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Old man




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Old man






Old man



i was gonna tell u smth but now i wont



fine lol i don’t care lol




are u actually not gonna tell me



Old man


how does it feel



i hate u

Old man


moving on

u know youve been horny as fuck lately

i know this bc u always get clingy when ur horny and yesterday u led on top of me for 3 hrs straight and refused to get up



u cant prove that

Old man



i have smth u want ;)))



gross wtf are u implying ur like 50 years old

Old man


listen if i wanted to fuck u all i’d have to do is call u a good boy and you’d be on ur knees in under 3 seconds




fakes everywhere

Old man



but i do know some people who DO wanna fuck



go on…

Old man


u know my roommate yoongi right



literally never met him bc hes always in his room or out when im at urs but sure

Old man


u know OF him stfu

anyway he and his boyfriend jimin are looking for a sub so i told them u were interested



who says im interested

Old man


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[image attached]




Jeongguk shifts nervously.

Biting his lip, he checks the time on his phone. 11:16. He’s supposed to meet Yoongi and Jimin at 11:00. They are sixteen minutes late.

Jeongguk sighs.

He bites the inside of his cheek, pouting his lips to the side in a subconscious gesture of nervousness, before bringing his thumb up to his mouth, where he begins to fiddle with his bottom lip. Sunlight streams through the window of the café, and Jeongguk half-regrets wearing a hoodie, despite the sense of comfort the oversized garment gives him. Ignoring the warmth of the café, Jeongguk pulls up his hood and covers his hands with the sleeves of his hoodie, making himself as small as possible. He slumps down into his seat, head tilted downwards and feet turned in towards each other.

He checks his phone again.


Jeongguk slumps down a little further. He feels his cheeks flush, a combination of the temperature of the room and the embarrassment at clearly being stood up, and sighs, a little shaky, as he prepares to leave if they don’t arrive in the next five minutes.

The door opens.

“- be great if you could be on time just once –”

The man who had entered, voice ringing throughout the entire café, stops speaking abruptly as he realises he is attracting the stares of every person in the room. He’s dressed similarly to Jeongguk: a black hoodie and black trousers – only, he wears jeans where Jeongguk wears comfortable tracksuit bottoms. He’s also wearing a black baseball cap, and Jeongguk gasps quietly when he turns and his profile is visible. He’s – hot. Jeongguk swallows harshly.

It’s at this moment that a tinkling giggle rings quietly throughout the café, and Jeongguk’s eyes dart to a second man, seemingly having arrived with the first. Jeongguk’s breath catches in his throat, and he feels his face become even redder as he takes in the second man’s appearance: a shirt, unbuttoned down to his chest, tucked into black jeans; he wears black, formal shoes which Jeongguk finds absurdly attractive, and multiple accessories; Jeongguk counts at least three rings on each hand. And, like the first man, his face makes Jeongguk gasp; at this point, Jeongguk swears his face is on fire.


Jeongguk squints.


When he had seen the picture Seokjin had sent, he had thought that, although both Yoongi and Jimin are clearly attractive, there’s no way they could be that hot in real life – everyone looks better in the photos they post online.

Jeongguk had played himself.

Suddenly, Jeongguk realises the two men – Jimin and Yoongi – are scanning the room, looking for him, and he squeaks, pulling his hood down further over his face and ducking his head. He breathes heavily, practically sweating at this point, hands trembling as he attempts deep breaths. Just as he thinks he’s almost there, almost calm, he hears footsteps approaching and stiffens, heart rate speeding up as a pair of perfectly polished shoes – fuck, step on me, Jeongguk thinks – stops right beside Jeongguk’s table.

“Excuse me?”

Jeongguk stops breathing.

He clears his throat. “I – yes?” He says, voice small. He doesn’t lift his head. The shoes shift a little as the man in front of him – Jimin, Jeongguk thinks hysterically – rests his weight on one leg.

“Are these seats taken? Everywhere else is full.”


Jeongguk feels himself become impossibly smaller as he realises that Jimin didn’t walk over here to see him – he’s just here because there is nowhere else to sit. Berating himself for feeling disappointed – he’s hiding his face; of course they wouldn’t recognise him, for goodness’ sake – Jeongguk gestures vaguely towards the other seats in what he hopes is an accommodating way. He hears Jimin thank him, voice a little hesitant, clearly wondering why this stranger in front of him is acting so weirdly, and Jeongguk bites the inside of his lip. What the hell is he doing?

He shifts in his seat. His hood, pulled down over his eyes, is blocking Jimin’s face, but he can see his hands, resting atop the table, holding his phone, and he bites his lip as he drinks in the sight of them, adorned with what Jeongguk can now count as three rings on his left hand and four on his right. Flicking his eyes upwards, Jeongguk feels the redness on his face spread down to his neck as he takes in the way Jimin’s shirt is unbuttoned just enough to show off the top of his chest, collarbones on full display. His breath leaves his body, quiet and shaky, and suddenly he needs to see Jimin’s face up close; needs to see what he saw in the photo Seokjin sent, only in real life. As subtly as possible, he shifts a little more upright in his seat, attempting to maneuver his hood back slightly on his head so that it doesn’t obscure as much of his vision. He’s doing well, he thinks – only a little more and then he’ll be able to see – suddenly, he pulls his hood back far enough to be able to see the bottom half of Jimin’s face, and the sight of Jimin’s lips is simply too much for Jeongguk; he lets out a strangled, half formed squeak and his knee jerks upwards in surprise at his own reaction, banging into the underside of the table. He shoots upright in pain, face practically glowing red, and Jimin looks up, eyes wide and alarmed.

“Are you –”

Time pauses. Jeongguk thinks, if there ever was an appropriate “yup, that’s me” moment in his life, this would be it.

“Jeongguk? Seokjin’s friend?”

Jeongguk lets out a quiet whimper.

He clears his throat. “Yes, I, yeah, I mean, um. I’m me. I mean – I’m Jeongguk. Jeongguk is me.”

It’s at this moment, as a somewhat terrifying smile spreads over Jimin’s, frankly, offensively attractive face, that the first man – Yoongi – arrives at their table, holding two drinks. Jeongguk avoids looking at him. He can barely handle Jimin, let alone another insanely attractive man, right in front of him.

“Ah, fuck. Now I gotta get another drink.” Yoongi says after a long pause.

Jeongguk splutters for a few seconds, managing to get out a jumbled mess of “you don’t have to – I mean, I can – I have money, you really don’t – really isn’t necessary to – obviously I appreciate –”

“Relax, sweetheart,” Jimin interrupts, and Jeongguk shuts his mouth with a snap and a muffled high-pitched noise. “Yoongi hyung likes taking care of people. Especially pretty boys like you.”

Jimin watches with delight, lifting his hand up towards his face to trace a finger across his smirking lips before leaning on his hand, as Jeongguk slides down in his seat again, bright red staining his cheeks.

“Cute.” Jimin grins, eyes glinting.

Jeongguk gulps. He’s fucked.


Jeongguk shivers. He feels so hot.

He sits on the bed, legs bent and halfway pulled up close to his chest, as if they can’t make up their mind on where they want to be. He’s flushed, the red splashed across his skin fully visible in his state of dress, consisting only of underwear. He hunches in on himself a little, self-conscious but not uncomfortably so; he feels shy. Small.

Standing at the foot of the bed, fully clothed, Yoongi looks down at him with an unreadable gaze. It sends a thrill through Jeongguk, and he can’t help but squirm beneath the gaze, toes curling into the blanket beneath him. Behind Yoongi, Jimin lingers, that same sickly sweet smile from earlier repainted onto his face with a careful brush, leaving no error behind. His eyes gleam, travelling up and down Jeongguk, seemingly unable to neither take his eyes off of Jeongguk nor decide which part of him he wants to stare at. It makes Jeongguk feel wanted; desired; needed – and this causes another bodily shudder to worm itself beneath Jeongguk’s skin. Jimin giggles at the sight.

The thing is – he’s played with dominants before. He’s no stranger to being a submissive for people; strangers, friends, partners – but he’s usually there for no reason other than to service. Maybe it’s the people Jeongguk subconsciously seeks out; maybe it’s less subconscious, and more that he is simply more comfortable with what he is used to; maybe it’s none of these things, and, rather, some unlikely coincidence, but the only people Jeongguk has ever played with are doms who want him to, usually, fuck them – service them – be a toy for them. And, undoubtedly, Jeongguk enjoys this; he enjoys being somebody’s fucktoy, only there to be used. However, recently, he’s found himself – unsatisfied with his sexual encounters. He’s found himself yearning for something more, despite having absolutely no clue what that something might be.

He thinks, now, with Jimin and Yoongi both staring at him as if they want nothing more than to completely, utterly devour him, he might have found that something.

In front of Jeongguk, Jimin winds his arms around Yoongi’s waist and rests his head on his shoulder, sighing dreamily. “Look at him, hyung,” he says, voice light, “So shy and cute. I could just eat him up.”

Yoongi smiles, just a little, eyes glinting. “I know exactly what you mean,” he murmurs, “look, he’s blushing.”

At Yoongi’s words, spoken like an offhanded comment, Jeongguk blushes further, shoulders moving up to his ears as he ducks his head and bites his lip, looking up at the two men through his eyelashes. The way they are speaking about him, complimenting him, saying how much they want him as if he isn’t even in the room punches a small, shaky breath out of him. He feels so, unbearably small, and for a moment he surprises himself with just how much he wants them not only to keep going, to carry on speaking of him as if he’s theirs, but to hold him; call him sweet names like baby or sweetheart; to touch him and baby him and take care of him and make him feel good –

“Please, I –” Jeongguk gasps, suddenly overwhelmed with this new feeling of want; but snaps his mouth shut quickly afterwards. Yoongi and Jimin hadn’t said they wanted him to keep quiet until granted permission to speak, but – that’s how these things usually go, and from experience Jeongguk knows that he’ll most likely get punished for speaking without permission – and he doesn’t want to be punished, not by Jimin and Yoongi. No – he wants to be good for them; wants it so, so badly.

“What is it, baby? What do you need?” Jimin coos, detaching himself from Yoongi and making his way onto the bed and over to Jeongguk, whose breath catches at the sight of Jimin crawling towards him, shirt hanging low enough to see – everything. He gasps quietly, and Jimin follows his gaze, smile turning delighted when he figures out what Jeongguk is looking at. Jeongguk squirms, embarrassed, as well as reeling slightly from the realisation that Jimin isn’t going to punish him, but, instead, give him what he wants – which is a concept almost completely foreign to Jeongguk in a sexual sense.

“Seems like he wants to see more of you, Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice, low and measured, catches Jeongguk’s attention once again, and, again, he shivers in response, thighs pressing together. Jimin giggles, kneeling up, hands immediately moving towards the buttons on his shirt.

“Well, we can’t have him being deprived, can we?”

And with that, Jimin begins to unbutton his shirt. Jeongguk’s breath speeds up with every button undone; every new centremetre of skin revealed, and by the time Jimin’s shrugging the shirt off of his shoulders; throwing his head back, just to top it all off, Jeongguk is practically drooling. He lets out a sound which can only be described as “hhhhhhh” – a high pitched, breathy thing that causes Jimin to laugh loudly, the tinkling sound ringing across the room, and Yoongi to snort, a small huff of air from his nose. Embarrassed, Jeongguk moves one hand to cover his face, hiding behind it, and Jimin crawls forwards once more, reaching out for his wrist.

“Don’t do that, pretty, we want to see you.”

“Oh,” Jeongguk breathes, feeling thoroughly lost for words. “Oh, I – sorry. Didn’t mean it – was just – embarrassed.”

He ducks his head, apologising once more; he hears Yoongi swear quietly as Jimin’s fingers find their way beneath Jeongguk’s chin, lifting his head up gently. Jeongguk’s eyes dart to Yoongi nervously. His gaze is still unreadable. Jimin seems to catch onto Jeongguk’s unsurety, and smiles.

“Don’t worry, baby. No need to be scared. Yoongi’s just trying to hold himself back from jumping on you, I think.”

Jimin smirks at Jeongguk’s wide eyed stare. Jeongguk swallows. He takes a deep breath.

“Why hold back?” He asks, voice small, breath shaky. He leans back on his hands, and then, very slowly, spreads his legs apart in invitation, blinking up at Yoongi.

Yoongi’s eyes widen just a fraction, something dangerous glinting in them, before he exhales harshly through his nose. With a low “fuck,” he climbs onto the bed with decidedly less grace than Jimin, wasting no time to grasp Jeongguk’s thighs firmly and spread them apart further. It takes Jeongguk by surprise, and he squeaks, arms buckling at the butterflies the display of dominance sends fluttering through him. He lands with a soft thump on his back, breath knocked out of him, cheeks burning, thighs tingling where Yoongi holds them open.

“Damn, hyung,” Jimin laughs, eyes creased with mirth, “you really were holding back.”

“Couldn’t anymore,” Yoongi says, voice almost a growl, “he’s just too … fucking irresistible.”

Yoongi’s hands squeeze at his thighs and Jeongguk whimpers. He feels as if his entire body is trembling and he’s unable to catch his breath, air racing in and out of his lungs. He bites his lip, attempting to stop any more embarrassing sounds, but it seems as if he’s incapable of exhaling without a whine leaving entwined with his breath. Suddenly, Jimin’s face is very, very close; he’s laying down on his side next to Jeongguk, propped up on one arm, the other free to caress Jeongguk’s stomach; chest; neck; face – Jeongguk instinctively opens his mouth (which had already been ajar) wider when Jimin’s fingers near it, and Jimin wastes no time, sliding his fingers past Jeongguk’s lips for Jeongguk to suck on them, near desperate.

“You okay, pretty?” Jimin murmurs, voice sweet. Jeongguk’s eyes flick up to his, and a warm feeling washes over him at what he sees there: Jimin’s eyes are soft, and he’s smiling gently, face open. Jeongguk’s eyes flicker closed for a split second; so, unbelievably comforted, he lets out a quiet noise around Jimin’s fingers, and nods. Jimin’s smile widens.

“So precious,” He says, “look at him, hyung. Look at our precious boy.”

At this, Jeongguk outright moans, hands coming up to clasp around Jimin’s wrist, and both Jimin and Yoongi coo, utterly enamoured.

“Baby, can I take these off? Is that alright?”

Yoongi’s voice comes from somewhere above Jeongguk, but Jeongguk isn’t entirely sure where; there’s a strange fog clouding his mind, causing a quiet buzzing sound in his ears. Either way, he nods, and feels Yoongi’s careful hands sliding off his underwear, disappearing for a second before they return, smoothing slowly over Jeongguk’s inner thighs before they grip the muscle there, fingers digging in just enough for Jeongguk to moan quietly. He feels so, so hot; his head is heavy, and he tilts it back into the mattress, letting go of Jimin’s wrist with one hand and instead lifting it over his head to rest atop the blankets, opening himself up in a display of submissiveness. Both Jimin and Yoongi react; Jimin lets out a quiet breath and slides his fingers out of Jeongguk’s mouth, quickly wiping them on the bed before threading his fingers so, so, gently through Jeongguk’s hair, whilst Yoongi groans, muttering something Jeongguk can’t quite make out as he slowly presses Jeongguk’s legs up towards his chest, exposing him fully to Yoongi’s hungry eyes.

“Fuck,” Yoongi breathes at the sight, and Jeongguk whines, turning his face to the side – towards Jimin. Jimin makes a soft noise and begins to run his fingers gently through Jeongguk’s hair, kissing him on the forehead as he does. Jeongguk head spins. He’s so used to not being the centre of attention; so used to simply being somebody to push around and mould into position; so used to people taking and taking and taking – now that he’s suddenly at the receiving end of so much praise and comfort and attention, he doesn’t know how to handle it.

He loves it.

“Hyung…” He whines, voice small, because he can, and immediately Jimin lets out a comforting “shhh, baby, it’s okay.” Jeongguk feels warm; he feels soft and cared for, but at the same time, he’s so, so hard, and he squirms, hips moving off the bed just slightly.

“Hyung, please, I want,” He swallows, squeezing his eyes shut, “I want – can you please, please touch me? Down there? Please?”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Jimin almost moans, hand still buried in Jeongguk’s hair. “Go on, hyung, give him what he wants. Can’t you see how prettily he’s begging?”

“Fuck, of course, baby,” Yoongi addresses Jeongguk, voice rough. His hands slide down Jeongguk’s thighs, caressing the place where they meet his ass before moving down further. Jeongguk is already spread open, utterly exposed for Yoongi’s eyes, but Yoongi still grasps his cheeks and pulls them apart, groaning once more as he sees Jeongguk’s hole, pretty and pink.

“Shit, you’re just perfect, aren’t you, little one?” He breathes, hands greedy as they roam over Jeongguk’s cheeks and hole, and Jeongguk jerks, letting out a little “ah” as Yoongi’s fingers brush over his opening. He feels as if Yoongi’s touch has turned his skin into one huge erogenous zone; he can’t stop his body’s trembling as Yoongi runs his hands over his skin; then, suddenly, there’s cold wetness on his hole and he gasps, head jerking out of Jimin’s cradling embrace as he looks down to see Yoongi pouring lube straight onto Jeongguk’s entrance. He doesn’t have time to wonder where or when he got it before Yoongi is pressing his fingers back to Jeongguk’s opening, teasing over it, playing with it, and Jeongguk twists his upper body around to face Jimin, burying his face in his chest as he moans, loud and high-pitched. His toes curl where they’re suspended in the air, legs still bent up towards his chest, and he trembles, breath ragged.

“Got such a pretty little hole, baby,” Yoongi murmurs as he teases Jeongguk’s opening, and Jeongguk pulls his thighs together, knees knocking, but still holding his legs up; keeping himself on display for Yoongi. He grabs onto Jimin’s upper arm, fingers curling around it in search of comfort; stability as Yoongi steals the breath from his lungs with every touch.

“God,” Yoongi continues, “so perfect. Bet you’d just suck me right in, hm?”

Jeongguk whines, the sound muffled, and he feels the rumbling of Jimin’s chest where he’s pressed to it as Jimin hums in response to Yoongi’s filthy words.

“Bet that would feel so good,” Jimin says, and Jeongguk realises he’s responding to Yoongi – speaking to him about the most intimate part of Jeongguk, as if Jeongguk isn’t even there. “Bet his tight little hole would feel so good around my cock. Does he look tight, hyung?”

“Looks like a fucking virgin,” Yoongi replies – and then pushes a finger into Jeongguk.

The sound Jeongguk makes is embarrassingly close to squeal; his hips twitch, as does his cock, hard and neglected, dripping with precome, and he presses himself closer to Jimin, fingers digging into his arm. Distantly, Jeongguk registers Jimin’s hiss of pain, but all he can focus on is the feeling of Yoongi’s finger inside him. It’s not that he never fingers himself – he does – it’s just – he’s never had somebody else’s finger inside of him, the people he’s been with before requesting a sub top, never a bottom, and the difference between Jeongguk’s own finger and Yoongi’s is indescribable. Just one finger fills Jeongguk so well, and he moans deliriously, tilting his hips upwards for more.

Suddenly, Jeongguk registers his hand being taken in a firm grip and pried off of whatever it’s holding onto – Jimin’s arm, Jeongguk belatedly registers – and he panics, reaching out for Jimin once again –

“No – what – hyung, I need you –”

“I know, pretty baby, but you were hurting me,” Jimin laughs lightly, fondly amused, face hovering in front of Jeongguk’s hazy eyes, and Jeongguk looks down to see red marks in the shape of fingers painted around Jimin’s upper arm. His eyes widen.

“Oh no, hyung, ‘m sorry, I – I didn’t mean to, I swear, I’m sorry –”

“Shhh, I know, darling, I know, it’s alright, hyung’s okay,” Jimin soothes, gently stroking Jeongguk’s hair to calm him. Jeongguk breathes shakily, bottom lip pouted as he attempts to make sense of the feeling that rose up inside of him at the thought of hurting Jimin – of disappointing him, of being bad – but it is futile, as his thoughts are sluggish and hazy; they don’t seem to be working the way they usually do. All he can think is hyung and please and wantitwantmore, and he rolls onto his back again, head thrown back, exposing his neck to Jimin and Yoongi.

“I,” He starts, breathless, “feel … dunno, feels, feel so hot, hyungs … jus’ … I want … please …”

Jimin hums, and suddenly there’s a hand trailing down his chest, ghosting pleasure across his skin, leaving a pathway of flames in its wake. Jeongguk shakes, head feeling so, so hot, eyes halfway shut as he arches into Jimin’s touch. Yoongi’s finger is still moving inside of him, causing pleasure to sing through his veins as his cock twitches on his stomach, a thin string of precome between his abdomen and the head. All at once, Yoongi’s finger is gone, and Jeongguk’s eyes shoot wide open, preparing to whine; beg; anything – before it’s back, only this time Yoongi pushes in two fingers, slowly widening Jeongguk’s hole as Jeongguk throws his head back, mouth wide open in a soundless moan.

“Pretty, pretty baby…” Jimin says, voice low and sweet, and Jeongguk turns his head to gaze at him, eyesight blurry. He doesn’t realise why until Jimin coos and reaches out to cradle his face in his hand, thumb moving gently beneath Jeongguk’s eye. He blinks, and more tears make their way down his face, causing Jimin to hold a hand up to Yoongi, halting his movements.

“Sweetheart, talk to me. How are you doing? You wanna stop, darling?” Jimin asks, voice made of velvet, and Jeongguk sinks into it gladly.

“No … no, hyung, want … want hyung’s fingers again, please, ‘n’ hyung’s cock, wan’ it, please,” Jeongguk slurs, wonderfully overwhelmed with pleasure. He can’t speak properly, can’t think; only knows he wants Yoongi’s fingers to move again; wants another, wants more –

And then, with an “of course, baby,” from Yoongi, the fingers inside him are moving again, faster this time, and harder too, a relentless pressure inside him, building and building until something changes and white hot pleasure burns Jeongguk from the inside out; he shouts, hand flying up to grasp onto the blankets above his head.

“Oh – oh – feels – feels – ah, hyung, hyung, feels so g – uh – ”

Jeongguk sobs, tears sliding down into his hairline where he’s tilted his head back in pleasure once more, neck straining. He feels as if he might tear the blankets with how hard he’s gripping them, but he’s unable to concentrate on anything other than the harsh pressure of Yoongi’s fingers inside him and the gentle, sticky-sweet praises dripping from Jimin’s mouth and into Jeongguk’s ear, filling his head with honey and making it impossible to think.

All he can think is –

“Stop – hyung, stop, need – need your cock, hyung, not fingers, please, please, need it –”

“Shit,” Yoongi growls, breathing heavily, almost lunging across the bed and returning with a condom, hands shaking as he attempts to rip it open with lube-slick fingers before Jimin plucks it out of his grip with an amused smile and opens it cleanly. Meanwhile, Jeongguk whimpers pitifully at the lack of attention before he can stop himself, then bites the inside of his cheek, embarrassed at his neediness. As soon as they are gone, he wants Yoongi’s firm touches and Jimin’s soothing reassurances back, and he feels his bottom lip trembling before he can stop it. In the back of his head, he wonders why on earth he’s acting like this – he’s never been this needy during sex; always had a clear mind, never begged for someone’s touch like this, never cried – but with Yoongi and Jimin, all he can focus on is the pleasure they so easily find within his own body, extracting it with soft words and sure touches before presenting it to him readily like a meal on a platter, his to devour.

Then, suddenly, Jimin is back by his side, murmuring a gentle “you’re okay, baby, hyung’s here,” – and then there’s a pressure on his hole, and Jeongguk glances down to see Yoongi pressing his cock – when did he take off his clothes? Jeongguk thinks distantly, before dismissing the thought as unimportant – onto it, sliding it between Jeongguk’s cheeks.

Oh,” Jeongguk moans breathily, eyebrows furrowing with pleasure as Yoongi’s cock rubs over Jeongguk’s sensitive hole.

“God, your little noises are so cute, sweetheart. I can hardly resist pushing hyung out of the way and fucking you myself,” Jimin says, voice turning into something low and dangerous at the end, a thread of dark amusement sewn through it, as he bites down gently on Jeongguk’s earlobe. Jeongguk keens, and Jimin giggles.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare, Jimin,” Yoongi grinds out, and Jimin only laughs once more before smoothing his hand over Jeongguk’s chest again, this time brushing against a nipple, causing Jeongguk to jerk and moan.

“Knew he’d be sensitive,” Jimin mutters, before leaning forward to lick over one of Jeongguk’s nipples. Jeongguk all but yells, chest arching obscenely, eyes rolling backwards. He whines out a garbled mess of pleasepleasemorepleaseneeditneeditnowplease that seems to spur Yoongi, who had previously been transfixed with the slide of his cock over Jeongguk’s hole, into action – and then Jeongguk’s gasping as the head of Yoongi’s length pushes into him.

There’s relative quiet for a moment, as Jeongguk takes gasping breaths, chest shuddering; Jimin’s tongue is still working over his nipple, causing little shocks of sensitivity to shoot across his skin, and Yoongi’s cock is slowly sliding further into Jeongguk. And then – Jeongguk sobs, loud and breathy, wet and intertwined with moans. He can’t seem to stop – the feeling of Jimin stimulating one of the most sensitive parts of his body combined with his hole stretched around Yoongi’s length – it is indescribable, and Jeongguk feels tears sliding down his cheeks as he begins to swivel his hips in an attempt to get Yoongi to move. And then, all at once, he does move, and he’s pounding Jeongguk into the mattress as Jimin releases his nipple in favour of situating himself further up the bed, sliding a hand into Jeongguk’s hair once again as he murmurs filth against his mouth –

“Such a good boy, taking what your hyung gives you, hm? Our pretty little baby, our good boy, look so pretty crying for us, darling. You’re our good boy, yeah? You wanna be good for us, pretty?”

– And Jeongguk can only wail out stuttered words of affirmation through sobs of pleasure, body jolting constantly from Yoongi’s thrusts – because it’s true. The only thing he wants, in this moment, is to be good, to be taken care of by Jimin and Yoongi – to be theirs. He lets his mouth hang open, long since past being embarrassed of the noises he’s making, and Jimin takes the opportunity to kiss him messily, tongue pushing into Jeongguk’s mouth as he moans. At the same time, Jimin slides a hand down to tease at the tip of Jeongguk’s cock, where it’s soaked with precome, and Jeongguk jerks, stomach muscles spasming. It’s too much – he grips Jimin’s wrist, whimpering, and Jimin seems to understand, trailing his hand over Jeongguk’s abdomen instead. Then something occurs to Jeongguk – and he whines, suddenly desperate.

“Can you – hyung, c’n you – please, my mouth, want – in my mouth, hyung –”

Jimin’s eyes grow dark. “Fuck. You want hyung’s cock in your mouth, hm, baby?”

Jeongguk can only nod tearfully as Yoongi groans from where he’s still fucking Jeongguk, thrusts rough and precise, hands gripping onto the meat of Jeongguk’s thighs, holding them up so that he can see where his cock pounds into Jeongguk’s hole. Jimin scrambles up the bed, still remarkably graceful, and quickly unzips his jeans, sliding them off with his underwear. Jeongguk almost drools at the sight of Jimin’s cock, opening his mouth eagerly. Jimin groans and wastes no time in kneeling beside Jeongguk’s head, carefully sliding his length between Jeongguk’s lips; due to the slightly awkward positioning, not much more than the head rests in Jeongguk’s mouth, but he sucks on it enthusiastically, his moans now muffled as Jimin’s own join Yoongi and Jeongguk’s harmony.

“Shit,” Yoongi says, voice rough, “look so fuckin’ hot, baby, sucking on Jimin’s cock like that while you take mine. So fuckin’ perfect.”

Jeongguk moans happily at the praise, feeling slightly delirious as his toes curl with pleasure. He moves his head back and forth, enjoying the way Jimin sighs at the warmth of Jeongguk’s mouth, hand gently encouraging at the back of Jeongguk’s head.

“Shit, baby … your lips look so pretty spread around me … you’re so beautiful, darling …”

Jimin keeps up a steady stream of compliments, submerging Jeongguk in praise, and Jeongguk bathes in the flow, basking in pleasure as he lays there, on Yoongi and Jimin’s bed, getting fucked within an inch of his life whilst sucking on the dick of one of the hottest men he’s ever seen.

Jeongguk gasps, pulling off of Jimin’s cock. Precome drips over his lips and down his chin, but he pays it no mind; tears and drool already stain his face, and his hair sticks to his forehead with sweat. The tingling pleasure stemming from Jeongguk’s groin is intensifying, and Jeongguk whines desperately, eyes wide and hands searching for comfort; Jimin takes hold of his hand, entwining their fingers. His thumb strokes soothingly over Jeongguk’s skin, and Jeongguk shudders.

“You gonna come, sweetheart?” He says, voice almost a whisper.

And Jeongguk – Jeongguk is, almost as if Jimin’s words made it true. He nods, moaning loudly, movements frantic, and Jimin mutters a low “shit,” before grasping his own cock with his free hand and pumping it, hand moving fast.

“Baby’s gonna come, yeah? Hasn’t he done so well, hyung? Been such a good boy for us?” Jimin breathes, directing the last two questions at Yoongi. Yoongi groans in response, slamming into Jeongguk harder, one hand moving to grip Jeongguk’s waist, the other still pushing his thigh up to meet his chest.

Fuck, yeah, been so good, so, so good for us, taking me so well, made me feel so good, baby,” Yoongi mutters, making Jeongguk keen and arch his back. He feels as if his entire body is singing with pleasure, and all he can do is moan and whine and writhe on the bed, eyes rolling back as the pleasure mounts, flames erupting across his skin, crackling and spitting; his legs shake almost violently and he wails, tears painted in jagged lines across his face –

“I’m – oh – coming, ‘m coming, coming, ah!”

Jeongguk's hips jerk off the bed so violently that Yoongi has to grip his waist with both hands, putting his weight onto them to pin Jeongguk to the bed in an attempt not to slip out of him. Holding him down, Yoongi fucks him, hard, as Jeongguk comes, cock jerking, come splattering across his chest, high pitched almost-screams erupting from between his lips. The feeling is electric; he feels energy zinging through him as he grips Jimin’s hand for dear life and trembles through his orgasm, only one word on his lips –

Hyung –!”

Above him, Jimin groans, and something warm hits his face; blinded by ecstasy, Jeongguk turns his head and opens his mouth on instinct, letting his tongue hang out as Jimin moans in surprised pleasure, coming all over his tongue, lips and cheeks. There’s a harsh “fuck,” from Yoongi’s direction, before a weight drops over Jeongguk’s body, and suddenly Yoongi is there, elbows on either side of Jeongguk’s body as his hips move frantically, muttering swears into Jeongguk’s ear. Jeongguk smiles deliriously, legs falling open, boneless, on either side of Yoongi’s hips, and lets Yoongi fuck him; lets Yoongi take his pleasure. Soon enough, Yoongi groans in Jeongguk’s ear, hips jerking once, twice, three times, before he stills, and Jeongguk lets out a soft, content noise.

If he’s being honest, Jeongguk doesn’t remember much of the next fifteen minutes after that.

His eyes flutter, limbs useless as Yoongi pulls out of him. He remembers the jolting feeling of something touching his hole and cock – to clean him, he later realises, but in the moment, he whines, pouting, and rolls away from the touch. Though strangely muffled, he hears Jimin’s tinkling giggle, and smiles as he says something about a “sensitive baby”. He has no idea who that could be, but Jimin seems to be very fond of them, given his tone of voice.

Somehow, he ends up enveloped in two very different types of warmth: one being the comforting familiarity of a clean blanket and a soft mattress; a pillow beneath his head and oversized clothes smelling of fabric softener, and the other, the bone-deep seeping warmth, like sinking into a hot bath, of another’s body.

Or, in Jeongguk’s case, two other bodies.

“Do you think he’s asleep?” Jeongguk hears Jimin murmur, before somebody’s hand begins to softly run through his hair. Jeongguk smiles, face pressed into the pillow.

“Probably. He seemed pretty tired out.”

There’s a smug edge to Yoongi’s voice, and Jimin giggles quietly in response.

“You could say that, yeah.”

For a few moments, there’s silence. Then –

“Goodnight, baby.”

There’s a soft pressure on Jeongguk’s forehead. Jeongguk’s toes wriggle happily beneath the covers as he tries to keep ahold of the butterflies erupting from deep inside his stomach.

He sighs happily. He’s definitely found what he was looking for.