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why don't you fry my circuits, baby (i want to see the stars)

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“Kook,” Namjoon murmurs, leaning into Jungkook’s space to press a soft kiss to his lips.

He feels a small thrill go through him at the gentle contact, still not quite used to being able to do this; kiss Jungkook with no pretenses, none of the faulty objectivity with which he used to coat his underlying desire for the android. Jungkook is his boyfriend now, his love, and Namjoon is done wasting time when that time could be used for kissing and, well, this. 

“Mm?” Jungkook hums into the kiss, eyes fluttering open to peer at Namjoon curiously.

“How do you want this?” Namjoon asks. He lets his hand stroke up Jungkook’s side, tenderly cupping the area of his body where a rib cage would lie if he weren’t simply metal plating and wires underneath. “Do you still want this?”

“Yes!” Jungkook replies quickly, eyes widening in his haste to confirm. Then he lets out a small, shaky sigh, eyes flitting away and then back again, fingers fidgeting where they rest on top of Namjoon’s thigh. 

He’s nervous, Namjoon thinks fondly, the hand resting on Jungkook’s side rising to brush some of his dark hair away from his forehead. The other day, Jungkook had asked him if he could try a longer style, and Namjoon had made the appropriate adjustments. Now the android’s hair fell messily into his face, curling slightly at the nape of his neck and around his ears. It was an endearing length, and Namjoon thought it looked good on him. Really good.

The other day, Jungkook had also asked him if they could have sex for the first time. Well, not so much asked as casually told Namjoon it would be happening at a predetermined time.

He’d done so with characteristic determinedness, interrupting Namjoon in his workshop with a firm hand on his shoulder that had startled Namjoon nearly out of his chair.



“I want to have sex with you.”


“Your schedule is free for Friday. Let’s have sex on Friday.”


Namjoon had blinked up at him, waiting for Jungkook to say something else, possibly details about how he’d suddenly come to this decision. But Jungkook had simply nodded with a bright, toothy smile, leaned down to press a kiss to Namjoon’s forehead, mumbled a quiet “Friday.” to himself, and then turned on his heel to stride out of the workshop again.

Now it was Friday, and Namjoon couldn’t help but notice that same determination with which Jungkook had originally approached him had faded to a nervous hesitation.

“It’s nice that you still want to. But it doesn’t have to be today if you’re not ready,” Namjoon says softly, his thumb pad resting on rise of Jungkook’s cheek. “There’s no rush.”

“Noo, I want to,” Jungkook whines almost petulantly, suddenly grasping Namjoon’s hands in his. “I just- I scanned through my database. Researched how to go about the sex.” Namjoon bit his lip to keep from laughing. “And it’s just...a lot. I don’t know where or how to start and I-” Jungkook lets out another sigh, finally meeting Namjoon’s eyes. “Want you to take the lead, hyungie.”

Namjoon feels his stomach swoop, Jungkook’s words and the way he’s looking at Namjoon with wide-eyed trust igniting something warm and wanting deep in his gut. 

“Okay, baby,” Namjoon says, leaning in again to give him another kiss. “Hyung can do that for you.” Jungkook smiles into the kiss, letting out a shaky, almost relieved-sounding breath, and Namjoon feels his heart ache in his chest. “But you have to tell me if anything makes you uncomfortable or if you want to stop, okay? Promise me?”

“I promise,” Jungkook says quickly. “I promise, I promise. Can you touch me now? I know I can’t really die but this has to be what dying feels like .

“Okay, okay,” Namjoon says with a laugh, kissing Jungkook’s eager lips once more before pressing his fingers to the android’s chest and prompting him backwards. “Lay back for me then.”

Jungkook flops back onto the mattress, watching with interest as Namjoon nudges his legs apart, lifting his hips when prompted so Namjoon can easily slip his boxers off and discard them onto the floor.

Namjoon’s seen Jungkook’s cock so many times between installation, maintenance checks, and the occasional “lesson” on how to use it. Yet, he can’t help but feel excitement buzz under his skin at seeing it in this context, laying mostly soft over his toned stomach, a gentle pink in color and just waiting for Namjoon to touch and light it up with pleasurable sensory input.

“Your cock is so pretty, you know that?” Namjoon says casually, lowering himself onto his stomach to press a series of kisses up Jungkook’s inner thigh. The android lets out a breathy laugh, spreading his legs wider.

“I wonder who could possibly be responsible for that?” he jokes, voice breaking into a small whimper when Namjoon reaches his pelvic bone, breath ghosting against his length, which twitches in response. 

“Mostly Jimin,” Namjoon teases, grinning up at Jungkook just as the other rolls his eyes with an exasperated chuckle. “He ordered the raw materials. Also offered quite a few suggestions.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Jungkook mumbles, gasping when Namjoon’s lips finally make their way to the base of his cock, tongue pressing flat against the warm silicone. “O-Oh.”

“But I drew the final design and manufactured it myself,” Namjoon continues idly, leaving open-mouthed kisses up Jungkook’s length between every few words. “With your final approval, of course.”

“Yes, hyungie. I remember. And I love it,” Jungkook says, tone mildly strained. “But you know what I would love more?”


“If you’d put it in your mouth,” he confesses in a rush, voice close to a whine as he rolls his hips so his now half-hard cock brushes against Namjoon’s chin. “I’ve thought about it so, so much. Wanna know how it feels to have your mouth around me, please, hyung.”

“Oh, am I teasing too much?” Namjoon asks, the tiniest lilt of condescension in his tone. He can’t help but grin at Jungkook’s hurried nodding, soak in the raw and honest way he shows his desire. It’s so shameless, so desperate, and only proves to stoke the coals burning hot at the base of Namjoon’s gut. “Just want hyung to shut up and suck you off, baby?”

“I-I mean-”

“Because I’d love to.”

With that, he grasps Jungkook’s cock in hand, parting his lips to press the leaking tip to the flat of his tongue for a moment just to hear Jungkook’s breath hitch, before wrapping his lips fully around the head and sucking him down.

Jungkook’s cock is so soft to the touch, the high-grade silicone material like smooth velvet against the concave pockets of Namjoon’s cheeks. It’s also a pleasant warmth, the thermal replicators embedded in the wiring responding realistically to the increased stimulation. Namjoon can’t help but want to take more, to feel the way the slim girth fills his mouth, the way the smooth tip rests against the back of his throat when he swallows him all the way down. 

He can hear Jungkook moaning brokenly above him, thighs shaking where Namjoon holds them firmly down against the sheets. Encouraged by the other’s noises, Namjoon’s loses himself in the semi-repetitive motions, eyes fluttering closed as he simply enjoys the feel of Jungkook’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth until he suddenly registers Jungkook’s hands flying to his hair, pulling tight enough to make Namjoon’s wince.

“O-oh, oh, oh, hyung. Stop, s- stop, I’m-” 

Namjoon’s eyes fly open as he pulls completely off of Jungkook’s cock with a wet pop, letting it fall against his quivering stomach. 

“Jungkook?” he asks, reaching out to stroke his hands up and down the ridge of his thighs. “Hey, babe, what’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing. Felt so good,” Jungkook clarifies with a strained whine, his eyes screwed shut tight in concentration, fingers gripping the sheets. “Too good. Was about to come. Tactile receptors are still dialed t-too high.”

“You don’t want to come?” Namjoon asks, confused.

“Want to last,” Jungkook replies, eyes cracking open again after successfully calming himself down and backing away from the edge of orgasm. “Don’t want it to be over so quickly.”

“Kook,” Namjoon starts slowly, raising an eyebrow. “You know you can come more than once.”

“Wait, what?”

“Babe, you’re literally an android ,” Namjoon continues, trying not to break into a grin at the adorable, confused pinch between Jungkook’s brow. “You don’t technically need a refractory period. If you orgasm, we can just dial down the sensitivity on your tactile receptors so you don’t get too overstimulated and then work you back up again.”

Jungkook pauses, looking from his painfully hard cock curved towards his stomach and then back up at Namjoon before letting out a soft “Oh.”

This time, Namjoon doesn’t hold back his fond laughter. “So do you still not want to come, or-?”

“Actually,” Jungkook interrupts softly, eyes shining with an eager glint of lust despite the dim light of the room as he reaches out to hold Namjoon’s face and not so subtly guide him back downwards. “I would very much like to come, please.”

“Anything for my baby,” Namjoon murmurs with a smile before he takes Jungkook into his mouth again.

It doesn’t take much more for Namjoon to bring Jungkook back to the brink, drinking in each breathy gasp and choked whimper that falls from Jungkook’s parted lips. The sounds settle like hot sparks on Namjoon’s skin, searing into his ego and making him feel hot all over, electrified with the satisfaction of knowing that he’s the one making Jungkook lose himself in a mindless haze of pleasure. 

When he feels Jungkook is close, he pulls back just enough to watch the android’s face contort as his orgasm washes over him, eyes closed shut and mouth open in a silent, breathless cry. The tense arch of his back breaks the moment thick, white spurts of synthetic cum paint Namjoon’s fisted hand, shuddering down to his toes as Namjoon strokes him through it.

“A-Ah, hyu-ung ngh-!”

“That’s it,” Namjoon breathes, voice just a bit gravely as he watches thick gobs of cum cascade down his curled fingers with each twitch of Jungkook’s cock in his hand. It’s only when Jungkook’s lets out a few whimpery sobs as the stimulation becomes too much that Namjoon finally lets go, letting Jungkook’s cock rest against the sticky mess on his stomach. “Good boy, Jungkookie. You’re so fucking pretty when you come, baby.”

He crawls up to kneel over Jungkook’s body, lowering himself onto an elbow so he can kiss him, easing his mouth open in a slow drag of lips and tongue that eventually has a low, content hum rumbling up from Jungkook’s chest. They part after a few moments, Namjoon breaking into a grin as Jungkook blinks dazedly up at him.

“Feel good, Kookie?”

“Mhm,” Jungkook mumbles, lifting a hand to trace the pad of his index finger over Namjoon’s bottom lip. “Hey, remember that time you showed me how to masturbate, but it was really just you giving me a handjob?”

Namjoon feels his face flush at the sudden, blunt callout, but nods anyway. “Um, yes?”

“Was like that, but better, ” Jungkook says, voice notably slurred. Namjoon thinks his cognitive processors must be a bit overloaded, working double time to sort through the sudden overabundance of sensory input graded higher than Jungkook’s usual levels. He can’t help but smile to himself again. He did that. “Love you mouth, hyungie. Love it so much.”

“Thank you, baby,” Namjoon says, laughing when Jungkook continues to distractedly touch his lips. “Can hyung show you something else now?”

“Yes,” Jungkook replies, eyes sparkling with renewed interest as they sweep over Namjoon’s face. “Yes show me everything.”

“Okay, babe. Gonna clean you up a bit and dial down your tactile receptors first though, alright?”

Jungkook nods, arms dropping lazily over his head as Namjoon slips off the bed to go was his hands and retrieve a towel to wipe off Jungkook’s stomach, snickering when Jungkook lets out a few offended whimpers as Namjoon cleans off his oversensitive cock in the process, curling away from the touch.

“Oh shush you big metal baby,” Namjoon chides, giving Jungkook’s inner thigh a light slap before he’s leaning over to grab a tablet and a small bottle of lube off the nightstand. “I’m working on it.”

Ignoring Jungkook’s pout, Namjoon drops the lube next to him before he's pulling up Jungkook’s Control Center on the tablet and swiping through each individual system module until he finds the Sensory System and carefully slides his finger down the sensitivity meter under Tactile Response. He then lowers his hand to gently palm over Jungkook’s now soft cock, nodding in satisfaction when he doesn’t receive the same knee-jerk reaction from earlier.

“That feels better?”

“Ah, yeah,” Jungkook sighs, breath even and hips only shifting slightly against the mattress when Namjoon’s fingers lightly trail up the underside of his cock. “Feels good but ‘s not too much.”

“Good.” Namjoon tosses the tablet towards the other side of the bed and picks up the bottle of lube again. “I’m going to finger you now, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” Jungkook replies, adjusting to spread his legs again and shift his hips a bit higher without Namjoon having to tell him.

“Good boy,” Namjoon praises, smiling when he notices a gentle flush grace Jungkook’s cheeks. He settles between Jungkook’s legs again, uncapping the lube and pouring a generous amount onto his fingers, rubbing them together to warm up the substance before pressing the pad of his fingers against Jungkook’s hole. “You like when I call you a good boy, don’t you?”

“Mhm,” Jungkook confesses easily, squirming a bit as Namjoon circles his fingers against his entrance before carefully pushing a finger inside. “I like being hyung’s good boy.”

Namjoon can’t help the quiet groan that slips past his lips at Jungkook’s shameless honesty, his own cock twitching where it still lies confined in his boxers. “And you are, ” he says, slowly curling his finger against Jungkook’s inner walls, searching. “You’re so perfect, Jungkookie. Always so, so good for me.”

Jungkook’s face breaks into a sheepish smile, bunny teeth on full display as he wiggles happily under Namjoon’s praise. 

“Ah, hyung…” 

Namjoon gives him a wink before reaching out with his free hand to cup the back of Jungkook’s right calf, lifting his leg so it rests over his shoulder and flush against his chest. He then turns his head to press an open-mouthed kiss against the crux of Jungkook’s knee, slowly adding another finger.

“Listen to me carefully for a second, okay?” Namjoon says, catching Jungkook’s intent gaze as he begins scissoring his fingers. “I turned your tactile receptors down to help ease you away from the feeling of overstimulation because this is your first time and I want to be gentle with you. Doing so is also helping make the process of fingering you much more bearable, okay? If your sensitivity was at its normal level, it would have hurt to add two fingers this quickly, especially because you’ve never been stretched before.”

Jungkook nods in understanding, eyes wide as he hangs onto Namjoon’s words.

“I’m telling you this because when you learn how to finger me, I need you to know that you have to go slow, got it? Way more slowly than this. I don’t have tactile receptors we can just turn down when it’s convenient.”

“Wait, I get to do this to you?” Jungkook asks, eyes widening in excited anticipation.

“Probably not tonight,” Namjoon clarifies, rolling his eyes in endeared exasperation when Jungkook predictably frowns in disappointment. “But yes. If you want to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me, that’s what you’re going to have to do.” 

“Okay, hyung,” Jungkook says, squirming only a little when Namjoon adds a third finger, but otherwise unaffected as he reaches a hand out to set it on top of Namjoon’s where it rests on his knee. “I understand. I’ll go slow.”

“Good boy,” Namjoon says again just to hear Jungkook let out a huffy whine. “So. Think you’re ready to feel good again?”

“Wait, is this supposed to feel good?”

Namjoon simply quirks an eyebrow, watching as Jungkook’s expression shifts to one of curiosity when Namjoon pushes his fingers in further, sliding them over the subtle swell of Jungkook’s prostate. 

“Baby, hand me the tablet again, would you?”

Jungkook slides the tablet within reach of Namjoon’s free hand, which he drops from Jungkook’s knee to work his way back through the controls. With careful coordination, he begins to massage over the prostate in small circles at the same time that his other fingers very slowly increase the sensitivity meter.

Jungkook winces at first, eyebrows pinching together and breath catching in his throat as he’s gradually introduced to the intrusive presence of three fingers in his asshole. But his features soften the longer Namjoon keeps up the steady motion of his fingers against his prostate until a low moan works its way from between the android’s lips.

“Oh, that’s-” Jungkook groans, cock plumping up again where it rests against his stomach. “Mmn that feels good, hyung.”

“I’m glad, baby,” Namjoon murmurs, increasing the sensitivity a few more notches and pressing his fingers harder until Jungkook’s hips jerk, cock bobbing as precum leaks from the slit in a shiny thread. “See? Told you I could work you back up again.”

“A-ah!” Jungkook gasps, eyes rolling back, the muscle replicators under his thigh plating shaking where it presses against Namjoon’s chest. “O-Oh fu- uck.” 

Namjoon continues his ministrations for another minute or so before he gingerly withdraws his fingers, only to be met by a low, disgruntled whine from Jungkook.

“So impatient,” Namjoon comments amusedly, sitting back so he can finally discard his own boxers and free the aching hardness of his own cock. “Don’t worry baby, hyung’s going to fill you up again in just a second.”

Jungkook pouts out of habit, but Namjoon can see the way his eyes train on his cock, watching as Namjoon reaches for the lube to pour it over himself. With a sudden and unexpected burst of energy, Jungkook sits up straight, nearly knocking his head against Namjoon’s in his haste to intercept the bottle of lube in his hand and look up into Namjoon’s face with wide, pleading eyes.

“Wanna do it,” he explains in a breathless rush, holding the bottle tightly in his fingers almost like he’s ensuring Namjoon can’t take it back. “Can I do it, please?”

Rarely one to turn down any of Jungkook’s desires, let alone one that involves him touching his dick, Namjoon nods quickly, sitting back on his haunches to give Jungkook full access. “Y-Yeah. Yeah, of course you can.”

Seemingly pleased, Jungkook uncaps the bottle with a click, pouring ( Too much, Namjoon thinks. That’s way too much) lube into his palm and rubbing both hands together, coating them completely before reaching out to grip Namjoon’s cock in both hands.

His grip is a bit tight, but Namjoon throws his head back with a low moan regardless, the direct contact on his cock feeling like blissful relief after being trapped in his boxers while he got Jungkook off.

“Go on and move your hands a bit, baby,” Namjoon instructs softly, resting a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and looking down between them as Jungkook begins to pump him in long strokes, encircling the wet tip of Namjoon’s cock in the closed pit of his palm.

Jungkook lifts his head to peer up at him, curly strands of dark hair falling into his eyes as he searches Namjoon’s face, tongue flicking over his bottom lip when he asks a quiet, hopeful “‘S good, hyung?”

“Yes, fuck, it feels amazing, sweetheart,” Namjoon assures him, leaning in to catch Jungkook’s lips in a brief, but searing kiss. “Such a good boy, listen to your hyung so well.” Jungkook preens under the praise, grinning happily against Namjoon’s lips before parting his own to deepen the kiss with an almost wanton moan. 

Namjoon allows himself a few more heated moments of Jungkook’s hands around him and the android’s tongue laving at his own before he’s gently pulling away, pressing a last, chaste kiss on Jungkook’s lips before prompting him to lay back again.

Jungkook flops back onto the sheets with an almost giddy grin, teeth digging into his bottom lip with heated anticipation as his eyes rake over Namjoon’s chest and down to his cock where it’s curves hard and flushed against the smooth dip of his stomach.

“Fuck me, hyung,” he breathes, strong legs lifting to encircle Namjoon’s hips, ankles locking at the small of his back. “Wanna feel you inside me.”

Namjoon groans, Jungkook’s words leaving him dizzy, almost out-of-body as he leans down to grip Jungkook’s hips and pull them up at an angle that allows him to slide the slick length of his cock over Jungkook’s hole, both of them whimpering at the almost-but-not-quite contact. 

He’s about to push in when, in a sudden moment of sobering clarity, he remembers this is Jungkook’s first time, that it’s his responsibility to make sure that Jungkook feels good, feels safe, remembers this as an enjoyable experience. And yet he-

Jungkook’s brow creases in concern as he observes Namjoon’s hesitation, his hands finding Namjoon’s where they clasp over his hips and entangling their fingers.

“Something wrong, hyungie?”

“It’s fine, Kookie. You’re fine,” Namjoon reassures him quickly, squeezing the curve of his knee under his palm. He chews his bottom lip, suddenly insecure as the weight of the moment settles heavy on his shoulders. “I just- You know, I haven’t um. Topped in a while, actually. And I want to make this good for you because it’s you first time but I’m worried I’m out of practice and that makes me anxious and I know it’s stupid but-”

“Hey, hyung?”

Namjoon pauses his rambling to glance down at Jungkook, trying to breathe deeply and untangle the sudden tightness in his chest as he meets the android’s gaze. When Jungkook tugs on their entangled fingers and prompts him closer, Namjoon follows easily until their chests are pressed flush together, Jungkook’s face so close as the his eyes flick over Namjoon's expression.

“You’re doing such a good job,” Jungkook whispers, his lips nearly brushing against Namjoon’s with how close they’re lying together. Namjoon watches as the android’s eyes crease in happy crescents, lips pulling into a soft, bunny-toothed smile. “You take such good care of me, have taken such good care of me through all of this.” Jungkook lifts their hands between them to press Namjoon’s knuckles against his lips and kiss them, and only then does Namjoon realize he’s trembling. “Nothing you do could possibly make this bad for me. I love you.”

Namjoon feels his chest constrict with a different emotion, a pleasant ache that soothes the sharp edges of the anxiety wrapped around his rib cage. He drops his forehead to rest it against Jungkook’s collarbone, letting out a long sigh as he soaks in Jungkook’s words, feels his worries settle down, replaced with a renewed confidence.

“Thanks, Kook,” Namjoon murmurs, lifting his head to press a kiss under Jungkook’s jaw. “I love you too, so much.”

Jungkook beams at him, squeezing his hands tight for a moment before he’s shifting his hips under Namjoon’s weight again and Namjoon’s made aware of just how hard they both still are despite (or possibly because of) their heart-to-heart moment. 

“Good, that’s good,” Jungkook says somewhat distractedly, giving Namjoon another purposeful roll of his hips. “So now do you think you can fuck me?”

“Yeah, I was actually just about to get on that,” Namjoon replies, huffing a quiet laugh as he leans back again, taking himself in hand and circling the tip of his cock over Jungkook’s entrance. “So this might hurt just a bit at first.”

With that, Namjoon pushes in slowly, forcing himself to stop only after a few inches despite the overwhelming urge to bottom out in the tight warmth so he can assess Jungkook’s reaction. He watches Jungkook’s brows pinch together, the android biting down on the inside of his cheek and tensing up a bit as he adjusts to the stretch. Namjoon’s hands drift to rub soothing circles over Jungkook’s stomach and down his sides, waiting for confirmation to move. He gets it a few moments later when the legs still hooked around Namjoon’s waist tug him closer, Jungkook letting out a shuddering sigh as Namjoon slides further and further until he’s fully encompassed, hips flush against the backs of Jungkook’s thighs.

“Good, babe?” Namjoon asks, voice coming across somewhat breathlessly as he tries to focus, heat licking up his spine and distracting him the longer he waits to simply fuck into Jungkook with reckless abandon. “Tell hyung how you feel.”

“Feel so f-full,” Jungkook replies, breath catching as Namjoon’s hips rock unconsciously forward. “Want more, hyung. Fuck me, please, fuck me.”

Jungkook’s request is all Namjoon needs to slide almost fully out before thrusting in again, hard, both of them choking on their moans, Namjoon’s low and throaty, while Jungkook’s pitches high and needy, gasping Namjoon’s name into the space between them.

Namjoon’s previous anxieties about being out of practice drift away into obscurity as he falls into a rhythm, gripping Jungkook’s waist ( Tiny, he thinks, dazedly fixating on the space between his thumbs where they nearly meet in the middle over Jungkook’s stomach. So fucking tiny ) as he pounds into him with long, hard strokes, searching the android’s face for-

“H-Hhngn oh my g-god-!” Jungkook moans brokenly, eyelids fluttering and cock bobbing against his stomach as the tip of Namjoon’s cock presses deep against his prostate, making Jungkook’s back arch off the mattress and hands fly over the sheets as he searches desperately for something to hold onto. “Oh, oh, o-oh there, hyungie. There, there, there. Right there.

“Shh, I got you,” Namjoon groans, dropping a hand from Jungkook’s waist to press it into the mattress, gaining a bit more leverage to lean in a grind his hips deeper against Jungkook’s ass. “F-Fuck you feel so good, baby. So nice and tight. Such a good boy letting hyung fuck you like this. Feels good, sweetheart?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jungkook gasps. “‘M gonna come, hyungie. A-Ah mmn-! Wanna c-come, please-!” The words tumble from the android’s lips as he tosses his head to the side, burying his face in the pillow and biting hard down on the plush fabric as Namjoon fucks quick, stutter-stop whimpers from behind his teeth.

“Then come, baby.” He feels close already himself, knows he won’t last long with everything that’s lead up to this moment, how good it feels to finally be here, finally have Jungkook whimpering and moaning beneath him. 

Namjoon’s eyes rake over the android’s form, following the flush of pink painted over his chest to where it spreads all the way up and into the crest of his cheeks before his gaze trails back down to watch the way Jungkook’s cock slaps obscenely against the precum-slick plane of his stomach with each of Namjoon’s thrusts. He’s such a gorgeous, debauched sight, and it only proves to tighten the white-hot coils harbored deep in Namjoon’s gut, threatening to snap at any moment. 

Namjoon takes Jungkook’s cock in hand and begins to pump it in time with the movement of his hips, drinking in the high-pitched sob that pushes past Jungkook’s teeth and forces him to release his hold on the pillow, whimpering increasingly needy, unbidden exhalations as he draws close to another orgasm. 

“A-Ah, hyu-ung! Hyung, h-hyung ngh-!”

“So beautiful, sweetheart,” Namjoon praises, swiping his thumb over Jungkook’s slit, slicking his grip, and pumping quick over the sensitive head. “Be a good boy and come for hyung now, Jungkookie. Wanna see you.”

“I-I’m- nngh-!” At Namjoon’s words, Jungkook tumbles over the edge into his orgasm, eyes rolling back as his arms thrash to grip the sheets beneath him and his cock pulses in Namjoon’s grip, shooting thick stripes of cum over his heaving chest.

“F-Fuck just like that, so gorgeous, baby,” Namjoon breathes, so captivated by the sight of Jungkook falling to pieces underneath him that his own orgasm almost takes him by surprise. He groans as Jungkook unconsciously clenches around him, tugging him over the edge in only a few more, semi-erratic thrusts until he’s also spilling inside of Jungkook impossibly tight heat with a drawn-out moan.

When Namjoon floats back down to earth, the first thing he sees is Jungkook looking up at him, eyes blinking slowly in his own pleasant, post-orgasm haze and a lazy smile working its way into the pull of his lips. Unable to resist, Namjoon pulls out with a low hiss from both of them before clumsily lowering himself on jelly limbs to lie next to Jungkook’s side.

He drags his lips over the ridge of the android’s shoulder in a semblance of a kiss, mind still parting its way through the fog in search of coordinated motor function. 

“Kookie,” he mumbles, lifting a heavy arm to rest it on top of Jungkook’s chest. “Was that okay, baby?”

“Okay?”   Jungkook asks, scoffing with a bright grin as he rolls over onto his side to press a kiss to Namjoon’s sweaty nose. “It was amazing , hyung. I’m surprised you didn’t fry a circuit you fucked me so good.”

A gust of laughter bursts between Namjoon’s lips at the statement, and Jungkook laughs with him, nuzzling affectionately closer so Namjoon’s forced to encircle him in his arms and hold him close against his chest. 

“You know that’s not how that works at all, right?”

“Seems extremely plausible to me. You did say you were being gentle with me.”

“Sounds almost like you want to test this theory.”

“Maybe I do. You know, your schedule is free for next Wednesday. Fuck me so hard you fry my circuits next Wednesday?”

“We’ll see, you little shit.”