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Early Morning

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Gou scrunched her brows together to the sound of the pounding alarm. Opening her eyes with a quiet yawn she was faced with a cream coloured wall. That's right, her side of the bed was next to the wall. Not that she cared; but when the stupid alarm clock is ringing extremely loudly at eight in the morning- on a Sunday - Gou was half tempted to roll over her husband, take his place and throw the clock out of the window.

But she had only herself to blame, as the night before her husband had told her multiple times to make sure it was off.

Now thinking of it, Gou thought to herself, who the hell owns an alarm clock in this day and age?

With a small grunt, she slightly raised her torso and arm; her legs poking out the duvet in the process. She reached over his body and pressed the clock with more force than necessary. Her eyes drifted to his face with amusement (and slight annoyance) as she watched her husband sleeping like a log. Completely unaffected, his breathing was steady, with his face towards Gou and his head resting comfortably on the arm bent at his elbow. He was always a heavy sleeper. Heck, he slept through an earthquake once.

Laying back on the bed, she brought the duvet up to her chin, facing him. Sleep completely out the window she unconsciously began to study his handsome face. With her index finger, Gou gently traced his smooth jawline, his kissable lips, his defined cheekbones. God, he was devastatingly beautiful. She couldn't help but smile, feeling grateful and incredibly lucky that this man loved her as much as she loved him. It was illustrated through the six years of dating, two years of marriage, the intimacy - whether it be through holding hands or shaking headboards - and so much more. It made her heart flutter and expand.

Snapped away from her thoughts, Gou observed his closed eyes as his strong but firm hand grabbed her own and located her palm on his cheek. Grinning, she tenderly stroked his cheekbone with her thumb.

"Morning" Gou whispered, nudging her head closer to his.

"Morning" his voice, barley a whisper. How she loved his morning voice, it was raspy and deep but simultaneously soft and warm.

His eyes still shut, Gou pecked his lips with her own and then proceeded to hide her face in his shoulder. Inhaling his scent; recalling the countless beach dates, mackerel dishes and the ocean. And she was endeared by it.

He placed his chin on top of her head, fondly raking his fingers into her fiery tresses. His lips lightly ghosted her hair and the pressure of his soft, weightless kisses was enough for Gou to relish.

"You forgot to turn the alarm off, didn't you?" There's humour in his tone, but it's barely recognisable and someone who didn't know him as well as Gou - it would've flown right past their head.

She peered her head from his shoulder and locked eyes with hypnotic blues. Gou isn't a swimmer but his eyes drowned her in love - this was the type of drowning she didn't mind.

"No!-I-okay fine, yes" - with a small pout and hues sealed, she quickly admitted defeat.

A breathless chuckle escaped from his mouth and with memorised precision his lips swiftly fall into place, caressing both her eyes and the tip of her nose and Gou exhaled a giggle. He was enamoured with her sweet giggle, it was a nostalgic sound from their high school days. The only contrast being, she was now giggling while laying next to him in their bed, at home with silvers of unity occupying their ring finger.


He gazed into Gou's eyes and they spoke for her. Adventurous, with a hint of mischievousness, but concurrently laced with unconditional love - which he had the privilege to experience.

If you were to state to Haru at nineteen, that he would be a retired Olympic swimmer as a gold and silver medallist. Simply put, he would roll his eyes and be very tempted to mercilessly throw mackerel towards your direction. However, if you were to voice Matsuoka Gou would be his wife, share his name and him becoming a permanent settlement in her heart.

Haru would smile with hope.

As that was the one thing he was sure of, because to be confident and assured of who your soulmate is at nineteen seems cliche and cheesy.

But to Haru it meant everything.

Because she was Gou.

Now on the verge of twenty-nine, his soulmate was staring at him with her softened eyes and the same unconditional love from when they first started dating.


"It's eight-thirty, are you not gonna go for a run?"

"No, I don't feel like it today, I want to lay with you"

He dipped his head towards her and captured her lips. He kissed her in a way that made her legs feel like jelly, her heart thump and her skin break out into goosebumps. Even after all these years together, to her - his kisses always felt like it was their first.

Kissing Gou felt like swimming, but so, so much better. It was natural, it felt like home and was something he could never get sick of.

As they parted, he noticed her flustered cheeks. And his usual stoic face broke into a small but meaningful smile.