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Rainy Day Treatment

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You and Josuke were walking home from another extremely boring day at school. Normally, you were an optimist and looked for something positive to say, but even the gray, dark sky over head didn’t make this day any better. You two were making usual conversation about how the school day went, funny things that happened throughout the day, et cetera. Josuke talked about how, during his lunch, Koichi had fallen for that stupid ‘updog’ joke, and how him being confused by the joke was so funny, Okuyasu sprayed milk out of his nose. It was typical lunchtime bro stuff that you’ve heard time and time before, but you still found it was still funny nonetheless.


But nothing really crazy happened to you today; you went to class, retained none of the information, had lunch, went to more classes, and now you’re here walking home with Josuke. Except during lunch, a couple of guys were trying to flirt with you, but they had obviously never learned the phrase ‘tone it down’. Eventually, you politely excuse yourself from the table for “studying”, when you really just hid in the library for the rest of the period.


“Some guys were terribly flirting with me today.” You laughed. “It was seriously awful. He wasn’t even trying to be subtle.”


“Really? Seems like everyday you have some asshole trying to hook up with you.” Josuke looked down at you.


“Comes with having good looks, you would know.” You winked at him. He looked away from you, ears red, and you assume his face is red as well. He mutters a little ‘yeah, yeah, whatever’ to you and you laughed, nudging him a little bit. “Seriously though, it was bad. I had to step away from the table and left cringing.”


Josuke laughed. “Where’d you go?”


“Library. It was better looking like a fucking nerd than being flirted with by two guys that probably just wanted to get in my pants. No thank you, not in their dreams.” The two of you laughed about it, continuing home. The feeling of a couple drops of water make the two of you pick up the pace


However, one thing about these guys flirting with you leaves a question lingering on Josuke’s mind.


“Hey, (y/n)?” Josuke asked you suddenly.


“Hm?” You looked at him.


“I’m-” He stopped to think for a moment before continuing. “This may be a weird question, especially coming from a bro-friend, but all these guys are trying to get with you. Why haven’t you gotten with anyone or at least tried going on date or stuff like that?”


It was hard to answer this question because the person that surpassed all your standards and who was most definitely your type was walking right next to you and said the question. You thought for a minute before answering. “Well, you get flirted with a lot, too. You know how annoying it can be. Everyone craving to date your ass gets incredibly obnoxious.” He nodded, knowing you had a point. “But other than that, I’m not sure. I guess I haven’t found someone who fits my type and my standards. And being flirted with constantly, I’ve set the bar really damn high” You shrug. What you were saying wasn’t all a lie, but wasn’t the full truth. Instead of coming up with this bullshit rant, you could’ve just told him that you liked him.


Josuke nodded, taking in what you said. “Well, what’s your type?” He asked.


You panicked, trying to come up with some bullshit again. “W-well, I’m not sure, um-” You stutter, trying to find an answer. Before you can conjure up another lie, it began to start pouring. You laughed, while Josuke did what he could to protect his precious pompadour. The two of you ran to a bus stop with a cover. You were panting, out of breath from running, but you were still laughing. Josuke’s pomp was slightly falling apart, but was kinda laughing with you. You admired his wet face and how his stiff hair was coming undone. He looked back at you, loving how adorable you look drenched from the rain, but smiled it off, instead of panicking about your hair like most girls would. You both stood there just staring into each others eyes before he broke, looking to see what street they were on.


“We’re really close to my house. You can stay there until the storm stops,” Jouske offered. “If you’d like to, but it might be a better idea that walking home. It can get worse out here, y’know?” You nodded.


“I’d like that.” You smiled at him. He smiled back at you, blushing slightly, before taking your hand before making a mad dash for his house. He was right, his house was close, or they were just moving quick. Either way, it was nice to be out of the rain and in a warm house.


“Mom, I’m home.” Josuke called.


“Josuke, don’t track too much water in the house-” She stopped when she saw the two of you drenched. “You two are going to catch a cold if you keep those clothes on. Let’s get a shower running, yeah?” Ms. Higashikata made the two of you stay put while she got towls for you two to dry off. The two of you stood there, shaking from the cold.


“Your mom seems nice.” You said, teeth chattering slightly.


“She’s amazing,” Josuke smiled back at you. “Just wait though.” You laugh quietly and look at her as she enters.


“Here we are, two fluffy towels for two freezing teenagers. Take off your coat’s and I’ll dry them for you.” You and Josuke took off your sopping coats in exchange for warm towels. “Go take a warm shower in your bathroom Josuke. And I’ll set one up for you in my room,..?” She ended that like she was looking for a name.


“(y/n).” You told her. She nodded and motioned for you to follow her. From behind you, you heard her Josuke run upstairs to get showered.


You two walked into a master bedroom, and then walked into a medium-sized bathroom. She put a couple of basic hygiene items on the counter, assuming that you might want to use them. “Here’s the bathroom, (y/n)! Put your wet clothes in the sink and I’ll wash them and have Josuke bring them to you later. You can use any shampoo, body wash that’s already in there. Take as long as you need.” She stopped before. “But not too long, I have water bills to pay.” She winked at you, giving you a hard time in that way moms typically do. And you loved it. “I’ll bring you in some warm clothes in a minute”


“Yes, Ms. Higashikata. Thank you!” And with that, she shut the door. You started a shower, stripping down of your soppy, wet clothes and plopped them in the sink. You waited a little longer for the water to get warm before you stepped in.




You eventually finished showering. The warm water felt fantastic. Ms. Higashikata dropped off the clothes on the bathroom counter while you were shower (with your permission, she didn’t seem like a pervy woman). You stepped out dried yourself off fully with the soft towel she gave you earlier. Once you were completely dry, you put on the sweatpants and Morioh Police Department sweat jacket she provided you. You dried your hair a little before leaving her room and bathroom.


You stepped out, closing the door lightly. You walked around a little, looking for any sign of Josuke or Ms. Higashikata.


“Josuke’s upstairs if you’re looking for him.” Ms. Higashikata told you from the kitchen entrance way.


“Thanks, Ms.’Gashikata.” You headed the direction upstairs.


“Oh please, Ms. makes me feel like a grandma. Just call me Tomoko.”


“Well then, thanks Tomoko.” You smiled at her before heading upstairs. You’ve never been in his house before, so you’re so incredibly lost in the skinny hallway that is the second floor of the Higashikata household. There’s one door at the end of the hallway. You assume that’s his room, most homes in this area are designed like this. You walk down to the last door and knocked. “It’s me, Josuke.”


“Me, who?”


“You know who, you ass, let me in.” You rolled your eyes and heard a chuckle from the other side of the door before he opened it, revealing a Josuke you’ve never seen. His hair wasn’t stiff into a fancy pompadour, it was fluffy and in his face, which was you found so cute. He was in a comfy sweatshirt and a comfy pair of sweatpants instead of his tight school uniform. You were taken aback by this cutie that was suddenly standing right in front of you.

“Who are you and what have you done with Josuke?” You questioned as you stepped into his room.


“Sorry, my room was a little messy, so I tried to clean what I could.” You looked around his room before you settled on his freshly made bed, and he sat next to you.


“So, did your mom work as a police officer?” You asked.


“Hm?” Josuke asked questioningly. You pointed to the sweat jacket you had on. “Oh, no, my Grandad was though. He gave it to her as a gift when he first got in the force, when I was really young.” Josuke sighed happily, smiling. His smile dropped a little though. “He died, though, a few months back.”


“Oh, I didn’t know, I’m sorry-”


“No, it’s fine, you didn’t know.” He smiled at you. Although, after that, he seemed lost in his thoughts. You felt bad, and now you’ve left some kind of awkwardness in the air. You admired the posters of late 80s’ singers and other posters that hung on his wall.


“You never answered my question earlier, about what your type was.” He looked at you and gave a sly smiled. Shit. You completely forgot about that.

“I dunno.” You looked away from him, cursing your face for becoming red. Josuke chuckled and leaned on you.


“It’s me isn’t it? You’ve fallen for me?” He said, obviously meant as a joke, based off his tone, but the way you looked at him, face more red, gave the truth away. He sat up and looked at you, a little smiled still playing on his lips.“Oh my god, you like me? Like, actually?” He said in a tone, less angry then you were expected, so that kind of eased your mind.


“...Yes?” You responded. There was no point to lying now. He knew. Time to find out the result of being a shitty liar. Your eyes began to get blurry from tears, anxious to lose your best friend to a stupid crush.


Josuke pushed his bangs out of his face. His smiled bigger moving closer to you and hugged you, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head and resting his own head on yours. You were really surprised by his reaction. You relaxed, however, living your fantasy in real life, the tears that were in your eye falling down your face. Josuke pulled you down.


“Why are you crying? It’s okay.” He chuckled, wiping your face with the long sleeve of his jacket. “I like you, too.” Josuke stared into your eyes. You smiled up at him.


“I’m so happy. I felt like I was being like one of those annoying girls at school that have crushes on you.”


Josuke laughed. “You kidding? You’re nothing like them. Any girl like that would’ve cried if they got caught in the rain like that. But you just laughed it off.” He cleared his thought before doing an impersonation of one of the girls. “Oh no! My hair! It’s ruined even though it’s just wet like it would be if I took a shower!” You laughed at his impersonation, putting your face in his chest. He smiled and pets through your hair, which is no longer damp. He pressed another kiss to your forehead. You two lay their together, both completely happy.


Breaking the comfortable silence, there was a rough knock on the door. The two of you flinch and jump up. Josuke’s mom stayed outside the room. “You better not be screwing around with (Y/n), Josuke!” She called in through the door.


Josuke flushed, embarrassed for obvious reasons. You just laughed. “Wasn’t planning on it, Mom!”


“Well, dinners ready, when you two are. Be dressed.” She called again. “And no hickeys!”


“Mom, please!” Josuke groaned and fell back, covering his face.


“Thanks, Tomoko!” You laughed more, leaning down, pressing a kiss to his lips. He cupped a hand to your cheek. You both laughed happily.


“Let’s get some dinner, yeah?” You got up, offering him a hand to pull him up. Josuke smiled at you and willing took your hand, the two of you heading down for dinner.

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You and Josuke head downstairs, the beautiful smell of a mom-cooked meal filling your senses.


“Smells amazing! What are you making?” You asked her as the two of you sat at the table next to each other.


“Salmon and fried rice! I usually make something different on Friday’s, but with this gross weather, I didn’t have a chance to run to the store.” Tomoko made your and Josuke’s plate. “Also, I couldn’t leave you two alone. After all, I didn’t want to give Josuke the chance to make some dirty move on you.” She winked at you and you giggled, knowing that she probably wasn’t going to stop embarrassing him anytime soon.


“Mother..!” Josuke groaned and put his head down. Tomoko laughed serving his plate, quietly letting him know she was done with embarrassing him for now, ruffling his fluffy hair and gave him a kiss to the top of her sons head. She gave you your plate and the scent filled your nose more, making your stomach hurt with hunger, and you had to contain yourself from shoving food into your face. Once Josuke was over being embarrassed, he dug into his meal also.


“Thanks, Mom.” He thanked her with a mouth full of salmon. Tomoko gave him a look, to which Josuke swallowed and thanked her again. You laughed at the two of them ; you could get use to seeing the two of them bicker like this, loving their relationship. She smiled and took her dinner into the livingroom and turned on the TV, leaving the two of them alone


“Sorry about her.” Josuke apologized on her behalf, although you’re not really sure what for.


“For what? Your mom just loves you.” You explain. “At least she’s not like my mom. Even one mention of a guy she blows up all kinds of personal questions. I took me forever to get off the phone with her when I told her I was staying here with you for the storm.”


“At least your mom didn’t ask me if I had a condom.” Josuke stated, a little quieter.


You blushed, trying to hold in your laughter. “Did she really?”


He nodded, taking a bite of his food. “Obviously she was giving me a hard time, but still.”


“Oh well, to each their own?”


“I don’t think you used that right, but let’s go with it.” Josuke responded. You both laughed and continued talking over dinner, talking about school. You love having this moment with him, just being able to talk and relax. The two of you have never been able to have alone time like this, usually being surrounded by Koichi and Okuyasu, and sometimes others.


After you two finished, as well as Tomoko, you helped Josuke wash the dishes. He tried to refuse your help, but it’s the least you could do as their guest.


“(Y/n), hun, you may need to stay the night. The storm looks like it’s not quieting down anytime soon.” Tomoko peeped in the kitchen.


“A-alright! I’ll call my mom and let her know.” You smiled at her.


“Alright. Well, ‘m going to bed, don’t stay up too late. And keep it PG, I’m exhausted.” You and Josuke just rolled your eyes, but you laughed at her, while, Josuke went back to looking flustered. She gave you a motherly kiss on the forehead and gave Josuke a big smooch on each cheek. “Goodnight, you two!”


“Goodnight, Mother.”


“Goodnight, Tomoko, thanks again!” She watched Tomoko go around the corner to her room.


Josuke offered to finish the last of the dishes so you could call your mom. Just like you had said earlier, she started asking questions about him again and you just told her that you woukdn’ do anything stupid and you were safe. Finally, your mom let you go and you hung up. You made your way back to the kitchen, but stood in the entree way, admiring Josuke washing the dish before setting it on the drying rack, his face looked calm and serious. As he dried his hands, he noticed you standing there looking at you. A smiled creeped on his lips.


“Are you spying on me?” He made his way over to you.


“You call it spying, I call it admiring.” You replied, which made him blush, which made you softly laugh. You leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips, which he immediately returned. He pulled away and hugged you, putting his face in the crook of your neck. You have both stayed quietly like that, just loving being embraced in each other.


“I love you, (Y/n).” He said out of the blue, muffled into your neck. You flushed and smiled.


“I love you, too, Josuke.” He nuzzled in your neck further, which made you smile. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” You pulled out of his grasp slowly, and the two of you made your way upstairs. When you got to Josuke’s room. You fell down on his bed, tired. Eventually, you adjusted yourself so he could lay next to you. He hugged you close again.


“Why are you being so lovey-dovey all of a sudden, hm?” You asked. “I’m not complaining, though.” You assume that after being flustered all evening, he’s finally able to hide how flustered he’s been all evening.


“I don’t know, I’m just feeling really giddy and tired.”


“Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better after being embarassed all evening.” You smiled at him and he nodded, closing his eyes. He hugs you closer and begins to drift off to sleep. You feel his arms from around you loosen and his breathing become more relaxed. You admire him before you fall asleep yourself.


“Goodnight, Josuke.” You whisper, before falling asleep.

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You wake up early that morning to the sun shining through the window at the end of Josuke’s bed. Your eyes were fighting to stay open until you brought your hand to your face and rubbed them. You forgot where you were until you saw Josuke laying in front of you, eyes closed and his facial features calm. You smiled tired and just admired how beautiful he looked. He subsciously shifted, moving his arms, which you then noticed were loose around your waist. Unlike most guys his age you knew, he didn’t snore. Although, if he did, at least you mainly saw him during the day.


You wanted to get up and stretch, but you also didn’t want to wake Josuke with your movements. Even if you were to shift comfortably, you were afraid that it would wake him. And with how peaceful he looks, who’d want that? He truly was handsome, you were so lucky to have him. Of all the girls at your school, he chose you, which made you feel special. You smiled more and carefully shifted towards him, getting closer to his chest to snuggle in, but you weren’t careful enough.


Josuke quietly woke up, but you didn’t know, you were face first pressed into his chest. It wasn’t until you heard a tired chuckle and a couple soft smooches to the top of your head you that made you look up at your tired boyfriend. The two of you stared at each other for a minute before your lips met tiredly for a moment. Your kiss really felt like the first time you’d ever done it. You laughed softly before speaking.


“Good morning.”


“Morning, (Y,n).” Josuke replied, his voice thick with sleep. That voice made you feel a certain type of way, but you had to push those feelings back. For now, your cheeks lightly flushed at his tone. “How’d you sleep?”


“So good. I’ve never slept better. How about you?”


“Well... I was sleeping good until a very cute, gorgeous women woke me up trying to get closer to me.” He sighed before smiling down at you. You giggled and you apologized quietly. “It’s fine, I appreciate the gesture.” He pressed a couple more kisses to the top of your head and slightly tightened his arms around you. You just about fall back asleep in this position, but Josuke pokes you. “Hey, stay awake for me, (Y/n).” He whispered to you. You groaned, but you didn’t open your eyes.


“It’s hard for me not to when you’re so warm and whispering to me with your super crazy-hot tired voice.” You murmured. “Just a couple more minutes?”


Josuke laughed and blushed at your comment, then he sighed. “Alright, fine.” He smiles and snuggling close to you. You were out in a few minutes and Josuke stayed awake, cuddling you. Your warmth and the calming of yours and his breaths eventually lulled him back to sleep, too. You were both back to where you started just a couple of minutes ago.




The two of you abruptly woke up to Tomoko knocking on Josuke’s bedroom door. You both sit up and look towards to door.


“Are you two gonna wake up any time soon?” She calls through the door.


“Yeah, we will.” Josuke called back.


“Well, I have breakfast made for the two of you when you want, but it’s getting cold.” She said before walking away. You both let your guard down and fall back onto the bed. Josuke lays on his back facing the ceiling, arm wrapped around your shoulders as you lay facing him


“Food sounds amazing right now.” You say tiredly. He hums in agreement. You two stay in bed together just a little longer before you go head downstairs to see what tasty breakfast Tomoko has prepared for you.


The bacon and waffles fills your nose and you practically float downstairs cartoon style, your stomach growling.Tomoko already has two plates setting on the table with golden waffles and perfectly cooked bacon.


“Tomoko.. You really came through.” You were almost drooling as you sat down at the table next to Josuke.


“You’re welcome, dear.” She smiled at you. She set a mug of coffee down at Josuke’s plate as he sat down. He thanked her and took a sip, sighing blissfully. She was sweet enough to ask you if you wanted some, but you weren’t the biggest coffee fan, so you declined. She took her breakfast plate and cup of coffee and went to the couch, leaving the two teens alone. You finally took a bite of your waffle and the taste blew you away. Josuke laughed at your reaction.


“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” Josuke asked, taking another sip of his coffee.


“Good doesn’t even begin to describe it.” You take another bite and melt again. “Why’s your mom a teacher and not a cook?” You exclaim.


“I’ve been trying to tell her for as long as I can remember that she needs to be cooking as a career, but she just doesn’t seem into it.” He explained. You hum and nod, taking another delicious bite.


You and Josuke continued eating breakfast in a comfortable silence, just simply enjoying each others company on a beautiful morning. When you two were finished, both of you put your dishes in the sink.


The phone rang from the other room. “I’ll get it!” Tomoko called before going to answer the phone. You could hear the murmurs of conversation being made, but you couldn’t hear everything of what she said. Eventually, you heard her set the phone down and and her steps come into the room. “(Y/n), honey, it was your parents, they’re coming by to get you in a few.” She explained.


You and Josuke looked at each other and sighed. “Can’t you call them and say they can stay a little longer?”


Tomoko gave him a look. “I’m telling parents how to schedule their kids. I’m sorry, but you’re welcome to back tommorow or anytime, (Y/n)!” She smiled at you. You smiled at her, then smiled down at the ground. “Go one you two, make the most of what time you have left.” She shooed you two away.


You both went upstairs, back to Josuke’s room. You plopped down on the bed and sighed. “How much you wanna bet they’re gonna make me take a pregnancy test when I get home.”


Josuke laughed, sitting next to you. “From what I’ve heard so far about your parents, seems likely.”


You smiled at him, laying back on the bed and him following you. “These past almost 24 hours have been the single best moments of my life.” You shifted so your body was facing him completely. He mimicked your actions, facing you. “Thank you.”


He leaned his head forward and pressed a couple kisses to your face. “I couldn’t agree more.” He smiled and sat up. Before you could sit up, he hovered over your body and gave you a proper smooch on the lips, moving a hand to cup your face gently. You brought your arms up to put around his neck. Nothing further happened, you two just stayed together like that for a moment before he pulled away, pressing his forehead to yours.


“I love you, (Y/n).”


“I love you, too, Josuke.” You smiled at him. Your heart fluttered and closeness was making nervous and excited butterflies swarm around in your stomach.


You’re moment, though, was interrupted by Tomoko calling for you, saying your parents were outfront. You both sighed, moving to get up, taking your sweet time. You got downstairs, getting your schoolbag.


“I’ll have Josuke give you your school clothes tomorrow, alright?” Tomoko said. You nodded. She motioned for you to give her a hug, and you went in for one. When you both pulled away, you turned to Josuke, giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He hugged you back, giving you a little pickup that made you squeal and then laugh. The car outside honked. You both pulled away.


“I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe?” You asked.


“Yeah, maybe.” He smiled down at you.

You nodded and turned to the two and waved, giving small ‘goodbye'’s before stepping out the door.