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Faded Ink On the Piano

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When Winn thinks back on it, the way he met Byron was the clichest shit ever, and he should’ve seen that with his track record of Siobhan and Lyra, it wouldn’t have stayed perfect.
It was a sunny Tuesday morning, Winn rushed out of his apartment complex a frazzled, frantic mess- he was late to work at the DEO. It was only the,what?, third time in the past two weeks and J’onn was starting to get annoyed with him.

Closing the apartment complex’s door, Winn tried to put his messenger bag on his shoulder and text Alex that the bus was late. He turned around and stepped down, right into a large, muscular chest.Winn flayed backwards, trying to get out of the way of the chest and lost all sense of gravity as he tripped on the bottom step and fell onto the hard pavement. His arms swirled like windmills, he squeezed his eyes shut, his heart pounded in his chest, his phone fell and cracked on the pavement, he saw his papers from his bag flutter around him and the mystery man when he felt himself jerk to a stop by his left wrist.

A moment passes

Winn cracked his eyes open and before anything else, it’s the man’s handkerchief he looks at. It was a bright, alluring crimson amidst the black blazer and shirt the stranger had donned that day. Winn darted his eyes up to the strangers face and….wow.

Winn walks into the DEO in a daze, and Alex looked at him warily before asking ,” Winn, You okay?”

“I think… I may have saw the prettiest man on Earth.,” he replied, wistfully.

A shrill gasp emanates the other side of the room. “You’re gay, Winn?”

The DEO stops.

Alex covers her mouth to stifle her giggles, and J’onn face palms. Winn rolls his eyes.

“Kara, I’m Bi. Why do you think I like your cousin so much?”