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A One Piece Tale...

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He holds a grasp of her hair, his pants pushed down on his thighs, while his hard and swollen manhood is disappearing inside of her hot and wet mouth. He hears her gags, and her soft moans sometimes escaping from her throat, as she’s dedicated to the task, one of her hand gently rubbing his balls with tender and encouraging gestures. He pinches his lips together, concentrating on his own sounds, unable to let them cross the barrier of his mouth. He doesn’t want her to hear that. It’s too embarrassing…. He can’t even accept his own laughter, so letting her hear those terrible noises, almost animalistic? It’s not even possible. Killer sighs, feeling her tongue rolling downer on his length, to the point that the tip of cock meets the back of her throat, and he immediately grips her hair even harder, somehow preventing himself of letting escape any kind of moan. Yet, she seems to look for them. Despite her gag reflex, and her eyes full of tears, she keeps sucking him hard and deep. 

“Name…,” Killer calls in a long growl. “If you keep going…,” 

But no sounds. Not even a single growl or hum. Killer is utterly excited, and hard as hell, yet nothing comes out of his mouth. He pinches his lips together so hard that they almost disappear from his face, leaving nothing but a thin white line crossing his features. She manages to deepthroat him once again, and without a word, Killer finally loads in the back of her throat, his cock pulsing against her tongue while he rides out his orgasm with a few movements of his hips. He fondles her hair with tender and lovable caresses, until she’s back on her feet, wiping the remains of his seed and her own saliva at the corner of her lips. She doesn’t look very happy, and Killer furrowed his eyebrows. 

“What’s the matter, Name?” He asks with his usual soft and inviting voice, extending his hand to invite her to come closer. “Give me a few minutes, and I’ll get back to you, if you want it,” 

“No, I don’t want it, Killer,” she pouts, taking a step backwards as she bends down to catch her clothes on the ground. “It’s not really funny when your boyfriend is mute.” 

Killer sighs and gets back on his feet, pulling up his trousers to dress hide his manhood in his underwear. He knows that he has some difficulties to open-up when they are in the middle of a steamy session, but he can’t fight his inner nature to protect himself. Years of mocking comments have been enough to create a profound trauma concerning his voice, his laughter and his general noises, and his deep control on them have turned into a problem in his relationship with her. He has been able to take off his mask after a few months, feeling enough at ease to expose his features to her eyes… But he remains mute and inaudible in their most intimate moments. There’s a blockage coming from him, and he knows she has a hard time to accept it. Usually, she doesn’t say anything, loving deeply the way he takes care of her, and how deep they are connected when they make love. But from time to time, it frustrates her, and she can’t help but give him a harsh comment. 

“Hey, come here,” Killer invites, gently grabbing her hips to make her come closer. “Don’t be like Kid. Don’t pout.” 

She rolls her eyes, hurt to be compared with their hot-blooded captain, while she wraps her wrists around his neck and looks at him in the eyes. 

“Seriously, not even a moan?” 

“It’s not so easy for me,” Killer argues, skimming her lips with his thumb. “You’re very good, but I don’t want to make any noise. It doesn’t mean that you’re not the best with your tongue.” 

She lifts her eyebrow, suddenly terribly proud to see that gleam of lust in the back of his irises. She smirks cockily as she swings her thigh over his lap and rides him, her panties pressed against the bulge of his trousers. 

“But even the best can’t extract those adorable noises coming from your throat… It means I’m not that good,”

“Don’t you think I know what you’re doing, right now, little demon?” 

She smiles, catching his earlobe with her teeth while she moves her hips on his lap. 

“Mmmh, absolutely nothing.”

Killer hums as he puts his hand behind her back, and swings his own hips to eventually plaster her back against the mattress. He pulls down her bra with his fingers, revealing her hard and pointy nipple, pulling on it with his teeth as she grabs his hair and carefully scratches his skull. 

“Liar,” Killer whispers, unbuckling his pants for the second time of the day. 


Three weeks. It has been three weeks since Killer didn’t see her. Life as a pirate isn’t always easy, and from time to time, he needs to get on a mission, far from her. When he’s gone, he always misses her warm presence in his bed, but also the sweet and incredible taste of her skin, and the warmness of her core. He misses every inch of her body as he’s suffering from a terrible illness, and despite his best efforts not to think about her too much, he feels terribly obsessed. On his way back to his crewmates, he’s almost suffocating, gazing at the horizon with a concerned stare, hoping that she didn’t go anywhere during his absence. He doesn’t want to jump back on Kid’s ship and doesn’t find her there. He needs her. He often thinks about the last time he had sex with her, and that pouting face she made when he has remained silent the entire session, only growling from time to time when the pleasure was too intense to stay still. He hopes that she has forgiven him somehow, and that they both could have a steamy reunion to celebrate his comeback on the ship.

When Killer finally walks on the deck of Kid’s ship after his absence, he immediately feels a body jumping on his back, and tiny arms roll themselves around his neck. He gasps, but smiles, feeling the burning kisses of his girlfriend on his nape. He manages to catch her waist and to put her back on the ground, his large bicep circling her waist as he can have a proper look on her blissful face. 

“Seems like someone is really happy to see me,” Killer greets while he tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear. 

“You were gone for three weeks,” she reminds him, getting on her tiptoes to let him see her genuine smile. “I missed you.” 

Slowly, she skims his arm with the tip of her finger, tracing an invisible map on his flesh. He feels her stare on his mask, inviting and promising, and soon enough, Killer grabs her arm and gently guides her inside the ship. He greets his crewmates on his way to their shared room, checking their hands or embracing them whenever he encounters one of them. She remains silent as he walks in front of her, until he opens the door of his room and pinches her ass to make her enter quicker. She jumps on her feet and throws him a playful stare, and the second after, they are finally alone, both full of desires. Killer slowly catches the straps of his mask and pulls on it, exposing his face for her greatest happiness. She immediately answers by jumping in the air, wrapping her legs around his waist, so they can share a sloppy and passionate reunion kiss. Killer breathes heavily, his hand hurtling down her back to grab her rear and squeeze it, a vicious smile growing on his lips. He feels her tongue looking for his, as she tilts her head, arching her back under his lusty touch, while he’s more than happy to let her caress his wet muscle. Finally, they catch their breath back, and for a moment, he only looks at her playful eyes, and the way she devours him with them. 

“What are you up to, Name?” Killer asks, catching her bottom lip between his teeth to gently suck on it. “You have something in mind, I know you,”  

“Why don’t you seat at the edge of the bed and find it by yourself?” She answers, digging her fingers inside his long and blond hair. 

Killer perfectly understands her point, and softly, he lets her get back on her feet, getting rid of his shirt as he walks to the bed and sits on it. He puts his palms on the mattress, resting on them, analyzing her next moves, his eyes staring at her with a powerful intensity. He always loves when she takes the lead, more especially when she’s willing to kneel in front of him and take that cock of his in her precious mouth. Slowly, she moves her hips and walks to join him, stripping in front of him to increase this hot and lustful atmosphere in the room. She pushes her short down on her thighs, bouncing on her feet to make it fall on the ground, before she throws it away with a disinterest kick. Then, she grabs the corner of her shirt, and slightly dancing on site, she finally exposes her underwears. Killer smirks, extending his hand to wave it, hoping she would come closer anytime soon, pleased by her show. 

“Matching bra and panties, you really knew I was coming back today,” Killer whispers, finally gripping her wrist to pull on it and plaster her belly against his torso, his fingers fondling the skin of her thigh. 

“Do you like it? I bought this outfit a week ago when you called to say you were coming back,” she laughs, slowly kneeling in front of him as Killer gives her some space, opening his legs. 

“Nasty little girl.” Killer approves, watching her unbuckling his pants to push them down as long as his underwears, and reveal his already hard arousal. 

She gently runs her fingers on his long length, taking her time to put him in the hottest mood, amused by the way his cock twitches whenever she presses her digits slightly more. She looks at him in the eyes, and for a moment, Killer perfectly sees some hesitation coming from her. He fondles her hair, encouraging her to spit it out without a word. 

“I bought something else as well,” she eventually states with a less confident voice. “Do you trust me?” 

Killer raises an eyebrow, somehow concerned by her statement, looking at her serious features and they way she patiently waits for his agreement. He knows that he can trust her, but sometimes, she’s full of surprise, and he’s not particularly confident with her intentions. Yet, he eventually nods, watching her smiling brightly with all her teeth, as she stands back up and runs and opens the bedside table’s drawer to take a little bottle of something. 

“Oh, wow, hey Name,” Killer immediately says, raising an alarming hand to stop her. “I’m not… I don’t want you to touch me… there…” 

She snorts and shakes her head vividly, kissing his thigh tenderly as she kneels back between his parted legs. 

“No idiot, I’m not touching you there, don’t worry!” She opens the bottle and coats her fingers with the lube, looking at him with some Machiavellian eyes. “It’s only a little help for me…” 

As she finishes her sentence, she grabs his cock and starts to jerk him off, slowly spreading the lube all over his length. The sensation is absolutely different, a cold outer layer enveloping his hard cock as she starts to increase his pace. Killer can’t help but open his mouth, absolutely amazed by the new sensation between his legs. The coldness of the lube, plus the rapidity of her fingers are enough to create thousand of goosebumps running down his spine. And before he can get ready, he feels her tongue teasing the head of his length, before she starts getting down, until she eventually begins to bob her head on his length. 

“Oh, Name, fuck…,” Killer whispers hungrily, his fingers immediately grasping her hair to escort her movements. 

He hears a muffled laugh coming from her throat, as she increases her pace, her fingers still occupied to jerk him off while she perfectly masters her tongue and the way it rolls around his arousal. He feels trapped between two opposite sensation : the warmness of her delicious mouth, and the sudden coldness of the lube on his cock. Everytime she bobs her head, the two mix themselves together, and soon enough, Killer feels that he has a hard time to control his own emotions. He grips her hair slightly stronger, helping her to take him deeper, as her lusty noises are filling the room. He closes his eyes, pinches his lips together, but she manages to flick her tongue in a different way, and before he can control it, he lets lose that desperate and so desired moan he muffled for too long. She lifts her eyes for a second, tears blurring her vision, as she digs his fingernails in his skin, excited by what she has just heard. And Killer can perfectly see that spark of mischief in her eyes, as she doesn’t even try to hide it. 

“Don’t…,” Killer tries to order, but once again, she takes more of his length in her mouth, until he meets the back of her throat. 

His head falls backward, as he abandons that impossible fight to remain quiet, his voice suddenly echoing in the room while he moans deeply. He can’t believe she finally did it, but her tongue, her movements and the lube are a deadly triangle for his pleasure. He doesn’t want to hide his voice anymore, encouraged by her everlasting ministrations on his length. He cries loudly, adorably, until he eventually looks back at her. 

“Name, I can’t hold it anymore,” Killer warns, his hips sometimes thrusting on their own in her mouth. 

She nods, her fingers increasing their pace on his length, while the other ones massages his balls, her head moving erratically. He loads in the back of her throat with a powerful growl, his hand cupping her cheek to somehow take the lead and hold her still as he finishes to ride his orgasm out, enjoying the vision of her soiled mouth and her blushed face while he reaches his nirvana. He hears a gulp, and softly, she pulls his cock out of her mouth, catching her breath back while she looks at him with a big satisfied smile. 

“God you sound so good…,” she whispers, yet, her voice doesn’t seem mocking at all, on the contrary. 

Killer feels embarrassed for a second, but in front of the sincerity of her expression, he eventually starts to smile, cupping her jaw to offer her a slow and passionate kiss, ignoring his own taste on her lips. 

“Let’s see what this magic bottle can do with you now…,” Killer teases, plastering her back on the mattress as he presses his already half-hard arousal against her thigh. 

He has never felt so relieved in his life before today.