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The Legend of Zelda: Missing Links to the Past

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Hi, this is my first fanfiction on this site so I hope ot goes well...
I am going to make this a long running series, updating it when I am not busy and have freetime. I plan to tell the story of what happenes between or after each Zelda game as well as tell some of the stories we do not see in any games like the Hero of Men for example.

The order of time lines I will follow will be Child First and then probably Adult then Downfall. I will not be including Breath of the Wild in this since the sequel is announced and I plan to try and keep this series as canon as possible and I don't want to write a fanfic just for it all to be wrong later down the line. If Nintendo decide "Breath of the Wild 2" wont have a direct sequel then I will do an aftermath for that game too. I do belive Breath of the Wild falls in the Child Time line but those are the reasons I wont include it right away.

This series is titled by the games so by looking at the chapter it is clear which game it is focusing on. Each story is fresh so I wont be relying on characters and plot lines from Skyward Sword in later ones like Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time or any other unless the characters are the same like in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. This means if for example you are not interested in the Minish Cap, skipping it is totally reasonable.

This series will have adult themes, mainly sexual content but probably more as I am not one to shy away from sensitove subjects. I cant be certain what but I am not ruling anything out.
This series will focus on Hetrosexual relationships as the stories will follow Link and to me he is straight but I know their will be at least one Homosexual character in the future but that will be some way in.

I also hope that people will comment and give me possitive or negative feedback. Of anyone has any points to make or suggestions I am open. Grammar and spelling may be off at times so feel free to let me know.
Afrer all this, I hope you enjoy this.