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The Legend of Zelda: Missing Links to the Past

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Just after Ganondorf's Defeat….

The three of them stood there staring at the body of Ganondorf, creepily standing up right, dead.
"What do we do with him?" Midna asks Zelda and Link shares the look. "Do we burn him?" She asks and Zelda says nothing before walking up to him.
"Ganondorf is revived time and time again. My ancestors had to deal with him and the former Hero did also. This isn't the true end to Ganondorf. It is for us, we will never have to deal with him again him but there will be a time in Hyrule's future where he returns" she said putting a hand on his chest and pushing him over.
"Is there nothing we can do about it?" Link asks and she shakes her head.
"Well, maybe not. But I have an idea. This may be wishful thinking but can you help me take Ganondorf's body to the Hidden Village?" She asks and Link nods.
"Of course."


They found a small carriage and Epona pulled it. Ganondorf's body was under a blanket and Zelda and Midna sat in the back next to it. Both knew he was dead but they still felt uneasy around the corpse of the King of Evil. Epona pulled them through the cave the led to the hidden Village. They rode to the back where Impaz lived and she stepped out of her home.

"We need to talk" Zelda said as she stepped out of the carriage. Impaz stepped back.
"Princess Zelda is that you? Wow, I haven't seen you since you were a little Girl." She said and Zelda smiled.
"We will catch up, I promise. But we need to talk to you Ganondorf".

There was an air of silence, Midna stepped out of the carriage and Impaz got a shock, unsure of what she was but said nothing and tried to hide it. If Midna planned on staying in Hyrule, she imagined this would get tiring but as a one off, she was fine.
"Come inside" she said and the three of them followed her inside.

"As you may or may not know the Spirit of the Hero and the Royal Bloodline are said to he cursed by an ancient evil that is reborn time and time again. Ganondorf is of one name, Ganon, Vaati, so one. These are names past down through Legends, Legends that the Sheikah try to keep alive. You want to seal Ganondorf away for good, it might be possible, I am really not sure. But it might be wise." She said.
"But if the curse will live on in someone or something else the what is the point if sealing Ganondorf?" Link asked.
"Well Ganondorf has experience. He has been defeated twice already and with each defeat he will grow wiser and more powerful. I am sure you would rather face someone with less experience than more" she said and Link couldn't argue her point.

"I know some sealing Magic but I will have to get help from my other Sheikah allies" she said and Zelda sat forward.
"I thought you were of the last?" She said and Impaz shook her head.
"I am the last that remains here. This was to be New Kakariko Village after the area around Death Mountain grew too harsh but well…. this place was over run by Bokoblins and my Tribe fleed." She said. "But thanks to Link, the place is safe again" she said and Link smiled.
"Don't mention it" he said.
"Give me time, I will track down the rest of my tribe. Keep Ganondorf's body here. But for now, me and you need to catch up Princess"



Zelda was busy talking to Imaz, catching her up on her life but Link and Midna went on a little walk. Link took a glance at her boobs.
"If you want to touch them that bad, you might as well" she said as she turned her body to him. He went bright red.
"I can't help it. You only have one piece of clothing on.." he said and she smiled.
"What part of you made me think I was offended?" She asked and he went redder. "Afterall, I have already ridden you plenty," she joked and he smirked. He scanned her body once more.
"You know Link, I really don't mind. I mean, I want it" she said directly.

Link looked around and then grabbed her hand and dragged her into a nearby house. She backed against a wooden beam and he put a hand on her hip, making her shiver at the touch. He used the other hand to grab her left boob and it seemed to melt into her. Midna sighed, an orgasmic sensation rushed through her body as she let Link fondle her boobs.

She craned a leg and pulled Link closer. Their faces were inches apart and his bulge poked into her. "We should just enjoy each other. Let all the concerns about Hyrule leave you. It is just us now" she whispered and she kissed him. He pushed into the kiss, becoming the dominant one.

The hand on her hip goes lower, too her craned leg. The kiss broke and she smirked. " Feeling adventurous young wolf?" She remarked and Link trailed behind her and gripped her arse. She quivered as a sensation rippled through her body but smiled. "You know how to please a girl, despite having no experience" she remarked again. Link shrugged
"I just know where I want to touch" he said and she laughed.
"You've come a long way from that Wolf behind bars" she said and he looked at her with lust.
"And you have come a long way since then too. You are sexy now. Or I guess, you are sexy again." He said and she smiled.

"Tell me what you like" she whispered seductively. Link tensed up.
"I like this". He said as he squeezed her but cheek.
"I like these curves" he said as he moved a hand from her breast and rubbed it down her hips and waist.
"Uh huh…"
"I like your sexy face." he said, getting close and giving her a light, breathy kiss.
"These of course" he said, returning a hand too her breast and playing with it.
"Link …"
"And your long, slender legs…" he said, rubbing her thing.
"Oh Link…."
"But I do wonder what it is like under here…" he said as he pushed past her loincloth and up her thigh, pushing a finger over her wet folds.
She jumped in pleasurable surprise.
"Wet! I am so fucking wet Link…" she moaned, finally getting out the response she had led up too.

Link plunged his fingers into her and she gasped his name. "LINK!" He began moving them in and out and traced his thumb over her clit. Her eyes were wide, her arms reached back, gripping the wooden beam her back was pressed against. She continued the work her, her pussy getting damp and her body panting in euphoria.

"I NEED YOU!" She screamed and she kissed him, pushing him and palming his bulge. He shuddered at the feeling and felt his mast twitch. Lust filled his eyes once more and he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her backwards onto some wooden crates. He pulled her loincloth away, revealing her core and he licked it.

Midna screamed as she arched her back, thrusting her pelvis forward to meet his mouth. She grabbed his head and pulled it in and tightened her legs around his head involuntarily. His tongue worked wonders on her and she panted, moaning his name. "Link…. Link…. Oh fuck yes….. LINK!" She cried out.

Link knew the heaven he was giving her but he couldn't hold back any longer, he needed some and she was going to get it. He pulled away from her and lld quickly began pulling his tunic off. She smirked, biting her lip at his chest and decided to take off her robe like hood. She turned back to him and he was fully naked, his penis standing proud and her mouth watered. She couldn't believe how much she wanted him, how horny he made her.

He stepped forward, leaving no space between them and grabbed his dick and pushed it against her entrance. He placed both arms to the side of her and looked deep into her hungry eyes before pushing himself into her.

She was so wet and tight and warm and it felt like heaven. He pulled out and pushed back in, a groan escaping him. He began rocking his hips, his forehead pushed against hers.
"Ohh… Midna. Midna!" He moaned, breath touching hers. She could hardly see straight as Link was sending electricity through her body.

She was supporting her weight with two wobbly arms. She moved one to his back. Gripping him for support.
" I love…. Your body….so….so…. Oh God…. So much!" She moaned as he continued moving in her. He leaned in and kissed her, moaning into the kiss. He pressed forward and he fell, pushing her backwards onto the crates and he fell on top of her.

He pulled himself onto the crates fully and continued fucking her. She took it, let Link fuck the shit out of her. It felt so good and she never wanted it to end. She wrapped legs around him and bucked into him. She felt she should do some work.

She flips him onto his back and starts riding him. She rolls her hips like a Goddess, perfectly getting the right motions for his dick. Link lay back, eyes wide. Her body was in full display, moving elegantly on him. He moved his hands on symmetry up her thighs, onto her waist and up to her boobs. She arched her back as he gripped them and needed them like bread. They eventually fell to her hips and she smirked, continuing her rolling motion. She placed her hands on his, eventually they locked together and she used them to rock further.

Their bodies moved together, sweaty and hot and the slapping of skin was prominent. Link could come at any time now but wanted to hold on as long as possible and enjoy the sweet sex with Midna. He sat up, eye level with her and touched her body in gentle strokes. He licks her neck and kisses her. "Ohhh Link…" she moans, eyes weak with lust.

He reached around and placed his palms on her butt cheeks. She gasped and gripped onto his back hard. As Midna continued her rocking, Link took to squeezing and her moving butt. Midna pushed her head into Link's shoulder, an orgasm on its way. Link felt some juices leak down his shaft and a low whimper escape Midna's mouth. This was it.

With the last of his power, he rolled Midna onto her back once more and furiously pounded her with as much speed as he could muster. "LINK! FUCK YES! She screamed as she clamped down on him, her juices squirting out onto him as her orgasm raced through her body, giving her the most thrilling experience of her life. Link was now there.
"HYAA!" Was all he got out as his balls tightened and his dick tenced, shooting a stream of cum into her.

He gradually came to a stop, riding out the incredible high they experienced. They were hot and sweaty, Link looked down, her perfect body lay before him with his dick buried into her. He felt like he could almost cum again.

He reluctantly pulled out and lay next to her. They both were breathing heavily.
"There is no way that was your first time" she said and Link turned to her.
"It was I swear… no way it was your first time either" he said and she smiled.
"It wasn't. But it was my best time for sure…Fuck Link, you are so hot" she said to him and he grined.
"Nothing stopping us from doing it again" he said and she didn't respond.

She rolled onto him and kissed him. She stayed still for a few moments.
"I am to be Princess of the Twili, Link, we can't be together. It just won't work. That being said, I do love you. In another lifetime maybe we could have been together. But not this one. I am sorry" she said to him. He didn't fully understand her words, nor what she intended to do once she went home, as for that, Link nodded.
"I know. Which is really unfortunate because I could get used to this" he joked and she laughed.


They left, they headed to the Arbiter's Grounds and Midna gave her goodbyes, shattering the Mirror of Twilight and severing the connection to the Realm of Light and the Twilight Realm forever. The rest is history.


Link woke up and Zelda was dressed. She looked in a hurry. She turned to him.
"Get dressed. We have something important to do" she told him and Link pulled himself up and did as she asked. They left their room and headed downstairs and through various corridors. They eventually made it to an empty room and Zelda walked to the stone wall and pressed it, a door opened. "Come on." She said and Link again followed her. It continued down some long stone staircases and went deep underground.

They make it to a circular stone structure in the ground and several Sheikah are around it, sealing Ganondorf in the centre. A big green hand comes from the ceiling, holding him in place and Zelda walks over to Impaz.
"You are to tell no one of this. Both of you. Your Highness, you must only tell your heirs about this and pass it on amongst the Hylian Royal Family. Us Sheikah are bound to serve and shall never speak of this." She said and they both nodded. "Link. You may find someone in your life you love, perhaps it is the Queen here, I am not sure but regardless. You may believe you can trust them and they will keep any secret but this here…. This is not for any ears. Not your family or friends or anyone. This is not your secret to keep. You understand?" She asked and Link nodded.
"I can assure you Impaz. I shall never speak of this. Not even to Zelda".