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Happy Accidents

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Class 1-A has had to deal with so much in their short time as heroes in training. From mind numbing work to soul crushing exams to bone crushing physical training, not to mention the many times they were almost brutally murdered, their time at U.A. had been one stressful event after another. Needless to say, people were very stressed.


Seeking to remedy this Iida and Yaoyorozu conspired to come up with something that the students would know, hell or highwater, would always be there. Their brilliant solution was a weekly game night. Every saturday at eight pm they would meet up in the common room and play various games. From hide and seek to Mortal Kombat, Go fish to Risk, Never have I ever to Monopoly (AKA the friendship destroyer, they take game night very seriously) there is always something to play and fun to be had.


Attendance isn't mandatory since that would defeat the purpose of blowing off steam if you were forced to. Despite this there were always a few people who showed up. First there was the host, either Iida or Yaoyorozu since they alternate each week. Then there were the regulars Ashido and Kaminari since they love having fun with their classmates and Bakugo since he loves asserting his dominance over the others in all the games they play (except for fighting games since Todoroki is a wizard at those for some reason). The rest of the “Bakusquad” usually shows up if they aren't swamped with homework and the rest of the class shows up every so often.


There were a few starter rules in place when game night first started. No illegal substances, no physically harmful events unless they were self imposed, and wrapping up game night when the host said so. Over time more rules were added such as no involving the teachers, a dare gone wrong almost cost Mister Aizawa both of his eyes and one of his hands, no class 1-B students, a dance off between Monoma and Kirishima ended with the entire first floor being destroyed, and no strip poker, All Might walking in on half the class in various states of undress with Uraraka and Sero clad only in their underwear (they had to twist Iida’s arm to even let them play the game but he drew the line at nudity) was an event none of them would forget anytime soon, were just some of the rules added as time went on. Out of all the rules they implemented there was one that was morse strictly enforced than any other.




Mineta did not abide by this sacred rule. He would only show up whenever Yaoyoruzu was hosting or when most of the girls were in attendance. One week Yaoyorozu told the class that whoever won the poker game that weekend would be able to call in a favor with her. The class reps would occasionally offer rewards to people during game night in order to spice things up. While she meant for someone to use the favor to have her help with homework or creating something specific for them, Mineta’s mind went crazy with the possibilities. In order to win he kept a bunch of cards on him so that during the game he was always prepared, leading to his victory by a landslide.


Unfortunately for him Tokoyami, who wasn't participating but was watching while eating dinner, noticed and alerted Iida who was hosting that week. This lead to him screaming and waving his arms at Mineta with an anger and fervor not seen since his battle with Stain. It got so bad Mister Aizawa had to come over and restrain him to stop Mineta from getting physically assaulted since no one had it in their heart to restrain Iida themselves. Mineta was immediately banned from game night for the foreseeable future.


After a week of badgering Kaminari to try and get him allowed back into game night, Kaminari finally relented and decided to stand up for him. It took over a month of convincing on his part and a ten page long essay about why cheating leads to a hostile environment on Mineta’s part but they finally lifted the ban.


The time has come for another game night and everyone is raring to go. Iida is the host and Yaoyorzu is keeping an eye on Mineta just in case. Kaminari, Ashido, and Bakugo are there like always. Jiro and Kirishima managed to make it as well but Sero wasn’t able to come, leaving the “Bakusquad” incomplete. Midoriya, Todoroki, Uraraka, Ojiro, Tokoyami, and Asui also managed to show up. Everyone was chatting idly but immediately stopped when Iida stood in the middle of the common room and cleared his throat.


“Welcome everyone to another wonderful game night!” he said in his usual bombastic voice. Everyone clapped and cheered while Iida waited for everyone to settle down. “Last week Ashido won the prize of choosing the first game we play tonight! Ashido, come up here and tell everyone your choice!” he exclaimed while gesturing to the girl. She grinned as he stepped aside for her to take his place in the middle of the room.


“After much careful deliberation” she began after bouncing off the couch to stand in her designated spot “I have decided that the first game we shall play tonight is” she paused for dramatic effect “TRUTH OR DARE!”.


Everyone groaned since that’s the only game she ever wanted to play on game nights. “Hush everyone!” Iida bellowed “If you are complaining then you should have tried harder to win last week's game of Sorry!”.


“I wasn't even here last week” Ojiro mumbled, just knowing that someone is going to bug him about his relationship with Hagakure since the class seems convinced they’re dating.


Everyone begrudgingly accepts the game of choice and Ashido is up first. She decides to have mercy on Ojiro by not going after him first, instead choosing Uraraka as her first victim. “Uraraka,Truth or Dare?” she asks the brown haired girl. After thinking about it for a minute she decides “Dare”.


“I dare you to make someone here zero-g and throw them as far as you can” she proclaims while smiling broadly. After looking around she asks Iida if she can throw him since he can get back the fastest once he lands and he accepts before the two step outside, followed by the rest of the group. She activates her quirk and picks him up before aiming at the school in the distance and throwing him. He makes if halfway there before she starts to get sick and deactivates her quirk, at which point she realizes she didn’t warn him about the incoming fall. He proceeds to fall ten feet face first into the pavement, everyone going “Oohh” in pain when he slams into the floor. By the time he makes it back his nose is bleeding profusely and he heads to the bathroom for first aid, Uraraka following him and apologizing every step along the way.


When she gets back she sheepishly chooses Tokoyami to be next and they go on from there. Iida comes back a few minutes later with a box of tissues to deal with his nose and starts to moderate again. After about an hour of learning bizarre secrets (Who would have guessed Asui had a bad habit of accidentally shooting her tongue out when she was younger) and even more bizarre dares (Dark Shadow arm wrestling Ojiro’s tail was a surprisingly intense battle) Iida announced they would be wrapping the game up in a few more turns.


Everyone had avoided choosing Mineta all game until Todoroki decided to have a question that was bugging him answered. “Mineta, Truth or Dare?” he asked the short boy in his usual monotone voice. Mineta’s face light up as he responded “Truth”. “What were you planning on having Yaoyorozu do for you when you cheated?” he asked, an unusual edge to his voice. He considers her a friend and suspects he isn’t going to like the smaller boy’s answer. Minta grinned, apparently unaware how close he was to having his face burned off if he gave the wrong answer, and responded “I was going to buy a sexy swimsuit and ask her to put it on so I could take pictures”. The whole room was silent, staring at him with varying levels of shock and disgust at the brazen act he had wanted to pull. 


Eventually Kaminari spoke up by saying “Maybe next time, don’t be so honest”. Mineta turned to him and said “That wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of the game. Also, Truth or Dare?”. Kaminari, surprised at being called out of the blue like that, spluttered out “Uh truth, I guess” without thinking. When Mineta gave him the scheming smile, the smile her would sport whenever the two of them discussed their next scheme to see the girls in sexy outfits, he knew he was in trouble. “There has been a question I have been asking you since we first met that you keep refusing to answer. Well now it’s time to spill” the grape headed boy proclaimed. Kaminari’s blood turned to ice when he realized what question was being referred to. It’s true, he had been avoiding it since honestly answering it could potentially open up a rabbit hole he didn’t want to go down. He briefly considered electrocuting himself so that he wouldn't have to answer the question but he knew that would only delay the inevitable. He closed his eyes and waited for it to come. It was time for the hammer to fall.


“Explain how you first time having sex went down!” Mineta yells triumphantly. Without even seeing them, Kaminari can feel all the eyes boring into him. Why wouldn't they be curious, he was the biggest flirt in school. It only made sense they would want to know if he actually got that far with someone.


“That is a highly inappropriate question!” he suddenly hears a shout. Opening his eyes, he sees Iida failing his arms at Mineta and chastising him for asking such a personal question. As much as he wishes he could let Iida save him from this question he knows he is going to have to answer it eventually. May as well do it now so he won’t have to repeat himself. “It’s fine Iida” he says while avoiding everyone’s gaze “I'll answer the question”. Despite looking unsure, he acknowledges what Kaminari says and backs off. Taking a deep breath, Kaminari starts to explain.


“Her name was Onpa Te, although I always called he Opi while she always called me Den. we were childhood friends, meeting each other when we were about four. Her quirk allowed her to make sound waves come from her hands, sort of like speakers. People would always joke we were the thunder and lightning duo, which we always thought was really cool. Eventually middle school came and puberty hit us both pretty hard. We heard about this sex thing and how it was supposed to feel really good. Us, not knowing what the heck we were doing, decided to try it out since it sounded like fun. So one day we went to my house after school, went up to my bedroom and looked up videos on how to do it, and did the dirty deed. We weren’t even twelve yet and we were having sex. Without protection too since the people in the videos didn’t have any, man were such stupid children” Kaminari couldn’t help but smile and shake his head at the sheer audacity of it all. “ After we were done we really didn’t dig it and decided to not tell anyone about it since we were afraid we might get in trouble. And that’s how I had my first, and last, time”.


After finishing his story he looked around to see people’s reactions. Mineta look satisfied with the answer, Iida and Yaoyorozu looked shocked he acted so recklessly, the “Bakusquad” didn't seem surprised he acted thoughtlessly, and the rest of the class were just staring at him wide eyed.


Eventually Jiro spoke up. “Why didn’t you tell us about your friend sooner? It seems like you two were close” she asked with an unreadable expression. Kaminari rubbed the back of his head and looked down on the couch he was sitting on. 


“She was killed in a villain attack two years ago. I never mentioned her since it always hurts so much to think about the fact that she’s gone” he says in barley more than a whisper. Suddenly his vision gets watery and her curses himself for being so emotional. It’s been two years he tells himself you have to stop crying whenever you think about her like a baby


“Sorry I'm getting so emotional, I know I look like a loser for still getting so upset about it” he says with a plastered on smile while rubbing his eyes. He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and looks over in surprise. Tokoyami, who is sitting next to him on the couch, is griping him shoulder lightly while wearing a very somber expression.


 “There is no need to apologize. Losing a friend as close as her will still hurt for years to come. There is no shame in being emotional” the bird man tells him. Suddenly Kaminari can’t see with all the tears in his eyes as he hugs Tokoyami tightly. After a moment’s surprise, he lightly hugs Kaminari back.


Suddenly he felt a great weight smash into him as Kirishima and Ashido almost bodyslam him and Tokoyami off the couch in their haste to hug him. Next thing he knows the whole room crowds around and hugs him (Minus Bakugo who just patted him on the head).


After awhile they let go and Kaminari stands up, sniffing. “This has been a very draining experience so I’m gonna head up to my room” he tells everyone and they all nod in acceptance. When he starts to head up Jiro follows him. “You kept my favorite pen that I let you borrow and I want it back” she explains. He knows for a fact he didn’t borrow her pen but doesn’t question her as they head up.


Once they reach his room she finally asks “You said you didn’t use protection right?”. He turns around to see her unreadable expression still hasn’t left her face. “Yeah, why?” he asked, hoping she didn't notice his brow starting to sweat. Unfortunately she does notice if her raised eyebrow means anything. “I assume something became of that” she pauses, he face slightly red “union?” she finally gets out. After a long pause, Kaminari turns back around starts heading to his room. Right when Jiro opens her mouth to call him back he says “Her name is Chihiro. She turned four two weeks ago and I would kill to keep her safe” before closing the door. For a minute Jiro stands there, stunned at what she just heard. Eventually she turns away from his room and walks towards the elevators. She just knows she’s gonna be up all night thinking about this. She just knows it.

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She knew it. She just knew she would be up all night thinking about it. She wasn’t even sure why it was bothering her so much, she just knew it was. Kaminari had a kid. The same Kaminari that didn’t even have aiming gear until she pointed it out to him was partially responsible for raising a child. Wait, she suddenly bolted upright in bed, the mother died meaning Kaminari was totally responsible for raising the kid. Before Jiro could have a heart attack at the thought of Kaminari raising a kid by himself, she realized that the fact the girl wasn't here means someone else must be caring for her.


She laid back down in bed, slightly relieved at this revelation. At least she knew the child was in competent hands since a child raised by Kaminari would probably suffer from huge neglect, considering he can barely take care of himself. Then she remembered the conversation from a few hours earlier where he said “I would kill to keep her safe” and suddenly felt really guilty. She just assumed he would be a terrible parent right off the back without a thought.


“Well he is an idiot” she mumbled to herself. For some reason that didn’t make her feel any better, and it still didn’t get to the bottom of why she was bothered by this revelation. “Maybe it’s all the mystery surrounding this” she said to the darkness. “Maybe if I talk to him about it I’ll find out what’s up and it won’t bug me anymore” she assured herself. Pulling her blanket close her body and snuggling the pillow, she finally drifted off to sleep.


Waking up the next morning with a sense of purpose, she quickly got ready as to see Kaminari as soon as possible. After washing up and throwing on a lightning bolt covered shirt (Kaminari bought it for her and it was too comfy to turn down) and some black and yellow sweatpants (also from Kaminari and also too comfy to refuse) she headed down to the common room to try and find him only to come up empty. In fact the entire common room was empty. Then she looked in the kitchen to find people, to no avail, she finally saw the clock on the wall and realized it was eight am, meaning she slept for about three hours yet doesn’t feel tired, and no one would be down that early on a sunday.


As if summoned by the universe to prove her wrong, Bakugo suddenly sauntered out of the elevator and into the kitchen barely paying her any mind. While making some bacon and eggs for himself (His bacon and eggs were to kill for) he looked over at her and scowled. “What’s with that lost look on your face, got turned around on the way to the fridge?” he sneered at her with all the affection of a dying rattlesnake. Jiro shook her head and rubbed her eyes but before she could get out some excuse her spoke. “It’s about the kid isn’t it?” he asked in the same tone of voice. When her saw her shocked expression her explained “ I went over to his room after game night to ask him if his stupidity caused a child and sure enough it did. Then he told me that you were the only other person that knew since he told you earlier and to keep my mouth shut” Bakugo angrily grunts before continuing “as if I was some big gossiper like Ashido or some shit”.


Finally finding her voice she asks “Did he tell you anything about the kid? All I know is her name and that’s it”. Bakugo let’s out another angry huff and says “I don’t even know her name since I don’t really care about the details. I just wanted to know if his, apparently contagious, stupidity made a kid and that’s it”. Having finished making his breakfast he put in on some plates and sat down on the counter to enjoy it. Looking up to see her still sporting the same lost expression, he shouts “If you want details so badly just fucking ask him! It’s not like he’s gonna fucking kill you for being curious! Just do it quickly since that expression is pissing me off!” startling her. Realizing the truth to his words she turns around to head to the elevators so she can ask him. Then he walks out of the elevator and she immediately loses her spine. When he sees her he flashes his trademark “blind all who behold it” smile. “Hey Jiro what’s up? Usually you sleep until three on sundays, decided to get an early start today?” he asks with all the genuine interest she would expect out of him. “I could ask the same about you” she points out while dodging the question and he looks a little somber before replying “I couldn't sleep well last night”. 


Looking around quickly to make sure no one else but them and Bakugo was around, he continues “since you and him” he gestures to the blond violently eating his food “figured out what was up, I-well” he stops suddenly, rubbing the back of his neck while keeping his eyes on the floor. “You were afraid the class would realize what was up” she finished for him. He nods, still keeping his eyes on the floor. “I didn’t mention her for a reason, and now I’m afraid it will all be for nothing” he mutters. His head shoots up and he grabs her shoulders suddenly. She startles and raises her jacks up to his eyes threateningly, but he seems to completely ignore them completely. “You can’t mention her to anyone alright” he says with an intensity she's never heard coming from the light hearted goofball before. She nods and he lets her shoulders go while she lowers her jacks.


“Why are you so worried about the class finding out? I seriously doubt they’ll be mad at you for not mentioning her sooner. They'll probably be super supportive of you even, I don’t see what the big deal it” she tells him in hops to reassure him. It doesn't seem to work since he still has the intensity in his eyes from when he grabbed her. But right as he opens his mouth to answer, the elevator opens and both Midoriya and Iida walk out while chatting to each other. His mouth slams shut and he suddenly hurries over to the kitchen while smiling at the two boys. 


Jiro is left where she was, shocked and a little annoyed he just left her in the middle of their conversation. Although considering how he takes his daughter’s secrecy so seriously, she shouldn’t be surprised he clammed up when people entered the room. “He still didn’t have to ditch me” she grumbles while heading to the kitchen, this time in search of food instead of classmates. She’s going to get to the bottom of this mystery eventually but until then, she’ll settle for some cereal. She has a feeling today is gonna be a very long day.

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Friends are a fucking pain. Back in the day Bakugo didn’t have friends so much as he had groupies, people who hung out with him just because he was strong. He liked it that way since when he told them to do something they would do it. He didn’t really care about them and that didn’t bother him since those attachments would just get in the way of him becoming the best hero. As long as he had Deku to bully whenever he felt like blowing off some steam and people to laugh with him while doing it he was content.


Then U.A. had to go and fuck that all up. First Deku got the fucking power of all might bestowed upon him and suddenly could hold his own in a fight (not to mention he followed him to U.A. after he told him not to, the stubborn little shit). Then he had Kirishima latch onto him like a damn koala bear and he just couldn’t shake him. He was always going on about a manly heart or some shit and no matter how hard Bakugo tried to make him go away he just kept coming back. Eventually he just gave up and accepted his companionship since it was too much of a hassle to keep trying to ward him off. 


Just when he was getting comfortable with the constant presence of the shark toothed weirdo, suddenly Kaminari started hanging out with him as well. Bakugo thought Kirishima was bad but he was not prepared for the endless stream of stupidity that left the other blond’s mouth. Bakugo could actually feel himself getting stupider the longer he hung around him and he made sure the blond knew he was unwelcome. Unfortunately, this only seemed to make him want to stick around even more. That or he was so fucking stupid that every time he went to sleep he forgot everything that happened that day so he never remembered the endless threats . It would explain why his grades were so bad constantly (seriously there are times where Bakugo is convinced Kaminari’s mysterious parents bribed the schools to allow him to pass).


Not only was Kaminari a massive fucking idiot, but he also dragged more idiots into their circle against Bakugo’s wishes. First there was Sero who was a massive prankster. Him and Kaminari were always pranking people and unfortunately for Bakugo, he was their favorite target. Then Kaminari pulled in Ashido as well and the conversations they had were some of the most brain rotting things he had ever heard. They always sat with him during lunch and all they would do is talk and talk and talk, and it was always about the stupidest shit you could imagine. Kaminari’s most recent victim was Jiro, who wasn’t actually that bad. The amount of moronic dribble leaving Kaminari’s mouth had lessened since she joined the group, which was reason alone for Bakugo to like her. Plus her attitude meant she was usually more calm than the rest of the hyperactive idiots that hung around him.


A small part of him knew that his “friends” were actually good for him. He wasn’t as constantly angry as he was in middle school and he knew they were the reason. Despite their constant brain killing conversations and over the top mannerism  they were still good people with powerful Quirks, which was something. An even smaller part of him knew that he actually cared for them. Cared for the movie marathons they would have late into the night (he would usually doze off but they never minded). Cared for the shopping trips they would go on where he would internally laugh at all the stupid antics they got up to. Cared when they got bent out of shape over a bombed test or an exercise that they catastrophically botched (Seriously Ashido how did you manage to collapse an entire building by melting one wall?). He would cut his hands off before telling them any of this of course, but he suspected they knew since despite his verbal complaints whenever they roped him into something they continued to do it.


Unfortunately for all the benefits that having friends gave him, there was one massive downside. Whenever something was bothering them, it also bothered him. Usually it was some minor shit and would go away within a day or two. When Kaminari started talking about his old friend however, Bakugo knew that something was very wrong. 


Getting upset over a lost friend is one thing. The tone in his voice and look in his eye while talking about her was something else, something deeper. When Kaminari mentioned they didn’t use protection, it started to come together. Then he revealed that she was killed and it all clicked for Bakugo. Kaminari wasn’t just sad for himself losing an old friend, he was sad for his child losing their mother. Still, he had to make sure his hunch was correct before taking any further action. After the game night was over he went straight to Kaminari’s room to get some answers. He stopped at the door and listened to make sure he was still awake first. When he heard a faint voice coming from inside (a song most likely) he hammered on the door and shouted “It’s me, open up before I blast the door off its hinges”.


After a second of movement from inside the door opened, a very startled looking Kaminari stood on the other side. “What-“ was all he was able to get out before Bakugo pushed him back and entered the room before closing the door. Even his head was full of thoughts screaming at him to just leave this alone, there was a small whisper in the back that told him to investigate which was somehow harder to ignore than the others. “Do you have a kid?” he asked the increasingly more worried looking Kaminari. When all the color drained out of the dumber blond’s face, Bakugo knew he way on the money. After groaning and rubbing his eyes (seriously how could Kaminari be so fucking stupid, they looked up how to do it for fucks sake!) Bakugo asked “Does anyone else know about your colossal fuck up?”. Kaminari’s expression suddenly turned dark and he talked out of gritted teeth “Don’t call her that”. Bakugo was a bit taken aback at the ice in the other boys voice, although seeing how much he cares about his friends it makes sense he would be very protective of his own kid. “Sorry” he said quickly “but I still want to know who else is in on this”. “Just Jiro, now don’t tell anybody about this and get out” Kaminari grumbled while moving past him to open the door. Bakugo was going to argue but the look in the other boys eyes told him that he would probably fight in order to get him to leave so he just nodded and walked out. Since it was midnight he passed out the moment he hit the bed.


When the alarm went off at eight the next morning Bakugo felt like killing someone. Quickly putting his clothes on and heading downstairs, he saw Jiro standing in the common room by herself. He was a little surprised to see her there but didn’t give it much thought as he passed her and went into the kitchen. While he was making his breakfast (He loved himself some bacon and eggs) he looked up at her to see a very dazed and lost look on her face. “What’s with that lost look on your face, got turned around on the way to the fridge?” he sneered at her in hopes it would snap her out of whatever funk she was in. He expected that she would come back with some snappy retort, but when all she did was shake her head and rub her eyes he started to think. The most obvious answer is she was just sleep deprived like him since she usually woke up later on Sunday, that raised the question of why she was even up at all. It was possible she didn't sleep much that night but he wasn't sure why. Sure, he had sleepless night occasionally (the fear that Deku would let it slip that he told him to kill himself and that the entire class would try to beat his ass for doing so was one reason that kept cropping up) but he couldn’t think of anything that happened to Jiro recently that would cause-wait. He suddenly remembered what Kaminari told him last night and it suddenly all made sense. 


“It’s about the kid isn’t it?” he asked her, and when she looked shocked he knew he hit the nail on the head again. “ I went over to his room after game night to ask him if his stupidity caused a child and sure enough it did. Then he told me that you were the only other person that knew since he told you earlier and to keep my mouth shut” he explained while still making his breakfast “as if I was some big gossiper like Ashido or some shit”. That Kaminari thought he was gonna blab to others about something he obviously was keeping close to the chest was offensive to him.


 “Did he tell you anything about the kid? All I know is her name and that’s it” she asked him. Bakugo let out another angry huff and says “I don’t even know her name since I don’t really care about the details. I just wanted to know if his, apparently contagious, stupidity made a kid and that’s it”. That was only partly true but he wasn’t about to let Jiro know he was slightly worried about the electric themed dumbass. Having finished his breakfast he sat down to eat and saw her still standing there with the same stupid ass expression on her face. Feeling his blood boiling that she was just standing her not doing anything instead of being productive he shouted “If you want details so badly just fucking ask him! It’s not like he’s gonna fucking kill you for being curious! Just do it quickly since that expression is pissing me off!” in the hopes it would light a fire under her ass. 


That seemed to snap her out of her funk as she headed off in the direction of the elevators. Feeling satisfied he hit his “being nice” quota for the day he settled down to enjoy his breakfast. Kaminari came into the kitchen a few minutes later (him being up early was also strange) and the bright smile he gave Bakugo was possibly a sign he wasn’t still pissed at him about what he said last night. Before he could ask Iida and Deku entered the kitchen as well so he decided to shelve that conversation for later.


The day went on and Bakugo did his usual routine of running with kirishima, weightlifting with kirishima, sparring with kirishima (he really couldn’t shake him off if he tried) and did his best to put the thought of mysterious children out of his head. Eventually the day started to come to an end and he decided to head back to the dorm. Walking in he saw dead tired Jiro talking with a concerned looking Yaoyorozu (“Remind me never to only get three hours of sleep again Momo”) as well as Tokoyami and Shoji quietly chatting about something (probably darkness or some shit knowing those two). Looking at his watch and seeing it was five till eight he decided to head to his room to wash up. Right before he entered the room he suddenly heard a voice behind him say “I’m sorry”. 


He turned around to see Kaminari standing there, looking awkward. “I got all pissed at you last night and I shouldn't have. I know you were just curious and didn’t mean anything by what you said but I still got very offended. I hope your not mad at me” he told Bakugo while looking very sad. Bakugo, for his part, was utterly baffled that Kaminari was apologizing to him about last night. “It’s no big deal” he grumbled out finally “I have thick skin remember. Just don't start fucking weeping over it allright”. Kaminari gave one of the brightest smiles Bakugo and ever seen and launched at him to give a spine shattering hug. “Get the fuck off me!” he shrieked while the other boy was in the middle of squeezing the soul out of him. “Come on, you know you love it” he responded while giving the angry blonde a wink. Bakugo continued to scream in fury until he was finally released. “Well see you tomorrow, Kacchan” Kaminari said cheekily before sprinting away to avoid retaliation.


Bakugo just stood there for a second before heading into his room. He swears one of these days his friends are gonna be the fucking death of him.

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Kaminari was quite the mystery. Midoriya hadn’t realized this until the game night but now that he thought about it he saw the truth of the statement. While he didn’t have in depth knowledge on everyone in class he knew general things about most of them. He knew a lot about his close friends of course, but even with people who he rarely talked to like Shoji or Koda he still knew if they had siblings or what their parents did or things of that nature. But when he heard Kaminari’s story, he realized it was the first time he ever talked about anything from his time before U.A. and this concerned Midoriya.

He decided to compile all the information he had on Kaminari, which sadly wasn't much. He knew his name and his appearance, his quirk, his low grades, his friendly personality, and his old friend. That was all he had about the class’s most outgoing member.

“What are you muttering about this time Deku?” he suddenly heard a voice ask. Looking up he realized he had stopped eating and that Uraraka was looking at him with concern. It had been a month since his realization and he was having lunch with his usual group, most of whom were looking at him with raised eyebrows.

“I was just thinking about Kaminari and how I don’t know much about him even after all this time” he muttered a bit sheepishly, embarrassed that he started muttering again. Uraraka looked thoughtful for a moment before admitting “Neither do I actually. What about you guys?” she asked the rest of the group. “I think he likes hamburgers” Tsu brings up. “He has a terrible sleeping schedule” Iida points out, complete with arm waving. “He doesn't have a great relationship with his father” Todoroki mentions suddenly.

He bends over to get something from his bag and when he sits back up he sees everyone looking at him. “What?” he asks in his usual tone of voice. “How do you know that?” Midoriya asks shocked. Considering Todoroki’s lack of sociability it’s amazing that he knows anything about the mysterious blonde. “He talked to me shortly after the sports festival. He asked what it was like to have Endeavor as a father and if there was a lot of pressure on me growing up” the dual haired boy explains. Midoriya sucks in his breath a little, knowing how Todoroki’s family issues are a sore spot that he doesn’t like to bring up even now.

“What did you say?” Uraraka asksTodoroki with equal parts concern and curiosity on her face. “I told him that my father put enormous pressure on me to succeed since I had such a strong quirk. He then laughed and said he knew the feeling since his dad put a lot of pressure on him too, but unlike me he didn’t “meet expectations” so his dad cast him aside and focused on his older siblings. He didn’t say anything after that and I was not about to dig into his family problems”.

Everyone at the table was quiet all deep in thought, none more so that Midoriya. If Kaminari’s dad say him as a failure then there must have been some reason. Perhaps his quirk since it was so hard to control. Or maybe it was his low intelligence. Or perhaps some combination of the two. Or maybe his quirk hurt his body really badly when he was younger. It could be that- “You’re muttering again” Uraraka pointed out. Midoriya stopped and apologized before deciding to eat. He could figure out what this all meant later, he needed to eat now otherwise the rest of the day would be incredibly hard. Yet even though he did his best to block out the thoughts, he still couldn't help but lightly speculate about his classmate’s mysterious past.



It was night and Midoriya’s mind was still buzzing. The more he thought about Kaminari’s secrets, the more anxious he became. People aren’t usually that guarded about their past unless they have something to hide. Unless they’re Todoroki. If he had a good reason to not talk about his issues then maybe Kaminari does too. But what if he’s actually evil and doesn’t want anyone to know? But why talk about his family issues if he’s actually evil? To throw off suspicion perhaps? Or maybe- “You are way too worked up about this. Just talk to him”. Midoriya realized that he was yet again muttering (this was starting to become a serious problem) when todoroki interrupted his increasingly more distressed thoughts. He had invited the Monotone boy over to watch a movie that he wasn’t able to see when it was in theaters. Seeing as Midoriya had already watched it before, he let his mind wander back to his classmate.

“You really think that’s a good idea?” the green haired boy asks nervously. “Seeing as he brought up the whole disappointing his father thing so casually with me, I don’t think he’s trying all that hard to hide his past. I just think no one has asked him about it”. Todoroki turned back to the screen and pressed play on the movie. “Now stop with the muttering or I’m gonna freeze your mouth shut, I waited a long time to see this and I'm not letting you ruin it” he muttered as the movie started. Midoriya sighed and sat in silence while the movie began. Maybe his friends know more about him and he should talk to them first. Midoriya smiled, having finally formulated a plan. Tomorrow he was gonna talk to Kirishima (the most approachable of Kaminari’s friend group) and see what he knows. It’s probably all some misunderstanding, Kirishima knows all about Kaminari’s past and he’s gonna clear everything up. Right?

Chapter Text

Something was off in the friend group and the fact that Kirishima couldn’t figure out what’s causing it was infuriating. Well to be fair it isn't the whole friend group since Sero, Mina, and Kaminari still act the same. Bakugo and Jiro, on the other hand, have definitely been acting off for some time.


Bakugo seems to be a bit more gentle when talking to him. He doesn’t lose his head like he used to whenever Kaminari said something dumb. He also occasionally helped Kaminari study which was truly unusual seeing as Kaminari could only seem to focus for fifteen minutes at a time before letting his mind wander and it always used to drive Bakugo livid. Now he just lightly chastises the electric blonde without so much as a huff.


Jiro was even stranger. While the two of them were friends and would hang out a lot (being part of the “Bakusquad” and all) before, it was nothing prepared to now. The two of them seemed to be joined at the hip with how much time they spent together. If Kaminari went to the mall, so did she. If he was going to get groceries, she was right alongside him. If he was sitting in the common room eating cereal at eleven-thirty at night, you could bet your lucky stars she would be close by.


It’s not like it was upsetting Kirishima that the two seemed more affectionate with Kaminari. The problem was he couldn’t figure out what triggered it. It all started when he talked about his old friend at game night, but that didn’t seem like enough of a reason for this change. Sure it was sad to know Kaminari had lost someone so close to him, but the squad had seen Kaminari at lower points then that.


There was the time when Kaminari and Mina failed their final and were completely crushed, the time Kaminari fried himself so bad he had partial amnesia for a month (him crying about how he forgot his grandparents faces was heartbreaking, also the reason he keeps a picture of them in his room now “just in case”), and the time a villain with a magnetism quirk sliced Kaminari up so bad they could see his intestines and they weren't sure he was gonna survive the night (one of the few times Kirishima has seen Bakugo tear up) were all times Kaminari was in a worse place.

Yet for some reason, that sad story is what caused those two to start acting differently. Something was up.


All of this was on Kirishima’s mind while he and Bakugo were having their normal weekend workout routine. Unfortunately he should have had his mind focused on what he was doing since he accidentally dropped a twenty pound weight on his foot. He howled in pain and started jumping on one foot while clutching the other throbbing one. Bakugo just grunted in annoyance and walked over to make sure his friend hadn’t broken anything. After checking the aching foot and not finding a broken bone he growled and Kirishima “Either watch what your doing next time or have faster reflexes so you can harden your foot before the hit” before walking back to his bench to lift more weights.


After a few seconds he realized Kirishima hadn’t moved and looking up revealed the other boy was just staring at him. “What!” he yelled at the other boy, who seemed unfazed by the angry blond’s outcry. “First you start acting nicer to Kaminari, now me? Careful man or you are gonna lose that fearsome reputation you spent so much time crafting” the shark toothed boy responded. He saw Bakugo’s face flit from confusion to realization before settling back into his default scowl. “Why the fuck are you complaining, you’re the one always getting on my back about being nicer to people!?” Bakugo scream’s at him. Kirishima briefly considers backing down and going back to the workout, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he pushes forward.


“I’m just saying, you usually laugh or yell at me whenever I hurt myself during these workouts but you suddenly show concern for me. Not to mention how nice you’ve been to Kaminari ever since that game night, and I’m just wondering if maybe you’ve finally taken all those anger management books Yaoyorozu keeps giving you to heart” he says with a smirk on his face. He hopes he can make Bakugo mad enough that he lets something slip. He wishes he didn’t have to be so sneaky but Bakugo tends to be very tight lipped about a lot of things. Seeing as Jiro is even worse in that regard, provoking Bakugo until something slips out is the only way to find out what’s up.


Bakugo opens his mouth for a furious retort but seems so stop just before any sound comes out. His eyes suddenly narrow and Kirishima suddenly remembers something he had forgotten when he put this plan into motion. Bakugo is Much smarter than him and can probably see through the ploy easily. Bakugo, as expected, simply looks down at the weights he’s lifting without responding. Kirishima huffs, his plan foiled by the angry blonde, and resorts to plan B. “Bakugo, please tell me what’s going on with you and Jiro” he begs. “No” the other boy says quickly. “No” Kirishima repeats “So there is something going on but you won't tell me, correct?” he asks. When Bakugo doesn't respond he adds “Kaminari is one of my best friends, if something is going on that made you two act so differently I want to know so I can be there for him”. 


When he still gets no response he groans angrily and yells “Why do you know what’s going on and not me?! I get Jiro since they have a weird “will they won't they” thing going on but how did you find out?! I’m way closer to him than you are! Does he not trust me?!”. The longer he talks the more hysterical he becomes. He isn’t even sure what he’s saying, his mouth is just moving on it’s own and he can’t stop it. He didn’t even know he had these feelings yet he suddenly finds himself shouting them at Bakugo. Before he can say anything else Bakugo suddenly lunges at him and covers his mouth.


“Are you trying to tell the whole fucking school about your feelings?” he snarls at Kirishima. Rubbing his temples and explains “I only know because I figured it out on my own, he didn’t come to me. No I won’t tell you what’s going on, but you can ask him yourself once you figure it out”. Letting go he adds “Don’t tell anyone either. I have a feeling it’s going to get out eventually but I still want to keep it to a minimum for now”. He started walking away but Kirishima had one last question to ask. “Is it dangerous?”. Bakugo looks over his shoulder and smirks before replying “Not even close” before exiting the gym.


A small part of Kirishima is relieved, although he’s not sure what by exactly. He cleans up after Bakugo (seriously he just walked out and left all his stuff lying around) and himself before exiting the gym as well. He washes off in the showers (Bakugo appears to have just left without washing, gross) and heads back to the dorms. After eating some leftover pizza he heads up to his room and lays on the bed.


His mind goes over that night again, the story specifically. No matter how much he thinks about it nothing sticks out to him. He doesn’t know the girls name so that can't be it. Maybe the villain who killed her? But how would Bakugo know about some random villain attack from two years ago? Moving on from that he continues going thinking about it over and over and over and-wait. He suddenly sits upright in bed, mind whirling at what just occurred to him. Kaminari said they didn't use protection. Did that lead to something? Does Kaminari have a kid?


The door knocks, startling Kirishima out of his thought, and a voice calls out “Hey Kirishima can I come in?”. Opening the door, he finds Midoriya standing there looking nervous (which is his default emotion admittedly). “Sure” he says quickly while gesturing him to enter. Thoughts of secret children can wait, if Midoriya needs advice about something then he will be happy to help.


The green haired boy sits on the bed while Kirishima takes the desk chair. “So Midoriya” he starts since the other boys seems unwilling to talk “did you come here for advice on something?” he asks. Admittedly he’s not sure what advice he could give him since Midoriya is so much smarter but he can’t think of any other reason for him to be here. “Actually” the other boys finally responds “I wanted to know more about Kaminari”. Kirishima’s blood seems to chill as the words from earlier, I have a feeling it’s going to get out eventually but I still want to keep it to a minimum for now , float to the front of his mind. Midoriya, having missed the minor heart attack the other boy just had, continues on with “I realized at the game night where he talked about his friend that I didn’t know much about him. Since you’re one of his best friends I thought I'd ask you about his past. I assume he brings it up with you guys occasionally, right?”


When Kirishima doesn’t respond Midoriya gulps and adds “He does talk about his life with you guys right?” a note of desperation in his voice. Kirishima mentally waves away his thoughts and answers Midoriya with “Well I don’t know much about his life before school started. Apparently he has a lot of family drama so he doesn’t like to bring it up. Since we know it makes him uncomfortable we don’t dig for information. I think his parents are both run large companies or something and he has two older siblings, a sister and brother. Outside of that I don’t know much”. “I can tell you the stuff he likes if you want, food and clothes or whatever. Could help if you want to get him a gift” he offers in hopes of being helpful but Midoriya just shakes his head. “I was just curious about his past but If you don’t know much then there’s not much you can offer” he says sadly.


He stands up and start heading towards the door. “Sorry I couldn't be more helpful” Kirishima tells him sadly. “It’s alright” Midoriya responds “The fact he doesn’t say much is at least some insight into him. I’ll have to do for now. See you in class tomorrow”. He closes the door leaving Kirishima alone in silence. He lays back down on the bed again and thinks about the encounter he just had. If Midoriya was curious about Kaminari’s past then there was a good chance Uraraka, Iida, Tsu, and Todoroki were as well since he always talks to them. Whatever the secret was, he doubted it would stay secret for long. The secret. The child.


Suddenly standing up, Kirishima walked over to his door. If his theory is correct then there are going to be a lot more people sniffing around for information on Kaminari, information he might not want them to know. If that was the case then Kirishima needed to know what was going on so he could lead people off the trail, but the only way to know was to go directly to the source. 

Kirishima knocked on a very familiar door and waited. After a second it opened, revealing a smiling Kaminari. His smile seemed to brighten when he saw Kirishima and he shouted “My man how’s it hanging?! I was about to ask the squad if they wanted to see “ Judicator 3: Rapid Fire ” with me! You up for it?!”. Kirishima Steeled his nerves (or hardened his nerves since steel was Tesutesu’s thing) and said “actually I wanted to ask you something”. Kaminari’s smile seemed to dim a little but he said “Sure thing man what’s up?!” with the same gusto. “It’s kind of private, can we talk inside?” Kirishima asked. “Sure thing man, I’m here for you when you need me” the excited blonde responded as he headed back inside his room to talk. “I could say the same thing” Kirishima said as he followed his friend inside his room. If all went right then he could end tonight with new information about his close friend and, more importantly, protect his friends secrets from nosy classmates. “I could say the same” he repeated while closing the door.

Chapter Text

You can bet that at any given time, no matter what he was doing, Aizawa was thinking about sleep. Back when he was just a pro it wasn’t as bad. He still worked a lot but it was manageable as long as he was on top of things. Once he became a teacher as well as a hero, that got thrown out the window. He now searched for any opportunity to sleep, from skipping lunch in order to rest to giving the class pop quizzes that took the whole period so he could snooze (he didn’t have to be awake to make sure no one cheated, his class was honest like that).


Today was no exception as he pulled on his sleeping bag in order to sleep. They had finished up lessons twenty minutes early and he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity when it arose. He managed to block out the idle chatter of the class enough to sleep for fifteen minutes before the bell rang. Briefly considering getting some food before deciding sleep to be more important (the same conclusion he usually came to) he was about to doze off again when a shadow came over him.


Opening his eyes and looking up he saw Kaminari standing there, looking down at him with the same goofy grin he usually sported. “You coming?” Kirishima yelled at his friend from the doorway. Kaminari turned to him and shouted “I’m gonna ask Mister Aizawa something, meet you guys in a bit” and watched as his friend group left.


As soon as the door closed he turned back to his teacher who was looking at his questioningly. “What exactly do you need my help with?” Aizawa asked with some confusion. Students asking his questions was not uncommon but Kaminari seemed to avoid his like the plague so him wanting to talk was very suspicious.


After a moment where he seemed to be working up courage Kaminari finally asked “Who has access to the student records?”. Aizawa, taken aback by the randomness of the question, blinks and says “Why do you want to know?”. “My classmates seem to want to know more about my personal life but I don’t like talking about it. I’m just afraid they are going to look at my records to get around this” Kaminari explains. Aizawa is still a little confused about the situation but still answers Kaminari’s question “Only the staff here can see student records, no students are allowed to see them''. Kaminari lets out a sigh of relief and thanks his teacher for the help before running off. Aizawa shrugs in his sleeping bag and closes his eyes to settle down for another nap.

That night Aizawa is in his on campus apartment while watching the news. He isn’t going out on patrol that night and he doesn’t have grades to do so he decided to watch the new before heading to bed. While watching he suddenly remembers his conversation with Kaminari from earlier that day. Thinking it might be a good idea to look up his student records in case there is something he should know about (people aren't secretive about their past without reason) he turns off his T.V. and hops on his laptop.


The school does a background check on all it’s students before they are allowed to enroll. Not only that but the school also has students who have already been accepted to certain tests to find out more about them (Personality, learning styles, quirk strength ect.) and while Aizawa has never looked at these records himself, simply relying on his powers of observation to learn things about his students with great success, he admits they are useful to some of the other teachers. After a little searching he finds Kaminari’s file.


The first thing he does is look at the family section of the file. Pulling it up he sees Kaminari’s immediate family starting with his father, Kanden Kaminari. He immediately recognizes him as the head of a massive electronic corporation. He also knows there are a lot of rumors of him having criminal ties so he marks that down as a possible problem.


Moving on he sees a lady he assumed to be the mother until the file revealed her to be Kaminari’s older sister, Hikari Kaminari. Perhaps she will show up later Aizawa thinks as he looks over the information they have on her. She appears to work at the same company her father runs which isn’t very surprising. 


Moving on again he sees a slightly younger looking man who appears to be Kaminari’s brother, Heikin Kaminari. Again he appears to work at the same company although an item of interest is apparently he is quirkless which surprises Aizawa, mostly because he didn’t know these files were that detailed.


Moving on yet again he is very surprised to see a little girl who appears to be about four. She looks quite different from the rest of the family with dark blue eyes and hair that is almost entirely black except for a yellow lightning bolt much like Kaminari’s black bolt, very different from the family of yellow eyed blondes. In fact she seems to resemble Kaminari more than she does anyone else with the same face and eye shape (Not to mention the same light hearted look in her eye).


Aizawa is convinced that she must have been some bastard love child from one of the parent’s that they adopted (It wasn’t unheard of for this to happen) when he saw the family relation line and froze in his chair. He looked it over four times before accepting what he read. Daughter he thinks while rubbing his eyes why didn’t I know he had a daughter . While he doesn’t make it his business to learn about his student’s lives, the fact that one of his kids had a daughter and he didn’t know about it startled him. Not only that but it was Kaminari, someone who was known to be horrible at keeping secrets even among the staff, who had managed to hide that fact.


After shaking his head to clear his mind he focused back on the file. The girl had minimal information on her just like the rest of the family, simply saying she went to school and hasn’t manifested a quirk yet. After finishing her up he looks for Kaminari’s mother only to see a note saying “Observe Psychological profile for information on mother of Denki Kaminari and mother of Denki Kaminari’s child”. Aizawa suddenly realizes he may have just entered a rabbit hole and thinks about whether he wants to go down it. Knowing that he still hasn’t gotten to the bottom of Kaminari’s reasoning for keeping his past secret, he pushes on.


Finding the Psych profile he starts looking through it quickly to find information regarding family. After a minute of reading about why Kaminari wanted to become a hero (“All might was blonde like me and he was so cool”) he found the section related to the family.


“Denki Kaminari’s mother Seiteki Kaminari, the hero known as “Static Discharge”, was killed six years prior to his enrolling into U.A. High. Her death has caused a rift between Denki Kaminari and the rest of his family as he blames his father for her death. His siblings defend their father as does the extended family leaving Denki Kaminari to suffer from isolation. He tried to make up for this Isolation by spending more time with his childhood friend Onpa Te. This led to her giving birth to their child Chihiro Kaminari. Onpa was killed more than a year ago, leaving Denki Kaminari to care for the child without her. Chihiro Kaminari seems to be a source of energy for him as he says “She’s what gets me up in the morning when I don’t feel like it, she’s what gives me the motivation to study extra hard, she’s what makes me feel better after a long day at school” when asked how she affects his life. She appears to have had a negative effect on his relationship with his family. He says “They all want her to join the family business and have already started grooming her for that purpose. They did the same thing to me and I want to spare her all of the misfortune that would cause but they won't let it go. We have argued about it more than once and I know we will do it again. I don’t like arguing since it makes Chi sad but I can’t stop defending her anytime soon” when asked how she affected his relationship with his family. Denki Kaminari has what appears to be a very volatile relationship with most of his family with his daughter seemingly at the center of many of their issues. At some point this may lead to a falling out with his family which could affect him in a multitude of ways. He should be carefully observed for signs of above average psychological stress by faculty”.


Aizawa stops reading at that point and groans while rubbing his face. Kaminari had all this going on and he never realized it. He starts chastising himself for not reading the records sooner, thinking he could save time by relying on his observation skills only instead of reading through the massive files they had on the students. Because of that he completely missed out on what was happening right in front of him. He knew that Kaminari’s constantly positive attitude was at least somewhat of a mask, but reading the file made his reconsider just how much of his personality was real.


Aizawa backs out of the Psych profile and is about to exit out to sleep when he notices something. On the front of Kaminari’s file they have some general information on him, one of which is quirk strength. They test hero course students once they are officially enrolled to see how strong their quirk is on it’s own. After testing they are given a number from one to one hundred based on the raw power of the quirk (the students are not allowed to see this number until they have finished their time at U.A.).


Looking at the file he saw Kaminari’s power was forty five, around where Aizawa himself had placed him after the classes first combat exercise, but underneath there was an addendum saying “Due to medication the power level is uncertain, check medical record for more information”. Aizawa had another massive internal struggle upon reading this. On one hand he wanted to know everything he could about his student in case it helped improve his training in the future. On the other hand, it was getting late and he very rarely had the opportunity to actually sleep for several hours at a time. He knew that he could simply read the rest of the file at a later date, but he also wanted to make sure if the file had other crucial information as soon as possible. Eventually he decided he could sleep tomorrow and once again pressed on


He headed over to the medical section and quickly found what he was looking for. There was a list of medications that Kaminari was currently taking, some of which wasn’t surprising. Concentration aids were listed as well as asthma medication (Aizawa had suspected he had it but it was nice to know for certain) and some pain killers were also on the list. It wasn’t until he got to the bottom of the medication list he saw what he came for.


There was a medication there that he recognized, one that his friend Yamada had to take back when they where U.A. students. It was a quirk suppressor, and from the information listed it was a very powerful one. Thinking back he remembered the amount Yamada had back in the day, when he was taking it his yells wouldn’t travel farther than twelve meters, and Kaminari’s seemed to be about five times as strong. If Kaminari has such a strong dosage and can still reach these power levels, what’s he like without them Aizawa wondered nervously. Considering Kaminari fried his brain as badly as he does with his current power limit, he isn't surprised he needs suppressors.


Aizawa continues on to read through Kaminari’s whole file but doesn’t come up with anything as earth shaking as his earlier discoveries. Looking at his clock and seeing its two-thirty a.m. he finally decides to go to bed. Laying down he now has three things on his mind. One: Kaminari has a family that might have criminal ties. Two: Kaminari has a daughter that the family is trying to pull into the family business. Three: Kaminari has to take heavy duty quirk suppressors and is still very powerful. All these things lead Aizawa to one conclusion. He’s going to have to pay very close attention to Kaminari from now on. Part of the Psych profile mentioned there is a chance his student could snap from all the pressure he’s under if things hit a boiling point with his family. Aizawa is going to make sure that should that day ever come, he will be there to offer assistance. It’s why he became a teacher after all.

Chapter Text

The more Todoroki saw the more confused he became. The strangest part is that his confusion was caused by not seeing anything. Him and his friend group had made it a mission to learn more about Kaminari ever since he let slip that he talked to the blonde after the sports festival. But the more he dug, the more obvious it became there was nothing to find.


They had been looking for two weeks and still hadn’t found anything earth shaking. They found out he had a very successful father who ran a massive corporation. They knew both of his siblings worked at the same company their father did. That was all so far, they couldn’t even find anything on Kaminari’s mom other than she died at some point in the past.


Todoroki was thinking all these thoughts while spending another night on the computer looking through the web while searching for information. Even as he worked he knew his heart wasn’t in it. After the first few days of discoveries they hadn’t found anything, a fact that started to lower the group morale. As such he allowed his find to wander to conversations he had earlier that day while his eyes glazed over.


By some coincidence he had actually talked to Kaminari that day after training. Due to some injuries he sustained that day Todoroki was taking longer than usual to wash up and head to the dorms. The group had noticed that Kaminari was missing while they were removing their costumes and assumed he must have short circuited and was wandering around the training area until one of the teachers found him. Just as Todoroki was about to leave Kaminari suddenly walked into the locker room looking disheveled as usual after practice.


“Oh hey Todoroki, what are you still doing here?” he asked when he saw that he wasn’t alone, sporting his usual grin. “Sore from today so I'm taking things slower” Todoroki responded while making his way to the door. “Well don’t push yourself too hard otherwise you’ll hurt yourself and will have to spend precious time recuperating. Time you could have spent snooping around my past”.


Todoroki froze when Kaminari was done talking, unsure how to react. He decided to turn around and saw The other boy looking at him while wearing a knowing grin. “You think you’re slick but I know what you guys have been up to. You can’t pull one over on old Kaminari” he said lightheartedly. When Todoroki raised an eyebrow at that statement he continued “Well about some things you can but not stuff like this” while trying to maintain his smug composure.


Todoroki wasn’t sure what to say so he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Why did you ask about my father’s parenting?” he said suddenly. Kaminari’s smug attitude seemed to stagnate while he tried to remember what Todoroki was talking about. After a second it clicked and he went “Oh yeah” out loud. His eyes, which had drifted somewhere into the middle distance while thinking, snapped back onto the other boy. His attitude seemed to shrink as his brow started to sweat.


“I kind of hoped you would forget about that to be honest. You had this very dismissive attitude so I counted on that causing what I said to slip your mind. But then you had to go get so nice and actually pay attention to people” he admitted while sounding quite guilty. Todoroki wasn’t sure why he sounded guilty but pressed him anyway by pointing out “You didn’t answer my question”. Kaminari’s brow seemed to sweat even more and he looked even more guilty when he said “I guess I thought you could relate to me”.


Seeing as having pressuring fathers wasn’t all that unique Todoroki wasn’t sure why Kaminari came to him of all people when he continued “I thought the reason you didn’t use your fire was because it would burn you if you used it to much. Seeing as you never used it that was the only explanation I could think of. When you did use it that was only because Midoriya was relentlessly attacking you and I assumed you did it out of pure necessity. I didn’t quite know why you held back in the final fight but I assumed you just under estimated Bakugo. I came to you because I thought you were in the same boat as me, strong quirk limited by it’s backlash on your body. Of course I found out later it was all mental andI was totally wrong so I hoped you would just forget about it”.


After his speech he waited for Todoroki to respond only for the other boy to stay silent. After what seemed like seventeen hours passed he finally spoke with “Why can’t I find anything about your mother?”. Kaminari seemed taken aback by the sudden change it conversation, but the reason was Todoroki was still processing what he heard and didn’t want to just keep standing there silently. After a second Kaminari grinned and wagged his finger.


“I see what you're up to, you’re trying to interrogate me without me realising. Unfortunately for you nothing gets past me. I’ll take more than that to spill my secrets” he said while shaking his head at Todoroki’s overly direct approach. “Then why tell me about the sports festival situation?” Todoroki asked, very confused by Kaminari’s inconsistent behavior throughout the conversation. “I sort of felt I owed you an explanation you asking you such a personal question but you never asked for one back then so I'm making up for it now” he responded while still grinning and shaking his head.


He motioned for Todoroki to go away while he started undressing and Todoroki was about to obey when Kaminari suddenly huffed. “Okay since I’m such a nice guy i’ll give you a vague explanation. My parents had a falling out shortly after I was born and he made sure she would never be in any history books. Figure out the rest” he answered.


Todoroki left, somehow feeling even more confused than before the conversation started. Knowing the parents split up was quite helpful since it meant there might be a tabloid out there with a story on it, but the rest was confusing. “Never be in any history books” was a very specific way of phrasing it. Somehow Kaminari’s dad had seemed to erase his wife from existence. I’m surprised father didn’t do the same thing with mom he thought to himself bitterly.


Coming back to the present he realized he somehow ended up on a sleazy website devoted to debating which female heroes were the “most succulent” whatever that meant. He wasn’t sure how he ended up on a website that Mineta probably frequented and was about to exit when he saw an add for an article called “Best wardrobe malfunctions”. The picture showed a woman in a black outfit similar to kaminari dodging a blast of what looked like acid while her breasts hung out from earlier damage. Looking closer he realized she looked quite similar to his classmate.


He clicked on the article and started going through the pictures as fast as possible until he found the right one. After going through over two hundred pictures of womens clothes getting burned, ripped, and melted off he found what he was looking for. It was the very end of the list and there seemed to be more than one picture based on her this time.


“Here we have the busty beauty known as “Static Discharge” in the middle of her fight with an acid villain. As you can see this fight led to the girls running free due acid eating Static’s clothes away, not that we’re complaining. When the fight ended all of her clothes had melted off leaving her naked as the day she was born. Again, we’re not complaining”.


Todoroki scrolled through the last twenty pictures of her clothes slowly getting more and more melted until he got to the last one where she was indeed completely nude. She actually appeared to be waving at the camera in the last picture, seemingly unperturbed by the fact she was naked.  Looking under the picture he saw a link with the caption “For more pics and information on Static, click here”.


Todoroki clicked and was taken to page with multiple picture folders all with various sleazy names and a small biography section. It said “This is Static Discharge here and thanks for coming to my page. I joined up with these guys to get more exposure and we've been inseparable ever since. Enjoy my pics and enjoy the website :)”.


Todoroki stared at the screen, barely comprehending what he was looking at. She was working with this sleazy website was the only coherent thought he could manage. He clicked on one of the picture folders and sure enough, it was her wearing an oversized shirt with the website's logo on it while maneuvering it to partially expose parts of herself. He saw the pictures where she was actually nude were for paid members only but he didn’t need to see those too to get what was going on.


Was she that desperate he was finally able to think after five minutes where his brain felt as fried as Kaminari’s. He knew that fame and renown where essential when it came to being a successful hero, and he knew Kaminari’s father was apparently trying to stop her from getting exposure (If the total lack of any other articles on her was any proof) but he still couldn’t believe she would stoop to these measures.


This was going to be her legacy, a hero who you could see nude if you paid a thousand yen a month. “How shameful” he muttered out loud to himself. Although right after he said that, he immediately felt bad. She was probably just trying to make ends meet and, probably due to the influence of Kaminari’s father, this was the best she could do. Scrolling down the page he saw a folder on the bottom called “Memoriam” and immediately clicked on it. The first picture seemed to be a block of text so he clicked on it to expand. 


On it was written “On Thursday, July twelfth our friend Seiteki Kaminari also known as “Static Discharge” was killed during a raid on a villain hideout. She partnered up with us when she was having a hard time getting he name out there and was been wonderful the whole time. She was never ashamed about working with us and always did her best to advertise the website whenever possible. Whenever she would come in for an interview for our magazine or podcast she seemed to make the whole room feel lighter. We wouldn’t be nearly as big as we are today if it wasn’t for her. We owe her so much and we grieve for her loss. This folder is a compilation of our favorite pictures of her, some lewd and some not. Enjoy the pictures, I know she would want you to”.


Todoroki looked through all the pictures, some of which were quite graphic and some of which were quite dramatic, but didn’t show him anything new. He decided to exit off the website and turn off his computer before sitting on his bed to read a book. Unfortunately his thoughts were swirling with all the information he received so it was very hard to concentrate. Eventually he just gave up and tossed his book aside and laid down face first on the bed.


He had no idea how he was going to break this news to his friends. Once they found out about what Kaminari’s mom got up to they would most likely panic (Except for Tsu, she probably wouldn’t react much) and Todoroki wanted to avoid that. Suddenly an idea came to him and he sat up and pulled out his phone. Selecting the contact and hitting the call button he waited through the ringing until it picked up. “Hello?” the voice said with a hint of question in their voice. “I found some information about Kaminari’s mom and I want to talk to you about it. But just you. Can you come to my room?” Todoroki asked. “Sure thing, be right there!” the voice responded before cutting off the call.


Todoroki put his phone back in his pocket and waited. He realized it might be better if he told his group one at a time instead of all at once since their surprise might turn into group hysteria as it so often did (The more of them freaked out the more freaked out they became is the pattern he had observed). Eventually he heard a knock on the door and walked over to open it. “Hi Todoroki” Midoriya greeted him as he walked inside. He nodded in response and closed the door behind him. “So what did you learn? Was she a hero like I thought?” Midoriya asked once he sat himself down on the bed. Todoroki sat down next to him and exhaled loudly. This was going to turn very loud very quickly. Bracing himself he began his story.


As he suspected, it got loud.

Chapter Text

Chi was both bored and anxious at the same time which was never fun. It was a Sunday and she found out from grandpa Kanden that Daddy was coming home and having dinner that night. He used to live there all the time but he had to leave for school so he barely saw her anymore which made her sad. She was lucky that grandpa was so nice.


All her family was nice. Her grandpa was nice, her aunt Hikari was nice, her uncle Heikin was nice, the people who came to the house to talk to grandpa were usually nice but there were some rude ones. Out of all of them, Daddy was the nicest one. He would always hug and kiss her when he saw her, always give her treats when grandpa said not to, always listened to her talk about things she saw, he was so nice.


All of this was why she couldn’t wait for him to come. Grandpa said he would be there at four and it was only two, so much time left. She told grandpa this and he told her to read one of her books. She knew how to read thanks to the teachers grandpa hired but she was too anxious to read. Instead she just went back up to her room to play with some toys.


Her house was very big (Fifty thousand square feet! She can’t even count that high but grandpa can, he’s smart) so she was walking for awhile before she got back to her room. Once she did she sat down and started playing with her toys. She couldn’t think of anything for them to do so she turned the T.V. on so she could act out whatever was on.


After going through several boring channels she found a new station that was covering a villain attack. Excited she watched as the villain, who was as tall as the building he was smashing, was attacked by some heros. While watching she mimed the actions she saw with her toys, using a giant gorilla she had as the bad guy and all the other toys as heroes.


One by one the heroes threw themselves at the giant only to be knocked back. One of the heroes tore a tire off a car and threw it at the giant, hitting him in the eye. He yelled and collapsed on the street, her gorilla doing the same. When the heroes swarmed him to knock him out he clapped so hard they were all knocked back. He then grabbed one of the heroes and started squeezing her in his hand, her gorilla grabbing hold of a Ryukyu figure. He starts yelling something that she can’t hear but before he finishes his arm it hit by something and there is an explosion.


He yells and drops the hero while holding his burned looking arm when suddenly he is covered in some strange white stuff. Chi is confused until the camera pans over and she starts shaking in excitement. There on her T.V. set is her Daddy with his friends. One of them is shooting what she remembers is tape at the giant while the angry blond one keeps firing explosions at him. The red, pink, and purple ones are running around and saving people from damage with some other heroes. Her Daddy seems to tell the angry one something and starts sprinting at the giant, his angry friend yelling at his as he ran. Once he gets to him his friends stop shooting things and hang back while Daddy rubs his hands together. He then touches the villain on the knee and starts shocking him.


Chi has never seen anything so pretty, the whole street is covered in yellow light while the villain is fried. Everyone, including Chi and the other heroes on the scene, can only stare as sparks fly off both people. After a minute Daddy finally lets go of the giant, who shrunk down to a normal size, and starts bowing for the crowd. Everyone starts clapping and Chi, who had long forgotten her toys, decides to join in. She lightly claps her hands together and cheers only for something strange to happen.


The moment her hands meet there is a massive gust of wind that knocks everything back. Toys, books, her bed, the T.V. everything is knocked back. The windows and door actually blow out as well. Not only that but all the lights in her room suddenly pop all at once and her T.V. seems to short circuit before turning off. Not quite sure what happened but knowing her clapping caused it gave her has an idea. She claps again with all her might.

What a day Kaminari thinks to himself. He went out with his friends to try and find something to give Chi (He told his friends his niece was coming to town as a cover story) and was having a great time when her suddenly found himself electrocuting a giant. He didn’t know how it happened,one minute they heard a large crash and the next minute he was sprinting at the villain while Bakugo yelled at him about being reckless.


Luckily he managed to find a nice gift (A large plush lightning bolt, had to stay on theme) and was walking down the street towards his house now. Looking at his lightning themed watch he saw it was three, an hour before he was supposed to arrive but he didn’t mind. His dad would probably get upset but what else is new.


Arriving at the front gate he realized something, it was open. Not only that but there were police cars down the driveway. He started sprinting as fast as he could towards the house, fearing the worst. He knew they had top notch security and guards patrolling everywhere but that didn’t make him feel any better. Once reaching the front he ran up to a cop and said “My family lives here what happened” while failing to keep panic out of his voice. The cop turned to him and said “Everyone’s fine, just an accident with a little girls quirk. Your family is over there” reassuringly while pointing towards the house. Sure enough his whole family was standing there, his father and brother talking to the police while his sister was kneeling on the ground while talking to Chi.


“Chi!” Kaminari yelled as he ran towards her with his arms outstretched. When she saw him her face brightened like the sun and she ran towards him too. When they reached he picked her up and started kissing her face over and over while she giggled. After enough kisses he hugged her tightly, his fears upon seeing the police finally melting away. She was safe. It was just a quirk accident. Quirk accident?


He suddenly remembered what the cop said and looked at Chi with surprise. “You have a quirk?” he asked her incredulously. She nodded while grinning like a mad man before saying “Now I can be a hero just like you”. Ignoring the minor heart attack he suffered at the thought of her going up against someone like Shigaraki he was curious about what her quirk was. Or more specifically, how it caused the police to be called. Looking up at his sister she seemed to read his mind before pointing to the house and saying “It’s better if you see it yourself. It happened in her room”. He set Chi down and headed inside, hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet following him.


After a minute of trekking through their overly sized house (Seriously it was like his dad was in some rich person dick measuring contest with how large the place was) he finally reached her room. Or more accurately the massive crater that used to be her room. Where there used to be a spacious bedroom with all the toys you could ever ask for there now stood a massive thirty meter crater. Looking up he saw that a large section of the roof was also blown out as well as some neighboring rooms.


Turning to his daughter, the only thing he could think of to ask was “What did you do?”. She started grinning again and regaled him with a tale of seeing him on T.V. and clapping when he beat the giant only to notice what happened when she clapped lightly, at which point she clapped with all her might. Rubbing his eyes after the story was done he scolded her by saying “You should have told grandpa about it as soon as it happened instead of making it happen again but harder, understand?”. She looked a little put out but responded anyway with “I’m sorry”.


He smiled and rubbed her head before saying “It’s alright, grandpa can afford to fix it. I’m glad I know what your quirk is, not to mention how strong and cool it is”. This made her perk up as she looked at him while grinning again. He headed back to his family with her and saw the police were finally leaving. “The damage she caused should be repaired within a few days. Until then she will sleep in one of the guest rooms” his dad told him before turning to Chi and adding “Little lady, you aren’t getting any desert tonight after the scare you gave us” while wagging his finger at her. Her eyes cast downward, only to immediately look at Kaminari the moment her grandpa looked away. Kaminari shook his head at her, signaling he wasn’t going to sneak her any treats later like usual, and she looked sad again.


They headed back inside, Kaminari carrying Chi since all that walking was tiring her out, and they all sat in the living room. “Since the blast caused damage to the electrical system that won’t be fixed until later tonight, we are going out for dinner. Denki” he turned to his son “We leave in ten minutes. Have some nice clothes on for once”. Kaminari shrugged and his dad moaned before saying “Fine, if you won’t put on anything nice then at least put Chi in something nice”.


Kaminari turned to Chi and asked “Do you want to wear something nice?” and she responded “Yes, but I blew up my clothes”. Hikari spoke up with “I actually bought you something today you can wear. We’ll have some people buy you clothes tonight” and Chi beamed (She loves it when aunt Haki gives her gifts since they are always so nice). “Very well then” her grandpa said “Get dressed Chi and we’ll leave in ten” before walking off.


After putting Chi in a nice purple dress (The color made Kaminari think of Jiro and he wasn’t sure quite why) the family headed out in a nice limo. Kaminari spent the whole trip talking to Chi about all sorts of things while his family stayed silent, only talking when Chi addressed them. They eventually reached the restaurant, a nice western style that hopefully had hamburgers, and went inside. It was a nice place with several well dressed families littered about and a live band playing music (Classical of course, nothing cool like his dubstep or Jiros punk. There he was thinking about Jiro again.) but it didn’t look like the kind of place that sold hamburgers.


They all sat down at a large table and were given menus. Kaminari searched through the whole thing and had his worst fear realized. The restaurant didn’t sell hamburgers. Just as he was gonna cry out in despair Chi tugged on his arm and he looked over at her. “You look sad” she pointed out with a frown on her face, causing him to feel guilty for worrying her. “Turns out this place doesn’t have hamburgers so your old man’s gonna go hungry” he said while draping himself over the chair dramatically causing Chi to giggle.


“They have shrimp you can eat. You do still like shrimp right” his dad said while reading through his menu. “Yeah but i’ve been craving burgers all day” Kaminari wined. His dad looked up at him to give a withering glare that he completely ignored. “Shrimp is good. You should eat that” Chi told him while looking at her menu. “Well if my princess says so” he said in an over the top british voice “then it will be done” causing her to giggle again and his dad to glare at him again.


Eventually everyone got their food (Chi got a tiny hamburger and Kaminari was tempted to get one for himself before deciding he had too much pride to eat a kids meal) and they all ate while Kaminari and Chi did most of the talking. Eventually they all finished and headed out, getting into their limo to drop him off at the school seeing as it was getting late.


He and Chi talked for the whole ride there, he was trying to get as much Chi right now as he could since he didn’t know when he would see her again, until she finally asked him “Am I going to take medicine like you?”. 


At that point the whole car went silent, unsure of what to say. Kaminari looked over at his dad for help who answered “Well we will have to let a doctor come to see you first before we decide”. Chi nodded before talking about some other random topic, but Kaminari’s mind still lingered on her question.


Would she take suppressors like him? His dad basically gave up on him the moment he had to start taking them and he didn’t want Chi’s heart to get broken if her grandpa just stopped caring about her. The thought lingered for the rest of the ride, all the way up to them dropping him off. After saying goodbye to dad and siblings who all responded stiffly he pulled Chi into one more hug and kiss. “I can't wait to see you again” he told her while holding back tears (He always gets emotional when he says bye to her) and she responded with “Me too Daddy” before giving him a kiss on the cheek.


He smiled and hugged her for a second longer before letting go and getting out of the car. He waved at her while the door closed and he continued to wave when it drove off. Only when it turned out of sight did he stop and head inside the gate. From super villain’s to super claps, this has been one wild day he thought to himself. He chuckled and walked to the dorms, waving at Sato who was in the common room before heading up to his room. Once inside he laid down on the bed and was ready to drift off when he heard a knock on the door.


He opened it to find Sero, Mina, and Kirishima all standing there. “What’s up guys?” he asked slightly confused. Sero and Mina pushed their way inside while Kirishima stayed in the doorway and looked like he wanted to bolt. “I messed up” he said before walking inside. Kaminari was starting to feel concerned about the situation but held out hope it wasn’t anything that big while closing the door. 


Turning around to see his three friends standing there he sat on the bed and asked “What’s up guys, did Kirishima ask somebody out or what?”. Kirishima closed his eyes as if bracing himself while Mina and Sero folded their arms in front of their chests. “Kaminari” Mina said with a hint of irritation in her voice. “Yes?” he said, already dreading her response. “Why didn’t you tell us you had a kid?”.


Kaminari suddenly became aware he forgot to take his suppressor that day when every electronic device in the room exploded.

Chapter Text

This was fucking beneath him. Just because Mei passed out from exhaustion doesn’t mean he should be her delivery boy. He’s a busy guy who shouldn’t get roped into giving Izuku his shit. But he’s here now so might as well make it fast so he can get back to his experiments. He reached the 1-A dorms and went inside, hoping broccoli boy was nearby. Thankfully he was sitting on the couch while talking to Tenya and Ochaco.


Walking up to the green boy he said “Izuku right?”. Izuku turned to him and responded “Yeah, although you can just call me Midoriya”. “Sure thing Izuku look I have a new model of your gauntlets that Mei made, you want em?” the other boy responded. Izuku looked a little put off at being called by his first name but disregarded it by saying “Sure but where is Hatsume?”. The other boy handed him the gauntlets and explained “That bitch worked herself too hard and passed out in the workshop. Not even me stabbing her in the leg with a screwdriver woke her up so my friend made her stuff for her”.


The three friends looked very taken aback by his harshness and Tenya asked him loudly “Why did you stab a student?! Who are you anyway?!”. “Name’s Ethan Himmel and I’m a support student. I know my Eraserhead style shadow and height makes me look older but i’m your age, i've always had shadow and been very tall. I stabbed Mei because my friend was trying to get me to deliver her crap for her when I'm very busy so I tried waking Mei up. It didn't work and my friend kept pestering me until i did it.” Ethan explained while turning around to walk out.


“Why did you call Deku by his first name?” Ochaco asked him while he was trying to flee. “I’m from america and I think calling people by their last name is stupid and gets confusing so I don’t do it. Now leave my alone, I've got a lot of things to do” he told her through gritted teeth while still trying to leave. “Absolutely not! You assaulted a fellow student, you must be reprimanded! I will find the nearest faculty and inform them of what you’ve done and you will come with me!” Tenya yelled after him.


Ethan froze, almost not believing the nerve of this guy. He turned around to see him right in his face with the aura of righteous fury emanating off him. Ethan was about to argue when an idea came to him. “Fine, but I won’t go with you. Just Izuku” he replied to the blue haired boy. Both him and the green boy looked very confused by the odd request. “If it’s not him then i’ll run off right now and you can't stop me “Engine man” or whatever your hero name is” Ethan told them with venom dripping from his words.


Tenya was about to argue when Izuku spoke up with “I’ll do it Iida don’t worry”. The other boy looked at him for a second before accepting with “Very well, but do it quickly if you can”. Izuku nodded while getting up and followed Ethan out the door, him already leaving before Izuku even got up. After scrambling to catch up to him for a few seconds the two boys stood next to each other outside the dorm building.


“Let’s just head to the school alright? There are bound to be teachers lurking around there” Ethan proclaimed before walking away. Izuku, who was much shorter than the other boy, had to take bigger strides in order to keep up. “So why did you want me to come and not Iida?” Izuku asked. “Because you are a far more interesting individual than Tenya” Ethan explained with a relaxed attitude. Izuku looked unsure how to proceed, most likely taken aback by Ethan's sudden change in personality. Whereas a second ago he was almost snarling at him, he now had a soft smile on his face and looked totally at ease. “Since you seem shy I’ll start us off. Your quirk manifested late right?” Ethan asked the nervous looking boy next to him. He nodded and Ethan continued “Let’s ignore the fact that you have too many toe joints for that to be possible and no” he cut off Izuku before he could say anything “I won't tell you how I saw your x-ray. What I want to know is what was the first time you used your quirk?”.


Izuku looked like he wanted to press the x-ray thing before deciding better of it and answering “I felt something change right before the entrance exam but I didn’t use it until I smashed the zero point robot”. “How did you know you could do that?” Ethan asked while looking perplexed at the other boy’s assumption. “I didn’t my body just moved without really thinking and before I knew it, I was in the air punching a robot” he gave the answer.


Ethan decided not to point out how weak of an explanation that was and instead asked “How much power can you use without destroying yourself?”. “Eight percent right now, but I did use twenty percent one time and was able to keep it up for awhile, although I could feel it damaging my body the whole time”.


Ethan was about to ask another question about Izuku’s relationship with All Might when he noticed the other boy looking around nervously. “You don’t want us seen together?” he asked humorously. “What?” Izuku asked, looking confused. “You’re looking around like your afraid a paparazzi is gonna jump out and snap some pictures” Ethan explained while still smiling at the other boys paranoia. The green haired boy suddenly panicked and started waving his arms while spluttering “I-It’s n-not like that!”. Ethan laughed while punching his shoulder good-heartedly and said “I’m just yanking your chain, what’s got you looking so nervous?”. After a second Izuku responded “Overhaul”.


Ethan suddenly understood all the fearful looks the other boy was giving. A week prior Overhaul had been broken out of prison and no one knew how. It made sense that Izuku would be worried that Overhaul would head to U.A. since both the center of his operations and the person who defeated him were living there.


“We have good security here so don’t worry. Besides, he got him arms melted off or whatever so It’s not like he can get in here on his own with those dinky claw arms” Ethan tried to soothe the other boy. Izuku nodded and Ethan saw they were nearing the school so there wasn’t much time left for questions. Thinking fast he remembered something that he meant to ask one of the 1-A students.


“One last question if you will. Name the three strongest quirks in your class please. Not the most useful, just those who have the most raw power”. Izuku seemed to think for a second before answering “I suppose it’s me, Todoroki, and Kacchan”. When Ethan raised an eyebrow he quickly said “Kacchan is what I call Bakugo, Katsuki for you”. Ethan smiled, expecting him to say that since most people thought that as well, and responded “Actually that’s not true”.


Izuku looked at him in confusion while Ethan explained “I’ve been experimenting with DNA from different students and staff in order to make a serum to offer temporary quirks to people who take them”. Izuku had a look that said “That sounds like bullshit” and Ethan chuckled, knowing how insane it sounded, before continuing “I’ve managed to procure DNA from most of class 1-A through various means and have been trying to make serums based on their quirks”.


Izuku looked unsettled knowing that some guy he hadn’t met before that day was collecting his and his classmates DNA and to be honest, Ethan couldn’t blame him. “So far I’ve managed to get serums for about half your class to a usable state. It only lasts an hour but it’s still a massive boon in a fight. Katsuki and Shoto are two of them but your quirk is giving me trouble” he said while giving the other boy an irritated look, as though it was his fault the serum wouldn't work.


The two of them entered the school and Ethan knew his time was short so he needed to finish up quickly. “One of the one’s I haven’t completed yet is your classmate Denki and I know why. The more complex the quirk is the more difficult the serum is to make. This leads me to believe there is more to that electric boys quirk than he is letting on. Can you do me a favor and ask him?” Ethan asked. Izuku looked stunned, probably from the massive amount of information he just received.


Before he could say anything the two of them walked into Midnight. Izuku quickly found his head and explained to the teacher what happened with Ethan. After an innuendo filled scolding for Ethan (He hates innuendo’s and felt like dying throughout the whole tirade) she lead him to the principal's office. “It was nice talking to you Izuku, hope we can do it again sometime!” he called back to the green haired future hero. As he walked down the hallway thoughts of punishment were far away with only one thing on his mind. I have to talk to him again .

Midoriya was having a mental breakdown in the hallway. The thought that someone was collecting class 1-A’s DNA was unsettling enough, but what Ethan used it for was even more frightening. A serum that gives you another’s quirk for an hour he thought How terrifying . The implications were massive, with those serums anyone could turn into another All for One for an hour.


That wasn’t even the scariest part of it all. “But your quirk is giving me trouble” he told him. The thought that Ethan was trying to make a serum that gave you the power of all might for an hour was horrifying. Even though All Might said it only passed on if you want it to it was still in his DNA, simply lying dormant. If the support student managed to unlock its power and the wrong person got their hands on it, the devastation could be massive.  He pulled out his phone and rang up All Might, luckily getting him on the second ring. “Yes my boy?” his teacher asked him on the other end of the line. “I just found out something and I think we need to talk in person, are you available right now?” he asked, hoping he said yes. “Of course, come by my apartment right now to talk” he said, his voice growing serious due to his student’s fearful voice.


Once Midoriya arrived at All Might’s apartment he knocked vigorously for a second and was let in by his teacher. Once they sat down on the couch he explained “I called Kacchan but he wouldn’t pick up, he must be resting from his fight with that giant villain earlier”. All Might looked surprised to hear that and asked “This is a One for All situation? What happened this time?”. Midoriya explained what Ethan had told him about his experiments, All Might’s face growing more grave the more his successor spoke.


Once the story was finished he said “I need to talk to Maijima about his student right away. If he wasn’t lying to you about his serums, he could be creating incredibly destructive inventions that would require much more oversight than he’s probably getting. In fact, I bet he has no oversight at all since I probably would have heard about it sooner if he was.” All might, who was currently looking at his hands, suddenly looked into the young boys eyes as he answered the question he was dreading to know.


“I don’t know if he will get the serum to work. It’s possible he could find a way to access One for all with enough tampering, but I just don’t have the technical knowledge about how it works to know for sure”. He could tell that wasn’t the answer Midoriya wanted and he clasped his shoulder tightly while saying “If he does get it to work it will probably just be a dud like when young Monoma copied it. Everything will be fine, you need to calm yourself”. This seemed to work as he could feel the boys muscles loosen and his posture straightened slightly.


“Was there anything else you wanted to tell me?” he asked just to make sure he knew everything he needed to before sending the boy off. When Midoriya’s face seemed to turn white he feared for the worst. “Yes, actually. I think Ethan suspects my quirk isn’t my own. He said he saw x-rays of my feet and saw the extra joint in my toe”. All Might almost passed out upon hearing the news. “Did he saw how he saw them?” he asked with worry clear in his voice. “No, he said he wouldn’t tell me if I asked” his student answered.


All Might started rubbing his hair nervously. After a minute of that he said “There’s not much we can do other than say it is your quirk”. Midoriya nodded solemnly, knowing that wasn’t much of a defense against the hard evidence the other boy had. After making sure Midoriya didn’t have anything else to talk about he left, leaving All Might alone with his thoughts. After a minute of brooding he pulled out his phone and called Power Loader. The fact that a support class student was doing genetic research instead of creating machines probably meant he was misusing school property, which would be a good way to get in trouble with the school. When the other teacher picked up All Might spoke first with “Hello Maijima, we need to have a talk about Ethan Himmel”.

Later that night

It was dark and he didn’t know where he was. Looking around he saw various scientific and medical equipment in the dimly lit room. From What he could tell it was quite large with himself in the middle of it, strapped to a bed. He tried to loosen the bindings but it was no use, he was trapped.


Suddenly a door opened behind him and the lights fully turned on. He heard footsteps and could tell they were getting closer to him. Suddenly a shadow came over his eyes and he wasn’t able to make out the face looking down at him.


“Well well well, look who finally woke up” the figure above him said. He tried to make out any facial features but the individual seemed to notice this and chickled. “This room has some harsh lighting so I’m not surprised you can’t see my face. Here, let me make it easier” he said while backing up from the bed.


Now that he wasn’t being leered over he could finally see his captors face. He had short, dark brown hair that was closely cut on the sides and longer on top. He had eyes that were completely blood red, except for his irises which were black. He also had shadow that reminded him of that hero Eraserhead.


“Are you impressed? I put no effort into my apperance” the man said in a mocking voice. When his captive didn’t respond he said “Tuff crowd” before walked over to some medical equipment and pulling it towards the bed.


“What is that” the man on the bed asked with a mixture of anger and fear. “Oh this” the captor said while pointing at the device “It’s just here to draw your blood. I need your DNA you see”. When the man on the bed seemed to stiffen he said “Don’t worry the needles clean, I know that kind of stuff bothers you” while smiling sinisterly at the trapped man.


“Why do you want my DNA?” the captive asked while eyeing the needle warily. “Well your quirk is just so useful that I have to get my hands on it. But I'm not All for One i can't just take it so this is the next best option” the other man said casually.


He started to reach for the man on the beds arm only for him to start writing violently while screaming “DON’T TOUCH ME!”. The captor laughed before grabbing a cattle prod from next to the bed and shocking his captive, smiling when he heard the older man scream. He stopped after awhile and said “That’s what happens when you don’t do what I say, understand?” while putting the prod down.


He grabbed the arm and was met by no resistance this time. Smiling, he inserted the needle and started pumping out blood slowly. “That’s the spirit! Just act like a little girl and accept you can never escape, a scenario I'm sure you are familiar with” the captor said while smiling at others misfortune. “Who are you?” the captured man asked only for the other to exhale loudly. “Took you long enough to ask” he said while moving his arms animatedly.


Clearing his throat he proclaimed “I am Ethan Himmel, U.A. student and budding scientist! I do all my experiment’s here instead of U.A. since that can easily be traced. One day my experiments will change the world. And you” he pointed at the captive dramatically “are gonna help me get to that point! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, Kai!”.

Chapter Text

When Iida got up that morning and had no idea what was in store for him. Today was not supposed to be stressful, it was a day off and he meant to spend it studying or training. It all started going haywire when he heard a knock on the door.


Opening it up revealed Midoriya and Uraraka standing there, with Midoriya looking nervous and Uraraka looking determined. “Oh hello, I wasn’t expecting you” Iida said while trying to think about what they might need.


“We found out something about Kaminari. Or at least Todoroki did and we want to tell you about it” Uraraka explained. This answered one question and raised another but before he could say anything Uraraka said “He’s visiting his mom today so we said we’d tell you ourselves” in order to explain why the boy wasn’t there.


“Very well, if you deem it important then come on in” Iida invited them into his room. They sat down on the bed while he took up his desk chair and faced them. “Well? What did he discover?” Iida asked when it seemed like no one wanted to talk. Uraraka took a deep breath and explained all she had seen and heard.


Once the story was done, she and Midoriya sat silently and watched Iida. He sat there silently for a second before “That is somewhat illuminating. It explains why he hasn’t brought her up before at least. We still don’t know the root of his issues with the rest of his family however, once we find that we may be able to help him”.


Iida had not been on board with looking for information on Kaminari’s past at first, as far as he was concerned his business was his own, but when his friends said he could be under a lot of stress from his issues he reluctantly agreed to help. If Kaminari did have serious issues and was simply hiding them, it could turn into another “Stain Incident” and Iida wanted to avoid that.


He realized he was lost in thought when Midoriya said “I know it’s a lot to take in Iida”. Iida shook his head and said “Well now that we know this we can hopefully find out more about Kaminari and ultimately help him. Thank you for informing me, now is there anything else you two would like to talk about?” with his usual firmness.


To his surprise, the other two were looking at him like he just went crazy. “Did I say something wrong?” he asked them in confusion. “Oh no” Midoriya said while Uraraka shook her head “we just thought you would have more of a reaction. Considering all the unsavory things she did”.


Iida shook his head vigorously, suddenly realizing why they were so surprised, and explained “I am not shocked by all this considering the age we live in now. Those who aren’t top heros often do things they may not want to in order to stay financially stable. Seeing as none of us had ever heard of her, I assumed she may have been forced to do things some might deem sleazy”. “I don’t think less of her for it, and I hope you two don’t either” he finished with a stern look in his eye.


When both of his friends said they didn’t he stood up and proclaimed “Then there is no disagreement or reason for alarm! Seeing as it’s just past two I was intending to cook spaghetti for lunch, would you two like some?”. When the others nodded they all went down stairs in order to make lunch.


The dorms were empty except for them and Tokoyami who was in his room as usual. The rest of the class was either out in the city buying things or at the gym training. He started to cook the meal and told his friends to sit on the couch since it will be awhile. He heard the T.V. turn on while he started getting the pots and pans ready for cooking. While he was reaching into the pantry to grab the noodles however, he suddenly heard his two friends gasp.


While still holding the noodles, he rushed over to the common room to find the issue and immediately spotted it. On the T.V. was a broadcast of a villain attack and it appeared that a few of their classmates were involved. Sero appeared to be wrapping up the villain in tape while Bakugo fired multiple AP shots at him. The rest of their friend group appeared to be running around and trying to rescue civilians, all except for Kaminari who appeared to be thinking.


Eventually, Kaminari seemed to tell Bakugo something and started sprinting towards the villain. Bakugo and Sero both stopped firing when Kaminari reached the giant, then they both covered their eyes when the giant was electrocuted. After some time Kaminari stopped, somehow not having gone over his limit, and bowed to the crowd while they cheered.


“Thank goodness they are okey. I will go back to cooking, will you two inform me if anything else happens?” he asked the two on the couch before heading back to the kitchen when they nodded. Ten minutes later the food was ready and the group sat down to eat. “This is so good Iida!” Uraraka exclaimed when she took her first forkful.


They all chatted and ate together for awhile, Tokoyami even came down for a snack and ended up eating spaghetti with them since Iida made a little too much, and they all cleaned their plates before moving to the couch. Iida was in the middle of scolding Kaminari for acting reckless when the group was suddenly interrupted by a voice.


One conversation with a violent support student later, Midoriya had gone off to find a teacher while Uraraka went up to her room to study. Iida went back to the kitchen to clean up his dishes (He forgot to do it once he finished eating and scolded himself for it) and unfortunately it was taking longer than usual due to his thoughts.


How could a student attack another student so violently he thought while trying to clean a sauce stain on the counter Even the hero course doesn’t allow such violent acts . Not only was the attack frightening, the look in the other boys eyes was also concerning. Iida was no stranger to violent glares, he did have class with Bakugo after all, but this was different. Whereas Bakugo’s looks were like raging infernos, Ethans look was like a loaded gun aiming right at him. When Ethan threatened him, he felt like he would go through with it. That was a problem.


“What the hells up your ass, four eyes?” he suddenly heard a voice in the kitchen doorway. Turning revealed Bakugo standing there, looking at him with his usual mixture of disdain and pride. “What do you mean?” he asked Bakugo, having long since given up on trying to stop his rampant name calling and swearing. “I’m saying you look pissed off and I wanted to know what bug crawled up your ass” was Bakugo’s aggressive reply.


“I just met a support student who admitted to stabbing his classmate. I was trying to figure out why” was Iidas rational answer. “You talking about that Ethan fuck?” Bakugo snarled. Iida was taken aback, not sure how Bakugo had met this student first, and Bakugo explained “He talked to me after the sports festival. He congratulated me on my victory against icy-hot and round face in the most passive aggressive way possible. When I told him to fucking speak to me directly he said I didn’t deserve my quirk and that I was lowering the standard of heros everywhere by existing. What a fucking prick”.


Iida nodded, not surprised the two hotheads didn’t get along, before asking “Why did you come to the kitchen?”. “Cause you looked angry and I wanted to know who pissed on your cereal” Bakugo said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Before Iida could respond, Bakugo turned around to head up to his room.


Iida went back to clean up but was distracted seconds later when he heard a shout of “Bakugo!” from the common room. Recognizing the voice to be Ashido’s, he ignored it until he heard Kaminari’s name come up.


“-Kaminari. We thought you got mad at him just because he ran at the villain, but then Kiri let it slip it’s because of his ki-” her voice suddenly got muffled. Peeking around the corner he saw that Bakugo has grabbed Ashido by the face and is whispering threats to her while sparking his free hand.


“Bakugo! Do not assault another student unless it is in training!” Iida yelled in hopes of diverting the angry blonde’s aggression his way. “Stay out of it pencil dick!” Bakugo screeched at him before pulling Ashido into the suddenly open elevator, quickly followed by Sero and Kirishima who were both with her.


Iida considered pursuing them but decided that the chance of Bakugo actually hurting her was quite low. Instead he turned back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up. Once he did he went up to his room to study, sending Midoriya a quick text to make sure he was alright. He responded fifteen minutes later that he was which put Iida’s mand at ease allowing him to study better.


Iida wondered what Ashido was going to say before she was cut off. Because of his kid Iida theorized to himself. That seemed unlikely seeing as Kaminari couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. Whatever it was, it would seem Bakugo knew about it and didn’t want him to know about it. It’s all so mysterious he thought to himself, almost amused by how secretive everything was.


Several hours had passed and Iida had stopped studying and instead was listening to relaxing music. So far the day had more excitement than he had expected, but overall was still a fine day. Considering the amount of stress the class is put under most of the time, you need days like this to recharge. He heard a small commotion outside as what sounded like three people scurried to Kaminari’s room. Probably the three from earlier going to talk to Kaminari he thought to himself. All was calm and right with the world.


Then everything went wrong.


Simultaneously his lamp, phone, ceiling light, clock, air conditioner, and laptop all exploded. He yelled and lunged for the door, assuming it was some kind of attack. Once he got outside he turned around to see his room on fire from all the explosions.


“FIRE!” he yelled from the top of his lungs while sprinting down the hall so the whole floor heard. Suddenly Ojiro’s, Kaminari’s, and Koda’s doors all opened as the occupants of each room ran out. “Why is my room on fire!?” Ojiro yelled as he headed towards the elevator. ( Writers note - I can’t find any evidence of stairs in the dorms so I guess the school is okay with everyone dying in a fire if the power goes out ) Koda, Sero, Kirishima, and Ashido all rush past Iida to the elevators and he is about to do the same when Kaminari runs back into his room.


“Kaminari!” Iida yells as he follows his inside the burning room. He seems to be trying to grab a bag that is blocked off by a wall of fire and Iida has to pull him back to make sure he isn’t burned. “It’s too dangerous!” Iida yells while tugging him back, but Kaminari keeps struggling. “Let go!” the blonde yells as he elbows Iida in the nose, causing him to let go. Before Iida can grab hold of him again he runs through the fire, severely burning himself, and grabs the bag before smashing through the balcony’s glass door. Before Iida can even react he sees the other boy leap off the balcony, still burned and imbedded with glass.


“Fuck!” he yells (He only curses in the most dire situations) as he runs back to the elevators , keeping his head low to avoid breathing in the increasing amount of smoke. Once he reaches the elevator he hits the button for the fifth floor and starts calming himself down as the elevator rises. He can’t be efficient if he’s panicked after all.


Once the door opens he runs to Todoroki’s room and start banging on the door. A moment passes before it opens to reveal its very concerned occupant. “The third floor is on fire and we need to evacuate the building” Iida explains before going to Sato’s door and banging on it too. When it doesn’t open he kicks it down and sees the room is empty so he runs to the elevator where todoroki is waiting.


“You get our classmates out of the building, I’ll deal with the fire” Todoroki says as the fourth floor opens up to them. “Very well but be careful” Iida responds before heading out. He heads to Bakugo’s room and starts hammering on the door until if fly’s open with the blonde screaming “WHAT!”. “The third floor is on fire, you have to evacuate” he explains before heading to Shoji’s room and knocking on the door.


While he’s explaining the situation to him once the door opens he hears Bakugo yell “Icy-hot put the fire out!” and Iida rushes to the balcony to see. Sure enough, there is a layer of ice covering everything beneath them. While he feels relieved for a second at what he sees, that relief disappears when he realizes what he doesn’t see.




“Bakugo! Kaminari jumped off his balcony earlier but I can't find him now! Use your quirk to get down and see where he went!” He yells to the blonde while dashing towards the elevator. To his surprise, he doesn't hear an argument back. Once he and Shoji are in the elevator (Iida insisted he still evacuate since the fire may have damaged the structural integrity) he hits the second floor button.


When they reach the third floor the doors open and Todoroki walks in. “What caused the fire?” he asked as the doors closed. “I'm not sure, several objects in my room seemed to explode at once. When I ran out of my room so did the rest of the floor, meaning whatever did it affected all of them too” Iida responded while the doors opened again to reveal the second story. “You two try to find Kaminari when you get down, I fear he may be heavily injured” he instructed them as the doors closed behind him.


He alerted the whole floor and advised them to come down until the damage is checked out, to which they all agreed. When he reached the ground floor he saw the class, including the girls, milling about the common area and trying to figure out what happened.


“Iida” Shoji called out to him when he left the elevator “Bakugo found Kaminari. It looks bad”. Iida ran out of the building, followed by the rest of the class, and he soon saw Kaminari who was on the front steps.


He looked like death. The glass had cut him all over so he was drenched in blood. He also had multiple severe looking burns in several areas. One of his legs was twisted in a horrifying way and even had some bone sticking out of his calf. When Jiro gasped he looked up and Iida saw a glass shard was embedded in his left eye.


“Don’t worry guys” he managed to croak out “it’s probably worse than it looks”. Iida wasn’t sure if he was trying to make a joke or if he was just that injured (Iida wanted the former but he knew it was the latter) but before he could respond Mister Aizawa came running up to take control of the situation.


Eventually Kaminari was taken away by the medical droids while their teacher was calming the anxious crowd of students. Once everyone calmed down he informed them that the school would inspect the building the next day and that they would be sleeping in the spare rooms in the class 1-B and 1-F dorms for the night. When asked why they wouldn’t be sleeping in one of the general studies dorms it was revealed they had all been damaged due to a support student's invention.


The class sorted out who would be going where and want their separate ways. Aoyama, Ashido, Tsu, Ojiro, Koda, Sato, Shoji, Sero, Tokoyami, Hagakure, Mineta, and Yaoyorozu would be staying in 1-B while Iida, Uraraka, Kirishima, Jiro, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya would be staying in 1-F. Kaminari would be in the nurses overnight due to the level of damage he received.


Upon reaching the 1-F dorm they went inside and were immediately greeted by one of the students. Unfortunately, Iida recognized this particular student and wasn’t happy about it. “Heard Todoroki got turned on or something and almost burned you all alive” Ethan said while cackling like a witch. When no one said anything he went “Tuff crowd” before leading them to the rooms they would be staying in. They had beds with blankets on them and were empty beside those.


“Was any of your class badly injured?” Ethan asked, suddenly looking somber. “Once student jumped off the third story balcony as well as being burned and cut by glass” Iida replied stiffy. He was feeling pretty terrible due to being unable to stop Kaminari and really didn’t want to get into it with this student.


“He seems like a good guy, I hope he recovers quickly” Ethan said quietly before heading off, leaving Iida alone with his thoughts. Upon entering the room he laid down on the bed and tried to sleep but couldn’t. He kept seeing Kaminari’s mangles body, twisted and burned because of his failure. His eye is gone because of me he kept thinking over and over. Even if the rest of him healed, that eye was destroyed and wouldn’t be coming back. All because he let go.


Needless to say, Iida didn’t get much sleep that night.

Chapter Text

All in all, Jiro considered last night to be pretty terrible. She was just relaxing in her room when she got a frantic call from Mina saying they caused a fire and she needed to leave the building. Wondering what her friends got up to this time, she left her room and headed down.


Upon reaching the elevator she saw the rest of the girls there as well, all of them having gotten phone calls from Mina. When they reached the first floor she saw most of the class was waiting there with only a few still in their rooms.


She went up to Mina to ask what happened but was stopped when Iida and the second floor boys all left the elevator. Shoji walked up to Iida and told him “Iida, Bakugo found Kaminari. It looks bad”. Iida ran out of the building and the rest of the class followed, worried about what happened to Kaminari.


When they reached outside Jiro almost screamed at what she saw. There was Kaminari, horrible mangled and burned like he got run over by a flaming eighteen wheeler. When she gasped upon seeing him he looked up, revealing his left eye as having been destroyed by a glass shard.


Jiro could feel her eyes beginning to moisten as Kaminari called out “Don’t worry guys it’s probably worse than it looks”. Jiro wasn’t sure whether he even knew what he said but Mister Aizawa came running up before she could ask.


While he simultaneously tried to offer first aid call the school to get the medical droids over and have Recovery girl prepare the nurses office, Kaminari was trying to console the frightened crowd. “Relax guys, it’ll buff out” he managed to get out while grimacing.


“Keep your mouth shut idiot” she said to him weakly. He smiled and said “Don’t spill any tears over me pretty lady. I’ll be fine” just as weakly. Rubbing her cheek she realized she really had started crying.


Mister Aizawa got off the phone and told Kaminari “Stop talking and save your energy” with his usual level of strenness. Kaminari obayed the best he could, still letting out the odd curse while Aizawa treated his injuries, and was eventually hauled off by the medical droids.


Aizawa started calming the class with reassurances their friend would be alright (“If Midoriya can be healed after the injuries he sustained then so can Kaminari”) but Jiro ignored him when she saw Bakugo.


He had blood all over his arms from touching Kaminari and was holding a bag. Well holding might not have been the right word, he had a death grip on the bag like expected it to be grabbed at any moment.


“It’s Kaminari’s” he explained when he caught her looking at it “He told me it was important and to make sure it was safe”. Jiro simply nodded, she didn’t feel like questioning Bakugo right now about what was inside, and managed to catch the end of her teachers explanation about where they would be sleeping that night.


After the class split up to head to their respective dorms (She counted her lucky stars she didn’t have to sleep in the class B dorms) she gravitated towards Bakugo, who was still holding the bag while covered in blood, and Kirishima for the walk over.


After a few minutes of walking in silence they reached the dorms and were greeted by a large man inside. After realizing the man was a student (That shadow could have fooled her) he made a bad joke about Todoroki before leading them to their rooms. “Here we are” he announced while showing her the vacant room “if you need help my friend is in the room next door” before walking off to show Iida his room.


Jiro entered her temporary room and immediately face planted on the bed. She didn’t move for quite awhile, simply staying their while trying to get bad images out of her head. Eventually she got a knock on the door and made a nondescript noise in response. She heard the door open and looked up to reveal a girl looking down at her.


The girl was about Jiro’s height and completely ripped. She was wearing a white muscle shirt, apparently to show off her “Guns”, and a pair of cat themed panties. Looking up at her face revealed her to have dark hair in a pixie cut and amber eyes, along with a nasty scar on her right cheek. After a second Jiro realized she had cat ears and a tail, meaning she was a catgirl.


“Im Natalie” the other girl explained (Not a very Japanese name) “and I came to ask if you want to talk. Sure you don’t know me, but I thought you might not want to be alone right now”. After Jiro considered it for a second she said “Thanks but I would rather be alone right now if you don’t mind” and the other girl nodded. “Well if you change your mind i'm on your left” Natalie said before leaving the room and closing the door.


After four hours of unpleasant thoughts, Jiro started to reconsider the offer. Looking around she realized there wasn’t a clock in the room so she didn’t know what time it was and groaned. Getting up she put on her pants and jacket on before walking out of her room and going left, now standing in front of Natalie’s door.


After checking if the girl was still awake she knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds before it opened. “Hoped you’d come over, sit down on the bed and i’ll be done in a second” Natalie said cheerfully while letting Jiro pass.


Looking around the room revealed it to be quite similar to Kirishimas with the only difference being the red was replaced with cats. She had a punching bag and treadmill in the corner and her walls were covered with motivational posters, almost all of them cat themed. The only one that wasn't had a soldier on it, Jiro couldn’t tell which country,  and said “You don’t win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other son of a bitch die for his” (Jiro was pretty proud of herself for being able to read that since it was in english).


“Sweet digs right?” Natalie questioned as she put away some papers into folders and placed them into a desk drawer. “Yeah” Jiro answered, not really sure what to say. Sitting down on the bed, she waited for a minute while the other girl put her stuff away before sitting down next to her.


“You want to talk about anything specific or shall I start?” she asked Jiro while wearing a bright smile. Jiro shook her head, simply wanting to distract herself from grim thoughts, and Natalie seemed to realize this and started talking about how she attained all her posters. This was a surprisingly lengthy topic that took two hours to complete and Jiro was on the verge of passing out by the end of it. She laid down on the bed when Natalie started describing an epic arm wrestling match against a classmate and drifted off quickly after that.


When she woke up, she saw that there was a pillow under her head and a blanket on her body. Looking over she saw Natalie was sleeping on the floor while leaning against the bed, her ears twitching every so often. Looking at the clock she saw it was ten and almost had a heart attack, scrambling out of bed to head downstairs.


“Your classes are canceled for today” Natalie suddenly said, still leaning against the bed with her eyes closed. Jiro, who was halfway out the door, breathed a sigh of relief before she realized something else. She went to sleep last night in her pants and jacket, yet she was wearing cat themed pajamas now.


Turning around she saw Natalie opened her eyes and was looking at her. When she opened her mouth Natalie cut her off with “I’m staying because just ditching you would be super lame. My grades can take the hit” while smiling. “That wasn’t what I was gonna say actually” Jiro pointed out causing the catgirl to frown. “You put me in pajamas?” Jiro asked, and suddenly the other girl looked embarrassed. “Well your clothes looked uncomfy so I got some pajamas for you. Since I was a girl I didn’t think you would mind” she explained while avoiding Jiro’s eyes.


Supposing that line of reasoning made some sense, Jiro shrugged and said “Just give me a heads up next time okay?”. Natalie nodded and got up before stretching and heading towards the door. “My friend Ethan said he would be staying behind too so I might be able to convince him to make us breakfast” the suddenly cheerful catgirl said while heading past Jiro and down the hall, tail waving the whole way.


Deeming it a good idea to eat Jiro followed her to the elevator and down to the ground floor. Upon reaching it they headed into the kitchen to reveal the same boy from last night making a pile of bacon. “Sup bitch” he said as they approached. Jiro was about to be offended on the other girls behalf when she responded “I’m craving bacon so give me some dickhead” while grinning.


The boy smiled at the verbal jab before getting  extra plates for her and Jiro, putting the bacon on shortly after. The three of them sat down at the tables and Jiro sat silently and ate while the other two antagonized each other fondly. “So what’s the punishment?” Natalie asked, at which point his expression soured as he responded “Sex Ed with Midnight. The principal realized I don't like her and used it against me. Fucking rat will pay one day”.


Jiro paused briefly as she wondered if he and Bakugo would get along before dismissing it and returning to breakfast. “Well you’ve gone through Sex Ed before so this shouldn’t be too bad. Just muscle through the Innuendos and you’ll be alright” Natalie tried to reassure her friend, but he didn’t look convinced. “It’s not just normal Sex Ed, this is gonna cover all aspects of sex. I’m talking the normal stuff, fetishes, positions, the whole nine yards. She is going to make it as excruciatingly long as possible. Face it, I'm fucked” he grumbled angrily.


“What did you do?” Jiro asked, curiosity finally getting the  better of her. “Mei fell asleep in class and I stabbed her with a screwdriver to try and wake her up. Apparently your buddy Tenya didn’t like that and led to the teachers being alerted” he angrily spat, although she could tell it wasn’t directed at her.


“Calm down Ethan or you’re gonna pop a blood vessel. Just accept it and move on” Natalie again tried to soothe him, this time seeming to work as he calmed down and finished eating. He picked up their plates, waving off the thanks Jiro gave him, and started washing them in the sink while Natalie sat on the couch.


“You want to watch something?” she asked Jiro who shook her head. “I was gonna see my friend who get hurt last night if you don’t mind” Jiro asked, Natalie smilingly at her as she nodded and turned on something to watch.


Jiro was about to head out when she heard Ethan say “Unless you’re trying to make a fashion statement I suggest you change your clothes” at which point she realized she was still wearing the cat pajamas and rushed up to Natalie’s room to change. Once in her old clothes she headed back down and left for the school, hearing the two support students saying goodbye to her as she left.


Upon reaching the school she made a beeline for the nurses, entering the room and looking for Kaminari. “Your friend is still asleep I’m afraid” Recovery Girl said as Jiro headed towards his bed which was hidden by a divider. Jiro ignored her and moved the divider aside, freezing when she saw the state he was in.


He was covered in bandages, arms and torso completely encased while part of his head was wrapped up as well. One leg had some heavy burns and was covered in ointment while the other mangles one was in a full leg cast. The worst part was his eye. The eye itself was covered by think gause so she couldn’t see the full extent of the damage but there was also quite a lot of bandaging around the eye, meaning the wound may have been bigger that she made out the night before.


“Hie eye is gone I’m afraid” Recovery Girl said after hobbling over to Jiro’s side “His leg will have permanent damage as well, he may have difficulty walking after this”. The last statement confused Jiro and she asked “Permanent damage? But Midoriya had worse injuries than this, why can’t you fix it?”. “I’m not sure, my healing isn’t as potent for some reason. It’s almost like there is something blocking it from taking full effect” the nurse explained while rubbing her chin thoughtfully.


Jiro started to feel sick, the thought of her dear friend possibly having a hard time walking was devastating. In the hero business you needed to be as fit as possible to survive and she didn’t know how he was gonna fair is walking was going to be a challenge.


Suddenly feeling light headed she left the office and went to her dorm, seeing Mister Aizawa out front talking to an inspector. “It’s safe to go in Jiro, the inspectors said the damage was minimal and will be repaired before the end of the day” he told her but she was barely listening.


Heading up to her room she grabbed a guitar and started strumming it randomly. After a few minutes of that she was able to calm herself down and start playing actual music, in this case a somber blues song. Not enough excitement, pump it up! she heard her inner Kaminari say (The fact she had one was concerning for multiple reasons) and she obliged, playing a harder rock tune that she poured her sadness and distress into.


After an hour of rocking out she finally stopped, put her guitar down, and headed to the shower to wash up. After thoroughly scrubbing herself she got out and put on a lightning themed tube top (Yet another gift from Kaminari and one of the few she regretted accepting) and shorts before laying on her bed and putting on some music.


As she listened to the singer wax on about how pain makes you stronger she couldn’t help but hope they were right. Maybe he can bounce back from this she thought to herself If anyone can comeback from something like this with their spirit intact, it was Kaminari . She wasn’t sure how much she truly believed that but was willing to go along with it for now.

I believe in you, so don’t let me down . Please . For me .

Chapter Text

They didn’t call him and all this shit happened. They couldn’t leave it alone and this shit happened. Kirishima let it slip and this shit happened. Just … fuck.


Bakugo spent the whole night pacing the room, unable to even get tired. The past few hours have completely thrown off everything and he wasn't sure who to get mad at. Kirishima fucked up and let the other two chuckle heads know about the kid, but he didn’t make them confront Kaminari about it. Even after Bakugo told them to drop it until later, disregarded what he said and pushed on forward. Now Kaminari is all … fuck.


When Iida told him Kaminari jumped off the fucking balcony he knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Even with that knowledge he still wasn’t prepared for what he saw when he finally stumbled upon the other boy.


There was blood smeared all over the grass that made a trail right to the horrible injured blonde. When Bakugo saw him crawling he yelled “Stop fucking moving!” at him. Kaminari stopped and turned to Bakugo, revealing one of his eyes to have been stabbed by glass. “I was trying to find someone” he croaked out when Bakugo knelt by him.


He was covered in blood and burns, not to mention his crumpled soda can of a leg. “Why the fuck did you jump?” Bakugo angrily whispered at the other boy. “The fire hurt but I needed to get this” he responded while slightly shaking his right arm. Looking at it revealed he was holding a small canvas bag that was covered in soot and blood.


“Hold onto it for me will you, It’s important” he asked the angry blonde who picked up the bag without question. “Oh Kaminari” he suddenly heard a voice say, looking up to reveal Shoji standing there. “I’ll tell Iida” he said while running back to the dorms.


Once the whole situation was settled and everyone went to their sleeping quarters for the night, Kirishima texted Bakugo what had happened right before the fire. When he couldn’t decide if he wanted to text yell at him or actually yell at him he settled for not talking until the next day. This left him to brood for hours on end, unsure of what to do next.


There were several times when he was tempted to look in the bag, Kaminari didn’t say it was off limits after all, but he decided against it because it felt to invasive. If Kaminari was willing to horribly injure himself over it, the contents must be very precious to him.


Eventually he noticed his watch and saw it was four in the morning, yet he didn’t feel tired. Deciding it was no use staying there any longer he went down to watch some T.V. in the common room. Only when he got down there he saw it wasn’t empty.


Deku was there watching some random ghost hunter show and seemed enraptured by it. When Bakugo saw him he tried to leave quickly but unfortunately the green shit saw him and called him over. After considering whether or not stewing alone in the room was the best course of action he reluctantly sat down.


“Do you know what caused it?” Deku asked immediately. “No” was his quick response. He legitimately didn’t know what had happened since Kaminari never had the ability to affect electricity around him. But that was the only explanation, considering what Kirishima had said about the timing of it all in relation to their conversation.


After sitting there in awkward silence for a few minutes, the ghost show droning on about whatever, Deku spoke up again with “Was that Kaminari’s bag?”. “Yes” was his quick response, followed up by “no I don’t know what's in it so don’t ask”.


Deku looked at him with surprise and said “You haven't looked? Even after he went through so much pain to keep it safe?”. “Unlike you and your fucking friends I don’t spend all my free time diiging up shit on people” Bakugo growled back, his temper rising. Kaminari had told him that Deku and his shitty group were trying to look up stuff about him and it pissed Bakugo off.


If people just minded their own fucking buisness then none of this would have happened, but instead everyone had to be nosy. Now his friend was horribly injured and nothing was achieved. “Are you telling me you aren’t curious about him too?” Deku asked after a minute. “Doesn’t matter if I am, it’s not my business or your buisness and if people just kept to themselves we would be saved a lot of fucking hassle!” he shrieked at the other boy who leaned away from him with fear.


Deciding being alone with his thought was better than his current situation he headed back up to his room to try and sleep. Unsurprisingly this didn’t happen and he spent the rest of the night pacing up and down the room. At six Mister Aizawa came in and told him classes were cancelled that day, and by that time he actually had gotten tired so he laid down to sleep.


Only for the door to open five seconds later and disturb him. Looking up he saw the red eyes of that fucking asshole Ethan sneering down at him. “Your dorm is safe so you can get out now” he told him in a condescending voice before leaving. Looking at his watch revealed to Bakugo that he had been asleep for six hours and it was almost one.


Deciding to get out before Ethan came back to antagonize him again, he left for his room but decided to take a detour at the nurses office. When he got there he saw Deku standing outside the office, apparently waiting for something. “You gonna head in or what?” he accused the green boy who leapt in surprise at his sudden arrival. “The rest of your friend group is in there and I didn’t want to intrude” he explained nervously.


Bakugo, almost rolling his eyes at such a timid answer, pushed past Deku and opened the door only to reveal his friends on the other side. Kirishima looked as worn out as he felt, Sero looked more grave than he thought was possible, and Ashido was quietly sobbing while wiping her eyes. “Wh-” Bakugo started but Kirishima grabbed the other two and led them away before he could say anything else.


Upset he wasn't able to talk to them he walked inside, hearing Deku doing the same behind him. “Are you sure you want to see him?” Recovery Girl asked and he had to hold back a snarky reply and simply nod at which point she pulled back the divider. He was unconscious, and he looked far worse then he should have.


“Have you even tried healing him ?” he whispered at the nurse angrily, baffled his constant companion was still so heavily injured. “The healing isn’t working so good right now. In fact it seems to be working less the longer he’s here” she explains, worry evident on her face. What the fuck does that mean he wonders as he put Kaminari’s mysterious bag, which had been carrying the whole time, on the floor as he moved closer.


A part of him ached seeing Kaminari like this and he wasn’t sure if it was because the idiot was so hurt, or if it was the fact he was actually quiet (Turns out Kaminari is a sleep talker, to no one's surprise). He waited for Deku to say something and when he didn’t he turned around, only to see he had left. What the fuck he wondered before realizing something.


Deku was gone. And so was Kaminari’s bag.


DEKU!!!! ” he screamed while sprinting out of the office after the green haired piece of shit. The first opportunity he has to take the bag and he does, the dead fuck he angrily thinks to himself while barreling down the halls trying to find any sigh showing where he went. “He went that way” a female voice suddenly says. Turning his head he sees a student pointing her tail down the hallway and he immediately follows it to the end, walking outside where he spots Deku running in the distance.


GET BACK HERE!!!! ” he screams while using his quirk to blast himself closer to his target. Deku activates One for All in an attempt to get away but it's too late, Bakugo has already tackled him to the ground. But right when he opens his mouth to unleash a torrent of verbal abuse he starts feeling very strange. His whole body seems to start tingling at once and he feels his hair start to stand on end. Deku’s hair does the same thing and Bakugo looks up to see the lamppost light, which shouldn’t even be on right now, flickering wildly.


“The fuck-” he gets out before a massive blast gets his attention. He turns around to find a colossal hole in the school where the nurses office used to be. Before he can even react he’s suddenly blasted back along with Deku by something bright and hot before slamming into the lamppost and breaking a rib.


He tries to stand but can barely move before howling in pain at the massive burn on his chest (He can see his skin falling off which is never good) and only manages to turn his head up to see his attacker. At first he can’t make out what they look like due to all the light they are giving off but after a second he realizes it's not quite light. This person seems to be surrounded by electricity, which can only mean-.


“Kaminari?” Bakugo calls out to the figure. The lightning lessens for a second and he is able to make out Kaminari’s bandaged face through the light. “Help me” he calls out to Bakugo pitifully “it hurts so much”. Before Bakugo can even react the lightning comes back, even stronger than before. This causes Bakugo to grab Deku, who was knocked out by the blast but was still holding the bag somehow, and launch himself back with an explosive blast in an attempt to stay out of range. This doesn’t work as he is hit in the leg by a bolt that both burns and paralizes him temporarily, leading him to slamming into the ground.


Looking up he sees that everything within 100 meters of Kaminari is getting fried by his power. He’s never been this strong before so what the fuck is going on he thinks while watching as several staff members finally make their way outside. Midnight tries to use her gas to knock out Kaminari but she can’t get close enough for it to work and all Ectoplasms clones keep dying before making it to him. Present Mic tries yelling at him to stun him but this just leads Kaminari to blasting him back and Cementoss has to put up barriers to protect the rest of the teachers.


Bakugo can hear an alarm in the background and hopes that means someone will come by who can actually deal with the situation. Cementoss’s barriers are being broken down by the sheer amount of bolts hitting them and whenever he tries to put a concrete dome around Kaminari he suddenly reappears a few meters away, somehow moving so fast Bakugo can’t make out how he’s doing it.


And then suddenly, the lightning goes away. Bakugo looks over and sees Mister Aizawa standing in the doorway of the school while staring at Kaminari. Midnight uses the opportunity to launch herself at him and tear open her chest area right in his face, knocking him out immediately.


As the teachers crowd around Kaminari and start looking him over, except for Present Mic who appears to be out cold on the floor still, Deku wakes back up and starts rubbing his head. “What happened?” he asks while looking around to see what’s going on. Bakugo tries to stand but collapses on the ground almost immediately and has to be helped up by Deku. While being carried towards the school (How Deku can find the strength to stand he may never know) he looks back and sees the bag on the ground.


“Bag!” he manages to scream out, attracting the teachers attention who rushed over to see their condition. Hound Dog, who arrived right after Kaminari was knocked out, picks up Bakugo in his arms and carries him to the school despite his weakening protests of “Bag!”.

All Might, who arrived at the same time as Hound Dog did, hears Bakugo’s cries and walks over to the bag. Picking it up he opens it to reveal three things. One is an open letter, another is a picture of a woman with dark hair hugging a baby, and the last one is a pill bottle that appears to be for Kaminari.


“Is that Kaminari’s?” he suddenly hears a weak voice next to him ask. Turning he sees Midoriya standing there looking equal parts concerned and dead on his feet. When All Might nods Midoriya says “That must of been why he attacked us, to get his stuff back” before collapsing onto him.


Just as All Might is about to pick his pupil up Aizawa steps in and does it for him, carrying the unconscious student back to the building. “Aizawa” All Might calls out to which he gets “What is it?” as a response. “Does young Kaminari take quirk suppressors?” he asks, reading the label on the pill bottle still in his hand. “Yes” Aizawa says slowly, as if putting the pieces together in his head. “Midoriya said he was attacked by Kaminari, the reason may have been to get these back” he gives out his theory while showing the bottle to his fellow teacher. “He was trying to stop himself” Aizawa muses, more to himself then All Might. “That would be my guess. How he knew where the pills were is anyone’s guess, but at least we may have a way to stop this from happening again” All Might says hopefully.


Once they return to the school they are directed to a spare classroom by Recovery Girl (She managed to get out of the room before Kaminari went nuclear) where she was treating injuries the best she could, given the circumstances. When she was informed of the suppressors she slapped her forehead over the fact she didn’t think of it sooner and went about trying to administer them to Kaminari.


Once All Might and Aizawa were shooed out of the room they went their separate ways, Aizawa to his classroom to sleep and All Might to his apartment to work. Once he sat down at his desk he finally had a moment to breath. First the fire now this he thinks to himself incredulously Kaminari is becoming quite the hassle . Shaking his head, he started doing some paperwork he had been putting off.

Kaminari woke up and he no longer had the force.

Chapter Text

DEKU!!!! ” a voice suddenly exploded in Kaminari’s ears. Startling awake he sees Bakugo sprinting out of the room after, presumably, Midoriya. “You’re finally awake” Recovery Girl said with delight upon seeing his eyes looking around. Well, not quite “eyes” but you get the point.


“Why does my everything hurt?” he asks while struggling to turn his head without crying in pain. “Because you jumped off a balcony after running through a fire and a glass door you foolish boy” she scolded him while examining his physical status. “And you couldn’t part with even a few painkillers?” he complained loudly. “I gave you as many painkillers as I could safely give, but your body has been resisting both them and my healing” she explained with a note of irritation in her voice, although he wasn’t sure where it was directed.


And then it hit him, a surge of information and power floods his mind and body, caused him to start writhing on the bed. “Fuck!” he screams out while his mind is assaulted by forgien feelings and his body seems to burn from the inside. Recovery Girl tries to strap him down but he knows if she touches him she will get hurt so he forces her back.


He’s not sure how he did it but one second she’s next to his bed, the next she’s pushed out of the room by a metal chair. “Get out!” he screams while the entire room goes haywire around him, with objects flying all over the place and the walls glowing yellow. Walls glowing yellow? he wonders while trying to stop the bomb he can feel in his chest from going off.


Then suddenly he’s eight years old again and he realizes what he needs to do. The suppressors are with Bakugo he remembers while trying to think about where his friend would be. As soon as he wonders where he ran off to, he realizes multiple things at once.


One is that the walls aren’t glowing like he thought, the wires in the walls are glowing. Two is that the wires aren’t actually glowing but he can still see them. Three is that he can see many things, some shaped like machines and some shaped like people. Four is he can also feel these things as well like he has the force (Which would explain his ability to move objects). Five is that an object he identifies as a person appears to be in a struggle with another person outside. “Bakugo” he says before losing control.


Then he’s outside standing next to Bakugo while he’s looking at the school. Seeing Midoriya is holding the bag he tries to knock Bakugo off him to get the pills, but the moment he thinks that a bolt of lightning flies off him and hits the two boys sending them back into a pole. He tries to walk towards Bakugo (He’s not gonna be pleased with the giant burn on his chest, Kaminari can already tell) but freezes up as lightning starts flying off him in every direction and he tries his best to hold it back.


“Kaminari” he hears Bakugo call out, a glimmer of hope that this can work. I have to tell him about the pills he thinks while using all his strength to lower the lightning storm around him. He opens his mouth to speak but he’s using so much strength to hold back his quirk that he can barely think of what to say so all that comes out is “Help me, it hurts so much”. Before anyone can actually do anything to help him, the dam breaks.


Light and power are flying everywhere and he sees Bakugo trying to make a getaway while holding Midoriya but he doesn’t get far enough to avoid getting shocked. Kaminari tries to call out to his friend when he hits the ground but can’t even form coherent words anymore. Seeing Midoriya still has the bag he tries to walk towards it but his leg feels like it burst into flames so he stops. He suddenly feels several people approaching from the school and manages to hobble around to face them and sees Cementoss, Ectoplasm, Present Mic, and Midnight all running his way.


He tries to wave his arm in a way as to ward them off but that hurts too so he just sways on the spot while the teachers try to deal with the situation. Midnight is holding her costume but isn’t tearing it because she can't get close enough and Ectoplasm keeps sending doubles in to try and restrain him but he keeps accidentally killing them (He doesn’t know if they can feel pain but still feels bad regardless) Suddenly a horrible screeching sound hits his ears and he looks around desperately to find the source, locating Present Mic screaming in his direction.


STOP he screams in his head while covering his ears fruitlessly. As soon as he thinks it a blast of lightning strikes his teacher in the chest causing him to collapse. Before he can even think about the possibility that he may have killed someone, his lightning starts going even more haywire forcing Cementoss to erect makeshift walls in order to stop from being harmed. The pills are the only thing he can even think with the sheer amount of pain he’s in. He tries to turn around but he sees a concrete dome start appearing around him and realizes he's going to be trapped. THE PILLS he internally screams when the walls start closing in around him, only to suddenly be outside the dome by a few meters.


Not sure what just happened but rolling with it regardless he once again tries to get the pills but is stopped once again by Cementoss. After dodging the walls a few times he starts feeling a primal anger forming in his chest. He’s trying to solve the situation but the teachers keep getting in his way, don’t they know he’s trying to help. Right when he’s about to hit his limit and fire a massive blast at Cementoss intentionally, his quirk stops.


For a split second he is relieved, hoping it means his quirk is finally under control, before realizing it’s just Mister Aizawa giving him “The Stare”. Midnight takes the opportunity to quickly cover the distance and rip open her chest area to knock him out, shoving his face into her breasts while she pumps out as many fumes as possible. This will keep people safe as well as give me something to brag to Mineta about he thinks happily while feeling her curves press against his face win win . Grinning widely he takes a deep breath of his teacher’s quirk and slips into darkness, but not before one last thought occurs to him. Midnight wears pasties ?

Kaminari woke up and he no longer had the force. While that sentence would make most people sad, he was elated. Looking breifly around what appeared to be a hospital room, which made sense because he was reasonably sure he destroyed the nurses office, he couldn’t see any glowing wires or feel people several floors above him.


Breathing a sigh of relief that he had stopped being a human safety hazard he decided to examine his body the best he could. He had far less bandages on than last time, only his eye and leg having any at all, and there didn’t seem to be any new damage from the electricity.


The memory of his attacks suddenly hit him and he tried to rise out of bed but got light headed and had to lay back down. “So you’re finally awake? Took you long enough” a feminine voice said from the corner of the room. He managed to move his head enough to reveal what appeared to be a catgirl sitting in a chair, watching him closely. “You have cat ears” he said stupidly and she just raised an eyebrow at his lack of tact. “So I’ve been told” she replied, a smile coming across her face when she stood up and walked closer to him. “I’ve waited to talk to you for three days so you better have something better to say than “You have cat ears” or i’m gonna feel like I wasted my time” she told him with a humorous glint in her eye.


“Three days!” he shouts in surprise, unaware he was out for so long. “Yeah three, I was gonna talk to you the first time you woke up but then you went berserk and got smothered by Midnight tits so I missed my chance then. So I’ve been waiting around for two days hoping you would wake up and now you have” she explained, tail swishing while she did it. Now that Kaminari knew he was hospitalized for two days, plus his time with Recovery Girl, he moved on to his more pressing question.


“How’s Present Mic?” he aswed, worry clear in his tone. She just chuckled and responded “He’s fine, that jacket is actually surprisingly insulated so you didn’t do much more than knock him out. And before you ask” she interrupted him right before he spoke “the worst injury was your friends burned chest which has already healed so you can relax”. Knowing there wasn’t any lasting damage, other than destroyed school property, Kaminari did as he was told and relaxed. “So you just came by to say hi?” he asked, unsure why a total stranger would wait so long to see him.


“Well at first I did but things have changed” she explained while reaching into her jacket pocket and pulling out some sort of device with a glass vial on it. “After you went crazy at the school my friend Ethan was dying to know what happened but we couldn’t get to you due to hospital regulations, but just a few minutes ago they let me in and said you should be waking up soon so I thought it would be better if we talked first” she said whole tinkering with the device, causing a needle to pop out of it. “What do you want?” he asked nervously while looking at the sharp object to which she rolled her eyes and said “We need your blood to see what happened silly”.


“My blood?” he asked, highly confused about why someone would want it. “Your quirk was far stronger than usual from what we’ve heard so we thought we would see why” she said casually while walking right next to his bed, looking over him in a way that suddenly didn’t look as friendly as before. “Ethan … has a friend who is into genetic research and he asked him if he can look at your DNA to see if something has changed recently. Also he does have your DNA from before all this happened and no you don’t want to know how”. Kaminari wanted to deny her request since the thought of someone poking around with his DNA didn’t make him feel so good, plus the fact he knew they wouldn’t find anything, but seeing as the girls eyes suddenly had ominous glint to them he decided to give in to her request. “Sure” he shrugged, hoping she couldn’t tell how nervous he was. The sinister glint in her eye disappearing instantly, she bent over and inserted the needle into his arm before drawing out the blood all the while humming some random tune lightheartedly. “Thanks for the contribution, we’ll call you if we find anything” she called out to him while leaving the room. He laid his head on the pillow, hoping to relax after that surprisingly unsettling. Then Chi barreled into the room while dragging her grandpa behind her and he knew relaxation would have to wait.

Later that night

Natalie once again wondered about the wisdom of placing the lab under a brothel. Sure the rent was good and they never asked questions but the constant sounds of people fucking like animals was a real pain to deal with, especially with hearing like hers since she could make out everything anyone in the building was saying if she wanted to (Which she really didn’t). Even Ethan’s excuse of “Plenty of DNA for me to test with” (Which was fucking nasty but he didn’t seem to care) didn’t make her sparse visit’s to his lab any more enjoyable. “I got your shit” she called out to him upon entering the main room to which he held out his hand, while not looking at her, and caught the vial when she threw it.


“Good work, saved me the trouble of going down myself. I’ll have your serum ready soon by the way” he called out while placing the vial in a storage unit. “I only have a few days before I need it so I would appreciate it if you would get a move on, seeing as this is your fault it’s not ready” she chastised him while walking out of the room, moving past the former yakuza in a cage by the entrance. “I didn’t make my supplier get raided by heros now did I?” he shot back aggressively, which she ignored since it would just turn into another long argument and the constant moans from above were starting to get to her. “Just do your thing and do it fast or everyone is fucked alright” she ordered him while closing the door behind her, to which she heard him just grunt in reply from the other side.


Upon getting outside she was about to start heading back to U.A. They used to just phase through the floor to sneak back inside but since the supplier of that DNA lost his quirk they had to use a short range teleportation quirk from one of the “employees” at the brothel.Speaking of, she was actually walking down the street right now and she wasn’t alone. Someone in a hoodie was following behind her and based on the woman's suddenly quickened pace she noticed. Natalie speed up as well in hopes of reaching the two before something bad happened but unfortunately it was too late.

The stranger lunged at the woman and grabbed her face, holding a knife to her throat to stop her from screaming. Knowing that her quirk would teleport whoever she was touching as well, she decided not to fight and go along with the strangers demands. The man, she could tell by the dim light on his face, pulled her into an alleyway and dragged her far away from the street. Once they reached his desired destination, that the back of an abandoned building, he shoved her to the floor and ordered her to “drop the underwear”. Instead she used her quirk to teleport six meters, as far as her quirk could go, and started running. She kept running and didn’t stop until she reached the street at which point she turned around to see where her pursuer was, only to find nobody. She spent the rest of her walk home looking over her shoulder to see if he came back, but he never did.

Even though she doesn’t like going to the lab usually, Natalie had to admit things worked out for the better this time. Because of the visit, an innocent woman lived to see another day and the vicious man that attacked her had his limbs ripped off (After the lady left of course, it would be cruel to traumatize her any further). All in all it was a positive experience, she should really do it again sometime.

Chapter Text

Jiro was about to lose it. She was fed up with all this nonsense that’s been happening recently and wants things to calm down. Unfortunately, she had a sneaking suspicion that things were only going to get more ludicrous from here on out. All these thoughts were in her head while she headed to the hospital to visit Kaminari, who was supposed to wake up some time that day.


She reached the hospital and quickly made her way to his room, meeting Natalie on the way up for some reason, and was right outside his door when she heard conversation coming from inside. Not wanting to have anyone else in the room when she talks to him, she decided to wait until whoever was inside left.


After fifteen minutes of waiting she heard footsteps approaching the door and knew it was time. Expecting a nurse or even a doctor to walk out, she was taken aback when a well dressed blonde man and small child headed out instead. The child turned to her and suddenly had a huge smile on her face before pointing at her and saying “You’re daddy’s friend right?”.


The realization that the small child was the mysterious Chihiro almost caused Jiro to suffer a heart attack but she managed to ward it off and respond “You’re daddy is Denki Kaminari?”. Chihiro nodded and said “Yes he is, I’m Chihiro and this is my grandpa” she motioned to the man in the suit. He nodded and introduced himself with “I’m Kanden Kaminari, Denki’s father. I assume you are Kyoka Jiro?”.


“Yes” she responded, a little taken aback that he knew her name. “I thought so” he said, not noticing or ignoring her surprise “my son talks about you quite often whenever school comes up. I didn’t think our first meeting would be under these circumstances”. Jiro blushed when she heard that Kaminari talks about her with his family and unfortunately Chihiro noticed. “Do you like my daddy?” she asked, as blunt as children usually are when it comes to sensitive subjects.


Jiro’s face turned completely scarlet and she started sputtering out an answer (A classic Uraraka maneuver) but she was saved from saying anything by Kaminari’s father when he told Jiro they had to leave. “Try to convince Denki to invite you over for dinner at our house. I would like to know more about the girl who’s so close to my son’s heart” he called to her while walking away, a waving Chihiro following behind him.


Jiro spent what felt like ten years standing in the hallway, processing everything she just heard. After finally accepting what she heard was real, she finally turned around and entered her friends room. “Are you a nurse or a friend?” he called out upon hearing her enter, making her remember sadly that he couldn’t see her cause of his damaged eye.


“A villain, you will pay for shocking my knee” she called out in a deep voice, causing him to smile and turn to her. “ Jiro! I thought I heard your nervous clicking earlier!” he exclaimed while she pulled at a chair and sat next to him. I really need to stop doing that she thought to herself before asking “So you’ve been talking about me behind my back?”. Finding amusement in his confused face she elaborated “I met your dad and daughter and they both knew who I was”.


She thought she could make out a slight blush when he said “Oh, yeah I talk about all my friends with Chi. I’m surprised my dad knew you though”. Jiro thought about bringing up the other things his dad said but decided that neither of them was ready for that right now and instead said “Your daughter is real cute, I can see why you love her so much”. He smiled before proudly saying “She can get anyone to like her I tell you. Got her old mans charm” while winking at Jiro who just rolled her eyes.


“So when are you getting out?” she asked, hoping it was sooner rather than later. “Tomorrow I think” he answered while rubbing his leg “It’s a little sore”. Jiro was silent for a moment while trying to work up the courage to ask but he beat her to it with “It’s never gonna be the same. They said even after therapy I’ll need to use a cane to get around, or at least that’s what they told my dad when he talked to them”. He then shrugged and smiled at her, probably trying to not make her worry, but she could plainly see that his smile didn’t reach his eyes. “It’s okay to be upset” she said softly to which he looked surprised, probably because she never talked with him so softly before.


“I’m not upset” he tried to convince her, all the while giving his brightest and most winning smile, but she looked him dead in the eye and said “It’s okay to be upset”. He shook his head and opened his mouth to try again but she grabbed his hand and held it lightly, causing him to freeze while looking at her in pure shock by how gentle she was acting. “It’s okay” she barely more than whispered at him and his smile seemed to crumble before her, leaving a miserable grimace behind.


“What am I supposed to do” he asked while sounding on the verge of tears “I’m a hero course student and I need a cane to walk”. He motioned to his eye and said “I also lost this, making my situational awareness lower as well as my mobility” and a tear actually leaked out of his good eye. “What if Mister Aizawa kicks me out of the hero course to make room for Shinso? I-” he started to choke up and Jiro grasped his hand his both of hers, hoping the touch would be able to ground him “-I love all you guys, I can’t lose you now”.


Jiro felt tears streaming down her own face as Kaminari started quietly sobbing, finally letting his pent up emotions out. She got up and leaned over before hugging him, a gesture that he returned with bone crushing force. After five minutes of the two of them getting tears over the others clothes they broke apart, Jiro’s eyes red and Kaminari’s eyes completely bloodshot. “If Aizawa didn’t kick you out after the magnetic villain attack then I doubt he will now” she tried to reassure him before realizing reminding him of the time he got mauled by a super villain might not be the best idea. Thankfully he chuckled at the reminder before admitting that was a good point.


After half an hour of the two of them talking about various topics from what she did in class that day (“Uraraka got so startled when I dropped in front of her she slapped me across the street) to his visit with his daughter from a few days prior (“They only had burgers for kids! It’s so unfair) he convinced her to leave since he was starting to feel tired. “Oh, one more thing” she suddenly remembered the avoided question from earlier while heading to the door “your dad said he wanted you to invite me to have dinner at your house”. Kaminari’s face seemed to grow slightly pale as he asked “D-Do you want to?”. “Sure” she said nonchalantly, hoping he couldn’t hear her rapidly beating heart at the prospect of having dinner with his family, “as long as you guys have good food”. He laughed and told her they would make sure they did, causing her to laugh as well before leaving.

Now alone in her room hours after leaving the hospital she sat on her bed while trying to get depressing thoughts about her friend out of her head, unfortunately she was having very little luck doing so. What if he is kicked out? was her main concern, remembering her internship with Deatharms and how physically taxing it was. She knew that unless he found a way to make moving around easier, he wouldn’t be able to survive. Just the mere thought of him being killed because of a bad leg had her feel like she was just stabbed in the chest. A knock on the door took her out of the bottomless pit of despair she had been wallowing in for the past few hours and made her get up to answer it.


“Yaomomo?” she asked, surprised her friend didn’t call beforehand like usual. “I would have called but my phone died and Kaminari isn’t around to charge it like usual” she explained while Jiro let her inside the room. The two of them sat down on the bed and Momo waited for Jiro to say something and when she realized Jiro wasn’t going to she decided to start first. “How is he?” she asked Jiro calmly. “About as well as he could be, all things considered” Jiro responded, the despair starting to weigh on her again.


“His eye is gone and his leg is crippled. Yaomomo he’s gonna need a cane to even walk! A cane!” Jiro started yelling and she didn’t even realize it “How is he gonna make it if he can barely walk?! He can’t! And now Aizawa is gonna kick him out of class and his dreams of being a hero are crushed and -!” at this point Jiro stopped saying coherent words and just started sputtering miserable nonsense while weeping hysterically.


Momo hugged her dear friend tightly while she cried over the blonde’s more than likely ended dream. When the wails quieted down to sniffles Momo asked “How long have you liked him?”. After a few seconds of silence she heard Jiro respond “I don’t know. The first time I consciously felt something was after that game night. Only today I realized what I really felt about him”.


The two of them sat in silence for awhile after that, Momo simply being there was enough to calm Jiro down (She has that effect on people). After a long time of this the two let go of each other, Jiro finally having stopped crying. “Let’s watch a movie” Momo suggested while getting up to look for one. “But it’s a school night” Jiro pointed out, confused by her friends sudden decision. “So?” she said while smirking at Jiro who grinned in response. Kaminari always found a way to lift Jiro’s spirits, intentionally or not, but he wasn’t here to do that now. Instead Momo was here to cheer her up and, for right now, that was just as good.

The next morning

Jiro woke up to find her and Momo in a tangle of limbs on the bed, apparently having fallen asleep against each other at some point. Jiro managed to pull herself away from her friend without the latter being woken up and was about to exit the room when she heard a moan behind her. Suddenly torn between staying behind to see what happened next and bolting out of the room, the decision was made for her when Momo mumbled “Todoroki … Harder …” in her sleep. Jiro almost ran into the door in her haste to leave, not wanting to overhear anything else she shouldn’t have.


Once she was outside she took a deep breath and tried to purge her mind of all bad thoughts. After doing this with partial success she headed down for breakfast, running into Mina and Sero who were sitting at one of the tables while picking at their food. Mina looked up at her when she entered the room before quickly averting her eyes when she saw who it was. Jiro wasn’t surprised since the last time they talked she had given the two the harshest tongue lashing they had ever received for causing the fire.


“How is Kaminari” Tokoyami asked, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. “About as well as he could be, all things considered” Jiro reused the same answer she gave Momo the night before while looking for coffee to make her brain fully start. “How are you doing?” he asked while searching for an apple to eat. Jiro, surprised the bird man cared enough to even ask, responded “Not great”. He nodded, probably because he was expecting that answer, and took a bite of his apple with a thoughtful look on his face. “You are both stronger than you give yourselves credit for, you will overcome this obstacle in due time” he announced before walking off, leaving her once again surprised that he said something so kind.


After grabbing a poptart (Kaminari always makes sure they have a supply available for any late risers like himself and Jiro) she sat down on the couch and turned on the news. After going over a few hero rescues that occurred the night before, the station broadcast a story that almost made her heart stop. Her poptart fell from her hand and she gasped loudly at what she was seeing, causing a few others in the common room to take notice.


As they gathered around the screen to see what the problem was, they one by one froze upon seeing what the story was about. “What the fuck are you looking at!” a sudden Bakugo screeched at the crowd causing all of them to jump and face him quickly. He pushed his way to the front to see what all the fuss was about before laying his eyes on a face. A face he was all too familiar with, seeing as she almost killed him if it wasn’t for Kaminari’s help.


The story being played was about a prison escape and the face was the prisoner who had escaped. She was the same person who Jiro and the rest of the “Bakusquad” had meet some months prior during an outing to the mall. The same person who almost killed Kaminari with her magnetic quirk.


“Magneta” Jiro said quietly, as though talking too loud would cause Bakugo to explode. The news said she was after the hero who took her down. That hero was Kaminari. She was gonna try and kill Jiro’s already crippled friend. The one she finally realized she had feelings for. “She’s fucking dead” she growled out through her teeth. Bakugo turned to her with a wild look in his eye as he responded “You’re speaking my language”.

Ethan was pretty proud of himself for being able to bust that magnetic villain so easily. A simple hoodie and a serum of Hitoshi’s quirk was all he needed to break her out, the same strategy he used to break Kai out of prison. Her quirk is one of the more powerful magnetic quirks he’s come across and having her would be a massive boon to his income (Metal is everywhere so a magnetic quirk can always be handy to have in your pocket). He just needs to find her before the heroes do or before she gets caught while trying to kill Denki. Plus he has school to deal with and the shipments he’s supposed to have done by the end of the month for that new crime boss and his own research to get more quirk serums viable.

“It’s all a balancing act, don’t you agree Kai?” he asked his captive. Not hearing a response, the usual reception to his provocations, he continued to examine Kaminari’s DNA under his microscope to find what caused his shift in power. All a balancing act could be his biography if he was honest with himself. His life was nothing but loud noises, all trying to get his attention, and he had to find a way to wrangle them all into a stable form. It was hard work but it was worth it, from his point of view.

Chapter Text

1. Kanden’s quirk allows him to control electricity around him up to an extent

2. Seiteki’s quirk allowed her to absorb and discharge electricity, hence the name “Static Discharge”

3. Hikari’s quirk allows her to let off bright flashes of light similar to a flash bang

4. Heikin trains constantly in order to be able to defend himself without a quirk

5. Seiteki lost every single card and board game she ever played

6. Kanden has won every single card and board game he’s ever played

7. Seiteki wanted to name her son Raiden and Kanden wanted to name him Sukocha and they argued until Hikari suggested Denki so they would stop yelling at each other

8. Denki shoved a fork into a wall outlet on a dare from his brother once and blew out all the lights in the house

9. Chi got her giant gorilla from a carnival game

10. Yaoyorozu dreams of Todoroki constantly and a lot of those dreams are not the kind you speak about in public

11. Ethan gets most of his DNA from skin samples fond on clothes and beds

12. Ethan isn’t his real name

13. Ethan isn’t American

14. The first time Ethan used his quirk several people died

15. Ethan doesn’t understand how quirks work

16. Ethan has three joints in his pinky toes

17. Natalie doesn’t let people touch her back unless she trusts them

18. Natalie has a secret love for cat food

19. Once a month Natalie goes into heat and only Ethan can help her with it (It’s far less dirty than you think)

20. The first time the two meet they both tried to kill each other, both for different reasons

21. Wrestling matches are constant between the two

22. Ethan was denied entry into the hero course before even taking the tests due to “Mental instability” that was not deemed an issue when trying for the support course

23. Natalie has killed more people than Ethan, but he has attacked more people than her

24. Kanden is more hands on with his “alternative revenue stream” than his father was

25. Seiteki’s parents didn’t approve of her heroic lifestyle

26. Hikari wants to be closer to Denki

27. Heikin is jealous of his younger brothers power

28. Chi knows very little about Seiteki

29. Onpa has an older sister

30. After learning she was pregnant Onpa’s family wanted her to keep the baby and Denki’s family wanted her to get rid of the baby

31. Denki has a bad relationship with Onpa’s family

32. Ethan and Natalie have tried to place each other on alignment charts (Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil etc.) multiple times but haven’t been successful

33. Natalie’s favorite motto is “The harder they hit, the taller you stand”

34. Ethan’s favorite motto is “Feed a man a fish he’ll want more, feed a man a bullet he’ll never want again”

35. Kanden listens to classical music and his favorite song is “Ode To Greed” by Simon Viklund (For some reason)

36. Seiteki listened to any energetic music and her favorite song was “Overtime” by Cash Cash

37. Hikari listens to electronic music and her favorite song is “Around The World” by Daft Punk

38. Heikin also listens to grunge music and his favorite song is "Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana

39. Natalie listens to pop music and her favorite song is “Animals” by Maroon 5

40. Ethan doesn’t have a favorite type of music since he just listens to random songs that take his fancy, although he doesn’t like rap or scream heavy rock, and his favorite song is “Along Came A Spider” by Tesco Value

41. When Ethan showed Natalie the song for the first time they were in his lab and she was genuinely terrified she was about to be skinned alive

42. Both Natalie and Ethan have a “White Whale” that they have been hunting for years

43. Natalie’s target is a man called “Defiler” who can control victims by looking into their eyes and uses his quirk to kill male heroes and rape female heroes

44. Ethan’s target is a mysterious woman known as “The Unifier” who leads “The Cult Of One” and swallows females whole to increase her power and gain their quirks

45. After Kamino ward most people who believed in The Unifier’s existence came to the conclusion she was just a legend based on All For One, leaving Ethan as the last person still trying to find someone who might not even exist

46. Ethan has an intense fear and hatred of vore (If you show him a picture of it he will stab you before jumping out the nearest window)

47. Due to this fear he suffers from claustrophobia

48. He hates heat and humidity, preferring cold temperatures whenever possible (Also due to his vore fear)

49. Tokoyami knows about Chi but keeps it to himself out of respect for his classmate

50. Chi has inherited her father's love of hamburgers

51. Kaminari remembers everything he hears in his “Jamming-Whey” mode is is compiling blackmail on everyone in his class from the things they say around him when they think he won’t remember

52. Lastly, Seiteki was killed while protecting Endeavor from a group of powerful villains that had knocked him out during a hideout raid

Chapter Text

All Might was unsure why Nezu had called most of the staff together for a meeting but whatever the reason was it had to be serious. Once they had all gathered the principal started with “As of this morning, Denki Kaminari returned to school. He will not be participating in any physical activities for a few more days correct?” he turned his head to Aizawa as he asked.


“Indeed, taking part in hero exercises now will simply aggravate his injury and extend his recovery time in exchange for very little to no improvement” the teacher explained, the rest of the staff nodding at the explanation.


“Unfortunately” the principal continued “his return means the school is currently being targeted by a powerful villain”. All Might suddenly remembered hearing about the villains escape and her goal to kill his student, causing him to feel embarrassed he hadn’t figured the meeting was about this earlier.


“Even with our increased security measures there is a high chance she will attack the school. Considering her quirks strength, there will likely be casualties if she is able to breach the school” Nezu said grimly.


“Due to this, we will have Ectoplasm create his maximum number of clones to patrol the grounds constantly for any sign of Magneta. Should she be spotted he will call for backup that will include Aizawa and Yamada, plus any other teachers that are available to assist”.


All Might was feeling very isolated all of a sudden since several staff members had put together this plan and he knew nothing about it. “Also” the principal continued “Denki Kaminari will not be allowed to leave school grounds until the threat has passed. He will also be accompanied by a teacher at all times, which teacher it is will rotate over time starting with …” Nezu started going into further detail about their protective measures while the staff listened intently.


Once the details had been laid out everyone left to return to their usual duties. All Might saw Aizawa walking back to his class, to sleep most likely, and caught up to him. “What do you need” the underground hero asked upon seeing the symbol of peace jogging after him. “I was surprised you let young Kaminari stay in your class considering his injuries. I wanted to know why” All Might asked.


“I debated whether or not to let him stay” the teacher admitted “and I decided to see if he can find a way to keep up with the rest of the class before removing him”. He then left, leaving the other teacher to think over the explanation.

Aizawa headed to class, a sense of dread having settled in his stomach. It was the first class since Kaminari’s return and he was worried for his student. He knew there was a good chance he would have to remove Kaminari from the hero course, but knowing that didn’t make him feel any better about it.


Upon entering he saw Ectoplasm standing next to his student, leaving when he saw Aizawa Enter the room. “Today class” he started once the other teacher left “we will be doing rescue exercises”. The whole class looked excited, except for Kaminari who looked disappointed, while Aizawa continued on “You will be put into teams of five and will either try to rescue the civilians or kill the civilians, depending on what side you are on during that exercise. Now gear up and meet me at the bus pickup”.


Once the explanation was finished the class headed for the locker rooms. All except for Kaminari, who hung around his teacher awkwardly while his friends geared up. Aizawa headed out to the busses with Kaminari hobbling behind him. While the two walked, Aizawa watched his student move along side him.


Due to the damage his right leg suffered he was using a simple metal cane to walk. His left eye was cloudy but surprisingly there was no scar besides that. The boy looked nervous due to his proximity to Aizawa and kept his eyes off the hero the whole time they walked.


Once they reached the bus that would take them to the training ground the two waited while the rest of the class caught up with them. “Hey there!” A voice shouted, drawing Aizawa’s attention. A support student came running up to the bus, carrying a large bag that seemed to be full of support items. The student appeared to be a cat girl and was looking at Kaminari excitedly.


“Hey Kaminari, I got some stuff for you” she said cheerfully upon reaching the two. “Hey” he said nervously, peaking Aizawa’s interest. “You are?” Aizawa asked with suspicion due to his students' reactions. “Natalie Ikari sir” she replied, her amber eyes flitting over to his direction before settling back on the blonde boy.


“And you brought what exactly?” Aizawa asked while eyeing the approaching class. “Some stuff me and my friend cooked up after we heard about his injuries” she motioned to Kaminari with her tail. She then handed him the bag, almost causing him to almost fall over with how unexpectedly heavy it was, and climbed onto the bus behind them.


Aizawa decided to deal with Ikari later and addressed the chattering class with “Settle down and get on the bus, we have a long ride ahead of us”. Upon seeing Iida’s hand raise he asked “Yes?” tiredly. “You did not say where we would be traveling to sir!” Iida shouted with his usual level of enthusiasm.


“I did not tell you on purpose because that would give you time to prepare. You won’t have time for that when disasters really happen. You have to work quickly to think of a plan, which is why you won’t know who you are teaming up with or facing until the exercise starts. Now get on the bus or we’ll be late”.


The class filed onto the bus (Thanks to Iida’s organizational skills) and Aizawa followed them, the bus taking off the moment his feet passed through the door. Looking around he saw Ikari sitting on the lab of a furiously blushing Midoriya while chatting with Kaminari about the devices she built.


“And this” she explained while pulling out what looked like a futuristic black and gold katana “will allow you to cut through anything if you pump some power into it. Not only that, but you can use it to release waves of energy if you charge it up and swing it” and she swung the sword in front of her, almost taking Jiro’s head off.


“Don’t use any of that equipment until we get off the bus” Aizawa warned severely and the girl looked embarrassed at her recklessness. “I can use them when we get off?” Kaminari asked excitedly at the idea.


“As long as you don’t interfere with the exercise or hurt yourself I don’t see the harm in it” Aizawa admitted to his student. In truth he wanted to know if the support items the girl made could help keep Kaminari in the class. Even though a hero who relied on support items was at a disadvantage, it may be the only way for the electric blonde to stay in the hero course.


Kaminari beamed and turned back to Ikari to find out more about his new equipment while Aizawa watched the girl intently. She had on a white muscle shirt that was covered in black spots, either oil or burn marks he couldn’t tell, and a worn out pair of jeans as well as a pair of leather boots. As opposed to Hatsume who had a wild air about her during the sports festival, Ikari had an aura of relaxed contentment.


Suddenly her phone rang and she answered it, only to sharply pull it back when a voice started yelling at her from the other side. “I didn’t finish the goggles yet you stupid bitch!” the voice screamed while she just smiled and shook her head. “Don’t lose your head over it man, it works just fine and I wanted to have all his stuff available at once” she tried to reassure the voice. “It’s the principal of it! Don’t take my shit next time unless I let you or I’m gonna pour sulfuric acid down your throat when you sleep!” the voice screeched at her violently.


“May I speak to him?” Aizawa asked but Ikari shook her head and went back to talking on the phone with “Did you call me just to yell about me taking stuff?”. “I also wanted to know where you went” the voice said while sounding like he was trying to calm down. “Aizawa won’t say, something about heroes having no prep time in the real world” she told him and he yelled in anger. “Just tell me when you find out” he commanded before hanging up.


Ikari shook her head before putting the phone away and returning to her explanation on the various items contained in the bag. Aizawa was about to ask who that was but it turned out they had reached their destination and the class headed off the bus, standing in a group while looking up at the training area before them.


Due to the high metal walls being the same for all the training grounds no one could tell where they were. Aizawa saw Midoriya muttering to himself and walked over to ask “Do you know where we are?”. When Midoriya answered “I think so” Aizawa told him no to tell anyone lest it ruin the exercise and he agreed.


“Everyone listen up” the class all turned to their teacher while he pulled out a box with a hole in it “You will pull a ticket from this box and then tell me what you got, at which point I will lead you to the appropriate entrance. If you are on the hero side you will search the arena for bystanders, who will just be electronic mannequins, and will have to bring them to the designated safe zone. If you are a villain you will search for the bystanders and kill as many as you can. Both teams will earn bonus points for taking down a member of the opposing team, but your main objectives are the bystanders. Now line up single file and reach into the box”.


Eventually the whole class, minus Kaminari, had gotten their tickets and the teams would still be even since Shinso was taking part in the exercise as well. The teams were as follows.


Hero team 1: Aoyama, Ashido, Tokoyami, Hagakure, Iida


Villain team 1: Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, Asui, Ojiro, Shoji


Hero team 2: Mineta, Sato, Kirishima, Sero, Koda


Villain team 2: Todoroki, Bakugo, Midoriya, Jiro, Shinso


Once they all had their places Aizawa blindfolded the class and led the first two teams to their designated locations and ordered them not to say anything until the exercise started. Eventually everyone who was going in round one was ready and they were ordered to take off the blindfolds.


“Quite an impressive team we are” Tokoyami said while surveying his classmates, a sentiment they agreed with. Looking around revealed them to be in a suburban setting, meaning traversing the area would be simple and there were a lot of long streets for easy visibility.


“Hiding will be very difficult here” Yaoyorozu pointed out while Shoji scanned the area. “I don’t see them nearby so they are probably on the other side of the arena” Shoji informed them while Youyorozu made ham radios for the whole group and handed them out. “Tsu, go and find who we are up against while he search for bystanders to eliminate” Yaoyorozu ordered and Tsu obeyed, hopping off to find their opponents.


Aizawa was in the control room, watching and listening to the two teams try to put together a plan. He had left the other half of the class in a waiting area, seeing as they didn’t know who they would be teaming up with there was no harm in seeing who was left, while Kaminari and Ikari were trying out the support items in an empty storage room.


If he was a betting man, and he wasn’t, he would put down money that the hero team would be the ultimate victor in the first match. They simply had enough firepower that, should a direct confrontation break out, the villain team would be crushed. If they wanted to win they would need to skirt the heros and focus solely on eliminating the civilians.


There were one hundred “bystanders” littered around the arena, on rooftops and under cars, and the two teams were slowly finding them one by one and rescuing/killing them. The mannequins had sensors that would detect lethal amounts of force, at which point their LED faces would turn red to signify death.


If a team is able to take down a member of the opposing team it will count at twenty points and getting a bystander will count as one point each. Watching the screens revealed the two teams to be closing in on each other, most likely meeting each other in the middle of the arena.


“Stay back” he heard Shoji say “the are up ahead” and the whole group stopped before quickly running to the right to avoid a confrontation. Using thermal vision, Aizawa saw Asui stalk towards the hero team and lie in wait directly in their path.


Hagakure headed down the alley Asui was in, completely unaware of the danger lurking above her. Aizawa could see what was about to happen and was very interested in how the risk was going to work out. What Asui didn’t seem to realize was that Aoyama was about to turn down the same alley and if she attacked Hagakure, the entire hero team would be alerted.


“Don’t run off alone” he called to Hagakure, making Asui freeze in her hiding spot “we don’t know where our enemies are after all”. “Sorry!” Hagakure said while sounding embarrassed “I thought I saw a bystander down here” and she headed back with Aoyama, not noticing Asui sneaking off above her.


Suddenly Dark Shadow slammed into Asui, smashing her head into the wall and knocking her out instantly. “You two have a severe lack of situational awareness” Tokoyami told his teammates while Dark Shadow picked up Asui’s body. “How did you see her?” the two asked and he simply said “I looked up” before walking off with her.


Aizawa shook his head, disappointed that Asui was taken down so quickly. Looking at another screen he saw Kaminari strapping what appeared to be dark metal tubes to his arms. They were on top of his forearms and were about as long with what looked like handles on the sides. Kaminari grabbed the handle on the right one and pulled back which caused the end, which was narrow like a tube, to widen up so it resembled a satellite dish.


Suddenly a bright flash brought his attention back to the exercise. Scanning the screens quickly, he found out what happened and grinned to himself. Asui appeared to have faked her unconscious and set off a flash bang right in Dark Shadow’s face, causing Tokoyami to lurch back in shock.


Asui launched herself at him and flung a kick at his head but he managed to barely dodge it. While Asui was still in midair Tokoyami managed to swing a punch that connected with her stomach, knocking her back. She recovered quickly and lept onto a rooftop before turning invisible and running off. Tokoyami pulled out a pair of thermal goggles, a recent addition he got after the Class-B fight, and had Dark Shadow lift him onto the roof, spotting Asui running off.


Right before he took chase Iida yelled “Let her go and focus on the civilians!” and Tokoyami reluctantly held back. Looking at another screen showed Asui rubbing her stomach gingerly while hiding behind a garage and looking around the corner for any sign of pursuit. “Half of the bystanders have been dealt with” Aizawa announced over the intercom, all the students looking at upon hearing his voice.


“With the amount of bystanders shrinking we will have to deal with the opposing team soon. You and I should split off from the main group and search for them” Tokoyami advised Iida. “No” Iida said sternly “you stay with the group in case they attack, I’ll search for them on my own since I’m fast enough to evade any attack they might throw at me” before activating his Recipro Turbo and speeding away.


“They’ll be coming after us soon” Yaoyorozu warned her team while trying to contact Asui “we need to hurry up and get the rest of the Bystanders. I suggest we split up so we can get as many as possible quickly”. Eventually she got through and informed the frog girl of the plan who agreed with it. “Stay in contact” she advised the group before departing, the rest splitting up as well.


Aizawa thought it was impressive that there had been so little conflict up to this point. Even with Shoji’s ability to spot things from a distance the fact the villain team had avoided the hero team the entire time, besides Asui who sought out conflict in hopes of making the eventual fight easier, was nothing to ignore. This split up may have been their only option if they wanted to win, but that didn’t make it any less risky. If they get caught by the larger group or even Iida with his Recipro Turbo, they will be eliminated.


Iida was closing in on Ojiro’s location, although he probably didn’t realize it, and the tail themed hero noticed. Looking around, he spotted a metal pipe in a wall and broke it off with his tail before picking it up and waiting behind a wall with the pipe in hand.


Don’t tell me this is going to actually work Aizawa though to himself as Iida closed in on Ojiro’s hiding spot. Right as he zoomed by, Ojiro lept out and swung the pipe with all his strength right into Iida’s head. The blow cracked the speedster’s helmet and he tumbled onto the street before him, Ojiro looking shocked his plan turned out so well while Aizawa shook his head at Iida’s poor planning.


After letting the rest of his team know what happened, Uraraka wincing when she heard about the violent way her friend went down, Ojiro picked up Iida in his arms and started hoping towards the area marked “Capture Zone”.


“I don’t hear Iida anymore” Ashido pointed out on the other side of the arena. “He must have been captured, every stay close” Tokoyami ordered while scanning the area to find the enemy team while the rest of the heroes looked for the rest of the bystanders.


Seeing that they were nowhere near any villains, Aizawa looked back at Kaminari to see what he was doing this time. He was holding the sword that Ikari showed off in the bus and swung it at some empty boxes, cutting through them. He then walked over to a metal pipe that Ikari had placed against the wall and swung at it. Unsurprisingly, the sword bounced off the pipe with minimal damage. Ikari then told Kaminari something that Aizawa couldn’t hear before the blonde seemed to focus on his right hand which was holding the sword. The blade began to glow and Kaminari smiled before swinging at the pipe. He was a little too enthusiastic because not only did he cut clean through the pipe, he also left a long gash on the wall behind it.


Impressive Aizawa thought to himself before turning back to the exercise yet again. After fifteen minutes of no one running into each other, there were only five bystanders left. Looking at the scoreboard showed the heroes to have thirty five points while the villains had eighty points. Turns out their strategy of splitting up worked as it allowed them to get more bystanders that, along with Iida’s cartoonish defeat and subsequent capture, almost sealed their victory.


“Five bystanders left” Aizawa announced, to the delight of the villains and dismay of the heroes. The key thing about the exercise was that it wasn’t finished until all the bystanders had been dealt with. This meant that if the heroes got a mannequin but didn’t “save” it and simply kept it safe, they could have all the time in the world to track down and eliminate their classmates. Let’s see if any of them realize that Aizawa thought while watching the heroes panicking about the their shortage of rescues.


Aizawa’s phone suddenly started ringing and he answered, hearing the principals voice on the other end. “Magneta has infiltrated the school with the help of someone who can block our security measures. Stay by Kaminari and order the rest of your students to stick together until backup arrives. We don’t know how many accomplices she has so stay on guard” he informed Aizawa who bolted out the door the moment he heard Magna’s name.


Suddenly, a piece of metal launched itself at him and he barely dodged it. Aizawa looked around but couldn’t find the culprit as more pieces of metal tore themselves from the walls and floor before launching at him.


“Well this is quite the show” a male voice suddenly said from behind. Aizawa activated his quirk before turning around to reveal a tall, thin young man in a hoodie and workout pants. The man, who had bright blonde hair and was wearing sunglasses, smiled at the pro hero dancing in front of him.


Aizawa launched his scarf at the villain but they were intercepted by two pieces of shrapnel who simply cut through the binding cloth. A sharp object pierced his side and he cried out, blinking unintentionally, before looking down to reveal that his knife had stabbed him. Aizawa looked up at the man before him who took off his sunglasses revealing flashing, rainbow colored eyes.


Aizawa looked into his eyes and the world disappeared.

Chapter Text

“All bystanders have been dealt with and the villain side wins. Everyone meet me at the center of the arena” Aizawa’s voice said over the intercom. “Damm!” Ashido cried out “We lost! And I thought we were doing pretty well!”.


While the other two agreed with her sentiment, Tokoyami couldn't. He had caught glimpses of the other team every so often so he could tell they had split up at some point during the exercise. He considered having his own side do the same but he decided that sticking together would be safer. Only when Mister Aizawa said there were five bystanders left did he realize his error.


He considered not rescuing a bystander and keeping them while his team tracked down their opponents, but it would appear they had gotten to the bystanders first. “We did our best. Lets meet up with the other team” he ordered his group.


While they walked to the arena’s center Tokoyami looked around with his goggles. Not only did they have thermal vision, but x-ray and magnification as well. He had made good use of them to find people to save during the exercise but he hasn't used the x-ray feature yet.


Using the goggles he was able to spot the opposing team from far off and waved at them, seeing Yaoyorozu wave back while looking at him through binoculars. Once they finally reached the center the two teams chatted about the exercise.


“I hope I didn’t hurt Iida too bad” Ojiro said while looking quite guilty after explaining his defeat of the speedster. “With Recovery Girl helping out he will be fine, do not worry yourself” Tokoyami reassured him while trying to spot Mister Aizawa. Suddenly he appeared from around a corner with a young blonde man following close behind.


“Settle down everyone” their teacher ordered and the two teams immediately stopped chatting while Tokoyami observed the other man with apprehension since he could have sworn he saw the blonde somewhere before. “This” Mister Aizawa gestured to the other man “is a former student of U.A. who wanted to drop by so he could see Class 1-A in action and so he could give you some pointers for real hero work”.


The other man said “Hello” warmly while taking off his glasses to reveal vibrant rainbow colored eyes beneath them. I can see why he wears those sunglasses Tokoyami thinks to himself while turning his head to look back to his teacher. When he did this he saw the rest of the class, except for Aoyama, seemed to be transfixed by the strangers eyes. They all had blank looks on their faces and just stared, unblinking, at the twin rainbows.


“You gonna take off your goggles or what?” the man asked with the same warm smile, only it looked slightly less friendly this time. “I think I will keep them on” Tokoyami responded cooly. He didn’t know why he wanted to leave them on but something in his body was screaming at him to make sure they stayed on. “I will keep mine on as well, I look more dazzling this way” Aoyama said flamboyantly, although Tokoyami could tell from the bead of sweat dripping down his forehead that he knew something was wrong too.


“Well if you insist” the man said while grinning sinisterly “then I guess you leave me no choice”. Suddenly, the class lunged at the two while Mister Aizawa activated his quirk in their direction.


Time slowed down to a standstill while Tokoyami processed what was happening and weighed his options. This stranger was obviously some kind of villain and he appears to have brainwashed both his classmates and his teacher. Both he and Aoyama were having their quirks erased so they couldn’t defend themselves against their classmates with them. By the same notion, their classmates were also having their quirks erased. Tokoyami needed a way to hold his class back long enough to take down Mister Aizawa or run away and luckily he had just the thing.


Reaching in his cloak he pulled out another recent addition to his arsenal. Looking back on it, he had to admit that the Class 1-B fight was helpful in that it exposed weaknesses that he was unaware of beforehand. After Dark shadow was turned against him right when the match started, he realized he needed a way to hold his quirk back should it ever get out of hand again. Hoping this wouldn’t harm any of his classmates too badly he pulled the pin out of his flash grenade and threw it as hard as he could right at Uraraka, who was in front of the charging group.


The moment the grenade went off Tokoyami felt his quirk return. “Dark Shadow!” he yelled while his quirk went straight for the biggest threat to his escape, Mister Aizawa. Dark Shadow threw one giant fist at the stunned teacher and launched him headfirst into a brick wall, stunning him ever further. Dark shadow then pulled back and grabbed Aoyama before tossing him as far away from the group as possible before grabbing Tokoyami himself and flying off with him in the same direction.


“Aaargh!” Tokoyami screamed in pain, looking down to see acid burning his side. It appears that the class recovered from the attack since they were now running after him and Aoyama while Ashido launched dozens of acid projectiles his way.


Tokoyami dived to avoid being melted by wasn’t able to pull up in time, crashing into a roof and spilling into the alley below. He leaned against a wall and yelled “Aoyama!” in hopes of finding his only ally in this current situation. “I’m here!” he heard the Frenchman shout from a few buildings over. “Go get help, I'll hold them off!” Tokoyami shouted back while heading towards the street.


Tokoyami reached the street and saw his classmates sprintring right at him, grimacing at the battle to come. He knew he would lose but that wasn’t the point, he just needed to keep the group's attention long enough for Aoyama to get help from elsewhere. The brainwashed classmates launched themselves at him and he did the same to them.

I wonder how the teams are doing Midoriya thought to himself idly while sitting in the waiting area he didn't know the training centers had. It had been about forty five minutes since the first round started and everyone was starting to get highly bored.


Sato and Kirishima were arm wrestling while Mineta and Sero debated about which of their quirks were more sticky. Kacchan was pacing the room restlessly while Todoroki and Koda discussed their favorite foods. Jiro and Shinso were making small talk about their favorite songs and Midoriya was just sitting there, watching the others.


Jiro pulled out her phone and dialed someone before putting it up to her ear and waiting for them to answer. After a few seconds they did and she asked “How’s it going short circuit?” and Midoriya realized it was probably Kaminari. After a minute of the two having some sort of exchange Jiro and Shinso stood up and started to leave.


“Where are you going?” Midoriya asked confused since the exercise was bound to be over any second. “To see Kaminari’s new gear” Shinso said dryly before following Jrio out of the room. Since Midoriya was also curious about the new gear he heard about on the bus he quickly followed the other two.


Catching up to them in the hallway, the three wordlessly wound their way through the building and eventually ended up in front of a storage room. “You sure this is the right place?” Midoriya asked and Jiro responded “He said it was in this storage room so … hopefully” before walking inside.


The moment the door opened, Midoriya grabbed his classmates and leapt back to avoid a wave of electricity that was flying in their direction. “Sorry!” Kaminari shouted while the three stood back up and dusted themselves off. Looking inside the room Midoriya saw that Kaminari was holding the same sword from the bus.


“Careful where you point that thing” Shinso grumbled before heading inside the room, Jiro and Midoriya cautiously doing the same. Kaminari hobbled over and handed his sword to the the support course student while Midoriya surveyed the room.


If he didn’t know any better, Midoriya would have thought Kacchan had a tantrum in the room. There were burn marks all over the walls and destroyed boxes and shelves littering the place. The wall had a long gash that probably came from the sword and the floor had a crater in it.


“What have you been doing in here?” Jiro voiced the question all three were thinking. “Kaminari has been trung out his new stuff” the dark haired catgirl said cheerfully while looking over the sword. “And what does that stuff do exactly?” Jiro questioned while eyeing the other girl with suspicion (Midoriya didn’t know why she looked so suspicious).


“Well this” the girl held out the sword “can cut through stuff as you would imagine. When Kaminari powers it up he can cut through pretty much anything, as you can see with the gash in the wall over there”. She pointed her tail to the gash and continued “He can also power it up in a different way that allows the sword to collect energy and expel it at once, which you guys saw when he almost fried you earlier”.


While Kaminari rubbed his head with guilt from almost frying his friends the girl finished her explanation of the sword with “He can also aim the blade at something and expel the energy in a more concentrated way, but if he did that to a person he would burn a hole straight through them as well as the person behind them” before placing it in the large bag she brought.


“What do you think of the new gear?” Midoriya asked, curious what the blondes reaction would be. “It’s really cool!” Kaminari exclaimed enthusiastically “All this stuff would have been useful without my injuries but now that I have them these will be essential”. “Well i’m glad you like them” the catgirl said while sifting through her bag in search of something “make you tell my pal Ethan how much you appreciate our hard work. He acts all tough and above it all, but I know he likes it when people appreciate what he does”.


Midoriya asked “What’s your name?” to the girl since he realized he never learned it and she answered “Natalie Ikari. Unlike Ethan I don’t care what name you call me by so whatever name sounds nicer to you-aha!” she suddenly pulled out a small box that looks like it would contain glasses and hurried over to Kaminari.


“These are for you” she said to Kaminari while opening the box to reveal what was inside. “Mister Aizawa’s goggles?” Kaminari asked confused, prompting Midoriya to rush over and confirm what he said. Sure enough the goggles of Eraser Head were sitting in the box. Actually, upon closer inspection Midoriya saw they weren’t quite his teachers goggles since these had subtle technological components installed.


“They are that but so much more” Ikari explained (Midoriya liked Ikari more than Natalie) “Ethan installed some technology that will allow you to see more than usual”. “Okay” Kaminari still looked confused “but why Mister Aizawa’s goggles?”. “Because we found a pair just lying around and thought they would make a good base” Ikari explained while shrugging. She handed Kaminari the goggles and he put them on, looking around the room before saying “I don't see anything differently”. “Well that’s because they aren’t set to one of those modes silly” Ikari shook her head and sighed good naturedly at Kaminari’s ignorance before pressing a button on the side.


“Whoa!” Kaminari suddenly yelled while looking around the room quickly, Ikari smiling at the display. “That setting will allow you to see electrical things like wires and computes and other things of that nature. And this” she hit the button again “will allow you to see people through their electrical impulses”.


Kaminari suddenly pointed to the door and said “Someone is about to knock” right before the room heard the knock. “I’ll get it” offered Shinso and he got up to answer the door, opening it to reveal a thin looking blonde man with sunglasses on standing there.


“Oh hello, I wasn’t expecting you all. I was told that Kaminari would be here?” he said the second sentence like it was a question. “I’m right here” Kaminari said while trying to get up from the box he was sitting on, but he hadn’t even made it off the seat before Ikari launched herself at the stranger.


She collided into his chest and knocked him onto the ground before climbing on top of him while contorting her face into a visage of pure rage. “Did you really think” she snarled at him with a level of fury that Kacchan couldn’t hope to match “that you could walk into fucking hero school without a single fucking person recognizing you, you stupid fuck!”.


“What’s going on?!” Midoriya asked, scared how quickly the smiling catgirl turned into a vicious beast. “He’s a fucking villain” she spat out, her nails digging into his shoulders to the extent they were drawing blood, “who can mind control you if you look into his eyes, goes by the name Defiler ” she said his name like the words were toxic on her tongue.


“I didn’t know I had a fan” he joked, crying out when he got a thumb plunged deep into his shoulder as a reward. “Stop hurting him” Midoriya commanded, unwilling to let the villain’s tourture continue despite what he may have done in the past. “After all the shit he’s done” Ikari’s voice was shaking with rage “I don’t plan on stopping for quite a long time” and she drove her thumb even deeper into his shoulder, causing him to cry out once again.


“Enough” Midoriya said while walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder. The moment he touched her, she swung her arm out and hit him in the chest. The impact launched him across the room with more force than he expected, actually putting a crater in the wall upon impact.


“I’m gonna have fun making you suffer” she said while grabbing hold of Defiler’s face, causing blood to start leaking from the scratches she made. Out of nowhere a piece of metal suddenly imbedded itself into her chest. She looked down at her injury, stunned at the sudden attack, when a metal chair suddenly slammed her in the face and knocked her back.


“Took you long enough” the villain complained while standing up, pieces of metal flying past him to hit the students. Moving quickly, Midoriya extended his arm and flicked his finger at the doorway. The resulting gust of wind knocked all the pieces of metal aside and slammed into the villains chest, launching him into the opposing wall.


Midoriya then jumped forward and slammed the door shut, hoping it would hold back any more pieces of metal sent their way, before turning around to check on the other students. While Jiro, Shinso, and Kaminari were all fine, Ikari was bleeding profusely from her chest wound as well as her head wound. “Kaminari, try and find where the villain that threw the metal is hiding” Midoriya ordered while rushing to Ikari’s side, trying to see if there was anything he could do to help.


Before he could reach her, the door suddenly flew and slammed Midoriya in the back. “The door is metal!” Shinso shouted before diving out of the way as the door almost crushed him as well. Midoriya got up and turned around to see Defiler standing in the doorway while smiling at the chaos before him. “I suggest you surrender” he advised Midoriya while the green haired boy dodged the door. “And why would I do that?” Midoriya asked when the door came back and he simply kicked it away, crumpling it like a soda can.


“Because of her” the villain said while pointing at Jiro. Suddenly Jiro’s earphone jacks shot towards her neck and lightly stabbed her, a thin trail of blood leaking from the wounds. “If you don’t surrender then my associate will shove those jacks straight through her throat” he explained the plan while smiling wickedly at the thought. Midoriya looked around the room, meeting everyone's eyes one by one and saw they were all in agreement.Right when he opened his mouth to respond, the wall behind Defiler exploded.

Kacchan ?

Chapter Text

One day prior

“I still think this is a waste of time” Monoma told her yet again as she walked out of the Class 1-B dorms. “Well I still want to do it” she said irritably, not believing how petty her classmate was being. “He’s going to come back today anyway, it’s just a waste of a trip” he warned her but she simply shook her head. “I’ll see you later Monoma” she grumbled while walking away from him.


“I didn’t know you had a crush on him” her classmate said quietly, but not quiet enough. She quickly turned around to confront him but saw he was sprinting back to the dorms in panic, making her shake her head and continue walking.


The first time the two talked was at the start of the second semester. She knew he came to her because he wanted a date, his womanizing ways were well known among the first years, so she was prepared for bad pickup lines and things of that nature. Instead he asked her about the first time her quirk manifested, a classic icebreaker. After that they moved on to favorite books, favorite foods, least favorite foods, and so on. Eventually he asked “You want my number so we can hang later?”.


After a moment of contemplating she decided “I would like your number, would you like mine?” and they exchanged numbers before he headed off to talk to his friend Jiro. Over the next few months the two hung out quite often, sometimes with friends and sometimes on their own.


While she kept expecting him to start making some moves on her, it simply never happened. The two simply went on friendly dates and he never tried to make them more than that. After two months she finally asked “What possessed you to want and hang out with me?”. He smiled sadly before answering “You reminded me of an old friend when we were at the training camp so I thought we might get along well”.


Once she knew what his intentions were their dates seemed a lot more fun. She didn’t spend half her time wondering when he was going to put his arm around her or try to hold her hand and simply enjoyed his company.


Over time, however, her feelings started to change. While at first she was nervous about him acting more romantic with her, now she wished that he would. She felt lighter when she would hang out with him and always felt especially heavy when their day of fun ended. Whenever he would talk to Jiro she always felt a strange, unpleasant feeling in her chest that she couldn’t quite place. The day she realized that feeling was jealousy was the she knew she had a crush on him. She also knew that with every passing day, her feelings were growing stronger.


When she heard about his accident during the fire she used every ounce of willpower in her body to not run straight to the nurses office, deciding to visit him later. Then he went on his rampage and she had to wait even longer to see him, causing her feelings of despair to grow even further. When she found out he was awake she wanted to visit him immediately but unfortunately couldn’t due to a study session she had set up with Tesutesu (He really needed the help) and by the time that was done it was too late to visit.


Now it was the afternoon, all her classes were done, and she wasn’t going to let anyone stop her from seeing him. She hopped on a train and arrived at his hospital a short while later, making her way to his room quickly. Once she reached it she stopped, collected herself, then went inside to see her friend.


“Kendo!” he shouted in greeting the moment she entered the room. “Kaminari!” she shouted back in the same excited tone, causing him to laugh. “Okay I admit I might have been a little too loud with that shout, but what do you expect? Being cooped up in bed isn’t exactly exciting” he told her while she pulled up a chair.


He looked well, considering all the injuries he apparently sustained from the fall. All he had on were some bandaging on his face and right leg, both of which were minimal. He looked to be in high spirits as well, although that may just be an act to put her at ease.


“How many people have visited you?” she asked once she sat down beside him. “Just my dad and Jiro, apparently since I’m getting out so soon everyone else decided to wait until I get back to see me” he smiled while talking but she saw sadness in his eye. “What time are you getting out?” she asked since she was a little surprised he saw still here given the time. “In about” he squinted at the clock on the wall “two hours”.


“How are you getting back? They better not be expecting you to walk back to school” she said, the thought of her dear friend hobbling all the way to school on crutches making her feel angry. “Thankfully not, my dad is giving me a ride” he didn’t look happy at the thought and she couldn’t blame him. From what little he had said about his home life, she was able to make out that he and his dad borderline hated each other.


“What possessed you to come out here anyway? I was heading back tonight so you wouldn’t have waited long to see me” he seemed confused about her trip, and unfortunately she couldn’t give him a real answer. “That’s what friends do” she eventually said after careful deliberation.


They spent the next two hours happily chatting, she could tell her presence was making him feel better, before a nurse came in and took off his bandages. His leg had intense scarring on it but didn’t seem deformed besides that and his eye was cloudy, although the fact he still had an eye was a miracle in itself. After a few more minutes of the nurse doing various things, Kaminari was let out of the hospital.


The two of them headed towards the front, Kaminari using a crutch on his bad side, and were greeted by his father the moment they left the building. “Who is this young woman” his father asked coolly upon seeing Kendo. “My friend Kendo, Kendo this is my dad” he didn’t meet his father's eyes and simply walked towards the limo that was on the street. “First the other girl now you, my son sure does have quite a few devoted female friends doesn’t he?” Kaminari’s father asked rhetorically.


“What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t see him in the hospital?” she countered, but he didn’t look convinced. “You can say whatever you want, the look in your eyes don’t lie” he said before walking back to the limo, leaving her standing there. Right when she was about to head off she heard Kaminari shout “Since you’re going to school too you can just ride with us”. Deciding that spending more time with Kaminari was worth spending more time with his father, who she didn't particularly like now that she met him, she took up the offer.


The car took off towards the school while the three passengers sat silently in the back. Just as Kendo realized that taking the limo might not have been the most enjoyable option Kaminari’s father asked “What class are you in?”. “Class 1-B” she answered quickly which caused him to nod before saying “Ah yes I remember now, you were at the sports festival. Could have moved on too but you let the other team have your spot. Very honorable of you”.


“It was more self motivated then we let on” she said, a smirk poking the corner of her mouth “I just knew that Tesutesu, the metal boy, would be complaining for weeks if he wasn’t able to fight in the finals”. That wasn’t true, the group’s decision was based off of which team had the better fighters, but she had the impression that a more selfish reason would please Kaminari’s father and let her be on his good side.


“I see” he said while smiling like she hoped he would “how do you think you would have done, had you taken that vine girls place?”. “Seeing as the first fight would have been against your son, I probably would have failed in the first round” she admitted. She always asserted, even before she befriended him, that if Kaminari had not fought Shiozaki in the first round that he would have gone far. “I suppose Denki’s quirk is hard to dodge” his father admitted before moving on to how she first met Kaminari.


The two of them talked back and forth all the way to school and in that time she was able to figure out what kind of person he was pretty well. He was calm and collected for the most part as well as highly intelligent. He was also conniving and wasn’t afraid to do underhanded things in order to get what he wanted. He was very proud of his older children and he wasn’t proud of his youngest. Kaminari is the one thing that would make him lose his composure, allowing her to see past the mask of calmness to the irritation beneath it. He didn’t approve of the hero career that Kaminari was pursuing and seemed to find the idea of heroes as a whole to be silly and childish. By the time they reached the school, Kendo was no longer curious about why Kaminari didn’t like his father.


“Thanks for the ride” Kaminari said unenthusiastically while stepping off the car with Kendo right behind him, only to have Kanden (He insisted she call him by his first name to avoid confusion with his son) to put his arm in front of her. “I wanted to have a quick word with you in private before you departed, if you don’t mind” he said in his usual calm tone. After sharing a quick glance with Kaminari, who was shaking his head in disapproval, she said “Very well, it that is what you want” and closed the car door.


“I won’t say too much in case you share this conversation with Denki the moment you leave this car” he started “but you seem like a nice girl who doesn’t deserve heartbreak. Don’t pursue a romantic relationship with my son”. “It’s not” he said quickly when she opened her mouth to speak “because I don’t like you, because I do like you quite a bit. It’s because Denki has … other arrangements that don’t involve you or that other girl”. Kendo was very confused about what he was getting at but whatever it was she didn’t like it, especially because she had a sneaking suspicion that Kaminari didn’t know about it. “That was all I wanted to say, you may leave now” he said and she quickly did.


“So what did he say?” Kaminari asked the moment the car was out of sight. “He wanted to know if we were romantically involved and I told him no” she made up a lie quickly. “It took you that long to say no?” Kaminari asked, unconvinced by her answer. “He tried interrogating me but realized it was useless and let me leave” she said with a casual shoulder shrug. “Well my dad’s a moron” Kaminari started to head inside the school with Kendo by his side. “As if someone as cool and smart as you would lower yourself to date someone as stupid and hopless as me” he said in a light hearted tone, but that didn’t make her any less concerned.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself, I wouldn’t be your friend if you were a total loser now would I?” she told him while slinging her arm over his shoulder. “I guess you’re right” he admitted while slinging his arm over her shoulder, the two of them walking arm in arm back to the dorms.


Kanden was quite pleased with how the car ride went. Talking to Kendo was a nice exercise that would allow him to be better prepared when he was able to get Jiro over to the family home. He knew that his son was, admittedly unknowingly, smitten with her and he wanted to see how serious their connection was by having them eat together at dinner. Considering the fact that he and Kendo are so close leads Kanden to believe that his son may take to the news better than anticipated. Still, he must wait for that dinner to come to any solid conclusions and if he’s lucky, maybe their relationship won’t be as good as he was led to believe. Until then, he had business to attend to with the Yaoyorozu family.

Chapter Text

The present

“Villains have infiltrated the school, we will stay here until the threat has passed” Vlad ordered his class who were all training in one of the gyms. “Let me guess” Monoma said with extreme sarcasm “it’s because of something involving Class 1-A right?”. “Yes” Vladimir said gruffly “they appear to be after that kid who hurt himself, Kaminari”.


Kendo felt like a tsunami of cold water had crashed into her body upon hearing his name. “Kaminari!” Monoma said loudly before turning to Kendo “isn’t that your bo-“ before he could finish Tokage came out of nowhere and whacked him in the head, knocking him out cold. “Now isn’t the time for that!” Vlad barked at his student who apologized quickly.


While Tokage picked up Monoma to carry him off to the side she looked in Kendo’s direction, catching the smile she threw the dark haired girls way. While Kendo hadn’t told anyone about her feelings for Kaminari, Tokage (and Monoma of course) seemed to be catching on to the truth. Mentally noting that she needed to thank the other girl later, Kendo brought her thoughts back to her crush.


She knew that a villain was coming after him, it had come up during her hospital visit, but he hadn’t expected an attack to come so soon. As much as she wanted to charge out the doors and protect him she held back knowing that running off without a plan was suicidal.


“Shishida!” she called to her classmate “Use your quirk to monitor the area, I don’t want a villain to sneak up on us” and he did as instructed, turning into a beast and sniffing the air to search for villains. “Sir” she walked up to Vlad “do you know where Kaminari is?” “I believe Class 1-A is at the suburban training ground” her teacher answered. Hearing this made her both relieved and worried since it meant the villains would be far away, but it also meant that Kaminari was far away.


The group stayed in the gym for twenty minutes, the initial excitement and fear upon hearing the news slowly giving way to boredom as the minutes ticked by. “I win again” said a recently awoken Monoma to Kendo after beating her yet again and rock, paper, scissors. “Congratulations” she said unenthusiastically, looking around the room to spot Shishida who still hadn’t smelled anyone.


“He’ll be fine” Monoma said suddenly, causing her attention to snap back to him with a confused “What?”. “Kaminari” he clarified “he’ll be fine, he’s surrounded by Class 1-A after all. Any villain that tries to go near will is just begging for death”.


Before she could respond to his surprisingly kind words (The two usually don’t see eye to eye despite hanging around each other so much) Shishida shouted “Something’s coming!” The whole class, who were all sitting around looking bored, hopped to their feet and got into battle stances. “It’s coming from that direction” Shishida pointed at the front doors and Vlad rushed to stand between the class and whatever was coming.


“What force is heading our way?” Shiozaki asks while slowly extending her vines towards the floor as a precaution. “I believe it is a bus” Shishida says before sniffing again “Yes definitely a bus, and there are people on it”. He sniffs a few more times and says “Sir Bakugo, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Midoriya are on it as well as someone I don’t recognize!” which is a statement that confuses the class. “Are you sure that’s who’s on the bus?” Vlad asks his student who reaffirms his earlier statement.


“They are a few seconds away, prepare yourself!” he shouts and the whole class braces for whatever is coming next. Suddenly. The bus crashes through the front doors and slides to a stop in front of everyone. The bus doors open and sure enough Bakugo, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Midoriya step off it.


All four of they look beat, Midoriya especially who looks like he got into another fight with Bakugo with how many burns were over his body. Midoriya was also carrying a mysterious blonde man on his shoulder whom Kendo didn’t recognize.


“What happened to you all?” Vlad asks incredulously, almost not believing the dramatic way the students entered. “That fucker” Bakugo pointed to the man Midoriya was carrying “mind controlled half the class and made them attack us. We subdued them but they might still be under his control since knocking him out didn’t free them”. “We decided to get back here as soon as possible to deliver him to the teachers. We Left his sunglasses on” he motioned to the shades duct taped to the mans face “since he mind controls you if you look into his eyes”.


“What about the other villains?” Vlad asked while taking the villain off Midoriya’s shoulder and carrying the man himself. “They fled once we had him, he must have been their leader” Todoroki said calmly, only for Bakugo to butt in with “The spineless shits fucked off the moment things turned against them, fucking cowards!”. “Be that as it may” Vlad said diplomatically “you did well dealing with the situation”.


“A lot of our classmates were hurt, as well as Mister Aizawa” Kirishima said sadly “we could have done better”. “You did your best, and considering you had to fight classmates you did very well. Just don’t crash through walls next time” Vlad told them, a statement which seemed to cheer them up (Except Bakugo of course) and Kirishima said “Well i've never driven before so-”. Suddenly Vlad cried out in pain and dropped the villain who appeared to have bitten the hero in the neck after waking up.


“Take that you hero scum!” the villain screamed at the pro who was rubbing his neck painfully. “Just for that” Todoroki coldly said “You’re getting put on ice” and his arm started frosting ominously. He then started to walk towards the fallen villain who was spitting verbal venom at the dual haired boy.


Before Todoroki could reach the man, a bolt of lightning came from the entrance and connected with the hero’s head. Todoroki collapsed instantly and everyone turned towards the entrance to see another bus barreling towards them. “Sir Kaminari and Shinso are on it, as well as someone else!” Shishida yelled as more bolts of energy headed their way.


Shiozaki put up a plant barrier to protect the class while Bakugo returned fire with his AP Shot, the bus driving wildly to dodge the attacks. “How did those three escape capture!?” Bakugo shouted while continuing to fire at the approaching vehicle. A spurt of blood shot out of the angry blond’s right shoulder and he fell back, screaming in furious pain. “Who fucking shot me!?” he screamed while hiding behind the plant wall.


“No one on the bus has a gun, I don’t know what hit you” Shishida told the blonde while Vlad looked over the wound, determining that whatever hit him went straight through his shoulder. Suddenly, a bus seat tore a hole straight through the protective barrier and Shiozaki quickly plugged it up. “Who the fuck can throw a bus seat with that much force!?” Awase wondered out loud as another bus seat tore through the vines.


Peeking through the newly made hole, Kendo was able to make out the three passengers on the bus. Shinso was driving the bus straight at them, Kaminari was using some long metal tubes on his arms to fire electrical bolts at them, and a short dark haired girl that Kendo didn’t recognize tore out another bus seat and threw it at them which made yet another hole.


Thinking fast, Kendo ordered “Tsuburaba and Bondo, fortify our position!”. “We got this!” Tsuburaba announced before making an air barrier in front of the vines with Bondo unleashing a wave of glue to reinforce the air wall. “Tokage, Pony, Rin, Monoma” Kendo turned to the other students “distract the two who are firing at us! Shishida grab Honenuki and rush them, we need to stop the bus before it gets here otherwise Kaminari will fry us all!”.

“Try not to crash the bus like they did, it won’t make us look very trustworthy” Kaminari told Shinso while leaning out of the window and firing at the class. “As long as no one opens fire on my again we should be fine” Shinso said drily. Shinso should have known he was tempting fate since the moment he said that a wave of body parts, scales, and horns started flying in their direction. “You just had to jinx up didn’t you!” Kaminari complained while pulling the handles on his lightning tubes (He couldn’t think of a better name for them) to allow wider area attacks.


Right before the bus got swiss cheesed by all the projectiles, Kaminari started rapid firing blasts from his lightning tubes. Fortunately he was able to destroy most of the projectiles, unfortunately he wasn’t able to get all of them. The odd horn or scale imbedded itself into the windshield, slowly causing more and more cracks to appear. “I hope the windshield holds up” Kaminari said nervously, a second before it shattered.


“What was that about Jinxing us” Natalie said irritably. She was in a pretty terrible state, covered in her own blood and looking half dead. Despite that she was still ripping out seats and throwing them at the other class with enough force to shake the bus with every toss. “Will you stop throwing those, I don’t want to take off anyone’s head!” Kaminari yelled at the catgirl while dodging a horn. “And let them fire on us unimpeded, I don’t think so!” she snapped back before chucking another seat.


Suddenly, while the three of them were still trying to not get impaled by a stray horn, they see Shishida start running towards them at full speed. “SHIT!” Kaminari screams and opens fire on the giant while Shinso desperately tries to avoid the incoming attack. Unfortunately he is not successful as the giant monster man stops in front of the bus, causing it to crash. Kaminari and Natalie go flying out the front while Shinso, who was wearing a seatbelt, slams into the steering wheel and is hit with the airbag. 


Shishida catches the two flying students in one hand before dropping them onto the floor. Kaminari tries to stand up but finds himself sinking into the floor along with a barely conscious Natalie. Looking up he sees Honenuki, who was in Shishida’s other hand, softening the ground beneath them. “Ah come on man” Kaminari wines as he sinks deeper into the ground despite his best efforts. Once he and Natalie are neck deep the floor hardens, trapping them.


“Sorry, but we can’t let you set that villain free” Honenuki says quietly while pulling an unconscious Shinso out of the bus and sinking him into the ground as well. “Wait, what do you think we want to do?” Kaminari asks, visibly confused. “Don’t act dumb” Honenuki scolded them “Bakugo told us exactly what happened”.


Before Kaminari could even respond the group heard a laugh. Looking to the side that saw Natalie laughing to herself lightly while looking at the skeleton boy. “Bakugo and the others are the mind controlled ones you fucking idiot” she said once the laughing stopped “we came here to stop them”.


Shishida and Honenuki looked at each other, clearly worried that the girl might be speaking the truth, and that was when she struck. The small girl suddenly tore through the ground and launched herself past the two, desperately trying to get to the villain behind them. A barrage of objects flew at her but she somehow dodged all of them and reached the barrier, tearing through it with a single punch.


“Stay here!” Shishida ordered his classmate before charging after the catgirl, who was in the middle of fighting the entire class on her own, leaving Honenuki alone with Kaminari and Shinso. “You said the other four were the mind controlled and you three aren’t?” Honenuki asked the trapped Kaminari who nodded the best he could. “Yeah, because it’s the truth. The villain wants to get his hands on as many girls as possible before he escapes since he’s very … fond of them” Kaminari shuddered at the end.


Honenuki didn’t respond, simply thinking about the situation. The problem was that both sides could be telling the truth and he had no way of testing their respective claims quickly. He didn’t know how to remove the mind control and he couldn’t trust any method that either side might bring up. Now he had to make a choice: trust Kaminari’s claim, trust the first group’s claim, or trust neither group and subdue them all.

Chapter Text

Everything was dark and that confused Jiro. She didn’t know where she was and the darkness didn’t make identifying her location any easier. After a few seconds she realized there was a blanket on top of her, which explained the darkness, and she pulled it off to see her surroundings.


She was in a partially lit room that appeared to be some kind of supply closet judging by the shelves of supplies that were littered about. She was in the corner near the door but there was a shelf between it and her. Compared to the room Kaminari was training in, this closet was about half the size.


“Kaminari!” she suddenly shouted upon remembering what happened and tried to stand, only to collapse immediately when her leg seemed to scream out in pain. She looked down at her leg to reveal a bandage that she doesn’t remember having. She tried to remember what happened but the last thing she could recall was the wall behind the villain exploding before blacking out.


Realizing there was also a bandage on her head she was able to figure out that a piece of wall must have knocked her out. What she couldn’t figure out was why Kaminari, Shinso, and Natalie had ditched her. “It’s fine just possible brain trauma, nothing to worry about” she grumbled while trying to find something to lean against so she could stand up.


Suddenly she heard footsteps in the hallway and immediately dropped to the floor before covering herself with the blanket. She heard the door open and breathing coming from the intruder.


She heard the figure approach the shelf she was behind before stopping, only to suddenly not move anymore. Jiro laid perfectly still for five minutes while the figure stood there silently while the only sound they made was breathing. After five minutes the person left the room, leaving the door open behind them.


I gotta get out of here so I can kill the others for ditching me she thought angrily while slowly moving the blanket off herself to look around again. She reached into her pocket to grab her phone before realizing it wasn’t there, meaning probably destroyed by the shrapnel. After huffing in frustration she looked around for a way to stand up. Finding a crutch on one of the shelves she crawled over to it and was able to finally be on her feet. She then slowly made her way out into the hallway.


Checking to make sure nobody was nearby using her quirk, Jiro slowly headed down the hallway in search of an exit. She could tell that a few people were roaming the halls, probably in search of her, but she couldn’t make out who. If I run across someone like Bakugo or Todoroki and they are mind controlled, i’m dead she thinks darkly.


When the thought of a mind controlled Kaminari reaches her, she freezes up. Could she bring herself to fight him if he attacked her? She had injured him before, putting her jacks into his ears was not an uncommon occurrence, but actually fighting him was another matter.


Even with all the countless exercises they had throughout the year the two never went directly against each other, even at the sports festival. Not only was she worried about having to seriously fight him for personal reasons, she also wasn’t sure she could even win the fight. There was a reason the Class 1-B team was so scared of him when they fought, him power was overwhelming if he cut loose.


She shook her head and decided to worry about it if it came up and kept on moving along. After a few minutes she finally reached an exit and headed outside. She looked around to try and find their bus but didn’t see it, deciding it must be closer to the entrance. Just wonderful she thinks bitterly as she slowly makes her way along the wall.


Fortunately she doesn’t hear anybody patrolling outside so the trip to the front is uneventful. Once she does reach the front, she comes across a grisly sight. Ectoplasm, Hound dog, Snipe, and Present Mic are all on the floor and covered cut severe burns and bruising. Her teachers aren’t the only people she comes across when she reaches the front. Sato, Sero, Ojiro, Shoji, Koda , Hagakure and Tsu are also scattered about on the ground with various degrees of injuries.


“Jiro?” a weak voice calls out to her and she snaps her head in its direction, spotting Present Mic turning his head her way. Deciding she could take him down if he’s mind controlled, she head over and stands next to him. “What happened?” she asks evenly, still unsure if this was a trap or not. “We showed up and were attacked by your class, what’s up with that?” he explains before breaking out into a coughing fit.


“Now what?” she asks only for him to pass out again, leaving her on her own once more. “Well crap” she says dryly before checking to see if he’s still alive, which he was. After checking everyone there and making sure they hadn’t died Jiro looked for phones on them as well, unfortunately they were either destroyed during the fight or missing.


“Well … this sucks” she says out loud after searching the last person and not finding any way to call the school. She knows what she has to do next but doesn’t like it. If she is going to call for help, she’s gonna need a phone. Unfortunately the only people who probably have phones are her mind controlled classmates. This isn't gonna be fun she thinks while getting back up to head inside. It was time to come up with a plan.

“What the fuck kind of support student are you!?” Bakugo screamed at the girl who was smashing her way through Class 1-B. He never considered the fact that a student who wasn’t in the hero course might have a strong Quirk until now.


Her abilities seemed to be heightened to an insane degree. Not only was she able to move so fast Bakugo could barely keep his eyes on her, she also had almost overwhelming strength. When Deku swung an eight-percent kick her way she was barely affected and when he gave her a twenty-percent kick she meet it with a kick of her own that was so strong it flung him back, not to mention when she punched Kirishima with enough force to break his hardened skin and knock him out. She was durable as well since when Bakugo hit her with a low power AP Shot it didn’t faze her at all since she just ran right through it. 


What the fuck are we supposed to do against this!? he thinks to himself angrily while he dodges a piece of concrete she threw his way. That giant monster guy Shishida charged right at her and swung but she leapt up to the ceiling to dodge the attack before leaping of that as well and slamming Shishida’s head into the floor, knocking him out.


Class 1-B are throwing themselves at her with all their might but nothing seems to work. Kendo punches her with a giant fist that does nothing more than give Kendo a broken arm. Tetsutetsu tries to body slam her but gets his leg kicked inwards before getting launched through a wall. If this doesn’t end fast people are gonna die Bakugo thinks before suddenly coming up with a plan.


“DIE!” Bakugo screamed while launching himself in the girls direction with a large blast, grabbing her attention. She leaped at him to collide midair but at the last second he used a smaller blast to fling himself over her, much like his fight against Deku at the beginning of the year. She realized what he was going to do and tried to counter but it was too late, he set of a maximum power explosion in her face.


The whole gym shook from the detonation as Bakugo was pushed back into the wall from his explosion, slamming into it with enough force to knock the wind out of him. He stood up while rubbing his arm painfully, maximum power explosion really hurt to pull off, and looked through the smoke to find his enemy. He didn’t look for long since she suddenly flew through the smoke and slammed his head into the wall with enough force to make him see stars.


“Are you fucking-urk!” the girl grabbed Baugo’s throat and started squeezing it tightly. He grabbed her face with both hands and let off two max power explosions which was enough to knock her back and make her let go. “That blast should have blown your face off, how are you unharmed!?” he shrieked at her upon seeing that her face had no evidence of his attacks.


“If you want to win then you gotta hit harder than that” she spat at him while baring her fangs. Part of the reason Bakugo was so upset by her resilience was the fact that she was already injured when the battle started, meaning this wasn’t her at full power. “I should have gotten a piece of metal for this fight, it worked well last time!” he screamed before firing a full power AP Shot directly at her.


He expected her to dodge the attack and launch back at him, but to his surprise she put up her arms and blocked the shot. Why didn’t she dodge? he wondered while firing another AP Shot that she blocked. After the second blast hit he looked closer and saw that blood was leaking out of her mouth and her chest wound, making him realize what was going on.


Quirks were physical abilities like he said at the festival meaning everyone had a limit and Bakugo was willing to bet she was hitting hers. Just like Kirishima, I have to keep up the heat! he shouts internally before rapidly firing off AP Shots one after the others, locking the girl in place. His arms feel like they’re burning from the constant attacks but he pushes through it, hoping his resolve last longer than hers.


After fifteen blasts she starts getting pushed back by every hit. By thirty her skin starts burning from the hits. On the forty fifth blast he finally breaks through her guard when her arms are thrown back, leaving her body exposed. Jumping on the opportunity Bakugo flies forward with a blast and, before she can stop him, lets off a full power AP Shot right into her chest.


The girl is thrown back and lands on the floor with a thud, no longer moving. “Thank fuck” Bakugo squeaks out before collapsing on the floor as well, entire body aching from the fight he just went through. Looking around he surveys the extreme damage and devastation left in the wake of the fight.


Almost all of Class 1-B is unconscious and the few that aren’t have been left groaning in pain on the floor, unable to move. Todoroki is still out cold from Kaminari’s blast and Kirishima is just now getting back up from his encounter. Deku is slowly crawling across the floor and his leg looks completely mangled, similar to what happened to Kaminari.


“What a fucking day” Bakugo says to no one in particular as he lays there. The skeleton kid from Class 1-B, Bakugo can’t remember his name, walks over to Deku. Without warning, the ground beneath Deku softens and the kid pushes him in until he’s neck deep at which point the ground hardens again.


“What the hell are you doing!” Bakugo screams and tries to get up but his exhaustion caused him to fall over again. Before he can do anything the ground softens beneath him as well and he sinks in neck deep at which point it hardens


“Sorry guys” the kid says while Kirishima starts sinking into the floor “but I can’t run the risk of any of you being under the mind control”. Bakugo tries thrashing his way out to no avail and Deku starts powering up to break free but is hit in the head with a piece of metal a few times by skeleton kid which knocks him unconscious.


“Now to deal with you” the kid says while walking over to Defiler who is looking nervous at the sudden development. Before he can get there, a wall of fire slams into him and the kid is driven back. Todoroki finally woke up and is dousing the kid with fire who dives into the softened floor in order to escape. “You need to leave, now” Todoroki tells Defiler while removing the tape from his sunglasses.


“Once I get Kendo” Defiler growls while standing up and stretching “then we can head out”. “What about me!?” Bakugo yells angrily and the two look over at him. “It will take too long to free the others, we need to grab Kendo and run” Todoroki advises Defiler who agrees. Defiler picks up Kendo, after knocking her out with a swift kick to the face, and moves onto the bus with Todoroki in tow.


“We could have been so useful to him later” Kirishima laments and Bakugo silently agreed while watching the (shockingly still functional) bus take off back to the training ground. Once the bus has left Bakugo realizes something. “What happened to Kaminari and Shinso?” he asks out loud and Kirishima twists his neck to try and spot them.


Where there used to be the two students stuck in the floor there are now just two holes in the ground. “How the hell did they get out!?” Bakugo screams without expecting an answer. “The world may never know” an irritatingly familiar voice says behind him the moment before he’s knocked out.

Let’s hope I don’t mess this up Jiro thinks nervously while lying in wait for Mina to walk by the closet she was hiding in. Once Jiro decided she needed to confront a student to get a phone she picked Mina cause it would probably be the easiest fight (Assuming she didn’t have her face melted off). Mina’s footsteps slowly approach the door until she’s finally right outside, at which point Jiro attacks.


She uses her good leg to kick the door open and knock Mina against the wall at which point, before Mina can counter attack, she shoves her earphone jacks into both of Mina’s ears and blasts her with sound waves.


Mina convulses like she’s having a seizure for a few seconds before Jiro pulls out the jacks, at which point the pink girl collapses to the floor with a dull thud. “Sorry Mina but it’s do or die” she whispers to her friend while searching for a phone and finally finding one. Right as she’s about to dial for help a gunshot rings out, followed by intense pain in her side.


She drops the phone and looks down the hall to see Momo pointing a handgun at her with a grim expression. “Magna wants you dead, so you have to die. It’s part of their deal” she says coldly before firing again, this time hitting Jiro’s shoulder and causing her to fall flat on her back.


“Yaomomo” she says weakly as her friend closes in on her, shooting her again in the good leg and causing Jiro to cry out in pain. “Sorry Jiro” her friend says while standing above her and pointing the gun directly between her eyes “I have a job to d-” before she can finish Jrio sticks her jacks into the amplifiers she has on her arms and sticks them to the floor, causing it to shatter.


Momo loses her footing and falls backwards and Jiro removes her jacks from the amplifiers and plugs them into her boots, sending soundwave attacks at Momo that cause her to scream in agony. “I’ll apologize for this later!” Jiro yells to her friend who has collapses on the floor from the pain.


Momo suddenly stands back up, much to the shock of Jiro, and reveals that she made noise canceling headphones to block out the sounds. Without saying a word, Momo shoots Jiro in the chest. Jiro’s jacks unplug as she starts losing consciousness from the extreme pain and even more extreme blood loss, barely able to see her friend standing in front of her.


“Goodby” she says simply before leaving Jiro to die in the hallway. Everything starts turning into darkness as Jiro hopes against hope that someone will come by and help her. As she lays dying in the hallway, shot to death by her friend, all she can think of is I hope Kaminari can still be happy after this .


She then hears an explosion from down the hallway and assumes that Bakugo started a fight with someone, probably Midoriya since the two don’t get along. She then hears footsteps approaching her, probably Kaminari wanting to show her some stupid video he found.


She feels a warm kiss on her forehead, probably Moma kissing her goodnight like she always used to when she was small. The kiss made her feel better, Moma’s kisses always made her feel better. Now she had to sleep because it was sleeptime. “Goodnight” she said sleepily while drifting off.


“I didn’t come all this fucking way for you to croak on me mother fucker, wake the hell up!” an aggressive voice shouts at her. Moma? she thinks in confusion.


Then she passed out.

Chapter Text

The sound of an explosion woke Shinso up. The first thing he noticed upon waking up was the fact that he was stuck neck deep in the floor. The second was that his entire head felt like it had been run over by a bus.


“Oh sweet, you’re awake” Kaminari called to him and Shinso twisted his neck to look over at the blonde. Despite also being stuck in the ground Kaminari seemed in high spirits since he was grinning at Shinso like usual. “You seem oddly happy for someone who got stuck in the floor” Shinso said dryly, causing Kaminari to laugh.


“That’s because Natalie is tearing up Class 1-B” he said while motioning towards the fight. Shinso looked and sure enough the small catgirl was destroying everyone that stood in her way while she tried to get to Delifer. “Think she’ll kill him?” Shinso asked his friend who simply said “Probably not”.


“Don’t underestimate her just because she’s not in the hero course” an unexpected voice said behind them. Since the two couldn’t turn to see who it was, and the voice wasn’t one they recognized, the two heroes in training started to sweat. “Who might you be, ominous stranger?” Kaminari asked while trying to not seem worried about his inability to fight back.


The stranger walked in front of them, revealing himself to be a large man with red and black eyes who was sporting some serious shadow. It took a second but Shinso realized that the man was in fact a student since he was wearing a support student uniform. “Call me Ethan” the boy said while observing the fight unfolding in the gym.


“She’s really something isn’t she?” Ethan said with a wistful tone in his voice. Shinso was inclined to agree when Bakugo set off a massive explosion in her face and she simply shrugged it off and slammed him into the wall. “I wonder why she isn’t using her ribbons?” Ethan wondered out loud, prompting Kaminari to ask “Ribbons?”.


“Oh I see, she’s lost a lot of blood” Ethan said, completely ignoring Kaminari’s question. Bakugo blasted Natalie off himself and started launching AP Shots at her which made Ethan look concerned. “If she can’t even use her ribbons then she won’t last long against those blasts” he said while flexing his fingers in worry.


“How did you get here?” Shinso asked since they hadn’t seen him when they drove up. “What? Oh yeah, I used this” Ethan held up a belt like item distractedly while still watching the fight. “It allows me to teleport myself and whoever I'm touching” he explained while Natalie started to get pushed back by Bakugo’s attacks.


“Could you get us out of here?” Kaminari asked hopefully. Before Ethan could answer, Bakugo finally broke through Natalie’s guard and knocked her out. “Well shit, there she goes” Ethan says sadly when his friend falls to the floor. Ethan started cracking up when Honenuki sunk Midoriya, Bakugo, and Kirishima into the ground.


“Yes this is all very hilarious now can you let us out?” Shinso said irritably but Ethan shook his head. “I came to make sure that things went well and it appears they have, for the most part” the large boy said before turning back to the school “Looks like there’s no need for intervention”. Before he could make it two steps a massive blast of fire came from the gym and all three boys turned to look.


Todoroki had woken up and was dousing Honenuki with an inferno of flames. The skeleton boy softened the ground before diving in to escape being burned alive and todoroki went to assist Defiler. “On second thought you guys might need my help” Ethan said before hurrying back to the two and grabbing their shoulders. Right when the bus backed out of the gym and turned in their direction, Ethan teleported.


Suddenly Shinso was in the gym, standing behind Bakugo while the bus drove off. Despite the fact that he and Kaminari were in the ground earlier they were somehow standing shoulder to shoulder with Ethan now. “How the hell did they get out!?” Bakugo screamed and Ethan answered with “The world may never know” before kicking the angry blonde in the back of his head with extreme force.


“Was that really necessary?” Kaminari asked while rubbing the back of his own head as though he could feel the impact. “Not even close” Ethan said while walking over to Kirishima who was yelling indignantly at the assault his friend just suffered. Ethan pulled out a perfume bottle from his pocket and sprayed Kirishima in the face with it, knocking him out cold instantly.


“Midnight’s airborne secretions” Ethan explained before putting the bottle back into his pocket.“What a gross way to describe it” Kaminari whispered to Shinso while Ethan headed over to Natalie to examine her. “Well he’s not wrong” Shinso said back while walking over to the girl himself, Kaminari following behind.


“How is she?” Kaminari asked once they reached her and Ethan simply said “Bad. Shinso had the feeling that the large boy was understating the extent of her injuries because she looked positively horrible. Her forearms were severely burned and she had large chunks of flesh missing from them, blown off by the explosions. Her chest was exposed due to Bakugo’s final blast so Shinso could see her chest wound was still bleeding heavily and the skin around it was scorched.


“Is she gonna make it?” Kaminari asked quietly before flinching back at the sharp look Ethan gave him. “Of course she’s gonna make it, you think I came here unprepared?” the large boy questioned while pulling out a syringe with a needle on the end that was filled with a pink liquid.


“What-” Shinso started to ask but before he could finish Ethan stuck it into his arm and injected the liquid. His body started shaking while he gritted his teeth as the mysterious serum flooded his body. After a few seconds the shaking stopped and Ethan was able to stand before turning his head to his fallen friend and puckering his lips. Suddenly, his lips extended all the way to her forehead and he kissed her before retracting his lips.


“That feels weird as hell, how does she do that all the time?” Ethan asks while rubbing his lips, ignoring the shocked looks on the other two boys faces. “How did you do that?” Kaminari asks and Ethan pulls out the needle from earlier. “This serum gives me Recovery Girl’s quirk for an hour” he explained quickly before picking up Natalie in his arms and Shinso saw that her wounds were slightly healing.


Kaminari opened his mouth to ask something but Ethan said “Zip it, we need to get her to the nurses office right now so you two grab my shoulders”. The two boys looked at each other before agreeing to leave with him. The moment they held on he teleported them right into the middle of the nurses office.

“Stop pacing All Might, it’s getting on my nerves” Recovery girl scolded him and he stopped while looking sheepish. “Sorry, I just wish I could help them” he said before sitting down on one of the beds and letting out a sigh. He was visiting the nurses office when the alarm went off that someone had breached the school and he was forced to hunker down while the rest of the staff dealt with the crisis.


“If the villain is after Kaminari then she probably knows about the rest of his class yet she still decided to go through it anyway. That means she’s either stupid or competent and I’m scared to find out which” All Might said while looking around the room absently. “Be that as it may, working yourself up won't do you any good” she said and All Might nodded in agreement.


Suddenly there were four students standing in front of him and he screamed “Holy crap!” before falling off the bed in surprise. “Sorry for the intrusion but my friend needs help” the large boy said while turning towards Recovery Girl to show her the girl in his arms.


“Lay her down here” she pointed towards the bed All Might had been sitting on and the boy did as she asked while All Might stood back up and examined the other boys that came with him. “Shinso and Kaminari? What are you two doing here?” he asked in confusion as the two boys looked at each other. “I guess I’ll start” Shinso said while sitting on a bed.


 explain“I was waiting for my exercise to start while talking with Jiro when she decided to see the new equipment Kaminari had gotten from her” he pointed to the girl on the bed “and Midoriya came with us. We got to the room and saw some of his new stuff like those goggles and his sword when a villain knocked on the door and I answered it. Before he could do anything Natalie” he motioned to the girl again “attacked him before revealing that he was a villain and tried to take him out but got stabbed in the chest by a piece of metal and hit by a chair. Midoriya knocked the villain back and closed the door but that was metal too so it started flying around the room and trying to kill us. Midoriya knocked it aside but then the villain threatened to use Jiro’s jacks to kill her unless we surrendered. Right when we were about to confront him the wall exploded and I was knocked out”.


“I’ll explain the rest” Kaminari offered and Shinso nodded before moving over to make room for the blonde. “After the wall exploded Shinso and Jiro were knocked out and Midoriya and I could barely see anything through the dust. Turns out that the villain, goes by the name Defiler, mind controlled the rest of the class and Bakugo was coming to save him”.


“I’ve heard of him” All Might interrupted “he keeps slipping away due to his quirk. The things he’s done to the heroes he controls are sickening”. “Exactly, and Midoriya and I knew that we couldn’t fight off the rest of the class by ourselves so we grabbed Shinso, Natalie, and Jiro before using the dust as a smokescreen to get away. We eventually found a closest to hide in so we could think up a plan. We realized that we needed to get back to the school so Midoriya volunteered to go while I watched over the other three. Things … didn’t go well”.


“This was about the time I woke up” Shinso said and Kaminari let him take the story over “and saw that Natalie was awake but Jiro was still out. Apparently when Midoriya made a run for it, he got caught by the rest of the class and was mind controlled as well. Right after that several teachers showed up on a bus and were attacked by the class. Once the fight ended Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo, Kirishima, and Defiler got on the bus and left.”


“How did you see any of this?” All Might asked in confusion since they said that they were hiding in a closet. “Kaminari’s goggles let him see people through walls and apparently they have a pretty far range” Shinso explained and All Might nodded in understanding. “Once we realized that our backup was defeated” Shinso continued on with the story “we knew that we were going to have to take down Defiler ourselves.”


“Natalie said that if Defiler is knocked out then all his mind controlled victims will be freed so we needed to get to him. We realized that the bus that got us here was probably still parked somewhere and we needed it to follow the villain. Since Jiro hadn’t woken up yet and we needed to get going before Defiler managed to escape with any of our classmates we covered her with a blanket and left her in the closet” All Might saw that Kaminari looked very sad upon remembering what they had done.


“We managed to find the bus after dodging the few classmates that were patrolling the place and headed after the others. We found that they had gotten to the gym that Class 1-B were training in and realized that they probably convinced them that they were the ones that weren’t mind controlled, assuming that they hadn’t just brainwashed the class already. Kaminari saw Todoroki and used the opportunity to take him out with an electrical blast using these” he held up Kaminari’s arm to show off the black tube he had strapped to it “but this causes the entire class to attack us. Kaminari and Natalie tried to hold them off but Shishida slammed into our bus and I got knocked out again”.


“Then Honenuki sunk me, Shinsi, and Natalie into the floor because he thought that we were the brainwashed ones” Kaminari continued on “but she managed to break out and go after Defiler. I managed to convince Honenuki that there was a good chance that the first group was being mind controlled and he waited until Bakugo knocked Natalie out to trap most of the first group in the floor. Unfortunately, Todoroki woke up and chased him off with some fire before he and Defiler headed off on the bus back to the training area. Then Ethan teleported us out of the ground, knocked out Bakugo, retrieved Natalie, and headed here” Kaminari finally finished his tale.


“Defiler took Itsuka as well but you probably couldn’t see that from the floor” Ethan said, having been shooed away from his friend by the nurse for hovering around her too much. “They took Kendo!” Kaminari screamed in alarm and All Might was taken a back but his outburst since he didn’t think they were that close. Kaminari stood up and grabbed onto the large boy before ordering “Take me to the training area now”.


“No can do boss, my belt is all out of juice and will need time to recharge” Ethan explained while shaking the other boy off. “Well then what do we do? We can’t just stay here while Jiro and Kendo are back at the training area” Kaminari started pacing the floor while thinking hard. “I didn’t say we were gonna stay, I just said that the belt couldn’t get us back” Ethan said while sifting through a drawer in search of something.


“You can’t go back there” All Might said firmly, his voice showing that there was no room for debate or disagreement. “Well we are anyway so tough luck” Ethan said while pulling a lollipop out of the drawer and licking it. “I said no” All Might ordered and Ethan just scoffed before responding “You can’t exactly stop us can you?”.


All Might opened his mouth to speak again but Ethan grabbed Kaminari and Shinso and dragged them out of the room before he could speak. “Hey!” he yelled and ran out after them but once he got outside, they were gone.

“I thought you said the belt needed to recharge!” Kaminari yelled after the three of them teleported to the support workshop. “The belt can still teleport, it just can’t go far enough to get us to the training area with the charge it has left” Ethan explained calmly while taking off the belt and plugging it into the wall port to charge. “This one however” he picked up another belt and put it on “Can get us there, albeit very loudly”.


“Very loudly?” Shinso questioned his word choice and he elaborated with “When this belt teleports it causes explosions. I call it Thundercrack ”. “Well then let’s get going” Kaminari said impatiently while Ethan grabbed a large backpack and put it on. “Alright then, grab on” he stuck out his arms and the two held on while he proclaimed “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” before teleporting.


Once they teleported Shinso saw what Ethan meant by “Cause explosions”. When they landed in a wallway of the training area a loud blast erupted from their spot and blasted everything around them, caving in walls and shattering the floor. Shinso turned and saw Yaoyorozu lying on the floor, probably knocked unconscious by the blast. “Looks like she got caught in the blast” Ethan said upon seeing her himself before looking around. When he looked down the hall his face hardened and he ran off, causing Shinso to follow his gaze and feeling his throat clench at the sight.


Jiro was lying on the floor in the hallway while in a massive pool of her own blood. “Jiro …” Kaminari barely got out more than a whisper upon seeing his close friend bleeding out on the floor. Ethan reached her side and pressed a kiss on her forehead, causing her to mumble something to him. “I didn’t come all this fucking way for you to croak on me mother fucker, wake the hell up!” he screamed at her but it didn’t seem to help.


“Shit” Ethan grumbled while picking up Jiro, Kaminari and Shinso catching up to him. “Let’s get her back to Recovery Girl” Kaminari said but Ethan shook his head. “The belt doesn’t have enough charge to make it anywhere near back to the school. She’s gonna have to stick with us until we get finished here” he started heading down the hallway with the shorter boys following him. “My backpack has some first aid supplies so lets find somewhere to hold up so we can-” Ethan gets cut off when three figures appeared in front of them.


Iida, Mineta, and Uraraka are all standing in front of them while wearing very grim expressions. “Surrender and we won’t have to fight” Iida said stiffly while all three of them watched the group closely. Ethan turned around and handed Jiro over to Shinso before taking off his backpack and opening it. “Guys” Ethan said while putting his hands in the backpack, causing the three brainwashed students to get into a battle stance “run”.


Ethan pulled his hands out of the backpack and chaos ensued.

Chapter Text

Well shit Ethan thought when he saw Tenya, Ochaco, and Minoru standing in the hallway looks like it’s fighting time . He handed Hitoshi Kyoka before taking off his backpack and sifting through it to find something useful. Sonic disruptor? Naw too unstable. Inferno grenades? Melting them might not be good in the long run. Ethan was rapidly feeling around to find a suitable weapon to use against the hero course students. Then his hand brushed against something hard and he knew it was perfect.


“Guys” he told the other two while wrapping his hands around the handles of his Brass Knuckle Knives “run” and he lunged. Tenya shot towards him and swung a high kick that Ethan ducked under, grazing the speedsters leg with his head in the process. Ochaco lunged his way with one arm outstretched but he dodged past her and managed to knick one of her ribs with a blade.


Minoru threw three balls at him but he snaked around them and grabbed the small child’s head before lifting him up and slamming him into the wall. He managed to get in four slams before leaping back to avoid another kick from Tenya. “Gotta be quicker than that if you wanna hit me” Ethan mocked while throwing a punch that connected with Ochaco’s ribs.


She recovered from the metal enforced impact surprisingly fast as she grabbed his arm, made him weightless, and threw him at her friend. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to dodge the hit he simply put his arms up and did his best to block the high velocity kick that headed his way. Luckily due to his zero gravity the kick didn’t do nearly as much damage as it could have but it still was enough to knock the wind out of him as he slammed into the wall, feeling his weight return.


“Well that sucked” he wheezed out while standing back up before diving to the floor when Tenya launched himself across the hallway again. Gotta limit his mobility he thought while dodging a kick Ochaco swung his way. He swung the knife at her leg and managed to cause a pretty deep cut that drove her back momentarily before she flew at him again.


“You guys are relentless” he complained while sidestepping her punch and, seeing an opportunity, shoving one of his knives straight through her elbow. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!” she screamed while pushing him off and gingerly holding her right arm. “So you can feel pain through the brainwashing, good to know” Ethan said before getting slammed in the chest by Tenya’s kick and hitting the wall.


“Will you please stop talking?” Tenya said while moving to his friends side and examining her wound. “Will you please stop attacking me?” Ethan countered while getting back up yet again  and wiping the blood off his knife and onto his shirt. “You will pay for doing that” Ochaco spat out of gritted teeth before getting into a battle stance once again, her injured arm dangling to her side.


Talking is good, splits their focus Ethan thought before responding “Well then come at me and exact your revenge”. Both hero course students threw a kick at the same time, Tenya a high kick and Ochaco a low one. Ethan, seeing a perfect opportunity to potentially incapacitate both students, managed to intercept both kicks by driving his knives into their oncoming legs. Despite being stabbed neither student held back with their kicks and Ethan felt three ribs crack upon the simultaneous impacts.


“Wow those were hard hits!” Ethan yelled after pulling his knives out and shoving both students back. For their part, both students were on the ground and gritting their teeth at the injuries they sustained. “Is that all you got?” Ethan taunted while putting up both fists in a brawler stance even though he felt as though this was a losing battle. Their quirks and hero training are overwhelming, I may need to fall back Ethan begrudgingly thought to himself as both opponents rose back up to continue the fight.


“These wounds aren’t enough to overcome us” Tenya proclaimed before flying down the hallway to attack, causing Ethan to groan. “Can’t you just fall over and give up?” he whined right before getting kicked in the face when he wasn’t able to block in time. “I could ask you the same thing” Tenya shot back before firing another hard kick at Ethan’s head that he was able to somewhat block. Suddenly Ochaco came out of nowhere and kicked Ethan in the groin before Tenya followed with a leg uppercut, sending Ethan into the ceiling and making him see stars.


That’s it I’m getting my ass kicked, time to fall back the large boy thought as he was kicked in the ribs yet again and was launched down the hallway with great speed. As he rose up, he realized that the spot he landed on was directly next to his backpack. Perfect timing he though while his opponents headed quickly towards him.


He quickly reached into the bag and, after a little searching wrapped his hand around the spherical device called “Ball Buster” (Ethan originally named it “Wall Buster” but Natalie kept calling it the Ball Buster and eventually he gave it and called it that too) and threw it at the ceiling directly between him and the two students trying to kill him. The moment the device hit the ceiling it sent a sonic vibration through the concrete at such high intensity that it caved in, separating Ethan from the others.


“Well that fucking sucked” Ethan said out loud while crawling over to the wall and leaning against it. I thought I would do better against them, I guess I either overestimated myself or underestimated them he thought bitterly while sifting through the bag to find first aid supplies. Once he found them he began applying them to himself, cleaning the various cuts and scrapes he sustained before bandaging the more serious ones.


“Well” he said while standing up and looking down the hallway “time to find my companions” and he headed off in search of them. Since there was a trail of blood left behind by Jiro he didn’t have much trouble tracking them as he slowly wound his way down the hall. Reaching into his backpack he pulled out a cigar (Gurkha Black Dragon, because he’s fancy like that) and lit it up.


“This is the best way to relax” he said to no one in particular after taking a puff of his cigar “just you and a good cigar”. Walking down the empty hallway made him feel like the only man on the street at the dead of night, a feeling he quite enjoyed. 


“Walking down this hallway by myself” he began to monologue like they did in the old black and white detective movies that he was fond of “I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about this whole situation. My group has already been hampered by taking care of a fallen classmate and I have suffered serious injury at the hands of the brainwashed. Brainwashed that, for all off my confidence, I could barely fend off before having to resort to running away. Not only are they out there still but an unknown number of villains are also lurking about the premises. If my group stumbles upon the brainwashed or the villainous when we are unprepared, I may be forced to take” he looked at his hands “drastic measures”.


“Only time will tell how well this undertaking goes, as well as the consequences of this ordeal. U.A. said that it would be increasing security measures yet they utterly failed and the school was infiltrated once more. This either means that the school was disingenuous with its statement which speaks to upper level incompetence, the villains are that powerful which means my party has no hope of defeating them in battle, or-” Ethan stopped walking, a possibility having struck him. “-or the evildoers had inside help when infiltrating this institution. The longer I ponder this possibility, the more plausible it becomes. It would explain several other odd occurrences that have transpired over the past year if true, but how to prove it? I will need to dwell on this possibility later, for now I need to find my companions and deal with the crisis at hand. Here we are” Ethan finally reached a door that the bloodtrail led into.


Upon opening the door, he immediately had electricity fired his way and he quickly shut if before shouting “It’s me!” through the door. After opening the door he saw that Kyoka was still in Hitoshi’s arms and Denki was sitting beside him, tears in his eyes. They were in a large, empty room that he couldn’t begin to decipher the purpose of.


“How’d the fight go?” Hitoshi asked as Ethan pulled Kyoka out of his arms and laid her on the floor to administer first aid. “I tried to be Santa Clause a day early and give them the gift of beatdowns but unfortunately it was a secret Santa affair and they surprised me with a beating of my own. I managed to heavily injure them before collapsing the roof to separate us so they’re still out there” Ethan said calmly as he cleaned Kyoka’s wounds and began to bandage her. “So” Ethan turned to the other two boys “what’ve you guys been up to?”.

Chapter Text

“Run” Ethan said before rushing the other three and Shinso did as he was told, moving down the hallway as fast as he could while still carrying Jiro. Kaminari, despite his bad leg, managed to keep up with him as they quickly headed away from the fight. After some time they found a random room to hide in before sitting down inside.


“Damn” Shinso said while looking at Jiro “Ethan still has the first aid supplies. We’ll have to wait for him to come back in order to patch her up”. He looked over at Kaminari and saw the haunted look that had settled on his friends face. “Are you okay?” Shinso asked, not sure what else to say.


“Jiro” Kaminari said after a long silence “and Kendo”. Shinso nodded in understanding, having two close friends in harm's way must be taking a toll on Kaminari. “How did you and Kendo become friends?” Shinso asked in hopes of giving his friend a distraction.


Kaminari informed him of how it all went down, from their first conversation to the hospital visit, and reminiscing on the happier times seemed to lift his spirits. “And now” Kaminari’s face fell “she’s in the hands of some freak that just sees her as a piece of meat”. Shinso, unsure of what to say in response to that, decided to examine Jiro’s wounds again to see if they healed any more.


“It’s like the summer camp all over again” Kaminari muttered, causing Shinso to look at him in confusion and ask “How so?”. “I’m just sitting here while others are fighting, even though someone I care about is in danger” Kaminari seemed to get progressively more upset the longer he talked. “We’ll give Ethan two more minutes before heading out” Shinso said in hopes of easing Kaminari’s pressure but it didn’t seem to help.


“What good am I anyway? I can barely walk without my leg feeling like its burning, how am I supposed to win any fight? I’m probably just dead weight, like usual” Kaminari seemed to shrink in on himself while he talked and Shinso was getting very concerned. “What do you mean dead weight, we wouldn’t have won the training exercise without you?” Shinso was confused why the blonde thought so little of himself, considering what he was capable of.


“We only won because you guys were smart enough to ambush the other team while I distracted them since making an ass of myself is my only talent. I was useless against Shiozaki and I couldn’t even slow Shishida down whereas you and Tsu actually defeated them” Kaminari seemed to be rapidly losing his spirit since he somehow managed to shrink in on himself even further.


“Every battle i’ve ever won was because of the people I had with me. I made it to the sports festival finals cause I was with Todoroki, I passed the licensing exam because I was with Kirishima and Bakugo, and I only won the training exercise because I was with you and Tsu. When I don’t have the advantage of extremely powerful teammates I fail every time. I got captured at the U.S.J., I lost in the first round of the sports festival, I got my ass beat by Bakugo before getting turned into a damn zombie during that exercise,  I didn’t even come close to passing my final exam, I did literally nothing when the camp was attacked by villains, and I didn’t even have the balls to help save Bakugo when the opportunity arose to actually be helpful”.


At this point Kaminari started crying while Shinso just watched, having no clue how to help him. “And now” he managed to get out between sobs “We’re facing off against powerful villains that mind controlled all my actually useful classmates and the only backup I have is you, who can’t effectively fight on the front lines yet, and some guy I just met today that might not even have a useful quirk. Jiro and Kendo are gonna die, and it’s gonna be my fault for failing them”. At this point Kaminari burst out into another round of sobs while Shinso looked on helplessly.


Suddenly, the door to their hiding place opened and Kaminari fired electricity at it. “It’s me!” they heard Ethan shout and Kaminari stopped firing at the door. Ethan entered the room and Shinso was shocked by how bad he looked.


His school uniform was ripped up in multiple places and his sleeves were covered in blood. There were multiple bandages covering various points on his body and his face looked like he got hit by a truck. Despite his terrible condition, Ethan was smiling when he walked in and headed towards Shinso.


“How’d the fight go?” he asked while Ethan took Jiro from his arms and laid her on the floor to bandage her up. “I tried to be Santa Clause a day early and give them the gift of beatdowns but unfortunately it was a secret Santa affair and they surprised me with a beating of my own. I managed to heavily injure them before collapsing the roof to separate us so they’re still out there” Ethan said surprisingly calmly while administering first aid. “So what’ve you guys been up to?” he asked after turning to Shinso, causing the purple haired boy to think before answering.


“We ran here as fast as possible once the fight started and were waiting for you to come back. That’s pretty much it” Shinso answered, leaving out Kaminari’s breakdown. “Well thanks for waiting, now we can all head out together” Ethan said cheerfully while he finished putting on one last bandage. “There” he said while getting up “I’ve done all I can for now, let’s head out and find Defiler so we can whoop his ass”.


“What about Jiro?” asked Kaminari who finally composed himself enough to talk. “We have to leave her, she would just be a handicap during a fight” Ethan said dismissively while heading towards the door. “Leaving her behind last time is what caused this!” Kaminari suddenly screamed, causing Shinso to lean away in surprise.


“Are you gonna carry her everywhere, Tiny Tim?” Ethan motioned to Kaminari’s bad leg but the blonde ignored the comment. “If you’re leaving her behind then I'm staying too” he walked over and sat down next to her, staring intently at Ethan. Shinso could tell that he was bluffing since staying meant abandoning Kendo to her fate, something that Ethan also appears to have figured out. “Stay if you want, me and Shinso will be busy acting like actual heroes in the meantime” Ethan said with a shrug before heading out the door.


Shinso looked at Kaminari, then at Jiro, then at the door before huffing and picking up the girl. “You owe me for this” Shinso grumbled while walking towards the door, Kaminari following behind with a small smile on his face. Once they got outside Ethan looked at Jiro before groaning and saying “Fine, just keep her away from any fight that break out, I don’t need anything else to worry about” at which point the three boys headed down the hallway.


After walking for ten minutes Ethan said “We should have met someone by now. They must be congregated somewhere if they stopped searching for us” and opened a door to the main training area. Once outside he opened his backpack and pulled out a pair of binoculars that he used to look down one of the streets. “I see Shoto, which means that Defiler must be close by. The villains might be making a retreat, we need to move fast” he ordered before heading down the street towards the dual haired boy.


“Your quirks, what are they?” Ethan asked, taking the other two boys by surprise. “Don’t you know what we can do?” Kaminari asked in confusion at the bizarre question and Ethan explained “I just want to make sure that my information is accurate, now explain your quirks”. “Well” Kaminari started “I can shoot electricity out of my body but I can’t control it without gadgets like these” he held up his arms to show the lightning tubes before pulling out his sword. “I can mind control people if they respond to something I say” Shinso explained and Ethan nodded before saying “Like I thought, just making sure my information is accurate. Any drawbacks I should know about?”.


“If I use too much electricity I fry my brain” Kaminari admitted before Shinso said “I can’t mind snare multiple people simultaneously, although I can have multiple people under my control at one time” ( Writers note - mind snare is what I call it when Shinso initially brainwashes someone ). “I didn’t know about that mind snare thing, thanks for telling me” Ethan thanked Shinso while looking around a corner to try and spot any enemies.


“While we’re talking about our quirks, what’s yours?” Shinso asked, causing Ethan to pick up  a pebble from the ground. “Anything I touch I can turn black” he showed them the pebble that had indeed turned completely black. “Once I turn it black it becomes armed, meaning I can detonate it whenever I want to. I can also take away the blackness to disarm it if I choose” the pebble went back to normal and he dropped it on the ground.


“That’s a really useful quirk” Shinso told the large boy “how powerful are the blasts?”. Before Ethan could answer he saw something around the corner and put his hand up to stop them from walking. Shinso peeked around the boy and saw that Defiler and Todoroki were walking down the street away from them. “If we knock out Defiler then all the people he has under mind control will be freed” Ethan whispered to the other boys who nodded.


“I think I can hit him from here” Kaminari said while pulling the handle on one of his lightning tubes to be as narrow as possible. “Don’t risk it, lets get closer” Ethan ordered and the group slowly crept down the street. Eventually Defiler and Todoroki stopped walking, causing the group of heroes to hide behind a building.


Peeking around the corner, Shinso say that the two up ahead were met by a woman who appeared to have slid in on a large piece of metal. She had thick red hair that was tied up in a ponytail and was decked out in what Shinso could only describe as a biker outfit, complete with leather jacket and big boots. She appeared to be wearing a blue shirt with a magnet on the front, making Shinso realize who she was.


“Magneta” Ethan whispered to the other two while they watched the exchange from afar. “We need to find Kaminari, now” Magneta said, her voice raspier than Shinso expected. “We don’t have time to search for him, heroic reinforcements are bound to show up any minute. We need to leave” Defiler told her, gaining an angry snarl from the woman.


“The whole reason I put this team together was to get that blonde brat, I’m not just gonna give up when he’s in my grasp” she told him angrily. “We don’t have time to find him Kinzoku, deal with it” Defiler shot back before trying to walk past her, only for his path to be blocked by a piece of metal that was aimed right at him.


“You get your prize, I get mine” she growled at him while eyeing Todoroki who pointed his right arm at her for threatening Defiler. “If you want to look for him then go ahead, I’ll be waiting at the extraction zone” Defiler said cooly while meeting her eyes. After a tense few seconds she said “fine” before flying off on her metal piece.


“Well that was close” Defiler muttered while looking back at Todoroki, the three boys pulling back to avoid being seen. “With her gone we have a good chance of taking down Defiler, lets go” Ethan told the other two who nodded in agreement at the plan. When Ethan peeked around the corner again his eyes went wide and he screamed “Look out!” before shoving the others back as a wall of ice shot past him.


“We’ve been spotted, fall back!” Ethan yelled as he ran back towards the walls, the others following right behind him. Before they could make it far, a massive shadow suddenly appeared in front of them. “Tokoyami!?” Kaminari screamed in a mixture of confusion and fear as the giant shadow bird loomed above them threateningly.


“Surrender and you will avoid unneeded pain” the birdman said from somewhere behind the house in front of them. “And become a puppet like you, no thanks” Ethan tossed aside the offer, causing dark shadow to attack. “I don’t think so!” Kaminari yelled before firing blasts at the giant bird which drove it back “You still got that weakness to light remember!”.


“Oh shit” Ethan said while looking off to the side and Shinso turned to see Todoroki standing at the end of the street with a cold, cruel look on his face. “If you won’t surrender then just die” he said simply before launching a massive wall of ice their way. “Get back!” Ethan ordered while picking up a baseball-sized piece of rubble on the floor, turning it black and throwing it at the oncoming ice.


Shinso had expected the blast to be about the size of Bakugo’s regular blast, large enough to blast the ice back. Shinso hadn’t expected the blast to be large enough to knock him off his feet and shatter every window on the block. The sheer force caused his teeth to rattle in his skull and made his vision go blurry just from being nearby it.


“I’m just getting warmed up!” Ethan shouted with delight before charging into the smoke towards Todoroki to continue the fight. “Lets go while he holds them off!” Kaminari shouted, his ears probably still ringing from the blast like Shinso’s, and the two beat a hasty retreat. The two ran, or in Kaminari’s case quickly wobbled, as fast as they could from the battle in an attempt to reach the walls again.


Why does Ethan have that kind of power? Shinso wondered to himself. Even though not everyone wanted to be a hero it was still shocking to see someone from the support department have such intense power. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s not in the hero course Ethan had told them while watching Natalie, a fellow support student who wielded incredible power. Shinso himself was in general studies so he knew that people outside the hero course could have useful quirks but that didn’t make him any less surprised that two support students had such exceptional quirks, especially since he didn’t remember either of them doing well at the sports festival.


A sharp object suddenly stabbed Shinso in the back and he cried out before falling to the ground, dropping Jiro in the process. “Shinso!” Kaminari called out to his friend and tried to help only to get smashed in the head by a trash can. Shinso tried to get up but a thick metal wire suddenly constricted around his neck and he could barely breathe.


“Been looking for you, you little shit” Magntea said sinisterly from behind Shinso. He heard footsteps coming his way and suddenly found his head being crushed into the pavement as she put her foot on the side of his face. “Sorry mister mind control, no talking for you” she said cruelty as the wire tightened slightly around his throat.


“Leave him alone” Kaminari called out from somewhere ahead of Shinso and Magneta simply laughed before retorting “I don’t think I will”. Shinso managed to twist his head enough so that he could see Kaminari standing in front of him with a gash on his forehead and an angry expression on his face. “Oh yes, I almost forgot about her” Magneta said while wrapping Jiro’s limbs in pieces of metal and levitating her in the air.


“Put her down, let him go, and the the fuck out of my school” Kaminari ordered, his face contorted with rage. “Or what? You barely defeated me last time and that was with your gang of friends. Now you stand alone with no backup and no chance of winning” she gloated evilly while tightening the wire enough to draw blood from Shinso’s throat. “Since I'm so nice I’ll give you a choice. Either I’m going to tear your girlfriends limbs off slowly so that she feels every second of it while squeezing this guy so hard his head explodes” she stomped on Shinso’s head hard enough to almost make him black out “Or you come with me, I leave these two behind, and we head back to my place to have some fun”.


Kaminari looked confused and asked “You wanna have sex with me?”. “No!” she screamed and the wire tightened even further, causing Shinso to start seeing stars “I’m going to torture you, fucking idiot!”. Visibly irritated, Magneta pulled Shinso up with the wire so he was on his feet and floated Jiro to be by her side as well. “Now” she said while putting her hands on Jiro and Shinso’ shoulders “what’s it gonna be, hero?”.

Chapter Text

The alarm was blaring in Ethan’s ear as he laid in bed before school, wishing he had gotten to sleep sooner. After a few minutes of the beeping drilling a hole in his brain he finally shut it off and sat up, rubbing his eyes drowsily. After regretting his life choices for a few more minutes he stood up and got dressed for the day.


While dressing he idly wondered what he might do that day in school and hoped it would be interesting. Once he got dressed and ate some cereal it was time to head out, otherwise he would be late. While walking towards the train station a thought occurred to him that was very troublesome and he tried to put it out of his head quickly.


There’s no way she would pull something, right? He assured himself while boarding the train. Soon enough he was shooting off towards school and he decided to listen in on what the people around his were saying in order to pass the time. Unfortunately all the conversations were focused on the recent incident at the USJ so he stopped listening.


He couldn’t blame everyone for talking about it since it only happened three days prior. A group of mysterious criminals that went by the name “League of Villains” attacked U.A. and were only stopped when the staff, including All Might himself, intervened. The entire country lost its goddamn mind when it heard what happened and the school had to reassure the parents of all the students that measures were being taken to ensure the students safety.


Ethan himself wasn’t too concerned with the whole situation since he knew that if villains attacked him he could beat them, as he had done before. Suddenly the train announced that they had reached his stop, prompting him to get off and start walking towards the school. Upon reaching it he discovered that many members of the press were still gathered outside and the moment one saw him the entire group descended upon him.


“Were you present when the villains attacked?” a woman asked while pushing a microphone in his face. “No I wasn’t since I'm in the support course” he said flatley, hoping the crowd left soon. “Do you feel these new safety measures will be enough to ensure your safety?” the woman asked forcefully while moving even closer. “Lady” he chuckled “If i’ve learned anything from my early days, it’s that nothing is impenetrable if you get creative enough”.


The lady tried to ask another question but a sudden scream of “Ethan!” cut her off, right before a small girl slammed Ethan into the wall. “Happy birthday Ethan!” Natalie yelled cheerfully while picking him up and spinning him around, all in front of the cameras. God fucking dammit he thought bitterly while his friend continued to twirl him around with ease.


After a few more seconds she finally put him down, only to wrap her arm around his waist and forcibly walk him into the school. “Was that really necessary?” he complained to her while they walked towards their first period class, Art. “Absolutely” she said, not a hint of embarrassment on her face “now everyone who watches the news can wish you a happy birthday”. He simply groaned right as they reached their first period class.


Ethan opened the door and quickly headed inside, only to be stopped when Natalie grabbed his shoulder. “Everyone wish Ethan a happy birthday!” she shouted to the very startled class. Our father who art in heaven, please fucking kill me Ethan silently prayed while the class let out a reluctant “Happy birthday Ethan”.


The moment Natalie let go of his shoulder he practically ran to his desk and sat down as quickly as possible, trying to ignore the entire classes watching eyes. “I see you’re having a fun morning” the boy sitting to his left said quietly. “Shut your damn mouth Mizu” Ethan grumbled out as the teacher entered and began the class.

School was out and Ethan had managed to avoid any more embarrassing incidents by telling Natalie that she could throw a party for him later as long as she stopped causing scenes. Now that school had ended, it was time for him to have a party. Since it was still the first week of school the only two people that were coming to the party was Ethan and Natalie, something that suited him fine.


Ethan had decided to have the party at his place, the basement below the brothel. Once he got home he did some cleaning up (It would be pretty bad if Natalie spilled the wrong beaker and blew up the entire block) and tried to make the place as presentable as possible before she arrived. After twenty minutes he heard a knock on the door and he opened it to reveal Natalie carrying a mountain of party supplies.


“Let’s do this” she said excitedly while moving down the hallway towards the main room, Ethan sighing at the madness that was sure to unfold in his home shortly. By the time he reached the main room it had already been decked out with rainbow colored party streamers, rainbow colored table cloths, and about seven hundred pinatas. “Where in the sam hell did you get all this stuff on such short notice?” he asked in amazement at the rainbow colored extravaganza before him.


“I have my ways” she said mysteriously while putting up the final pinata. Once that was done she handed him a heavy metal bat and said “Swing away, these bad boys have goodies inside” while wiggling her eyebrows. Inwardly groaning at what might come next he grabbed the bat and swung it hard at the nearest pinata, cracking it open and causing a stack of bills to fall out.


“You got me money?” he asked in confusion after checking that it was money that had fallen out (1 million yen, holy Jesus). “I know that running all this expensive equipment can’t be cheap so I pulled some strings to make sure you were set for the next few … decades” she explained with her usual cheery attitude. “What do you mean by pulled some strings exactly?” he asked, baffled that she could get this kind of money so easily.


“I told some people that i had blackmail on that it would be destroyed if they paid a million yen and most of them went for it, the ones that didn’t are now dead” she said with the same attitude as if she was talking about her lunch from earlier in the day. “Well then” Ethan said while twirling the bat in his hands “time to make some fat stacks” and he swung at another pinata.


Fifteen minutes and a partially destroyed room later, Ethan had gotten fifty million yen richer. “Well I better head out” Natalie said after looking at her watch “There was some stuff I wanted to do before tonight and I won’t be able to unless I hurry”. She gave him a quick hug before bolting, leaving him to clean up the mess alone. “Making a mess then bolting, just like her” he said with a smile before getting up from his chair and starting the cleanup.


Two hours later he had finally finished moving all his equipment back into the room and was about to head to his bedroom when his phone got a text message. Opening the message revealed in to be from Natalie and it said Hope you enjoyed your gift, I expect mine to be just as good . After reading the message he rubbed his chin in thought, trying to figure out what she might want. Suddenly an idea occurred to him and he ran towards the bedroom and hopped on his computer before sending a message to one of his informants.


To: Odin’s crow

Find me the location of the Orgulloso cartel

From: Abaddon

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Jiro was having a pretty shitty day and unless she did something fast it was about to get even worse. She woke up when a large explosion went off but wasn’t able to open her eyes to let the guys know then got dropped soon afterwards when Shinso got hit. Now she was floating in the air while Magneta went on about her plan to kill her and Shinso.

“Or you can come with me,” Mangeta said sinisterly “I leave these two behind, and we head back to my place to have some fun”. The moment she said that Jiro already knew what Kaminari’s response would be and, like clockwork, he asked “You wanna have sex with me?”. “No!” Magneta screamed while tightening the metal scraps wrapped around Jiro’s limbs to the point that she almost blacked out and didn’t hear what Magneta said next.

Suddenly she was being floated towards the sound of Magneta’s voice and was held up beside her while the villain grabbed her shoulder. “Now what’s it gonna be, hero?” the villain asked and Jiro could almost hear the smile while she said it. Thanks but no thanks Jiro thought to herself right as her eyes opened and her jacks flew into both of the other woman's ears. Magneta screamed in agony and started pulling the metal on Jiro’s limbs to the point that she was sure she would be ripped in half. Right before her limbs were dislocated Kaminari fired off a concentrated blast from one of his arm tubes and in connected right between Magneta’s eyes.

The villain crumpled like a paper bag and Jiro fell to the floor. Kaminari rushed over and asked “Are you okay?” while looking like he wanted to cry. “Sure am, thanks for asking” was Shinso’s response from somewhere off to the side, causing Jiro to laugh. “Once I get some blood back in me i’ll be alright” she said casually, trying to not worry him the same way he would whenever he was injured.

He laughed and pulled off the metal from her limbs before picking her up in his arms and looking around. Shinso was up again with nothing but a piece of metal in his back and a thin cut on his neck. “Give her to me and lets get out of here” Shinso ordered Kaminari but the blonde held her close. “You think I’ll give her back after you dropped her?” Kaminari said incredulously.

“Hand me over noodle arms” Jiro said irritably, causing Kaminari and Shinso to look at her in surprise. While a part of her knew that being snarky right now probably wasn’t the best idea her massive blood loss was affecting her cognitive abilities. “Noodle arms? I’ll have you know they are at least macaroni arms” Kaminari shot back while grinning at her.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes “just hand me off” and after a second of hesitation he finally did. “Let’s get back inside” Shinso said and the group of battered students slowly made their way back into the walls of the facility. “We should head back for Ethan” Kaminari said right before a massive explosion went off behind them that shook the walls of the nearby buildings. “I think he’ll be fine” Shinso said reluctantly before heading inside.


“Take that freezer burn!” Ethan yelled while throwing a large piece of debri at Shoto’s oncoming ice wall, blasting it to pieces. As long as he kept up the constant assault then Shoto couldn’t use his fire, which was good since explosions don’t block fire all that well. This can work Ethan thought to himself while picking up another chunk of building off the floor and tossing it to set off yet another blast.

Out of the corner of his eye a dark shape was rapidly approaching and Ethan was barely able to knock Dark Shadow back with a blast in time. Damn bird is a pain in my ass Ethan grumbled internally while picking up a handful of rocks and throwing them, the resulting blast causing Dark Shadow to retreat once again. Turning around quickly Ethan barely had time to dodge the wall of fire that filled up the alleyway he was standing in.

This is what I didn’t want to happen Ethan fumed while booking it down the alley to try and get behindShoto by circling around. Unfortunately the second he stepped out of the alleyway a white blur smashed into his side and sent him flying. Right in the broken ribs he thought defeatedly while slamming headfirst into a wall.

Recovering quickly he looked around and saw that his assailant was in fact Tenya, still battered and bleeding from their last encounter. “Surrender, you can’t win against the three of us!” Tenya proclaimed before shooting in Ethans direction and slamming his foot into the wall where the large boy had just been sitting. “I went easy on you last time four eyes, this time you won’t get the same luxury!” Ethan shouted back while picking up two rocks and throwing them at the speedster before detonating them.

Technically it was more that I didn’t want the ceiling to cave in and kill us all but whatever Ethan detonated another stone in Tenya’s direction while thinking about his last encounter. He saw that Shoto was standing at the edge of the alleyway, ready to let off another blast of fire, and Ethan couldn’t help but grin. What the two toned boy hadn’t realized was that Ethan had marked the wall when he passed by it, a fact that Shoto became aware of when the wall exploded in his face.

“Can you do me a favor class rep and tell me where they’re keeping Itsuka?” Ethan asked the blue haired boy while narrowly avoiding getting his jaw broken with a high kick. “In the center of the arena” he replied while flying at Ethan once more. “Thanks” Ethan said in surprise, not expecting his question to actually bear fruit. When Tenya threw his kick Ethan dodged it while sliding his hand along the speedsters torso.

“I’m done with you now, see ya around” Ethan said casually before walking down the street at a relaxed pace. “We’re not done yet!” Tenya screamed indignantly before shooting off after his quarry and trying to kick him again. He was unaware that Ethan had marked the front half of his torso when the last kick was thrown meaning that right before his attack landed, his front torso exploded and sent him flying into a nearby restaurant. “I’d say we’re done” Ethan snarked while looking at his opponents burned and unconscious body.

Ethan continued to head down the street while pondering what he might face next. “My opponent has informed me to the location of Itsuka, although I cannot fathom why” Ethan started monologuing again. “Perhaps it is a trap, actually it’s most definitely a trap, but how will my opponents know I am coming? They no doubt have heard the battle going here but they don’t know for sure that a threat is heading their way so how can they prepare? There is probably a lookout to make sure they don’t get snuck up on but that wouldn’t give them much time to prepare themselves. Perhaps they simply have that many strong villains so that they don’t need much time to prepare themselves?”. He shook his head “But if they had such strong villains they already would have shown up. Whoever is there must be more of a support villain than a combat one. Unless the rest of the mind controlled students are gathered there as well, but that still doesn’t explain how they would know I’m coming. Ma-” Ethan is engulfed in flames.

A minute prior

Todoroki awoke to find Ethan gone and Iida unconscious. Since Magneta was also unconscious that meant that the only people left were him, Tokoyami, Uraraka, Mr.Aizawa, Defiler, and the other three who were waiting at the extraction zone. If Ethan confront’s the three watching over Kendo it’s all over, I have to make sure that doesn’t happen he runs off through the alleyways in hopes of getting ahead of the large boy. Since Tokoyami still needs time for Dark Shadow to recover, Mister Aizawa is too far away, and Uraraka too injured to do much good against Ethan it means that the success of the operation rests solely on Todoroki’s shoulders.

After running through the alley’s for a while he finally spots Ethan walking down the street right towards him. He stands a ways into the alley to make sure he isn’t spotted and waits with his left arm outstretched. Even though he would rather use the ice to immobilize his opponent he knew that Ethan could simply blow it up, defeating the purpose of using it in the first place.

Ethan walks by the alley, apparently talking to himself, and Todoroki takes a split second to overlook his body. During the fight a fair amount of his clothes had been durned or blown off and revealed his body to be larger that Todoroki had imagined. Despite the speed that Ethan was capable of his body wasn’t very fit looking, with minimal muscle definition and a visible stomach. Todoroki had expected him to look more like Mirio underneath his clothes but instead he just seemed to be a large boy with excess fat, like most teenagers.

Once he had finished quickly analyzing his opponents lack of muscles he let loose a raging inferno. Ethan didn’t even have time to turn before the fire hit him, completely encompassing the large boy. “Goodbye” Todoroki said simply, knowing that there was no way his opponent could survive being burned for long.

Suddenly, Ethan shot out of the flames towards him with a look of murder on his face. The flames, while burning him, were not slowing him down as he shot towards Todoroki like a freight train. How is he not even slowed down!? Todoroki screamed internally while putting his arms up to block the punch that Ethan was throwing his way. Right before the punch connected Todoroki looked over at his assailant and had one thought: His fat doesn’t move like fat .

Ethan’s punch landed on Todoroki’s left hand and he felt his wrist snap while the fist broke right through his guard and connected with his face. He was sent flying back with a tremendous amount of force and Todoroki was stunned by how hard the other boy had hit him. It was as if Ethan was using cinder blocks as brass knuckles with how hard Todoroki was hit, the strength was almost unreal.

Todoroki, having fallen on the ground, tried to rise up but Ethan stomped on his left arm and shattered it. “Aaaahhhh!” he screamed while trying to point his right arm but Ethan was already picking him up by the chest and tossing him headfirst into a stone wall. Todoroki tried to recover quickly but Ethan was already there, grabbing his right arm and twisting it so violently that it broke with some bone sticking out.

“Now that that’s out of the way” Ethan Tore off two of the capsules that Todoroki wore on his costume and turned them black “night night Elsa”. Todoroki saw the two darkened capsules falling directly towards his head and he knew there was no way of stopping them since both fire and ice seemed ineffective against the other boy. Right before the capsules made contact with his face he suddenly realized that a situation was happening at the extraction zone. A large man was there and he was attacking the villains gathered there. A very familiar large man.


Then the capsules went went off and Todoroki saw no more.

Right after the infiltration

Enji was very displeased that he was forced to come out here. He had asked Shoto about the work study as soon as he heard that it was mandated for them over the winter break but had received no reply yet. Since he needed time to set it up Enji decided to go directly to U.A. in order to ask his son in person what his plan was.

If All Might was still the number one hero then he wouldn’t have even considered it, but since their relationship had somewhat improved since those days he no longer dreader the possibility of running into him at the school. The train had finally reached the city and he got off to meet his son. He had decided to dress in civilian attire since he wasn’t planning on doing any heroics during the visit , and so that he wasn’t completely swamped by people.

While walking down the street he reached to pull his phone out, only to remember that he had forgotten to charge it that morning and it was dead. Grumbling, he decided to look around at the city to fill his time while heading to U.A.. A few people recognized him during the trip and asked for an autograph but most people didn’t, which surprised him. Realizing that most people were simply too focused on themselves to notice him outside his hero outfit went some way towards explaining it, but he also suspected that more people noticed and simply were too afraid to come forward.

Even though he had tried to make himself somewhat more appealing to the masses since they really needed a symbol in these dark times, he knew that his reputation as a volatile hero was still affecting his perception and he suspected it always would. He knew that it would probably take years before everyone was willing to walk up to him and ask for an autograph, if it ever happened at all. He sighed, hoping that he would eventually be able to be the hero that the country so desperately needed.

Unfortunately whenever he thought about his public perception he always eventually started thinking about his family situation. His years of being an abusive father and husband were things that he ignored or even justified back when he was trying to reach the number one spot. Giving up on the middle two made sense, their quirks wouldn’t allow them to be powerful enough to reach the top and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake with them that he did with Toya. Pushing Shoto hard was reasonable, he had massive potential and he didn’t want it to go to waste. Abusing Rei was justifiable, she kept trying to stop him from pushing Shoto so that he could be made stronger and she needed to learn her place.

Looking back on those things made him realize how twisted and vile he had become, all so that he could claim to have made the world's greatest hero once Shoto became number one. The damage he had wrought to his family was not something that could be fixed easily. Much like his public reputation, he doubted things would ever be truly right between him and them.

A person suddenly slammed into him and he was briefly stunned before whipping around to confront his attacker. Instead of seeing a gang member or villain, he saw a young woman with neon green hair and a green costume that was slightly darker than her hair. “Sorry si-Endeavor!” she yelled surprise upon realizing who she bumped into. “Is there a situation?” he asked tensely, recognizing the look in her eye to mean that trouble was happening somewhere.

“Yes sir, villains have attacked U.A. and have apparently overpowered the teachers” she explained and Enji quickly took off towards the school, the woman following close behind. “What can these villains do?” he asked her while igniting the signature flames on his face. “The villain Magneta who has magnetic powers is probably involved, although we have no solid proof of that yet, and a villain named Defiler who can mind control people is definitely involved. He appears to have mind controlled most of Class 1-A, your son’s class, and is using them to attack the staff” she reported.

“Damn it” Enji grits his teeth upon hearing the news that he might have to fight his son once they reach the school. Not only that but his sons class is full of powerful students that will pose a serious risk to lower level heroes. “You said most of the class?” he asked while they continued to run towards the school. “One student from the class as well as a general studies student and a support student have apparently gone to try and save two of their friends who were captured by the villains. I believe they said the support student is very dangerous and it might cause some people to suffer serious injuries” she relayed all the information to him.

“This support students name?” Enji asked while turning the corner to see U.A. a few blocks ahead. “I don’t know his name, but I heard he can make things that he touches explode” the woman said, causing something to flicker inside Enji’s head. I think i’ve heard of this kid before he thinks while trying to remember exactly how he knows the boy. Before he can recall exactly how he knows the child the two of them reach the front gate and enter, quickly spotting about a couple dozen other heroes milling about the entrance to the school.

“What are you all waiting for?!” he shouts at the crowd, startling them all so that they turn his direction. “Endeavor sir, we were waiting for more heroes to arrive so we could take on the villains. Since you’re here that means we can go now” a man with a wolf’s head and silver outfit told him. “We are also waiting to get some goggles from inside since one of the villains can mind control you if you look directly into his eyes. Apparently if you look through something, like glass or any other clear material, them his mind control doesn’t work” another hero that Enji couldn’t spot says from the back of the crowd.

“Goggles are here!” a girl that Enji remembers from the sports festival to be Mei Hatsume yells loudly while carrying a box of various goggles. All the heroes crowd around the box and grab a pair, Enji himself snagging what looks like a modified pair of Eraserhead goggles. “Now then” he says while lighting up his hand in a menacing fashion “let’s do this” and he leads the group of heroes towards the nearby gym to confront the mind controlled students there.

I have a feeling that I'm in for a fight .

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Kireina Chikaku was pretty excited to be in Mustafa, and it wasn’t because of the tall buildings. She was going to spend the day with a close friend of hers that moved to the city recently and she couldn't wait. She reached her friends fancy apartment building and headed up the elevator and to her apartment before knocking, only waiting for a second before the door opened.


“Chikaku!” her friend cried out before pulling her into a spine crushing hug. “Glad to see you too Maina” Kireina chuckled at her friends enthusiastic greeting before giving the other woman her own hug. After a few seconds they broke apart and headed inside, Kireina taking a seat at the dining table.


“Let me get that for you” Maina took the duffle bag that Kireina had on and put it in the corner of the room before taking a seat next to her friend. “How have things been since I we last talked, you got a boyfriend yet?” Maina wiggled her eyebrows while elbowing the other woman in the side lightly. “It’s been one day Maina, and no I don’t have a boyfriend yet” Kireina rolled her eyes at her friends lack of subtlety.


“I don’t know why someone as nice and pretty as you still doesn’t have a boyfriend, I’m way less pretty than you but I'm already married with a kid on the way” Maina rubbed her slightly swollen stomach absentmindedly. “Don’t put yourself down girl” Kireina chided her “you’re just as pretty as me. If you weren’t then your husband would already have left you”. “Hey!” Maina slapped her on the shoulder “Kieru wouldn’t do that! He’s a great guy, and he’s gonna make a great father”.


“I’m just messing with you Maina I know he’s great, otherwise you guys wouldn’t have married. You did marry him because you love him right?” Kireina looked at her friend suspiciously. “Of course I love him” Maina laughed “I didn’t know he was rich until months into our relationship remember?”. “Oh yeah, in that case you’re exonerated” Kireina admitted defeat and laughed, her friend following suit right after.


The two women talked about various things they had seen and done recently and Kireina couldn’t be happier. The two had been best friends ever since they were in diapers, always by the others side through thick and thin for years. When Maina started dating Kieru Suteru, the mysterious boy who lived on his own in a small house on the edge of town, Kireina was ecstatic for her friend.


Eventually the couple got married and lived in town for a few years and everything seemed perfect until one year ago when they had to move in order to be closer to Suteru’s new job. Kireina was devastated that her best friend was leaving her behind, but she did her best to make sure Maina didn’t know how she really felt by always acting happy around her. Once her friend left, Kireina fell into a deep depression that nobody could shake her from.


Then Camino ward happened and changed everything. When All Might retired it sent a shockwave through all of hero society, a shockwave that managed to shake Kireina from her depression. She was the only hero in her small hometown and now that the symbol of peace was no more, it was up to her to make sure that the citizens could sleep soundly at night. She threw herself into her work, helping out the community however she could as well as traveling to neighboring towns whenever they needed help with a problem.


A month prior she had finally shaken off the last vestiges of her depression and called up her friend to ask if she wanted to meet up soon. Maina started crying on the phone and managed to convey that she did want to hang out through her sobs of joy, after which they talked every few days until the meetup. Now that Kireina was finally hanging out her her closest friend again all she could think was nothing could ruin this wonderful day .


As was to be expected, the moment she thought that her phone let off a notification and she quickly pulled it out to see what it was. She groaned upon seeing it was a request for all available heroes to get to U.A. high, knowing that her fun had come to an end. “What’s wrong?” Maina asked with concern evident on her face. “A call for all available heroes to head to U.A. went out, looks like they’re under attack again” she said unenthusiastically.


She stood up and sadly proclaimed “Our time of fun has ended, now I have to stop those kids from being brutally murdered or something” before heading over to her duffle bag and pulling out her costume (a costume that Maina herself had designed back when Kireina was in hero school). “Oh no, are you sure you have to go?” the pregnant woman asked while her friend quickly stripped off her clothes and slipped into her costume. “I do, sorry. I’ll be back later for my clothes” she responded while heading towards the door. Right before leaving she looked at her friend and said “It was fun, let's hang out again soon” then left.


Just my luck Kireina thought bitterly while running down the streets if Mustafa to try and reach U.A. I finally get to hang out with Maina and some supervillains decided to attack right at that moment . She looked at her phone while running to see some more details on what was happening, growing more and more uneasy the longer she read. A guy that can control your mind and a guy that can make things that he touches explode, just what I wanted to deal with today . Right as she put her phone into the costumes pocket she slammed into a large man that she hadn’t noticed earlier.


“Sorry si-Endeavor!” she cried out upon seeing that the man she ran into was none other than the number one hero. Before she could do something dumb, like piss her pants or faint, he asked her “Is there a situation?”. “Yes sir, villains have attack U.A. and have apparently overpowered the teachers” she explained quickly before the number one hero ran off, she herself following right after him.


As the two of them talked while running to the school, Kireina couldn’t help but feel hopeful. If I got the number one hero on my side, I can’t lose she thought while the two of them ran full speed towards the school. Once they reached it they came across a group of pros who were waiting for some eye protection right before grabbing what looked like aviator goggles for herself and running after Endeavor to find the criminals.


We got this she told herself while running alongside two dozen other heroes we are the embodiments of law and justice and have the best hero in the world on our side, we got this .

A few minutes later

We are so fucked she thought to herself in panic while an intense battle raged around her. When the hero group had reached a gym that was attacked by villains, they came across several mind controlled students fleeing through a blue portal. Only about six heroes had managed to get through before it closed, including Endeavor and herself, and none of them were prepared for what was on the other side.


They appeared in a suburban combat arena and were immediately assaulted by Katsuki Bakugo, the first years winner of the sports festival. Not only that but the red and green haired boys from the sports festival were also there and attacked the small hero group. There were also several other individuals in the area when they arrived that Kireina concluded were villains based on how the students didn’t attack them, as well as a girl that Kireina vaguely remembered from the sports festival who was tied up and being carried away by one of the retreating villains.


“Die!” Bakugo screamed before firing off a massive blast that sent most of the heroes flying into a building with enough force to crack the walls. That hurt like a bitch Kireina thought while slowly getting up, only to immediately duck so that the green haired boy didn’t crush her head with his foot. She threw a fast jab at his crotch to try and stun him but he managed to jump back before the punch landed before flying at her again for another kick.


This kick landed in the center of her chest and launched her through a window and into one of the houses. After taking a second to recover from having the wind knocked out of her she stood back up and looked through the broken window to see the other heroes fighting the green boy. Other than Endeavor, no one here has a quirk strong enough to beat these kids in a fight she realized suddenly as one of the heroes outside got kicked through a wall.


I need to find a way to get all three boys into one spot she ran outside to try and put her plan into motion, only to immediately get body slammed into the wall by the red haired boy. He raised his foot to try and crush her head but she slipped out between his legs and ran towards the green haired boy while screaming “Is that all you got!?”. He turned his head towards her before quickly springing in her direction.


Now that I have their attention all I have to do is reach Bakugo who is currently fighting Endeavor and make sure that all three boys are in my line of sight at once without dying, simple her sarcastic thought flew out of her head when the green haired boy shot towards her and he barely managed to avoid having her head kicked clean off. I’ll never reach the Bakugo with this kid after me, he’s too fast the realization came to her right as the green boy threw yet another kick at her, one that she wasn’t able to avoid.


His foot caught her in the side and sent her spiraling away onto a rooftop. When she landed there was barely time to think before the boy landed on her with enough force to smash her through the roof and into the house. She tried to crawl away but he simply picked her up with his left are and started squeezing her throat so tightly that she couldn’t even breath. Her attempts to claw away his arm failed as her vision slowly started going black from oxygen deprivation.


Right when she thought it was over there was over and she was finally going to die, a large explosion ripped through the house and sent the two of the flying back. She started coughing and spluttering due to being able to breathe again and looked around to try and find her savior, quickly spotting him walking towards her through the ruined house. He looked like hell due to being absolutely covered with burns yet he was still smiling, something that really unnerved her.


“Sorry for the intrusion but it looked like you needed the help madam” the mysterious man said to her with a bow of his head. The green haired boy shot like a bullet towards the stranger and threw a kick at him and the man simply lifted up his hand as if to block the kick. The moment his hand touched the boys foot, the entire boot exploded and sent the green haired boy shooting off into the neighboring house.


Kireina was stunned, both because the ease in which the boy was dealt with and because she realized that the mysterious man was actually the support student that the alert had warned about. “Now Kirishima, shall we dance” the large boy held out his dance to the red haired boy, Kirishima apparently, and the red boy charged right at him while screaming what sounded like a warcry. He only managed to get a single swing in before the other boy wiped his hand along his side which immediately turned black and exploded, launching Kirishima through the wall and into the opposing house.


“Now that that’s out of the way, would you like my help m’lady” the large boy tipped him nonexistent hat in her direction before holding out his hand and helping her up. “We should get moving, those two will be back up in no time and I'm reasonably sure I’m going to pass out any second” the boy said casually before walking out of the partially destroyed house and onto the street. The two of them quickly walked towards Endeavor who was still in the middle of fighting Bakugo.


“I’m surprised that angry fuckwad is giving Endeavor so much trouble, I guess his mobility makes it hard for the fiery asshole to hit him” the large boy pondered while Kireina nodded absently. “Name’s Ethan by the way” he held out his hand and shook once she grabbed it before putting it back in his pocket. “You know I’m surprised that Izuku didn’t use his finger flicks against me” Ethan said right as an intense gust of wind slammed into his back and sent him tumbling onto the floor.


Kireina spun around and saw that the green haired boy, Izuku apparently, was leaning against a wall while sporting a badly burned leg. Before she could do much he sent another blast of air her way that sent her flying back, causing her to slam into Endeavor. “Get out of the way!” he grabbed her and launched to the side to avoid a large blast from Bakugo. “If you have a useful quirk I suggest you use it now” he advised as Bakugo launched himself at him while Izuku was raising his arm to let off another blast.


Right as Endeavor was about to fire, Kireina saw Kirishima turn the corner down the street and start barreling towards the fight. Got'cha she though while putting her arm in front of Endeavor to stop his blast. She squinted so that only the three boys were in her line of sight before activating her quirk.




All three boys froze in place, Bakugo actually stopped midair and seemed to hover while the other two simply stood still. “What did you just do?” Endeavor asked confused while examining the frozen angry blonde. “My quirk is called Freeze Frame and it makes everything I see when I activate it freeze for five minutes, although we can still manipulate them if we want to” she explained while grabbing Bakugo and pulling him to the ground like he was a very angry looking balloon.


“I see” Endeavor nodded while she gave a quick chop to the back of Bakugo’s neck that was enough to knock him out, once he unfroze. Endeavor ran off to get the other two boys while she ran over to Ethans side since he hadn’t gotten back up since being knocked down. “Sup girl, you miss me?” he asked very drowsily and Kireina had to slap him in the face to keep him awake. “Stay with me, I’ll get you some medical attention in a minute but you have to stay awake” she instructed while Endeavor came back with the other two boys under his arms.


“I punched them both so they should be knocked out when your quirk wears off” he informed her as he pressed the two boys against the ground and stood back up. “The villains are still on the loose, I’ll take them down while you watch over this group” he instructed her before barreling off to find the villains. She sighed, not wanting the number one to leave in case more mind controlled students came by, and went back to making sure Ethan stayed awake. Then a metal wire wrapped itself around her throat and lifted her into the air while a female voice said from the shadows “Well what do we have here?”.

Fuck my life .

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Kaminari felt like screaming, crying, and singing all at once and since he couldn’t choose between the three of them he decided to just smile. The fact that Jiro was safe, and that he didn’t get tortured to death by a supervillain, was enough to lift his spirits sky high. He was so happy he could almost ignore the pain from his leg that felt like rusty razor blades were getting shoved into his knee cap, almost. Even with that horrifying feeling he still smiled while the three of them headed down the hallway and took shelter in a random room.


“We should hunker down here until more pros show up” Shinso said while lying Jiro on the ground, her jacket being used as a pillow. “I second that” Jiro said groggily, which wasn’t a surprise since she got shot half to death not long ago, but Kaminari shook his head. “As long as Kendo is still out there I can’t rest. You two stay here while I search for her” he started heading towards the door until Shinso grabbed him harshly by the wrist and tugged him back. “Unless your christmas gift to Jiro is you getting brutally murdered by super villains, I suggest you stay here” Shinso said dryly.


Kaminari opened his mouth to argue until he realised that would probably be a bad idea and instead pulled free and headed towards the door again. “Shit I thought that would work” Shinso muttered and Jiro laughed before saying “Looks like he’s gained a few brain cells since school started”. When Kaminari reached the door he turned towards the other two and told them “If anyone else but he comes through here, beat the hell out of them” and he was about to leave when he heard Jiro say “Don’t go” in the saddest tone he had ever heard. Looking at her revealed that she was wearing the most distraught expression he had ever seen on the punk rockers face, a look so devastating that it almost convinced him to stay. Instead he just grinned and said “See you in a flash” before swiftly leaving, hearing Jiro grumble “Shit I thought that would work” before the door closed.


Once he got outside he decided to see if Ethan needed help and slowly made his way back towards the earlier fight. He was actually feeling pretty good about his chances of succeeding since at this point most of his class had been dealt with, meaning there wasn’t much chance of him coming across anyone other than a villain, who he wouldn’t feel nearly as bad about frying. The moment he started feeling less sure of himself was when he reached where Magneta had been defeated and she was gone. “Well then” he said wearily while looking around for any signs of the villain “this really sucks” before shrugging and continuing on.


Eventually he reached where Ethan was earlier but the large boy was long gone, the only evidence of him being the bag he had accidentally left on the floor. Kaminari began rifling through it to see if he could find anything useful. Unfortunately since he didn’t make any of the devices he also didn’t know how to use them, making most of the things he found useless. The only thing he found that might actually help him was a metal box with the label Remember to give to Denki on the top.


Opening the box revealed three vials with a clear liquid inside as well as what looked like an injector for whatever the substances where. The top vial said Twenty percent , the second vial said Thirty-five percent and the third vial said Fifty percent . There was also a card inside that he swiftly opened and began reading through.


To Denki:

If you are reading this it probably means I didn’t want to take the time to explain how these worked and decided that writing a card would be easier. That or I'm dead, but I don’t die easily. The vials in this box are to dilute the amount of quirk suppressors are in your body (It took my friend a long ass time to realize where your sudden boost of powers came from and he was pissed when he realized it was just suppressors). Taking these will allow you to access powers that you couldn’t before by lowering the amount of suppressors in your body. Just don’t take them all at once since that would cause another freakout like what happened at the nurses office (It also might kill you so that’s double reason to not use them all at once). Your body will probably get used to your new power level given enough time, meaning that one day you may not even need to use suppressors. Until then use these (Or just ask your doctor to lower the dosage) and kick ass. If you need any more just hit me up.

Yours truly,

Ethan Himmel


Kaminari picked up the twenty percent vial and looked at it with awe, amazed that Ethan went through the trouble of having these things made for him by the mysterious friend. He closed the box and put it in his pocket before heading down the street in search of Ethan again. He made it about five feet before Dark Shadow suddenly threw itself at him. “AAAAHHHH!” Kaminari shrieked in fear (Not his proudest moment) and started shooting electrical bolts at the shadowy bird monster in an attempt to drive it away.


Dark shadow recoiled as the electricity hit it repeatedly but while that was happening Tokoyami himself suddenly rushed Kaminari and punched him in the face. “I can’t believe you would hit a guy with glasses” Kaminari complained while trying to stand back up. “You aren’t wearing your glasses right now” Tokoyami responded while Dark Shadow recovered and launched another attack. “Oh yeah” Kaminari said before whipping out his sword, powering up the blade so it glowed burning hot, and slicing Dark Shadow in two.


Unfortunately, cutting a shadow in haly really doesn’t do much since it immediately reformed and punched Kaminari through a wall. “Well that didn’t work” he quipped while Dark Shadow headed right for him “time for the tried and true method” and unleashed another hail of electrical bolts. Dark Shadow was yet again driven back, giving Kaminari enough time to stand back up and slowly try and make his escape. Unfortunately his head was starting to feel very groggy, and he knew exactly why.


He was reaching his limit, and if he had to guess it would probably be during the next volley against Dark Shadow. He slowly tried to retreat but between his crippled leg making it hard to move and his impaired motor functions due to being close to shorting out he wasn’t making much progress. If I die right now, Jiro is gonna kill me he thought worriedly, a second before the wall he was leaning against suddenly exploded and sent him flying through a door and into an alleyway. I should probably worry about them killing me first he decided as Dark Shadows giant fist flew at him.


He barely had time to lift his arms before getting grabbed by the torso and slammed into the wall repeatedly. “Your bird’s so violent!” he managed to cry out while getting his insides turned into mashed potatoes. Eventually it stopped and dropped him onto the floor, leaving his coughing repeatedly and unable to stand. “I’m not going to kill you” Tokoyami’s deep voice says from somewhere behind his giant protector “that’s somebody else's job. Just surrender and perhaps she will take pity on you and let you live. You won’t know unless you talk to her”. “Sorry birdman, but getting horrifically tortured isn't my idea of a fun time” Kaminari wheezes out. “So be it” Tokoyami says simply before Dark Shadow smashes Kaminari’s head into the ground, knocking him out.


Kendo suddenly awoke to explosions and screaming, her eyes flying open to quickly take in her surroundings. She appeared to be in the suburban arena and was being carried by a large man in a doctor's uniform who was in the middle of running away from a large fight. The fight consisted of several pro heroes, including Endeavor, fighting Bakugo, Midoriya, and Kirishima who all seemed to be under the effects of mind control. Looking up she saw that the man who was carrying her hadn’t noticed that she was awake yet and looking down revealed that she was being restrained by some rope around her arms.


She managed to crane her neck slightly and saw that there were two other men running away from the fight, a young man in a blue tracksuit and an incredibly old man in what looked like a very faded buddhist monk outfit. This is good, I can get these guys by surprise he thinks after closing her eyes again in case any of the villains sees her. They keep running along, the large man bumping her broken left arm every so often and almost making her cry out, and eventually stopped to catch their breaths.


Now! she suddenly strikes, enlarging her hand so that it slices through the ropes and swatting away the man who was carrying her. She quickly got to her feet and was ready to defend herself, only to have the three villains stare at her without moving. “We’re not going to attack you, in case you were wondering” the old man says while eyeing Kendo’s enlarged hand “Our quirks aren’t suited towards combat so we’ll let someone else handle that part”. “What are your quirks, exactly?” she asks while making sure none of the villains tried to sneak up behind her, but they all stood still and simply watched.


“He” the old man pointed towards the large doctor “can heal your injuries, although it makes him tired. He’s quite similar to your nurse actually. Without him those boys back there wouldn’t be putting up much of a fight with the injuries they had sustained”. He pointed towards the man in the track suit “He can open portals, although it seems he can’t close them very fast” the old man looked at the other man with disapproval and the young man responded angrily “Sorry if I can’t close them instantly, you can walk back home if you want to”. “And I” the old man turned his finger towards himself “can link people’s minds so that they can see what others see and hear what others hear”.


Kendo nodded, realizing the importance of keeping the villains in one spot, and decided to stall them for the time being. “Why did you tell me your quirks? It seems like a bad idea to let your opponent know what they're up against” she asked the old man who simply chuckled in response. “How are you so sure I told you the truth? Perhaps we all have incredible quirks that could wipe you out instantly” the old man countered but Kendo shook her head. “If you did have strong quirks you would have already attacked me since I’m outnumbered three to one” she calmly explained while trying to come up with an idea of how to deal with the villains. “Smart girl” the old man smiled “the truth is I was just stalling until she got here”.


Something large and heavy slammed into Kendo’s back and smashed her into the wall, knocking the wind out of her instantly. Suddenly, pieces of metal wrapped around her limbs and lifted her into the air before slamming her into the ground. “I appreciate the opportunity for a dramatic entrance” a woman said from somewhere behind Kendo. “I thought you would appreciate that” the old man said with a chuckle “now what?”. “Head to the secondary extraction point” she ordered while lifting Kendo into the air “I’m going to grab the lady who’s fighting the boys before heading there myself. I believe that bird kid has Kaminari so I’ll meet up with him and head to the extraction together”. She started running off while floating Kendo along with her and shouted back “This girl is my insurance, I’ll try to bring her back in one piece”.


The woman and Kendo down the back alleys for a while before reaching the battle, only to see it had just ended with the woman with green hair freezing the three boys. “Nice body, face, and quirk? She’ll fetch good money with Defilers people. Same as you actually” the woman whispered to Kendo, who was getting choked by a piece of metal and was unable to respond. The two of them saw Endeavor run off, leaving the woman alone while she was trying to assist a large boy on the ground, and the villain smiled before striking. A metal wire wrapped around the woman's throat and lifted her into the air and the villain walked out while saying “Well what do we have here?”.


The struggling hero was quickly encased in pieces of metal up to her shoulders with a metal band wrapped around her eyes. “I hope you don’t mind if I take you with me, I might need you for something later” the villains said casually while looking around as if trying to find something. “Who the hell are you?” the hero croaked out before the wire around her throat tightened. “Names Magneta, if you must know” she said casually while still searching the horizon, causing her to miss Kendo’s reaction to hearing her name.


She’s the one who’s after Kaminari she thinks bitterly and tries to pull free of her binding, only to have what looks like a toaster hit her head with enough force to make her start bleeding. “Don’t struggle, it pisses me off” Magneta said before smiling widely and waving her arms at an approaching figure. Kendo looked closer and saw it was Tokoyami, and he did indeed seem to be carrying an unconscious Kaminari.


“Sorry ladies but you have to hide for the time being, I don’t want that eletrical fuck seeing you at first. Better to get his hopes up before crushing them utterly” Magneta said while floating Kendo and the hero behind a house and leaving them there as Tokoyami approached. Shit, I can’t do anything! Kendo anguished as she heard Magneta and Tokoyami start talking. She tried to talk but the metal around her throat was too tight, barely letting her even breath. I guess it’s all on you Kaminari she thinks while listening to the villain you mess this up and we’re dead .

Whack! “Ow!” Kaminari yelled as something hit him in the head and woke him up. He blinked his eyes a few times to clear them and saw that he was being held by Dark Shadow. “Where am I? What happened? What year is it?” he quickly looked around and couldn’t see anyone else but Tokiyami. “Glad you’re finally awake, now we can talk” an annoyingly familiar voice said from behind a building. Sure enough Magneta walked around the corner in all her biker chick-esque glory, looking very smug at having captured him.


“Oh my gosh lady I already told you I don't want to have sex with you, just take no for an answer” Kaminari complained loudly, causing Magneta to suddenly go red in the face. “You didn’t say no because that ears bitch screwed around with my head before you could respond, and I don’t even want to fuck you!” she screamed at him and launched a chair leg at his head that he barely dodged. She turned around, took a deep breath to cool off, then turned back towards him with her smug smile back.


“Last time we talked you seemed ready to cut my head off and now you’re cracking jokes, that was sudden” she pointed out casually. Kaminari shrugged and said “I’m in a better mood this time, what can I say” which caused Magneta’s grin to widen even more. “Let me guess, you feel better now because you don’t have any friends on the line correct?” she asks with a wicked grin, causing Kaminari tovery hesitantly say “Yes?”.


Magneta points her thumb to the side and Kaminari looks over at what she’s pointing at, his heat freezing of what he sees. Kendo and a hero he doesn’t recognize and both restrained by pieces of metal while floating in the air. Kendo looks over at him and, even though she doesn’t say anything because of the metal around her throat, manages to convey the message “Don’t do it” simply through her eyes.


“Let me guess” Kaminari tries to keep his cool while turning back towards Magneta “You want me to surrender otherwise you’ll kill these two?”. “Sorry boy, that ship has sailed” the villain wagged her finger at him “This time I have a new deal. If you don’t surrender I kill both of them, but if you do surrender then I only kill one of them. And since I’m so nice, you get to choose which one dies”. Kaminari gulped as the choice was offered to him, unsure of what to do.


Looking back over he saw that Kendo was still giving him the “Don’t do it” eyes but that didn’t make his decision any easier. If both of them were to live he would turn himself over no problem, after all two lives are worth more than one, but if someone is going to die anyway then he might have a better chance if he just goes all out and tries to fry everything with an indiscriminate shock. “You took too long, guess I’m killing both of them” Mangeta’s words cut through his thoughts and she started squeezing the two she had captured, causing both of them to cry out as they were crushed.


“Stop!” Kaminari screamed and tried to wrestle free but Dark Shadow held on tight and Magneta simply laughed. Sorry boy, you should have saved a life when yo-” she suddenly turned to the side, screamed in fright, and launched herself backwards with a piece of metal to dodge a burst of flame. Tokoyami and Kaminari both turned to see Endeavor standing on a rooftop and glaring daggers at the villain. “This guys hurt by light!” Kaminari cried out before Dark shadow grabbed his face too keep him quiet but by that point it was too late. Endeavor launched an intense blast of heat right at Dark Shadow that caused to to drop Kaminari before grabbing Tokoyami and flying behind a house.


“I heard somebody yell in pain and came as soon as I could” Endeavor explained while Kaminari stood back up and dusted himself off. “Fucking dammit!” Magneta screamed at the two of them “Why did the number one fucking hero have to fuck everything up!?”. “You’re not very good at keeping your composure, are you?” Kaminari asked after witnessing her outburst but was hushed by Endeavor. “You aren’t going to surrender are you?” Endeavor asked while lighting his fist on fire in a menacing way.


Magneta laughed, more like cackled, and said “Not while I’m still breathing fuckface!” and launched a barrage of metal his way. Kaminari was about to dive out of the way when Endeavor simply held out his hand and blasted the metal pieces to nothing. “I gave you a chance” Endeavor growled while fire accumulated around his feet. “Watch how the number one does things” he said to Kaminari right before the fire blasted him forward. Or it would have, if it hadn’t gone out suddenly.


“What the?” Endeavor examined himself in an attempt to see what caused his fire to go out and The answer hit Kaminari like an eighteen wheeler. “Mister Aizawa!” he yelled before turning around and getting flicked squarely in the face by his teacher. Kaminari was sent tumbling down the street and by the time he recovered Endeavor and Aizawa we already fighting hand to hand. Endeavor is holding his own?! Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he is the best after all Kaminari quickly tried to scramble towards Kendo and the pro but was stopped when a piece of metal was stabbed into his right leg and dragged him back, him screaming in pain the whole way.


“You’re not getting away you little shit” Magneta proclaimed gleefully as more metal wrapped itself around Kaminari to pull him faster. Shit Shit Shit, what do I do?! Kaminari was panicking internally, quickly trying to put together a plan. Up ahead he saw Tokoyami and Dark Shadow return to pick up Kendo and the pro, causing Kaminari to scream “Leave them alone!” and hold out his arm to fire an electrical bolt. Before he could, the metal tube was crushed and tossed aside before the tube on his other arm suffered the same treatment.


“Those things are annoying” Magneta said while pulling his sword out of the sheath and into her hands “But this is pretty cool. Think I’ll keep it as a trophy to remember you by”. She lifted him up by the scruff and leered at him, her eyes trailing all over his body. “I can’t wait until you’re unrecognizable to your own family” her smile was nothing but teeth as she lifted the sword up to smash his head and knock him out. This is it, now or never! he prepared to let off an indiscriminate shock, even if it caused him to short circuit, but he was stopped when a voice suddenly spoke.


“If I may say something” Ethan said while standing on the roof of the house Magneta and Kaminari were standing next to. He then put his hands on the house and quickly turned the entire thing black. Before either of them could react, he yelled “Banzai!” he detonated the entire house.




That’s when things got wild.


Jiro was getting anxious and fidgety, which was starting to get of Shinso’s nerves. She kept clicking her jacks together subconsciously and he had to keep telling her to knock it off. After the eighth time of her doing it he finally had enough grabbed both jacks in his hand, causing Jiro to jump in alarm before trying to pull her jacks free. “Let go” she growled while tugging on the jacks repeatedly, to no avail. “Only if you stop clicking them, it’s starting to get on my nerves” he responded dryly while giving her a look. She huffed and quietly said “Fine” before letting go and laying back down. He let go of her jacks and leaned against the wall again, keeping his eyes on the door.


It had been quite a while since Kaminari had left and the longer he was gone, the more anxious and agitated the two became. Shinso was still mad that Kaminari left and would have followed after him if it wasn’t for Jiro. Seeing as the last time her left her she nearly got shot to death, he wasn’t going to leave her side again anytime soon. That being said, the tension in the room was enough to make Shinso consider just carrying Jiro around while he tried to find their friend.


“Shouldn’t you be checking for villains?” Shinso asked grumpily when he saw her jacks slowly start inching towards each other. Jiro shot him a dirty look and plugged one of her jacks into the floor and listened for a few seconds before pulling them out and saying “Once again, no one’s here” with exasperation clear in her tone. Shinso sighed and continued to watch the door, unsure of what to do.


After a few seconds of silence, Jiro suddenly asked “Why do you like Kaminari?”. Shinso turned to face her, confused about where this came from. “I was just wondering what it is that makes you like him. The two of you have been hanging out every so often ever since the Joint Training thing, so I thought I'd ask”. His eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to put into words what he felt. This actually wasn’t the first time he was asked this very same question since Mister Aizawa brought up their friendship during a training session.


“When I talked to Monoma” he started out “he tried to get on my level, tried to speak to me as an equal. He talked about how neither of our quirks were very heroic and how we would have to do morally questionable things to survive. I don’t disagree with what he says, my quirk doesn’t seem very heroic and I have to do mean things to get by” Shinso rubbed the back of his neck and tried to articulate what his emotions more.


“But when I talked to Kaminari he didn’t try and get on my level, he said I already was. He didn’t say I had an unheroic quirk or anything like that, he told me how cool and useful it was. He saw me as an equal, somebody who was just as worthy to be a hero as everyone else. It is a somewhat naive outlook I admit, but it still felt nice to have somebody believe so wholeheartedly that I could be a great hero” Shinso smiled at the memories. “He’s just a ball of sunshine and happiness, usually, and I could definitely use some of that in my life. Isn’t that why you hang out with him?” Shinso asked, only for Jiro to blush and look away from him.


“He’s an idiot, but he always puts a smile on people’s faces. That’s why I hang out with him” Jiro answered, still while not looking at Shinso (Although he was able to see her ears turn red). She plugged her jack back into the ground while Shinso went back to looking at the door. Don’t be an idiot and die Shinso thought worriedly that would really suck .


“Three people are heading this way” Jiro informed him while quickly sitting up and facing the door. Shinso shot to his feet and quickly picked up Jiro and her jacket before moving towards the wall next to the door so that they would be hidden if it opened. Sure enough, right after he set Jiro down the door opened and three men walked in, none of them noticing him or Jiro.


“Let’s hope no one comes by while we’re here” a young man with blue hair and a tracksuit said to the other men with him. “Considering what’s happening with Magneta, we may have to leave once Defiler gets here” an old man said, the other two nodding in agreement. Defiler’s coming here? Crap Shinso was starting to sweat, unsure of what to do next. If Defiler came by he would probably have protection in the form of hero course students, if that happened then Shinso and Jiro would have no way of getting out alive.


Right as Shinso was about to ask Jiro what she wanted to do, the old man turned in their direction and said “I know you’re there, you can come out now”. Shinso and Jiro went stiff, shared a look that said “This is it”, and kicked the door out of the way to face their opponents. None of the men made any aggressive movements towards the two students, in fact the old man smiled and said “Well hello there young ones, I suggest you leave quick unless you want to get sold as a slave”.


Shinso raised his eyebrow while slowly making his way towards the door, hoping he could make a run for it since fighting with Jiro in his arms wasn’t an ideal situation. “Oh yes, Defiler will definitely sell you if he gets his hands on you, it’s one of the reasons he came on this mission in the first place.” the old man explained “Young people with strong quirks go for big money in his circles, and U.A. is full of people that fit that criteria. He usually sells the boys off as fighters or manual labor and sells the girls off as sex slaves”.


“If that’s true” Shinso continued to inch his way out of the room “then why tell us?”. “I personally find that kind of business distasteful so I would rather you two get away than fall victim to him. That and he’s very rude so I don’t think he deserves to make money” the old man said frankly. Shinso finally made his way out of the room and told the villains “It’s been fun, bye” and was about to turn down the hallway when Jiro shouted “Left!”. He turned to the left and saw Momo Yaoyorozu standing there with a gun pointed at him.


Before he could even process what he was seeing, she shot him in the leg and he dropped Jiro for a second time that day. “Sorry” he grunted while trying to stand back up, only to be greeted by a gun barrel to his forehead. “Don’t shoot him quite yet beautiful, he could be worth big bucks” Defiler said, walking down the hallway behind Yaoyorozu flanked by Ashido and Uraraka. Defiler knelt down in front of Jrio and looked at her face, as if inspecting a computer he was thinking of buying.


“You are a bit small up top” Defiler put his hand up her shirt and groped her chest causing Jiro to pull her fist back in order to punch him, but Defiler simply pointed his thumb towards Shinso who still had the gun to his head. Very reluctantly she put her fist down and simply withstood the assault and after a few seconds he pulled his hand back. “Even though you don’t have large breasts like this chick” he motioned to Yaoyorozu “You do have a cute face. Plus” he put his hand down her pants and groped her butt “you do have a nice ass”.


Jiro suddenly screamed and sank her teeth into Defilers right ear, tearing off a good chunk of flesh and causing him he fall back and cry out in pain. Yaoyorozu slammed Shinso in the head with her gun and held the barrel to his temple, ready to pull the trigger. “Shit man” Defiler stood back up while holding his ear “you got spunk. I know a lot of people who would pay good money for someone like you. I think I’ll take you with me” he gave her a dazzling smile that didn’t match what he said in the slightest.


As if on cue Ashido and Uraraka suddenly grabbed Jrio by the shoulders, who just spit blood and flesh in their faces and tried pulling free while making her jacks fly wildly around and stab anything in reach. “So feisty, I love it” Defiler said while taking his sunglasses off and grabbing Jiro’s head so that she faced him. “Big tits, hold her eyes open” he ordered and Yaoyorozu put her knee to Shinso’s neck and held Jiro’s eyes open. Defiler looked Jiro right in the eyes, after a few seconds her eyes caught his and she was suddenly transfixed.


“Well, that wasn’t such a chore now was it?” he flashed her another smile before letting go and standing up, putting his sunglasses back on in the process. Ashido and Uraraka carried Jiro on their shoulders, since she couldn’t stand on her own, and Yaoyorozu asked “What now?”. “Well since I’m here, I may as well see if this boy is up to snuff” Defiler said easily and looked down on Shinso, who was glaring at him with as much intensity as he could manage without getting shot in the head.


“If I remember correctly,” Defiler rubbed his chin in thought “You can brainwash people right?”. “Yeah” Shinso said, hoping to mindsnare Defiler and possible have him call off the mind controlled girls. “Unfortunately, mind control quirks don’t work very often on other people with mind control quirks so I might not be able to take you” Defiler pondered, not being affected by the mindsnare at all. He picked up his sunglasses and looked Shinso right in the eye who, sure enough, didn’t get mind controlled.


“Well this sucks” Defiler complained “I really wanted to take you since some people with mind control quirks can be mind controlled themselves. Ah well, my haul from this mission will be pretty big anyways” he shrugged and waved Yaoyorozu over to him who did so at once. “I’m going to sell most of these girls off, but this one” he motioned to Yaoyorozu “Is going in my personal collection. I can’t wait to see if she’s just as soft on the inside as she is on the outside” he caressed her breasts slowly. Shinso almost threw up all over the floor after hearing that, the only reason he didn’t being that he was still trying to find a way out of the situation.


“Well if I can’t have you then you're useless” Defiler took his hands off Yaoyorozu and took the gun from her hand before pointing it at Shinso “And I never could say no to thinning the hero population”. Shinso grabbed his scarf and threw it at Defiler, wrapping it around his gun arm. He then managed to pull him forwards and disarm him before the girls could react. He held the gun to the villains temple and said “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive today, including killing scum like him”.


He could see the girls preparing themselves for a fight and truthfully Shinso had no idea what to do next. He knew that if Defiler was rendered unconscious then his mind control would lift, but he wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to kill him in order to make it happen. Technically he wasn’t even a hero course student so even hurting a villain might destroy his life, although legal consequences were admittedly the last thing on his mind. “You wouldn’t kill me kid” Defiler said surprisingly calmly considering the situation “You want to be a hero, and heroes obey the laws”. “Keep your damn mouth shut” Shinso snarled through gritted teeth, the realization that he couldn’t get out of this situation without somebody dying slowly dawning on him. “Get him girls” Defiler said, making all the girls leap at the two men with murderous intent in their eyes. Damn you for making me do this Shinso thought angrily as he pulled down on the trigger.



A few minutes prior

Natalie woke up in the nurse's office, feeling like roadkill but otherwise fine. “What happened?” she asked Recovery Girl, who she could hear a few beds over. “At last you’re awake” the elderly heroine said while heading over to the bed and checking on the catgirl. “How long have I been out?” Natalie asked while being examined by the older woman. “About fifteen minutes, the school is still under lockdown so you can’t leave just yet” she explained to the girl whose head shot towards her upon hearing the news. “The villains are still here?” she asked seriously, gripping the old lady’s shoulders with more force than was probably necessary.


“Yes but your safe here, a group of pros showed up just now to get rid of them and save your friends” Recovery Girl tried to calm her down that that only seemed to rile her up even more. “My friends went are still after them?!” she was yelling now, the hairs on her tail standing on end. “Yes but-” Recovery Girl didn’t finish since Natalie turned around and smashed through the wall before running full speed towards the suburban combat center. Just hang in there guys, I’m coming she sprinted as fast as possible, eventually reaching the outer wall and quickly running along it to find an entrance.


As she ran, she heard voices coming from inside, voices that she started running towards. Eventually she was standing right outside where the voices were coming from and was listening intently to what was happening inside. “You wouldn’t kill me kid” she heard Defiler say, causing anger to swell up in her chest “You want to be a hero, and heroes obey the laws”. “Keep your damn mouth shut” she heard Shinso snarl, causing her to sniff as hard as possible to see what was going on inside. She was able to make out Defiler and Shinso as well as Yaoyorozu, Uraraka, Ashido, and Jiro. Sniffing some more allowed her to detect gunpowder coming from Shinso’s hand, meaning that he was probably holding a gun to Defilers head.


Pretty ballsy move she thought, thoroughly impressed, although she knew he would never kill the bastard since he was trying to be a hero. “Get him girls” Defilers voice cut through her thoughts, making her hair stand on end. She heard the girls start to move and knew she had to intervene since otherwise Shinso would be killed. She crouched low, built up pressure in her legs, then launched herself through the wall with a powerful punch.




She flew through the wall right next to Shinso and body slammed Yaoyorozu hard, knocking her out pretty much instantly. She turned to face the other girls but saw that they had all been hit by shrapnel when the wall exploded and were also unconscious. She then looked over at Shinso, who was now on the ground and looked pale as a ghost. In front of him was Defiler who was bleeding from a nasty head wound and also apparently unconscious.


“You okay man?” she held out an arm to Shinso to help him up, one that he didn’t take. “I almost shot him” he whispered, still unmoving on the floor. “What?” she asked while manually picking him up and dusting him off, noticing what looked like a gunshot wound on his leg. “Right before you came in” he leaned against the wall and didn’t look her in the eyes “I pulled the trigger. I was about to kill him to save myself and the girls”.


“Well I’ll be, I didn’t know you had it in you” Natalie broke out into a huge grin and slapped Shinso on the back encouragingly. “Were you even listening” he turned to face her, now looking agitated “I almost killed somebody today!” he shouted the last part. “I heard what you said and I’m proud of you, not everyone could make such a hard decision. It just goes to show how dedicated you are to saving people” she gave him a thumbs up before her ears picked up some noise. “There are more villains for me to beat up? It’s my lucky day” she exclaimed excitedly before bounding into the nearby room to confront them.


“I’d say it’s nothing personal, but pretty much everything is personal with me. I’m a very emotional girl” she told the villains who didn’t even have time to respond before she had beaten them into unconsciousness. Once that was done she headed back to Shinso and said “Alright, I’ll watch over you guys until the pros show up. It’ll give me more time to fuck up Defiler something feirce”. Right as she said that, something small and metal entered her ear. Before she could even react, intense soundwave were shooting through her body and she was brought to her knees.


Looking up she saw that Shinso was being attacked by Defiler and when Natalie tried to get up and help him she got another jack into the other ear, causing her to fall back to her knees. She managed to turn and saw Jiro, slumped against the wall but still conscious, pumping soundwaves into her. “You didn’t check if he was still conscious!” she screeched while slowly crawling towards Jiro, who in tern was slowly backing away. “I was a little preoccupied!” She somehow managed to make out Shinso scream back while her consciousness slowly started to fade.


If I don’t stop her, she’ll turn my brains to mush she could barely think with the seemingly endless soundwaves crashing into her her body like a hurricane blasting a house. She slowly managed to reach up and grab both jacks and tried to pull them out, but the soundwave assault was stopping her from using her full strength so it didn’t work. If I can’t pull them out, then I only have one option she intertwined the cords between her fingers and started pressing down on them, hoping to somehow stop the flow of sound.


Everything was rapidly going dark and Natalie knew she only had seconds to save herself. She dug deep, pulled from her most intense emotions, and crushed the cords with all her might. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she screamed as loud as possible as she severed the cords, cutting off the sound barrage. “FUCK!” Jiro screamed in agony when her cords were severed and she fell on the floor. She laid there screaming her head off while holding the now destroyed cords in her hands as Natalie decided to find where Shinso went.


She dug her fingers into the wall and managed to pull herself up before crawling along while trying to follow where the two guys went off too. After a few seconds she saw that Defiler had pinned Shinso to the ground and shoved a knife through his hand, a knife that was slowly approaching his eye. “Get away!” Natalie shouted (Or whispered, she couldn’t tell since her ears were still ringing) and she tried to walk forwards but just collapsed on the ground with a thud. She slowly tried to crawl forward but he strength was fading, her previous injuries catching up to her again. Shinso’s eye was about to get skewered when a sudden blast of light lit up the hallway.


Aoyama, the crazy french bastard, had somehow stumbled across them and shot Defiler in the face with his lazer. The moment it connected with the villain he was sent flying backwards and into a wall, slumping down unconsciously when he hit the floor. “Thanks” she managed to her Shinso say now that her ears were slowly clearing, and Aoyama bowed before rushing to the other boys side. Natalie managed to crawl to Defiler and checked to see if he really was unconscious this time and thankfully he was. “With him out of the way” she said far too loudly “All his minions should fall unconscious. Looks like the day is saved”. At that point her strength finally gaze out and she collapsed, thinking one last thought of I wonder how Kaminari’s doing before passing out again.

A minute prior

The moment Ethan exploded the house Kaminari and Magneta were sent flying, Kaminari slamming into a pole while Magneta smashed through a wall into a house. “Thanks for the warning dude!” Kaminari yelled while getting back up to his feet and searching for his sword. He saw it down the street and he started limping towards it as quickly as possible, only to have his path blocked by Dark Shadow. “Can't you just get off my back!” he shouted before lifting his arm to shoot some electrical bolts. Or he would, if Magneta hadn’t destroyed them earlier. “On second thought, why don’t we talk about this?” Kaminari shot him a hopeful smile, a smile that Dark Shadow ignored when it tried to crush his head with a giant fist.


“Is that a no?” Kaminari dodged the giant fist by leaping to the side and falling on his bad leg, crying out in pain during the process. “Just stay still” Tokoyami ordered while Dark Shadow pulled his fist back for another strike, only for Tokoyami to suddenly cry out in pain and fall to his knees. “Magneta!” he yelled while Dark Shadow retreated to protect hi “We have to leave, rut escape has been compromised!”. “No shit birdbrain!” Magneta screamed out him while walking through the rubble of the home she smashed into. “Looks like I have to kill you now kid, I just it could take longer” Magneta lifted a sharp piece of metal and aimed it at Kaminari, ready to strike.


Kaminari took a breath and considered his options. He could try to dodge the metal but she could just grab more pieces and he can’t dodge forever. He could try to get his sword and destroy the metal pieces, but Magneta could just grab it out of his hands if he could even reach it at all. He could try and let off a blast of electricity and hope it fries her and Tokoyami, but if Dark Shadow blocked it then he would helpless since he was on the verge of short circuiting. That meant he only had one option left, and it could be stupidly dangerous.


He shoved his hand into his pocket, pulled out the metal box, inserted the twenty percent vial into the injector, and shoved it into his neck before pulling the trigger. The moment the vial was empty, he felt a surge of power flowing through himself. The fog that was slowly overtaking his mind was gone, replaced with an intense amount of vigor and energy. He looked up ut the villain, and subconsciously knew what he had to do. He lifted his hand, pointed his fingers like he was trying to hit one of his pointers, and fired a beam of electricity right at Magneta.


Magneta pulled a bunch of metal together to block the incoming stream of electricity just in time, allowing her to avoid being shocked unconscious. Even so, Keminari kept the heat up and continued to fire stream at her. He was blown away that he could directly aim his power without having to use his pointers, as well as slightly angry with himself that he didn’t lower his suppressors dosage far sooner. He look off the the side and saw Dark Shadow making a beeline right for him, causing him to yell in surprise before pointing his other hand at the giant shadow and letting off multiple streams of energy from his fingertips.


“UNLIMITED POWER!” Kaminari screamed with delight when he was able to stun Dark Shadow enough to keep it from moving closer. He looked at his two opponents and came up with a brilliant idea. Since he now had some control of his energy, it meant he should be able to crank up the power level to eleven and defeat these two. “Two Million Volts!” he yelled while pumping every last ounce of power he had into his hands. Dark Shadow quickly fell apart and retreated back into Tokoyami, who was summarily fried by the electricity. Magneta’s barrier of metal. That was slowly being destroyed by his blasts, suddenly started to rapidly deteriorate which caused her to pull even more metal in to defend herself.


“Take this!” he pointed both hands at the villain, utterly annihilated her shield and shocking her pretty bad. Just when he thought he was about to win, his electricity vanished. “Why-?” a white scarf suddenly wrapped itself around Kaminari’s torso and he realized what had happened. He got yanked into the air and saw Mister Aizawa on a rooftop, looking at him with his usual bored expression. Kaminari turned his head and saw that Endeavor apparently got hit in the head with an air conditioner and was momentarily stunned, meaning he wouldn’t be able to save Kaminari from his teacher.


Looking back at Mister Aizawa he saw the older man pull out a knife, one that he usually used on his scarf it it got stuck somewhere, and looked ready to gut Kaminari with it. “Not the face!” he screamed stupidly as he approached his teacher, knife at the ready. Right before he struck, Mister Aizawa suddenly went very stiff and his eyes rolled upwards. Before Kaminari could even think about what might have caused that, he slammed into his teacher and the two of them tumbled onto the street below.


Kaminari, dazed and confused, tried to stand back up but his teachers scarf was still wrapped around him so he couldn’t use his arm to get up. He struggled for a few more seconds before a voice said “You are such a fucking asshole” and he quickly looked over to see Magneta, badly burned but still somehow conscious. “She stood over him, a terrifying gleam in her eyes, and Kaminari gulped in fear. “I don’t suppose you want to talk out our differences like civilized adults?” Kaminari asked, hoping to buy some time for Endeavor to recover. “No” she raised a sharp piece of metal in her hand and was about to bring it down on his face when a large, flesh colored object collided into her side and she was sent tumbling away.


“You won’t lay a finger on him” Kendo said, having somehow gotten free of the metal restraints. “Why does everyone” Magneta stood up, literally shaking with rage “keep getting in my fucking way?”. She ripped a metal beam out of a wall and sat on it like a witches broom, ready to fly at the two of them for another attack. All of a sudden her face went pale and she shot off, far away from the two of them. “Man Kendo, you really are scary if she ran away from you that quickly” Kaminari complimented, making Kendo blush slightly.


“I think she was afraid of me actually” a deep voice said from behind them. They turned and saw Endeavor standing there, a cut on his head but otherwise unharmed. “Oh” Kaminari said with obvious disappointment “I guess that works too”. “Be respectful” Kendo chastised him before bowing to Endeavor “thank you for saving us”. “Of course” Endeavor said simply before turning towards where Magntea fled and shooting off after her. “Thanks for saving me Kendo, I owe you one” Kaminari thanked his friend, but she just shook her head with an amused smile. “You know you could have just shocked her, right?” she asked while pulling him free of the scarf. “Oh” Kaminari said dumbly.


Shit shit shit shit I’m fucked I’m so fucked holy shit Magneta was having a mental breakdown as she tried to escape from the number one fucking hero. Earlier she felt very confident that she could pull this off, but somehow in a matter of minutes everything went wrong. Somebody managed to knock out their communication, escape, and backup all at once. Not only that but now Endeavor was on her ass and she couldn’t have the teacher get rid of his quirk this time.


I need to gab my guys and get the fuck out she thought with determination as she shot towards the secondary evacuation zone. When she finally reached the hallway entrance she got off the metal beam, tore it apart to make some weapons, and headed inside. She quickly made her way down the hall and eventually stumbled upon a very strange sight.


There was a blonde boy in knights armor helping that Shinso kid down the hallway due to a leg injury, a cat girl was passed out in front of Defiler who was slumped against the wall himself, and Jiro was laying on the floor unconscious with severed ear jacks next to a few other students. I need to ask Defiler what happened here once we get back she thought bemusedly before grabbing the blonde boys armor with her quirk. “Wwwaaa!” The blonde boy yelled in surprise as he was lifted into the air and smashed into Shinso, stunning both of them long enough for her to grab Defiler with a piece of metal and drag him to the extraction room.


Once inside she saw the other three also unconscious and she quickly woke them up with slaps to the face. “Breacher, open a way out” she ordered the young blue haired man who angrily grumbled “a please would be nice” but opened the breach anyway. “Alright boys, lets get the fuck out of here” she ordered the other men, but they hadn’t even walked three steps before they suddenly started sinking into the floor.


“Sorry” she heard a voice from behind and turned around to see a boy rising from the floor “I can’t let you do that”. The door then burst open to reveal Endeavor standing there with his hands already in flames. Magneta started to panic, not seeing an easy way out of the situation. She saw Endeavor raise his hand as if in slow motion, her doom creeping upwards inch by inch to face her.


Magneta became aware of how much metal was surrounding her all at once. Metal beams crisscrossing all over the place in order to keep the walls together and the ceiling off of them. “Hang on!” she yelled to her teammates as she grabbed all the metal she could and pulled it towards her, right when Endeavors arm leveled at her.


The walls and ceiling exploded, concrete and metal flying all over the place. Endeavor put his arms up to block the barrage while Magneta grabbed dozens of metal beams and smashed the floor around her men, freeing them. She then wrapped the metal beams around them and hauled the whole group through the breach as the ceiling started to collapse on them. “Breacher, close the fucking breach!” she screamed in panic when Endeavor started making his way towards them despite the roof collapsing on him.


He shot a beam of fire at them and Magneta put up a barrier of metal beams to protect them, a barrier that was quickly melting. “I’m sure those kids will totally make it out without your help, don’t even worry about it” Magneta told the pro sarcastically, hoping he would leave them alone to save the half dead students. The fiery assault continued on for a few more seconds before it suddenly ended, Magneta checked through a hole in the barrier to see Endeavor retreating back to the hallway. Right afterwards, the breach finally closed.


“You really need to close those breaches faster” she told Breacher. “Eat my ass”.

Several hours later

Kaminari was sitting in the common room, fighting the incredible urge to throw up. It had been hours since Endeavor had driven Magneta and the rest of the villains off, and in that time his classmates had all gotten medical attention. While most of Class 1-A and all of Class 1-B had already recovered or very nearly recovered, there were three students who were still in bad shape.


First there was Natalie who suffered severe head trauma when Jiro attacked her, not to mention the injuries she had already sustained by that point. Then there was Ethan who had been horribly burned by Todoroki and blown sky high when he destroyed the house to give Kaminari a chance to escape. He had actually been found in a partially destroyed house two streets down, delirious and half dead from blood loss (He kept singing random songs until finally passing out from anesthesia). Then there was Jiro, and Kaminari didn’t even want to think about her.


He heard a noise in the kitchen and spun around to see Yaoyorozu making some tea. She looked up at him and waved but he just glared back until she stopped. Kaminari knew he shouldn’t be mad at her, she didn’t mean to hurt Jiro after all, but the fact she nearly shot one of his best friends to death still filled him with anger. Once she finished making tea she headed back upstairs without saying a word, leaving Kaminari alone again.


He spent a few more minutes brooding by himself when the front doors opened and Kendo walked in. “Kendo” he smiled as he said her name and quickly waved her over. “How has your class been doing?” she asked him after taking the spot on the couch next to his. “Not great actually, most of them feel like ass for being brainwashed and attacking the teachers and heroes”  he shrugged “Iida gave everyone a letter apologizing from his commital of evil actions. No one blamed him but we accepted the letters anyway because we knew it would make him feel better. What about you guys?”.


“Well since no one from my class got brainwashed most just had bruised egos about getting beaten up by a support student” she chuckled “Honenuki feels really guilty for letting the villains escape but I don’t think there was much more he could have done. Even Endeavor wasn’t able to stop them after all”. “Yeah well” Kaminari scowled “I don’t have much faith in Endeavor”. Kendo looked like she wanted to ask why but decided against it and moved on to a different topic.


“How do you feel?” she asked him with the most compassionate face he had ever seen. “Fine, I got some new powers so that’s cool” he showed off a huge smile and shot some electrical bolts off his fingers. “Be honest Kaminari” Kendo pleaded with him “please. I know you're upset about her”. Kaminari’s smile lessened and he rubbed the back of his neck while saying “Yeah I’m worried about her, but she’ll recover. If she grew her jacks once then she can do it again right?”.


Kendo looked him in the eye and, after seemingly building up the courage, pulled him into a tight hug. After a second of being surprised he hugged her right back, spilling silent tears about his close friend. After a few minutes of that he finally let go and grabbed some tissues to wipe his face before noticing Kendo had also been crying, so he gave her tissues as well. “What do you want to do now?” she asked while looking at the clock and seeing it was eight thirty at night.


“I was just gonna hang out in my room, you can come if you want” he offered while getting up from the couch and using a cane to head towards the elevator. “I would like that” she smiled before following him up to his room. They would then spend the next few hours chatting about various things before Kaminari suggested they watch a movie. He put on some random crime drama, since he knew they were her favorite, and the two of them sat together while eating popcorn silently. Eventually they dozed off and Kaminari woke up to see Kendo still sleeping next to him, her peaceful face putting him at ease. As long as I have friends like her, I’ll be fine he thought happily. And as long as Jiro has friends like me, she’ll be fine .

At Kaminari’s house

Kanden couldn’t believe his luck. Here he was stressing about how to get his son to agree to the business arrangement and the perfect motivation falls into his lap. It had all happened the day prior while Kanden was still at work. He was just about ready to head home when his phone started ringing and when he looked he saw it was Denki. Obviously surprised that his son was calling him out of the blue, he picked up the phone to hear what he had to say.


What he expected to hear was “I want to hang with Chi this weekend” or something along those lines. What he wasn’t expecting was for his son to ask “Can you track down a super villain for me?”. “Um” Kanden was taken aback by the odd request “more than likely, why do you ask?”. “My school just got attacked by Magneta, that lady who almost killed me a few months back, and I want you to find her”.


The amount of information the Kanden was receiving at once was almost overwhelming but he finally managed to say “Very well, as long as you know that you owe me for this. Nothing is free after all”. “Put it on my tab, I gotta go” Denki said shortly before hanging up. After spending a few seconds marveling at how perfect everything was turning out, Kanden quickly made the necessary calls and set up a meeting at his home for the following day.


The time of the meeting had finally arrived and Kanden patiently waited for the two to arrive. He got dressed up in his best suit, trimmed his facial hair to perfection, made their best tea himself (He always made sure to make the tea himself) and was sitting in his office, waiting for a knock on his door.


He heard the knock, called out “Come in” and smiled as Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu entered the room and took the seats in front of his desk. “I’m sure you both know why I called this meeting” he asked and the two nodded silently. “In that case I will cut straight to the heart of the matter. Will you allow your daughter to marry my son, in exchange I will remove any and all debts your family owes me?”. The two looked at each other before nodding, causing Kanden to break out into a grin.


“Wonderfull, I will put together a contract that will outline all the details of the-” “On one condition” Mrs. Yaoyorozu interrupted. Kanden fixed her with an agitated look before smoothing his face back into a neutral smile and asking “What condition would that be?”. “I want to meet the boy, make sure he’s worthy of our daughter” Mrs. Yaoyorozu said with a supportive nod from her husband. “Kanden processed what she said and smiled before asking “How would you like to meet my son?”.


“A dinner” Mr. Yaoyorozu said “and we want him to bring his close friends along as well”. Kanden nodded in understanding “You want to see what kind of company he keeps for more insight on his morals and personality, very reasonable”. “Very well, I will make this dinner happen and then we will decide whether or not the marriage goes forward. Just remember that If you turn it down, you will still owe me. And I always get what I’m owed” he said the last line with a foreboding air, to hammer home that they should accept the proposal.


The two bowed before heading out of the room, leaving Kanden behind. They didn’t even drink their tea. “More for me” he shrugged and started drinking the other glasses of tea himself, thinking of all the possibilities that could open up for him it the marriage goes through. He was almost shivering with anticipation,


His company was the largest electronic corporation in the world and the Yaoyorozu family ran the largest shipping empire in the easter hemisphere. Not only would the marriage help with their legal ventures, both families would greatly benefit with their illegal ventures as well. The amount of black market weapons and support gear he moved around is second to none, and the Yaoyorozu’s make more money shipping illegal items than the legal ones. Together, they could become the biggest criminal empire on the planet.


“Denki, please don’t ruin this wonderful opportunity” Kanden begged once he had finished the glasses of tea. “If you do, I swear I will throw Chihiro into a wood chipper and make you watch every second of it” he looks out the window and sees his granddaughter showing a flower to one of the guards, who smiles and picks it up to examine.“At the very least, that dinner with Jiro will be happening sooner rather than later” he comments before sitting back down at his desk to  begin writing up the marriage contract.

It really is a christmas miracle .

Chapter Text

All Might had gathered with several other staff members for a meeting with Nezu and the air around him was grim. After the attack on Class1-A and 1-B the day prior, U.A. has been getting hammered by the public for another breach in their security. Not only that but several students had suffered serious injuries, some of which weren’t even in the hero course. It was turning into another huge mess, one they couldn’t afford to deal with right now.


The door opened and Nezu walked in and took his seat at the head of the table. “I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this meeting is happening” Nezu started and the staff nodded. “Let’s start off by going over all the villains involved” Nezu pulled out a list of the villains and began from the top. “First we have Breacher, real name Aozora Jiyu. He can quickly open portals but can only close them slowly. He’s mostly done petty theft up till now, making his jump to invading our school quite a large one”.


Nezu looked down the list and continued “Next is Close Call, real name Tojiru Koru. He can heal injuries by touching people in a similar way to Recovery Girl, the difference being that he uses his own energy to heal people. He’s very popular among villains due to his off the books nature, although he does heal normal people as well should they visit him. He is also someone who has no business invading a school”.


“Then there's Third Eye, real name Shiryoku Heiwa. He can link people’s minds together so that they can see and hear what’s happening to others, although they don’t share thoughts. He has been in the villain business for many years, often being hired when precise coordination is required. I am not surprised he was hired for this job considering how essential good communication was”. “Since their minds were linked” Present Mic interrupted “does that mean that some of the students may have overheard something important?”. “When the link is severed you forget everything you learned through it, meaning that if they didn’t hear it themselves then they won’t remember it” Aizawa said stiffly, the bags under his eyes looking deeper than ever.


Present Mic looked sad that the idea didn’t pan out while Nezu continued on with “Then there was Defiler, unfortunately his real name hasn’t been uncovered. He can look into someone’s eyes and immediately mind control them, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many people he can control at once. His list of crimes is very extensive, the longest out of any of the villains from the attack, and most are involved with killing or raping heroes”. The atmosphere in the room, which was already incredibly gloomy, became overwhelmingly oppressive at hearing about Defiler. All Might couldn’t blame them, the stories he had heard about the villains exploits usually involved heroes going missing or being found dead with the lucky ones suffering severe mental scars from being raped. The thought that his students almost suffered the same fate was enough to make All Might shake with fury.


“Finally” Nesu’s voice cut through everyone’s thoughts “we have the woman who set up the entire operation Magneta, real name Kazoku Kinzoku. She has an extremely powerful magnetism quirk, as well as the second longest list of crimes from all the villains”. Nezu finished the list and set it aside before facing everyone at the table. “This group of villains is missing one type of quirk, and it’s absence causes us great problems”. When the table looked confused Nezu explained “None of these villains could have affected our security system with their quirks, yet it was being affected by something when they arrived. That means that someone else put the security systems out of commission so that the villains could enter”.


“The traitor” Present Mic said quietly, the whole table turning to face him. “It is possible there was another villain who simply didn’t enter school grounds that was responsible” Nezu said quickly “but we have to take a traitor into consideration”. “Seeing as this discussion can turn into a rabbit hole very quickly, how about we shelve it for now so we can go back to the matter at hand” All Might advised. The teachers agreed to discuss it later and went back to the attack itself.


“Does Magneta have the resources to pull all these villains together?” Midnight questioned while looking over the villains list of crimes. “While most of them are small time and as such easily accessible, the fact that she got Defiler to work with her is amazing” Snipe pointed out. “Indeed” the principal agreed “based on what Hitoshi Shinso said he was going to capture and sell some of our students, but even that doesn’t seem like enough to make himself work for Magneta”. “The only girl he took from my class was Itsuka Kendo, despite the fact that there were several others he could have taken” Vlad pointed out “Perhaps she was his main target and the others were just bonuses”. “But what did she do to warrant being singled out?” Midnight asked “We need more time to find out what his ultimate goal really was”.


“Not just his goal” Ectoplasm siad “but the others as well. Why would some small time crooks suddenly join a team that was breaking into the biggest hero school in the world? How was Magneta able to convince them to join her on what looked like a suicide mission?”. “Perhaps she went to Defiler first” All Might theorized “If she got him on board then his name may have been enough to convince the others that they could pull it off”. “Unlikely” Nezu shook his head “Defiler apparently keeps to himself. The only way anyone meets him is when he goes to them”. “Then that goes back into what Defilers goal really was, which we still don’t know” Midnight pointed out, agitation in her voice at not being able to put the pieces together.


“Magneta didn’t break out of jail on her own you know” Snipe brought up “Maybe her mysterious benefactor set all this up while she was still in prison and used her simply as a figurehead, similar to Shigaraki and his master”. All Might tensed up at hearing Shigaraki’s name but still managed to answer with “Until we have evidence that Magneta has some kind of master, we have to assume she is the groups only leader”. “Be that as it may” Snipe countered “the fact is that someone broke her out of prison. We have to assume it was for some kind of purpose”. “Maybe Defiler broke her out” Present Mic theorized “it would explain how they ended up working together. Maybe he was just using her as a way to draw attention so that no one focused on what he was doing, which of course ties back into what his true motivation was”.


“It is clear to me” Nezu interrupted the intense discussion “that we need more information before coming to a conclusion on what really happened yesterday. For now let’s move onto another important topic, the students. Both Class 1-A and B suffered pretty severe injuries due to the attack. Not only that, but two support students and a general studies student were also injured. Vlad and Aizawa, how are your students doing?”. “My class has recovered well” Vlad started off “The most serious injuries were with Tesutesu, Honenuki, and Kendo. All three of them have already fully recovered along with the rest of my class. Mentally they are all quite upset that the entire class wasn't able to overcome a single support student” that last statement was said sadly, as if Vlad was also upset that he was defeated so easily.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself” Power loader spoke up for the first time “Ikari has this cycle where she gets stronger and stronger over the month until she hits peak strength, then she goes back down to her lowest level and it starts over again. She’s apparently going to hit peak strength within the coming week so you just got unlucky and fought her at a bad time”. “Ultra period” All Might heard Midnight mutter and he had to suppress a snicker before asking “Aizawa, how’s Class1-A holding up?”.


Aizawa, who usually made his opinions known, had barely spoken a word since the meeting began. This unusual silence was enough to concern All Might so he hoped that pulling him into the conversation would help out. “My class isn’t doing very well unfortunately” Aizawa started off somberly “Most of them have recovered physically from the attack, but Kyoka Jiro is still in the hospital due to having her earphone jacks ripped apart by Natalie Ikari. Mentally, the class isn’t taking to having been mind controlled well. Today’s Christmas and I hardly saw anyone in the common room this morning when I went by, meaning that they are probably holed up in their rooms. The only one’s I saw were Kaminari, Aoyama, Iida, and Kendo from class B”.


Aizawa sighed and continued “It’s probably going to be awhile until the class is back in top form. It’s a good thing the winter break internships are being pushed back a few days since if they tried to go out there like this, it would be a disaster”. “How about young Shinso?” All Might asked and Aizawa simply shrugged and said “About as well as can be expected considering what happened. He was shaken up a bit due to what he heard Defiler say but he’s holding together better than I expected, especially since his first time facing villains almost got him killed”.


“You mentioned Kaminari” Present Mic spoke up “How is he handling things, since he was the reason Magneta and her crew attacked”. “Yesterday he was very upset after hearing what happened to Jiro, the two are close friends, but when I saw him this morning he seemed to be in higher spirits. I believe it was Kendo that had this effect since he was talking with her when I saw them” Aizawa explained. “That’s good, hopefully he doesn’t blame himself for what happened to Jiro, seeing as the villains were after him” All Might said and the rest of the teachers nodded in agreement.


“She was mentioned earlier but now it is time to talk about the two support students Natalie Ikari and Attotekina Chikara, otherwise known as Ethan Himmel. Both of them intervened when the villains attacked and both suffered serious injuries because of it. Power Loader” Nezu turned to the support teacher “were either of your students acting strangely by fighting the villains?”. “Not at all” he replied “Both of them have a strong sense of justice, even if it doesn’t always line up with what's legal. I know that Ethan tried to get in the hero course before settling on support so him fighting isn’t surprising, I also know that Ikari hates Defiler so her getting involved also isn’t surprising. I think we should count ourselves lucky that no one died to be honest”.


“What do you mean?” All Might asked, taken aback at the other teachers words. “Both of them have very powerful quirks and both have shown a propensity towards disregarding rules and laws when it suits them. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been woken up at three in the morning to find out that one of them snuck into the school to work on a project. They also have a habit of easily getting carried away, especially when they fight. That’s why I’m surprised that no one died, the two have a habit of not holding back very well”.


While All Might processed this Nezu said “Now that we’ve discussed those two, it’s time to move onto the final point of discussion. The media’s reaction to everything that happened”. The air became tense when the media was mentioned which wasn’t surprising since they had been under so much scrutiny recently. “There are many who are upset that U.A. has been infiltrated by villains again, which isn’t surprising. There is also split opinions on the supports students involvement. Many people see what they did as illegal while many others see it as something that should be rewarded. Whichever group we side with will cause the other side to lash out. What do you think we should do?” the principal asked the room.


“The laws are clear, they should receive some sort of punishment for their actions” Cementoss said. “Things would have gone way worse without them, I say they should be commended” Present Mic argued. “I agree” Midnight sided with Mic “They put their lives on the line and helped stop the villains, that isn’t something we should punish”. “People got hurt due to their actions” Power loader argued “Even if it isn’t severe, there should be some consequences for that”. “I think” All Might finally spoke up “that we shouldn’t commend or punish them, at least right now. Considering the perilous situation out school is in right now, upsetting people by taking a side would be inadvisable. Besides, both of them are in the hospital right now so celebrations or punishments will need to be held off anyway”.


“I agree with All Might” Nezu nodded “taking a side right now will simply gain us enemies, something we can’t afford. Let’s wait until things die down before deciding what to do, if we even do anything. We could simply not choose either side and brush the whole situation under the rug, but that decision will have to wait until later. Now it’s time to discuss what happens from here on out”.


“Firstly, Classes 1-A and B will hold off from their internships for three days as Aizawa mentioned earlier. Secondly, Denki Kaminari will not be going to the internships at all due to his recent injuries and being targeted by Magneta. Thirdly, Natalie Ikari and Attotekina Chikara will be spending their winter break here at U.A. in order to protect them from any retribution that the villains might be planning. Does everyone understand the plan going forwards?” the entire table nodded “Then the meeting is over and you may return to your usual duties”.


All Might headed out of the room and saw Aizawa quickly walking down the hallway. “Aizawa!” he called after the shorter man while running down the hall to catch up. “What is it All Might?” Aizawa asked tiredly and All Might took note of how drained he looked. “You didn’t talk much during the meeting, I just wanted to know why” the former number one asked earnestly. “I’m just really worn out from yesterday is all, no need to worry” Aizawa waved off his concerns and started walking down the hallway again.


“A hero’s job isn't to save everyone” All Might said down the hallway “It’s to save as many people as they can. Your job isn’t to protect the students no matter what, it’s to protect them as much as you can. Don’t go beating yourself up over what happened”. Aizawa stopped, turned around, and gave All Might a worn out smile before saying “Easier said than done”. He then proceeded to walk down the hall and out of the building.

Chapter Text

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!


Todoroki’s phone went off, pulling him out of the bored trance he had been in for the past few hours. He quickly reached over, saw it was from his sister, and answered it. “Hey Shoto, how’s your Christmas going?” Fuyumi asked, her voice cheerful as usual. “It’s not to be honest” he replied flatly, deciding not to sugar coat it.


The previous day, most of his class had been mind controlled by a super villain and forced to attack their fellow students. If it wasn’t for Kaminari and his group, things could have turned out far worse than even their disastrous training camp. Due to this morale around the dorm had been quite low ever since they got back, most students just hiding away in their rooms. Todoroki was doing the same and had no intentions of celebrating Christmas that year.


“Is this because of what happened yesterday?” she asked, Todoroki answering with a short “Yes”. “Now don’t go beating yourself up about what happened,” she told him sternly “mind control quirks are hard to deal with”. “I almost killed somebody yesterday” his mind drifted back to his fight with the large boy who he tried to incinerate.


Even though he can’t remember anything learned through the mind link, causing odd holes in his memories, he can still recall what he did while under the mind control. He fully intended to kill Chikara during their fight and would have pulled it off too if the other boy didn’t have such an insane pain tolerance. When he woke up in the nurse's office he immediately tried to find out what happened toChikara, his soul being crushed upon finding out he was in the hospital due to the severity of his injuries.


“It wasn’t you doing that” his sister's voice snapped him back to reality “it was that Defiler guy. You wouldn’t have attacked him without being mind controlled, so I don’t know why you feel so guilty”. “I want to be a hero, and heroes don’t kill people” he said, irritation in his voice since she wasn’t understanding why he was so upset. “Look” he heard her sigh “why don’t you just talk to him. If you apologize then maybe it’ll help clear up your conscience". Todoroki nodded, seeing the reasoning in her words, and responded “I think I will”.


“Great” her voice went back to normal “I hope that makes you feel better, you really don’t need more things to worry about”. “Why did you call exactly?” he asked, realizing she never really said her reasoning for contacting him. “Well first I wanted to see how your Christmas was going, I do care about your wellbeing and happiness after all, then I was going to ask if you were doing the work study with dad or not”.


“Did he ask you to find out on his behalf?” Todoroki asked, a note of deadpan in his voice. He had intentionally not told his father whether or not he would be doing the work study under him simply because it would irritate him. He planned on waiting until the last possible moment to tell him since it would make the old man do a lot of scrabbling in order to set everything up. “No he didn’t, I just noticed his increased irritation recently due to you not answering him. So are you?” Fuyumi asked.


Todoroki would say yes, the fact that his father had a lot to teach him about his fire wasn’t lost on him, but a thought suddenly occurred to him. Both Midoriya and Bakugo’s internship heroes were indisposed (With one dead and the other probably also dead) they had nowhere to go over winter break. If they joined then it wouldn’t just be him and his old man, a possibility that was too good to pass up. “I’m going to ask my friends if they want to join me first” he finally answered. “That’s a good idea, having friends around would make the break easier” Fuyumi encouraged him.


The two talked for a few more minutes before Todoroki hung up and started getting dressed. He put on some warm clothes and made his way out of the room and into the elevator. He went one floor down before it stopped and the doors opened to reveal Bakugo standing there. “Hey” Bakugo said curtly before stepping inside and waiting for the doors to close.


The two stood there silently, Todoroki not sure what to do. He knew that the polite thing to do would be to start up a conversation, but every conversation he had with the blonde ended with him getting screamed at. The two stood there until reaching the second floor, at which point the doors opened and Midoriya walked in.


“Todoroki! Kacchan!” Midoriya yelled in surprise upon seeing the other boys standing there. “Got something to say, nerd?!” Bakugo yelled at the other boy who quickly shook his head and scurried inside. “What are you up to?” Midoria asked Todoroki who answered “Going to the hospital”. “Me too” Bakugo and Midoriya said in unison, both boys looking at each other in surprise right afterwards.


The doors opened to the first floor and all three stepped out. “Why the hell are you going to the hospital?” Bakugo asked the other two aggressively. “I was going to apologize to Chikara for trying to kill him yesterday” Todoroki explained, starting to reconsider his trip to the hospital. “I wanted to talk to Ikari about how her quirk worked” Midoria looked a little embarrassed after saying it out loud.


“Hey guys you made it!” a voice suddenly shouted from the couches. Before they knew it Kaminari suddenly appeared in front of them, beaming as usual. “If the rest of the class was here then our party would be pretty tight, but we had to make do since it was just us” Kaminari gestured towards the spare number of people and decorations in the common room.


A christmas tree had been put up with various ornaments themed on all twenty students, a few light streamers were littered about, there were several cans of soda and bags of chips on the dining tables, and the tables had christmas tree centerpieces. Despite the number of snacks and decorations out the only other people there were Iida, Aoyama, and Kendo from 1-B. It made Todoroki somewhat sad to see the almost barren common room, meaning Kaminari was probably dying inside.


“We were heading to the hospital actually” Todoroki told Kaminari, the blonde seeming to deflate upon hearing the news. “Oh” Kaminari looked like someone kicked a small child in front of him “Okay. You three have fun then”. He shuffled back to the couch and sat down, Kendo giving him a consoling pat on the back. “Let's go” Todoroki briskly made his way out the front doors, wanting to leave the sad looking christmas party as soon as possible.


The other two boys followed Todoroki out the doors, all three of them walking in silence towards the front entrance. “You never said why were going to the hospital Bakugo” Todoroki pointed out and got an angry huff in reply. The three continued to walk, eventually leaving the school and heading towards the train station. “We are allowed to leave right?” Todoroki asked, suddenly unsure whether or not there was a rule change.


“What makes you say that?” Midoria asked, Bakugo eyeing him from the side but not saying anything. “We did just get attacked by supervillains yesterday, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that we aren’t allowed to leave” Todoroki explained. “We’re heroes in training, getting attacked by villains is something we just gotta get used to you fucking idiot” Bakugo aggresively chastived Todoroki.


The three got on the train and sat quietly for a few minutes until they reached the station and stepped off. A few minutes later they finally reached the hospital and, after finding out which rooms the three were staying in, started heading towards Ikari’s room together. “You guys don’t have to see her, you can just go meet the others if you want” Midoriya tried to dissuade them but both boys shook their head. “I want to know how that bitch is so strong” Bakugo explained, Todoroki having similar reasoning, and the three boys entered her room.


She was laying in bed and watching the news until the three came in, at which point she muted the television and turned to face them. “Hello you three, what brings you here?” she asked as the three stood by her bed. “I want to know what the fuck your quirk is” Bakugo said as bluntly as usual. “I was also curious how your quirk works” Midoriya admitted, causing Ikari to smile.


“My quirk lets me make these things” she held out her arms as what looked like red ribbons emerged from her skin and started hovering around. “I call them ribbons, they’re made from my blood and are super strong” one of the ribbons grabbed Midoriya by the arm and lifted him up in the air. “If this is your quirk then what the fuck was going on when you fought us?” Bakugo asked highly confused.


“That’s a different aspect of my quirk. Over the course of the month my physical abilities slowly get stronger until they reach their peak, at which point I go into heat and use my strength to make sure my target doesn’t get away” she explained calmly. After a few seconds of shocked silence Todoroki finally spoke up with “You go into heat?”. “Yeah, although I haven’t done it recently. I take a serum that makes sure I don’t go into heat and it’s worked so far, although I haven’t taken one recently so that might be a problem” she casually shrugged as though that wasn’t a big issue.


“Well where the fuck do you get the serum?” Bakugo asked, his eyes wide with alarm as though she might jump him at any second. “Ethan has a guy who makes all kinds of cool stuff like that, although Ethan wasn’t able to get the serum before yesterday so we don’t have any to use” she smiled at the panic in their eyes. “When do you go into heat?” Todoroki asked worriedly to which she replied “Today or tomorrow, it changes from month to month”.


The three boys exchanged looks and unanimously decided it was best to leave before she tried assaulting them. “Thanks for answering our questions, we’ll leave you to rest” Todoroki said while the other boys quickly made their way to the door. “I’m sorry  for what I did to your classmate” Ikari suddenly said somberly “I did what I had to in order to survive, that doesn’t make hurting a good person any easier”. “Apologize to her yourself bitch” Bakugo snarled while exiting the room, Midoriya and Todoroki following right after.


“That was pretty harsh Bakugo, she was apologizing after all” Todoroki pointed out, causing Bakugo to get in his face and yell “I don’t give a shit! That fucking bitch fucked up Jiro, she doesn’t deserve forgiveness!”. Bakugo marched ahead of the other two and swiftly made his way down the hall and out of sight, leaving Midoriya and Todoroki standing there awkwardly. “I forget sometimes how much he really does care about his friends” Todoroki finally said before continuing to walk down the hallway, Midoriya taking stride beside him.


Eventually the two reached Jiro’s room and quietly stepped inside. The lights were off and Bakugo was standing silently beside the bed, looking surprisingly somber. The two stood next to him and saw that Jiro was sleeping quietly. Her hospital gown was slightly open, allowing Todoroki to see her bandaged chest from being shot by Yaoyorozu. She also had bandages on one of her legs, one of she shoulders, and on her ears. It was very odd seeing Jiro without her earphone jacks, the sight almost being unsettling due to how wrong it looked


“Get better soon” Todoroki heard Bakugo whisper quietly, the quietest he had ever heard the blonde speak, before he headed out of the room. Todoroki decided to do the same and followed Bakugo into the hallway. “Are you going to head back?” Todoroki asked the blonde as Midoriya stepped out of Jiro’s room. “Sure am, I don’t feel like seeing that Ethan fucked today” Bakugo grumbled before heading towards the elevator. “I’ll stay with you” Midoriya said, causing Todoroki to smile before heading off to find the final student.


As he walked he desperately tried to come up with what he was going to say once meeting the boy, but to no avail. He almost killed him the day before, that isn’t the kind of thing someone gets over quickly. He wouldn’t be surprised if Chikara immediately told him to get out upon entering the room. Right as he began to realize that seeing the boy might be a bad idea, the room was suddenly in front of him. Taking a deep breath for whatever reception he might receive inside, he opened the door.


Chikara was already sitting up when they walked in, eyes trained on the two boys as they walked over to the side of his bed. “Let me guess” the large boy spoke first “You came to apologize for almost killing me?”. Todoroki nodded, not saying anything out of indecisiveness. Chikara looked terrible, absolutely covered in bandages from the multiple burns he received and his left arm in a sling. Todoroki waited for him to explode over the whole incident, but he just kept staring at him silently.


After thirty seconds the boy asked “Are you gonna apologize or do you just enjoy wasting time? Or maybe you’re just a big fan of hospital rooms, who knows?”. “Sorry” Todoroki said quickly before taking a deep breath and proclaiming “I am deeply sorry for what transpired yesterday between us. You were almost killed and it was my fault. I a-” “I forgive you” Chikara interrupted. “What?” Todoroki was taken aback by how easy it was and Chikara explained “I don’t blame you for what happened, it was mind control after all. The only person to blame is really myself since I made the conscious choice of fighting you even without any hero training”.


Chikara smiled at the bewildered look on the other boys face and said “Don’t be so shocked, the great and mighty Ethan does not hold grudges against those who don’t deserve it. You may rest easy knowing that I will not be sneaking into your room at night and strangling you with razor wire”. “Ethan?” Todoroki was confused and the other boy gave Midoriya a look and asked “Didn’t you tell senor daddy issues that I go by Ethan?”. “Sorry” Midoriya looked embarrassed that he hadn’t mentioned it sooner and Ethan rolled his eyes before muttering “God damn forgetful heroes”.


“Well then” Ethan clapped his hands together and turned back towards Todoroki “Looks like that’s all sorted out right?”. “Yes” Todoroki nodded and Ethan cried “Wonderful! Now get out, I got shit to do and I can’t have people watching while I do it”. Todoroki was about to ask what he meant but realized it was better he didn’t know and swiftly made his way out of the room. “Well that went well, right?” Midoriya asked as he stepped out of the room. “It did” Todoroki took a sigh of relief “I’m glad I came. Let’s head back”.


“Excuse me” a male voice called out to them before they could even take a step towards the elevator. Todoroki looked over and saw a well dressed man with brown hair, amber eyes, and cat ears approach the two of them quickly. “How can we help you?” Todoroki asked the man who replied “Are you Ethan’s friends?”. “Acquaintances actually” Todoroki explained and the man nodded before continuing “Regardless I’m happy you came to see him. Having someone other than me come all the way out here just for him will certainly brighten his day”. “Who are you to him?” Todoroki asked and the man said “Oh yes I forgot to explain that, I’m his stepfather. I came by to see him since his mother couldn’t make it. Again I thank you for visiting him”. The man then entered Ethan’s room and closed the door behind him, the two boys hearing Ethan ask “How’s it going dad?” before the door shut.


Midoriya and Todoroki made their way back to the school, both boys deep in thought. While Midoriya was muttering about Ikari’s quirk under his breath, Todoroki thought about Ethan and his stepfather. The fact that Ethan called him dad was significant since it meant he truly saw the man as his father, not just by marriage. It brought up memories of Todoroki from years prior, back when his mom still lived in the house.


He used to daydream about his mom divorcing his father and marrying someone else, someone who actually loved and cared about her. Of course that never happened since she went to the hospital and he spent over a decade with his father controlling every aspect of his life, causing those dreams of having a nice stepfather to quickly fade away.


“What’s wrong?” Midoriya asked, snapping Todoroki out of his thoughts. Realizing he must have been scowling he smoothed his face into its normally neutral expression and said “Nothing, just thinking of days gone by”. Midoriya nodded in understanding and went back to muttering to himself when Todoroki realized that he never asked Midoriya about the winter break work study. “Do you want to spend the winter break with me and my father?” Midoriya almost seemed to choke due to how sudden the question was and, after a few seconds of sputtering, finally said “Oh course”.


The two talked about the work study until they got off the train and started heading back towards the school. Once they reached it and entered the dorm, they were shocked to see the Christmas party was going full force with the entire class taking part. “You guys made it just in time” Ashido rushed up to them and slapped santa hats and jackets onto both boys. “Why did everyone come out of their rooms?” Todoroki was baffled by how many people were milling around. Looking closer he realized that not only was his class there, 1-B was also hanging around and having a good time. “When Bakugo got back he threatened everyone to come down to the party otherwise he would drag then there himself. Then he actually started doing it and everyone rushed down pretty quickly after that” Ashido explained merrily before skipping away and sitting down next to Uraraka on the couch.

“I didn’t do it out of the goodness of my heart” Bakugo suddenly appeared next to Todoroki, a santa hat taped to his head haphazardly, “I just got annoyed by the pathetic look on Kaminari’s face due to the shit party. I’m not sure why 1-B showed up but Kendo has been keeping that Monoma fucked on a short leash so I haven’t killed him yet”. “You really are a softy” Todoroki quipped, receiving the expected explosive outburst from the angry blonde before he stormed off. I’ll ask about the work study after the party he decided now is the time to have fun . He spent the next few hours cheerfully hanging out with his friends, taking in all the holiday cheer.

Chapter Text

It was evening on Christmas day and Tensei was heading back home after going to the corner store to grab some chips. His mother had tried to tag along with him but he eventually managed to convince her that he could do it on his own. After grabbing the chips and exiting the store he slowly made his way back down the street, whistling to himself.


This was the first time he had been out of the house on his own and it made him feel great. Even though he loved his parents greatly having to depend on them for so much wasn’t easy, which is why being out made him feel so rejuvenated. He hoped this outing would simply be the start of things, eventually culminating with the ability to freely come and go as he pleased.


He had reached the front of his house and was about to go inside when he spotted a woman sitting on a bench a little ways down, a look of deep sadness on her face. Seeing a possible opportunity to help someone in need, something that had been lacking in his life recently, he quickly rolled his wheelchair over to her.


“Sorry if I’m interrupting something but I noticed you looked sad and wanted to help” he said while positioning himself right next to the bench. “Huh?” she looked up at him in surprise “Oh, it’s nothing. Just some family drama”. She went back to looking at the ground before he pointed out “Family drama can be the hardest to deal with” which caused her to chuckle sadly and respond “I suppose so”.


Tensei locked his wheels to make sure he doesn’t roll away and tells the woman “Talking about it could help you feel better. It’s not exactly like you can tell your family what’s bugging you”. The woman sighed, told him “I guess talking couldn’t hurt, then turned to face him. She had bright yellow hair with several dark streaks through it as well as a pair of mismatched eyes, one yellow like her hair and the other dark grey.


“Wait a minute” the woman leans close and examines a confused Tensei very closely before exclaiming “I know you!”. “I was waiting for that” Tensei chuckles at her reaction due to how similar it was to a guy he met while buying the chips. “Yeah, your brother goes to school with my brother” the woman says, taking Tensei by surprise.


“Who’s your brother?” the former hero asks. While he had thought he recognized her upon seeing her face he chalked it up to his mind playing tricks on him, not suspecting he could be right. “Denki Kaminari, the electric boy who was on your brothers team during the Sports Festival” the woman tells him.


“Oh yeah” Tensei starts rubbing his chin while remembering that a boy like that did exist “Sorry I forgot about him, I was kind of busy during the Sports Festival”. The woman's eyes flicker towards his legs, a constant reminder of his failure, and her face is overcome with shame. “I didn’t mean to upset you sir” she bows her head guiltily and Tensei quickly says “You didn’t upset me at all, I just wanted to explain why I didn’t realize who you were talking about sooner”.


The woman picks her head back up while still looking guilty and Tensei reminds her “You were gonna talk about what’s bugging you”. “Right” the woman shifted on the bench for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and starting off with “The reason I’m feeling down is actually because of my brother. Not that he did anything wrong, it’s actually because of something my dad is doing”.


Tensei watches as she pulls out her phone and shows him a picture of a man with the same hair as hers, albeit with a good amount of grey at the temples, who has a very serious look on his face. “Your dad is the head of Universal Electronics?” Tensei is bewildered that he didn’t know this sooner considering what a massive corporation the company was. “Yeah that’s him alright” she puts the phone back in her pocket “He and my brother never really get along. He’s always a realist whereas Denki is an idealist”.


“It started shortly after Denki was born because he wasn’t even a year old when our parents split up. My and my other brother Heikin ended up with my dad while Denki ended up with my mom. I’m not sure why he ended up with her but that’s how it turned out” the woman shrugged in confusion. “I’m sorry miss but I just realized I don’t know your name” Tensei interrupted her story.


“Oh sorry about that, my name is Hikari and your name is Tensei right?” he nods and she smiles upon getting it right. “Back to what I was saying, Denki didn’t live with me or Heikin so we didn’t really see him that often. Up until he got his quirk I barely ever saw him, the two of us meeting once or twice a month if we were lucky. The only reason we saw each other at all was because mom occasionally couldn’t get a babysitter so she would leave him at our house”.


“What was you mothers job?” Tensei asks and Hikari smiles sadly before responding “She was a hero like you. She had to work a lot and had a hard time making ends meet since no one wanted to work with her due to some pretty vicious rumors about her being corrupt. Denki swears up and down that our dad started the rumors, yet another reason they don’t get along, but however they were caused it was only because of her working so much that I ever saw my youngest brother”.


“Then one day Heikin dared him to shove a fork into the wall outlet, which of course he did since he was only four years old. Before I could stop Denki from frying himself he suddenly started shooting sparks off his body before blowing out all the lights in our house”. “I take it that was when he discovered his quirk” Tensei theorized and Hikari nodded before adding “Dad freaked out when he got home and saw all the light exploded. Mom passed out when she heard Denki got his quirk”.


Hikari’s face seemed to brighten while she told Tensei the next part of her story. “After that dad suddenly became very interested in Denki since his quirk was so strong. He started inviting him over more often and even tried to mend his relationship with mom. I thought things were actually going to go back to the way they were before, especially since mom actually seemed to start getting more comfortable around dad”.


“I take it things didn’t work out” Tensei said and he watched as Hikari’s face fell, cursing himself for saying something so rude. “Yeah, it all happened on Denki’s eighth birthday. We had it at our house since it was bigger than mom's apartment and it was really nice. Denki is very sociable so he had plenty of friends to invite and pretty soon everything was getting underway. Right as we were about to cut his birthday cake, everything went horribly wrong”.


“Out of nowhere a bunch of armed goons attacked the party. They started shooting all the adults, including the other kids parents, before grabbing Denki and pointing a gun at his head” her face went grim as she recounted what happened, Tensei feeling a chill go through his body. “The goons were there to get something from my dad, a blueprint to some sort of camera I think, and they were threatening to shoot Denki in order to get it. My mom tried to fight them but they just shot her and I spent the next few minutes trying to make sure she didn’t bleed out”.


“Damn” Tensei couldn’t think of anything else to say, Hikari smiled sadly and said “Yeah that’s probably the best way to describe the whole situation. Denki tried to shock the goons but they were wearing insulating armor so it didn’t work and all he got was a pistol whip to the head. When dad refused to hand over the blueprints, saying something about how dangerous it would be if they got their hands on the camera, they decided to shoot one of the kids. That was a mistake since the first kid they aimed at was Denki’s best friend, a girl named Onpa Te”.


“I take it that your brother didn’t take to kindly to that” Tensei deadpanned and Hikari nodded sadly. “He went berserk when he saw that she was about to get shot. That was when his quirk fully awakened. '' “Your brother had a quirk awakening?” Tensei was surprised since those were very rare with only about fifteen percent of the population ever getting one. “Yeah he did, and it was fucking scary” Hikari’s eyes suddenly grew distant, as if she was seeing it unfold in front of her right then and there.


“Denki went ballistic and attacked the goons, hitting them with electrical bolts so powerful it burned right through their armor. He kept shocking them until mom yelled at him to stop at which point he finally did, although it was too late by then. He accidentally, or maybe intentionally, killed all eight thugs”. Hikari went silent and Tensei did as well, trying to connect the happy kid he saw at the Sports Festival with the brutal powerhouse she was describing.


“Things went pretty bad after that. Mom immediately put him on some high powered quirk suppressors and stopped bringing him over to our house. Dad had to work overtime to make sure Denki didn’t get locked away in a quirk house for the rest of his life”. Tensei knew what she was talking about, quirk houses being special treatment centers for people who had quirks that were so dangerous they couldn’t be allowed to live with the general public. If Denki was sent to one of those, there was almost no chance he would ever leave.


“Things got even worse for mom since she was basically shunned from superhero society due to the rumors and she had to do some really messed up stuff to pay the bills. At least, even more messed up than before”. Hikari’s face looked utterly crushed while recounting all these things. “If talking about these things makes you feel bad you can just stop” Tensei pointed out “The reason you started talking at all was to make you feel better remember”. “It’s fine” Hikari put on a smile “I think about it a lot, so being able to tell someone about it somehow does make me feel better”.


“But yeah, things kind of sucked for awhile” she went back into recounting her story “But things didn’t get really screwed up until a little over a year later. One day I was just hanging out at home and putting off some homework that was due in a few days when I got a call from my dad. It turned out that Denki would be living with us from now on. Because mom was killed during a raid”. Hikari stopped, wiped a tear from her eye, took a deep breath, and continued with “We had the funeral a few days later and Denki has been living with us ever since”.


“It seems like almost every major tragedy your brother has suffered could be traced back to your dad” Tensei brought up “The divorce, the rumors around your mom, the attack during the party, all of it comes back to your dad”. “Now you sound like Denki” Hikari shook her head “The divorce was a mutual agreement, there is no proof that my dad started those rumors, there was nothing my dad could have done to stop the thugs from attacking, and there is no evidence that my dad tipped off the criminals that the raid was going down”.


“I didn’t say your dad tipped off the criminals” Tensei was very confused why she brought it up and she explained quickly “Denki thinks that dad tipped off the villains since they seemed prepared for the assault. Personally I think he just wants to pin all the blame on someone in order to make himself feel better. Heikin and me have been trying to make him realize that dad isn’t some super criminal that causes all the world's problems, but he never listens”.


Hikari sighed loudly and laid her head back against the bench before saying “And if my dad’s plan goes through, their animosity is going to reach new heights. It’s why I looked so sad earlier, I know this is going to end horribly yet dad wants to go through with it anyway”. “What is your dad trying to do?” Tensei is almost afraid to hear the answer. “He wants Denki to marry Momo Yaoyorozu. Sometime in the next few months” she says, the surprise to severe that Tensei counts his lucky stars that he was already sitting down.


“What possible reason could he possibly have to want that?” Tensei is blown away but the idea of a father making his sixteen year old son get married. “He thinks it will allow his company to become business partners with the Yaoyorozu shipping company. I think it’s a stupid idea and that Denki has enough on his plate already but he just ignored me”. Hikari huffs “I try and help Denki out whenever dad is being too hard on him but nothing I do ever seems to help and it sucks. I want Denki to look up to me more but he just sees me as an extension of my dad. Heikin is my pretty guilty of being just like my dad though, the brown nosing jerk”.


“Why is your brother a brown noser?” Tensei asks, Hikari responding with “He does everything he can to get on my dad’s good side since doesn’t have a quirk, well sort of. Technically, he does have some kind of quirk since he only has one joint in his pinky toe but since it never manifested he’s basically quirkless. Actually on all of his paperwork it says he’s quirkless since dad thinks that having people know his quirk never activated would look bad. It’s why I wear a yellow contact on my grey eye most of the time, dad thinks the uniformity looks better than having my eyes different colors”.


“I’m starting to see why Denki hates your dad” Tensei said dryly, the fact that a father hides aspects of his kids that he doesn’t like making his stomach turn. “Don’t be like that, my dad is a really great guy. Everything we do affects not only him but the company as well so it makes sense he would want us to appear normal. He’s right that Heikin’s missing quirk might be off putting and he’s right that my grey eye looks ugly”.


“I think your grey eye looks beautiful” Tensei says automatically, not wanting someone as nice as Hikari to hate a part of themselves. When her face breaks out into an intense blush he realizes that he might have gone to far and quickly says “Sorry, that was too much wasn’t it?”. “It’s fine” Hikari’s blush is slowly receding “Thank you for the compliment”. “Oh course” Tensei slowly smiles “It’s what I’m here for. Actually” he looks down at his wheelchair “I guess all I’m good for these days is going down the street to grab some chips”.


“Don’t sell yourself short, You’re much more than that” Hikari tells him. Now it’s Tensei’s turn to blush, covering his face with his hands in a vain attempt to stop her from noticing. It of course fails and she giggles before saying “Now you know how I felt, karmic justice” and doing a little fist pump.


Tensei’s phone rings and he answers it only to almost have his eardrums blasted out when his mother half talks/half screams at him for taking too long and scaring her. “I’m just down the street, was helping somebody out. I’ll be home soon” he hangs up and faces Hikari. “Looks like my time is up, I should head home now”.


“Of course” she stands up as he unlocks his wheels and faces the direction of his house and is about to start rolling, only to feel Hikari’s hands grab onto the handles before she starts pushing him. “It’s the least I can do since you were kind enough to listen to my problems” she says before he can complain. He just shrugs and lets her walk him the short distance to his house and soon enough he’s at the front door and rang the doorbell.


“There you are” his mother has a worried look on her face as she leans down and hugs him “I was worried sick when you didn’t come back quickly”. “Sorry about that mother, I was just helping out Hikari here” he pointed his thumb towards the woman who waves sheepishly. “You always have to help anyone and everyone in need” his mother shakes her head and starts wheeling him inside.


“Thank you for helping me” Hikari waves at him once he gets inside and he waves back while saying “Anytime”. Hikari turns around to leave and his mother starts closing the door when a sudden urge takes over him and he suddenly yells “Wait!”. Both Hikari and his mother jump at his sudden outburst and turn to face him.


“I was wondering” he suddenly feels like a small child, unsure of what to say next, “If you wanted too … maybe … come inside? My mother makes the best spaghetti". “Oh” Hikari blushes slightly and says “Well … if I’m not intruding”. “Not at all” Tensei faces his mother and gives the biggest and most intense puppy dog eyes of his entire life, watching as her apprehension melts away under his puppery gaze. “Very well I’ll make some spaghetti, although I’ll need to run to the store to get some ingredients” his mother says as she’s putting on her jacket and shoes while Hikari steps inside and takes a seat on the couch, Tensei pulling up right next to her.


“I’ll be back in a few minutes, take care” his mother quickly heads out and leaves the other two alone together again. “Well while we wait, how about you tell me about your favorite book series and I’ll see if it’s almost half as good as mine” Tensei grins and Hikari laughed lightly before saying “Very well, let’s see if your favorite series can stand up next to mine”.


The two started chatting about books, then food, then quirks and so on. The longer they talked, the farther away Hikari’s problems seemed to be. When Tensei’s mother got back the three helped make the spaghetti and eventually all sat down to eat, soon joined by Tensei’s father who just got home. Over dinner they ate, laughed, and generally had a good time. When four hours past he decided it was time to head home and gave Tensei her number in order to keep in touch. She thanked Tensei’s parents for letting her come over and hugged Tensei himself before heading out. As she left, both Tensei and Hikari had the same thought.


I can’t wait until next time

Chapter Text

“Damn” Kaminari mutters after missing another shot at the soda can he set up. It was past midnight but he still couldn’t sleep so he was trying to knock over a soda can with an electric blast but they just kept missing. He even though he was able to hit Tokoyami and Magneta during their battle he just couldn’t hit an object so small.


He tried again by lifting his hand and doing the same motion he does with his support gear, fireing off a blast that shot off to the side and hit a poster. “Whatever” he grabbed a sock and threw it, nailing the soda can on the first try. Pulling out his phone he was going to look up the newest HOPR video when he suddenly got a call from his sister.


“What’s up?” he asked casually, surprised that she was up so late. “Are you friends with Tenya Iida?” she asked out of the blue. “I’m friends with everybody in my class, I’m offended you even have to ask” he feigns offence cheekily and he hears here mutter “Thank goodness” under her breath. “I want you to ask about his brother, what his likes and dislikes are” he says, confusing Kaminari even further.


“First off, why do you care? Secondly why should I do any of that?” he asked. Even though his relationship with Hikari wasn’t as bad as with his brother and dad, they still weren’t very close so her asking him for a favor like this seems out of character. “I met Tensei Iida tonight and he was a kind and wonderful person. I want to be ready for the next time we meet up so I need to know what his likes and dislikes are. Can you please help me?” she asks desperately.


“You went on a date with Iida’s brother?!” Kaminari yells in surprise at the revelation, completely blindsided since Hikari never did anything like that. “Not a date, we just talked for awhile. Actually it was more of me talking about you and dad’s bad relationship for a few minutes straight” she said, raising Kaminari’s interest.


“Did you go into detail?” Kaminari asked, somewhat concerned, and she responded “A lot. I told him about the divorce and the rumors and you eight birthday party and how you blame mom’s death on him” she started talking about her conversation and explained exactly what she told the retired hero.


“Why did you feel the need to tell someone you just meet about all the horrible shit that’s happened to us. Did you even consider that some of us wouldn’t like you telling complete strangers intimate details about our lives?” he could almost feel his blood pressure rising the longer he talked. “He said I could talk about it so I did” she defended herself, although there was now a note of uncertainty in her voice.


“And dad calls me an idiot” Kaminari started rubbing his temples agitatedly, barely believing what he just heard. The things she talked about were extremely personal and not something you should just blab to the first person you meet. “I’m sorry” she says and he angrily replies “You should be sorry. The reason why dad likes Heikin more than you isn’t because he’s a brown noser like you say, it’s because you can’t keep your damn mouth shut!” he screams the last part to emphasize the point.


Hikari was under the delusion that the reason she wasn’t at the top of the company with her brother was because he was a brown noser, when in reality it was because she had incredibly loose lips. If she was clued in to just how corrupt and evil their dad really was, the full story would be out within a week. It's part of the reason Kaminari himself doesn’t like talking to her since he knows she’ll just run her mouth without realizing it.


“I guess you’re not going to help me?” Hikari asks, Kaminari responding “Suck a dick” before hanging up. He face planted on the bed and groaned, not believing what just transpired. A small part of him knew that he was being too harsh, but it was so easy to go off on her whenever she started spilling his secrets.


After a few minutes of trying to calm himself down he sat back up and pulled out his phone to watch that HOPR video. Unfortunately he couldn’t get his mind off what she said so instead he quickly turned off the phone and laid on the bed in silence. His mind drifted back to his insane eight birthday party.


In all honesty he barely remembered anything from that day. He remembers the beginning of the party pretty well, him and his friends playing together and his parents watching him as he did so. This was during the time his dad tried to get closer to his mom just so that he could have easier access to Denki, something that only Denki himself seemed to realize.


He remembers Onpa coming over, he remembers her bitch of a mother eyeing up the fancy house like she wanted to rob the place, he even remembered his mom telling him “If Opi’s mom puts anything in her pocket call me or your dad”. He remembered them about to start cutting the cake, then everything went weird.


He couldn’t remember what exactly happened when the thugs first attacked, he only remembered the sense of fear and panic while it was happening. He remembered gunshots and him crying out when his mom was shot, although he can’t recall how the scene looked when he did so. The only thing he does remember clearly is the look of fear on Onpa’s face when the gun aimed at her head.


After that his memories became even more broken to the point that trying to recall anything just gave him a headache. The closest he could get was feeling an intense rage that felt like it was going to cook him from the inside out. The next thing he could remember was his mother screaming “Stop, that’s not what heroes do!” which managed to snap him out of his trance.


Unfortunately, he apparently saw several dead bodies and his mind completely shut down since the next clear memory was from several days later. He was in the kitchen of his mom's apartment and she was making him a sandwich. He asked her “What happened?” and she screamed, hugging him tight and explaining that he hadn’t spoken in days. He also asked why his body felt so weird and she said that he started using quirk suppressors during his blackout period.


Eventually he found out he killed the thugs and while at first afraid that it would mean he couldn’t be a hero, his mom assured him that everything would be alright and that he would become the world's greatest hero. He didn’t go back to his dad's house or see his siblings for a long time after that. He also lost most of his friends since their parents had either been shot or were almost shot during the party.


Luckily he still had Onpa by his side (He also had he crappy family but they were a package deal) so things didn’t look as bleak as they could have. Still that party was basically the start of his life taking a nosedive that, if he was honest with himself, still hadn’t ended. Chi was a bright spot for sure and one of the few things keeping him going but even with her he could tell that his life was just a constant downward spiral that would eventually end with his death, probably sad and alone somewhere far away from anybody who cared about him.


“Damn it Hikari look what you’ve done, now I’m getting all depressed!” he yells in anger at the effect his sisters conversation had on him. He sat up and turned on his T.V. before flipping to a channel that showed nothing like old crime dramas. While they didn’t used to be a particular favorite of his, ever since he started watching the with Kendo he’s started to really enjoy them. “Thanks Kendo, I owe you one” he muttered as he let the complicated storyline wash over him and slowly get him to relax. Eventually, after several hours of plot twists and cigars, he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Jiro awoke suddenly in her bed, sitting upright quickly before feeling pain shoot through her body and falling back down. It felt as though cotton balls were shoved into her ears since everything she heard sounded like it was being muffled by something. She lifted her right hand up to her ear and felt the bandages around it, partially explaining why she felt so off. As she lowered her hand a realization hit her suddenly. She couldn't feel her jacks.


She started furiously searching her earlobes for her ear jacks but couldn’t find them. She then tried to move them like usual but even though she could almost feel them moving nothing happened. She looked around quickly to try and find a mirror when the door to her room opened and a large man in a hospital gown walked in.


“What’s up flattop?” the large man asked while taking a seat next to her bed. She opened her mouth to speak before the realization that she was in a hospital stopped any words from coming out. The last thing she remembered was trying to kill Natalie at school and as such had no idea how she got to a hospital. “Where am I?” she finally said after the shock went away and the man replied “A hospital, Natalie fucked up your ears not your eyes so I don’t know how you couldn’t figure that one out on your own”.


The man's voice sounded familiar and she asked “Do I know you?” which caused the man to smile and say “Not really, only time we talked before now was when I screamed at you after getting shot up by Momo”. “Oh yeah” the memory of him screaming before she passed out came back to her “Who are you?”. “Call me Ethan, Ethan Himmel if your curious and Mr. Himmel if your all business” the man laughed at his own joke and looked out the window.


“What happened, my memory is weird and my jacks are missing?” she asked urgently and the man turned towards her and casually said “Natalie ripped your jacks apart and the doctors had to completely remove them. You got it rough flattop”. Jiro was almost sure her heart stopped at his words and was on the verge of tears when Ethan noticed her distress and quickly said “They’ll grow back don't worry. The doctors aren’t too sure about that but I know your DNA inside and out, backwards and forwards, upside down and right side up so believe me when I say that they will grow back”.


“Why do you know so much about my DNA?” Jiro’s distress was quickly turning into fear at the idea that some strange man had her DNA and knew it intimately. “Science my good lady, I know about your DNA because of science” was his vague answer before he turned back towards the window. “That wasn’t an answer” she said quickly but he just shrugged and responded “Tell it to someone who cares”. “Do you work here?” she asked even though he was wearing a hospital gown and he shook his head before saying “I’m not that old. I go to U.A. like you, only I’m in the support course. I’m in the same year as you. We’ve met before remember” he tapped his temple and she realized that he was the same guy that led them to their rooms after Kaminari set the dorms on fire.


“Sorry” she rubbed her temples “My memory is really weird right now. I remember trying to kill Natalie but I don’t remember much from before or after that”. “That’s due to Defiler’s mind control. Sometimes when it severs the victim loses large swaths of memories and slowly gets them back. No one else from the school  suffered that so consider yourself special” Ethan said offhandedly while still looking outside. The memory of being groped by that blonde bastard made Jiro quickly cover her chest with her arms before slowly lowering them.


“My class!” Jiro suddenly yelled and Ethan looked over at her, eyebrow raised. “What about them?” he asked and she replied “Is everyone okay, what happened?”. “Other than you, me, and Natalie no one else got critically injured. A few of your classmates came by earlier actually although you were still out” Jiro was taken aback. “How long have I been out?” she asked and Ethan looked at his watch before saying “Little over a day, that mind control sure did a number on you”.


“Okay” Jiro took a deep breath to try and calm herself “I want you to tell me everything that happened during and after the attack”. “Sure, assuming I got the time” Ethan walked over and pulled up a chair next to her bed before sitting down. “Since you were unconscious for most of the attack it doesn’t surprise me that you’re still confused about the whole thing” Ethan smirked before starting his explanation.


“So basically a group of villains broke into the school and tried to kill Kamanari, that much you should already know. The first thing they did was go after your teacher before hitting the two training groups. Birdman and Monsieur French resisted the mind control due to their eyewear so they got attacked leading to Fumikage going down and Yuga getting away. After that they went after the two other groups and got them too, luckily for you it was after you left. Then they tried to capture Denki and the rest of you but your group managed to slip away. This is when things get complicated”.


Ethan looks at his watch, grimaces, and says “I won't go into much detail since I might not have time for it, so this is getting streamlined. Izuku got mind controlled so he and a few others went off to attack Class 1-B for some godforsaken reason. Hitoshi, Denki, and Natalie followed them in an attempt so stop them. They failed. Defiler and Shoto took Itsuka and headed back to the training area while I took Natalie and the other two to the nurse. After dropping her off we headed back to save Itsuka and ran into your half dead body”.


“Why did they grab Kendo?” Jiro interrupted but Ethan held up his hand and said “No questions until after the tour. Back to the story, I fought some of your friends while the two boys hauled you off to safety. Then we met up and tried to find where they took the girl but got attacked by Shoto and Fumikage. I held them off and eventually defeated both Shoto and Tenya, who came for round two, before trying to find the villains. Meanwhile Magneta tried to kill you all but you escaped and held up in a room until help came, meanwhile Denki went off to rescue Itsuka. He was almost immediately knocked out and brought to Magneta who tried to kill him but was saved through a combination of Endeavors skill and my love of obliterating things. Then the whole thing with you getting mind controlled happened but Yuga knocked Defiler out in time to save Denki’s face from getting cut open. Unfortunately the villains got away but hey, at least no one died” Ethan gave a thumbs up as though that was a consolation prize.


“Then what?” Jiro asked, desperate for more information, and Ethan just said “Then hospital for us and crushing guilt for everyone else”. “So Magneta came to kill Kaminari, but they also wanted to grab Kendo?” Jiro was incredibly confused by what the villains motivations were. “That is the million dollar question right there” Ethan pointed at her “What the funk and wagnall were Defiler and his crew doing with the whole kidnap Itsuka thing? I have a theory, but I don’t really have any evidence for it”.


“What’s the theory?” Jiro asked, hoping to alleviate her confusion about the whole thing, and Ethan sat back in his chair and exhaled loudly. “To explain the whole theory would require about seven straight hours and at least four whiteboards so I’ll make it as brief as possible. I believe that Itsuka was kidnapped because her aunt is in a cult”.


Jiro stared at him blankly, not even beginning to understand what he meant. “A cult?” she asked, “A cult” he answered. “Why would Defiler care about Kendo’s aunt being in a cult?” Jiro voiced the most obvious question first, not seeing even a hint of the large boys reasoning. “Because this cult is full of hot ladies, ladies that he could sell as slaves or workers if he got his hands on them” Ethan looked at his watch again then out the window before turning back to her. “They call themselves “The Cult of One” and they are a very old group. If my research is correct then their leader was the first person to have a quirk, ever”.


“They were founded by that glowing guy from China?” Jiro had heard that the first recorded quirk was from some glowing guy in Qing Qing City but Ethan shook his head. “I believe that the cults founder was born before him and simply didn’t have an immediately obvious quirk. If my research is correct, the founder has the ability to take the quirks of others. By eating them”. “What?” Jiro pictured some poor soul getting shoved into an oven and turned into a turkey dinner, the mental image making her feel queasy. “It’s true, the founder could swallow people whole and gain their quirks. From what I could find it seems that only womens quirks could be taken, not mens. This has lead to the cult being comprised mostly of women”.


“Why would you join a cult if the leader ends up eating you?” Jiro was having trouble understanding the appeal of the cult. “The inner working of the cult are mysterious and I haven’t found much. From the sparse information at my disposal it seems that being digested is seen as an honor for those in the cult, something about being one with “The Mother”. That’s what they call their leader by the way, The Mother, as if that doesn’t sound creepy as hell. I, and most people who know about her, prefer to call her “The Unifier” since she unifies people with her body” Ethan appeared to be growing agitated by the topic.


“You never said why people would join the cult” Jiro pointed out and Ethan looked at his watch yet again before answering. “Apparently they draw you in by offering help and companionship to women who need it. They prey on people who have nothing to lose and help them get back on their feet. After spending enough time in the cult they eventually become indoctrinated by its ideals, like any worthwhile cult. Most women who get consumed do so willingly in order to join The Mother, Although apparently there have been a few occasions where The Mother consumes someone who is unwilling if she really wants their quirk. I’ll say it again that I don’t know a whole lot about the inner workings and have basically been scraping any information I can together in order to come up with something”.


“So there is a weird cult founded by the first quirk user that Kendo’s aunt is a part of and Defiler kidnapped her in order to … what exactly?” Jiro wasn’t seeing all the dots connect. “To use her as bait to draw out the cult. Even though they may be crazy they do take care of their own, if Itsuka was nabbed then her aunt would probably call on the cult to get her back. At that point Defiler would mind control one so she could tell him where the rest of them are and he would try to enslave them all. Emphasis on try since that mother fucker would only make it three steps into their base before getting fucking slaughtered by them”.


“Why would they go after Kendo if the aunt is the real target, surely they could just grab her and use her to find the base” Jiro still wasn’t seeing why Kendo got kidnapped. “Because her aunt is gone, disappeared a few months ago. More than likely she went to join them at their main base, wherever that is, so Defiler needed a more immediate target. Of course it’s possible that she was eaten by The Mother, who can say really? Of course it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong and he just went after her because he has a thing for redheads, this is all just speculation. But if I am right, and I think I am, then you better watch yourself” Ethan gave her a grave look.


“Me?” Jiro was confused “What do I have to do with any of this?”. “You are good friends with both Momo Yaoyorozu and Denki Kaminari, both of whom have families with extremely deep pockets. If Defiler want’s to find the cult then all he would have to do is kidnap you and force your friends to use their family resources to find where the cult is hiding. Considering he let Magneta try and kill your boyfriend I get the feeling that he hasn’t told anyone else in the group what his plans are so he probably wouldn’t even ask for permission before nabbing you. Even if he did Magneta would see your capture as a good thing since Denki would suffer because of it. Just make sure you sleep with one eye open from now on cause he could come after you at any moment” Ethan said the last few words ominously to hammer home the point.


As soon as he finished speaking, they heard a large crash and the whole hospital shook. “Finally!” Ethan rushed to the window and looked outside, a manic gleam in his eyes. “What’s happening, is it Defiler?!” Jiro was freaking out since she couldn’t defend herself in her weakened state. “It’s Natalie, she’s finally hit her limit and has run off to fuck someone” Ethan opened the window and stuck his head out to look around. “Once a month she goes into heat and runs off to bang some guy. The guy she bangs is whoever she “Marks” and changes from month to month. I don’t know what causes her to mark guys but she has to have spent time alone with them in the past month. Usually I give her a serum to stop that from happening but since I’ve been cooped up in here I couldn’t make it in time”.


He started backing up from the window and crouched when he reached the wall, almost like he was about to run at it. “Her escape is the perfect time for me to run off and make that serum for her, as well as feed my pet bird” Ethan chuckled “Yeah, bird”. “See ya soon flattop” he suddenly sprinted across the room and dived out the window, Jiro hearing explosions after he left.


“Well” Jiro said to the empty room “That was a thing that happened”. She decided to lay back in bed and try to sleep her problems away when she remembered something. Natalie and Kaminari spent time alone together when she was showing off his gear Jiro suddenly remembered could she have marked him ? While worried at first she eventually dismissed the possibility. Natalie had a full month of time to spend with people, she probably marked someone else long before Kaminari.


Really, what were the chances she marked him?

Chapter Text

Overhaul sat in his cage and thought about all the horrible things he would do to his captor once he got out. It had been over a day and he hadn’t returned, leaving the yakuza boss starving and desperately searching for a way to escape. He tried slamming on the door again but knew it wouldn’t do any more damage than the last fifty times he did it. After five minutes of that he sat back down on the floor to come up with a new plan.


During his incarceration in prison he had been given surprisingly expensive metal hands and forearms to use. While unwieldy at times they did allow him to live like any other prisoner. Unfortunately when he was “rescued” the boy took away his metal substitutes, only allowing him to use them when eating a meal. For what seemed like the hundredth time he tried to use his quirk to destroy the cage but once again it failed.


He thought back to his time and experiences in prison. While not fun by any means he did have enough autonomy to walk around his room and do various things. He actually started learning how to draw in order to practice making fine movements with his metal hands. NOw he was stuck in a cell with no food and no hope of rescue.


What’s funny is when he was first busted out of prison he thought it was a blessing. He had been informed that he was being moved to Tarturas in order to keep him fully contained earlier that day. He remembered the panic rising in his chest at the thought of being strapped to a chair with a straight jacket forever. When a guard opened his cell and told him to get moving, he thought it was time.


He was incredibly surprised when he was lead to the loading docks, especially since there wasn’t another guard in sight. Once there a large truck pulled up and opened the back doors, revealing a bunch of boxes. “What is this?” he had asked the guard only to get smashed in the head with the mans baton and knocked out. When he woke up he was in the lab before being experimented on by his mentally unstable captor.


Suddenly the door to the lab opened and Ethan walked in, dressed in a slightly burned hospital gown. “Sup birdman, how’s life been treating you?” the large boy asked while popping a small pizza into the microwave. Overhaul said nothing as usual, not wanting to give Ethan the satisfaction of a response. “You better say something fast otherwise this pizza might end up on my plate and not yours” the boy threatened but Overhaul remained silent, smiling internally when Ethan sighed dejectedly.


“Here’s your dinner” Ethan put the pizza on a plate, walked up to the door of the cage, waited for Overhaul to walk to the other end and face the other way, unlocked the door and walked inside, then placed the plate on the floor before leaving the cage and locking up again. Overhaul stuck his arms out through the bars and waited for Ethan to put on the metal hands. While he usually squirmed and struggled while having his hands put on he was so hungry that it didn’t even bother him.


“There you go, ya big grouch” Ethan stood back and Overhaul sat on the floor before quickly eating the pizza. Even though he was breaking out in hives from the less than sanitary conditions he managed to eat the whole pizza very quickly. Once finished Overhaul put the plate back down and started rubbing various parts of himself in a vain attempt to clean up. “You really need to get over your germ thing, your sitting like a foot away from your shit bucket after all” Ethan remarked while watching his prisoner clean himself.


Overhaul was internally swearing at him when the boy walked over to a table and started gathering equipment. “Good old Natalie has got a bad case of cat scratch fever and I need to fix her. I even saw a good movie recently that had a great one liner that I plan on using while injecting her with the serum.” Ethan started rambling about a topic that made no sense to Overhaul which wasn’t a surprise since most of what Ethan said was nonsensical gibberish.


“It’s from a movie called “Cobra” you see” Ethan continued with his inane story “Where the hero walks up to a bad guy and says “Your cancer, and I’m chemotherapy” and it’s so badass”. Overhaul scoffed internally since he actually knew what movie Ethan was talking about and he also knew that the line actually went “You’re a disease, and I’m the cure” meaning that the boy was talking nonsense again.


“I admit” Ethan’s words drew Overhauls attention “I kind of blame myself for this happening. I kept putting off making the serum since it’s a pain in the ass to produce. Now due to my laziness she’s gonna sexually assault some poor shmuck and it’s all my fault”. Overhaul looked over at the boy and saw his shoulders slump, surprising the villain greatly.


Natalie was a frequent talking point for Ethan when he was in the lab. It seemed like half of the time he spent talking was dedicated to all the ways he both hated and admired the girl. One minute he would be saying how her smile made him feel better and the next he was screaming about how she filled all his Pop Tarts with cream cheese just to annoy him. Overhaul genuinely couldn’t tell if the boy was in love with her or not and he doubted that the Ethan knew himself.


“But no matter!” Ethan stood up tall “I am a man, and men get shit done!”. Ethan threw himself feverishly into his work, slowly putting together the serum while Overhaul sat there silently. Ethan had forgotten to remove him hand prosthetics so the former Yakuza examined them to try and find a piece he could remove to wake a weapon that wouldn’t break the hands or be too noticeable.


After what felt like three hours, Overhaul had no idea how long it actually was, Ethan suddenly shouted “It is done!”. He held up a vial of blue liquid and proclaimed “This will cure her heat induced madness! Now all I have to do is track her down and find a way to put this in her body without her trying to rip my skull out! Easy peasy!”.


He rushed over to a nearby radio and turned it on, hoping to hear about her on the news most likely. After going through several stations he finally found what he was looking for. “U.A. student Natalie Ikari is currently fighting several other students and heroes right outside the schools front gates” a female newswoman said through the speaker “She appears to be following a specific student. I believe that is Denki Kaminari, son of Kanden Kaminari and hero during the villains attack on U.A. yesterday”. “Well that was helpful” Ethan said while putting the vial in his pocket “Thank’s plot convenience news, your help is dearly appreciated”. He then ran out of the room and closed the door behind him, leaving Overhaul alone again.


“What an aggravating personality, I don’t know how anyone puts up with him” Overhaul wondered out loud once he left. “Then again, I barely got along with my men. I guess you learn how to deal with it after awhile” Overhaul looked at his hands again, not having any luck in removing an inconspicuous piece, and sighed. What he wouldn’t do to have his hands and gang back.


“Is this the rest of my life?” he wondered “A blood bank for some insane kid, never achieving anything? There has to be more than this, I just need to be patient. An opportunity will present itself sooner or later”. He looked at the closed door, wondering how much time Ethan would give him. He only kept Overhaul around because he wanted to study his quirk, raising the question of what will happen once he achieves his goal.


“He needs me alive to make serums” Overhaul remembered Ethan saying how he needed his DNA to access his quirk, meaning he couldn’t simply kill him off. Perhaps his long term purpose was just as a blood bank to make serums, Overhaul needed more time to see what Ethans plans truly were. All he knew was that Ethan was very interested in his quirk and that kept him alive for now.


“Wait for an opportunity” he muttered “Just wait”.