and Keet whose illuminated faces were in awe of what they had just witnessed. They all ran to Kina and untied her. She imidiatly hugged Keet and then gave him the biggest kiss anyone had seen.
"Thank you Fledge so much!" They both said in unison as Fledge scratched his head.
"It was nothing, really" he said embarassed bur Orielled grabbed his hands and shock them up and down.
"Are you kidding! That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, youre a hero Fledge" she said as she stared at him in the eyes.
"What were you dping out her Kina?" Zelda asked and she looked ashamed.
"I was gathering pumpkin seed... I am sorry, I caused you so much worry" she said nearly crying.
"It doesnt matter, you are afe and thats all that counts. Just dont come here alone or in the middle of the night again. Come on. Lets get back". Zelda said as they started heading home. Zelda was infront of the group this time with Kina and Keet walking lovingly together and Fledge and Orielle at the back.

"Orielle. I. There is something I want to ask you". Fledge said nervously.
"Of course I do." She said grabbing his hand. He gulped.
"But I havent..."
"You were going to ask me out right?" She said as he grinned.
"Yes, I was.... how did you know?" He asked in delight but she looked forward.
"A woman always has her ways" she said giggling. As Zelda smiled with her back to them.

Zelda led the pack of two loving pairs back to their nests at what was once Skyloft.

Morning arises at Mount Eldin and the crew waste no time making their way down the Mountain the same way they came. Groose stops and the everyone turns to him to see what the sudden hailt was for.
"Is that what I think it is?" Groose says in amazment pointing off to his left. The crew look and to their amazment and disbelief a House, no three Houses are sitting, tucked away in a dip that is surounded by the Eldin Mountian range.
"There is other people living down here?" Janka says in excitment but Link shakes his head.
"I don't think so. Hylia all the Hylians to the Sky, she wouldnt have left people behind. Maybe they are just Houses left from the Ancient times. Regardless. We gotta have a look right?" He said smiling as rhey slightly changed course in persuit of the little hidden Village.

As they arive in the village Link draws his sword. "Monsters like to inhabbit old ruins" he says but Toby looks around.
"But, this place doesnt look all that old". He remarks to no response but Link agrees. He approaches a House and opens the door to the calming look of about 25 people but Link jumps.
"We have been expecting you, Hero of the Skies". An old woman in the middle of the room says.
"The Hell?" Groose remarks as Link steps in.
"Who are you and how do you know me?" He asks with his Sword still in hand.
"We are the Sheikah Tribe. We are the ancestors of Impa who J am sure you have met. We have lived here since Ancient Times and are tasked of protecting Hylia's Bloodline.
"Guys, can you wait outside please". Link asked the crew in a manner that didnt really sound like a question. They were all confused but obliged.

"Decendants of Impa. Protecting Hylia's Bloodline, so Zelda and her future kids?" He asked believing them for some reason.
"Correct. We have a prophecy that told us thar after the defeat of Demise and the return of Skyloft, the Hero of Skies would come to us to take him to her majesty".
"So you knew the exact time we would arive because you werent shocked at our arrival?" He quizzed them but the old woman looked up at him.
"No, we just found your Hourses". She laughed.

Link scanned the room. Most of them where in purple or white robes or Ninja like clothing and tje Old woman was purely in white. "My name is Impa. Obviously names after my ancestor. We know you are Link and I would introdice my entire family but as you can tell, there is too many names to remember". She explains which Link agrees with.
"Well, you are all welcome to join us, we are currently on our way to the Gerudo Desert to ask help from the Robots there.
"We built them you know? So we can help with that" a young woman saidnwalking forward. "Oh, great. Whats your name?" Link said ans she blushed.
"Paya". She said simply.
"Well. No time like the present. Lets get a move on". He said as the tribe followed him out the door.

Fledge awakens, yawning and realising it is mid day already. He slept so long due to being out looking for Kina but took a few minutes to realise why he was on his couch. He then smiled and looked over to Orielle, peacefully sleeping on his bed. They lay together talking last night but when she fell asleep, Fledge didnt have the heart to wake her so he slept on his couch. He still didnt want to wake her so he just lay where he was, wnjoying the beauty that was at the other end of the room. It wasnt too long until she stirred awake and glanced at her surroundings, probably equally confused as to where she was before it dawned on her.

"Morning" Fledge said calmly as she smiled at him.
"Morning to you too" she said smiling back. He got up and walked over too her and sat on the bed next to her. "You could have slept in the same bed as me you know. We are a couple" she grinned making Fledge go bright red.
"Erm. Yeah. Okay. I am not to good at the relationship thing, I, I dont know what is too fast and what is too slow, you know?" He said at a million miles per hour but Orielle just laughed.
"I know what you mean, dont worry. I will make sure you know what level we are at, and right now it is this". She said as she leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. Sealing both if their first kisses.
"Wow" Fledge said as they both laughed.

On the huge feild some horse rode across with a band of Ninjas walking alongside.
"So you have been living near Mount Eldin since Ancient times?" Link asked Impa who was on a Horse with Paya next to him and Epona.
"Mount Eldin. What a nice and retro name. We have took to calling it Death Mountain. Some call it Mount Crenel as it was Crenel who named it Death Mountain. Sort of an inside joke" she said to Link who thought Death Mountain was more catchy but Mount Crenel seemed more appropriate.

As Link continued talking Groose sat uncomfortably on the back of a Horse, pressed up agains Janka's back. He cursed him self deep down for being so aroused easily, it fustrated him but he tried to keep it cool ans act normal. Janka loved every second of it. She would subtly and deliberstly grind against him to assure he didnt calm it down. She was falling for him. His heroic adventures and how cool he is got her excited and now that she has made him excited was a win for her. The Horse galloped over a small rock making Groose grab her waist so he didnt fall. He imidiatly withdrew his hands.
"Sorry". He said quickly but she laughed.
"Dont be silly. Put them back. I know you want to and its safer". She said reasuringly but Groose was confused.
"What do you mean 'I know you want to'?''he asked her.
"Groose. I have felt you dick pressed into my lower back for the whole journey. Put your hands back." She said catching him off guard.
"Sorry" he said
"No. I like it. Hands. Back". She demanded in a more bossy tone and Groose finally did as she said. "The grinding wont stop though" she said slyly as Groose smiled.

Night fell over the Knighrs academy and Fledge was keeping a watch, looking for suspicious activity. Nothing interesting happens for hourse until a clatterkng noise is hear in the roof. Fledge quickly but quietly goes to investigare and finds the boarded up chimney is undone. He enters the building by the second floor enterence and hears the noise of someone in the vents. He follows the sound which takes him to Link's room.
He bursts in the door to spot a hooded figure ratching through Link's drawers. It looks at him in surprise.
"Hey. Stop right there!" Fledge calls pulling his sword out before the figure dived backwards and escapes out the window.

It doesnt rake long before more or less everyone in the academy is in site, including Zelda.
"What happened?" She asks concerned and Fledge looks at her. Someone broke in here. But they escaped". He said as Zelda's face shows a rare sign of anger.

Chapter Text

"Yo!" A Friendly voice appeared next to Orielle as she was having a chat with a Kikwi. It gave her a fright but it almost gave the poor woodland creature a heart attack. Orielle looked at the mole creature as a few more poked their heads up.
"Oh. You are Mogmas. Link got to you safe then? " she asked to the cinfused face.
"Yeah, he did. But how do you onow what we look like?" He said as Orielle pointed over in the distance to a feild that Kina and Guld were plowing. "So thats where the old guy got to. I assumed he was dead" he said with a grin, Orielle couldnt tell if that was a joke or not. "The Gorons havent arrived yet have they? We met up with them at the base of Mount Eldin and they claimed they could beat us in a race here. We won right?" he said and Orielle smiled.
"Yeah you won..." she said but right as she said as much, three boulders came zooming out of the forest. They uncurled them selves and looked at the Mogmas. "You won, but barely".

"The heat is killing me". Pipit compains as they journey by foot throught the desert. "The Horses would have been fine". He continues.
"I like it. I like it a lot actually. It is quiet and isolated" Groose says to the surprise of the rest.
"Here they are" Link says as everyone looks around in confusion.
"What are we supposed to be looking at? Horg asks but Paya smiles.
"Just watch". She says as link hits the blue gem stone in the middle of the area, bringing the lofe to the area and the robots reform.
"Wow". Toby says as he is shocked to have never see anything like it.
"Bzzt, welcome back Link. And
..... bzzt.... Mistress Paya bzzzt" the tobot said, almost like a question.
"Hiya" she smiled and Link stepped forward.
"Hi. We are building a Castle to be the center of a new Kingdom we are starting and if you are willing, we would like your help" Link smiled to the robot.
"Bzzt, we are programmed to follow Hylians but I am afraid in our current situation this task is impossible bzzt" is said and Link frowned confused, also thinking about the damn robot if Gondo who doesnt follow his orders.
"How come?" Link asked
'Bzzt, because we are only able to move in the area that the time shift stones allow bzzt" with Link instantly jnderstanding the problem.
"We will just bring the time shift stones then" Link said
"Bzzt. That would work bzzt"
"Right then, lets get a move on".

The crew get ready to head home but Link notices Groose being uncharacteristically quiet. "You all right?" He askes concerned.
"Yeah. I've just been thinking though... I have decided I am gping to stay here" he says and Link laughs until he realises its not a joke.
"Wait. Why?" He asks
"Yeah. The hell Groose. Why would you want to stay in this waste land?" Pipit asks getting the attention of everyone else.
"Because its quiet here. I have never been a popular guy because I was a jerk, and I am never going to be" he said with sadness to his voice. "I dont really have a purpose and so I can just stay here. New start. Its peaceful and quiet and away from everyone. Away from the judgement" he said looking at Link.
"You are crazy Groose" Horg said but Link smiled.
"Dude, you know the way back home. Hyrule is the land of new beginings. Of that is what you want I support it " Link says with a smile and Groose returning one.

"Then I am staying too!" Janka steps up to everyones surprise.
"Dont be stupid Janka, your one of us" Horg says in dispair.
"No. I wanna be with my man" she says looking down at Groose. Link and everyone else was wondering when the hell this happened.
"Well.. if you are sure..." Link said, not exactly upset because he hardly knew her.

"We best be off" Karane said as the robots were neatly seated on a cart with the stones.
"Good luck buddy" Link said smiling as the two parted ways.

After a few minutes Groose looks to her.
"You really chose me?" He said in shock and she smiled giving him a hug.
"Course big fella. No one on Skyloft has a dick like yours" she said as they walked further into the desert.

Meanwhile back home Zelda is sitting by the lake, the lake that no longer had a water soure going to it as the small island above it stayed in the sky. Orielle walks up to her and sits next to her.
"The Mogmas and Gorons have some place to them selves until Link comes back. He shouldnt be long now" Orielle said making Zelda smile breifly before her frown returned.

"I take it you dunno who was responsible huh?" She asks knowing the answer and Zelda just nods. "Did they take anything?" She asks Zelda looks down into the lake.
"His Diary" she says with some sadness and Orielle is shocked.
"But why would anyone do that?"
"I dunno but some one.... one of out own people, maybe someone we trust, stole all of Link's private thoughts. I am the closest person to him and even I dont have a right to them thoughts". She said disheartened that someone would do that. "Anyway, enough about that" she said, changing the subject to a happier note " What about you and Fledge? Have you too, you know? Done it yet?" Zelda curiously asked her bright red friend.
"No. No we havent. I would like to but I dont know how to ask or what to do..." she said embarassed and Zelda just patted her on the back.
"You should be rubbish and akward and act like you dont know what you are doing" Zelda smiled but Orielle looked confused.
"Because its gonna happen anyway so you should act like its part of the plan" she laughed making her laugh too.

"So how many times have you and Link done it?" She asked and Zelda sat back. "Only three times" she said.
"Enough for a little baby Link or Zelda to be in there" Orielle teased and Zelda giggled.
"Maybe" Zelda said but starting to think about it. She has been feeling a little different lately. "What if I am. That would be great" she said happily even though she may not be.
"You know you can just, find out right. You could just buy a pregnancy potion?" She said but Zelda shook her head.
"I couldnt buy one. How embarassing would that be" she said in horror but Orielle patted her on the back.
"What are friends for" she said standing up.

Zelda is standing in the bathroom. Orielle brought her the potion, giving the lady selling it the inpression her and Fledge had got it on to her embarassment.
"I should feel a tingly feeling if I am pregnant" she thought, reading the instructions. She took a deep breath and then downed the potion. She screwed her face up as it was a vile taste, hopping around to distract from the flavour as she forced her self to swallow it. A few seconds passed and nothing. She frowned and went to open the door before a tingly feeling raced through her body. She gripped the wall, nearly falling over as it was almost an orgasmic feeling. The tingle wore of and Zelda smiled to her self." I am pregnant".

"I think I am going to have to start wearing more revealing Clothes to combat this heat" Janka said taking her hat off and then standing up and taking her tunic off. She was left in a tank top and her trousers that she pulled up past her knees. The tunic was bagy and never really showed off her figure at all and she wasnt bad looking at all. Groose alresdy found her attractive and the idea of them being the only two people her turned him on.

"Good job I lived on the surface more or less on my own for a while. I learned how to hunt and make things. I could make us some little huts for now, and grow outwards". He said to her as she sat back down next to him on the wall.

"Do you want to have kids?" She asked out of no where at Groose was shocked by the question.
"Erm. Well, yeah. I do" he said but never really took the time consider it actually ever happening.
"Do you wanna just get to it? Skyloft fell to the ground and everything is different now. I dont know whats gonna happen next and I am done waiting. I like you and you like me. I want kids, you want kids. I say we get right to it. After all, what else are we gonna do for fun". She said in a long rant hoping he would agree.

He sat there and turned to her and kissed her on the lips. She was shocked by this but soon returned it.
"I necer thought I would ever get with a woman" he admitted to her.
"A strong guy like you. I would say I am punching above my weight. Now take me big fella". She demanded as he pushed her on her back and got between her legs. Why was he so nervous. He had never been like this before. He knew what he wanted but felt to affraid to go ahead.

Janka realised this and she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast.
"Its okay. You can touch me anywhere" she said as she reached down to his bulge and started rubbing it. He squeezed her boobs making her squirm in delight and ahe kicked her boots off. Groose grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it up, clumisly trying to get ot off her. She helped him out and she wasted no time in taking her bra off her self.

Groose marveled at his first pair of boobs. He couldnt beleive it. He grabbed them both and fondeled them, kissing her in the process. Janka enjiyed this but he was taking his time so she stsrted pulling his clothes off, eventually pulling his shirt off so see his muscular body. This turned her on as she started feeling his muscles all over him. They both reached for their pants and pulled them off. She marveled at how big his dich was and he marveled as how her vagina was.... well just that.

"Groose. Take me. Dont hold back". She demanded at the shakey Groose lined him self up and pushed into her. They had both never felt anything like it. Groose couldnt believe how tight she was and moaned with one thrust. Janka felt some pain but it was over riden by the size of his Penis penetrating her. "AH! Groose!" She moaned as his muscular body pressed against her breasts. He put his hands on her hips before pulling out and pushing back in again. He was going slow but every thrust was heaven for both of them.

"JANKA. JANKA. OH HYLIA THIS IS GOOD!" He moaned into the girl who was dripping wet at this point. She grabbed his back, pulling him in and out more.
"GROOOOOSE!" She screamed as she reached her climax
"Janka I...." but before he could finish his sentence his Penis exploed with his cum and he filled her up. The orgasm was light lightning through their bodies. He colapsed ontop of her, both of them catching their breath. "That was the best thing I have ever felt" he said as she laughed.

A whole day went by but eventually Link, Pipit, Karane, Horg and Toby along with the whole Sheikah Tribe and some robots arrived in Faron Woods.
"Not long now" Link said to the exhausted group. Link had counted, there was 30 Sheikah, close enough to his predictoon if 25 so the total of their group was 35.

Stritch stood atop the tower with Cawlin as that was their job now, to be watchmen. He saw Link emerge from the Woods followed by a few more, and more and more. It was alarming to say the least. He grabbed the bell and pilled the sting, getting the attention of the whole of Town.
"LINKS BACK! THEY ARE BACK!" he called as the citezens started gathering in the plaza.
"Stritch. Wheres Boss?" He asked as the two scanned the crowd and couldnt spot him.

Link got off his Horse to the crowd of confused but familiar faces. Zelda pushed her way through all of them and dived into Link's arms.
"I have missed you so much". She cried into him as he gripped her tightly.
"I've missed you too" he said smiling.

He looked up at the crowd.
"As you can see, we have a lot of explaining to do. But first things first. Bad news. Groose and Janka left us to live in the Desert" he said to a confused crowed. Most of them took that as only 50% as bad news but also couldnt understand why. "But now adressing the elephant in the room, these are the Sheikah, you could say they are neitive to the surface world" he said to again to cinfused citezens.

"Nice to meet you all, my name is Impa. Head of the Sheikah, we can provide you with advanced arts like these" she said as some robots got off thw backnof a cart.
"Huh? They look just like Scrapper!" Gondo shouted but everyone had already noted the obvious. Link looked around and saw the Gorons and Mogmas watching , Ledd waved and Link waved back.

"Now that we have all the races together we begin costruction on a Castle and Town. I have also been thinking, Skyloft is a pretty.... unsuiting name now since its. You know.... not in the Sky or aloft so it will now be called Hyrule Town. Any questions?" Link said and everyone look lost. Zelda stopped to think about how he casually just renames their homeland with out consulting anyone, she quite liked that but she shouldnt.

"Yeah, I have a few questions....the hell are those?" Croo asks pointing at the Horses that Link neglected to mention.
"They are called Horses Grandad" Toby unhelpfully stated.
"They are tame beasts native to this land, you can ride them just like Loftwings". Link said to the delight of the residents of Hyrule Town.

Some time had pasted, everyone was getting settled and order was back to normal Zelda approached Link.
"There is so much I want and need to tell you but one there is one thing I have wanted to tell you the most. Prepare your self" she said excitedly and Link smiled in confusion.
"Okay... I am ready. I think" he said
"In about 9 months time your gonna be a Dad" she said as his face lit up.
"You mean. You mean youre pregnant!" He said almost shouting. Zelda shushed him and gigled.
"Yes. We are going to have a kid" she said over joyed and Link swelled upnwith tears. He kissed her and then held her.
"I cant believe it... I mean, I can. We did itna few times but. Wow. I cant wait. Does anyone else know?" He asked and she shool her head.

"Orielle suspects as much but I wanted you to be the first to know. I am gonna tell Dad and then we can start telling friends. But right now, I just want to sit with you". She said hugging him as they just relaxed on the bench together.

The two just talked for hours. They talked about being parents, Zelda told Link everything that has happened since he was gone, including the phantom theif that stole his diary , Orielle and Fledge and Link told her about Groose, Janka, and how Karane is also probably pregnant with how much they go at it.

"I dont mean to be nossey, you can choose not to answer if you want, but was there anything bad in tour diary?" She asked almost affraid of the answer. But Link smiled.
"You have been worrying about this havent you? Well dont. I havent wrote anything that is going to get me introuble, mainly embarassing thoughts Inhave had about.... well thoughts Inhave had about you". He said linda embarassed.

Zelda was flattered but also distrubed that someone has probably read Link's feelings about her but who ever it was, it would only effect Link if it got out and he didnt seem to concerned. "Anyway, there is nothing in there I wouldnt tell you. I have had many dirty thoughts about you since we were like 13, but non of that is a secret to you" he said holding her in his arms.

"Its late, we should head to bed" she said as they stood up.
"You go ahead, I will be with you in a bit" he said mysteriously but she was confused.
"How come?" She said but he stayed quiet. "What was that about the secrets?" She said sarcastically but he just laughed. You'll find out, dont worry. Just carry on" he said but she sulked.
"Fine. But I better get an answer" she said as she walked off to the Academy.
"Now then, where are those time shift stones?" He thought to himself.

After a few minutes he was done. Link was walking back to Zelda's room. He was excited about being home and excited about being a father. And he knew he wanted to spend his life with her. He always knew that. He entered her room and she was sitting at her desk in her nightie. She stood up and higged him.
"Zelda. There is something I need to ask you" he said looking into her eyes. She was confused and had no idea where she was going. That was until he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring with a blue gem stone in the top of it. Her hear raced. "Will you marry me?" He asked as she screamed in joy.
"YES!" she hoped in midair as Link tried to get the ring on her shaking hand. It slipped on and he stood up. She grabbed him and pressed her lips into his and he didnt hold back.

She pushed him on the bed and sat ontop of him.
"Can pregnant Women still have sex?" He asked concerned but she grinned.
"You better believe it" she said as she pushed her lips back into him. He imidiatly grabbed her arse and shivers went through her body. God she missed this. She pulled her nightie off and Link marvelled at her glorious boobs he had missed so much. He grabbed both of them, playing with her nipples and she squirmed at his touch. Link always knew her breasts were big and his whole life he imagined what they would look like in front of him. Although this wasnt his first time seeing them he always felt like he was.

He kicked his boots off and both he and Zelda were trying to get him out of his clothes in a hurry. He flung his cap across the room as Zelda worked on his belt. The Tunic came off and Zelda grabbed his pants in desperation. She had already noticed the large bulge and wanted some of that. When his pants came down his cock sprang free and Zelda shoved it straight in her mouth making Link gasp in delight. He felt like he could cum then and there. He had her ass and pussy in his face and he started licking her pussy making her cock filled mouth moan.

They both moaned as they continued but Link wanted to see her face. He stopped at sat up. She stopped and turned to him in confuion. He grabbed her face and kissed her before grabbing her shoulders and pushing her on her back. Her boobs bounced and Link opened her legs. She reached down strocking his cock and he moaned.
"I have missed this so much" he said smiling.
"Dont make me beg. Fuck me now" she said as he thrust his hard cock into her. "LINK!" she gasped, forgetting how good he makes her feel as he moaned into her. He pulled out and back in. He was building up a steady rythm as she bagan bucking her hips up to meet him. She was so tight, her walls clung to him. Every thrust felt like bliss. He grabbed one of her breasts and gave it a squeeze, sending a shock wace through her body. And she responded by wrapping her legs around him, hoping he would speed up. And he did.

His need for her was so strong he didnt think he could last much longer.
"Zelda. I'm gonna cum". He moaned as she began to reach her climax.
"Ahh. Ahh. Just hold on a little....." she moaned as he furiously pounded into her. He had never gone this fast and he couldnt slow down now. He need her to cum. He didnt want to let her down. And he sure didnt. "AAAHHHH. LIIIIINNNNNKKKK! YES!" She moaned, probably waking up the whole acadmy. "ZEELLLLDA! YES! AGGGGHHHHH" he moaned in pure pleasure. Zelda reached her climax and orgasmed him as he shot his cum inside her.

He pulled out of her and lay next to her, both of them panting to catch their breath. "No words in the Universe could tell you how much I love you, my future wife". He said as she started crying tears of joy.
"I cant wait to get married and have your kids" she said wrapping her body around him.

They lay there together, feeling each others bodies as they went to sleep.

Chapter Text

"I mark this day as the day Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Town starts construction. We will build a Castle to be out milirarty base and we will build stromg walls around Town so no one can break in easily. The Gorons are especially good Miners and can find all of the rocks and stones we need. The Mogmas will lay the foundations, the Robots will plan everything out to a tee and us Hylians will build the Castle its self. I will ask those of you who dont have urgent jobs to help out part time and those of you willing to work full time to do that. We promise you dont have to worry about Money or food, we will provide all of it for you and we will start up a propper economy. This land is going to be the greatest Kingdom in the world. Here is to a bright future!"

She finally stopped, everyone, especially Link were surprised at how impressove of a speech that was. The Plaza was full and everyone was opptamistic about the future and why shouldnt they be, as of now, everything was perfect.

Link took a group of everyone that was needed for the planning stages with him as he was going to over see the project. The Sheikah were really integral to the plan and seemed to know what they needed.

"My Lady Zelda" a Sheikah Woman knelt in front of her.
"You dont have to do that... and just Zelda is fine" she said slightly embarassed. The Woman rose in awe of her generosity.
"I would like to know... if you would.... about my anncestor, Impa". She said but Zelda was confused about how she knew they had met. "I visited her once. Ten years ago at the sealed Temple. She refused to move, saying she was guarding the most precipus thing in the world, it was you. We Sheikah are bound to be the protectors of Hylia's Bloodline." She continued on and Zelda just smiled, taking off her braclett.
"Here, have this. It was my braclett I gave to Impa when she was young, she kept it for one thousand years before passing away. I want you to have it" she said to the Woman she didnt know.

"Oh thank you. I will not forget your generosity my lady" she said bowing.
"Whats you name?" Zelda asked, the girl smiling.
"Paya. I am Impa's Granddaughter, not the Impa you knew, but the other one" she said pointing back to her Grandmother. Zelda waved. "Anyway, I will be on my way now" she said as she politley left, leaving Zelda with a smile on her face.

Everyone was busy and Link found a small window of time to escape to his future wife.
"So, we gonna break the good news and the good news to your Dad?" Link said slightly nervouse even though he knows her Dad will be over joyed.
"You bet. I dont wanna keep this a secret any longer" she said smiling and holding his hand as they headed towards the Academy.

Zelda knocked breifly on her Father's Office door before stepping in, something she done since she was a little Girl and Link steppednin after her.
"Good to see you my Girl" he said hugging her "and you too Link" he said giving him a handshake.
"Do you want the good news or the good news first?" Zelda asked him smiling and looked confused.
"Well I guess it will have to be the good news" he laughed before Zelda placed her hand in front of her face, showing off her ring.
"Me and Link are engaged!" She said with a huge grin and he hugged her again.
"Congratulations you two. You better be good to her Link" he said looking him in the eyes.
"Of course I will" he said smiling at Zelda.
"And the other news, you are not going to just be a Farther anymore" she said placing her hand on her belly. He looked confused for about a second before clicking.
"Oh my! Congratulations. I.. I cant believe my little girl is... Link be good to her okay" he said as they all laughed. They all hugged in a group hug.

After a conversation with Zelda's Dad, they steped out and walked through the hall way.
"Oh yes, yes, yes" they heard from the door next to them. Instructor Horwell's Office. They both turned to each other before noticing the door was open a crack. Link looked and Zelda as she nodded as she was as curious as him. They peered through the door and saw him thrustimg himself upon a Sheikah Woman. They both stepped away trying to maintain their laugh. Zelda breaks first then Link and they hurry away before being seen.

A week rolled around and the three couples were sitting in the plaza.
"So? What was it you wanted to tell us? Zelda asked Karane clearly excited.
"Well hate to break it to you Zelda but you might not be giving birth to the first Child on the Surface" she said with a grin, taking everyone but Zelda a few moments to click.
"Congratulations! " Zelda cheered as Link smiled.
"I mean, the amount you two go at it I am hardly surprised" he said as Zelda frowned at him but Pipit laughed.
"What about you two? Have you done the deed yet?" Pipit said looking at Fledge and Orielle who went bright red.
"Well not exaxtly but we...." Fledge mumbeled but Orielle stepped in
"No perv. We havent" she said a bit angrily, not that she was angry, she just wanted him to shut up.
"Dont sweat it. There is no rush" Zelda smiled but Karane disagreed.
"I mean, we were at it first night together. Personally I couldnt wait. What about you two?" She said looking at Link but Link looked at Zelda, suddenly unsure what he could say.
"Yeah. We done it first night but to be fair, although we werent dating before then, we might as well have been because we spent every waking minute with each other" Zelda said calmly.

Later that day Fledge was sitting with Link and Pipit, the girls had gone to do who knows what.
"So you seriously not wanting sex?" Pipit asked again, Link sighing that he brought it up. "What? Come on. You are a guy to Link. We dream about it all out lives" he said but Fledge looked up.
"Its not that I dont want to. I do want to, but I dont want to push it. Orielle will do it when she is ready" he said, little did they know that the girls were having a similar conversation.

"You really havent?" Karane said while Zelda gave a similar response as Link.
"No. We havent. I want to put I am nervoua and scared and dont wanna push it" she said, Zelda knowing how she felt.
"There is nothing to fear. Sure it hurts a little at first but before long it is the best feeling in the world." Zelda said reassuring her.
"And also Fledge wants you. You can see it, by see it I mean his erection through his trousers when the conversation of sex started" Karane said both girls looking at her in disgust. "Too far?" She asked and Zelda nodded "yeah too far".
"Sorry" she said as they all began to laugh.


Night rolled around and Orielle had been thinking about it all day. She wanted him and she knew he wanted her. They were in bed and the sound of Link going at it with Zelda was loud, just to add to the thoights. Fledge felt uncomdortable, not because of hearing Link, but because he was now thinking or Orielle in that way. She felt the same and knew how he felt. She had told him she would let him no how far she was willing to go so it seems tonight was the night.

She wrapped her arms around Fledge and she grabbed the buldge his shorts were forming.
"Orielle?" He moaned in shock.
"Fledge, I am ready. I am ready to go all the way with you" she said flirtatiously into his ear.
"You mean it!" He said excitedly, turning around to face her. And she smiled. She kissed into him passionatly and began to pull his shirt off. Fledge quickly got to work, grabbing her clothed breast which was more prominantly bigger and rounder when she has a shirt with no bra on. She gasped at his touch. She pulled her shirt off and Fledge just stared at her boobs before getting back to playing with them.

"Oh Fledge" she moaned as he groped them, rolling her nipple around with his finger. He got close and licked her neck making her damp down bellow. She was pushing into him, she had no idea he was like this, but she loved it. He pulled off his boxers and lowerd him self to her pajama bottoms. He pulled them town and plunged his tounge into her.

"FLEDGE!" she screamed in shock, nearly reaching a climax in seconds. "I want.... ahhh.... yes...... I want you..... oh Hylia this is good...." she moaned in pure bliss as bis tounge worked wonders. He eventually stopped and lined him self up with her. Neither needed to ask, they both knew. He started to push into her and slid in with ease due to how wet she was.

"Aahhh. Orielle" he grunted as he started pounding her slow but hard. She loved it. Each thrust made her boobs bounce. She didnt know how much she could take , he was too good, his stamina was amazing. She was in pure bliss.
"Fledge I... I dont know how...." she moaned but before she could finish Fledge kissed her and gripping her arse tight making an orgasm ripple through her body..

It was the best feeling in the world but despite this orgasm, Fledge jept going, making it the longest intense orgasm ever. She just panted uncontrollably as Fledge controlled her body. She was going to ride out this perfect sensation until he decided to stop. Which was great for her because he had a few more minutes in him.

He eventually started speeding up, grunting heavier and heavier. "Oh Orielle. Oh yes. Yes, yes... Uggghhhh...." he moaned as he Penis exploded into her, poring his seed deep into her.

He rolled next to her, both exhausted and panting.
"Wow. That was so much better than I ever expected". She said as she turned to him as he blushed. He never expected it to be this good but it sure was.


Life went on as normal, well normal in the sense that everyone were now living on the Surface world and erecting a giant Castle. Evryone got on with their lives. Cawlin and Stritch have straightened out their lives thanks to the absense of their 'boss' and bacame hunters and watchmen with a weird looking Shikah girl. Wryna and Jakamar accept Batreaux into their family for helping out with Kukiel so much. Love starts to form in the new Pumpkin business to no ones surprise, Kina and Keet were not as subtle as they thought but Dovos and Piper was a relationship that was pretty quiet for the maot part. Unknowingly to the rest of Hyrule, Groose and Janka had settled in their new home and had a child on their way.


About three months past, Karane and Zelda were both starting to ahow and Orielle was no quite, although she was definitly pregnant. The construction on the Castle progressed each day and no issues seemed to arise.

Link was taking a break on the birdge that goes over the small river as Peatrice approached. Link sighed as the girl was annoyingly in love with him.
"Hi my love". She said srepping close to him as he took a step away.
"I am not your love. And you are already clearly with someone.... who ever that may be". He said , being the first to brimg up the obvious baby bump ahe had.
"That was a mishnderstanding. You should be the real Father. Leave Zelda and be with me. I will make you truly happy" she said pissing Link off but he bit his tounge.
"No. I dont like you like that" he said but wanting to tell her he didnt like her at all.
"I can make you leave her. Or in fact, make her leave you" she said angrilly, Link only raising an eye brow at her threat. "I was the one who took your diary" she said making Link turn in shock.

"You. You took my diary? Why? What the hell for?" He said getting angryer by the second but she smiled.
"To see all those wicked dirty thoughts you had about me" she said but Link looked at her confused.
"Those were all about Zelda" he said but she grinned.
"They used to be" she said slyly. "I changed them to be about me, and I will show Zelda and she will hate you" she laughed but Link just leaned against the bridge.
"Go on then. You do that" he said showing no sign of care. Was he bluffing?
"I will you know?" She said getting annoyed but he shrugged.
"You clearly have never been truly in love with someone. Zelda know me better than anyone. She knows I wouldnt say anything about you like that and she knows I wrote stuff about her. Even if she didnt, she would simply ask me about it later and I would clear it up. But if you think it will work go rigjt ahead. But when you are done can you return the diary please?" He said clearly having the high ground. But she was pissed.

She stormed off back home leaving Link to sigh. "Clears that mystery then". He said looking at the construction in progress.


More time went on, Link had told Zelda about his little encounter and got his diary back, the construction kept on going and Zelda, Karane, Orielle, Peatrice and even some Sheikah women were heavily pregnant.

"A lot of people are pregnant at the same time" Orielle said as the three friends sat on the steps leading up to the Academy.
"Yeah, well its kinda encouraged. We need to populate the land but also knew exciting Sheikah Women arrived. What can you expect" Zelda said in response.
"How many of them do you think even know who the Father is. Heck, how many do you think shared the same men?" Karane said shocking the two other girls.
"Well I dunno about that but sex is just great. If you are not on love I still get the insentive. I never previously but man, new land, new oppertunities and a lot of hot sex" Orielle said, Zelda and Karane used to this new side of her now.
"Its also kinda encouraged to have more than one. I know I will" Zelda said.
"Me too!" Orielle agreed but Karane was silent.
"Nah. One will be enough for me" she said as the idea of multiple screaming kids sounded like torture to her. "But I guess we will see which one of you chickens out on that idea after child birth" she said jokingly but Zelda grinned.
"Maybe, but you have to go first haha" she laughed.


The three girls were right. Many people around Hyrule Town were having kids. Many men from Skyloft excited about the new Women in town. Eagus the Knight comander shamlessly often caught with a Sheikah worrior called San, going at it in the back of the spareing hall.

Horwell even got a Sheikah researcher pregnant to everyones surprise. Also Toby, Beedle and even Dodoh had managed to seduce Women and Orielle's Brother Parrow had got with Paya who although wasnt pregnant, was probably going to be soon. Perhaps more shocking was Cawlin and a Sheikah girl. There was a slightly chubby Sheikah Girl that spend a lot of time around Cawlin and Stritch. Everyone assumed they would die as virgins.

But it wasnt just the Sheikah getting it on. Kina and Keet was obvious to everyone, they were young and madly in love. Piper and Dovos was more surpfosing since Piper had been married to someone who died after they drinkernly fell off Skoft at night. Who knew young Gully would have a younger Brother or Sister.

A new generation of Hylains, knowing no life other than the one on the land were ready to begin, starting with Karane and Pipit's Child.....

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" the screams of Karane were heard through the walls. Link was stunned as he stared at Fledge who was equally as stunned. No one had ever hear her scream before, it was usually people she faced doing the screaming. She lay on a bed with Pipit gripping her hand and with Paya being the one delivering the baby. Link stood outside with Zelda and Fledge. He wouldnt lie to him self, this scared the shit out of him. He had thought Demise but the thought of Zelda in this much agony was something else.
"I know what you are thinking Link but dont, leave that worry to me" she said smiling at him as she feared it 20 times more.

Soon the screaming stopped and the sound of a Baby crying was heard, making all three of them smile. A small wile later , the three were let in to see Karane and Pipit holding their beautiful child.
"Say hello to Richard" Pipit smiled as the group greeted the child....


Only three weeks went by and Zelda was in that room with Link holding her hand. Both of them were terrified but Paya seemed to know what she was doing which but Link as a bit of ease.
"I think it is...." Zelda said as she gasped and then screamed, scaring Link to death.
"Okay Zelda, deep breath and then push" Paya said, Zelda doing just that as she screamed again. After what seemed like an eternity, the crying of a baby was heard, Paya handed Zelda her child. "Congratulations, its a Girl" she said smiling. Link started to cry at the sight of his beautiful Daughter.
"I think we should call her Zelda, after her beautiful Mother" Link said to Zelda who was touched by this and had no female name she could decide on.
"Hello Zelda" she said to the baby hugging her.

To no ones surprise, Gaepora balled at the sight of his Grandaughter too, holding the girl like he held Zelda all those years ago.
"You will have a great life you know. You have the best parents in the world" he said as the child fell to sleep.

After young Zelda was born it seemed like babies were beint born at rapid fire. Peatrice was next, she had a kid but the psycho woman left it with Gondo who tooknreally good care of his loving son, angry at her for the way she treated him. Next was Orielle, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter she named Anju. More kids were being born, to many to count.

Time flew by. The Castle was complete aswell as the town next to it known as Hyrule Town. The mighty wall surpunding it stopped and monsters from strolling in. The future was promising.

While a generation of people remembered a lifetime of living in the sky, the new generation thought of that as stories, growing up on the Earth, put of reach of the sky. The Young man who rode a crimson Loftwing, who saved his best friend and slayed the Demon King was just 18 at the time, now he is 38 and has spent more of his life in this new land, than the air above him......

Chapter Text

"WOW! This place is huge!" The Young Blonde Boy shouted as an older Boy and Girl walk in after him with Link and Zelda next.
"Ravio, dont shout so loud" Zelda said to the ten year old Boy as he excitedly started running around the Castle.
"So this place has been in development for my whole life." The young Zelda said as her Mother smiled
"Sure has, and Jr wasnt even around when this place begun" she said to the 16 year old Boy who shrugged.
"Its cool" he said trying to downplay it but Link energetically grabbed him.
"Its more than cool, wait until you get to see your own room!" He said as Link Jr lit up.
"I dont have to share one with Ravio anymore. Now you're talking" he said as the Father and Son ran up the big Castle steps.

"You okay Dad?" Zelda asked helping her elderly Father through the door.
"We have a comfy room for you" Young Zelda said as she deeply cared for her Grandfather.
"Oh thank you but you shouldnt worry so much." He said but the Mother and Daughter did worry.

The night rolled around and the know Royal family had moved into their new home. Link kissed Zelda in their new spacious bed.
"I have a lot of space to make you feel good now" he said to his wife as she smiled. Is it just be or does living with this comfort make you more horny?" She said breathing heaveir.
"Oh. It definitly does" he said as he grabbed hold of her breast through her gown. As she moaned she lay down, him positioning him self above her.
"I cant wait for you to just take me so lets just skip the foreplay and get straight to the sex" she moaned into his ear as he smiled, feeling how wet she is.
"Wow, no complaints but you really are horny" he said as he pulled down his pants letting his dick spring free and she pulled off her gown. She opened her legs and Link posisioned in front of her and pushed deep into her.
"Ooohhhh, Link" she moaned, making moan too. As he thrust in and out he licked her breasts, and played with them. He never got tired of their roundness.

She was rising her hips to meet him as their sex was not fast but in perfect rythm. His hands dropped too her hips, thrusting into her with a bit more force now making her breathe heavier.
AH. ZElDA! " he moaned louder as her walls were gripping him tight. She could hardly say anything in her bliss. She wrapped her legs around him and rolled him over, thrusting down on her. As her breasts bounced in beat he got closer and closer. "I dunno how long I can last" he moaned as he was suddenly losing control from her bouncing on him like this. She was getting faster and faster, girating her hips and getting close her self. "AAAHHHH. ZELDA I CANT....!" he moaned as his Penis suddenly exploded inside her. She was shocked but she rode it out, making his Penis spill more and more into her.
"OH LINK!" she gasped as her climax shot through her.

As they cought their breath Zelda smiled. "We are going to need to be more careful than that, you'll get me pregnant again" she smiled as they only planned for three kids.
"I know, sorry. I dunno what got into me. Usually I have more self control than that" he said but the Husband and Wife just hugged as they fell asleep. Little did they know they werent the only two fucking that night.



"Oh Zelda, yes! More! More!" The Brown haired boy said as the 20 Year old Girl rolled her hips on the Boy.
"Richard, you need to be quieter" she said whispering but her voice going shakey as her breasts were being fondelled by him. "Oh, Richard. OH! she screamed too loudly as they both moaned, the footsteps of someone were heard outside the door. Richard pulled her into a kiss to silence both of their moan, both of them continuing to move against each other but Richard loosing control from the kiss and exploded into her. She rocked into his Penis as he came, wanted to scream at her climax but the guard out side needed to hear nothing.

Eventually the steps left them and they broke off the kiss. As they panted, Zelda brushed her messy hair to the side.
"That was so good, but you cant stay here or you will be caught" she said as he nodded.
"Okay" he says in slight disapointment but understands as he pulls his pants on. "I love you and I really hate keeping this secret. Why do we have to?" He askes knowing the answer.
"Because I am not sure my Mother will be okay with the 'Princess' having sex before marriage. She says too him but he smiles.
"They did you know" he says as she throws a pillow at him
"Thats disgusting Richard. No one wants to think about their parents that way. Especially you because I heard my parents talking about how your Mother and Father used to go at it all the time in the wilderness. You might have been concieved in a bush" she smirked, getting her own back.
"Okay. Point taken he says as he kisses his girlfriend and then steps out her window onto the roof. "See you tomorrow" he says as he slides down the drain pipe.


Time moves on and a sense of normality begins to take place in the new Kingdom. Link was concerned that people might not agree with them sorta just declaring them selves as the Royal family but to his surprise, he heard no complaints.

Life was great except Gaepora was getting weaker by the day. He spent his days in bed and being treated by some trained Sheikah nurses. Paya was always seeing to him.
"How are you today sir?" She came in to give him his breakfast.
"A lot better now I get to see your loverly smile" he chuckled as she smiled back. "You know miss, I dont want to pry into your personal life but I would not pass on the chance to have children, trust me. In my old age the one thing that keeps me going is getting to see my child fully grown and married and my loverly grandkids growing before me. Who knows, maybe I wont have to live much longer to see a great grandchild" he chuckled again to a confused Paya.
"Sorry sir I dont understand" she responded and he just laughed.
"Okay I will let you in on something secret, between you and me" he said as he becond her closer " watch Zelda, young Princess Zelda. She and that Rochard Boy, Son of Pipit. Those two are.... you know" he smiled and she steped back in shock.
"I, I wouldnt.... I wouldnt know" she said nervously, not knowing what to say. But he laughed.
"I know. I saw that look in my own Daughter eyes when she was her age. The splitting image. You wont have to keep it secret long though. They are young and will give it away eventually" he said as he began eating his breakfast.

Although he kept his spirits high, he knew he was on his last days. Everyone knew but nobody said it. Maybe everyone was boping if they didnt mention it, it wouldnt be true.
"How are you this evening Dad?" Zelda asked as he woke up as she entered his room.
"Oh. I was just having a dream about an Owl. They are said to be the wisest of Birds" he said grabbing her hand as she sat next to his bed.
" They are interesting indeed" she said smiling. He smiles back and becons her closer with his hand and she leans in to hear what he has to say.

"The day your Mother gave birth to you was the greatest day of my life. I knew looking at you for the first time you were special but not just in the way every parent sees their child, no, you were different from most children". He says as she looks down a bit embarassed. Of course, she knew she was. She was the reincarnated form of the Goddess Hylia, but the thought of this still felt weird. "You were so smart, right from a young age, you stood up to bullies, you were kind and you always had fun. That was around all the moments were you stared off into the cloud barrier like something was calling. You would do that a lot" he continued but Zelda was shocked and the confused look she gave to her Father confirmed his suspicion. She never remembered doing it. "I of course knew some of the old Legends and secrets of the land below, as leader, these things were passed down to me from my teacher but never did I belive such things would spring true in my life time and nor did I think my own Daughter would be apart of these legends. It was when you were lost to the sky that I could confirm my beliefs, I am so glad how things turned out but I was so scared I was going to loose you but ever since you and Link returned to me I have never been scared again". He said almost crying. "I have had a fufilling life and I am so glad you have had the chance to raise beautiful children and experience what I have had".

Zelda was getting teary. She wondered if he had some grester point and wondered why bring all this up now. As she opened her mouth to respond he had fell asleep. She smiled, he always did that, he was always a heavy sleeper. He was very much a night owl...

Zelda left the room and closed the door completly unaware that her Father had died holding her hand...


The Sky was dark. Of course it was. When has the sky never been dark at a funeral. Everyone was here. Mostly everyone. Groose wasnt here, and Link thought about that. He should be here seen as everyone else from the days in the Sky were here to pay there respects. But Link was reasonable and knew a treck across the country was a big ask.

The service took place in the Sealed Temple as propper seats were laid put for everyone. Inspector Horwell organised the whole thing despite how old he was himself. Link was thankful though because he didnt know of Zelda would have held it together. Seeing Zelda cry was difficult for Ravio especially as he had never seen his Mother cry before but Link Jr and Zel were old enough to hold it together a bit better for Ravio's sake and make sure he was okay.

It wasn't just Zelda, Link was distraught too. He often thought of Gaepora as a Father, well, his imagination of what a Father would be like since he never knew his own parents. But as Link looked around the room, everyone was sad, especially the people of Skyloft who respected him as a leader for many many years.

The day seemed to drag on for eternity. The service went on and Zelda, Link and a few others gave some words and then they body was was taken to the skyloft Graveyard that was still in use and gave him a tomb bigger than all the others. As the funeral came to an end, the watchful Owl on a nearby tree flew off into the sky.


While everyone was focused on Gaepora at the funeral it didnt stop one individual from focusing all her attention on Link. She had never stopped, not since he kept coming to see her everyday. Peatrice. She watched in hatred as he hugged and comforted Zelda and his children, noting they should be her children. And she hated that stuck up blondy for taking away her man.

But Peatrice had a lot of time to think about Link over the years and wonder how he did everything he did. Apparently he killed a Demon King and journed bellow the cloud barrier to save Zelda as well as bring Skyloft to the Surface. How exactly did he do this. Well when you wanted to find something out who better to see that Sparrot the fortune teller.

"Sparrot, I have a juicy request for you" she said quietly to not stir up to much attention, not like anyone was listening anyway. Sparrot looked at her as if to say "continue".
"You know how Link eaved Zelda and killed a Demon King and brougut us all to the Surface World. Well.... how did he do all that? You know? Like was it some kind of Magic or what?" She said.

Sparrot had crazy people come to him all the time but this Girl was wacko.
"Hmm... well I guess we can look at that one since it isnt watching someones private life like you have requested in the past, so lets have a look" he said not particually inveted in this. His hands rubbed the crystal ball and it shine into their eyes. In the blink of an eye, Peatrice and Sparrot saw everything. They saw Link follow a Blue Spirit, him jumping down to the surface, fighting an weird looking guy, and so much more. But the part thar got their attention the most was the Triforce. Link collected the Triforce, an artifact that allowed him to make a wish and defeat Demise. Usually Sparrot and who evers fortune he was telling would come out calm but that was too much for both of them.

"The Triforce... what was that?" She said to him in absaloute confusion. As ideas formed in Peatrice's head, Sparrot's eyes were wide, wider than usual, with fear.
"No, no, no. I dont want to know. I shouldnt have seen that, I shouldnt have shown you that. Peatrice dont speak of this, keep me out if what ever twisted thing you plan" he said in terror as he grabbed the crystal ball and booked it out of the Bazzar. He didn't know what was going on in her mind, he didnt want to know. But he knew it couldnt be good....


She sat at home thinking. How much would people hate it if they found out Hyrule had a Magical artifact that could grant wishes and Zelda had been keeping it hidden from them while they slaved away at building a Castle for her. When word of this spreads, people will demand the Triforce and when the people get what they want, she would use it to get what she wants. Link.

No time was wasted. Peatrice shared this story with the morw gullable people of Hyrule before telling those she knew would gossip. It wouldnt take long to circulate and it this doesnt work, she will simply steal Sparrots crystal ball and show them.....



Link and Zelda walk through the coridoors of their new Castle, Link has his hand around his wife. Clearly they just wanted the day over with. As they head towars their room they hear creaking and some sounds coming from through a door to their left. Young Zelda's room.

They both stop and look at each other in confusion. Link catches onto the sound of the moans first, something he quickly tries not to hear. Zelda blushes and looks at Links disturbed face. Zelda mouths the words "What the hell do we do?" To Link but he responds with a "I dont know" alongside a shrug. Zelda goes to knock but Link grabs her arm and shakes his head. He pulls her away. "You wouldnt want you Dad.... you wouldnt want anyone walking in on us would you?" He says, regretting bringing up her Father on today of all days. She looks up at him.
"Yeah, but still. I mean thats our Daughter in there doing... doing it with someone. Like I kinda wanna know who?" She says but Link looks at her like she is an idiot.
"Come on. Who do you think it is?" Link says since she spends litterally all of her time around one Boy. Zelda rolls her eyes.
"It might not be..." she stops her self. "Okay, fair enough. But still. Why hasnt she told us?" She wonders but Link smiles.
"Look, we kept it secret for a bit. Like she is an adult. Lets trust her" Link said but Zelda frowned.
"I do, I just want to talk to her about it". She said as they heard what aounded like the climax of their fun.
"Well, doesnt look like you'll have to wait all that long" Link says holding his hand out in the direction of the door.

Zelda walks towards the door and knocks on it.
"Zel, I want to talk about something" she called through. Before she even got her words out she heard the panicked voices and hurrying from the other side.
"One sec Mam!" She called through. A few moments later she arived at the door in a Pink Nighty and her hear looking messy, not to mention her red face. "Yeah, what is it?" She asked almost too casually.
"Can we come in, we want to talk to you about... something" she asked as the young lady smiled a fake smile.
"Sure, come in". Clearly he had long since escaped out the open window Link thought as they walked in.

Link sat on her shair backwards, leaning forward against its back while the two girls sat on the bed.
"Look, I dont know how to say this with out it being weird and we dont want to sound angry because we are not but like..." Zelda began but Link hurried the process off quickly.
"We heard you having sex with Richard and we are okay with it" Link said, shocking both of them. Especially young Zelda.
"No, I dont know what you're..." she said as Link shook his head.
"Zel, we are okay with it. We litterally just had a discussion about it before coming in here... in fact if it wasnt for me youre Mother would have came in and you wouldnt have got the chance to finish" he said with a smirk as she looked mortified. The young lady racked her brain. Its a trick, its a trap. They are not okay with it. Need an excuse.
"No, I was doing push ups..." she said, cringing the second she said that because it clearly want true and now she has embarassed her self more.

Her Mother had ago.
"Look, we are really alright with it. I swear to you. We know what we heard but the reason we came to talk to you about it is because we just wanted to know why you kept this from us. You are 18, you can make your own choices. We support this. Me and your Dad were only a little older than you when we got together." She said is a more gentle voice as the girp looked down.
"Its just embarassing to talk about this stuff with my Parents. Like how do you bring that up in conversation. Plus I thought you would be mad that the 'Princess' is having sex before marriage" she said not making eye contact.
"Me and your Mam did" Link said bluntly, giving his wife a turn in looking mortified.
"Daaad. Thats disgusting" she whined as Link chuckled. He walked over and put his arm around her.
"Seriously though. We are okay with it. We dont need to know how long its gone on and we are not gonna talk to Pipit about it or anything like that we just hope you are bing safe about it". He smiled, but soon frowned when she didnt return the smile. "You are being safe about it, right?" He smiled and her face got redder and she looked about ready to cry.

Zelda stepped in.
"Its alright Zel. As long as you know what you are doing. I trust my beautiful daughter and your Dad... well he is a bit hypocritical" she laughed. Her face lit up a little but still gave the same whine she gave to her Dad about how to much information it was. Link went to protest these accusations but realised he couldnt.
"We will get out of your hair now, we love you more than anything, you know that right?" Link said as she hugged him.
"Yes Dad, I know". She said, hoping they would leave but felt a huge sigh of relief that she didn't have to hide this anymore.

Once they had left, Richard popped his head through the window.
"Well that was something. I nearly shat my self" he said as he stayed on the ledge outside her window.
"Could you not have snuck off. I would rather you didnt hear that.... I would rather I didn't hear that".... she complained to him.
"Well I am flad I heard it, I know we dont have to keep it secret anymore. Dunno how I will tell my parents but I think your folks were the bigger issue" he said smirking at her. She stared at him and he stood not saying anything. She let out a sigh.
"Are you gonna stand there all night?" She sarcastically pointed out but he nodded.
'Well we dont have to keep it secret anymore so I thou...." his sentence was interupted.
"Good night Richard. Its late" she said sternly at she shut the window on his face, gave a quick smile and closed the curtains. Good job he has a sense of humour she thought as she went to sleep.....



"Come on, we have been here in the past, I wanna see what its like again" the 25 year old Girl says as she drags the older man down some steps in the graveyard.
"Kukiel, I dont think this is a good idea, I was a different man back then and I really shou.." Batreaux said as she cut him off.
"But I have a fun idea!" She said smiling as the reluctant former demon follows her.

Underground they arrive in the former home of Batreux, now surounded by rock and somehow not crushed between the Earth. His old bed was in the corner as well as all his posesions he no longer felt attatchment too. As soon as he entered after her she pushed him against the wall and kissed him. He was stunned and emidiatly pushed her off.

"Kukiel! What are you doing!" He said to the Woman he had known since she was a little Girl. She was like family to him and he never thought about her this way. He had noticed her body change and get curvier but he had never endulged in those thoughts.
"I am not a little Girl anymore, I want some excitment and what is more exciting than a Demon" she said pushing her self against him. The innocent Girl had gone, he knew that. But it felt wrong too him.
"I am no longer a Demon. And, you are like family. I cant". He said in protest but she placed her hand on his crotch making a buldge form.
"Well arnt you naughty, get aroused from family. Batreaux, we are not related. I dont mean for this to be so long term. Just once. No one will know" she said as she kissed him before he gave his answer.

Damn it. He was into it and he hated it. He pushed back into the kiss and shoved her onto the bed and getting ontop of her.
"This might be more than you are expecting" he warned her but she grinned pulling off her top quickly revealing two round boobs. He loved them and his eyes were filled with lust.
"Like what you see?" She sedictivly said as they quickly pulled off more clothing.

"Oh my!" She said as his penis was drawn in front of her. She gaped at the size. "Put it in me now!" She demanded. Batreaux was hesitant. He had never done this before but he was too far in to back and now. He pushed it into her slowly as she gasped at its size. She showed no sign of pain as she knew he would stop of she did. "Batreaux! Thats what I want" she moaned as he started to go faster.

Before long the Demon inside him took control. He was full of lust and he thrust in and out of her and an alarming speed. She just moaned and panted as he slamed into her. "YES. YES. YES. MORE. MORE" She scremed as he pounded into her.
"AHH KUKILE!" he moaned as she reached her climax and he shot inside her.

As Kukiel started to catch her breath Batreax stayed where he was, staring at her.
"Batreaux?" She said confused at why he hadnt moved.
"I am sorry Kukiel but there is a demon deep inside me and I think you activated it, if I move it will take control" he said slightly concerned.
"How do you mean? In what way will it take control?" She asked but he looked down at her.
"Well.... I dont think it is done with you" he said in an apologetic tone. " I dont think it will destroy me, but it might take control when certain desires are pushed forward" he explained. She put his hand on the side of his face but then he emidiatly grabbed her arms and pinned them next to her head.
"Batreaux!" She gasped in shock as he jammed his penis back inside her and started thrusting again.
"I am sorry " he said but she grinned.
"No. I like this version of you" she said as she rolled her hips into his thrusts....


As the weeks went on and the rumours spread, protests ouside the Castle started picking up. The people were hearing rumors of a magical power and wouldnt rest until they had answers....

Chapter Text

Chapter 12 - Uprising
"Sparrot! Come forward!" Link comanded. It was unlikely for him to loose his temper snd he have never had to consider arresting someone before. Link stood on a small elevated platform with some guards, Sheikah and Zelda while Sparrot looked up scared. "What did you do? What did you say?" Link sturnly asked him. Sparrot looked down before realising he was talking to the King.
"I... I... I didn't know what I would see.... it was Peatrice. I just wanted her to go away. She always asks me to show her inapropriate things you and Zelda do but I never show peoples personal lives" he said panicked and shifting the blame onto Peatrice. Zelda was bright red and Link was, but from anger.
"And what did she want this time? And what did you see?" He askes trying to keep his cool.
"I saw you on your quest. Fighting monsters and seeing some increddible things but also the Golden wish Triangles. I saw them. Peatrice saw it all too and I don't know what her game is but she is psychotic.... she is obsessed with you my lord.... she is insane"... he trailed off but Link couldnt agree more.

Sparrot was here out of his own accord. A protest had started up outside after the few weeks of Peatrice seeing things no Hylian should see and Sparrot needed to face up to what he done. He came to seek an audience with Link to explain what he had done. But Link understood that he didnt do this on purpose. He knew Peatrice was a manipulator and how obsessed she is with him.

"Sparrot. You have done the right thing in coming forward. You are not responsible for these protests. You are free to go" Link said as Sparrot bowed and the guards lead him out.

"Link. What do we do? They know about thr Triforce. They think we are just trying to cling to a power and use them all.... but they cant... they cant have the Triforce. The world will fall out of balance!" She said in a panic, eyes full of tears. Link knew all this and higged her.
"Wel will sort this out. We just have to talk to everyone. Tell them this is a power they dont understand" he said hut Impa shook her head.
"I dont have a better plan if I am honest my Lord but I am not sure that will work" she said with a frown.
"I agree, but we have to try". He said as he signalled a bunch of guards to follow him outside.

Link stood on a balcony to a relativly large protest. It wasnt overwhelmingly big, but it was bigger than he would like. He cleared his throught. "I know why yoh are all here!" He called out loudly, silencing the crowd in an instance. Link knew they knew about the Triforce so there was there a point in hiding its existance. Lying to them more could cause even more problems down the road if they find out its true. "You have heard rumors about a Magical power that I used to destroy the Demon King and save the world. Yes. It exists".. he declaired to the stunned crowd. No one was expecting him to come out and say it but he did.

"Then why did we built your God damn Castle then? Why did you wish it into existance! And why the hell are you here? Get our Queen out here!" Tony called aggressively sturing the crowd up.
"Because the Triforce is not a toy. It should only be used when the Kingdon is under a deveastating threat and it can only be used by those who have a pure heart.... and for Zelda, well I was the one that used the Triforce. I figured I should be the one to explain this!" He called down to the crowd, keeping eye contact with Toby.

"Well I dont like this one bit. You have this Magical Power you have been hiding from us this whole time that only you can conviniently use while we slave away for your Castle to be built?" He answered back but Link glared at him.
"It was hidden away because the greed and lust for power would lead to this exact problem we are having. I hope to the Godesses that the Triforce never has to be used again. I really never want to even see the thing again. And as for the Castle, we all agreed to this and it isnt 'my' Castle. More than me live here and if anyones it is Zelda's". He said back to a clearly angry crowd. He was about to turn and leave but stopped him self. "Also Toby. You dont have to like it. No one here has to like it. You all have the right to be angry and if a majority votes for change you can all get it". He said before leaving.

Pipit was waiting for Link at the door.
"Link, that was probably the best thing that you could have said to be honest. You know that isnt even nearly most of Hyrule. Its a select group of Hylians. The Gorons, Kikwi, Mogmas and the Sheikah are all on yout side and of course most of the Hylians". He said confidently cheering Link up and making him feel a bit more optamistic.
"Thanks. I hope you are right and I hope Zelda is coping" he said as they walked down a corridoor.
"Speaking of which... Can I talk to you for a moment?" He said as Link nodded to the guards to leave them. "My Son. Richard. Well you know him and your Daughter are...." he said before trying to get the words out.
"Together. Yeah. I know". He said to a confused Pipit.
"When did you?" He asked not needing to finish the question.
"Last week. Me and Zelda heard them... you know. And afterwards we had a talk with Zel, telling her it was fine with us. Our view was she is old enough to make her own decisions and we support her. I mentioned specifically I wasnt going to tell you or Karane because that was for Richard to deside. Sorry if you dont feel the same way" Link clarified but Pipit smiled.
"No,no. I agree with you. Thank you Link. Richard onlt told us last night and aaid it was pretty serious so I wanted us to be on the same page about all this". He said smiling.
"I am glad we are all on the same page too". Link replied as they continued down the coridoor.


She moaned each time he moved. His movements were slow, not hard at all. He was being gentle and slow pulling all the way out before sliding into her wet core.
"I love you so much Zelda" he moaned into her while nibbling it slightly which sent goosebumps down her body. She grabbed his back, feeling his body but failing to support them for long before they fell to her side.
"I love you too Richard... this is the besst" she moaned quitely. Young Zelda was being complety submissive, letting Richard do all the work but both seemed more than okay with this. Richard took his time, feeling every second of electricity running through his body while Zelda lay back and let him work on her.

Her legs were as wide open as they could get as he pushed his solid penis into her. One hand was by her head, using it for support while the other was massaging her right breast. The played with her nipple and licked her collar bone. Both were panting and moaning as the gentle rocking of his hips started to speed up. He felt her tighten which definitly spurred him on to move faster and faster. "Yes. Yes. Keep going Richard" she demanded as she wrapped her legs around him.

Before long she flipped him over and was ontop of him. She leaned back, arching her back as she rose up and down on his erect penis. Richard gasped in surprise as he felt his dick go deeped into her. He grabbed her waist and rocked her back and forwards as she rose up and down.
"Ugh.. Zelda.. I am going too" he moaned as she covered his mouth with her hand.
"I know! Richard just keep on..... keep on... AAAGGGHHH!" She moaned louder than ever before.
"Guhh" was all Richard got out before a sting of cum poured into her body in a few bursts. Zelda felt his dick spasm, firing several shots into her as she panted and feeling the blood rush to her head.

She eventually got off him and lay next to him.
"I dont know how many times we have done this but that was the best. I have never felt such good sex... ever". She said as Richard hugged her.
"Its because we are officially allowed to sleep together now" he smiled as he kissed her good night.


Everyone besides guards were asleep in the Castle. Young Zelda was hugging into Richard naked, Link Jr and Ravio were dast asleep in their own beds, Paya, Parrow and their 20 year old Boy Impaz lived here too aling with many more Sheikah and helpers of the Royal family. Of course Link and Zelda were asleep in their huge bed. Link was asleep upright with his naked wife around him in his muscular arms.

BOOOMM! ....That was all that was need to snap everyone awake, the shudder of the Castle didnt help either. Link dived out of bed in a flash, Zelda was so shocked she didnt even get the chance to appreciate the naked sight of her Husband running across the room naked to grab a Sword and clothes. Although she got up quickly, Link was already out of the door before she even got out of bed. She was going to put just a gown on but no, she needed to look a little more in charge so she quickly put on a Red Dress that was a more 'Proper' looking version of what she used to wear on Skyloft.

"What was that?" Richard asked his Girlfriend who was up looking out the window.
"I dunno but there is smoke coming from the North East Tower" she said looking down to the wall where Guards were heading that direction. Another one was scanning the area and looked up at her. Her face went bright red in the realisation she had no clothes on and shut the curtains faster than ever. She threw a gown on, with a little less care than her Mother and once Richard put his clothes on she stepped out of the room.

Guards were hecktickly hurrying down the hallway, a few rooms down Link Jr and Ravio were walking the opposite way to the Guards, towards Zelda and Richard.
"Whats going on Sis?" Jr asked while Ravio looked at Richard in confusion.
"Dont you sleep in a House?" He asked in innosence and he scratched his head.
"I am just having a sleep over with your Sister." He said as Jr smirked.
"A sleep over with push ups" he commented making Zelda go bright red again and hitting him on the arm.

"Kids... go back to bed. You cant be out here". Link called from down the coridoor as he bolted towards them.
"Dad, whats going on?" Ravio asked before Zel chined in.
"The North East Tower has smoke coming from it" she said which was quite useful knowledge for him and he nodded to show her she helped.
"Its on fire?" Jr questioned with worry in his voice..
"Its alright. We have people on it. Why dont you just..." he was interupted.
"I'll take them" a calm voice came as Paya walked over.

Link nodded at her in gratidude as Ravio and Link Jr followed her.
"You two should go with Paya too" Link said but Zelda shook her head.
"There must be something I can do" she said but Link was still worried about her too much even though she is 20.
"Just be smart and keep out the way, alright?" He said concenred before running off down the coridoor.


Link climbed out a nearby window and used his clawshot to pull him self right to the tower, a luxury the guards didnt have. Before he was there he could tell it was on fire but not too bad. He landed on a ledge and walked around to the damaged side to see a boulder lodged into the side of it. He looked down too where it could have came from and there was a small band of people, 30 at tops, too hard to see any specifically in the dark but they had the old catapult Groose made to help fight the Imprissoned. Link was greatful it didnt do more damage since he knew the power of that thing.

"Guards! Stop them before they reload that thing again!" Link shouted down to the soldiers and pointing too the direction the attack came from. He climbed into the tower through a gap made by the boulder and saw a Woman he barely knew holding her husband, a Knight who was covered in blood. "Is he alive?" Link asked in urgency and looked up in shock.
"I.. maybe. He save me... I... help!" She cried out as Link crouched down tk make eye contact.
"Do you know if anyone else was on this floor that might be hurt?" She shook her head.
"It seems like it is just this room" she continued crying before Link piched the man up with one arm and threw him over his shoulder. The groan he made was a sign he was alive at least.
"I'll be back in a sec" He said before climbing out thw window and claw shoting his was back to the main Castle. He found a guard and dumped the injured man on him. "Get him to the Doctors, quick" he said before heading back to the tower.

"Its in! This time lets blow the top of this thing off!" Toby said to a angered crowd who fired another boulder towards the same tower. Link saw it coming, almost in slow motion. He jumped off the tower, angled him self correctly and used his claw shot to pull him onto the tower roof, right in front of the boulder. Zelda was looking out from a balcony, Young Zelda and Richard were watching from a window.
"NO! DAD!" The Young Girl screamed but Link hsed his sheild and parryied the boulder, smashing it apart with an outstanding blow. Smaller rocks fell to the surrounding area. Some smashing parts of the wall but nothing that wasnt an wasy fix. Everyone stopped and stared at what Link did in disbelief.
"Still got it" he said to him self before dropping down to tower to help the Woman.

"Your Dad just... " Richard said to her in shock and she slowly nodded.
"I know.... I didnt know he could do.... THAT". She said qually as stunned.. Zelda was also shocked, like she knew the stuff Link had done but she never really saw any of it.

Knight quickly charged onto the group with the catapult, many of them fleeing but some held their ground. One man in particular pulled out a sword and charged at them. Fledge ran out in his Knights gear and blocked the mans attack with his sheild. He rolled under a slice and kicked him backwards. The man staggerd onto the catapult. The Knights managed to surround the group, most of them surrenduring before the man with the sword dropped it and picked up a near by Bow, pointing it at one of the Knights.
"Come any closer and I will shoot this man!" He said in fear. Fledge was standing next to the catapult and looked at a lever on the side.
"Wonder what this does?" He said calmly snd pulled it.
"N...NO. WAII!" was all he got out before being flung in the air at an increddible speed. His body was crushed against the impact of the roofs tower.
"So thats what it does. Anyone else?" Fledge smiled to the group of and they all shook their head in fear. "Good. Take them too the Dungeons". He said as the Knights moved the 12 men they captured to the Dungeons.

After everything settled down a bit more Link returned too the Castle and was hugged by Zelda.
"Are you alright? Are you hurt at all?" She asked in concern but he smiled.
"I am fine, dont worry" he replied as his three kids ran down the coridoor and gave him a huge hug.
"How the hell did you do that?" Young Zelda asked him and he looked at her confused before looking back up at his Wife.
"Do what?" He asked confused.
"What do you think? Deflecting a huge boulder 5 times your size away with your sheild" she responded in amazment of how he didnt get what she was talking about.
"Oh. I dunno. Its a pretty strong sheild" he said but they werent buying it and he shrugged. "You know I killed the Demon King right. Like that isnt just a story, I actually did that. Why was this harder to believe?" He said until Zelda put her arm on his shoulder.
"Because we actually saw this, and it was.... well I would say impossible stregnth" She said to him and he was blown away even his Wife was surprised.

"Well I didnt see it. Paya would let us watch" Ravio said grumpily. Link crouched down.
"You didnt miss much, it wasnt as amazing as they are making out. All we did was capture a few men" he lied to his Son and no one argued. No one wanted to make the 10 year old jealous.


Ravio managed to get back to sleep that night, Link Jr also did but a lot later but no one else. Richard had left to go home and assure his parents he was alright. Zelda and Link were very busy. Zelda was of course the Queen and made all the decision with advice from the Sheikah but Link was the military comander and the man of action. People often confused Link as the ruler of the land but it couldnt be further from the truth since Link didnt have the decision making of anything that wasnt action.

But luckily he didnt have to go down to the dungeons to question the, rebels? No one knew what to call them. But Fledge had managed to get the information out of them with ease and learned Toby was the leader of the group. Link sighed at this. Toby had once been a respectable knight of Skyloft, always eager to prove himself to everyone but ever since Skyloft was returned to the surface he seemed to have lost what he was good at and tried to show off and act impressive even to his own detriment. Link assumed he had got desperet for the attention of the old days but despite his motives, he had to be stopped.

Zelda managed to reach the decision that no action would be taken against the protestersnif nothing more came of this. The prisoners would be given a month in prison and a warning and if this didnt work then further action would be taken. Hyrule was lucky Zelda was their leader, she was a lot more gentle than Link in her approach as Link got a bit caught up in what he was doing.

It was fair to say everyone had changed since their days in Skyloft but Link was probably a bigger example of that than any. He used to sit and day dream, his head always in the clouds and was pretty carefree about everything. He excelled at the Knight Academy but that and Zelda were the only things that ever seemed to get him out of bed in the morning. But he had come to mature and accept responsibilites for everyone, probably would have been to sky to do so if he hadnt first been through the ordeals he had been through.

As time went on the protests continued but were rarely violent. Occasionly it would seem like the protests were on the verge of breakimg out into chaos but since the attack security had been stregnthend and all of these were ceased quickly. Things seemed like they were returning to normal. Hopefully, this peace would last....

Chapter Text

Young Zelda had told Richard and he was off to tell his parents and now she had to tell hers. She nervously walked down the coridoor too her parents room. The guards all let her pass of course. She knocked on their door.
"Its me, I want to talk to you" she called through and within about ten seconds her Mother called back.
"Come in". So she pushed the doors open to see them sitting up in bed. "Whats wrong?" Her Mother asked in concern before she even made it over too them.
"Nothing, well.... its hard to get out but..." she stumbled on her words and Link had a feeling he knew where this was going. "I'm....I'm pregnant" she said looking at the floor.

There was silence for what seemed like for ever even though it probably wasnt long at all. Before she looked up she was being smothered by her Mother who was gripping her tighter than ever.
"Congradulations my love!" She said im tears, pulling her self back to look her in the eyes.
"Couldnt be heppier for you... and us, we get to have Grandkids" Link said as Zelda kicked him slightly. "But seriously. I am over the moon for you too... Richard better be the Dad at this point or I am going to have some real questions" he said as his Daughter laughed through her own tears.
"He is. He is telling Karane and Pipit as we speak" she said as her Mother hugged her again.
"We love you so much and we are both here for you" she said as Link joined in the hug.


Link never really thought he would have to go through the painful sounds of childbirth again after he had Ravio but here he was, standing outside the medical ward as his Daughter screamed in pain. There was something worse abiut hearing this from his Daughter but he held it together... well, held it better than Ravio whose eyes were wide from something he wont unhear. Should he be here? Who knows, it wasnt exactly the thought on the top of his mind. After a while Zelda came out of the room and told the family they were allowed in.

Link entered and of course Richard was all ready there, the only other person was Paya who had also helped deliver young Zelda her self. How time flies. Link walked towards the bed were the tiny baby was already asleep in its Mothers arms.
"Aryll. Meet your Family" she said in a quiet voice. Ravio was trying to puch to the front and Link Jr let him.
"Meet your Neice Ravio, this is Aryll". She said smiling. The two boys were happy, sonwas Link but Link had tears in his eyes, much like he did when his own children were born...


Years pass. Five to be exact. A lot has happened but not a lot of it is exciting. Peace rarely is. The protests rise and fall, Toby had started his anti-royalty fan club that gained some supporters but when did protests ever change anything, peaceful ones at that. Zelda was always willing to hear the complaints of her citezens, if someone was being misstreated she would try to see to it that things change. I mean she couldnt see to every problem but she put an effort in and that was apparent to most of Hyrule. She was a loved Queen.

However she never so much as disscussed the Triforce with people, those who asked her about it were dismissed in seconds. Link had talked about it occasionally to his friends Fledge and Pipit but never went into to much detail and only told them because he trusted them completly. But more had changed in Link and Zelda's life than most. At 44 years old, Link did not expect to be a Grandfather. This seemed way to young for him and everytime his lovely Grandson who he loved more than the world its self called him "Grandad" or even more so, Zelda "Grandma" it made him cringe slightly. Link Jr had a Girl friend and Ravio was a little bit less of an innocent boy as he once was, but thats life. Link couldnt believe that one moment he is holding his first born, his beautiful Daughter and the next moment he is holding a Grandchild, two of his children were Adults and the other a late teen. Time surely flies.


Link sat watching his son down below as he sat on the Castle wall. Ravio was leaning against the a stone column that lay flat and knocked over with his friend Ella, youngest Daughter of Fledge and Orielle as well as a little Kikwi. Link nored that the two were clise but Ravio had assured him they were just friends but Link wondered if that would be the case forever.
"Its like I have four kids instead of three" a voice came from behind Link as he turned his head to Orielle who sat next to him. "That little Kikwi spends more time in my Garden than it does in the Woods" she continued.
"Yeah, well Ella takes after you. Ravio keeps coming home with facts about animals that he learns from her. She definitly doesnt take after Fledge in that way". Link smiled as she smirked back.

"Fledge surely has changed a lot since we got together" she said looking down. "He used to be the sweetest, shyest and most awkward guy ever but now he is full of confindence and boldness in everyway". She said but Link's mind went to the gutter, he wasnt sure if she deliberatly intend those implications. "He got that from you" she said making Link deliveratly push all the thoughts aside because they were suddenly wrong.
"Please, he had it in him the whole time. I just showed him he could find it. I think that you helped more than me. A lovely woman being interested in him helped a lot" she was flattered.
"Thanks. But you should be saving those words for the one behind you" she giggled as he leaned back to see Zelda standing behind him.
"Nah, she gets more than being "a lovely woman" he joked as she went bright red and sat inbetween the two.

"Come on now, are was kids again?" She laughed as Link smiled.
"It seems like it, us all sitting together with no current issues. Legs hanging over a high ledge, less high than Skyloft but still dangerous. I would say we are acting like our childhood selves". Link said as the three adults in their Fourties remenisted about their lives.

While they sat and chatted Link leaned back against the stones of the wall. As he placed his hands down flat he felt some vibrations. "You guys feel that?" He said placing his head against the wall to hear the vibrations clearer but he didnt need to as they were rapidly getting more apparent and the two girls could feel it. Zelda got up and pulled Orielle up with her. Link turned to where Ravio, Ella and the Kikwi were playing and in slow motion the ground blew open right in front of them. Severaly other giant holes were blown open all over the front garden of the Castle as well as one right in the middle of the wall.

Before Lini knew what was going on he leapt off the side of the wall, pulling his sail cloth out breifly before rolling on the ground. He hit it hard, not the best landing but nothing he couldnt walk off... run off as he sprinted towards the dust cloud that had formed. Suddenly a Moldarach appeared from the cloud and thrust its claw towards Link who with lighting fast reflexs slashed at the eye in its claw making it stagger.

Link ran past it, having no time to fight it as his kid was in the middle of this. At least he knew what he was upagainst. "RAVIO! WHERE ARE YOU!" He shouted in the dust cloud.
"DAD!" he heard to his left before running in that direction. A small moment passed until he accidently bumped into his son.
"You alright?" He said in worry as Ravio nodded.
"Whats going on?" Ella asked who was gripping Ravio's hand and the Kikwi's hand tightly.
"I dont know why but some Moldarach's, four that I counted have just burst into the Castle grounds. Lets get to safety first" Link said getting his priorities in check as he led the group out of the dust cloud.

Suddenly Link heard the all to familiar shriek of Bokoblins errupt from what he assumed was the Moldarach holes. Link knew in that instant that this wasnt a natural occurance. This was an attack.

He found the Castle doors and knocked on them loud. "LET ME IN. ITS LINK!" he shouted to the guards who were on the other side and in less than a second the doors swung open, Link shoved the small group in and looked at the guard. "Let no one else in unless you know their voice and you know they are on our side." Link ordered the man as the door was shut.

He wished he had his gust bellows handy right now, one of the few items he left in the armoury as he assumed he would never be needing it again. How wromg was he. He walked through the dust, unable to see anything more than a few feet away, giving him a brief window of time to react to anything. A Bokoblin doved at him and he rolled to the side before slicing it, then parying one to his left with his sheild, hitting one to his rogut before stabbing hit left sided one in the head. Link was slashing endlessly as Bokoblin after Bokoblin dived at him

One slashed his side with its cleaver but besides that, Link was holding his own pretty well. He didnt like knowing what was going on else where though. He knew knights would most likely be defending the Castle and its people in anyway they could, Zelda was assumably escorted to safety with his kids but he had to assume this and he hated it. It seemed like some of his prays were answered however as he heard the familiar sound of the gust bellows and the dust blowing away as a result.

"This is a bit better than a lead blower" Karane remarked in the now clear battle ground before dropping it to the ground with a thud to deflect the oncoming Bokoblin with her Katana like blade. She stepped back to back with Link as Bokoblins were surrounding them in mass.
"Do you know whats going on?" Link asked her.
"Sorry. Not a clue. Heard the noise, looked out the tower window and saw this. Its definitly an attack though" she explained before slicing fowrward, much like Link did.
"Pipit and Fledge? Know where they are at?" Link asked assuming she knew where Pipit was.
"Pipit is at home with Richard and Aryll, I assume he will be on his way anytime soon. No idea about Fledge". She said ad they continued against the closing swarm of Bokoblins.

Link grabbed he by the waist and pulled her towards him, a bold move she wouldnt approve of if he did have a plan. He used his claw shot to pull them up to the tower walls, away from emidiate danger and giving them a better vantage point. They did not like what they saw.

There was five, Moldarachs walking around the graden, slashing away at some knight who have it beat by numbers but that alone. One climbing up the western wall. There is five huge holes Link can spot, four in the garden and one just outside the Castle walls which is visible through the giant hole in the wall caused by the scorpion foe. As if it stopped there. Bokoblins were pouring out of these holes in a mass number Link has never seen. More than when he went to fight Girahim. A few Moblins were spotted as well as Wolfos, one which Link saw maul a knight to death. Luckily they were in small numbers.

"What do we do Link?" Karane asked in a worried tone. Link was silent, he didnt have an emidiet plan. He had never encountered a situation like this and there was to many for him to fight alone, too many for the knights to fight off. All he could do is hope something came to mind.
"At the moment, improvise. Defend the Castle in any way necessary and kill as many of these as possible". He told her, but she looked unimpressed.
"Link, sir... there is no stop to these Bokoblins" she said which sparked a light in Links brain.
"Thats it! Karane, I dont care how you do it but find away to block up those holes. I'll deal with the Moldarachs and hopefully the knights can defend the castle long enough for this to pan out" he smiled to her in a thankful manner before they ran off in opposite directions.


Ravio, Ella and the little Kikwi named Bud were hurried by a Knight through the halls. They reached a room that was designed as a defensive retreat and the door was opened.
"Hurry in". The Knight ordered and the three wasted no time in arguing before entering the room. Ravio was quickly smotherd by a hug from his Mother as was Ella.
"Thank the Goddess" Zelda cried into him.
"I'm fine..." he said as he was embarassed by his Mothers show of affection but Zelda did not care. His Sister and Brother were here but his Sister did not want to be, she wanted to be at Richards house with Aryll.
"You know what going on?" Link Jr asked Ravio calmly and Ravio stared at him.
"Big monsters burst from the ground and Dad is fighting them" he said and Link Jr sighed as he gave only half a story.
"Are Dad, Anju and Mutoh alright?" Ella asked her Mother as she turned with a smile. Anju is taking care of your Brother at home I am sure and your Dad is a strong man, he'll be fine" she confidently said to her fifteen year old Daughter.


"HYA!" Fledge roared as he struck a Moldarach back with a giant sledge hammer as it fell off the side of the wall. Arrows from above peirced its back and it screached, flailing about. Fledge jumped off the wall and landed on its back before smashing the Sledge hammer down into its head, killing it with sheer force. It had already been weakened by Link and a few Knights but Fledge definilty was effective against the beast. Fledge turned around to see a Bokoblin charge at him and without time to swing his hammer her kicked it backwards, causing him to loose his footing and fall to the ground. He was fine for amoment until he felt an intense pain on his foot. "GGYAA!" he screamed lookig down at the Wolfos biting at his foot and dragging him across the battle ground. His hammer had long been dropped as all Fledge could think about was kicking the thing in the face to let go. He flinched as several Bokoblins swung at him and he had nothing to defend him self with. To his luck they all missed as the stupid Wolfos kept dragging him. He was an rock in the ground and he grabbed it and launched at the Wolfos. It howled and let him go. Fledge knew he wouldnt be able to fight well and needed to retreat but the Wolfos charging at him came first.

It jumped in the air so Fledge kicked the underside of its belly with a heavy force, flipping it over his head and blood splattered all over him. He looked back as a Moblin that was shocked at the Wolfos that landed on its spear. Fledge had no time to be shocked at the tremendous luck and used the Moblins confusion as an excuse to limp away to safety.


Karane sprinted across the wall and booted a Bokoblin off the side effortlessly.
"Karane!" Pipit called as he climbed upnthe side of the wall and embrassed his Wife. "Thank the Goddess you are alright. Richard and Aryll are fine. Everyone else?" He asked in concern.
"Link got Ravio and Orielle's Girl to safety, I assume the others are fine, Link is fine. He ordered me to figure out a way to plug up those holes but... I have no clue how" she desperatly looking at Pipit for answers.
"Gorons? The Gorons are good with rocks. Could we get their help?" He asked and she smiled and patted him on the back and smiled.
"Good plan, go fetch em". She oredered and he stepped back.
"Why me?" He questioned but she pulled him in for a kiss.
"Because you di what I tell you and I will make it up to you later" she flirtatiously said to him as he smiled.
"Got your self a deal" he remarked stepping past her and quickly begginig to run.

Karane watched him run off.
"KARANE! Bit of help?" She heard from below as Fledge was using a spear as a walking crutch clearly injured and of noticed by a Monster he will be dead in seconds. She looked around and saw a mast with a flag on, pulled it out of its hold and held it towards him. Fledge had no problem shimmying his way up, his upper body stregnth was increddible. "Thanks, I have never been so close to death before and .... well never been so useless" he said pointing at his clearly injured foot.
"I saw you take on that Moldarach, you are not useless" she said helping him up and guiding him towards the Castle for rest.


"SHAAAAAYYYYAAA!" Link screached as he spun his blade in a circle slicing Bokoblins in half. He ran towards a Moblin, running up its sheild and slashing its head open from the top. He looked to his left and saw a Wolfos dive at him but he smashed his sheild into its face before driving his sword into it. He then continued his run to the Moldarach climbing up the Castle wall. Hylian Knight prodded their spears into it but it was only holding it back for so long.

Link dived onto its tail and climbed up its back before jumping onto the wall and slicing its left-claw eye open. It flailed and jabbed its tail forward but Link blocked it again, followed by him doing the same to its other eye as he watched the beast fall to the ground and crush several monsters beneath it. "You do that". He said confidently to the Knights who eneded up just watching the pro at work before he ran off to deal with more of the foes.


"Goron. Sorry I dont know your name. Can you assist us in a hurry?" Pipit asked the friendly looming Goron who was living in Hyrule Castle Town with his Son.
"Names Gorkall, and this is Gorkoal. Us Gorons are invited to a Hylian battle. We will provide and any way". He proudly stated turning around to it home. "Wont we boys!" He called in to the other two Gorons coming out.
"Yeah, what do you need?" One asked and Pipit was glad they didnt all feel the need tonintroduce them selves.
"We need to fill up five huge holes in the ground that Monsters have made, we know you are experts with Rocks so we know you can do it" he encouraged them before they nodded.
"You heard the little man, lets move out!" He shouted as they rolled off quickly leaving Pipit behind.


Toby's plan had worked flawlessly. Did he intend for Hyrule Castle to fall? No. Did he care? Not really. Was he only interested in the distraction so he could get the Triforce? Yes.

These were the thoughts going on in his mind as he snuck through the coridoors of Hyrule Castle. The second the attack started he was ready with a ladder at the opposite end of the Castle and hoped up when the guards were not looking. From there is was easy to get around in armour with no suspecion. The problem he found was with not knowing where they would hide the Triforce. Zelda would know, and he knew where to find her.

He arrived at the door to where she was being protected by two guards. As he arrived between them they looked at him.
"What are your oreders?" One asked as he clearly looked lost.
"Do you know where..." he started before abruptly swinging his blade and slicing both mens heads clean off in a single blow. "... the Queen is." He ginished with a smirk before kicking open the door. The six Hylians and one Kikwi stared a moment before he grabbed Ravio roughly and pulled the sword to his throught.
"NO!" Zelda shrieked reaching out but she could do nothing.

"Relax. The Boy lives if you do as I say Zelda". He sneered under his helmet.
"What... what do you want? Who are you?" She questioned in panic as her Son was being held tightly by the man in armour. Orielle held Ella and the Kikwi close while Link Jr stood defensivley in front of his Mother and Sister.
"Well I would pull my visor up but my arms are preoccupied. Its Toby and I love how you are straight to the point. You are going to tell me where the Triforce is and if you dont your Son looses his head". Toby said bluntly.
"Come on Toby. The Triforce isnt something that can be used by anyone. The user needs to have an equal balance of Courage, Power and Wisdom to use it, if they do not the two triangles that least reflect the user will scatter away. Toby, it is impossible for you.... heck, its impossible for me to use" she said desperatly but everyword true, not that Toby belived her.
"And let me guess, Link has all free so he can do as he wishes?" He said but before recieving and answer he didnt care for he shook his head. "I am not interested in your stories Queen. This isnt a conversation. What will it be? The Triforce or your Son?" He said demandingly.

Zelda let out a sob. She was about to betray her entire Kingdom but for her Son it was worth it.
"Okay. Okay. Its in the Goddess Statue" she wimpered as Toby smiled.
"See easy. Thank you your Highness" he sarcastocally said before shoving the boy away from him to his family and leaped backwards out the door and closed it, locking them in.


"HYA!" Gorkoal let out as he sprang from his ball position and kicked a Bokoblin in the face. Gorkall and the other Gorons didnt need to exit the ball forms as they flattened anyone in their way with ease. One of them stopped.
"Its her up there!" It said pointing to Karane who was fending off multiple Bokoblins on her own. The Gorons curled back up and went back a little to gather speed before zooming forward up a bit of a bump that acted like a ramp, flinging them in the air high enough to land with a thud on the wall, crushing several Bokoblins and some of the wall too.
"Thank Hylia. Can you block up the holes?" She asked pointing to them and one smiled.
"Leave it to us Little Gal!" He said before jumping off the side of the wall, the others followed.

They walked slowly through the crowd of monsters, batting them asside with simple back handed slaps. They stopped qnd jumped in place, cracking the earth neeath them. All of them formed a circle around the cracked ground and began lifting a bulge out. Before long they were holding a huge boulder that they threw ontop of one of the holes, plugging it up and stopping anything more coming out of it.
"Only four more guys. Lets keep em coming!" Gorkall shouted. Pipit eventually arrived and looked at Karane out of breath.
"What did I miss?"


Link stood on the highest spire of the Castle. Something more didnt sit right with him. Too much of this is focused on the attack outside, has anyone checked inside? He thought. He needed to do so. He imbed through a window of the Castle and made his way through the Castle quickly, he knew the way too well. It was quiet inside the Castle and all the noise was from outside. Link didnt know if he should find this a good thing yet or not.

As he made his way to the lower level he turned the corner to the panic room and in front of which he saw something that made his heart beat thump in his chest faster than it had all day. Two decapitated guards lying on the floor, blood soacking the Blue carpet. He ran to the room and couldnt manage to open the Iron door. Neither men had a key.
"ZELDA! KIDS! YOU IN THERE?!" He shiuted and before anytime could pass Zelda's couce was heard.
"LINK WE ARE FINE, LEAVE US. TOBY LOCKED US IN HERE. HE KNOWS WHERE THE TRIFORCE IS AND HE IS HEADING THERE NOW!" she shouted. Link wasted no time on replying and bolted down the coridoors in the direction of the Godess Statue.

This made Link worry. He knew he could defeat Toby in abattle but he had no idea how much time Toby had on him. Link was definitly faster but he was unsure he could catch him if he had a ren minute lead. Link jumped out a window and clawshot his way onto the Castle roof to give him self some time. He ran faster than he had before, not even thinking about the large jumps across gaps he was making. He hoped off the side off the wall and began to cut through a wooded area. It may act as a short cut.

There it was. The wall that surounds the Sealed Temple and the Godess Statue. Link was pulled to the top of the wall with his Claw shot and looked down. Toby had just maded it to where the door was, placing his hand on the spot to make the invisible passage way show its self. He looked up and saw Link. They both stared at each other, neither moving. Toby was a head but Link was more skilled. The light from the Triforce was visible on Toby's face from where he stood. Link aimed with incredible accuracy on one of the stone pillars that stood infront of the Statue as Toby ran into the gap. Link was pulled towards it, turning to his right and aiming his second claw shot through the enterance and fired it.

Toby was there. Mere inches from the glowing relic before he felt something hit his back and grab him. He was suddenly pulled backwards at an increddible speed before being hit so had he was knocked out.

Link wasted no time tying his hands together, kneeling on his back sonhe couldnt escape. The golden light faded as the door sealed its self back up.
"What the?" Toby questioned in a daze.
"In simple terms you are under arrest" he said before pulling the man up and dragging him along.


The Gorons plugged up the holes, a temporary fix for sure but it gave the Knigjts a fair chance in taking on the hoard of Monsters plaguing the Castle grounds. Toby had been taken to the dungeons and was due to be questioned once the battle was over.

In the distance a small boy stared at the conflict. Minihorns poking out of his head. He watched in awe, he had never seen something so exciting.
"Youre Boartreax, Batreax and Kukiel's son aren't you" a voice was heard as he snapped his head around with a snarl.
"I dont consider that liar my Father. He is hiding things from me, I am not an idiot" he angrilly let put pointing to his horns. The woman smiled.
"Well I am Peatrice, we could both help each other here. I can show you how to unlock some of your powers ans you will help me get what I want. How about it?" She said bluntly as the Boy looked intrigued.
"You know something about who I am? You'll tell me?" He asked her as she nodded, holding her arm out to him. He took it with little hesitation.


The two entered the tunnel.
"Your Father was once a demon. But he was never wicked or evil like most" she said as she swung the lantern around, illuminatong the darkness. "He got the help of Link to turn him into a Hylian and it more or less worked. Eventually he had you and since the Demonic blood is still within him it was passed onto you. You are a half demon" she told the five year old Boy.
"Cool. I dont mind my Mother. She is sweet I guess. But my Father is always trying to make sure I am good, he gets super strict everytime I do the tinyest bad thing. I hate him. Thats why I ran away from them" he sulked.

They made it to a wooden door.
"This is where your Father lived before he was Hylian. There may be dark energy here so here is what I want from you" she turned and kneeled to his eye level. "I want you to use your dark magic to create an army for me. An army that is equal instregnth to the Hylian army so I can get my self the Triforce". She said calmly. The boy didnt know what the Triforce was but he didnt really care that much. He just wanted to rebel against his Father and learn what he could do so he nodded before following her into the room.

As soon as Boartreax entered the room he felt his body tingle.
"I feel it!" He expressed in delight and Peatrice smiled.
"I cant tell you how to use this magic but I assume you ahould just focus on the thing at hand" she egged him on to give her an army. The boy closed his eyes and black energy swirled his body, like a natural talent he always had. He opened his eyes and a beam of Darkness shot through the ceiling.


The final Bokoblin was slain and Link sighed. He leaned back against the grounf to catch his breath. But suddenly a black beam from somewhere in the distance shot up into the sky making Link jump up preparing for more. What was it? Hyrule couldn't take another attack. The beam turned the Sky black, spreading in every direction.

It fell silent. Nothing. Suddenly, like lightning, bolts of black energy shot from the sky. Link felt it hit is body. It was not electric, he didnt know what it felt like but it wasnt nice. With blury vision he looked around and saw the bolts had hit everyone, the Hylians, Shiekah and Gorons alike. It soon passed and Link stood there checking his body for signs of damage but nothing. The beam of black energy disapeared but the sky remaind black.

Link didnt know what was going on. Nobody did. He just knew it wasnt going to be good.

Chapter Text

Link stood ontop of the main gate.
"Everyone! Listen up!" We are weak and tired but this ominus sky doesnt seem to care about that. I think something is coming. We dont have lkng to prepare but everyone pull your selves together for another attack!" He orederd to the Knights who were allexhausted with low numbers due to the casualties in the previous attack. Everyone knew they didnt have the luxury to complain and got to work. "Gorons! Can you patch up the holes in the wall and if you have additional time baricade the gates with boulders?" He asked even though it was more of an order but they nodded and got to work regardless.

Orielle exited the Castle with her daughter and Kikwi friend. Link ran too her. "I am glad you are alright but you cant be out here" he warned them but Orielle knew that.
"We are leaving. We are getting as far away as possible and you might be glad about that" she said to Link who confused.
"She is going out to the country, taking her kids, our kids ans Grandkid and this little fella" Zelda explained as she exited the Castle behind her and rubbing the Kikwi's head.

"But they are in Castle Town" Link stated but Zelda smiled.
"We got some Sheikah on that. Some are escorting her and some others who are injured, Elderly or cant fight out. Basocally evacuating all they can" Zelda explained and Link smiled.
"Thats why you are Queen. You come up with the smart decisions. Now lets get moving!" He declaired as they moved on.

Ravio was pleased to be getting to safety after his near death experience and Link Jr and Young Zelda were also relieved, especially Young Zelda who had a Child she was desperate to see. Link looked at Zelda. "Dont take this the wrong way but you cant fight Zelda". He boldly said to her but she didnt disagree.
"I know, but the Queen cant run away from her Castle. I'll be guarded in the vault room... you know? that vault room" she explained winking at Link who knew abiut their secret vault room that litterally nobody else other than some Sheikah knew about. She was going to be perfectly safe and Link was pleased.

He pulled her in for a kiss, letting it linger. It felt like heaven and also felt like and eternity since they did this. She gave a small moan. "Make it back to me safe. Okay?" She ordered and Link smiled
"Yes Ma'am" he jested as she smiled and returned to the Castle.


Hyrule Town was in a bit of panic. Most left their homes to see what was going on but the Knights convinced them to stay in their homes. This worked but the panic was from inside their homes as they too were struck with the black lighting and were equally as clueless as to what was going on. Nobody dared leave their houses. No one but Rauru.

Raru was a young man, nothing especially different about him. He was smart for sure but he was a regular Hylian born on the Surface world. But how does one born on the Surfcae World remember a life from before he was born? About five or six years ago, he woke up in the dead of Night to find an Owl on his Window still. He opened his window and the owl looked at him.

"Hoo hoo, you are a chosen one of destiny. Chosen by the Gods. Would you like to hear more? Yes or No?" It spoke to him, making the 20 year old fall backwards in shock.
"Hey! You spoke. Owls dont.... Birds dont speak" he shouted as he pointed at it. He got up and looked at the Owl. "Continue". He said as his intrigue was more promenent than his shock.
"Hooo. Today as you know, the funeral of Gaepora was held and I, I am his reincarned soul. You may think your parents giving you the middle name Kaepora was merely out of respect for their former leader but it was a influence from the Goddesses them selves. It is destiny that we merge, allowing you to become the Sage of Light and access knowledge and lore of our world. Hooo" it explained.

The young man, Rauru was stunned at what this owl was telling him. He wasnt sure he believed him but what harm would it do to humour it. Before he could speak the Owl continued. "Of course the choice is yours. You are not required to follow this destiny. Time is loose and undecided. Many out comes are yet to be decided. Would you like me to explain again? Hoooo. Yes or no?"

"Of course I don't want you to explain again. I can understand you. Answer me this. What will change if I decide to merge with you? Will I become as annoying as you?" He asked but the owl turned its head upside down.
"Our souls will merge. You will have memories of a life you have not lived while retaining all that you are right now. You will also gain certain aspects of me, what exactly is unknown but you will be able to transform into an Owl and soar the skies" it explained.
"Dont ask to repest that. I got it. Okay. I'll do it. Flying is a cool sounding power so.... lets merge!" He declaired and in an indtant the Owl flew into him and he saw a blinding light.

He awoke on the floor. "Agh.... my.... wait my back isnt sore. Of course its not. I am young. I am young? Oh this is weird. I am two people. I am me but I so clearly remember being.... well I guess not me..." he said to him self looking into the mirror as it was the first time seeing him self, even though he knew what he looked like. "This is going to take some getting used too". He said before frowning. "I know what it is like to have a Daughter and Grandkids" he said as tear came to his eyes. The memories were starting to organise them selves, and Rauru could see memories that were not his, memories of a family he did not have.

Over the past half a decade, Rauru begun to understand hisnpower more and his cast knowledge of everything seemed to shock his parents as one day he just seemingly bacame a different person. But that was why he stoof on his roof looking at the Black Sky. He knew something was coming, something that would need sealed away and he knew the perfect place. He transformed into the Owl, Kaepora Gaebora and flew off west.


Although the Hylians stayed inside away from the fears of outside, it did not stop them peering out of their windows. Kukiel looked out of the window wondering if her Son was okay but that thought was soon not at the forefront of her mind when she observed the streets.

Dark swirls were circleing in spirals. Those spirals soon formed mostly Humanoid shapes of differinf sizes with a few rhat were clearly Goron and some other races. They then formed glowing red eyes and they swirls stopped, giving the dark figures more refined features. Kukiel could tell many of them where people she knew or at least recognised. Link and Zelda were amoung them but the others were all people she was sure were familiar. They begun to march towars Hyrule Castle, not intereste in the hoses at all. One looked at her though the window. It was her. It tilted its head in recognition before continuing onwards.


Link stood anxiously with a Gurad on the look out tower.
"I see something.... its... its us" he said in confusion before Link took the telescope. Sure enough, the man wasnt crazy as Dark versions of seemingly all of Hyrule were marching towards Hyrule Castle. Link was in front but next to him was Zelda, the rest of the order seemed random but all facees he knew.
"Alert everyone now! Link said calmly as the man rung the bell.

Everyone looked towards the Castle, eyes on Link that was hovering down with his Sail cloth. "Everyone! It appears an army is heading our way! An army of what appears to be dark clones of us. They look like us, maybe they act like us and sound like us, I dont know. But what I do know is they are not us. They may take the form of your wives, children, parents. It doesnt matter. We have to kill them. It might be hard for you to kill a shadow of a loved one but they are not them so I ask you all get over it now. If you dont, you might never see tomorrow!" Link announced before proppeling himself above the main gate next to men with bows.

Everyone was inpressed by his speech and Link knew that. But he wasnt thrilled to have to slay his wife and children. At least the red eyes made it easier. "Here they come. FIRE!" he annouced to the archers who let out a large amount of arrows. Some hit for sure but Dark Link being in front blcoked several with his sheild. Dark Link began to run forward, the rest following his pace. "Keep firing!" He oredered as the men kept rappidly firing, it was helping get rid of some of the weaker foes.

Pipit and Karane watched over the walls. "From what I can tell it seems that they have the exact same weapons that we were holding at the time of the black lighting hitting us. It also seems it has copied everyone from inside the Castle, outside the Castle and those that were in Hyrule Town. Which is good news because it means we only have six Gorons to deal with and not an armies worth" Pipit explained. His confidence in battle was high, as it should be since he is Link's right hand man, but it still worried Karane everyday.
"If they are equally skilled as us we shouldnt fight our selves, we should try to fight someone we can beat. Be truthful, do you think you can beat me in a battle?" She asked him but he frowned. He knew his answer but didnt like it.
"Yes.... sorry?" He said apologising for his answer hoping he didnt offend her. She gave him a reassuring smile.
"In that case take me on.... my Dark clone. I know I cant beat you in a fight so I am not going to try". She told him.

"But who is going to take on Dark Link? Nobody can beat Link" he said terrified of the thought of someone as strong as Link against them.
"I can beat Link!" Link told them without facing away from the oncoming attack. "I heard all of it. Its a good plan. Lets hope they havent thought of it too" he tells them.

Dark Link neared the gate and pulled out a hook shot and aimed it at Link. He turned last minute to trick him and pulled him self towards the Castle wall right of Link. "Shit!" Was all Link could get out before his Dark clone was atop the wall and killed four archers instantly with a spin attack. Link ran towards Dark Link but Dark Link jumped off the side of the wall and dropped some Bombs by his feet, exactly were the boulders blocking the gate were. He Clawshot away, always on the move, slicing a few more men in the process before the bombs exploding, blowing the boulders up and killing more people.

The Dark Gorons punched through the gate in an instant and the Dark Army barged its way in. The battle was intense. Knights drove spears into Dark clones of people the knew and didnt know. Karane spotted Dark Fledge limping away from the fight, assumably to use some trick since he came with a broken foot. This made her smile. She found her target. She climbed down a ladder, booting a small Boy in the face, and slashing away at faces she knew she could take on. Her sword wasnt suited for armour so she rolled under the swings of Dark Knights. She ran across the Garden and slid in front of Dark Fledge who wasnt holding anything.
"Nothing personal" she said before sliceing him in two.

Dark Link was making quick work of everyone he came across until he was pulled backwards by some force. He knew what it was so turned to meet the Hylians sheild. The two Links dueled it out a top a Castle wall. The two deflected each others atracks perfectly knowing what the other would do before they did it. Link slashes at Dark Link who ducks and thrusts his Sword forward to meet Link's Sheild. Link thrusts forward but Dark Link jumps ontop of his swords and kicks Link in the face knocking him back. Link was pretty annoyed Dark Link got to use a trick he had mastered in his own time before him. A downward thrust was coming but Link dodged it and stabbed Dark Link, no where near dealing enough damage to make a serious differnece. The two fought away, cutting each other and hitting each other in various ways.

In terms of skill, Demise was much tougher, so Link logically could defeat this foe. The main difference is Demise wasnt in his head and Demise wasnt using his own tricks against him. In that sense this was much harder of a fight. U fortunatly for Link, Dark Link thought the same thing but Dark Link had the upper hand. This Dark Clone had no emotions and its goal was different. It couldnt be burderned by the loss of a loved one, and that was the strategy it was going to play. It claw shot away. Link went to chase it but felt a dagger in his back, hissing in pain he turned to see Ravio standing there with Link Jr, and Young Zelda. Link flinched before remembering what he said to the soldiers and cut their bodies in half, looking away as he did so. He turned to see where Dark Link was, he couldnt see him. At least Zelda is safe, only him, Zelda and a few Sheikah know where she is...... "Oh shit!" Link exclaimed before sprinting towards the Castle.


Kaepora Gaebora lands on a dead tree in the hot desert heat. He looks around, turning his head 360 degrees to seach for what he is looking for. He flies over a canyon and finds a campsite and transforms back to his Hylian form of Rauru.

He walked towards a Campsite but haulted when an arrow fired at him, landing just in front of his feet. He looked up at the figure standing atop a cliff, the sun left only a female silhouette.
"Who are you! What do you want here?" The voice shouted down at him. He continued to look up with his hand blocking his eyes from the sun.
"I am here to talk with Groose!" He shouted up and the figure left. He looked down as a man stepped out of the tent.

He never had a top on, just baggy pants but his body was clearly muscular enough to handle any threat. His ppinted red hair let Rauru emidiatly know that was him. Groose walked over to the younger man and looked down at him.
"What is it you want?" Groose boldly asked.
"I am the Sage of Light, Rauru. Hyrule is currently under attack by some dark magic and I have a request... more of an idea that I may need your help with but definilty your permission for". Rauru unitimidatingly explained.

A pregnant Woman stepped out of the tent, wearing a desert style skirt and a songle peice of cloth around her breasts. With her were several small children of varying ages, all with his distictive red hair, and all girls.
"We'll help" the Woman said walking over, without Groose's permission.
"I haven't decided yet!" Groose exclaimed, loosing all aspects of his presense that made him intimidating.
"Well I have. Hyrule needs are help and why not help? They are our people and as requested they have let us live our lives here with zero interference" she said holding a hand out to the man. "I am Janka and this as you know is my Husband Groose. We have a small... request from Hyrule too" she smiled as Rauru shook her hand.

"Oh yeah? Well I am sure Hyrule will be willing to help in anyway" he smiled as she gave a wider smirk.
"You could help with what we need" as Groose coughed.
"HIM?! No, no. Not him. Someone else, he is too... he is to educated. He isnt like the fighting type" Groose interjected, leaving Rauru stumped.
"We basically need some men. Like men that are around 18 - 25ish. Basically me and Groose have been able to produce many healthy children.... many, many children. This one will be our twelth child" she said rubbing her baby bump. "We have only been able to have Girls for what ever reason and thats why we need some men, to carry on out lineage" she explained, Rauru looking up clearly with questions. "Of course I am not implying we wouldnt need helo of we had boys! We obvioulsy arnt into imbreeding. I am just explaining why we exclusivly need men" she said embarassed at how this came out.
"I thought you made it clear, he is the smart type, he figured it out" Groose claimed but he couldnt have been more off, Rauru thought she was implying much stranger things.

"Anyway smart guy. What are you here for? We have told you our side of the bargin. What is yours?" Groose asked him. Rauru didnt remember making this a trade off. It wasnt upto him to make this arrangement but it he was sure Janka would calm him down if he coildnt follow through.
"As I said, Hyrule is underattack by monsters of Dark Magic. They are after a sacred power and they wont stop until they get it. A normal prison wont hold these and I am convinced neither will death so I propose creating a prison realm. A dark void in which they will be trapped, unable to harm anyone. The best place to create this will need to be isolated but also a Holy place so the old Temple of Time should be a good spot". He explained, Groose understanding about half of what he said, the half he needed to understand.
"And you know how to do this kinda thing because... well. We dont". Janka expressed concern but he smiled.
"Of course. Thats why I came alone".


Pipit was smart like Link and could take on his loved ones. He searched for Dark Karane and spotted her rolling around a Knight and stabbing it in the neck. He ran at her and she blocked his blow. He jumped to her side and sliced at her, cutting her side but not a fatal blow. She came at him fast, slashing rapidly forcing him backwards in a hurry. He tripped over a rock and she plumged her sword down with both hands, missing his head by inches. He kicked her in the gut and got up, tackleing her down to the ground. He was ontop of her, pinning her hands to her side. He had an idea, she could never resist him. He kissed her passionatly and the Dark Clone copied him.

"Gotcha" he thougt as he grabbed her sword from her loose hand but she flipped his Sword up with her feet and grabbed it. The both blocked each other. He tried forcing her blade back, he had the upper hand as he was sitting ontop of her. He let go with one hand for a second and squeezed her breast, making the Dark Karane silently moan, loosing some consentration and allowing Pipit to push the blade into her neck. He stood up and picked up his own blade and went back into battle.



"I became good friends with Impa after I explained my situation to her. I have tried to stay away from Link and Zelda and their children though. It is quite painful" Rauru explained to Groose. As they walked through the Desert, Rauru explained his entire situation to Groose, explaining what changed since Groose left.
"So he is alright then. Him and Zelda are happy. Thats good" he said smiling. Once upon of time Groose wouldnt have said that if you had paid him 10,000 Ruppees, but he is a changed man now. "Also how long is this thing gonna take to build? Like it has to be quick or Hyrule migut be doomed right?" Groose asked.

"Ah. Well. Its gonna take about a week for the bare basics" he said as Groose looked at him to see if he was joking. "But dont you worry. Lady Impa and I talked about a moment like this. She gave me this" he said as he pulled out a device that was coloured in the same as the Ancient Robots. It has a dial that could be turned and a small handle. In the centre was a Timeshift Stone. "Its what she called a Timeshift Distorter. It created a area around us and everything outside of the area slows down a lot. Watch this!" He said as he turned the dail and a circle of blue emergy surounded them. He picked up a stone and threw it. Once it left the energy dome its speed decreased and they watched it move slowly. Rauru stepped forward, allowing the blue dome to pass through the stone ans it emidiatly picked up speed again.

"Thats one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!" He beamed.
"DAD!" A voice was heard behind him as his 25 year old Daughter, his 23 year old and 21 year old a ran towards them. "Mother said you'll need some help but... what the hell was that? A blue ball surrounded you and you started moving super quickly for a moment" the Girl said to him. Groose grabbed Rauru in a head lock.
"It was this guys sweet invention!" Groose beamed. "His name is Rauru and he is gonna bring some guys to the camp for you once we are done" Groose told the Girls. Rauru hated that Groose assumed all this but politly smiled to the Girl who was about his age.

She scanned his body. She had never seen a male other than her Father before. She thought is Brown hair and yellow robes were strange and his face was covered in hair, she didnt know that was possible.
"What wrong with him? Why cant he stay and give us Chilldren" the Girl asked maming Rauru blush.
"Urbola... he is some magic sage man. He has responsiblities and stuff. He cant have time for children" Groose explained to her, the other two girls taking an interest. Although Raurh found the Girl attractive Groose was right. He didnt have time for these things. He never has and wonders if he ever will. He has memoried of sex, memories that are not of his. These memories are from long ago and he pushed them out of his head. He didnt enjoy recalling certain memories from the old man.
"Your Father is right. I have to leave the Desert once we are done here but I will make sure Link and Zelda hear the request" he said as they moved on.



Zelda sat with a few Sheikah and some Knights that were trusted to protect them in an underground vault. The passage way was behing thr throne and down a giant flight of stairs and then behind a thick metalic door. Zelda felt confindent no one would find them here but felt terrified of what was going on regardles. Link was no longer condifent.

"Shit, shit shit! If Dark Link and the Dark Clones of Zelda and the Sheikah share memories they know about the vault room" he thought to him self as he bolted trhough the Castle. His heart sank when he got to the throne room and the throne moved out of the way. Was he too late?

He ran through the passage and saw nothing in the Darkness. He dived down the stairs, hovering down with his sail cloth. As he got to the bottom Dark Link was at the door. Spinning the correct dials that open the door. "STOP!" He shouted as he ran to himbut felt something hit him hard from behind. He was dazed and didnt know what was going on.

The vault door opened, Zelda smiled at the silhouette of Link momentarilly until she saw the red glowing eyes, a shadow of her self behind as it hovered over the real Link who was injured. It stepped in but the Knights went to atrack but it deflected their swords and stabbed them. It grabbed a Sheikah man and srabbed him, throwing him across the room. It mowed through them on its way to Zelda who was petriffied with fear.

Link came to his senses and saw Dark Zelda over him. He tried to get up but she kicked him down. He looked over and saw Dark Link swing his Sword at Zelda. He slashed Dark Zelda's left leg clean off, making her fall to thr ground and got up and fired his bow before Dark Zelda grabbed his leg and tripped him over. The arrow got Dark Link's sleave and pinned it to the wall. Link knew this only gave him a secind or two of a window so he fired the Beetle out.

It flew towards Dark Link as it was distracted by pulling the arrow out with its left hand. It pulled his right arm back ready to thrust the Sword into her, she flinched in anticipation. Instead of going forward its arm jerked upwards as the Beetle was set for the Dark Master Sword.

Dark Link struggled against the Beetle giving Zelda an oppertunity to escape out the room past him. Link turned and stabbed Dark Zelda in the face, cringing at the sight of his fake wife's face exploding with dark blood. He got up and threw about five bombs into the room and slammed the door shut. The blast echoes inside the metal walls with a blood curteling destorted scream of Link.

Link let out a sigh of relief and Zelda broke down sobbing as she grabbed Link and kissed him hard and cried into his chest.
"I thought the Dark Monster was going to kill me. It killed those protecting me". She sobbed as Link higged her tight.
"I thought it was going to kill you too. But I am sorry Zelda, I cant stay here. That black lighting..." he said but she nodded. She was quick to figure out what happened based on these two Dark Clones alone. "I love you" he said as he hook shot his way to the top of the stairs.


"Well look who got him self arrested" a voice came from the darkness. Toby sat up in his cell as the lanturn light illuminared the room.
"I wouldnt mock me Peatrice, you need me if you want to find out where the Triforce is" he smiled at her.
"You know where it is?" She asked him and he nodded.
"Not only do I know where it is, but I was inches away from touching it. Get me out of this cell and I'll tell you" he smirked but she smiled.
"You dont intend on keeping it a secret from me do you?" She frowned at him and his smile dropped.
"Of course not, we both want something and working solo didnt help me last time" he replied.

He was lying of course. The secind she opened the cell he was outta here. She couldnt stop him in a million years.
"Just how did you get an army of monsters on your side?" She asked, genuinly curious.
"Haha, it wasy when you know how. You know, Parellas are quite tasty too Molderachs it turns out. They'll do anything for a snack, for example dig you a big hole into Hyrule Castle. Just so happens I lead as many Bokobliks there with meat as I could. Once one turns up, more turn up. I hardly had to do anything once they were in the tunnel" he explained. Peatrice didnt know if any of that was true but she didnt care that much. What ever he did, her plan was better. "Now open up if you wanna know where it is"

She srepped forward.
"Well I have a little surprise of my own" she said as a Dark figure walked in next to her. "This Dark Clone of the prison guard even has a pair of keys. How handy" she said as the Guard opened the prison. Toby stepped out slowly, looking to the exit to see more Dark Soldiers there. "So. Where was the Triforce at again?" She smiled and he frowned....


Link didn't know where the Monsters came from or where these Dark Clones came from but the two could logically be related so Toby could be behind it. Regardless, Toby should have been effected by the Black Lightning so there will be a Dark Toby out there that knows of the Triforce. He sat ontop of the Sealed Temple. He just knew Toby would show up. Normal or Dark. He had thought about how the prison guards woulf have Dark Clones and they would have keys. The idea of checking the prison had crossed his mind but that would only waste time and leave the Triforce open.

He heard something behind him and turned in an instant, his suspecion correct, Dark Toby was here. Link was surprised that this Dark Clone didnt try and sneak up to the Triforce and he thought it was strange how it thought he could take Link on.... unless.....

He sliced its head off with ease and turned to see Peatrice of all people running towards the Goddess Statue. Link jumped down.
"STOP PEATRICE!" he shouted and to his surprise she did. She turned to face him and was startled by the arrow pointing at her face. "What ever you are thinking just go home" he shouted over.
"But Link!.... This will be for the greater good. You dont see it yet but you will be happy" she called over and Link shook his head.
"Stop it Peatrice. I don't know what Toby has saod to you but..."
"Toby had nothing to do with this. I am tje one that got that little Demon brat to summon those Dark Clones. The Monsters were all Toby though". She said proudly, all most like she somehow was above the use of Monsters.

"Why? Why would you do all this?" He asked her.
"For you Link. You love me and you just cant see it yet. You came to me everyday just to talk, you admitted that. We are perfect for each other. But as soon as the blonde bitch came back she stole you away!" She shouted in anger. Link chose to ignore the words she used against his wife but they still angered him.
"Zelda did not steal me away. I have loved her for as long as I remember. I never loved you. I came to get my items from you... it was what your service was. I said I came to talk to act polite. I thought you would have got over it after more than 20 years... heck, you should have got over this back when I explicitly told you when you stole my Diary!" He explained in disbelief.
"You are wrong Link. When I touch the Triforce, my wish will become reality" she said.
"What exactly do you think will happen?" He asked her and she smiled.

"Oh I know what will happen. I will touch it and I will wish for your love. Your Wife and Children will cease to exist and we will have our own Children together... I mean I dont hate those kids specifically but they are from her rotten core so its purification!" She sneered in jealousy.
"Peatrice... for one, when you touch the Trifocre of you dont have a balanced heart then it will seperate levaing you with the only the peice that most suits you..... which to be honest I cant think of any that most suit you. You are not Powerful, Smart or heck, coming out here isnt Courageous... its stupid" he said which stung her heart. "But secondly your wish wont come true. And finally, I will shoot you dead if you take another step forward" he told her bluntly, lookong her straight in the eyes.

She stood staring at him. No. She didnt believe her Link would shoot her. He was bluffing. She sharply turned around and ran for it. Suddenly a sharp pain jolted in her spine and she lost all control of her body and smashed hard against the ground. Link walked over to her and crouched next to her and turned her over.
"Why would you.... how could you.... I love you Link....."she sobbed in agony as she was loosing consciousness.
"Peatice, you threatened the world, but worse than that. You threatend my family, my kids. Nothing in this Universe would ever make me turn my back on my family" he said to her in pitty and anger at her sad life. The life that she felt drain away from her....

Chapter Text

The fighting persisted after Peatice was dead. Link had hoped that she would act as a key but saddly not. He didn't know what she meant by "Demon brat". He just hoped they could win this fight. Link looked into the chaos and saw Dark Clones of his friends lying dead alongside fellow Knights. Pipit and Karane were battling back to back and Cawlin and Stritch were somehow still alive. He had checked the dungeon and found Toby dead, assumably after the told Peatrice of the Triforce. Link jumped down to join the choas. But that when everything slowed down.....

Well.... thats when everything slowed down from Rauru and Grooses point of veiw. The whole universe came to a crawl. The only ones not frozen were Groose, Rauru and the three daughters that joined them, Urbosla, Jeen and Kyla. Rauru has described what they would be making, a Mirror that reflected onto a stone wall which would lead to a realm between realms. Groose never understood the lagistics but figured he wouldnt need to if he just got on with it and followed instructions.

The group of five worked away for eight days, over that time Jeen had been watching a small bug run across a wall and get no further than about the distance of her arm. Finally the mirror was complete.
"Okay. Groose, I am going to go now. On my mark, step onto that circular spot. Got it?" Rauru said to him but he shrugged.
"I guess. But what will your mark be?" He asked but Rauru smiled.
"You'll see it" he said as he transformed into an Owl in front of his eyes and flew off. As he took off the blue time sphere followed him and in a moments notice, Groose was moving as slow as the Universe.


He flew across the sky. There were secrets amoung the elders of Hyrule that where unknown to Link and even Zelda. Rauru had discussed many plans with Lady Impa, most of which happened telepathically.

She was in her old home with some fellow Sheikah, Zelda's family and varying wounded or those not equiped to fight. Impa knew what would happen when Rauru turned up but no one else was clued in. Impa stepped out of the building and walked off to the Sheikah grave yard. She pulled out and blue Ocarina and sat in a tree stump.

Suddenly she saw something fly towarss her at a tremendous speed and before she cpuld even think about moving she was submerged by a blue energy and a familiar Owl glided down. It looked at her and trnasformed. "Hello Lady Impa" Rauru said to her as she smiled.
"I trust the Mirror is complete" she said confidently and he nodded
"Now its your cue" he said to her and she pulled the Ocarina to her lips and played a magestic tune. As the song came to an end, yellow lights surrounded them and they were standing in the Sealed Temple.
"This song is called the Prelude of Light. My ancestor Impa, the one who knew our Queen and helped her on the quest creeated it. There is also five other melodies that transport and individual to specified locations. One of which is the old Temple of Time, exactly where you constructed the Mirror" she smiled.

They walked out the Temple, the blue time sphere still formed around them. They made it to the wall of the Castle where they could see the entire conflict. Link was plunging his Sword into a Dark Knight in extra slow motion.
"So can you focus on which ones yoh teleport?" Rauru asked, not entirely sure how she would pull this off.
"Yeah, but this is gonna take a lot of energy" she said as she begun playing a melody.

Rauru watched as orange lights started appearing around the Dark Clones, even the dead ones. Impa nodded at Rauru as he placed his hand in his pocket and turned the dial in the Timeshift Distorter down.

The blue sphere around them vanished and time seemed to speed up around them. Link blunged his Sword into a Knight just as it vanished in front of him. They were gone. All of them. Gone in a blink of an eye and the whole Castle looked around in confusion.

Groose was reaching in the air after the Owl who was long gone. But suddenly he heard a tune. He knew that was his cue as he ran and stepped on the circular space. The mirror activated and shone upon the rocky wall. Suddently Shadowy figures with red eyes began falling from thin air, landing in the Mirrors path and then disolving into black square before being pulled into the reflection. Thousands were falling, Groose has no idea what was going on but hoped he was doing all correctly. They eventually stopped falling and he stepped off the space as the Mirror died down.
"What the hell was that?" Kyla asked but her Dad didnt respond. Mainly because he had no answer.


Everyone looked around in confusion, the fight was over but no one was willing to let their guards down. Link looked up at the wall where Rauru was supporting Impa's weight. He claw shot up to them.
"What.... what happened? What are you doing here Impa?" He asked in confusion.
"Well....." she paused and looked at him. "Put simply those Dark Clones have been sealed away in a little project me Rauru worked on" she smirked and Link ley out a sight and fell backwards to rest.
"With abut of help from Groose" Rauru remarked making Link sit back up.
"Erm.... what?" He asked in surprise.
"Haha, go and fetch the Queen along so we dont have to explain this twice" he said and Link nodded in understanding.

He stood up.
"The Battle is over! Our responsibility now is to care for our wounded!" He shouted to a cheer. The cheer quickly died down as eveyone got busy.


Link and Zelda sat on rather uncomfortable benches in the sealed temple as Rauru and Impa explained everything to them.
"The one thing non of us know is who this Demon is that Peatrice spoke of." Link said looking up at Rauru.
"I am not sure but I have thought of a plan to keep the Triforce safe" he said as he looked out to the Goddess Statue. "First of all, I suggest that we move the Castle and Castle Town to the centre of Hyrule" he started with already confused looks. "Hear me out. The Goddess Statue was built here on the surface world before Demise rose up and was used to rise the land into the Sky to create Skyloft. I believe that Zelda could use her devine powers to pray at the Statue allowing her to move the land" he explained.

"Okay. Okay. Slow down. Lets just for a second assume Zelda can do this. Why? Why would we want to move what we have built?" Link questioned in doubt of this plan.
"Because I feel like Hyrule's Headquarters should be in the Centre of Hyrule, alowing trade to run smoother and for the races to come and go with more ease. But this isnt my only thought. We should also hide the Goddess Statue after the fact so no one can destroy it and on this ground I will build a new Temple. I will build a new Temple of Time. I will hide the Triforce deep withnin it, deep in several layers. No one should be able to even come close again" he exained.

Link was the only one not following.
"I believe our Princess can pull this off. What do you say your Highness?" Impa asked. She sat and thought about it.
"I'll give it ago" she said with uptamisim and Link sighed.
"Well I guess I am the only sane one around here but sure, if you are all in then I am too" he smiled as they all stood up.


She stood before the Trifoce and prayed. Young Zelda watched, her Mother knew the devine powers would awaken in her female decendents so she instructed her to pay attention. They were there a while with nothing happening, Link sat atop the Statue slightly cynical about the whole thing but suddenlt the ground began to glow.

Link held on and looked down and too his shock the Isle of the Goddess, along with the Sealed Temple were lifting up into the air. They were going higher and higher and higher. Link didnt know how high they would go but he had a thought. He used his Sail cloth to sail down, meeting the ground quicker as it rose. He stepped inside, grabbing his Daughters arm and pulling her outside.

"This is where I grew up" he told her as some small Islands were still floating in the Sky. "That there is Pumpkin Island. Kina used to have her Soup shop there" he said reminising.
"Its beautiful" she said in awe. "Mother is really lifting us up high. She told me not to break her cincentration but I wish she could see this" she said but Link laughed.
"As I said, we grew up here, she has seen it before" he said as they walked inside the Statue.

The Goddess Statue had stopped rising and was instead moving. Link had lost track of which way was North so he couldnt be sure where they were going but it was out deep. Outside the explored regions of the Surface World. After hours the isle stoped suddenly causing Link to trip. The isle began lowering its self to the surface, after a while it was apparent they were drifting down into a canyon where they stopped.

Link entered the chamber and put his hand on the back of his wife, she was clearly out of breath. "Are you alright?" He asked in concern and she smiled.
"Yeah, I am fine. Just out of breath. It takes a lot of energy to move chunks of land" she said as she higged him.
"So I can do that?" Their Daughter asked in astonishment and Zelda nodded.
"Yes. I mean, hopefully you will never have to but you need to pass this onto Aryll when she is of age, one day, no one knows when, Demise's curse will rise up to fight us. Our ancestors decendants will have to stop it along with the Goddess's chosen Hero". She explained as their daughter looked at Link.
"But aren't you the Legendary Hero?" She asked her Dad but he shook his head.
"This time I was, but it will be a reincarnation of my spirit. I think I am a reincarnation of the Hero who helped the Goddess herself. But it wasnt... me" he smiled at her.
"We have a weird family" she smiled and they all laughed.


"I promised you didn't I?" Karane said to her husband as she pushed him against the stony wall of one of the Castles quarters.
"You did, but you dont need to remind me" he said as they were both pulling off their clothes. It wasnt long before they were both naked and he was pulling her down ontop of him. He lined himself up with her enterance before she leaned back onto him. "Oh, I fucking love you Karane" he moaned as she smirked, riding him.
"Then prove it to me and make me beg for more!" She exclaimed. Pipit accepted this challenge, he flipped her over onto her font and lined up behind her and shoved his penis into her wet folds. "YES! PIPIT!" she screamed as he thrust from behind. He pushed her backeards and forwards, her breast rocking with the force.

After a while of this he pulled out and rolled her onto her back and shoved it back inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and they bothwere close.
"Karane I...." he groaned as she kissed him.
"Not before me you dont" she blissfully told him. He stroked her clit. "AHHH!" was all she let out before her walls tightened on him like a vice. This made him loose all control and he shot into her.

As they calmed from their orgasmic high she turned to him. "I hope I dont get pregnant. I cant raise another child at this age" she said to him.
"I'm sorry, you made me go crazy" he said as theg both laughed.


"I think I am ready to go again" Zelda said after her break. She stood infront of the Triforce again and began praying. Link and his Daughter knew it would take some time and decided to hive her privacy to focus. She was moving their home land to the centre of the land, as such, Link had no grasp on her progress and had to trust Zelda knew what she was doing.
"Where is this place?" The young Girl asked as Link looked around.
"I dunno. Some canyon somewhere. I think we are the first people in history to arive here. Exciting isnt it? Wanna explore?" He said smiling to her and she grinned. "Dont ever tell your Mother I did this" he said as he grabbed her around the waist and clawshot high up.

She screamed in shock and excitment as they zoomed through the air. Before they reached the top her used his other clawshot to swing them along. Eventually he stopped and landed on the top of the canyon. Her hair was all over the place and she was out of breath. She burst out laughing. "Also never tell Ravio about this. He will never stop asking for ago" he said lying back on the grass, she soon joined him.
"That was the most exhillerating thing I have ever done... so you used these in your quest?" She asked picking on up but Link sat up.
"Yes and be careful!" He warned her " I dont want you get yanked off down a canyon he told her and she smiled ay him.
"You realise I am not a kid anymore Dad" she told him and he leaned into her and put an arm around her.
"Youre still my kid. When Aryll is in her 20's, you'll still talk to her the same way. I dont need to tell you this but you are never gonna stop having that worry deep inside you everytime you child does.... anything" he said and she did already know this. "There is nothing I love more than you kids and your Mother. That was all I was thinking about while fighting those monsters" he told her and she felt sad.
"It wasnt just you worrying" she said and he hugged her.

He knew that and this conversation took a depressing turn so he stood up.
"Wanna see what its like gliding down a canyon with the sailcloth?" He aksed and she jumped up in excitment.
"You bet I do!" She beamed and he laighed.
"Not a kid anymore huh?" He joked and hit him lightly on the arm.
"HAR, HAR"...


The ground begun shaking. Zelda had told the citezens of Castle Town what was going to happen, she told them she would be mobing the land. Maybe they didnt belive her or maybe they were starting to get used too problems but regardless of what they thought, they panicked when the ground shook and rose from the ground. Pipit had forgot all about it and fell of the edge of his bed still completly naked and Orielle, with great care showed the citezens that were born on the surface what the skies looked like.

Eventually the land arived at its new resting place some missed the forests, the Kikwi stayed back in Faron Woods but Orielle promised she would visit every week and was going to try and convince Fledge to move out, close to the woods.


"Well I would say I'll lead the way but I litterally no idea where you placed out home" Link announced to them as he finished claw shoting his way out from the Canyon with his Wife then Daughter.
"Don't worry. I know where it is" she told them but frowned. "But do we have to walk all the way?" She asked in concern. Link smirked and then let out a loud whistle. Two Horses ran towards them before stopping.
"Nah. You think me and Zel where just having a laugh while you moved a landmass? We were busy taming these!" He said proudly.
"This one is mine! She is called Fi.. you know after Dad's definitly, 100% not imaginary sword friend" the young girl sarcastically joked but Zelda frowned.
"Is this not dangerous?" She asked and Link smirked at her.
"Well... I mean a bit... but like.... are you serious?" He said before picking her up and helping on the Horse with no warning. He had a point. She had been nearly sacrificed to a Demon King, nearly killed by a Shadow version of her Husband and to top it all off she had just moved an entire two solid chunks of ground that she blindly assumed would work. She was pretty sure the Horsea wouldnt be an issue, even though Link did know she was concerned about her Daughter.

"Lets go then!" Link called as he jumped on the back of the Horse with his Wife as they rode off. "Just so you know. When we get home, we are gonna have a great time" he seductibely whisperednin her ear, making her slightly damp thinking about it. Although their Daughter never heard this, she was thinking the same thing about Richard.


It took a full day but Link and Zelda finally returned home. All the expected events took place. Their families ambushed them with hugs and kisses, people cheered, everyone was eager to tell their stories and ask what happend but Link was just glad everything didnt fall to shit in their absence. As the days roled on things slowly returned to normal. Services for falled comrades were placed and structures were rebuilt everything was in good hands except for the ground where the sealed Temple once stood. The Master Sword was in its pedestal, sitting in the open. Link knew no one could pull it out other than him hut he still did not like it just sitting there.

"I have a plan for this you know, aplan I have litterally just gone over with your Wife" a voice came from behind Link. He turned to see Rauru walking towards it.
"Which is what?" He asked, getting straight to the point.
"Welp using Impa's Timeshift Distorter I managed to spend a week constructing the Mirror of Twilight but to everyone elseit was just seconds. I could build a multi-layerd Temple here. I could build a Temple here and hidden in that Temple, a Temple of Light, and within that Temple I could hide a Sacred Realm, somewhere to hide the Triforce. The key to all of this could be the Master Sword, which we will hide behind a stone door that can only be opened with three keys and Impa's Ocarina. We should call it the Temple of Time" he explained to Link. He picked up on a lot more than Groose did.

"I like it a lot. So this will take how long?" He asked and Rauru smiled. "I dunno. A month? Maybe two?" He said unsure and Link looked at him seriously.
"And how long for you?" He said and Rauru looked away.
"Well... I guess years. Quite a long time" he said deliberatly avoiding the question as much as he could but Link picked up on that.
"Rauru." He sternly said and he looked back up.
"Probably most my life but this is what I want. I am in service to Hyrule and its protection" he said knowing Link would protest.
"Sorry, I cant let you do this. I cant let your whole life go into this while you will be alone" he said but Rauru shook his head.
"Link, I am the only one who you can trust to do this. And besideds. I can turn the device off when ever I want" he said.

Link sighed.
"You've already convinced Zelda havent you? You have hear this once already." Link stated and Rauru nodded.
"Yes. I got the go ahead, but before I forget... you know after a few decades" he said changing the subject " Groose wants your help... more your permision on something. Basically he has kids, like... like a lot of them. All Girls and he wants some men send over to you know? Reproduce with" he said and Link was a bit taken back.
"I mean its not reallt my place to order people out to the Desert to fuck some Desert Girls but I will but I will fly the option out there if there are any takers" he said scratching his head.


Rauru got to work on the Temple of Time, some watched him for hours. He looked like a Timelapse, constructing the Temple with notable progress. Link hadnt had the chance to rest at all since he got home, until tonight. He got to his room and Zelda was standing by the window. He walked over to her and stood behind her.
"We have the night to ourselves" he said into her ear and she turned to kiss him. "Thats what I want to hear" she said as he pushed into the kiss.

Link hadn't felt this horny in a long time. He grabbed her breasts and began peeling off her Night gown. He loved it where she wore little to nothing underneath as she was already in the underwear. He pressed against her, his bulge pusbing against her making her legs squrim. Zelda grabbed his hat and threw it across the room and pulled off the straps that held his weapons and quickly focused on his belt.

He grabbed her hands and pushed them against the wall before letting to to kiss her. He began undooing his belt and pulled it off quicker than she would have. He broke the kiss to pull his tunic and remaining clothes off. He pulled down his pants and boxers in one letting his erection spring out. He looked up to see her completly naked and ready.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him and pushed her onto the bed. "I like it when you are in charge" she says to him.
"Well.. let me be of service" he replies, pulling her legs apart and pushing his hard penis into her core. He went in slowly, letting her feel the pleasure of his huge penis sliding into her tight, wet pussy.
"Oh.. Link!" She explaimed, gripping he bed sheets in support. "I needed this" she tells him as he pulls in and back out again. He grabbed her breasts and linked them before kissing her deeply again.

She wraps her legs around his waste and he speeds up. She flips him over and presses her beautiful boobs onto his cheast. He leans up and she leans back, his dick still deep inside her. She supports her self with her arms behind her and he grabbs her waist before he starts rocking her hips and she thrusts her self on and off him.

They both cry out in bliss, their bodies dripping with sweat as they go on in different possitions for what feels like eternity. Link was surprised that this is the longest they have lasted, and they arnt exactly as young as they used to be.

But all good things come to an end and as Zelda rides atop Link, arms and legs wrapped titly around him and jerking her body upwards she cant help her self. "This, this.... oh yeah! This is it Link!" She moans as he continues his upwards thrust.
"I know Zelda.... me too. Ah. ZELDA! AHH. AHH" he groans as he she moans one last time before he shoots his cum right into her, filling her up for the first time in years.

They collapsed next to each other in bliss. "I love you so much. I dont know where this lust came from" he said to her and she looked at hin seductively.
"Well when I was moving the land I felt a connection with Hylia... I dont know what it was exactly but I think she left me some of her more.... selfish powers." She told him but he was confused.
"What do you mean?" He asked and she kissed him deeply and lay ontop of him.
"I think she gave me the power to make us both last longer and have more orgasmic sex" she said as his penis hardened up again. "Either that or we were both just very desperate" she smiled as she began riding him again.

Chapter Text

Zelda stood atop a balcony that oversaw the courtyard. Most of Hyrule Town gathered her to hear her... request? Offer? She wasnt sure how she should word it. She opened took a deep breath.
"Thank you all for coming! I'll get down to it. Groose, someone that many of you know, many know off and many probably know nothing of was once one of us. He lived alongside us all in Skyloft and he was.... he was a unique personality" Zelda knew she was already loosing some favor as Groose was never eaxactly popular. "He left us to live in peace with Janka in the Lanayru Desert. Now he has many Daughters and obviously no one else lives there so he requested any willing men to travel over to the Desert and.... help with the population problem" she explained, going bright red towards the end. She hoped everyone understood and the silence perhaps indicated that.

"Any volunteers can wait in the courtroom, everyone else is dismissed" she continued, getting this akward speech over with. She stepped back into the Castle ready to head down stair before Link Jr stepped infront of her..
"I wanna go" he said and she looked puzzled.
"Go where?" She asked and he waved his ha ds around.
"To the Desert... not to like... you know?.... But like to guide them there. Yes you will say its dangerous and yes you have someone but I want to prove I can handle this kind of thing. I have had combat training with Dad and I can handle my self. So pleaaaase." He begged and Zelda was worried.
"I dunno. It is dangerous but you are not just protecting yourself, you are asking to protect all of them" she said to him.
"How about I go with who ever was going to escort them there. It will be good experience. I am 18, you and Dad did crazier things at this age" he said and she frowned.
"Okay, okay. Only if Fledge agrees. If not its a no go. Okay?" She says and he jumps in the air and wraps his arms around his Mother.
"Thank you!" He shouts as she sighes and continues on.


Zelda went down to the courtyard to see how many volunteers there was, the answer was more than she expected. Mainly young men but some older guys too. She cleared her throught.
"If you are here you are volunteering to and live in the Lanayru Desert and help populate it with new blood" she said to them still a little embarassed about the words coming from her mouth. "Fledge will be leading you all there with my Son, Link Jr. After you have arrived they will return home and you can start yout new lives. You will always be permitted entery back into our walls but you ahould be sure this is the right choice for you before you head out. Is that understood?" She asked to the crowd and they nodded.


It didnt take as long as expected to arrive at the enterance to the Valley, maybe half a day. Their horses rode in with Fledge and Link Jr in the lead. Eventually they came to a bridge where a Woman with her legs hanging over the edge of the valley sat.
"You must be the guys! Hey everyone! The men are here!" The red headed Girl shouted. Before long the men riding into their campaire were surounded by Women.

Groose walked over to them and smiled.
"Well, well, well if it isn't Fledge. Havent you changed" he smiled looking at his more muscular body and Fledge jumped off his Horse.
"Its been a while, we all have. This is Link and Zelda's Son, Link Jr. We are not here to stay, we are guiding these here and will be heading home" he said but Groose walked over to the Young Man who joined Fledge.
"I dont think yoh had to tell me who he is, he is the spitting image of his Father. I am sure I need no introduction, I am sure you have heard stories of the grest Groose!" He boldly stated. Link Jr stared at the man. He had heard stories, he had known Groose was an unusual character, people always talked about him like he was something else, good or bad was up to interpretation. But from what he could gather, Groose certainly didnt disapoint.

"You're right. I have heard a lot about you. How you made a badass catapult and fired it into a big Demon Monster" he said, playing into Groose's ego which worked like a charm.
"HA. I like you. Come on. I know you two aren't staying but you can at least stop the night" Groose said to them. Fledge and Link Jr looked at each other and shrugged. Why not stay the night at least.


As they got unpacked and the Men were quick to start conversations a Young Woman approached Link Jr.
"So. You not staying?" She asked him with his hands in her hips. Link Jr turned around to see a tanned Girl like the rest of them with her hair in a pony tail and wore a single peice of cloth around her fairly large breasts. Her pants were baggy and she had a simitar on her belt. Link Jr had never seen someone so beautiful before.

"I... erm.. no. I have to go back home. I am Link Jr. Whats your name" he asked holding his hand out. She grabbed it and shook it.
"The names Kyla. So Link Jr huh? Does that not like imply you are the Son of Link?" She asked him but he smiled.
"Yeah.. I am. I am the Son of the Queen and Link." He scratched the back of his head.
"So you are a Prince. Thats cool. Guess thats why you cant stay. Shame. I think your cute" she winked at him and he lit up bright red.
"Uhh. Yeah. I have to go home. But thanks. I think you are.... you know. Great. You look good.... Can you not come with me?" He rambled and she giggled, sitting her self down on a rock.

"I dont think so no. I mean... maybe. I have never though about leaving the Desert. It is my home. My whole family is here. But in different circumstances. Maybe we could have been a thing" she smiled to him.


Link Jr tosses and turns all night. The desert was supposed to be hot but the night was bitter cold. He head the zip of his tent open up and sat to see who it was.
"Kyla! What are you doing and.. how can you... how can you dress like that in this bitter cold?" He askes her but she walks over to him while shrugging.
"I dunno. Use to it I suppose. Want me to warm you up?" She smiled at him as he went bright red.
"I mean.... sure" he responded with some nervousness in his voice as he didnt know what she planned.

She sat on his lap and he instantly got turned on, he hoped she didnt feel it but she did.
"I dont have much experience in this area so you are going to have to show me how it works" she seductively said before closing the gap between them. She kissed him inrensely but he didnt know how to react. He enjoyed it but knew he shouldnt be doing this. He put this arms on her back and gave in to his impulses and kissed her back with passion.

He pulls her down ontop of him and grabs her breasts through the cloth. She liked how it felt and smiled. "Want to see them?" She asked and he grinned in excitment. She pulled it over her head and the round breasts popped out.
"Oh my. You are soooo. Sooo Gorgeous" he said in awe as he started groping them, playing with her nipples with his thumb.
"I wanna see yours" she said. He was slightly nervous but began pulling his pants down as she worked on his top. She felt his erection against her leg and crawled back to see it.

She started playing with it, not in a way to arouse him but more to see what a penis was like. This aroused him regardless and her groaned when he stroked it. She smiled and she put it in her mouth and began sucking. She put her hands down her own pants and began playing with her clit, something she had done before.
"Kyla. I'm gonna cum if you dont stop" he warned her but she smiled.
"Dont you want that?" She asked, stopping only to ask.
"Not if you want me to do more" he moaned and she stopped.

She got the idea and pulled her pants down in a hurry.
"I want you to fuck me" she said as she lay on her back. He knealt in front of her, parted her legs and possitioned him self. Neither had done this before but Kyla had the idea that all the mainland Hylians had experience with sex.

He slowly pushed into her, reaching her barrier and kissing her as he pushed through it. He felt her tense up and grip his arms tight. He bagan moving more as he was all the way in but moved out quickly so she would feep less pain.
"Oh Kyla... you are so hot" he moaned finally and she gasped a moan.
"You too. This feels sooooo.... Agghhh!" She moaned into him. He grabbed her breasts that he was fond of and began thrusting his hips faster.

She rolled ontop of him and began rolling her hips on him. He was mesmorised by this sight. She was a thin, curvy, fit woman with nice round boobs and the way she rode him was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He grabbed her hips and helped. "Ah. Ah. Ah. YES... YESSSS!" She moaned as she felt her climax coming. Her walls tightened around him and he felt the liquids on his dick, allowing him to slip in and out quicker.
"Kyla I'm gonaa!" He says but she covers his mouth with her hand as she is screaming in pleasure from her climax. "CUM IN ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR ROYAL SEED!" she screams and he doesnt have a choice as he uncontrollably shoots his cum inside her. His dick spasming as she continues to thrust upon him.

"Ooh woow" she panted ontop of him. "Thats what I have been missing all this time?" She says smiling before leaning in to cuddle with Link Jr.


He wakes up in the morning with Kyla's naked body wrapped around him. He feels bad. He knows he cant stay, but what if she is pregnant? Oh he fucked up. He should never have done this. He sits up, finding his pants and putting them on. "Leaving so soon?" She asks as she wrappes her arms around him, her boobs pressed against his back.
"I think I made a mistake. I cant stsy here with you. Yoh cant come with me but what if I got you pregnant?" He askes in concern.

She understands this concern but doesnt want to ruin his life.
"Dont worry, there is a potion Mother brews that stops us getting pregnant. I had some before I came to you" she tells him and he sighs a big sigh of relief. He turns ans kisses her.
"I have to go but I really wish we could have been together. If you ever decide you wanna live in Hyrule with me, the invertaion is open" he tells her and she smiles.
"Thank you for the fun night" she says as he leaves the tent. "How gullable can one man be?" She thinks to her self after her pregnancy potion lie.

Early in the morning Fledge and Link Jr ride out home, leaving the satisfied men with thier new lovers, if they were anything like what Link Jr experienced, they were all something else.


As the years roll on all seems peaceful. Rauru finished contructing the Temple of Time and the Temple of Light and sealed him self away with the Triforce. He had aged a lot but he didnt mind. He felt like he had aged before.

In ten years since the uprising little Aryll was a 10 year old girl with a little Brother named Adam. Link Jr had a boy with Kina and Keet's Daughter and unknowingly has a Gerudo Daughter out in the Desert. Ravio and Ella remain friends, friends with a Daughter as they experimented with each other and now have a 6 year old. The Gerudo population grew but all Women, no one knew why but the Gerudo Women started frequently coming to Hyrule for men to court. They did it with ease as they practiced methods of seduction.

But amounst the light and happiness in the land there was always going to be Darkness. Young Boartreax had a taste of power all those years back, but as his teenage hormones kicked in, he felt the desire for power more and more. He meditated in the cave and one day he snapped.

Boartreax no longer resembled a Teenage kid, he was nowa hulking Red Boar. He burst out of the ground and started rampaging. It didnt take long for Knights to alert alarms but Boatreax did not care. He stormed towars his former home. Kukiele stepped outside her home with Batreaux and held her arms out in front of the Monster.
"Stop Boartreax! I know you are angry and I know you have never loved me but dont hurt us, your family and dont hurt your self. We still love you" she pleaded in tears.
"Mother! Move aside. I have no gripe with you. Its him I want!" He said pointing at his Father. "If you had told me from the start. If you hadnt tried to keep the Demon inside of me hidden then non of this would have happened!" He said stepping towards the former Demon.

"Enough!"a voice called. Link was standing there, Zelda behind him. He was a fair bit older than he was in his prime but still a threat to the Demon. "You know we have had out eyes on you for a while. About ten years. We always wondered who the 'demon brat'was that Peatrice talked about. We could bever come up with an answer really until the Shiekah noticed you going in and out of that cave a lot." Link said cockilly as the beast grew more angry. "We decided that since you were 5 at the time, we would let is slide. As long as you were not a threat to anyone, you wpuld be left alone. But this is no longer the case, so we are giving you two options. Number one, you come calmly with us and you serve a small sentence. But your secind option is I take you down right here" he said.

It stood there thinking. Thinking about its next move, not necessarily mulling over the options given. It suddenly charged forward at Link and he bashed its skull with his sheild. The beast that was several feet taller than Link went crashing to the side. Link ran around its back and used his whips on its arms, trying to restrain it. But to no use. It pulled Link forward and headbutted him into a wagon.

"LINK!" Zelda screamed but making the beast turn its attention to her. It charged at her but she stood her ground. As it would have made impact a green crytal like shape appeared around her and she teleported onto the other side of the monster. She helped Link up and it charged again. Zelda moved out the way and Link ran towards it, slid underneath its chin ans thrust his sword upwards into its jaw, partially into his head. Link lost grip of his Sword but the Beast staggered.
"Now Zelda!" He called and she held her hands out into a triangle shape and a golden light circled the beast. The orb of light obscured any sight of the beast and after a few seconds it pushed downwards into the ground before before completly passing through the ground, gone from veiw.

"My Son!" Kukielle cried on the spot he was last standing. "Where did I fail?" She sobbed in anguish. Zelda leant next to her.
"I am so, so sorry" she said in genuine guilt and Kukielle gripped her in a hug.
"No your Highness. You did what you must. You save my husband.... but why did he turn out this way?" She asked not expecting an answer.
"I dont know, but if you ever need anything, all you need to do is ask". She said.

Link and Zelda left the scene with the Knights that stood by as back up. They had caused quite an uproar but unknown to Link, it would be the last fight he fought.

He lived long long life and acomplished many great things, but eventually The Hero of the Skies time in this world came to an end at the old of 98. His loving wife, kids, grandkids and even great grandchildren mourned his passing, as did the whole of Hyrule. Little did they know intwo years time they would repeat it all agiain when Zelda, first Queen of Hyrule passed away at the age of 100. She was layed to rest next to Link in the Royal Grave sight of Kakariko Village.

As time came to corrinate the next ruler of Hyrule, Zelda II, first Daughter of Link and Zelda passed on her oppertunity as she was old in age and passed the title onto her Grand Daughter who was 40 years old, much more suited to hold the throne of Hyrule. She was corrinated as Queen Zelda IV of Hyrule, Second Monarch of Hyrule. And the land continued its steady life of peace.

Chapter Text

A long, long time ago... when the world was on the verge of being swallowd by shadow.... The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the Hero of Men a sword and a golden light. With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness. When peace and been restored, the people enshrined the blade with care.... And the force of the Golden Light , embodied in Hyrule's Princess , shone fourth upon the Land....

That is the Legend of the Hero of Men, not a lot was known about this Legendary Hero but the story of what happend should have been remembered....

Link was sleeping as usual. He was a Young Boy, only 13 and has a growing teenage boy he needed a lot of sleep. He lived with his Uncle who was a respected Black Smith, respected enough for the King to have his own Sword fordged by him.

"LINK! Get up now!" His Uncle shouted from down stairs, instantly waking Link up. He groaned and climbed out of bed. He put on his green tunic and went down stairs. "We have to take the King his Sword this day , How do you expect to make a good impression with a bed head like that?" He said in a growl. Link thought for a second
"My good charms" He said cockily before his Uncle grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door.

They made their way across Hyrule feild towards Hyrule Town suddenly they felt a tremor beneath the ground causing Link to stumble. There was quiet afterwards and after a few seconds the two began to laugh
"Its rare to get a Earthquake in Hyrule" his Uncle said with a laugh, with the sword clutched in his hand. They continued walking into the town. The town was always lively and full of energy which sharply contrated the country where Link lived. There was shops and houses and people selling things in the streets. The two went straight down the center, heading for the Castle, it was Link that kept looking arround at all the things for sale.

They were walking up some stone steps when the ground began to rumble again but way more violently. Things stsrted to fall over, the rattling causing the bell above the stone steps to ring out. Suddenly the ground in front of the enterence cracked and a Giant Red Boar Monster dived out of it with a roar. The people started running and screaming as it started thrashing about. Black and purple clouds pouring from it.

Link saw some people cornered by it.
"Go to the Castle, and warn them." He sternly said to his Uncle.
"But what abou-" his Uncle was about to say before being cut of.
"GO!" He interupted forcing his Uncle to do as he was told. Link ran trough town towards the beast, the opposite direction to everyone else. He jumped on a crate and pulled him self up onto the roof af a house. He pulled out a flag pole from the room with the flag still inside it and held it like a two handed sword.

"Hey! Pig Boy!" He shouted to the Red Boar that was about to crush a family of people before it turned around to Link. He dived off the House and drove the spike of the flag into its side whilst keeping a hold. The Boar roared and stumbled, alowing the family to escape. Link struggled to keep a hold but managed until the flag pole came out of the beast with him. It looked down at him and then sent its dark cloudes to attack him as it charged off towards the Castle.

Link hit as many of the clouds as he could with the flag but they were two fast and small to swing the heavy pole around effectively. He decided to bale and ran towards the Boar again. Some soldiers with spears were pointing them at the Monster but some were shaking in fear. It breathed out a Black Cloudy gas that disolved the men or burned them. The Monster was about to breathe it again but Link stepped in front of the Man and jabbed the pole into its nose. "GO!" He shouted as the soldiers cowered out of the town.

The Boar had enough and went to eat Link but he grabbed the pole horizontally and used it to block its mouth. It swiped at Link causing him to fall back. He had a big claw mark across his chest but managed to stand up. He ran past it and grabbed a rope that was hanging from someones house and pulled it down and attached it to the flag pole and ran to the hole it came from. He used the flag pole as a javalin and threw it into the beasts back. He ran to a stall that had been knocked over and picked up a Boomerang and threw it towards the bell above the stairs. It hit the chain attacking it causing the bell to fall with a mighty thud and roll towards him. He attached the other end of the rope to the bell as it rolled and he then gave it an extra push down the hole. It didnt take long for gravity to take its course and the weight of the bell was heavy enough to pull the Beast backwards. It clawed at the ground to stop its sepf being pulled down but there was nothing the beast could do but fall down the hole it came from.

Link fell backwards and took a few breaths in the now empty and quiet town. The silence was quickly halted by the gushing of black and purple clouds that spewed from the hole and went errupted into the sky, turning the sky to the same dark and purple. Link stepped away from the hole and decided the best course of action was to warn the royal family of this. Surely there will be someone more quiped to deal with this than him, he was just a 13 year old Boy.

He ran into the Castle Courtyard where the population of Hyrule Town had fled. A woman pointed at Link and shouted
"Thats him. Thats the Boy that saved me and my family". Link was a bit shocked to hear this realising that he didnt even acknowledge the faces of the family before he saved them. He saw the crowd turn to him and his Uncle run towards him amd give a huge hug.
"What possessed you? You stupid boy" he said gripping him tightly.
"Well I thought I could do something and naturally I thought other people would help out too... but they didnt" he said as his Uncle released him. His Unlce then smiled
"The King wants to see you" he said grinning and Link returned the grin
"Good I want to see him too, those Black Clouds certainly arnt a good thing and between you and me...." he leaned closer "...the beast isnt actually dead" he whispered.
"THE BEAST ISNT ACTUALLY DEAD!" He exclaims in surprise. There is a silence in the air as everyone is now looking at Link. Panic errupts in the crowd and Link gives his Uncle a frown.
"See what you did." He says as they walk on towards the Castle.

Link follows his Uncle through the doors who him self is following some guards. They approach the King's Throne and Link looks up in awe, not at the King, but at the Young Girl about his age that was dressed in regal gear. Link wasnt stupid, this was obviously Princess Zelda but he had never seen her or the King in person before.

"I saw your heroic deeds young lad. What is your name boy" the King spoke in a deep voice. Link found him self slightly indimedated and nervous, more than he did fighting the monster.
"My, my name is Link". He said looking up.
"Well Link, you held back the Monster putting your self in harms way and saved several people. I am truly impressed" he said looking down at the boy who clearly wanted to say something. "Go ahead Link. Say what is on your mind" this threw Link off, he wasnt expecting to be able to be so open. He took a deep breath
"That thing is still alive. I tied it to the bell in town and threw it into the hole it came from but it is probably still alive. I dont know how long we have before it climbs back out. On top of that, it spewed out black and purple smoke that has plunged Hyrule into Darkness. I dont know what it is but it cant be good". He said looking at the King.

"Thank you for this Link, I will talk to some of my most trusted advisors right away whilst Zelda takes you to get your wounds healed" he said as Link looked down, only just realising how injured he was. The King stood up and some guards acompanied him. Zelda gracefully stood and took Links hand unexpectedly and started dragging him away. He turned to his Uncle
"That is how I intend to make a good impression" he said smugly as he was pulled out the door.

"That was really cool to watch you know" Zelda said in a calm and collected voice but threw Link off as he didnt expect a Princess to talk like that.
"You saw it?" He said a bit nervous and embarassed that Zelda found him cool.
"Yeah, from my Bedroom Window. I am not allowed to act excited in public so dont say anything to my Father okay?" She said stopping and turning to Link. Link nodded
"Okay". He said quickly, thinking she said was something of excitment but not how she said it.

They reached some tall doors and Zelda pushed them open and gestured Link inside. Link soon realised this was Zelda's room and felt nervouse suddenly.
"Sit on the bed and remove your shirt" she said making Link bright red. He did as she said and walked over to her bed and sat in it, he undone his belt as his Tunic was all in one and took it off. He then took off the shirt underneath revealing more blood than he thought and a painful looking claw mark. Link felt like he needed to cover him self up as he was hust sitting in tights so he grabbed his tunic and placed it on his lap.

Zelda had the decency to turn around while Link did this but she was still flustered to turn around and see his muscles. She remained calm though and brought a stool in front of him. She looked at the wound.
"Does this not hurt? It looks really bad" she said concerned.
"Its not as sore as it looks, it hurt at first but now it inly hurts when some one touches AAAHHH!" he gasped as Zelda poked it and let out a giggle as his response.
"Sorry" she said with a smile, a smile that Link found contageous as he couldnt help but smile back. "I am going to heal it with my healing powers, it will sting just giving you a heads up" she said as she placed a hand on his chest, making him grunt and then he felt a tingle as her hand started glowing a Golden light.

Link sat thinking and then he made the mistake as looking as her. She was beautiful, he enjoyed looking at her. His teenage hormones started getting the better of him and he felt his tights tighten. Link more than ever was glad he had covered him self with his tunic but even that was mysteriously raising up. Zelda had noticed this but she knew Link didnt want her too so she pretended she hadnt. She just kept her mind on what was at hand even though she was flattered. The wound was closing and Zelda released her hand.

"The wound is gone... what was that?" He asked in amazment as she stepped up and put the stool back where she got it.
"The Females in the Royal Family have always had sacred powers. I am able to heal wounds. Its nothing really" she said shyly as the attention was on her.
"Its nothing? Are you kidding. You healed a giant slash across my chest in about one minute. Its one of the best things I have ever seen" he said excitedly, getting up and crossing the room towards her. Link realised how close they were, there was barely space between them. Zelda noticed this too. They could feel each others breaths on each other. The space between them got smaller before Zelda but her hand back on Link's chest.
"You need to put your Tunic back on" she said with a smile and a nervous method to stop what ever was about to happen.

As he done this she walked towards the balcony window and opened it. Link followed her onto the balcony. "See. You can see the whole Hyrule Town from here" . She said and Link couldnt deny it. You could see everything.

Suddenly a bright light shines through the clouds, the two tried to look up at it but it was too bright. They saw something floating down from the Sky. Link looked at the courtyard and saw everyone was squinting to try and see the mysterious object. Link then noticed it was a Sword. Suddenly Zelda's Bedroom door opened and an old lady stood there.
"Impa?" She said confused but without a pause she stepped forward
"The King wants the two of you down stairs imediatly". She said walking off as fast as she could which wasnt fast at all due to her age. Zelda went straight away, Link followed quickly after taking another glace at the sword.

They made it down to the main chamber where the King was. "Father what is it?" She asked slightly concerned but her Father has an out of characteristic smile on his face.
"You know the Legend of the Hero of Skies and our ancestors? Part of the Legend and the prophecy is coming true. The Picori are returning to this land" he said excitedly. Zelda perked up two but Link stood next to his Uncle who as well as Link had no idea what they were talking about. "Everyone, too the shrine" the King said as some guards guided them out the back into a small garden. The Garden was an open spot in the center of the Castle that was exposed too the skies. They stood uniformed and ordered as the sword floated down stuck in the top of a chest and landed in the center of the Garden. Link then noticed the tiny people standing ontop of the sword just as some more of them floated down from the skies on leaves.

No one said a word before the King stepped forward. "I am King Gustaf Hyrule, I welcome you, the Picori, back to our land" he said with a certain nobility to his voice. One of the Picori stood foward but the King had to awkwardly lean forward to even see it.
"Yes, we know who you are, you are the ancestor to Zelda and the Hero of Skies. My name is Olzo, Elder of the Picori." The King was slightly stunned, he was unaware that he was a decendant of the Hero too.
"Nice to meet you Olzo, what is this you have brought with you?" The King asked even though it was clearly a Sword in a Chest, he was really asking its purpose.
"This is a Sword us Picori forged for this very day, we call it the Picori Sword, we believe this sword and this Chest as well as the Light Force are capable of Sealing away the Beast known as Boartreax". The Elderly Picori said, leang against the handle of the Purple Blade.

"Boartreax? " Link said in confusion. "That thing has a name? And how do you know it?" Link asked. Olzo steped forward and adjusted his glasses.
"I bet you are Link, am I correct?" Olzo asked with Link amazed.
"Oh so you are a pyschic?" Link said,
"No. Thats not it. You see, you are the reincarnation of the Hero of Skies" Olzo said with Link just giving him a confused look. "You have no blood relation to the Hero of Skies but his spirit is reborn time and time again by the Gods. You resemble him greatly and he was also called Link". Olzo said smiling that he could bring fourth this news. Link was stunned, he was the reincarnation of a Legendary Hero.
"Wait. You talk like you knew him, but that makes you over 100 years old" Zelda said with a smirk from Olzo.
"And looking good too".

"Boartreax." The King said sturnly to put the conversation back on tracks. "Link here is right. How do you know of this thing?" He asked wit Link slightly smug that the King mentioned him being right.

"Boartreax is a decendant of an ancient Demon, a Demon that was born from Evil but was good at heart. He lived amongst you Hylians in the Ancient Days, when Hylians lived up in the clouds. With the help of the Hero of Skies, this Demon transformed into a man and lived a happy life. Although a Demon and a Hylian should never have a child, but this one did. His Son was raised as a normal Hylian, but he started gaining Dark powers. His Father explained to him that he used to be a Demon to try and control this but it unlocked his powers. This son ran from home and he returned years later as Red Demon. He went to kill his family but the Queen sealed him beneath the ground. He was named after his Father and us Picori have been watching over the events in Hyrule since the Kingdoms inception. We had an ancient prophecy that tells of the Red Demon breaking free so we forged this very sword for the new Hero to take and strike down" The Eleder finished and everyone looked too Link.

"But why me? I am just a kid" he said but Zelda grabbed his hands.
"Dont you see Link? You are the Hero reincarnated. This is your destiny. Only you can do it.
"Thats not entirely true" the Picori Elder said as he began to glow a golden light. The light left him and travelled to Zelda before it entered her. Everyone was shocked and Zelda felt an imense power surge through her as it faded away.
"What.... What was that?" She asked concerned.
"The Light Force. The Picori Blade can kill the beast but the Light Force is the only thing precenting it from reincarnation. Kill the Beast Link and you Zelda. You need to seal it in this chest" it said.

Zelda was about to ask more questions but a huge explosion was heard.
"We have no time. Boartreax is back. Link take the sword, Zelda....go with him and be careful" the King ordered hugging his Daughter. Link stepped up the the chest and gripped the Sword. He pulled it out as a Golen Light shot into the air peircing the Dark clouds, making them vanish. "Link. Take care of my Daughter." The King said as Link bowed.
"I will protect her with my life". He said as the two left the Courtyard, rwo Knights following them with the Chest.

The entered Hyrule Town and the Demon was back and awaiting them. "Zelda, stay well back until its time. Got it." He said with seriousness. She nodded and Link turned away.
"Link. You forgot something" she said ans just as he tirned around she kisses himmin the lips. "Good luck Hero". She said flirtlily as Link smiled and nodded before running at the monster.

He ran straight at is, grabbing a small sheild on the ground as he went. The beast swung for him but he dodged it sliding under his legs. He stabbed the Sword in its back making it kick backwards, making contact with Link and sending him severl feet backwards. He landed next to the hole, nearly going down it. He stood up and ran behind a house where it couldnt see him but that didnt stop if charging through the houses in search. As Link ran the beast blocked his path. It breathed its Black breath at Link but he dodged it by jumping down an alley between two homes.

The Beast lost sight of him for a moment before it saw him sprinting away across the Town. He ran behind a House and too his luck their was a ladder on the back thar led to the roof. As he climbed the beast launched its self across Town, landing in front of the House he was climbing up. He reached the roof to find the Boars face in front of him. It opened its mouth and Link knew what this meant.

With no tome to think Link leaped at it and grabbed each of its Tusks in each hand, leaving his arma spread wide. The Demon breathed the black clouds out, only managing to catch Links back, neather the less, it burned and Link screamed in pain. He endured it, he had too as he had only just realised the sword was on the ground. He had dropped it. The Boartreax looked up in the air and shook its head, trying to make lonk fall into his mouth.
"LINK!" Zelda screamed from the ground. He looked down to see the Princess Holding the Sword, she threw it into the air, it flew past him but he leaped up, caught it in midair and plunged it downwards into Boartreax's skull.

The beast roared and fumbelled around. It landed facing Zelda, and in one last act of definace it opened its mouth ans spewed a Black cloud towards the Princess but Link dived in front of her and took the hit.
"GGYAAAAAA! He screamed as he felt his whole body hit the ground. When the cloud was gone Zelda looked doen in horror as the lower half of the Hero had melted into nothing. Zelda had no time to mourn, she used all her feeling to shine the Light Force into the beast just as the Knights brought the chest over. He beast shrunk into the light and fell into the Chest. The chest closed and Link with everything he had left reached up and jammed the sword into the top of the Chest, sealing away the beast for good.

He fell down and Link fell to her Knees. "LINK! LINK! TALK!" She screamed, rears flooding her eyes.
"I am sorry Zelda, this seems like the end". He said in sorrow and pain.
"No, I can save you". She said in desperationg as she attempted to use her healing magic on Link. He grabbed her hands and moved them away, both of them knowing there was nothing they could do. She leaned into him, giving him a kiss on the lips."I love you Link". She cried into him and he smiled.
"I live you too Zelda....." as he shut his eyes on the world.


Mouths past. And the Kingdom recovered. A funeral was placed for the Hero and he was eternalised in the new shrine built with in Hyrule Castle, the Minish shrine. The shrine that held the sword and the tale of the Boy who rose up to face a demon. With the Picori Sword in hand and the Princess with the Golden Power, the sealed away the Darkness.

The shrine and sword is opened once a year and a festival is held on the same day so the people never forget the Legend of the Hero of Men, a title given to a the Boy thats Bravery was greater than that of Men....

Chapter Text

Thus did Link's quest end.

But surely, this is not the end of Zelda and Link's adventures in Hyrule.

The Legend will continue....

... as long as the power of the light force echoes throughout the ages.


"We will now forever more, celebrate this day as the day Hyrule was saved by the hero, The Hero of the Minish" The King boomed over the residents of Hyrule Town as they all cheered and clapped. He stood atop a stage built for him next to Link and Zelda along with Knights acting as body guards. The people cheered and Link was honoured. How many country Boys get the chance to save the world, be friends with a beautiful Princess and get a title straight from the King.

The festival went on and the Royal Family along with Link and his Grandfather headed back to Hyrule Castle. "Now my Boy we will have the feast of a life time, your Grandfather and I are good friends so he is invited too" the King told him with a smile on his face. Link knelt down in front of him.
"Thank you your madjesty, I look forward to it". He said politley.
"Gyahaha! There is no need for that my Boy, you dont kneel to anyone, I should be kneeling to you except my knees arent too good. Hahaha" the King motioned him to rise "We are equals Hero, don't forget that" he said. Although Link was honoured he didnt believe it. Firstly the King called him "boy" to frequent for them to be equal and he is also the most powerful man in the world, he was above Link in every reguard.

Later that night, the feast was prepared, The King sat next to his wife, a beautiful woman and Zelda to his other side. Link and his Grandfather sat opposite them on the long table with many noble looking people all around the side. Link didnt know who any of them were but he pretended he did but what he did not pretend to do was eat politely. Link and his Grandfather scoffed down the food fastly and with no dignity, to the disgust of everyone there excpet for the King and the amused Zelda.

Link and his Grandfather Smith looked up after the meal, Link wasnt embarassed until his Grandfather burped.
"Sorry folks. I have bad digestion" he said to break the ice but Link was bright red. Luckily the feast didnt continue for much longer. Link thanked everyone and expressed how it was the nicest meal he has ever had.


Link was sranding on a balcony with Zelda.
"Have you thought about what you do now?" She asked, staring at the beautiful moon. He was stunned, he had never given it a thought.
"No. I don't know. I used to just know I was going to be a Balck Smith like my Grandfather, when everything changed my focus was on saving you and defeating Vaati. I havent had time to think about what I want" he said to her.

"Young Hero!" A voice boomed from behind him. He turned around to see the King walk over. "May I speak with you a moment. I have something to offer you" he asked even though it was hardly an option. Zelda took no words from her Father and dismissed her self. "You and my Daughter are close are you not?" He asked him.
"Erm. Yes. We have known each other a long time" he said wondering where this was going.
"Do you love her?" He asks and Link goes bright red. How does he answer this? Can he say yes to the King? Can he lie? Link panicked.
"I mean yeah... she is beautiful and we are close and..." he stuttered and the King laughed.
"Say no more Boy. I have one more question for you. How would you like to marry my Daughter?" He asked boldly, making Links heart smash against his ribcage.

Link thought. Sure, he did love Zelda. He had fantisised about marrying her before any of this happened but never thought the oppertunity would come. His initial impulse was yes but did Zelda have a say? Was this a timed offer? Did he have a choice?
"Well... well yes but... but I am only 13 your Magesty" he said to an unpleased King.
"I was married at 16. It is not too much older Boy. My Daughter is ready. I know this is a lot to throw on you at once. My apologies. I shall give you until tomorrow morning to decide, if you decline, then I shall find another suitor" he said which almost felt like a threat.

The King left and a short while later Zelda walked in destraught.
"What the hell was that!?" She raised her voice in anger as she walked towards Link. Link gulped.
"I... I am sorry Zelda I am just not ready too.." he was cut off by her kissing him on the lips. She broke the kiss.
"I am angry at my Father dumby. I love what you did. And I love what you said" she smiled and Link was bright red.

"Come on Link. I have somewhere quiet we can talk". She told him as the pulled him by the hand. The exited the Castle grounds through a secret passage way and made their way to a Temple that was isolated from the rest of the Kingdom. "This is the Temple of Time. It was built by a Sage many centuries ago. It is said this is the Birthplace of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

The two entered the Temple, inside it was shiny and white. A huge door stood at the far side in front of a pedestal.
"Wow! This place is cool" Link expressed as his voice bounced off the walls in an echo. Link and Zelda sat down and talked about there situation. Zelda also doesnt want to be married at 13 and her Father has never brought it up with her once. She wants Link but not now, but if she... rather Link doesnt take the offer then she will be married off to some random person.

The sit in the steps together, just enjoying each others company. Zelda was first to fall asleep. Her head laying beautifully in his lap. Link smiled but eventually he fell to sleep.


Link opened his eyes to black void with blue lights wooshing past him. "What the? Where am I?" He thought out loud.
"You are in time its self" a voice echoed.
"Who are you? Where are you?" Link asked confused about everything.
"Haha, well.... thats a tough one. I am nowhere, my body ceases to be in the material world but my spirit lives on in you." The voice got closer and out of the darkness walked Link... another Link. "Hello Hero of the Minish, I am the Hero of Men...." he said stunning Link. He looked exactly the same as him except wore no hat.
"The Hero of Men? The Hero before me? Why do you look exactly like me and why are you here?" Link asked only scratching the surface of questions.
"The Spirit of the Hero is born time and time again, reincarnated to save the land from evil. I guess because of that we look similar. Its because of this unique posision that in sacred places like the Temple of Time, if you listen closely, all of us echo through time. Mellenia in the future, the hero will be able to rely on knowledge from the begining of time to help with what ever evil plauges the land" the Hero of Men explained.

Link was silent a moment.
"I mean, I defeated Vaati,I have no real questions really..." Link said but the Hero of Men smiled.
"Just becasie your duty as a Hero has ended doesnt mean you wont have struggles. Any question I will answer as well as I can, no matter how trivial. And I am sure those before me will do the same". The Hero of Men explained to Link who smiled back.

"Okay. Well I love Zelda. I adore her. She knows that. But the King wants us to get married now but I am 13, I dont want to get married now and neither does she. I could call it off and loose my chance to be with her and she will get to live more of her childhood without being married but maybe being forced to marry someone else. I want to be with her, but not right now" Link said wondering if the Hero of Men could be of help.
"This maybe isnt the answer you were hoping for but I think you should marry her. I was 13, your age when I died. I only got to know Zelda breifly before that and when I saw her I knew I wanted to spend my life with her but all I got was a kiss..I died before getting a real chance at happiness. Life is short, take the chance while it is there" he said remenising on that one kiss.

"Dont listen to him, he lacks life experience" a deeper voice was heard and the Hero of Men vanished, in his place a more grown up Link stepped forward. "I am the Hero of Skies, nice to meet you" he said with a smile and Link smiled back.
"This is so cool, I should come here more often, I wanna hear stories from ages past, but anyway, what do you think?" Link asked the older and wiser Link.

"Well I was friends with Zelda all my life and the sexual tension I felt through my teenage years with her was unbelievable. I couldnt get her out of my mind but we got together at 18 and had beautiful children and it was worth the wait. I dont know if I would have made the right life choices if we had acted upon our feelings at 13 especially. I know you probably think you are quite mature right now, every 13 year old does, but I promise when you are 18 you will look back and realise how you were wrong". He said to the child in front of him. Link smiled, at the Legend before him.
"Thanks, I wonder what the guy before you thinks" Link said making the Hero of Skies frown.
"I really dont know, he is a hard judge of character but if you want some stories, man he has some of the best" he said with the smile returning to his face as he vanished.

Another Link walked forward before sitting down. It didnt look normal sitting down as there was no ground in this void to speak of.
"You wanna know if I think you and Zelda should hook up huh?" He said cutting straight to the point and Link intimidatingly nodded. "Well I am the First Link. Hylia's Chosen Hero, I never knew her as Zelda, I knew her as the beautiful Godess Hylia" he said, facinating Link. "Much like the Hero of Men, I never got the chance of having a family but with Hylia that would have been impossible, no mortal can wish to have a family with a Godess. But we did share one night together and I am sorry to say, you will never feel anything close to as good as that" he said smirking at Link. "You need to do what you think is right kid. The Hero of Skies had a perfect life really, he cant tell you from a place of struggle but the Hero of Men tragically died as a Boy, unable to give adult advice. Make the choice for your self" he said as he vanished, the whole void around him suddenly disapearing and Link opened his eyes on the hard, stony floor of the Temple of Time.

Link had made his mind up, he knew what he wanted to do. Zelda was still asleep on his lap. His back ached from the uncomfortable position. He looked up at the windows and saw the bright sunlight peirce through. It was morning and the King wanted his answer. More so, soon everyone would be wondering where Zelda was.

He shook her awake softly.
"Zelda. Zelda. Wake up" he insisted before her eyes opened. It only took a few seconds before they were as wide as saucers.
"Oh no. I was here a night. My Dad is gonna kill me!" She said in concern but Link grabbed her shoulders.
"Before you run home I have both a story and a question" he said and she breathed to relax and then looked him in the eyes.

He explained what he saw at night. He told her he saw his past lives. Normally she would take some convincing but not this time.
"The exact same thing happened to me. I saw my past lives.... I mean... I was once a Goddess..." she told him and he smiled.
"You still are!" He said and she blushed, hittimg him lightly on the arm.
"Stop it you." She said, flattered but slightly annoyed he ruined the moment. "What were you going to ask? I imagine it has something to do with the advice you got" she asked him and he nodded.

"I want to marry you. I love you Zelda. But not now. I want to wait until adulthood. How about we run away. If we run away together we can do what we want" he said opptamistically.
"Link, of you get caught do you realise the trouble you will be in?" She warned him but he grabbed her hands.
"Its worth it for you. So what do you say?" He asks. There is a long delay but she looks up and smiles.
"Lets do it!"

Chapter Text

Link and Zelda snook out. Link had excellent skills at sneaking around and not getting caught whilst Zelda had the knowledge of the Castle Grounds layout. They made the perfect team. Once they were on the open roads they headed north east.

"Where are we going?" Zelda asked him as he lead her up a mountain side.
"Somewhere I found, no one will find us" he replied with a smile and she returned it. After a few exhausting hours they reached the peak of the Veil Falls.
"Wow! The veiw is beautiful!" She exclaimed, getting Link's attention.
"Yeah. I have seen this veiw before but Ezlo was pretty naggy about getting a move on so I never had time to appreciate this. But you think this is good..." he said making her turn to see what the excitment was about and she wasnt impressed.

Link was leaning against a small pillar, about his own height.
"What is it?" She asked and he frowned.
"Call your self the Princess of Hyrule and you dont know about it Legends..." he said and she was shocked. How could Link know a legend she didnt? "I'm joking. I didnt give it a second look until Ezlo told me about it" he smirked and Zelda giggled. "Its apparently called a "Bird Statue. Its hard to make out from its age but its supposed to represent a ancient bird people used to ride around on. I wasnt sure to beilve it but I saw the Hero of Skies back at the Temple of Time... this must have been what he used" he excitedly told her.

"Oh. Hylia did send the people of the old world to the Skies but... but how could you know this is what he used?" She asked before stopping to think. "Ezlo?" She asked and he nodded.
"We could use it. Come over here" he said, offering his hand out. She accepted it and he put his arm around her waist and touched the statue. The second he did it lit up, the bird features becoming more prominent. "Hold on!" He said as she gripped him and he held on to his hat as the updraft skyrocketed them upwards.

Link used his hat like he had used Ezlo, as a balloon basically. They wooshed up into the air, Zelda screaming as she gripped to Link tighter than she had gripped anything in her life. Eventually they were above the clouds and they stopped accending, instead floating. "You alright?" He asked and Zelda laughed in fear.
"Get us down!" She screamed and Link spotted a little island floating in the clouds.
"Thats what I was looking for!" He exclaimed and began drifting towards it.

They neared the small island. Zelda astonished that despite the Legends, there was still islands in the Sky. The island had a decayed looking wooden building. It was round in shape and although most the paint work had decayed leaving it a brown colour, a little orange remained. They landed. Everything seemed destroyed due to age and weather, not helping by the fact it was mostly made by wood.

"You know how to get us down. Right Link!" She panicked and he smiled.
"Yeah, yeah. We just float down" he said and she frowned, hoping he was joking.
"I should have changed into something that isnt a royal dress, this isnt smart adventure garb" she sulked and Link looked over to her. Her hair was messy and her dress was dirty at the bottom.
"Look. Zelda. I am sorry. But look at this! You wanted a veiw and well. Frankly you are not gonna get better than floating islands in the sky!" He told her, offering a hand up and a smile. You took both.
"Thank you Link." She hugged him "Its beautiful".

"What do you think this was anyway?" She asked as they walked through the decayed structure. The remains of what seemed like tables and chairs lay scattered and not a lot more.
"I have no idea but... its amazing." He said as he picked up a picture frame. He tried to wipe the dust off to get a lool but the image had faded.
"CAAAWWWW" they heard from outside making them both jump. They looked at each other and Link nodded, taking the lead.

They exited the ruins out the back and a Majestic Red Bird stood in front of them.
"Wooooww. Its beautiful" Zelda exclaimed as she forgot her fear and put her hand on its beak.
"Zelda I dont know if you should...." he said but the Bird looked pleased.
"Link, do you think these are thr Legendary Loftwings?" She said as Link gazed at it. He had never seen this Bird in his life but it felt familiar. He trusted in Zelda's theory and walked behing it. As he did the Bird lowered its self, ready for Link to get on.
"You want me on your back?" He asked the Bird and it nodded.
"Alright. Come on Zelda!" He said as the both got on.

"Cyaaaa" it screeched as it wooshed up into thr air with one flap of its wings. Zelda screames and gripped onto Link's back as he laughed.
"Are you sure this is safe Link?" Zelda asked, raising her voice so he could hear him past the wooshing wind.
"Sure... I think... I think I used to do this all the time" he called back to her. Her hair blew in the wind, she giggled and gripped a hold of his back. She had to admit, it felt nice and it felt nice being close to him.

They continued to soar through the skies, passing many islands that once had importance but now were all in decay. It was almost like the Loft Wing was giving them a tour of the skies. It circled an island with a tree on it a few time. It was pretty secluded and the tree looked ancienct. The bird swooped towards it and landed ontop of the tree where and oppening between the leaves was that allowed it to land steady.
"Cool. Its some kind of den." Link said hoping off the bird and helping Zelda off. Out of some leaves a blue Loftwing emerges with two little purple chicks.
"Aaaawww. They are so cute." Zelda stated as she handed them an apple that they wasted no time gobbeling down.
"Zelda. Look at this!" he said as she turned to they Boy that seemed pretty uninterested in what was going on with the Birds. She walked up to him and he was looking at a think branch. On the brance their was a few carvings. One of which said "The Zelink Den" and the other had a heart around it saying "Link + Zelda". Zelda blushed and Link pulled her close. "Are we destined to be together or something? Like, it looks like our past lives where together and well... we are... right?" he said a bit embarassed and she gave him a light kiss.
"Yeah, maybe we will always be together" she said and they looked back at the birds. " I know this sounds silly but I recognise that blue one" she said but Link shakes his head.
"No, I felt the same about the Crimson one. I think we owned them in the past" he said and the birds both nodded and Link and Zelda laughed. "Looks like my theory is correct then".


They spent the day with the Loftwings but eventually time came for them to return. The Loftwing guided them below the clouds and was quick in reaching the surface it landed on the soft sand below. The two got off it.
"Thank you old friend" Link said and it hugged its face into him and he laughed. "Yeah, yeah. I'll miss you two" he said as it stepped back. Like previously it flapped its wings and accended into the sky. The two watched it fly away until it was out of sight. "This has to be one of the best days of my life..." Link said turning to Zelda who looked concerned.
"It would be if.... if we knew where the hell we were!" She screamed as the two looked  around to the never ending desert.

Chapter Text

"Zelda. Zelda. Relax. It is going to be okay. We will be fine" link reasured he but she looks at him annoyed.
"Oh yeah, how it is going to be okay? How do we get out of here? Do you even know which way is north?" she asked and he sighs.
"I don't know... I'll think of something. Okay, this is less than ideal and yes I don't know what we should do yet but panicing and arguing will not help one bit okay? So just come with me, we will walk and who knows, we may find a camel or something" he says in the most reassuring voice but Zelda is not the least bit convinced.

The walk for miles, in the blistering heat. Link gave Zelda is cap to protect her from the heat, she looked pretty ridoculous in it but Link knew he would fair better in the sun than she would. She curesed herself for leaving in Roayl Clothing. Her dress and shoes were not made for the desert and the dress was filthy. After a few hours they saw something up ahead. "Zelda look! Help!. Someone to help us!" he said and Zelda looked up in hope but then frowned.
"No, Link... they are not help... they are Gerudo Bandits!" she said in fear but Link looked at her in confusion.
"Gerudo Bandits?" he questioned and she nodded.
"A Tribe or Women who live in the Desert, they raid Hyrule every so often in the search for Men to.... well.... breed with" she said and Link gulped.

The figures got closer and Link could tell they were riding on the back of Giant Boar like creatures. They eventually got close enough to start surrounding the duo.
"Which one of us should do they talking?" Link asked her,
"Me, I'll do it" she said as one Gerudo walked near them.
"Soooo. What do we have hear. Its not often we get Hylians this far in the desert" The Woman sneered.
"I am Princess Zelda, Princess of Hyrule and this is the Hero of Legend Link. We were on a journey and ended up here by accident. If you help us get back to Hyrule then I am sure the King will give you a great reward". She said and the group laughed.
"Hmm. You are not wrong. Okay, you will have to come with us first, we need to discuss this with the King. Girls!" She shouted too three of her allies as they jumed off the boar. They grabbed Link from behind and pushed him to the ground, quickly tying his hands behind his back.
"What the hell are you doing?" he growled and the leader laughed.
"LINK!" Zelda screamed as one of the warriors grabbed her and tied her hands up more easily.

They were thrown onto the back of two seperate Boars and Link struggled.
"No need to struggled, we have no intention of hurting you but yet again, we can't just trust you are telling the truth. Sit back and relax and all will be good". The leader said to him.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" He snarled and she hit him on the back of the head.
"The name is Neeba, Neeba of the Gerudo and you will show more respect, especially to our King. King, Gonan." She declaread as they rode off the way they came.


Some heavy iron gates lifted and the Gerudo entered their fortress. The two prisoners were dragged into the Prison and they were pushed into a cell. Link was stripped off all his weapons and his feet were chained together by two iron restraits. There was a single chair and Link let Zelda sit on it, as she did she threw him his cap back.
"I am sorry Zelda. This is my fault". he said in despair and she didn't entirely disagree but she was also responsible.
"We both got a little over our heads.. I mean we are kust kids... we should never have run away like that" She said to him and he knew she was right. They sat in silence for most of the time, Link looking out a barred window and taking in his suroundings, watching the guards patrol routes as well as looking for potential blind spots. He figured out a hypathetical escape route in the event that he somehow escaped this cell.

After sometime the cell door squeecked oven and one of the Gurads pulled Zelda to her feet and began dragging her.
"Hey! Where are you taking her?" Link called in anger as he moved forward before being butted down by the blunt end of a spear.
"To the King. Not that he concerns you because you are never going to see her again" the Woman harshly spoke.
"LINK!" She called i vein as the two were seperated and out of veiw from each other. Link hit the floor in anger as the cell door closed. He needed to get out.


Zelda was gragged to the top of the Fortress to a regal looking room. She was pushed to the ground and as she looked up a Man wearing dark baggy trousers and no shirt with long red locks towered above her.
"So. You are the Princess of Hyrule huh? No need to fear me Girl. I am going to take you back to your Father unharmed." he said but Zelda was not put to ease by his words.
"Just... just please return me and Link home. My Father will reward you!" she begged and he smirked.
"Yes, yes of course. That is my intention of course. I have no use for keeping you here. I will do as I say... but... Link, you said hsi name was? He wont be joining you" he told her.
"WHAT? Why?" she cried out and he sat back down.
"Well I assume a Princess of Hyrule knows of our culture. Only one male is born into the Gerudo Tribe in a Century. We gained our negative reputation amounst you Hylians for kidnapping Men but this was all for our own survival afterall. We need men to survive. I mean I do my fair share of course but we don't want our tribe to imbred do we. So thats what he will be here for. We will keep him as a sex slave for our Women. Especially since he is the Hero of Legend, what strong blood he must have" he explained and Zelda was horrified.
"You think my Father will let you get away with this!" she threatened and he laughed.
"Ha. Hell no. He would have be beheaded in an instant... but thats why your Father will hear nothing of this. We are going to wipe your memory of Link's location. He will just be the Hero that went missing now". He told her and she burst out crying. "Ugh. Take her to the carriage and wipe her memory. Make sure she remembers enough so the King wont be suspecious." he ordered his guards and she was dragged out of the throne room.

Link was informed about his new future of being the Gerudo's play thing and Zelda was taken away with some of her memories gone. Last thing she remembered she was in the Temple of Time with Link and now she was sitting in a carriage being escorted home by the Gerudo Tribe. She tried hard to remember what had happened but there was no use. Link was told this too and he hated that the Gerudo robbed her of the day they spent together in the Sky.

The Gerudo rode into Hyrule, making the Hylians cower in fear and instantly getting a lot of attenion from the Knights. They came on Horses as their Boars would cause more trouble than its worth but they were still blocked at the Gates of the Castle by the Knights.
"State your business!" a Knight shouted, rightfully looking nervous as he held a spear to the neck of the Gerudo King. He smirked.
"I have your Princess" he siad as he pointed behind him to the car where she waved out the window.
"I am alright. Let them through" she ordered. The Knight didn't know if the Princess had that much say but he did anyway but many Knights followed him through and some went to spread the word to the King.

The got through security and the Princess was taken away by some Knight and then Gonan and a few Gerudo Women were sent before the King.
"Thank you deeply for returning my Daughter to me safely." The King boomed over him.
"Of course your majesty, it is an honour" he lied to the King befroe him.
"I am trouble though... my Daugher has no memory of what happened to her and the Hero is missing. Please explain to me where my Daughter was found" the King asked in a way that wasn't really an ask.
"Well, some of my tribe where wandering the desert and just... found her there passed out. We knew right away from her clothing she was apart of the Royal family so we thought it best to return her" he told the King.
"For a reward no doubt?" the King smirked and Gonan smirked too.
"I wont deny it would be nice" he smuggle said.
"Very well, we will talk terms. Shame you have no knowledge of the Hero. We would be able to offer more if he was found" the King said in hopes he would get a reaction from the Gerudo King but he stayed silent.
"I am sorry, I do not know where the Hero is. If I learn something I will let you know but if he was in the desert with the Princess then.... I mean it was lucky she was alive, especially alone" he told the King. That part was true, not many survived the harsh desert.


Link's arms dangled out the window. All he could think about was how to escape but no methods came to mind. He wasn't going to sit here and just let the Gerudo do what they wanted with him. He regretted running away with Zelda, maybe he should have just accepted the King's offer and married her then. Instead she will end up getting married off to someone that doesn't love her as much as him and he is going to sit and be the Gerudo's little sex slave. No. He won't let that happen.
He hears a creak behind him and his cell door was pushed open. A Girl, maybe his age, maybe a little over walked in with a tray full of food and water.
"I was ordered to give you this at this time" she said in a dull voice. "You are not what I expected or hoped for" she complained. Link looked at her and saw an oppertunity. This is probably going to be the easiest one to manipulate. If he was ever going to break free it was now when Gonan was away.

"Oh yeah? What was it you hoped for?" he said with a grin as he leaned against the wall. She went a little red.
"Well... I don't know. More of a Man. I have never seen a Man before besides our King. I am bored of Girls all the time and hoped for... more but hey. I guess beggars can't be choosers right?" she said and he frowned.
"Hey, come on. You haven't seen what is down here yet!" he said lowering his eyes to his crotch. It got a smirk out of her and she steps further in and locks the cell behind her. She walks over to him and places the tray by his feet. She presses her hand against it which ade him feel hot and guilty.
"Hmm. Guess you are not lying then huh" she said as she began to unfasen his belt.
"Shit!" he thought to him self. This is escelating to quickly. He stepped back and she looked confused. I am not going to let you just suck me off. Its all or nothing. Unlock these leg resraints and I'll show you a good time" he smirked and she frowned.
"How stupid do you think I am?" she said putting her hands on her hips. He stepped forward and grabbed her breast.
"Not stupid at all. Just needing of a Man" he whispered in her ear.

She stepped away and looked at him. She was conflicted. She looked around the room. She then smirked.
"Okay. I have a sollution then" she bend down and undone one leg restaint, as he expected her to move to the other one she fatened the loose one around her own leg and locked it. "Now you are stuck to me" she grinned as she took the small key and swallowed it. "Can't really try and escape now can you?" He smiled but inside he was angry. Damn. Had he screwed up his chance. No... just a set back. He guided her down to the ground and got inbetween her legs. His left hand searching the ground for something.
"Sorry about this" he said and he saw her breif moment of confusion before he hit her head hard with the metal tray, knocking her out.

He felt awful but knew he needed to escape. He grabbed the door key from her waist and picked up the unconscious girl and thre her over his shoulder. She wasn't particuarly heavy for a person but still a weight he didn't need crossing the desert. But he had no choice. He exited the cell and found a Simitar by the wall. Not his weapon of choice but it would have to do. Link carried the Girl through the fortress, it was surprisingly quiet but he still had to avoid some guards. If this girl woke up he was done for. He made his way down the stone steps that led to a ring full of the Green Boars. He threw the Girl on clumsily as he tried to pull him self up at the same time. He whipped the spurs to make it go but it lead back before rappidly charging.

"What the!?" The Girl screamed as she woke up and Link just held on tightly. The alarms went off and he was sure the Gerudo would be after him in a heart beat. "What the hell are you doing? Are you kidnapping me?" she asked him as she pulled as her Link that was stuck to his.
"You can go at anytime. You are stuck to me. Not the other way around" he told her and she thought about it.
"No way! They would kill me if I let you go!" she snapped at him and he shrugged.
"Suit your self" he said as the Boar showed no signs of stopping.

Link's hat blew in the breeze and her desert style skirt mirrored its actions. She looked behind her and the Gerudo were on their trail. An arrow went wizzing by her face and she screamed. She was nearly killed by her own people. Did they care? Link hit the spurs to speed up and the Boar crossed the flimsy wooden bridge that served as the border between Hyrule and Gerudo. They were soon on the open feilds of Hyrule and she sighed at its beauty. She had never been this far and she had never seen so much green, green that was being ruined by every heavy footstep of the Boars.

As they got closer to Hyrule Feid she got more excited. Was their going to be more Boys there. Would she be able to live more freely. The thoughts she shoved away in the privacy of her own life had came forward and seemed more like a possiblity. She began encouraging Link in her head. She frowned.
"Boy, be honest. Will I be spared by the King of Hyrule if I help you?" she asked and Link turned around to her and looked her in the eyes.
"Our King is merciful, he will not kill you like your own King would. I will put in a good word for you and you will be given freedom if you help me out" he told her and she could tell he wasnt lying. She grabbed her cut and regurgatated the key up, something Link found disgusting. She unchained her leg first and then leaned forward to his.
"Do not betray me again!" she said and Link turned around,
"Reality check. You had me in chains" he told her and she shrugged.


The Boar he was on ran through Hyrule Town, throught the street markets as they got chase from the Gerudo Bandits. "Sorry, coming through!" Link shouted as he was sure he made some damage. The Bandits were catching up to them. "Girl... erm... what ever your name is. Take this!" Link shouted to her as he handed her the Scimitar. She wondered if this was a test, but no, there is no doubt she could kill Link right here and now so he just trusted her.
"The name is Alana" she said as she stood up on the back of the unsteady Boar. It was apparent at this point the Gerudo knew she had batrayed them so they fired at her, she dodged a few arrows and blocked some with the scimitar. She looked a head and saw a sign hanging from a arch way. She jumped over Link and sliced the rope holding it. The speed of the Boar allowed her to land were she was and she caught the wooden sign and used it as a sheild.
One of the Bandits were directly behind them and she stood up. The Boar ran to the side and the 13 year old Girl glared at the older Gerudo Woman. She pulled out her Scimitar and went to strike Alana. She blocked it with her own blade whilst using her other arm to block stray arrows. Their blades clashed repeatedly. She saw another archway coming up with a bell attached the top of it. She grinned before leaping forward and slicing the bell off. Link has time to dodge to the left of the bell but the Gerudo Woman had no such luck as the bell smashed into her and the Boar, senting them flying.
They exited the Town and came up the Castle.
"Alana, take control!" He orderd as she leaned her arms around him to garb the reigns. "GUARDS! OPEN THE GATES! ITS ME! THE HERO OF THE MINISH!" he shouted too them and the guards on the walls must have confirmed it was him as the Gates begun opening. They approached quickly. Arrows flying past them towards the Gerudo Women. By the screech of the Boars and the gastly scream of the Women, Link assumed they had been hit.
"LINK! The Boar wont slow down!" She paniced as they were rapidly approaching the slow moving gates.
"Screw this. Hold on!" He told her before he put an arm around her waist and jumped off the side of the Boar, holding on tightly to one of the Reings and used his legs to keep him self held onto the speeding beast. They ducked ast the Boar was low enough to get under the gate and they were saved. Link lost his grip and they scrapped across the ground, Link braking her fall by taking it all him self. A nearby hedge stopped them and the Boar went crashing into a Pond.

Link looked around at the Guards and Knights, all clearly dealing with something, the Boar, the gates, the Gerudo Bandits they had killed. Non came to their aide but Link knew it was ecause they knew who he was and knew he could handle himself. "Owww" he groaned in pain as the Girls hair was all over the place and her arms were still tightly holding him. She opened them and felt slightly embarassed that her legs were wrapped around him and she was pressed against him.
"Thank you Link" She said to him. "You had no reason to trust me but you still did. I wont let you down" she said and he smiled.
"Good to know but could you get off me please" he asked and she smiled.
"Sure, one thing first though" she said as she kissed him with all her might. Link looked surprised but couldn't deny it felt good.
"I erm... I am kinda with Zelda. All that stuff in the cell was..." he said as she laughed. She got off him and helped him up.
"Yeah, yeah. I know. It was all to escape. Trust me, I still have the bump on my head. I just wanted to know what it felt like" she smirked and Link smiled.
"Good, now we need to tell the King!" he said as they ran into the Catle.


"Your Magesty! Don't listen to the King!" Link shouted as he burst into the heavily guarded throne room. The King was shocked by this and Gonan and his Gerudo allies turned to the Boy.
"Hero! What... where were you?" he asked in shock.
"I was with Zelda, the Gerudo kidnapped us, kept me locked up as some kinda sex slave, brainwashed Zelda so she would forget and used her to gain power from you!" he shouted as Gonan stood up.
"Watch your mouth Boy. Don't you spit allegations at me!" he snarled.
"Its true though! My name is Alana. I am a Gerudo that helped Link escape. Gonan has wanted power from Hyrule for so long now!" she shouted to the King.
"Alana you Bitch! Why would you make up such ridiculous tales?" he shouted.
"ENOUGH!" The King boomed. "Knights. Let no one leave this room. Not even the Hero. I will see to something! He shouted from his balcony and walked out. The Knights surounded everyone.
"Its going to be okay Alana. I promise" he said to her.


Zelda was sitting on her bed with a Sheikah Woman who held her palm to the Princess's forhead and a glowing light appeared around it.
"Remember anything yet?" The Woman said and Zelda shook her head.
"Nothing" she told her. Suddenly the King burst in.
"Impa, you are doing it wrong. If what The Hero says is true then the Gerduo have blocked her memories using their magic. Try looking for a memory block instead of recovering memories. Impa nodded and mirrored her previous actions. Suddenly Zelda gasped.
"Link! He is in trouble!" She shouted and the King reasured her.
"My Girl, you remember what happened?" he asked and Zelda nodded.

Zelda told the King everything, and luckily it lined up with what Link had said. He gave the order for the Gerudo King and his followers to be arrested with Alana being the exception based on Link's word and her definant voice.
"Remember Alana. The Gerudo could have rose from the dry desert if you didn't help this brat. The Gerudo shall forever remain a disgrace!" He shouted as he was dragged away.
"Link, thank you, once again" the King said "We have much to talk about but I have to deal with the Gerudo King first. Girl, thank you also, I promise you shall be rewarded and you may choose to stay in Hyrule if you so choose. The people of Hyrule are a little, weary of the Gerudo so it may not be a kind world out there but I can prmise you safey" he said and she kneat before the King.
"Thank you, King... " she stuttered, not knowing if she was conforming right but the King laughed.
"Now, now. Rise. No need to be so formal. Hero, you and Alana may go see Zelda, she is waiting for you" he told him and he smiled.
"Thank you Highness" he said as he left the room with Alana to go and see Zelda at last.

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The heat was unbarable to the Hylians but Gonan and his followers coped. They were in chains and were dragged out further than they had ever explored before in this desert but he knew exactly where they were heading. The Arbiter's Grounds.
"So what if my crimes were for power. I never killed anyone. I never killed that Boy and I never hurt the Girl. You cannot send me here!" He shouted at the man in charge.
"Oh, so you know where this place is then huh? Oh man I bet you are scared shittless then huh?" The Man smirked too him. "You know, this place was built by my ancestors, well, acroding to Legend that is. Apparently some dark clones were sent here a long long time ago. Who knows, maybe they are nice" he said as Gonan snarled.
"Lord, where are they taking us? What will happen" The Women asked him but he remained silent, a fact that scared them even more.

They arived at the sight and the Women were tied up to the Black Rock first, non of them knowing what would happen. The Knight in charge stepped onto a platform and smiled.
"Gerduo Warriors. You are being charged with harming the Princess of Hyrule, Kidnapping and inslaving the Hero of the Minish, attacking Hyrule Town and planning to gain more power in Hyrule. You are now sentences to the Twilight Realm!" he said as he stepped onto the circular platform. The Mirror lit up and shined upon the Rock as a gateway oppened. The Women looked at each other in fear before their bodies were torn appart and sucked into the portal. "Any last word Gonan?" The Man spoke calmly but all he did was flail and drag hsi feet, doing everything in his power to avoid touching the light.
"NO! NOOOOO! You can't do this too me. This is a punishment worse than Death. You can't send me to damnation!" He screamed, tears forming in his eyes.
"You are free to kill your self once you enter the Twilight Realm" the Man saild calmly. "You will be an example to all your decendents that try to grab power from Hyrule". He spoke as the Gerudo King was pushed into the light.
"PLEEAASSEE!" He screamed before his body was torn up and absorbed by the portal...


"LINK!" Zelda screamed in joy as she hugged Link. "I was so worried". she told him in tears.
"So was I Zelda. But we are okay now. Your memories are they....?" he asked and she nodded.
"I remember everything but its weird, it feels longer ago now. Impa said it was a side effect that may go with time" she told him and he stepped back.
"This is Alana, she helped me escape. She is pretty damn good with a Scimiar if I do say so my self" Link said to Zelda as Alana walked into the room.
"Pleasure to meet you Alana, I am Princess Zelda, but just call me Zelda and also, no need to kneel when it is just us" she told the girl as she was about the kneel.
"Thank you for accepting me" she said and Zelda gave the Girl a hug.
"You helped Link escape, you have my eternal gratitude for that. Any friend of Link is a friend of me" she said as Alana smiled.

The three thirteen year olds talked for hours, Alana had never been as close to anyone like this before. She was always use to taining and learning how to rob, never just being open and talking. She had always felt different but now she felt like she belonged somehwere. Eventually the King entered.
"Hero, come with me please" he said and Link got up and left. He folowed the King and they sat down on some seats at the end of the coridoor. "You know, you and Zelda running off was probably one of the stupidest things you could have done. If Zelda wan't appart of this too then I am not sure my response would be the same.... however, I understand. I gave you and my Daughter and ultimatum that neither of you could bare to see through and for that, I apologise. I would like to offer something new. Link, I will allow you and Zelda to marry when you are adults, I should not have forced this difficult question upon you" he explained and Link knelt in front of the King. "Link... I have told you. No bowing." and Link stood up.
"I am sorry but thank you. Thank you so much!" Link said in delight as the King stood and laughed.


A lot of time passed. Link had got his weapons back from the Gerudo Fortress and got to spend a lot of time with Zelda and Alana. Alana was being trained personally by Link to be Zelda's personal body guard. The Knights wanted her to wear typical Hylian Armour but she refused. She didn't agree with her people but still identified as a Gerduo. She wore armoured breast plates and gaunlets but kept the swift flowing skirt. She was the only Female Knight in Hyrule but excelled above the Men thanks to Link's teachings.
The three friends grew together. After Link's Grandfather passed away he sold his house and moved into the Castle with Zelda. The King wouldn't let Link sleep in the same room as Zelda until he was sixteen and it was a worthwhile wait.
The two teenagers went at it like Rabbits, screwing each other like it was their last day on Earth. Zelda was careful about not getting pregnant. She took plenty of potions to prevent such a thing as she wanted to wait until they were married. They enjoyed their teenage years together, growing up and learning as they should. Alana even managed to get a Boy Friend and moved into Link's old house with him.
When they reached Eighteen, Link proposed to Zelda. They were practically engaged before this anyway but this made is more official. They got married to the King's delight and within a year Zelda gave birth too a Girl she named Zelda. Their lives together were happy and right up until their old age, the three friends stayed that way. Right up until the end...

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The First Hero of the Four Sword
Long ago, in the Kingdom of Hyrule, a wind Sorcerer named Vaati appeared.

Vaati terrorized the people of Hyrule and kidnapped many beautiful girls from their homes.

When all hope seemed lost, a young boy carrying little more than a sword appeared.

According to the Legends, when the boy drew his sword, he split into four, the four-who-are-one worked together to vanquish Vaati.

Ther Hero used his sword to bind Vaati in a remote area of Hyrule. The people christened the blade the Four Sword and built a shrine around it. There it remained undisturved for many years.......


"Damn Link. Damn Ezlo. My plan was flawless... Link and ..... that damn cap.
What was the name.... and the Boy. His name. What was that again? The Hero. Curse you Hero.... there was also a Princess..... a Girl. Who was she? A Noble Girl. A Hero and a Noble Girl......DAMN IT! WHY DO MY MEMORIES FADE? HOW MUCH LONGER WILL I BE IN THIS ETERNAL VOID?!"....

The Castle shook. No enough for anyone notice at first. But then it shook again and again and again, each getting more violent than the last.

Zelda ran down the stone steps of the Castle as fast as she could.
"Zelda! Oh my sweet Daughter are you alright?" The King asked grabbing hold of the 15 Year old girl that came running through the Castle.
"I am fine Father. But the sound. Its coming from the Courtyard". She said in concern. The King and Zelda hurried to the Courtyard in the centre of the Castle along with some Gurads and some Sheikah keeping a watch from a respectable distance.

When they made their way to the Courtyard the enterance to the Picori Shrine was open.
"No. This shouldnt be open. The festival was only three years ago and the door only opens once a year. Zelda without feal hurried inside, the King and Knights pacing after her. As they entered the rumbling echoed around the Shrine as the Four Sword in the centre of the room violently shook.

"NOBLE GIRLS AND HERO! DIE" A deep voice was heard coming from the Sword. Dark Clouds stsrted to pour out before suddenly they errupted into the air. They formed into a ball and once they formed a menacing eye opened in the center. "How long have I slept?" The demon asks directly to the King who is shielding his Daughter.
"I am not sure Demon, but what ever you want, it doesnt have to be vile. We can come to an undersranding" the King says in hope that the beast will listen.
"Hahaha. Do you take Vaati, the Wind mage as a fool. You wouldnt hand over this Kingdom without a fight. And thats what is going to happen. Girl. I know we met before, maybe in a past life. Let it be known I will be back for you, I will collect my Brides first. So long..... Princess Zelda" the Demon spoke up before smashing though the room and flying off.

"Send out teams to find the monster, kill it on sight!" The King ordered the Knights.
"The Hero. If there is a time we need him it is now". Zelda shut her eyes and pressed her clenched fists together. "Hero. If you can hear me, Hyrule needs your help" she thought in hopes of reaching out to the Hero.....


"HYA!" The Boy dressed in green roared as he tugged on the fishing rod and pulling out a Giant Loach.
"Link.... thats the Hylian Loach. No one in History has been known to catch that, you are as skilled a fisherman as your Father was". Link's Uncle says to him, patting him on the back. Suddenly a tremor was felt and a gust of wind came from no where, knocking the boat over and freeing the Loach.

"The hell was that? Most of Hyrule should have felt it" he said helping Link out of the water.
"Dont worry Uncle, it was probably nothing". He said calmly.
"Just as laid back as your Father too" he muttered to him self. As his Uncle was pulling the boat out the water Link heard a voice.
"Hero. If you can hear me, Hyrule needs your help" it said.
"You alright Link?" His Uncle asked as he shook his head.
"I heard a voice, it was calling for me. I think  it came from Hyrule Castle". He said but his Uncle laughed.
"Dont be ridiculous" his Uncle said but Link knew it was real and he knew it must be urgent.
"Sorry. I have to go check it out". He said as he ran off.
"Link! Get back here. Where are you going?!" His Uncle called out to him as he vanished over the hills.


"No. Daddy! Help!" A Young Woman in a purple dress with Black hair screamed as the Black Claw of Vaati gripped her tightly.
"Give her back you Monster!" The Dad shouted at the Wind Mage as he charged at it with a spear. With no effort, Vaati shot a beam from his eye and took the Father's head clean off. As the Daughter looked in shock at the decapitated Body of her Dad the Wind Mage laughed.
"Wow, thats a lot of blood huh? I dunno where his head is at, probably in millions of peices" is snickered at the crying girl.
"Let me go!" A voice was heard as in another hand was a girl in a blue dress, also with black hair but hers went down further than the other girls.

"Quiet, Town Girl!" It said shaking her slightly. "Where to next?" The Demon said as it flew off, both Girls in hand....


Link was running through Hyrule feild when he saw a pillar of smoke coming from both Hyrule Town and Kakariko Village but then saw a dark ball like creature fly off from Kakariko Village and it headed West. Link headed to Hryule Town, where he hoped to get answers.

As he arived in Hyrule Town it was trashed. Buildings were on fire, burned corpses as well as people with missing limbs bleeding out on the street, it was horrible. Link ran straight through, past the carnage and to the gates of Hyrule Castle where two guards blocked him.

"Not being funny kid but you think we would just let you in on a good day?" One asked with its spear pointed at the 16 year old boy.
"But I....." Link said, realising there was nothing he could say to convince the guard to let him through.
"Let him through". And Old Woman called from within the grounds.
"But Lady Impa...." the guard protested to the scowl of the Elder. He sighed and withdrew his weapon. "Go on in..." he moaned as Link ran in.
"The Princess is waiting for you." The Old Woman smiled to a shocked Link.
"The Princess is waiting for me!?" Link said shocked as the Old Woman nodded, guiding the Boy inside.

Impa guided Link through the Castle, through the courtyard and too the Picori Shrine where they headed in. Stood rhere was a beautiful blonde girl in a pink dress. Link didnt have to ask who that was. As she turned around she smiled.
"You got my message Hero" she said with a smile.
"That... that was you?" He said shocked as she walked to him and shook his hand.
"I am Princess Zelda. I wish we could have met in better circumstances but the fate of Hyrule is on your hands" she said urgently.
"That Bat thing?" Link asked as Zelda frowned.
"You saw Vaati? Which way did he go?" Zelda asked.
"West. I saw it fly from Kakariko. Whats going on?" He asked totally lost. Zelda nodded to Impa who left, assumably to update the Knights on the location of Vaati.

"Long ago, an evil mage tried to take over this Kingdom but the Hero of the Minish sealed it away in this balde" Zelda said pointing to the Blade. "Its called the Four Sword, it splits the body of the user into four. Today, Vaati broke from its seal, it was confused from being trapped for so long but it is slowly regaining its memories. It devastated Hyrule town, kidnapped a local girl named Ashlee and flew off too Kakariko where is assumably done the same. It said it would be back for me, I dont know when that will be. Dont worry about me though, Link, you need to stop Vaati and seal it away, back into the Four Sword" Zelda said to the Boy who was trying to take it all in.
"Why me though, and how do you know my name?" He asked and Zelda smiled.
"Link. You are the reincarnated Hero. It is your destiny to stop Vaati".....


"Hyahaha! You are my favourite" the Wind mage laughed as the Red headed Girl in an Orange dress was stabbing his thrid arm with a knife to no effect.
"You are going to be sorry you messed with a Gerudo!" She screamed at it as a canonball hit it, knocking it into the mountainside. It kept a grip on the three girls, non injured bur Vaati was mad. It turned to the cannon mounted ontop of a small cliff side where two Gerudo Women fired a second canonball.

Vaati moved out of the way of this one with ease and fired a beam onto the bottom of the ledge they were mounted on forcing it to collapse as the two women fell to their death.
"Only one more bride left before the Princess herself". Vaati laighed flying away once more.


"You sure I am the one? What if I am the wrong person?" Link asked standing in front of the Four Sword.
"Well.... I dont know. No one but the Hero has attemped to weild the blade. It might kill you. Who knows" Zelda said thinking before realising she was traumatizing the Boy. "Dont worry. I am 99% sure you are the Hero" she said .

"Dont be that 1%" he said in fear as he grabbed the hilt, pulled it out and held it aloft. He felt a buzzing sensation as his vision went white for a moment before coming back. "Wow!" He said hearing an echo before it dawned on him that the noise came from next to him. He looked to his left and saw him self. Three of him self, one in Red, one in Blue and one in Purple. Each of them looking at each other in confusion.
"It worked!" The purple one cheered
"I was gonna say that" the red one said
"And that" he blue one said
As Link, the green one stood in silence, having all those thoughts.

"Link? You alright?" A shocked looking Princess asked as all four turned to her.
"No not really. This is going to be exhausting. How am I meant to cooperate with three versions of my self?" Green asked, the other three understanding his thoughts said nothing. They took a moment.
"We share a mind Green" Purple said
"If we all concentrate we can organise our thoughts" Red said.
"But theee is really no time!" Zelda interupted. "I know this is weird but Vaati needs to be stopped. You Four can do it. Now stop wasting time. Go!" Zelda ordered as the Four Links nodded and ran out the Castle.

As they were cutting though Castle Town a man came running through the street.
"Its heading for Forest Village!" He screamed as the Links looked at each other
"Not our Home!" Blue said as they darted off for home.....


"Sarah! No Sarah!" A pregnant Woman shouted up at the girl in the Green Dress and Blonde hair.
"Mother. Get back inside!'she screamed.
"Do as she says, run!" The Girl in the Purple Dress screamed after witnessing her own Father and the well prepared Gerudo being butchered. Their warning did no good however has Vaati blasted the Woman right in the belly.
"Two for the price of one. Look at you, you are an attractive lot arnt you" he smiled holding all three in front of him. "So we have the Hylian Ashlee, the Forest Girl Sarah and ..... what are you names again?" The Demon asked holding the Purple dressed girl and the Gerudo center.
"Luna..." the Sheikah girl said quietly and defeated while the Gerudo glared at the Monster.
"Oh you will remember the name Orella for eternity when I am done with you" she angrilly said as Vaati laughed.
"Now for the main course. Zelda". It boomed.

"Not so fast Vaati!" Four voices said in unisen. The Demon turned to see Four Heros standing with the Four Sword in hand.
"YOU! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SEALED ME AWAY!" Vaati furiously roared.
"LINK!" Sarah called in joy.
"Thats it... Link....You are going to die Link!" It said firing a beam at him but Red deflected it back. The reflected beam hit Vaati in its eye, causing it to stagger backwards and hiss.
"We should lure it away from the village, we know where" Blue said as they all nodded in agreement before running off into the deep woods.
"NOT SO FAST YOU CURSED HERO!" Vaati roared as it flew afrer them.

The four Links seperated as they ran through the woods, weaving in and out of trees while Vaati wasted no time and barged through them all, knocking them down as it flew. It was running in line with Purple as it shot at him. He rolled under the beam before Green hit it from behind before rolling away into the cover of trees. Vaati was now flying backwards, scanning the trees for the Heroes that kept popping in and out of veiw.

The Girls were not having a good time at all. Leaves and branches were hitting them as Vaati carlessly flew through the woods. He didnt want his brides injured but they were certainly not his priority at the moment.

"Here Vaati!" Green called as he stood and waved causing Vaati to snap around to his direction and fire. Before he fired Green had moved away and Blue sliced him from behind. Vaati repeated his precious action but Purple coppied Blue and then Red copied Purple. The Four Heroes were working together and hitting the beast from behind each time.

Vaati charged up a beam and fired it, spinning in cicles and slicing trees up as it went. Purple would have been hit if he had not defended him self with his sheild. The Heroes stood their ground, more visible to Vaati now as no trees were in his way but them circling him still meant he could only focus on one at a time. He extended his arms with the four Girls in and held them in the direction of the Heroes.
"You wouldn't harm these inocent women would you?" Vaati meanicingly asked as the Links frowned.
"Dont worry about hitting us if it means killing this thing!" Orella shouted but Vaati growled.
"Fine, I will collect other brides for my ceremony!" It snarled as it threw the Girls away, each Link diving to catch one of them.

"Nice catch" Ashlee said as she lay ontop of Blue.
"But incoming!" Sarah warned as Vaati powered up a blast.
"Get out of here, all of you!" Green shouted as Orella grabbed both Luna and Sarah by the hand and dragged them away from the chaos, Ashlee getting up on her own and following the Girls. The Four Links stood together and charged up their spin attack.

Vaati fired a beam towards them as the Links released their atrack, sending the power back into the beast.
"GYYAAGGHH!" Vaati screamed as it fell to the ground. The Heroes ran towards it, slashing it violently as its body was flashing rapidly.
"You ready guys?" Green said as they all nodded before jumping up and colding their blades together. The blades merged to one and all Four Links let go as the blade plunged its self into the top of Vaati on its own.

The Four Links and the Four Gilrs stared as Vaati glowed a bright light.
"DONT YOU THINK THIS IS THE END! YOU HEAR ME! I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU...AND FOR ZELDA!" It screamed before being absorbed into the blade.
The blade plunged its self down into a rock below. Vaati was sealed away.



There was silence.... the Sword was stuck in the ground and the Four Heroes took a deep breath.
"Its over" Green said as they all turned to the Girls.
"Its not over until I say it is" Ashlee said as she strode over too Blue pushing him against a tree and kissing him. Everyone was shocked, especially all the Links, who could feel the kiss to some extent.
"Why me out of all of us?" Blue said as the kiss broke off.
"Because you all look the same, so I might as well go with the one that matched my dress" she said sedictivly.

Orella walked to the Red one and grabbed his dick through his tights.
"Same logic applied then. As Gerudo tradition goes, I have no found a man from Hyrule to bare me a child. Take me Hero" she said as Link groped her large breasts making her moan. Luna and Sarah looked at each other and nodded before turning to the other two Links who grinned.
"You wanna do it with me?" Luna asked Purple nicely as Link brushed her hair to the side.
"Of course I do" he said.
"I get the Boy I am used too" Sarah said as Link kisses her.
"Except we have kissed before" he says
"Yeah, but we have never fucked before" she says pushing him to the ground.

Blue started feeling up Ashlee's thigh, pulling her dress up in the process. He grabbed around and squeezed her arse.
"You naughty Boy, you are going to put it in there in a moment. But first..." she whipered, kneeling down " I will make sure you are lubed up" she smiled as the pulled his pants down, letting his erect Penis spring out, looking at it and licking his shaft.
"Oh.." Blue let out, grabbing back on the tree.

Red continued to play with the Gerudo breasts. He had pulled her top off and watched in awe as they spring out. She moved her thigh against his crotch, rubbing it as he licked her breasts. Red pulled her desert style dress off her, leaving her nude, he pushed her against a large boulder and started feeling her body all over.
"I am gonna make you cum and I am gonna cum inside you... you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen" Red told her.
"Then hurry it up then" she said to him, pulling his pants down and grabbing his dick. "Put it in me now!" She demanded. He grabbed her legs, picking her up and slided his dick into her.

Purple began to take his clothes off as did Luna. She was clearly nervous but Link's head was buzzing. He leaned over to her and unclipped her bra.
"This is my first time" she said nervously as Purple gave her a gentle kiss.
"Mine too" he said to her. She leaned back against the grass and Purple lined him self up. "I'll go slow" he whispered  sending shivers up her spine. He slowly began to push into her.

Green and Sarah wasted no time. They both pulled their clothes off in a hurry. Green grabbed her breasts getting a moan out of her but in a moments notice she plunged herself down onto his dick.
"Aaaagggghhh!" The both moaned as Sarah began riding his cock.

"Ashlee! Ashlee.... OH!" Blue moaned as she sucked on his cock. Along with the pleasure of his dick being sucked, he felt him thrust into Orella at a fast speed, slowly push into Luna while Sarah bounced ontop of him. All the Links felt connected making the feeling much more pleasurable. "I'm.... Ashlee!" He moaned and she knew what he was going to say so she stopped sucking. She got on all fours.
"Fuck me then!" She ordered as Blue got behing her, lined him self up with her arse and pushed him self inside.

Red continued to fuck the Gerudo, his breath heavy from the 4 times multiplyer he had on the orgasm.
"You are so tight" he moaned and she rocked her hips into him, feeling his hard member pleasure her vagina all the way up.
"Your dick is so hot" he whispers into his ear which spurred him on more.

"Oh Link...." Luna moaned with her arm covering her embarassed eyes as Purple slowly thtust in and out of her. He grabbed her arm and moved it to the side.
"You dont have to hide. You are beautiful" he said as he kissed her. She squnited her eyes shut and higged him tight as he sped up his pace. She wrapped her limbs around his body and higged into her to hide her embarassment.

Green and Sarah were in sync. She rode him and he rocked her hips back and forward. Her boobs bobbed up and down and he loved the sight. She moaned everytime she went down on him. She had always loved Link and she couldnt believe she was finally doing him. It was better than she imagined.

Blue continued his thrusting into Ashlee. He grabbed her waist for extra force as she just moaned. Her boobs swung and her arse slapped against him.
"Link... Link.... I....." she moaned...
"Ahhhh, me too Ashlee..." he moaned as they were both reaching their climax.

"Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!" Red moaned as he fucked Orella hard, keeping eye contact. She liked it. She smirked and helped rock her body in time with her.
"Yeah Link.... cum for me... give me a child!" She moaned as his cock started twitching inside her.

"Ahhh! Link..... Agh. Agh!" Luna moaned ad Purple kept a steady pace and passionatly fucked her. His penis slid in and out of her and she was so tight that his dick felt so good.
"Luna! You are so.... beautiful. I am gonna....." he maoned into her. She looked into his eyes.
"Its okay. I want it" she told him.

"LINK! LINK!" Sarah moaned as she continued bouncing on him. Green slipped his hand all over her body making her squirm. He sat up so she was straddling him and he looked into her eyes.
"I love you Sarah. So much" he said as they contuned their rocking. "But I cant last any longer" he panted as he tried to keep going with all his stregnth.
"Good.. Cum for me Link!" She maoned in a pant.

They all felt fantastic and the conection they all had with each other made them feel like they were having sex with four people at once, all adding up to one amazing feeling.
SARAH YES! YES! YES!" they all moaned in uinsen as their balls exploded into each of thr Girls.

Each Link fell back, panting like they had been through the most pleasurable expericne ever. Unable to talk, they looked at each other.
"You all felt that huh" Sarah said and Green nodded.
"That was the best thing I have ever felt!" Orella proudly stated. Ashlee stood up and Luna was just embaressed but agreed.
"I think this is it!" Green said as the other free Links started turning transparent before turning into balls of light and merging with the original.

Link pulled his pants up and sat on a rock. The threw girls sat next to him.
"Does this mean you are the Father of all of our Children!" Orella asked and he smiled.
"Yeah. Now the others have joined I remember fucking all four of you. What a unique experience" he said as they all laughed.


Time moved on and Link had succesfully sealed Vaati and impregenated the Four Maidens. They each held his Children and they decided to live in the area where the Four Sword lay asleep. They built a shrine around it and protected it for years. Link lived with his four Wives happilly and their Children grew up around him. They rarely left but Link did return to Hyrule on occasion, visiting the Castle once to tell Princess Zelda of all that happened. As time moved on, Link eventually passed away with his Wives and his now grown Children took care of the Temple. The Temple was overgrown with folliage and not known to the outside world. The place went by many names, noteably the Forest Temple....

Chapter Text

Ages flowed by....

The Wind Sorcerer Vaati broke free of his prison and kidnapped Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule.

Princess Zelda's childhood friend Link used the power of the Four Sword to defeat Vaati and seal him away once again.

And, for a time, the people of Hyrule believed that their land was safe.


"Thank you Link. Truly. I say this as the Princess of Hyrule and as your friend. I believe Vaati is sealed away for a very long time. If he is able to break free, its going to take thousands of years. And if he does. I know our ancestors will be ready". Zelda says holding Link's hand as they srand in front of the Four Sword.

Link smiles at her.
"Why are we here?" Link asks to an understsnding Zelda. She did ask him to come all this way for a reason. A reason that was pretty selfish.
"What is it like having your body split into four?" She asks, avoiding the question entirely.
"Its weird. Its impossible to discribe. You are acting independantly from each other but you can sense what the others are feeling, they are you but not you..." he said knowing he was making no sense.
"So its like you have four different conscoenous in one head?" She asked making Link light up.
"Yeah! That more or less what its like" he said smiling.

"Do you know where this is Link?" Zelda asked him with her arms wide, gesturing the space they occupy.
"The shrine of the four sword? Deep in the Lost Woods?" He asked as it seemed obvious.
"Sort of. This is one of the most secret and well hidden places in all of Hyrule" she said walking up to Link. " The Lost Woods is a mystery on its own and is the door way to many places, some places that can only be accessed through the woods. This part we are in now, this is the Minish woods and this shrine is part of the Forest Temple, the only people alive that know of this place are the Royal family and you" she said smiling. "Its why we are here. I wanted to be somewhere undisturbed, somewhere no one could find us and somewhere I could convince my father to let me go to with you" she said getting very close to him.

"Why is that?" Link asked as what he thought was happening surely couldnt be. But she smiled and leaned in close.
"I want you Link. More than anything" she whispered into his ear making his heart pound at 90mph.
"Are you sure I mean, youre the Princess..." he said but she hushed him.
"That means I should get what I want" she said as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. Link wanted it and it was clear Zelda wanted it so without anymore delay he forcefully kissed her, pushing her backwards against one of the stone pillars that symolise the four elements. Zelda was shocked at this but returned the kiss.

Zelda started to pull down his pants while Link tried to undo her dress. Her dress was really tight at the top but he broke it open letting the cape fall to the ground and the darker Pink part was open.
"So many layers" he said into her as she got his pants down enough for her to start stroking his erect penis. He moaned at that as he finally got her the top of her dress open allowing access to her breasts.

Her dress was tight enough that it consealed the size of her boobs. Sure they werent huge but they were bigger than he imagined. As he fondelled them she let out a gasp, pulling his penis hard making his moan. He started to grab a hold of her dress and pull it up and Zelda got the message so she wrapped her arms around him and hoped up, getting her legs around him. He managed to move her panties to the side and posisioned his dick with her enterance.

"Take me now Link" she said seductively as he slowly pushed his penis inside her. They both moaned at this, Zelda adjusting to his size as it goes further into her. He pulls in and out, gaining a steady rythm, moaning each time he pushes into her. She kisses him and starts rocking her hips for more motion, making Link feel more amazimg and he picks up the pace as a result.

"Oooh Zelda, you feel amazing" he said gripping her arse cheeks as he continues to thrust into her.
"And you feel hard as a rock" she said licking her lips. She pushes back making Link stumble and fall on his back. He remained in her the whole journey down and the grassy, stone floor didnt stop them.

She straddled his dick, rocking backwards and forwards on it giving Link a veiw of her boobs bouncing up and down in front of him. He is nearing his climax but wants to make her cum first so he flips her on her back and starts pounding into her as fast as he can. "AH! LINK!' she gasped, not expecting this at all "Dont you dare stop!" She screamed in bliss as Link tried his best to keep this furious speed up. He knew if he slowed down he would cum but he could only last so long.

"Zeeeellllldaaaaa. Agh. ZELDA!" He moaned .
"YES! LINK! I'm gonna....." she scremed as she reached her climax, letting Link releases his load into her. It felt like electric through his body, his dick spasming inside her as he colapsed ontop of her.

"Wow, that was worth it" catching her breath and smiling.
"It definitly was" he laughed, pulling out of her. He then paused and had a moment of thought. "What if you get pregnant? " he said concerned about her answer.
"Well first of all my Dad will go mental but then he will have no choice but to let me be with the Hero of the Four Sword. She said smiling.
"Why is he so against it in the first place?" He asked and she frowned.
"Its because he doesnt aprove of your 'comon' background. He is greatful for you heroism and saving me and the Kingdom but wants me to marry someone of nobility" she said with sadness. She leaned into him and hugged him. "If I am not pregnant, then we might have to come back here" she said smirking.
"Was that your plan, let me fuck you in the forest so you can have my babies and be with me? I like it" he said as the two laughed.

After the two were fully clothed they looked up at the surrouding area. "Have you ever explored this area?" Link asked Zelda as she shook her head.
"No. I have only came here once without you, why?" She asked in curiosity. But he gestured her over to him. They noticed an door that was over grown with vines. Link sliced them off with a small sword and opened it to a fairly clean, undisturbed passage way.
"You wanna explore?" He asked but Zelda wished he hadnt discovered this as her curiosity would not allow her to leave without knowing what is beyond this point. She smiled,
"If I die you have a lot of explaining to my Dad" she said as they walked in.

At the end of the passage way was a stone platform in a room with coloured triangles on the floor. "This place is weird" she said stepping onto the platform. To their shock, it begun lifiting upwards.
"Zelda!" Link called as he jumped, grabing ahold of it and getting aboud just as it went through a hole in the ceiling.

The two were again shocked. They stood in what seemed to be a huge.... manor, mansion, Castle.... something with four candles surounding them and a few doors leading various directions.
"Where are we...." Zelda asked looking around.
"Our home" a creepy voice said from behind them as a purple, orange, blue and green poe were floating in midair. Link drew his sword and the Puple one laughed, "Now now. We dont want to hurt you, we want you to live with us like you once did" she said assumable smiling.
"What do you mean? I have never been here before?" Link said as the blue one floated up to him.
"Not in this life perhaps, but the last legendary hero was our father. All four of you in fact.

"Wait? What are you talking about? All four of him? The last hero?" Zelda asked in confusion before the orange one approached her.
"Long ago, when Vaati terrorized the land, he kidnapped four beautiful girls. The Hero of the Four Sword bared all of them with a child. All four of them at once" she said
"The children of each Hero and each Maiden were our parents. We all of different Mothers but all of our Fathers were you". The Green one said directly to Link.

He stood silent for a moment.
"That maybe true but although a share the spirit of the Hero, he is not me" he said definatly. All four of them laughed. "We know, we know you are different. We dont want our Father, we want a Husband. We want to be honoured like our Mothers" the purple one spoke up.
"Well I am sorry but the answer is no. I mean no disrespect but I dont want to spend my life here with you" he said backing away as the blue one blocked his path.
"You dont have to live here. You just have to honour us" it said but Link refused again, pulling Zelda close.
"Again. The answer is no" he said but they were having non of it.
"Fine. How about we dont make it a request!" The Green one shoured as it spun angily towards Link.

Link dodged it, drawing his sword as they all circled around him.
"We gotta get out of here" Link said, worrying more about Zelda than him self.
"You dont have to tell me twice" she said holding his hand tight. They all mocked and laughed, their voices becoming muddled. Link pulled out his bow, missing a few times but eventually hitting the Green one as it was knocked backwards.
"AMY!' The Purple one shouted, distracting the other two. Link took the oppertunity to jump onto the lift as it sunk to the floor below.

As Link and Zelda darted down the corridoor the three ghosts persued them, passing though any object that was in their way. Link knew with their current speed they couldnt out run the ghosts so he had to come up with a plan.
"Zelda. Sorry about this". He said as he picked her up in both arms getting a surprised gasp put of her. He then stoped in his tracks and ran on the spot for a few seconds before the Pegasus boots rocketed him forward.

They reached the door and opened it, the light shining through.
"CURSE YOU HERO! IF YOU SHOW UP HERE AGAIN I WILL KILL YOU!" the purple Ghost screamed as it disapeard into the wall before the sunlight killed it.

The two stepped out side, panting before they started to laugh.
"Is youre curiosity satisfied?" Link smiled and Zelda hugged him tightly.
"Very" she said.

Time went on. The Four Poe Sisters came up in Link's mind every now and then, wondering if they are roaming the Temple in hatred for him. Vaati was safely sealed away so neither him or Zelda had any reason to go back. Especially now. Now that the next Royal Heir is growing inside her. Peace had returned. Peace had returned to Hyrule and for now at least, it seemed that no new threat was iminent.

Chapter Text

Link stood there in front of the Princess. To him, he had done this before but to her this was new. This was quite sureal to him as he knows what she looks like in the future and almost forgot what her ten year old self looked like. He let her speak first despite knowing what she was about to say.

"I... Who?!... Who are you? How did you get past the guards?" She asked in confusion. Link steped forward.
"My name is Link, I sneaked past the guards to see you. I know this might be hard to believe but I am from the future". He told her as she gave him a confused look. "I can prove it, you had a dream about a dark storm covering Hyrule and peircing theight was a boy in green with a shining stone and a fairy. Although I do not have the sone anymore and my fairy... Navi, left me....  I am that boy. Your prophecy is correct". He announced shocking her.

"You... you are that boy? The boy from my dreams?" She asked even though she already believed him. He nodded.
"Let me tell you what heppened..." he cleared his throught. "I had the same dream you had and that very day a fairy came to me and took me to the great Deku Tree who had been cursed by an evil man named Ganondorf who yes.... is who you are spying on right now" he said as she quickly checked behind her self to the man kneeling to her father. " I defeated the monster inside the Deku Tree but he still died from his curse. But before he died, he gave me the Spiritual Stone of the Forest and told me I had to come and see you. I came here... and you told me about your dream, Ganondorf, the legend of the Triforce, the Ocarina of Time.... the lot of it" he explained, looking up to see if she was still following. If she had any doubts about his story, they had just been crushed by what he just said.

"I then went on a quest to gather the orher two stones but as I returned Ganondorf had attacked the Castle, killed your father and you had to escape with Impa on hours back, only just managing to throw me the Ocarina of Time... this is where it gets really crazy". He smiled to her. "I pulled out the Master Sword and travelled seven years into the future, unfortunatly, we played right into Ganondorf's hands as he now had access to the sacred realm and claimed the Triforce of Power for him self. I was greeted by a Young... Man named Sheik who pased on ancient knowledge on my quest to awaken the Sages who were needed to seal Ganondorf away. After I acomplished this task, that 'man' revealed 'himself' to be you Zelda". She looked back with a smirk.
"I desguied my self as a Sheikah man? That sounds... hard to believe" she confessed.
"But I assure you, you were cool as hell" he smiled as she returned the smile. "Anyway, Ganondorf captured you and I went tk face him. I defeated him and we then worked together to escape his collapsing tower. He then transformed into Ganon and I defested him while you and the six sages sealed him away. After all was said and done you felt bad for me missing my childhood so you sent me back in time, here, to warn you of the threat that is too come... and here we are". He took a deep breath and she stared back at him.

"Wow. I mean... that is some tale... I do believe everyword of it though... What is your name?" She asked as he left that detail out.
"Oh right, sorry. Its strange for me because I know you while you don't know me. My name is Link. No need to introduce your self to me Zelda... there was no need the first time" he smiled as she laughed.
"... Link.... Strange... it sounds somehow familiar. But Link, we have one problem. I believe everyword you said, my dream, combined with this, combined with the evil eyes of that man... I know he will try to take over Hyrule and then the whole world but my father doesnt believe my dream. I don't know how we will convince him" she told him with a frown.

"Maybe I can help". A voice came from behind Link. Impa walked over to him. "I can tell a lie from anyone, everyword you say is true boy, I know it". She said to him.
"It is, no need to teach me Zelda's Lullaby either, you already have". He told her just to reassure the point.
"Princess, I may be able to convince your father. We don't have any proof and from the sound of it, we cant really wait to get any. Link... you have done enough. You have saved the entire Kingdom in another time and I can't thank you enough. But sit this one out. You stay with the Princess while I tell the King about this man". She ordered Link.

"Okay. But make sure you don't under estimate him. He is more powerful than you can imagine" he told her just before she threw a Deku nut on the ground and. vanished.

The two kids were left alone in the courtyard. Link took a seat on the stone steps and Zelda joined him.
"Am I beautiful in the future?" She asked with a giggle and Link blushed slightly as he remembered how she made his adult body feel.
"Yes. You are gourgeous" he said looking at the floor in embarassment which Zelda was glad about as her face went bright red.
"What about you? Are you a handsome man?" She asked and he had to think about it.
"Well I had three people think so... so I guess so. I guess it was becuase I had a muscular body... although it was natural, I never had to exercise for it so I was sorta cheating" he laughed to break the akwardness.

"It is kind of sad though..." he said looking to thr ground. "I am able to stop all the bad things happening which is great but everything I did... non of it happened. We never spent a lot of time together but the time we did have is gone now. You might never get to be a badass Ninja, the sages wont know what an important role they played in this, Navi is gone. I will have to redo a lot of things.... The Gorons will still need someone to defeat the Dodongos and Ruto... oh God... Princess Ruto is still inside Lord Jabu Jabu". He said in shock but Zelda haugged him.

"I can't know how it feels and I can't pretend I know how I feel about you in another time but I promise you that your sacrifice will not be in vein. And a pretty cute to be honest" she said giggled as they both turned bright red.
"Thank you Zelda".


Ganondorf was escorted to a room to stay in by Hylian Knights. No one yet knew of his evil intentions. He entered his room, the two Gerudo Women stood to attention.
"Leave us!" He ordered the Knights who did just that. When Ganondorf was sure they had left he spoke. "Everything is going as planned. The King suspects nothing. The Princess was watching me with some weird kid but regardless of if they suspect anything or not, there is no way they can know what we are planning" he spoke to the two Women.

"Whats out next move Lord Ganondorf?" One of them asked him. She wore a green top and had larger breasts than the other and wore green lipstick to match.
"At the moment we wait. We wait until they King invites me for a meeting again in a few days. Thats when I am sure his Daughter will be there and I can kill them both and get that sacred royal heirloom from them. Aveil. You are my prized warrior. I want you to be with me when this happens" he said as the walked past both of them to the a desk by the window and began taking off his clothes.

"What about Nabooru? I thought she was 2nd in command?" Aveil asked him and he turned to her, stunning her with his bare chest.
"I place Nabooru in charge of the Gerudo while I am away because she is the highest skilled fighter under me. When I conquer Hyrule I intend on making her my wife but she doesnt really aprove of my ways. She will see things my way in time. You two girls are my 3rd and 4th in command" he said giving the other girl some attention before she got to jealous.

She wore a yellow top and matching lipstick and was indeed jealous of both Nabooru and Aveil.
"Can we trust her?" She asked and Ganondorf scowled.
"Ryja! Dont speak out of turn. I told her she is 2nd in command did I not? You have much to learn if you want to bare any of my children!" He snapped at her. She flinched, so did Aveil. Not bevause of his outburst but because of his last part. She was going to bare one of his children. "I plan on making Nabooru my first bride and out Daughter will be my successor, but the Great King of the Gerudo will have you two as my wives as well. You two will bare one of my Daughters" he smiled as he stepped towards Aveil, towering over her. "I choose you tonight" he said as he pulled down his trousers revealing his hard cock.

Aveil was stunned. This was all so sudden. One minute she is being told she will bare his child and marry him and the next he was going to have sex with her now. Up until now, Aveil assumed Ganondorf was truly faithful to Nabooru, but the fact she wasnt here on this mission implies something else. She was no fool like Ryja, she would keep her theories and opinions to herself. Her duty in life was to please her King and thats what she planned on doing.

She bent down and began licking his penis, him groaning as he grabbed her head and forcefully thrust in and out of her mouth. Ryja was relegated to watch. She hated this. Maybe if she hadned spoke out....

Ganondorf sat down on his large bed. And Aveil continued on his shaft. He pusbed her head off him and grabbed her, pulling her into his lap. He grabbed her breast through the cloth, making her moan and then he tossed her onto her back. "Take them off!" He ordered her and she did just that. She stripped off everything and Ganondorf pushed his hand onto her shoulder when she was done, pinning her down and without warning her forcefully thust into her.

It tore through her and the pain was like nothing else. She gritted her teeth, clutching the bed with her hands. He felt how tight she was but his dick was wet with her saliva so he slid in more efficiently. After a few thusts she was beginning to feel pleasure.
"Oh... my Lord!" She pleaded in delight, which made Ganondorf pleased. He released his hand from her shoulder and placed it on her arse, using it to pump in and out of her with more force. He gripped it, making her tighten around him and wrap her legs around his waist.

He was mesmerised by the bounce of her breasts in front of him as the shook with each thrust. He groaned with each thrust and she maoned in pleasure. He pushed his lips into her and she grabbed his hair pulling him in and grabbing his strong back with her other arm.

"Say my name!" He ordered her. As he thrust faster.
"Lord Ganondorf!" She obeyed.
"What do you want me to do?" He asked her.
"Go faster. Fuck me. Fill me with your child Great Ganondorf!" She moaned making him speed up, thrusting as fast and hard as he could.
"Ah. Ah. Ah" was all she could get out. She couldnt speak, her vision was a blur and pleasure was surging through her body with a mix of pain. She gripped his back , the nails digging in made him more arroused and he slammed into her.

"Avail!" He moaned as the fired his thick cum into her, filling her up. He rode out his climax and she was seeing stars, panting. He eventually pulled out and lay next to her. She lay one leg over him and kissed him.
"That was the best thing I have ever felt" she sighed into his muscular chest.
"Of course it was, I am your King" he declared before lookig over to the jealous Ryja. "Next time, if you obey me. You can be next!" He told her before falling asleep with one of his future wives in his arms.



Impa appeared by the Kings side. The King was not startled, he was used to this and and was expecting her.
"Your Highness, I have urgent information I need to share and I plead you believe me" Impa addressed the King, nealing next to him. He looked at her, sceptical but he trusted Impa, enough to listen to her.
"Go on" was all he said.

"The dreams your Daughter has been having are no ordinary dreams, they are visions. Visions of the future and they are real." She told him and he sighed. She went on to explain everything. The Hero visiting the Princess, the visions, the future and of course Ganondorf's intentions. The King patiently listened but wasnt convinced.
"You see Impa, I believe most of what you say and maybe my Daughters visions mean something but Ganondorf is no threat. He is here to seek an aliance and end the seperstion with the Hylians and the Gerudo. Do you have any proof of these claims?" He said, knowing she did not, but thats where he was mistaken.
"I do your Highness" she said, the King sitting up to listen.

"I ordered two of my most trusted Sheikah to record everything the King is saying to his two companions. I have it all here" she said holding a wooden box with a wind up lever on the side and a small speaker on the top. She wound the leaver a few times and the King could not believe what he was hearing. It was Ganondorf's plan to take out himself and Zelda and conquer Hyrule.

"That bastard!" The King rose his voice, slamming the throne with his fist. "Thank you Impa. And thank this Hero. I want to speak with him once we arrest this Ganondorf. I will order his arrest now. Stay alert" he ordered her and imidiatley sent the Knights to arrest Ganondorf.


Bang Bang Bang was what woke Ganondorf up. He groaned and pulled the banket off him snd pushed the naked Girl off him, waking her up in the process.
"Ganondorf! We have urgent news from the King!" A Knight shouted threw the door. Ganondorf was a smart man and knew something about this seemed off. What could be so urgent that ge be adressed in the middle pf the night. Surely he was just being paranoid, his plan was flawless and no one could see through it.

He pulled his pants on and a shirt, Aveil getting her clothes on in a hurry and Ryja stood to attention. He walked to the door and opened it. The Knights were as normal, armoured with spears and a sheild. "The King would like to see you" he man said and Ganondorf smiled.
"Can the loverly Aveil come this time, she is dying to meet the King" he said politely but the man shook his head.
"Afraid not sir. He wants to see you alone" he told him. Ganondorf turned to her and shrugged, knowing she woulr know what to do. She would be there anyway. His time was now.

The Knights guided Ganondorf down the stairs. His plan may be happening tonight. If the Princess is there then he can move his plans forward. The Nights lead him down a coriddor but suddenly out of the blue he felt two figures grab an arm each and pull them behind him. The Knights pinned him to the ground and someone, he wanst sure who, places handcuffs on him.
"Gah! What the hell are you doing? I am the King of the Gerudo!" He shouted in anger. He was confused. What could they have on him. He was certain there was no spies, whh would there be anyway.... that kid...

"You stay silent. The King will see you!" The Knight said as he was pulled to his feet and pushed down the coridoor, only know getting a look at the Sheikah that got the drop on him.
"Damn. He couldnt have detected spies like them" he thought.


Impa wasnt baby sitting her for once, she was free for the fitst time since she could remember, and a Boy was in her room.
"I've never stayed up this late before" Zelda smiled as she jumped on her bed with her dress bouncing up and down. Link seemed uninterested. Normally he would but tonight he was nervous and stayed at her window. Zelda noticed.

"Link I am sure it will all be fine" she said to him reassuringly as she walked over to him.
"I know but... Ganondorf is capable of some.... some vile things... I cant just stay here and not see this for my self" he told her. She agreed with him.
"Link. Impa told you to stay out of it, and I think you should.... unless you have to" she said and he turned to her a little surprised. "I trust you. And I know that man is evil! You should be there, hidden and if anything goes wrong, stop him!" She declared.

Link smiled and hugged her, making her blush.
"Thank you Zelda! I needed that. I am going to see what happens" he said as he opened her window and slid down a gutter pipe.


"Get the Hell of me!" Ganondorf shouted as he was pushed forward to the floor. He got up on his knees ans looked up at the King.
"Ganondorf! For your plans to kill me and my Daughter and your plans to conquer Hyrule I am sentencing you to death. You shall have no trial and if you go peacefully we can promise to protect the Gerudo Tribe and apoint a new leader. Is this understood?!" He shoured down.

Like hell was the Ling gonna take his Kingdom without a fight and like hell he is going down without a fight. He sneered at the King.
"Go to hell you bastard. You have no proof!" He shouted and the King smiled.
"But I do Ganondorf. And I am no fool, I know you want me to give away how I know but I will not" he teased Ganondorf which made him more furious.

Suddenly, without warning the two knights dropped to the ground. The other guards stood blocking the king but Ganondorf charged forward with his hands still cuffed behing his back. Aveil landed atop a Knight, peircing his skull with a spear while Ryja continued her arrow assualt. Without warning Ryja was slashed in the throught by some needles, makimg her drop from the rafters. Impa then landed infront of Aveil. Aveil thrust her spear forward several times in succession to try and hit Impa in the head. This was in vein as the Sheikah was too quick and dodged every strike. She backhanded the spear away and kicked Aveil in the throught.

She turned her head. Ganondorf was leapimg through the air towards the King. There was no time for her to stop him. But in a moment of desperation, glass fell from above and Link landed in front of the King and stabbed the oncoming Gerudo King in the chest.

Time seemed to stand still. The King was curled up in a defensive position in his throne. Impa was reaching out to nothing. Aveil lay unconcois on the steps and Ryja was bleedimg to death from her throught. Non of this compared to the Gerudo King laying on his back, bleeding from the chest while the young Hero of Time stood with nothing but his Wooden Deku Sheild and the Kokiri Sword in front of the King.

"I... I dont know what to say" the King said as Link turned to him. Link bowed.
"I need no words your Highness" he said humbley. Knight quickly restraines Ganondorf again. As he was dragged away he got a glance at the Boy. He recognised the face from earlier.
"Damn Brat. How could he have bested me" he thought to himself as the doors were closed upon him.

Impa jumps over to the King and Link.
"Are you okay your Highness?" Impa askes and he just nods.
"Hero....Impa has told me all about you. Yiu saved us in the future and came back to stop it all from happening. I must thank you. I know you are young but ask anything of me and I am sure I can oblige" he told the kid. Link thought.
"I have one request. I request to be trained as a Knight for you and to be allowed to leave and return to the Castle regularly" he respectfully asked. The King and Impa were surprised by such a daring request.

"Very well Boy, but I have one better. You will be given training but I want you to personally lead the army when you are a man". The King said, looking Link in the eyes. Link smiled.
"It would be an hounour" he said.

While they talked Aveil climbed to a smashed window and climbed out of it. She fell into a bush but quickly got he footing and made her way over the Castle Walls.


head on a rock because your Father will execute me" he said jokingly but considered it as a genuine possibility.



Chapter Text

"As thanks fot saving my life, stopping Ganondorf and for preventing a terrible future, I woule like to hounor you Link. From here on out, you have the Title Lord Hero of Time!" The King announced to a cheering crowd. Other Knights looked on in jealousy. How could a ten year old Boy be given such an honour. But those Knights didnt understand who Link was. "As a Prize for your deeds, you may have this" he said as he handed Link a Metalic Sheild. It has the Hylian Crest on it but it was slightly different. "It is a Custom Made Hylian Sheild, we are calling it the Hero Sheild. We understand a regular Hylian Sheild may be too heavy for you and you certainly cant use that Wooden Sheild forever" the King explained.

He was right of course. Link had used a Hylian Sheild as a Child but had to carry it on his back because it was far to heavy for him. This was perfect though.
"Thank you your Highness" Link said greatfully and the King shortly after dismissed the crowed in the Castle.

"So you wanted my permission to go out and help the Gorons and the Zora because you believe they are in danger?" The Ling asked and Link nodded.
"Yes. In the alternate Timeline I defeated King Dodongo in the Dodongo Cavern so the Gorons could eat the rocks there again. I also helped Princess Ruto who got stuck inside Lord Jabu Jabu's belly. I would like to re-do the good deeds I did in the alternate timeline" Link explained and the King understood. He turned to his Daughter and frowned.
"This is what I dont understand Zelda. Why would you want to go with him?" The King asked her.

"Link told me that in that Timeline I trained with Impa for seven years and became and excellend fighter in my own right. I want the chance to do all that again" she explained to her father with determination in her eyes.
"Link, will she be safe?" The King asked him in confidence and Link swallowed.
"I cant garuntee her safety but I can do all I can to minimise any risk. For example if she came with me to Zora's Domain and stayed with the Zora while I save Ruto then I can be confident she will be fine. If she follows me inside Jabu Jabu then... well its dangerous in there" he said.
"Link! You were supposed to side with me!" She sulked but Link frowned "its not feild trip Zelda. Do you really want to know what if feels like to have an Octorock fire a rock at your face? Its not pleasant. You will also need to have some fairies on you, a weapon and sheild for defense and definitly change out of the dress" he explained in detail.
"Link is right Zelda" the King told her.
"I am sorry Zelda. Trust me. I know you are a badass and capable of some cool stuff but that is with seven years of Sheikah training. Train with Impa and then you can come along" he said to her but she still wasnt happy.
"I am the same age as you. What makes you more equiped than me?" She raised her voice and Link could help but smirk.
"Zelda, I live in the woods. I grew up hunting. And you know... I killed the Demon King" he said.

"Okay, listen. Zelda. I will allow you against my own better judgement to go to Goron City and Zora's Domain with Link by your side at all time. If I hear of you sneaking off or disobeying my rules then you will regret it for a long long time. Understood!?" He warned her and she smiled and bowed.
"Of course. Thank you Father"



Link headed towards Kakariko Village, with Zelda in tow. Although the King forbid her from getting into danger, Link still insisted she wear something more sensible. She wore a Pink Version of Link's tunic but with white tights  much like he wore as an Adult. A matching colour baret replaced the iconic cap. She was given a simple Sword and Link's light Deku Sheild but beyond that she had a bag that wrapped around her shoulder. Link has no idea what she kept in it, nor did he ask.

They passed through Kakariko Village withoit stopping, Zelda wanted to though as she was curious how life was outside of the Castle. They head up to the gates and a Knight stood guard.

"Ummm... ahh. Your Highness!" The Guard said as he knealed to her. Link smiled, noting how he was a lot more respectful to Zelda. She gestured for him to stand.
"We are on our way up the Mountain. Under my Fathers blessing. We are heading to see Darunia of the Gorons" she said as the Knight gulped.
"You... you sure. It is dangerous" he warned her but Link stepped forward.
"Thats why I am here" he said and the Knight burst out laighing until his eyes met the angered eyes of Zelda.

"Very well..." he said as he banged itnspear in the ground and the gate opened. "By the way Your Highness.... If you are gling to climb Death Mountain, you should equip a proper shield! It is an active volcano, after all! If you think you're good to go already, don't worry about it" he said but she wasnt doing the fighting, Link was.

They passed on through the gates and headed up the Mountain Pass.
"Okay Princess, stay behind me, there are Tektites up here" he said to her as he drew his sword. They turned the corner and he slashed forward, killing the first one and then further knwards stabs upwards, killing one that jumpes from up high. "Its easy when yiu know where things are going to be" he remarked as they contuned up Death Moutain.

"This is it" he said to Zelda "Goron City". She looled at him.
"Its just a cave" she remarled, slightly disapointed.
"What did you expect. They are made of rocks" he joked as he lead her inside. As they made there way through the Goron home Zelda was surprised at how non of them seemed really phased that two Hylians were just passing through.

They reached the bottom and Link pulled put his Fairy Ocarina and begun playing a familiar melody. The door opened and Zelda stared at him. "Impa taught me that when we first met... the first time around" he told her before moving into the room where the Goron Cheif Darunia stood.

"Nice to meet you Darunia of the Gorons, I am Princess Zelda and this is Lord Hero of Time Link. He has knowldge of the future and knows how to help you" she told him and he stared at her before turning his attention to Link.

"When I heard the song of the Royal Family, I expected slme Knights, not the Princess and a little Kid." He gowled. So you know why I'm in such a bad mood rihht now then?" He asked and Link nooded.
"Dodongos and other monsters have infested Dodongo's Cavern and you cant get to the rock you need to eat" Link explained to him.

"I know what will cheer you up!" Link said as he pulled out his Ocarina once more and played Saria's Song. Emidietly the Goron started dancing wildly. "Oh! Oh-oh! C'mon!
Come on! Come on! Come on! HOT! What a hot beat! WHOOOOAH! YEEEEAH! YAHOOO!" He was shouting in his crazy dance. Zelda was stunned, this Darunia was some character.

"Heeey! What a nice tune!
Just like that, my depression is all gone! Something juat came over me! I suddenly wanted to dance like crazy!" He said almost apologetically.
"Its all fine. I am going to go inside Dodongo's Cavern and stop the monsters, meanwhile the Princess is to stay with you" he oredered her and she frowned.
"And what do you want out if this?" Darunia asked suspeciously. He was right of course. Initiallaly he wanted the Goron Ruby but he had no need of it this time around.
"Nothing. Nothing at all. I am just here to help" he said smiling.

"Fine! I have something for you though. I'm not really giving you this in return for anything, but take it anyway." He orderd as he handed Link the Power Braclet. "If you wear this, even a little fella like you can pick a Bomb Flower" he explained but Link of course knew this.
"Thank you Darunia". He said as he tirned to leave.

Zelda grabbed him from behind.
"Dont leave me here!" She pleaded and Link looked confused. "He is weird and a bit intimidating" she said and Link smiled before giving her a reasuring hug.
"Zelda, the monsters in the Cavern are way more intimidating. And besideds, Darunia is fine. He is a bit odd but he is a good guy at heart. He was once of the sages that sealed Ganon away alongside you" he told her and she forced a smile.
"Okay. But be safe" she said and Link nooded before leaving her with the Goron.



It took Link a few hours to go through the Cavern, pick up the Bomb Bag and slay King Dodongo. This was much faster than his first time through which made sense since he knew they way and knew what to avoid. He did note that fighting monsters felt different and almost harder without Navi by his side.

The King Dodongo was dead and the glowint blue light appeard which teleported Link outside. Link remembered what was about to happen so he turned around as Darunia landed behind him.

"It's me, Darunia! Well done!" He said as he smacked the top of Link's hesd like a drum before beating his chest. "Thanks to you, we can once again eat the delicious rocks from Dodongo's Cavern until our stomachs burst! What a wild adventure! It will make an incredible story.... I can't belive the Dodongos suddenly appeared in such great numbers! And that big rock blocking the cave..."he looled down at Link whonwas on the floor rubbing his head.

"The Princess confirmed my suspecion that all this trouble was caused by that Gerudo thief, Ganondorf! The Princess told me how you stopped him and you also risked your life for us..." he smiled. "Kid, I like you! How's about you and I become Sworn Brothers?! No, there's no big ceremony involved! Just take this as a token of our friendship!" He stopped talking as he held his hands in the air and a red light appeared.

Link thought for a moment. It was true he no longer needed the Spiritual Stone but also he already had the Kokiri Emerald and he knew the Gorons and Zora would never be threatened again if they didnt have them. Link planned on hiding them somewhere were evil will never find them. He got up as he lifted his arms up to recieve the beautiful red ruby that floated down towards him.

I told the Princess about the Great Fairy ontop of Death Mountain. Speaking of which... Hey, everybody! Lets see off our brother!" He shouted as a Goron landed next to Darunia with Zelda sitting on his shoulder and another landed next to him on the other side. Zelda jumped off and gave Link a hug.
"Thank Hylia you are safe!" She said as Link smiled.
"You did great!" One Goron said.
"How 'bout a big Goron hug, Brother?!" Another said as it strode towards Link. He grabbed Zelda's hand, come on. Lets go!" He said running away but dodging the last incoming Goron by jumping right of it.



They headed East to Zora's River. "It's dangerous here Zelda so be careful and stay close" he said as he blasted away the rocks. He was pleasantly surprused that he wasn't perstered every five minutes by that damn owl. They hoped over a gap and Zelda was now pleased she wasnt wearing her dress. Link knew the Octorock would be waiting so he managed to deflect the rock away with excellent timing.

They made their way up the river, Zelda having to get a bit wet which she was not thrilled about but she would dry off. They eventually made it to the water fall and Link once again played Zelda's Lullaby to part the falls so they could enter Zora's Domain.

They made their was through the water filled rock cavern. Zelda staring a little top much at the Zora's since she had only ever seen drawing and paintings of them, never in person. Link made a note of this fact.

"Okay so my advice is... dont stare" he told her as the walked up the steps.
"Dont stare at.... oh" she said as she was greeted to the appearence of a huge Zora.
"I'm gonna quickly go get something, you wait here. Back in a bit" he said as he ran off through a passage way. Why did he have to leave me with this thing? She wondered, curious to what the conversation was about that she could hear Link having. She soon after heard a splash. She sighed.

She stood on the pedestal to talk to the King, she cleared her throught.
"Hello King Zora. I am Princess Zelda. Me and Sir Hero of Time have come to help" she spoke clearly.
"Oh Good! Oh, my dear sweey Princess Ruto... Where has she gone? I'm so worried..." he cried out. Zelda felt bad. Should she say anything. Best not, Link has a plan after all.
"We will find her" she said calmly.

A little while later Link returned, soaking wet. And pulled a letter out of a bottle and held it to the King.
"Here we go..." Link said as the King stsrted his rant.

"Ho, this letter! Its from Princess Ruto! Hmm.... Let's see... She's inside Lord Jabu Jabu? That's not possible! Our guardian god, Lord Jabu Jabu, would never eat my dear Princess Ruto! But ever since that stranger, Ganondorf, came here, Lord Jabu Jabu has been a little green around the gills... The evidence seems clear. Of course, you'll go find Ruto. You can pass through here to the altar of Lord Jabu Jabu. I,ll keep this letter. You keep the bottle it was in. Take it respectfully! Please find my dear Princess Ruto immediately" he finished, well thats what Zelda thought....

He began shuffling to his right incredibly slowly, making a frog like sound as he did. Zelda tried to hold back a laugh, and Link knew he had to distract her.
"Zelda, I am sorry... more than Inwas about Darunia. You are going to go through more hell than me this time. You are going to have to stay here with King Zora" he explained and dread came across on her face.
"Please Link... anything but that!" She pleaded as Link hugged her.
"Sorry" he said sincerly. He thought for a moment. "Well if you want something to do then the guy down that tunnel has a little diving game he plays. Its fun I suppose... just dont hit your head on a rock because your Father will execute me" he said jokingly but considered it as a genuine possibility.



Much like Dodongo's Cavern, going through Jabu Jabu's belly was easier the second time around but no less disgusting. He once again carried Ruto through the disgusting insides of her diety. He had to admit that he was slightly attracted to her but knew it was wrong. She wore no clothes and he felt her butt on the palm of his hands as he carried her through the belly. This did not help when he entered the room with the Zora Sapphire inside and she began squirming onto of him.

"That's it! That's what I've been looking for! Throw me up there! Onto the platform!" She ordered but this time, Link knew better.
"You have trusted my instincts so far right. Well I know what will happen" Link said as he put her down. He jumped and grabbed the ledge. "C'mon. I'll help you up" he said as he reached his arms down. She did as he asked and as soon as she was pulled up she grabbed the Zora Sapphire.

"Oh, my goodness! I finally found... my mother's stone... I got very upset when Lord Jabu Jabu Swallowed it... while I was feeding him, he suddenly swallowed me! I was so surprised, I dropped it inside... But now that I've found it, I don't need to be here anymore! So take me home right now!" She ordered but as he predicted, the platform theg were on shook and began to rise up.

It rose up and an Octorock stoof facing them.
"Keeeyaaaah! What is this?! An octopus?!" She screamed as Link pulled her backwards and the platform fell back down with the Octorock with it.
"Come on Ruto. We need to get going" he said. She nodded and took his band making his heart flutter.

The two made it the rest of the way through Jabu Jabu's belly until they entered a room. "Stand here and don't move!" He ordered her as he stepped forward. A monster came from the ceiling and Link knew he would have to face Barinade again.

Ruto watched him take it worn with his Sword and Boomerang efortlessly. And when it was defeated a blue light appeared on the ground. Link held a hand out to Ruto. "Let's go. It will take us outside" he explained and she smiled, taking his hand.

They walked into the light and faced each other. Something changed that caught Link off guard. She kissed him on the lips and before he could say anything they floated upwards and vanished.

They appeared on a branch outisde and she was inches from his face. He staggered back in shock. Why was this a shock? It had happened once before. Maybe he was still processing his kiss belonging to Ruto. She jumped into the water and swamp sedictivley towards him.

"You! You looked cool..." she stopped to Link's surprise as he expected her half compliment. "I want to give you this. The Zora Sapphire! My Mother gave it to me and said I should give it only to the man who will be my husband. You might call it the Zora Engagment Ring!" She told him, before being able to refuse she swam back.

Link sighed. He knew he wanted the stone again, this time for a different purpose. But history was going to repeat its self and we going to yet again be engaged to Ruto. He found her cute and even really hotnin the future butnhe wasnt in love with her. Link knew who he wanted to marry but he was stuck now.

She gave Link the stone and swam off. "Don't tell my Father..." she said as she entered back into Zora's domain. As he climbed out of the water Zelda came out to see him.
"You stink!" She giggled to him.
"Yeah, because I have been in that!" He complained as he pointed to the big fish. "Anyway, we have done what we came here for. Lets head over to Lon Lon Ranch". He said and Zelda looked confused but was down with the plan.



"On my travels I befriended both Malon ans Epona as a Child. When I was an Adult Epona trusted me and I was able to free her and she helped me get across the land" Link said. "She is as loyal as a Horse can get and it might seem silly but I will miss not being to ride her" Linkplained but Zelda shook her head.
"I get it." She told him and they entered the ranch.

As soon as they entered they heard the beautiful melody radiate through the park. "That is a loverly tune" Zelda said and Link nodded.
"Voice of an angel" he said as Zelda fely a pain of jealousy go through her. They aproached the Horse pen and a red headed girl in a white dress was standing, singing to the horses. Zelda thought her red hair was beautiful and she assumed Link agreed. They approached her.

"Oh, it's the fairy boy again! I heard you found my dad! How did you like the caslte and did you see the...." stopped in her own excitment as she saw Zelda standing begind Link. "Oh my goodness! That her! You are Princess Zelda!" She said shaking her hand forcefully.

Zelda liked her, she trested him like Link did, like a person. She still acted like she was a Princess but without the polite crap she was bored of.
"Hello. Yes I am Princess Zelda. Me and Link came to visit your Ranch because Link mentioned you and said you had loverly Horses here" she said and Malon lit up.

"Really? Is that true fairy boy! You mentioned me to the Princess!" She beamed in excitment and Link nodded.
"Yeah. If it wasnt for you I would never have made it to Zelda to deliver important news. So thank you" he said and she giggled.

"Oh, yeah - I have to introduce you to my friend. She's this horse. Her namenis Epona. Isn't she cute?" She said as the small brown Horse rode past the three of them.
"She is beautiful!" Zelda said in awe and Link smiled, remenising about his time with Epona.

The Horse ran away. Link forgot he had not warmed up to Epona yet.
"It seems like Epona is afraid of you, fairy boy..." she said and went back to humming the calminf melody.
"What is that song Malon?" Zelda asked and she smiled.
"I call it Epona's Song. My Mother composed it. Isn't it nice? Let's sing together." She suggested and Link looked at Zelda and nodded.

They both pulled out their Ocarinas and Malon got more excited.
"Oh, cute ocarinas! Are you going to play this song with those ocarinas?" She asked as she bagan hunming the tune. Link was a natural but Zelda had to take a few seconds before she picked up on it. The tune echoed around the ranch and Epona ran over and neighed. "I think Epona likes you now" she said happily and Link smiled, patting her nose.

Chapter Text

Aveil ran through the Gerudo Valley. She knew that Knights and Soldiers of Hyrule would be after her so she needed to get home. At this point it is her fault if Ganondorf is executed. Well it wasnt really but thats how she saw it.

She ran into their fortress, Nabooru sitting on a throne with her legs crossed.
"Ganondorf has been arested and they King of Hyrule is planning on executing him!" Aveil shouted loudly, making sure as many heard it as possible so Nabooru could avoid her.

Everyone was in shock, unable to think of what they should ask first.
"Explain to me what happened!" Nabooru ordered and Aveil began to explain. "I see... so it is likely that Ganondorf is dead already and as a result will have no reason to come after you? I mean, sure, you tried to kill the King but non of us will be put in danger if we don't start an uprising" Nabooru calmy stated.

This opinion didn't sit well amoungst the Gerudo.
"Are you trying to sugest we do nothing? Let our King die! We hadn't even done anything so Ganondorf is being executed for a crime he hasnt comitted!" Aveil shouted.
"But you were planning on something and Ganondorf did attack the King and he must  have some evidence or non of this would have happeend" Nabooru stated.

She sighed. "I know we all love our King. It is tempting to run into Castle Town and set it all on fire and rescue him but that would be reckless and Ganondorf may allready be dead. The Gerudo Tribe were planning to conquer Hyrule, the King has the right to do as he pleases on his soil and Ganondorf knew the risks" she told them all.

She was lying of course. She hated Ganondorf and everything he stood for. He was evil and she wanted nothing more than to take over the tribe and and guide them in the right direction.

"Now now now. Is that a way to treat our King!" Kotake crackled as the two Witches flew through a wall.
"I don't think it is Kotake!" Koume answered. All the Gerudo bowed to their superior, Naburoo doing no such thing.
"Since we have an army willing to fight, a 3rd Command leader willing to lead and us magic wielders at the ready does it really matter what you think" Kotake sneered to Nabooru.
"Yeah, if you don't want to help, you just sit on your little chair. Try and stop us and you'll regret it!" Koume copied.

Nabooru was powerless.
"Very well. Aveil, you go take the Gerudo to war with Hyrule. Don't come crying to me when it all goes south" she said as she lay back in her chair.


Link, Zelda and Malon were having fun in the Ranch. Forgetting the Worlds problems and acting like kids. Night fall had rolled around and Malon should be in bed but Talon didnt want to pull her from her friends so he gave her some more time.
"Wait! Do you hear that!? Link said holding a hand up for them to be queit. The sound of marching was getting louder and louder.

Link ran off, leaving the two Girls alone. He exited the ranch and looked around the corner. It was hard to see in the dark of the night but figures, some on Horses, were carrying torches and by the sound of some of them... "No..." Link said to him self as panic filled his body. "Dark Nuts".

He ran back into the Ranch, Talon coming out his House to see what the racket was.
"Zelda! We need to go. Now!" He shouted and the two girls looked terrified. Especially Zelda who saw the fear on Link which concerned her.
"What is it Link?" She asked and he frowned.
"Dark Nuts. An army of them. Coming from the Desert. I need to take you somewhere safe, the Castle is not an option since that may be their target" he said to her.

"Now hang on. I know what those Gerudo Theives are like. If you are escorting... apparently the Princess out of here, take my sweet Malon too" Talon said from behind Link.

"We have no time to discuss this. This Ranch could be attacked any second. Zelda, Malon. Lets go. Talon... come or stay, your call but they will kill you if they catch you" he said to him and he nodded.
"I'll be right behind you" he lied and Link nodded.
"Malon. I have a huge favor to ask. Take a Horse, not Epona and take Zelda with you, I will lead the way on Epona. Can I ask that of you?" He asked her and she reluctantly nodded. "Right. Lets go!" He ordered.

They rode out of the Ranch and headed East. Link in the lead on the smaller Epona while Malon and Zelda rode a larger horse named Arthur behind them.
"Link! We have trouble!" Zelda shouted as a Gerudo Theif, only one thankfully, was chasing them on Horseback.
"Keep going Malon!" Link shouted as he turned Epona around and charged towards the Gerudo. She thrust a spear forward but Link ducked under it and sliced her side, drawing a lot of blood. To be safe he pulled out his Slingshot and hit her in the back of the head with a Deku Nut. She lay bleeding and Link left her and caught up with the Girls.

He led them into an enclosed area that led through a log, they crossed the creaky wooden bridge and entered Kokiri Village. Link saw the familiar faces jump at the sight of Horses, something they had never seen. Malon and Zelda marveled at this place. Link jumped off Epona. "This is my House" he said as he pointed at the Tree stump he calles home. When Link had told Zelda he lived in a tree she thought he was joking.

"Its beautiful!" Malon remarked but Zelda turned to Link in concern.

"You two will be safe here. Make your self at home. If you need anything, ask these fine folk" he said as he pointed to Mido then shook his head. "Okay, any of them apart from this one" he said as Mido crosses his arms. "I have to go." He said in a hurry as he jumped back onto Epona and left the Girls in the unfamiliar Forest surrounded by strange Forest Children that stared at them like they were Aliens.


Hylians were ready for this. Its not like they knew the Gerudo would attack but after Ganondorf tried to execute the King, the Royal family and the Sheikah considered the possibility, especially once they realised Aveil had escaped. This gave Castle Town and the Castle time to prepare for such an attack so the draw bridge was closed, Knights and Archers defended the front gate and this was only the first line of defence. Despite the Dark Nuts being increddibly feirce, the Hylians had the advantage in the short term at least.

As the Gerudo fired arrows up at the Soldiers, twice as many were fired back. Dark Nuts were standing patiently as the arrows bounced off them. A few began building a make shift bridge across the moat so the could barge the gate in. What the Hylians did not account for was two Witches.



Link rode back, passing the corpse of the Gerudo he had killed. He saw how bad the battle at the front gates was. He wondered how he was going to get in. He wondered what he would do period. He knew he could take one Dark Nut, heck maybe even two and at a stretch three, but there was at least 50 there, and he knew that was an impossibility for him alone. He looked and Lon Lon Ranch and saw it was under attack. Damn it. He couldnt leave Talon to die.


He races into the ranch and Gerudo with toches were setting everything a blaze. Link rode past the Gerudo, swiping at them and killing two in the process. He dived off Epona who ran to an open space out of the way of danger. He ran into The burning stable and Talon was caught under a fallen beam.
"Help me Boy!" Talon shouted as Link did just that. He pulled the beam up so Talon could get free. They moved further on and Ingo had a fork in his hand and was surounded by Gerudo Theives on Horses.
"Is this really one of our options for a sex slave?" One asked and the other shrugged.
"We can kill him once he has out lived his usefulness" they said as he tried to jab them with his fork.

He lunged forward and impaled one.
"JEANNE!" one them screeched before pointing her scimitar at Ingo. "You'll pay for that!" She sneered with hate in her voice.
"HYAA!" Link shouted as he done a forward jump attack into her back, knocking her from the Horse. Link stepped in front of Ingo with his Sword and Sheild drawn. They charged at him and he jumped in the air and done a spin attack, slashing both Gerudo and leaving the Horses unharmed.

Link landed. And turned to the shaking Ranch Worker. "Looks like you have more Horses to take care of" he said before walking over to Talon. "Malon is safe, I promise. But you are gonna want to put out the stable fire if possible. What I would reccomend however is burn some wood, keep a fire lit, a sizable one. If the Gerudo see smoke. Coming from here then they are more inclined to leave you alone. Baricade the place up though in case they comeback"  Link ordered. "I have to go though. Good Luck." He said as he jumped back onto Epona and rode off.



He left the Ranch. He still needed a plan to get into the Castle. An idea sparked into his head. He pulled out the Fairy Ocarina and played the Prelude of Light, his body dematerialising off of the Young Horses back.

The next thing Link knew he was in the Temple of Time. He ran out and headed towards the King. Castle Town had no civilians outside their homes, everyone was warned to stay inside. Link ran through the baricades the Knights had made, everyone alowing the Boy through since they knew who he was. Eventually he made it to the Castle and ran to meet the King.


Kotake and Koume flew right over all the fighting, they knew they could help but they had more pressing matters and the distraction at the front gate was what they needed. The flew around the Castle in the dead of night, completly undetected.

They knew which tower the King Resided in, the top one obviously. Link made it into the Throne Room first.."Your Madgesty!" He called and the King smiled. "Zelda is safe. She is out of harms way, I am here to protect you" he told him and the King felt some relief. The other knights felt they would do just fine since they didnt really think the fighting would reach them.

Suddenly the Twin Witches burts through two seperate windows. Link gulped, he hated his battle with Twin Rover as an Adult. He didnt even hace the mirror sheild with him now. He stood his ground with the Knights regardless.
"Oh my, look at his serious little face Koume!"
"I know, so adorable, cant wait to see if burn Kotake!" The Twins talked.
"HeeYAAAH!" the twins screached, Koume setting half the Knights a blaze and Kotake freezing the other half to the bone. The screams of the burnimg men was horrifying but stopped aoon after when they had all colapsed.

Link didnt waver but he felt he might die here. Sure he had been in bas situations before but he always had a plan. He always had a weapon that could stand up to his foe. But this time, nothing. Worse of all he had just beem spared. He was inches from beimg bur ed to death or froze to death. He was amgry at him self for not going to get the Mirror Sheild instead of helping the Gorons and Ruto.

"Oooh. He does have some balls. Especially for a kid!" Kotake teased. He pulled his boomerand out and threw it at one of the Witches and straight after it left his hand he pulled his sling shot out to hit the other. The boomerag was froze in mid air and the seeds were vaporised. They both cackled.
"I would love to stay but we have work to do!" Koume said as Kotake fired ice down at his feet, freezing them to the ground.

Link screamed in pain but also at the fact he was powerless. Koume summomed a fire ball above her head. This was it. This was the end. The fire ball was unleashed, missing his head by inches. Link's eyes widened as he heard the King scream in pain.
"GGGGYYYAAAHHHH! LINK!" He called out as Link struggled. He couldnt even turn around to see, never mind help.
"STOP IT! TAKE ME IMSTEAD!" he called out to the laughing witches as they swiled in the air. They flew out the windows they came through leaving Link in the throne room that was quickly catching fire. The King was dead.



"He is in there!" Kotake screeched whilst pointing at part of the Castle wall.
"Lets go then!" Koume screeched in a similar fashion. The twins flew at the wall and Kotake froze the wall and once the ice settled Koume blasted it with fire, destroying the wall. Ganondorf lay fast asleep on a cloth that was spread alomg the floor of his cell. Kotake flew in.
"He is under a Sheikah sleeping drug! He'll be out or a while" the Ice Witch snarled as a guard stepped into the room and immidiatly getting frozen solid without Kotake looking.
"Lets carry him home for now, until he wakes up" Koume said as the two held an arm each and flew off back to the desert.

They arived at the Gerudo Fortress, flying through the window to the Throne room where Nabooru sat.
"Get off that throne you Bitch!" Kotake snarled. Nabooru doing as she said in an instant but a smile graces her lips as the unconscious Ganondorf was dumped on the throne.
"Is he dead?" Nabooru asked as the twins turned to her.
"Nothing can kill the great Ganondorf. Now get out!" Koume screeched. Nabooru giggled as she left.

She wandered through the Haunted Wasteland. She was going somewhere more peaceful. She wanted to be as far away as possible. If she stayed at the fortress those crazy Witches would have killed her. The Gerudo hated her and Hylians certainly wanted nothing to do with her. She sighed as she knew she was alone ans had no home. At least that crazy guy in the Magic Carpet was a laugh she though as she continued throigh the desert.


Impa hoped along the mountain ranges at almost lightspeed. She had asked both Darunia and the King Zora for assistance and both agreed to help. As she returned to the Castle the Trone Room was clearly under attack as smoke pured from it. She made it into the throne room. She saw some smouldering corpses, some broken up bodies and then Link coughing into his shirt as his feet were frozen to the floor. As she approached him she saw the dead King and decided to focus her attention of the boy that was alive. She manages to break the ice easily enough due to the tempreture in the room and pulled Link out.

They sat on a seperate tower as Link caught his breath.
"Its my fault..." he weezed and Impa shook her head.
"Tell me what happened" she said and Link began to explain. He told her about the Gerudo, Twin Rover, the King and where Zelda is. She throught for a second. "Okay. Well Ganonforf is heavily sedated. I made sure of that. He shouldnt be able to regain much stregnth at all in the next 12 hours. Are biggest concern at the moment is Twin Rover. I have a plan." She said and Link was all ears.

"You mentioned how Nabooru would never side with Ganondorf, if this is true, go and find her. I am going to find Zelda, I need the Ocarina of Time from her. We will meet at the Desert Colosus, teleport there if its quicker. Agreed?" She asked and Link nodded. And she threw down a Deku nut and was gone.
"Would have been nice to know how to take Twin Rover down..." he muttered as he pulled put the Fairy Ocarina and began playing the Spirits Requium.


Zelda stood at the door to Link's House, watching the Kokiri whilst Malon fell asleep on Link's bed. Zelda was unable to sleep knowing that the Kingdom is under attack. Malon is perhaps to nieve to understand what is going on. Zelda envied that.

"Princess!" A familiar voice called from above as Impa flew through the air and landed next to her. Zelda was shocked when Inpa gave her the biggest hug ever.
"Its fine Impa. I am okay" she said with a smile and Impa released her.
"Your Highness, me and Link have came up with a plan. I dont have time to give you the details but I will need to use of the Ocarina of Time" she said to the Princess and Zelda imidiatly pulled it out and gave it to her. "I also have to.. there is bad news.... Zelda I am so sorry..." she said, unable to look Zelda in the eyes. Zelda felt her stomache twist. She felt like this could only mean one thing but she so desperatly didnt want it to be true.

"Tell me my Father is alright!" Zelda softly said whilst Impa closed her eyes, unable to speak. "IMPA! Tell me my Father is alright!" She shouted to her carer. "TELL ME HE IS ALRIGHT!" she screeched as tears poured down her face, Impa hugging the child.
"I am soo sorry Zelda..." she said into her ear. She wondered if she should mention Link's involvment... no. Thats all for later. "I promise you I will avenge his death" Impa said to her, now looking her in the eyes. "He was a good man and he loved you more than anything" she said to the sobbing Princess. "But I need to go Zelda. I am sorry" Impa said as she played the Spirit's Requium and disapeared infront of her.


The chill of the Desert air hit him it was scortching in the day but freezing at the night. He walked towards the Spirit Temple.
"Who are you kid?" A familiar voice spoke to him. He turned to see Nabooru leaning against a pillar.
"Nabooru I..." he stopped.
"You know of me? Answer one question. What do you make of Ganondorf?" She asked straight with no emotion in her voice.
"I hate him. I am the one that stopped him initially and got him locked up. You are probably thinking there is no way a ten year old kid could pull that off but I am a sir, by order of the King and I am hear to ask for your help" he explained and she was stunned.

"Wow... I mean yeah... I do find that hard to belive but I'll humour you. Why would a Gerudo such as myself help a Hylian stop Ganondorf?" She asked him and he smiled.
"Well, because you hate him. You are second in command but you wont bow to Ganondorf. Thats why you are here and not fighting. The Gerudo, Koume and Kotake are all in oppersition to you. You have no where to go" he said smuggly and she raised an eye brow and stepped forward.
"How do you know so much kid? How do you know those names?" She asked in curiosity.
"You'd never believe me."
"Try me."
"Alright. I am the Hero of Legend. I travelled seven years in the future, met you, killed Twin Rover and stopped Ganondorf. You were one of the Seven Sages and helped me get the Silver Gauntlets from in there" Link said pointing behind him. "The Princess sent me back in time to stop Ganondorf before he makes a move. I technically did stop him but Koume and Kotake have freed him and killed the King" he said, running out of breath.

"The King of Hyrule is dead?! Wait. Nevermind that. You are... why do I belive you?" She said kicking the sand.
"I have one of those faces?" He smiled at her and she grinned.
"Hero or not you are a funny kid" she told him.
"Ha. You called me handsome when I was 17" he said and she smiled.
"Well, we'll see about that" she said to him, turning him bright red.

"Okay. Regardless of if any of this is true, you seem to be set on stopping Ganondorf and I am in. He is at the Gerudo Fortress as we speak. He is pretty drugged up so now is our only chance. Got a plan?" She asked and he frowned.
"Well I have a partner that is supposed to..." he stopped as he heard a faint melody and looked to the warp point. "Speaking of." He said as Impa walked over.

"Impa. Leader of the Sheikah tribe. Nice to meet you" she said as she offered a hand to the Gerudo.
"Nabooru, second in comand of the Gerudo... kinda. You have more manners than the Boy. I dont even know his name but I know his life story" she sarcastically said.
"Oh. Sorry. Link. My name is Link. So Impa. What is the plan?" He asked for the both of them....


Zelda knew there was no chance if her getting to sleep. He climbed down thr ladder and started walking around the peaceful Village. She neered a holloew trew trunk and went to enter it.
"I wouldn't do that" a voice came from behind her. A Young Girl with Green Hair and Green shorts walked up to her. "It's called thr Lost Woods for a reason. You have to knpw where you are going or you may never return." She warned her.

"Oh.. I didn't know. I am sorry." She politly said. "I am Princess Zelda, Link's Friend, how about you?" She asked and she smirked.
"Weeeeellllll..... I am probably his best Friend..." she said smuggly followed by both of them laughing. "The names Saria. Come on. I'll show you around" she said as she pulled Zelda into the Lost Woods.

They took some turns and made it to an opening with a tree stump, ontop of a log was an Imp with a flute.
"Saria! Saria! Play the tune!" It said in a creepy voice. Saria stepped onto the stump and pulled out an Ocarina that looked the same as Link's. She played her special song and the Imp began dancing. "Teeheehee Hahaha" it laughed, sending a shiver down Zelda's spine. It hoped of and creepily walked over the unwavwring Saria. "Skull Kid found a tree. Tree has strange world inside! World with big clock! Skull Kid is going to visit and play many tricks!" It said and Saria stepped off the stump.
"I know you like your tricks but don't take them too far okay?" She said to it and it nodded before jumping off into the woods.

"What the hell was that?" Zelda asked and Saria frowned.
"That is a Skull Kid. Is a shy one that I play music for. He gets into trouble by playing pranks on people because he doesn't know how to male friends" she told her. Zelda felt guilty, she judged it much like others must dl and it is probably why it is so lonely.
"When it returns from... what ever it was talking about then maybe we can do something nice for it" Zelda suggested as Saria continued giving her the tour.



The Dark Nuts smashed through the wooden drawbridge and begun marching into Castle Town. The swiped at anyone in their way and quickly made progress. The Gerudo Theives lit up houses with Fire Arrows as they ransacked Houses. They begun dragging men out of their homes and throwing them into prison carts to be used as Sex Slaves, some Gerudo Women raping them on site.

"Please... No... I am just a humble mask Salesmen!" The Happy Mask Salesmen pleaded as a Gerudo Woman strode towards him. She was suddenly knocked flying by a huge boulder. The Boulder unraveled its self to reveal a Goron. A few more roled in.
"Alright Brothers. Lets get em!" Darunia said as the Gorons began puncking the Dark Nuts hard. There punches being enough to knock them on their backs. Aveil doeged back from the Goron assault. She climbed on a roof to get a good vantage point. It was clear they were out matched. The Hylian Knights could handle the Gerudo, especially in Numbers and the Gorons were more than capable of taking on the Dark Nuts. She looked up at the pillar of smoke coming from the throne room.

"Everyone! We have acomplished more than we came for. Our King is free. Take the Prisoners and retreat! She shouted as they did just that. The Horses pulled away the prison cart and they all retrated. The Hylians and Gorons followed of course but they stood no chance on their own turf and agaist there leader.


Nabrooru lead them through the Haunted Wasteland and back to the Fortress. She knew the plan and was going to follow it through.
"In there" she whipered as she pointed to a high up window.

They snuck into the Fortress. Link and Nabooru knew their way around and Impa was already a master of espianage. Nabooru stopped and gesured around the corner. Impa imidiatley threw some knives and Link fired his Sling shot, aiming for Ganondorf, both being blocked by ice.
"Really? That was your little plan?" Kotake moked as Impa, Link and Nabooru showed them selves.
"See you made some friends" Koume snorted to Nabooru.

"Now!" Impa said as they ran back they way they came. The Witches followed, passing through the walls but enjoying the idea of a chase. They balseted fire and Ice and all they could hope to do was dodge it and keep running. The made it out side and as Kotake exited through the wall Link slashed her broom in half, making her fall to the ground. Nabooru pinned her down and Link began playing the Bolero of Fire, grabbing the Witch before he vanished. Koume saw this, not understanding what had happened but continued with her assault of fire at Impa who dodged with ease. Nabooru came from behind and grabbed her broom, pulling her to the ground. Impa pulled out the Ocarina of Time and began playing the Seranade of Water. She copied what Link done and grabbed the Witch before vanishing. Nabooru sat on the roof. She was about to take a deep breath before a powerful punch hit the side of her head....


Link was suddenly in the deadly head of Death Moutnain Crater, holding the collar of the Ice Witch. Kotake screamed.
"AAAIIIIGGGHHH! Let me go you brat. I am melting here!" She screeched as she had no broom to fly on and the heat made her Ice ineffective. Link dragged her towards the edge of the path and held her by the colar above the lava.
"This is what the King would have felt" he smirked as her eyes widened.
"NO! DONT DO THIS!" she begged as Link let go and Kotake fell.
"GYA!" was all that she could make out before being vapourised by the lava.
"Now gotta get out of here before I burn to death my self" he said to him self before teleporting back to the Desert Colosus.


The sun was begining to rise. It always looked beautiful on Lake Hylia. Impa had no time for that. She had the hard job as being near the lake didnt make Koume unable to attack and she still had a hold of her broom. She flew around Impa.
"Your plan was to split us up? Gyhahaha. That wont do!" It screeched as it fires a stream of Fire at Impa. She done a backflip to avoid it and she disapeared into the water.

The Witch flew around, high up so she couldnt be dragged in. "Come out come out where ever you are" she Witch cackled as she felt a thud from behind. She fell but managed to keep a hold of her broom. Impa had kicked her from behind. As Impa was falling towards the water she threw some string and caught Koume's anckle. Impa pulled her closer. The Witch shreeked. "You wont get me that easy!" She shouted as she burned the string.

She flew up higher, resuming her search for Impa but staying above the height of the tree that she had realised Impa must have used. Impa jumped out of the water on the small island across the bridge. Koume flew towards her but suddenly her broom stopped with a jerk and she fell of it, landing on the bridge. "Damn Sheikah! She attached string to my broom from the tree" he thought as she got to her feat. She saw Impa sprint towards her, sending a fire ball towards her but she slid under it. She grabbed Koume.
"Lets go for a Swim" she said.
"DONT YOU DARE YOU BITCH!" she screamed as Impa dived into the water, not letting go and the Witch disintergrated.


The Gerudo rode back into the Valley, Prison Waggon in tow. Suddenly they all came to a hault. Avail stopped.
"Shit!" She shouted as the bridge back to their Fortress has been destroyed. "What the hell happened?" She shouted as panic started setting in. "We will have to ditch the Wagon and we will to jump across on out Horses" she called to them.

She reered back and charged at the gap. Her Horse jumped the valled but she looked to her left and like slow motioned she saw something flying towards her. It was the last thing she ever saw as her head was taken clean off by a Harpoon, the Horse making it tonthe overside with a decapitated Aveil on the other side.

The Gerudo were speechless, somw their Horses to loom over the edge. At the bottom of the Valley there were Zora with Harpoons at the ready.
"Bastards!" One of the Women shouted down as she pulled back the string of the bow. Theg Zora were quicker and a Harpoon got her from the top of the Water fall.

The Knights of Hyrule appeared in large Numbers, Gorons in tow. Some began firing at them and met a swift end whilst some teied jumping the Valley but met the same fate as their leader. The rest just sat there. They knew they were screwed. They were leaderless. Ganondorf was apparently saved but not here, Nabooru didnt follow there cause, Aveil is dead and who knows where Twin Rover is. They should have listened to Nabooru, was this all worth it? These were the questions plauging their minds.

A Captain rode to the front.
"We are willing to accept a surrender. If you decline you will be executed here and now!" He shouted. The Gerudo dropped their weapons one by one and put their hands in the air.


Nabooru fell from the roof onto a lower level and groaned. She was confused but pulled out a Scimitar and got up. Ganondorf jumped down to her level but landed on his side.
"Nabooru you traitorous bitch!" He sneered. "If you had been by my side.... if you had helped I would have the Kingdom now. I would have made you my Queen!" He roared in anger. He was on his feet and he charged at her and she dodged him and swiped at his side, making him stumble into the wall.

"Why do you even need all that power? You have a Kingdom out here. You could have made an allience with the King instead of trying to execute him. Why the hell do you need the World?" She asked him and he snarled.
"You call this a Kingdom? Please... dont make me laugh. We are a savage tribe, nothing more and possibly something less. We live out in the boilimg desert, the heat makes you sweat and the sand blows in your face every day. The Nights freeze your body to the bone. We hunt for the scraps of food we can find. What purpose do we have?" He asked her. "Why are we the ones who have to suffer in the Desert while the Hylians get to make their cozy little Villages and have their big Castles full of the rich who stuff their faces. Why should I have to make an aliance with a King who has never worked a day in his life? Why doesnt he make an alliance with me?"

"So you are just a angry jealous man" she replied and he was furious.
"You should feel the same. We are cursed. You more than me. To reproduce, us Gerudo have to go the Hyrule and kidnap men as sex slaves, we are cursed to not even be able to reproduce on our own. You should understand that more than me" he said to her more calmly. "But it looks like you would rather screw some Hylian Man than me" he said and she smirked.

"You act as if I am like the rest of you. I wouldnt stoop so low as to rape Hylian Men. That is probably why the Gods have cursed us, because we are a shitty band of Theives" she said but unable to dodge him this time as he lunged forward. He gripped her neck and pressed her against the wall.
"You are a Gerudo Woman like the rest of them. You are a better fighter and maybe better looking but thats all. You will still moan to my cock" he said as he continued to pin her against the wall but also pulling his pants down.

She dropped her Scimitar and cursed as Ganondorf pushed his mouth to hers. She resisted but didnt struggle. She stayed calm. He was going to rape her and she knew that so she had only moments to think of a way to take him down. She pushed her tounge into his mouth and moaned.
"Haha, I knew you would get it" he said as he grabbed her breasts and made the way to her pants. She grabbed his dick and began rubbing it, she looked him in the eyes and as he moaned she pushed him backwards.

His pleasure from the orgasm and then sleeping drugs he was still feeling made him stubble more easily. He fell on his back and she picked up her Scimitar. As he got up she kicked him over making him fall down another level. She pulled a flag down and ripped the rope from it. She jumped down to him and pulled on the back of his hair and slammed his face against the stone floor several times, knocking him out. She tied him up and sighed.

She hated what she had to do to trick him but she won and he lost. She knew if it wasnt for the drugs he was on she would have lost easily. She kept a watch on him, waiting for Link and Impa to return.

Chapter Text

Link and Impa had returned to Nabooru. Each if them had  succeded. Neither Link or Impa had expected Nabooru would have to fight Ganondorf since they thought he wouod be to drugged up to stand. Despite their error in judgement he was captured and taken to a secret location, only known by the Hylians. The Arbiter's Grounds.

Link went straight to Zelda after this. He played the Minuet of Forest and arrived at the Forest Temple. He quickly made it to Kokiri Village and Zelda was standing on his balcony. He ran to his home and she dived off, catching her and he hugged her. She smiled as him with tears in her eyes.
"Thank God you are okay!" She said as she kissed him on the lips. It lingered for a few seconds, Link enjoying the feeling of her lips.

They parted and he was bright red. "I love you so much Link!" She said as she hugged him.
"Zelda... I love you too" he said as his heart pounded in his chest.
"Fairy Boy!" Malon shouted as she climbed down the ladder and hugged him. He gave her a less tight hug.
"Your Father and Ingo are all right, and you even have a few new Horses to raise" he told , makig her light up in joy but made Zelda frown.
"I am sorry Zelda... I wasnt able to save him... I tried." He told her. She never even knew he was there, Impa left that out.
"Link, dont... it wasnt your fault. I know that if you were able to save my Father you would have... I could never blame you for such a thing" she told him.


Epona was still at Lon Lon Ranch so the three walked across Hyrule feild together. Link sheilding the inocent Malon's eyes from the grousome sight of the Gerudo corpse. It was more visible in the day light and Zelda wished she hadnt seen it. Zelda and Malon told Link how they talked with Saria who spoke only nice things about him.

They arrived back at the Ranch. The smoke all gone which must have meant the word got out that the uprising had ended.
"Father!" Malon shouted as she ran towards the Ranch owner.
"Malon! Bless the Goddesses! You are safe!" He cried into her as he picked her up and hugged her.

"And thank you for everything Boy. You are welcome back here any time. " he said as he hugged Link.
"You're welcome. Just doing my bit." He said modestly. Zelda looked at the burned down stable but was pleased that the House was at least mostly standing.
"Princess, please. Its okay. We can rebuild the stable. Its only wood" he said as he knealt to her.
"You dont have to do that" she said embarassed. "And no. It is not okay. Invaders put your lives in danger. I will personally see to it that your ranch is repaired free of charge" she told him and he smiled.
"You are the best Princess Hyrule as ever seen!" He said excitedly as they all smiled.


Link and Zelda enter through the destroyed gates. Maby Knights are there to greet them in.
"Try not to look at the... the Gerudo" he said queitly. She agrees. She didn't want to see any dead bodies but knew it was inevitable.

They entered the Town and her heart sunk. It was sad to see the Town that was so full of life looking beat up. "Well I have seen it look worse!" He joked and Zelda frowned at him. "Sorry.." he said realising his joke was not funny despite it being true.

"How dare you!" A man shouted, getting the attention of Link and Zelda. A angry man had thr Happy Mask Salesmen pinned against his shop and began punching him in the face.
"Hey!" Link shoted as he hit the angry man in the face with his Slingshot. He walked over. "What the hell could be so bad that it warents beating someone up at a time like this?" Link shouted at the two.
"This Man is selling a Mask of one of the Women that just raped me and burned by house down!" He shouted and Link turned to the Mask Salesmen.
"I was selling it, but I had plans to stop selling it but you hadn't got around to letting me!" He shouted.

Link sighed.
"Look, I get why you are angry but give him a chance man... and sorry you got punched. Just make sure you dont sell the damn mask" Link said as he pat him on the shoulder.
"Thank you sir" he said with a bow. As Link turned away he sneered at the Man.

If Castle Town wasn't hard enough, then the sight of her Home was certainly hard. The Castle was hardly destroyed but even from a glance it was clear the Throne Room has been scrotched and Zelda only now realised how her Father perished. She burst out crying and Link pulled her into a hug. He didn't say a word as there was nothing he could say. He just held her in the hopes of comfort.



The Knight of Hyrule took Ganondorf to the most perfect and isolated place in all of Hyrule to execute someone. It had been used in the past to execute some of the worst criminals of Hyrule, non however where as bad as Ganondorf. He was drugged up once more, no one could take the chance of him waking up and trying to escape, an attempt would be devestating.

When Ganondorf awoke he was hanging by the chains that shckled his hands together. The Guardians of the Mirror of Twilight and the Arbiter's Grounds stood before him. It was their sacred duty to carry out the executions upon these grounds.

Ganondorf looked up and snarled in defiance. He had nothing to say to them. The guardian that wore the symbol of Water summoned a sword, it swirled in front of it before plunging its self into the King of Theives. A gutteral moan was heard from Ganondorf as the sword was impaled into his gut.

He hung motionless for a few seconds, the Gurdiams assumed him dead until suddenly his right hand glew. A Triangle appeared on his hand and his fingers twitched and then curled into an angry fist. He opened his eyes and let out a menacing but quiet laugh that got louder as he pulled him self up to face the Guardians. They were shocked and took a single step back. The Gerudo King's right hand, glowing brighter with the Triforce of Power, opened up and clenched again, struggling against the metal shackles. He burst them open and stood,revealing his hands to the Guardians.

"No way. He has been chosen by the Gods?" The Water Guardian thought as it stared in shock and fear. Ganondorf roared and poured all his hate into pulling the other shackle off. It burst open ans he charged forward. His fist went right through the Water Guardian, evapourating it in seconds. The others jumps back, letting out a low frequency howl as they coward in fear.

Ganondorf snarled, placing his Triforce baring hand on the blade that was stuck in his gut and pulled it out whilst laughing from his ew found Power. The Guardians looked aroind in fear, looking for something that will save them. They found only one option. The Mirror of Twilight...

Two of the Guardians pointed at the Mirror, activating it. It lit up and shone against the black rock Ganondorf had been shackled too and the one he stood in the way off. The portal opened and Ganondorf was being pulled back by a imense amount of force, the sword being pulled from his grasp and flying down the portal at an imcredible speed. He steuggled until the end but the force was too strong and his body dematerialised into black chuncks from top to bottom and he was sucked into the portal.

The portal closed and the light detracted back into the mirror. The Guardians were now safe but they cried in sadness as they looked down at the face off their fallen Brother. Although sad, Ganondorf was finally gone from the world of Light, but he had taken the Triforce of Power with him.


Zelda sat at the table, Link despite having being granted a Title was not allowed to attend due his his age. Zelda wasn't much better off as she wasn't given ultimate rulimg in the decisiom that was to be made skmce she had yet to be corinated and was also still young. There was many elders and noblemen at the table. The Impa was there as well as Darunia and King Zora was here... not at the table, but sat in a small outcove in the corner of the room. The more akward guest was Nabooru, who was now Gerudo leader.

"We are gathered here to discuss the outcome of the Gerudo Tribe" an Elder said to them all. "We will each give out suggested outcome and the majority vote will rule!" He stated. Many ideas were thrown arround. Zelda was happy to let them be since she didn't think theg would attack again. Darunia thought they should be imprisoned for a while and King Zora didn't care. Other more brutal ideas were thrown around, some go as far as to execute them all which really didn't sit well with Nabooru. However by far the most prominent idea was them having a banishment to the deep desert.

"The ultimate desicion is for the Gerudo Tribe to be banished from Hyrule for 1000 years, if anyone has any last objections speak up now!" The Elder asked.
"I do!" Impa spoke up. She had been quiet for sometime but now spoke up. "I don't necessarily disagree... well I do but that is not what my objection is about. My objection is that Nabooru here did nothing wrong, in fact she captured Ganondorf and stood up the her own Tribe. She does not deserve being banished with them" she expressed.
"Impa, thank you but there is no need. I did nothing wrong, you are correct about that. And if the Princess here asked I would die for her, but my Tribe needs a leader still and I am perhaps the only one that can steer them in a moral direction" she explained.

The room was silent. Perhaps the people who had been hammering insults at her felt guilty that they had basically asigned this Gerudo Hero to walk in a endless desert for her entire life time. But Nabooru was unphased.
"It is settled then. The Gerudo Tribe will be banished for 1000 years outside the sight of Hyrule. The Gerudo have one week to leave, Nabooru, you will be escorted back to the Gerudo Fortress with Impa to tell your Tribe of their fate. Thank you for all you have done for Hyrule." He said as the most back handed compliment he could have gave her.



Impa and Nabooru head towards the Gerudo Desert. They cross the Bridge that had been repaired and entered the Fortress. Impa being here wasn't even breakimg Gerudo law but Link had, being the first Male here that was not invited in. Nabooru gathered all the Gerudo and stood upon one of the roofs.
"For our crimes against Hurule, we are being banished from the Kingdom for 1000 years. We will wander the Deserts in search of a new home!" She shouted to them. "We have one week to pack up and leave!"

"No way! This is our home. The Hylians can't do that!" One of them shouted back at her. She shook her head.
"No... they can and will. If any of us decide to try and stay you will be executed for it." She said. Impa turned to her, that was a lie but an effective one. "The alternatives were death, is that what you would prefer?" She asked them.
"Did you even fight for our rights?" One shoured up.
"I fought for your lives, dunno if that is enough. I told you what would happen if you went to war with Hyrule, now you pay the price" she explained. They knew she was right so said nothing more.

The Gerudo over the week got packed. Nabooru wanted to see the Desert Colossus one last time before she left. Impa joined her. Nabooru climbed the side with a rope she had place earlier, making it to the top of one of the stone hands. Impa used her Sheikah skills to get up with ease.

The two sat there. Enjoying the view. It gave Impa some time to think about the Gerudo.
"So, how do you plan on... well how do you plan on reproducing in exile?" She asked and Nabooru shrugged.
"I dunno. If we are lucky we might find some other Kingdom or tribe with men for us. I mean my people dont understand that Men are for more than just sex. The Gerudo see Men as sexual objects and not much more. I have more respect but I dont claim to be an expert in the area" she explained and Impa nodded.

"Me neither" she said to the Gerudo.
"You never? Had a man?" She asked and Impa shook her head again.
"They are not my type..." she said as Nabooru understood.
"Ah... well most Gerudo love the sight of men but unless we also pretty much all enjoy the pleasure of Women too since we would all be sexually fustrated all the time" she said which made Impa smile.
"Makes me want to come with you" she joked and Nabooru smiled.
"Dont know about that but maybe you can have a little something..." she seductively whispers as she out her hand on her thigh.

Impa smiled and grabbed Nabooru's head and pushed a desperate kiss into her. The Gerudo Woman was shocked and moaned at the speed she moved at. Nabooru gtabbed her head back and pulled her in more. It took no time at all for the two Women to start exploring each others bodies. Impa moaned at the feel of her breast being squeezed and also the feel of Nabooru's soft breast which were now in the open thanks to the way the desert women dress.

Impa pulled her leg over the Gerudo woman and began sucking on her nipples. "Ah!" Was all the Gerudo made out beofe her lips were assulted again. Nabooru grabbed the Sheikah's arse, her thing shorts left nothing to the imagination. She stroked her hands around her waist before making it to the hem of her shorts. She slipped a hand inside ans was shocked to find no underwear but instead her soft folds.

"Ooohh" Impa moaned as Nabooru rubbed a finger over her clit. Impa began taking her top off as the desert Girl made her see stars. She rocked back as her boobs fell free, making them jiggle. Impa moved her hands down the Nabooru's pants and followed the same tctics. Instead of going fpr her clit however, she stuck two fiingers into her.


Nabooru opened her mouth wide before letting out a moan. "Impa! Keep going!" She demanded as the Sheikah fingered her at high speed. Nabooru continued stroking her clit, making her body shake intensly as each rub. Nabooru kissed her once again. The two moved their hands against each other, their free hands used to explore each others body and their moans were made into each others faces.

"Nabooru! Nabooru! Yes! Yes!" Impa moaned into the Gerudo, each moan made her seem to speed up her own fingering.
"Impa... Impa.... oh.... oh...." Nabooru moaned in return.
"YEAAAH! I am gonnaaa. Ahhhhh!" Impa moaned as her orgasm surged through her body. The Gerudo's pussy clamped around the Sheikah's fingers.
"Ohhh.... ohh..." Nabooru moaned as she closed her eyes in orgasmic bliss. The two had reached their climaxes and Impa kissed the Gerudo Woman. They lay naked in the heat of the desert.

"I wish I knew about you sooner" Impa said to her as she smiled.
"I agree. The Gerudo don't have the talent you do" she smirked and Impa lay next the her, still playing with her nipple.
"Not bad for my first time then?" She asked and Nabooru's eyes widened.
"That was your.... really? " she asked in surprise and the two laughed.
"Hyrule isn't as... forward thinking as the Gerudo" she said still smiling. Nabooru felt bad.
"I am sorry. I do hope things can change for you" she told her, unable to do much to help. She kissed her lips passionatly again, letting her enjoy the company of a Woman for the rest of the night.


The following morning roled around. Impa awoke to Nabooru shaking her. "I have to go now. I didn't just want to leave without saying goodbye" she said to her.
Impa sat up. She didn't want her to go but knew she must.
"Thank you. Thank you for last night and well... everything" Impa said with sadness in her eyes. Nabooru leaned in and gave her a loving kiss.
"There is never a good way to say goodbye, so we will stand up and we will both go our seperate ways and not look back. Agreed?" Nabooru said and Impa smiled and nodded. Nabboru absailed down the Desert Colosus, staring at its madjesty one last time. Impa just hoped down. They looked at each other and then turned around. Nabooru headed towards the Fortress to meet with her people and Impa turned to the Desert Colosus warp point.

Nabooru heard the Prelude of Light and knew she had gone. She smiled. She was sad for Impa, the good bye was harder for her as she had never been in love or had that connection and may never have it again. But still, she has a place to go home too. Nabooru arrived at the fortress before guiding all the Gerudo out into the Desert. Non of them would ever see Hyrule again....



Link sat at a table with some fancy looking people with quils and some paper. Zelda sat there as well as many of the high up people. Link wanted to tell Hyrule about what once happened, in a timeline that no longer exists.
"It all started when I had a dream..." he told them everything, everytiny detail. He collected the three Spiritual Stones, pulled out the Master Sword and travelled seven years into the future and awakened the sages at the Temples and then defeated Ganon. He told them about his Childhood friend Saria, the nicest Kokiri that has ever lived. Darunia, the toughest and bravest Goron ever. Princess Ruto, the sassy and sexy Zora Woman that he got engadged too. Impa, the Sheikah warrior that trained Zelda to become the powerful and wise Sheik. And even the rebelious Gerudo Woman, Nabooru who was willing to stand up against Ganondorf's actions. He wanted them all to be remembered as Heroes and the Sages there were. They a deserved it.

As time went on, the Royal Family shared this story with alk of Hyrule. Children were being told this as a bed time story, the Gorons and Zora had new aquired fans and Princess Ruto still wanted to marry Link. Link was also now an icon and he didnt really want that though. He was too modest for his own good sto he tried to stay out of the public eye as much as he could. He started staying at the Castle a lot more and was trained daily to eventually become an acompliahed Knight.

He spent as much time as he could with Zelda but her free time was limited as she prepared to be corinated as the new Queen of Hyrule, the youngest Queen Hyrule has known. Link had told her they were close and she helped him so much on his quest and she liked to hear about it. The fact their friendship spanned realities made her heart flutter. She loved Link and knew he felt the same.


The Corination was now in session. The Gerudo gone and Ganondorf was imprissoned in the Twilight Realm. Peace was returning so now seemed appropriate. Zelda sat on a new Throne in a relocated Throne Room. An Elder approached her with a Crown.

Many people of importamce were there. Link, Darunia, Ruto, Impa and even Saria, making it the first time she had left the Forest. Many other people where there, nom of which Link knew the names of but he was sure Zelda did.
"From this day on! You will be crowned Queen Zelda of Hyrule!" The Elder called has he placed the crown on her Golden Locks. He knealed as she stood. She was slightly embarassed with all the attention on her but she knew she had better get used to it as she was the ruler of Hyrule.... the ruler of Hyrule... it was just simking in for her.

Afterwards there were the usual Royal parties. Everyone celebrated and talked.
"So, guess you womt have timw to train as a Sheikah agent now, huh." Link said to her from behind. She turned and smiled and put her hands on her hips.
"Well not offitially but I have requested Impa teach me in secret once a week. Its better to have the self defence skills if you can" she told him and he smiled.

"Hey! Zelda!" Saria called from behind. "How do you remember where anything is with a home this big?" She asked in genuine curiosity.
"Well... I dunno. I am just used to it" she said to the forest Girl that was very intimidated.
"Haha. Okay... well I am goimg to be stuck to you like glue for the rest of the day okay?" She said to Link and he smiled, hugging his friend.
"Of course. I will take you home after all this." He said to her. Zelda was slightly jealous of their deep friendship but felt heart warmed that it was purely platonic.

She looked up at Link.
"I hate to bring this up if it will make you sad but I have been thinking about Navi. She left you but where would a fairy without a purpose go? Well would it not go home?" She asked him and be looked down puzzled, eyeing her to ellaborate. "Well no one has ever seen it but Legend has it that Companion Fairies come from an Ancient Fountain deep, deep, deep in the Lost Woods. Further than anyone has gone before". She told him.

He felt a spark ignite inside himself. He smiled.
"You think Navi could be there? You think I can find it?" He asked her and she shrugged.
"I cant be sure but if it exists and if anyome can find it, it is you" she said. He looked to Zelda who nodeed in agreement.

The party starts to come to an end. All the adults are pissed and returning home. Link was scared at the sight of Darunia drunk so left to take Saria home. Zelda sat on her throne, only Impa was there, she wasn't going to leave her side and she was fine with it. Neither wanted to be alone and neither wanted to talk about it.


Link lay in a bale of hay at Lon Lon Ranch. Over the past year he had came here frequently. He loved the peace and the hard work of helping the Farm Trio. But he also came to see Malon and Epona. He was now a Twelve Year old and he was starting to notice Girls a bit more. Both his closest friends were Girls and he found both to be cute. But on this day he gazed at the sky alone. He had not stopped thinking about was Saria had told him a year ago... was Navi out there. He had to know.

He stood up and played Epona's Song and the brown Horse came to him. He got on her back and rode over to Malon.
"Malon... I have something I need to tell you" he said to her and she turned to give him all of her attention.
"What is it Grasshoper?" She asked him in her innocent smile.
"I... I have told you about my friend... the Fairy" he said to her and she nodded. "I have reason to belive that she could be out there and I want to go and find her... I don't know how long I will be gone, but I wanted to ask if Epona can come along with me?" He asked her and she frowned.
"You... you are leaving?" She said, almost in tears. "Do you not like it here on the Ranch?"
"No. Its not that! I love it here. I like it here more than the Castle" he told her as he got off Epona. "But I need to find my friend and Epona is the only one who can help me" he said and she nodded.

"One rule!" She said in a serious tone. "You be safe, you protect Epona and you come back home to me! Got it?" She demanded and Link smiled. He couldnt help but love how she saw those three things as one thing and how serious her face got.
"Malon, I promise. Here... I want to give you this. To prove I will return" he said as he handed her his Slingshot. She smiled.
"I will protect it with my life!" She smiled and the two said goodbye.



"Just where my Father's notes said it would be!" The Happy Mask Salesmen said as he placed his hands on the strange purple object on the ground. He picked it up, dusted it off with his hand and smiled. "Majora's Mask! He said as its eyes lit up.

The orange light from its eye illuminated the room, an old organ was in the corner of the room as well as a desk with really old research notes. He walked over to the desk, a picture of his Father sat there in a cracked frame. He looked at some of the notes, all of which talked about the Mask, The Song of Healing and an Alternate World called Termina. This was it, this was what he was looking for. He turned around and something caught his eye.

The Man put away the Mask in his backpack and then croutched down to inspect the dirt on the ground. It was a footprint, not his, not his fathers but a strange and unusual one. Someone had been here... and it was probably within a year or two. He stood up. Does that mean more people know about Termina? Did it matter? He did not know. To be safe though, he took what he could of his Father's notes and left.



Link trained hard everyday for a year. Link saw Zelda on a regular basis and she saw him, but not how they would like. They didnt get time together. Zelda thought about him. What did she truly know? She knew his story from his point of veiw but what time had they spent together? He came to her in her courtyard and then they spent maybe a month tops together before her Royal Duties parted them. She had told him that she loved him and that was not a lie but she couldnt explain it. They hadn't known each other that long but she felt like she had known him forever.

She stood atop a balcony and saw the Boy sitting on a wall, staring into the distant woods. She knew he would be leaving her soon and it ached at her heart. She would not stop him if that is what he chose but she just wished that over the last year they could have been together more.

The sun rose and Zelda was standing in her courtyard, looking through the Window. She heard footsteps behind her, those of a Boy and a Horse.

"You are already leaving this land of Hyrule, aren't you?" She turned to him. "Even though it was only a short time, I feel like I've known you forever. I'll never forget the days we spent together in Hyrule... And I believe in my heart that a day will come when I shall meet you again... Until that day comes, please... Take this..." she held the Ocarina of Time in front of her. Link could hear the sadness in her voice and felt bad. She spoke proper, like she was upset at him. Link didn't say a word, he didn't know what to say. "I am praying... I am praying that your journey be a safe one. If something should happen to you, remember this song..." she then played the Song of Time and he lulled out his Fairy Ocarina and copied it.

The song echoes around the courtyard before he finally spoke.
"Zelda.... I..." he spoke but she shook her head.
"Don't say it Link. You will just make it harder..." she said to him.
"Bring Navi home okay? And return to me. I will be waiting for you" she smiled.

Link didn't want this to be a goodbye and neither did she. He finally understood. He knew her better than she knew him. She knew that so she could trust that words did not need to pass between them for them to understand one another. He got on Epona's back and did not tirn back to her. He would be back and they would get to spend time together then. He began riding off. "The Goddess of Time is protecting you. If you play the Song of Time, she will aid you..." she said as he smiled to him self. He was gone from her sight.

She looked on the ground and lying there was his Fairy Ocarina. She smiled. If he left something this valuable to him with her she knew what it meant. He knew he was coming back to her.



The Happy Mask Salesmen knew not to look at it too much but it was almost like a temptaion. He kept taking glances at the Mask that he kept in the bag. He sat on a tree stump and but his backback to his side. He slid open the bad and took the Mask out. Its orange eyes stared deep within him. He turned it around and pulled it closer to his face. It was almost on and then he felt it.

An evil presence surged through his soul. He could feel the Mask's evil intent, its need for a host to drain life from. It had plans and although thr Happy Mask Salesmen started to resist, the Mask began moving closer onto his face.
"No!" He shouted as he managed to resist the evil of the Mask. He pushed it inside his bad quickly and sighed.


He suddenly felt something hit him from behind, making him dizzy as he fell on his back. He could only barely make out ejat was going on. A little Imp with two Fairies rumaged through his back pack... "oh no" was alk he could think. The Imp found the Mask and stared at it, it srared back.

The little straw Imp had glowing eyes that seemed fixated on the Mask, the same way he was. Before the Mask Salesmen could say anything the Imp put the Mask on. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. No glowing lights or evil auras... just silence. It looked up, not the Imp, but the Mask. It walked over to him and looked down at him. "Don't!" Was all he could as the Imp hit him and knocked him out. There was just blackness....



Link rode into the Lost Woods. He knew he was looking for a Fountain but he knew his quest would not be easy as the Lost Woods are large and confusing. It was an eerie place and he constantly felt as though he was being watched... although the feeling was just his paranoia, it coincidently happened to be true.

The Happy Mask Salesmen awoke to the clatter of Hooves. He looked up and through the trees saw a Boy in Green.... "Hold on..." he said to him self. "I know him..." he said. He saw that his backpach was till there. Thank the Goddesses. He considered shouting after the Hero but decided not too. He stood up and began following the young boy....



In the land of Hyrule, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy...

A boy who, after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend...

Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey...

A journey in search of a beloved and invaluble friend...

A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place amoung legends...

Chapter Text

Link rode into Clock Town. The Carnival had officially started with the Fire Works going off and the bell ringing out but the place was barren. Most people had fled the Town leaving only a few, not enough for a Carnival.

Link got to the Clock Tower door before pausing. He had met so many people on his journey and he would never see any of them again. Sure, a lot of them looked identical to people he knew in Hyrule but they were different people with different lives and personalities. Malon was not Romani. Was it right to leave them without saying good bye?

He thought about his last three days. He met the Bomber guarding the enterance to the observatory. He met that Astronemer and the Business Scrub he got the Deed from. He also made sure to go and save Romani from the Aleins for a second time and helped Cremia deliver the Milk Waggon to Clock Town and got a very special reward for that one... But they were the only people he interacted with, thus being the only ones that knew who he was.

It pained his heart. It was just like what happened before. He saved the World and helped people out and when he travelled back in time, non of them remembered him. Did they even know who just saved them from the Moon? Probably not. That settled it. He couldn't leave like this, he had to make a difference to the individuals he helped.

He knew that awakening the Giants would fix the problems at the Temples so the Swamp shouldn't be toxic anymore, the Spring should have arrived at the Mountain Village, The Great Bay Seas should be clear and the Gibdo's around Ikana should be gone, and thus Pamela's Father should be fine. Link wanted to check on everyone but he couldn't be everywhere at once so he had to decided. After thinking about it he decided saving Lulu's eggs was the most important so he set off too the Great Bay.



Cremia opens her eyes and groans. Her head is throbbing and she looks around confused. She feels something wrapped around her and it was her Little Sister Romani. What was she doing here? She thought for a second. Her eyes widened in shock as she remembered. The Moon! Had it fell? It can't have, they were alive. She realised she was actually in Romani's Bed so she looked over to her own and Anju and her Grandmother were asleep in it while Anju's Mother slept in a chair with her mouth wide open.

Cremia got up out of the bed, she was in her farm clothes as she has not bothered to get dressed last night. She quickly but queitly left the bedroom, ran down the stairs and opened the front door. The light from outside hit her eyes, blinding her for a few moments before she looked into the sky. The Moon was gone. She peered up further and spotted it in its original far away distance. They were safe, she didn't know why the Moon was falling or how it headed back from where it came but it didn't matter. She was safe and more importantly so was Romani.

She ran upstairs back into the bedroom.
"We are safe! The Moon is back where it belongs!" She shouted, waking up everyone in the proccess. Anju's Mother was the first on her feet, seemingly the alcohol hadn't taken much of a toll on her. Anju was next with a groan, the Old Woman seemed unphased and Romani turned over and spewed across the floor.

Cremia grabbed a bucket full of water and a sponge and began cleaning up the mess.
"You are right. The Moon isn't hovering over Clock Town anymore. We are safe" Anju's Mother said in disbelief as Anju joined her.
"Maybe Kafei has returned. Maybe he just left because the Moon was falling" Anju said hopefully.
"That man is good for nothing! You were supposed to be getting married today and he left you without a trace!" Her Mother shouted and the room went silent. "Anyway, we should really be heading back to Clock Town. The Inn will start filling up in no time if the Carnival is back on". She continued.
"Can we enjoy more of Cremia's Cooking before we go?" Her Grandmother pleaded and Cremia giggled, fully aware Anju's Cooking was dreadful.
"Sure, what ever you want" she said as she picked up her Sister and carried her outside.


"Big Sis. Why do I feel like this?" Romani asked as they sat behind the house. Cremia felt guilty. She had the best intentions, to get her Sister drunk on Chateu Romani so she wouldn't know the World was coming to an end. No part of her expected them to survive this but thank the Goddess they did.
"Well that Milk as you know is for grown ups. I thought that maybe since you are a big Girl now you would be able to handle it but I guess you just need to get a little bigger first" she said in a positive tone to her Sister.
"I am a Big Girl! I am 11!" She said grumpilly. Cremia smiled at her inocence. She was was more innocent than an 11 year old should be but that maybe because she treated her like a Child to often.
"Well as long as you are feeling better we can go back to Clock Town with Anju and the Carnival of Time might be on" she said and Romani looked instantly better.
"Yay. You mean it!?" She asked and her Sister just laughed.


"HYA!" Link screamed as he Hookshot the Ceiling above the Fish Tank. He put on the Zora Mask, sunk to the bottom of the tank and scooped up the final Egg in the Pirates Fortress. He made his way out as effortlessly as he had on his way in, using the Stone Mask to casually walk by the Pirates. He took a Picture of one just in case he meets the man who wad going to sell the Sea Horse at the Carnival and then headed out towards the Sea Snakes Liar.

He knew the way this time and after killing the Sea Snakes he had all the Eggs which he went and dropped off at the Great Bay Lab. He only spent about an Hour on this, job well done if he said so him self. Now all he had to do was bring the good news to Lulu.

He played the Song of Soaring to the Zora's Cape and then played the New Bosa Nova in front of Lulu, getting the attention of both her and the Giant Turtle Rock.
"Lulu, I saved your Eggs. They are safe in the Marine Lab. You can relax now." He said calmly and she smiled.
"Mikou?... Oh Mikou!" She said in delight. "You saved our Children!" She screamed in delight. Link froze. He didn't know that Mikou was the Father of those Eggs. This makes things really akward.

Before he got time to respond she grabbed him and pushed him into the wall, intensly kissing him. His mind was on fire. This was not his first kiss but non where this passionate. "You'll get more of that later. Right now... we have a Carnival to Practice for" she smirked seductivley and walked onto the Cape.

Link followed her into the Cape and the full Indigo-goes where there.
"Yo! Mikou! Come on man, we have to practice for the Carnival Maaaan!" One of them said and he sighed. Link felt he coudn't let the band down so he decided he would pretend to be Mikou, only for a day or two and break the news to them once the carnival was over. Link joined them and helped practice for the Carnival.



The wagon arrived at Clock Town, parking outside the East Enterance. The group of five got off and entered the Town. The town was a bit busier than earlier, people from different races must have realised that the Moon wasn't going to kill everyone so they returned to celebrate the Three Day Carnival.

Anju placed her hand on the door to the Inn, pushed it open. Her heart skipped a beat as standing in front of the desk was a Blue Haired Man.
"Kafei!" She screamed in tears as he turned to see her.
"Anju!" He replied and they ran towards each other and embraced.
"Where where you?" She cried into his shoulder.
"I am sorry. I wanted to see you but I couldn't... I can't really explain" he said and the Curiosity shop owner sighed.
"He isn't lying you know. It sounds like he is full of shit but you would have to have seen it to believe it". He spoke in a deep voice.
"Well I don't buy it one bit!" Anju's Mother stepped forward. "How could you leave my Daughter Days before the Wedding and show up when it should have took place?!" She spoke angrilly.

"Can we all calm down? How about I make everyone a cup of tea and we all sit down and talk. Not shout or argue. Talk." Cremia interjected and Kafei smiled.
"Thank you Cremia, I would like that" Kafei said as Cremia blushed. Anju's Mother crossed her arms.
"Fine..." she said as she walked past them all to go to the toilet.


"So how do you all take far fetched stories?" Kafei asked and Anju nodded.
"Well the Moon falling seems pretty far fetched, and people are saying four Giants stopped it" Anju stated.
"We were all to hammered to see it" Anju's Grandmother spoke and Cremia laughed before giving an apologetic look to everyone.
"Okay so there was this little Imp, he was wearing a strange Mask and he weilded Dark Powers, I don't know what he was but he turned me into a child" Kafei said and Anju's Mother sighed.
"Mother! Please leave it to the end!" Anju said and Kafei smiled.
"I went to the Great Fairy for help but on my way Sakon, a theif, stole my Sun Mask. I could not show my self to you with no Sun Mask and in the body of a Child" he said ashamed.

"He came to me for help. I found it hard to believe the Boy in front of me was the same Kafei I knew but he had the Keaton Mask I gave him all those years ago... I have been helping him" he said to the group.
"I am sure that Imp had something to do with the Moon because when the Giants came and sent the Moon away, I transformed back into my original body.... anyway, thats the truth but if no one belives me then I don't blame you" he said looking down.

"Of course non of us belive you. It's ridiculous! Right Anju.... Anju?" Her Mother questioned and she smiled and turned to Kafei and grabbint his hand.
"No. I believe him. First of all Kafei is not a liar and even if he was, why would he make up a story so far fetched. He could have just said the Mask got stolen and that would have worked but he went out of his way to tell this unbelievable tale" she explained and Cremia nodded.
"Thank you Anju... but I still can't make good in the promise we made, the Mask is still stolen and I have no idea where it is" he said and Anju frowned.
"It doesn't matter, it is just a Mask. We can still get married. I still want to get married. Lets get married on the last day of the Carnival. Its only two days different!" She said smiling and he smiled back.
"You mean it! You will still take me. Oh Anju I love you so much!" He said as they embrased. Anju's Mother crossed her arms and Cremia went bright red again.


The Carnival of Time Day 1 got busier. Other races started to realise the apocolypse didn't happen and hurried to celebrate their life. The Carnival was more than just a celebration now, it maked a historical event that no one was going to forget in a hurry.

Link arived at the Owl Statue and pushed his way through the crowd. As usual, he had the Bunny Hood on as he loved the speed it gave him.
"Link!" a voice called from behind and it was the Postman. "I came back as soon as I heard the Town was safe. Thank you for taking over for me!" He said in delight.
"You want the Hat back don't you?" Link asked and he nodded, Link pulling out the Red Hat and giving it to him.
"Thank you!" He chirped as he ran off to resume business.

After jumping onto the Roof of the Shooting Gallery and taking the 100 Ruppee stash he went to the Stock Pot Inn. Anju's Mother was at the counter. He approached her.
"Sorry we have no room" she said bluntly in her bad mood.
"No, no its not that.... Is Anju around I want to tell her something" he asked and she looked at him suspeciously but had no energy to care.
"They are all in the back room, knock before entering" she said and Link smiled and bowed.

He waked around the stairs and knocked on the Wooden Door.
"Who is it?" Anju's Voice called from the other side.
"You don't know me but my name is Link and I have information on Kafei!" He called through and at lightning speed Romani flung the door open.
"Grasshopper!" She called out and hugged him.
"Oh, hi Romani. What a surprise" he said to her.
"Link? What are you doing here?" Cremia asked as he walked in the room. He was going to answer but then saw the Man with Blue Hair sitting next to Anju.

"Kafei.... you're an... an adult now..." he said in shock.
"NO!" he shouted as he put his hands on his face. "Why couldn't you have said that when Anju's Mother was here?" He said in disapointment while everyone in the room stared at him."But anyway, how do you know about that and do I know you?" He asked Link and Link shook his head.
"Well... it kinda complicated and a bit of a long story so I am not sure you will believe me" he said and Kafei smirked.
"Ha! Kid, my story is a hell of a lot more far fetched than yours so try me!" He said and Link felt up to the challenge.
"Haha. Oh I know your story. Mine is better!" He said.

He explained only what he had too, his story from an Orphan Boy in the Kokiri Forest to the Hero of Time was a bit of a long one and they didn't have time for it. But he explained what he did in Termina, telling them he has a Ocarina that can turn back time and how he had to awaken the four Giants to stop the Skull Kid and Majora's Mask from crashing the Moon into Clock Town. But he also explained how he got them together and how he saved Romani twice.They looked at him in disbelief.

"Okay... if any of this is true then we need proof" Kafei said and Link smiled.
"What, more far fetched than yours?" He said mockingly.
"But to be fair, he has so many details right. Like he knows things he could only know if he really did all this" Anju said and Kafei had to agree. "Like he knew I went to the Laundry Pool and cried, he knows what the inside of your little den looks like and he knows what things that happend like the Goron named Link that arrived at the Inn and the Postman and all kinds" she continued.
"Oh and I can prove it" he said with a grin. "In many ways actually. For a start, me and you Kafei are going to get your Mask back from Sakon, I know where his den is so its easy. But also I have these!" He said as he pulled out the Keaton Mask, Kafei Mask and Couples Mask.

"Thats my Mask!" Kafei said pointing at the Keaton Mask and Anju pointed at the Couples Mask.
"Thats proof we got married!" She said.
"And Kafei, go ask your Mother if I got the Kafei Mask from her, she will say no since it didn't happen this time around" he told him. "I can also prove it with the transformation masks, Stone Mask and Giant's Mask if you don't belive some of the stuff I have done" he said but Cremia shook her head.

"Link, we all believe you. And from the bottom of my heart thank you! You saved Romani twice and helped me twice. They may not be any room at the Inn but you are welcome to stay at the Ranch for as long as you like" she said kindly.
"Cremia... thank you so much..." he said and Romani started jumping up and down in excitment.
"Okay, Kafei. 1PM tommorow, meet me at the East Gate of Clock Town. We are getting that Sun Mask back so you two can get Married" he said with opptamism and Kafei stood up.
"Right! I'll be there!"



"Got ya!" Link shouted as be grabbed Romani's arm and she giggled.
"Awww. You are so much faster than me!" She complained but with a smile on her face.
"I am not going to go easy on you... although I could make it waaay harder if I wanted" he said and she sighed.

Link loved playing with Romani and he hadn't had the chance to just be a kid for so long. It was very late but Cremia never seemd to mind, she decided she would give Romani a day to do what she wanted and play put with Link late. She was just greatful everyone was alive after a near apocolypse.

"Romani. I have an idea" Link said as he jumped off the wooden crate they were sitting on.
"What is it Grasshopper?" She asked him and he smiled.
"I'll show you in the barn, come one!" He said as he ran off ahead into the barn and she soon trailed behind him.

Link sat in the barn with Romani. She was excited to see what he was going to show her. He lay out various masks on the ground.
"Okay, so this is a secret to everyone, okay?" He said and she nodded. "These masks are magical. They have secret abilities. This one makes me me run super fast, this one turns me invisible but most of all, these ones here transform my body." He said pointing at the four masks on the ground. She smiled.
"Prove it!" She demamded as she crossed she arms.

Link picked up the Zora Mask and stood up. He put the mask on and his body lit up and standing in front of her was a Zora. She jumped and Link laughed.
"Told you so" he said with a slightly reverbarated voice. He placed his hand on his face and before she knew it he was back to normal. She stared.
"Would it work on me?" She asked and Link was stumped.
"I don't... know" he said. Without warning she picked up the Deku Mask and put it on.

Link looked down at the Deku Child in front of him. Romani looked at her new body. She had her red hair still but her face looked pretty much identical to Link's face when he wore the mask. She had her white dress on but it was smaller to fit her body better.
"Wooow. Incredible!" She said as she bagan twirling in place. Link skiled and put on the Goron Mask.
"Hey there short stuff!" He jokingly said.

They played around with the masks, Link had never been able to play for years and he had a blast.
"What's this one?" She asked and Link frowned as he picked it up.
"Erm... no. I don't think we should play around with this one" he said looking at it.
"Why not..." she whined.
"It's called the Feirce Deity Mask, it transforms me into an Adult Body but I loose control to some of my hidden desires.... I basically loose all reatraint." He said but Romani only really underatood some of what he said.
"Come on! Use it on my Sister. See if she recognises you with it on!" She said and Link sighed.
"If I do can you promise to never bring it up again?" He asked and she grinned.


Cremia heard a knock on her door. She found that unusual but she went to answer it. She opened it to a tall handsome but weird looking man.
"Hello. Have you seen a Young Man around here lately?" He said and she nodded.
"Erm. Yes. Link, he should be in the barn with my Sister" she said to him. "Do you know him?" She asked in confusion.
"Yes, I checked the barn. He was not there. We met the other day but he forgot to take this with him" he said pulling out his Ocarina. She smiled.
"Do you want to come in for a cup of tea or something?" She offered.

Link's mind was racing. He should say no. He really is pushing this.
"Sure!" He said as he followed her in. "Beautiful House. Matches its owner!" He said she blushed.
"Aww. Thank you, not to bad your self" she smirked as she walked over to make some tea. She walked over to him and he stared in awe at her.
"Oh no. No. I need to go" he thought but his body didn't move.
"You here alone?" He asked and she lit up bright red.
"Yes...." she squeaked, her heart racing. He walked over to her and she backed up against the table. His breath was on her neck and it sent shivers down her spine.
"That can't be right. Surely you have a Boy Friend" he said and she frowned.
"No, the only Man I have ever loved is getting married in two days" she said in sadness.
"Really? Well he is missing out. Do you.... want to do what grown ups do when they are alone?" He seductivly whispered.

She grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss and his body lost it, his mind had stopped resisting. He grabbed her breast straight away. He had been obsessesed with them since he felt them against his face. She maoned as his hands gropping her soft mounds. He pushed her back onto the table and got between her legs. She could feel his erection through his pants on her crotch and she grinded slightly. They made out, Link had kissed Zelda and Ruto had kissed him but this was so much different, and so much better.

"Come on, I have a bed up stairs" she smirked getting up off the table. He followed her up the stairs, staring at her arse all the way up. His heart beat like a drum. Was he going to do this.... he followed her into the room and she unbuckled her belt and took her broach off. Link began following her lead and he unclaspt the armour, letting it land on the floor with a thud. He looked over to her and she was only in her bra, everything else was gone.

He gulped. He had never seen a Woman naked, and the fact it was Malon... no, Cremia was all the better. He quickly pulled all his clothes off in a hurry. Cremia chuckled at how childish and desperate the super handsome man looked. Maybe he wasnt as experiemced as she had assumed. She felt the heat rise as he pulled his pants down and letting his huge penis spring free. He walked over to her, he was shaking but was determined not to show it. He grabbed her breasts, trailed his hands around her back and unclasped her bra.

He saw it fall to the ground and her beautiful large boobs were in the open air. He grabbed them as he pushed her in for a kiss, she moaned into this one, she put her arms around him and gripped his muscular body. He pushed her onto the bed and she opened her legs, wanting to feel him in her. He lined up at her enterance, her heart beat as she felt his tip touch her soft core. "Please sir.... take my virginity from me" she said.

Link paused. He was going to be her first... no. She deserves the right to know who he is, he is lying to her and ontop of that, she is upset about her crush marrying her best friend. He pulled away. She sat up and frowned. "Whats wrong?" She asked and Link imidiatly started getting his clothes back on.
"Sorry.... I can't... not like this..." he said but she was confused.
"What do you mean, what did I do wrong?" She pleaded and he shook his head.
"No. It's me, I took advantage of you" he told her as he left the door, soon after the thud of her front door was heard. She sat back on her bed, wondering who he was and why he left in such a hurry.


Link pulled off the Mask and returned to the barn Romami was in. She smiled at his return.
"Did she recognise you?" She asked in inocent curisoity and he shook his head.
"No. She didn't have a clue. Can we keep this a secret, just between us?" He asked in hopes the farm girl could keep her mouth shut. She smiled.
"Yes. Yes... Romani can keep a secret!" She smiled.
"Thank you." He said in guilt. He knew he shouldn't have put the mask on.



The Carnival of Time came to the end of its first Day with a great performance from the Rosa Sisters who did the Kamero Dance that Link found the time to teach them once again while he was killing time inbetween various periods of time where he had to wait for people.....

Chapter Text

Cremia stood next to Romani with three balloons in front of her while Link stood behind her.
"Okay, watch this!" She said as she pulled out the bow and hit each balloon with great accuracy and speed. Cremia was impressed and started clapping and Romani turned to Link, flicked her hair to show off. "So what do you think Grasshopper?" And he smiled.
"I think that is amazing. Keep that up and you'll be on par with me in no time" he told her and she jupped up and down.

He wasn't lying. He had experience with a Bow as an Adult but has only practiced since he obtained his new Bow at the Southern Swamp. He felt he was compitent at using a bow, he could hit things on target with confidence but he never felt it was a particular strong point like his Sword skills where. He knew Romani had never gone a dangerous adventure that required getting good with a Bow very quickly but he felt she could surpass him.

"Right. Well I am off to help Kafei get the Sun Mask back. I'll come back here once I am done and then later tonight I will.... I'll be at the Carnival at somepoint" he said as Cremia gave him a confused look. He can't believe that he nearly told her he was going to be playing at the Milk Bar.
"Alright, good luck!" She said before he played the Song of Soaring and vanished.


"So... you say you've done this before?" Kafei questioned and Link nodded.
"Yes, kinda. Never today and this time I don't have the luxuray of being able to turn back Time" he said as they hid behind a rock. Link explained the plan to him and how the den was rigged to destroy the Mask if an intruder breaks in. Luckily Link knew what to expect and informed Kafei of such information.

Eventually Sakon arrived at his usual time, a criminal has to be punctual. He enrered his den and Link and Kafei followed him in. As per last time, Sakon was no where to be seen and Link wondered if he has a secret passage way somewhere but now wasnt the time to worry about that. "You ready?" Link asked and Kafei nodded before setting off the security system.

They breezed through the trap, it was unchanged and Kafei now held his wedding mask in his hands.
"Thank you so much Link. You have saved my marriage and I am forever in your debt" he said a he bowed. Link scratched the back of his head.
"Nah, its nothing. Anything for a friend" he smiled.


Link returned to the Ranch and just kind of sat there and thought. Knowing everyone just forgot about everything he done for a second time pained him. He had saved both Hyrule and Termina but one remembers his story only as a Legend and the other probably wont remember him at all. He longed to see Zelda again. He told her he would return when he found Navi but the truth is he had never even got close to finding her. Should he call it quits or not? He didn't know. He knew Zelda would understand either way.

He just sat slumped in the seat ususually reserved for Cremia but she didn't mind. He was hardly in the mood to be told to move.
"She was really special to you huh?" Cremia asked kindly as she sat opposite him at the table. He just gave a slight smile. It wasnt a happy smile. "I know how painful life can be. I loved Kafei with all my heart but he left me for Anju. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them, Anju is my best friend, but it pains me to see them together" she said sadly. Link didn't know if he should tell them the details he knew in trying to get them together. Its not like she'd believe him, and did it matter anyway? It never even happened anymore.

" A Hansome man came by the other day.... looking for you actually!" She said like she had just remembered that part. Link froze as he felt his face grow hot and guilt entered his gut.
"Oh yeah?" He inquired, luckily he was sad, it was a good excuse to look uninterested.
"Yeah, he wanted to give you your Ocarina back or something" she said to him and he nodded.
"Yeah. He must have left it on the table on his way out." Link said to try and end it but she persisted.
"Do you know him Link? He knows you it seems. Are you related because he kinda resembeles you. I'd love to meet him, he left in a hurry and...."
"I DON'T KNOW HIM ALRIGHT!" he shouted at her making her flinch in shock. The second he did he regretted it. Cremia did not deserve that. He burst out crying.

"Link? Whats wrong?" She asked him as she pulled her chair around the table and gave him a hug. He pulled him self away to Cremia's surprise. She thought he'd enjoy leaning into her chest.
"I am so, so sorry Cremia. You have been so nice to me, you gave me somewhere to stay and I have just been selfish and mean..." he cried into his knees and avoiding looking at her.
Cremia was confused, she thought she didn't deserve him being here.
"What are you talking about Link?" She asked and he looked up, not looking her in the eyes.
"That was me.... that man... the man who got naked with you... that was me...." he confessed.

She felt her hear beat rise and her face grow red. She first thought was it was impossible. Link is 13 and he was at least 18 but then how did he know they were naked? She never mentioned that. Was Link spying on them? No.. he did look like him, and talk like him. She looked at the Boy who looked guilty as hell. She glared at him and then slapped him, the sound of the impact echoed around the room and Link was on the floor. He clutched his face as he looked up at the furious Ranch owner who had stood, towering above him. He gulped as he pulled him self up from the ground. He knew he deserved worse than that but his cheek still stung. But to his surprise she hugged him tightly.

"Cremia I..." he stuttered but she shook her head.
"Link. I don't want excuses, I want you to tell me everything. You are hiding more than you say. You are going to tell me everything right now!" She ordered him like she was his Mother.  "Not just about last night but about everything". He took a deep breath.
"Okay, but I would like to explain all this to Romani too, there is a lot of... adult details so only if it is okay with you" he said and she nodded.
"Alright. She needs to learn some stuff anyway." She said.


They all sat around the table. Link being the centre of attention.
"What I am going to say will be hard to believe, but all true. You will have a lot of questions but please save them all to the end. I'd advise taking notes, there might be a quiz at the end" he joked and Romani giggled, Cremia did not. He frowned "Right... well... where to begin" he said.


Link began to tell them the story, all of it in remarkable detail. He started from being an orphan Boy in the Kokiri forest too a Hero. He told them of Saria, Navi, Zelda as well as Malon. The Master Sword and aging as well as the Evil King were probably the interesting parts, at least as far as Link saw it. He told them about how he saved Hyrule and Termina and in both cases no one remembered.

"Termina, the place we are now, it is a Parrallel word to Hyrule. The place looks very different but so many of the people are douplegangers of people I know back home. You two looks exactly like my Friend Malon, Anju looks like a Woman I helped retrieve her Cuccos too, Mutoh looks exactly like a Carpenter.. there are so many examples." He stopped and looked up at them. "I explained the rest to you when we were talking to Anju and Kafei... well I missed one part out." He said and Cremia frowned.

He put the Feirce Deity Mask on the table in front of him. "This Mask has the Spirit of a Dark God inside it. I used it to defeat Majora but it preys on your deepest darkest desires. If you are really angry at someone and wish bad things upon them for example, the Mask will make in near impossible to resist killing them. I was playing in the barn with Romani last night, showing her these Masks but she insisted on me trying this one out. I know I should have known better but I thought I could control it but instead.... well it preyed on my desires and well...." he was bright red but Cremia was going to make him say it. "I... desire... you..." he said looking down.

"I don't get it. Desire my Sis?" Romani asked and Cremia sighed.
"I see why you wanted my permission to have Romani here. Well first of all, thank you for being honest. I am still angry at you but I forgive you. But now the other part. And I am going to give you some education here too Link, you might need it!" She said sternly before turning to her Sister.

Cremia began explaing the Bird and the Bees to her Sister and went into some of the details of what happened the previous night.

"Anyway, I nearly had aex with your Sister because of my foolishness wearing the Mask but something sparked inside of me and made me realise it was wrong so I ran off" he explained.

"And thats why I am angry at Link. He is 13 and he pretended to be an Adult and lied to me so he could have sex. A Man should NEVER treat a Woman like that. Lying or manipulating someone into doing something like that is awful and if it was anyone else, I would take matters more seriously." She said loudly to him. "Link. You know that using Girls like that is wrong don't you?" She asked him and he nodded. "Good. Where did you learn about all this stuff?" She asked him and he looked at her.
"Well you know how I told you about me aging seven years, well when awoke as a 17 year old I just kind of... knew this stuff." He said to her. "Like it was all just in my brain. I am not sure how, Magic or some weird Time manipulation. I don't know. But good job I did because being a 17 year old without knowing any of that would have been.... hard" he said embarassed before returning his attention back to Cremia.


Some time passed and everyone had a little bit of time to them selves to cool off. Eventually Cremia and Romani come down stairs.
"We are going to the Carnival Link. Are you coming?" Cremia asked with no sound of annoyance towards him in her voice.
"Err... no... you go with out me, have a good time though" he said and she was surprised but she shrugged.
"Suit your self then. Come on Romani" she said as they left. Link sat in silence. He didnt refuse their offer because he didnt want to go but because he had to be Mikou today and play at the Milk Bar with the Indigo-goes. Something he didnt really want to do but felt a responsibility for.

He looked at the Zora mask and sighed. Kafei is having his stag night at the Milk Bar as well, something he was invited too. Was he going to have to pose as two seperate people throughout the night. Such a pain.


Link strummed the Zora guitar to the cheering crowd. They all cheered and Gormon looked happy and inspired for the first time ever. Well... at least to Link's understanding. Finally they stopped playing and Link snuck out the back and took the Zora Mask off. Lulu came running around the back, looked at Link in confusion and then ran past him. He hated that he had to pretend but he promised Kafei he would be at his stag night.

He joined the party. The Guru guru was geeting some appretiation, the Honey and Darling Couple were as attached as ever and the Carpenters and Knights argued like always. It was a fun night. Anju and Cremia were for sure having fun at their party at the Stock Pot Inn.

Link left to join Lulu with his desguise on and they headed back to Zora's Cape. When they got back Link helped the band put their equipment away before he left. He sighed as he looked back at the place. He walked off.

"Mikou!" The sweet voice from Lulu calls down the hallway. "Were are you heading this late at night?" She asks him as she catches up to him, catching him before he could sneak off.
"I just...." she puts her finger on his lips.
"Going to see our babies. I know" she smiles and he went bright red. Link panicked. That was not it at all, he was going to sneak away and never come back. "But I have a better idea!" She says as she grabs his hand and pulls him along. He is dragged through the quiet Zora Cape towarss Lulu's room. She opens the door and pushes him in.

She pushes him down onto an open clam like object, he assumed it was a Zora bed. He looked back up at her and she pulled her dress off, revealing her large round breasts. Link had seen them before as the Zora back in Hyrule wore no clothes and Lulu was the splitting image of Ruto, someone he found very attractive. No, sexy was the word he would use. She nealt towards him and pulled down his pants, revealing his erect Zora Penis.

Link had been inside Mikou's Body for a long time but no matter how curious he got, he never looked to see what his Penis looked like as a Zora. But now he knew. She began stroking it and he groaned.
"Lulu, wait." He moaned but she just grinned.
"You said you wanted to have as many Children as we could, so lets continue" she said seductively as she began licking his Penis before sucking it.

Link had never felt sexual pleasure like this, he could hardly think. She stopped sucking and climbed onto of him, his penis touching her Vagina. She lifted her self up and grabbed his Penis, lining her self up with him. The thought of Cremia crept into his mind.

"Stop!" He shouted as he moved his Penis away before she went down on him. She frowned.
"Mikou... whats wrong?" She asked as she got off him.
"I am sorry but I am not Mikou. I can't go through with this. Its not right" he said and she frowned.
"What are you talking about?" She asked and Link stood up, pulled his pants up and took off the mask.

She gasped, looking at the Hylian... well to her a Terminian Boy standing in front of her.
"My name is Link, and when I arrived at Great Bay I met Mikou. He was in the brink of death from trying to save your Eggs from the Pirates. He died, I buried him and for healing his soul I got a Mask, containing his soul" he told her.
"Thats a lie! My Mikou is not dead!" She shouted but he just looked down.
"I rescued your eggs using his powers and I played with the Indigo-goes because I couldn't bare letting everyone down just before the Carnival. I was going to leave but you seemed so excited I couldn't bare to break your heart so I tried to creep away" he explained.

Lulu began sobbing.
"Its true isn't it. He is gone. I knew somethimg was off but I didn't know what. I thought if we slept together again he would return to his old self but it was you..." she cried and Link sat next to her and hugged her.
"I didn't mean to decieve you, for that I am sorry. I can show you were I layed him to rest, its by the enterence to the Great Bay" he told her and she looked at him.

"In his last moments he thought about you and begged me to save your Children and you" he reassured her and she hugged him tightly, embarassing him from the breasts pushed against him.
"Thank you. Thank you for healing his soul, saving me and most off all, saving my children" she said and he hugged her back.

They sat and talked for a while about trivial to deep things. Link told her all about his adventures and she wasn't sure she believed all of it but she liked the company.
"What should I do now? Like the others. How do I tell them?" He asked her and she shook her head.
"Link, you are 13? 14? You shouldn't have to do all this on your own. Let me handle it. I will tell them tomorrow. " she said and he frowned, unsure how she could explain it but trusted her.
"I should probably go. Good luck with everything and I hope you have a good life" he said to her and she smiled.
"Same to you, when you get back home... make that Zora Girl happy." She winked and he blushed as he left her chamber.

He stood for a moment before he heard her start sobbing again. His heart sunk but he knew he must leave her to greive. At least he gave her a final few days with Mikou before she found out the truth... telling the Deku Buttler about his Son is going to be much harder.

Chapter Text

Link didn't feel comfortable going to the wedding. He had been invited for all he had done but in truth, he didn't really know these people and they knew him less. He told Kafei he would at least go to the party afterwards. This was all pretty perfect for Link as he had time to take care of somethings.

He first went to the Mountain Village to talk to the Goron Elder about Darmani. They knew he was dead as some Gorons made him a grave but Link told them about how he was a Hero and everything that transpired between the two. It was a story he felt they needed to hear.

Aftet that he went to watch Guru Guru play his song at the Milk Bar in the Day. Link felt he deserved attention but it turned out that he had some anyway... a lot of it. Perhaps Link spread the word...

He then watched from a cliff as Pamela and her Father walked off together to go to the Carnival. He was pleased that awakening the Giant in the Stone Tower Temple clensed Ikana Valley and got rid of the Gibdos and as a result Pamela's Father was never cursed. It was heart warming to see the Girl who had a traumatic time be at peace, unaware of what horrors she once faced.

This was all just before Anju and Kafei had their wedding. They got married just outside Clock Town where Anju's Mother and Grandmother attended as well as Kafei's parents and his friend that runs to Curiosity shop. Cremia stood next to a Knight that she thought was rather handsome but no where near as handsome as the man of the day, Kafei, who was in a crisp suit while Anju worse her stunning wedding Dress. Tingle drew the occasion from his balloon as well as threw caffettee over the married couple.


Link had watched the wedding from the Asteral Observatory. He got a unique view but the Astronamer wondered why Link was so curious abou a wedding that he had to watch from a telescope. When the cereminy ended it was about 3pm and Link headed over to the Milk Bar where the party would be.

He arrived at the door which for a change was not guarded and thus he walked in without needing his mask. Music played loudly and many people where there, afterall, pretty much everyone knew Kafei since he was the Mayor's Son and everyone knew Anju since she worked at thr Stock Pot Inn. Clock Town was small enough to the point where everyone knew everyone anyway.

Link walked down the steps. And he was quickly ambushed from the side by a friendly face.
"Grasshopper!" She shouted and Link smiled. She wore a black dress, looking fancier than he had ever seen her but his eyes widened when he saw Cremia who wore a similar black dress but it clung to the curves of her body magnificently and her breasts where ever prominent from the cleavage it showed.

Link snapped out of his gaze at the Woman at the other end of the Bar and focused back on his friend.
"Hey Romani. How was the wedding?" He asked and she laughed.
"Pretty boring but the balloon guy was funny" she said in refrence to Tingle who thew the caffete.
"Well... he is certainly interesting, thats for sure" Link said as he thought about how weird it was that a 35 year old man acted that way. But who cares? He is harmless.

The party went on, Anju, Kafei and Cremia where deep in conversation for a lot of it and Cremia couldn't keep her eyes off Kafei and Link swore he saw the just married man take a few glances at Cremia's cleavage when neither the girls were looking. Link couldn't blame him but he also wasn't even sure if thats what happened.

There was Kareoke, Dancing and a lot of drinking. Link took Romani into a uninhabbited corner where no one was looking. "So, you have had this before right?" Link asked as he held a bottle of Chateu Romani in front of her and she nodded.
"Yeah, big Sis said it's for Adults and she considers me one now" she said and Link smiled.
"Lets have some then!" He said as he put his hand on his hip, took a big gulp and wiped away the excess with the back of his hand.
"It made me sick the next day..." she told him but he smiled.
"It's just because you had too much, and besideds. Thats part of the fun!" He said and she giggled and copied him in taking a drink of the alcoholic Milk.

The two of them got more and more drunk as no one was paying much attention to them and Link thought it felt great. Even when he was sitting down he wobbled all over the place unable to keep balance. It wasn't just them, it was pretty much everyone. The Postman was up on stage singing with the Mayor, the two Juggling Twins were being stradled by one of the Rosa Sisters each and the Carpenters had of coure started fighting with the Knights.

"Romaniii! Oh there you are!" Cremia called to her Sister. She was clearly pissed out of her mind. "The Party is ending, the happy couple let us stay at the Inn for the night. Your little Boy Friend can come too" she told her and Romani smiled.
"Grasshopper Boy Friend, you can come and sleep with us tonight!" Romani shouted and if Cremia wasn't so drunk, she would have noticed her Sister and Link also were.


The trio left the party at a very late hour and made their way to the Inn. They were not in the most glamerous room, it was the room Link the Goron rented out but there was three beds two on the right hand and one on the left. The Girls got changed while Link waited outside, Romani in some basic Pajamas and Cremia in tight night shorts, a shirt that her nipples clearly showed through and a nightgown. Link just slept in his regualr stuff. Before long Romani and Link were flat out asleep but even in her drunken state, Cremia kept thinking about Kafei. She was so in love with him but she bad to bury him in her mind because he married her best friend.



Kafei stumbles but keeping his balance as he carries his knew bride up stairs. He opens the door and places her on the bed. He kissed into her and she giggles.
"I love you so much Anju" he says into her face and she kisses him.
"I love you to" she says as she kisses him but stands up. She bagan taking off her wedding dress in a hurry, Kafei dowing the same with his Tux except he wasnt as delect with the expensive clothing and just threw his on the table. She truns to him in only her Bra and Panties and his eyes go wide.
"Anju I...." he mumbles, looking for the words to describe how much he loved the sight of his wives pointy breasts.

"Kafei..." she whispered as she leaned into kiss him delectly. The kisses where passionate and their love was more han just lust. He pulled her down to the bed and her body was ontop of him, he felt her boobs push against his chest and she felt his erection against her leg. He reached around her back and unclasped the bra. "Make love to me" she whispered into his ear as he reached for his boxers, pulling them down as she done the same with their panties. Ash she leaned up the bra fell off her and Kafei smiled.

"I love you more than anyone!" He said looking her in the eyes. She loved his deep red eyes. He rolled her over so he was ontop. She put her hand on his chest, not very mustular but not completly flat. He did the same, and he found her breasts to jot necessarily be large, but perky and her nipples pointed forward proudly.

The kissed breifly before he started posisioning him self on her. His dick proded her several times before grazing her core.
"Go jentle" she asked him and he nodded before slowly pushing the head in. She winsed in pain and he stopped but she nodded to encpurage him onward. He pushed all the way in.
"Aahh" he moaned as his penis was all the way into her very tight core.

He pulled out and slowly pushed back in, repeating the process a few times before she stsrted to feel less pain. She smiled and he just kept thrusting, their sex inexperinced but still pleasurable. They sped up and their moand got gradually louder. He thrust inside her and the bed hit against the wall and Anju shreiked in joy and pain. He kept going, unaware of how loud they were and how much noise the bed was making.

In the room along was Cremia, Romani and Link. Cremia blushed as she head Anju moan and heard the bed hit against the wall. She looked to Romani and Link, both of who appeared to be asleep. She pulled down her  night shorts and undid her gown and pulled off her shirt. She listended to the couple making love, focusing on Kafei. She placed one hand on her breast and the other she rubbed against her clit.

She let out a breathy moan. She continued to stroke her clit and enter a few fingers deeper into her folds. She timed her fingers with the banging from the room along. Her hand played with her nipple, in her mind however it was Kafei that was ontop of her, thrusting into her as he looked into her eyes, his deep red eyes making her shiver in delight. His hand grabbed her breast, needing it like bread as his other hand grabbed her thigh and used it to get a matery over his thrusts.

"Cremia. Oh Cremia. I have always loved you. We will secretly be together" he moaned and she felt her self tighten around him.
"Kafei..." she moaned as she climaxed. She opened her eyes to a ceiling and no blue haired Man ontop of her. The fantasy ended and she panted deeply before pulling her clothes back on and rolling on her side to get to sleep.

Romani was fast asleep but Link woke up to see and hear the whole thing and he definitly didnt need to have that on his brain. That would make things challenging.

Chapter Text

He had told them he was leaving and his arangment was tempory anyway. It didn't mean it was any less sad. He woke up at the crack of dawn as he had one last thing he needed to do first.

"I wish you could come and visit" Romani said with tears in her eyes and Link hugged her.
"Me too Romani. Me too. But I will never forget you and if you keep training with that bow then maybe adventure will bring you to Hyrule. He knew that was a lie, Cremia did too, heck, Romani probably did as well but she smiled regardless. "Thank you for everything Cremia" he said politely but she shook her head.
"No Link. Thank you. You have been better help than you'll ever know". She smiled as he got on Epona.
"Good bye. Have a wonderful life" he said as he rode off, fearing that if he looked back he would be to convinced to stay. He was the lucky one here, he had Malon to see, they had no one.


He got off Epona's back outside the enterance of Clock Town and pulled out his Ocarina, playing the Song of Soaring and teleporting off to the Southern Swamp. On arrival the familar stench of the swamp hit him but he ignored it as he put on the Deku Mask, transforming his body before jumping off the ledge and hoping across the water to the gate of the Deku Palace.

The familiar Deku Scrubs watched him with the expectation of him asking to enter but instead he took a left and hoped across the water to enter the cave around the side. He stopped outside and took the mask off and entered into the darkness.

Link had to let his eyes adjust but as they did he saw the Deku Buttler standing there confused. Link felt nervous about the fact he was going to ruin this Duku Scrubs day. But he had to do it.
"Sir, I.... I have something to tell you and you are not going to like it..." Link said and the Deku Buttler stroked his leafy mustache.
"Hmm. Out with it Child" he said with no emotion in his voice.
"Well.... its about your Son" he said and the Deku Buttler flinched.
"My... my Son. You know where my Son is? Please tell me! Is he alright?" He asked with a tone Link could only understand as happiness. Link looked down.
"I am sorry.... he is dead" Link said, avoiding eye contact. Link wasnt sure if he landed that delecatly or not.

"Don't you lie to me! Tell me where he is!" The Scub shouted. Link said nothing and he realised it was all true. "No... my sweet, sweet Boy..." he cried out.
"I can... I can take you two him. If you want". Link said. The Buttler just nodded.


Link warped them both to Clock Town and led the Buttler through the winding tunnels underneath the tower. They reached the husk of the Deku Buttler's Son and the Buttler burst out crying. "I want to tell you all I know, which isnt a lot" he said in a calm voice. He explained to the Deku Buttler about Skull Kid, the transformation Masks, the Song of Healing and of course and more specifically, the mask that transformed him into the likeness of the Buttler's Son.
"Thank you Boy. You should keep that Mask. If apart of my Son lives on to help a Hero then I can at least live with that... thank you for telling me this. I want to be alone for a moment now" he said and Link smiled.
"Of course. Good bye" Link said as he went up to the surface to get Epona and finally leave this place.



Link got Epona and rode through Clock Town and headed back towards the Tower. As he turned the corner he bumped into a recognisable face. In unisen, the two peoples eyes widened as they pounted at wach other.
"What are you still doing here?!' They both asked to the other. Link frowned and so did the Happy Mask Salesmen.
"Well I am setting up shop here for a while, I want to collect as many rare masks from this world as I could.... but you....why would you decide to stick around?" The Mask Salesmen said to Link, knowing he is the 'Hero of Time' and all. Link sighed.

"I had loose ends to tie up" he said, and it wasnt a lie.
"Heehahaha. Oh... and you are aware you are stuck here for a year now right?" The Mask Salesmen asked and Link stepped back. His heart pouned.
"No. What? What are you talking about?" He asked in shock.
"The Portal connecting the Lost Woods in Hyrule and the Sewers in Termina only opens once a year for three days. The Portal was created by Majora's Mask its self so I really hope for your sake it opens again next year" he explaimed to the Hero.
"Shit... no... I can't be gone a year... never mind potentially forever..." he moaned in defeat.

He looked back up at the Happy Mask Salesmen. "And you... how come you know so much about Majora's Mask? " he asked and he grinned.
"I don't. Not really. It was more my Father's expertise... See, my Father was from here. Right here in Clock Town. He was an explorer or new lands and ancient treasures and amoung the artifacts he found, Majora's Mask was one of them." He said to the fasinated 13 year old. "He used Majora's Mask's Power to open up a portal to another land, thus discovering Hyrule. He has a study in the Lost Woods where he done research. One day he abandoned it all as he fled from the Mask's evil power, playing the Song of Healing to get it off him... he eventually made it to Castle Town, met my Mother and the rest is history..." he explained.

Link was speechless. Who knew the man he ran meaningless jobs for in another Timeline had such a deep history.
"So you wanted to live in the place where your Father is from?" Link asked and he grinned.
"Oh yes. They love Masks here, and in Hyrule.... well it is never peaceful there. A Civil War, an Gerudo uprising... saying that, the Moon nearly caused an apocolypse here which was a tiny bit my fault.... sorry" he said and Link didn't really believe he was the least bit sorry. "But you saved us all again, so as long as you are here what could go wrong?" He smiled and Link wanted to punch him so bad but held in his anger.


Link rode back towards Romani Ranch , deep in despair. It was bad enough that he was trapped here for a year, unable to return to Zelda and continue his search for Navi but beyond that, he isnt even 100% sure he will ever be able to return to Hyrule. As the Happymask Salesmen said, now that Majora's Mask has lost all its power, its influence on the world might lost. No. He had to stay hopeful but he knew it would be a long year.

He rode into the Ranch, Cremia was loading her wagon as she caught sight of Link.
"Link? You're back. Did you forget something?" She asked in confusion but she knew it was more by the sadness on his face.
"No... the portal to my world will not reopen for another year. I am stuck here until then" he said and she walked over to him.
"Link... I am so sorry..." she said and just as he opened his mouth to ask the difficult question she spoke first. "Yes you can Link. You are always and forever welcome here on Romani Ranch. As long as you start helping out" she smirked. Link jumped off Epona.
"Cremia... thank you so much... I dont deserve this after what I did" he said as he looked down.

She sighed and looked at him.
"I wont pretend it didnt upset me a lot, but we all make mistakes, we all diserve a second chance and I forgive you. I know you are a good kid and your good deeds out shine that one stupid mistake. I believe you when you say it was that mask that corupts people so just know I have forgave you Link". She told him and he smiled.
"You are one of the kindest people I have ever met Cremia. Thank you so much".


Link sat on the roof of the House watching Romani practise with her Bow. She was getting good at it. He got on the roof by the ladder at the back but he was unsure why it was there but didn't ask because he sometimes found the mystery more exciting than the answer.
"Grasshopper! Do you want to play with me?" She called up smiling. Her smile always made him grin no matter what mood he was in.
"Sorry, I am just not feeling it today!" He called down before hopping off the roof and landing with a careful roll.
"Are you still sad about not being able to go home?" She asked in concern and Link didn't want to burden her with his problems.
"Well a little bit but on the upside I get to spend at least a year with you and your Sister" he smiled to her, happy that he spun that around. He found it hard to be honest to Romani when he knew it would bring her feelings down.

Romani paused and looked up for a moment before looking back and waving her hand in the air.
"Romani has an idea! Why don't you go and see your friend. Your Princess friend" she said like it was a great idea but Link was confused.
"Zelda? Thats the point... I can't get back to Hyrule to see her" he explained in bafflement that she hadnt grasped it but she shook her head.
"No. You said there was a me, and an Anju and a Mutoh and the Gormans in Hyrule, so shouldnt there be a you and a Zelda here?" She ellaborated and Link's brain hot wired.

How had he not thought of this before... how had he never thought to search for his double or Zelda's double.
"Romani you are.... a genius. But... where would I even beggin?" He asked her and she thought for a second.
"That Blue haired Man my Sister secretly likes is the Son of the Mayor. The Mayor keeps a list of everyone in Termina. I could ask Sis to ask him to ask his Dad to show you the list!" She beamed but Link shook his head.
"Its okay, I'll got my self. I am very... persausive" he grinned, a grin that even the innocent Romani could tell meant mischeif....

Chapter Text

Link wasnt going to wait to get the Mayor's permission. He probably wouldnt get it anyway. He instead wore the Stone Mask and walked right into the office, getting a confused look from him as his door seemingly opened on its own. He knew he would be ever confused by that one. He then took a seat in the corner being careful not to knock anything or make a sound because the Mayor would get suspecious or think he is being haunted.

He just waited and waited and waited for the Mayor to go to bed and eventually, he did. Once the Mayor had cleared off he started looking through his stuff, finding all sorts of stuff includeding a picture of Kafei, Anju and Cremia as kids, Cremia looked identical to Romani and of coure he knew what Kafei looked like as a child anyway. Anju was a first. He pulled out a big binder that was heavy and opened the contents page. It had a lot of boring information about Termina, old History that Link wasn't at all interested in but there was a portion titled "Residence" and Link went to that page.

It was exactly what he was looking for, it had a name and address of almost everyone. The problem was, Link had no idea what his or Zelda's name would be in Termina. He did have a strategy though. Link knew pretty much everyone in Clock Town, the Southern Swamp, Snowhead, Great Bay and Ikana so he looked for other locations. Link found the name "Termin Village" labeled which appeared to be deep in the woods. Link didn't have much of a reason to assume he would find his double there or Zelda's really, but what the hell, he mighy as well go on a little adventure while he is stuck here.

He jotted down the names of the Villagers, put everything back where he found it and then silently left the Mayor's Residence. He walked through the silent Clock Town, taking his mask off and putting on the Goron Mask. His body transformed into a mighty Goron and then he curled into a ball and rolled out of the town at top speed towards the woods.


Link eventually made it near the Village so took of the Goron Mask and put the Stone Mask on. If he came across anyone who was his double he didnt want to freak them out. He reached the sign post for the village juat as he passes out of the treeline into a village. All the houses were made of wood and it seems they don't get many outsiders. Link walks through the village and is surprised at what he sees. More people he recognises. Not people he knows well, but people he recognises from Castle Town and maids of Zelda or Knights or who ever else. Non he could put a name too.

"Sarah!" A voice called from a Woman in front of him.
"Coming Mother!" A voice reaponded over his invisible shoulder. He turned in time to dodge the Girl, but as she past his heart skipped a beat. The Girl looked about sixteen, she was taller than Link and she had green hair that went down to her back. Her butt was nice and round and shown off by her green shorts. She was older for sure but Link knew who it was. Saria.

This made Link curious, he knew he shouldn't go and talk to her but he was curious about her life. What Saria maybe would have been like if she wasnt a Kokiri and grew up like a Hylian. He followed her into her house, being extra quiet. She sat down at the table with who Link could only assume were her parents. "Can Milo sleep over tonight?" She asked her Mother and Link's eyes widened, aa did her Mother's.
"As long as you too don't get up to anything" her Mother said with a mouthful of food.
"Eww.. gross Mam..." she compained.
"And if you do, be safe" her Father said and her Mother glared at him. Link wandered up the stairs, mainly to find a window to climb out of but also he figured Saria.... Sarah even might have a pictire of them together if they are friends.

He opened a door and walked in. Clearly a bedroom and judging by the size her bedroom. She had a desk and Link's suspetions were true. He looked at the photo of Saria and.... Mido together. Link wasnt upset or anything, afterall, this isnt his world and these people have different lives but the thought of Saria and Mido together just felt... wrong. He climbed out the window, and onto the roof. He felt bad about snooping but no one was harmed and no one would ever know he existed anyway.

"Ravio, take that stupid Bunny Hood off" a voice called and Link was intially intrigued by the mention of a Bunny Hood but then more so by the Boy wearing it.... it was him. Link jumped off the roof and walked closer. He looked the same except for what he wore. Ravio was this Boy's name and he wore a purple coat with a Purple Scarf, topped off by a Purple Bunny Hood. "You are 13, start acting it!" The Woman raised her voice and Link stared at her. His mind raced. Could this be what his Mother looked like? She had the same colour hair as him. She was clearly Ravio's Mother.

The Woman dragged Ravio inside and slammed the door, forcing Link to go over too the window. He peered in and a Man that looked remarkably like him was now shouting at the Boy who seemed to be compaining and shouting back. Link hated everything about this Boy. How could he shout at his own parents... does he not realise how lucky he is to have parents... Link wandered off.

He strolled around the Village half heartedly, looking for a Blone Girl that looked like Zelda but nothing. Why would he find her here? Who said she had to exist? Did he even want to find her with the possibility of seeing her with a life that made him uncomfortable? Link gave up his search. It was honestly a miracle that he stummbled across himself and Saria. He left the Village and played the Song of Soaring and warped back to Milk Road.



"So? How did it go?" Romani asks as he returned to sitting on the roof, her joining him this time.
"Well I never found her but thats okay because I don't think I want to. Zelda is irreplaceable, if I met her double it wouldnt be her, it would just look lile her" he explained but Romani frowned.
"What about me? You know my double?" She said in sadness but Link put his arm around her.
"Thats different. You don't replace Malon and Malon does not replace you. You look the same, thats for sure but you act completly different, you are soo different" he told her. "When I am in Termina, I still miss Malon and when I go home I will still miss you" he smiled.
"I'll miss you Grasshopper" she giggled.
"But hey, if you ever need to see my face again, I know a woodland Boy that could be helpful for that"....

Chapter Text

Link never really realised how hard farm life would be. He lifted crates, hay bales, milked cows and many other mundane tasks as he promised he would as a form of rent for staying long term. Link was friendly with the Ranch Girls but living with them for months made him grow a lot closser to them. Of course he still got excited around Cremia and couldnt take his eyes off her, occasionally getting a glipse of what he wants when she walks from her river baths to her room with just a towel around her. Link knew and Cremia knew she didnt do it too tease him but they also both knew that she got a small kick out of it.

This never got in the way of how valuable and loyal he was to the ranch. With him training Romani with a Bow, they both became suitable in protecting the Ranch from the Gorman Brothers and the Ranch was earning more money than ever. The Gorman Brothers eventually moved elsewhere, suspeciously after the oldest Brother made something of him self in show business like he had always dreamed. It seemed the low life bandits were jealous and couldnt handle it so left to raid other unfortunate villages or ranches.

As well as things going well at Romani Ranch, Clock Town is seemingly fine with the Mayor stepping down and his Son Kafei taking Office as Mayor. Kafei was good at it and he knew the town well. He still made time for Anju with the occasional excpetions of when he would fall asleep in his Office and not come home to her. She never minded though as when he was home he was always a loving Husband and would do anything for her.


A hard day at the Office passes. Everyone went home and the streets of Clock Town were quiet. He decided he wanted a drink to treat him self and return home. Even he deserved it sometimes. He locked up the Mayor's Residence and headed straight for the Milk Bar.

He enrers the Milk bar and walkes down the steps. His heart skips a beat when he sees her, he knew it shouldnt but it did. Cremia stood with an empty crate under her arms as she chatted to the bar owner.
"Hey Cremia!" He said to her and her face went bright red and she turned around.
"K.. Kafei! What are you doing here?" She asked but she knew the question was obvious.
"Long day. Just want a drink". He said as he sat down on one of the bar stools.

The bar owner didn't even ask and started on the Chatau Romani. "Come on! Join me!" He said as he patted the sool next to him.
"No, no. I shouldn't. Romani is probably waiting." She said even though secretly she wanted to.
"She is probably playing with Link, they'll be fine. Just one drink!" He said with a smile. She gave up and sat next to him.
"Just one...." she said as they both knew that would not be the case.

Hours later the two had many bottles and were a bit more than tipsy. The Bar owner trusted Kafei enough to pay his tab and went to bed.
"Remember when you kissed me in front of Anju to make her jealous!" She said to him as the conversation had steered in his direction.
"That was like... when we were 15 or something" he said to her.
"That was my first kiss. I still dream about it" she spat out, to drunk to really process what she was saying.
"It wasnt mine, but it was the first good kiss!" He told her and she grinned.

"So you thought I was a good kisser?" She smirked as she leaned agains the bar, he breasts seemingly resting on it.
"Yeah, you were great" he told her and she would have gone red if it was even more possible at this point.
"You were the only Man I have loved..." she confessed and she covered her mouth in shock the second she said those words, wishing to take all of them back. He looked at her with his deep red eyes and swallowed.
"You are the sexiest Woman I have ever known..." he told her and her heart nearly exploded. He was either lying and trying to turn her on or he found her more sexy than his own wife.

Cremia decided to think no more and done what she wanted more than anything. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. His eyes went wide in shock but he didnt resist, instead pulling her onto his lap as she began straddling him. "Cremia I..." he moaned as she shushed him.
"I want you Kafei...." she whispered as she reached for his pants. He stopped her hand and looked at her.
"No. Not here. I have somewhere" he said in a serious tone. He put the Ruppees on the counter and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up the stairs.

They snuck through Clock Town, praying to not get caught. They made it to the laundry pool and Kafei pulled out the keys to the door and Cremia couldn't wait anymore and pushed her lips to his, pushing him through the door. He only barely managed to shut it as he was being pushed backward by the kiss up the stairs.

Cremia wasted no time pushing him onto the bed and pulling down his pants. His penis sprung free and she put the whole thing in her mouth without hesitation. "Cremia...." he moaned as he pulled off the rest of his clothes while she delivered a blowjob. She stopped and coppied him, pulling her shirt off and his eyes widened to the sight of the best boobs he had ever seen.

He pulled her on top of him and smiled. He reached around and placed a hand on her butt which caused her to squirm.
"Kafei, I have always loved you and I want you to make love to me as if you loved me" she whispered into him.
"Cremia... I am in love with Anju but you are the woman I have always found more attractive. I have had many thoughts about you and sometimes think about you when making love." He told her which she didnt find creepy, but instead sexy. "There is no woman I would want to have more than you!" He said as he pushed his mouth against her.

He brushed his hands up her dress and up her thighs, pulling her panties down and climbing over her to be at eye level. He pulled her long skirt up and pressed his penis against her core. She looked him in the eyes with lust and he pushed himself into her and they both moaned.

Unlike with Anju, he didnt have sex like they were in love with gentle thrusts and loving kisses but instead with more speed, passion and lust. Exaxtly what Cremia wanted. Cremia couldnt believe her fantasy was true and Kafei knew this wouldnt happen again so he wanted it to be the best sex ever.

He licked her neck while he put both of his hands on her large round breasts as his hips bucked backwards and forwards into her. She squirmes in delight and called his name in bliss. He played with her nipples as his mouth jumped back and forth between her neck and her lips. Their breaths were close and his touge slipped inside her once or twice.

"Aghhaa Aghhhaaa. Kaffffeeeiii!" She moaned as her vagina was clamping right against him but he didnt want to be done yet. He turned her around so she was on her front, getting on her hands and knees as his penis slipped back into her. He fucked her from behind, her butt slapping against him and her boobs swayed. He put an arm around her and rubbed her clit making her grasp.

Her legs were shaking from the pleasure and she was unsure how long she could support her body before colapsing. "YES! YES! FASTER! FUCK ME!" she screamed as Kafei sped up his thrusts. Kafei knew he could cum at any point, his balls felt ready to burst but he didnt want to, not yet. He sped up but tried to control him self and not go over board. He didnt realise how loud his groans of concentration and bliss were but Cremia did and it made her more wet.

His dick slipped in and out of her at a fast pace, accompanied by the wet sound of them enjoying each other.
"Hgggh, hggggh, hggggh" Kafei moaned on the verge. Cremia pulled her self forward and away from his dick. She turned to him and made out with him, grabbing his dick and rubbing it as she slowly lured him onto his back. She pulled her legs over him and pushed her self onto him.

She started rocking on his dick, mesmerising him with the swaying of her boobs that he loved so much. He put his hands on her hips and they both gave each other a knowing look. She began riding him with speed as he thrust upwards into her. Before long the pleasure was back, Cremia's head was buzzing with pleasure, her eyes rolling back as she panted, unable to even scream his name in bliss. Her orgasmic moans were high pitched and his grunts turned to shakey moans as his dick could hardly contain its self.
"Cree..." he moaned as his dick exploded with intensity as his whole body jolted in joy. His cum flooding her vagina, leaking out as she screamed one more gasp as they both rode out the climax.

Cremia felt like her Vagina was a swamp of sticky cum, a feeling she was not expecting. She eventually pulled her self onto Kafei and lay next to him. She felt amazing and panted in an effort to catch her breath, the buzz of he orgasm not fully subsided and she pressed her sweaty body against Kafei. She so badly wanted to screw him again but she knew she would never get this chance again and she cirtaimly didnt regret it.

Chapter Text

Cremia wakes up in an unfamiliar bed with her head buzzing. She rolls over and feels her own breast against her arm which she finds noteable due to the fact that she doesnt sleep naked. She then begins to remember. She remembers it all. She slept with Kafei.

He had took off, she didnt know when but she figured it made sense. He was Mayor and had responsibilities as well as being a married man. Cremia hated her self for this. Not because she fucked her best Friends Husband, but because she didnt regret it and she knew she would do it again given the chance.

She got up, head ache from the alcohol present and her brain wanted to blame the alcohol but she knew it wasnt the case deep down. She got changed and left the house in the laundry pool as stealthily as she could so she wasnt seen. She headed back to Romani Ranch by the Wagon she left over night.


She gets home and both Link and Romani see her arrive but neither question it which she finds odd because this isnt normal behavior for her but she wasnt going to complain. As she steps through the front door though she steps on some letters. She sighs and picks them up, looks at them and a sudden dread fills her body when she spots one from Anju.

She takes the letter upstairs and reads it. Thankfully she didnt find out what happened and all she wants is them to meet later because she has news she wants to tell her. She thought about how much she values their friendship and how Anju discovering what happened could ruin it. Was their friendship going to last with Cremia and Kafei constantly lying to her... Cremia was going to do everything in her power to make sure that doesnt happen.


Kafei sat with his haid in his hands. He could look hung over if no one was around but otherwise... well otherwise he had to pretend he was fine. He thought about the previous night, how intoxicating Cremia was and how it was the best sex he has had and likely ever will have. He felt bad about leaving her without saying anything but knew it was the right move. He wondered what it will be like when they see each other again, he had the thought of making it a regular thing but kept pushing it to the back of his mind. He knew he shouldnt and he knew he would get found out but also knew he wanted her badly. He didnt love her, he still loved Anju with all his heart but Cremia was so much sexier and he couldnt help feeling the way he does.

His door opened and he sat up to attnetion.
"Tired are we?" His Wife said walking in. He smiled.
"You never came home again.... you need more rest" she told him and leaned over his desk to kiss him. Kafei felt thankful that he has a stressful job that makes him fall asleep at work over night. It made his cover story very believeable. Anju took a deep breath. "Especially with a Baby on the way" she said and he didnt really hear what she said for a few seconds before the words clicked.
"A what now? You mean?" He looked up in shock and Anju smiled.
"Yes Kafei. I am pregnant!" She beamed.


Cremia made her way to Clock Town. It wasnt unusual for Anju to write letters to her asking for visits, she does it all the time but she was nervouse because Kafei might be there. She enters the Stock Pot Inn and Anju is at the front desk.
"Cremia! You came." She called and Cremia smiled and walked over.
"Am I early?" She asked and Anju smiled.
"A bit. I am still working but you know which room is mine, Kafei is up there, he'll keep you company while you wait" she said and Cremia felt heat rise to her face. Not what she wanted to hear but she accepted to avoid any suspecion.

She made it to their room and opened the door. Kafei knew Cremia was coming around but not until later when Anju was off work... they were alone again.
"Hello Kafei". She said
"Hi Cremia". He said as akwarldy as she did.
"About last night...  I just wanted to say that..."
"It was the best Sex ever and we should do it again" he blurted out without thinking and her face went bright red.
"Well thats not..... I mean.... I would but.... Anju.." she stumbled over all her words. She knew deep down she wanted to scream "YES" too him but knew she shouldnt.

Kafei walked towards her. He grabbed her wrist, violently pulled her across the room and pushed her backwards onto a table. She was in shock, what had he just done. He leaned over her, rubbing his hand up thigh and he kissed her like he had done the day before.
"Kafei!" She gasped as he towered over her. "We cant... we shouldnt... Anju is down stairs and her or anyone could hear us" she warned him with her voice low. He grabbed her boobs and kissed her.
"Nothing to do with me being married, but because we might get caught? Sounds like you want it to me" he said to her, looking her straight in the eyes and her eyes were filled with desire.

She kissed him back and he grabbed her panties and pulled them down as she worked on his trousers. They both knew they couldnt get nude, it would be to hard to get their clothes back on in an emergency but with Kafei's dick now in Cremia's hand and her stroking it as she pulls it to her core he moans. He opens her legs wide and thrusts inside her hard.

The table made a loud bang from the thrust and Cremia gasped as Kafei fucked her on the table. He kept up the speed right from the start, not taking any time to start slow. She didnt know where to put her arms so she just leaned them back against the table to support herself. He used one arm to squeeze her breast and then pulling her shirt out from her belt and pushed his hand under her shit to get a feel for the boobs he loves so much.

She gave up supporting her weight and just lay flat on the table, letting Kafei completly pleasure her. She started moaning loudly so Kafei put his hand over her mouth. He was on top of her, completly on the table now and also close.

Neither of them were trying to make it last as long as last time, it was what they would call a quickie, but he felt it coming so he continues his pace and Cremia wrapped her legs around him.

He couldnt hold longer and Cremia moaned in delight through his hand. She was drenched and the slapping sound of his dick penetrating her pussy just made them both grow closer. "Cremia.... Cremia...." he moaned. He quickly moved his hand from her and supoorted him self on the table. "Ugggghhhhh" he moaned as his Penis once again fired a stream of cum inside her. She loved the sensation of making him cum and she leaned back and moaned, a little too loud for Kafei's liking.

They stayed together for a moment before he pulled out and put his dick away, she got off the table and straightened all of her clothes out as well as her hair. She didn't know what to do or say now so she drastically thought of the thing she least wanted to talk about.

"How are things with you and Anju?" She asked sitting back against a couch and he was shocked. Thats how she is, they are not gonna discuss it right now. Kafei sat at the opposite side of the room.
"Great. Things are great." He said and didnt ellaborate. A sound was heard from the stairs and soon the door opened. Cremia had never been more thankfuk to have Anju interupt her time alone with Kafei than she was right now.

"Hey you too. Wow, surprised you two arnt sat next to each other, you used to he joined by the hip" Anju joked and Cremia went bright red, for new reasons Anju was not aware of.
"Oh please, Kafei was all over you" Cremia joked, realising she had to get her mind back to normal. Anju laughed.
"No, no. Not until our 20's, as a kid it was always you" she told her and Cremia remained red in the face. Her mind went everywhere. What was she implying? Did Kafei ued to be into her? Stop it she thought.
"I am right here you know." Kafei said which saved the day.

Anju sat next to her husband and looked at Kafei.
"Okay, the thing I wanted to tell you. Me and Kafei are going to be having a baby!" She declared excitedly. Cremia's heart beat quickened and her mind went blank.
"Con... Congratulations!" She excitedly said, which wasnt a lie, she was happy for her friend but.... "When did you find out?" She asked and Anju smiled.
"Last night. I only told Kafei this morning. You are my best friend so you are only the 2nd person I have told!" She explained and Cremia didnt know what to think.

She had went behind her best friend's back and fucked her man, okay, it was bad enough the first time but neither of them knew. But just now, recent enough for her vagina to still be wet with his cum and he fucked her... he knew they were having a kid and he was going to become a Dad and he screwd her... more so, Anju trusts her so much and it made her feel like an awful friend.... she was an awful friend because the lying continued for the rest of the day where they talked and pretended nothing had happened.


About a month passes. Cremia never slept with Kafei again but a thought lingered in her mind. A though she didnt want to know the answer too but she knew fate would reveal weather she liked it or not. She asked Link to come with her as she travelled to the Potion Shop in Woodfall as he could pretect her from the varying Monsters. She never explained why but he also didnt seem to care that much.

Once they got home she used the potion and got the answer she did not want to hear. She was pregnant.


She never slept that night, she sat on the roof and wondered what she was going to do. What could she do. She was pregnant with her best friends Husband while her best friend was also pregnant. She also felt terrible as she stoked her belly and sighed, partially glad Kafei was the Father.

She had always wanted a child, heck, she always dreamed Kafei would be the Father but now its a reality but not the way she hoped. She would love this child with all her heart but could she raise it Fatherless?

Could she tell Anju? She could maybe get away with it if she knew they were both drunk but the fact it happened the following day when they were both sober and Kafei knew... no. She made her mind up. She was going to get a boyfriend and lie about who the Father is.


Link was helping Romani with farm work as Cremia watched from a distance.
"LINK!" she called over to him, getting the Boys attention. He slipped on the Bunny Hood and darted across the feild as a fast pace. He stopped in front of her.
"Yes?" He asked and she smiled.
"I have a favor... its a weird one and yiu have to promise to jot ask any questions or tell Romani..Okay?" She said to him and he looked confused but shrugged.
"Sure." He said. She took a deep breath.
"I want you to go to Clock Town and find me a Boy Friend. Not someone I know super well but someone I would kinda get along with" she said. Link has many questions and opened his mouth to ask, stopping him self and looking up at her.
"Sure..... anything... else?" He asked in confusion and she shook her head.
"Thats all" she said calmly and Link shrugged again.
"Alright. See ya!" He said and played the Song of Soaring and vanished.


Link done his rounds on Clock Town. Dont ask questions.... if asking questions mentally counted then he had failed hardcore. What a weird request. Manageable but weird. Lind made some mental notes on some potential canidates and narrowed it down. Surely it shouldnt be hard. Cremia is objectively sexy. Her slender body, beautiful smile and long flowimg red hair. Oh, and her lovely round breasts. Link was jealous of who ever he would ask.

He decided. On Kafei and Anju's Wedding he spotted a handsome Knight stood next to Cremia. If he was at the Wedding he must know her a little but not enough for her to have ever mentioned him. Link knew which Knight it was too. It was the one he didn't like that guarded the North Gate that led to Snowhead... the one that focused on stopping Link leaving the Town instwad of the Criminal that stole the Bombs from the Old Woman thst works at the Bomb shop. Oh well... its all in tha past... a past that never happened.

Link approached the Knight and he looked confused."Hi.. my name is Link, I work at Romani Ranch" he said and he raised an eye brow. "Cremia asked me to tell you that she is into you but I dunno, I guess she is too shy" he explained and the Knight smirked.
"Yeah right kid, now way she is into me. She has been obsessed with Kafei since we were kids. She never even noticed me" he said and Link shook his head.
"True, she has always been in love with Kafei but she is trying to move on.. I think at least. Look, come over to Romani Ranch tonight and ask her for your self" he said but the Knight but his hand on his hip.
"And I suppose you will do my job for you huh?" He said and Link shrugged.
"I promise you, I will figure it out" Link said and thr Knight smiled.
"You got your self a deal kid".


Link warped to Snowhead to ask one of the Gorons if they can guard thr gate of Clock Town as a favour and he happily obliged. Link then warped back to Romani Ranch and told Cremia the news. She thought Link picked well as she always thought Gus was a Handsome Man and maybe.. well maybe she could make it work.

The Night came around and Link was perched on the roof of the Ranch. He saw Gus coming and he knocked on the door. Link couldnt see from where he was but he heard the door open.
"Gus... you came" Cremia said in slight surprise.
"Well erm... yeah. I was invited so..." he nervously said and Cremia giggled.
"Come on in, I'll make you some tea" Cremia said as she invited him in.

"Is it true? Do you really like me?" He said directly and she went red.
"I'll be honest with you. I have been trying to get over Kafei so I don't really know. I know that you are handsome and I would like to give it a shot" she told him and he smiled. He walked to her and put his hands on hers.
"I would like that too. You see, you are the most beautiful person in Termina and...." he let go of her hands " well I am willing to take it as slow as you want" he said and she looked down.
"Well you see.... I was actually hoping you would try and take things a little faster" she said quietly. His heart raced as he wkndered what she meant. Their eyes met and he went for the kiss.

Their lips met and Cremia puahed into it. She wanted him to take her. She wanted him to be better than Kafei and maybe she could move past him. She grabbed his hand and put it on her breast. He was shocked but he began playing with it. "Gus...." she moaned as she put her hand down to his crotch, telling him everything he needed to know.

They quickly made their way up to her bed, their clothes ripped off in a flash and Cremia wanted no foreplay. She spread her legs ans Gus was more than ready. His erect Penis was bigger than Kafei's thats for sure. He positioned himself above her and looked into her lustful eyes. She nodded and he pushed his tip into her and then pushed all the way in.

She squirmed underhim and he began moving with a steady rythm. Their moans were low and more intemate. Cremia couldnt deny it felt good, his dick was amazing but still.... he was no Kafei. She rocked her hips to spur him on which did a little bit but all it did was speed him up. Cremia needed more. She rolled him over so she was ontop and closed her eyes as she posisioned herself above his dick.

As she began riding him he moaned louder, seeing her breasts move around excited him enough to play with them which Cremia apprciated. She imagined Kafei and doing do made her wetter. "Ohhh. Kaf... Gus..." she moaned as they continued. The sex became better as they both moved in sync as their moans filled the room.

"Cremia! I think I am going too!" He moaned as he gripped the sheets tight as she rode him.
"Yes! Cum for me! Cum for me!" She moaned as he blew his load inside her as she reached her climax. She lay next to him. But she felt bad. He was good but no way near as good as Kafei and she even tried to imagine Kafei to get off. They lay their for a while before Cremia got up and started putting her bra on. "I am sorry to have to say this but you are going yo have to leave before my Sister finishes up in the barn" she said and he nodded.
"Yeah of course. She is up this late?" He asked her and she nodded.
"Yeah, she is training real hard so she can take over the Ranch someday. I think she is also trying to impress her friend" she told him.


Link sat on the roof, his now favourite spot and watched the Knight leave her home on his own. Link had heard everything, he sat on the roof and heard them going at it. Guilty as he felt, he had a wank over the noise Cremia was making, but to be fair, she had done the same at the Stock Pot Inn.

He knew from the day he wore the Feirce Deity Mask that she was sexually fustrated and looking for a Man but Link found she was taking all this far faster than most people would. She came out of the house and sat on the crate, not knowing Link was up there. He jumped down and rolled and she jumped.

"God! Link.. you gave me a heart attack." She gasped and he stood up.
"Sorry" he apologised and then sat on the grass next to her.
"What are you doing out here?" She asked and he looked up at her.
"I like to sit on a high place at night. Its so peaceful" he said and she smiled.
"Yeah. Gives you time to think" she said and Link sighed.
"You want to talk about it?" He offered and she gave him a confused look.
"Talk about what?"
"You know. What ever is on your mind. I mean I get I am just a kid but I have saved the world Twice so cut me some slack" he joked and she giggled.
"Well.... I know what you'll say and I am not proud of it" she told him but he stood up.
"We both know I have done things I regret, everyone makes mistakes in life" he told her but she shook her head.
"No but I knew what I was doing was wrong and I did it anyway. I have no excuse." She said ashamed.

Link looled her in the eye but she looked down.
"You dont have to tell me anything. I am not going to make you. But I am here if you want to get it off your chest. I promise it will stay between you and me" he said and she sighed.

"Okay so.... the other night, at the Milk bar I met Kafei and we both got drunk and I slept with him..." she said. Link wondered if that was it but she began speaking again. "The next day, Anju invited me round and we fucked each other again. The first time I could brush it off as we were drunk but thats not true at all. I wanted it, I craved him for so long and we did it again. He is my best friends Husband and I have gone behind her back twice. I feel awful but the sad thing is I dont regret it and I would do it again..... its worse than that though. Kafei screwd me knowing Anju was pregnant and well.... now so am I..." she confessed.

Link was shocked. He was shocked to know that Cremia would do this but more shocked that she is pregnant. Did he say congratulations.... no.
"So thats why you wanted a Boyfriend so bad. So you could have a one night stand and claim he was the Father.." he put together and she nodded.
"It only made me feel worse. I used that man and I cant go through with it. I cant let that nice man think he has a child... but what do I do?" She began crying and Link out his arm around her.

"Cremia. You know the answer and you just hate it. You gave me a good lesson back then and scholded me and it was the right thing to do. I acted out of lust just like you did and honestly it would have been far worse for both of us of I hadned snapoed out of it. I understand why you did it, I wont oretend it is okay but you need to admit it to your self first. But also, you need to tell Anju. Talk to Kafei first, tell him the circumstance and come forward." He told her.

"But Link. She is my best friend and she will hate her and I will be responsible for screwing up their marriage." She told him.
"No. You will be responsible for screwing up your friendship, Kafei will be responsible for the marriage. Look... I wont tell you she will forgive you, she might hate you forever. But its the right thing to do and she will hate you far more if she finds out on her own". He told her.

She stood up and wiped her eyes.
"Thank you Link. You have helped. You are very wise for your age" she smiled and so did he.
"Thank you. And everything will be okay" he told her.



Cremia left for Clock Town early in the Morning. She went straight too the Mayor's Residence and walked right past the receptionist. She looked shocked but let it go when she realised it was Cremia, one of Kafei's friends. She walked through the door to a surprised Kafei.

"Cremia.... what are you doing here?" He asked her and she walked over to his desk and sighed.
"We have to tell Anju what happened between us." She said to him and he stood in disbelief.
"Are you nuts? That would end terribly for everyone involved. She would hate me, you and be obviously devistated" he saod to her but she shook her head.
"I am pregnant" she said with a tone that made the room go silent. Kafei stood up.
"Oh... oh... oh no. I mean.. erm... " he didnt know what to say but his first reaction said it all and it stabbed at her heart. A tear rolled down her face and he stood in place. "It is mine... right?" He asked even though he knew the answer. She just nodded.

He slumped back down in his chair and raked his hand threw his hair. "Cremia... what do we do? I... I love Anju and we are due to hsve a child already..." he said but her mind was made up.
"Kafei. I am sorry but I AM telling Anju with or without you. Before you protest let me explain" she said to him and he frowned.

"First of all, I am not going to pretend I am innocent, of course not. I screwed you the moment you gave me a chance too and I enjoyed it both times. But here is what I dont get. You were planning to have a child with Anju and you went through with this too, on top of that you came in me. Twice. The first time was bad enough but the secind time.... the second time you knew your Wife was pregnant and you did it again... why?" She asked him in anger and curiosity. He looked down in guilt.
"The first time I was drunk and I find you attractive and.... I wasnt thinking. The second time... I just.... I lust after your body so much that I just... I dont have a better excuse..." he said to her, finallg looking up.

"Okay. And while it is easy for you to sit here in the Mayor's Office with a Pregnant Wife waiting at home and telling me to keep your mouth shut... its not that simple for me. You want nothing to do with OUR Child because it inconviniences your perfect life but I do care. If I do what you want then I wi have to raise a Child in secrecy or lie to everyone about who the Father is. Lie to my best friend everyday while she grows suspecious of why I never tolf her about losing my Virginity but I tell her everything else.... I cant keep this lie alove Kafei. It was hard enough when I didnt know I was pregnant but impossible now". She toom a breath and he stood up and walked over too her and gave her a hug.

"I am so sorry Cremia. You are right. I was selfish then and I have been selfish now.... I guess we have to face up to the consequences..." he said and she hugged him back. "And besideds. I do want to be apart of both my Childrens lives" he said giving her a quick kiss on the lips. It should have felt wrong but it still felt right....


Cremia and Kafei dont know how they are going to tell Anju. They decided to not plan it to muck because they will over think it. Kafei opens their door and Anju steps up to kiss him but he stops her, in a breif moment of confusion she looks to the door and Cremia is their.
"Oh. Cremia. What are you doing here?" She asks and Cremia does not smile.
"Anju..  we have something to tell you. You are not going to like it." She said and she stsrted worrying.
"Can you please sit down" Kafei told her and she did, Cremia stepped in the room and shut the door.

"Anju... I am so so sorry... I cheated on you. I had an affair with Cremia." He said in shame and her heart felt like it had been stabbed.
"And.... and I am pregnant..." Cremia told her which added to the agony. Anju just stared at them.
"Please tell me this is a sick joke.... why would you..." she said darting her attention to both of them, her best friend and Husband, trying to figure out who to be more angry at. "Why would you do this Kafei... I thought you loved me... we planned our life together" she began crying and Kafei hated this sight.
"I do love you. I only love you. I married you, not Cremia and I do not regret that one bit. I could give you my excuse if you really want to hear it... " he told her and she glared at him.

"Excuse! Oh, the perfect word. You dont have a reason but you have an excuse. An excuse basically means its bull shit Kafei!" She raised her voice and scared the hell out of Cremia. She had never seen her get angry before.
"Well... I guess if my reason isnt a very good one its an excuse... but regardless of what we call it... its true." He said to her. She crossed her arms and looked at him.
"Go on." She said and he looked into her eyes.

"I was drunk. It was after work, the day before you told me you were pregnant. I bumped into Cremia at the Milk Bar and through my uncontrolled drunkern self I sleped with her. I want to blame the alcohol entirely but I have to admit, it felt good. Really good and I screwed her again..." he said but right as he said that Anju's brain calculated several things at once.
"The next day! You mean the day I told you, I was pregnant.... the day I asked Cremia round this room then I take it... when I was working!" She said in anger and Kafei judt nodded.

"A drunkern one night stand would be one thing Kafei but the day after... right after you learned you were going to be a Father! How could you?" She asked and he hung his head in shame. "And you. What is your side of this?" She said as she turned to her friend.

"Well, I was drunk but and that was certainly part of it but I cant lie and pretend I didnt want it. I feel disgusting because Invalue our friendship and I am glad you two are happily married but I have always loved Kafei. The second time I had no idea you were pregnant buti still went under your nose so I am just as guilty. I found not too long ago I was pregnant and... well you know the rest..." she shamefully told her friend.

"Cremia. You are my best friend. I mean I am not an idiot, I knew you have always had a thing for Kafei but I trusted you and never even considered you would fuck my Husband..." she shouted... "What were you hoping? We would all now just go back to out lives and Kafei runs backwards and forwards playing Dad for two kids and we all are happy... Cremia, Kafei... you have ruined my life. You know that right?" She told them and Cremia started crying.
"I am sorry." She said as she ran out the door.
"I want you gone to. GO!" she shouted at him and he left. Anju just sat inside and cried for the remaineder of the day.

Chapter Text

Cremia ran home in tears. Running past Romani and Link and straight into the house. Link knew why but her oblovious Sister was confused.
"Why is Sis crying?" She asked and Link smiled at her.
"Its probably nothing, I'll go and check on her alright?" Link said to her and she continued what she was doing. Link left her to check on her.

"Can I come in?" Link called through the door. There was a silence for a few seconds.
"Sure" she said and he walked in. She was sat on her bed and Link pulled a chair close to her and sat down. "She hates me. I mean... what did I expect right but I have ruined her life" Cremia cried.
"I mean give her time Cremia. You cant expect her to take it well but dont just blame your self. Kafei was apart of it too. You should only take about half of the blame" he told her "You are her best friend and it counts for something. Look, I cant pretend what you did was good, and I cant pretend that she will amgically forgive you but you did the right thing in telling her... and besides. Even if she hates you, you now have a little one that will love you" told her and she smiled a little bit.


Night rolls around and Kafei is pased out in his Office. Luckily he is fortunate enough to have somewhere to sleep. Cremia lay awake but Link had plans. He knew the Stock Pot Inn would be closed so he turned into a Deku Scrub and propelled him self onto the balcony to let him self in. He walks to Cremia's room and knocks on the door. The curious Anju answers the door.

"Oh Link. How did you get in and why are you here?" She asked. Clearly she had been crying.
"Well first of all, balcony and second of all... I am here to talk about Cremia and Kafei" he told her.
"Link... I know you are probably just trying to help like always but this isnt the time. This isnt at all funny" she said with heart ache and Link understood.
"I know, I know. Please just let me talk to you, hear what I have to say and if you want, I will never come here again" he told her and she sighed.
"Come in..."

Link sat on a chair and she sat on her bed. It was clear she had been crying a lot from all the tissues.
"I know what the both of them did was wrong. It was horrible and selfish and it is layers deep. I cant pretend to know what it feels like and I hope I never will. But I do know Cremia. Sure, not at well as you do but I know she is kind and she loves both of you so much. She would do anything for a chance at foegivness. Like you have a few options, divorce Kafei and have him be away from his Child most of the time and never see your best friend again or try to forgive them both and allow them into your life. Like yeah, non of this is simple but you still love Kafei don't you?" He asker and she thought about it.
"Yes. Yes I do" she said.
"And Cremia? Do you still love her?" He asked and she thought.
"That one is more complicated..."

He took a breath and thought. He knew her thoughts were all over the place and he was going to try ans straighten them out.
"Okay. So you love Kafei still. What specifically was it that angered you and whatnis stopping you from letting him back into your life and why?" He asmed her.
"Well its not the fact they fucked each other the first time to be honest because I coulr accept to drunkern friends that are both hot fucking each other once. No. Its that I told Kafei I was pregnant and then knowing that, fucked her again... while I was down stairs". She said in anger. "He also didnt even try to use contraception, he knew there was a chance of getting her pregnant and ignored it in favour of lust. Do I think he wanted to get her pregnant, no. But he was foolish. I just dont know if I can trust him to not do it again". She said to Link.

"Does the fact that he got her pregnant bother you more than him going behind your back?" He asked and she thought.
"Yes.... I think it does.... like I wasnt an idiot, I knew they thought each other were attractive but I didnt think he would get her pregnant..." she said.
"So really you want him back in your life but you sre bothered by the fact he has another Child to take care of and you dont know for sure that he wont do it again?" He asked and she nodded.
"About sums it up..." she told him.

"Okay well hear me out. How about you let him back into your life but allow him to screw Cremia or anyone else. Like Cremia told me her side of the story. It seems like Kafei doesnt love Cremia in any romantic way but just finds her body attractive and their sex good. If you allow them to fuck under the condition that they use contraception then it could solve the problem of having another child." He told her. Before she could say anything he began again. "Dont take this the wrong way. I am not telling you to do this. It is your life and up to you. This doesnt solve the fact he has another Child but I know that Cremia would do anything for another chance and this seems like the best way to get things back on track" he told her.

She thought for a moment. She out her hands on her face and sighed. She looked at Link.
"You are a wise Kid Link. I mean in reality, yeah, I want things back to normal. I want to live with my Husband and raise our Child together. I suppose them being attracted to each other and them fucking isnt too far removed. I want my friend back and I want us to be honest with each other again and tell each other everything. I know things can never be truly the same but I want it to be as close as I can.... Okay! Link, I am going to send them a letter to meet me here tomorrow so we can talk about all this. It would be nice if you didnt mention this to them, I want to tell them a my self" she said and Link nooded.
"Sounds good to me" he said and she ealked over too him and gave him a hug.
"Thank you Link. You'll never understsnd how much you have helped me" she told him and he smiled.


The events Anju mentioned played out. She sent them both a letter and they both came. She talked to them both about 'her' idea that Link proposed to her. She wanted Kafei back in her life and to fully support their Child. She wanted her friends support and love with open honesty. She also told them that Cremia visisting here or Kafei visiting the Ranch wouls have to happen more often with a second Child around. Anju admitted she would find it tough to deal with but she would try and make an effort. The most outragous part was her allowing them to screw each other every so often as long as they use pretection. She always knew Kafei found Cremia more physically attractive than her to begin with but she also told him that this would come to a stop if it effected her sex life. She explains she isnt thrilled about all this and neither were the others but this was admittedly thr best case outcome for all of them.


It was late but Anju was still at the counter. She suddenly felt some hands around her and a bulge press against her butt. He hugged into her.
"I am really sorry... you know I love you right?" He asked and she didnt turn or say anything. "Anju." He said as he turned her around. He just stared into her eyes and Anju stared back into his mesmerising red eyes. He leaned in to kiss her and she took it and leaned and passionatly kissed him.

They both needed this so Kafei grabbed her skirt and pulled it up. She turned around and leaned over the counter, presenting her arse to him. He quickly pulles his pants down and pushed his dick inside her wet core.
"Ohhh. Kafei" she moaned as quietly as possible, it was late and there were many people staying at the Inn. They had the risk of getting caught but Kafei liked the risk.

He was quiet rough but not too much as Anju wasnt used to this kind of love. She was used to being more gentle but perhaps he was missing some spice to their sex life and that is why he did what he did. She had to admit, feeling his dick slide in and out of her quick with the slapping sound of flesh was a turn on.

He pulled out and turned her around before shoving his dick into her while kissing her passionatly. She was seated on the desk, holding onto his back so she didnt fall backwards off the desk. She panted and moaned as she looked into his lust filled eyes. He grabbed her breast through her clothes and she moaned.

Kafei was in heaven and determined to show his wife a good time. He unbuttoned her top and pulled it down so he could see some of the breasts. Her top wasnt designed to be taken off so easily so he settled in kissing her neck. This got a pleasurable moan from her as she wrapped her legs around him and held on tight.

Kafei took this oppertunity and picked her up and slammed them selves against the wall. His hands were on hwr butt and he made sure to give them a squeeze every know and again to make her squirm. He thurust her against the wall.
"Ugh. Ugh.. Ahhh. Ahhhnjuuu" he moaned as he could feel her getting more wet. She let him dominate her and she loved it. She moaned as she could feel her self getting close. She looked into his eyes, out of breath and he knew she was close. He carried her to the kitchen and lay her on a rable where he got on top and thrust into her like he did woth Cremia.
"Ahhhh! Kafei!" She screamed louder than he would have liked as she reached her climax, clamping against his dick and causing him to cum inside her. As she they caught their breaths he kissed her.
"Thats not all you will be getting from me tonight" he seductively said as she kissed him back.

He kept to his word which was apparent by the bed banging against the wall. Anju gyrated her hips ontop of her husband as he sucked and played with her breasts. He makes her cum once more and he releases his seed in her again. They lay there eith their bodies intertwined.


Time went on and the new rules seemed to work out. That very day Kafei spent it with his wife and he made love to her. It was as passionate as always and when she looked into his eyes he only saw love. His love for her was real and she had no real fear of him falling for her friend. Cremia also went and told Romani the news about how she would be having a baby and the Father was Kafei. She was super excited but didnt fully understand what that entailed. The next day Kafei went to the Ranch with the sole intention of fucking Cremia to test the waters. She drank a contraceptive potion and the two fucked once more. Link was sat atop the roof again but was blown away by the intense screaming and orgasms from the two. He had another guilty wank.

The three managed to go on like this, the sex for all of them slowing down as both Women got more heavily pregnant. Anju had a Baby Boy they named Link. Link was flattered by this and Cremia was happy for them. Next it was Cremia's turn and she had a Baby Girl that she named Malon. Kafei was there for both and loved them both equally. Living with Anju meant he was around Link more but visited his Daughter at least every other day.

Their arangment went on and the sex picked up. It seemed that Kafei loved making love to his Wife more now that he had another out let. His need to screwing Cremia slowed as he felt he had satisfied his taste for her but she didnt feel the same way and continued to fuck him every chance they got. Kafei didnt deny their sex was still better than that of his Wifes.


Kafei was over at the ranch one day to see his Daughter. He sat on her couch hugging the Baby Girl. Romani hopps onto the couch next to him.
"She has your eyes" she said innocently and Kafei smiled.
"Yeah. She does. She also has the firery red hair of you and your Sister" he said and she smirked.
"I am confused though" she said in a less excited tone. "Cremia gave me 'the talk' so I know where Babies come from but... I thought if you were married you were not supposed to... do that with someone who isn't your husband or wife" she said and Kafei gulped.
"You should probably talk to your Sister about this" he told her and she smiled.
"No. I am talking to you about it. I am old enough to have begun realising I am in the dark on a lot of things and its getting tireing." She said in an almost angry voice.

"Very well... Yes, it isn't a good idea to cheat on your Wife. I messed up and 'did it' with your Sister. Sex feels good and there are all sorts of temptations. Its the sort of thing Kids say they would never do and even if they commit to that as an Adult, they begin to understand why it is so hard." He told her.
"So you didn't plan on doing it with Cremia?" She asked and he nodded.
"It just kind of happened." He said.
"So you didnt plan to have Malon then..." she said saddly and Kafei patted her on the head.

"We didn't plan to have her no. But sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected. I never planned to raise two kids at the same time and be Major. It makes my life very complicated. But I wouldn't trade it for the World. I love my Son as much as I love my Daughter. I love your Sister too. Not in the romantic way that I love Anju but like a really really good friend. But a best friend that carried my Daughter into the World and is super hot" he said with a grin.

"Can I hold her?" She asked and Kafei smiled.
"Sure, you know how to handle her right?" He asked and she nodded.
"I've held her and fed her before" she said and Kafei nodded, of course she has. He handed her over and went up to Cremia's room. The second he opened the door he was pushed against it with a strong kiss.

"Wow! Cremia!" He said in shock as she pressed a hand against his pants. She pressed hee body tightly against his as she rubbed against his bulge.
"Just pretend for a moment you are mine" she whispered into his ear. Her breath was touching his skin and her boobs were pressed against his chest. Fuck she was sexy.
"What do you mean pretend" he whispered as his hands began pulling at her shirt. "I basically have two wives which makes me the luckiest guy in the world" he said and he pushed her against the bed.

She managed to unbuckle her belt before he was ontop of her and working his hand under her shirt to her round breasts. She moaned as he played with her boobs the way she liked and she kissed him. "Have I ever told you that no one in the world has better boobs than you?" He seductively said and she smirked.
"Yes, but it never gets old" she replied as the pulled her shirt off and made quick work on her bra. Following that, it took little time for all thier clothes to be off and his penis brished against her. He stuck a finger in and smiled.
"Haven't even started yet and you are drenched" he told her and she lay back.
"What can I say. I fucking love you. Now fuck me".

He pushed his dick right into her and she gasped. "AH! KAFEI!" she moaned as his dick navigated her wet tunnel perefctly. He was already creating a perect rythm and gripped her waist. "Ah! Kafei, Kafei, Kafei. YES!" Cremia screamed as Kafei shoved his dick into her. They continued for a little while longer until he came. He did it inside her with no consequence as she was on birth control.

However, unknown to them, Romani stood outide their door and listened to them fuck. She had began understanding what was going on a lit more clearly. She had seen them in secret sometimes since they didnt always choose to have sex in private.
"At it again are they?" Link said and she jumped in shock.
"What do you think it is like?" Romani asked and Link shrugged.
"I imagine really good" Link said as he knew what masturbation was like but he still hadnt experienced going all the way.
"Lets try it!" Romani said in confidence as she pushed Link back against the wall and began kissimg him.

Link was shocked. He had never expected the sweet Romani to do anything like this. But it felt nice. She moved her hand down to his buldge and he pushed her away.
"Romani no." He said in seriousness and sbe looked hurt by his reaction. "I am sorry but I cant" he told her and she looked like she was about to cry.
"Why not? Do you not love me? Do you not think I am a Woman? " she asked and Link hugged her.
"No, non of those things. But we are both teenagers, the hardest part of anyones life. Our bodies tell us to go for it but we sboildnt until we are 16 at least" he said to her. "This isnt the kind of thing you rush because yiu end up... well with one of them" he said as he pointed towards the sleeping baby.

"I understand. I just wsnted to be with you Link" she said and he gripped her tightly.
"I know. And I am sorry. I cant give you that but... that kiss was nice so I wouldnt mind another of those" he smiled and she grinned as the two teenagers made out together.


Link didnt sleep. He had looked forward to this day for a year but he also knew he was never going to see these people again. Link had grown so close to Romani and Cremia and even Clock Town its self. He used to think of Zelda waiting for him back home but as time went on there was days where she didnt appear in his mind. He loved her like hell and his promise was still a promise he would keep but he had been away for so long. More time for him than her.

The next day rolled around and the Carnival of Time officially rolled around with it. Link rolled out of bed and Cremia was down stairs breast feeding the infant Malon.
"Good Morning Link, you excited?" She asked him with a smirk ans he smiled back.
"Kinda... I mean I am excited to go back but I am going to miss you all so much" he told her but he smelled something and stopped halk way down the stairs. "Unless you mean excited for that Bacon because if so then yes!" He told her and she laughed..
"I thought I would treat you on your last day here. For everything you have done. Like... you have changed our life in a positive way so much and words will never express how greatful we are" she told him. Link wasnt great at taking complements.
"Words cant but the Bacon can" he said and she laughed again.

Link, Romani, Cremia and the little Malon all sat at the table. The Sausages and Bacon was the perfect send off breakfast he could ask for. Eventually they leave for Clock Town, Cremia and Romani coming to see him off all the way. They follow him down into the sewers, she left Malon with Kafei's Mother because bringing an Infant down into sewers seemed like a bad idea.

Anju and Kafei joined them to let him know how greatful they were. Link smiled through all of it but Romani did not.
"I will miss all of you, hopefully you will get on with out me. Anju, good luck with the Inn and I hope little Link grows up to be as cool as me" he joked and she smiled. "Kafei, good luck with being Mayor and try not to get turned into a Kid again" he told him ans Kafei rolled his eyes as he held his wifes hand. "Cremia, good luck with the Ranch as well as little Malon. Bet she will have the iconic Ranch Locks" he told her and she smirked.
"Or Mayor Blue" she said and he nodded. He looked at Romani and gave her a big hug amd she hugged him back and began crying.

"I don't want you to go Grasshopper!" She cried into his shoulder.
"I know but I have to. I will miss you the most though and I know you will get by with out me. You showed me how to do everything on the Ranch and you are waaay better at all of it than me. Your archery skills are way better than mine too and also you are one of the sweetest Girls in the World. Neve change Romani because you are perfect and funny and talented" he told her and she smiled wih tears in her eyes.
"Promise you will remember me" she told him and he nodded.
"I could never forget you. Epona wont either." He told her and she petted the Horses nose.

Link and Epona stepped through the doorway that led to darkness, eventually out of veiw from the rest of them. He was gone.

They rode through a tunnel and Link began seeing images in his mind like he did when he first arrived in Termina. Epona seemed unphased by it. Suddenly the familiar scent of the Lost Woods hit his nose. Finally, he was home.

Link got off Epona and found some bark and began carving something into it. The image was of himself, Skull Kid and the Giants ehich symbolised his adventure in Termina. He got back off and rode on through the woods....

Chapter Text

The sixteen year old girls eyes opened and she groaned, her red hair a mess and she rolled out of bed. Usually that is just an expression but she litterally rolled out of bed. She lay in her pjamas with bed sheets tangled around her, unwanting to get up.
"ROMANI! YOU UP YET! HURRY DOWN HEAR!" she heard her Sister shout from downstairs. She must have heard the thud of the floor. Romani sighed and forcer herself up and threw the covers on the bed with no effort to make it look nice.

She wandered over to her wardrobe and pulled put the usualy kind of stuff she wore. She pulled iff her pjamas, the feeling of the cool rooms air on her bare breasts was a nice feeling. She put some white tights on and a skirt that reached her ankles that looked very much like her Sisters. She then put on her bra that covered her large breasts and then a plain white shirt that showed off her figure. Over that was a small brown waist coat and then stepped into her brown boots that were naturally covered in dirt. Most people wouldnt wear boots indoors but hygene on a ranch is often over looked. The walked over to her mirror and smiled as she admired herself. Most people would see it as a bit vain to amire them selves but Romani didn't care, she felt confident in how she looked and was proud of her body. One thing was missing though, it sat atop the mirror and she grabbed it and threw it ontop of her head. A Cowgirl hat that she thought lookd dang cool.

She walked to her door, passing the pictograph of her, her Sister and a young Boy from many years ago. She walked downstairs and her Sister was sat at the table with a small red headed child.
"Marnie!" The little girl shouted and Romani smiled, failing to find the way she mispronounced her name adorable. Her Sister turned around.
"Took your time. Anyway, I have a hugr favour to ask Romani" she said and she sighed.
"What is it?" Romani responded in a complaining manor.
"I am busy with Malon all day and promised I would take her to the Carnival of Time. Can you take out the Milk Wagon out to Clock Town?" She asked and Romani frowned.
"Cremiaaaa... cant Kafei take Malon? Or does he not have the time for his own Daughter" Romani sulked and Cremia looked angry.
"Romani! You know thats not true. He is Mayor and has a lot of work. He does his best to balance his job his Wife and both his kids." She snapped and Romani sat at the table.
"And screwing you..." she muttered under her breath so her big Sister wouldnt hear.

"Okay fine. I'll take the Milk Wagon out. You know I have never driven it before so if I crash its not my fault" she joked and Cremia smiled.
"I have every bit of faith in you" she said.
"Will you be coming to the carvinal?" Malon asked with Cremia breifly butting into correct her pronunciation.
"No promises but maybe. I promise I will play with you soon if I dont okay?" She asked the three year old and she giggled.

Romani loved her neice but thought of her more as a younger Sister. She loved her big Sister too but liked to compain at how bossy she became ever since she had a Daughter to care for. Cremia kept telling her she was complaining because she was a teenager but she knew it wasnt the case. She loved her family but she had a hard time liking Kafei. It wasnt that she hated him, in fact he was nothing but nice to her but ever since she got older and started to peice together their situation the more she resented him. He basically had an afair on his own Wife and hot Cremia pregnant. Even after the two admitted to poor Anju what happened, she for some reason allowed them to continue screwing each other. She couldnt be too mad because at the end of the day he was 50% responsible for Malon's existance but Romani knew that her beautiful neice wasnt a child the two planned to have and she dresded the day she was old enough to realise this for her self.

Romani decideds to just get it over and done with and goes outside and begins loading the Milk Waggon and doesnt take a lot of time before she sets off. She has her bow and a quiver full of arrows on her back, she has never had trouble on the roads in years but she is always prepared and knows no one would try and take her on if they spot her with a bow. Although perhaps her terrible driving she might make for an easy target. She was more concerned about Termina Feild since Kafei had pulled some stings and bought the whole of Milk Road and the former Gorman Racetrack and gave it all to Cremia who in recent years was becoming pretty wealthy with her Ranch and for absaloutly no other reason. "Yeah right" Romani said to her self everytime the thought entered her brain.

She made it safely to Clock Town and parked outside the Milk Bar. She got off and began carrying the crates inside.
"Oh! Young Romani! Was expecting yer Sister. Are you old enough to take over now?" The bar owner said as she placed a crate of Milk down on a table.
"I dunno, I guess so. I am sixteen. If thats old enough then I suppose I am" she said with casualness to her voice.
"Well, your Sister took over when she was just a little Girl. I believe she was about fifteen I believe" he said as he though back in time. Romani froze. She knew this of course but it had never really clicked with her before how her Sister had took over the Ranch and looked after her at such a young age following their parents death. Romani was only seven and Cremia was fifteen, no way would Romani feel comfortable taking on such a responsibility at the age she is now, never mind a year ago.

Romani finished up where she was and stepped outside. She turend around swiftly and caught the sight of a Blone Boy out the corner of her eye. The first second after nothing registered. The second secknd she had a familiar feeling about him. Then her heart began pounding in her chest. No, impossible. It couldnt be him could it? She thought about how it was the Carnival of Time and the portal to the other world might have opened. It was him. It was Link.

She turned around and he was gone but she knew Clock Town, he cant have gone far. She ran around the milk Bar and saw the him head left into North Clock Town. She sprinted after him, she was a fast Girl so she knew she could catch him. She was imeasurably excited. Has he returned to see her? The thought warmer her heart. She saw him head through the North gate and she shoved right past the card and had nesrly caight him.
"LINK!" She called as the Boy turned just as she dived through the air and landed on top of him.

She looked down and smiled at him and he looked back starled and confused. Romani frowned, the Boy was clearly Link, he was identical but the eyes looking back were that of a stranger. A stranger that was bright red since Romani was practically straddeling him but she hadnt even noticed. "Link...? No... who are you? She asked almost in tears and the Boy looked at her with wide eyes.
"My name is Ravio....I am sorry but... have we met?" He said in Link's voice. She got off him and looked down at the Boy. He wore purple, a Purple coat with a purple scarf.
"I am so sorry... I thought you were my friend because... well I mean you dont just look alike but you look identical" she said as she offered him a hand.

Ravio was cautious but took her hand. They walked over to the ledge that faces Snowhead and sat, legs hanging over the drop. "I really got hopeful you know but... I think I might know who you are" she told him and he gave her a confused look. "There is no point explaining, you would never believe me" she told him.
"Well I am just some random stranger, it doesnt matter if I dont so... humour me" he explained and she shrugged.

"Alright well I had this friend about three years ago who looks like you. I mean you look older but I imagine he would look like how you look now, we were 13 at the time. Anyway, he came from a parallel world and apparently from his land, a place called Hyrule, there a people that look exactly like us. For example, I looked like a Ranch Girl he knew and a friend of my Sister looked like a Cucco owner. We talked about him searching for his look alike and he went out to Termin forest and told me about you" she explained.

"Okay... either you are telling the truth of you took a excellent guess at where I am from. Any other details about my home?" He asked and she thought.
"Well he said he saw a look alike of a Girl he knew, a blone girl who wore green. I dont remember her name" she said.
"Sarah." He said and she lit up.
"Yeah, Sarah! That was it. A few years older than you right?" She said and he smiled.
"Yeah. She lives opposite me." He said uncomfortably. She picked up on this so moved on.
"He never knew his parents so he wanted to know what his might look like so...  well I mean he was basically spying on you I suppose but he was a good guy, he wouldnt have done anything wrong" she said with a smile.

"So where is he now?" He asked and she looked down.
"I am sure he is fine. I am sure he is happy with the Girl the loves but... well the door to his world only opens once a year, today, the day of the Carnival of Time. That is why I thought you were him, I thought he might be returning to visit." She said in sadness, knowing she will never see her best friend again.
"Thank you for telling me. A complete stranger. You have made me feel better" he told her she looked at him confused. "I went to stay at the Stock Pot Inn but they were full up, I have no where to stay really and well... I don't want to go back home, my parents rely on me for something I just cant do and I just cant face them"

He stood up "But talking to you was a bright spot in my day so thank you.... what was your name again?" He asked shyly and she smiled.
"I was waiting for you to ask. Romani and... you are getting up to leave I assume but
... where exactly are you going to stay?" She asked concerned and he shly shrugged.
"I don't know but I am sure I will find somewhere" he said as he turned his back and began walking off. She looked down and thought. Then looked back up at him.
"Stay with me!" She called after him and he turned around and walked back.
"Excuse me?" He asked as he thought he misheard her.
"At my Ranch, come and stay with us. Even if its just for a few nights. We don't have much room but the barn is at least warm shelter" she offered and he shook his head.
"I mean I would love to but.." he began but was interupwd by her grabbing his arm.

"No excuses. I would forever regret leaving you out in the cold and you would regret taking the offer so you are coming with me" she demanded as she dragged him into Clock Town. As he was pulled the way she chased him he didn't know what to say.
"Are you sure. I wont be interupting will I? I don't want to be someones burden" he said and she turned to him.
"You are nice and... I know you are not my friend but I cant deny that face does a lot for me" she said as she guided him to the Milk Waggon.

The two dont talk much on the way back. Ravio doesnt know how to thank her enough and she doesnt know how to make conversation with someone that looks like someone she knows so well. They arrive and Cremia and Malon had left for the Cranival.
"Well, this is it! Romani Ranch. The Ranch came before me, I was named after it." She declared as she jumped down from the Wagon and helped him down. "I live here with my older Sister Cremia and her Daughter Malon. Her Father is.... well I dunno if I am allowd to say but he doesnt live with us is the gist of it. Him and my Sister technically arent together... why am I telling you this, its not important" she said and he laughed.
"Well I understand. You, your Sister and your Neice. The rest is complicated" he said and she nodded and she pated him on the shoulder.
"Nicely put. You are a fast learner" she told him as she guided him indoors.

An extention had been built on the left side of the house for more room for Cremia and Malon and as a result Romani scored highas she got a big room to her self. "This is all you'll need to care about, living room and kichen in one, you'll get the barn or the couch but...." she said as she took his hand and pulled him up stairs. "This is my room. " she said walking in but he stood there.
"Are you sure I can...." he stared before Romani grabbed his hand once again and pulled him inside.
"I am not gonna pounce on you, dont worry. Think of it as a friends room, unless you would rather sit in the barn already." She smiled and he returned an embarassed smile.

He looked around in some confusion. He had never been in a Girls room before but he imagined it to be more tidy. Instead their was stuff lyimg across the floor, mainly clothes and her bed sheets were in a ball on her bed. He noticed the large cupped bra on the floor and went bright red. Romani caught him staring at it and giggled.
"Now you know how big they are" she teased as she guided him down to a wooden seat infront of a desk as she sat on the bed.

He turned and caught a glimpse of the pictire of her and Link, along with a Woman he assumed was her Sister.
"Oh my God" he said as he stared at the image.
"I know right, my Sister is hot" she joked and he frowned until he realised it was a joke. "Yeah, its uncanny isnt it. Told you he looked more than just a little like you" she said to him as he studied the photo.
"That.... like that is me... I looked exactly like that when I was like thirteen" he said and she smirked.
"As I said, told you" she smiled. "Cremia is gonna go mental too by the way. My Sister, the one in the picture" she said and he nodded.

"So what now?" He asked and she walked over to him and he stood up.
"Well we could have some food, listen to music or have sex. Your choice" she said in a serious tone and he stared at her red as a tomato. Neither said anything until she burst out laughing. "Sorry, it was a joke, I just wanted to see your face. Relax! You are too nervous. We are friends okay?" She said to reasure him after her slightly creul joke.
"I didnt find that very funny" he said in sadness and she felt terrible.
"Ravio I am sorry. It was a joke. Look I wont make a joke like that again, alright" she said as she hugged him, not knowing if that was the right thing to do but he seemed to relax slightly as she did.
"Thank you" he said quietly as she pulled away.
"Wanna talk about it?" She asked in kindness as he took a seat and she sat on the desk.

"My parents think I am a coward and well... they are right. As a kid I would always come home crying after getting hurt, sometime only from harsh words. My Father used to scold me for being weak and my Mother always told me to 'man up' as a Man in Termin Village cant afford to be weak. Nothing changed, I was always scared of everything and I was never good at manual labour which made my Father angry and he would always shout at me and ask how I am supposed to protect things I love if I am weak. Even when it comes to Girls I was always nervous and too scared to talk to any really. Nothing has changed and thats why I ran away, I cant live with those preasures". He explained and she said nothing for a few moments.
"No offense but it sounds like you have shitty parents" she said and he looked at her in shock. "I mean they are wrong. I cant telp you where to begin. First of all, instead of trying to help you get over some fears and anxieties they seem to just punish you for being who you are. As well as that, you shouldnt have to be who they want you to be and also you are not a coward. Do you know how terrifying moving away from home is? That is something you have done that I don't know that I could do. And besides, you are talking to me alright so you'll do alright in the Girl area" she said.

He looked up at her and smiled.
"Thank you Romani...  I am so glad I met you" he said and she went a little red.
"Same to you, Ravio" she said nicely. There was a silence following. Neither knew what to say. Not long after they were saved by the sound of the front door opening. "Cremia and Malon are home. Time to freak the fuck out of my sister!" She said as she pulled him off his feet and too her door. She took the lead and walked halfway down the stairs. Cremia was sorting through her bags.

"Cremia." She called bluntly and her sister turned.
"What?" She asked in equal bluntness.
"I have a guest, can he sleep in the barn for a few nights?" She asked and Cremia gave a confused look.
"No one has slept in there for years. Who do yoh have in mind?" She asked and Romani smiled as she turned to look up the stairs, signalling Ravio to come down. He made his way into her veiw and her face dropped.
"Link....?" She asked confused but then running towards him and running up the stairs to embrace him.

Ravio was taken off guard as the elder ranch sister hugged him tightly, making his efforts of avoiding her breasts impossible. Romani pulled her off.
"Okay I wont torture you Cremia. This isnt Link." She said and Cremia stared at both of them back and fourth.
"Hi. My name is Ravio. I am from Termin Village" he said to her.
"Sorry.... I.... What is going on. Who is he, ehy is he here and.... why does he look exactly like Link?" She asked in confusement and Romani pushed her gently from behind down the stair and towards the table.
"Well... that is some story" Romani said.


Romani and Ravio explained everything that happened today and Romani refreshed her brain on Link's parallel universe, doppleganger tale. Cremia took time to get her head around it but wasnt stupid so she managed. She found it hard to believe more than confusing but all she had to do was think about Link and that was always an easy way to remind her the world was full of weird and impossible things. Cremia also admired the body of Ravio. He was a Man and not the Boy she knew. She always expected that Link would grow up to be a handsome Man and now she had an idea of what he looks like. Romani knew she had to keep the two aeay because no doubt she would make a move and probablt end up with ahother Child... well, maybe Ravio has more restraint than that.

"So. Can he stay?" She asked and Cremia nodded.
"Yeah. Of course. I mean....same as last time, well, with Link. If you stay long term, you gotta start helping out" she said and he nodded.
"Um... yeah. Of course. Thanks ma'am." He said and Romani chocked on her drink at that.
"Ravio... never say that ever again..." she said and the two Girls laughed and he joined in even though he was confused by the joke.

Sudenly the little red head Girl runs through the door.
"Marnie!" She shouts as she runs over and hugs her. She gives a confused look at Ravio. Romani sits her on her knee.
"Malon, this is Ravio. He is a friend of mine and he will be sleeping in the barn tonight. He is very nice" she said and Ravio smiled.
"Its good to meet you" he said, unsure of how to handle kids and she smiles.
"Dats where the animals sweep though" she said and Romani giggled.
"They are going to keep him company" she told her and she laughed as she ran thtough the door.
"She, is adorable" he says and Cremia smiles to her self.


Ravio spent the day with them and then headed into the barn to get some sleep. He wasnt very successful as it stuck pretty bad but he couldnt complain, he was staying here for free. After a few hours the barn foor opend and Romani walked in, sitting next to him.
"I assumed you'd still be awake" she said to him and he shrugged.
"I am glad you did because I appreciate the company" he told her and she pointed at the animals.
"They are all the company you need" he joked.


They talked for a while about all kinds. "So  do you have anyone like... you know? Special? Girl friend or anything?" Romani asked in complety curiosity but couldn't deny it sounded like she was flirting with him.
"No. No. I am single. I always have been. There has been no one really" he said shyly and she smirked.
"Saying 'no one really' makes it sound like there is kind of someone" she pointed out and he grinned.
"Well no one realistic. Thst Girl I mentioned. Sarah. I do like her but she is out of my leauge, has a Boyfriend, has nothing to do with me and his a fey years older than me" he ellaborated.
"That makes sense. There is no one for me either. That friend.. I mean c'mon, its pretty obvious by how much I have talked about him thatnhe was very special. I had a huge crush on him and he was so attractive but we were never a thing. I knew it was pointless because he was going home and he was badly in love with a Princess. How does a simple Ranch Girl compete? But although we never dated or anything I made moves on him once and we kissed. That is as far as we went" she told him and he blushed.

She only then remembered how the two were exactly a like. She went red as she realised what she had just said.
"Err not that you are attractive or... not that you are not or...." she stumbled on her thoughts and then just stopped and sighed. "Ah screw it. Yeah, you are pretty dang attractive too" she mumbled and he was deadly silent.
"I ermmm. Wow. What do I say?" He asked and she looked at him out the corner of her eyes.
"You're attractive too?" She siggested and he smiled.
"Yes. That" he embarassingly said.

They sat in silence for a while. Akwardness filled the room but Romani just randompy burst out laughing.
"Haha. When did I get so embrassed easy. Man I am so good at keeping my cool but you broke me" she joked and he shrugged.
"You are also making me open up more. I dont talk about any of this stuff to anyone. Thank you" he said and she hugged him.
"Its my pleasure. Anything else you want to get of your chest?" She asked he he grinned.
The two talked for hours, opening up about big secrets and thoughts they had. Eventually they both fell asleep together.


The morning roles around and Ravio wakes up in the hay. He cant pretend to not imidiatly notice the red head laying ontop of him. He blushes as her body is pressed against him and he started feeling his trousers tighten. He tries not to think about it but his body doesnt respond to his will. He knew he had to wake her up.
"Hey. Hey. Romani. Wakey wakey" he akwardly shakes her and her eyes gently open.
"Damn, if this was gonna happen you might as well have slept in my bed" she groans and doesnt really move.
"Can you... can you get up please. I cant realpy move with you there" he nervously asks but she doesnt respond.
"Is that because you dont want the erection that is poking me in the belly so become more noticable" she teases and he goes red in the face.

"I am so sorry.... it wont go down... it sometime happens in the morning... thats all!" He explains as she sits up and he akwardly readjusts his pants and pulls his shirt down to try and cover it more.
"I know, I know. I was kinda hoping it was me. I'd be a bit flattered if it was anyone really" she told him to which he ignored because he didnt know of it was a joke or not. He sat back down, sitting uncomfortably. He lookwd at her and her eyes were clearly on his crotch.
"Ahem." He said and she snapped out of it and looked at him, giving a guilty smile.
"Sorry. I was curious. And besides, its not like men dont stare at womens breasts and arse" she said and Ravio couldnt really deny that he had eyed her up before. "How long does it take to go down?" She askes and he sighes.
"If you dont deal with it, a while." He said and she smirked.
"Do you want me to give you a hand?" She offered and he looked at her with confusion.
"You said you wouldnt make those kind of jokes again" he complained but she shook her head.
"I swear on Malon's life I am serious" she said and Link gave a slight nod.

His heart was racing but little did he know that hers was too. She rached for the top of his pants and slowly slid her hand under it. She felt it prod at her, it felt different than she had inagined and alot more solid too. "Wow. Its some size huh?" She said in surprise but he was in no position to talk. The feeling of her grab his dick was too much. She bagan stroking it and he groaned, she smiled as she knew she must be doing it right. She gripped it tightly but not too tight and slowly pulled it backwards and forwards.
"Uggghhhh Romaniiii" he moaned as she began to slightly speed up but kept a consistant rythm. Her grip stayed consistant and the speed did too. Ravio found it so much better than masturbation.

Romani couldnt deny this turned her on slightly but she knew she shouldnt push this any further as she is already going further that she should. But she had always been curious and this was her first exposure to a penis. "Romani! Romani! Ahhhh. I am gonna.... Ahhh!" He moaned as she kept going until she felt it pulse in her hand and a warm liquid was soon felt over her hand. She knew what it was but she didnt expect it to feel so... goopy. A few more hard thrusts and he was empty, the cum was all over her hand and down his dick. She could feel it leaking out of the tip. Romani pulled her hand out of his pants and she looked at the white liquid on her hand and smiled before licking it off. She swallowed it but with honesty she couldnt say it tasted nice.

She looked at his crotch and the bulge was gone and she smiled.
"It worked then." She said as she stood up and offered him a hand. He got up and smiled akwardly.
"Thank you" he saod and Romani smiled as she headed to the barn door. She understood he didnt know what to say.
"Are you any good with a bow?" She askes out of the blue and he shakes his head.
"Terrible. Why do you ask?" He questions and she smiles as she picks up a yellow bow off a crate.
"Do you wanna learn. I am pretty good and I could teach you" she offered and he shrugged.
"I suppose. It wont do any harm" he said as he left the barn and joined her.

Romani had some targets on the side of the barn and he handed Ravio the bow and threw a quiver around his shoulder.
"Show me hoe good or bad you are" she said and he nercously took an arrow out and fired it in the general direction of the barn. It missed drastically. "Okay now watch me, i am not doing it to show off. I nust want you to look at how I position my body and all that" she told him as she took the bow off him. She parted her legs slightly and held her arm straight in front of her, pulled the string back and then fired, getting a bullseye. She smiled and handed the bow back. "Now try again." She said to him and he mirrored her actions.

He practised for a while, improving slightly and Romani thought he had pitential even though he only barely hit a target. She walked over to him. "See if you can get it this way" she said as she put her hands on his hips and he stepped back.
"What are you doing?" He asmed in surprise. He was still blown away about what she had done earlier and was forever going to struggle to get her out of his head.
"Helping" she said as she grabbed his hips and arms and positioned his body the way it should be. He could feel her breasts push against him and their breaths were close. His breathing slowed down ad their eye caught each others, a certain desire filling both of them. She turned and pulled his arm back to the arrow was extended and let go. The arrow hit right in the middle of the target.
"Oh my God! I did it!" He shouted in surprise and she smiled as she walked towards the target to pull it out.

As she turned around he was there, not a lot of room inbetween him and the barn. She had felt it, his want for her and she had wanted it too. Maybe they were just horny teens, it happens, but no... was she developing a crush for him. Their bodies pressed close together, she could feel his bulge again, her hard work from earlier gone. Ravio placed his hand gently on her hips. Their breaths grew close again, their mouths inches away from one another.
"Romai can you come and...." Cremia said as she came around the side of tbe barn and saw the two of them together. "Oh.... erm. Never mind. Come and see me when you are done" she said as she walked off, knowing full well she had accidently screwed up something.

Ravio stepped away and Romani knew the moment was ruined, rather than trying to recover it or live with the akwardness ane smiled at him.
"Maybe another time" she happily said as she ran after her sister. She knew that if Ravio was willing snd things had gone further she would have happilly went all the way. She wanted too in fact. She had been curious about what sex was like since she heard Cremia and Kafei going at it.



Ravio gad wandered off to explore the surrounding area. He had no idea what Romani and Cremia were off doing and he felt he needed some alone time to figure out his feelings. He was no idiot, a Girl doesnt just offer you a hand job to be helpful and let alone how afterwards theg were incredibly close to kissing. How far would they have gone if Cremia hadnt shown up. Would he have chickened out last minute. These were all questions he had no answer for.

He walked through the treeline near Milk Road until an old destroged sign caught his eye. A sign that reminded him of one from his village. His eyes widened as he read the faded text. "GORMAN RACETRACK" it read and Ravio was concerned. He picked up the broken sign and made his way to find Romani.



"Sooooo, have you... you know?" Cremia asked her younger sister as they lifted heavy crates of Milk onto the back of the wagon.
"Have we what Cremia? What thoughts popped into your dirty little mind?" He sister responded and Cremia smirked.
"I never said they were dirty... but now that you bring it up.." she joked and Romani smiled as she failed that comeback.
"No we havent Cremia. I am not like you. I don't wanna sleep with every guy I meet" she said in a harsher tone but her sister never took any offense as they knew each other well enough to know they were always joking.
"Hey, I have only slept with two guys alright!" She said and emidiatly covered her mouth. Romani stopped and looked at her.
"Wow, wow... hold up. I know one of them obviously but who was the other.... and when?" She asked and her soster continued working.

"Cremia....." Romani insisted as she tried to avoid the question.
"Oh... it was a long time ago now" she said but Romani was having non of it.
"You know I'll make your life hell if you don't tell me" Romani said and Cremia sighed.
"Fine, if I tell you, you have to tell me everything about him. I know you have done something and were going to do more... deal?" She said and Romani took her turn in sighing.
"Fine.... its a deal" she complained.

Cremia told Romani about how when she found out she was pregnant she got Link to find her a Boyfriend so Anju wouldnt find out about Malon's Father and as a result, slept with Gus. She explained it was a one time thing and she is not proud of it. Romani sat with her sister. "And you never spoke to him since?" She asked and Cremia just shook her head. "Come on Cremia, you just used him ans never spole to him again. I think he deserves the truth at least. Go and get Coffee with him some day or something because I remember the way he looked at you during Kafei and Anju's Wedding and be adored you" she told her and Cremia had doubts.
"How do you remember? You were just a kid" she asked and Romani crossed her arms.
"I remember a lot about my childhood and I remember that very well. Also because I thought he was better for you than Kafei was" she said and Cremia sighed. "Look, I have no doubts that you think Kafei is super attractive and loves you and is good in bed or what ever but he is a marroed man and you are basicallg friends with benefits. Yes you have a beautiful daughter together but I see it in your eyes, you want another and Kafei can never give you that" she told her.

Cremia put an arm around her sister.
"You must have spent a lot of time around Link back then because otherwise how did you get so wise." She joked. "Speaking of Link..." she said with a smirk.
"Damn it. I hoped you'd forgot. Fine, I'll pull the bandade off. No we have not fucked. No we have not kissed but I did.... give him a handjob" she said with embarasment as she was going red.
"Details!" Her sister demanded.
"I fell asleep ontop of him, he was you know... hard because of it and I offered to help out. And then earlier we were about to kiss and who knows what else if you hadnt interupted" she said a little grumpilly. And Cremia returned an apologetic glance. "But I know what you are thinking. Do I like him? I am not sure. I mean he is hot. Of course he is, he looks like Link, so like yeah, on pure appearances, I like him but I think there is more. He is very... real. Link was like impossibly cool and pretty much perfect which of course as a young Girl he stole mt heart but Ravio is so different. He has flaws and there is charm in that." She sain a rant as Cremia began chuckling.

"What?" Sje asked in annoyance.
"Sorry, sorry. Its just you claim you dont know if you like him but clearly he is having an effect on you because you managed to pull all them thoughts out" Cremia said and it made Romani think. "Look, I wont give you dating advice because... well, we know why, but I can say this. Ravio is clearly making an impression and all you have to ask your self is weather or not you enjoy being around him every second as a friend or as more." Cremia told her and they hugged.

Their girl talk was interupted by Ravio running over to them with something in his hand.
"Sorry to interupt but I have a question... what is this?" He asked out of breath as he held up the old sign.
"Geez, where did you find that old thing? Its a sign for the Gorman Brothers who used to live just off of Milk Road. Theg were raiders that caused us a lot of trouble back in the day until Link and this one here dealt with them" Cremia spoke as she patted her sister on the head. Romani could tell something was on his mind.
"Why? Do you know them?" She asked and he nodded.
"About three years ago they began raiding our village on a regular basis. When did they leave here?" Ravio asked and Romani's heart sunk.
"Shit. Ravio I am so sorry. Three years ago." She told him. "I fought them off. I am responsible for them coming to your Village" she said and Cremia grabbed her arm.

"Romani! You are not. The Gormans are responsible. You did what you needed to do. You had no idea" she said and Ravio steped forward.
"Your sister is right Romani. It isnt your fault. If I could fight them off I would but...." he said and Romani stood up.
"Ravio. Take me to your Village. I am gonna stop them again".....

Chapter Text

Ravio and Cremia tried all they could to stop Romani but she had made up her mind and Ravio eventually gave in. Ravio wanted the liberation of his village of course but he didnt want to burden Romani with it, he didnt want her to get hurt and he also just didnt want to go home. Cremia was just worried about her Sixteen year old sister trying to fight off a gang. Last time she had Link, some one Cremia would have litterally trusted with her life but besides her bow skills, Romani was not the acomplished fighter Link was. But of course she got her own way and before they knew it Romani and Ravio were atop a horse and on their way.

Romani rode the Black Horse across Termina feild. She named the Horse Epona, after Link's. This Epona shared no similarities as it was black and Male but Romani just liked the name and she knew the Horse wouldnt care. Ravio sat behind her, hands on hips and the bouncing up and down against Romani left an uncomfortable tightness in his pants he did everything to ignore. He showed her the way through the woods and eventually they made it. Termin Town.

Termin Town was technically called Termin Village as it would be a hige stretch to call this a town but the name sounded better to everyone so it stuck. Ravio kept his head down as they rode through. The Villagers looked at them with confusion.
"Its the one on the left" Ravio said to Romani as he pointed to his home.
"Nice and quaint. I like it" she said as they got off the Horse.
"Just so you know. My parents are gonna kill me so... sorry for what you are gonna witness" he said and Romani shrugged.
"I'll do my best to not get involved" she said with a grin that Ravio didnt like the look of at all. He sighed and pushed the door open.

"Mam, Dad! I am back!" He called and in an instant his Mother, a Woman with long blonde hair ran into the front room in rage. She grabbed him by the scruff of his colar and pinned him against the wall.
"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!" she shouted and Ravio retreated into a defensive persition the Romani hated to see him in.
"I... I went and got help!" He lied as he pointed to Romani who had a clueless expression on her face. Ravio's Mother took a quick look at her and then back to Ravio.
"Help with what?" She asked and Ravio gulped.
"The Gormans... since I am bad at taking care of stuff like that I asked her to do it..." he lied.

Luckilly for Ravio, Romani picked up on his ploy and happily went along with it. After all, she was here to deal with the Gormans anyway.
"Its true. My name is Romani, I am skilled with a bow and I once defended a Ranch from the Gormans and they stopped attacking it. I am gere to do the same, this time I eill capture them if possible" she said and the Woman let go of her son.
"Geez. I like you. Wish I had a Daughter like you instead of this pathetic excuse for a son" she said annoyingly as she held out her hand "The names Fiona, nice to meet you Romani" she said with a neutral expression.

Romani returned the handshake but didnt like the Woman, mainly the way she treated Ravio but she knew she would make things worse if she argued with her so she bit her tounge. "So Girl, whats the plan?" She asked as she took a seat on a couch that was dirty and old.
"Well I am gonna set up a few traps, wait for them and attack them. I am kinda hoping that they will recognise me and run off but I feel that is an optamistic thought" she said she she looked at Fiona who was lost at the long words she used. "Wishful thinking" she clarified and the woman nodded like she knew all along. "When do you think they will be back?" She asked and she shrugged.
"Less than a week, we have them at least once a week and it has been two days now, but who knows. You better get cracking with yer traps" she said ans Romani nodded.

"Wheres Dad?" Ravio asked and his Mother glared at him.
"Hunting. He'll have some choice words when he gets back" she warned him and Romani frowned.
"I am gonna get to it. I wont intrude any longer....oh, actually.. Do you have any Deku Nuts?" She asked and the Woman shrugged.
"The barrel by the barn has a load" she said and Romani smiled.
"Thanks" she said as she left the house.


She got cracking right away, a lot of the reason had to do with not wanting to be there when Ravio's Dad came back as she might loose her cool and snap. She sat by the barn and emptied the contents of Deku nuts into a sack and threw it arround her shoulder. She grabbed a bunch of ropes and wtapped them around her other shoulder and then began rolling the barrel through the Village.

There was a few balcinies to these small wooden homes and one caught her eye. She knocked on the door and asked the owner if she could set up a trap on her balcony, explaining why she was here and the Man happily agreed. She sat ontop of the balcony and emptied the Deku nuts from the sack. She began fiddling with them, taking out part of each nut and carefully placing them into the barrel. She was making explosives, Deku Nuts could explode given the right treatment and she knew what she was doing.

Romani spent the whole day making traps with ropes and barrels, loosing track of time. She heard the shouting from Ravio's Dad across the Village and she hated it. She was done and shot a few apples down from a tree, hoping the people would be okay with it and climbing up the watch tower at the front of town. She sat on the small stool at the top and spread her legs out so they were leaning on a small guard railing.

Romani was sitting atop the watch tower for hours, night fell and she gazed at the stars. Ravio was easily able to climb out and join her but didnt find it any less nerve racking to be high up.
"This is relaxing to you?" He asked her as he popped his head up and climbed up to sit down. She supported him as he did so.
"Yeah. We have a ladder on the back of my house and since I was a little girl I climbed on the roof to gaze at the stars" she explained but he couldnt find any comfort being this high up except for the comfort of the girl next to him

"I wish I could be as brave as you are Romani." He said in defeat and she turned to him with a frown.
"You can be, you just need more confidence" she said and put an arm around him.

"You know, I am only brave out of necessity. You see as a girl, these creatures came to the barn every year and stole Cows from us. It damaged our business and my Sister didnt believe me. I had to learn to get good with a bow to defend the Ranch but luckily, around the festival, a Boy arrived at the Ranch, Link, the one I told you about" she looked at him to make sure he was still listening. "He saved the Ranch with ease, he was so cool doing it. The thing is, I know if he didn't show up I would have failed. I wasnt nearly as talented as he was and honestly, I dreaded that night coming. I was so scared of them despite the brave face I put on to Link. Bravery isnt about not being scared, it is about being scared and doing it anyway. Never be upset about being scared, it is a natural emotion that we all have. I get scared too, but as long as you can pull it together and get the job done then you are brave" she finally finished.

"Wow. Did you go to the school of speeches or something?" He asked in a joke. He then looked down. "Thats all well and good but I am not sure I can do that. I cant help but run at the first sign of fear" he said and she put an arm around him.
"Ravio, bravery is a great thing, I wont lie. But bravery isnt something everyone initially has. Do you think a Deer is brave when a Lion chases it? No, it runs for its life because thats how it will live. You have to pick your moments, you cant be brave all of the time" she told him and he stood up.
"Thank you Romani, thank you for everything" he said as he hugged her and returned down tbe ladder. She smiled to her self and dozed off asleep on the stool.


Romani sits in the watch towee all day for a few days. Ravio brought her food which he was greatful for and the Villagers began to realise just how serious she was about taking on the Gormans. She sat with her lehs spread wide, propped up on the small railing but always keeping a watch.
Ravio could see her from his bedroom window, he could see up her skirt, well, he couldnt make much out due to the distsnce but its the thought that excited him. He had a guilty wank over it, the thought of the handjob she have came into his mind too because how couldnt it.


The third day rolled around and suddenly the clatter of Horse woke Romani up, she saw the familiar Horse riders arrive through the treeline but there was more of them this time, a fact she was previously unaware of. She realised she now had to make every trap count. The leader stoped at the enterance and looked up at Romani who stoo tall on the watch tower.

"Gormans! You may not recognise me but I am the thirteen year old Girl that scared you away from Romani Ranch three years ago!" She shouted from atop the tower. The Villagers were hurrying inside their homes and the new members of the group looked at their leader in confusion. "I am giving you the chance to leave now, that way no one has to get hurt!" She called down and he sneered.
"HA! Yeah right! I don't see your little boyfriend around this time Girl! You cant stop us alone!" He shouted as he signalled one of his men to fire at her. She grabbed her bow and evaded the arrow by diving off the watch tower. She aimed at the archer and hit him off his horse. She landed roughly on a roof but she was okay. The Gormans rode through the Village and Romani sprinted across the roof before jumping onto the balcony. She kicked off the explosive barrel which made impact with two of the bandits. She grabs a rope and swings across to a House opposite and enters through a balcony door. One of the bandits laughs as he sees her and gets off his horse and enters the house by force.

He moves around with a sword out, searching for her. Suddenly he is shot in the shouler by an arrow and clutches it in pain. She jumps down from the first floor to  see if she had got him but he was stronger than she thought as he dives at her and pins her to the ground. She struggled against him but she couldnt deny he was physically stronger than she was.
"You should have stayed at home Girl, then you wouldnt have ti be taugh a lesson!" He snarled as he grabbed her leg and started pushing a hand up her skirt. Romani panicked. Was he going to try and rape her? Try was all he would get.

She pushed hard off the floor, nugging him in the air slightly but enough to get her leg where she wanted. She strained her leg with a feirce kick and booted him directly in the balls. Thr Bandit fell backwards in pain and Romani stood over him and stemped on his crotch hard a few more times, assuring their would be some permemant damage. She tied the Bandit up and ran outside the house.

She ran straight out and up some crates that were posutioned for her to be able to run up. Things couldnt be more perfectly tied as sje leaps from the top crate grabs a rope tied to a sign, it extends downwards right above one of the bandits riding through town. She throws the lasso around him and yanks another part of her trap forcing the man to be strung up in the air, tied up but relatively unhurt.

Romani lands on a roof, one Gorman left and he galres at Romani before grinning. He bursts through into Ravio's House and before Romani could react he pulled Ravio's Mother, Fiona, out of the house with a knife to her neck.
"Put down the Bow Girl. If ya dont, I'll slice her neck open". He shouted and Romani frowned.
"What then? You'll be open to an attack. Dod it occur to you that I am being paid and the lives of the people here mean nothing to me?" She asked and he laughed.
"It never occured to me, no. Thats because no one goes to the legnths you have just for Ruppees. Do you really want me to kill her so we can find out what happens?" He called up and Romani sughed.
"It was worth a shot..." she muttered to her self as she dropped the weapon.

She saw someone out the corner of her eye, someone behind some crates. It was Ravio. She kicked the bow away from her and near to where he was. "Ravio. Listen. You gotta go help her. Gorman doesnt know you are there so you can surprise him" she said quitely and without breaking eye contact with the opponent.
"But.... I dont know of I can...."
"Ravio. I know you are scared but remember what I said earlier. You can do it. I know you can" she said calmly and quietly. Ravio took the bow and snook off.

"So what now! You cant raid this village with your men tied up and a kinfe to a womans neck. Do we just stand here for ever?" She called down and he growled.
"You are gonna free them all!" He demanded. It was perfect, she just needed to buy a few more seconds.
"Who first?" She asked and he looked up at the man strung up.
"He's a good start f......AHHHHH!" he screamed as an arrow peirced his hand that was holding the blade, allowing it to drop to the floor.

Fionna freed herself from his grasp, looking up and seeing her son holding a bow with determination on his face. Romani was already on the move, swinging on a rope and flying through the air and landing her boot in his face. She pulled the rope down and tied the man down. She then dropped to the ground, it was done.

Moments later, the villagers began exiting their homes and cheering. They started to crowd around her. She got up and stood on a crate.
"Listen up!" She shouted to them all as they went silent. "I have all the men tied up or injured. They are your responsibility now. You can make a jail for them, you can take them to jail at Clock could..."
"We could kill them!" A Man shouted and she raised her arms.
"Well, yes. You could. Its up to you but they wont see justice that way. What ever you decide, dont let them go. They will only find somewhere else to raid and they will be the burden of someone else" she explained.

"Thank you Girl. Let us pay you!" Someone said and she shook her head.
"No, no. I don't need that. But... I didn't do this alone, Ravio helped" he declared as the crowd turned to the timid Boy and cheered for him. Fionna looks up as Romani.
"How did you manage to make a Man out of my Son?" She asked and Romani sits down.
"Being supportive and believing in him" she said in a passive aggressive tone, something thst went over the dim witted womans head. She couldnt argue her method because she has never tried it her self.

Ravio walked over to her and she flung an arm around him. "I told you, you could do it!" She cheered and he smiled.
"Only because you belived in me". He saod and she looked him in the eyes.
"And I always will." She said as they hughed each other.


Romani stayed in the Village for the remainder of the day, helping to clean up and lock up the bandits. She stayed over at Ravio's for dinner and stayed the night, using the couch as a bed. She awoke early the next day and left the house. She whistled for Epona and he came running. She picked up a twig and through it at Ravio's window. He peered out and he signalled him down. He eventually made his way down stairs and out the door to meet her.
"I couldnt go without saying goodbye" she said to him and he smiled.
"And, you had to throw a twig at my wondow.... why?" He joked and she shrugged.
"Didn't want to shout. Its early and I could wake people. Besideds. It worked" she said and he could not deny it.

The two sixteen year old walk through the Village, Romani pulling Epona along by his reins.
"You know... Ravio. You could come home with me. Cremia wouldnt mind and we could get you a bed, you dont have to sleep in the barn. Heck, sleep in mine if you want" she said happily and he smiled.
"I would love to but I cant right now. I need to help out here, but dont worry. I'll come and visit you" he told her and they hugged.
"You'd better keep to that promise" she said and he smirked.
"Not a hard one to keep" he joked.

They looked at each other in silence. She knew he felt what she did but never moved. It felt like an eternity.
"Oh fuck it." She said as she stepped forward and pushed a kiss into his lips. He was shocked but accepted it as he but his hands in the back of her head to pull her in more. It was passionate and sexy and Romani felt alive.

They broke off the kiss and the two panted, Romani giggling slightly oit of embrassment as she looked at the stunned boy standing before her. She jumped on Epona. "Something to remember me by and help with your early morning riser" she joked and he laughed. She hated good byes so never said it. She rode off into the forest leaving Ravio with a hige smile on his face.



A week pasted since Romani defeated the Gormans in Termin Town and she had returned home to a relieved sister and neice. Life returned to normal and she wondered where she would find the next excitement in life.

She awoke to loud knocks on her door and she groaned. She knew Cremia was out so it was up to her to answer it. She forced her self out of bed and threw on all the clothes she would normaly wear and straightened them all out so she would look a little presentable. She ran down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hi Romani" Ravio spoke and her face lit up. She rushed pver him and hugged him tightly.
"Ravio! What are you..." she began to ask before he cut her off.
"I came to see you. I tried to think of like an excused but I don't have a reason I just.... well I just wanted to see you again" he told her as he went his trade mark red colour. Romani pulled him in and closed the door behind him.
"Well, good. I missed you and you are welcome here at any time." She told him before pushing him in the direction of her room.

"I know I said it already but... thank you Romani. Our village has been so happy lately and my life has been so much better and it is all thanks to you. So, thank you for diving on me when we first met" he joked and they both laughed.
"I did what anyone would do with the power to do so. Link would have done the same" she said as they both looked at the picture.
"He must have been some guy huh?" Ravio asked in a slight tone of jealousy. She walked over and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Yeah. He was. He was like the perfect person really" she said, fully knowing what she was saying.
"The opposite of me then" he said upset and she turned to him and looked him in the eyes.

"Honestly Ravio, yes. He kinda was the opposite of you but while you say that in a negative tone I dont see it as a bad thing". He was confused and she sat on her desk. "Link was pretty much great at everything and he saved the world, tough act to follow for anyone but what his best traight was how he helped everyone he met and inspired them to be better. I wont sit and tell you that thirteen year old me didn't have a huge crush on him because boy I did... when I started discovering you know what down stairs he was first to mind" she said and Ravio was bright red, she just smirked. "But he was impossibly good. Like you know when someone is just flawlessly good at everything and its a little annoying, especially since they dont seem to put the time in. Well that was him. Everyone wanted to be around Link, I was lucky to be around him a lot but he always overshadowed you, not intentionlly, but it was just his natural state". She explained as Ravio stared confused.

"But you Ravio. I don't feel over shadowed by you and I feel I am with an equal when I am with you. You are far from perfect, you have problems ans issues like the rest of us and its okay, you have something to over come. You are much more real." She told him and he thought for a moment.
"So you like me because I am a more down to Earth version of Link?" He asked and she shook her head.
"No, you are absaloutly nothing like him. Like you are fully different people" she told him and he looked at her with doubt.
"Romani, he looks identical to me" he pointed out and she smiled.
"Oh, that. Well you share that one feature and that is the one I am glad you share. I am sure any straight Woman would agree with me there" she said in a flirty voice and he went bright red once more.

"Well thank you for the glowing review. I like you too you know" he said and she smirked and leaned in.
"Go on then" she encouraged and he steped back.
"Well I don't think I could do a lecture on it like you did but I mean I will start off with the obvious. You are hot, like... a lot. I am not gonna go into detail about which parts but... you are.." he nervously told her and she giggled at his akwardness. "But you are kind, smart, funny, brave and you are a good person. I am lucky to have met you" be said and ahe smiled.
"Thank you Ravio". She stepped off the desk and walked towards him.

She put an arm around him and pulled him close and sighed. She was enjoying the moment but she knew he was too shy to make the first move on anything.
"Most people beat around the bush for too long so I am going to ask you a question and its not trick, no prank, nothing more than it seems and I want you to answer honestly okay?" She asked and he nodded.
"Was that the question?" He joked and she lightly hit his arm.
"Do you want to go out with me?" She asked straight and his heart beat increased.
"Are you serio...." he stopped mid sentence as she sternly looked at him. "Right, no tricks. Yes..." he said nervously and she turned her head to his and smiled.
"Good" she said as she kissed him with passion.

Romani felt lucky that she found a Man that was honest and kind and had faults but tried to overcome them. He wasnt perfect but that made him perfect. Besideds, he was very attractive. He did look like Link afterall.
"How do I deserve you?" He asked as their kiss finally broke.
"Come on now. You are brilliant. If I am so amazing like you think then would you not trust someone that amazing to make the right choices and the smart ones and have increddible taste?" She smirked.
"I guess so" he replied and she put a finger on his lips.
"Then know that as long as you are with me, you are amazing. Let no one tell you different" she said before lightly kissing him again.

A few moments past, in truth no one knew how long it was. They sat kissing each other but Romani noticed he seemed resistamt to touching her. "Ravio, I want you to know that my body is yours, you can touch me where evee you desire" she said as she picked up his hand and guided itnto her breast. His eyes went wide and she noticed his bulge growing but decided not to mention it. "We can go as fast or as slow as you want but I am willing to go all the way when you are" she told him and he seemed tense. "Look. I get you are nervous about a lot of things and that is okay. I am not trying to push you forward. We don't ever have to do anything you are not comfortable with. I just want you to know that I will always be fully open and honest with you, you dont have to fear asking the wrong question or anything. Just relax because our time together should be fun and not stressful" she explained.

He looked at her in a way she hadnt seen before. He surprised her by pushing a kiss into her and pushing her backwards onto the bed.
"Romani, you know I am 16 year old boy right?" He said and she raised an eyebrown in a mixture of confusion and arousal.
"Well you said you are willing to go all the way with a 16 year old boy. You think anyone would refuse?" He said to her and she smirked.
"I suppose not. Show me what you've got then" she said as they kissed and started feeling each others bodies.

She pulled his pulled his hoodie off leaving him in a white shirt and felt under it at his chest. He grabbed her left breast and began playing with it like a curious child. It felt nice and she sighed at his touch. He then procceded to slide his other hand underneath her shirt and the tips of his fingers bumped into her underboob. He felt the bra blocking his touch so he slipped his fingers and eventually his hand under and placed it flat on her breast. It felt so hot, she could feel her self getting more aroused by the moment, more so when he started playing with her nipple.

"Ravioo" she sighed and he felt proud that he got a moan out of her. His hand left her left breast and trailed down to the hem of her shirt and began pulling it upwards. She helped him remove it and they simultaniously tossed it across the room. As she lay back with only het bra covering her breasts, Ravio stared.
"You are beautiful Romani..." he said in disbelief.
"Thanks, youre pretty damn gorgeous your self" she said as he pulled his shirt off and placed her palm against his flat chest. She reached behind her back and smirked. "I wont keep you in suspence, this is what you want" she said as she pulled off a bra and her boobs sprang free.
"Romani... you are... well do I have to repeat it?" He asked retorically and began kneading her mounds.

"Mmmhhmm... keep that up" she said as his hands on her body felt great and he felt great that he could please her. As he worked on her, she bent her leg slightly so it nudged against his bulge.
"Ohhh. Romani..." he moaned and she giggled.
"Im not the only one that needs the excitment" she joked and she kissed him before flipping him onto his back and straddling him.

She began grinding against his clothed crotch and he groaned, gripping the sheets in pleasure. She crawled backwards down the bed and reached for his pants, pulling them down with his boxers and he helped kick them off. She smiled and stared in disbelief. She had never seen a penis before, she had gave him.a hand job in the barn but she didnt see it. It was large and very stiff, flattering to know she made it that way. "Wow! So Men have these tucked away huh? I like it" she said as she began rubbing it and a shiver went down Ravio's spine.
"Ooh, Romani.." the Boy moaned just before she licked the tip and then slid it in her mouth.

She couldnt fit the whole thing in because it was large but she did her best. She squeezed her touge against it and bobbed her head up and down on it. Her sucking felt warm and tight and Ravio felt instant pleasure. He lay back enjoying the feeling of the blowjob, clenching the sheets and holding on for dear life, trying not to cum because he wanted to make her feel good.

That was a hard task however and he felt his balls tighten. "Romani.... if you don't stop I'll cum" he warned and she thought for a second, wondering why that was so bad but then figured it out and stopped. She pulled her mouth off his dick, it leaving with a pop.
"Right then, your turn" she said as she stood up on the bed, initially confusing Ravio but that changed when she pulled down the long skirt. The sight of her standing over him in just white tights that clung to her body was so sexy. She knelt back down and sat facing him until he pushed her on her back.

"I like a Man that takes charge" she said and he smiled.
"You'll like this then... I hope" he told her before he slipped his hand down her tights and into her soft enterence. He circled her clit and strocked it. Her legs squirmed and she let out a high pitched moan.
"Ahhh, ohhhh" she whimpered and he knew he was doing good. He grabbed the hem of her tights and began pulling them down with her panties.

He stared for a moment in disbelief. She was naked in front of him.... and he was naked. He was naked with a girl. He put his head inbetween her legs and began licking. "AHHH! YES!" She moaned in an instance as his touge brushed over her clit, sending a orgasmic shock wave across hee body. Her legs clamped around his head and she gripped it inplace so he couldnt escape. Romani had never felt anything as good as this in her life. She had played with her self before but this was on another level. This made her unable to do anything but constantly moan, pant and scream. She was soaking and he withdrew as she was panting her name, disapointing her as he did.

He continues to rub her but uses one hand to part her thighs and then positions him self between them. They look into each others eyes, both filled with lust. The dip of his dick brushes against her enterance and she sighs then nods. He begins to slowly push it in, keeping eye contact all the way in. He pushed past her hymen and she winced in pain and concern washed over his face.
"You're a.... I am your first?" He asked and she leaned in and kissed him.
"Yes, it doesnt matter, keep going" she said in slight annoyance as she didnt want him to ruin the moment. He slightly readjusted himself and pushed the rest of the way in.

Romani was in heven. Their was some slight pain but it was over ridden by the increddible sensation of his solid dick pushing into her wet hole. He began pulling out slowly and then slowly repeated the action. Ravio was also in delight. The feeling of her moist enterence sucking in his dick tightly as he squeezed inside. He went slow because it was their first time but also because it felt good and they wanted to enjoy them selves.
"Ohh.. Faster Ravio" she encouraged and he obliged and began picking up speed. "Ah! Yes, thats it. Keep going!" She moaned as he thrust into her. She was starting to understand why her sister loved sex so much.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and flipped him over, now riding his dick. Ravio memerised but what he was seeing. Not only did he feel incredible at the girl bouncing on his dick but her boobs bounced with her and her hips rocked in motion. Her legs were spread to his side and he felt his way up them and settled on her hips.
"Romani.... fuck... ahhhh" he let out as she contolled him. He began thrusting up to meet her half way, her moans suggesting she liked that a lot. She placed a hand flat on his chest for support but also to ensure only his hips lifted into her.

Her body was sweating and she panted heavily, she loved the feeling of his dick reaching all the parts it need too.
"Ravio! Ravio! Ravio!" She moaned as she bounced, his hands reaching to her beautiful boobs. He pushed her backwards and he was ontop once more, fucking her hard and fast. "AGHHHH YES!" She screamed and Ravio let out a low moan he was close.
"Romaniiii.. I am...hahh.. close" he moaned and she kissed him.
"Dont cum in me.... FUCK!... just hold on a bit longer...!" She told him in he moaning breath. He sped up, concentrating on holding it together a bit longer, staying silent because he flet he would explode if he said a word. "AAAAHHH YESSS!" she screamed in orgasmic bliss as her walls clamped down hard on him. This was it, he had to withdraw. now. He pulled out of and his dick fired a stream of cum arcoss her body, some of it hit her in the face. He stuck a finger into her and she started stroking his dick so they could ride out their orgasms.

After a few moments of panting and the buzz of their orgasms dying down, Ravio lay next to Romani while she wiped the Cum off her body and face. "That was the best thing I have ever felt, I can see where Cremia is coming from now" she said and he smiled.
"I am surprised you were a Virgin" he said and she turned to him and frowned.
"Not in a bad way, just because you are super hot and I assumed you would have found someone before me" he explained. She smiled and hugged her naked body against his.
"No, no. I havent had a Boyfriend before. I havent even liked anyone since Link left." She told him.
"Do you still miss him now that I am here?" He asked as he felt her curvy body.
"Yes, very much so. You are not a replacement for him. You look identical but you are very different people. I like that, I love you for who you are not because you remind me of someone I know. I hope you dont feel like you are replacing someone" she explained in a concerned tone and he kissed her.
"I don't. I just feel lucky that a Girl like you would want anything from a guy like me".



Ravio and Romani lived together after that. Not consistsntly in the same place as they moved between Romani Ranch and Ravio's house. His parents were still shitty but they had seemed to get a little better after she stoped their village from being raided by the Gormans. They mainly lived at the Ranch though and fucked many more times. After about a year, they were sure of each other and botu agreed they wanted to get married and they did just that. Cremia was jealous of them a little but so proud of her sister.

Cremia continued to fuck Kafei on the regular. Cremia and Anju were as close as they once were and Cremia betraying her trust occasionally sprung to mind but it was rare these days. They both got drunk and joked about how the three of them have always done everything together and then made the unusal desision to sleep together. Neither can deny they enjoyed it but Cremia was super shocled at just how much she enjoyed her best friend since she was not gay in the slightest.

Something changed in her that night and for what ever reason she finally asled Gus if they wanted to go on a date. She apologised for last time and eventually they started talking and getting to know each other. Before they knew it they were going out and Kafei seemed to be out of the picture for now.

After another year past Ravio and Romai had a son they named Gulliver. And not to long after that Cremia had a second child, another Girl with Gus that she named Ella. It took four years for Romani and Ravio to have another child after their first but along came another son that they named Kyle.

With two Children and Cremia and Gus raising a child tigether as well as Malon, Romani and Ravio moved out to Termin Village and start up a ranch of their own.



Ten Years Later....
"So you and Daddy knew each other at my age?" Kyle asked his Mother as he looked at an old picture. Romani laighed and picked up her son.
"Oh, I was twelve in that picture but believe it or not, that is not your Dad" she said and he looked at her in confusion.
"Does Daddy have a Brother?'he asked and she shook her head.
"No. You see, that is Link. A friend of mine from long ago and he comes from a Magical world that we cant go to. He lives with a Princess and he has saved the world" she said to the Boy.

She shared the story with her four year old son who loved it but she knew Gulliver wouldnt have believed it. She knew it was a farfetched story but it didnt matter if her kids belived it or not really.

She put her kids to bed and climbed into her own bed. Ravio was already in bed and she cuddled into her. "I want another." She said and he looked at her.
"Another what?" He asked and she smiled.
"Another child. I want three and if we had one now they would be very similar ages gaps between them" she said and he smiled.
"I couldnt agree more..." he said as he kissed her snd rolled ontop of her. "And besides. I cant pretend I am not in the mood" he said as he pushed his hands under her shirt to feel her braless breasts.

"Ohhh Ravio." She moaned as he played with her boobs. He pulled the shirt off and threw it across the room, her hands roamed his chest, as he continued playing with her boobs. He then pulled down her pyjama bottoms along with her hnderwear and stuck one finger into her. Romani let out a breathy moan as she reached for his bulge, squeezing it through his boxers before she began pushing them down.

It didnt take long for them to both get naked, foreplay was something that the couple sometimes ignored since they were often so horny that they needed to be connected.

Ravio began pushing into Romani and she pushed her hips into him. They got comfy and then stsrted moving. The bed rocked as the two fucked each other.
"Oh Romani.." Ravio moaned as he sped up gradually while Romani gave the appropriate moans of satisfaction.

They kept up their love makikg for a while but Ravio was overloaded from not having sex in a while and knew he couldnt last long. "Romani... I am close" he told her and she knew she was close. His grunts that gradually sped up as he got faster and closer to climax never failed to turn her on and it was a way to more or less assure she would reach her climax with him.

She was getting wetter by the second and Ravio was sliding in and out easier, lossing control.
"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ohh... Yes...." she moaned as she clasped his back and her walls tightened around him. That was all he needed to push him over the edge.
"Uggahhhh..." he moaned as his dick shot his spunk deep insode of her as it pulsed out of control.

They both panted and caught their breath, Ravio pulling out his sticky dick and laying next to her. "So... what are we thinking for names?"

Chapter Text

Link had been travelling for a few days. The now 14 year old Boy had only been gone from Hyrule for a year but for him two years had passed. Time travel... something he hopes he will never have to rely on again.

Suddenly he hears something that made his heart rate increase. He stops Epona dead in her tracks and listens. The jingle is unmistakable to him. Navi.

He turns Epona in the direction he heard it from and chases it. It was loud and coming from a distinct direction, like it was calling him. His friend, his friend, that was the sole reason for his journey. The friend he nearly gave up on. He was going to meet her again.

He dashed on through a tree trunk but was suddenly hit by bitter cold before the snow blew him in the face. He was confused, where was he? A blizzard..he turned around and there was no tree trunk behind him. He panicked slightly but couldnt concern himself with this at the moment. He was in the bitter cold and needed to find shelter.

Link rode on, unable to do much else. He was lost, confused and cold, worst of all the call of Navi had stopped. Had he messed up.... his vision became blurry and he passed out, the loyal Horse continuing to carry the Heroes limp body onwards....



Link sits up with a gasp and looks around in confusion. A Dark haired Girl about his age is sitting on a stool next to his bed.... his bed? Whose bed was this?
"So you're awake then..." she said in a monotone voice.
"Who....who are you? Where am I? What happened?" He asks in confusion. The last thing he remembered didn't even make sense. He was travelling in the Lost Woods and he was suddenly transported to a snowy mountain top where he must have passed out.
"You are in Syrule Castle, I am Princess Sylvia and what happened... well we found you unconscious on the back of your Horse'' she told him and he started getting up. "What are you doing, where are you going?" She asked in concern.
"Navi... my friend... I was looking for my friend...." he said before grabbing his equipment from the floor.

"Look, I don't know where or what Syrule is but I don't belong here. " he told her and she sighed.
"The King wants to see you, you know" she said and he shrugged.
"He isn't my King" he said bluntly.
"No. You'll want to hear this one. Hero of Time" she said which made him turn and got his attention.


Link stood before the King's Throne. He did not kneel which annoyed the King but Link didn't know him or know why he deserved his respect.
"What do you want and how do you know who I am?" Link shouted up to the King.
"Haha. Oh please. How could we not have heard the stories of the Hero of Time? Your deeds are well known across the land, even outside of your precious Hyrule." He said with a booming voice. Link scratched his neck waiting for the rest of it. "We have been looking for you for quite some time but you just sort of.... vanished for about a year. That's until not too long ago our fortune teller picked up your location. We apologize but your fairy friend, you did not hear her. That was us luring you out here, forgive us". He said but Link was mad.

"You play with my emotions to send me out here just for a little favour? Why the hell do you think I would help you now!" He snapped at the King and he smirked. No one had talked to the King like that before.
"Well what we have in store seems like your cup of tea to be honest. We are at war. War with Dyrule, a splinter of our own great Kingdom. My Brother, the past King was betrayed by his Wife and tried to take the throne. She is the leader of the Dyrule Kingdom and they have hired Desert Thieves to help them take us down. I would like you to help us" he told him bluntly. Link thought for a moment.

"How do you know so much about me and why me?" He asked and the King looked at the fortune teller.
"She sees all. She has shown us the stuff you have done. You defeated Ganondorf and stopped an uprising before" he said and Link sighed.
"Fine. I'll see what I can do but I can't just blindly take your word for it. I will find out for myself what they are like and if what you say is true then I will help you" he tells the King who frowns.
"Do you take me for a liar Boy?!" He angrily calls and Link shrugs.
"I don't know you, how could I possibly say... but I am here under false pretenses aren't I" Link states and the King leans back, unable to argue his point.

"Very well Hero of Time. You find out what you need to know and we will be waiting to back you up when you see what that Witch is like'' he declares confidently as Link leaves the throne room..... Can he ever get a break?

Chapter Text

As soon as Link got directions he wasted no time leaving the Castle. He thought the Princess seemed alright but he didn't like the King and he didn't like the Snow.

The Castle seemed bigger than Hyrule Castle but that was because of where it was positioned. It leaned halfway off a cliff face, almost built into the side of the Mountain. Link has to admit it looked cool at least but he left on Epona's back and headed towards the Dyrule Desert.

Link had the Stone Mask on so he would go unnoticed. Epona would go unseen too according to Romani who he tested this out on. Link didn't understand why but wasn't going to complain.

A full day passes before Link makes it to the desert. Luckily he brought supplies but Epona was clearly exhausted. According to his map he wasn't far from their home base. The desert air seemed tame compared to the Gerudo Desert and Link knew he could handle this heat no problem.

Eventually he saw a camp in the distance. He got off Epona's back and entered the camp. To say Link was shocked was an understatement. These desert thieves..... they were Gerudo. Link knew it was no mistake, their tanned skin and red hair, all female. He even recognised a few faces.

Link looks around at the Horses and Carts, clearly equipped for battle. The Men are all not Gerudo which is clear by their clothing and their white skin as well as the obvious fact they are men. He walks into Camp, walking by all of them undetected. He imagines they wouldn't exactly be fond of seeing him since he is kinda their enemy. Nabooru isn't though, where is she? Is she here?

He went straight to the back of the camp to the most important looking tent and peered through a gap. Link smiled. There she was, sitting cross legged on the floor. Nabooru. Link was going to go in but decided scaring the shit out of her wasn't the best way to get her attention. He walked around camp and took a map and wrote a note.
"Hi, a friend. Meet me on the cliff directly South of your tent" he wrote on the back. He slid it into her tent, trusting she would get it and left for said cliff.

He sat there for hours. Watching them go about their day. Soldiers and Gerudo training together. Link couldn't help but want the King of Syrule to be lying now because the Gerudo had found somewhere and he didn't want his old friend to be on the wrong side.

Eventually she stepped outside her tent with the note in hand and looked right at him. He knew he wasn't seen because of the Stone Mask but it was a feeling he never got used too. She began walking towards the cliff and he watched her all the way until she made it up to him. He walked behind her and took the Mask off.
"Hello Nabooru." He said in the calmest voice but it still made her jump and spin around to him.
"Link.....? What?.... Why are you here?" She said with genuine concern.." Is Hyrule...the Princess... I mean Queen okay?"
Link smiled at her concern and she rested a bit easier but didn't completely relax.

"Good to see you too" he sarcastically said to her . "Everything is fine. Hyrule is safe, Zelda is safe. No need to worry there. But it's a long story" he said to her and she walked over to him.
"Wow I just... I just can't believe who I am seeing. The good ol Hero of Time" she joked, finally relaxing. "Taller now too, taller than you should be, how old are you" she asked and he thought for a moment.
"Technically around 14 to 15ish. Lost track to be honest. It has been longer for me than you, some time travel I say, Long story. But I need to talk to you about some issues around here" he told her which made her sit on a rock and lean forward.
"What do you mean?" She asked.

Link explained really briefly that he was lured here and then explained what he knows about Syrule and the King and how from what he knows, the Gerudo are the enemy. She sat back after his explanation.
"I don't trust the King, not blindly. I want to know what you know and why you have sided with the Queen of Dyrule because I trust you Nabooru. I know you wouldn't help someone evil, you have proved that in the past" he explains to her and she smiles.
"Hit the nail on the head kid, I wouldn't side with anyone evil, at least anyone I knew was evil. And I trust the Queen. According to her, the King of Syrule is an Usurper King who killed his Brother and stole the crown. The Queen's Daughter is trapped in that Kingdom and I don't think she would lie about her Kid" Nabooru spoke.

"Damn it. I was hoping this would be more simple. I have no way of knowing who is right but.... ugh.. I mean I have a way but I don't like it." He complained as he paced backwards and forwards. Nabooru looked confused.
"What method?" She asked and he sighed as he pulled out the Ocarina of Time.
"Time travel"....

Chapter Text

A very long time ago....

The Demon only knew darkness. Once it was a Man but anger and corruption turned the beast into something else. It didn't remember much about why it was sealed away but it remembered the Boy in Green and it wanted him dead. The thoughts plagued it for centuries until one day there was a crack and light appeared. Its chance was now.

It knew its physical form would be too hard to manifest and escape was its primary objective. It spiralled out of its container, only now remembering it was a chest it was bound too. As it spiralled out it saw some faces. A Wicked looking Man, the one who had clearly freed him, a Oldman, the King, the Princess and... that Boy....

It lashed out on anger at all but the Evil looking Man. It knocked the Old Man and the King flying while the Boy clad in Green protected himself with his shield and the Princess protected herself with a Golden Power.

"Damn." It thought to itself. "I have to leave. My body isn't holding together" and its gassious, purple body split apart and scattered. The remains drifted across the sky desperately trying to remerge. It eventually clumped itself together, growing bigger and heavier with its added weight pulling it down to the surface. It didn't feel like long since it escaped the chest but it had been years, possibly decades. The creature did not know. It knew it felt like a short time because it was imprisoned for so long.

It landed in some luscious green woodland area but instantly poisons the area around it at touch. It forms into a Boar like creature and wanders aimlessly, killing and eating everything it comes across. Eventually the Boar reaches the snowy peaks of a neighbouring land. How long it has been travelling is lost to time.

Upon seeing the Castle, the beast has a thought. It hadn't thought about anything in so long.
"The Boy. The Queen. Kill them all" it said in its head. It began getting flashes of the Green Clad Boy fighting him in a Castle Market Town, but earlier a grown Queen sealing him away with that same Green Clad Boy being present. He then remembered a nice Woman... was she his Mother? Was he once Hylian? No, impossible. He was something greater. He was Boartreax.

He dragged its feet through the snow and reached the edge of a clif. At the bottom was a Town. A Town full of innocent people that he just wanted to kill. He let out a wicked howl, piercing through the silence of the nighttime and he dived off the cliff and landed heavily into a house, the weight off his body allowed him to cave the roof in and make the houde ruble. He heard a Woman scream and he turned around to look at her. She was looking at his feet, he looked down and they were covered in blood, an arm sticking out. He smiled before grabbing the Woman and tearing her in two with his mouth.

It felt so right. He was back. He didnt know for what purpose but he knew he was angry and the murder of innocent peole seemed to fill his desire. He smashed out through the wall to see some citizens that had come out to see what all the noise was. They screamed in sight of the red boar and attempted to turn and run but he charged at them, slicing them in two, stepping on them or melting them with a foul black gass he sprayed from his mouth.

The Knights saw the carnage the beast was making and began firing arrows at him and Knights came out to greet him. The Knights were killed with ease, a simple slam of his feet against them seemed to do it. The arrows hurt him but were nothing more than a bother. He bent his legs and leaped into the air, landing on a wall full of archers. Their eyes grew wide with fear as the creature leaned forward before charging through them like they were nothing.

The Town and the Castle had nothing that would be efficient against the Beast. It lay waste to the Town and made its way into the Castle and did the same in there. Some Knight saw what it was doing and just ran. The Queen stood up and calmly walked down a corridor. She made her way through a secret passage way and exited down some stone spiral staircases. The King knew of her plan and sat on his throne in wait. He may die and she may die, they both accepted that but he wasn't going to run. Boartreax smashed into the throne room through the wall and stared at the King. The King did not waver and this made Boartreax furious. He stepped forward, placing his feet onto the carpet in the centre of the room. The King smirked and Boartrex had a moment of confusion before he looked down. The carpet was glowing and suddenly the floor around Boartrex disappeared.

He fell for what seemed like miles. Before landing heavily in a darkly lit cave. He was on a huge stone slab, the Queen had her hand on the stone and was muttering something. The slab turned a bright blue and her blue dress lifted and her hair blew around. She looked up at the beast and he stared into her cerulean eyes before he was swallowed by light and gone. The Queen smiled to herself before she collapsed with all life gone from her body.....


Link opened his eyes and he was standing in the cold Snowy Mountains. The Castle was the same but things were slightly different. He had done step one, he had travelled back in time 14 years. His mind went back to Nabooru's stumped expression.

"Time travel..." he said in a cocky tone to which Nabooru just replied with a confused look.
"Time travel? Really kid? I mean don't get me wrong, I believe that Ocarina has special Time Powers because you have used it to return to your Childhood and stuff but come on. You really know how to use it?" She asked in concern but he smiled.
"Yeah, as I said, I am here with this older body because I was using the Ocarina of Time to relive the same three days over and over to save the world. Anyway, enough about that, I can do it! I can go back in Time Fourteen Years to when the Kingdom divided into two. I should be able to find out who the real villain is here" he told her and she just smiled and folded her arms.
"Alright, well if you say so..."

She was right of course. Time travel was pretty dangerous but he felt confident he had got the right time period. He wandered through the peaceful Town. Everyone seemed happy, but Link knew within 14 years the nation would become divided. Link went down a back alley and put the Stone Mask on and then used his Hook Shot to propel himself upwards to one of the Castle walls. A guard heard the clink of the metal making contact with the brick but checked and saw nothing. Although he saw nothing he was really staring right at Link. Link sneaked inside the Castle.

He spends some time wandering aimlessly before he stumbles into a meeting in the throne room. A man that looked a lot like the King he knew sat on a throne next to a woman with deep black hair. She was the spitting image of the Princess he met. An elderly man stood before them, anger was on his face.
"Your Highness for once in your life listen to me. She is Dyla of the Boartix Clan. You cannot marry her.... you should be executing her. She is part of a cult set to destroy us!" He shouted and the King clenched his fist.
"Uncle, enough! I have known Dyla since she was a young Girl. The Boartix Clan are a myth. They do not exist!" He shouted back and the Woman looked innocent. Her hands were held up defensively and she looked hurt by these words.

" can do anything to me if it means you wont marry that woman..." he pleaded on his hands and knees. Link didn't really know what was going on but he felt like he should stay out of this. He cannot change the past, he is here to observe only.
"Uncle. She bares my Child" the King said and the old man gasped. He stood up with shaky knees.
"Our Kingdom is lost then... we are no more" he muttered with a shaky voice and turned to leave.

"Honey... you don't believe him do you!" The Woman pleaded and he held her tight.
"Of course not, he is just a confused old man"
Link left the room. What is the Boartix Clan? Are they that bad? If they are and that Woman is the leader of the Clan then what the King told him is probably true. But maybe the King's Brother will overthrow both of them out of irrational fear. Link simply didn't have enough information to come to a conclusion so he did what anyone would do. Ask drunk people.

Link follows some Knight to the tavern at night. He doesn't know what the legal age to drink here. If it is 16, he could maybe pass being near or at 15 years old. He had to admit to himself he had been growing a lot recently. He met Nabooru as a Child and he was only above her waist, as an Adult he was taller than her and now he was up to her chin roughly. If it comes to it he will use the Fierce Deity Mask but that is a last resort, he would rather sneak in with the Stone Mask before that becomes a reasonable option.

He walks in confidently and sits next to some knights. They are already a bit tipsy.
"So, are you the Knight that protect this Kingdom?" He asked in ignorance and one turned to him.
"Who the hell are you?" He asked and Link smiled.
"A traveller, I am passing through. I just heard a lot of rumours about this Kingdom and wondered if they are true" he said and another one smirked.
"Are you even old enough to be here?" He asked loudly enough to get the bartender's attention.
"Yeah.... are you?" He asked and Link put his Adult's Wallet on the counter.
"Depends if that matters" Link said and all the Knights were impressed. "Free rounds for some information" Link suggested and they all seemed on board.

Link chatted with the Knights at a table. They were more drunk than him, he didn't want to get drunk but needed to blend in. He started with more simple, innocent questions before getting to what he really wanted to know. Best leave the big ones until they are wasted. Link leans forward. "I've heard rumors that the Queen is part of the Boartix Clan? What is that?" He asked and their eyes widened.
"It's just a story man... just stuff we tell the kiddies to keep them in line" one said but the other shook his head.
"Nah, I've seen em.. at night the hooded fellas gan down to the crypts below the Castle and do some weird shite." One of them said.
"So they are what? A cult? What do they do?" Link pressed for information.
"No one knows for sure. But the rumors say they are worshiping a Dark Beast that was sealed away by the Queen of Old. Apparently it was sealed in the Crypt and people think the new Queen is part of the cult. It's just a conspiracy theory lad. People say that because she was brought up by some shifty guy that seems to have a lot of power in politics." He said and Link sat back.

"Why do people call her the Queen? She isn't married yet?" He said and they all laughed.
"She might as well be. Her and the King are definitely been getting up to some kinky shit. Look at her belly lad, she is pregnant and people reckon she seduced the King, got pregnant so she could become a Queen." Link knew she was pregnant but acted surprised.
"Canny blame the King though. She's a pewer belter if I've ever seen one" one of them said and Link sighed.

He sat the rest of the night until they were pissed enough for him to leave. He found somewhere quite in a forest outside the Town and went to sleep. He had learned about the Boartix Clan, not whether they actually exist or not but the fact they are a rumor is clear. But is the Demon sealed in the Crypt real? Did he want to find out? He decided against poking around. He didn't want to cause anything to happen in the past so he left it be...


Link had to stick around for a lot longer than he would have liked. He waited until the King and Queen were married and the Princess was Born. He saw more than he otherwise could by sneaking around with the Stone Mask. He felt bad because he was kinda looking forward to the eventual disaster to strike. Not because he wanted anyone hurt, but because he wanted to go back to the present.


Months went by, Link sat on a chair in the Castle corridor that nobody ever used. He even slept in it. He didn't know what he would do if someone attempted to sit on it while he was asleep. He heard footsteps and the only light was that of a figure in a hood holding a candle. Now this was interesting. He pulled out the Lens of Truth and could clearly see it was the Queen. The look in her eyes was darker than usual. Link held in a gasp as he saw she had the Princess tucked beneath her arms. She stopped next to Link and pulled a loose brick in the wall, a secret passage way opening and she walked in. Link darted up and hoped inside before the wall closed behind him.

He followed her down the spiral staircase, careful not to make a sound. Link figured she is up to no good, this looked shifty as hell but he had no actual proof. He needed to see it through. He had already used up months of his life, what is a few more days at the most.

They reached the bottom and they entered a crypt. A big stone slab sat in the middle of the room. Hooded figures stood around it. Link had investigated these guys for a few months and found out they existed, Knights that worked here had seen nothing? Maybe they just prefered to not see anything. Dyla took her hood down and placed her Child on the slab.
"We have a sacrifice of the Royal Bloodline, we can now summon you forth. Awaken Boartreax!" She shouted as the group chanted. She placed her hand on the slab and it lit up with a red light.

Link was not looking forward to this. He knew he shouldn't get involved... it's alright, he knows that the Princess will be fine.... but maybe he had always helped her... no.. he had to find it in himself to not get involved. Just watch.

A figure rose from the stone, towering over them. It was unformed but Link felt his gut twist at the sight. It reminded him too much of Ganon.
"Who awoke me!" It boomed and Dyla looked up.
"I did your Lord," she said bowing to him. He chuckled.
"Who are you and what do you want?" It asked and she rose.
"We are the Boartrix Clan. For Generations we have worshipped you and planned for your return. I married the King so I could bare his Child and give you her as a sacrifice." She told him.
"Your loyalty will be rewarded. I know you Humans want power, so I shall give you power. In return you set me free and I shall crush this Kingdom, all the Kingdoms and find that.... Boy" he snarled.

No one knew what he was talking about but the Queen smiled.
"Very well." She said as they Clan stopped chanting and Boartreax's Body fully formed into a Big Red Boar.
"Right then Queen. To War!" It roared and the Clan cheered. They moved towards the exit, the Baby seemingly forgotten. Link sighed internally about that.

Boaetreax breathed out some black ominous clouds that smashed through the stone walls and charged up the spiral staircase. The Clan followed after. Link was not gonna miss this , he had waited for shit to hit the fan and now it was happening. He couldn't leave the Princess down here though. So he picked her up and ran up the stone steps.

As soon as he got to the top he witnessed the carnage that had already broken out. Boartreax was destroying Knights and the Town along with the Clan. Dyla nowhere to be seen. Link couldn't understand why they hadn't gone straight for the King... maybe Dyla had. Link looked down at the Baby and almost regretted bringing it. He sighed and ran to the Throne room.

Link arrived and no one was there. Perfect. He put Sylvia down on the Throne, completely unsure if he was making the right decision.. he now turned to find the King to... watch him die... Link did not like being helpless but he had to swallow it for now. He left through the main front doors of the Throne room onto a balcony that overlooks the Kingdom. He walked down the steps and the King was talking to a histericall Queen. Tears pouring down her face. Damn she was a good and cold hearted actress.

"I checked her room! She isn't there!" Dyla screamed and Link couldn't believe her performance. He looked over the balcony and it seems the Clan had a secret army amongst the Syrule army and Knights were fighting Knights. The Town and Castle was in chaos, mainly thanks to Boartrex. Link watched the Beast tear things apart. Glad that wasn't his problem. He heard footsteps behind him and moved in time for the King's Brother to run past him, Princess in arms.
"I found her! She was on the throne for some reason!" He exclaimed to the utterly shocked Queen.

Link smirked at that. He could tell by her clenched fist that she was angry but also she could not think of any possible way she could be there. But she smiled in delight, a fake smile that looked too real and creeped Link out. She hugged the Baby and began walking up the stairs towards Link. She looked over the balcony when the King wasn't looking and held her baby up above the walls, making eye contact with a Clan member. The man jumped off the high wall and ran in Boartrex's direction.

Boartrex turns around and runs towards the Castle and with ease beggins scaling the wall towards them. Link steps into the Throne Room to get out of the way.
"It's coming for us. Damn bastard!" The King shouts, pulling a Sword out. "Dyla, I love you. I always will" he says kissing her and then he turns to his Brother. "Take care of them" he tells him and he nods. He steps out in front of them as the Beast makes it to the balcony.
"Honey, watch out!" She shouts in fake concern, Boartreax chuckling and then he knocks the King flying against the wall hard. His body looks completely destroyed.

His Brother's fists clench and he steps between the Beast and the Queen.
"Get back Dyla. The King asked me to protect you, and although it won't be for long, I can offer my life!" He said, determined. Dyla smiled, dropping the act and pushed him out of the way and onto the ground. She held up Princess Sylvia.
"Now Boartreax! Kill her so you can be revived for good!" She declares to him.
"What! NO! DYLA!" The King's Brother shouts in horror, disgust and confusion. The beast steps forward and smiles.

Link stands watching. Has he screwed up... has him bringing the Princess up here been a mistake? Damn it.

The Beast raises his hand to slash at the Baby but paused to the sound of a whistle to his right. He turns and looks into the Throne Room and Link stood there with his fingers in his mouth.
"GYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Boartreax roared, deafeningly loud. "GREEN CLAD BOY!" he roared again and charged at Link.

Link put on the Bunny Hood and rolled around the surprisingly fast Beast. Link had no idea what he did to piss it off so much but his plan worked at least.
"Noo!" Dyla screamed in anger, her calm exterior shattering.
"Fucking Bitch!" She heard a voice say as she turned to meet the King's Brother's Fist in her face. As she fell to the ground he grabbed the Baby and ran to the King. "Brother...." he cried and he gasped.
"Save her.... my Daughter..... become the King until she is of age. Save yourselves..." he groaned and he nodded and ran.

Boartreax meanwhile is charging and slashing at Link. Link is mainly dodging his attacks but blocking a few with his shield. He turns around, Boartreax breaths the gas at him but he manages to pull himself to the window with his hookshot in time. The beast turns and headbuts the wall tk knock Link down.

Dyla gets up and she is outranged. Her plan was perfect. How could it have gone so wrong.
"BOAETREAX! The seal will activate again in minutes if you don't kill Sylvia! Chase them now!" She screams in fear and anger.
"Shut it you! This matters more to me than your stupid plan!" He roared at her and she stepped forward.
"Why? He is just a dumb Kid!?" She shouted in confusion. Boartreax turned around and got close to her.
"He is the one that sealed me away..... I remember him!" It declared before turning all its attention back to Link.

Dyla stared at the Beast fighting the Boy. Her plan had been ruined... she sees his back begin to dissolve but says nothing. Boartreax realizes when his arm dissolves off and his legs turn to gas. "DAMN YOU! " he roars and Dyla walks over to him.
"I told you this would happen..." she said and he growled as his body exploded into gas and rushed down through the floor. His body was sealed back into the stone slab.

Dyla looks up at Link, getting good luck at his face. "It was you.... you messed my plan up" she said as she turned and walked off. She knelt next to the King. She turned her head to Link. "Oh look! He's still alive!" She said before plunging a knife into his neck. She then stepped out of view. Link runs over to the balcony and watches Dyla's Clan pull back and flee the Town.

Link turns and walks back to the King who is clearly dead. His Brother walks into the room, holding the Princess.
"Noooo!" He cries out to the sight of his dead Brother. He looks up at Link who gasps in shock. He has interfered now.... Link pulls out the Ocarina of Time, plays the song of Time and disappears in front of the new King's eyes.


Link opens his eyes and the sun almost blinded him.
"Wow" was all he heard. He came to his senses and Nabooru stared at him. "How.... how long were you gone?" She asks him and he looks back at her confused.
"Erm... I dunno. Like nine months maybe?" He tells her. "How long was it for you?" He asked and she smiled.
"Seconds.... one minute a 14 to 15 year old boy is standing there and next minute he is all mature" she says making him blush slightly. "But anyway.... what did you find?"

Chapter Text

Link told Nabooru everything. She didn't like it one bit but she trusted Link. They looked over the camp.
"If I go down there without the Stone Mask on, the Queen will recognise me and kill me on sight" Link told her.
"Also the King will recognise you now as well" she told him and he nodded. "Did he always? Like did he just not say? He seemed to know who you were. Like the same for the Queen. If she had seen you before you travelled back in Time would she have recognised you?" She asked and Link sat down.
"You are asking if it is destiny. Was I destined to do that? Had I already done it before I... did it. It's impossible to know. If I had not gone back would Boartreax have been distracted some other way, was the Princess fated to live. I really can't say" he told her and she nodded.

"Link, you know that I can't let my people go into war with a Kingdom that is innocent on the side of a Queen that is evil... we have been there before and look where it got us. But... how am I going to convince them?" She asked, hoping that Link would have a magic answer.
"I am sorry but I don't know...." he says before looking up. "I am sure you will find a way. I am going to warn the King about their attack, I will tell him the Gerudo have backed down. You think you can handle it?" He asks and she puts her hand on her chin.
"Its gonna be tough but if the stakes are this high then yes. I'll find a way" she said in determination.


Link heads back to Syrule the way he came. It isn't a quick journey but it doesn't have to be just as long as he makes it before the Dyrule Army. That should be easy though because they didn't seem like they were about to head off when he left their territory so he should be good.

It felt ages since Link took this path because for him it had but in reality it was a few days. Link thinks back to his conversation with Nabooru, the one about time travel. Link had no idea if he had actually altered time or just stepped in to do what was already destined to happen. To be honest, it didn't matter since the reality he is in now will only have knowledge of the new events and it means the King will recognise him. He wasn't looking forward to that.


Link arrives at Syrule and makes his way to the Castle. The guards all let him in but still are watching him with caution. Link knows there are probably a dozen archers hidden with arrows aimed at his head. He walks into the throne room and stands in front of the King, still refusing to stand.
"So, you have seen it then. The chaos that this Kingdom faces all those years back. I trust you are on our side" The King spoke.
"So. You remember me from… well for me it was days.." Link says and looks up. "So that is why you were searching for me? Because I stopped Queen Dyrule's plot and saved the Princess's life?" Link asked and the King frowned.
"Yes… sort of. Everything I said about you being the Legendary Hero of Time and all that was also true but…. What do you mean you saved the Princess's life?" He asked.

Link explained everything to him and they had a back and forth on everything they know. Afterall, the King only knows what he saw.
"The Gerudo Tribe are backing down. I know the leader, she is an old friend of mine, I know she will do it. I imagine the Dyrule forces will be lower than expected now so it should be an easy win" Link told him. The King smiled.
"Thank you Link. Would you mind staying until the battle has ended?" He asked and Link rolled his eyes.
"Yeah…. I don't want to but I kinda turn back on something. I am with you to the end".


Nabooru sent her assistant to gather he tribe at the spot where she talked with Link. She stood on a rock.
"So. You all trust me right?" She asked them all and they all nodded and agreed. "Good. Then we are calling off the attack." She said and they all looked confused.
"What the hell do you mean Nabooru? Why?" One of them asked in protest.
"I have…. A reliable source that tells me the Queen is a total liar. She is actually part of an ancient cult that is trying to revive a Demon" she told them.
"Who is this reliable source? The Gerudo are supposed to be close. Are you hiding stuff from us?" One of them shouted and she glared up at them.

"Yes! I am keeping stuff from you because I am your leader and I know exactly how every one of you will react. I knew you would react like this so I didn't want to have to tell you all but think about it. Do you really want to be on the wrong side of a war again?" She asked in a raised voice. She sighs. "Look. I was right about Ganondorf and I don't blame any of you for following him. But this… this is completely our choice and we don't need to be a part of it. I have never failed you and I won't fail you now" she explained calmly. She smiled. She knew it had worked.


The Gerudo Tribe ultimately followed their leader but all of them wondered how they back out of an agreement. Nabooru was brave however and marched towards the tent where the Queen stayed. She pulled it open and threw a big sack in front of her.
"You can take your money back. We are out" Nabooru declared and Dyla stood up slowly and walked towards her.
"And why would you do that?" She said in a threatening tone.
"Because we don't fully buy into your cause" Nabooru said, withdrawing the truth and leaving any knowledge out if it. Two guys held swords to her neck.
"Well, very brave of you to come here but I think this is where I take over your tribe" she said but Nabooru smiled.

"Oh please. You think my Tribe would just listen to you once their leader is killed. No. What will happen is they will put all their effort into killing you" she said but Dyla stood inches from her face.
"You think your savages could win?" She snarled and Nabooru shrugged.
"No, not at all. You'd probably end us. But do you really want to start a battle when you are preparing for war. Especially when we are leaving this in peace. You need every Man you can get to fight Syrule, thats why you hired us. Let us go and you might stand a chance" sh said and Dyla turned.
"Let her go." Was all she said before the two Men did so and she walked out.



"You're… taller and more handsome Link" Sylvia said as she approached him in a corridor. He smiled.
"Yeah, the story is a long one" he said but she smiled.
"I was told. You saved my life as a baby. Thank you for that" she said and Link shook his head.
"What was I gonna do? Leave a baby to die?" He said as he reached his room. He out his hand on the handle but Sylvia grabbed it.
"Come with me Link" she said as she guided him down the halls by the hand before she reached the large double doors. She pushed them open to reveal her bedroom.
"Wow, your room is huge" Link said in a surprised voice but he wasn't the least bit shocked. She closed the doors behind them and stepped close to Link.
"I wanted to properly thank you for saving me" she told Link as she gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

Link was shocked by this but he pushed into her and it heated up in an instant. They passionately pressed their bodies together until Sylvia grabbed Link by the collar and pulled him towards the bed. He landed on top of her and broke the kiss. "Touch me" she said and Link grabbed a hold of her left breast. She was covered in layers of royal clothing but Link could tell they were not small. He played with them as she reached down and stroked his bulge. "Link, I don't know what my Mother is capable of. She could enhileate us. And I… I don't want to die a virgin" she said to him.
"Dyla… I am a virgin too.. but we are NOT going to die. I give you my word" he said to her. She looked shocked.
"You… You're a Virgin?" She said as she rolled on top of him. "Then… please. Let us lose it together" she asked and Link smilled.
"Lets make a deal. We will after we win" he told her and she frowned.
"Okay fine…." She said disappointed but then smirked. "However…" she said and made her way to his pants and pulled them down before he could react. "I can at least give you this" she seductively whispered as she licked his erection.


Nabooru stood on the edge of a cliff with her tribe behind her. They watched the Dyrule Army march off towards Syrule.
"If you know she is evil, why are we standing here watching them?" One of the Women asks and Nabooru sighs.
"Yeah, I wish I could go and slit her throat but we can't get involved. And besides, I have it under good authority that this will be dealt with" Nabooru smirks.
"Who?" She asks….


"Ohh.. Sylvia… This feels… Ahhh" Link moaned as she licked his shaft. Link was blown away by the pleasure built up. This was his first sexual experience… his first proper one unless he counted masturbation. Her mouth slid all the way down his dick. Link clutched the bed sheets and panted.

Link started to feel like electricity. Waves of pleasure were surging through his body. He had never felt an orgasm come this strongly.
"Sylvia! I'm gonna… ah. Ah….." he moaned as his dick spasmed in joy and erupted in her mouth. His warm cum shooting to the back of her throat. Sylvia winced but kept on sucking as Link lay back and rode out his orgasm. She pulled her mouth away and smiled.

Chapter Text

Queen Dyla walked forward with pride, her army behind her. She knew she was now within sight of Syrule and expected the loud bell tolls and the oncoming arrow barrage. She held up her arm and emitted a black beam into the air and the arrows all bounced back off a shield that appeared around the army.
"Attack." She said as her Army ran forward towards Castle Town.

In Syrule Castle, the Princess's door was swung open. Link was sitting in a chair fast asleep while Sylvia was in her bed, just woken by the bell tolls.
"Sorry for the intrusion my Lady. The King has asked you to get you somewhere safe and…. Awaken the Hero of Time" a Guard said and Sylvia picked up a pillow and threw it at him.
"GYA! I'm awake!" He shouted as he stood to attention.
"Dyrule's army has arrived" the Guard said as Link nodded, grabbing his stuff from the floor and running out the room.

Link ran out onto the balcony and saw the Syrule army fire cannonballs and arrows at the scattered forces. They were all over the place, too spread out for large scale attacks like cannons. They were also already in Castle Town. Link didn't know how they got this far since their army is relatively small and Syrule knew they were coming. Furthermore, he could see no sign of the Queen.

Link out on the Deku Mask and transformed into a Deku Scrub, using it to hover down to the Town below before switching it for the Goron Mask, turning into a Goron and delivering a mighty punch to some Dyrule soldiers and sending them flying back a few feet. He rolled through many of them. He continued to clobber the soldiers with ease, it was easier than he imagined…. Too easy.

"Of course!" Link said out loud as his fist connected with a Soldiers face as he turned to look at the Castle. This is all a diversion. Dyla is after the Princess so she can summon the Demon. Link took off the Mask and shrunk to his regular size, allowing a Soldier to miss his head. He put on the Bunny Hood and bolted back to the Castle.


Sylvia was being escorted to the Throne Room. As she arrived with her Bodyguard an arrow pierced his head and he dropped dead and a Soldier grabbed her arm. She looked up into the Throne Room and saw Dyrule Soldiers all around, two pinning down the King.
"Very well done everyone!" Dyla said as she walked into the room, her black robes swaying. "Hello Daughter. Wish I didn't have to sacrifice you because you are truly beautiful and I do love you" she said as she grabbed her face and pointed it towards her own.
"Funny way of showing it!" She snarled back.
"Well, you have only had the lies of this moron to go off so how would you know!" She said as she walked to the King and pressed his head against the floor with her boot.

"Fucking Bitch. You killed my Brother, your own Husband. Tried to kill your own Daughter and tried to resurrect a Demon! What the hell is wrong with you?" He snarled at her. She crouched down and sat on him.
"Well it was nothing personal. Yes I seduced your Brother for power. Yes I was going to sacrifice my Daughter but he was a handsome Man and I did love him. Just like I love my Daughter. But Boartreax is more important than all of us. I will bring him back and use his power." She told him.
"Psycho bitch…" he snarled and she sighed.
"Okay. Now I am going to have to kill you!" She said as she stood up.

Suddenly a splat was heard near the Princess and then a thud. Dyla looked over and Sylvia was standing confused as the Soldier restraining her was now dead on the ground. Suddenly Link took the stone mask off and grabbed her hand.
"Don't worry Princess. I got this" Link said.

"You….. you foiled my plans last time. I know who you are now. I didnt for so long but recently the stories about your Heroic deeds have spread across the Land. You're the Hero of Time from Hyrule. I assume our meeting was only days ago for you" she said and Link shrugged.
"Busy week. Hard to tell" he said with his Sword Drawn at the ready.
"Okay. We will fight. But I have one question. 14 years ago, the Demon seemed to recognise you. It stopped everything to see you dead. How does it know you? Who is it?" She asked and Link shrugged.
"I really have no clue. Trust me, I have never seen that thing before in my life, and that seems like the sort of thing one would remember seeing." He told her and she scowled.
"You lie…. But yet again… what reason would you have to lie?".... She asked but Link stood his ground.

They stared at each other, tension in the air. Then she moved. She darted towards Link, he didn't know what she was capable of so he had his shield ready. Her fist became covered in a dark energy and she went to punch Link. He parried her attack and swung his sword. It deflected off an invisible barrier. Link threw on the Bunny Hood which made his movements to quick to focus on. Once he got enough distance he pulled out the lens of Truth and looked but could see no barrier. He had to be on the defence with his Sword while looking through the lens but he only needed one swipe to figure something out.

He slid across the ground and attacked from behind. He saw her move her left hand and her shield was visible through the lens. Link now understood it was a magic she cast with her hand. Link but the lens of truth away and began plotting. She swung her arm and Link slid under it, getting a good look at the ceiling in the process.

He pulled out his hookshot and pulled himself up onto some rafters, out of view. "Get down here and face me boy!" She screamed. The faint notes of a tune were heard. "Huh. His magical Ocarina. What could he be planning" she thought to herself. She saw him fall from the rafters and she grinned. "You are mine!" She screamed as she punched a hole in Link. She noticed it wasn't Link, but a dummy of him. Before she had time to react Link was diving past her and sliced her left hand clean off. She screamed in agony but Link grabbed her still.
"Sorry. You'll have to endure more pain than that!" He said as he sliced her arm off from the point it connected with the dummy.

As Syrule Knight swarmed into the throne room to fight off invaders, they also assured the safety of the King and Princess. Whilst they did this, Link played the Elegy of Emptiness to stop the bleeding. "You did me a service, I always thought that dummy was creepy" he said as he pulled her up. "What do you want done with her?" Link asked the King.


Dyla was taken to a jail cell as well as a few of their soldiers. The rest fled or were killed and Syrule was ready to take their land back for themselves. The Princess and King were safe and things seemed good. Few casualties were caused and Link's time here was almost done. Almost. He had a promise to keep.

Link was nervous…. More than nervous. He was panicking and felt himself visually shaking. He had defeated Ganon, Majora's Mask and many other horrifying evils but this is where the Triforce of Courage was definitely needed. He knocked on her door and she opened it.

"I hoped you wouldn't forget," she said as she pulled him inside and shut the door behind him.
"Sylvia. Are you sure?" He asked her as he looked her in the eyes and she smiled.
"As long as you are". She said softly and Link nodded. She could tell he was nervous and she knew she was more nervous but hid it better. Link pulled her into a kiss.

Link's heart pounded. Was this it? Was he finally going to have sex? He had fantasised about it for so long weather it was Zelda, Cremia, Ruto, whoever. But this was real, no fantasy. The Princess was wearing a dress with less layers than her formal Royal Gear which Link assumed was a deliberate choice. Link guided her towards her bed and pushed her down, landing on top of her.

Link felt all over her body, his mind going wild with the sensation of feeling a Woman's curves on his hand. "You're wearing too much…" she said softly and kissed her.
"So are you" he said but stood up and started stripping before her. She lay back in the sexiest position ever whilst admiring his body. His muscular torso made her bite her lip. He stood before her completely bare with the exception of his boxers that really didn't hide all that much.

He stood over her and began trailing her hands up her thigh, she shivered at his touch. He grabbed her panties and pulled them down as she undone the straps on the dress and let the one piece dress fall to the ground, revealing her nude form. "Oh Hylia…" he said as he touched her round breasts.
"Link…." She said as she squirmed at his touch.

As he played with her breasts, she rubbed her hand along his clothed shaft before pushing her hand down into his boxers.
"Ahh" Link gasped in pleasurable shock as she grabbed his dick firmly and rubbed it up and down. Link let go off her boobs and pulled his boxers down and kicked them off backwards. She continued with the hand job as he parted her legs and stroked one finger over her clit.
"Oohhh" she moaned. They kissed as they used their hands to pleasure each other. Link"s fingers went inside her and played with her until she was moist.

They panted and looked into each other's eyes with passion and lust. Sylvia placed a hand on his cheek.
"Please Link…" she said softly and he brushed his member against her entrance. Slowly pushing the tip inside. The tip was in but he had a lot to go yet. He began pushing all the way in and Sylvia briefly winced in pain but it was short lived. He finally was fully inside her. It felt strange but amazing, wet and warm.
"Sylvia…" he moaned as he began pulling out and pushing back in.

He began moving in and out of her tight hole. It felt good and Sylvia bit her lip which Link thought looked unbelievably sexy. He put one hand on her hip and palmed her left breast, squeezing it and then rubbing her nipple. She squirmed as a shock wave went down her body.
"Link.. ahh" she moaned softly. Link kept a steady pace, a pace Sylvia helped him keep by putting her hands on his waist and pulling him down into his thrusts. "Faster Link" she moaned and the Hero obliged. He sped up and his pants got heavier. Sylvia moaned and she wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled on top of him.

"Ughhh" was all he got out as she began impaling herself on his hard dick. She bounced up and down on it and they both moaned. Link was in awe of her boobs bouncing. He put his hand on her waist and helped to gyrate her hips. He knew sex would feel good but this… this was just incredible. He pulls himself up so she is straddling him and he kisses her. She wraps her arms around him and moans into him.
"Liiinnnkkk…" she moans, nearing her climax. He is close too.

He pushes her onto her back and starts thrusting into her as fast as he can. "LINK YES!" She screamed and Link could only get out as he felt her tighten around him. His dick pulsed inside her, a shock wave of pleasure filled his brain as he lost control and shot a lot of built up cum inside her, the pleasure being unbelievably strong. Both of their orgasmic cries filled the room. Link rode out his high and looked down at the gorgeous girl below him whose hair was a mess and her face beaming with the energy of an intense orgasm. "Wow.. that was amazing…" was all he could think to say. Link pulled out of her and lay next to her as he caught his breath.
"I knew sex would be good but…. That was worth the wait" he told her and she smiled, rolling on her side and hugging into him.



The King walks down the stone steps to the Jail cells.
"How does it feel to lose twice?" He speaks to the armless former Queen of Dyrule. She stayed silent. "And how could you try to sacrifice your own blood?" He said to her and she looked up in anger.
"You know nothing about her. She is my Daughter!" She shouted and he stepped closer.
"No. She is not. She is my Daughter. You may have brought her into this world but I am the one who raised her." He said and she snarled at him.

"So what is it? The Demon? You and your clan seems to be so obsessed. You've lost so you might as well tell me" he said and she smiled.
"Interested? Well I cant tell you its history because no one knows where it is from but we do know it has great power and will make deals with someone for something it wants in exchange. I know you'll never believe me but I do love my Daughter. Yes, I created her to be sacrificed but it doesn't mean it didn't sting any less. It takes a female of the Royal Bloodline so be sacrificed. I would happily have given myself up for it" she said.
"You are right, I don't believe you. I couldn't do it to her and she isn't even my own flesh and blood." He told her.
"The Hero of Time knows what it is. Well, he says he doesn't but it knows him" she said cunningly. He seemed eager to hear more but said nothing. "I could find out everything you want to know if you take me down there" she said and he laughed.

"Yeah, how stupid do you think I am?" He said and she looked him in the eyes.
"Cuff me up, put me on a chain, do whatever you want because I am telling the truth. What do you think I could do? I can't unleash it without Sylvia there to sacrifice. If I could do so why would I have tried it that way twice?" She asked with her gaze piercing his eyes. They were almost hypnotic. He shut them and thought.
"Very well. But if you try anything you will live a long, sad and painful life in jail" he threatened and she stood up with a smile.


The King secretly takes Dyla down to the Crypt. Very few know the secret way down there but the Royal Family is of course one that does. Dyla was pushed down the stone steps with her ankles shackled together so she has to be careful not to trip. They reached the Crypt.

"So what now?" The Kind asked and she walked towards the sealing stone.
"We talk to it." She said as she sat atop the stone. Suddenly it started glowing red.
"DYLA! What the hell.are you doing?!" He asked and she rolled her eyes.
"I promise nothing sinister but IF I was doing something then you would have already failed. Hush" she said as she closed her eyes. Suddenly a growl echoed from the Stone.
"Dyla! Where is the BOY! Is he dead?!" The beast roared from within.
"No. He is alive. But we don't know who he truly is… but you do. Tell me, I gave you an opportunity to be forever free in this world but you crushed it for what? Revenge?" She asked.
"I only desire the Legendary Hero to be dead. Once that goal is complete, I no longer need to live in this world". Is said more calmly.

"Okay, the King here is reluctant to believe you so can he hear your story, where you are from? Who the Hero is…. Everything?" Dyla requested and there was a long pause.
"Very well. Put your hand atop my stone!" He demanded. The king walked over and was reluctant but did so and he saw white.


"Hyrule is a Kingdom that is cursed forever. Long ago, the Goddess Hylia and the Legendary Hero defeated the Demon King Demise, the embodiment of all evil. In Demise's dying breath he cursed the Royal Bloodline and the Spirit of the Hero to forever face great evils as long as they remain. I was one of those great evils. At some point, I don't know how long ago, 100, 1000…. 10,000… some amount of years ago I was born into this world. I was transformed over time to this and the Hero and Queen sealed me away. The same happened a second time when I broke out from my seal. I hate the Hero, he has sealed me away twice now and I won't rest until he and the Royal Hylian Bloodline is crushed. I have been a plague on this land too, but I would never have been here if it wasn't for them… Of Hyrule continues to prosper there will be more like me. Worse than me. And eventually….. The Hero will fail and the Evils will be unleashed onto the World. If they are not destroyed, Demise's hatred will forever spread"

The King fell back onto the floor and Dyla even fell. Dyla smiled to herself. She already knew the Demon had convinced him. With words it wouldn't have worked but the Demon showed him everything it wanted.
"This is…. This can't… you can't be…" The King didn't know what to say. Dyla walked over to him and whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine.
'You have two options. You leave the stone, out me back in a cell and continue as normal and forget all about this. Or you could make a deal with the Demon to make you King of a safe world with no Hyrule. All you have to do is let The Beast free" she spoke but the King jumped up.
"I am not sacrificing Sylvia!" He shouted.
"There is another that will work" the Demon said from the stone and the King looked at it.
"The Hero! His soul will set me free. Bring Link to me and I shall spare your Daughter and get you everything you desire!" The Beast roared.


The King has Dyla chained up in the Crypt and leaves. He gathers a group of his Knights to capture the Hero of Time.

Chapter Text

Link is laying in bed with Sylvia. Their naked bodies intertwined. Link still couldnt get over the fact he had sex.
"I am going to have to go home soon." He tells her. She hugs him.
"I know. Who knows. Maybe Dad will let me visit Hyrule one day" she tells him and he smiles.
"Maybe… Who knows what the future will bring. Right now I gotta see Nabooru about how to actually get home" he said as he sat up and started pulling his clothes on.

Suddenly the door burst open and three Knight barged into the room with the King behind them.
"DAD! GET OUT!" Sylvia screamed as she covered herself up and Link went red.
"Your Highness, I am sorry" Link said as he knelt down.
"You dare kneel to me for the first time after you have screwed my Daughter!" He snapped in anger. "Take him!" He ordered the Knights.

Link flipped his shield up with his foot and caught it, grabbing his sword just as quickly. He flipped backwards to the other end of the room with the Knights cornering him.
"DAD! Link hasn't done anything wrong!" She pleaded and he looked at her.
"I know, but what I am about to do will save our Kingdom forever. It will mean you wont need to be the target of sacrifice again" he explained. Link didn't know what he was up to but he had a slight idea.
"You are planning on using me to summon that Demon aren't you?" Link said and the King looked him in the eyes.
"Aren't you clever. Yes, I am. And then I will end the Royal Hyrule Bloodline so no cursed will be born into this world again!" He shouted.

Link's eyes widened. He was going to kill him, destroy Hyrule and Kill Zelda. No. He wouldn't allow it.
"Be careful. You don't want to make me your enemy." Link warned and the King laughed.
"Oh please, sure, you could maybe take out these three Men but the whole Castle… you are outmatched Link" he sneered.
"Well maybe, but do you want to know what I would never do? Corner someone in front of a window" he said cockily and he turned around, smashed the window and dived out.

The Knights, King and nude Princess went over to the window and saw no sign of Link. He could be anywhere. Truth was, Link was wearing the stone mask and running out of the Castle. He needed to find Nabooru. He needed her help.



The King enters the Crypt in anger.
"So, it didn't go well?" She asked by the look on his face.
"I have no idea where he has gone. I don't know if I will ever find him again… and I won't sacrifice her" he said and Dyla rolled her eyes.
"You'll have to. You don't have any other options" she told him but a smile emerged on his face.
"The Bloodline of the Royal Family or the my own child would work?" He said and Dyla looked at him confused.
"Yeah… but they would be killed and you have no offspring" she said but he walked over to her and placed his hand on her face. She leaned back but she was chained up with nowhere to go.
"I'll use you, you can give birth to my offspring. I wouldn't consider a child with you to really be mine anyway…." He told her but she was confused by his contradiction in his logic. She found it clear he was stooping to her level of sacrificing a child but he just couldn't bare to do so the the one he raised.

He unchained what remained of her arms and pushed her against the sealing stone. He yanked up he robes and pulled her underwear down. She struggled but her legs were shackled and she knew there was no hope. He undone his belt and pulled his pants down. Dyla was on her front and could see him so she had to just anticipate it. Then it hit her. He slid into her and started thrusting into her from behind. She took it but was disgusted and angry. Not at the sex its self, in fact, to acheive her goal she would have fucked anyone, it was the powerless feelimg of him having his entire will over her. She had no say even if she wanted it. Once more, she hated that she thought it felt good.

He groaned and moaned as he raped her from behind, Dyla getting satisfaction in how obvious it was that this was his first time and it was with someone he despised. He continued pounding into her and eventually was close. He pushed her head down against the stone as his last few thrusts were powerful. He shot his cum inside her, filling her up and making sure he completely emptied himself. He pulled her up and dragged her back to the chains and shackled her up. "You will be getting that until you give me a sacrifice. And even then…. I might keep you around as a play thing" he smirked at her disgusted face.


Link rolled across the Desert to the site where he met Nabooru. He hoped she was still there. He arrived and put on the Stone Mask and found her tent. He peered inside and she was laying down. She looked right at him.
"Link? Are you there?" She asked and he took of the mask.
"How did you know?" He asked and she smirked.
"I didn't. I just felt a draft and took a punt. Anyway, what is it? I can tell by your face it is bad news" she asked and he looked her in the eyes.
"I need your help".


Link explained everything to her and she believed him, after all they had seen and went through she really had no reason to ever doubt him.
"Okay well I am completely on board with supporting you to take down the King or stop whatever plot he has for unleashing a Demon onto the world but I am gonna be honest with you Link, I really don't know how my people will react to you." She told him and he nodded.
"Yeah, I understand why they would be hesitant to trust someone who stopped their King and basically got them banished" he said in slight guilt but Nabooru gave him a curious look.
"Is that guilt? You have nothing to feel guilty about. If you start doubting your actions then you are not the Hero of Time I know" she said seriously as she stood up to his eye level.

"Yeah, it's not guilt. I don't regret any of it. It's more sadness because I would like their fate… your fate to be better" he told her and she smiled.
"Nah, this is the best thing that could have happened. Generations in the future the Gerudo may one day return to Hyrule but as better people. We were going down a dark path and you stopped it. I am grateful" she said as she put a hand on his shoulder. "We should probably go see what they think though" she said as she walked out the tent.

"Listen up everyone!" She called out and in a moment's notice the Tribe gathered. "I have an important request, a request that is a great opportunity for us but I also have something you wont like. I'll let that something explain…" she shouted as Link stepped out of the tent. Their eyes grew wide, some confused, some angry. He had grown a lot since they last saw him but they knew it was him.
"What the hell are you doing here!"
"Come for more punishment!"
"Go back to Hyrule you Hylian Dog!" They shouted with many more angry insults thrown away. Nabooru clapped her hands and they all shut up in respect for their leader.

"I know you hate me and I am not asking for forgiveness. You should hate me but that doesn't matter. I am asking for your help which I know is the last thing you want since I am asking for the sake of Hyrule but what I ask does benefit you all and whether or not you believe me, I am sorry and care about what happens to you" he explained and some seemed eager for more whilst others wanted him to shut up.
"So you are only half crazy. At least you know it's a lost cause coming here!" One of them snarled at him. Link continued.

"What I am asking is this. The King of Syrule was successful against Dyrule and yes… I had a hand ensuring that. But it seems the evil Dyla was not the only one with wicked intentions because the King plans on sacrificing either me or his own Daughter to a Demon so he can use its power to destroy Hyrule. Yeah, why go into a battle for a land that banished you? Well if you take down the King and the Princess is correlated then maybe Syrule can be a new home for the Gerudo. She is nice and I can pull some string" he explained. They couldn't deny it was a decent offer.
"I am fully in favour of Link's cause. You all have your differences with Link but he did what he had to do. Do this and we save Hyrule, this Kingdom, gain a home and then you never have to see Link again" she told them.

"All right. I am in. For us and no one else". One of his hecklers said and he smiled.
"Fine by me. I don't care what your reasons are. Anyone else in?" He asked and all of them raised their hands.

Chapter Text

The Gerudo charge on their Horses into the ill prepared Syrule. There is retaliation but they are not recovered from their previous assault. Link left Epona here so he rode on Nabooru's horse, aroused by his crotch rubbing against her back the whole journey but now was not the time to be thinking about this. They charged right through the Castle Town, not harming any of the civilians as they are innocent.
"You go down to the Crypt, I'll find the King" Link ordered Nabooru and she nodded with a smirk. It's not often someone gives her orders. Link jumped off the Horse and propelled himself up to the castle walls with his Hookshot.

Nabooru arrived at the tunnel that led down to the crypt and got off her horse. A few Knights ran at her but she did a flip in the air and landed on one of their shoulders. She booted him in the head and then kicked the stunned man into the other two. She didn't feel right killing the Soldiers either but she wouldn't hesitate if it was between them or her people. A few of her Tribe joined her as she entered the Crypt.

They got to the bottom of the stairs and a familiar Woman was standing chained up and armless against a wall.
"Fancy meeting you here! Don't suppose you have come to free me!" Dyla sarcastically said but with a slight tone of optimism in her voice.
"What the hell are you doing down here!" Nabooru said as she walked towards her.
"Well I convinced the King with good help from my big ol Demon buddy in the stone to destroy Hyrule. He obviously bought it but didn't trust me so here I am" she explained in a tone that implied she was pretty bored but confident in her plan. She didn't seem all too bothered how things played out.

"Well I have no problem killing you" she said but she smirked.
"That would be fair but would you kill a pregnant Woman?" She slyly said and Nabooru hesitated.
"How can you be pregnant?" She asked and Dyla wasn't going to explain her shame.
"I am quite the seductress. I got the King to plant his seed in me. I manipulated him into it. But of course kill me if you think I am lying. But what would an armless, imprisoned, failure of a Woman have to live for otherwise" she bluffed but it worked.
"Fine, but if you become an issue, you are dead." She told her with a grinned response from Dyla.


The King marched over to Sylvia.
"Come my Girl. I am taking you to the Crypt. I won't hurt you but I have a plan" he told her but she stepped back and refused.
"No! Dad! You have gone insane. What the hell happened?" She asked and he ignored her, grabbing her arm and dragging her out her room and into the corridor. He pulls her along and into the secret passage to the crypt. She struggles the whole way but can't escape his grasp.

Nabooru hears someone coming so she hides behind a column.
"What are you doing? I thought you said you would sacrifice her? I thought that's why you got me pregnant, I thought that's why you wanted Link down here" Dyla said and the King was furious that she mentioned his assault on her in front of Sylvia.
"Dad… is that true… why are you both so twisted!" She screamed and the King sighed.
"Sylvia, I did it for you. Link isn't important to us and I only wanted to produce a child so I didn't have to hurt you" he told her. "I am just luring Link down here because he will certainly come to save you" he elaborated but she spat in his face.

"Yes! Because he is a good person! You are doing exactly what my Mother tried to do to me all those years back! Sacrificing a Baby! Would you really do that or have you completely lost it?!" She asked in a shout. Before he could answer Nabooru plunges a Scimitar into his side. He screams in pain and falls to the ground. Some keys slid across the floor to Dyla's feet but Nabooru didn't notice as she kept her eyes on the King.
"Whyyy… Hyrule turned on you…. Why would you protect them!" The King wheezed on the floor.
"It's simple. They don't deserve this".

Syvia was in tears. She didn't know if she should be happy or sad. Nabooru stepped closer to comfort her but she was met with a chain to the face, hitting her hard across the room.
"Forget about me!" Dyla cheered as she had got free of her chains remarkably with no hands. She lunged forward at her Daughter and pinned her down to the Sealing Stone. "I am so sorry my love" she said as she began to somon Boartreax…


Link ran around, looking for Sylvia or the King but nothing. He dreaded the fact they might already be in the Crypt. Link really didn't think the King would sacrifice his own Daughter but yet again, be didnt think he would turn on him. Link ran to the secret passage way.


The Red Boar stood tall above Dyla and Sylvia. Two Gerudo soldiers charged from the staircase they were hiding on but Boartreax kicked them hard into a wall, killing them in an instant.
"You have done well Dyla. I shall make you my Bride if you so wish.. but first I need to kill him…." Boartreax roared.
"But first… strike my Daughter down so you can be revived for good!" She shouted and Sylvia's eyes were wide with fear. Boartreax raised its arm, ready to crush her. He swipes down but in a flash Nabooru dives forward and drags her out the way. She picks her up kike a Child and runs uo the stairs.
"GGGAAAHHH!" The beast roared out in anger as it charged after them.

She bumped into Link halfway up the stairs.
"I've got her Link, the King is dead, Boartreax is after us. Go!" She told him and he nodded, "Right! Can you get her to safety?" Link asks and she nods as she continues up the stairs.

They reach the corridor and split up directions. Link making it down the corridor in an instant thanks to the Bunny Hood. Boartreax smashes into the corridor. "Looking for me!" Link shouts and the Monster snarls and chases him. He lured it out onto an opening where it wouldn't damage the inside of the Castle. It caught up to him and Link turned around facing it. "You know me but who… who are you?" Link askes and it looks at him with fury.

"You don't remember me! Insolent Hylian! Many centuries ago you sealed me away! I have finally come to get my revenge!" It snarled and Link took a step back.
"That wasn't me. I am not even 20 yet, how could I have been around Centuries ago?" He asked and the Beast looked at him.
"It was one of your past lives. But I assure you that you are the Reincarnation of that Hero and now you will die!" It roared as it opened its mouth and spewed a purple gas at Link….


Nabooru ran through the fighting with the Princess in arms. The Gerudo were fighting off the Knights and were mostly successful. She saw the bodies of a few of her fallen sisters but she couldn't let that affect her right now. She jumped off the balcony and ran across some rooftops, dodging some fire power from arrows until they noticed she had the Princess. She grabbed hold of a flagpole and slid down.

They landed in between some Syrule Knights and Gerudo Warriors.
"Nabooru!" The Gerudo said.
"Princess Sylvia!" The Knights said.
"Everyone listen! We don't have to fight anymore. There is a demon loose and it is the only thing that matters!" Nabooru spoke to both sides.
"We don't take orders from you! Hand over the Princess!" The Knights said.
"Please, listen to me," Sylvia spoke. "She is right, and you should listen to me now because my Father is…. My Father is dead". She spoke, stunning the Knights. "So please, call off all the Syrule forces and focus attention on the Demon" she said and the Knights nodded.
"And you, take care of the Princess!" Nabooru told her Warriors and she climbed up the flagpole and went the way she came.


The Demon smiled as its gaseous breath dissolved and the Hero was no longer standing before him. It turned around but as it did it heard a small step from behind. It immediately turned back around.
"HHHYYYAA!" Link yelled as it slashed it across the chest with the Great Fairy Sword. Blood slatted Link in the face but he didn't mind if it meant he could get another attack in. The Beast staggered backwards.
"How….?" It called out in anger.
"I just held onto the edge of the wall. Amateure! I have more where that came from!" He shouted as Boartreax fired another round of Gas as him but he blocked it with his Hylian Shield and jumped to the side.

It anticipated this attack and lunged its arm out and caught Link, picking him up and smashing him against the floor like a Monkey would do to a nut. Out the corner of his blurry vision he saw a familiar face run towards him. She leaped in the air and cut the Demon's hand off. Link as a result fell to the ground. As the Beast stumbled and cried out in pain Nabooru saw to Link.
"Are you okay…?" She asked in concern.
"Well… no, but I have powered through worse…" he groaned as he got up.
"Right then! Let's take this thing down!" She said and he nodded.

They both run opposite directions around the large beast. It roars and focuses on Link, like they both assumed it would. This gave Nabooru the opportunity to slash rapid speed at its back. It turned to her so Link did the same. It swung its tail, luring Link round to the same side as Nabooru. Link dropped to his knee and raised his shield above his head. Nabooru used this to jump on it and Link boosted her up high into the air. She dropped her blade into its back, just below its neck and it smashed face down into the ground.

With its face in front of Link, he transforms into a Goron and uses his mighty hands to grab its tusks. Nabooru gets out of the way and Boartreax opens its eyes in shock. Link begins to swing it around in a circle, the momentum or its weight making it spin faster and faster and faster until Link twists it and slams it into the ground. Link transforms back into a Hylian and cautiously approaches the motionless Monster.

"Link look out!" Nabooru shouts as it swings its tail and knocks Link off the wall. Nabooru ran at it and stabbed it in the tail. It squealed and stood up tall. Suddenly Link shot up in the air in the form of a Deku Scrub and floated above the Beast. He dropped a Deku Nut and was stunned. In midair, Link took the Deku Mask off, his body returning to normal and clutched the Great Fairy Sword and sent it downwards into Boartreaxs skull.

Link let go of the Sword and jumped off its head. It flailed around and roared. Blood started gushing out of it from all angles, which eventually turned into the corrosive purple gas. The body was falling apart and suddenly its Body exploded in a blast of blood. The clang of the Great Fairy Sword hitting the floor was heard as the gas subsided leaving a gorey mess of the Beast laying before them.

Nabooru looked at Link. The two of them soaked in blood. "I think you got it kid…" she said as he dropped onto his but and lay back exahusted.
"Thank Hylia for that.."


Dyla steps out of the corridor and looks both ways. People run past her paying her no attention.
"Maybe I can actually escape…" she said out loud.
"You are never going anywhere again!" A familiar voice spoke. She turned to see her own Daughter standing with two Knights by her side. "Arrest her!".....

Chapter Text

Link walked down the corridors of Syrule Castle with Nabooru. He was soaked in blood and exhausted. Sylvia ran towards Link almost hugging him but deciding against getting her white dress red.
"You Father is dead, your Mother is imprisoned again, the Demon is dead for good, she might be pregnant so watch out for that and the Gerudo need somewhere to live so I trust you can allow them here… Queen Sylvia" Link said in a bow and she frowned.
"I don't know if I am ready… not only did I think I would be Princess for a few more years, I have a lot of mess to clear up and I need to gain the trust of my people." She said in fear. Nabooru smiled.
"Your people love you. You are the kind Sylvia. You are the only Royal that never disappointed anyone here besides your Biological Father. And if you'll have me, I will gladly be your assistant. I will help you in leadership and anything you need" Nabooru told her as she got on one knee.

"Nabooru…. Of course… you would join me? It's my honour!" She said as she motioned her up.
"Well I am no leader but I would clean up the mess on aisle four and…. Can I use your shower?" Link joked and she smiled.
"Of course. Right this way" she told him as the trio walked off.


The Kingdom was chaotic and needed time to recover. Sylvia was coronated as Queen pretty quickly and she immediately allowed the Geudo to settle into their Kingdom with Nabooru being her right hand Woman. Link stayed in the Kingdom long enough for this to go down but he needed to leave for Hyrule and he needed to learn the way back from Nabooru.

Link got up after a nice rest and walked to the Queen's room. There were to Guards by the door and he asked if he could enter, they knocked on the door and she called him in.
"Sylivia, I am heading home now" he said to her. She walked towards him and threw her arms round him.
"Please stay. I love you Link. You have done so much for me in just a short time" she pleaded and he put her arms around her.
"You are beautiful, kind and smart Sylvia and I do care about you but I love someone else. Someone who is waiting for me at home and I have to get home to be with her" he told her. She stepped back and smiled.

"I know… The Queen of Hyrule is a lucky Girl. You are quite the catch with Royalty" she said to him and he chuckled.
"Yeah, and a crazy Zora Princess is obsessed with me…" he told her and she frowned.
"What's a Zora?" She asked and he looked confused.
"They are fish… people… there are no Zora in Syrule. Weird.." he said as they both laughed. He put his hands on her shoulders. "I don't know if we will see each other again but we will always be friends. " Link told her and she smiled back at him.
"I know. Thank you Link. You saved my life, saved my Kingdom twice, helped the Gerudo and were manipulated and dragged here by my Father and you did it for free. I wish there was some way I could repay you.." she said.
"There is one thing… you could tell me where Nabooru is!"


Link had left and Nabooru was helping the Gerudo with a task in the former land of Dyrule. Sylvia went down to the prison and stood before her Mother's cell.
"My beautiful Daughter… what do I owe the pleasure?" She asked and she looked her in the eyes.
"Is it true? Are you pregnant with my Father's child?" She asked and Dyla smirked.
"Well I am sure you will find out soon enough" she said slyly.
"What would that even make it? My sibling or Cousin?" She asked and Dyla thought for a moment.
"Both I guess" she responded and Sylvia was distributed by it.

"Well you'd better hope you are pregnant because if you are, your execution date will be a lot later… of course you will give birth, I will raise the child and you will be executed without knowing your second child." She said and Dyla growled. "Of course, you don't actually love your children so you won't be too upset by that" she said cockily.
"I know that's what you think but you are wrong. I love you very much but I get why you wouldn't buy that. But this child… the one inside me… it wasnt of my doing… your Father… well, the one you call your Father raped me and put this inside me. I didn't ask for it. But I still want to give it the love I could never give you" she said in sadness.

"He raped you huh… so my adoptive Father and my Mother are both Psychopaths and the only sane parent I ever had was my real Father that I never got to know… and he was manipulated by you." She said and Dyla stood up.
"Yes. I did. But I will assure you he was a kind Man. To gullible for a King but he was nice. I don't regret what I did but I am sorry you never got to know him".

"Well maybe you should regret it because it's that choice that put you on this path, the path that will lead to your execution in less than a year. Goodbye Mother. " She said as she turned to leave.
"Sylvia wait! No! My Daughter! Get back here!" She shouted as the door shut leaving the Woman in darkness. The only light was the purple glow from her eyes.



Link arrived at what used to be Dyrule but was now back as part of Syrule. The Gerudo were collecting everything from this site and moving it back to the Capital. Nabooru oversaw all of it. She saw Link's arrival and she followed him up the cliff.


Link sat on a rocky cliffside and Nabooru joined him. She gave him some secretive looks, admiring his body.
"You are right you know" She said and Link turned his head to her in confusion.
"About what?" He asked and she smirked.
"Do you remember what you told me when we first met... well, when I first met you rather" she elaborated and Link thought hard.
"I am pretty sure I was acting cocky and telling you everything I knew about you. It was 6 years ago, I don't remember specifically" he told her and she was slightly disappointed.

"You told me that I called you handsome as a 17 year old. I mean you are 16 now and it is definitely true" she told him and he went bright red.
"Oh... that. Yeah, I remember you saying that to me... " he told her and she chuckled.
"I gotta admit, seeing you jump ages before my eyes is strange. You were just a kid when we met but now you are a mature, handsome Man" she said seductively. Link was praying his erection wasn't too obvious. "You ever done it Link?" She asked and his eyes widened.
"Yeah… just once though…. you?" He asked with his voice slightly squeakier.
"Yeah, I have fucked a few. I mean in terms of Men, there were a few of those Dyrule Knights but me and the Tribe all get pretty intimate. Also with Impa before we were banished" she told him and he coughed.
"You and Impa? You two.... you know?" He asked and she laughed. "Sure did. The best I have ever had... so far" she said leaning into him.

Link wasn't an idiot. Clearly she was flirting and he was the legal age now. He is old enough to make decisions. They were both Adults and although Link's heart was bound to Zelda he was a Man and couldn't deny Nabooru was a sexy Woman. His time with Sylvia has invigorated him and he wanted more.

He went for it, pushing his lips against the Gerudo Woman, her eyes going wide with shock at his sudden advance. He pushed her to the ground so he was over her. She could feel how hard he was.
"Nabooru....I am so horny...." he told her which made her more turned on. She licked her lips then pushed her waist up to rub against his clothed Penis.
"I'd be honoured to be fucked by the Legendary Hero of Time" she told him as she kissed him.

He rubbed his hand down to her clothed boobs and gave one a squeeze. He moaned at how great they felt, reminding him of Cremia's breasts that he had the one time privilege of touching. This felt more right and he wasted no time pulling off the single piece of fabric and tossing it aside. His eyes grew at the sight of her breasts bouncing free from their cage. He licked one of them while he played with her other nipple, making her moan and squirm beneath him.

Nabooru pushed a hand up his shirt, feeling his muscles. Man she had never felt abs like his before. She unclasped his Sword and Shield strap and began working on his belt. He took his attention off her boobs and pulled his belt off and then his tunic along with his hat. He only had on his undershirt, tights and boots. The tights didn't hide anything and she rubbed one hand against it and the other along his hard body.

They both enjoyed feeling each other. Link stroked every curve of her body and groped her gorgeous boobs while she felt every muscle on his body and licked it. He trailed his hand to the hem of her pants and began pulling them down, no underwear to speak of. Link stared at her centre. He leaned in and licked it making her giggle. He pulled down his tights and she ripped off his shirt and pulled his naked body on top of her.

"Fuck me Hero of Time" she said and Link's heart raced. He couldn't wait to experience her. He pushed his tip towards her Vagina. Her legs spread wide. He pushed forward and it slipped in.

"Ahhhhh" he moaned as his first thrust felt good on his dick. Nabooru leaned back in delight.
"Ohhh this is what a Man should be like" she moaned in bliss.

Link couldnt believe he was inside her, finally having sex. The warmth of her pussy around his dick felt exhilarating and he began moving. He slowly began moving in and out her, his rock hard dick rubbing in and out of her tight hole. Although this wasnt his first time he still didn't fully know what he was doing but he was apparently doing a good job because Nabooru continued leaning back against the hard ground and squirmed. "Liiink.... oh Legendary Hero.... take me.... do me faster..." she moaned. Link nodded and began thrusting into her faster.

Nabooru's left hand clasped his back tightly as her back arched and her hips bucked up to his. "AHH! THATS IT!" She called out in bliss. Link groaned as he continued moving in and out of her. He would pull all the way out if her before jamming his dick back inside her tight hole, each time he would groan in pleasure, each groan making it more obvious how great he felt. Nabooru wrapped her legs around his body to hold him there while he rocked his body inside her.

They both were panting and moaning. They looked into each other's eyes and Link's were filled with lust and determination while Nabooru's were filled with passion. They both were close and both knew it. Link's dick was being filled and ready to fire his load any moment and Nabooru was drenched and the sloping of his dick sliding into her was very apparent.

"Nabooru...uhhhhhh I… I…." He moaned and she kissed him.
"Hold on… Ahhh…. Hero… Make me cum… I am almost…" she moaned as she cut him off. Link was about ready to explode but held on as best he could..he sped up one last time. "AAAHHH! YES LINK! I AM…." She screamed as she reached her climax, her body spasming as her walls clamped on him.
"Ugghhh…" was all Link could get out as his dick fired his hot cum into her, drained months worth in one go. They both slowed down, riding out their orgasms and panting. Link eventually pulling his dick out of her soaking tunnel, it was covered in their fluids and exited with a plop.

"Man…. That was easily the best sex I have ever had. Guess the Legendary Hero is blessed with an amazing dick" she remarked as they lay next to each other on the rocky cliff, the warm air blowing against their naked bodies.
"I mean I had a great person to spend my first time with but this…. This was something else" he told her as she grinned.
"No doubt you and the Prince…. Queen will get it on" she tells him as she sat rolled over and licked all the cum off his half flaccid penis. "I imagine its going to take a while to get home though" she told him and he sat up, grabbing his shirt.

"Oh yeah… how do I get home? How did you get here?" He asked and she stood up.
"Its not good news and it won't be fun. We came from there" she said as she pointed off into the desert. "We travelled from the Gerudo Desert to here, its a pretty straight line there are a few landmarks you'll pass but aside from those…. Its a long, hot, dusty journey home. Could take you one or two years… I imagine two on Epona" she told him and he sighed.
"Why can't things be easy. I've saved two Kingdoms just to get home so I can't wait for whatever hell comes in the Desert" he complained and Nabooru laughed and she started putting her clothes on.
"Link. The Queen is waiting for you. Make it home okay." She tells him straightly and he nods.
"I will. Thank you for everything Nabooru. Goodluck!" He tells her.

They part ways. Link gets on Epona and rides off into the uncharted Desert. He took a bunch of supplies from the Dyrule camp and hoped for the best.



Months passed and Nabooru leaned against the balcony of the Castle. Queen Sylvia walked over to her and smiled.
"Congratulations" she said and Nabooru frowned.
"How could you tell? Is it that obvious already?" She asked looking down at her belly and the Queen laughed.
"No,no. Don't worry. I just guessed really. Is it..his?" She asked and Nabooru nodded.
"There is no doubt the Hero of Time is going to return to Hyrule and father the Children of the Royal family, unknown to all of them they have a half Sister that is of the Gerudo Tribe." She explained and Sylvia looked down.
"It's quite sad. Imagine having a Child and never knowing about it" she said and Nabooru smiled.
"We'll never have that problem. Seems unlikely for us Women to have a Child and not know about it" she laughed and the Queen giggled.
"I can't blame you though Nabooru" she said, getting the desert Woman's attention. "I…. Me and Link…." She looked up. "Your Daughter will have a half sibling" she told her.

Nabooru was shocked but smiled. So this was who Link spent his first time with.
"So…. The Syrule Royal family will have an heir that is the blood of the Hero huh? Well…I don't know what your cover story is, being the Queen and all will be but I support you all the way" Nabooru said as they stood and looked off into the horizon.

Chapter Text

Link felt tired. He had felt tired for 2 years straight. Nabooru had given him advice on how to get through the Desert but it hardly made it easier. He had to live off any and all plants and animals he found, but those were scarse. He knew he was on the right path home because he had passed the landmarks Nabooru mentioned to him. There was a stone temple of some kind that the Gerudo had stopped in for a while, four pillars that formed a square around what looked like a sacrificial stone and the remains of an ancient City.

Link stopped at these for breaks but it was many months between each landmark and Link was never sure he was ever going to find the next. He couldn't believe just how far this desert went on and the fact that the Gerudo persevered through this and found a new land was amazing.

Link rubbed his eyes, something was ahead. It had been about three months since the stone temple, what was this. It was built into a mountain......could it be? Link grinned. It was. The Desert Colossus. He had made it home.

Link rushed Epona to the dried out dip in the ground and pulled out his Ocarina, playing the Song of Storms, a Song that was literally a life saver. The dip filled with water, bringing the Oasis back to life and even making some fairies appear on the water.

Both Link and Epona had a drink from the Oasis, once done he got back on his fully grown Horse and kept going. The Haunted Wasteland would be tough but he has made it this far, he will make it.

He battled through the raging sandstorm, not his first by a long shot but it was always Epona that was the hardest thing to deal with as she was not equipped to deal with this. Link thought about it. He could have taken a Camel from the Gerudo and made it back quicker and easier but he refused to leave his trusted Horse behind.

He got through the Wasteland and at the Gerudo Fortress which had seen better days as it looked run down and abandoned.. which it was. Link remembered sneaking around and freeing Carpenters. He never got used to knowing he remembered something that technically never took place, each time also made him a bit sad.

"Hya!" He called making Epona gallop as she hopped over the gap where a Bridge once stood. Had they really never bothered to repair the Bridge? He thought as he left the valley.

He smiled as he smelled the sweet smell of Hylian Grass. This was home. His heart beat fast at the thought of seeing Zelda again. He promised her he would return to her, little did he know his adventure would be completely selfless in the end, helping so many people in other nations but failing to do the one thing he set out to do for himself. Find Navi.

It was the first time Link had ever given up at anything but looking for one friend and abandoning all his others seemed like an illogical thing to continue with and nothing he did brought him closer. It was sad but the reality was he was tired of the Adventuring life and just wanted to relax.

He reached the Castle Town gate and rode in. The Knights didn't seem recogniseable and they didn't even really acknowledge Link. Castle Town was a bit changed, not to the point of being unrecognisable. The Happy Mask Shop was unsurprisingly shut down and replaced with what appeared to be a pub. Did Castle Town not have a Pub until recently? He never thought about it. He rode up to the Castle and two Guards guarded the Gate.

"State your Business Traveller!" They said in unison and Link grinned.
"That's no way to speak to a Lord" he said, using his title in what could possibly be the first time ever.
"Huh? Should we know who you are?....Sir?" One said but the other walked over to him, keeping eye contact with Link and whispered something in his ear. "You! You're.... The Hero of Time!" He said in excitement and Link smiled.
"The one and only" he said, a bit more used to the praise than he was as a kid.

They opened the Gates but the word spread up into the Castle faster than it took for Link to make it to the Castle. Link was finding it strange how he was being treated like a Celebrity when none of them had probably ever seen anything he had actually done. He made his way through the Castle gates and got off Epona.
"Lord Hero of Time. The Queen has been told about your arrival and will be with you shortly." An attendant spoke to him in a calm voice.
"Thank you" he spoke as he walked through the central corridor. He knew what Zelda would look like, he has seen her this age... well, he would now be a year older than her since she was once a year older than him but due to spending a Year going backwards in Time and his Body aging and spending a year in the past, he was now a year older than her.

"Link." A familiar voice said from behind him. His heartbeat sped up as his brain went into overdrive. How long has he wanted to hear that voice. He turned to see the most beautiful face that he knew already.
"Zelda." He replied as they just stood there. Tears began forming in her eyes and she ran towards him and they embraced.
"You have no idea how much I have missed you!" He said, slightly sobbing into her and she gripped him tightly.
"I think I do. I thought you were never coming home. I thought you might be dead" she cried into him which hurt his heart.

They pulled apart. Link looked at her beautiful Adult face and she looked at his muscular body for the first time. "You weren't lying, you are a Handsome Man" she said and he didn't even really know what she was talking about, probably something he said all those years back.
"There is so much I need to catch you up to date with" he said and she smiled.
"I agree. Follow me!" She said as she held out her hand and he took it.

He guided her down the different yet familiar hallways of the Castle. Things had changed since he was last here but structurally it was the same Castle. She pushed open the huge double doors into a large room. To the right of the room there was a King Sized bed with a canopy over it and the left was filled with closets and desks and whatever other boring stuff that didn't interest Link. Straight ahead were large glass doors that lead onto a balcony with curtains at either side since it mostly acted as a window.

"Is this?" He asked and she smiled, knowing what he was asking despite him not finishing the question.
"Yes Link. It's the Queen's Bedroom" she said in a tone that implied it was obvious. She pulled him in and shut the doors behind him. She knew the vibes she was giving him so she had to address them quickly. "Link. I am sorry. I am going to tell you some things that I know are going to upset you but I think I really need to address this." She said looking him in the eyes. His smile dropped and he gave her a puzzled look.

She guided him to a seat and she sat on her bed. "I am Married Link." She told him and it felt like someone had stabbed him in the gut. The pain felt genuine and he couldn't believe what she said.
"But... who? Why?" He asked in despair.
"A Nobleman, Victor Labrynna, from... well Labrynna but he is now Victor Hyrule since the Royal Family keep their surname" she explained in a calm voice. He couldn't understand why, did she not realise how much this hurt? Or did she think she could soften the blow?

Link burst out crying and Zelda was shocked. She never saw him cry when they were kids, she didn't know he was able too. "Link..." she said as he put his hands to his face.
"Did you love me?" He asked her and she frowned.
"Yes. Yes I did. When we were kids I was crazy for you Link. You went on your quest and I knew you would come back to me and we would get married and spend our lives together. But then you were gone for a year. And then another and then another. Every day I thought about what if you were killed? What if you were lost? What if you had found someone you fell in love with and wanted to stay with them? I just didn't know where you were or if you were coming back and I couldn't spend my whole life waiting. What if you were stuck somewhere for 30 years? Was I supposed to not move on? If you were trapped, with no way back to me would you not want me to move on and be happy?" She said with an almost raised tone.

Link looked at her in anger. She had no idea what he had gone through.
"If I was stuck somewhere.... I WAS stuck somewhere Zelda. I was stuck reliving the same three days for a year and then after that I was stuck in a parallel world for a year, unable to get home. I never thought about you moving on, I only thought about how I WAS going to get back to you" he said to her and she frowned. "I thought about you everyday, I loved you and I never gave up hope of getting home. You gave me hope. I crossed a desert for two years straight with no company at all besides Epona. That was for you."

She looked at him in sorrow.
"Link... I am so sorry. If I knew you were coming back then things would have been different but I didn't. There is nothing I can say to make this better. We can't be together like that. But I will always love you. A deeper love that is different from the love I have for my husband" she said as she held his hand.

Link let out a sigh. He knew she was right and she knew he was right. Sometimes life throws shit luck at you and you have to deal with it. He stood up and sat next to her, putting his arm around her.
"Can I have this at least?" He asked as he turned her head to him and leaned in.

Their lips met and she didn't know what to do. She shouldn't but she did love him. She pushed in further and when she did it sparked for both of them. She pulled back.
"Link, I can't be with you. I am married but that doesn't mean I have to bury you. I still do love you Link and nothing in my wedding vows says I can't enjoy you" she panted and he smiled.
"Are you saying what I think you are saying?" He said and she nodded.
"Ever done it before?" She asked and he nodded.
"Twice. You?" He asked her even though he knew the answer.
"Yes, but we have only been married a month, I wouldn't say I am experienced" she said kinda shyly and he smiled before kissing her again.

They stand up and Zelda removes the two Golden Shoulder pads and Link takes off his hat. He pulls her closer and places his hand on her butt. She gasps. She had fantasized about Link doing things to her but the reality was so much sexier.
"The thing is Zelda. You have to remember this isn't the first time seeing your Adult body. The first time never happened anymore, so I have seen this beautiful face but you have not seen mine. I have fantasised about being with you for so long" she smirked and grabbed his hand and pushed it against her breast.
"Have you seen what is under here though?" She seductively said.

Link was in heaven. She wore a lot of clothing that was loose and hid her figure so Link could never tell how large her breasts were. But now he was touching one, squeezing one... "Let me make it easier" she said as she began undoing belts and clasps and all the bulky royal accessories that kept him from seeing her body. She put them all on a table then and then pulled her long gloves off before pulling the first layer of her top off.

Link smiled. He removed his gauntlets and unbuckled his belt before placing a hand against a different layer of fabric that blocked her breast from him. He grabs it and pulls it off, along with all her other top layers before her bra is the only thing in his way. She wraps her arms around her body and unclasps the bra, letting it fall to the ground. Her breasts were sprung free and Link stared in awe. They were nice and round and firm, quite large but the shape was more impressive than the size. The nipples pointed outwards, erect from excitement.
"That is the sexist thing I have seen in my life..." Link said and she smiled walking over to him.

"Then it's only fair I get an eye full of the man standing before me" she said as she lifted his tunic off his body with help from him and pulled off his undershirt. It was her turn to marvel at his body. He was muscular from his adventures and Zelda sighed as she felt his abs. "I mean you are also the perfect specimen of a Man '' she said as he kissed her passionately and pushed her against the wall, grabbing her breasts in the process.

She felt wet from excitment and wanted Link to strip her bare and fuck her. "Stop teasing me. I need you" she moaned and he smiled as he moved his hands down to her waist where the remainder of her dress sat.
"You think you are the only one aroused? I am hard as a rock" he whispered and she smiled.
"I know, I can see it," she said and Link looked down to the obvious bulge in his pants.

He pulled down her dress so she was only in pink stockings and panties. He picked her up and carried her to the bed where he sat her on the edge. He kissed her backwards and then slipped his fingers into her panties. She gasped loudly as his fingers ran over her clit. Her back arched and Link suppressed her moan with a kiss. "Oh Hylia!" She moaned as Link continued playing with the bud moving its attention to his thumb while his fingers pushed their way inside her. "Oh Link... ahhh" she moaned as he was playing with her.

Link smiled smugly. In truth he had no idea what he was doing since he had only been with one Woman and that was simple fucking but with Zelda he instinctively knew how to please her. After a few moments she gripped his back hard and closed her legs on his hand. "Link I am going too.... oh.... AHH!" She screamed as she reached an orgasm, soaking his hand in the process.
"Glad I could be of service" he grinned as he pulled her panties and stockings down to finally allow her to see her true naked form.

She was a Goddess. She had the perfect form. Nice round boobs, curvy waist and long legs, nice round arse and thin frame. She was the definition of perfect. Link was the luckiest man alive.... or maybe Victor was. He pulled down his pants letting his erect cock spring free and she gasped in shock at how big it was. She smiled before grabbing it and stroking it. She leaned forwards and licked it enough to make it wet and pulled him onto the bed. "You ready?" He asked and she rolled her eyes.
"Actually no, I want to go back now. Of course I am ready! Fuck me Link" she ordered him.

Link pushes her legs open and positions his erect Penis to her Vagina. He couldn't believe it was going to happen. He was going to have sex with Zelda. She smiled at him and he leaned forward, kissing her before sliding the tip in. This alone felt good for both but he slowly kept pushing further in, eventually letting out a moan as he fully entered her.
"Oh fuck..... Zelda..." he moaned and she lay spread out.
"Oh my! Oh. Link..." she moaned as he began pulling in and out of her.

She was so tight and it felt so good for both of them. He was pumping into her at a steady pace and she panted and softly moaned to his tempo. She rocked her hips into him which felt good but also looked sexy. The way her hips rocked and moved to his thrusts. Her arms were spread wide as she gripped the bed. Her entire body was laid before his lustful eyes and it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life.

His hands crept their way to her breasts where he played with her nipples. She moaned and lay her head back in pleasure. She just let Link take her and make her feel pure bliss. "Uhhh. Liiiink... yess" she moaned as he felt her body up and down while he continued to push in and out of her. "Harder. Link. Faster!" She demanded as she looked down to him and then he saw determination in the Hero's eyes. He placed his hands next to her hip and then sped up his thrusting into her.

Her eyes grew wide in shock. It felt amazing. She had never felt pleasure this good before. Victor was more experienced than Link but somehow he didn't compare. She knew this was possibly going to be the greatest sex of her life so she was going to make it count.
"Ahhh. Zelda! Zelda! Zelda!" He panted as he continued fucking her. He was trying to hold on for dear life. He was fucking her so good but was exhausted from the work and trying his best not to cum and ruin the sex for her. She knew she had to take over.

She wrapped her legs around him and flipped him over. She rode his dick. She impaled herself right to his balls and he felt pure pleasure. "Oh.. Zelda..." he moaned as he traced his hands up the thighs that were doing so much work. They made her way to her hips where they stayed. He lay his head back like Zelda had done previously and just let her fuck him. He looked up as her boobs were bouncing and swaying.

"Haaa haaa ahhh ahhh. Link... Fuck.... Link.. " she moaned as she was bouncing on his dick faster and faster. She was nearing her climax. "LINK I AM COMING! LINK!" She screamed as she held on as long as she could. Link felt her walls tighten against him and he could not hold on any longer.
"ZELDA! I'M GONNA CUM!" he moaned and she continued bouncing in bliss.
"YES! YES! YES! CUM IN ME LINK! FUCK!" She moaned and Link let out a moan as he felt himself shoot inside her, cum he built up for two years unleashed into her, swamping her core. This came with her own orgasm that rippled through her body like electricity. She rocked her hips into the orgasm, ridding it out and milking every last drop of him. "Haaah... '' she moaned and she panted, catching her breath.

"That was fucking increddible" she said with her hair a mess and her face red. She still sat on his dick. Link just lay back and smiled as he caught his breath. She pulled herself off him and his limp dick flopped out, drenched with sticky cum. She took it in her mouth and licked it all off before cuddling into him.


The two lie there, neither bothering to put on any clothes. Link had dreamed about them being together for so long that the sex they just had felt like a fantasy.
"Is it okay for me to be here? Like won't your Husband be back?" He asked in concern and she smiled.
"Where is your sense of danger?" She asks and he frowns before realising she is joking. "Nah, he is in Labrynna right now. Dont worry. And Link, him finding me in bed wouldn't change a thing. For one, do you think he would be stupid enough to want to divorce the Queen of Hyrule? And two, I am about 90 percent sure he sleeps with other Women'' she told him.

Link looked at her with concern.
"I am not saying this because I love you but.... why are you with a man like that? Do you really love him?" He asks her, sitting up and she sits up too.
"I like him a lot. It's complicated being of Royalty Link. You can't just have everything you want, you have a reputation for the whole Kingdom to hold. Without you around, I needed to move on. I have a sacred duty to carry on the Royal Bloodline and I had to settle for second place. He is a nice man. He never treats me badly, he is funny and kind and can fight. He doesnt just see my as a sexual object and only has sex with me when I want it." She said and Link was silent. "Now, he has responsibilities in Labrynna and we both knew this being married so he is away from me for months at a time. I knew what type of man he was getting married and I know he loves sex.... I mean, most men do, I am sure. He has told me this and told me I was far from his first. When I asked if I would be his last he made no promises. He didn't explicitly tell me he would sleep with other Women but I am sure he does. That's okay though, as long as he loves me, he is loyal to me and he doesnt get anyone pregnant then I really will not judge him, and besides, I am doing exactly what he is doing now so I'd be a hypocrite to complain". She finally finished her monologue.

Link looked at her and felt guilty. Not about anything Zelda said, but about something now in his past. He told Cremia she was wrong for sleeping with Kafei, supportive of her and willing to help her problem but he did know she made a mistake. Link had slept with Zelda, fully aware she was married and didn't think twice. He didn't know the situation between Zelda and her Husband at this point and took the opportunity. If anyone was in the wrong between him and Zelda, it was him.


"I fully understand Zelda" he told her and pulled her close. "I am not sure I will be able to get over you, it's gonna be hard because you are everything to me. But I will try..." he said in sadness.
"Link, again I am sorry" she told him but he shook his head.
"I know, I am too. I am happy that you are happy and although we can't be together, I always want to be your friend" he said and she looked around at him with a serious expression.
"Yeah! I mean.... you think that now I have finally got you back in my life, I would ever let you leave?" She said and he laughed.
"Trust me, you couldn't keep me away if you wanted to.''

The two talked for hours. Link told Zelda about his time in Termina, stopping Majora's Mask, being stuck there for a year, solving issues in another land and then travelling across a desert for an obscene amount of time. He told her about how he never found Navi but made a positive difference in the world. She listened and was awe struck by what he had accomplished. She told him what she has been up to in the past years which were admittedly dull in comparison but like any good friend he listened in intrigue anyway.

Zelda admired his body as he talked. She knew they had fucked just hours ago but she had to admit that he made her horny. Their bodies were pressed closely together so it was impossible for Link to pretend she didn't turn him on. They joked and talked about it. Link told her that it's easy for a Man to get an erection but hard to cum a second time shortly after. He told her a few hours from his first and he probably could cum again. She looked at him seductively as it had been a few hours and he shrugged.

She placed a hand on his dick and slowly began stroking it. He was not nearly as turned on as before but he still thought it felt great. She crawled over to his dick and took it all in her mouth.
"Zelllldaa'' he moaned in shock as she used her tongue to great effect. He leaned back and let her do her magic. Her mouth was warm and the way she sucked fely amazing as well as her tongue licking across his shaft.

She lowered her hand in between her own legs and began stroking her clit. Clearly she was horny. She moaned as she sucked him off, doing 100% of the work for the both of them. Link felt like he won the lottery here.

The sight was mesmerising. Her lips made his dick disappear into her mouth as her head moved up and down, eyes closed and blonde hair lightly falling over her face. Link grabbed her by the back of the head and helped himself thrust into her mouth slightly as he also pushed her head down onto him.

His dick began twitching, his balls tightening and he was panting lightly. His stamina was still used up and the focus of her mouth was too much. He knew he was building up to his climax. It felt great and he was fully laid back. "Oh Zelda.... I am gonna cum any minute now..." he groaned and she sped up. She let out moaning from her own pleasure which only made her lips tighter around his dick.

His body tensed up and his groans became more intense. "AH ZELDA! AHHH ZELDA!!!" He cried out as his dick spasmed and shot out hot cum into her mouth. She continued sucking with a sift gurgling noise. She was swallowing all of it and when she was done she looked up and smiled, somehow with as much angelic grace as always.
"You're welcome" she said in the most adorable voice ever.



It was around 9pm, and Link got out of bed. He pulled his clothes on, Zelda getting one last look at his strong muscles and dick because it may be her last time seeing them. Maybe not, but she didn't want to make a habit of this as it would just make it harder for him to move on.
"You can stop in the Castle tonight, I mean... heck, you can sleep in my bed if you'd like." Zelda offered but he smiled.
"Thanks but no. There is someone I have to see." He said and she smiled.
"I haven't seen her in a while now but she still talks about you" Zelda said and Link turned around.
"Can you read my mind?" Link said before thinking more... maybe she could.
"Nah, I just know you." She smiled before getting out of bed, completely in the nude. She pulled on a silk robe and grabbed Link's hand.

"Link, no one has to explain that you are a skilled Warrior. You saved the World... many Worlds... and you still hold the title "Sir Hero of Time" that my Father gave you. Link. I want you to be my personal Knight." She told him and he was silent.
"Zelda, protecting you would be my honour" he said and the two embraced for the final time that night.


Link rode out of Hyrule Castle and Castle Town. He loved the Hylian night time so much. He admired the moon as he rode straight, Hyrule's moon looked so much nicer than Termina's. He rode straight into Lon Lon Ranch. As he passed her house and stable Epona neighed loudly as they passed through the gates. Link's heart pounded at the sight of the beautiful redhead closing the second gates. Malon...

It was surreal seeing her. Technically the last time seeing her like this was when he was in his original timeline, before being sent back to childhood. But he was all too familiar with her appearance as she was identical to Cremia in appearance. It felt weird to know he had spent more time with her Terminian counterpart to her.

She heard the familiar neigh and turned to see Link and Epona ride towards her. She dropped a bucket and ran to them.
"EPONA! '' she screamed as she hugged the Horse. Link laughed. Of course she would prioritise Epona. But it didn't take long before she looked up at Link and blushed. "Fairy Boy?.... You are so...." she stumbled on her words. Link smirked and jumped down.
"Handsome is the word you're looking for" he said cockily before lunging forward, hugging her and spinning her around in midair. She was surprised and embarrassed. He has predicted her exact thoughts.

Link put her down and smiled deeply. "I have missed you so much, Malon. Man where do I begin?" He said and she hugged him, pulling her arms around his chest. Link blushed this time.
"No silly.... I missed you" she said as tears formed in her eyes. She looked up and hit him pretty hard on the arm.
"OW! What was that for?" He asked in shock.
"For being away too long. I thought you were dead or never coming home. You and Epona!" She cried in relief and anger.
"I am truly sorry, Malon... I promise I am never leaving Hyrule again" he told her and she smiled.


They walked over to her House and Link wanted to tell her everything but there would be time. She opened the stable door and Epona walked in like it was natural.
"It's nice and warm in there Girl. You are Home now. We can ride Hyrule field again soon. Just rest for now" she said to Epona in a calming, motherly voice. She then dragged Link inside the House.
"Is Talon around?" Link asked and she rolled her eyes.
"He is probably asleep in Hyrule Castle again. He is away a lot. I wonder who owns the place sometimes" she told him before sitting on a couch and dragging Link down next to her. "You got a place to stay?" She asked and Link blushed.
"I mean... Zelda offered I could sleep in the Castle Quarters..." he told her and she cut him off.
"Stay here!" She said in desperation. "I know a couch isn't as comfy as a proper bed... I mean, I will sleep on the couch and you can take my bed... Just... stay here!" She pleaded and Link looked concerned.
"Malon... are you okay?" He asked and she burst out crying, hugging him.

"I just don't want you to go.... I waited for so long..." she told him and he felt terrible.
"I know. I am sorry. I never meant to be away that long. I am here to stay now. I promise" he said, trying to calm her.

Link had already noted that despite being more mature and more responsible, Malon was still gentle and childish in nature. Link found it sweet that despite being identical, he was not distracted by the thoughts of Cremia, he just saw her as Malon. The same Malon he knew all those years back. "Look, Malon. I can't stay at the Ranch all the time. I have agreed to be Zelda's Personal Knight which will mean spending a lot of time over in Hyrule Castle. But I can stay here tonight, I will take the couch and I will visit you as much as I can. Okay?" He told her and she smiled.
"Yes.... okay." She said, wiping her tears away. She turned to him and giggled. He looked confused but she put a hand on his chest. "You are so grown up, muscular and mature... but to me, you will always be Fairy Boy!"

Chapter Text

Link woke up. He couldn't remember going to sleep but he felt like he had slept forever. He went to move his left arm but it was stuck. He then realised he had fallen asleep on Malon's couch and she had fallen asleep in his arms. His arm was wrapped around her, dangerously close to her left breast and he went red. What a way to start a day.

He freed his hand and then placed them on her shoulders and lightly shook her.
"Malon... Malon" he kindly whispers and her eyes opened.
"Fairy Boy...." she quietly said before her face went red. "FAIRY BOY! What.... where?" She looked around confused before realising where she was. "Oh. I must have fell asleep next to you" she said embarrassed but Link smiled and offered her a hand up.
"I have to go to the Castle today. I don't know when I will be back but I know I will be as soon as I can, okay?" He asked and she smiled before they hugged. Link had never hugged adult Malon quite like this. It was nice. Her lovely breasts pressed against his chest and her hair felt nice and soft.
"It's okay but... come back soon" she said.



"Welcome back Hero of Time. These are your Official quarters." A Maid explained to him as she opened the door to the small cozy brick room. There were book shelves in a corner, a desk with paper, a Window and a bed. There was a chest lying around, presumably to store his stuff. "Of course being the Queen's Personal Guard your room is just down the hallway from her room" she explained. "Is there anything I can do for you?" She asked and Link smiled.
"No thank you. You have done enough. Thanks" he told her and she bowed and left.

He shut the door and threw the Gilded Sword and Hylian Shield on the bed. He opened the window wide and admired the view of Death Mountain. He looked down and there was a small ledge that he could probably climb across to Zelda's room for any quick visit. He looked up and it was a roof. What the heck, why not.

He climbed out and climbed onto the roof. He just kept climbing until he reached the central spire. He climbed right to the top and sat. The view was breathtaking. He could see the whole Kingdom from here. He sat there for about 20 minutes before deciding to go meet Zelda. Getting down was a lot trickier but he has done worse.

Zelda jumped as she heard a tapping on her balcony window. She turned to see Link standing there and she rolled her eyes before letting him in.
"You know you could have knocked on my door right?" She joked and he smiled.
"What, and miss the potential chance of you being naked? No way." He joked and she hit him lightly.
"C'mon. We need to go now." She said turning before stopping and turning back. "Wait... where is your Sword and Shield?" She asked and Link smiled..
"On my bed. One sec!" He said and before she could say anything he was propelled by his Hookshot off the balcony. A few seconds later he was back. "There we go!" He smiled proudly but she sighed.
"You know we would have been passing your room right?" She asked and he frowned.
"No I did not but everything is a learning experience" he told her before they walked on.


Zelda wanted to make Link's return Official and at the very least the Hylian Army would need to know they have someone here that outclasses a General or Captain and only falls under the Queen herself. Link was going to have a ceremony for the occasion but he really didn't want to. He thought it would be best to just get it over with.

"Army of Hyrule! I am here before you all with a special announcement. Something I am sure some of you are already aware of and some may have heard rumours. Well it is true! The Hero of Time himself, Link has returned to Hyrule!" She shouted from a high raised platform to a room filled with Knights and defenders of Hyrule. They all clapped and cheered as Link walked into view waving at them all. The Gilded Sword shined and he cleared his throat.

"Thank you all! It is an honour to serve Hyrule and be back to the land I love. A lot has changed in the time I was gone but I hope you will accept me back in open arms!" He shouted to them all. They all cheered and Link stepped back and let Zelda carry the rest of it as he had nothing more to add.

The ceremony was short and brief to Link's liking and afterwards he followed Zelda back to her quarters and just lazily lay on her bed. Zelda sat at her desk opening and reading letters. It looked boring so Link didn't ask what it all was.

"Link. You are gonna love this. First official mission from the Queen" she said as he got up and she passed him the letter she just read.
"Zora's Domain? I am dealing with problems for Zora? I thought I was your personal Knight.. like constantly protecting you at all times" he asked and confused and she laughed.
"No. Link, that is what we call a bodyguard. And I don't need one of those" she said and Link raised an eyebrow.
"What if someone snuck into your room to assassinate you?" He asked and she stood up, stood in front of him and then leaped high into the air. She kicked off the wall and did a flip and landed behind him, getting him in a lock.
"I'd do this!" She demonstrated before letting his arms go.
"Wow.... how did I forget you were a badass Ninja. So Impa taught you the Sheikah ways in this timeline too. Good to know" he told her.

"Wait a minute... where is Impa. I haven't seen her once since I have returned." He asked and she looked to the side.
"Weeeell. Officially she is on a mission" she smirked and Link frowned.
"Okay? And where is she actually?" Link asked. Zelda sat on her desk.
"You might find this hard to believe but Impa is..."
"A Lesbian." Link said, taking the words out of her mouth.
"Erm... yes. How did you?"
"Oh. I have one better. Her and Nabooru" Link said and Zelda's face lit up. Link had of course told Zelda about his encounter with Nabooru, missing out the part where he fucked her.
"Wait... so Impa and Nabooru... did it?" She asked and Link shrugged.
"That's what she said. Anyway. What does Impa being a Lesbian have to do with where she is?" Link asked.

Zelda looked sad for a moment, perhaps guilty as she looked down.
"Hyrule is a great Kingdom but it isn't the most accepting to people who are seen as different.... unfortunatly Hyrule has a homophobia problem and I have tried my hardest to make same sex marrages legal but I have advisors and Nobals doing everything in their power to stop me..." she said. "Impa told me she was a Lesbian and I am open to it. I personally don't know why anyone cares who someone is with. But Impa met someone. One of our Maids and they fell in love. They are off in Labrynna at the moment, on their Honeymoon. I can't imagine Impa in a wedding dress or relaxing but thats where she is". She finished and Link smiled.

"Yeah... I can't picture that either...." he said. "I am happy for her though." Zelda, I know you, I know you are a loving person that would do everything to change Hyrule for the better. And I know you will keep trying. Don't blame yourself, these things take time. Like look at the Zora. The Legends say that since they were not among Hylia's Chosen Races they were seen as outcast but now they are treated as equal. Some still have issues with them. Some Zora have issues with Hylians but things are better than they were centuries ago" Link told her. She smiled.

"Speaking of Zora..." she said, pointing to the letter in Link's hand.
"Oh right. Where were we... yes. Why am I going to Zora's Domain, your personal Knight, not a bodyguard... all that" he said and she laughed.
"Yeah, anyway. I can take care of myself. I have guards around the Castle anyway and as my Personal Knight, you basically do what I tell you" she smiled and Link put his hand on his hips.
"Oh you just love being in charge of me don't you?" He smiled and she grinned.
"You know it. But yeah. Basically you do the more direct and personal missions. Being by my side and protecting me is only some of it" she explained and he nodded.

"So Zora's Domain huh.... I can deal with their Octorock problem but.... Ruto..." he said in slight uneasiness.
"Oh right. Princess Ruto wants to marry you doesn't she? Well we havent legallised same sex marriages, never mind interspecies marriages" she joked. "But honestly... you make a good couple and I think you should go for it" she said in a serious tone. Link looked at her trying to work out if she was joking or not.
"Zelda... I am not into Ruto... I mean, she is hot but... she is also a Zora. Like I don't have any feelings for her.... but she does for me and it's gonna be really awkward again" he sighed and she laughed, patting him on the shoulder with no sympathy.
"Have fun!" She said in an almost mocking tone.


Link made it out of Hyrule Castle and out of Castle Town. He looked East and sighed. He put on the Zora Mask and transformed before jumping into the River and swimming towards Zora's Domain at a faster pace. As he swam up the Zora River he noticed there were many Octorocks, more than usual. He smashed into them while using his magic spin attack, killing the ones he hit with ease. He killed as many as he could, that was his mission he assumed so got an early start. He made it to the Waterfall and took off the Mask, played Zelda's Lullaby for possibly the first time in.... well.. since he was last in Hyrule, and then entered Zora's Domain.

As he walked through he got many looks from curious Zora, recognising him. He walked quickly because Link didn't really like all the attention he got. He made it to the top of the stairs and Princess Ruto was sitting next to her Father. His heart beat seeing her lovely, slender Adult form. He had no romantic feelings for her but he knew he found her sexy which didn't help since she was really into him.

"LINK!" She screamed as she hopped down and ran towards him, hugging him tightly. "So the rumours are true, you have returned to Hyrule... returned to me..." she whispered the last part in his ear and he pulled away.
"Hi, Ruto. It's good to see you again. I have missed you. And greetings your Highness" Link bowed to the King.
"Yes..." the King said unenthusiastically, Ruto pulled on his arm for attention.
"I usually do all the politics around here now. Father is a little old and gets tired easily" she told him. "I will get to your reason for being here soon but first...." she said before grabbing his hand.

She dragged him by the hand, down the small cave way and into Zora Mountain and immediately pushed him against a wall.
"So tell me Link.... no jokes, fully serious. Were you serious about us getting married as Kids?" She asks him. She pulls herself close.
"Ruto... I never agreed to anything. It was all you" he told her but she shook her head.
"C'mon Link... you never resisted" she told him and he tried to protest this time but she kissed him passionately. It felt great but he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away.
"Ruto. No. I.... I am sorry but I don't want to marry you. I don't want to break your heart or anything but I just don't have those feelings for you" he said but she smirked.

"Damn, that is unfortunate. But what about just a bit of fun?" She said as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. Link's eyes widened. Link was getting harder. It was impossible for him to deny he was into her on a purely physical level.

He squeezed it and then traced his other hand down her hip and towards her butt, pulling her in.
"Ruto..." he breathed on her neck. He licked it and she moaned. She grabbed his belt and undid it with ease and then began pulling his pants down.
"Link darling. I want you." She told him and Link was not able to compute any of it.
"Yes." Was all he said as she grabbed his dick and her webbed hand began sliding up and down on the solid member.

Ske knelt down in front of him and wrapped her mouth around the tip. His hand clenched the wall tightly as she began sucking and licking his dick. One hand was on her head and his legs began feeling weak.
"Ooh Ruto..." he moaned as she began to take more into her mouth.

She sucked hard, using her tongue for more pleasure and Link gasped as he could see her smirk. He felt himself getting close already. "Ruto... if you don't stop I am gonna...." he moaned as she stopped to Link's disappointment.
"I want the full course!" She demanded as Link looked down at her.


Link groaned before pushing himself towards her, pulling her down to the ground. He pushed her legs open and lined himself up. "Here we go'' he said as he began pushing into her.

The sensation was different. She was already wet but a different type of wet. A wet from her being a Zora. It felt slimy but warm and he slid in her easier than Sylvia, Nabooru and Zelda. He looked her in the eyes and she was in pain. "Are you alright?" He asked and she nodded.
"Yeah... just getting used to a Hylian dick... they are thicker than Zora dick and it feels so much better" she moaned as he began pulling out and pushing back in at a steady pace.

Link grabbed a hold of her hips as he continued thrusting into her. She moaned at every thrust. He began stroking her blue skin, feeling the unusual sensation of a Zora. She was really smooth and he then put his hands up to her large boobs and began feeling them. Link played with them and began to wonder what the purpose of breasts were for a Zora since they had no nipples to feed kids. This did not stop him licking them as he trailed up to her neck and kissed her lips.

Their breaths touched as she felt his hands grope her and his dick thrust in and out of her. She rolled him over and began riding his dick, hands on his chest and rising up and down on the thick cock that pushed her wet walls to their limit. "Fuck! Link, you are so good!" She screamed and Link smiled as he placed his hands around her and began feeling her butt.

He squeezed and felt them as she went up and down on him, making her scream and moan like a wild animal. Her hips gyrated on him at an incredible pace and it was getting too much for him. He lay back and moaned.
"Oh... Ruto.." he spoke from his lips as she kept going. He looked up at her, a true beauty as she bounced on his dick with her breast bouncing in time.

He smiled and he grabbed her hips and sat up, pulling her hips into him and thrusting up in time with her.
"AGH! Link!" She gasped in shock as she put her arms around his neck and looked into his blue eyes. "Make me cum Hylian!" She ordered and he grunted as he continued thrusting.

Both knew they couldn't last longer from the way they looked into each other's eyes and the way their breaths and moans were. Her walls suddenly tightened around his dick like a vice and Link moaned.
"Ruto!" He moaned and she was struggling to speak.
"Keeeep... going" she panted. In a few second she screamed his name as she reached her climax. The mixture of her tightening around him and the new wetness made him reach his limit. He pushed her onto her back and with a few last thrust he came, shooting his cum into her.

They both panted and looked into each other's eyes. He kissed her soft lips. He could see a potential life with Ruto in another lifetime maybe, but not this one. He loved Zelda too much and even then, he didn't have any romantic feelings for this Girl. But that was the best sex he had.

He pulled out of her and she leaned forward, licking his dick clean. It frustrated him because it made him erect again but he didn't have the energy for round two. What guy ever did.

After she finished they sat on the edge of the fountain, his legs were still bare and wet from them being submerged in water. She had her hand on his.
"You know Link... I never actually believed we were going to get married. I was mainly joking" she told him and he looked at her in doubt.
"Really? It seemed pretty convincing" he told her and she laughed.
"No, no. See I thought you were a little cutie back when we were kids and me giving you what is known as the Zora Engagement Ring was what made me come on to you. Sure, I had a crush on you and I would have liked to have been with you all those years ago but I have changed.... That being said, you are still hot as hell and I wasn't gonna pass up the chance to see what you were like'' she smiled at him.

Link looked at her.
"Well... for what it is worth I am glad because you were pretty damn good" he told her and she laughed. Suddenly a feeling of dread crossed his face. "Wait! Hylian and Zora's can't reproduce, can they?" He panicked and she shrugged.
"I don't know Link. I don't think a Hylian - Zora relationship has ever happened. I honestly can't say if you would have made me pregnant or not in other situations" she smirked and he looked at her confused. "Zora are only fertile at a certain time every year. It's summer now and we can only get pregnant in the winter." She explained and he let out a sigh of relief.

"You really screwed me without considering that? Link, you need to be more careful" she told him and he lay back
"You caught me by surprise. I didn't have time to think" he defended himself.
"Well luckily we have one of us that thinks these things through" she told him.

"You would think I would have learned that since I have spent some time as a Zora" he said and she turned to him.
"What?" She asked.
"Oh… emm. Well I have this!" He said as he pulled out the Zora mask. "It lets me transform into a Zora" he explained. She smiled.
"Show me!" She said and he shrugged and did as she asked. His body transformed into his Zora form and Ruto's heart began to beat faster.

He stood up and twirled.
"What do you think?" He asked and she had no words. He looked like Link but…. A Zora… She stood up and pushed him against the wall. She kissed him softly with love and passion before she smirked, grabbed a hold of him and pulled them both into the water. He opened her eyes and she was elegantly swimming around him.
"Link….I don't care if you break my heart, just pretend you love me for today. Be my Zora Prince" she pleaded as she wrapped her arms around him as they swam under the water.

Link places his hands on her hips and she opens her legs, clearly ready for round two and Link couldn't deny that he was too despite being exhausted just a moment ago. He swam up to her and his dick, now Zora, trailed across her stomach. She moaned as he bent his hips back and then with force thrust forward. His dick slipped right into her and she moaned. She grabbed a hold of him, wrapping her legs around him so he wouldn't slide out of her which was likely due to the fact that underwater was the slipperiest lube you could have.

When Link transformed into other races most things came natural to him. He understood his strength as a Goron and his weight as a Deku Scrub and even how to swim as a Zora but they way in which Zora have sex was not a natural instinct. He had to have Ruto guide him as he was struggling to thrust into her with nothing to push back against and swimming around at the same time was hard. But even with the struggles, he was so turned on by Ruto as her tight, curvy body pushed against his. He palmed her breasts and she rocked her hips into him as he tried to do the same.

Link traced his hand around her body, the sensation making Ruto buzz as he grazed the most sensitive spots. Link was now getting the hang of this under water, Zora sex and as a result, sped up.
"Rutoooo" he moaned, his voice reverberating in the water.
"Linkkk. Be my Prince" she said in lust. Link was into the rollplay so he kissed her deeply.
"Of course my Queen".

Ruto was in bliss, her fiancé was mating with her deep in the water of the sacred Zora Fountain. And it felt good. Link loved this too, as he always thought she was sexy and now he is deep in her and seeing her in this highly intimate dance. He felt around her and clenched her arse, seeing her eyes widen, her mouth go wide and a moan escaped her. She bucked and Link responded with a powerful thrust into her.

Link's hands remained clenched on her arse as he began thrusting into her hard with some powerful kicks in the water. She gasped at his power as he slowly pushed them deeper underwater.
"Fuck! Link! That is! Ahhh… soo! Good!" She moaned as she struggled to get a word out in between his pounding. Link said nothing as he was hyper focused but the lust on his face was apparent. He finally pushed her against the bottom of the Zora Fountain and his face indicated he was on the verge of cumming. Ruto took this opportunity to wrap her body around him tightly and spun them around in a mid-water twirl. She clamped down on him and felt her body race with her orgasmic high which was followed by the sensation of Link shooting his Zora cum into her.

As they floated in the water letting their bodies come down from the high they looked into each other's eyes. The white fluid floated around them as much of it leaked out of the Zora Princess. They both swam up to the surface with a white trail following Ruto.

The reached the surface, Link returned to his Hylian form and he sat on a tree branch. The same one he stood atop when they were teleported out of Jabu Jabu all those years back.

"Anyway, I should probably tell you why you are here. We have a major Octorock problem in Zora River. I am sure you noticed" she said as he stood up and pulled up his pants finally.
"I've already dealt with it." he said and she stood up next to him.
"What? How? When?" She asked and he smirked.
"On the way here. They are all dead. " he told her and she put her hands on her hips.
"Well then..... I suppose you are free to go. You really are as skilled as they say" she told him and he smiled. "Just one thing Link.... I still want to be your friend. Come and visit me when you have the chance, okay?" She told him and he nodded.

Link left Zora's Domain and both were satisfied with what transpired. Link got to enjoy the sensation of Ruto but got the assurance they would remain friends. Ruto got to enjoy Link and indulge in her fantasy of being married and screwing Link, even better as a Zora. While she initially lied to him about her feelings, she knew he saw through it by the end and it was obvious she held onto that crush but now… now she is ready to let it go.

She stood in front of Lord Jabu Jabu and dropped him a fish, stepping back so she wouldn't be swallowed. "I wonder if all Hylian Men are as good as Link"....

Chapter Text

Link had a short cut around Hyrule with the Ocarina of Time. He played the prelude of Light to warp back to the Temple of Time. Although it was by far quicker, Link struggled to get the notes right as he was a bit rusty. He appeared in the Temple and just started and absorbed in the memories he had of this place. He felt a sort of peace here.

He left and headed back to the Castle. He approached Zelda's room and pushed the doors open. He wasn't supposed to do that but Zelda wouldn't mind. He was shocked however to see Zelda standing with a tall Man with dark hair and a black cape that stuck out the back of his golden armour. He turned to Link in shock before smiling.
"You are very familiar with my Wife aren't you?" He spoke in a joking manner.
"Oh... I am sorry.." Link apologised as the Man walked over to him.
"No need to ask who you are, I have seen your statue. The Legendary Hero of Time. Link!" He exclaimed and Link scratched his head.
"It's nice to meet you. I assume you are Victor?" He asked even though it was obvious and he smiled.
"Very correct".

Link walked in and shut the doors behind him.
"The mission is done. It was done before I got up to the Domain" he told Zelda and she smiled.
"As I expected" she said as she found the current situation quite awkward. "Victor is back from Labrynna, as is Impa and I am sure she would love to hear from you" Zelda said and as Link was about to turn Victor wrapped an arm around Link's shoulder..
"She can wait! I wanna get to know the guy. Come on Link. We are getting drunk and getting to know each other!" He demanded as he pulled the boy along to the bar.

As they walked down the hallway Link looked up at him.
"I have a statue?" He asked and he smiled.
"Haha, of course. It's in the Royal Garden, and was built when you left. Although you are just a Boy in it I could tell it was you" he boasted and Link shrugged.
"I guess I kept my youthful looks" he joked as they entered the bar.

The beer was free for them and they sat and faced each other.
"Link, I want to get this out of the way just so there is no awkwardness between us. I know you adore Zelda, I know you wished you could have spent your life with her and I am sorry it didn't turn out that way for you. It's okay, I dont feel weird if you still love her and I don't ask you to even get over it. A Man's feelings are his own and I just trust you make the right decisions. I also know you slept with her, she told me and I am okay with it. I know she told you that I sleep with other Women and it is true, I do. But do not mistake this. I only love Zelda, my loyalty is to her and I would never lie to her. All I want is for us to be open with each other" he explained and Link stared.

"Wow... okay. Well.... yes to all of that" Link said as he struggled to think of anything else. "I was nervous about meeting you since you are right, I do love Zelda and I just wanted to know if she married the right man" he said and Victor smiled.
"And what is the verdict?" He joked and Link shrugged.
"So far so good," he responded. Link looked up at him. "What is it you do back in Labrynna?" He asked and Victor sat back.

"Well I come from a rich and powerful family. And my meeting with Zelda was as most Royal Marriages start, for political power. You see, Labrynna is poor in comparison to Hyrule and they want that sweet money and Hylian support. But they bet on the wrong Horse with me. I met with Zelda and was awestruck by her. I cared not what the reasons were that my family had in mind, I wanted to marry her because she was amazing. But now my family expects me to basically use Hyrule and Zelda for the good of Labrynna and I won't do it. I will try and make things fair but I will not do anything that negatively affects Hyrule. I am over there trying to sort out all of the political troubles... it's not at all interesting" he explained and Link listened..

"I like you Victor." Link said with a laugh.
"That means a lot coming from you." he said and Link looked down.
"That's something I am never keen on. The one thing that bothers me in Hyrule is the celebrity status I got. Don't get me wrong, I am glad they know who I am and what I did. It is nice to be appreciated but so many people treat me differently now. There are only a few exceptions. It is also hard to tell people about my Adventures without sounding like I am bragging" he said and Victor nodded.
"I can't relate but I understand. I can tell Link. You are the humble kind. You have done amazing things and for the right reasons and not for the praise. Feel free to talk like we are equals Link. I want to hear your tales".

Link and Victor talked for hours. Getting more drunk by the day. Link talked about his adventures in Hyrule, Termina and Syrule and Victor talked about his greedy family and struggles back home. Link had expected to be wanting to avoid Victor at all costs but turns out he was a genuinely good guy. They eventually left and Link made it upstairs. He was so drunk he couldn't quite recall when he split from Victor. Maybe he was still in the bar...
"You might want to try this." a Voice said from behind and it was Impa.

"Hey... Impa... you played me the song!" He said drunk and she sighed.
"Drink this." She demanded as she held up a vile of a purple liquid. He downed it and then coughed.
"Shit... what was...? Am I sober now?" He asked her.
"More or less. That's a Sheikah Potion. We use it for stealth operations where to blend in we need to drink but can't afford to get drunk" she explained.
"Well, glad the beer was free or that would have been a massive waste of money..." he said.

"How have you been Link?" She asked, offering a hand and he shook it.
"Depends. It had its ups and downs but as of late, great. How about you?" He asked as they began walking together.
"Things are going good. I am definitely not married now'" she joked and Link grinned.
"Oh yeah. Zelda told me. Congratulations on... not.... getting married" he joked back.

They walked out onto a balcony where Zelda was. She turned around.
"Link. I forgot to ask. Wanna do a trade?" She asked as she held out the Fairy Ocarina.
"Oh! You still have it. Oh absolutely." He said excited as he pulled out the Ocarina of Time and handed it back to her and took back his treasured item.
"That was your proof you were coming back" she said with a sweet smile.
"Aww. And you too were little tiny tots then" Impa teased them as she rubbed the top of their heads.
"So, any amazing stories I should hear about?" Impa asked and Link sighed. Another time. I might have to write it down so I don't have to keep retelling it. But I did meet Nabooru..." he said in hopes of getting a reaction to the serious Woman but all she did was raise an eyebrow.

"I imagine you didn't just talk about nothing." She said and Link smiled.
"Oh yeah. She told me she fucked you." He said bluntly and Zelda went bright red. "She said you were the second best she has had if that means anything." He said and she frowned.
"Second! Who was better than me?" She asked and then Link went red.
"Ah...." he said as both Zelda and Impa turned to him at the same time. "What?" He asked, trying to act calm but he knew exactly what.
"You.... you said I was the third person you screwed and.... don't." She said briefly as she pointed a finger at Impa " but you failed to mention who your first was Link..." she teased and Link sighed.

"Alright. I fucked Nabooru but she wasn't my first. I fucked Ruto too if we are laying everything out there!" He boldly claimed and Impa pulled a face. And Zelda laughed.
"Seriously. Like, earlier today? You said you had no feelings for her and man that must have felt.... slimy..." she joked and Link crossed his arms.
"I don't have feelings for her. I just think she is hot, that is all. And she initiated it and was pretty insistent" he defensibelt claimed.
"Can we change the subject away from your Fish Sex?" Impa asked and they all laughed.
"Yes.. like your first Link… who was that?" Zelda asked and Link sighed, he knew he would have to tell her.
"The Princess of Syrule…"


Link sat awake, just staring at the ceiling. His room was nice and all but it was a bit depressing and he felt lonely in it. He got up and wandered over to the window. He loved the feeling of the cool night air on his face. It was raining too which made the air cooler. He heard a noise coming from Zelda's room. It was probably nothing but Link saw no harm in taking a look. He made his way to her balcony, wearing the Stone Mask so no one would see him. He peered through her window to an uncomfortable sight.

"Ahh Ahhh Ahhh!" Zelda moaned as she lay back nude. Her breasts bouncing back and forth from the Man thrusting into her. Victor had her in his arms and was on his knees pushing in and out of her. Link looked away but looked back again. He thought Zelda was so attractive..... he took one last look at her boobs before diving off the side of the balcony. The whole sight was uncomfortable to watch and Link just needed to go somewhere that made him happy.

Victor spread her legs wide and pushed himself on top of her. His hard dick was felt all the way through her right walls. Zelda's wet core gripped his dick like a vice and she bucked her hips upwards to meet her husband. She placed her hands on his upper back and gripped it tightly. He was certainly more experienced than Link was.

"Zelda I..." he moaned and she was in bliss.
"YES VICTOR! Give me a child! Ahhhh!" She called out and Victor reached his climax with her as he shot his cum inside her. They both panted from their orgasmic high and Victor pulled out of her. Zelda sighed happily as she hugged into him. She wanted a child now, she felt ready despite being young but part of her hoped Victor hadn't gave her a child so she had an excuse to fuck him more.

When Link had fucked her she wasn't careful and she let him cum inside her. He hadn't made her pregnant, Zelda had checked as soon as he left and she felt a relief. At the time of Link fucking her she felt fine with having a child with him, maybe she was just releived to see him after so long and didn't want him to go again or what but when she actually thought about it alone it was an awful idea. She was married to a Man she loved a lot and a Man that loved her back. She wanted her Children to be his.



Malon wakes up to a knock on the door. She walks down stairs in a dressing gown and with her hair a mess. She answers the door to Link who is standing in the rain, dripping wet.
"Hi. I am back" he said and she drags him in.
"You came all the way here in the rain?" She asked him and he laughed.
"I promise I have been through worse than this'' he told her "and besides I.... can I ask you a favour?" He said and Malon smiled.
"Of course".
"Can I live here?" He asked and she was shocked.
"I'll sleep in the barn, make my own bed, I'll earn my keep. I get paid pretty well but I will help out on the Ranch free of charge" he explained as he tried to convince the Girl that was already convinced.
"Link... I would say yes even if you were a slob that did nothing all day" she said as he smiled "But I will have to ask my Father. He owns the place" she said.

She knocked on a door that was under the stairs and Talon walked out rubbing his eyes.
"What in tarnation? Can't a man get a little shut eye around ere?" He said before seeing Link. "Hylia! Is that you my Boy? Link?" He asked in amazement.
"Hi Talon. It's been a while" he said politely as the man ran over and hugged Link.
"When were you back?" He asked and Link smiled.
"Yesterday. I came round to see Malon and return Epona. I came here to ask a favour" he said politely.

Link told him his request, giving him every bit of information he gave to Malon.
"Well.... I don't see any reason why not, but don't be a stranger. You don't have to sleep in the barn... Malon has a spare bed in her room" he said and Malon went bright red.
"Father, is that not too.... inappropriate...." she said and he laughed.
"What you do with that information is up to you but the bed doesn't have to stay there... personally I wouldn't let a Handsome Young Knight out of my sight" he said before heading back to bed.

"It's really up to you, Malon. I'll move the bed down here if it's what you want" he said respectfully. But that isn't what she wanted. She wanted to be by Link all the time. She grabbed his hand.
"It's okay..." she said and Link knew she was embarrassed so just hugged her.
"Thank you Malon..."


Link lay on a bed across the room from Malon. He felt her gaze as he took off his shirt. He was flattered that she found him attractive. "Maybe she likes me" he thought. It made him happy. But why? Sure she is hot and kind and caring and they are great friends... but no. He likes Zelda... does he... "Do I like Malon as more than a friend?" He asked himself. He found it impossible. He fantasized about his life with Zelda for years, she being his driving force home. He couldn't be over her, and he couldn't say he was. But Malon is... his mind wandered about it for a few more minutes before he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Link opened his eyes and took a moment to figure out where he was. He was used to it. So often in his life he has woken up to unfamiliar places. It was very early but Link was used to getting up early. He pulled his clothes on as quietly as possible so he didn't wake up Malon and went downstairs.
"Ah Link! You're up! How was last night? Did you too..." Talon said and Link went bright red.
"No! Hylia No! Me and Malon are friends, that's all" he told him and Talon as he got to the bottom of the steps.
"I'm only playin my Boy. But ya know she has had a crush on you since she were a wee lass right?" He asked and Link raised an eyebrow.
"No.. no she is just playful that's all" Link said and Talon laughed.
"Whatever you say lad!" He chuckled "But she did keep that Slingshot of yours all these years" he told him as he left the house.

Link had time to process that one as he walked across Hyrule field to the Castle. Surely not, Malon had a crush on him? After so long?
"Yeah right Link. You are one to talk. You were obsessed with Zelda for years'' he told himself. He did find Malon very attractive, funny, adorable and he had fun talking and spending time with her.... "No. Stop it." He told himself as he arrived at Hyrule Castle.

He Hookshot is way up to his room. The Guards were getting used to him doing that but it didn't stop them getting annoyed at it. He opened his window and then walked right through and out the other end. He had found the quickest path to Zelda's room. He knocked on her door.
"Come in Link!" She called and he opened the door.
"How'd you know it was me?" He asked and she smirked.
"Woman's intuition.... or you just knock in a rather unique way" she joked and she walked passed him and out the door. "Follow me." She told him, wasting no time at all.

"Where are we going?" He asked and she looked up at him.
"You are going to be training the Guards and I am going to watch and swoon at your skills" she told him and he sighed.
"Do I have to? I mean... I am not a good teacher." He complained but she pulled his arm.
"It'll be fun!" She said and he smiled at her playfulness.
" But seriously. It kinda comes naturally, the sword skills.. that being said I have picked up some cool techniques that I would like to pass on. Like eventually there will come a time when the next Hero is chosen by the Gods and I want them to be able to rely on my skills'' he told her and she raised an eyebrow.
"You could pass it onto your kids if you ever plan on having any with Malon" she said and his face went red.
"What does that mean? Why is everyone obsessed with me getting with Malon?" He asked and she frowned.
"I was just joking because you spend the night at Lon Lon Ranch but seriously Link, you two do make a good couple" she told him.

He looked into her eyes. He was sad about something.
"Zelda. I... I know this will sound stupid but I feel like I would be betraying you. Like I have loved you for so long and I told myself I could never love anyone else but... I think I do like her but I don't want to" he confessed and she gave a friendly smile and hugged him.
"I don't think it is stupid because I felt the same way about you when I fell in love with Victor. Link, it is okay to move on. It doesn't even mean you don't love me. That's okay. I still love you but have chosen to spend my life with someone else. Love is not binary Link" she told him and he smiled.
"Thank you. You're the best, you know that right?" He said and she smirked and looked up to the left.
"Oh yeah. I know." She said as they continued.


Link trained the Knights. He practically had to start at the basics because he out classed them in every sense of the word. Zelda watched and was impressed at just how good he was. His Gilded Sword was a good fit for him and the Hylian Shield her Father gave him all those years back was still in his care. She had seen his mirror shield he hung on his wall and she thought it was horrifying but Link had told her that he uses it as a literal mirror these days.

The day went on and Link was eventually done. He was paid handsomely for his service and he returned to Lon Lon Ranch at about 6pm. He stepped foot inside the House and Talon was cooking.
"She's in the tower" he said and Link did a U Turn and headed in that direction.

He pushed the door open and she was carrying a hay bale.
"Fair Boy!" She exclaimed as he stepped inside. She dropped the hay and hugged him and he went a bit red. He felt her boobs press right into him and he held the hug as he was distracted. He let go and sat on a crate.
"Do you still have that Fairy Slingshot I gave you?" He asked and she gave a sweet smile.
"Of course. Do you want it back?" She asked and he shook his head.
"No, no. It's yours, keep it.... but why did you keep it?" He asked and she stopped what she was doing and looked at him.
"Because it is yours and having it felt like a part of you was with me.... and I am pretty sure you said to look after it for me" she said and Link shrugged.

"I don't remember that at all. But I do appreciate it regardless" he told her. His heart began beating fast as he tried to find the courage to ask what he wanted to ask. "Malon I... I want to ask you something. Do you like me... like me more than a friend?" He asked with a red face. No going back now. She lit up redder than him.
"Link I.... where did that come from?" She asked and Link didn't answer. "You are really special to me Link. I would never want to do anything that would push you away" she said to him. He stepped closer.
"I just want you to answer fully and openly. Nothing you could say would push me away" he told her.
"I do... I like you a lot Link...You mean the world to me but I know you and Zelda are..." she said looking down.

Link put his hands on her shoulders and she looked up at him.
"We're not. I mean, I am sure you know Zelda is married and I do deeply care about her, we will always be friends and heck, we are a bit flirty around each other but no. She is not the one I want to be with. My feelings are confused Malon but I think.... I think I love you" he explained, the words made both of them go redder than they were aware they could.
"Link...." she said, covering her mouth in shock before wrapping a loving hug around him. She began sobbing into his tunic and he smiled. As he held her it felt so nice, she felt so comforting and he felt like for the first time ever he could just let go of everything. "I have loved you since we were Kids but I thought a Man such as you would never be interested in a Ranch Girl like me" she sobbed and Link grabbed her head and he looked into her eyes.
"Malon... the opposite is true. Yes I have led an exciting life and done some pretty amazing things but remember... I grew up in a Tree. I love being able to be Zelda's personal Knight but the Castle life is a bit much if I am being honest. This is where I belong. Here on Lon Lon Ranch with you" he told her.
"You don't know how happy you have made me Link" she said and he smirked.
"No, I am pretty sure I do because I feel the same"....


They sat hugging and talking for hours. It's what Malon had wished for years and it is what Link needed for years. Link had fantasised about Zelda for years, perhaps over played it to the point of delusion. Link knew that if he had not left there was a real chance he could have been with her but he was also starting to be more realistic. She is a Queen and he is from Kokiri Village, their backgrounds were so different that who knows if a romance would have been able to last long term. Would he be able to live in a Castle? He had assumed that would be something he would have to tolerate. In this very moment he began to realise that Zelda marrying Victor was the best thing that could have happened to him as it eventually made him realise who he was meant to be with.

Malon was perfect. She was gorgeous for a start. Her big red hair and her innocent but sometimes amusingly bossy personality got to him. Her love for animals and nature was something he understood all too well. She worked on a peaceful ranch so she was strong from all the heavy lifting as well as the Horse riding.... and also her body was hard to ignore.

As they talked, Link told her about his tales. He hasn't got the chance to go into detail. He told her all about Termina and how she spent a long time with Cremia and Romani, two Girls that looked identical to her. He told her about his sexual experiences too. He wanted to lay everything out on the table so they could always be honest. She was fascinated by his stories and slightly disgusted by his sexual experiences with the four Women he had been with, especially how recent two of them were but she understood it.


They returned to the House in the dead of night. They were starving so Malon cooked some Bacon and it was delicious. They then just sat next to each other in silence. If this is what true love was, she approved. Eventually she yawned and stood up. She held out a hand to pull him up, as he let her try he pulled her down on top of him due to his strength. They laughed before they both got up together.

They went up stairs and Link's heart began to race. Link wasn't planning on anything happening, he really wanted to take things at a steady pace, at a pace Malon was comfortable with but still. It was the first time in her bedroom as a couple... his bedroom? He was unsure.
"Link you can...." she mumbled pointing at her bed and he nodded. She was awkward and shy about making advances so he wasn't going to rush her. But he understood what she meant.

They were a couple now but he was still respectful enough to turn as she changed into pyjamas. He took his belts off and pulled his tunic off. He then pulled his shirt off and turned to see her red in the face. She had not turned away.
"Are you okay with me sleeping in my... you know?" He asked and she nodded before he stripped down to only his boxers.

They got in bed, it was a single bed so it wasn't ideal but being close was not something he would say no too. Malon snuggled against his muscular chest and he had his arms around her. "I love you Malon." he said softly and she stayed where she was.
"I love you fairy boy..." she said as they both fell asleep.



Link wakes up with the beautiful redhead lying next to him with her eyes open.
"Morning" she said in a low voice, nothing special about the way she said it but it made his heart flutter.
"Morning beautiful girl" he said and she went red. Link realised it was the first time he had complimented her beauty.
"Link can I.... can I kiss you?" She asked and he smiled.
"You never have to ask that '' he told her and she moved her head to his and gave him a light kiss. It wasn't too long or too short, just right. They looked at each other lovingly and just lay there cuddling. "We'll have to tell your Father about us" he said and she smiled.
"Yeah but I feel like he knew we were together before we were. I mean I never told him I had a crush on you but he still knew." She said and Link smiled.

"You have a great Dad. Do you mind if I ask about your Mother?" He said and she gave a sad smile.
"She died when I was really young. She caught the illness that swept through Hyrule after the Civil War. I didn't know her very well but I do remember her having hair just like mine and she taught me Epona's Song." Sbe told him. Link sat and thought about it. He didn't know there was an illness after the Civil War and he knew little to nothing about the Civil War. He was blissfully ignorant to the world outside and he believed he was a Kokiri back then. "Did you know your Mother?" She asked and he shook his head.
"No. I never knew either of my parents. I didn't know parents were even a thing that existed until I was ten." He said and she looked confused.

"I grew up in the Kokiri Forest believing I was one of them. But Kokiri don't age. They stay as Children forever. As such they do not reproduce like us. They kinda grow as buds I believe... I am really not sure how it works. Some magic of some kind." He told her as he lay back in deep thought. "It wasn't until I left the Village, the day I first met you in Castle Town, that I learned about how the World worked. Navi filled me in on a lot of it. It turns out my Father was a Knight and my Mother took me as a Baby and fled into the Kokiri forest where she offered me to the Deku Tree. She was gravely injured and died... I know it is sad but I feel more sad about not having the experience of a Father and Mother than I do about them being dead" he told her and she understood.
"I am sure they would both be proud of you" she told him and he smiled, kissing her again and then sitting up.
"Thank you Malon" he said as he got out of bed.

He gets changed and turns to see Malon getting changed. She was only in a bra but her back was turned, all the same Link still felt he didn't have permission to look so he turned, giving a few seconds before facing her. They walked down stairs where Talon was making breakfast as usual.
"You two get it on yet!" He jokes and neither replies. There was silence and he laughed. "Oh Hylia! You did, didn't you?" He asks and Malon steps forward.
"No Father, we did not do what you think. Stop asking that, it is gross." She said in slight annoyance.
"Okay, okay. Just saying he is a Handsome Man is all..." he defended himself. Malon sighed.

"Which is why we are together. Me and Link are going out now." She told him boldly, not going as red as Link assumed she would. Maybe she was just less embarrassed around her Dad.
"Oh thank the Goddess. I thought you were gonna beat around the ol friend zone forever". He said as he walked over to them and threw an arm around both of them. "You are both perfect for each other but Link..." he said changing tone. "Hurt my Daughter in any way and it'll be the last thing you ever do." He said boldly but Link smiled.
"Thank you Talon, but you don't have to worry. No way I will do anything bad to her, she is the best and I am punching above my weight as is' ' he said and he laughed while Malon finally turned her iconic tomato based colour.
"Well said, my Boy. " he told him as he patted him on the back.

He left the room and Malon turned to him.
"Punching above your weight? Are you kidding? That is me. I am a simple farm Girl and you are a Heroic Knight." She said but Link thought.
"No, no. I am just a Forest Kid that lucked into everything. You are a true hardworking, innocent, strong beautiful Woman and you make me feel so lucky" he told her. She smiled and held her heart to her chest.
"Awww. Link...." she said in his kind words. He kissed her, a little more passionately this time.
"I have to go to the Castle now though. I'll be back as soon as I can!" He said as he left through the front door.


Link loved the walk to Hyrule Castle from the Ranch. It wasn't far and wished it was further so he could just enjoy the fresh air. He knew he could get there much quicker on Epona or by playing the Prelude of Light but why bother. He eventually made it and hook shot up to Zelda's balcony, that was something he also never got tired of. He knocked on the window, he knew Zelda would know who it was and she drew the curtains and she was fully dressed and Victor was sitting on the bed. She opened the doors to let him in.

"I guess why would you take the stairs when you don't have too" she joked and he laughed. "You'll be pleased to know you don't have a hard day today... not that any of your days have been hard here but you know" she said as he sat on a chair.
"Please don't say I am training the Knights again, I can't take it" he joked and she smiled.
"No, something more... personal. Personal for me, not you" she said and he looked confused. "Do you know what day it is today Link?" She asked and he sat and thought about it but he really didn't have a clue when anything happened in his life. He had played with time too much. He shook his head." It's the anniversary of the day my Father died" she said and Link felt the rush of memories flood his brain. He remembered being powerless to stop the Gerudo from killing him.
"Oh. I am sorry" he said and she looked confused before realising he was again apologising for not being able to save him. She thought it was best to say nothing. He knew that she never blamed him and he knew it wasn't his fault.

"Basically I am going to visit him at Kakariko Graveyard. And you are my escort" she told him.
"Well to brighten the mood, I have good news. Me and Malon are together" he said and Zelda turned around like an excited school girl and clapped her hands.
"Oh! Yay! I am so happy for you. As I said, you two are perfect together." She cheered and hugged Link.
"Never met her but I am glad you have found someone" Victor said, reminding Link he was in the room.
"She is the Daughter of the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. It's not exactly a high end establishment but you two should come and visit, we'd love it" he said to Victor.

"We've kept in touch" Zelda said to Link and he looked at her.
"You have?" He asked and she nodded.
"We write to each other and as a kid, when you had left and I started getting training from Impa I would sneak out at night and go visit her. I did a lot but as I got older I got more busy and well, I don't have that luxury any more. Talon still delivered milk to the Castle and she'd be with him a lot so we still saw each other from time to time" she explained.
"Well I am glad because us three were a brilliant trio if I ever saw one." He said and she laughed in agreement.

Link and Zelda left the Castle together and Link pulled out his Ocarina and played Epona's song. In a moment's notice the Horse arrived and the duo got on her back and rode off.
"Am I only here to keep you company because you can definitely handle yourself?" Link asked and she smirked.
"I don't know what you are talking about. I am a helpless damsel" she joked before leaning her chin over his shoulder. "I can handle myself, yes. But for one, in a fight you are still way better than me and two the Guards wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I tried to leave on my own" she said as she relaxed into him. Their bodies were close, Link could feel her against him and for sure it was nice but he now reached the point where he felt he could be as close to Zelda as he wanted without worry because he was never going to cheat on Malon. He loved her and he could never break that Girls heart.


They arrived at Kakariko and walked through the Village to the Graveyard. Link thought about how he could get himself a cool new Hookshot from the Grave but knew now wasn't the best time. Zelda stopped in front of a huge noticeable grave at the back. Link stood a respectable distance away, letting her be alone with her thoughts and he sat down on a crate. Link looked up and a teenage Boy stepped out of the former Grave Keeper Dampe's shack. Link smiled, recognising the kid that used to play around in the graveyard but older. Realistically, Link recognised him more as the leader of the Bombers back in Termina as he would pass him on a daily basis almost. Link knew he must have taken over Dampe's job.

Once Zelda was done talking to her Dad, they left the Graveyard. "We are also going to see Impa'' she told him as she guided him by the hand to the Spider's House, or that's how he knew it. She knocked on the door and opened it. "It's me, Impa!" She called as she guided Link into the renovated room.
"Hello your Majesty and oh... Lord Hero of Time" the Nice Woman who was presumably Impa's Wife said as she bowed and Zelda waved her hand in dismissal.
"Please Grace, there is really no need. When we are alone, I am just Zelda and this is Link." Zelda explained but knew she would do it again in the future.
"You are always just Zelda even with others around to me!" Impa called as she walked into the room in what Link could only describe as sheikah robes. A sight Link couldn't quite see her seriously in.

Impa and Zelda embraced and then she turned to Link.
"You don't get out of a hug either" she said before hugging Link.
"Hi, Impa. Nice house" he said as she smiled.
"Yeah it is.... you give a look like there was more to that statement than was on the surface" she said and Link frowned and looked at Zelda and Impa's Wife Grace.
"Don't worry, being a Sheikah she can usually read people. Don't think you have to tell her everything" Grace said with a laugh and Impa but a hand on her hip.
"I have ways of getting anything out of anyone" she said to her Wife and she blushed. Zelda notices that and goes red by the implications of what that could mean.

"So Impa, Grace, how did all this come about? Like you two and this place?" He asked as Grace guided them into a living room where they could sit at a couch.
"I am a Maid at Hyrule Castle and Impa would always catch my eye and I noticed her checking me out everytime we passed in the hallways. Eventually we got drunk, started talking and the next thing I can remember was waking up naked in bed with her" she said with a smirk and Impa sat there calm. "The rest is history."
"As for this place… well I know what you are thinking, Link. A Rich Family used to live here and yes they were cursed… unfortunately nothing could be done for them and they perished" Inpa said but stopped when she noticed Link was unhappy

"You are wrong….I shouldn't have forgotten about them.." Link said as he looked down at the floor.
"Link?" Zelda asked in concern.
"I saved them… I slayed 100 Gold Skulltullahs and broke the curse on them but of course that was undone when I turned back time…It's my fault…" Link said in despair.
"Link… you had so much on your plate. You have helped so many people and focusing on one mistake doesn't do you any good. Besides, you didn't kill them… Okay?" Zelda said as she turned his head to look at her.
"Yeah. Sorry. Continue Impa.." he said and she cleared her throat.

"Well I bought the House once they were gone and my lovely Wife here renovated the whole place. Made it what it is now" she said in a happier tone to lift the mood. "But what about you Link… any special Girl in your life?" She asked and Zelda smirked and looked at him.
"Me and Malon recently got together" he told her and she lit up.
"Congratulations Link! I hope you treat that gorgeous Girl well" Impa said and turned to Grace. "She is the young Woman that practically runs Lon Lon Ranch. These two were Childhood friends with her" Impa explained to Grace who had never met Malon.

The four talk for hours about all kinds, catching up on everything and getting to know each other well. But Zelda needed to get back to the Castle and they left. Link looked up at Death Mountain.
"I should catch up with Darunia sometime" Link said and Zelda put an arm around him and hugged him in a friendly manner.
"Go now Link" she told him and he looked at her.
"I can't go now, I have to protect you." He said and she put her hands on her hips and just stared at him. "Oh yeah, badass Ninja. Got it. Okay, well be safe." Link tells her and he puts on the Goron Mask, a new sight for Zelda and a one she found uncomfortable. He rolled off towards the Volcano.

As soon as he was out of sight, Zelda decided she was going to go see Malon.
"I am sure he won't mind, neither will you, right Epona?" She said to the Horse as she got on and rode out of Kakariko Village.


"Gor? I haven't seen you around Brother? Where are you from?" A Goron asked Link as he walked towards Goron City in his Goron form.
"Far away" Link lied " I am here to see Darunia" he said and the Goron shrugged as he lost interest. Link entered the City and dived down in a roll to get to the bottom faster. He reached Darunia's chamber and played Zelda's Lullaby on the Goron Bongos to make the door open. "Still got it," Link said to himself as he entered.

"Who are you!" Darunia demanded and Link smiled.
"An old friend" Link said as he took the mask off and transformed back into his Hylian form.
"What the!.... Link? What did…. How?" Darunia asked many questions at once, none of them being complete.
"Well I have a lot of explaining, but I am just here to visit an old friend". He said and Darunia smiled.
"Welcome back Brother".



Malon heard the sound of Epona and ran to the front of the Ranch. Who she saw on the back of the Horse was not who she had expected, not at all.
"Prince.... I mean Queen Zelda? What are you?.... Where is Link? Is he alright?" She asked in a confused panic and Zelda jumps gracefully down from the Horse.
"Your Boyfriend is just fine" she said with a smirk and Malon responded with a shy smile. "That is why I am here, to congratulate you two on being together." She told Malon and she was speechless.
"I... erm thank you so much but aren't you like... busy and stuff?" Malon asked and Zelda shrugged.
"I may be the Queen and I may be busy but I will always find time for my best friends" she said which made Malon smile.

Talon and Ingo stepped out of the stable to see Zelda standing there.
"Oh my! It's...." he stumbled on his words before kneeling. "Your majesty!" He said and Zelda laughed.
"C'mon now. No need for that. Just here to see your Daughter and congratulate her and catch up" she said before grabbing Malon by the arm and pulling her away.


They sat on the crates in the Tower and Zelda hugged Malon. "It's been too long since we got to just be friends. I miss the good ol days sometimes but things are truly better now in almost every way" she told the farm girl who agreed.
"I missed him so much and everytime he leaves to go do his job I worry about him not coming home. I know it is silly but he was just gone for such a long time" she told Zelda and she understood all too well.

"Malon, if I promise you one thing, it is that I will protect Link with my life. Now obviously he is more capable of defending himself and me at the same time than I would be at just defending him. That isn't what I mean. What I mean is I will not recklessly send him on a mission that has high risks if it isn't worth it. Luckily we live in a time of peace so there is no need for him to be at risk but I understand your worry' she told her. Malon hugged her tight.
"Thank you Zelda. You have no idea how much that means to me" she said.

"So. Tell me the details. Have you two kissed? Shared a bed? Gone a little further?" Zelda teased in genuine curiosity and Malon went red.
"No, no.... we have shared a bed and kissed. Nothing more. We are taking it slow. I am a bit nervous about my first time though. Like.... wont it hurt?" She asked Zelda who chuckled.
"Oh wow. You just assume I am no longer a virgin huh?" She asked but Malon smiled.
"Link told me about you and him" she said and Zelda went red.
"Really? He told you about that? Wow. Well, let's move on before it gets awkward. Yes, I am not a virgin but Victor was gentle on our first time and I assume Link will be too. I won't lie to you, it hurts at first but the feeling after that is so worth the pain" Zelda told her.. "I don't want to be weird here as you probably don't want to hear this but he is good. Like he knows what he is doing" she said and Malon felt the heat rise.

"You are right. It is slightly weird to hear that but thank you all the same" she laughed and Zelda apologised.
"I don't know if this is too personal and please tell me to shut up if it is but are you two planning on having kids?" Zelda asked and Malon played with her skirt.
"I don't know. We haven't talked about it yet but I hope so. I want kids and I want to get married and Link is just.... he is just perfect. He would make a good Dad" she said in delight and Zelda smiled.
"You'd be a good Mother too" Zelda said, getting a smile in response. "Me and Victor are trying for our little Prince or Princess. Sometimes I think I am too young but whoever feels ready" she told Malon.

"Ooh. I am excited for you. You will make a great Mother too. You gotta promise that you will visit me after you have had a Child because I wanna meet the future King or Queen as a little cutie" she said and Zelda smiled.
"Even better. You and Link can come to the Castle. As long as I get to see the little Baby Link or Malon if that ever happens" Zelda says and she agrees.

They talked for hours and hours. They made an agreement that what is said in here stays in here. It seemed like all they talked about was Link. The positives were mostly highlighted as neither had much to say about his lesser qualities. They wondered what it must have been like for him to deal with the stuff he went through. Especially since he never found Navi in the end.


Hours later, Link leaves Goron City after catching up with his sworn Brother Darunia. He heads over to Hyrule Castle, rolling down Death Mountain as a Goron for the first time and had to admit it was so much fun. Link got to the gates and looked at the guard. It was the same Man that guarded the gates all those years back.
"Don't want to be weird but did you ever get the Keaton Mask for your Son?" Link asked and the Guard looked back at him.
"What?" He asked as he wasn't really listening. Link pulled out the Keaton Mask and put it on. The Man smiled. "Oh. That thing! Yeah. My Son loved that thing. He has grown past it now but he used to run around with it all day.... how did you?" He asked before realising who he was talking too. "Oh my Hylia! You are the Hero of Time!" He said and Link smiled.
"Yeah. And believe it or not I helped you get the Keaton Mask for your Son. Didn't have time to do everything again but I am glad it worked out" he said and walked off.

Link did that from time to time. He would remember someone he helped that he never got to help a second time around and feel the urge to know if their situations turned out okay.

He then made it back to Hyrule Castle and hookshot up to her balcony. He knocked on her window and Victor opened it with a confused look.
"Where is Zelda?" He asked and Link's heart sank.
"What do you mean? She came back here... on Epona... right?" He asks and when Victor does not respond and Link panics...



"You know, it's getting late. I should get back before they miss me" Zelda told Malon as she got on the back of Epona.
"Feel free to come back at any point okay!" She said happily and Zelda replied with a simple smile before she rode off out of the ranch.

She rode through Castle Town and to the Gates where the Knight ran to her.
"Your Majesty! You are okay!" He said in delight and she frowned as they opened the gates. "Thank Hylia you are back because Sir Hero of Time was gonna set out looking for you" they said and she sighed.

She got off the Horse at the front of the Castle and walked inside. Link was on his way out with a strange mask in his hand.
"Oh thank Hylia! When you hadn't arrived back I was thinking something happened. Where were you?" He asked as he hugged her in relief.
"Oh... I am sorry I didn't mean to worry anyone. I was talking with Malon" she said and Link let go.
"You could have told me..." he complained and she felt bad. "I was ready to track your sent with this stupid thing" he said as he held up the mask of scents, a masl that resembled a pig.
"Well it would have taken you home, where I assume you will be going now that you know I am safe" she said to him and he nodded.
"Good. Malon is great. I am so happy for you" she said and smiled a kind smile.
"Thank you Zelda. It means a lot".


Link had returned home and was in bed with Malon. He looked at her beautiful face.
"What did you two talk about?" He asked in curiosity and she grinned a cheeky smile.
"Wouldn't you like to know.... well... it's girl stuff. My lips are sealed" she said and he laughed.

Chapter Text

There was nothing he enjoyed more about his day than spending his mornings in the comfort of his Girl Friend. He was a little upset he never got to spend more time with her but he knew he would find the time to take her on a date or something soon. He suddenly thought of something odd.

"Malon.... where is Ingo these days?" He asked and she turned in curiosity.
"Who knows. Technically he is still employed by my Father but he very rarely shows up and no one knows where to find him" she said and Link sighed.
"I never really liked him. I mean, I know I lived events that never happened but he was horrible to you, Talon, Epona and me. Even before that he wasn't a nice person" he told her. She couldn't deny it.

"He wasn't always like that though. He used to be a nice man. Him and my Father were childhood friends and he used to be nice to everyone. Suddenly he began being vile and got worse and worse. No one could understand why" she said in sadness. Link didn't like to hear that. It was easier to pretend he was always horrid but now he wanted to know what changed him. "And don't bother Link. I know you too well" she said and he looked at her confused.
"Try what?" He asked and she giggled and rolled on top of him. He felt himself harden at the press of her body on top of him.
"My Father knows nothing. You were gonna ask him like it is your job to fix. Trust me Link, I love that you want to help everyone you meet but you are not responsible for everyone" she said as she kissed him.

He held the kiss, letting out a low moan as he stroked her soft hair. They parted and smiled.
"Alright. You win. I won't go chasing this one." He said and she put a hand on his face.
"Good. I guess you are easy to convince she said as she got up and began getting changed.

Link stared in shock. It was the first time he had seen her fully change in front of him. He saw nothing really as her back was turned but the slight roundness of her boobs peeking out from the side of her body got him excited. Link wondered if she had felt his erection but knew she must have. If not this time then plenty of other occasions where they were pressed together.


Link heads off to Hyrule Castle, upon arrival Link was given a Silver Rupee as a paycheck, something he was very happy about. He then made it to Zelda's room, using the front door for a change since he had to come through the Castle to get paid. He knocked on her door and she called for him to come in.

"Good morning Link" she said unusually unjolly as she sorted through letters on her desk. Victor sat in the corner and simply smiled.
"Morning.... I have a feeling you have something to tell me by the tone of your voice." He said and she sighed before getting up and turning to him.
"I do and well... it's not the best news" she said and he just gave her a look that meant for her to continue. "We have a mission for you, in two days actually. You have today and tomorrow off. It isn't a mission you will like and I give you full permission to decline if you choose too." She said and he scratched his head.

"Zelda, I have Killed a Giant Boar Demon.... two different ones. I stopped the Moon from crashing to the Earth and stopped wars. Why would this mission be so hard it would make me back out?" He asked in concern.
"It's not a difficult mission, it's probably quite boring for you in fact. No, it's because it is being my Bodyguard as me and Victor travel to Labrynna for diplomacy.... you'd have to leave Hyrule again" she said and he frowned.
"Oh." Was all he said and he looked up. "Erm... yeah I... yeah I don't know. I'd have to ask..."
"Ask Malon, I know" she interrupted him. "You do not need to give an answer now. We just need an answer by tomorrow Morning. We will leave the day after that" she explained to him.

"Yeah... sorry. I'll think about it and talk to Malon about it. I promised her I would never leave Hyrule again and personally I don't really want to. I have been gone a long time" he justified to her. She didn't need his justification, she knew there was the possibility of him refusing but he just felt he needed to as he wasn't one to back down from missions. Zelda also promised Malon she wouldn't recklessly play with Link's life. Sure, the mission wasn't a dangerous one as Labrynna wasn't some dystopian hellscape but it was still a long way from home.



Link had left, his mind busy with thoughts. He didn't know what he wanted. He wanted to assure her safety and he wasn't sure he trusted anyone else with her life. At the same time he didn't want to leave Malon and savoured every second he had with her. He really loved her.

He walked through Castle Town and turned to where the Happy Mask Shop used to sit which was now replaced with a bar. Link knew Hyrule Castle Town pretty well but he had never been in there since the Castle itself had its own bar. Out of curiosity, he ventured in.

Upon entering, the smell of alcohol hits him. He looks around and sees a familiar man passed out in the corner. Coincidences happen all the time but this one was just weird. Ingo was sitting there, a Man Link jad just asked about earlier in the day. Link had told Malon he wasn't going to go try and solve whatever problems the Man had but... he just fell into his lap practically...Link decided he would see what the Bar Owner knew.

Link sat down and the Bar Owner walked over. Link looked at the beefy looking guy and pointed unassumingly to Ingo at the other end of the room. "Excuse me, do you happen to know anything about that Man, Ingo?" Link asked and the Bar Owner crossed his arms.
"Yeah, I do. But what is it to you? Why should you know? Just because you are The Hero of Time it doesn't mean you get to know anything you want" the Man said and Link sighed. He hated it when people knew who he was. He pulled out the Silver Rupee and thought against it, he put it away and pulled out a Purple Rupee.
"I'll... well I mean it's a bribe basically. But 50 Rupees for what you know. For the record, I am doing it because I care about him" Link said and the Man laughed and took the Rupee.

"Yeah... whatever. No one cares about him. Look at him. He is a mess. But he is a mess for a good reason. Years ago he was a nice Man and was happily married but his Wife got ill from the illness after the Civil War and she slowly declined in health. She was in a liveable condition for a while but eventually it got to her and she fell into a coma. A coma she is still in today. All that man does is drink, get angry at everyone and then spend his day by her side. There is not a lot anyone can do for him lad so I wouldn't waste your breath" he told him.

Link frowned and felt horrible. Who knew he lived such a sad life. Link imagined the reason he was so cruel in the other timeline was because his Wife was probably killed Ganondorf destroyed Castle Town.. maybe not though, that would explain his allegiance to Ganondorf. But regardless, Link had made a promise to Malon but it was a promise he was going to break. He couldn't do anything.


Link waits in the bar. Waiting for Ingo to leave. He eventually does and Link puts on the Stone Mask and trails him. He follows him into a back alley and then into his House. He sees the coma induced Woman and then leaves. He just needed to see it for himself. He walks back the way he came and into the Castle grounds. He sneaks past the guards using the vine just out of convenience of not having to explain himself to them. Link wouldn't be able to sneak past without the Stone Mask as security was tighter ever since he snuck in all those years back.

He squeezed behind a boulder and entered the Fairy Fountain, going in to scoop up a Fairy in a bottle and left, returning back to Ingo's House. He knocked on the door.
"PISS OFF!" He heard him shout but he knocked again. "I SAID FUCK OFF WHO EVER YOU ARE!" He shouted again and Link just opened the door and walked in.

Ingo turned to him, clearly furious and marched towards Link. "YOU! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE! DID TALON SEND YOU?" He asked in anger and Link shook his head.
"I am here to help your Wife you prick" he snapped at him and Ingo took a step back.
"Don't you mess with me Boy.... I know who you are. You are that lad that saved me those years back... just because you saved me, doesn't mean I trust you... stay away from her." He said almost in tears.

Link sighed and looked at the Man with as kind of an expression as he could.
"Look, Ingo. Talon, nor Malon know where you are, and I haven't come because of them. All I onew was you were once a nice Man but for obvious reasons you are angry at the world. I found out from the Bar Owner why and I am just here to help" he said. Link was unsure if dropping the Bar Owner in this was a good idea or not but he couldn't change it now.
"How? How could you help? Look at her! She can't even hear us!" He shouted and Link pulled out the bottled Fairy.
"I can't be certain this will work but Fairies can heal people and even bring them from the brink of death. However, the Fairy only acts on selfless love. It can sense the desire and need of the person using it and it makes up its own mind if it is willing to sacrifice its life for another'' Link told him as he passes it to him. "Like I have to tell you this but make sure your heart is in the right place when you release the Fairy'' he told him.

Ingo kneels besides his Wife. He begins praying.
"Oh Hylia, Fairies, whoever. I am not a Holy Man and I don't know if I am doing this right but please save my Wife. She is my World and I am nothing without her. I promise to change my ways, be a good Man, work hard and live my life correcting my wrongs. She doesn't deserve this illness and doesnt deserve me" he prayed and then pulled the cork out of the Bottle.

The Fairy flew around him before flying over her in a spiral before disappearing into thin air.... Nothing. There was a long silence. Link gulped and Ingo sniffled. Then a loud gasp was heard and the Woman shot up, scaring the shit out of Link and Ingo.

"In... Ingo... where am I?" She asked, confused about a lot and he cries and hugs her.
"Oh Gloria! You are awake!" He cried into her. Link looked at the two.
"I'll be waiting outside.." Link said as he knew the right thing would be to give them some space. Link stood and thought about his next move. He played Epona's song and his loyal Horse found her way to him. He didn't need to wait for Ingo. He would give him time. Link then climbed on Epona's back and just as he was about to leave Ingo opened the door.

"You are not leaving without me are you?" He asked and Link was shocked.
"Ingo... what are you doing? " he asked and Ingo started climbing on Epona.
"I have to correct some mistakes and abandoning my friend is my biggest" he said.
"Ingo. Don't be ridiculous... you can see Talon anytime but your Wife has just woke up... would you not rather be with her?" He asked in concern.
"Of course I would but.... I will return to her as a good man. I am no good for her as I am" he said and Link sighed.
"Okay... well, what ever..." Link said in disagreement but rode on home with Ingo along for the ride.



Link and Ingo are on the back of Epona, Ingo is nervous about returning to the Ranch and doesn't know how he will apologise to Talon. Epona's heavy gallops always got Malon excited and she was always waiting at the entrance for her love to get home. As he rode in however, her eyes grew in shock. What was Ingo doing here?

They both got off Epona and Link walked over to Malon, gave her a short kiss and held her hand.
"I'll explain it all in a moment. Where is Talon?" He asked and she just pointed at the barn. Link walked towards the barn and opened it. "Talon, I have something to erm... show you?" He said in uncertainty that those were the right words.
"Can it wait I'm...." he said before turning around to see his old friend standing there. "Busy..." he finished.

"Hi, Talon.... I am back now. Back for good and
.. I am better..." he said and Talon ran over and hugged the man. Link took this as a cue to leave and give them space. As he did Malon was outside and he grabbed her by the hand and walked to the house.
"I thought you said you weren't going to chase after this one." She said with some annoyance in her voice but he shook his head.
"Believe it or not I met him by chance...." Link said as he explained the day's events.

"I know what I love about you Link?" She said looking up into his eyes. He smiled.
"My good looks?" He said and she smiled.
"Well yes, that's certainly a bonus, but no. You are just.... so, nice. Like more than most people could dream of. How many people have walked past Ingo and not given him a second thought. But you... you just can't turn down helping someone" she said as she kissed him.

He just stood and hugged her for what seemed like eternity. He sighed, knowing he had something to tell her that would ruin the mood but he had to anyway.
"Malon, I have something to tell you. It's not great news but you need to know'' he said to her and she pulled him towards the stairs and to their room.

He sits on the side of the bed next to her and holds one of her hands.
"Zelda has offered me a mission and she has given me full control to decide whether I can take it. It is not dangerous, or at least shouldn't be but it will mean being away for a while" he told her and she frowned.
"What is the mission?" She asked and he sighed.
"She wants me to be her bodyguard while her and Victor travel to Labrynna for some political stuff that doesn't involve me" he told her.
"Well I know what I think but I want to know what you are thinking" she tells him directly.

He sat and thought.
"Well.... I feel I should go. Zelda is important as a friend but also as the Queen and I want her life to go well. I am the most qualified to protect her life and I wouldn't feel safe with anyone else by her side.... However, I really don't want to leave Hyrule again. I was gone for so long and I wanted to stay. I also obviously don't want to leave you alone and if you don't want me to go I will put you before anything else'' he told her.

She squeezed his hand tight and leaned into him.
"Well of course I don't want you to go but doesn't mean I won't let you. Link, you should do what you think you need to do but I have one condition of yoh do go." She said and she looked him in the eyes." Do not be long and be safe. Promise me. Come back soon Link because I can't bear for you to be away for a long time" she said in fear.
"I will ask Zelda how long the mission is estimated to be and if it is more than a month I will decline. Deal?" He said and she gave a half smile and nodded.

"I love you, you know that right?" He said as he kissed her more passionately than before.
"Of course silly. What kinda question is that?"she asked in an obvious joke. She was red in the face. She had decided she knew she wanted him tonight but had no idea how to ask. She then felt his hand with hers and moved it to her breast and he pulled away in shock.
"Malon?" He asked and she made eye contact.
"I want you..." she said in embarrassment and Link needed no more encouragement.

He placed his hand back on her boob and immediately went hard. He couldn't believe how soft and firm they were. He played with them slightly as he kissed her, another hand on the side of her face. He was incredibly horny but didnt want to rush his first time with the Woman he loved. He broke the kiss and looked at her with passion in his eyes. He unbuckled his belt and she did the same.

They started clumsily assaulting each other's clothing to get naked as quickly as possible. Link admittedly knew what she looked like naked from when he nearly slept with Cremia but that was so long ago and that was not his gorgeous Girlfriend. Regardless, when she unclasped her bra before him and it fell to the ground, her boobs sprang free. Link stared in awe and she was slightly embarrassed to be topless before him but he made it easier by leaning into her and kissing her.

He pushed her back down onto the bed and moved his hand over one.
"Liiink..." she quietly moaned and he kissed her, their breaths touching.
"You are so perfect Malon" he told her as he pulled his shirt off and threw it across the room. She placed her hands on his muscular body before her hands headed down. To Link's surprise and her own, she grabbed his erection through the cloth of his tights and immediately let go. "We still have too much on '' he whispered into her ear and she squirmed as she pulled down her skirt and he pulled down his tights.

They both discarded their remaining clothes, Malon gasped as seeing her hard erection standing tall in front of her. She looked up at him.
"Can I?" She asked and he smiled.
"My pleasure" he said and she firmly touched it. Her soft hands made it twitch and it felt so good. She placed her hand around it and gave it a few slight strokes. Link moaned and she went red and giggled.

As Malon curiously played with his dick, Link explored her body with his eyes. She was outstandingly attractive. Her red hair was a slight mess and covered part of her breast. Her hips were curvy and her legs were thin. Link groaned at her touch. She licked it once and then gave him a cheeky smile.

Link had finished staring at her naked body for the time being and she let go of his erection. She smiled and he smiled back. He opened her legs nice and wide, leaned forward and his dick brushed against her entrance.
"I love you Malon" he tells her before he slowly begins pushing into her.

She bites her lip and grips the bed tightly as he slides into her. She is tight and inexperienced and Link thought it felt so good. He reached her hymen and he looked into her eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked and she just nodded as she braced herself. He thrust into her and she gasped and Link stopped to let her adjust. After a short while she kissed him.
"Keep going but go, slowly okay?" She asked and Link gave her a loving smile.
"I promise," he said as he slowly began to withdraw his dick and then slowly push it back into her.

She began to enjoy the sensation of his dick inside her. She began to feel good as her man pushed his way inside her. She let out a low moan and Link smiled. Link could not believe how amazing she felt. Sure, Nabooru, Zelda and Ruto were all great but there was something different about having sex with the Woman you love.

He started to speed up slightly, not too much as he didn't want to hurt her. She moaned quietly and he grabbed her left breast and started playing with it. Malon out her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. She felt so good. She loved this. She loved him.
"Oh Link.... you can... you can go a little faster" she panted and he let go of her breast and put his hands to her sides. He pulled his dick out and then pushed it in quickly. He bagan going faster and her eyes widened. "Ah! Link!" She moaned in shock and he smiled.

He felt her begin to get wet and her walls tightened making him feel even better.
"Oh.. Malon'' he moaned. He began to get close and knew she was too. He passionately kissed her as he began to draw to a close. She kissed back and moaned into his mouth at his hips thrust against her at an amazing speed. His dick stretching her to her limit.
"Oh Link... I think I am.... I am. I am.... YES!" She moaned as she reached her very first orgasm and she came. Link couldn't help but get spurred on by that and he groaned.
"Ah... Malon!" He called as his dick blew his load into her and he continued thrusting until she received every last drop.

He pulled out of her and lay next to her, the both of them panting. Her breast rising up and down as her chest caught its breath. Malon, I love you so much. That was fantastic, you were great" he said which boosted her confidence. She turned to him, her vagina leaking with cum.
"Well, you will just have to hurry home for me if you want more" she said seductively and he kissed her and then hugged into her, feeling her soft red locks.

They fell asleep naked in each other's arms.

Chapter Text

Link woke with a mixture of happiness and sadness. On one hand, his Girlfriend was wrapped around his body naked. A brilliant way to start the day. On the other hand it was his last day in Hyrule before he left for Labrynna. Eventually Malon wakes up and lets out the most adorable yawn.
"Morning Link." She says quietly and he just holds her.
"I never want to let you go," he said to her and she turns to face him.
"I'd like that too" she said as they both laughed.

They eventually got up and got changed and headed down stairs. Talon was there and he was suspiciously quiet.
"Morning Dad '' Malon said and he replied with a simple.
"Morning". Link looked at Malon and she shrugged.
"Talon? Something wrong?" Link asked and he turned around.
"Well no... it's just usually I have something clever to say about you two in one bed but I mean.... I no longer have to ask" he said and Malon went bright red, she looked like she was going to faint.

"So you heard.... what exactly?" Link asked cautiously and Talon frowned.
"Things a Father never wants to hear" he said as he sat down. "I am forever traumatised but don't let me stop you.... just you careful" he said and Malon nodded quickly before pushing her Father outside.

She panted. She looked more traumatised than Talon.
"He heard us Link!" She shouted and he frowned.
"Well he definitely heard that." He said as she covered her mouth. "It's no big deal. He is fine with it. If he wasn't he would have said so. And besides, it means you don't have to ever explain it to him" he told her. She calmed down slightly and he put his hand on the door handle.
"I have to head off now. I'll be back tonight" he told her. He leaned in and kissed her before leaving.

Talon was waiting for him outside.
"Link, I err… I am usually kinda hands off and I don't really wanna control my Daughter's life and what you get up to is between you and her…. I am even happy for yer. But Link, can you promise you will be good for her and be careful?" He asked and Link smiled.
"I really do love her Talon, it isn't just a crush or a fling. I want to be there for her. I promise you, I swear it on my life that I will not break her heart and I will be good for her" he said with a serious tone and Talon wrapped his arms around Link.
"That is what I want to ere. Thanks lad!" He said and Link smiled.
"No problem."


Link went to Hyrule Castle with his decision. He asked Zelda how long and she told him a few weeks tops but probably about two weeks realistically. Link agreed and she told him to be back here early in the morning. He returned to the Ranch and spent the full day with Malon. They did not have sex that night but they snuggled tightly next to each other but neither of them got much sleep.

Link woke up in the morning and kissed Malon goodbye. He deliberately didn't spend much time saying goodbye because he knew it would just make things harder. He left for Hyrule Castle and they set off.



The journey was long, Link knew it would be and he could endure it because he travelled through the Desert for a much longer time. But still, he could claim this was enjoyable. Zelda and Victor had each other's company in the Carriage and the two Knights on the front could talk to each other but Link had no one. He just had to ride alongside it in boredom. It got worse when Link thought he heard Zelda and Victor screwing in the coach, probably believing they were subtle.

They stopped for breaks along the way. Zelda's tent was guarded by the two guards on rotation and Link when he wasn't asleep. No one was particularly cautious at this point because they are out in the middle of nowhere so they likelihood of them coming across another person was low.

Eventually after many long days. The group arrives in Labrynna.
"Your Highness, we have arrived" one of the Knights calls back to Zelda and she opens the window.
"Wow. Look at this! A different land!" Zelda said excited by Link was unimpressed. Both Termina and Syrule were more impressive than this. Link didn't know what to expect but this just felt like any other place in the world.

They passed through what Victor said is Lynna Village and then headed North up towards Lynna Palace. This is a place Link thought looked cool. He immediately started scanning the area for places to escape from or Hookshot to in the case of an emergency. He did it without thinking. The Carriage stopped in the Palace Courtyard and Labrynna Knights came to greet the arrival of the Royal Guests. One of the Hylian opened the Carriage up and Victor stepped out and offered his hand out to Zelda who elegantly stepped out.

"Brother! It is wonderful to see you once more!" A Man called as he approached.
"Edgar! Let me introduce you properly to my Wife, the Beautiful Queen of Hyrule, Zelda" Victor said to the man as he stepped out of the way. Link observed the Man, he was clearly Victor's Brother which would be obvious even if not said as they looked very much alike. As they greeted each other, Link got off Epona and walked up to Zelda. "And let us not forget the most impressive of us all. The Hero of Time, Sir Link!" Victor announced as they all turned to him who was clueless.

It was obvious that Edgar didn't know who he is or what he had done, which would be refreshing if he didn't try to act as though he did.
"Yes, Sir Link! I have heard so much about you!" Edgar said as he shook his hand.
"Like what?" Link asked and Zelda cringed and Edgar looked stumped.
"Just how impressive you are!" He said and as he turned to his Brother, Zelda glared at Link. Clearly he did something wrong.

Edgar showed them into the Palace, accompanied by Knights from both Kingdoms. Link walked next to Zelda and she grabbed his arm and pulled him close.
"Just act polite and friendly and try not to embarrass anyone" Zelda told him and Link frowned.
"Fine...I'll just bite my tongue. This is gonna be hell" he moaned in a hushed tone as Zelda released his grasp.

"Here is the place I was raised," Victor said to his Wife and Link as they stepped into the marvelous place.
"It's beautiful!" Zelda said in awe and Link smiled, thinking about how he was raised in and by a tree.
"Me and my Brother used to run down these halls like it was a playground!" He told them and Zelda smiled.
"I bet your Father loved that" she said and he smirked but didn't respond.
"I will take you to your quarters to let you rest up for the day, then we can maybe give you some time to see the Kingdom and then tomorrow we will discuss politics with my Father like agreed" Edgar tells them and Zelda nodded in agreement.

They are taken to their quarters, the two Knights stay outside the door while Link enters the room with Zelda and Victor.
"Your Brother seems nice" Zelda said and Link shrugged.
"He is nice but so fake" Link said and Zelda scowled.
"What is with you?" Zelda asked but Victor put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
"Link is right. My Brother is a good Man but the formalities aren't him at all. To be honest Link is the only one of us that is acting himself." Victor said as he looked at Link. "I respect it Link hut as Zelda said, you should try and talk all polite and fake and like you love everything you hear, especially to my Father. I know its bullshit but just endure it" he told him and Link nodded.
"I mean I will, but no one told me before I arrived I would be acting" he said and Zelda and Victor looked at each other.
"I guess we thought you would know" Zelda said to him.


Zelda sat on the toilet and stared at the empty bottle in her hand. She knew the day would come but she didn't know it would be so soon. She was happy, nervous, scared and excited. All the emotions you should have when you discover you are pregnant. Zelda sat and thought about how careless she was with Link, they had not used any protection or contraception so things could have easily played out badly if he had gotten her pregnant. But luckily the child was not his as she had tested herself after they fucked. She wanted to tell Victor and even Link the wonderful news but both were elsewhere… in fact, she had no clue where Link had snuck off to and that worried her.


"This is the one you want" The Man in a Turban said to Link as he handed him a small box. He opens it to find an emerald ring inside. "This ring will bring you great joy" he smiled and Link returned the smile.
"How much is it?" Link asked and the man looked him in the eyes.
"600 Rupees" he said and Link's eyes widened.
"600 Rupees!" Link said in a raised pitch and the man nodded.
"At Vasu's Ring shop we only have the most excellent Rings. That is how much it is worth." He told him and Link sighed as he pulled out the right amount of Rupees and put them on the desk. Vasu grabbed them at what seemed to be lightspeed. "Thank you for doing business" he said and Link took the ring and left.


Link then met Victor at the Pub like he promised. He entered the pub and Victor was sitting at a table.
"All the drinks are on me and have as many as you like. I mean, I say they are on me but I am about 90% sure I am getting them for free". Victor said to Link as he sat down with a pint.
"It's better than the pub in Hyrule Castle and Castle Town" Link said and Victor nodded.
"Yeah, in Labrynna we drink more than you Hylians." He said as he downed a pint and signalled a barmaid over to refill his pint.

"So what do you make of Labrynna so far?" Victor asks and Link shrugged.
"Well, it is different. People act differently and the landscape is different I guess but at the end of the day, it is like anywhere else." Link said as he looked at Victor. "I mean, I have travelled to a parallel world and a Kingdom where a Castle hangs halfway off a cliff and over the Castle Town, like after that, you get used to places". He said and Victor chuckled.
"Glad you didn't feel the need to be all polite because it is my home". Victor said and Link smiled.
"Well to be fair, the Palace is pretty cool". He joked and Victor looked him in the eyes.

"What do you make of my Brother?" He asked with a serious tone and Link thought.
"Well… I don't know him but I have met a lot of people. He acts nice and formal but that is obviously an act because he is a Prince. But I dunno, maybe he is the greatest guy in the world but I can't help but feel he is hiding something… not necessarily a bad thing but I feel… something from him" Link says and Victor leans back.
"Hmm. I mean my Brother is the nice one. If you get those vibes off him then wait until you meet my Father". Victor says and Link laughs.
"Anyway! More drinks?" Victor calls.


Link and Victor get very drunk, very quickly. It doesn't take long before Victor is at the other end of the bar, flirting with some women. Link knew of his arrangement with Zelda and how he likes screwing.Other Women and she is okay with it as long as he doesn't get any of them pregnant but Link can't help but still find it strange. Link sat alone, happy with his thoughts until a blonde girl with a long dress and obvious cleavage sat next to him.
"Is this seat taken?" She asked flirtatiously and Link shook his head.
"Don't think so!" He said in a drunken tone.

The Woman sat next to him and quickly began shifting close to him.
"You are such a handsome Man! What I wouldn't give for a night with you!" She moaned and Link gulped and remained still.
"Erm… thanks?" He questioned. "What is your name? Who are you?" He asks and she pushes her boobs against him.
"Sandra! Your friend told me to keep you company!" She explained and Link shot a glare up at Victor who was focused on the two Women around him.

Suddenly without permission, she slid her hand down his pants and grabbed his dick. Link jumped in shock before pulling her hand out.
"I am sorry. You are beautiful but I am in a relationship already and I plan on proposing to her soon…" he said to the girl but she frowned.
"But I felt you get hard! You want me!" She sulked and Link shook his head.
"I mean, it felt nice, but no. Sorry." He insisted and she stormed off to another table.

Link sighed and then looked up at Victor who had a Girl riding him with her boobs hanging out. There was no contraception involved so Link wondered how he would pull this off. The position changed so he was thrusting her against the table and he soon pulled out and she leaned forward and put her head on his dick where he presumably came.

After a few more moments Victor rejoined Link.
"Not interested in Sandra?" He asked and Link stood up and nearly fell.
"No. I have a beautiful Girlfriend at home that I am loyal to. I don't want anyone else." He said with some annoyance towards Victor in his voice.
"Huh, fair enough. I respect that. Sorry, I should have asked first. Anyway, we should be heading back now". He said and the two left the pub very drunk.


Victor returns Link back to the Palace since he is the one who is more capable of handling alcohol than Link. Link passes out on his bed in an instant and Victor returns to his wife that greets him with a hug.
"Victor, I have news!" She tells him with a grin. He looks at her confused.
"What?" He asks and she kisses him.
"I am pregnant!" She announces and Victor's heart increases to the news. He brightens up and smiles.
"Oh Hylia! Wow! I am gonna be a Dad!" He cheered as he hugs Zelda. He stepped back, "I am the Dad right?" He confirms and she hits him on the arm hard with slight annoyance.
"Yes, I am not like you Victor. I don't sleep around!" She crosses her arms.

They pull off their clothes and enter the bed. Zelda snuggles against Victor. Her breasts grazing his chest and her leg wrapped around him.
"You are still okay with me screwing other people right? Like I will stop if you ever have doubts" he asks her and she smiles.
"As long as you don't get anyone pregnant then I am fine with it." She reassures him.
"Oh no. I failed! I got you pregnant!" He jokes and she laughs.
"Ha. Ha. Hilarious. " She chimes with a sarcastic tone. She looks at him. "You had sex today didn't you?" She asks and he nods. "So you are tapped out?" She asks and he pushes her onto her back and rolls on top of her.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking about here? I could have sex with 50 women and still have energy for you." He tells her as she squirms at his erect penis against her belly. "I love you so much Zelda and nothing will stand in the way of that. Nothing." He says as he presses his dick against her folds and wastes no time pushing inside her.

She moans in delight. Wasting no time spreading her legs wide and wrapping her arms around his back. He rocks his hips slowly into her, creating a gentle rhythm that pleasures his cock and meets her needs. "Zell…." He moans as he kisses her. She grips him tightly, clawing at his back as she leans her head back in bliss.
"Oh Victor! Go faster!" She moans and Victor obeys her demand and picks up speed.

He makes sure to not go full speed so she can beg for more but his pace is noticeably faster and the moans Zelda release prove this. Zelda loved the feel of his hard penis pushing deep within her and pulling out at such a speed. "More!" She demands and Victor speeds up once more.

His dick slides in and out with more ease as her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. Victor begins letting out his moaning and grunting, hoping to last long enough for his wife to meet her climax. "VICTOR YES! MORE!" She screamed and Victor again dod as she asked.

This was it. He sped up to max speed and knew this was where he would climax. He just tired to hold on for Zelda.
"Zelda! Zelda! I … I am gonna!" He told her and she felt her body spasm in pleasure at hearing him moan.
"Ahhhaaa!" She screamed as she tightened around him, forcing his dick to shoot out his load into her already pregnant body.

The two lay connected for a little while longer before he pulled out. The high of their orgasms had died down.
"You are so good" he says and she chuckles.
"So are you Victor… so are you". She says as they fell asleep in each others arms.


The next day, Link rolls out of bed with a thump. Clearly he is hungover, but this would not hinder him one bit. Link had been in battles where he had been bashed around, lost blood and could see straight but still pulled through, he was sure that he could sit through whatever boring politics Zelda was going to be discussing whilst acting sober. He pushed the headache to the back of his mind and pulled his clothes and equipment on and then left to meet Zelda.

He knocked on the door to her quarters, the two Knights parting slightly to give him access.
"It's me Zelda!.... I mean, your Highness… " he called through the door, unsure if his formal titles had to be up around others.
"Come in!" She called and he opened the door.
He entered to see her getting ready, only wearing a robe and Victor lay under the sheets, clearly naked but his muscular torso visible.
"You sure are comfortable around me" he said as he sat on a chair.
"Oh come on. You have seen it all" she said with a smile as she focused on her hair. "Anyway, Link. I have some exciting news. I am pregnant!" She said and Link smiled but the slight bit of fear was visible to Zelda. "And no, it isn't yours" she said and Link sighed a breath of relief.
"Congratulations. So I am in the presence of the future Prince or Princess of Hyrule!" He said happily.

"What we don't do is tell my family. I will tell them by letter once we get home but I just don't… well I don't trust them" he said and Zelda didn't seem to respond, Link assumed Victor had clued her in on whatever he meant by that.
"Okay. I promise I will have my guard up." Link said and Victor looked him in the eyes.
"Link, it shouldn't come to this, but if my Father or Brother or anyone tries to harm Zelda, do not hesitate to kill them" he said and Link nodded.
"You don't have to tell me, there isn't a single life I would put before the Princess's" he said. That was a lie, he would put Malon's life first but that didn't sound as cool to say.

Zelda stood up and walked over to the wardrobe and pulled off her robe, revealing her perfect, Naked body to Link. He tried to look away but decided to jot even bother, despite being committed to Malon, he still found her incredibly sexy.
"Where were you yesterday?" Zelda asked with curiosity.
"Well… Labrynna is known for…. Gifts… so I…" he said and Zelda spun around to him with her boobs jiggling from the speed.
"Hmmm. What do you mean gifts? You don't know anything about Labrynna?" Zelda asked curiously as she was inches from his face. He looked to the side blushing while Victor smirked at the scene in front of him.
"Well I…. So I have to tell you?" He asked and she pouted at his refusal.
"Come on…. For me?" She said slightly seductively as she pushed her boobs forward with her arms.
"Fine! Something for Malon, it's a surprise. Can I leave it there?" He asked in frustration but Zelda smirked and grabbed him for a hug.

"Thank you Link" she said and Link shifted uncomfortably.
"Thank you Zelda, but I know we are close and all but you should probably put on some clothes because I can feel your boobs against me" he said and she stepped back.

She was fine flirting with him, she knew Victor was okay with it and she knew Link until recently would have been okay with it but she got it. Link loved Malon and was committed to her. She knew she turned him on and everytime she did so it tempted him to be unfaithful. She felt she was being selfish.

"Have you and Malon done it yet?" Victor asked and Zelda shot him a look.
"Victor. Malon is a sweet girl. She is the type of girl that would save herself for marriage." Zelda said but Victor laughed.
"Oh no. Zelda, look at his face. They have done it". He said and Zelda turned back around to Link but with more clothes on now. He shrugged.
"Oh. Well I stand corrected. Good for you Link" she said in surprise.


Zelda finished getting changed, Victor did the same whilst revealing a sight Link really didn't need to see and eventually there was a knock on the door.
"Your Highness, Lord Edgar is here!" A Knight called through.
"Let him in," she said and Link stood to attention.
"Your Highness. Brother. Hero of Time. Follow me" he said as the trio followed him out the room, Link standing close to Zelda as Victor strolled more casually.

They got to the end of a corridor and a guard opened a big door that led into a hall with a long table. The King of Labrynna sat at one end of the table next to a Woman with curly hair and a younger woman who Link couldn't deny looked attractive.
"Your seat my Lady" a servant said as he pulled out a chair for Zelda as Victor pulled out his own next to her. Link stood behind Zelda until a servant pulled a chair out for him and he took it. Everyone was seated and Link felt out of his depth. What use is he at a political meeting.

"Greetings beautiful Queen of Hyrule. It's been a while since we last saw you, my sons wedding!" He bellowed across to her. "We all know each other so no introductions…" he said as his Wife nudged him subtly despite everyone noticing. "... Except for you...boy…I am King Regenold Labrynna, my Wife, Queen Angela and opposite you is my Beautiful Daughter Caroline!" he said as Caroline giggled as she waved and Link smiled politely back. " You have of course met my other son Edgar and more obviously Victor" he said. Link knew the King didn't care for his presence and wouldn't have acknowledged his existence if not for his wife. He doesn't even know who he is.

"And this is Lord Hero of Time, the savior of Hyrule, Syrule and Termina. My appointed Knight and leader of the Hyrule army." Zelda said bluntly for Link as she caught onto his rudeness.
"So Father, we shall begin" Victor said to save everyone from the awkwardness.


They leaders discuss politics and Link daydreams off. He isn't listening and isn't interested. He instead looks around the room thinking about if he were in a battle, where would he jump to and use for the advantages. He had already picked out seven escape routes but he felt he had an escape route for everywhere. More than ever he wished he could use one right now. Across the table his eyes met with Caroline who had been caught daydreaming off to. She sharaded the leaders as chatterboxes with her hands and rolled her eyes which made Link smirk but he dropped it quick in case anyone saw.

"And for the most important factor of our treaty Your Highness, is the Triforce." The King said and Link's eyes grew wide, getting his attention.
"I'm sorry… what?" Zelda said as her face was horrified.
"Just as I said Queen of Hyrule. We want access to the Triforce." He said bitterly.
"And… and why in the name of Hylia would we do that?" She asked in genuine curiosity.
"Because it is not Hyrule's to begin with. It belongs to the world. The Goddesses didn't leave it for Hyrule and it should be shared amongst the Kingdoms" he said and Zelda scowled.

"I am sorry but no. The Triforce is not a weapon and not a toy to be shared around. Besides. I wouldn't know how to give it to you even if I wanted to….. and … and you think all Kingdoms can be trusted with such a power?" She said and the King leaned forward.
"Oh, and Hyrule can?" He said and Link stood up.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" Link spoke up and Zelda didn't stop him.
"Sit down child. Who do you think you are talking too! You have no business here! Get out!" He shouted and Link smirked.
"Yeah, right… that's not happening. I stay by the Queen's side! And besides, I know more than anyone what the Triforce is capable of… you must have heard the stories about the last guy who went after it right…" Link said and the King snarled. Zelda grabbed his hand and motioned him to sit back down.

"Okay Queen of Hyrule. We could talk about the details and come to an arrangement. We could combine our strengths. Share it with who seems worthy. We could stop all war! It's the gift from the heavens and where is it? Locked in some vault somewhere? I bet Hyrule uses it for their own gain huh…" he said and Zelda remained calm.
"King of Labrynna. I can not negotiate any deal or information on the Triforce. We Hyrule can help your Kingdom in many other ways but this is a no. I am sorry" she said the King looked angry.
"So we are just being mocked huh!" The King said in fury.

Link looked around the room. Caroline looked horrified at her Father, the Queen remained still with no expression on her face and Edgar was hard to read. Link assumed he was on the King's side but didn't want to be part of this clear falling out.
"Okay Father. It is clear that Hyrule can offer no deal on this matter". Victor said as he stood and Zelda stood soon after. Link copied them.
"My damn son. Why did you Marry this…."
"Enough." Angela spoke to stop her Husband. "You may be excused." She said as Zelda bowed as the trio left to their chambers.


Zelda storms into her quarters with Victor and Link.
"What the fuck was that!" She shouted, catching Link and Victor off guard by her language.
"Zelda, I don't feel safe around him… I mean… we can't discuss any of this in the Palace" Link told her and she agreed.
"Victor. We need to leave. Is it possible for us to leave right away?"she asked and he hugged her.
"Yes…. I am… I am so sorry…. I knew they would try and use Hyrule like I said but… I didn't think my Father would go that far" he said.
"Is it just your Father because… I can't read your Mother.." Zelda said and Victor sat.
"Yeah, she is in on it but was just there to keep my Father in check. Edgar would probably agree with him too but not at the sake of a falling out and my sister… well she is too kind hearted. She wouldn't hurt a fly" he said and Zelda nodded.

"I will tell the Knights we are leaving right away. Can say for sure this was a wasted trip… sorry that your visit to Labrynna was such a nightmare." Victor said but Zelda shook her head.
"Well… there was some good news.." she said as she held her stomach and Victor nodded.


Victor goes and tells the Knights of Hyrule to get ready for his departure and goes to tell his Brother the same.
"Edgar.. that went worse than I could have imagined. I am not going to ask you to take sides, ask your opinion on it or tell you mine but you can at least understand that we need to return to Hyrule now, right?" Victor said as he looked his Brother in the eyes. Edgar looked at the floor for a moment before looking back up with a smile. Of course Brother. Politics is messy and you and Father may be at odds or… at least the Queen of Hyrule is but I hope none of this puts a wrench between us. I hope I can visit you with Caroline sometime." He said and Victor hugged his Brother.
"Sure. I hope to see you soon". He said.


They depart from the palace and head down a mountainous road out of the Kingdom. Link rode Epona close to the Carriage. He felt uneasy about this Kingdom and wanted to be well gone before talking to Zelda about what transpired. Link spotted a Horseman with a bow on a high cliff. He was pretty far away but Link caught a glimpse. He rode close to the carriage.
"Zelda, I don't want to alarm you but get down. There is a suspicious character on the hills". He spoke loud enough for her, Victor and the Knights at the front of the Carriage to hear.
"Right." She said as Link got out his bow.

There was no activity for a while and they reached the borders of the Kingdom. They were in no mans land but the lone Horse rider remained on their trail. Link kept everyone updated. Clearly the Man knew he had been spotted and Link knew he knew. His intentions were still unclear.

He followed for Hours and hours until they passed a forest and the Man rode into it, hiding himself from view. Link was uneasy. He rode close by.

Suddenly a small object zoomed out of the forest and pierced the side of the carriage. In a flash the hooded man was propelled to the side of the carriage. Link was shocked, someone else had a Hookshot? Of course… Link found two in Hyrule and one in Termina, it must be a more common idea than he thought. The man stabbed a thin, longsword into the carriage and Zelda gasped. Link dived off Epona and grabbed the side of the Carriage. He swung his Sword but the Man flipped in midair and landed on top of the carriage, piercing his Sword down several times to try and kill Zelda. One of the Knights climbed on top of the carriage but the Assassin swung his blade 360 degrees and sliced the Knight in two.

Link climbed up and he tried the same tactic but Link parried his attack with his shield. The Assassin took a step backwards and Link sliced his sworded hand off. As he screamed in pain, Link let out a "SHYAAATTT!" And spun around, cutting the Assassins head off. Link grabbed his head but let his body fall to the ground as the carriage continued on.

"We are safe….The Knight is dead however….Victor!" He called inside as Victor slid open the window. "Everyone all right?" He asks and he nodded.
"Bastard stabbed me in the foot but yeah, we are fine. Zelda is fine. Thank you Link". He said in shock.
"Good. You know this Man?" Link asked as he held the head up to Victor and saw a frown on his face.
"Yeah I know him. That's my Dad's Assassin alright…. But we should be safe. That Man is skilled enough to have the job done alone" Victor said as Link threw the head into a nearby river.


Once they are far out from Labrynna and all tensions simmer down, Link enters the carriage, Epona being smart enough to follow along.
"Zelda, the King of Labrynna seems to be willing to kill you for the Triforce. He probably knew you'd decline so has an Assassin ready. But…. Why? Why would killing you get him the Triforce?" Link said and Zelda sighed.
"Because since I have no heir, the throne as of now would go to Victor and he probably thinks he would have a better shot gaining the Triforce from his own family…. Regardless of if he got the Triforce, he would still have his bloodline in charge of Hyrule". She explained and Victor frowned.

"You know that I would side with you and Hyrule even if you were gone right?" He reassured and Zelda smiled.
"I do. But does he?" She said and Victor said nothing, making the answer clear.
"I don't know a lot about the Triforce, I know you to do and… and I don't need nor want to know. The less people know the safer it is but… it is safe?" He asked and Zelda looked at Link and he nodded.
"Yeah. It is safe. I would go as far as saying it is impossible to obtain right now" he said and Zelda smiled.
"At least we have that much." She said as she hugged Link.

"Yeah but Zelda… I gotta say I am concerned about you. That Man despite my efforts was close to killing you. I am skilled and will protect you with my life but I can't always be there. What if he sends someone else?" Link askes and she shrugs.
"Link. Nothing changes. I am in danger of Assassination every day of my life. There is always someone who will benefit from my death and there will always be people after the throne. I can handle myself, I have you, I have Victor and the Knights of Hyrule. I refuse to live in fear" she said and Link sighed.
"Well… at least we are out of Labyrnna… I am never going back there in my life!" Link said as he climbed out of the carriage and back onto Epona's back.

Chapter Text

They made it. Link, Zelda and Victor as well as the two Knight controlling the coach returned to Hyrule. It had been two weeks but it felt like an eternity. Link rode Epona up to the side of the coach and knocked on the small wooden window. Zelda opened it.
"You don't need me for the rest of the day do you?" He asked and she gave him a smirk.
"Yes Link, go on. Go see Malon." She told him and he couldn't help grin that she saw right through him. He rode off towards Lon Lon ranch.

As he rode into the Ranch Malon was running towards him, obviously from hearing Epona. Link was mesmerised by how her boobs bounced as she ran. Oh he would be seeing that later for sure.

He dived off Epona and embraced her, picking her up in the hug and spun around before intensely kissing her against the stable. She pulled his head in and slightly moaned. He pulled away and smiled. "I have missed you so much!" He said as he looked into her eyes and she teared up.
"I thought about you every second. Thank you for coming home safe!" She happily cried into him.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her along to the Horse pen. "Link... where are we going?" She asked