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A One Piece Tale...

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our body seems to be on fire, the back of your head pressed against the pillows of his bed. You grasp his scarlet hair, your nails almost scratching his skull while you can’t help but moan his name, intensely. You feel at the edge of another orgasm, Shanks five best fingers pressing the right area with a dedicated pace. You feel his tongue lazily rolling around your nub, thousands of electric salvo striking your entire belly as you can’t control your legs anymore, erratic spasms shaking them wildly. You don’t try to muffle your moans anymore; his tongue extracts the last remains of your mind, as you slowly let yourself go, once again. When you come loudly, your back arching because of the sensation between your legs, chasing your own pleasure in the last movements of his wet muscle, you hear a soft laugh coming from between your thighs. Shanks presses his lips in your inner thigh, before he gently pulls on your delicate skin.

“I miss your sounds…,” he whispers charmly, crawling back on the top of you.

He brushes your lips, your own taste still present on his flesh, until you lift up your head, kissing him deeply. He breathes painfully, opening his mouth to offer you his tongue, circling yours in a passionate kiss. His fingers skim your belly, trying once again to go down, but you can’t take it for the moment, and you quickly catch his wrist. He smirks against your lips and moves back his head, looking at your blushed cheeks and this fire in your eyes.

“Oh, not ready yet?” Shanks murmurs against your jaw, his mouth dropping tender kisses all the way down to your neck.

“It feels like I can’t even please you anymore.” You answer with a husky voice, dragging his hand up for him to cup your exposed breast.

Shanks softly laughs again, his face coming up to look at you with some mischief in the back of his eyes.

“Are you really mad at me because I’m pleasuring you?” He asks with a charming voice, his fingers gently massaging your round breast.

“Yeah, that’s quite unbalanced.”

“We always have an unbalanced relationship, silly.”

Shanks tries to make you shut up with another kiss, but you vividly bites his bottom lip before he could manipulate you, once again. He gasps and pulls his head backwards, a gorgeous grin enlightening his features. He has aged. Yet, he did it pretty beautifully.

“Oh, I didn’t teach you to bite?” Shanks says, wiping his bottom lip to check if there’s so blood.

You raise an eyebrow, more confident now that you have his entire attention.

“It’s been a year, love. You don’t know what I’ve learnt.” You tease while you suddenly press your palm against his shoulder.

Before Shanks can do anything, you switch your position, forcing him to rest against the mattress while you ride him without any shame, your damp core directly touching the bulge of his pants. Shanks smiles, his eyes staring at you with so much tenderness in them that you almost forget that you want to teach him a lesson. He puts his one arm behind his head, patiently waiting for you to start your sweet torture. He knows you enough to know that you have something in mind. He raises a curious eyebrow when you start to move your hip, rubbing your core against his hard arousal. He rolls his eyes for a second, but you clearly sees that he actually bites his bottom lip, aroused by your delicious curves and the way you tease him. He desires you, and you can tell that he wants to have so much more right now. He’s an experienced man, and you want to please him in the most perfect way possible, because you missed him, and you want to make him remember that he can only love one girl in this entire world.

“Mh, what are you up to?” Shanks growls when you move your body to head south, finally resting between his legs.

“I’m making you shut your stupid talkative mouth.” You answer, unbelting his pants with a quick gesture.

Once again, you have the sweet power to extract a delicious and genuine laugh from his lips. Yet, Shanks doesn’t protest; he gently brushes your dark hair, lifting his ass up to help you getting rid of his unnecessary pants, then his underwear. His length vividly bumps against his belly, already hard and swollen, almost twitching when you gently skim it with your fingers. He has clearly missed your delicate touch, his breathing more heavy and impatient. You don’t want to waste anymore time, your mouth coming closer while you can feel his stare on you. He pushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, almost tenderly, as you softly lick the head of his arousal, causing a gentle and timid gasp in the back of his throat.

“Don’t bite…,” Shanks teases as you gaze at him, this eternal floating smile still present on his features.

“Shut up.” You order, almost with a threatening tone.

Gently, and slowly, you take the head of his cock in your mouth, lazily rolling your tongue around. He already has a salty taste, drop of pre-cum going down your throat, while you focus on this particular area of his cock, just to make him pant a little bit longer. Shanks sighs loudly, his only hand brushing your hair to encourage you, until you finally move your head down, taking more inch of his hard length in. You feel his cock twitches under your touch, one of your hand circling his base, pumping on it gently, the other one massaging his sacks. He hums deeply, content, his eyes shut while you finally bob your head with slow movements, at first. You start to roll your tongue around his arousal, extracting from his open mouth a few moans from time to time, especially when you take him almost entirely, the head of his cock tickling the back of your throat.

“You have improved…,” Shanks comments in a painful whisper, his fingers still brushing your skull.

It doesn’t suit you. You don’t want to be lectured by a goddamn teacher now; you want him to moan wildly while he can’t focus on anything else but your tongue around his cock. Without a word, you start to increase your pace, bobbing your head more intensely, your fingers pressing his sacks enough to bring his pleasure to a higher level. This time, you feel that he moves his body differently. His head sometimes comes up, unable to remain pressed against the mattress, gazing at you, to suddenly falls back, his breathing inconstant. His hand in your hair hold it more strongly, almost pulling on it, not because he wants you to stop, but mostly because he can’t control his pleasure anymore. He growls deeply, his hips moving by their own will while you start to deepthroat him more often.

“Stop, stop now!” Shanks painfully cries, pulling on your hair, forcing you to stop your gestures. “Come here…”

Shanks drags you against his chest, his mouth seeking for yours. He ignores the taste of his own cock in your mouth, his tongue already wraps against yours. He makes you switch your position, putting his excited body on the top of you while your back is once again against the mattress, your legs already holding his waist. Unable to release your lips, he slowly pushes his hips forwards, entering you so easily in your well-prepared core. You furiously moan against his lips, your fingers scratching his back, encouraging him his to move his hips. As an answer, Shanks strongly thrusts inside of you, his mouth suddenly going free to release a powerful and primal groan.

“You feel so good…,” Shanks hums.

“Stop talking, fuck me now…” You can’t help but moan.

Shanks immediately obeys, his hips thrusting intensely as his mouth is once again stealing another wet and messy kiss. He settles a steady and erratic pace, certainly because he feels too excited at the moment and he can’t properly hold it anymore. You have worked him so well that he keeps whimpering against your mouth. You shut your eyes, feeling your body even more tensed since your nub is still pretty excited by your numerous orgasms before. You escort his movements, unable to hide your pleasure anymore, both of you pretty loud. Your skin are sweaty, gluing your bodies together, while Shanks takes you deeply and wildly. As your core slowly feels tight once again, annunciating another climax, Shanks growls intensely, managing to contain himself for you to ride out your orgasm. He eventually finishes, his breathing scorching your lips. He falls against your chest, his only hand cupping your jaw while he tries to catch his breath back.

“I missed you so much.” He mumbles, fondling your shoulder delicately. “I can’t let you go for another year, Name.”