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Everything hurts. Perhaps the several times you’d managed to shift tonight had been the reason, aside from everything else you’d endured.

You were free, or at least, you had been. 

You were so far from home, you could feel it in your bones. Exactly how far, you weren’t sure. You didn’t recognize anything around you. The lights, smells, and sounds were overwhelming, especially in the petite form you’d grasped at to shift into: the fennec fox. You’d assumed several different forms to escape, but you weren’t sure why exactly, you’d chosen this form. Exhaustion, you decided. You had hoped you could find somewhere to hide,rest and figure everything out. The park you’d wandered into had seemed like a good choice, but you’d been spotted in the darkness, moving too slow to avoid becoming the target of bored human males.

They were young, perhaps in their mid-teens. You weren’t all too familiar with humans, at least, not until you’d been stolen from your home by them. For the past six months, you’d witnessed the cruelty of humans and the disregard they had for your kind, or rather, any supernatural kind. Not all humans were aware of the existence of the supernatural, but there were far too many who did, and their knowledge often proved that such a thing was not good. You’d been on the receiving end of that twice; put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. Tonight, you’d made a daring escape from the facility that you’d been brought to, a facility where you were to be sold again. You had managed to evade capture, only to find yourself surrounded.

The boys kept you from escaping, despite your attempts to appear like you weren’t a threat. They didn’t seem too care, and you realized why once you got a whiff of the alcohol staining them. They poked and prodded you, one even kicking you when you snapped at another. It didn’t take much to hurt you, not with your small body and exhaustion in your bones. Eventually, you just laid there and took it, accepting that you weren’t going to survive the night.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have, had your tormentors not been scared away by something in the darkness. A deep, ominous growl. One moment, the boys are laughing at your pain, and the next, they’re running away, screaming. You watch their retreating forms disappear, but you can’t bring yourself to move. A hot breath brushes over one of your large ears, but you barely register the fact before you’re swallowed by darkness.


Jungkook is angry

“Jungkook-ah!” Jimin’s voice hissed from the darkness behind him, “What were you thinking!?” The older boy emerges from the foliage, ruffling his fingers through his blond hair in an attempt to tame it, fingers brushing off leaves that had stuck to his clothes as he’d run after the youngest. As he stops beside Jungkook, he reaches down to sink his fingers into the dark brown fur of his packmate. “Shift back and change into some clothes, anyone could see you right now.” His words are urgent, eyes darting around them, looking for threats.

Jungkook huffs as he swings his head away from his hyung, his nose nudging the small fox, you, on the pavement in front of him, a low whine escaping him.

A gasp slips from the blonde as his eyes find the source of Jungkook’s attention. Jimin immediately releases Jungkook, crouching down to get a closer look at the creature. “Oh no,” Jimin breathes, hesitantly reaching out to touch the fur of the fox. He winces at the blood that coats his fingers, the stench of alcohol too great before to smell the blood. “Jungkook-ah…” He breathes, appalled at the sight before him.

Jimin observes the rise and fall of your chest, almost crying in relief that you’re not dead. “Go, shift quickly,” Jimin urges the younger wolf, who hesitates a moment before he’s turning tail and disappearing into the darkness. Jimin peers back down at you before he carefully picks you up and cradles you against his chest. They can’t leave you out here, not like this.

Jungkook stumbles out of the foliage seconds later, “I-,” He cuts himself off with a growl as he yanks his shirt down, clearly still irritated. “They were hurting it, Hyung! We have to take it back to Jin-Hyung, he’ll know what to do,” He’s upset, probably more so than he had been when they had first come out for a run.

Jimin nods, more than eager to return to their packmates. They felt like home, and being without the whole pack made Jimin feel vulnerable. “We need to hurry. We’ve been gone longer than we should have been.”


The warmth of sunlight stirs you awake.

You’re slow to open your eyes, raising your head carefully as you turn to look around you. Nothing is familiar about where you are. A bedroom, you can tell, but not one that you’ve ever been in. You shift slightly, wincing in pain before you see the white cloth wrapped around your middle. You blink at it for several moments. You’d been...treated for your injuries? Being a shifter, you healed at a much faster rate than humans, but it still baffled you. No one in the last six months had treated you like an equal.

A rustle next to you brings your attention from your injuries, head turning to look for the source of the sound. You freeze at the sight of a dark-headed boy sleeping mere inches from you. You stretch your neck out, giving him a tentative sniff before you quickly jerk back.


Definitely a better option than a human, but you can’t help the fear that courses through you. You’d met a few werewolves in your life, but had never actually been this close to one. They were pack oriented supernaturals, able to appear human and shift into large wolves at will, except during the full moon, when they had little choice in the matter. They were one of the most powerful supernatural creatures. Ooh, this was bad. Very bad.

You quietly and slowly got up from your curled position, not wanting to disturb the sleeping werewolf. You assumed that the rest of his pack was nearby, and you didn’t want to meet them. You need to get out of here, but how?

You spare another look at the sleeping werewolf and immediately freeze at the blond peering half-asleep at you from the sleeping werewolf’s other side.

Another werewolf.

“Oh, you’re awake,” The blond whispers, resting his chin on the shoulder of his pack-mate as he smiles sleepily in your direction. You have no clue what he just said, but you know it’s Korean.

You both stare at each other for a long moment before you’re letting out a yelp and scrambling off the bed and onto the floor, heart racing as your noises startled the sleeping werewolf from his sleep. You don’t land gracefully, a yelp of pain escaping you this time before you’re slipping under the bed to hide.

The sound of rapid footsteps catches your ears, and you stare wide-eyed as the door to the room bursts open, and several pairs of feet rush into the room.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

“Who yelped?”

“Jimin-ah scared her,”

You ignore the words you can’t understand, eyes on the open door. You could make it, you decide, and steel yourself to bolt across the floor and past the new werewolves standing in the room.

The previously sleeping werewolf’s head appears on your left, distracting you for a second as you look at him wide-eyed. “We’re not going to hurt you,” He reaches up to rub at his eye, only to loose his balance and topple right off the bed and onto the floor with a “oof!”. Several bursts of laughter accompany, and you use that to make your escape.

You dart from under the bed for the open door, ignoring the pain rippling through your side as you slide into the hallway.

“Ya! Wait!”

You disappear into the first door you can find, another bedroom, and immediately dive under one of the beds. You curl up into a ball, attempting to make yourself as small as possible. Maybe they’d forget about you. You can hear them rushing around, obviously looking for you. You stiffen when you finally hear someone shuffle into the room you’re in, your whole body shaking as you observe them slowly kneel by the bed and peer underneath.

“There you are,” He says once his eyes land on you, and he frowns when he evidently notices you’re shaking. He has a dark head of hair and looks older than the other two from before. “You can come out, you must be hungry.” He frowns when you release a whine in response. 

You’d went from the frying pan and into the fire, you decide.

Surrounded by a pack of werewolves that probably wanted to eat you.

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“Did you find her, Hyung?” The voice makes you jump, jerking your head sideways to look towards the door.


Now the other three are blocking the doorway, effectively blocking your exit from the room. You barely spare a glance at the three sets of feet standing at the doorway, before you’re snapping your attention back to the one closest to you. You feel slightly alarmed when he slowly gets back to his feet, and once he approaches the doorway, they move of his way.

“Stay there, I’m going to find her some food,” He calls over his shoulder as he disappears towards the kitchen.

You watch as one of the boys, the blond werewolf from the bed, lays on the floor by the doorway, squinting slightly as he peers under the bed, “I see her,” he announces, “She’s shaking like a leaf.” He frowns, tilting his head slightly.

“Well, you did scare her,” The dark haired werewolf from the bed joins the blond a few seconds later on the floor.

“I didn’t mean to,” A whine escapes the blond as he rests his chin on his forearms with a sigh.

“I don’t think it takes much to scare her right now, Jiminie,” This time, the third boy in the room speaks as he sits cross legged beside the other two. Your eyes widen slightly when you note his blue hair as he leans sideways to catch a glimpse of you under the bed.

“You three..” The older boy has returned, carefully stepping over the blond and dark-haired boys, and slowly lowering himself back to the side of the bed he was looking at you from earlier. He sets a container down, popping the lid off and reaching inside.

Your nose twitches at the smell of food, ears and eyes focused solely on him. Your tiny belly rumbles at the prospect of food. You hadn’t eaten for days.

You watch as he reaches out with a piece of meat, setting it down on the floor under the bed as far as he can reach, causing you to bunch yourself up slightly at his closeness. He withdraws his hand slowly, the piece of meat sitting a few inches away from you.

Flicking a glance between him and food, you only take a few seconds to decide. You stretch out slightly, snatching the piece of meat up before he can change his mind about giving it to you. You chew quickly, noting that the meat tastes much like chicken, before swallowing and waiting patiently.

Food Giver chuckles, before slowly offering out another piece on the floor. You don’t pay much attention to the fact that you have to reach for it each time, and that you’re slowly coming closer to him. At the edge of the bed, he holds out his hands, “All gone.”

You blink several times at him before curiously stepping over to stick your head in the container, nose twitching as you sniff. Damn. Nothing. Turning your head to look up at him again, you squeak in protest.

Food Giver offers out his hands towards you, and you sniff at them cautiously. You can smell the meat, but he’s obviously not hiding any from you. His right hand reaches up slowly, brushing against one of your ears. You tense and jerk at the feeling, but you don’t scramble away from him. When he reaches forwards again, you tense again when his hand brushes the tip of your ear once more. His hand moves to scratch gently at the fur at the base of your ear, and you turn your head slightly at the sensation.

For a werewolf, he has gentle hands. You decide. You can’t stop the purr that rumbles from your throat.

“ she purring?”

“That’s so cute.”

“Can we keep her, Hyung?”


“I don’t think management would like that very much.” Jin sighs at the collective whine from the three youngest members, “Aside from that, I’m pretty sure she belongs to someone.”

“They’re obviously not a good owner if she’s almost killed!” Jin frowns as the outburst from Jungkook has you darting back under the bed. He smiles when you peek up at him from the edge of the bed. Were you warming up to him?

“Do you know how to take care of a fox?” Jin suddenly asks the three, twisting slightly to look at them. He’s looking back down at you seconds later when he feels something cold brush against his hand. You’ve moved closer again, sniffing at his hands once more.


“We can learn!”

“She likes you already, Jin-Hyung.” Taehyung has inched closer to sit beside Jin, leaning into his eldest packmate. He grins when you turn your attention to him, head tilted before stretching out to sniff at him.

“Do you think she knows we’re not human?” Jungkook asks, watching you with rapt attention over Jin’s shoulder.

“Probably why she was scared,” Jin answers, carefully trying his luck at petting you again, which you allow.


You’ve tentatively decided that these four aren’t going to eat you.

 It’s a gut feeling of safety, now that your initial terror at the fact that they’re werewolves has subsided. Despite the fact that you can’t understand what they are saying, you have a nagging feeling that these four are unaware you are anything but a fennec fox. 

They are definitely discussing you, and you wish you could understand what they’re saying. At least then, you wouldn’t be in the dark about what exactly their discussing about you. You also wanted to know their names: Food Giver, Blue, Sleepy, and Blond weren't going to cut it for long. Plus, you were pretty sure there were three more werewolves missing from this group.

Seven werewolves. The number was low, at least it was if they were an official pack themselves. It wasn't uncommon for over a hundred werewolves to be apart of a pack, although big packs did tend to be broken down into subunits. Perhaps this pack was a subunit of a pack. Your knowledge on werewolves was rusty; the most prominent lesson about them was to give them a wide berth.

Werewolves and shifters didn’t tend to get along. To be honest, werewolves didn’t care for any shapeshifting creatures that weren’t werewolves. Werewolves and werecoyotes were especially known for being notorious enemies. You guessed you could lump fox shifters in with that, although you didn’t really count yourself as a fox shifter.

You were part of a handful of shifters who could essentially take on several different animal forms. As long as you could visualize the animal, you could take its form. Of course, if said animal was much larger it could be taxing on your ability to hold the form or even change into your human appearance.

You hadn’t been human for months. It was a deep seated instinct to not reveal yourself in human form. If you did, your captors could find you. Since you’d escaped their clutches without revealing yourself, you could breathe a little easier. Part of you wanted to change into your human form, but you couldn’t bring yourself to, or rather, you hadn’t been able to.

No matter how hard you tried to grasp the familiar feeling, you couldn’t. You knew you could change animal forms, but you didn’t dare put it to the test in front of the werewolves; they would definitely know you weren’t actually a fennec fox. 

You were stuck in the fennec fox body. For how long? Days? Weeks? Months

Stuck. Far away from home. At the mercy of werewolves.

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You aren’t sure how long the five of you sit there in the room.

In however long of time it had been, Blue, Sleepy, and Blond had hesitantly reached forwards to brush their fingers over your fur several times. You were a little tense and unsure at first, but they were rather gentle about it.

They were odd for werewolves, you had mused to yourself. Did they not know about shifters? About the bad blood? Or did they just not care? Perhaps it was best that you remained stuck in your animal form; it would give you time to figure these werewolves out and decide if it was safe enough to reveal yourself or if you needed to leave as soon as possible. You wanted to lay low, but you also wanted to go home. If there was a home to go back to...

Lost in your thoughts, you give a squeak of alarm when you’re suddenly picked up. You struggle, whimpering at the pain that ripples through your side before you go still.

“Shh, you’re okay, you’re okay,” Food Giver’s chest rumbles with his words as he’s the one who has you cradled against him. He slowly gets to his feet, the other three joining him. “How about a bath?”

You blink rapidly, turning your head from him to Blue as you try to figure out what he’s saying. Is he offering you more food? You remain limp in his arms as he heads out into the hallway and across to another room. When he flicks the light on and you realize your in a bathroom, dread pulls in your belly. Most of you, especially the human part, is delighted about getting clean. Your fur feels greasy and you know you’re still dirty from the night before.

The basic instincts of the animal that you’re impersonating? Livid . No water, no bath please.

The flight instinct takes over too quickly for you to stop it, and you’re halfway clawing over Food Giver’s shoulder before you manage to get a grip on yourself. He’s grabbed you again, his hands gentle as ever as he coos at you over the sound of the water running. Once you’ve relaxed against him, he’s pulling you away and sets you right in the bathtub.

He hasn’t filled it too full, just enough to reach the underside of your belly. The water is nice and warm too. Food Giver holds you in place with one hand, the other unwinding the white cloth that covered your ribcage.

“She’s healing nicely,” He says outloud, a little taken back by the sight of just how much better the wounds look. He says nothing else, however, releasing you from his hold.

You stand there and sniff at the water, before you start to move around. After a few minutes, you’re practically bouncing about, or as much as your body would let you. The four werewolves hover nearby, watching you with varying degrees of amusement.


Ten minutes later and you’re burrowed into the fluffiest green towel. Ever . You’re more than content in stay here, purring softly at the hands that are gently rubbing across the towel. You thought it was Food Giver at first, but you’re pretty sure it’s Sleepy holding you in his lap now.

You felt rather spoiled, you had to admit. A girl could get used to this . You had no choice in the matter at the moment anyway, right?

“We’re back!”

A new, unfamiliar voice makes you perk up burrowed within the towel. Had the other three werewolves showed up? At the murmur of voices, curiosity gets the better of you and you’re shoving your nose around to find an opening in the towel. Once you do, you shove your head through cautiously, looking around for new faces.

“She’s awake!”

Three new werewolves have joined the living room, and one of them apparently noticed you poking your head out from the towel. His whole face has lit up and he’s practically bouncing over with a rather undignified squeal. 

Your eyes widen in response, that familiar trickle of fear smothering you before you’re promptly diving back into the towel with a sharp whistle of alarm. Nope, nope, nope, nope!  

The towel shifts and you’re mostly exposed back to the room. You raise your head to meet the brown eyes of Sleepy. He grins at you, “Hobi-hyung didn’t mean to scare you.”

You glance around, noting that the excitable werewolf that had run over had stopped short, looking a little guilty. You took a moment to look him over before peering around at the other two newcomers. The shortest of the three leans against the wall furthest way, the earbuds in his ears connected to the phone that he’s intently focused on. His black hair is pushed back by a red bandana. He glances up when he feels your eyes on him, but you quickly look away to settle on the one next to him.

It only takes you a second to realize he’s the leader of the pack. He’s the tallest among them, at least, he looks like he is. Much like Blond, he has blond hair, but his is darker than the others. When he realizes you’re looking at him curiously, he smiles. Oh. Dimples appear and you suddenly wish you could squish his cheeks.

Focus. Right.

You stretch out to sniff at the nearest, who realizes you’re paying attention to him, inches forward tentatively, offering out his hand. You nudge at his fingers with your nose, ears twitching at the laugh that slips from him. He carefully brushes his hand over your head, crouching down to be more eye level with you. You blink at him curiously, tilting your head.

“She’s obviously not wild,” He says (you’ve dubbed him Happy), and you mentally sigh when he speaks the same language the others do. Do none of them speak English? You wanted to know their names, but nicknaming them for now would have to do.

“Can we keep her?” Sleepy draws your attention at his words, but his attention is on their leader.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Comes the leader’s reply, and if Sleepy’s defeated shoulders slumping are any indication, it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. “If she were a cat or a dog…”

“There’s a possibility she’s not an animal at all.”

You feel a sense of alarm when all six eyes turn to look at the man with the bandana before they all turn (as one) to look at you .

Ohhh shit. You blink innocently at them have no clue what’s going on.


“What do you mean, Hyung?” Jungkook pipes up, pulling the towel to cover you when he realized you were shaking. Perhaps you still weren’t completely dry; he didn’t want you to get sick.

“Her eyes look far too intelligent,” Yoongi answers, his attention back on his phone.

“Are you saying that all animals are dumb?” The youngest shoots back, slightly offended on your behalf. Even if you were an animal.

His elder’s lips twitched as he shrugged, “No. I meant human intelligence.”

“Aside from that, Management isn’t going to let us keep a fox,” Jin interjects, “Her being here is either because she’s from the zoo or she belongs to someone.”

“If she’s from the zoo, there’s no way she would be as calm as she is now. She has to belong to someone. Surely it won’t take long to find her owners, so we shouldn’t have to get Management involved. The less they know, the better.” Namjoon muses, before settling a pointed look at Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung. “You three could go put flyers up.”

There’s immediate protest from the three youngest.

“But Namjoon-Hyung-!”

“She’s cute! Can’t we keep her!?”

“We’ll do all the work and take care of her!”

“She already likes Jin-Hyung! You can’t break their bond right now, it’s fragile!”

Namjoon sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose, “What happens when we have to leave on tour? When we have to attend pack meetings? When it’s the full moon? Practice? Photoshoots? Music Video shoots?”

“We can take her with us on tour! She can stay here otherwise, we are never gone long…”

“A fox on tour? No.”

“She’s tiny, we could hide her!”


“It’s us three against you three.”

“Respect your elders, kids.”

“Jin-Hyung can be the tiebreaker!”

“Ya! Don’t drag me into this.”


“...maybe we should keep her for a while…”

Triumphant hollering from the three youngest sends you burrowing back into the towel.

Werewolves were weird.

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“You have to be quiet and stay in the bag, Na Bi.” Sleepy grinned as he carefully zipped up the backpack he’d set you in moments before, surrounding you in darkness. Thankfully, he left the zipper open to allow you air and a little bit of light.

At least Sleepy had learned his lesson from last time; attempting to hide you in his hoodie hadn’t been his brightest idea. You weren’t really banking on this attempt to work either, but you did appreciate the effort; you were going a bit stir crazy being stuck in their dorm for the last three weeks.

Not that they made it miserable; quite the opposite in fact. You couldn’t understand a damn word they said, but you could tell they enjoyed each other’s company, more so than most. In your time with them, you’d observed just how affectionate they were with each other. It hadn’t surprised you, considering the fact that they were packmates (and bandmates, you shortly learned). With what you knew about werewolves, they were considered pretty affectionate and territorial over their mates and packmates.

As it was, you were pretty sure the seven werewolves were mated to each other. It wasn’t hard to see the signs: lingering touches, soft groans in the middle of the night, love marks (which healed quite quickly) playing peek-a-boo with shirt collars. While it personally never bothered you, it didn’t feel right to linger during these intimate moments happened, and you’d always quietly slip from the room. You were grateful that you weren’t ever in human form; you knew you’d be red from your head to your toes.

Not that you were a prude, weren’t part of the pack. Sometimes you found yourself thinking about it, especially when they were gone and you were alone in the dorms. You’d never been part of a pack. Shifters weren’t known for forming packs, at least not as big as the packs that werewolves could form. Perhaps that was contributed to the fact that shifters were hunted down more than most supernaturals, aside from vampires. Afterall, the small community you’d be apart of had been where you’d been snatched from all those months ago. 

You didn’t even know if there was a home to go back to. You had been one of the few that had been captured, and the last fleeting glance you’d caught of your family had been them fleeing into the night. You didn’t know if they were still alive nor did they know if you were still alive. The thought always made your heart squeeze painfully in your chest.

Perhaps you should be relieved you weren’t part of the pack, that they weren’t aware you were more than you seemed. You weren’t quite sure it would be the best to reveal yourself to them anyways; you were technically deceiving them.


Hoseok was immediately suspicious of the maknae when he’d immediately claimed the backseat in the van, a black backpack clutched to his chest. Before the other younglings could join him, the werewolf slid into the seat by Jungkook.

Out of the corner of his eye, he observed Jungkook immediately gulping, stiffening when Hoseok moved closer, fingers reaching to brush over the back of the maknae’s neck. It was a deliberate tactic to distract the youngest, and to avoid drawing the attention of Namjoon and Yoongi.

“Jungkook-ah,” Hoseok murmured, nose brushing over the youngest’s cheek, purposely keeping his voice as soft and low as he could to avoid attracting attention. “What’s in the backpack?”

“Um...snacks?” Jungkook’s answer came out in a squeak, desperately (and silently) trying to get Jimin and Taehyung’s attention in the seat in front of him.

“Are you not sure what you put in the bag?” Hoseok was amused now, reaching out for the backpack. “Or are you hiding something from me?”

Jungkook’s hand clutched his wrist to stop his fingers inches from the zipper of the backpack. “Hyung,” It was a soft whine, attracting the immediate attention of Jimin and Taehyung.

Hoseok tilted his head slightly before he reached forward and grasped one of the zippers, tugging it open. He wasn’t the least bit surprised at the sight of you peering up at him.

He couldn’t help but smile at you before bringing his attention back to Jungkook, “You shouldn’t have brought her, Kookie.” Hoseok tilted his head towards the direction of Yoongi and Namjoon.

Jungkook frowned, “She can’t stay inside all the time, Hobi-Hyung,” He muttered, nerviously glancing towards his elders, “She needs fresh air.”

“I don’t think a fansign translates to fresh air. What happens if she gets loose?”

“She won’t! She’s used to us by now, she won’t leave us.”

“I brought her snacks!” Taehyung whispers suddenly, grinning as he bumps shoulders with Yoongi beside him.

Hoseok sighed. It was going to be a long day. 

“Brought the fox, didn’t you?” Yoongi.


You were bored out of your damn mind.

You had been fine for awhile, more than content to stay in the darkness of the bag. You swore that you even fell asleep at some point before you’d been jostled awake. When you blinked your sleep blurred eyes upwards, you’d locked eyes with Grumpy. He didn’t say anything, only released a sigh before promptly disappearing. Otherwise, you only saw Sleepy, Blue, and Blond peering in on you from time to time. You squeaked as softly as you could in greeting whenever they did so, earning a grin from the three each time.

It was louder than you were used to. You could hear so many different voices, some loud, some soft. The boys talked often, whether it was through a microphone or simply from their seat. At some point, you had curiously wiggled your head through the opening to peer out. You were on the floor, settled between two chairs, Sleepy on one side, Blond on the other. Turning from them, you blinked at the sight you could see past the table.

That was a lot of people. There were so many of them! Eyes wide, you ducked quickly back into the bag. You had discovered the boys were famous only days after they’d found you, but you hadn’t quite realized they were this famous. It was risky, for werewolves to be in such a spotlight, but yet, you saw the benefits: being loved by millions around the world and almost always being under careful watch, it deterred hunters. No hunter wanted to expose themselves, or rather, their organization to the world.

Slowly peeking back out, you could see people shuffling sideways into different chairs in front of the table. While most of the conversations you heard were in Korean, you caught the oddball English speaker.

“I-it’s so great to meet you, Jungkook, oh my god,” Ahh, there was an English speaker. Your ears twitched as you listened, deciding she was speaking to Sleepy, if the fidgeting body in the opposite chair was anything to go by. 

Jungkook? Was that his name? You tuned the now blabbing fan out as you looked up at Sleepy. You couldn’t help the widening of your eyes when he answered her in English. It took your brain a moment, so used to hearing him speak in Korean. Until now.

The traitor! He could speak English!? Could all of them?

You chittered softly in “Jungkook’s” direction, ears flattening when he turned slightly to peer down at you, eyebrows furrowed. You were glad his hearing as exceptational.

When he realized you were sticking out of the bag, he quickly attempted to push you back inside. “Bad Na Bi, you can’t be showing yourself,” He muttered, leaning towards you as casually as he could.

You had half a mind to nip at him for attempting to shove you back in the backpack and confining you to it. It was like you were still back in the dorms. You appreciated his efforts, but it still miffed you.

You hadn’t realized you’d actually nipped Jungkook until he suddenly jerked his hand away with a gasp.

Horrified, you shrunk back into the backpack. Oh god.


Jungkook couldn’t help but stare as you retreated back into the bag after your sharp teeth had nipped his fingers. You hadn’t broken skin, but it had hurt. More emotionally than physically. He hadn’t meant to upset you.

“Jungkook-ah?” Jimin whispers tentatively from his right, hand slipping over the maknae’s shoulder in comfort.

“She...bit me.” Jungkook muttered, ignoring the gazes of his other hyungs on him, including (and most importantly) Namjoon. 

“She’s probably stressed,” Jimin soothes, glancing down at the unmoving backpack between him and Jungkook, “I’m sure she didn’t mean it.”

Jungkook absently nodded, glancing up at Jimin, only to catch sight of Namjoon further down, looking right at him. Jungkook noted the subtle tick of Namjoon’s jaw and the brief flash of yellow; at this, Jungkook immediately broke eye contact. He knew what that look meant; he was in trouble for not listening when Namjoon had specifically told them that if you were going to stay, you had to stay in the dorms.

In front of him, Jimin followed Jungkook’s line of sight, stiffening at the brief look on Namjoon’s face. As quickly as he’d seen it, Namjoon was turning away, focused on a fan who sat in front of them. 

“I’m dead.”

Jimin scoffed with a laugh, leaning forward to bump his forehead against Jungkook’s, ignoring the rush of sound from the crowd watching, “Joonie has a soft spot for you. He loves you, Kookie,” He murmurs before he slowly and regrettably pulled away. Jimin longed to continue to comfort Jungkook, but they were under the public’s eye for awhile longer.

The maknae sighs at the loss of contact between him and his hyung before he sighs, pushing what transpired and what probably will transpire later out of his mind.

Afterall, he had ARMY to distract him for now.


You were too afraid to peek out of the backpack for what felt like hours, even after you were gently jostled around again before being sat down. You were pretty sure you were still at the same place they had been, but definitely in a room of some type. You could hear them talking, hushed whispers just outside, but you didn’t have to heart to focus on whatever they were arguing about. It was probably about you, you had decided, and how soon they could kick you out the door for laying your hands, no your teeth, on their packmate.

You hadn’t meant to, but you’d done it. Maybe you should leave as soon as you got a chance before they made the decision for you. You didn’t want to, but you knew you didn’t belong with them. 

Light spilled into the interior of the backpack, pulling you away from your thoughts as you glanced up to see Jungkook hovering over you. He looked...uncertain. You had the sudden desire to apologize to him. You couldn’t use words and you weren’t all too certain how werewolves expressed apology. 

You’d have to find some other way. For now, you squeaked at him in greeting, standing from where you’d been laying and sulking to yourself. You relaxed immediately when he smiled and reached down to rub behind your ears. Did this mean he forgave you? You couldn't help the purr that rumbled from your tiny body at the action, several laughs making your ears twitch.

“Come on, we need to finish up.” The Alpha’s words immediately bring Jungkook’s attention to an end, the werewolf shuffling away from you. Blue, on the other hand, quickly takes his place.

“Hungry?” The familiar boxy grin lights up his face as he digs in one of the outside pockets of the backpack. You watch him carefully, ear twitching as you idly listen to the chatter from the boys and two unfamiliar voices.

Blue offers out something towards you, but you’re distracted by a familiar smell that makes your blood run cold. 

Sharp. Ashy. Metallic. The smell of death.


Chapter Text

( 6 months, 5 days ago )

It’s a scream that wakes you, jolting you into a sitting position on your bed.

A glance at the clock: 2:48am.

Several screams echo in the night, and when your bedroom door slams open, you join the screams. A hand clamps over your mouth, and you relax in relief at the familiar face of your mother. Her eyes are wide, hair disheveled, and you can feel her trembling against you.

“Baby, shh, we need to leave. Right now.” She whispers, releasing you, only to clasp your hand in hers, practically dragging you from the bed.

“Mom, wh-what’s going on?” You stumble after her, wincing as another scream pierces the air, followed by a loud snarl.

“Hunters.” In all your life, you’ve never heard your mother’s voice tremble with such fear at a word. You’d heard countless stories from your mother and the elders of the community ever since you were little. You hadn’t realized how dark twisted those stories truly were until you were older, when such things weren’t omitted for the sake of terrifying you.

You had never come face-to-face with hunters before, and the actual real chance of that happening terrified you. From what you've learned about them, they were essentially human. They were faster and stronger than humans to a certain degree, often armed with the knowledge and ability to take down their targets effectively. They were ruthless and thought of most supernaturals as little more than animals; a threat to humans that needed to be put down immediately. At least, that’s how the stories went.

The cool kiss of the night air on your skin was enough to drag you from your thoughts. Your mother pulled you along, frantically looking back over her shoulder at you or at the house. She semed to relax momentarily when she spotted something over your shoulder.

“Follow your mother, quickly!” Father. 

You twisted to look for him, relief flooding through you at the sight of your brother and sister rushing to join you and your mother. Fingers grasped your own as your sister bumped into you, eyes blown wide in fear. Your grasped her fingers back, sweeping your gaze over your brother as your father joined you three.

“We need to go,” He urged, pushing the three of you towards the woods in the distance. “You need to shift now. Pick something small, don’t draw attention.” His last words were directed at you and you nodded, taking a deep breath.

You watched your mother and brother shifting into foxes as you released your sister’s hand. She smiled at you before she followed suit, rushing across the field after the other two identical foxes. Your father brushed past you, his form changing into the familiar dark hued wolf you’d known all your life. He looked back at you urgently, and you nodded, giving a small pause to picture the animal you wanted.


The unfamiliar shout startles you, eyes popping open as you whirl to face the voice. There’s two large forms moving towards you, dressed in black and almost blending into the darkness surrounding. The smell that assaults your senses almost brings you to your knees.

It’s sharp and metallic, an ashy cloud of death.

A snarl rips from your father beside you as the two strangers raise the guns to level at you both. You don’t have time to react before the one on the right pulls the trigger. White hot pain laces your right shoulder and you cry out, stumbling and falling backwards. You clutch at your shoulder, ignoring the wet feeling of your blood. A scream escapes unfamiliar lungs, the sound of the wolf snarling almost drowning it out. Your own cry joins as you’re roughly dragged to your feet and something hard and cold pressed to your temple.

“Behave, wolf.” The stranger pressed the gun more firmly against your temple, “Or I’ll blow her brains out.” 

Your father snarls, taking a step backwards. The man drags you forwards, pulling you past his partner’s lifeless body on the grass.

Shift, shift. You take a deep breath, ignoring the brief flicker of fear on your father’s face when he realizes what you’re doing. Closing your eyes, you picture the animal you want. It takes only seconds for your body to react, despite the pain in your shoulder. It’s a thrilling experience to “shed” your human body and take over that of a predator.

Your captor is startled enough to release you as you complete the change. Cat-eyes narrow at the stranger, mouth opening to reveal sharp, white fangs. Had you not been in danger, you would have rather admired the spots that dappled your lithe and powerful body. Your whole body bunches smoothly before you’re springing at him, mouth aiming right for his throat.

His scream is cut short as your powerful jaws sink into the soft flesh of his throat.

It takes longer than you’d hoped to reign yourself in, to gain control over the primal instincts of the big cat. While you loved shifting into one of the big cats, it had the potential to be dangerous if you weren’t careful. They could be aggressive and unpredictable, and should you let control slip too long, you might not get that control back.

The familiar whine from your father makes your ears twitch and you swing your head to look at him, stepping off the chest you’d crouched on. You’ve barely made three steps to him before a shot rings out and you see his whole body jerk.

Your scream is silent and internal, watching the wolf’s body stagger before falling over into the grass. The tightly coiled control you’d asserted slips free in shock and grief you’re plagued with. The leopard immediately takes advantage, rounding to face the threat closing in and moving. Your paws meet the chest of your second victim, jaws opened wide with intent to sink your teeth into the throat of the unfortunate stranger.

He yells as he attempts to hold you back, but you inch ever so carefully towards his neck, despite his strength.

“Shoot her, god damn it!”

Pain exploded on your side and you’re scrambling away with another snarl, eyes landing on the seven hunters surrounding you. Your tail twitches as you circle, the big cat agitated that you’re now surrounded.

“We got the other two. Secure her.” A new hunter approaches, face hidden behind a mask. “Find and give the human who helped us his reward.” 

Your whole body felt numb and you stumbled slightly, attempting to focus on the voices. Heaviness settles in your bones as you collapse, unable to fight as two hunters approach, one holding a large metal circular object in their hands. Cold metal meets your fur seconds later, and you realize what it is.

A collar.

The thought barely crosses your mind before the collar crackles with electricity, sending jolts through your paralyzed body. You tense at the pain, unable to cry out.

“Torch everything. Let’s move.”

You desperately look for your father, but you can’t see anything, can’t find him in the darkness. The leopard has no control on moving her head. You fight, but it’s a losing battle.

You catch the eyes of two shifters as you’re unceremoniously dumped into a cage with them. The same collar choking your neck dons theirs, but the two are in human form. They watch you with wide eyes, and they both even reach out to touch your fur. It’s a gesture of comfort, but you find no solace in the touch.

The smell of smoke eventually drifts over the three of you, and you listen quietly as the two whimper. The leopard manages to shift their head, watching the orange and yellow flames devour the familiar structures that had been so quiet and peaceful only hours before. 

You can’t help but watch as you’re driven further and further away from the only home you’ve ever known. You watch until you can only see the smoke curling into the air above the trees.

( Present Day )

Run, run, run. Get away. The fear grips your mind first. You have to leave, you can’t be here. They’ve found you. They’re going to drag you away again and throw you in a cell with that awful collar clasped around your neck. They were going to auction you off the highest bidder, to be used in whatever sick game they had planned. You couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t do it. No, no, no.

Your little heart is threatening to beat out of your chest, and you briefly see Blue’s eyes widen. He knows you’re terrified; they all can hear the rapid beating of your heart. One of the werewolves murmur something, and a hand brushes your head. The touch reminds you that you’re not the only one in danger.

You’re in a room with seven werewolves. No, no, no. You can’t let them be victims too, can’t let them be dragged away. You can’t stand the thought of them suffering the same fate as your father. They’ll be killed. They won’t get to live. The thoughts push you into action.

You don’t dare shift, too afraid that you won’t be able to control any bigger predator that you change into, especially a big cat. Besides, you weren’t sure how the boys would react at a large cat suddenly bursting into the room with them, not to mention that it would cause chaos. Instead, you’re leaping out of the bag at Blue, landing on his shoulder before you’re launching for the nearest werewolf: Food Giver.

You scramble up his chest and onto his shoulders, ears laid back, fur brustled. Your attention is completely focused on the woman approaching the group. She immediately stops at the sight of you perched on Food Giver’s shoulders, mouth opening in shock. You make a mental note of the lanyard around her neck, the badge declaring her “staff”.

You’ve apparently stunned the seven boys into silence. All eyes are focused on you. You are completely bewildered for a split second. Do they not realize? Had they never smelled a hunter before? Did their noses not work? Curse you for not shifting. You had to work with what you had.

You shift your weight backwards before you launch yourself from Food Giver’s shoulders, fully intent on rushing the hunter.

That action causes the boys to burst into action. They’re shouting and moving, and you’re snatched from the air before you’re not quite halfway to the hunter.


You struggle against the hold as you’re pressed against their chest, your eyes locking with the hunter. One side of her mouth curls slightly, and you know she suspects. 

Yeah bitch, I see you too!

“Calm down, what’s got into you!?” Happy’s got you clutched against his chest, back towards the other staff members in the room, and most importantly, to the hunter. You chatter at him in aspiration, briefly getting free from his hold and scrambling up his chest to his shoulder. He snatches you quickly before you can do much else.

You should have shifted into a leopard, damn it.


Hoseok winces as your claws dig into his skin as he attempts to stop your squirming. He’s as gentle as he can be, knowing that it wouldn’t take much to hurt you. Hurting you, even accidently, didn’t sit well with him.

“Is she okay?” Jungkook pops up near his shoulder, eyes wide as he peers at you and then back over his shoulder.

“I don’t know,” He answers the maknae truthfully, glancing down as your squirming and chattering quiets. “Something scared her.”

“I thought she was going to have a heart attack,” Taehyung whispers from his other side, pressing close to his elder. Taehyung glances back behind him, furrowing his eyebrows in thought.

“Can I have her, Hyung?” Jungkook asks, and Hobi complies after a few seconds, carefully handing you over to the youngest. You squeak softly, attempting to face the other way, towards the center of the room, but Jungkook turns to put his back that way. Hobi watches and listens as Taehyung and Jimin join him.

“I’m sorry about that,” Namjoon’s voice catches Hobi’s attention, and he turns his head slightly to listen, splitting his attention between Namjoon and the maknae line.

“It’s fine.” The reply is sharp and cold, “Perhaps next time, you should keep such an animal collared .”

Hoseok bristles at the comment; apparently a feeling shared with the three youngest as they do the same. Namjoon straightens in his line of vision, but he says nothing, simply inclining his head. The woman spares a glance towards the three youngest with a slight sneer before she’s turning on her heel and leaving.


“Not here.”


You’re hiding again.

No sooner than all eight of you had arrived back at the dorms, you’d practically leapt from Jungkook’s arms and bolted, seeking refuge elsewhere. You could feel the anger and disappoint radiating from the Alpha ever since the incident an hour ago. The car ride had been suffocating with the tension. Despite your hiding place in one of the bedrooms under the bed, you could still hear the angry words, at a loss as to what they were saying, but knowing they were arguing because of you .

“I told you not to take her outside of the dorms, to leave her here. We didn’t know how she’d react to the public.”

“But Hyung-,”

“What if she had attacked one of the fans? What would we have done then? We could lose everything. Everything! Of all the irresponsible shit to do…”


“I knew we shouldn’t have kept her. She’s not a cat, she’s not a dog. She’s a wild animal, she belongs in the wild or in a zoo! Not here with us.”

“We didn’t know where she came from! She was hurt, Hyung. I saw them torturing her and I couldn’t help myself, I-”

“You took a risk then, Jungkook, and I let it slide. You specifically disobeyed me today and now Management is breathing down our necks about this problem. She went after a staff member and she filed a complaint about it. What am I supposed to do!?”

“I don’t know, Hyung. I’m sorry! What more do you want from me?”

“Namjoon, that’s enough.”

“Yelling isn’t going to solve anything. We-”

“I’m trying to make him understand the severity of this! If we’re not careful, we’ll have nothing. All that we’ve worked for? Gone.”

“What is the right way? Just a slap on the wrist and he’s back to being reckless!”

“I understand, but this isn’t the way to do this.”

“I'm ...I'm just trying to protect you. All of you. I love you and I…”

“Doesn’t feel like it.”

Your ears twitch at the sound of footsteps echoing in the hallway before the door across from the room you’re hiding in is slammed shut.

Perhaps staying with the seven boys was a bad idea. You should have left weeks ago. You’d apparently overstayed your welcome and now...they were fighting. You didn’t belong here, you were upsetting a precious balance between them, and you had no right to do so, did you? You were out of your element, surrounded by werewolves that you had knowledge of from stories you were told growing up.

A part of you wanted to stay. It was an instinct, despite the less than warm welcome you’d received from the older werewolves at first. It felt...almost like coming home. Perhaps that was because you were grateful for Jungkook and Blond rescuing you all those weeks ago, for the seven werewolves to take you under their roof. Of course, they thought you were merely the fox that you pretended to be (except for the occasional long look from Grumpy and Alpha). 

The other part of you needed to leave. Needed to leave before things got more complicated. The only thing holding you back was the hunter you’d come across today. One lone hunter wasn’t a big deal against seven mature werewolves, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t pick them off one-by-one. The Idol status would obviously require careful planning to avoid exposure, but there was only so much damage control they could do if seven popular celebrities ended up brutally murdered or abruptly disappeared into thin air.

Even if you stayed, it would be on borrowed time. You had a feeling you were going to find yourself out on the streets come morning.

How were you going to make it home? You had nothing

You only had the charred remains of the home you grew up in waiting for you.

It seemed you couldn’t stop the burn of this chapter in your life either.

Chapter Text

You’d fallen asleep at some point. Your ears twitch at the silence that has engulfed the dorm, a stark contrast to just hours ago. From under the bed, you’d watched several pairs of feet slip into the room across the hall, no doubt knowing it was Blond and Blue going to comfort their packmate. Shortly after, Happy had slipped into the room. Murmurs reached your ears, but you didn’t have to heart to try to listen; what was the use? You didn’t know what they were saying. 

Instead, you laid there, squeezing your eyes shut and resisting the urge to go comfort the youngest werewolf. You wanted to. Would they open the door to let you in if you scratched at it and whined? You wanted to apologize, but weren’t sorry. Sorry for causing a scene and getting them in trouble? Yes. Sorry for attempting to maul the hunter’s face off? No. You weren’t sure what the hunter’s plan was now. It was a gut feeling that she’d known, and that made you uneasy. You had every intention of finding a way out of here tonight, but could you really leave if they were in danger because of something you’d done?

They’re werewolves . You thought to yourself. They could handle themselves. There would need to be a lot of hunters to take down the seven of them, and their famous status would give caution to even the most seasoned hunter. Surely that would buy you time to figure out what was going on, if your mother and siblings were still alive, if perhaps...your father was somehow still alive. You could come back here, find your way back to the boys and tell them everything. Tell them they were in danger, that there was a hunter stalking them. Maybe they’d believe you, maybe they wouldn’t. 

For the first time in hours, you finally willed yourself to move. You padded quietly from the room, emerging into the dimly lit hallway and to the closed door opposite. You stuck your nose underneath the door, taking in the scents and listening to the six heartbeats within beating in sync. 


You followed your nose and ears further down the hall and to the last bedroom where the door was somewhat cracked. You nosed at the door as quietly as you could, sensitive ears picking up the final heartbeat you’d been searching for. You knew immediately it was Alpha. He was sleeping alone .

Your ears dropped at the realization. None of them slept alone. There was always another nearby, never far from each other. You glanced back down the hallway to Jungkook’s room before back to the room you were peering into. The argument had been worse than you thought. The idea of you leaving looked better and better as you thought about it. With you removed from the picture, they would forgive Alpha and settle back into the routine they’d had before you had shown up, before Jungkook and Blond had taken pity on you that night.

But…what if they didn’t? You had to fix this somehow. You had to try. Not to mention that they seemed to have no idea that a hunter was so close to them. She could have seriously hurt one of them today if you hadn’t been there to expose her. Well, you’d more so exposed yourself, but that was beside the point!

Do I stay or do I leave? You owed the seven werewolves for taking you in, right? Right.

With a quiet grunt, you slipped the rest of the way into Alpha’s room. You couldn’t get in with the other six werewolves and it felt wrong to leave Alpha by himself.

There was little effort involved in jumping onto his bed, immediately pausing to eye the werewolf. He was asleep, although he looked sad and uncomfortable in his slumber. It broke your heart, really.

You were careful in approaching the sleeping werewolf before you promptly curled up on his chest. You were light and small enough to avoid any discomfort, and he didn’t seem to notice much of a difference.

Curling your tail around yourself, you watched him sleep until you finally succumbed to sleep yourself.


The faintest scuff of a shoe makes your ears twitch, drawing you from your sleep momentarily. You flutter your eyes open, catching a blurry look at the still sleeping Alpha before you let them close again. It was probably one of the other six moving around, despite the fact it was still dark outside. How long had you been asleep? 

There it was again, closer this time. You lift your head in alarm, instincts screaming at you that something is wrong, wrong, wrong. Seconds later, something snatches you up from the scruff of your neck, and you let out a cry of alarm.

“Shit!” It’s a muffled curse as a hand clamps over your snout to muffle the sound, no doubt to avoid rousing the werewolf you’d just been sleeping on.

A snarl fills the silence of the room. Too late.

A groan of pain.

You can’t see what’s happening as you struggle in the vice-like grip, but you’re immediately freezing when you smell blood in the air.


You can hear his groan of pain, and coupled with that fact that he’s not absolutely tearing these men apart, you can only assume they’ve subdued him with silver. These are hunters. How did they get in without you smelling them? You don’t smell anything, and that terrifies you. How many more are in the house? What about the others?

Just as the thought crosses your mind, the six werewolves in question come stumbling through the door. The looks of horror and fear on their faces breaks your heart. Their appearance proves enough of a distraction for the four hunters in the room.

Two are dealing with Alpha, and your catch the familiar shape of a dagger plunged into the werewolf’s abdomen. The third hunter has turned towards the six new werewolves, raising the gun at his side to level at them. The fourth hunter, the one holding you, lets his grip shift ever so slightly. You seize the opportunity to fight harder, teeth snapping at his fingers and drawing blood.

Pfft! The noise comes from the third hunter, and you’re quite sure he’s shot off a round at the six. You don’t hear any exclamations of pain, but you do hear the snarl of a very pissed off wolf from that direction. 

“Fucking shifter,” The fourth curses, dropping you as he reaches for something on his belt.

You’ve shifted as soon as your paws hit the floor and you can tell you’ve probably about made him piss his pants. He wasn’t expecting the fox shifter to shift into a fucking wolf

Baring your much larger and potent teeth, you leap for his throat. Your weight manages to topple him over to the floor, head smacking the floor before you sink your teeth into his exposed throat. You hold tightly as he wheezes, and you only release and pull away when he stills beneath you.

A scream cuts off abruptly nearby, and you whip around to figure out what’s happening. Three hunters are still alive, two cornered by two werewolves while the other is advancing towards the doorway. You follow his line of sight, eyes widening at the sight of Happy and the three youngest lingering there. 

Happy is immediately pushing the three youngest back, despite Jungkook and Blue seeming more than willing to go toe-to-toe with the hunter. The hunter yanks a wicked looking dagger from his side, the blade glinting silver in the light from the hallway. 

You’re halfway across the room when the hunter seemingly senses the danger, turning his attention from the four to you. You jump at him, teeth sinking in his forearm as he raises it to protect himself. He yells in pain from your teeth and swipes the dagger at you. You feel the hot rush of pain to your belly and release him at the pain. It’s not a deep cut, but it hurts. Circling him to get a better angle, you leap away when he swipes at you before you pounce, teeth finding purchase on his shoulder and your weight making him stumble. 

You release his shoulder, growling as you lunge for his neck, but he stops you with a grunt. You’ve momentarily forgotten the dagger until it’s plunged into your ribcage. You yelp in pain, jerking backwards on instinct, giving him no time to wretch the dagger from you. Pushing the pain aside as much as you can, you lunge for his throat once more, catching him off guard. Your clamp your jaws around his throat, silencing the panic that bubbles in his throat.

Aside from the ragged breathing filling the room, it’s suddenly quiet.

You stumbled backwards, whimpering softly at the pain pulsing from your ribcage. You turn your head to look, catching sight of the end of the hilt that you can’t pull free. While it has no effect on you because you’re not a werewolf, it hurts . You couldn’t stay like this, besides, you have to help Alpha.

Shifting isn’t painful. It’s fluid, like water cascading over a cliff. You have to concentrate to shift from animal form to animal form most of the time, especially when it comes to unfamiliar forms you’ve never shifted into. Shifting into your human form is like a breath of fresh air. It feels odd at first, but you chalk it up to the fact that you haven’t been in your human skin for over half a year.

The hardwood beneath you feels foreign against your bare skin, although you feel the familiar material of your pajamas hanging loosely from your body; you had expected to be naked. Your clothes, a t-shirt and shorts, are dirty and bloody, and you’re surprised they survived the shift. Usually you ripped clothes when you shifted into larger forms. You can’t help but be thankful that you’re not naked in front of the six werewolves. Werewolves weren’t known for being bashful about nudity, but you weren’t quite comfortable with such things, not in front of them. Even with the scraps of clothing, you still feel naked. You were so used to having fur.

You take only a few seconds to gather your bearings before you’re stumbling to your feet and towards the bed where Alpha is. Your legs feel like jelly, unaccustomed to walking on two, and you practically fall onto the bed before you’re pulling yourself up and closer to Alpha. You continue to ignore the pain in your ribcage; you hadn’t removed the dagger yet.

“Al..pha,” Your voice is raw and hoarse, and you’re oblivious to the six werewolves closing in, only reminded of them when a crushing grip on your wrist stops you inches from the dagger sticking from Alpha’s abdomen. You gasp in alarm, raising your eyes to meet Grumpy’s. His eyes are glowing and his teeth are bared at you. “Please,” You flex your fingers in his hold, glancing down at Alpha before back to Grumpy. Can he even understand you?

It’s tense in the room before he seems to reluctantly release his grip. You don’t move immediately once he does so, watching him carefully before you finally lean forwards and curl your fingers around the hilt of the dagger. It pulls free with a sound that makes you almost wince, and you can’t toss it away from you fast enough. 

You back away along the bed as the six werewolves crowd close, their attention mostly on Alpha.

“Na bi?” You jump at the sound of Jungkook’s voice, shifting uncomfortably. You recognize the word, a word that he’s addressed you with the last couple weeks. You tentatively nod your head in conformation, although you’re not quite sure what he’s asking. 

“You’re hurt,” As soon as the words leave Blond’s lips, you’re reminded of the dagger in your side.

You reach a hand to clasp the hilt before jerking it free with a whimper, frowning at the jagged and curved blade covered in your blood. You blink several times at the lightheadedness and the fact that you sway in place for a moment.

You glance up at the werewolves watching you before your whole world tilts…

And goes black.

Chapter Text

Trying to wake yourself up was like dragging yourself through a tar pit. Your whole body ached . You would have liked nothing more than to succumb to the embrace of sleep, but you couldn’t let yourself. No sooner than you’d dragged yourself to semi-consciousness, did you recall the last thing you’d remembered.

Hunters had gotten into the building, had gotten so close without you realizing it. They’d hurt Alpha, and no doubt meant to eliminate the rest of the pack. They most likely would have succeeded had you not been there to intervene. You had even shifted to your human form, revealing yourself to the seven werewolves that you’d been staying with. Were they okay? Was Alpha alright? You had pulled the silver dagger out of him, so surely his healing abilities would have taken care of his injuries. You had even pulled a dagger from your side, although silver didn’t affect you like it did werewolves.  Your own healing abilities weren’t up to par with werewolves, but you still healed faster than humans.

You had to know what was happening, what was going on. Wake up.

It was obviously nearing sunset, and although the light filtering in through the windows wasn’t too bright, it still made you squint. Groaning involuntarily, you pushed yourself to sit up on the bed you’d been apparently placed in. You immediately noticed that you were wearing different clothes: a dark grey t-shirt that was slightly baggy and a pair of black sweatpants. Who had changed you? Who did these clothes belong to?

You couldn’t help but tentatively bring the collar of the shirt up to sniff at. It smelled suspiciously like Blue (and the faint scent of laundry detergent), but also the rest of them. Did they roll around in each other’s clothes or something? Not that you were appalled by their scents, but...whatever. Curiously, you grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it up, tilting your head to try to get a look at where you’d been stabbed at. You reached to touch it, wincing slightly at the soreness. There was a scar and redness surrounding, but you were pleased with how it was healing. You had possibly been out for a day or so, then.

Pushing the covers off, you scooted to the edge of the bed and slowly stood. You wobbled in place for a moment, waiting until you were actually steady before you moved again. Hopefully the whole incoordination you had with two legs currently wasn’t going to last very long. You didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of all of them. Maybe you should just shift into the fox again or something. No, no. You couldn’t keep avoiding this because now they knew you weren’t just a simple fox.

Releasing a breath, you carefully shuffled forward to test your balance, pleased that you were balanced enough to avoid face planting on the floor. A little shaky, but the more you walked, the better your balance would be. You reached the door a few moments later, turning the knob carefully before you peeked out down the hallway. No one was there, but you could hear voices towards the living room. Okay, okay. You could do this. If they were angry with you, they wouldn’t have taken the time to take care of you.


Fidgeting in place for a moment, you forced yourself to exit the room instead of hiding back inside like you wanted. You were a big girl, you could do this. If all else fails, you could just shift and escape somehow. You inched down the hallway, pausing once you reached the threshold into the living room, glancing around to survey the scene: Jungkook and Blue were sitting on the floor in front of the TV, enraptured by the video game they were playing, while Grumpy and Happy were seemingly snuggled up on the couch, watching.

Low murmurs and the clanking of pots and pans drew your attention to the kitchen nearby, and you curiously leaned forwards to peer within. Blond was standing with his back to you in front of the stove, while Food Giver hovers back and forth between the stove and the fridge, twirling the spoon in his hand. As far as you could tell, Food Giver was the one talking, or rather, ranting, if the spoon twirling was any indication.

Where was Alpha? The relaxed atmosphere in the room was indication that he was okay; you doubted his packmates would leave his side if his condition was dire. Perhaps he was still sleeping, like you had been? Worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, you wavered between staying here or venturing to look for Alpha. You wanted to see with your own eyes that he was alright.

Settling your weight backwards, you looked down at your feet in horror at the creak of the floorboards beneath you. The hairs on the back of your neck stood on end because you know you’ve drawn their attention. Looking back up, you locked eyes with Grumpy and Happy on the couch.

“Na Bi!” The exclamation comes from Blond in the kitchen, drawing your attention towards that direction. Your eyes grow wide at the sight of the lithe werewolf practically bouncing towards you in excitement. At least, you hope that’s excitement. You can’t help but give in to the urge to backpedal despite his rapid approach.

You’ve barely taken two steps backwards before he reaches you, crushing you against his chest, effectively (and unintentionally) pinning your arms to your side before he presses his nose against the crook of your neck, a low hum rumbling in his chest. You’re not sure what shocks you most: the fact he’s scenting you or how impossibly warm he is. You can’t help but press your nose against his shirt, inhaling the familiar soft floral scent that’s uniquely him . Jerking your head back slightly in realization of what you’re doing, your cheeks flush red.  

“Ya! Jimin-ah!” Food Giver fusses as he emerges from the kitchen, brandishing the spoon still clutched in his hand at Blond, “Get off of her! Right. Now.”


Blond jerks against you with a squawk as the spoon smacks him on the shoulder before he’s releasing you and darting out of Food Giver’s range. “ Jin-Hyuuuuung,” Blond whines as he takes shelter beside Happy, darting his eyes from you to Food Giver and back again. 

“Are you okay?” You glance nervously at the other werewolves before you finally look at Food Giver, eyeing the spoon clutched in his hand warily.

“Yeah...yeah, I’m fine,” You nod, fingers fiddling absently with the hem of the t-shirt you’re wearing before you’re glancing around between the six of them, “Where’s Alpha? Is he okay?” 

“Alpha? Yeah, he’s-”

“Right here.” Alpha’s voice from behind you about made you jump out of your skin, even though you’d expected him to be nearby. Heart racing, you turn around to face the hallway that you’d come down, just as Alpha stops at the threshold. He looked to be fresh from the shower, if his wet hair was anything to go by, and the fact that he was currently shirtless, although he had a blue shirt clutched in his hand. You couldn’t help but stare at the place where he’d been stabbed, the skin smooth and unblemished, like it hadn’t happened at all.

Werewolf healing was no joke, apparently.

“I..” Jerking your eyes from his torso to his face, you desperately grasped for words, “I’m...I’m glad you’re okay.” Wow. You couldn’t say anything more intelligent? Maybe explain yourself? It was hard to focus with seven sets of eyes watching you. “You are, right?” You briefly turn away to glance at the other six werewolves over your shoulder. Obviously any injury any of them had would be healed up by now, but you wanted to be sure.

“Yes,” Alpha answered before he motioned towards your ribs, “Are you?”

His mention of your injury makes you absently reach towards it, fingers brushing over the material of the t-shirt that covered the wound, “It’s still healing. I...Shifters don’t heal as quickly as werewolves.” He probably already knew that. “I’ll be right as rain tomorrow or the next day. Not that...not that I’m in pain or anything. It’s a scar and it’s tender, but it’s fine. Good...mostly.”

Word. Vomit. 

“That’s good,” Alpha seemed amused with your rambling, lips curving into a smile and damn, there were the dimples again. You watched him as he took a moment to slip on the shirt he’d been clutching in his hands before he regarded you carefully, “Thank you, by the way. For the other night.”

“Oh!” Your cheeks heated up at his thank you, “ was the least I could do, since you let me stay here ...unknowingly…” A hand reached up to tug on a strand of your hair nervously, “Sorry about that, Alpha, I...I wasn’t sure how all of you would react to a shifter.” Apparently they seemed chill about it right now, but that could be because you’d helped them the other night. Not that you planned on overstaying your welcome.

A muffled giggle brings your attention to Jungkook, “Why are you calling Hyung Alpha?”

“Probably the reason you’ve been calling her Na Bi,” Food Giver jabs his spoon in the younger werewolf’s direction.

“I...don’t know his actual name or...any of your names really,” Could the floor just open up and swallow you right now? “I only know yours,” You turn to look at Jungkook again.

“Mine?” Jungkook repeats, straightening in surprise, eyebrows shooting up. 

“One of your fans, she said your name,” Remembering that moment reminds you that you had bit him that day, shortly after learning his name. “It was nice not to refer to you as Sleepy anymore,”

There’s an immediate chortle of laughter from the other werewolves, and tips of Jungkook’s ears turn red at your admission.


“She named you after a dwarf, Kookie!”

You tilted your head in curiosity as they talked, and despite the fact you didn’t understand, you were pretty sure they were teasing Jungkook. 

“She probably named all of you after them too! There’s six more of them!”

“Alpha wasn’t a dwarf,”

Alpha suddenly snorted behind you before six sets of eyes settled on you. Eyes wide, your shoulders stiffened at the sudden attention, “...what did I do?”

“They’re wondering if you named them after the seven dwarves,” Alpha answers before the others can and you glance at him over your shoulder curiously.

Oh. You hadn’t intentionally named them after the seven dwarves. Now that you thought about it, 3 of them were named after the seven dwarves. “Well…” You mused for a moment, “There’s Blond, Blue, Grumpy, Food Giver, Sleepy, and Happy. See, only 3 of you got dwarf names.” You pointed at each werewolf corresponding to the nickname you’d given them.

“It could have been worse..”

“Food Giver? What-”

“Do you think she saw our Bangtan Bomb video?”

“She doesn’t even know who we are, so no,”

As they all started talking over each other, you took a slight step backwards. They didn’t seem terribly upset about the nickname reveal, but you kind of wished you could understand what they were saying. They could speak English, but you couldn’t speak Korean, which left you at a disadvantage. 

“What’s your name? You haven’t said,” Alpha spoke up among the commotion, bringing all of their attention, once again, right back to you.

“Oh! It’s [Name].” Wringing your hands together nervously, you glanced around at all of them, “It would be nice to know all of yours. I didn’t catch anymore at we were at the other day.”

“Kim Namjoon,” Alpha is the first to introduce himself, before he inclines his head to the others.

Food Giver is the first to pipe up, “Kim Seokjin,” Seokjin grins at you and even winks, “Just Jin is fine.”

“Okay, Just Jin.” ( “Ya! That’s cheeky!”

Blue is the next to step forward, “Kim Taehyung,” Like with Jin, he grins as well. You’re turning your attention to Grumpy next, missing Jin snatch hold of Taehyung’s shirt sleeve to keep him in place.

Both Grumpy and yourself stare at each other for a long moment before he finally concedes, “Min Yoongi.”

“Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi!” Happy immediately declares no sooner than Yoongi’s name has left his mouth.

“Park Jimin,” Blond follows after Hoseok, smiling so big at you that his eyes turn into crescents. It’s rather endearing, and you have to mentally stop yourself from the urge to squish his cheeks.

“Jungkook,” Jungkook doesn’t have to introduce himself, but it’s apparently instinctual when standing next to most of his packmates, “You already knew that though…”

Sweeping your gaze around at the seven again, you mentally repeated their names. “Jin, Taehyung, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon,” You muttered their names out loud too, just to make sure you were saying them right. None of them corrected you, so apparently you’d done good.

Silence settles over the eight of you, until-

“Jin-Hyung, is something burning?”

“THE FOOD! ” Jin is whirling around with a shriek as he bolts back into the kitchen.