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Devil In Your Soul

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Life without Lucifer wasn’t ideal for Chloe, but she had to move forward with her life. No one ever said she had to be happy with it. It has been a month since Lucifer said his goodbye to Chloe on his balcony. The tears ran dry once the sun rose and she knew that she had to put on a brave front for Trixie. The last thing she wanted was to make a scene and have everyone thinking she was a charity case. So she put on her mask and went about her days.

A month. One month and all she could possibly do was desk work. She didn’t have the energy or spark to go out and solve murders. Her partner wasn’t there, her heart was gone, and solving murders couldn’t fill the void Lucifer left behind. So there she was, sitting at her desk like any other day this past month just filing reports. Chloe had become an empty shell of the person she once was, she believed she could mask her pain, but everyone around her knew she was miserable without him. Trixie and Dan have tried everything to get her to cheer up, but nothing ever really made her smile anymore.

On rare nights, Maze would find her at Lux up in the penthouse. Chloe would either be crying on the bed or shrouded in Lucifer’s expensive dress shirt. Maze never bothered her, she understood how much it hurt to be left behind by the man. The only thing she could do for poor Chloe was leave her be and hope Lucifer would find solace in knowing Chloe was still hanging on to him.

Today was like any other day for Chloe, she got up took a hot shower and let the tears run down her face. It was better to get the crying out early, it helped avoid puffy eyes. Once she was done she’d dress in her detective clothes Lucifer hated so much and start off her day with a cup of coffee. She’d go through the motions of her regular route until she’d make her way over to the police station to start her day.

She’d say her hellos and good mornings to keep up the appearance until she’d sit down at her desk. Once her ass hit the chair the world around her no longer existed. Her pain subsided and she let the Detective take the wheel. Sometimes you’d see her so deep in thought one would think no one was home.

That’s how Michael found her today. Staring into space so deep in her mind that you’d think someone broke her.

My my how Father’s miracle had fallen so hard even the Devil would be embarrassed. He didn’t show up because of divine intervention, he simply wanted to see for himself the legendary Chloe Decker. Father made this one special for his brother for the mistake he made. He too felt bad for the misunderstanding and heartache placed upon his little brother. Sammy was always a dreamer and strong willed, but he loved him nonetheless. This was an unprepared visit un-sanctioned by Father or Sammy, but he felt like someone should help the poor girl.

So here he was in the shadows dressed in black loafers, burgundy-brown chinos that stopped four inches before his ankles, black tank top that went brilliantly with a leather vest, that was topped off nicely with a knee length coat. He might not have the classy dress taste like his twin brother, but he knew Sammy would appreciate this dress style.

The bullpen was raving with cops and criminals, and our poor miracle was just spacing out simply looking for an answer. He studied her for a minute to she his father’s handiwork. He understood how his brother could fall for this woman, she was beautiful. He must have been staring for too long because he seemed to attract some uni’s in his time.

“Lucifer! Nice to see you back man, been a while. Mind giving me a hand with these boxes? My back isn’t what it once was” said an older man dressed in his police outfit. “Uh.. sure” I didn’t have the heart to correct him so I took the boxes from him. “My that’s… Uh… um … did you run out of fancy suits? No offence my boy, but I think the suits looked better on you” he stated walking along side me “It’s just around the corner son, thank you so much”. He never gave me time to reply back to him before he took the boxes from me and closed the door to the evidence room. “Huh… interesting” I turned around and smacked right into a small latina who held me in her arms with wide eyes. So much for staying in the shadows and remaining unseen.

“No flippin way! You’re back! Oh how I missed you!” attack after attack was registered by this woman. The hugs alone by this her could render any angel useless. “Diggin the outfit buddy! Like really diggin the whole chest hair no hair product vibe” she held me at arms distance checking me out. “I uh… thanks? I kinda put it together, wasn’t sure I could pull it off.” Somehow this woman made Father’s strongest angel nervous. Michael shot his arm up to touch his hair. “Dude! Like where have you been?” a punch was administered to his arm. “I’ve uh… can we not talk about this right now?” he looked over the small latina’s form to see Chloe looking around searching for his voice. The last thing he needed was to draw more attention to himself. The woman in front of him caught on because she immediately followed his eyes and saw Chloe rise up and search for the voice that symbolized Lucifers.

“Lucifer?” she was frantically looking for him. He mentally cursed this tiny woman and started to move away from her. Chole stopped dead when she saw him, she eyes were already glossing over with tears. She picked up her pace and sped walked to them. “Chloe please I have to…” he was interrupted by her form engulfing him with a crushing hug. Her tears ran wild as she trembled. Michael held her as she filled him with love. He didn’t know why his heart was beating so fast, maybe it was because he’d have to crush her heart in a few moments. Deep down he knew it was because no one had ever hugged him with much love as this miracle. Her love was toxic. One couldn’t help but bask in it and stay there forever, but he couldn’t do that. He pulled away from her and escorted her to a room her knew to be the interrogation room. She followed him willingly.

“I can’t believe… how? When did you?...” her questioning stopped when she saw his face. Michael had the saddest look upon his face. He was ringing out his fingers with nervousness. His pacing stopped when he found his words. “I’m not Sam, I’m his twin brother Michael. I uh… I apologize for the misunderstanding,” he tried to grab her hand to calm her, but instead she stepped back and covered her mouth to hold back the tears. “Oh please… quiet dearie. I’m sorry,” he stepped towards her and wrapped his arms around her. She didn’t pull away and instead leaned into his body. Just for a moment she allowed herself to believe this man was her love. The man who sacrificed his love for the good of mankind. The Devil. A being of desire so powerful that he was brought down to his knees by a woman who could love the Devil.

“I don’t understand. I…” she pulled herself back to address the man.
“Sshh, it’s ok. My name is Michael. I’m one of Lucifer’s brothers. I uh… I felt like it was time someone came and helped you out. Not saying divine intervention was needed, I just… I felt like you needed someone.”

Michael explain as he grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. She held a blank face that told him she was trying to understand. After his explanation, he felt her run her hand along his cheek. “You look so much like him, I know you said you’re his twin, but God, I’ve never seen twin look this alike” a nervous chuckle escaped the Detective’s lips.
“Yes, Father did have a hard time telling us apart when we were younger. As we got older you could point us out right away.” he shrugged his shoulders and stepped back, her intense gaze was too much. “The outfit is different… I do like it though,” I gave her a nice twirl that allowed my coat to flair out. “Why did you come here? Did Lucifer send you.”
''No… He doesn’t know I’m here, and don’t think he’d appreciate me here to be honest. I believe he’d throw me out the window for even stepping into the same building as you” He took a seat and gestured for her to sit across from him. She obliged and sat across from him.

“Why is that? Did you two get in a fight,” bless this woman, she really was oblivious to religion.
“I guess you can say Sam and I have a past. One with me over my brother’s body with a sword hanging over his head. I’m the one who ended it all and handed Sam over to Amenidel to be thrown down into Hell for eternity. I was always Father’s most trusted and well behaved angel, and when Sam started questioning things I never took his side. I never saw the meaning until now… how wrong I was to even cast him out for just wanting explanations… I made a mistake and it’s taken me too long to make amends. I figured I could help you” she took in everything he had to say and just looked at him. It pained her so much to look at his face and not see the Lucifer she loved. “How can you help me? Are you going to bring Lucifer back?” Chloe sat up tall with excitement in her voice. “I haven’t really thought it through yet, I have an idea, but it's just been an idea. There are parties that need to be debriefed on the whole situation.” Michael gave a frown at his loss of words. Why did he show up without thinking these things threw, he should of known he wouldn’t be able to stay hidden without the Miracle seeing him. He exhaled and looked her dead in the eye. She had a small smile on her face that hadn’t seen the light of day since Lucifer sent Dromos and all the other demons back to Hell. Once the words escaped his mouth of not knowing how to rescue Lucifer the smile was gone and the mask Chloe had been wearing for the past month was back. She stood up and composed herself and she dried her eyes.

“I want to help though” he quickly blurted out. Why was he ready to please her, he owed her nothing. In his heart, he knew it was something he should do. Sam deserved happiness, he didn’t deserve to rot in Hell and he stripped of his soulmate Father made him. He would help, that’s why he was standing in front of Chloe right. He was ready to help, he was done playing daddy perfect soldier. It was time to side with his brother and help out. After all brothers do anything for one another, right?

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That’s all Chloe needed to hear to get the gear in her head going. Michael had sparked life back into her life. Finally someone was going to help bring Lucifer back to her. Sure they didn’t know how, but it was at least a start. After their talk she explained that she needed to get back to work, but he was free to stick around if he wanted. So here Michael was on a Wednesday afternoon, sitting in a roller chair messing with the objects on Chloe’s desk. She didn’t mind his curiosity, she continued to go over police reports while he played with the objects on her desk. It was nice, it felt like old times with Lucifer, when he’d stay and annoy her while she filled out reports. A smile crept on her lips with the fond memories that found their way into her memory.

“Mmm what’s that I see? Ah a smile! Well well”
“Ha ha. Yes ok I’m smiling. It’s just you and Lucifer have the same mannerisms. He does the same thing when he’s bored when he doesn’t want to leave my side.”
“Oh!” he stopped what he was doing “I’m sorry. I’m not distracting you am I? I’m not bored I’m just admiring your trinkets.”
“No no really it’s ok, I worked with Lucifer for years. It doesn’t annoy me like it once did. It’s nice, it’s like having him next to me” that smile grew bigger with every word she called forth.
“Okay” he spun himself around in his chair to add an even bigger smile to her face. She responded by shaking her head and laughing to herself. Seeing her smile brought one to his lips, it seemed contagious. She went back to work for another ten minutes until a rather loud growl came from her direction.

“What was that? Do you have a small animal by you?” he pulled his chair over to examine the area behind her desk. Finding no trace of an animal he looked at her confused.
“No that was my stomach, I apologize” she laughed trying to cover her mouth.
“Oh… are you okay?”
“Yes. I’m hungry actually, would you like to grab a bite to eat? Do angel’s eat? No yeah of course they do Lucifer eats. Sorry,” she was a blubbering idiot, but Michael didn’t mind.
“Sure! No no that’s ok. The silver city has no need for food, but I have tried it before it is quite good”
“We can head down to this pizza parlor down the street and grab something quick while I pick your brain”
“Pizza? Pick my brain? That’s an interesting phrase. Will it hurt?”
“Is pizza okay? What? No! I meant that I'd like to ask you questions”
Michael cocked his head to the side “Interesting, I like the phrase. Pick away my dear and to your question on pizza, I'm not sure what that food is, but I’m willing to try it”

Chloe stood up from her chair and grabbed her jacket. Michael stood up with her and pushed the chair in. He gestured for her to show the way and off they went. The bullpen wasn’t as crazy as it was when he first showed up, so it made it easy for them to leave. She took her time thinking of her first question to ask Michael. He noticed and gave her time, he simply stayed to the side of her and observed his surroundings.


“Okay, so first question. Does Amenidel know you’re here?”
He stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at his feet while walking “No… I just landed here a few moments before that small woman attacked me and you found me. I have a feeling that big brother will know by the end of the day, he’s always been able to tell when I’m near.”
“I doubt it, he’s pretty busy these days. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about”
Oh he knew, that’s all his siblings have been talking about since Remiel came back after her battle with Amenidel. He didn’t care that Amenidel fathered a child with a human, he was quite happy for him. He too had found love and was happy. How could he fault his brothers for that.
“I do, I do. Charlie is hot news back in the Silver City. Remiell came bearing battle scars from her fight and warned us not to come to Earth for big brother wouldn’t go easy. I have no interest in Charlie, only you Chloe” he finally lifted his head to look at her.

“Well yes. Mostly to see my Father’s handiwork, but to also see what brought my brother back to Hell… I wanted to see what he left behind to save Earth and Charlie.” He stopped walking, forcing Chloe to stop as well. “You see my little brother hasn’t really care for anyone other than himself since after the rebellion. Over the years I’ve seen him grow. He cares a great deal for the friends he’s made here. I was surprised to see him leave without a fight.”
“It’s all my fault… if I hadn’t conspired with Father Kinley Lucifer wouldn’t be in Hell right now and Charlie would never of been taken” she explained. Michael placed a hand on her shoulder.
“True, but that was out of your hands. It may of happened, but free will willed it to happen that way. Sam likes to think Father plans it out, and I’m sure he did in some ways, but not all of it can be God’s will. You humans decided how things play out” he gently ushered her to walk. There was no point pointing fingers on the subject, what was done was done. Michael was going to get Sam out of Hell. Chloe lead the way and Michael followed.

She was quite after that. She lead them to a small whole in the wall pizza joint. Michael still had no idea what pizza was, but he followed her inside and took in all the smells that came with it. Men were spinning disks around and yelling to check the oven. He watched with fascination as a man continued to spin this disk with skill and grace. Chloe turned to Michael and touched his arm “have you never been to a pizza joint before?”
“No, how is he doing that?”
“I'm guessing hours upon hours of practice” her smile was back “This place has been here for years, my dad would bring me here when I was a kid.” Michael continued to watch in fascination.
“Ah yes dear John, lovely man. He filled me in with all he could remember of you before I left. He says Hello by the way” he never took his eyes off the man spinning the pizza dough. Chloe turned her head and gave Michael a look of confusion and awe.
“You.. you talked to my Dad?”
“Yes, he’s a nice guy. Had nothing but great things to say about you” he broke eye contact with the pizza guy and gave Chloe a big smile. Happy tears gathered in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. With a sniff the tears never fell. A smile graced her face and she looked at the menu. She liked to think her dad kept tabs on her, and it seems he did.


“So I was thinking since you’ve never tired pizza before I could get us a few slices and we can see if you like it, is that okay?”
“My taste buds are in your hands Chloe. I trust you.”
She walked up to the register and gave the man her order of two slices of NYPD style pizza. She handed the employee the total and turned to see Michael mimicking the dough guys movements of dough tossing.
“I believe I understand how he does it, do you think he’d allow be to try it out?”
“I don’t know, you can ask if your interested” she wasn’t sure he heard the second part of the statement because he was already making his way past the register employee to the man spinning the dough.

“Uh excuse me” Michael said walking up to the dough guy.
“Oh! Mr. Morningstar! Hello sir, how can I help you?”

This man thought I was Sammy, I mean understandable we are twins. He decided to play along.

“Yes. Hello. Can I give it a go?” he gestured to the dough as he slipped his coat off and hung it on the wall. He walked over to the sink to wash his hands. Chloe watched from behind the counter as Michael took on the persona of his brother.

“Anything for you Mr. Morningstar, I’ll get us a new dough”
The man disappeared into the back and came out with a new ball of dough. He placed it in the flower and rolled it out for Michael. Once it was ready he handed it to him. Michael gave Chloe a huge smile and stretched out the dough with his fingers like the guy did before. After it seemed round enough Michael gave it a small spin. He was successful and tried again. Every time the dough got bigger. The pizza man gave him tips to help him control the dough.

“A natural Mr. Morningstar! Would you like to make a pizza?”
“Yes, thank you. If it’s not too much trouble yes I believe that’d be nice.”
“Excellent!” he showed Michael how to make a simple NYPD pie. He explained that the dough required to be stretched thinly. Once the dough was placed on the screen, Michael reached to add the pizza sauce and cheese. Both took a moment to fix the edges and inspect the pie. With a nod the employee placed the pie in the oven. Michael cleaned off the excess flower and washed his hands.
“Once the pie is out you can try your pizza. It’d take no longer than fifteen minutes Mr. Morningstar”
“Thank you. We’ll be seated until it’s ready.”

He came from around the store straight to Chloe. She was smiling at him.
“Look at you. Pretending to be the Devil. Although I’m sure Lucifer would of schooled you in his culinary skills. That man can cook” she brought him to the table and sat down.
“Hey I wanted to learn, sue me. Oh I’m sure he could, Sammy always loved trying new things. I have no doubt he’d be good at cooking.” He took the time to look around the store and take in the environment. He was pulled from his study when Chloe asked another question.
“You call Lucifer Sam or Sammy. Why?”
“That’s my nickname for him. Samael is his given name, but I gave him Sam for short” a smile as bright as the sun shined on Michael’s face.
“I never knew that. Samael… That’s a nice name. Why doesn’t he go by it anymore”
“He doesn’t like being reminded of Father, so he gave himself Lucifer. It’s really a play on words, it means Lightbringer. He was always Father’s little star. Seems he could never part with it hence why he named himself Lucifer.”
“But why do you call him Sam or Sammy? I mean Amenidel calls him Luci or Lucifer” she leaned forward interested in where the conversation was going.
“I loved to spite him and to be honest he’s my other half, he’ll always be. I like to think he’d still let me call him it, just so long as I don’t call him Samael” he had a nervous tick to him when talking about Lucifer in that way. He always messed with his fingers or looked around.

“Does he have a nickname for you? Mike or Mikey I assume”
“You assume correct. Thick as thieves us two. Mikey and Sammy again the heavens” a sad frown cast over his face. He shook his head and the frown switched to a smile. She caught on that it touched a sore spot. She quickly changed the subject and asked another question.

“So what’s your power? Lucifer has his desire mojo and Amenidel has his power to slow down time. What special powers did you get?” she leaned forward with her chin on her hand generally interested.
He leaned forward with her and smiled. “Strength” he gave her a quick flex pose and laughed at his attempt. She laughed at his antics.
“Really? But I thought all of you were strong”
“We are but I’m the strongest. I can knock Amenadiel down with just a flick of my wrist if I wanted, and that’s saying a lot because big brother is the first born.”
“Interesting, so you can lift anything or bend anything?”
“Yup” the pop of the P stuck out.
“That’s cool, but I mean not as cool as freezing time and drawing out hidden desires” she laughed at him. Before he could rebuttal the pizza guy brought out their slices and told them to enjoy.
“Let’s see if your pizza is any good” she took a slice and released a small moan at its deliciousness “Not bad” cheese stretched out from her slice. She gestured for Michael to try. He obliged and took a bite of his, it was a new experience for him. The taste of pizza sauce and cheese was a completely new taste for him.
“Oh this is good” he finished his slice in four bites. Shocked by his speed chloe gave him some money to buy two more slices. He got up and asked the employee for more slices, but he refused to accept the change. Michael placed the money in the tip jar instead. With two more slices in his hands Michael turned around and walked back over to the table. Chloe was almost done with her slice when he came back.

“That was fast.”
“He said I didn’t need to pay. I guess Sammy is pretty popular here, he said if it wasn’t for him the store wouldn’t be here anymore. Said he bought the land and doesn’t charge them for rent. I guess they were going to go out of business, but my brother helped them out. I never knew my brother did this kind of stuff for humans. It’s nice to see his angel side still shines bright” Michael smiled and dug into his second serving doing a side to side dance that she knew well enough to be a happy dance of approval.

What he said about the store made her heart swell, because she knew Lucifer only came to this store because of her. He knew how much it meant to her and he went out of his way to keep it open for her to continue to enjoy the pizza and memories with her father. As she watched Michael seat dance his way into his second slice she found herself thinking of Lucifer and how much she missed him. This was a nice distraction, but Michael and Lucifer had different personalities and she had to stop trying to see him in Lucifer. She needed to come up with a plan so Michael could help. She just had to, Lucifer doesn’t belong in Hell, he belongs with her. Hopefully Michael idea could be worked out, because she couldn’t take another day without Lucifer.

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He stood there listening to her confession. She loved him, she actually loved him and by her declaring her words it tore him apart. Every ‘I Love You’ she pulled forth had him wanting to stay, but he couldn’t he had to go take care of the mess Dromos made in Hell. He wanted to stay, please Father just let him stay. He would be a good Devil and watch over Earth, just let him stay with his Detective. He knew it was too good to be true. His happiness was never a concern for his Father, he’d rather torture Lucifer than see him happy. So that’s what he did, he kissed his Detective goodbye and flew down to the bowls of Hell. His throne longed for him, but he didn’t. It was lonely without his friends, especially without Maze. Lucifer knew he should of brought her along, but he needed her to watch over Chloe and the others. She was his last line of defense if anything happen. He couldn’t have his nephew or Chloe getting hurt.

So he sat on his throne looking at the masses with no one else to keep him company. For Lucifer, a thousand years had passed and for every day her thought of his dear Detective. He started to see her everywhere, but long figured out it was his mind playing tricks on him. Around his hundred year mark he found that visiting certain cells helped him get through the time. He visited Malcolm, the right bastard shot him and he deserved extra attention for giving the Detective and spawn nightmares. He enjoyed tweaking his hell loop to add extra torment to his soul, but alas it didn’t last long. He even gave dear Caine some attention. The look on the man's face when he got to rub it in his face that he fucked his mother was priceless.

Torturing souls never filled the void that Chloe left behind, the demons started to notice after awhile. They accuse him of moping around too much. He wasn’t moping, he was simply thinking about his dear Detective with much thought what was so wrong about that.

Legs crossed over the other in a graceful way with a tapping finger hitting the arm rest was all you could see from the height of his throne. Lucifer casted a rather large shadow when he sat upon his throne. He’d spend days just tapping away, certain demons started spreading rumors that the King himself was slowly turning into stone. With all the time he spent up there it was easy to believe. One day he did manage to fly down and grace his flock with his angelic wings. It was a terrible day for them all. Demon ran left and right hiding under boulders and some even throwing themselves off of cliffs.

Lucifer never graced his host anymore after Dromos’ rebellion. Lucifer made sure to punish anyone who was involved. In fact, no one liked to spend more than a minute with their King because they were afraid he’d go into another killing spree. So once he landed, the hoard divided like the red sea and let Lucifer pass. Heads touched the grounds as their King walked past him. He never so much as acknowledged them he simply brushed off the ash that collected on his shoulders. He made his way to his palace giving nothing but a finger snap for someone to follow. Everyone looked at one another with terror until one poor demon was pushed toward to follow Lucifer. The young demon hide in the shadows as he followed his King to his death. Lucifer snap his finger once more to open his doors to reveal a small office. It seemed like his lord had been busy with his time and redecorated. The room reminded him of a torture room they use in human hell loops. Sure it looked innocent, but many tortures happen in this room from weak humans complaining about ‘therapy’. He didn’t understand why his master would bring him to this room, he never cared for the practice.

It wasn’t until his master sat down and motioned for him to sit across from him that he became concerned. He pulled himself up on the chair and faced his King with a dumbfold look and crooked head. Lucifer took a deep breath and exhaled this a grunt. He was nervous. The demon had never seen his master in such a state. Consciously, the demon leaned forward and waited for Lucifer to talk.

“So those imbasiles sent you. I guess I can make due with you Brian” Lucifer reclined himself back on the sofa and relaxed as he spoke. Brain eyes all but bugged out as Lucifer addressed his name.
“You… you know my name my Lord?” Brain was trembling like a leaf, he had a hard time staying on his chair.
“Well of course I do, I know all my demon’s names.”
“Oh… I… I don’t understand. Why am I here?” he was frantically looking for an exist.
“Well to listen to me of course. What so bloody hard to understand about that? You are the demon that runs the psychology torturing department are you not?”
“Well yes… but… I mean no offence my Lord, but I don’t actually know anything about the practice” he found a door, but it was bolted shut.
Red eye flashed at him as the words came out of Brian’s mouth.
“But… but… I can try, if it pleases you my Lord” his head snapped back to Lucifer and bowed his head.
“It would deeply Brain. You see, I used to go to these things when I was in L.A, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be going back anytime soon and I need closure. Dr. Martin always did a fine job and it seems I could use a session.”

Brain took note in what Lucifer was saying and nodded along.
“I assume you don’t want this getting out, is that correct my lord?”
“No I don’t. If you keep this quiet I would appreciate it greatly Brain.”
“Of course my Lord”
“Now ask me what I want in this session. Or do I have to do the whole thing myself”
“Apologies my Lord. May I ask what you’d like to discuss?” he drew out each word with caution, he wasn’t going to be good at this, his humans never cared for the right answers and Lucifer was intimidating. He didn’t want to end up a pile of ash for not asking the right questions to ease his master's mind. Lucifer took another deep breath and exhaled.
“I want to know why this feeling of emptiness won’t go away,” he explained. It caused Brain to sit up straight and listen.
“Emptiness my lord?”
“It’s like a gaping whole in my chest, it’s hard to breathe” he laid a hand on his chest.
Brain crooked his head and looked at his master’s form. He didn’t see a whole. Confusion continued to plague him, he kneaded his eyebrows together and thought of an answer that would please his master.

“Perhaps someone stole your inners when you weren’t looking my Lord. How long has this been going on for?”
“No one stole anything you imbecile, and to answer your other question since I got here” Lucifer wasn’t happy. Brain thought he asked the right question. His master did say it was hard to breathe, only humans had problems breathing without their inners.
“I only ask from experience my Lord. I don’t understand how humans work and you look like one. They tend to find breathing hard when we remove the lungs and heart”
Something clicked for Lucifer, he leaned forward with a smile.
“Oh I believe you have found something Brain, well done. Treat for you.”
A praise, oh thank the maker he’s never received one before. A smile graced Brain’s lips.
“Has someone taken your inners my lord? I’m sure the hell hounds can track down the culprit and find your property.”
“What? No no. It seems my heart is somewhere well guarded and in safe hands.”
Lucifer was smiling and running his hand along his chest remembering something.
“Your heart my lord? How do you know?”
“I… I fell in love when I was on Earth. I guess that’s what this feeling is. Dr. Martin would be so proud of my new found realization and acceptance. Ha! Look at me. I’m learning.”
“You found a mate my Lord? Will our Queen visit us?” Brian was bouncing in his chair. It was wonderful new, his master found a mate. Their Queen would bring the antichrist and all would be well.
“What no, she will never set foot in this place. Her soul is too pure for the likes of you, but yes I have finally found a mate.”

Disappointment fell on Brian’s face. He wanted to meet his Queen, he hoped she was devilishly evil but with kindness in her heart. Hell needed a mother, it longed for it’s Queen.
“Oh… what is she like my Lord?”
“Oh Brian she is everything. She was made specially for me. She average height, skinny, blonde, with blue eyes. Looks aren’t the only thing that attracts me to her. Chloe is kind, she puts everyone before herself. She’s a justice seeker, she likes to put bad guys behind bars” as Lucifer was going over his details of Chloe his heart speed up. He was passionate about the way he described her. Brain was engrossed with his master’s words.
“But to top it off Brian she accepts me, both angel and devil. She doesn’t cower away like the lot of you” it was half true, he didn’t see her flinch the last time he showed his devil form.
“She sounds dreamy my Lord. I wish she was here to sit by your side. The way you talk about her seems to make you happy.”
“It does Brain, it does. She can never step foot in here though. I’d rather suffer for all eternity than see her face in here.”
“I understand my Lord.”
“Hmm… it seems the whole in my chest has ceased. Excellent session Brain. Mind if we stop here for today? I just remembered I have a soul to torture”
“Oh… I’m glad to hear that my Lord. Of course of course. I am forever faithful if you are in need of my again”
“Good we’ll be seeing more of each other Brain, and remember. This is our little secret” with that Lucifer was gone. Nothing but a gust of wind was left behind.

Brain sat there blinking on his chair and reclined himself back. He could get use to this, maybe he could listen to his victims instead of torture them to get more insight. With that he got up and made his way back to work. After all he did have a master to pleasure.

Chapter Text

Chloe and Michael made their way back to the precinct after their thirty minute lunch. She went back to her paperwork and Michael once again sat beside her waiting around. She made sure to introduce him to everyone so there wasn’t a mix up. She didn’t need another misunderstanding occurring especially after Dan nearly punched Michael in the face for thinking he was Lucifer. She was sure Dan would break his hand than do any damage to the archangel’s face.

“Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding. I’m not used to hugging. Touching in general is foreign to me,” he said from the seat in front of her.
“Really? I’m sorry” placing her pen down and giving him her full attention.
“No it’s alright. I enjoyed it, but it threw me off. Hugs are nice” he graced her with a smile.
“Well if you like hugs now, I’m sure Ella would be thrilled to give you one” she pointed over to ella’s work space.
“Maybe I will, I’ll let you get back to your work” with that he got up and walked over to Ella Lopez’s work room.

He gave the door a knock and looked inside to announce himself.
“Hello? Ella?”
“Hey! I’m so sorry about earlier. You gotta warn a girl,” she placed her instruments down and walked towards him.
“That’s alright. You didn’t know.”
“What brings you by?”
“I uh… I didn’t want to both Chloe too much so I figured I’d come over and talk with my brother’s other friends” he said as he looked around the room taking in the room for all the mystery it held.
“Lucifer and I are pretty close” she stated proudly “but I never knew he had a twin brother.”
“Really? Its written in history” he stopped by her desk and noticed a discarded cross necklace.
“Not you too. What is up with your family and it’s method acting?”
“Method acting?”
“Yeah you know, pretending to be the archangel Michael and all.”
“But I am archangel Michael.”
“Prove it” placing her hands on her hips to add more dramatics.

He picked up the necklace and brought it over to her. “That’s my necklace. I mean what about it?” she tried to play it cool, but was interested to see how Michael would prove her claim.
“I use to hear you pray to me to protect your family from harm. I even remember you praying to me not to long ago to watch over my brother. Something along the lines of ‘Dear Michael please watch over Lucifer, he’s going through a tough time. I don’t know what happened, but he’s in bad shape. Please watch over him and make sure he’s safe. I’m afraid he’ll get himself hurt. Amen” if I’m not mistaken” Ella eyes nearly popped out of her skull. She was lost for words. “I have to admit, it was sweet. I got a kick out of it. I did watch out for him like you asked. Those bullets never touched him.”
“Ho-ly shit. Like the actual Holy Holy shit. You’re the Michael” her arms wouldn’t stop moving in his direction. Michael gave her a little bow and smiled.
“I… I… No. How? But like... “ she was shaking. Michael helped Ella sit in a chair as she came to terms with her new found knowledge.
“I… I need to sit down”
“You are sitting down”
“I am? Oh wow”
“Are you okay?”
As she was trying to process what was going on when Chloe came in.
“Is everything okay? I was eavesdropping” Chloe came into the room and looked to Ella.
“I think I broke her. I mean I didn’t even show her my wings yet.” Chloe took the chance to crouch down in front of Ella and hold her hands.
“Hey. hey, look at me Ella. You okay?”
“Decker it’s true all of it’s true. I… I gave up on the big guy. I shouldn’t of done that” tears were forming in her ears from her realization.
“Oh Ella Father doesn’t hold grudges that big. He knows you have been a faithful supporter all your life. There, dry your eyes love” he handed her a tissue. Ella grabbed it and wiped her tears away.
“So Lucifer really is the Devil? He’s not a bad guy though. He’s Lucifer, he’s a sweetheart who listens to people’s problems and fights crime with us. He never pressured us to do anything evil.”
“My brother gets a bad rep because of humanities ignorance. It didn’t help that my siblings including I, would spread rumors. I regret those things dearly”

Michael looked at the necklace in his hand and ran his fingers along the cross. It wasn’t anything special, but he liked the simplicity of it. Ella looked up and addressed Michael “You can have it if you like. I’m still upset with the big guy, but I mean it, if you want you can borrow it. It would really mean something to me if an angel wore my necklace.”
“I… really? I’d like that” he placed it around his neck and showed it off. “Thank you Ella.”
“No problem Mikey” she gave him a warm smile. He lifted his head as her words hit him.
“Did I say something wrong?”
“No no. just Sam use to call me that. You can call me that if you like. I haven’t been called that in a very long time.”
“Who’s Sam?”
“Lucifer, I don’t like to call him that. He’ll always be Sam to me.”

A hum escaped Ella. Chloe continued to comfort Ella. After all, it was a huge thing to come to terms with. “I think I might take the rest of the day off, I really need a drink. Hey! We should totally go to Lux and raid Lucifer’s bar” Michael was bubbling with excitement at her statement, Chloe on the other hand wasn’t so pleased. “I don’t know guys. We have to work tomorrow Ella should we really be drinking on a work night?” Ella and Michael were already linked by the elbows making their way out of the forensic lab. Chloe had to jog up to them to try to get them to see reason. “Pish Posh Chloe come on. I haven’t partied since Amenidel required assistance bringing Sam back from the middle ages. Sammy tricked Ami and I into a drinking match that ended with us blackout out with a honeycomb on our…” the end of his sentence never got finished because he ran into Dan.
“Where are you guys heading off to?” the group collected themselves and addressed Dan with excitement. “Mikey and I are going to raid Lucifer’s liquor cabinet and Decker here is going to play mom while we drink ourselves under the table.” Dan arched an eyebrow and smiled “mind if I join? I wouldn’t mind trying Lucifer’s whiskey collection.” Chloe was appalled. “You guys really? He’s going to come back and be upset his collection is gone.”

“The guy is loaded Chlo and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if he knew you joined us. The guy would do anything for you” that was true but she didn’t feel like partying at Lux without Lucifer. Michael noticed her distress and took her hand “hey it’s okay. We are going to get him back I promise, but in the meantime let’s enjoy this. Please. I promise tomorrow we will come up with a plans” the way his eyes begged made her give in right away. Those were Lucifer’s eyes staring at her and she couldn’t say no. She nodded and allowed herself to be ushered out of the precinct. “So we’ll all take our car and meet at Lux” Ella said and parted with Dan. “I flew so I guess I’m riding with you? Unless you want to fly” Michael came to look around making sure the coast was clear.
“No no we can drive. I just have to call and check up on Trixie, she’s staying with Dan’s parents for the week and I want to make sure I talk to her before we go to Lux” she pulled at her phone and showed that she was going to call. “Don’t let me interrupt, I’ll just be right here thinking of plans” she took the time to call her daughter and after a few minutes she was off the phone and walking back to the car where she left Michael. He was leaning on the car with his eyes closed. “Ready to go?” Michael took a moment to respond and opened his eyes. He nodded and stepped into her car.

She started up the car and pulled out of the garage. “What were you doing when I got off the phone?” she asked stealing a quick glance at him.
“Listening to someone's prayer. It seemed someone cares deeply for you Chloe.”
“What do you mean?”
“I believe it was your daughter. She asked to make sure you were safe. Seems you have a very dangerous job” she shot him another glace “don’t worry she prayed for her father’s too. I’ll keep and eye out for you and Daniel’s wellbeing.”
“I didn’t know she prayed”
“It’s been on and off, but yes. No need to worry” he looked at her as she turned her head.
“I’m not, just surprised” Michael was messing with the buttons. She helped and turned on the radio. He sat back and started moving to the beat.

Chloe was smiling, she could see Michael dancing in his seat to the Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Shoop’.
“Shoop shoop ba-doop shoop ba-doop” was all Michael could catch onto. She let Michael listen in peace.
“I like that song. Can we play that song when we get to my brothers?”
“Sure, I’m sure Lucifer has it in his collection. This is actually his music. He made it for me.”
Deniece Williams’ song ‘Let’s hear it for the Boys’ started playing. She gave in to the beat and danced with the music.
“He has a good ear for music” he copied her.

Before they knew it they pulled into Lux’s garage and parked next to the corvette. She turned off the radio along with the car. The two exited the car and made their way into the nightclub.

The inside was quiet, something that would rarely be described as Lux. Michael took to looking around and taking the place in. She stayed behind and let him take in the room. It was bizarre watching Michael walk around the room and not have it be Lucifer. Michael took to touching the piano and sat down on the chair. Note after note escaped from the piano and brought upon a smile. It sounded as if a child was testing the keys trying to figure out how it played.

“Have you ever played before” Chloe made her way over to Michael and sat down beside him. “Yes, but not that well. Sam was always the music lover. He used to spend days trying to teach me, but I just never had the fingers for it” he gave her his best jazz hands. Laughter filled the room. “Don’t worry, I think it’s his teaching skills. He tried teaching me, but I believe I suffered from the name fate as you” she started to play a note here and there and gave up.

“I’m more of a singer than a musician though. Sammy played and I sang, but in truth he has a pair of lungs on him himself” he closed the piano and got up “seems Ella and Daniel have abandoned us.”
“They messaged me and said they were going to get some things before they came over they’ll be here in thirty minutes” she turned around and looked at Michael “do you think we can go up the penthouse and clean up a bit?”

“Of course. I promised I’d be here for you. I believe a wardrobe change would be good. It’s a bit warm” he offered her his arm and together they made their way into the elevator. The ride up was filled with silence. Chloe was fine with it, it allowed her the chance to prepare herself for the mess she was about to face. She last left it with Lucifer’s shirts on the floor and whiskey glasses littering the countertops. As the doors to the elevator opened she saw that the room was spotless “what the” she left Michael and rushed inside the room “it was a mess the last time I was here.” Michael was just behind her and took in the room “seems someone cleaned up the mess” she shot around the room looking for something. “I guess Maze might of cleaned up” she plopped herself on leather coacher. “Maze? As in Mazikeen” an evil smile crept upon his face “ooo I could use a good fight. The demon cut off a piece of my wing our last duel. I would love to return the favor” he started looking around the room as if to find her hiding in the shadows. “Wait no, no Michael. She’s calmed down. She’s my friend” she jumped from her seat and steadied him.

He stopped as soon as she laid her hands on him “fine I guess the demon can live to see another day” he huffed and managed to get out of Chloe’s arms.
“Mind if I raid my brother’s wardrobe?” he was already walking up the stairs looking for the closet.
“yeah, I would just avoid dressing up exactly like him. We don’t need another mix up” he nodded his head and started to shed his clothing. Out of curiosity Chloe watched, she knew she shouldn’t be watching, but she missed Lucifer too much. She noticed a scar along his left side, and wondered how he got it.
“Chloe which do you think looks best?” he came out of the closet showing off a plain white long sleeve shirt and a similar green one.
“I think the green one would work. I’ve never seen Lucifer own anything other than suit in awhile. Where did you find these?” she asked.
He gestured towards the dressers “I found them in his old trunk. I remembered it from his time back home.” She came and looked at the trunk. It was an ordinary trunk there was nothing special about it. While she was looking at the dresser Michael was already changed in the green long sleeve with black denim jeans.
“How do I look?” he gave a twirl for Chloe to see.
“Woah, I never thought I’d see a version of Lucifer in anything other than a suit very again. I actually like the casual look. Makes you look relaxed and well human” a smile graced her from Michael.
“Why thank you. Want to start without Ella and Daniel?” making his way over to the bar he started looking for something to start with “have anything in mind? The only thing I know how to make is meade and I’m sure that’s out of date.” Chloe stood behind the bar and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.
“Lucifer got me hooked on whiskey and every now and then I like to have a glass” she poured two finger worth for her and Michael.
“Cheers” and down the hatch the whiskey went into Michael's mouth “yuck! No no i need something else.”

He moved around in search of something else. The label Scotch caught his eye and poured himself a shot “oh this is fantastic” he greedily poured himself a big glass. As he was sipping at his glass Dan and Ella made their way inside.
“Hey we brought food! Figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to drink and not have something to soak up the alcohol” Ella came to the table carrying In-N-Out Burger bags. Dan made his way around and helped pull the food out.
“Okay so I remembered Chlo’s order and figured if Michael was anything like Lucifer he’d like the same thing so I ordered you Mike a double double with grilled onions and no cheese, how does that sound?” Michael just stared at him.
“I have an idea what that is, but I’d eat it Daniel” he grabbed the burger and inspected it.
“What you’ve never tried a burger before?”
“Nope, but it does smell delicious.”
“Mikey you got to try it! Here we also got fries” Ella pulled out fries and place them on Michael’s side of the table “oh and we got the spread to make our own animal style.”
“I didn’t understand one word she said” Michael whispered to Chloe.
“Just eat it, you’ll like it I promise” with that Michael took a bite of his burger and picked up a fry “oh, now that’s good, what’s that sauce you were talking about, may I try?” Ella opened up a packet and squirted it onto a napkin for him. Chloe took her fry and dipped it in the sauce signaling that it was safe for him to eat. Once the fry hit mouth Michael was a dancing boy once again. Every time food went into his mouth he would move side to side and do a little jig, it was the same thing he did with his pizza earlier in the day. They eat in silence and devoured their meal. Once the food was finished Chloe grabbed the trash and threw it away in the bin.

Dan managed to find a bottle of vodka for them to drink and made a row of shots for them all. Shot after shot Michael and Chloe met each other. Dan and Ella decided to tap out after tequila was thrown in. Chloe seems to be getting tipsy after a drinking game Michael insisted on playing. She had to hand it to him although he was sliring his word he was keeping up.
“We should totally do Karaoke!” Ella yelled from across the room “No! I can’t sing for shit” Dan had is face smashed across the bar trying to cool is face down.
“I wouldn’t mind, I love singing” Michael swaggered over to Ella clinking his glass with her “does my brother have a sound system capable of hosting karaoke?” Chloe walked around to the tv and found the settling for them.
“Since I insisted we play I’ll go first” Ella placed her glass down and searched for a song to sing. Once she found a song she was jumping up and down “oh! This is perfect. Get ready because I’m going to blow your minds” she hit play and the background music for Bell Biv Devoe ‘Do Me! started playing.

She made sure to put on a show and thrust her hips to every beat. Body roll thrust was a thing Michael never thought he’d see. Ella was passionate about her song choice. As the line “touch me all over” came out of her mouth she made a gesture with her hands. Once the song started coming to an end she made her way over to Michael and sang “do me baby” and grinded her body on Michael’s side. She proceeded to sing “you can do me in the morning, you can do me in the night, you can do me when you want to do me.”
Ella forgot all about the song and started dancing on Michael practically giving him a lap dance. Chloe and Dan were speechless.

Something about having Ella all over Michael sparked jealousy in Chloe. She knew she shouldn’t feel that way, but she couldn’t take Ella dry humping a Lucifer look alike. Just as she stood up Ella went for the prize. She grabbed Michael’s face and went all in for a kiss.
Michael didn’t take the kiss well. He responded by scrunching up his face and letting her suck his face. Once Ella was done she wiped the slobber off his face. Michael gently pushed her away and nervously responded saying, “Bravo Miss Lopez! Bravo!” everyone started clapping “Can I go next?” he pushed past her. Both Chloe and Dan were in no rush to participate and gestures for Michael to go ahead.

Michael stood up and looked through the list of songs to choose from and listened to the beats of the songs. He spent a good five minutes trying to find a song to sing. He turned around and addressed his new friends with a smile.
“Hit it Dolly” and the song “9 to 5” kicked on. Chloe and Dan sat up and danced in their seats to the tune. Michael copied their moves and started singing, “Working to 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’.” The sound of the cash register dinged and everyone showed their knowledge of the song by mimicking the noise. Michael was surprisingly a really good singer, but he must of been too drunk to read the lyrics because all of a sudden he was humming the tune instead of singing. He gave up towards the end and just showed off his drunken dance moves. Everyone started laughing at his attempt to pass it off as singing.

All three of them cheered for their singing angel “thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all night with requests” as he moved away he took his glass off the counter and finished the content.
“I volunteer Daniel to go next, what do you say?” Michael said pointing his glass towards Dan.
“I mean yeah sure, I’ll give it a go” he sat up and looked at the songs to choose from. Chloe leaned over to Ella and started talking to her.
“Five bucks he plays a Proclaimers song” Chloe said to Ella. Michael didn’t like being left out so he sat down next to them.
“What are you two talking about?”
“Whether or not Dan will pick a Proclaimers song” Ella addressed “which I have a feeling he will so I won’t bet my five bucks.”

Dan turned around and clapped his hands together to signal he was ready. As the song started playing Chloe lifted her hands to state she was right.
“When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who wake up next to you” left Dan’s mouth. He was giving his best scotish accent, that was borderline racist. All three started laughing, but clapped their hands to keep him happy. Unlike the last two performers Dan managed to sing the whole song with passion and end gracefully. Michael gave him a high five and a shot when he was finished.

All three turned and looked towards Chloe. She wasn’t ready to sing, she was nowhere near drunk enough to throw caution to the wind.
“I’m going to need more shots before I go up there and sing to you guys.” Ella grabbed a big bottle of tequila and started pouring her a shot. One after the other Chloe downed five shots followed by a lime. Once she was ready she shot up and walked over to the tv. Since everyone was sticking to oldies she had no other choice, but to follow their lead.
Why did Lucifer have to have such a vast collection of popular 80’s hits, it wasn’t fair. She took forever to choose making everyone start making suggestions. She ignored them patiently trying to find the song she wanted.

“Finally! I knew he’d have it. Okay okay calm down. I found the song” she clicked on the Bonnie Tyler song and pushed play. She started to dance in place and play air drums before the lyrics could be found on the screen. “Where have all the good man gone, and where are all the gods?” she sang with passion and started swaying side to side. When the main courses kicked in she raised her voice and sang “I need a hero. I’m doing out for ‘till the end of the night.”
“Damn Decker! You go girl”
“Wooh! Chlo”
All three of them cheered her on as she sang. “I need a hero. I’m doing out for ‘till the end of the night. He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be fresh from the fight.” Chloe was a vision when she was singing. With every beat she countered it with a sway. She ended the song strong and slowly started to calm down from her singing. Ella shot up once the lyrics were over and danced over to Chloe to continue her buzz. Dan and Michael could be heard clapping.
“That was amazing Chloe. Bravo!” Michael gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around him trying to collect her herself.
“Thank you. I haven’t had a karaoke night since my uni days. That was actually a lot of fun” she couldn’t stop smiling.

“I don’t know about you two but I could dance, like really go nuts and dance like no one's watching” Ella was already on the job looking for songs to dance to. Michael let go of Chloe and gave her a playful nudge with his shoulder “penny for your thoughts” she looked up at him “just thinking of that you’re a be a better dancer than Lucifer. He isn’t a great dancer.” He laughed and gave his cheesiest dance move “I’m alright. Ray-Ray says I have dad moves, I don’t know what that means but I'll let you be the judge of that” he held his hand out once Ella found a song and waited for her to grab hold of it. She took his hand and joined him in dancing.

For the first time in a month Chloe managed to pull herself together and enjoy her day. Michael was a good distraction, but she knew pretending that the man in front of her was Lucifer wasn’t a good idea. The sooner she nipped that in the butt the easier it would be to stop daydreaming about him. For the mean time, she stopped and just enjoyed the beat of Makeba by Jain play. She followed Ella, Dan, and Michael’s example of letting loose and dancing like no one was watching.

Chapter Text

Their night ended at about midnight which allowed Ella and Dan to sober up and order themselves a Lyft to their houses. Chloe and Michael stayed behind in the penthouse and cleaned up the mass of shot glasses decorating the room.

“That was a fun night” he addressed as placing the glasses in the sink.
“It was, thank you for the distraction and laughs” Chloe sat on the couch watching him clean up. Michael smiles in response “I don’t think Lucifer would mind if you stayed here for the meantime, I mean he’s let Amenadiel stay.”
“I’m sure he’d have a fit once he found out, but I’ll keep the offer in mind, I don’t feel like flying back home tonight” he finished washing the glasses and walked over to her.

“Do you need a ride back to your place? I’d be happy to arrange for someone to take you home, I could even see to it myself if you’d like?”
“No it’s ok really. If you don’t mind I’d like to stay here” she smoothed the wrinkles out of her pants focusing her gaze away from him.
“This is more your place than mine, I wouldn’t mind the company. I promised to discuss my idea with you. Did you want to hear?” he took a seat across from her.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Well there must always be an angel guarding the gates, yes?” she nodded recalling Lucifer’s conversation with her.
“I kept thinking that my Father never specifically stated Sam had to watch them. Any angel can guard the gates” for some reason Michael was ringing out his finger with nervousness. “I’ve been talking to my other siblings and some of us have agreed to take up the mantle and take turns watching the gates” Chloe eyes widen at Michael’s words “the thing is, it’d be a rotation. He’d have to go back every so often since he’s it’s King.”
“I’m sure he’d take it regardless. How soon do you think we can get the rotation in motion?” her mind was already going into full detective mode and smiling so hard she was starting to tear up.
“That’s the thing I don’t know because…. well my brother has trust issues. I’m sure he’d believe it was a trick. I need to make a journey down to Hell and plead my case. The thing is… I’m nervous. He hates me for turning my back on him, and I don’t hold it against him. I should of been there for him instead of helping send him to Hell” his head hung low as he let his words ring out.

Chloe reached across and grabbed Michael’s hand “hey things will work out, yeah Lucifer will definitely be upset, but you managed to get your siblings to help I’m sure he’d look into forgiving you all” she gave him a small smile.
“I can hope. Father knows I’ll need it. I just want to do right by him. I’ve seen him grow since his time on Earth, you really helped pull back the darkness that’s clouded him all these centuries” he gave her hand a squeeze and pulled it back.
“I don’t know how he was before leaving Hell, but I’m glad a change is being seen from above” she was happy, she really was. Lucifer was a good guy, he didn’t deserve to suffer in a place that made him so depressed.

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight. Your free to take his room, I think I might pop down and give my brother a visit. He never answered back to me earlier” he stood up and chloe mimicked his movement.
“Wait you’re going to visit him? Can I go with you?” she didn’t care she’d be going to Hell she just cared that she’d be seeing Lucifer again.
“I’m sorry Chloe I don’t think he’d appreciate it very much, and frankly I don’t think my visit will be welcomed. It will likely end with a fight that will challenge our great fight in the Silver City” once again a nervous tick of ringing out his finger plagued him.

“I miss him Michael. If I can’t go can you at least take a message with you” she was already walking to Lucifer’s study to retrieve paper and a pen. She quickly wrote as much as she could.

Lucifer I know how much it hurts to see Michael, but he’s really trying to help
It would of been nice to get a heads up you were a twin. That was an interesting first impression. He says he can bring you back to me. Please come back to me. I love you

Chloe x

“I’ll make sure he gets your message I promise. Get some rest Chloe. It will be some time before we see each other again. Time runs differently in Hell. If I’m not back within a day or two feel free to call upon Amenadiel. Although I doubt you’ll need to, it’s just a percausion” he took the message from Chloe and tucked it into his pants. Giving himself enough space between himself and Chloe he unfurled his wings and said his goodbyes.

Unlike his twin brother Michael’s wings were black as night. She found it odd that an angel as pure as Michael would have jet black wings, while Lucifer the supposed incarnation of evil held the whitest wings. There was probably a yin-yang reference somewhere between the brothers, but she was too distracted to care. They were breathe taking nonetheless and when Michael took off she was left awe struck.



It took Michael some time to enter the gates of Hell. Not because it was locked, but due to the moment he’d have to face his baby brother again. The message in his pants burned with heat. “Okay, breathe Mike breathe. You can do this. Remember it’s for Chloe” he pushed the gates open and walked right in. Once his form passed the gates of Hell, the hellhounds came running. Their huge paws caught be heard pounding into the ground along with their growls. Michael didn’t so much as flinch as he waves his hand and sent them flying across the hall. More came continuing to challenge his strength. They came jumping out at him trying to rip him to shreds. He had punching and kicking them off on his person. One managed to bite his wing sending a painful yell that escaped his lips.

“You little shit, let go!” no matter how much he tried to shake off the beast it refused to give up “I said let go!.” He had enough of it disobedience. He touched the cross Ella gifted him and drew out his sword. With one swift move he cut the hound in half, it was enough to warrant off the other and they went yipping back into the shadows. Michael composed himself and tuck his wings back in to heal. A chuckle could be heard from a pillar above. He looked up to be met with a wicked grin coming from Sam himself “oh did poor Mikey get bit by a little puppy?”

“Well you would know seeing as you stayed up there and watched, don’t think I didn’t noticed you watching. Did you enjoy the show? I believe I killed five of your muts” pointing to the remaining of the hounds. With a wave of Lucifer’s hand the beasts stood up and became one and walked away whimpering.
“It will heal in due time” Lucifer flew down and landed in front of his brother. It was like looking in a mirror except his mirror was poorly dressed.

“Why are you here Mike? I haven’t seen you since what was it Greece?” Lucifer was circling Michael. Micheal let him, but followed his movements “middle ages, Ami and I were on the receiving end of our last encounter.”
“Ah yes, yes! Fun times” he clapped his hands together “I’ll ask one more time Mike. WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE” the ground shook as he addressed Michael. Michael took a deep breath and pulled out a letter.
“Before I give this to you, can we talk?” Lucifer stopped circling and stopped in front of his brother.
“What’s the note say?” he reached for it, but Michael pulled it away.
“I ask to talk first remember.” Lucifer huffed and summoned his wings
“Keep up” with that Lucifer flew to his quarters, Michael followed suit.

Once Lucifer and Michael landed, Lucifer grabbed a bottle of liquor from his bar and poured two glasses them. He slid the glass over to Michael. He grabbed it and Lucifer gestured for him to sit on the chair across from the bar. Hesitantly Michael sat.
“You’re rather calm, I didn’t expect this to go down peacefully” Michael sat back in his seat and looked at his glass.
Lucifer shrugged, “I’ve been seeing a therapist, my anger is still there mind you, but I figured you came all this way when you’ve never made an effort to come before.”
He lifted his eyes to meet his brother “I came to apologize…” his fingers played with the detail of the glass “I… I’m sorry for the things I did, for how things played out. I know I have no right to ask for forgiveness… And I’m not. I just wanted you to know that I am sorry. I’ve been watching you brother. For quite some time now and I’ve seen how much you’ve changed.”

Lucifer cocked his head to the side and took in what Michael had to say. He started laughing “you really expect me to believe a word that comes out of your mouth?” his glass was beginning to crack under the pressure of his grip “it has been a VERY long time and it’s just now you decided to pay me a visit?.”

“Sam please…” he didn’t get the opportunity to finish because Lucifer threw the glass across the room to distract Michael. Like he planned Michael watched the glass smash into the wall leaving his guard down. Lucifer hurled himself across the room and attacked Michael. Blow after blow Lucifer’s knuckles colliding with bone, the noise filled the room. Lucifer was in a blinding rage as he hit Michael’s face, and Michael let him. He took hit after hit. Blood began to ooze out of his mouth and nose “fight back you coward!” he cried out “FIGHT BACK” , but Michael refused. Exhaustion seemed to hit Lucifer and he stopped punching. Michael managed to spit the excess blood that left his mouth off to the side.

“Are you finished brother?”
Lucifer stared at his brother panting trying to steady his hands. He nodded and Michael pushed him off.
“Doesn’t sit right hitting your own face huh? I felt the same when we last fought. It’s a sickening feeling. That’s what made me stop. Seems it’s what stopped you this time as well.” He sat up and rubbed his jaw and wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Why are you really here Mike?” he sat to the side of his brother rubbing his hands.
“I told you already, I came to apologize.” Lucifer wasn’t convinced.
“And somehow I still don’t believe you” Michael stopped rubbing his jaw and looked at him. “What does Dad want now? I’m back I haven’t left in over a thousand grueling year. My life on Earth has been severed.”

“Father didn’t send me. Nor does he care. I came on my own vilison” Lucifer raised an eyebrow.
“Truely? And if it wasn’t to simply apologize then why?.”
“I’ve been meeting with our siblings and we’ve come to an agreement.”
“And what would that be? Will I be expecting more of our siblings to get their asses chewed on by my hounds? Oh how I long to see that. Shall I bring the popcorn?”
“Stop it Sam. I serious here. We’ve been talking amongst ourselves and have decided to establish a system of rotation.”
“Rotation of what? Gawking at the black sheep? Come to laugh at dear Lucifer once again” although he was trying to mask his sarcasm Michael knew he meant every word.
“No Sammy… we want to get you out of here.”

He started laughing. A hearty chuckle that Lucifer couldn’t stop. Michael let him have his moment and waited for him to calm down.
“Oh that is funny. The peanut gallery wants to take my throne while I what? Go to Earth and live out my life in happiness” Lucifer messed with his cuffs and looked Michael in the eyes. “Well not in those words. You’d have to come back from him to time, hence rotation, but yes. I know how much the Detective means to you” red eye flashed as Michael as he uttered the word Detective.
“Don’t you dare mention her ever again.”
“I just did Sammy and I wouldn’t brush this off. I’m serious” Lucifer got up. He walked over to the bar to make himself another glass of whiskey. He didn’t believe Michael one bit.

“She really misses you brother. She gave me this to give to you” he pulled the note from his pocket and held it out for Lucifer.
“You really saw her” he looked at the note.
“Yes. don’t get mad, but I spent the day with her. Gave her a fright mind you, she thought I was you” another death glare of red eye flashes at him “hey I was nice I promise. I was a proper gentleman I swear” he looked at the letter one more time and grabbed it.

The note burned in his hands, with shaking hands he opened it.

Lucifer I know how much it hurts to see Michael, but he’s really trying to help
It would of been nice to get a heads up you were a twin. That was an interesting
first impression. He says he can bring you back to me. Please come back to me. I love you

Chloe x

He must have read it a million times before he looked up. She said she loved him. Just like the day he left her on the balcony all that time ago. She even left a kiss at the end after her name. He didn’t know how much time passed before he felt his brother lay a hand on his shoulder. He quickly wiped the tears that began to come out. A sniff escaped as he tried to compose himself.

“She wanted to come you know. Brave girl. I said no, don’t worry. I didn’t believe it wise” Lucifer nodded in understanding “you really love this human brother?”
“Yes. More than anything. I would gladly keep giving up my life for her” he folded the note and tucked it into his breast pocket “how is she?”
“An empty shell up until today, but I’m sure it was one of her many masks”
Lucifer chuckled “She’s a strong one that one.”
“Mmm indeed, Father did a good job” Lucifer pushed Michael off of him.
“Don’t ruin the moment by bringing him into this.”
“I apologize. I’m sorry.”
“So how soon can this rotation start?” he grabbed the glass of whiskey and shot it back.
“As soon as you give our siblings and I run through of how Hell works” Michael smiled towards Lucifer.

“That simple?” hope filled his brother’s eyes.
“Well not really, but technically yes. Although I told Chloe I’d return rather soon” he looked at his watch ''I'm creeping up on our time brother.”
“What no, please Mike, wait… just...“ Lucifer was pacing “Let me go up while you watch, I’ll only be gone for a second” the desperation was there, but Michael couldn’t give in.
“Brother I don’t know anything about Hell, I need instructions and so do the others. I promise once I return with our siblings and you give us a run through, I’ll be the first to stand watch for you” Lucifer sagged his head and nodded.
“how long will you be Mike?”

“I just need to stop by and check in with Chloe. Then I’ll head over to the Silver City and grab our sibling to go over the basics” he walked over to Lucifer and squeezed his shoulder “you’ll be with her soon brother I promise. Would you like to write her something? I’d be happy to do the same as I did for her.”

Just like Chloe, he jumped at the chance and found a pen and paper. He stared at the piece of paper for a while before writing anything. After a few seconds he walked over to Michael and handed it to him.
“Take care of it. Make sure she knows I haven’t stopped thinking about her. Tell her I’ll see her very soon.” Michael nodded and placed the note into his pocket.
“I'll be back soon, please refrain from releasing the hounds I can still feel their teeth”.
Lucifer chuckled “mmm we’ll see. Now go so you can come back.”

Michael was gone and left behind a gust of wind. Lucifer stared at the empty glass and thought about the Detective once again. He was going to be reunited with her once more. This time he’d make sure he’d cherish every moment he had with her. He wouldn’t take it for granted. He just hoped his brother wouldn’t take too long. He shook his head and straightened out his suit. He had things to prepare, after all running Hell wasn’t going to be easy for his siblings.

Chapter Text


As soon as Michael made his way back to Earth he tried to get ahold of Chloe. He made is way over to the precinct, but found an empty desk. He decided to leave a message on her desk asking her to meet him at Lux. Lux had clean clothes and that’s what he needed at the moment. He smelled of Hell and it’s dirty muts.

He stripped himself of his clothes as he made his way over to the closest to pick out a new outfit for him to wear. He decided he could try out one of his brother’s custom designer outfits. Once he found a color choice that fit him, white shirt with blue slacks, he made his way into the bathroom. He caught his reflection in the mirror and saw that his brother left one hell of a shiner on his face. A proud smile slowly grew as he took it in. He turned the shower on and looked around for a towel. Once he managed to find one he noticed a device. He curiously tapped at it until it turned on and started playing music that filled the room. He jumped into the shower and started messing around with the products available for him to use.

He was in love with Lucifer’s expensive lifestyle. The man paid top price for the finer things in life, and it paid off. He took the time to really clean the sulfur smell off his body.

The bathroom was blaring with music when Chloe stepped out of the elevator. Following the noise she made her way into the penthouse. Steam could be seen leaking from the door. Michael must of got into some trouble if he was in need of Lucifer's hot settings. She had been enjoying the tunes when the door opened to reveal a dressed Michael singing ‘My Humps’ by The Black Eyed Peas.

He must have not seen her cause he came out mimicking a trumpet and dancing his way around the room, “what you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunks” Chloe was on the brink of laughter, but stayed in her corner folding her hands over her mouth “I’ma get get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my hump” he proceeded to continue “my hump, my hump, my hump, MY HUM…” he turned around to find Chloe barely holding in her laughter. He gave a yelp and jumped to the ground with freight.

“Oh my God that was… wow” she was laughing so much she brought tears forth.
“Holy ghost! You scared the shit out of me” he found her laughter contagious and laughed himself.
“I’m so sorry, I should of said something when you walked out.”
“Did you enjoy the show at least?” pushing himself on his back he stayed there looking up at the ceiling trying to steady his heart.
“Oh yes,” she took a moment to collect herself “ How did it go? Is Lucifer doing okay?” she came to sit on the bed and look at Michael. He finally managed to sit up.
“He’s good. Seems to have things under control from what I gathered. Got attacked at the gates by his muts, I’m pretty sure it’ll take me awhile to grow those feathers back. Oh! And got a shiner, see” he turned his head to show off his purple eye and cheek. He was so proud of it.
“Oh my God, did Lucifer do that?” she reached forward to touch his cheek.
“Mhm, but I let him. Went at me until I clicked that he was pretty much hitting himself.”

She dropped her hands as he stood up. He dusted off his pants and walked over to the discarded clothes on the floor. He pulled out a note “Lucifer gave me one to give to you” she jumped up and grabbed it. Anything that came out of Michael was muted out after the note touched her hands.


Hello Detective,

See you met my other half. Hope he’s behaved himself.
If what my brother plans works out I long to be by your side very soon.
There is the matter of showing my siblings around Hell.
Once I have, I’ll fly right to you. I love you Chloe
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that night and all the nights before.

Until we see each other again

Yours, Lucifer x



She read the beautiful writing that was Lucifers. Tears streamed from her eyes as she took in every word. “I can assure you he does love you. He flashed me with those eyes of his when I mentioned your name” he made a point by showing the same stare his brother gives when he’s made. “I don’t have the red, but you get the just.” She did, she’d seen Lucifer give people those eyes multiple times without the redness in them.

“I just came by to freshen up. I wouldn’t want Zek making fun of me once I stepped through the gates. He can be a real pain sometimes. I’m sorry to leave you so soon, but it will take awhile to get my siblings together. I have to stop by and grab Amenadie andl” the name caught her attention, and cut him off once she heard Amenadiel’s name.
“Why do you have to grab him? Is he in trouble?”
“No, just figured he could help. I need all hands on deck. Ami has guarded the gates before. He already knows the drill. Plus! I want to meet Charlie.”

He made his way to the bathroom and started combing his hair and gathering the clothes and placing them in the hamper. “I’m off, this may be the last you see of me until Lucifer comes to get me” he summoned his wings and before he could take off Chloe caught his arm.
“Let me go with you, I haven’t seen Linda since everything went down. Plus you really haven’t told me your plan.” He called his wings back.

“Understandable. I’ll explain it when we go over to see my brother,” he ushered her to follow him out. The two of them entered the elevator and drove to Linda’s house.




Lucifer paced the room of his study as he tried to collect his thoughts on Michael’s mission quest. If he was actually telling the truth it meant he’d be seeing his dear Detective really soon. He needed another session with Brian. He exited the room and made his way over to Brian’s work quarters.

The little demon was currently torturing a damn soul. He paid no attention to Lucifer as he made his way around the room. Lucifer kept quiet and watched as Brian had a man strapped to a dentist chair. The poor soul was getting a root canal. Brian didn’t bother in wearing protection when sitting with the man. His dirty hands could be seen digging around the man’s mouth. He was currently on a chair hovering over his torturie asking him “and how does that make you feel?.”

Lucifer chuckled to himself watching his tiny makeshift therapist ask questions regarding the man's comfort.
“You’re much too nice to him Brian” it sent Brian jumping from his seat practically drilling the man teeth to the bone. He placed the drill down trying to collect himself.
“Apologies my Lord, I didn’t see you come in.”
“No need to apologize. Continue. Ignore me I’m just watching.”

It definitely added pressure to Brian. He started second guessing himself. He picked the tool back up and tried to force the mans mouth wide open. He wasn’t having it and shook his head from side to side.

“Now now, don’t make me look bad in front of the Boss,” he pried his mouth open and shoved a wedge inside to prop it open. The man was crying as he saw Lucifer come into view.

“What did he do to deserve this torture?”
“He spent years ruining dental jobs making it hard for low income families to afford dental care. He would mess up root canals on purpose to inflict pain onto his clients.” The man thrashed trying to state his claim.

Lucifer picked up the novocain syringes and threw them on the floor and stomping on them. The sound of the syringe breaking filled the torture room.
“Oops, looks like you’ll be filling all the pain you cause you’re clients.” The man cried. Brian jumped up on the mans chest and started drilling into teeth. The sound of teeth grinding down filled the room. The stench of rot filled Lucifer’s nose. Brian grabbed his picks and started digging through the cavity until he hit the nerve. The man was jumping from the pain, but Lucifer held him down. After minutes of Brian delivering the root canal the man passed from sheer pain.

Brian frowned and sat up. The fun was over. Lucifer let go of the man and sat down.
“Why exactly are you working on a root canal?” Lucifer asked.
“Gary had an emergency and asked for me to take over. What can I do for you my Lord?” He climbed off the man’s chest and started putting the tools away.

“I just had a run in with my brother, Michael. Seems he wants to work out a rotation that gets me out of here.” Brian’s eyes bugged out and started show fear.
“But my Lord you can’t leave. Hell needs you.” He was grabbing his slacks.
“Get off Brian. I will come back, just not so often. There will be someone here at all times, there’s no need to panic” he kicked Brian off roughly.

The tiny demon skidded across the room and hit the wall. He got up and cradled his head from its hard impact.

“When do you leave my lord?”
“I’m not sure, but I need to get ready. You are to be my brother’s assistant throughout his time here. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have faith that you’ll show my brother how Hell is ran.” He tucked his hands into his slack pockets and looked at Brian. The demon nodded his head and bowed.
“It is an honor my Lord, I will pay close attention and serve him well.”
“Good. Now I want to go over one more session with you. Wrap up what you were doing here and meet me in my office.”
“Of course my Lord.” Lucifer walked out. Brian jumped back up onto the dental chair and climbed onto the human. He smacked the man to wake him up and gave him a wicked sharp smile. Back to work he went.

It felt like forever until Brian showed up. He was covered in blood. Lucifer was waiting in his fancy chair and motioned for Brian to take a seat. The demon climbed up onto the chair and tried not ruin the chair. It didn’t work, making Lucifer sigh and shake his head.

“What is troubling you my Lord?” Brian said crossing his legs one over the other. He was really getting into character to make Lucifer feel better.
“Nothing really,” he said plainly. Brian lifted his eye trying to demonstrate he wasn’t convinced. “Well maybe the fact Michael popped out of nowhere and seems to want to make amends for his part in my Fall,” he laid back and looked off to the side.
“Well isn’t that a good thing?”
“Perhaps, but it feels weird. No one has ever offered to come down here. Why would anyone dare set foot in this place?”
“I was born here. I know no other place,” Brian stated. Lucifer sighed.
“What is troubling you my Lord?” Brian repeated more sincerely.

Lucifer was still looking off to the side. He took a moment to answer when he did he looked to Brian and gave him a sad melancholy look.
“What if it’s a lie? What if Michael is simply playing with my emotions. He’s never been one to try and help me, since my fall all he’s done is try and bring me back here,” scenario after scenario went through his head and still he wasn't understanding why Michael would help him.

It frustrated him so much that he didn’t know his own brother’s motives. Michael was always easy to read. He was unpredictable now. It scared him to think that an angel like his brother was willing to break the rules and help him out. What would Dad do to bring his mightiest warrior back? He shook his head away from the thoughts. Dad would of caught on and sent someone if he knew what Michael was up to. If Dad was letting Michael act on his own accords it must be safe. Right? Why would Dad make Chloe for him just so he could live out her days alone without him?

Brian let Lucifer take the time to let his mind wonder, he knew his master was deep in thought. Anything he would of said would of gone right over his head and he would of been ignored. Brian knew the drill.

“Perhaps you’ll have to wait and see my Lord. You are already here, he can’t send you back if you’ve never left.” What Brian said was true, but didn’t help him at all.
“We’ll see,” Lucifer looked down at his hands “Brian I need an honest answer,” he said.
“What is it my Lord?” Brian uncrossed his legs and sat up straight.
“Do..” he sighed again. “Do you think I can ever be worthy of someone as pure as the Detective?” he didn’t bother looking up from his hands.

Brian looked at his master, he’d never seen him this vulnerable before. He was born thousands of years after his master’s fall, but he heard rumors that Lucifer was once so pure he was mocked for being weak. He didn’t know the right answer to share with Lucifer. He sat there and stared at him.

“We are all made a certain way my Lord” he rang out his hands. “I was made to torture souls. I don’t always enjoy it, but I do what is asked. Perhaps you’ve been here too long to remember the man you were before you were sent here. You have a kind heart my Lord. If you want to be worthy work towards it.” He climbed down and walked over to Lucifer.

He hesitantly placed a hand on his leg. A nervous smile shined up at Lucifer. He lifted his head and locked eyes with the demon. They had a silent conversation that showed he understood. A slight nod fell from one another and Brian stepped away.
“Thank you Brian, you are dismissed,” Brian bowed and left the office.

Lucifer waited until Brian left the room to stand up. He walked his way over to his bar and made himself two finger of whiskey. The session didn’t help his worried mind, but some light was shone onto the subjects. He needed to wait and see how it played out. One thing for sure, he was going to prove to the Detective that he was fully committed and ready to be with her one hundred percent.



Amenadiel was already outside waiting for their arrival when they pulled up to the house. Chloe looked towards Michael “I gave him a heads up, don’t worry” she nodded in response.
As they parked Michael jumped out and walked towards his brother.
“Ami! Oh how I missed your sorry mug” he crashed into him with open arms. Amenadiel did the same “It’s been awhile hasn’t it, I’m sorry I snuck past you on my last visit. I had someone with me.”

Michael shook his head “I let you pass don’t worry, I saw the whole thing. I’m glad you brought her yourself, she’s happy their. Bossing Raguel around saying “his justice is lacking in areas.” I like her. It’s about time someone yelled at that olf,” laughter called out and Chloe watched with fascination. She assumed they were talking about Charlotte.

“Come in, come in. It’s nice to see you Chloe. I’m hoping Michael has been well” Amenadiel gave a quick hug to Chloe and ushered them in and into the living room.
“He has, He even brought a note back for me from Lucifer,” shocked he turned to Michael.

“Yes! Got myself this in the process” again the proud smile shined “ever been able to get one before” the purple eye was slowly turning green.
Chloe and Amenadiel sat down while Michael looked around and took in the room. “Nothing is going to come popping out brother I can assure you” Amenadiel addressed to Michael.
“You know me, I’ll still scout. Now where’s my niece!” he was pushing books and objects around as if Charlie were the size of an ant.
“Nephew brother. Not neice,” Michael turned his head.
“It’s 2019 brother, you can’t put labels on the baby. You never know, Charlie might want to be my niece one day.” Chloe nodded her head in agreement. Amenadiel just sat there.

“You know Daniel changed his sex, he’s now a she. You should of heard the response that came out of Raguel, seems he never knew poor Dani was in the closet.” Amenadiel eyes bugged out from the news “we all knew though, bless Dani, she’s giddy now with breasts” the conversation was completely lost to Chloe.
“Wait you have a transgender sibling?”
“Yes! She’s made it her mission to gather all the souls back in the Silver City and make them feel welcomed” he proudly stated “She’ll be joining us, by the way.”
“Will she?” curiosity was in his voice.
“Oh yes, you’d be shocked who’s in our mary band. There are five of us in total now. I’ve volunteered your servicing brother.”
Amenadiel bowed his head in understanding, “I understand, if it’s what father wants.”
Michael cut him off, “Father had no hand in this, you know as well as everyone else he only talks to Gabriel. I’ve signed you up because we both have tried sending Sam back, but I stopped after he settled in L.A. You brother continued and almost succeeded, I would never of stooped that low.” There was venom in his words.

Amenadiel kept his head down. Michael knew it hurt to hear the truth, but he had to hear it. As much as Michael hated Lucifer for causing the rebellion he never wished for him to be cast out. It was the reason he never had the strength to finish him off. Things can change after a few millennia and he was going to make it his mission to help Lucifer out.

“You tried sending Lucifer back to Hell before” Chloe spoke up with hurt in her voice.
“In the beginning… it’s .... I regret my actions Chloe I do. Not only because it caused the start of my downfall, but because it got Trixie kidnapped and Luci killed” he couldn’t lift his head shame fell over him.

Michael walked over to him “you don’t get to feel guilty. What’s done is done and you’ve learned your lesson. You get to serve your penense by watching over the gate as a collective with me” he placed his hand on Amenadiel’s shoulder. Amenadiel looked up and nodded. Chloe just watched as she tried to process the new knowledge. Like Michael said, it was in the past. Yes it hurt to hear Amenadiel was the reason Trixie was kidnapped, but it was three years ago and he did feel guilty over it. With all of them lost in thought they didn’t realize Linda walking in with baby Charlie.

“There’s my little angel give him here, Uncle Mike wishes to bless the child” holding his arms out he walked to Linda. Linda wasn’t having it and pulled Charlie close to her.
“Uh no. Don’t think I’m stupid enough to hand my baby over to Heaven’s gatekeeper. You might just take him with you.” Michael was appalled.
“I would never. Charlie is safe, I just want to see the lad. I haven’t held a baby since Azarel came into being,” he came around to look over Linda’s shoulder “aww look at him Ami, I always wondered what you looked like as a baby.”

Chloe came around to look at Charlie as well “how has he been? I’m sorry I haven’t been around much,” Linda moved to hand Michael the baby.
“He’s good, well as much as a baby can be. It’s so nice to see other adults. No offense Amenadiel, but I could really use the company” she smiled as she watched Michael hold her son. Michael was whispering something to Charlie that Linda couldn’t understand, so she turned to Chloe and Amenadiel.

From across the couch Michael was whispering.

Why hello little nephew. I’m your uncle Mike, not uncle Luci as you know him.
Terribly confusing I know, you’ll catch on soon my boy.

Michael ran a thumb along Charlie’s forehead.

In the power of myself, I charge that whoever shall hurt this child shall face the wrath of my blade. May Father grant me the strength to protect you when you need it. Let it be known that should you ever require my services all you need to do is say my name. In the power of Father and Heaven watch over this child. Amen.

“So what’s this about Michael taking you?” Linda said.
“It seems Michael has made amends with Lucifer and wishes to divide Hell responsibilities amongst two of my other siblings and I,” Amenadiel clarified.

“So wait, Lucifer is coming back? That’s great! I’m sure your excited Chloe.”
“I am. I didn’t think I’d ever see him again,” from the other coach Michael spoke.
“Oh I’m sure Sammy would have broken out or sent a messenger sooner or later, isn’t that right Charlie? Uncle Sammy is a good devil who likes his looples,” he said while bouncing Charlie in his arm. The boy gurgled in response.

“That’s right huh,” everyone raised an eyebrow to Michael “he said in his words ‘uncle Luci good devil’ such a copycat this one” Michael continued to bounce him.
“Can we take a moment to address that Michael, the ‘Michael’ is in my house looking like the Devil himself,” Linda should of known better that life wasn’t going to be the same after becoming therapist to the Devil.

“Sorry where are my manners. Call me Mike, we are a family now. Same goes for you Chloe. I have in-laws now. How exciting” he stated kissing baby Charlie’s forehead.
In unison both Chloe and Linda said “we’re not married.”


“Not yet, but how can you go back now. You have a baby” point to linda gesturing to Charlie “and you Chloe were made for my brother. I'm sorry to point it out, but the two of you are family now. No way you’re getting out of this crazy family.” Everything Michael said was true, neither Chloe or Linda could go back to a normal life. On the other hand, they wouldn’t dream of going back to it, good things came out of their entangled lives with the Devil.

“I’ll be happy to go with you Michael, but someone needs to watch over my son. I can’t leave him unprotected,” Amenadiel opened his arms to take Charlie. Michael handed him over. Like a sixth sense Michael addressed the demon in the room.

“Don’t think I don’t feel you lurking around Mazikeen. I’m surprised you haven’t attacked yet,” he huffed and turned around to see Maze sitting at the table watching him like a predator. She got up and walked over cautiously.

“I thought you were Lucifer, but picked up the scent of douchebag and came to the conclusion it was you” she said with a sneer. “Plus you were holding the baby, but you aren’t now so up for a rematch” her knives were out asking for a challenge. Michael stood up ready for a fight.

“Maze put those away he hasn’t done anything!” Chloe shot up and got between the two who were giving each other death glare.

“How’s the wing? I managed to make a dreamcatcher with the ones I ripped off” Maze gave an evil smile.

“Healed. How’s the back? My blade craves another taste of demon’s blood” Michael pushed forward making Chloe’s arms shake. The force these two were giving wasn’t enough to hold these two back.
“Enough the both of you” She final said pushing them back.

Maze tucked the knives away and shoved Michael. Michael tripped her as she walked by. Maze wasn’t having it and turned around ready to strike, but Amenadiel grabbed her arm.

“Enough,” his word was law that ecoched with authority.
“Fine,” she said yanking her arm away. Michael smiled while sitting down. Chloe took a set next to him.

“Michael has a plan…”
“Does he know? I wasn’t sure if he had a brain” Maze scuffed.
“I have a brain, unlike you Mazikeen. All kill, kill, kill”
“Oh that’s rich coming from you. All Punch, punch, punch,” Maze rebuddled.

“I said stop! You two are like children” Amenadiel yelled. His voiced caused Charlie to stir.
“She started it” Michael said at the same time as Maze “he started it.”

Amenadiel shook his head and gave Charlie to Linda. Charlie was getting upset so she bounced him to calm him down.
“See look what you did, Stupid angel”
“Me! You did it too” Michael whined. Amenadiel gave them a look that got both of them to be quiet.

Chloe decided decided to step in and talk “as I was saying, Michael has come up with a plan to have his siblings take turns watching over Hell. That’s what I gathered, I’m assuming it’d be like a weekend thing” she said looking at Michael.
“Yes. He's essentially be gone two days, but for him it would be equivalent to a few decades. Or maybe longer I’m not sure. He said he was down there for roughly a thousand years already” Chloe gasped when she heard.
“It’s been that long… “
“Yes… time runs faster in Hell. It’s but a blink for us Chloe,” Michael tried to assure her. Maze nodded when she looked at her.

“How often will he need to go back?” Chloe asked.
“I’d say three times a month, some month four. I told my brother I’d take up first watch. After me would be Raguel, then Lucifer followed by Dani, ending the cycle with Amenadiel” he explained counting on his fingers. Amenadiel nodded reaching out to hold Charlie’s hand.

“You have a son that’s why I put you last brother. I’m trying to recruit more of our siblings but they still see Sam as the rebellious angel who questioned Father. I’m hoping to get Gab on our side, he’s the only one who sees Father now,” Michael lowered his head.

“I didn’t get a chance to ask about Father. Is he still in his office?”
“From what I remember yes, but he hasn’t come out since Mother left,” Michael said.
“Gab still guards Father’s wing?”
“Yes hasn’t left his post.”

Amenadiel shook his head, “he’s planning something, I know it.”
“I don’t think so brother. He’s been quiet for so long” Michael said with annoyance.
“He’ll come around when the time is right,” Amenadiel was always the optimist.
“We’ll see. Shall we head out?” Michael shot up making the couch.

“Wait who’s going to stand watch for Charlie?” Chloe asked.
“Why Mazikeen of course” Michael gave an over the top bow to Maze.

“That’s right. No one’s going to get to him without going through me” she said standing by Linda.
“Glad we can agree on something,” Michael said, “I’m afraid this is where I leave you Chloe.”
“It was nice meeting you Michael. I don’t know how to thank you enough” she gave him a hug. He gladly wrapped his arms around her, “you’re very welcome Chloe, we will see each other again I believe Ella will be needing her necklace back” he touched it checking if it was there.
“I’m sure she misses it” she let go of Michael.
Amenadiel came around and hugged Linda and Charlie “I’ll be back in a few hours, I just need to help Luci teach them and go over some things. I’ll be back soon for dinner.”
“You better, Charlie and I won’t forgive you if you don’t” Linda said.
“Neither will I” Maze came up to Amenadiel and slapped his back.

“Let’s go brother. We have to stop off in the Silver City and grab our siblings. This will be a joyous reunion!” Michael said with sarcasm and jumped up and down.
“Until next time ladies, Charlie… Mazikeen” Michael stated giving her a look toward the end.

If you blinked you would never of seen them leave. All that they felt was a hust of wing fall over the room. The two brothers made it to the Silver City.

Chapter Text


Both Amenadiel and Michael landed at the gates. Once Michael walked up he waved his hands for them to part. The gates were being guarded by their little brother Ezekiel, he greeted them at the gates “Welcome back! I’ve taken great care keeping watch Michael,” he stated longing for praise. Ezekiel was Michael’s shadow after Samael left, he was always eager to please him.
“That’s great Zek, I need you to continue keeping watch for me. I plan on watching another gate for the mean time” he said addressing him to follow. Michael didn’t give him a second notice as he walked with Amenadiel.

Ezekiel tailed his brothers like a lost puppy. Ezekiel was a small man of five feet three. His pace against his older brother was a mission of its own. “Brother please slow down. I… I have small legs.”
Michael did no such thing and instead shouted “Blame Father for giving you tiny legs not me.”

Ezekiel huffed and decided to fly to catch up “how long do you intend on me guarding the gates for you?” he managed to grab Michaels shoulder to stop him. Michael glared at him before responding “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to grab you” he said terrified. Michael brushed him off and pulled him to follow.
“I need you to watch it until I return. I don’t know exactly how often I will be coming back,” Amenadiel looked at Michael shocked.

“What do you mean? Surely you won’t abandon your post. You’ve always guarded the gates Michael,” he said stopping forcing Michael to do the same. Ezekiel watched the exchange between the two.

“If Sam gets to leave whenever he wants, why can’t I? Has anyone every thought that I too wish the same of my brother?” it was finally out. The cat was out of the bag “I don’t want to be here doing the same thing over and over, I want to do new things. It’s not fair you weren’t given a post.” Michael knew Amenadiel longed for a purpose, saying that was like a slap to the face.

Amenadiel pulled Michael into a hallway away from prying eyes to prevent a scene being made. Ezekiel continued to stay by there side listening keeping guard. “Father…” he started to say, but Michael cut him off.
“Don’t say he has a plan. He doesn’t talk to us anymore. The last order I was given was to watch the gates so that I wouldn’t let Sam back in. He’s never even tried and he never will. My job is pointless and a waste of time.”
Their little brother finally spoke up “It’s not a waste of time. It is a great honor to stand guard and watch the Heavens.” Michael turned to his brother as if he’d forgotten he was there. Amenaidel nodded his head in agreement.

Michael didn’t appreciate the double team from his brothers. He walked up to Ezekiel and pushed himself into the little man’s face. He was shaking under Michael’s stare.
“Stop it Michael you’re scaring him. He doesn’t know any better,” Amendiel stated.

It was true Ezekiel would often speak his mind without thinking ahead. Michael was the only one who never tolerated his bluntness. Michael refused to let-up on his little brother and continued to stare him down. Poor Ezekiel life flashed before his eyes. There were always rumors Michael and Samael shared the same temper, and his Samael side could be seen when he was angry. Ezekiel didn’t wish to see Michael’s devil side.

Michael must of read his mind because he took a breather and softened his features “I’m sorry Zek. I’m just…” he sighed “I need time to think and this has all been happening so fast,” he said apologizing. Ezekiel shook his head and brushed it off, but really he was relieved Michael’s attitude wasn’t because of him.

“Zek guard the gates, I trust you little brother. You have my blessing to be my second in command. Guards the gates well, it’s a big job, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with it. You’ve proven yourself to me. Now go, we wouldn’t want anyone sneaking in. I’m sorry for my attitude, truly” he gave Ezekiel’s shoulder a squeeze. With that he bowed his head and flew off to the gates never to been seen again.

“You’re much too hard on him sometimes, you know that” Amenadiel said.
“He’s always at my heels eager to please. I’m not Father I don’t need the praise” Michael said irritated.

“Still you should be nicer to him. He only stands up to you out of respect. He looks up to you. Much like you did to me when you were little.”
“He looks up to me because of the rebellion, like all our younger siblings do. He looks up to a story,” he waved a hand over his body. “He was born after Sam left. He grew up with the tale of how I stuck the almighty Lucifer down. In truth, I did but not because it was my duty. It did it to spare him the pain of having Father do much worse. I hate that our siblings forget that Sam did so much good. This place isn’t the same without him,” Michael sank down to the floor with his back against the pillar.

“I know it was hard on you Michael. We all saw it when he fell. That’s why I’m here. Lucifer doesn’t need to handle Hell by himself anymore. I’m here to help and play my part. We are going to help our brother. Let’s go find Raguel and Dani, shall we,” Amenadiel held his hand out for him to grab. Michael took it and had his brother lift him up. He gave Amenadiel a hug which he reciprocated. The subject was dropped with no further discussion.

“They should be in the library. Raguel hasn’t had a trial since Sam, but I know Charlotte has been keeping him busy, we should find them there,” Michael said. He guided Amenadiel out of the hallway and down the corridors that let into the library. They found their siblings with their heads in books fast asleep.

Amenadiel cleared his throat to wake them up, but they didn’t stir. Michael threw a book at each of them. The books pounced off of their bodies and landed with a thud. Both woke up wincing from the pain.
“What was that for?,” Raguel exclaimed.
Michael shrugged “woke you up didn’t it.”
“Aye it did” he said rubbing his head “but why my head?”
“Was a bigger target” Amenadiel and Michael said at the same time followed by a laugh.
“Why did you hit me then?” Dani asked nursing her ear.
“I don’t know actually, equal rights?” Michael shrugged. Dani just scowled.

Amenadiel and Michael moved around to join their siblings at the table. After a few hours of catching up and going over the plan, Michael mentioned that they would need to meet up in Hell for Lucifer to show them the ropes. All of them agreed they were okay with the rotation and the time being spent in Hell.

Dani was the one to speak up after the plan was discussed, “do you think Father will have a problem with us taking matters into our own hands?”

Michael was the one to respond, “Does it matter if he cares? Father hasn’t been around in eons. When was the last time he even showed himself?”

“Michael you shouldn’t talk like that here, Father could be listening. You know if he calls for a trial I can’t stand aside. Remember this is how Lucifer’s fall started,” Raguel pleaded “he too questioned Father and look where it got him.”

“I’m already heading to Hell, am I not?” he whispered. “He can listen for all I care, I’m done standing by and trying to guess what he wants. He didn’t even bat an eye for Uriel. He let my little brothers go at each other until one came out. What kind of Father keeps quiet at the death of a son” Michael spat out. “I should of followed Sam all those years ago,” the last sentence was nothing, but a whisper.

All three of his siblings gasped. Amenadiel turned to him and had him looked at him “stop this now Michael. You are talking crazy. Don’t do this, not now. If you fall… their will be riots in the streets. Heaven needs you to hold it together.”
Michael waved his hand at Amenadiel “so let it be, I want Father to see what his silence does to us. We can’t keep going off hutches. I want answers. If… if I have to fall in order to make him listen, then I’ll fall. I’d like to see Heaven manage without me.” The truth hit Michael like a runaway train, he’d do anything now. Daddy’s boy was finally cutting the cord and plunging himself into the unknown, for a cause he wasn’t even sure he could survive. The pain in his heart was crushing his faith.

Dani grabbed Michael’s hand and made him look at her “brother please, I can feel your distress” Michael looked at her hands in his “easy. I understand. Breathe,” and Michael did.

No one wanted to respond back to Michael because they were scared themselves. This was exactly how Lucifer’s downfall started, they knew Michael wasn’t trying to start a rebellion, but the deja vu was there.

“That’s it,” she rubbed his hands in a calming motion. “We need to go to Luce. Once we finish, I’ll see if I can recruit new members to join, but remember this is your campaign brother. No more of this. We need you to lead us, we can’t do this if you are fighting with Father. They will only listen if you show us the way,’’ she shook his hand to get his attention. Michael looked up when she continued to speak. “They need a leader to guide them through change. They don’t need a reminder of an angel questioning Father. Remember this is about Lucifer not Father.” Dani’s squeezed Michael’s hands when he didn’t answer.

Michael nodded and kept his mouth shut about the topic. He’d have to sit down with his brother and pick his mind. He missed his brother very much, their meeting in Hell was cut too short. He banished his rebel thoughts from his head to the back of his head.

He stood up and composed himself. Slowly one by one they all stood up. The discussion was discarded and forgotten right there at the table. Amenadiel didn’t like that Michael was keeping all of this bottled up, but he didn’t want to address the issue head on. He just managed to get his wings back, and with a son he couldn’t risk angering Father. His hands were tied. Perhaps Lucifer could shine some light on the topic for Michael. Father help them all if Michael fell from grace.

“Let’s go, I promised Sam we wouldn’t be long. I’m sure he’s waiting for our arrival with pitchforks and hell hounds at the ready” both Raguel and Dani’s eyes bugged out with fear. “I’m kidding! Well not about the hellhounds. They bite by the way so watch your backs.” Michael said while leaving the library. They all followed him with worried looks.

Ezekiel bowed and looked upon his siblings, but didn’t open the gates. Before Michael could yell at him Dani walked up to the younger brother.
“Zek would you mind opening the gates for us,” she asked politely.
“I’m afraid I can’t let so many of Father’s angel’s out at once. You all have jobs to attend to,” he said proudly standing his ground. Amenadiel tried to grab ahold of Michael, but he managed to slip right by him. He walked right up to his little brother.
“Did you just refuse to open the gates for me? Who is the eldest here?” each word hit Ezekiel with poison, but he still stood his ground. Michael laughed. Raguel, Dani, and Amenadiel looked at Ezekiel was remorse.

“Don’t do this Zek, don’t start something you cannot finish. I would hate to show you a lesson,” Michael started to roll up the sleeves of his shirt. Ezekiel gulped as he watched his brother prep himself to fight him. He lowered his head and slowly opened the gates.
“That wasn’t so hard was it?” he patted his shoulder “Don’t you ever stand up to me like that again,” he pushed past the little man signaling his siblings to follow.

All three gave Ezekiel an apologetic look as they passed him. Once he allowed them to pass he immediately closed the gates and tried not to pass out from fright.


(right after Brian left)

It seemed Michael was taking longer than expected to collect their siblings. He finished his glass and made his way out to do a perimeter check. He walked up and down the holding cells. He found a few notches in torture wheels that needed to be corrected. He wasn't too happy to see that they weren’t fixed yet. He was about done when he came across a door that was opened. He poked his head in to see the most interesting scene.

A man was strapped into bed with his legs apart with nothing but a gag ball covering his mouth. There were three demons surrounding the man. It wasn’t the scene he would have expected. In fact, he was sure something was wrong. The man was mouning with pleasure as the demons ‘tortured’ him with sex toys. He called forth the intel on this man’s punishment, only to find that the demons were doing the exact opposite.

He was furious, these imbeciles were feeding into his man’s kink instead of torturing him. He entered the room and all the demons dropped to their knees. The man paid no attention as he had electric nipple clamps releasing orgasmic shocks into his body. The moaning filled the room.

“Would someone get this man to shut the Hell up,” Lucifer roared. One of the demons stood up and took off the clamps off the man and gagged his mouth.

“Have any of you bothered to notice that this man is receiving the wrong punishment!” no one answered. A pile of dilbos could be seen decorating the room all of different shapes and sizes. One brave demon looked up and addressed his master, “wrong punishment my Lord?”

“I just pulled up this man’s history and what do I see. I see that he’s receiving the best time of his life instead of the opposite.” The demons looked at each other in horror. One pulled up the information to double check, and nearly dropped dead from the mistake.

“Fix it now before I have you all removed.” They stood up fast and started packing up the toys. Once the toys were collected Lucifer grabbed the bag and exited the room. A headache was presenting itself, so Lucifer made his way back to his office with a literal bag of dicks. Oh how he hated his life right now.

He discarded the bag on the floor and walked over to the bar to make himself another glass. He started to question whether or not his brother would ever come and relieve him of this place, when small footsteps entered the room.

Brian was rumaging through the bag pulling out the sex toys. He was fascinated and started playing with them. Lucifer had to hold back his laughs watching the small demon try and figure out the objects. The one toy that caught his attention the most were the nipple clamps.

The small demon placed them on his fingers and yelped when a shock was delivered. Lucifer continued to watch. He hid his smile behind his glass. Brian soon grew bored of them and started placing them around the room. Lucifer was confused but let Brian have his fun.

“Why are you here Brian?” he asked from the bar. Brian finished his decorating and turned to his master.
“I just got word from Keggle that he wishes for an audience my Lord. He made it seem very urgent, he mentioned possession.” Lucifer stood up and flew out without Brian mentioning anything else.

Lucifer’s shadow creeped over the ash covered pillars. A small group of demons were currently around the steps of his throne. He landed and lock in on Keggle, the demon was so happy to see him. Sadly, the feeling wasn’t neutral. Lucifer stalked right over to the demon and grabbed him by the throat. Lucifer transformed his face into its burnt haunting exterior to strike fear into the demon. The sudden attack caused a swarm of demons to gather around.



They all slipped out with ease and flew down to Hell. What a sight it was to see. Four angels knocking on the gates of Hell begging to be let in. Talk about a bad Guns N’ Roses take on ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.’

Something was off about the atmosphere when they walked in. The hellhounds growled but kept their distance. They hid in the shadows and watched the angels enter. Their red beastly eyes and yellow stained teeth were the only things you could see. Their guards were up, from both parties. Amenadiel was the first to address the issue “something wrong, I’ve never seen them let anyone in without attacking.” They pushed their way past the hounds to not press their luck.

Screams could be heard all around the realm. Ash covered their shoulders as they made their way through the tunnels. The air was thick with the smell of brimstone. Dani was having problems keeping eyes from wandering around, “I’ve never seen a place so grim, Luce has been down here this whole time?” a frown graced her features.
“Yes, and all by himself with no one holding his hand,” Amenadiel stated.
“It’s a terrible place. Imagine the foul creatures lurking. I can feel eyes on us Michael” Raguel said looking around.
“I know. I can feel them. They think I’m Sam, so they are keeping their distance. Stay close I can feel him near this area” they continued to follow Michael.

They stopped when they heard screams calling out from a few miles ahead of them. There was a crowd forming. Demons were shouting and cowering away from someone.
“Is that Lucifer! He’s monstrous! What happened to his angelic form?” Dani said panicking.
“It’s the face he received when he burned through the atmosphere. Someone forgot to uncuff him before he was physically pushed out of Heaven” he looked towards Raguel. “He’s still our brother” Michael addressed watching the scene unfold in front of them. They all watched.

“You dare come to me asking to possess a body after I killed your brethren for doing it without my permission!” Lucifer roared slamming the demon again the wall. When it failed to answer he did it again with more force. The demon was squirming under Lucifer’s grasp.

“I told you lot repeatedly. NO.MORE.POSSESSION. Have I not made myself clear before” he tightened his hold on the demon until its neck snapped. He threw the body across the room for others to see. When he turned around he saw his siblings standing, watching the scene in front of them. Lucifer graced the pack of angels with a Devilish smile.

“You think you lot are scared of me now” the demons were all bowing to Lucifer “may I introduce you to the ‘Wrath of God’ himself, my brother Michael.”

The horde of demons lifted their heads and looked at Michael. They went back to bowing their heads cowering. “He’s to be your new King once I’ve popped off for a while, and he won’t be so forgiving” he waved for all to leave and they did. The horde ran as fast as they could away before anyone else could be killed.

Lucifer changed back into his human form and walked towards them. “Apologise for that, they only answer to violence,” blood was coating his hands. He tried to rub it on his pants, but failed to make it go away. Raguel and Dani both took in Lucifer appearance with shock.

“I see this will be harder for them,” he told Michael and Amenadiel. “If you two can’t take the sight, I suggest you leave now. This is just a Monday morning for me.”

Dani walked right up to him and gave him the biggest hug. Lucifer was shocked and didn’t respond back.

“I’m not scared. I’m saddened. Look at you brother. Father has made you change to adjust to this horrid place” she grabbed his face to look at his beautiful features. Lucifer looked at her trying to figure out who she was.

“I.... yes I guess he did. Who… who are you? I know you from somewhere” he touched her face trying to recall a memory.

“Luce it’s me, Daniel. I… Things have changed since our last encounter. I still go by Daniel, but I like Dani more” she said leaning into his touch.

“My how you’ve grown. Into a beautiful woman it seems” he said smiling “it’s so good to meet you Dani” he hugged her to try and hide the tears.

“Don’t cry brother. It’s so good to see you again” she helped wipe his tears away once they pulled apart. Lucifer looked towards Raguel and just stared him down.

Raguel did the same. They gave each other death glare until Amenadiel spoke up “he’s here to aid us Luci, stop it,” but the two brothers continued to glare at one another.

It wasn’t until Raguel spoke that Lucifer eased off “I would do it again if Father asked. You know it’s my job. I do regret that you didn’t receive a fair trial. Charlotte Richards has been teaching me a lot. I have learned quite a bit.”

Lucifer walked around the court area listening to his brother’s claim. “So an old dog can learn new tricks. Does the dog want a treat?”

“Enough!” Michael yelled “if you want to fight each other do it, I’m sick of the talking.”
You didn’t have to tell Lucifer twice, he jumped and tackled Raguel to the ground. Raguel held up well against his older brother and wrestled Lucifer off of him.

The two brothers went at each other for about an hour before they realized their was going to be no winning. Eyes could be felt all around the courtyard. Michael got what he wanted. He needed the demons to see Raguel was strong enough to hold his ground against the Devil. All he needed to do was get Dani to show her strength, but they had time for that later.

“Can we go somewhere more private? The ash is ruining Amenadiel’s hair” Michael said making Amenadiel laugh. Both Lucifer and Raguel helped one another up.
“We can talk in my study, follow me” Lucifer lead them to his palace. As they made their way inside they were greeted by Brian.

“My lord” he bowed, then turned to Michael. His eyes bugged out and dropped to his knees to bow more “I think I’ve hit my head to hard. I’m seeing double.”
“Get up Brian. That’s my twin, Michael. As I told you before, you will be serving him while I am gone.”
“Of course my lord. I only wish to serve” he bowed once more and waited for instructions.
Lucifer snapped his fingers and Brian ran to grab his master a new suit. Lucifer motioned for his siblings to sit in the chairs while he ran off to wash his hands.

All three angels sat down and let their eyes take in the room around them. Lucifer room was very similar to the one laid out of his penthouse, but with most demonic trinkets. Raguel claimed them to be demonic because they were made from sin. Dildos and sex toys littered the room. Lucifer laughed watching Raguel flinch at the objects, Dani on the other hand, shot up and started to touch a dildo that was colored purple. Amenadiel just sat shaking his head watching his siblings while Michael just tried to keep his head down and ignore the objects.

“Oh I wouldn’t touch those dear, I haven’t cleaned them yet” He was naked when he walked into the room “had a rather interesting session with a tortured soul. He had a fetish for sex toys. Somehow the torture was reversed and he was being penetrated by all these instead or deprived.” None of his siblings took any notice to his nudeness and listened to his story “I just finished fixing the problem when I was given word by Brian that a demon was asking to possess someone.”

“That’s when we walk in right?” Raguel asked.
Lucifer nodded “I don’t allow possession, ever since Eve uttered the word they’ve been asking.”

Brian came running into the room with Lucifer’s suit, “apologise my Lord, I thought a fresh press was best” he placed the suit in Lucifer’s hands and waited for further instructions.
“Thank you Brian. You may wait in your room, I will call for you later” Brain bowed and left the angels.

“He’s nothing compared to Mazikeen, but he’s loyal. He will serve you well,” Lucifer put on his pants then placed his dress shirt on. As he was buttoning up his shirt Dani walked up to him and brushed his fingers away. She helped him button it up.
“Thank you,” he said. Dani finished buttoning his shirt and responded with a “Mhm.”

He motioned for her to sit down. Dani took a seat next to Raguel. Lucifer made his way over to the bar and made himself a glass. Satisfied with the drink he walked over and took a seat next to Michael.

“I approve of your initiative to get us to fight. They fear Raguel now, they know he is strong. I fear we will have our work cut out for Dani” he addressed Michael and pointed his glass over to Dani.
“I can hold my own,” she stated without hesitation.
“Oh I’m sure you can, but it’s more than just strength. That what I’m trying to tell you all.”

“Care to clarify for us brother?” Dani said.
Lucifer took a deep breath and exhaled “there are problems around every corner. I was away from Hell for too long, it’s not running as it once was. I don’t know if it’s because of my absence or the souls. That” he pointed to the sex toys “is the third problem I found today. The wrong torturings are being assigned”

“It’s not a big problem, but stuff like that are happening and I need to act fast and address the problem accordingly,” Lucifer said.
“So we have to problem solve and respond fast?” Raguel asked.
“Yes, but it’s more than just torturing. These souls aren’t all bad. Some feel guilty when they die and get sent down for stealing a pack of gum. You have to go through these with a gentle hand. You have to usher them to accept that they don’t belong here,” Lucifer leaned forward placing his glass on the table in front of him.

“What else do we have to watch out for?” Michael asked. Lucifer looked at him and sat back.
“Open doors, some souls manage to get out when they shouldn’t. A firm hand needs to be used. I’ve managed to organize the bad soul from the damn ones”
“What’s the difference?” Dani asked.
“The damned souls have locks, much like Mother’s. They should never be let out. If one is, you call me right away. Don’t play hero and try to take care of it yourself” they all nodded.

Lucifer stood up. All of them stood as well. “I’ll show you around and we can see if anything needs fixing” he motioned for them to exist the room. They walked back into the ash that graced the air of Hell.

“You’ll get used to it” he lead them down the cell blocks of the damned souls. Some doors were shaking asking to be let out and others filled with screams. They all looked at the door and took in the screams.

“This is Hell, never answer to someone asking for help. These aren’t your souls back in the Silver City there is no saving anyone in this place,” he ushered them out of the area and over to the next section of labeled ‘bad souls’.”

They found themselves in front of a door that was open. “Luci we have an open door” Amenadiel pointed out seeing that Lucifer was ahead showing Michael around.

“It seems we do” he came around to feel the door “this is a great teaching lesson, does anyone want to guess why it is open?” he waited for one of his siblings to answer.

Michael was the only one to speak up “you don’t seem worried so the soul isn’t walking around.” He was correct, but he wanted the others to answer. He waved for Raguel to answer “the soul has forgiven themselves?”
“That’s a good answer and almost correct” He opened the door and motioned for them to look inside.

A man sat on a chair next to a hospital bed crying into the body. He was muttering how he shouldn’t of told his father he was gay. He kept muttering how if had not told him, he would never of had a heart attack and died. They all gathered into the room listening to the man.

“It says here that he was killed a week later by a group of men who hated didn’t appove of him being gay. This poor soul died blaming his father’s death on himself,” Lucifer explain.

“The door opened because he’s come to terms knowing this isn’t the reason, is that correct brother?” Michael asked.

Lucifer nodded in response. Dani came around and placed a hand on the man’s shoulder. The man looked up with tears in his eyes. “It’s not a crime to be gay. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. Your father didn’t die because he was heart broken over his son being gay, he died because he was ill. Rest now, would you like to come with me?” she asked lifting the man.

He nodded and dried his eyes. He followed her and they walked through the door. Once he stepped foot at the door Azrael showed up.

She smiled and took the man’s hand. “You guys are doing a good thing here. This soul will be taken to the Silver City. He’ll be waiting for you when you get home Dani,” Azrael said.
“Thank you” he said to Dani. Azrael placed a hand on the man and together they disappeared.

The rest of them exited the room and moved on. “Do you see Azrael a lot?” Dani asked.
“No, that’s the first I’ve seen of her here. She likes to stay hidden,” Lucifer said.

Michael understood why Azrael liked to stay hidden. She was a very curious angel and liked to look upon people from afar. She had always been an introvert, and he accepted it. He wished she could be apart of their campaign, but he knew she was loyal to her job.

Nothing seemed to be out of place so they continue walking around. Lucifer made sure to show them every corner and where things were. They ended in the middle where the throne resided. They all looked up taking in its height.

“Why is it all the way up there?” Michael said kicking bones around.
“Only an angel can sit on the throne. You have to fly up to claim it. Father made it that way so none of them could get to it. Hence why the bones are everywhere. The brave ones tried to climb up, but fell to their deaths.” he stepped on the bones to hear the crunch.

“You will need to sit on the throne every so often. When I demand silence and alone time I fly up to seek solitude. Bring reading material or pick up meditation either works,” Lucifer turned around and walked back to his palace. They all followed.

“What is the order we will be following?” Lucifer asked. He made everyone a glass of whiskey. Each of them took their glass willingly and enjoyed its taste.

“I will go first as I told you before brother, then it will be Raguel, followed back to you. Who will then pass it off to Dani, leaving Amenadiel to end the cycle” Michael said pointing to each of them.

“Do you think you can handle it brother?” Lucifer asked Michael. “Don’t you think you should be going first brother?” he turned to Amenadiel. Michael didn’t allow Amenadiel to speak.

“I said I would go first Samael,” there was a seriousness to his statement “either except it or continue ruling without my help.” Lucifer nodded and didn’t question Michael any further. That was interesting, it seems even Lucifer was afraid to challenge him.

“Since there is no more to be discussed the three of you are free to head home. I will be here every time a rotation is being passed off to ensure everything runs smoothly, until next time” Lucifer wished them all goodbye.

Raguel and Dani left right away. Amenadiel and Michael stayed behind and finished their glass. Once Amenadiel finished his glass he stood up and looked at his brothers.

“I’ll give you both some time to be alone. I expect to see you in a few days after you’ve had a day or two with Chloe. You know Linda will not be pleased if you ignore her” Lucifer nodded and Amenadiel took off.

Michael stood up and walked around and poured himself another glass of something other than whiskey. He looked around and found a bottle of scotch. He poured himself a genius amount and made his way over to Lucifer’s desk. He walked around the huge desk and sat down in the big chair.

“Make yourself at home” he mocked.
“Don’t mind if I do” he kicked off his shoes and placed his feet on the desk. Lucifer came to sit on the desk and look at his brother.

“Somethings bothering you I can tell” Michael nodded and downed the scotch in one gulp. It burned going down. He took a moment to think of what to say.

“There are rumors floating around the Silver City about me. They think I don’t know, but I know. You want to know what our siblings have been saying behind my back?” he leaned forward as if trying to tell Lucifer a secret. “They say I’m turning into you,” he brought his index fingers up on his forehead mimicking horns.

“How so? Please don’t give me horns I don’t have them,” Lucifer sneered.
Michael brought his feet down and leaned back into the chair. He pushed the glass in front of his brother signaling for him to fill it up. Lucifer reluctantly answered his brother’s request and poured him another glass. Michael looked at the glass as he started to explain himself.

“I’ve been questioning Father’s absence. Raguel says that if I don’t stop he’ll have to step in,” he grabbed the glass and shot it back. “Oh how I want him to. Imagine the scandal! God’s mightiest falling! I wonder if it’d hurt him just as much as it’d hurt me.”

“Don’t play around like that Mike. It’s not fun to be cast out and abandoned,” Lucifer said.
“I’m not playing. I want to see Father come out of his office and face me. Sometimes I think he’s so upset with how everything played out that he’s given up” he stood up and pointed at the ceiling yelling, “come on Father stick me” but nothing happened .

“You’re drunk bother,” Lucifer said pulling the glass away from him.
“Am I? You’re probably right,” he sighed and sat his ass back down. No one ever wanted to talk about their Father being absent, he was sure he could get his brother to voice his opinion but it seemed he too didn’t want to talk about it. Michael was alone with his thoughts just sitting in the chair.

He didn’t notice that Lucifer had left his side and walked away. His footsteps echoed through the room as he got closer. Michael lifted his head up and looked at his brother. Lucifer had a device in his hands.

“A little birdie told me you enjoyed my music collection back at Lux. I have all of my greatest hits on this ipod. All you have to do is turn it on and it will play a song. Try not to break it brother,” Lucifer held the device out for Michael to grab. Michael didn’t know what to do with it so Lucifer placed it on the desk.
“Thank you. When I’m less intoxicated I’ll look into it.” Michael played around with the glass not looking at his brother. Lucifer realized Michael wanted a better response to his confession so he tried to backtrack.

“Dad’s a dick, welcome to the club. As the sole member of the club, I have one rule and one rule only. That is we only talk shit about Dad,” Michael narrowed his eyes at his brothers attempt to be funny. Lucifer dropped the theatrics, “He does what he wants and doesn’t have a response for it. I stopped caring when he cast me out. I have mixed feels right now because he did give me the Detective… but if your gut is telling you to ask questions, ask questions,” he patted Michael’s shoulder. “I’ll be right here beside you if need someone in your corner. You know I love pissing Dad off,” he smiled. Michael still didn’t get the response he wanted, but at least he had Sam in his corner.

“I will. If I get kicked out I’m crashing at your penthouse. I’ve grown to like your friends. I’m especially fond of Ella Lopez and Daniel,” Michael said smiling back at Lucifer.
“Yes she’s a keeper. Daniel on the other hand is another story. I noticed you’re wearing her necklace” he gestured to Michael’s neck.
“She let me borrow it, I told Chloe I’d come back and give it back to her,” he touched the cool metal.
“Wouldn’t want an angry latina coming after you.”
“No that would be worse than Hell,” they both laughed.

“You don’t have to stay Sammy. Go be with her. She’s waiting for you” Michael got up and hugged his brother “take good care of her, she’s too special to let go.”

“I won’t, thank you for doing this for me. Really Michael, thank you” he placed a hand on his brothers cheek.
“You’re my brother. I couldn’t let you suffer down here knowing she’s up there suffering. Now go before I change my mind” he pushed him away.

Lucifer gave him one last look over. Once he was satisfied taking in his brother’s form he yelled, “Brian!”
Brian came running out nearly tripping over the rug, “yes my Lord?”
“Michael is King until I return again, listen to him and only him until I return. Am I clear?”
“Of course my Lord” he bowed looking at Lucifer.

“Good. I have a hot date to get to. I’ll see you soon brother. You need only say my name and I’ll pop back in,” Lucifer said.
“Yes yes now go! She’s waiting for you,” Michael said. He felt like Lucifer was stalling trying to decide whether or not to leave him so soon. He didn’t want a babysitter so he pushed him to leave. He got the message and took off and didn’t look back.

Chapter Text


Michael turned to Brian and gave him a smile. Brian did not like that smile, his master gave him those smiles, “Brian would you mind calling forth your siblings to meet me in the courtyard?”

“May I ask why my lord?” he asked.
“You may” Michael waited looking at him. The idiot didn’t understand the difference between may I and can I. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “I may look like my brother, but I am not him. He said Hell shows loyalty to strength. Well your in luck Brian, I happen to be the strongest of all Father’s angels, even stronger than my brother.”

Brian dropped to his knees begging for mercy “I live to serve my Lord, please.”
“Enough Brian. Gather the horde. I want whoever thinks they are strongest, to challenge me in the courtyard. I want to nip the disobedience in the butt right away. Now go” Brian ran out like a bat out of Hell.

Michael made his way over to the bar and prepared himself a glass of whatever was close to him. It wasn’t a taste he liked, but it did the job of numbing him. He finished half of a glass before he gave up on it. Perhaps his brother was right about him being drunk. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of the other demons.

He leaned his back up against the counter and took in his new surroundings. This was going to be a long reign until Sam came back. He was going to have to make the best of it. After all, with how things were going he may just be the new King of Hell. Might as well have its occupants know it the first day.



Lucifer flew as fast as he could once he left Michael. He couldn’t decide whether to go to the precinct or the Detective’s house first, somehow he ended up on Sunset Boulevard. The street was barren, not a soul was walking the streets. It was odd to see L.A so empty. It must of been early morning, telling by the way the shy formed its light. He looked up and basked in his creation. Oh how he missed sun light and fresh air. Dad was a cruel bastard indeed for having him create something so beautiful, but having to spend an eternity away from it.

Lucifer, covered in soot, walked the streets of Sunset Boulevard. Ash slowly flaked off his clothes and body, falling to the ground as if they were feathers. His senses were heightened from the new exposure that his eyes closed just trying to take everything in with his ears. He missed the sounds Earth had to offer. The rumbling of cars, the chirping of birds, and not to forget the distant noise of police cars. He’d murder another demon just to hear these sounds in Hell. He was lost in the sounds when he ran into homeless people.

He never thought he’d be happier to see a homeless person in his life. He hugged the smelly man despite his dirty clothing. The tramp didn’t appreciate the gesture and aggressively tried to get Lucifer to let go.

“You reek of rotten eggs man, and I thought I needed a shower” he said walking away covering his nose.

Lucifer gave himself a sniff and decided meeting the Detective like this wasn’t the best decision. He smelled of Hell. He managed to find a hidden spot around the corner to unfurl his wings. They glycined in the sun, the heat felt amazing on his wings. Lucifer basked in the sun long enough to enjoy his creation and took off to Lux.

When he stepped onto the balcony, his legs took over and walked over to the piano. The echo of his designer shoes filled the room. His home was exactly how he left it. He was afraid he’d find evidence of Michael destruction. He loved his brother, but the man had a heavy hand. He was drawn to his piano. The porcelain keys were cold against his finger tips. A note here and a note there showed that he’d have to get it tuned soon, the poor thing had been neglected for too long.

The concentration was interrupted as a glass came into view. He cocked his head over to the side remembering he never left anything out before he left. He walked over to the bar to find his favorite whiskey, but had no luck. It seemed he spoke too soon. He decided anything was good as long as it was in his mouth.

After three glasses of bourbon, he shed his suit off like dead skin and made his way to his bathroom. The hot water felt heavenly on his skin from the jets he had installed. He unfurled his wings and let them soak and relax under its head. They hadn’t had a proper clean in a long time, he gave them their due. Once he was finished he got dressed and looked for his phone.

As he was searching through his room he found that certain objects were moved around. Someone was living in his penthouse during his time in Hell, he didn’t care just found it interesting. A small part of him wished that his dear Detective was the culprit. She would find the time to straighten up his mess and rearrange his belongings.

He smiled at the thought of Chloe rummaging through his belongings and finding something naughty. He wondered if she blushed. Had she tried any of the toys in his side desks. He’d have to ask if she was responsible for his belongings being moved around.

For the meantime, he went back to the task at hand. He found his phone on the side table across from his bed. It was currently off, so he turned it back on. The time stamp showed that it was July and very early in the morning.

It was Friday morning, which meant the Detective was just waking up and getting ready for her day at the precinct. Just thinking about her had him smiling. It has been so long. Unable to wait any longer he grabbed his keys and made his way to the garage.

He stopped off at a local coffee shop and got Chloe’s usual. He wanted the day to start off like any other day between the two of them. He wanted to jump right into things as if he never left. For once in his life he showed up before she arrived and made his way into the precinct.

He waited patiently at her desk waving at the other officers. Mac gave him a quick smile and thanked him for his help the other day. Lucifer didn’t understand, but figured Michael must of been helping around.

As the hour creeped up to the time the Detective usually came into work, his heart was a jackhammer in his chest. He couldn’t get the bloody thing to calm down. His palms were sweating and his knee has pouncing with anxiety. Where was she, she should be here already. “And she says I’m not punctual,” he said.

Thirty minutes passed and he started to grow bored. He looked at the object presented on her desk and smiled at the picture of Trixie and Chloe. He loved the way she looked in the photo. Seeing a picture of the little urchin brought the biggest smile on his face, he’d have to buy her something before he saw her.

He continued to scan the contents on the desk. The Detective must of kept busy while he was gone, due to the sheer amount of case files littering her desk. He opened the first file and read over the notes she had written down. Her penmanship wasn’t the best, but it was hers. He knew it like the back of his hand. He spent days looking at her writing from her little note alone, if he didn’t know it by now he’d be an idiot.

He was spinning around in her chair reading a file when he heard Dan’s voice echoed through the bullpen. “I’m sorry, I forgot to message you that my parents asked to pick up Trixs on Saturday rather than today. They said something about driving late so I just let them keep her for another night. I hope that’s okay, they hardly see her anymore. I’ll drop her off Saturday night after I get some time in with her. Are we still on for Sunday right?” his voice resonated closer.

“That’s fine and yeah Sunday is still a good. I hope your parents didn’t spoil her too much. You know how she gets when they let her eat those candies,” Chloe said walking on the side of Dan. The two detectives walked up the her desk and acknowledged the person at her desk. Lucifer’s face was hidden behind the file preventing either of them knowing who he was right away.

“Michael you know you can’t look through my files, those are confidential” she said pulling the file away from him to be exposed to a smiling Devil. The sight of him had her in a trance, she dropped the file not caring if the contents fell out.

All the air from her lungs were sucked out as she looked him in. He made it out, Michael actually got the plan to fall through. Lucifer was really back. That smile of his shined brighter than usual. He stood up and pushed the chair in.

“Apologise Detective I was just filling myself in on our new case, but it seems these are police logs” he had tears in his eyes. She was beautiful, a vision he didn’t know he’d ever get to see again.
“Lucifer… oh my God. You’re back. You’re here,” she couldn’t form words.
“Yes, if you’ll have me still. I would hope we could still be partners,” he stepped right into her personal space and touched her cheek. There was a hidden message in the way he worded it.
“Yes,” that’s all she could utter. She stared up at him and tried to hold back the tears that were forming in her eye.

Dan cleared his throat and Lucifer broke the trance and stepped back. The moment was lost knowing Chloe’s ex was standing right next to them.

“Apologise Daniel,” he said, turning to the man. “Did you miss me? Would you like the same treatment? I’d be willing to look gazingly into your eyes as well, if you feel left out,” he stepped up to the man to only have Dan push him away.
“Yeah, yeah. Nice to have you back man. Where the Hell have you been? Your brother said you had a family business thing to get back, but that was vague,” he said.

Lucifer looked from Dan to Chloe, he was silently asking for approval. He never got one because Chloe’s eyes were too busy looking him over. He decided to tell the truth and see if anything would stick this time.

“I was in Hell Daniel. How many times do I have to tell you. That’s the family business.”
Dan shook his head not believing a single word, “whatever man, keep up with the lies.”

One of these days he was going to be in for a big surprise. Lucifer shook his head and disregarded Dan’s ignorance. Dan walked off and sat down at his desk.

Lucifer turned back to the Detective and said, “still ignorant as ever it seems.” She didn’t respond back to his statement. He started to worry she was broken. He grabbed her hand to assure her he was really there. She looked up and smiled at him. There it was, that beautiful smile was everything to him.

He returned the favor and addressed her silent question, “I got back this morning. I figured I’d surprise you and get the ball rolling before you came in. Seems there was never a ball to play with,” he said picking up the papers on the floor and placing them back on the desk. He forgot about her coffee and treat, “Ah! I got you your usual” he picked up the cup and showed her.

Once more she smiled and grabbed the coffee. She took a sip and was met with the delicious taste of her favorite coffee. He remembered after all this time, he knew her order. She couldn’t help but blush and his eyes trailed over her face.

“Thank you, you always remember how I like it,” she said hiding behind her cup.
The way she phrased that sentence had him biting his bottom lip. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but he knew she wouldn’t approve of them showing public affection at work. Nor did he know if she really want him in such a way.

Instead he settled for a hug. He opened his arms and she placed the cup on her desk. She launched herself right into his chest and clung on for dear life. He allowed himself to wrap his arms around her and take in her smell. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten her smell. He’d make sure to embed it into his senses before he ever left her side again.

He could feel his dress shirt become damp, she was crying. He held her tighter and allowed her to cry. To prevent turning their moment into a scene he pulled away and walked them over to Ella’s work room. Her hands felt warm in his, they fit perfect against his grip. She really was made for him.

He closed the door behind them and smiled at her. Either one of them wanting to make the first move so he pulled out her note from his breast pocket.
“I don’t know how much time has passed, but I hope you still feel the same way you did on the balcony that night,” he was holding the note with care. It looked worn out barely holding together.
“Of course I do. It’s been a month, but it still feels like yesterday,” she grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“It’s been quite some time since the balcony for me…”
“Do you not feel the same anymore? In your note you…” she reached out for the note. He pulled it away afraid she’d take it back. He carefully placed it back in his pocket.
“No. I do, I do. I just wanted to hear that you still feel the same way,” he was searching for something in her eyes.
“I love you. Of course I love you,” she admitted out loud.

Tears fell from his eyes. She loved the Devil. For all that he was, she truly accepted him and gave her love willingly. She let her tears fall freely waiting for him to say the word back. He took a breath and took the plunge, he promised himself that if he ever saw her again, he’d say the words.

“I love you Chloe.” It was out, the words were out there now. “I do so much,” he laid a hand on her cheek. She was crying, he ran his thumb under her eye to whip them away. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but couldn’t get himself to lean down and seek out her lips. Instead he rested his forehead on hers. The moment was soon interrupted when Ella walked in. Both love birds parted like they were just caught doing something inappropriate.

She wasn’t paying attention when she walked in. Why would she when it was her work space. She soon realized she walked in on something, “did I just interrupt a moment?”
Ella looked from Chloe to Lucifer and not for a second registered that it was actually Lucifer.

“Woah .Chloe I don’t know if Lucifer would appreciate Michael making a move on you,” she said closing the door, “but whatever you can get am I right?” she winked at Lucifer seductively.

Lucifer gasped at Ella’s boldness, “Miss Lopez! Has my brother made a move?” he turned to Chloe “I will ring him out if he so much as…”
Chloe stopped him before he could finish his sentence, “he didn’t do anything Lucifer. Look at me. Look. “ she pulled his head to look at her. They locked eyes.
“He didn’t do anything, I promise. There’s no one like you. Not even Michael” she took his hands and gave them a squeeze.

His heart swelled at her declaration. She was dropping those words like it was nothing. He wasn’t complaining, he loved it. Unable to even speak he answered her with a smile and rubbed his thumb against her hand.

“No way! Lucifer you’re back. Oh how I missed you” she gave him a big hug, but then punched him “that’s for not showing me you were the Devil/Angel. It only took five minutes for Michael to prove it.”
“Mikey has always been straight forward,” he said rubbing his shoulder from her punch. “So he was well behaved? He didn’t try showing off?”
“No, he was super chill. We did have an amazing drinking night at your place though. Sorry about that,” Ella said from across the room.

So that’s where his liquor went, “the next time you two decide to raid my collection save some for me,” he teased. Chloe grabbed his hand and clung to his side as Ella went off about their Karaoke night.

He was fascinated to hear that his dear Detective could sing and had yet to show him. He made sure to file away that important detail for a later time. He wrapped his arm around Chloe’s shoulder and lazily drew circles as Ella talked. They looked completely comfortable in each others presence that Ella had to stop and remind herself she interrupted something before she waltzes in.

“I should totally let you guys get caught up, I forget you two haven’t had time together,” Ella collected her files and walked out giving Chloe a thumbs up. The door closed leaving the two alone together again.

Chloe looked up at his face and took a moment to bask in his beauty. She pushed up on her toes and gave him a kiss on the chin. He must of shaved this morning because his aftershave hit her right away, “we should really get back out there, I gave up active duty when you left. So I don’t have anywhere to be, but you can help with my paperwork,” she said looking at his lips.

“Just being with you is enough for me Detective. I’d be happy to help,” he raised her hand up to his lips and kissed it. The two of them left the room and walked back to her desk. They sat down and went to work putting in reports. Lucifer actually helped with the paperwork and remained focused the whole time.

She enjoyed her coffee and lemon bar that Lucifer had bought her. She made sure to offer him a piece once she saw him eyeing her lips. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but he accepted the offer. For the next few hours it continued with paperwork and stolen eye glances. It bugged her that he wasn’t trying to distract her, usually by now he would have dragged her somewhere less boring. Why was he so calm and reserved?

Once noon rolled around she decided she had enough. Lucifer was too calm and needed something to bounce some chaos into this atmosphere. She collected all the files in front of them and placed them in the basket. Lucifer watched her, but kept his thoughts to himself.

“Up for some pizza?” she asked reaching for her phone.
“Enzo’s?” he responded with a smile.

It was their go to spot for a quick bite. She nodded and waited for him to lead the way. They exited the station side by side. There was no reason to take the car, so they walked to their favorite pizza joint. As they walked she decided to ask him some questions, much like she did with Michael.

“I found out you helped save the pizza joint. Why didn’t you tell me?” she said eyeing him from the corner of her eye. He was on the right side of the sidewalk next to the road facing the sun making it hard for her to see.

“I donate to a lot of causes Detective, I looked into this one well... because it’s our spot,” he stated simply. He gave her a small smile.
“I know you can afford it, but it really means a lot,” she grabbed his hand. “Thank you,” she said sincerely. He didn’t need a thank you from her, that’s why he never told her.

This place meant a lot to her and if he could keep a smile on her face forever, then well he’d gladly hand out money for just that. He nodded his head and continued their way to the store. He needed her closer so he wrapped and arm around her as they enjoyed their walk in the sun.

They made it to the store and automatically had their order handed over to them. That was something Lucifer appreciated about the place. They had fast serves and impeccable grease riddle pizza that hit just the right spot when you needed it. Chloe ushered Lucifer over to their usual spot with a collection of food. They sat and ate their food eating in silence. Neither one of them could take their eyes off the other. They looked like a middle school couple, nothing but heart eyes and smiles.

“I was listening in on your conversation with Daniel. So the urchin is gone for the day?”
“Yeah” she wiped her mouth of cheese “she’s with Dan’s parents until Saturday. She’s been gone for a week, it’d be nice to have her around again,” she smiled.
“Could I… spend the day with you? If not I could see to Lux for the day. I’m sure I’ll need to restock my whole collection for when Michael pops back up,” he said playing with his napkin.

She placed her napkin down and watched him as he spoke. Why on Earth would he think she wouldn’t want to spend the day with him? That’s all she wanted to do, she didn’t want him out of her sight. He was adorable playing with his napkin trying not to come off desperate. “I would love to spend the day with you Lucifer,” she steadied his hand by grabbing it.

That all he needed to hear to bring a smile on his face. They finished up their lunch and headed back to the precinct. The day went by fast, but she’d have to go over her work later because she couldn’t keep her eyes off Lucifer all day. All she wanted to do was kiss him and stay in his arms.

“That’s about all the work I can do for the day. I can’t focus anymore and I’m sure you're getting bored,” she said sliding the papers into a folder.
“A tad, but I can endure it Detective,” he said.
“No, I’m done for the day. Let’s call it in. Would you like to hang out at your place or mine?”
“Since you don’t have the child tonight we could have some drinks over at my place and see where the night takes us,” he said innocently not meaning to make it sexual. The way he worded it sent shivers down her spine. Her stomach did a flip at the possibility of the Devil having his way with her.

They put away their work for the day and walked side by side to the garage. She couldn’t believe she didn’t notice the corvette when she drove up. It was parked in a different parking spot, but you had to be blind not to notice the black beauty. He gave her a shy smile and they parted ways into their cars saying they’d meet up at Lux. Her heart wouldn’t stop beating fast. She felt like a school girl who’s crush just asked her out. This was Lucifer, sure they kept trying to move forward to the next level and never succeed, but this time they both finally said the words. Before she knew it, she was already pulling up beside him in his private garage.

He was nursing a cigarette when she got out of her car. The smell of his rich tobacco filled her nostrils with old memories. She loved the smell of him after he finished smoking, it always secretly turned her on. He put out his cigarette as she drew closer to him and graced her with a charming smile.

She shook her head of those thoughts and followed him inside. It was exactly how she left it the other night, empty with everything pushed over to the sides.
“I’m hoping to reopen, not anytime soon but in the future. For now I can finally enjoy the silence. It was too noisy down in Hell. I could never find some peace and quiet, let alone some alone time to myself,” he stated making his way into his club.
“I didn’t have to come over I can go home Lucifer” she looked around as if to make her escape.

“No,” he nearly shouted from across the room. He walked over to her, “It a different silence I require, one not filled with tortured soul screaming and demons nipping at my heels. Please don’t leave. Alone time with you is all I want,” he walked up to her and placed a hand on her cheek. His eyes shined bright just looking at her. His eyes were staring at her lips, just waiting for approval. She nodded and next thing she knew he placed his lips on her.

She kissed him back. Being in each other arm was Heaven in itself. Her hands came to rest on his shoulders and up to his hair. He deepened the kiss once he felt her hands on him. He was gentle with her all the way from his light touches to his full lips to the hold on her waist. When they couldn’t hold their breath anymore they broke apart.

“This… I’m not dreaming right? This is real?” he kept his eyes locked on hers afraid she’d disappear.
“This is real” she smiled up at him. She ran her finger along his stubbled jaw. He hummed in approval and placed another kiss on her lips. Lucifer pulled away and held her hands.

“Chloe I… I… I want to do good bye you. I know I have a history of running away and hiding my feelings. I want you to know I’m in this for the long run. It may take me awhile to get the ball rolling, but I want this. You. You and I, I want to have whatever it is we can establish where we can be with one another,” he was a blubbering mess and she loved every word.

“Hey, we’ll work through it. Communication Lucifer, remember. I want the same thing. Try telling me what are you thinking about right now?” she played around with his chin.

“That I want to take you to the bedroom and not leave it until the morning” her cheeks flared up with heat from sudden fantasy dreams started to resurface about Lucifer. “But I want to take things slow, I don’t want to rush this” he waved a hand between them “I want a quiet day in just the two of us.” He grabbed her hands and kissed them.

Apart of her wanted him to pick her up and take her to his bed, but he was right. They needed to take things slow, he was maturing. He knew he needed to take things slow with her and she really appreciated it. They had all the time to move fast later, for now being in each others presence was enough. She nodded her head and smiled up at him.

“I would love a quiet day in with you. Maybe we can finally have that dinner date you owe me,” she reached up and gave him a kiss.
“Oh I do believe I can do that. I have some of that cheap cheese you love so much in my frig. We can make your favorite and enjoy a simple meal. How does that sound?”
“Perfect,” her eyes were sparkling. She was a vision that he couldn’t spot looking at.

It wasn’t until she broke eye contact and made her way to his kitchen that his trance was broken. He followed her to the kitchen and together they got started making grilled cheese sandwiches.

It was so domestic and comfortable it reminded him of a dream. Chloe demanded music to be played so he decided to indulge her. “Detective how do you feel about Doo-Woop music?” he asked over from his speakers.
She looked at him, “I don’t know, I never really thought about it. Why?” a 50’s style song blared from the sound system. The lyrics made her smile as she saw Lucifer make his way over to her.

He made her stop what she was doing and grabbed her hands signaling her to dance with him. He was so nostalgic sometimes, but she loved it. She loved the song. The two swung side to side enjoying the tempo of the music. The lyrics made her smile because she was a fool in love with the Devil. She couldn’t believe she didn’t see this song on his playlist, she could of sworn she went through the whole thing.

When the song ended he pulled away and smiled to her. It took awhile for the next song to pick up, but once it did Lucifer started swinging his hips side to side. She couldn’t stop a laugh from escaping her lips. She’d never seen him so careless and free. She joined him in dancing to experience her own carefree nature. She really loved his taste in music, he always had a new genre to expose to her and she loved that he did that. This satanic doo-woop was something she never would of listened to, but having the Devil next to her made her notice she’d be getting to try a lot of new things.
The two continued their dance session for a few more songs until they remembered they were on a mission to cook dinner. She managed to get them back on track in their quest to make their meal. Lucifer still continued to dance, but didn’t distract them. It was made fast with help. The two took their meal and sat down in the living room.

Dinner was made and went as planned. There were no interruptions or poisoning attempts made. They enjoyed each other's company and talked about their time away from one another. Lucifer knew she was hiding her true story behind his absence, but he had no right to pry. They both had been through a lot during their time apart. Chloe must of had Michael on her brain because she decided to bring him up.

“I still can’t believe you’re here. I’ll have to give him the biggest hug when I see him again.”
“Nor can I. This is all rather new. I haven’t seen Michael or any of my siblings in quite some time. Michael is the last I thought would initiate something like this,” he said softly.

“Whys that? He seemed Hell bent getting you out,” she said leaning into his side.
“That’s the thing, he’s Hell bent. He’s fixing things without Dad’s approval. I love this side of my brother, but it feels all rather familiar” she sat up and looked at him.
“Familiar?” she said.
“Well yes. He said something to me before I left him. He’s questioning Dad much like I did before my fall. I told him to watch out that nothing ever good came out of me questioning because well I was kicked out of Heaven.”

“Do you think he would be kicked out for helping you?” she was worried about Michael.
“I don’t know. Dad is unpredictable and I guess that’s bothering Mike. I don’t know why it’s taken him so long to figure it out. Dad’s going to be Dad and stay quiet. I’m not worried about being here on Earth, I only care that someone guards it while I’m here, but Mike should watch out. He wants to start something I can feel it. I just hope Hell doesn’t bring it out of him.”



Michael pushed himself off the bar counter and tried to steady himself. He was buzzed. He ran his hands along his face and through his hair, the brown curls were hanging wild. He walked up to a mirror and took in his form. Brown eyes meet with brown eyes, but somehow he didn’t see the same man staring back at him. This man seemed to of lived a life far worse than his. It took a moment to catch that it wasn’t his reflection, but his brothers. It scared the shit out of him when he noticed. He grabbed the mirror and looked once again, but found only his true face. Hell was already playing tricks on him.

He subconsciencly told himself that he could do this. He took a few deep breaths and turned away. This had to be done, he could do this. He was a son of God, he was strong enough to hold Hell, if he could hold Heaven he could hold Hell. He needed to stop questioning himself.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t physically take on the demons, that was nothing for him. It was the fact he was buzzed and currently trying to process his thoughts. He needed to push it aside and show strength. He took one last look at himself and released his wings to fly to the courtyard.

Brian managed to gather every demon he could to stand around the courtyard. It looked like a sea of death. The smell carried from miles away. Michael had to fly into the quad to even get through. Michael’s jet black wings thundered through the courtyard when he landed. Brian stood loyal to his new master side and spoke up.

“My lord, there are twenty five who choose to challenge you. The other’s feel they don’t need a demonstration of your strength due to your angelic nature. The ones before you feel you are weak for not being born here” each sentence out of Brian’s mouth was spit out with disgust. This little demon was extremely loyal to his new master.

The twenty-five stood visual in front of him. All of them were of different shapes and sizes. Some were visibly woman and men others were a mistery to him. They were ugly beyond compare, but they would be dead by the end of the day.

Michael kept this wings out and walked up to each of his opponents. He took in their forms and weapons “you will not be needing your weapons for this battle. If you feel I am too weak we will settle it the old fashion way. Hand to hand combat, strength over strength,” he addressed rolling up his sleeves.

One brave demon stepped forward and said, ‘if we are to not use our weapons you cannot bring your wings. They are weapons of their own from your Daddy,” it spat out. The way he said it almost made Michael back hand the demon right there and then. He couldn’t do that because it’d start the match and he wanted to take things slow.

Michael stopped and looked at the demon, the brave thing didn’t even flinch. What it said was true nonetheless, Father gave his children wings not only to aid them but also to protect themselves.

“Fine, I don’t need them,” he looked over his shoulder and called his wings back. “Is that better?” he asked sarcastically.

He didn’t care for the answer. When he was done sizing up this opponents he stood in the middle and yelled, “One at a time, whoever defeats me takes on the winner. Whoever is last standing will rule over Hell for the duration of the time until Lucifer comes back. Am I understood?”

The horde roared with an agreement. They haven’t witness anything like it before. Shouts were being thrown on who they thought should go first. Finally someone stepped up and bowed to Michael. He did the same out of respect and the match began.

They circled one another for a short while. Michael took the time to study the demon. It was average height, athletic build, with rough skin as red as crimson. The demon reminded him of a lizard. It’s skin was leathered with spikes. It looked uncertain on how to approach Michael. With every lunge it gave, Michael did the opposite, the demon was testing Michael’s reflexes. When the demon finally decided to throw a punch, Michael dodged it with ease.

Michael resembled a child playing with its food, he was teasing the poor demon. This was nothing to Michael, he could read it’s movement before it throw a punch. Everyone could see the angel was playing around and not taking it seriously. Shouts echoed off the pillars with outrage. Others shout for things to end. The competing demon grew frustrated making Michael chuckle.

The demon tried its best to slow Michael down, but failed miserably. He was disappointed and now bored. He let this demon put on a show and had its fun, now it was time to end it. As the demon stretched out its arm to throw another punch, Michael grabbed it and broke the elbow with one hit. While the demon was crying out, Michael came around and snapped its neck. The demon fell to the ground lifeless. The whole match took a total of ten minutes. Michael knew he should of ended it in two, but figured he’d at least make them think he was giving them a chance.

Everyone was quiet. All that could be heard were the screams from the tortured souls and the hollow shout of Michael saying “Next!”

Chapter Text


Everyone was quiet. All that could be heard were the screams from the tortured souls and the hollow shout of Michael saying “Next!”



No one moved. They didn’t expect such a death to come from the Angel. Michael definitely wasn’t his brother, Lucifer would have showed more interest and put on a show for the demons. Michael played with his victims and ended them as soon as he grew bored. It was a merciful death, but it showed that he meant business.

Michael waited patiently for someone to step forward, but one one stepped up to fight. He stood over the dead demon’s body and pulled it off to the side to make room for more. “I said next! I will not repeat myself again,” his voice thundered. A chill filled the air with dead silence.

A demon stepped forward that was twice Michael’s size. With every step it made the ground shook. Brian looked over to his master looking for a sign of worry, but found none. He didn’t even seem to bat an eye towards his competitor. The odds of Michael walking out of the match were slim, he didn’t understand how Michael wasn’t scared. Tar’ath was well known amongst the horde, he was known for his height and strength. Brian didn’t know how Michael would measure to a demon as strong as Tar’ath.

Michael circled the demon trying to find a weak point. Tar’ath found Michael to be an active opponent, he could barely keep track of him as he circled around. The sheer size of him made it impossible for him to constantly follow Michael’s movements.

Michael was the first to make a move. He found that every time he hit the side of Tar’ath, the demon had trouble turning its neck. That was when Michael made his move. With as much force as he could get from a short distance, Michael rammed Tar’ath. He managed to knock him down, but didn’t account for him being dragged down. Michael blamed the booze, he really regretted that last glass. He was sloppy. He wasn’t thinking ahead.

Due to the demons size, it managed to trap Michael under its gigantic weight and punch him repeatedly. The horde continued to cheer for its fellow comrade. Unable to move, Michael took hit after hit to the face. The ground began to sink in from the force of the beasts blows. Tar’ath was determined to end Michael’s life, the blows rang out along with the cheers. As Michael’s body slowly sank into the ground rocks kicked up around him. He wasn’t worried, he patiently waited for the right moment to get the demon off of him. After some time Michael managed to grab a rock and throw it towards Tar’aths face. The jagged rock collided with his eye and left enough room for Michael to squeeze out from under the demon.

The horde boo’d in response to Michael’s escape. Tar’ath stoked over the the side cradling his eye. Brian was relieved to see Michael’s only injury was a small cut over his eyebrow, but nothing more. It started to bleed, but soon healed. He drew his hand up to touch the dry blood that managed to escape. Michael looked pissed off.

He charged Tar’ath when he wasn’t looking, knock him down. The gigantic demon fell on its back shaking the ground. Michael pinned him down with his foot and kept the demon in place. No one would have guessed the Angel had so much strength in such an average build. Tar’ath groaned in pain as Michael heel sank into his stomach. His hands tried to remove the Angel’s hold, but couldn’t get Michael to let up. Michael pulled his fist back and with great force he punched his fist right through Tar’ath chest. The demon quickly died splattering black sludge from it mouth. Michael’s whole forearm was covered with black residue . He tried shaking it off, but it clung to his arm. “Yuck!,” he spat.

Brian came running up to Michael offering him a rag. He nodded this thanks and used the dry rag to wipe it off. Half the crowd roared with anger while the other shouted that Michael was a God of his own. He shook his head at the statement and paid them no mind.

He whipped as much as he could and handed the rag over to Brian when he was done cleaning his arm. The tiny demon bowed and looked at the fallen demon. The size difference was breathtaking. Brian walked up to Tar’aths body and took something off his neck. The tiny demon shoved it in his pocket not saying a word. Michael cocked his neck to the side, but did not question it.

One after the other, a demon would challenge Michael just to be defeated. He was currently on his fifteenth competitor when the side effects of his drinking starting to show. The alcohol was slowing him down, he needed to get it out of his system fast. His body started the process by sweating it out. He could smell himself, he reeked of alcohol.

Michael was currently fighting a demons named Ezzu. She reminded him of Maze. Every time he thought he had her under his thumb she’d wiggle her way out from under him. She was currently on his back pinning him down.

“Come on Angel boy, you’re tired face it. Lay down your fists and let me take control. I’ll let you live and you can be my lover. Wouldn’t you love to sit back and enjoy your time in my bed. I’ll make it worth your while,” she purred in his ear.

Her voice sent chills down his spine or was it the pressure from her heels. What kind of woman fought in heels, wasn’t it hard to maintain balance. He let her hold him down, he needed to catch his breath. He could feel the alcohol making its way up. Michael just needed the right moment for it to come out.

He figured if he left her hit him enough, she’d activate something that’d make him puke. It didn’t work, no matter how much he let her kick his stomach refused to respond. The booze was weighing heavy on his balance, he kept swaying side to side. She was pleased to think her hits were affecting him, they weren’t. He started chuckling to himself once he registered she tried making a deal with him. She wasn’t pleased to hear him laughing.

“Have I broken you? Did you not hear my deal?” she said pulling his hair back to make him look at her.
“Oh no I heard. I just don’t see how you think you’re winning,” he reached back and grabbed her hand squeezing it. Her grip on his hair loosened. He pushed her away sending her across the room.

She landed hard against the pillar cracking it. Michael stood up and threw up next to one of the fallen demons. The sweet release had finally came, he was so happy to get the alcohol out of his system. “Oh that’s much better, I’ve been waiting for that to pass,” he said with his forearms on his knees.

Ezzu shot up and ran to Michael while he was trying to compose himself. Just as she was about to pounce on him, he stood up and grabbed her by the neck. She squirmed in Michael’s hold. Michael looked at her, “I’m not my brother, I don’t make deals, nor will I ever with your kind.”

She thrashed around, but Michael slowly applied pressure to her throat. He kept his eyes locked on hers and watched as the life left them. A small snapped echoed and she went limp. He sighed and tossed her over to the growing pile. A thud called out as her lifeless body collided again the floor and another dead body.

There were ten more competitors, but the horde already knew Michael was unstoppable. As he walked over to Brian, some were already bowing and voicing their loyalty. He ignored them and stood next to his loyal helper.

The demon gave him a smile and offered him a rag to clean himself. Michael appreciated the assistance and cleaned off the excess puke from his mouth. To his surprise Brian even had water for him. He drank greedily and let his body take in nourishment, it was exactly what he needed. When he was done he gave Brian the rag and jug and said voiced his appreciation.

“Ten more to go my Lord. She was one of master Lucifer’s oldest deal packs, he’d be glad to hear he’s no longer in debt to her,” Brian stated.

That was interesting, she made a deal with him and not the other way around. Brian read Michael mind and stated, “when master Lucifer first came to Hell he needed to rub shoulders with the residents, Ezzu is one of the oldest of us. She gave master Lucifer the maps of the landscape, all the in’s and out’s, he gave her his word he’d never lift a finger to her. She’s been a thorn in master Lucifer’s side ever since.”

Michael took in this new information and responded with a nod. He wondered how many of these demons had deals with his brother. He imagined there were a few his brother regretted. The horde finished mourning their fallen sister and demanded another competitor to step forward.

Michael patted Brian on the head and silently asked for luck. It seemed Brian was a mind reader because the demon softly called out, “good luck my Lord.”

Fallen like the demon before. One after the other a demon stepped up to fight Michael and all had lost. The courtyard was starting to become a graveyard from all the bodies that piled up. Brian informed him of every demon that owe Lucifer a deal and the deal that it stated.

He was starting to think his brother had a hand in these demons deaths. The past eleven seemed to have stuck a deal with the Devil and had a hand over his head. Michael took care of them all ending his brothers growing debt. Michael would have to have a word with his brother about his bullshit about Hell responding to loyalty. He clearly didn’t have loyalty, he had debts that ran deep. Michael had a better hold over his place than his brother and he’d just been here a few hours.

Only one demon remained. Lights lite up the courtyard and low growls called forth something monstrous. The horde fell silent from the growls. Something big was coming and it worried Michael. Brian hid behind him trying to seek out safety. What could possibly be in the shadows that would be able to summon this much fear.

The growls continued to fill the air, Michael tried to find the source but only found demons on their knees. A demon finally came into frame pushing its way through the horde. Nothing intimidating presented itself to Michael, but looks could be deceiving. The demon, no man, made his way over to Michael.

“The best saved for last?” he said. He came fourth and bowed. Something was off about the way it looked at him. He looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t place the face. Michael bowed back and tried to place the face. The man smiled at Michael like it knew a secret he didn’t.

They circled each other trying to find a weak point to attack. Michael did the same, but he couldn’t find one. His opponent gestured at Michael’s shirt. He noticed his white shirt was ripped and found shedding it off was a better answer to his problems. As he exposed his skin this opponent changed his face. It changed it into a man with the only defining features that stood out to Michael, two long scars across his face . Michael only responded with an eye raise. It seemed to not get the answer it was looking for, so changed into something else.

A woman looked back a Michael, “I don’t care if I hit a woman. Take the form of whatever you want, I don’t care.” Michael wasn’t in the mood to play twenty faces, he wanted this match to be over with so he could retire for the night. It nodded and charged at him. He opened his arms to grab the shapeshifter. He kept it close so he could squeeze its body. Bones could be heard cracking from the demon, it screamed from the pressure. It decided to change its form to something bigger to get out of Michael’s iron grip. The form of his second opponent, Tar’ath took shape making Michael release his hold.

The shapeshifter stepped away from Michael and started pacing trying to come up with an idea. Michael thought it would fight him in that body, but it seemed uninterested. After deciding what it wanted to do, it transformed into Maze. The she demon gave Michael a wicked smile.

“Oh. How I’ve been waiting for this” Michael had the biggest smile on his face. He came charging the shapeshifter. He tackled the look alike Maze to the ground and started punching it in the face. Michael couldn’t stop smiling. The shapeshifter managed to kick Michael off and pick itself back up. She wiped the blood from her lips and charged Michael back. The two were having too much fun fighting each other, that they both started laughing. They both knew they were equally matched, and needed a new challenge. The Maze look alike retreated back and went through different faces.

Michael waited to see what it would do. The shapeshifter morphed into a new face, this one had Michael dropped his smile. It was his face, but with Sam’s dress attire. The shapeshifter took on the face of his baby brother.

“Play your games, but I’ve defeated my brother before. You think I’ll be afraid to punch my own face. Think again,” Michael yelled.

The shapeshifter rushed Michael and threw a punch. He dodged the punch and blocked hit after hit. Michael was in defense mode trying to figure out what its motives were taking on Lucifer’s form. When it seemed he could get a hit in, Michael threw a punch hitting the shapeshifter in the stomach. He had to give it to him, the shapeshifter seemed to know Sam’s fighting styles. He had to resort to playing dirty to get the upper hand. Michael head butted the shapeshifter when he found the match to be dragging on for too long. It must have lost concentration because it went back to its original form when it landed on the floor.

“Have you had enough” Michael said panting. The shapeshifter shook its head signaling it still wanted to fight. There were visible wounds on his face that Michael could see, they littered his face. To Michael’s amazement the shapeshifter stood up and healed his body. He straightened his back and bowed to Michael once more.

“My name is Asmodeus. It’s so nice to meet you Michael, son of God. You are a worthy opponent, better than your brother it seems. No wonder your Father keeps you close, how ever did you manage to free yourself from your leash?” he teased. Michael sent him death glares not bothering to answer. Asmodeus faked a gasp, “Daddy doesn’t know does he? Oh no, no, no my boy. You’ve made a grave mistake coming here. That’s okay I whipped your brother into my services, I’m sure I can get the “Wrath of God” to lick my boots.”

Michael had enough, he charged Asmodeus. It seemed this demon was playing around with Michael from the beginning. Once Michael collided with him, Asmodeus wrapped his arms around Michael and squeezed. Michael groaned in pain, he was stronger than the others. He highly underestimated Asmodeus and now he was paying the price. Asmodeus squeezed more until he heard a pop. Michael yelped in pain as one of his ribs cracked.

The sea of demons gasped as the pop echoed through the courtyard. Brian’s face was pensive from the action. He knew this match would challenge Michael. No one had ever been able to challenge Asmodeus and live to tell the tale.

Michael squirmed in Asmodeus’s arms. The pain from his side shot through his body, it was a new feeling from him, pain. He couldn’t believe this demon managed to weaken him. Father made his children invulnerable, him especially. He kept thrashing against the demon’s hold trying to get him to shake him loose. He somehow managed to get Asmodeus to drop him by having his knee collided with his stomach. The demon dropped Michael, sending him to the ground. Michael held on to his side trying to check his rib.

“Your Daddy forgot about me when he created you muts. I’ve been around longer than you, ruling this place. You really think I’d let an Angel control me? No, this ends here. This is my home not yours,” he stalked over to Michael and grabbed his neck.

Michael tried getting the demon to release him but failed. The pain on his side was new to him that he let his guard down. The grip around his neck was another obstacle of its own. It didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would, but it made him uncomfortable. No matter how hard Asmodeus squeeze Michael’s neck didn’t break. Anger spread across his face when his grip hadn’t ended Michael’s life.

Thank the Heavens Father hadn’t abandoned him. He thought he’d fallen for a second. This demon was just stronger than him.

Michael pulled back his fist and punched the demon in its face, making him release his hold. He gasped for air as he hit the floor with his knees. The horde was roaring with excitement. Brian was Michael’s biggest cheerleader, you could hear him clapping from the side.

Asmodeus cradled his cheek from the spot Michael hit him. He spat out blood giving him a smile, “the Angel has spunk. I’ll take it. You can actually hit, unlike you pathetic brother.”

Michael had enough, he walked up to Asmodeus and the two of them went at it. Hit after hit the two collided. It was like a scene out of Fight Club, they both enjoyed spilling blood. It was a new found discovery. Either had ever met anyone capable of wounding the other. The fun died out once Asmodeus went to a cheap shot and hit Michael back so hard it released his wings.

The horde gasped in awe as the beautiful jet black wings presented themselves. They glowed with beauty unlike before. Michael didn’t mean to unfurl his wings, he didn’t know how it happened. When Asmodeus punch him in the back he hit him with such force it not only released his wings but knocked the wind out of his lungs. Michael was gasping for air.

“Ah ah ah son of God. Put those back, there’s no weapons allowed in this match,” he snickered. Michael didn’t respond, he dropped to his knees trying to gain air. His hand shock to his chest grasping to get his lungs to contract.

Asmodeus stepped around Michael and placed his hands on Michael’s wings. He was powerless to his grasp. The demon knew it as well, he made fast work before Michael could regain himself. He twisted the wings until he could hear the snap of them breaking. The pain was enough to allow air to return back to his lungs.

Michael screamed in pain. His wings dropped motionless on the side of him. It pain ripped through him, it felt like Asmodeus ripped them clean off. He tried moving them, but they failed to respond. The black masses kept to the sides hanging like dead weight. He had to retreat in order to gather his strength to compose himself.

Asmodeus let him go, watching as the pathetic Angel retreated from the match.
“I never knew ‘God’s Wrath’ to cower from a challenge! You are Michael, are you not?” he mocked. “You’re acting like Samael when I first found him. Don’t hide from me son of God, I’m not done with you. You wouldn’t want to disappoint Daddy now would you?” he voiced ran across the courtyard.

Michael retreated behind a boulder to catch his breath. His wings dragged against the stone floor bumping into dead bodies and pillars. He propped himself against the boulder trying to pull his wings back in, but they wouldn’t respond. Brian came running over to him.

“My Lord, please you can't hide. They’ll see weakness. I can’t stress how much you need to go back out there,” he was begging, Brian was scared. Michael pushed him away.
“I’m not hiding. I’m trying to pull my wings back, but they won’t go. He’s broken them. Help me lift one,” he explained. Brian didn’t move. “I said lift it,” Brian shook his head.
“My Lord, Angel wings are holy. I’m afraid it’ll hurt me,” he said.
“What? No it won’t. Please Brian, I need to get back out there,” he begged.

It shocked him to see his master beg, he nodded his head and helped Michael pull both his wings back in. The sound of broken ligaments popping filled their ears. Michael screamed in pain, but managed to get his wings to fall back into their plan.

His back was tender from the punch Asmodeus gave him. He took the time to steady his breathing and walked back to face his foe. He wasn’t done with his demon, he was making a mockery out of him. As he came out from behind the boulder he was found alone in the courtyard.

“Now now Michael, I’m very disappointed in you. I thought I made a son who could defend the Heavens with an iron fist. Looks like I got a child who can’t take a hit,” the voice of God rang across the yard. It stopped Michael dead in his tracks. His heart dropped down to his stomach and his eyes scanned the area. No it couldn’t be. How did he know Father's voice.

“Michael” he called out, “Michael snap out of it, did you really think you could rule Hell like your brother. Not even Samael was strong enough to rule over this domain. Don’t do this to yourself, you’re only embarrass me. I will not have another mockery made of me.” Michael was rooted in his spot. He felt like a child, Asmodeus walked up to him and morphed in God.

Michael dropped down to his knees and bowed to his Father’s form. He’d always been a loyal son and showed his devotion, even now that he questioned his absence he showed obedience. Asmodeus glowed with so much divinity, Michael kept his head down.

No, no, no. He couldn’t be here. He started shaking his head. “It’s not you” He said. Why was he acting this way, it wasn’t his Father.

“Oh but it is my boy. Look at me. I said look at me!” Michael shot his head up and obeyed.
“That’s it Michael. My little warrior, rest now my son. Lay down your hands and give Hell over to me. I’ll take over from here.” He said running his hand through Michael’s curls.

Michael basked in his touch. His Father he’d never shown him this much love. The slightest touch of the shapeshifters hands ran through his curl’s down to his cheek. His hand laid resting stroking his cheek. Tears rolled down his face as his Father’s warmth radiated off of him.

“There you are” a wicked smile spread over his face, “there’s my little angel” he stroked Michael’s face. “Bow to your new king” Asmodeus said.
The last sentence was enough to snap Michael back from his trance. Michael gritted his teeth and rolled away from the demon. Asmodeus was too slow to grab Michael and let him go. He stepped away from the demon and looked upon his Father’s face.

“How… how do you know that face?” he yelled. All it did was smile. Michael rushed forward and grabbed him by the shoulder to look closer. He couldn’t believe it, this demon managed to know the face of his Father. Asmodeus was trapped in Michael’s death grip unable to move.

“Michael stop this now you’re hurting me,” was all it said. He dropped the demon when his Father’s voice ran out. No it wasn’t him. Michael was shaking. He just hurt his Father. Michael had never laid a hand on his Father before, if he had he was sure he’d die instantly. No one had ever touch such divinity before. He looked at his hands and then back to the shapeshifter. Something snapped inside Michael in that moment.

Asmodeus was smiling from its new discovery, but soon stopped when Michael grabbed it by the shoulders once again. “You want to take on that face then fine. I have some pent up rage towards that man” he lifted the shapeshifter squeezing its shoulders, bones could be heard breaking.

A blood curdling scream bounced off the pillars of the courtyard. He grabbed the demon by the neck a squeezed. He wanted it to suffer, so he applied enough pressure to choke him. Asmodeus was powerless to Michael’s hold, the Wrath of God had been released. Michael let go of it’s neck once his eyes started popping out. It dropped to the ground and gasped.

Asmodeus tried changing back, but Michael yelled, “No! You wanted that face now keep it. I’m not finished with you Father.”
He walked over and pushed its face. The force sent Asmodeus flying in the air and crashing onto his back. Teeth scattered across the floor creating a pool around his head. Michael shook his hand from the pain his hit caused. He sat on top of Asmodeus’s chest and landed blow after blow. Michael was rabbitted his anger, the horde grew silent as Michael continued to throw punches at Asmodeus.

“You think I’m weak! Look at me Father, do I look weak?” a crunch echoed. “You wanted a soldier, look at me now!” Michael fist collided and crushed his right eye socket. “Taking orders like the dutiful son I am. Are you proud of the monster you created!” Asmodeus body went lifeless.

Blood splattered against his chest, face, and arms. The noise of bone shattering filled the yard. The scene was nothing Hell hadn’t seen before, but it was another thing to see an Angel of God cause it. Asmodeus’s skull was crushed in and no longer recognizable. Michael had bashed it into the ground and left nothing but brains and blood. Michael kept swinging until Brian come over and placed his hand on Michael’s shoulder. Michael was startled with what was left of its face. You would never have known it even had a head.

“My lord, the throne is yours. No one is left. Hell is yours” Brian said shaking. All Michael could do was look at his hands. Thick blotches of blood dripped from his hands. He stood up and nodded.
“Have the bodies stay out for all to see. If anyone thinks to challenge me again I want them to remember what happens, am I clear?”

Brian nodded and bowed. Michael walked off and the horde parted. Demons paid their respects by bowing and whispered “my lord, my king” as he passed by. Some even went as far as to call him “God killer”. Hell had claimed a new King and he didn’t know how to feel.

He had lost control and blacked out with rage. His hands kept shaking as he made his way through the horde. Demons kept trying to grab him and heal his hands, but he kicked them away. He kept walking through the horde trying to get away. He felt disgusting all over and needed fresh air. He was suffocating from the surrounding bodies. He yelled for them to get away, but none moved. They kept chanting his name and touching him.

Michael was covered in so much blood and demon sludge he tried scrubbing it off his hands. He couldn’t breathe, the feeling of being suffocated hit him again. He needed air, fresh air. He needed out, he couldn’t be here anymore. He was having a panic attack and he couldn’t stop.

He tried summoning his wings, but his back cried in pain. He needed to get out. His chest was heaving with difficulty. Once again he gasps for air, he was suffocating. More demons crowded around him trying to get his attention. Once more he kicked them away and told them to back off.

No one listened and continued to advance on him. He couldn’t take it, he was gasping. He needed fresh air. He sucked in the pain and released his wings. They twitched in pain as they came into being. The demons tried grabbing at them, but Michael pushed them away.

His chest was on fire as he took a deep breath and flew away. He flew right into the balcony of the palace and landed hard. His wings crashed into all the furniture. Although his wings were healing they were still damaged from the fight. He couldn’t stop hyperventilating. He needed air. He started screaming and pulling on his hair.

Once again Michael was mad with anger and let his fist take action. He tore into every piece of furniture he could get his hands on. One by one he destroyed Lucifer’s office. Painting from old destroyed beyond recognition. He didn’t care. He needed someone to calm him down. He screamed and screamed. His throat was raw and hurse.

What had he done. He just defeated his Father, but it wasn’t actually him. Was it? In his mind it wasn’t but in his heart he knew what he was doing. He killed Asmodeus without mercy because he was wearing his Father’s face. He didn’t know how to process it all. He didn’t want to kill his Father, so why did he try so hard to have Asmodeus keep the face?

The panic attack was back, and he couldn’t stop it. He prayed and prayed for Amenadiel or Raphael, but no one showed up. As much as he hated to do it, he even prayed for Samael. The lowest point in his life, and still no one answered. What good was having brothers if they wouldn’t show. He continued to destroy everything in his path. He didn’t care if Sam’s estate was ruined. He was going through something and he didn’t know how to feel.

He felt like he had fallen from grace due to everyone’s silence. No one answered him. He even prayed to his Father, and like he guessed. He didn’t even answer. He cursed at the ceiling repeatedly as if someone could hear him.

Brian came running into the palace to find Michael throwing scraps of wood across the room. He barely managed to make it past the living room before Michael’s thunder voice scared him out. He listened to Michael scream and shout at nothing and everyone. He could hear the pain in his voice. Brian let Michael tire himself out until he felt it was safe to check up on him.

Michael was on the ground against the wall in the corner with blood shot eyes looking at his hands. Brian slowly made his way over to his master, he didn’t want to anger him more than he showed earlier. As he drew closer to Michael, he noticed black feathers littering the floor. The beautiful black feather were covered in blood. Michael hands continued to shake as he looked at them. Brian couldn’t keep his eyes off the feather. He picked one up and held it close. It tickled his skin from its divinity.

“They won’t go away. I… I tried ripping them off but they won’t stop growing back,” he said with tears in his eyes. He wasn’t looking at Brian, he just kept staring at his bloodied hands.

“What won’t stop growing my Lord?” Brian asked moving closer to Michael. He shot his head up and looked at the tiny demon. His eyes were red and his voice was raw.
“My feather,” his voice was barely there as he spoke.

He unfurled his wings and tried to rip off more feathers. This time none came off, they were refusing to be pulled off. Michael cried at his attempts to defeather himself. Brian came and grabbed his hands to steady his masters movements, Michael let him.

“My Lord you have to stop. It’s not healthy to mutilate one’s self. Especially something as beautiful as your wings. They were just brutally injured during battle,” Brian said. Michael nodded and closed his eyes. He kept his wings out and let Brian stroke the black masses.

They twitched from the contact, but welcomed the touch. Michael hissed as Brian messaged the part Asmodeus broke. After some time Michael called his wings back. Brian stepped away and cradled a feather in his hands.

“Collect the feathers and have them burned. They hold healing abilities and I don’t need your brethren in possession of divinity. If I see you hiding a feather away, I will end you like the twenty-five who challenged me today. Do I make myself clear?” Michael said standing up.

He addressed Brian as if they never shared a moment a few minutes ago. He nodded and dropped the feather. Michael wiped his tears away and walked over to the bar. He had broken everything he could get his hands on. His half finished glass was all that was left. He sighed and finished the rest.

He watched as Brian collected all the feathers and tossed them into the fire. Once he was done he called the small demon to him. Brian bowed his head and waited for further instructions. Michael walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder “my friend can you escort me to a shower? I’m in need of a wash and fresh clothes,” Brian nodded and gestured for Michael to follow him.

The tiny demon lead him into a room where a bathhouse laid. Steam could be seen floating on the top. Brian walked away to retrieve a towel for Michael. Michael shed his pants and boxers and slowly walked into the water. The water felt amazing against his muscles. The fighting had taken a great toll on his body that he didn’t know could happen. He winced with pain as his back hit the stone ledge.

“Would my Lord like me to help with your wash? I know your sore my Lord. I can see your difficulty moving.” Brian stepped into the water with a cloth at the ready. Michael nodded and let the demon scrub the blood off. Michael winced as the rough cloth ran against his bruises. Once Brian found Michael to be clean he got out and let him relax in the heat.

Michael released his wings and let them soak in the hot water. They deserved it after the beating they took. One wings at a time he stretched them out to test their movement. It still hurt, but he knew they were healing. His body began to prune, so he stood up and got out of the large bath. Brian was standing by and handed his master a towel. Michael turned away and dried his body off with no more than a thanks.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathhouse. Brian escorted him to another room for him to sit and relax. Michael obeyed and let him order him around. Brian arranged a room for Michael to sleep in. The bed was ready for Michael to retire. He got up and crawled into bed, his towel was discarded on the floor. Once his head hit the pillow, Michael entered the realm of sleep.

Hours passed and Michael finally woke from his rest. His body had fully healed itself letting him stretch without pain. Today was a new day and he didn’t feel like seeing people. Brian came padding into the room voicing his good morning and disappearing into Lucifer’s wardrobe. So much for not seeing anyone today. He took a deep breath and placed a mask over his face. He had to forget the events that happened yesterday, it needed to be buried deep down and forgotten. Brian came walking out of the closet showing him two suits for Michael to choose from.

“Apologise my lord… but I know you are not your brother. I have two suits for you to choose from. I don’t know your dress style yet my lord.”
“That’s okay Brian. Let’s have a look” he was presented with an all white suit and a black one with a grey dress shirt. He did find the black striking, but the white one called out to him more.
“I’ll have this one. I want them to fear divinity” Brian nodded with fear and bowed.

Michael ran his fingers over the material “this will do.” He took his time putting each article of clothing on, when he was done he looked to Brian and possed.
“Very handsome my Lord. The white works most well for you,” he addressed.
“Why thank you Brian” he smiled and patted the demons back. Brian thought he was going to hit him, but found the contact pleasing.
“You’re most welcome my Lord” Brian smiled. The facial structure was foreign to his features, but welcomed it anyways.

Michael buttoned up his suit jacket and turned to walk out and Brian trailed behind.
“Fill me in on what I missed when I left,” Michael said walking through the palace.
“The horde stayed chanting your name my Lord. The horde wishes to please its new King so they gather outside wishing you good health and a prosperous reign. It seems Hell has bowed to your will my Lord. Something not even master Lucifer managed to do,” Brian soon found Michael stopping and turning to him.

“I… I… I didn’t mean to offend you or master Lucifer my Lord, I swear” Brian feel to his knees.
“Brian get up I’m not mad. I’m just shocked that’s all” Brian got up with hesitation.
“Shocked my lord?”
“Sam… I mean Lucifer has never managed to control the horde on this level before?”
Brian shook his head “no, my Lord. You challenged the best of the best. These were the princes of Hell my Lord. Master Lucifer has never been able to defeat them, he’s only been able to control them through his deals. The demons you slayed were master Lucifer’s greatest burden. Everyone worships you now. Hell needs it King” Brian got down on his knees and pledged his loyalty.

Michael looked at Brian and motioned for him to get up “I am no one’s King. I guard this realm and Heaven’s above. If they need to see me as their King so be it, but I don’t want the title. My brother can keep it.”
“That is not how it works my Lord” he got up and looked at Michael.
“I am in charge and what I said goes. I am not here to be its King. There will be other angels to follow, I needed the horde to see the celestial strength. They needed to be reminded they answer to us and us alone.”
“Nonetheless my Lord. You are the King, if only for your time here. I serve you now and until I die” he bowed.
“Very well, but call me Michael at least”
“I can’t do that, my Lord, I must always address your status,” he said softly.
“Fine… in private I am Michael and in the presence of others it’s Lord” Brian thought it over and bowed.

Michael made his way out of the palace and into the columns of tortured souls. Screams could be heard bouncing off its black pillars. Demon bowed as Michael presence became known. He looked of pure divinity, he shined so bright some demons had to look down to avoid his blinding light. Michael stuck out like a light in the dark, everyone could point him out.

“Brian” he came running in front of him eager to please.
“Is the white too much?”
“A tad my Lord, but as you said earlier you wanted to show off your celestial strength. The suit works my Lord” Brian tried really hard to look at Michael. Michael noticed and tried to dim his ora done.
“Thank you my lord” Michael nodded.
“Meet me in the courtyard. I would like to address something to your bretheren” with that Michael took off.

He flew over to the courtyard and looked upon the dead demons he killed. The smell of rotten corpses filled the air. Ash covered the bodies like a blanket. Once he landed the ash flaked off the surfaces. He covered his mouth and nose as the smell intensified. He walked over to his last opponents corpse and tried to block out the fight. Brian came running up distracting Michael from further thoughts.

“Would you like me to summon the horde my Lord?”
“I don’t think it’s necessary, I believe I can do it myself” Michael closed his eyes and channeled the inner workings of Hell. He called forth every demon to come to the courtyard. He opened his eyes and smiled to Brian.
“You’re learning my Lord,” Brian smiled back.
“It seems I am.” Together they waited. The ground started to rumble as the masses came forth.

He waited for what felt like half an hour until he decided to address the horde. No one dared to come within ten yards of Michael, whenever the horde pushed forward they’d scramble to be pushed away from him.

“It has come to my attention that you all have been working tirelessly to please me” he yelled out for all to hear. The ones that were in the front nodded their heads.
“I have gathered you all here to not only address my gratitude but to also address another topic” he unfurled his wings and flew in the air. Demons feared for their lives as he shot up into the air.
“I want you all to know that I am not your only King. My brother still controls this realm. I am merely stepping in to co-rule. My brothers and sister will be co-ruling as well. Make no mistake, we are strong and united. What you saw the other day is the example we all will enforce. Should any of you question our strength again you will die” Michael voice boomed across the courtyard for all to hear.

“Continue to please me and no one shall die. If you so much as think about it I and my siblings will know. Don’t make the same mistake as your brethren here” he pointed to the carcuses below. With a snap of his finger the bodies turned to dusk and were swept away from the beats of Michael’s powerful wings.

He descended back onto the ground and grabbed a demon by the neck.
“Prove your loyalty to me now” he let go of the demon and addressed the horde “I want all your pledges. Should any of you not you will face my wrath.”

One by one Michael stood and took in everyone's declaration of his loyalty. Many went as far to offer him trinkets to please him. He accepted and told them to carry on with their jobs. The whole thing went on for days, but Michael stayed and showed his strength. He only had to kill five demons, because they refused to follow multiple rulers. Other learned fast and accepted quick. By the time the line was dwindling down another week had passed. A mountain of gifts were piled up. The last demon to present itself was a beautiful woman. She bowed right away and looked up at Michael.

“Will you accept the conditions brought forth? Will you remain loyal to not only Lucifer, but myself and other siblings?” the demon nodded her head and said “aye.”

She dropped down on her knees and spoke, “My name is Lilith, my Lord. Although I’m sure you know that” she looked right into Micahel’s eyes.
“So nice of you to finally show yourself Lilith. I was afraid my brother finally got rid of you.”
“Like he could ever get rid of this” she stood up and showed off her features.

“No it seems like it would be a waste,” she smiled “Father did model you after my Mother. Seems Sam didn’t have the heart to kill you when you birthed these monster.”
“No he didn’t, but he did cast me out of his bed once he got tired of me,” she sneered.

Michael ignored her statement and came to stand behind her. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear “they died honorably. Don’t make the same mistake as your offspring Lilith. It's a shame to set an example using you.”
She continued to sneer, but bowed “I would never go up against an Angel of God. I only wish to seek out equality. It’s all I ever wanted.” Michael came to stand in front of her, he nodded and motioned for her to follow him.

The three of them walked along the halls in silence. Michael took his time to make a decision that Sam would be okay with. After all this was his brother’s domain not his, he had the power but not the right to change things around Hell. Lilith walked beside Michael sneaking glances at Brian. Brian followed Michael’s example and remained silent, not bothering to look upon his mother.

“I cannot give you something I don’t have power over” he explained to her. Lilith stopped and looked at him “but I can offer you a position. You will be my second in command. You will report to me at the end of every week and give me a detailed report on the progress happening in Hell.” Brian looked to Michael and was about to protest, but Michael stopped him.
“You want equality you shall earn it. I’ll talk to my brother about your request when he comes back. I don’t look down at you because you are a woman Lilith, I am cautious because you turned your back from grace and gave birth to Hell’s nightmares.”

Lilith accepted his answer and turned around ready to leave.
“I never dismissed you Lilith. Accompany me back to the palace. It would be nice to talk with another human. Perhaps I can pick your brain on some topics. It seems we may share something in common.”

They made their way to the palace. When they walked in the room Michael destruction was gone. There was no damage to any of the furniture or paintings. Michael looked to Brian and he smiled stating, “master Lucifer placed a spell to undo any damage place on theses rooms. He too gets in those moods, nothing to feel bad about my Lord.” Michael nodded and ushered Lilith in.

Brian made sure to open a room up for them to discuss in private. Michael motioned for Lilith to sit down. She gladly took a seat while Michael walked to the bar.
“Would you like something to drink?
“No, I’m fine” Michael nodded and poured himself a glass of scotch. He came around the bar and sat down across from Lilith.

“How have you been Lilith? I haven’t seen you since the whole Adam ordeal” he sat back into the chair and drank from his glass.
“If you must know I’ve been morning my beloved. You killed him during your challenge” she said looking at him. There was no remorse or pain written on her face.

“Mmm did I? Which one was he? The big scary one I would think. I did find his strength impressive.”
“No… Tar’ath was one of my first born. He will be missed. My beloved was your last challenger,” Michael sat up and looked at Lilith.
“Asmodeus?” he questioned.
“Indeed. The Prince of Hell himself, Father of demons, and the beast of the pits,” she said. Michael gave her a terrifying look, but she didn’t finch. He sat back down and leaned into the couch. He took a deep drink out of his glass and continued the conversation.

“I knew something was off about him, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. He fought well. He did manage to shake me to my core. That trick with my Father’s face… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recover from,” he said inside his glass. He tired down playing the battle, but in reality he didn’t know how he’d get over the match.

“He loved to play that card with Samael, but those of us who’ve met him never do. As I can tell from your reaction, you didn’t enjoy it either?”
“No I did not. My Father and I haven’t talked in quite some time” he shot back the rest of his drink.
“Is that so? God’s mightiest soldier has fallen. May God have mercy on the Heavens, I’m sure that shook Heaven to its core. Two fallen lightbringers in a lifetime” she snickered leaning back crossing her legs.
“I haven’t fallen,” he spat. “But there’s still time, I guess,” he said sadly.

Lilith studied Michael. He didn’t look any different from his brother. Sure he wore his white suit that pulled forth his celestial nature, but everything he’d done in Hell screamed the Devil.
“Take it from a fallen human. Keep your Father’s grace close, once he’s cast you out, evil takes root fast. You have that look in your eye Michael” she leaned forward “Samael may have left Hell, but the Devil still resides here.” Michael didn’t like what he was hearing. He threw his glass against the wall and met her stare.

“Mind your mouth Lilith,” Michael said viciously.
“Oh, there he is, the Devil has come out to play. You look exactly like Samael, all you need are the eyes. Keep it up Michael and my children will bow to you and only you” she smiled and leaned back.

Michael continued to stare at her, but heeded her words. Hell was bringing out something in him that he didn’t like, but it always sat underneath his skin even in Heaven. He finally opened his mouth and spoke, “I’ll keep that in mind Lilith. You may leave now.”
She stood up and walked over to Michael “If you ever need me just call” a hand ran along his jaw “it’s been nice seeing you my Lord” she gave him a wicked smile and left the room.

Michael stood up and made his way over to the bar. Brian could be heard cleaning up the broken glass. He sat down and took deep breaths. He needed to get his temper under control, Angels should handle problems with grace not violence. He shook his head at his own words, since when had Michael ever answered things with gace. His response had always been violence, Father made him that way. Michael made himself another glass of scotch and played with the glass.

He replayed his conversation with Lilith. He killed Asmodeus, Father of all Demons. Huh. He lifted his eyebrow and downed his drink. It burned going down. He had always heard stories of Asmodeus from Amenadiel, he was said to of been a powerful being his Father had created. If Lilith was telling the truth Michael killed one of the seven deadly sins. No wonder the demons feared him, he managed to kill one of Hell’s princes. He wondered how Sam would handle the news. He hope he managed to do him a service rather than put him in a predicament. He shook his head trying to push away the thoughts. He is the patron saint of law enforcement, he will continue to enforce Hell to bow to it’s new tenant. He will guard the realm and vanquish rebel souls.

He sat on the bar stool muttering his mantra over and over. He was trying very hard to remind himself of who he was. He wouldn’t let Hell take him alive. He wouldn’t become its new Devil. He had to stay strong. Again over and over he repeated his montra.

I am Michael, Patron Saint of Law Enforcement
You will guard this realm and vanquish rebel souls...

I am Michael, Patron Saint of Law Enforcement
You will guard this realm and vanquish rebel souls…

I am Michael…. I am Michael… I am Michael…

Chapter Text



Lucifer sipped at his wine mulling over his statement about his brother. He hoped he was faring well, he had yet to hear from him. He had tried praying to him, but received no answer. He must be busy, surely that’s why he has yet to respond to him. Chloe reached out and grabbed his hand, she gave it a squeeze. 

“I’m sure he’s doing fine, you shouldn’t worry. Would it help if you popped back down and checked in on him?” she said placing her glass down. 

“I doubt he’d appreciate me butting my nose in, he’d think I was hovering,” he sighed and mimicked her movements. 

“You know it’s okay to be concerned about your brother. Whether he’s older or not, it’s perfectly fine to worry about someone you care about,” she said. 

“I know Detective, I do. It’s just I’ve never left Hell in the hand of someone other than myself. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be in charge of it. It’s a foul place that’s home to monstrous beings. It made me into the man I am today. Michael really shouldn’t of been the first to take over, he’s an idiot,” he was shaking his head. 

“Why’s he an idiot for wanting to go first?” she was curious to know more about Hell.

Lucifer sighed and looked at his hands, “he left with an active mind about our Dad. Sometimes Hell plays tricks on you, he’s opened a target on his back. Those thoughts will fester and eat him out.”

“You can’t know for sure he’ll fall into it, surely Michael is strong enough to hold himself together,” she said. 

Lucifer hummed and didn’t bother looking at her. Maybe she was right, he was worrying too much. Surely Dad would keep an eye on his favorite son, Michael was kicking up enough dusk to have the man’s eye on him. He lifted his head and gave Chloe a small smile and she returned the gesture. 


“The nights still young, what is it, eight? Surely we can get a lot done until we retire for the night. What do you say Detective, up for some games with the Devil?,” that wicked grin of his graced his face. It sent chills down her spine. Oh how she really wanted to play, but she was sure he meant actual games not sex. Her cheeks flushed just thinking about it. He fake gasped, “oh Detective, naughty naughty girl, get that head out of the gutter. I was talking about drinking game, but I’ll indulge you if you beg” he gave her a wink. 

Another wave of blood rushed her face, she lifted her glass back up to her lips to hide her shame. Lucifer chuckled, but let her go. He didn’t want to push her, he was only teasing. 

“Drinking games? What kind of game did you have in mind?” she placed her glass down. 

“Well we could play truth or dare. Or never have I ever. Maybe a game of spin the bottle?” he wiggled his eyebrows at the latter. She pushed him when he insinuated the kissing game. 

“It’s only the two of us, how can we possibly play spin the bottle?” she said rolling her eyes.

“Well it’d just be us kissing of course, I haven’t kissed you enough today,” he leaned towards her and gave her a kiss. 

She accepted his answer and leaned into his lips. He was about to pull away when she deepened the kiss. She wasn’t ready to let him go just yet. He smiled at her eagerness and locked lips with her. She demanded entrance of his mouth by biting his lower lip. He obliged and let her in. She grew impatient sitting in front of him to she got off her ass and climbed on top of his lap. Lucifer hissed as she pressed down on his pants. She was out for blood tonight. 


They continued to kiss one another until Lucifer pulled away. She groaned at the loss of his tongue and lips. He was trying to catch his breath as she ran her hands in his hair. 

“Easy Detective, all the blood in my body as traveled down my nether regions and I don’t think I’ll be able to deny you if we continue, love,” he said eyeing her lips. She nodded her head and slide off his lap. 

“You’re right, wow. You really are like walking heroine,” a laugh escaped. “Drinking games, okay, which one should we start with?” she sat back in her spot across from him. 

Lucifer shifted his pants to the side to correct his erection. The movement didn’t go unnoticed by Chloe, she simply smiled at him. “Well since I’m in need of a breather, perhaps never have I ever? I wouldn’t want you egging me with truth or dare,” his eyes narrow in on her. 


She let a chuckle escape and shook her head. She couldn’t believe the Devil himself was afraid of her, oh how ironic that was. “Fine, big baby. I’ll need a refill if we are to play never have I ever. You do know, I’ll win this game right? I haven’t done anything exciting,” she handed her glass to Lucifer. 

He shot up and grabbed both their glasses. He poured the remainder of the bottle into their glasses. The rich red wine wasn’t a drinking game approved drink, but she asked for a refill. 

“Oh I’m sure I can narrow in on some things you’ve done Detective,” he winked at her again. Her eyes widened at him actually narrowing in and having her lose. 

“Hey no cheap shots, their only two of us,” she reached out for her glass. Lucifer graciously handed her the glass. He sat down and looked at her. 

“Fine fine. Who starts first?” he asked. 

“Well since I picked the game, it’s only fair you get the first question,” she reclined herself back and waited for him to ask his question. 


Lucifer mimicked her movement and got comfortable. He tapped his glass trying to come up with the best started question. 

“Oh okay, I got one. Never have I ever had sex in a public place?” he looked her up and down trying to figure out the answer. Her eyes bugged out and coughed. 

“You can’t ask something you’ve done before Lucifer!” her grip tightened on the glass. 

“I’ve never had sex in a public place Detective, I handle my endeverse descretely behind close doors” he smiled “and you Detective have yet to answer my question” he shot her a look. She sighed and drank from glass. Lucifer gasped and got excited. 

“My Detective! When? Where? Better question who? No, no back to where?” he was excited to find out about her little sexapade. 

She hid behind her glass and refused the answer. Lucifer was bouncing in his seat moving closer to her. She smiled at his excitement. 

“Wait I take it back, I was behind closed doors,” she whined. 

“Nah ah Detective, you already drank. Now tell me where you had you sexual awakening.”

“Lucifer! No it’s never have I ever, not kiss and tell,” she laughed pushing him away. 

He placed his glass down and placed his head on her lap. He looked up at her and gave her his best puppy eyes. “Please? We can play kiss and tell if you like?” he couldn’t keep a straight face as she rolled her eyes at him. 

“Oh God no. If I answer where, that’s it, no more questions on this subject, okay?” she looked down at him and played with his jaw. He nodded in response and kept his mouth closed. 

“It happened at the station” he was about to respond but she shut him up, “in the evidence closet, the subject is dropped now Lucifer.” Lucifer responded with a huff. 

“Very well, but good on you Detective. Now I know we can certainly do something at the station,” he winked and bit his bottom lip for her. She blushed once again and motioned him to sit up. 

He sat up much to his discomfort. “Alright, it’s your turn to attack me with your innocent statements. Hit me with your best shot, love,” he placed a new bottle on the table next to his glass because he knew he’d be drinking the whole thing tonight. 


She sat back and took her time trying to find the best statement to get him on. It had to be thought out well because let’s face it Lucifer had done everything. She wanted to get him good, one he wouldn’t see coming. 

“Never have I ever fallen asleep during sex,” she looked him right in the eye and delivered a wicked smile. 

He already had the glass on his lips when she blurted out the question. He nearly choked at her statement. He pulled back the glass and gave her the most unforgiving face. 

“Who told you?” she shook her head and covered her mouth from a laugh escaping. 

“It was Maze, wasn’t it. Oh, she's dead. It happened once. Once!” Chloe lifted his glass and gestured for him to drink. He laughed and drank from his glass. “Good one Detective, good one. I underestimated you.”

She tipped her glass to him and smiled. He smiled back at her and thought of another statement for her. 

“Never have I ever chugged a beer in ten seconds,” he said proudly. Chloe didn’t drink from her glass. His smile dropped at his statement wasted. “What no, really? I thought I’d get that one. Hmm seems you are a classy lady indeed Detective.” 

She gasped and hit his arm, “and I wasn’t before that statement” she laughed at him. 

“No” he laughed and she hit him again “I was kidding, your the classiest of them all Detective. I just assumed since you drink beer, you’d be into shotgunning the thing. My mistake,” he leaned forward and gave her a kiss. She happily accepted his forgiveness. 

She was definitely going all out now, “Never have I ever tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.” She delivered the perfect smug smile to him and watched him sneer at her. She got him good, and she knew it. 

“Touché. I blame the urchin on that one. She’s always teaching me new things. It’s twenty four by the way,” he said winking at her. She laughed because in no way was it sexy. He lifted his glass and drank from it. 

The two of them went back and forth trying to get the other one drunk. They were both equally matched and only an hour had passed. It was going to be a very long night for the both of them. 





Brian found Michael muttering to himself over by the bar. He tread lightly getting near the Angel when he seemed lost in a trance. He hesitantly made his way in front of his master. Michael’s eyes were staring at nothing, repeating a mantra of some kind in the old tongue. He had long forgotten the language, but knew a word or two Michael was saying. The words “vanquish” and “souls” came to mind. He decided against touching the Angel and opted for words. 

“You know if you don’t sleep for seventy-two hours, you become clinically insane,” he stated dragging Michael back to consciousness. Michael blinked and looked at Brian. “It’s true, you know. You haven’t slept in weeks my Lord. Perhaps it’s time you entered the dream realm and let your body fully rest.” Michael shook his head and pinched the brim of his nose. 

“There’s too much that needs to be done. I have to check for broken torture cycles and rogue souls wondering aobut…” Brain cut him off. 

“I will address the issue my Lord, you need your rest. I’m here to ensure your health and wellbeing, I can’t do those if your running around snapping at us.”

Michael nodded and began to rub his eyes, “you’re right. I’m in need of rest. Maybe Dream can play me a lovely tune throughout my sleep.” Brian escorted Michael to his bedroom. One by one Michael stripped off his clothes and crawled into bed. Once his burning body touched the cool sheets, sleep took hold. Brian gathered his articles of clothes and exited the room. 





The sound of paper tearing filled the room. Long, thick sheet of paper, one by one fell onto the ground. Someone was in his room rummaging through pages and then tearing them out. He opened his eyes for a moment to see what Brian was doing. He didn’t the small demon to know he was awake, so he refrained from moving. The sound was quite enjoyable. The sound of a pencil scribbling against paper soon followed. He wondered what Brian was writing, it seemed urgent and unpredictable. He moved his legs a tad and noticed he was naked, somehow it didn’t bother him. The cool sheets hugged his body making him not want to get up and go about his day. The tearing of paper continued along with a pencil taking note. He didn’t bother steadying Brian’s active note taking and paper tearing because it calmed his mind. He let the small demon in the room continue its work, enjoying the sweet sound. 

“You know, I never thought this was a thing until recently. You really enjoy the sound of paper tearing and writing?” a man asked from the desk. He placed the pencil down. Michael shot up not noticing the voice and looked at the man. 

He had skin as pale as the moon and raven black hair that stood out on all ends like a mad man. He tilted his head off to the side like Michael should know who he was. Michael certainly didn’t know this strange man, but didn’t feel threatened. He was shocked nonetheless, but not scared. It wasn’t his appearance that shocked him, it was the twin stars that stared back at him. Michael shortly remembered he was naked and covered himself, embarrassed. 

“Oh my boy, don’t feel embarrassed. This is your safe haven. Relax, enjoy the pleasures of life,” The man went back to tearing pages out of a book. Michael looked at him and around the room. He was in his quarters back in Heaven. How?

“This is the Dream Realm, of course. You did ask for me to play you a lovely tune. Was this not what you had in mind?” he ripped another page. Michael watched as he tore apart one of his favorite books. He was horrified, his Mother had given him that book. “Yeah, it’s not doing it for me either,” he placed the book down and chucked it across the room. Michael waited for the thud, but didn’t hear it.  

The man tilted his head to study the Angel, Michael averted his eyes and looked at the mess the man made. With a flick of his wrist, the man got rid of the mess. Michael looked up and stared at his eyes. They were twin white stars of their own as bright as the Heavens. He couldn’t stop looking at them. 

“I would advise putting protection on, it’s like staring into the sun,” with that Michael had sunglasses on. He touched his face finding the pair on his face. 

“Or you could turn down the lighting so I don’t hurt myself,” Michael said. The man shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. Without any noticed he changed his brightness off so they looked like black pits. Somehow it made things worse. 

“I can’t win with you can I? You know, you’ve always been a mystery to me. You’re Father placed one hell of a blanket over you. Ever wonder why you’ve never been able to dream? He’s kept your mind covered from me, guess he didn’t want me placing ideas in your mind,” the man said standing up and walking over to Michael. 

He sat there in bed unable to move. He watched as the man walked up to him and sat down in his bed, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not here to plant ideas in your head Michael. I just wanted to say Hello. It seems not even God can enter Hell, bad for him, good for me. We finally get to talk.” Michael looked at him and didn’t say a word. All of this was new for him. 

“My name is Morpheus, or Dream, whichever you prefer. It's very nice to meet you Michael.” Morpheus smiled. Michael didn’t bother addressing him, he already knew who he was, so he said the first thing that came to mind. “I use to read books about you when I was a child. They always said you were a black cat,” he said. 

“I can be a cat if you’d like, you didn’t strike me as the sort to answer to creatures though,” Morpheus stood up and prepared to change his features. Michael stopped his motions, “No this is fine, you’re correct. I don’t think I’d answer to it, I’d probably see it as an omen.”

“I can be many things Michael, I wouldn’t assume such things so soon,” Morpheus changed the scenery before their eyes. They were standing on a beach, Michael was fully dressed in his shining armor. Michael touched his plated armor, “how?” Morpheus cut him off. 

“This is my realm Michael, I control reality around us. I do love the armor,” he stood aside and took in his form. 

Michael was in his decorative plated armor his Father had given him. Unlike Amenaidel and Lucifer he was given protection and not decorative fashion statements. The white sheath complimented his armor well along with its golden belt. He’d forgotten how heavy the armored plate had been. It didn’t feel right on his chest, not anymore.

Michael turned away and tried shedding his armor off, “stop this, I’m not a warrior anymore.” The leather straps refused to release their hold on Michael’s sides. 

“Why’s that? You always loved showing off this look. What happened that made you so shameful,” Morpheus came to stand in front of him. 

Michael pulled and pulled trying to get the armor off but it wouldn’t come off, “Please. This isn’t me anymore.” He dropped to his knees soaking his skirt in the sand. Morpheus kneeled in front of him and placed a hand on his shoulder. 

“Explain what happened and I will remove it, you need to address the issue, my boy.” 

Michael had tears forming his eyes, his hands still tried to rip the armor off. The metal held true and refused to break. He yelled and beat his chest trying to pry it off. 

“Try all you want it won’t come off,” Morpheus said. 

Michael gave up and let his hands fall on the beach. 

“I failed them…” he said in nothing but a whisper. His tears added to the water that wet his knees. 

“Failed who Michael?” his hand still had his hand on Michael’s shoulder. 

“Mankind…” he lifted his hands and pulled on the armory. It still refused to loosen. He yelled. 

Morpheus stood up and looked at the Angel cry himself into sadness. He shook his head at Michael’s vagueness. 

“My boy, the pain will continue to fester if you don’t acknowledge it,” he looked down at Michael. Michael screamed in pain trying to release himself of his armor. It seemed to burn him just by having it on his body. Morpheus sighed and watched the Angel tried and tried again to release its hold. He gave up once his hands started bleeding. 

“All their suffering and pain is because of me. I turned my back on them when they needed me the most. War, famine, slavery, and genocide, they all happened because I stood by and let it happen,” he pulled at his armor. He yelled some more “Get it off, please. Please, it burns.”

Morpheus shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t. I’m not the one in charge of it’s hold. It’s you Michael, only you can remove it.” Michael’s head shot up and looked at him with rage. He stood up and tried to grab ahold of him. Morpheus teleported himself to a safe distance, 

“I’m sorry to deceive you Michael, I needed you to open up.”

Michael ran after him trying to catch the man, “stop running you coward.”

“That’s rich coming from you Michael. You’re running from this, you need to address the issue that’s breaking your soul.” Morpheus stood by the shore a few meters away from Michael. Michael unfurled his wings and flew to the Dream Lord. Morpheus raised his hands and steadied Michael’s actions. 

“Breathe Michael. Relax, my boy. Rest,” he calmed Michael down by inducing him back into a sleep. 


When Michael woke up he was still in a dream under Morpheus’ spell. He was placed in a desert, the great desert of Egypt to be exact. He was still garbed in his armor, but this time his sword clung to his waist. He unsheathed his sword and threw it in the sand, “I don’t want to be here,” he said out loud to Morpheus. Michael tired calling forth his wings, but they didn’t appear. He lifted his hand to his eyes to get a better look of his scenery. The sun’s rays were really beating down its head. He found no sign of life anywhere to be found. 

The sun continued to beating down upon him so he started walking to find shelter. His armor morphed from metal to leather in a blink of an eye. He groaned at its change. Although it wasn’t his Father’s gifted metal armor it was still one of its many powers it presented. This specific leather armor was one he wore in the past a lot. The leather armor had his star symbol embroidered in with gold trimmings with the white sheath underneath. It was better than the metal, but it still held true to his body. He walked for miles until he came across a colony of people. 

They were camped outside enjoying the festivities. Cheering and dancing could be seen from afar. He was glad to of discarded his sword, he didn’t want to frighten these people. He came peacefully and walked into their camp. A huge man with a long black beard came walking up to him with welcoming arms. 

“Hello my son! You seem to of traveled far, a soldier by the looks of it,” the man took his appearance in. He looked to the side to checked to see if Michael had a sword. He smiled when he saw none. “Come, come, you must join us,” he pulled Michael over to the fire for him to sit down. 

Michael remembered his moment vaguely, it was a memory from when he came to answer a prayer from a shepherd. He claimed his people were being taken and sold in the middle of the night and needed his protection. Michael watched as the man danced with his daughters and sang songs. His eldest daughter came to sit down with him and offer a jug of water. 

“My father says you are a soldier, is that true?” she looked at him with wonder. Michael grabbed the jug and drank from it. He turned to her, “I was once one yes. Now, we’ll, I’ve left my post. I heard a voice in the desert and followed it here.”

“What did the voice say?” she asked curiously. 

“I’m afraid I can’t remember, it’s been so long. I remember following it here. I can’t remember why I’m back here,” it was a memory and she wasn’t truly there anymore. She was long gone, centuries had passed. 

He looked at her trying to remember why he was back with the Israelites. She grabbed his hand, “perhaps you are our messenger, God must have sent you to us for protection.” His face dropped at her words. Michael shook his head, the memory hit him like a wave. He shot up and walked away. The woman watched as he fled his seat and rush out of the camp. He was breathing heavily, a panic attack was forming. 


The scene around him changed once more. Israelites were being dragged from their tents and whipped. Children were crying and women were being raped. A past version of Michael could be seen from afar being held down by chains. He was forced to watch as the Israelites were carted off and sold into salvery. His brother Gabriel stood over him pointing at the humans whispering something in his ear. 

He remembered that moment and the words his brother whispered in his ear. Gabriel had come to take Michael back. Michael had flown down to Earth to personally answer prayer he felt deserved attention. Gabriel was sent by their Father to collect him. Supposedly, Michael wasn’t supposed to “interfere with human affairs," those were God’s words. 

“Stop this now Michael. You’re not their Prince, you’re ours. You are suppose to protect us not them. Father has asked for you to return home and stop this crusade at once,” Gabriel said holding Michael down. The only reason he could do it was because the chains drained his powers. He was mortal when wearing them. 

“I can’t let these men and women suffer, look at them! They are suffering. Let me seek justice, and do my job!” he yelled trying to break free. Gabriel held him down. 

“Stop it. These humans are nothing to us. They have their own will. If they want to be free they will claim it themselves. Maybe not now, but in due time. You’re coming home at once brother.” 

Michael watched as Gabriel dragged himself by the chains back to Heaven. The Israelites screams never left his memory after that day . Michael rubbed his wrists from the memory, tears filled his eyes. 

The scene changed and picked up with Gabriel throwing him on the floor. The chains were still wrapped around his wrists. 

“Father has instructed me to inform you, that you shall not interfere with the history playing out,” he said. 

“And if I don’t? You can’t possibly expect me to sit and not answer my own prayers to protect the innocent. It is my job!” He yelled at his baby brother.

“You will obey the word of God! He has spoken. Forget the Hebrews, and concentrate on guiding the souls to Heaven Michael,” his brother addressed and left him there. 

Present Michael walked up to his past self and kneeled in front of him. This man had so much passion for humanity, he was young and hopeful. Oh how his Father hammered that out of him over the next few centuries. 


He remembered finding Sam snooping around Egypt shortly after the incident. Amenadiel asked for Michael’s help in retrieving their brother and send him back to Hell. In their short visit he managed to get Sam to deliver a message to one of Father’s prophets. Moses was able to deliver his people to the promised land. Many would think God had a hand in the events, but the Devil himself relayed the helpful hand in Michael’s honor. Their Father didn’t appreciate the power move the two brothers demonstrated that day. He repaid the favor by dragging out the Israelites journey by forty years as punishment. 


Once again the scene changed to reveal another memory from Michael. Michael was in the Silver City playing chess with Samael. The two brothers were deep in thought on their next moves. Present Michael reached out to touch Samael’s face, but couldn’t touch him. The innocent and soft features were lost to him. The horrors of Hell had yet to harden his brother’s features.

Samael looked up from his movement with a smile, he thought his move was well thought out. Michael shook his head and tipped his queen over, signaling the game was won. Samael’s laughter rang out around them. The scene playing out was one before the rebellion, Sam had just started working with Father on creating the cosmos. Present Michael sat down and watched the scene play out. 

“Father’s been busy lately, what have you been aiding him with?” Michael asked restarting the board. Samael helped place the pons back where they went. 

“Well, as you know, I enjoy making my little balls of light. Dad has asked to make some for his new project. On a much larger scale, can you believe it? I’ve been messing with the idea of making a light so bright, it radiates enough energy to power anything around it. I just need Dad’s help with the blueprints,” Samael said with enthusiasm. 

“That’s amazing Sam. I’m sure Father would be happy to help. I can’t wait to see what you’ve made. Is this for the creatures he’s talked about?” he asked curiously, the chess board forgotten. 

“I believe so, yes” Sam nodded “I haven’t been told the logistics, but I’m sure he’s working on it, why?”

“I have a meeting with Father later on. He’s assigning me to something, I know it. Mom doesn’t seem to thrilled, I worry,” Michael explained. 

Samael blew raspberries, “Mom’s being overprotective of you, I don’t know why. You’re the strongest of us all, it’s not like anything can hurt you.”

“Except the tree,” Michael rebutted. 

“It’s been destroyed, Mom saw to that herself. I told you, over protective.”

Present Michael looked around and tried to find any sign of his Mother, she sadly wasn’t around to be seen. He sighed. The scene changed and he was kneeling before his Father accepting his title of ‘Chief Archangel’. His Father blessed him with the abilities of healing and guidance, along with a silver plated armor. The metal was nothing he’d never seen before, it shined bright. 

“I gift you my son, the finest plate of armor to aid you in your battles. May it protect you and shield you from harm. My little warrior,” God placed the armor on his chest to test its fit. He marveled in his work and kissed his son on the head. Present Michael shook his head. 

That was the moment God knew what was to come. Michael never knew the meaning behind the words warrior and battle, so it went right over his head. How stupid he was, to not question the word. Once again, the scene changed. Michael was placed in front of his Father kneeling waiting orders. 

“Samael has question me one to many times, you will deliver my justice and take him into custody, by any means possible. Do you understand Michael? Don’t give him time to talk to you, he’s been unhinged since he spoke with the Human,” God said. 

Michael shook his head, “But Father, Sam wouldn’t question without good cause. It’s nothing to worry about, let me talk with him. I’ll get him to understand,” Michael said but was cut off. 

“You’re brother is tainted, I should never have let him near those Humans. Find Samael and bring him into custody, I mean it Michael. Use force if you have to.”

Michael found Samael talking with their siblings, “I talked to them, they said they were allowed the option to do whatever they wanted. Can you believe that? Imagine waking up and just having the day to yourself. We wouldn’t have to work all the time, we could do as we pleased.” Michael stepped into view and their siblings scattered. 

“Sam, Father has asked me to bring you in, please come with me,” Michael asked with his hand gesturing to follow. Samael shook his head, “No. You know if I go, he’ll punish me. I’m not doing anything wrong. Why can’t I talk about my experiences in Eden, it’s a wonderful place. We’ve been there before. It’s different now you’d like it brother.”

“Sammy it’s time to go, don’t make me use force you know I’ll win,” he said sadly. 

“No, I’ve done nothing wrong” he said backing away. Michael stepped forward and grabbed his forearm, he squeezed signalling his importance in hurting him. Sam tired pulling away, but didn’t succeed. 

A scene broke out and all of their siblings gathered to watch the two brothers fight. Samael was fighting back against Michael. No one had ever dared challenge Michael, Sam was actually holding his ground. God walked into the courtyard to find his two sons fighting. He was accompanied by Raguel, who held chains for Samael. 

“Stop this at once Samael, don’t make me raise my hand,” God demanded. Michael stopped circling his brother and watched as God threatened his brother. Present Michael watched in horror, this was the moment everything changed. 

“No don’t hurt him Father, I have it under control,” Michael pleaded. Sam pushed him away at his attempts to be grabbed. 

“Don’t touch me, I haven’t done anything wrong,” he spat. God tried advancing, but Michael held out his hand to steady his Father. God was angry and the brother’s actions, but stood by. 

Samael paced around trying to find an exit, but Michael was too fast. He jumped on his brother and held him down, Sam continued to thrash. Michael hit him over the head allowing Raguel to cuff their brother. Samael groaned in pain and looked at Michael, “he’ll do the same to you, you know. Once you’ve become disposable he’ll cast you aside!” he yelled. The scene disappeared with Raguel dragging Sam away. 


Present Michael shook his head as the scene he had just witnessed. His brother was right. Shortly after the trial, Father locked himself in his office and never came back out. The walls around him turned black and morphed into his room back in Hell. Morpheus popped back up and sat at the desk. 

“Wait so let me get this straight. So Lucifer asked a question and was punished for openly refusing to stop in front of God?” Michael nodded. “So that’s why you’re like this. You’ve had a leash on you since Lucifer left the Heavens. Do you think your Father put one on you to control you or limit you?” he asked, but didn’t let Michael answer. “Do you think he feared you’d do the same if you got close to Humanity? I mean, he made you in his exact imagine, you are the most like God. It’s only natural you care so deeply for Humanity,” Michael hung his head. “You didn’t fail Humanity, you know. You tried to protect them. That’s not your fault, my boy.” Morpheus said leaning forward trying to get Michael’s attention. 

“Then why does it hurt so much to know I sat back and watched Humanity kill, torture, and starve each other. All their prayers screamed in my head for centuries, while I sat back and watched from the Heaven’s. I could have tried harder to help. I lost one gift in my quest to aid them, I should have fought harder to help,” he looked down at his hands. 

“That’s not your job, you are not God. You are a Prince of Heaven, you’re duty is to guard the gates and defend the innocent against evil,” he stated. Michael snapped his head up. 

“How can I protect the innocent from evil when I can’t even leave Heaven. My job description is bullshit, Father’s will is bullshit. This whole thing is bullshit. That’s why I left the Silver City. I’m done guarding a place by my Father where I can’t do anything but stand and guard a stupid gate. What’s the point in being chief protector, if I can’t protect anyone. He’s only ever wanted me to be his soldier. I’ve fought in battles and killed his demons, all without a second guess. I’m done being a tool, I’ll gladly take being human over being a weapon. All he's done is belittle me and use me for his own gain, and when I upset him he unleashes his messenger to do his work,” Michael said venting out his frustration. 

“I’m done playing by his rules. I will do what I want, I will not go willingly anymore,” his voice boomed through the dream. 

Morpheus shook his head and walked towards Michael. “You need to calm down, look at all this destruction you caused because of your anger,” he present the fallen demons he killed. They laid amongst the courtyard bloodied and broken, forgotten to Hell.

“What about them, they challenge me. They deserved my justice,” Michael spat at the nearest corpse. 

Morpheus looked at Michael, “Justice? There was no justice that day, only death. You came in and ordered twenty five of Hell’s best demons to a match, to the death. You killed them because you could. You killed their Father brutally, because he wore your Father’s face. Take no offense my Prince,” he sarcastically addressed Michael. 

“You have tasted blood and liked it. That will forever stain your heart. Maybe your Father was mistaken when he casted Lucifer out all those years ago. He saw a face in his vision that resembled Lucifer’s and thought it him. Look at you now, God’s Wrath… He should watch his back, you may be the one to take him out. Heaven watch out because you, my boy, will start the apocalypse with your words.” Michael’s features harden and shot him death glares. 

“The Heavens will fall and fire will rain upon us. Pull yourself together before evil takes root. You are radiating something different Michael, I can feel it. This disobedience must be controlled before it consumes you,” he watched as Michael gripped his hands ready to start a fight. He stepped back with his hands up, “If you ever need my guidance or a slap back to reality, I’m always here to serve,” Morpheus bowed and snapped his fingers. 





Michael shot up and gasped for air. He was back in his bed that occupied Hell. Brian sat in a chair beside his bed, knitting a blanket. Michael’s head rattled from the dreams he experienced. 

“You’re finally awake my Lord, I started to worry about you,” Brian placed his yarn down and climbed onto the bed. 

“How long have I been asleep?” he asked. Brian wiped a cool rag on his head. 

“Almost a week my Lord. You’re body must of needed sleep,” he placed the rag back in its bowl. “I’ve been feeding you honey water, perhaps I should prepare a meal for you.” He jumped off the bed and ran to find him something to eat. 

Michael let his body collapse back in the bed. He closed his eyes and went over his dream. Maybe Morpheus was right, he’d lost the meaning behind his crusade, this was about Sam not him. He’s let his anger cloud his judgement, he needs to remember the man who once walked the desert to answer a prayer. Father can break his spirit, but he will stand strong. No more demon killings, he had to stand in place for his brother. The necklace on his neck shined. He grabbed it and held it close. 

“The Heaven will fall and rain fire upon us…” he closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. He ran his hand along his chest recalling his armor. He was glad it no longer presented itself on his chest. Michael had long discarded the gift his Father had given him. There was no use of the warrior anymore, his time of fighting were done. His fists caused enough death, Morpheus’s words rang true. He needed to get his anger under control. 

He would continue to serve out his time in Hell and return to Earth to seek help from his brother. Michael swung his legs over the edge of the bed and walked to the closet. He found a fresh pair of clothing and got dressed. No more white suits, he didn’t need to address his strength. Today he would dress simple. He pulled out a plain grey shirt and black jeans. Once he was dressed he walked out to the office to start his day.

Brian’s feet padded across the room and presented him with a bowl of rice and chicken,

“I found this to be helpful to my Lord, you need protein in your system.”

“Thank you Brian, I’ll eat it. Join me would you? I’d like to go over some topics with you,” Michael pulled a chair forward and gestured for Brian to sit. 

Brian climbed up onto the chair and waited for Michael to talk. At first Michael looked at his food and tried to figure out if he should eat it first or talk to Michael. His stomach won the battle in the end. He took a few bits and put it aside. He wanted to talk about his experience with Morpheus but changed his mind, he didn’t need Brian trying to sway his mind. 

“Something’s troubling you my Lord, I can hear it,” he said. Michael tilted his head to the side confused. 

“You can hear it? What exactly can you hear?” Michael asked. 

“Your thoughts. I was master Lucifer’s confident before you came here. You can talk to me my Lord, whatever's troubling you will stay between us.” Michael sat back in his chair and tried not to let his thought surface to the top. Brian narrowed his eyes and looked at Michael. 

“Clever trick my Lord. I would also advise a different language,” Brian said. Michael switched over his thoughts to the old tongue. Brian concentrated and had no luck, “yup, nothing.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to talk about what’s troubling my mind. It’s still fresh and I want to work it out myself before I ask for help,” Michael explained. Brian nodded his head and grabbed the bowl. 

“Whenever you’re ready my Lord, are you finished with this?” Michael nodded and the demon took his bowl and left the room. Michael was alone with his thoughts once more. 






Ezekiel watched as his siblings Raguel and Daniel approached the gates. He let them in and said no more. He noticed Michael wasn’t in attendance, but didn’t voice his absence. Once his siblings were out of eye sight, he ran over to his Father’s quarter of Heaven. He ran as fast as he could and was greeted by Gabriel. 

The Angel stood proud in front of their Father’s office. Gabriel didn’t even acknowledge him as he tried to get his attention. He coughed, “Gabriel I need to talk to Father.” Gabriel looked down at his little brother and lifted an eyebrow. 

“What exactly could you possible say that would warrant Father’s attention?” he asked.

“It’s Michael, he’s left. He took Amenadiel, Raguel, and Dani somewhere and then never came back,” he was rambling until Gabriel lifted his hand to silence him. 

“Where did he go? He knows he’s supposed to guard the gates.”

“He didn’t say, Amenadiel never came back as well. I… I just thought Father should know,” Ezekiel said stepping towards the door, but Gabriel draw his sword and blocked him. 

“If Amenadiel is with him, he knows to keep an eye on Michael. I’ll relay the information over to Father, you’re free to go Zek,” Ezekiel looked at the sword and bowed. He left unsatisfied not seeing their Father. 

He rounded the corner and watched as Gabriel sheathed his sword and knocked on Father’s door. He waited to see if his brother would be allowed entrance, but the door never opened. Gabriel continued to knock until finally he was answered with a glowing light and a notes being slipped out from under the door. He was confused, did Gabriel always receive messages through their Father that way? Why wasn’t Father opening his door? He shook his head. He shouldn’t ask questions. 

He left the corridor and went back to the gates. He shouldn’t of left them unattended, Michael would be furious. He went back to his spot and stood tall. No more attention was drawn to his Father, he would keep his mind blank on the subject. 




(God’s Office)


Gabriel watched as his brother left the corridor and turned to knock on his Father’s door. There was no answer at first, so he knocked again louder. He could hear metal falling and a yelp call out from far away. 

“Father, I just received word that Michael has left his post again. Would you like me to collect him,” he was received with silence. “I’ve got word that Amenadiel is currently with him. I know he’s responsible enough to bring Michael back, but Father he’s brought a child into being. Can we even trust him to deliver Michael back to us?”

The door shook forcing him to step back. His message was responded back with a yellow glow coming out from the door, followed by a note slipping out from underneath the door. 

Gabriel crouched down and picked up the note, 








He looked at the note to see if there was anything else written on it, there wasn’t. He was confused. Since when did Father eat? Where was he going, that he was ‘out for lunch’. He placed the note in his breast pocket and straightened himself out. He shook his head and dismissed the questions. 


Chapter Text




“Okay okay. Time out, you’re telling me you’ve never seen the video where the guy turns to the camera and whispers ‘it’s free real estate,” Lucifer asked shocked. He sat up and placed his glass down. Chloe laughed and watched him flip out. “How did we even get to this topic? I certainly didn’t initiate this.”

Lucifer blinked and dropped the topics, “I actually can’t remember myself. Huh.” Chloe shook her head and placed her glass down. She stretched herself out onto the couch and placed her head on his lap. 

“I think I’m done drinking for the night, three glasses is all I can handle before drunk Chloe kicks in,” she said looking up towards Lucifer. He ran his fingers through her hair and hummed. 

“Drunk Chloe? Is that the one who once kicked me out of my bed and stripped naked?” 

“Oh no, that’s five glasses in Chloe” she tried hiding her face in her hands. “I said I was sorry about that,” she groaned hiding. 

Lucifer laughed and removed her hands, “it’s okay truly. I’m sure drunk me is a hoot.”

Chloe hummed and looked at Lucifer, her eyes kept drifting to his eyes and lips. He smiled at her wondering eyes and leaned down as much as he could puckering his lips, she met him halfway and kissed him. 



They had long discarded their drinking games and opted to listen to music and goof around. These moments were rare. They never got the chance to ever let their guard down and show their affection for one another. The sweet sound of The Rolling Stones rung out. Lucifer had managed to get the Detective to have a dance session with him. She wasn’t a bad dancer once you got a few glasses into her. She had let her walls down and fully relaxed. 

She was carelessly dancing on top of the stairs by his room, letting the music take her away. He was currently watching her from the couch nursing a glass of whiskey. He watched her sway her hips to the music. She must of felt his eyes on her because she curled her finger signaling him to come over. He shot her a smile from behind his glass. He happily placed it down and made his way over to her. 

She danced in victory, she had managed to get him up and dance with her. She visibly added her best dance move, catching a fish. She pulled her invisible fishing pole to reel him in, he gladly played along. Once he was within rang she turned her back to him and danced. He took the cue and followed her moves and pressed close to her. He let his hands hang high by her shoulder and followed the motion of her hips. 

He was lost in her, with every press of her ass on his crotch he slipped further into bliss. As he’d tried to pull back she’d push more towards him. He soon gave up and let his erection press into her backside. The both of them released soft moans at their sexual attempts. 


“Mmm, yes you could be mine. Tonight and every night, I will be your knight in shining armor. Coming to your emotional rescue, you will be mine, you will be mine, all mine…” 


The song rang true to their ears. Lucifer couldn’t take it anymore, he turned Chloe around to face him. She was panting with lust and her lips were calling his name. Without warning she reached up and kissed his lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. His erection grew painful as she pressed closer to him. She deepened the kiss lost in his touch. Their tongues battled for dominance until Lucifer let her take control. Her hand slowly made its way to his cock. Her fingers fluttered light on his pants, giving him shivers at her teasing. He pushed into her touch to make her grab ahold of him. She smiled into their kiss and shook her head. 

He groaned at her teasing nature, but let her go at her pace. He pulled her face into a more heated kiss. He pulled out every moan he could get out of her, until he started running his tongue along her neck. She tilted her head off to the side and let him plant love bites down her neck. Her hand was still placing tight touches to his erection as he worked on her neck. Lost in his wonderful tongue she let her hand grab on to his erection. He was taken by surprise and let out a groan of pleasure. He was thick in her hand. 

Heat traveled through her body as his erection pulsed in her hand. Lucifer’s heavy pants called in her ear as he worked on her neck some more. Her breathing was matching his with arousal. She decided to give in and let him suffer no more. Her hand slowly started to pump him through his designer jeans. A low moan escaped his throat as she progressed her motions. Unable to take the ecstacy of her touch he lifted her up by the hips. She involuntarily wrapped her legs around his waist, being supported by Lucifer’s hands on her ass. 

Their lips once again locked and turned into a must needed play for dominance. Her hands ran through his hair releasing the hair product that held his hair intact. Realizing she needed him out of his clothes, she dropped her hands to his neck and pulled away from his lips. She began unbuttoning his shirt and vest. He walked them over to the bedroom and placed her down on the bed. There was a split second of confirmation to proceed, she nodded and sat up to help him take off his clothes. One by one she helped him shed his clothing until he just had his pants on. He batted her hands away and slowly pushed her back so he could return the favor. 

Her chest rose and fell as he kept his hungered looks on her. She nodded once more for him to proceed. He leaned over and pulled her shirt over her head. He took a moment to take in her perfect figure. She didn’t want him taking so long so she took matters into her own hands. She placed her hands behind her and unhooked her bra. His eyes widened as her breasts came into view. His eyes darkened with lust, and her whole body littered itself in goosebumps. Her nippled peddled out and asked for warmth. Lucifer slipped between her legs and pushed her back. His lips were on her faster than she could blink. His tongue made its way from her neck down her beasts. He took his time giving attention to each one. His large hands squeezed one while the other received attention from his mouth. 

Chloe moaned with pleasure at his work. Her cries deepened his hunger for her. He made fast work pleasuring her. His tongue traveled down her sternum down to her stomach. Her body shook has his tongue trailed down her stomach. He heard a whine when he sat up from his activity. His erection was extremely visible from his pants. She sat up a bit to help unbuckle his belt and relieve his strain. As she was about to place her hands on his boxers, he once again batted her hands away and pushed her back. She complied and laid her back down on the bed. He stood up and shed himself of his remaining clothing. She had just enough time to see his growing erection leave the confines of his pants. 

She bit her lip with pleasure seeing his naked body move over to her. The bed dipped a little as he sunk in between her legs once more. His erection rubbed against her pants releasing a hiss from him. He made fast work unbuttoning her pants and slipping them off her. She was a vision to behold with her beneath him. He ran his long fingers over her sex. She was wet through her underwear, his cock twitched in response. She released a moan as he continued to rub his thumb along her covered clit. 

He leaned forward placing an arm by her head while the other teased her. He nibbled at her lip asking for access. She nodded once again and when he did nothing she lifted her hips so his erection rubbed against her sex. They both moaned at the contact. He pushed himself up and made fast work of pulling her underwear off. Her scent filled his nostrils as she exposed herself to him. Her chest was rising and falling with speed. She was ready for him and he was taking his sweet time. 

He smiled at her and stroked himself before making a move. She watched as he pumped his cock in his hand. She bit her lip, she was getting so turned on watching him jerk himself. 

“Do you want me to wear protection?” he asked watching her lips open and close. She shook her head. 

“I’m on the pill, we don’t need it if your clean,” she said, reaching out for him. He let go of his cock and ran his hands along her thighs. 

“I’m clean, I can’t catch diseases,” he said locking eyes with her. She nodded her head and silently pleaded for him to continue running his fingers along her. 

He nodded his head in response understanding her need. He leaned forward again and placed an arm by her head and had the other between her legs. His finger lightly came in contact with her slits. Her eyes closed and her hips arched into his touch. Her wetness added lubrication for his fingers as he slid two of them into her. Her hands shot up to his biceps needing something to ground herself. Lucifer watched as her teeth pulled at her bottom lip, he wanted her to wither under his touch so he curled his fingers working to send her into oblivion. Her breathing was elevated as he continued his work. His cock was bouncing from her moans. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pull his fingers away before he sent her over the edge. 

She let a whine escape at the lost of his fingers. He so badly wanted to bury his face in between her legs but couldn’t take his painful erection any longer. He compromised by beginning his finger to his lips and licking off her juices, Chloe watched with wonder. She tasted heavenly and hated he was being denied her sweet taste. She couldn’t hold out any longer and wrapped her legs around his hips. The movement caught him off guard and had him landing on her. They giggled and corrected themselves. 

He reached for his cock and alined himself with her sex. He rubbed the head along her slit and waited for her sweet moans to fill his ears. She gave him what he wanted right away. Satisfied, he buried his cock into her. They both moaned with pleasure as he filled and stretched her. Her sweet voice filled his ear with his name. It sent chills right down to his cock, making it flex. 

Chloe’s arms wrapped around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. Lucifer took a moment to take in the feel of her tightness around him. She fit perfectly around him and he wanted to cherish every moment. He ran a hand along the outer part of her thigh and cupped her ass. She responded with a hip jerk and a chased kiss. She was eager to feel him move inside her. He deepened their kiss and began to move his hips. 

Her moans encouraged him to pick up his pace. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades making his wings ruffle wanting to be released. He bit down on his lip to contain them. His grunts echoed along with her moans. He put all his weight on his knees and sat up. Lucifer pulled her closer to his hips and thrusted harder into her sex. She yelp with pleasure at the angle change. 

“Yes right there Lucifer, oh my…” she bit down on her lip before she could finish that sentence. She didn’t want to ruin this moment by letting a simple phrase pull Lucifer away from this long anticipated moment. A moan escaped her again as his hips slapped against her. His eyes stayed on her as he watched her grab onto the sheets taking each thrust of his member into her. She could feel his eyes on her so she too kept eye contact. Chloe watched as this man’s muscles flexed with his thrusts. She bit her bottom lip trying to conceal a moan, the act didn’t last long as Lucifer pulled back and slammed into her hard. Her moans echoed throughout the room watching this gorgeous man hit all the right spots. 

She longed to have his hands on her more, she sat up and halted his movement. He stopped and waited for her to tell him what to do. Chloe pushed him back motioning for him to sit down. He complied and slid out of her fold, the pair groaned at the loss of each others feel. Lucifer moved over to the head board and laid his back against the cool wood. He was breathing heavy trying to calm himself down. Chloe took her time turning over and shifting over to the head of the bed. Lucifer watched as she climbed on top and placed herself on his lap. His arm automatically wrapped around her waist and helped slide himself inside her. Again they moaned together as he filled her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began lifting herself up off his lap. Everytime she lifted herself up her cunt gripped him tight as if trying to milk everything from him. Her eyes watched as his mouth opened with ecstasy as she gripped him, once she could feel the head she’d slide down on him hard. 

He was at her mercy and let her ride him. He loved the faces she made as she latched herself onto him, her noises were even better. He was so close to falling into oblivion, she had a hold on him he couldn’t believe. She started to pick up her pace and bounce on him. He watched as the gorgeous woman in front of him take everything from him. He smiled as she tilted her head back and let her pleasure intensify. She was close, he could feel it. Her managed to get her to look him right in the eyes as she started to hide him hard. He slide his hands down to her ass to help get that extra leverage. Her hands shot up to the head board gripping the padded wood.

“Yes. Yes, oh Lucifer right there, Lucifer, Lucifer,” her head tilted back as she climax. He watched her come undone on him. He latched his lips onto her neck and made fast work at marking her exposed neck. Her sex gripped onto him as she came, the act had him feeling primal. He wrapped his arms around her and thrust into her three more time until his climax overtook him. She ran her fingers through his damp curls as they climbed down from their high. His scruff rubbed across her chest as he tried to catch his breath. She hummed as his hold stayed the same. She rested her head on his and closed her eyes. 

They stayed like that for awhile before Lucifer lifted his head and smiled at Chloe. She returned the gesture and placed her hands on his cheeks, she couldn’t believe she had him back. She ran her thumbs across his cheek and pulled him in for a kiss. He kissed her back and pulled away when he needed the air. She was beautiful in his arms. Her hair fell down her shoulders and clung to her sweat covered neck. He couldn’t get enough of her, he needed more. He cock flexed making him thrust up into Chloe, she moaned in response. He ran his hand along her cheek and noticed her exhaustion. He decided he could pace himself and limit their passions done for the night. He kissed her one more time and she happily returned it. 

“Mmm would it be cheesy if I said, I love you,” he said running kisses along her left collarbone. She hummed as his lips continued to draw out light moans from her. 

“Not one bit, because guess what. I love you,” she grabbed his head and kissed his lips. They both smiled and continued to enjoy each other touch. 

The intensity of his erection eased once it noticed there would be no more love making, he slowly pulled out of her causing her hissed as he left her body. He slowly lowered himself onto his back and pulled her onto him. She quickly cuddled into him and pulled the black sheet over them. He pulled her closer to his side and closed his eyes. This was exactly how he wanted to end his nights, with them making love and going to bed in each other arms. The sound of music still called out throughout the living room. In one swift move he turned off the music and sank into her side. 

He could tell she was tired and let her get comfortable. She turned onto her side and pulled him to spoon her. He happily hugged her from the back and pulled her close. This was exactly how he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. He smiled into her back and closed his eyes. Yup, he was definitely going to make sure this never changed.





Lucifer woke up at the crack of dawn, the sun rays had gently woken him up. The golden rays made Chloe’s hair shine brighter than ever. She was sound asleep facing him when he woke up, he never knew she slept with a smile. He ran his thumb along her lips trying very hard not to wake her. She was a vision even in her sleep, he couldn’t get over how she finally managed to except him. He promised at that moment he’d do anything to keep these moments with her, he wouldn’t screw things up and push her away. 

She shifted away from him so her back was facing him, the thin black sheet slid off her shoulders and pooled around her hips. He smiled and figured it was time to freshen up, he gently slipped out of bed and made his way over to the bathroom. Before he closed the door he turned back over to the Detective and took in her sleeping form, a smiled spread across his face as he once again saw the smile on her face. He shook his head and jumped into the shower to get ready for the day, Chloe needed her sleep and he intended to give her time to rest. 

By the time he got out, he found the Detective sitting up with the blanket wrapped around her chest, looking through her phone. He walked up to her and leaned over to give her a light kiss on the lips.

“Good morning love, did you get enough rest? I’m sorry I didn’t invite you, I didn’t have the heart to wake you,” he said standing back up straight smiling at her. She stretched and let out a yawn, making sure to cover his mouth to avoid letting him smell her morning breath. 

“Good morning. I did actually, I’m surprised you actually managed not to wake me up. I’m a light sleeper. Do you mind if I use your shower?” she was already getting up making sure to keep the sheet around her body. Lucifer smiled but pulled at the sheet exposing her nakedness, Chloe gasped and tried to cover her with her hands. 

“Lucifer! Give that back, what if someone sees me naked” she was frantically trying to find something to cover herself up with, she grabbed a pillow from the bed. Lucifer chuckled and walked over to her and removed his towel offering it to her. She shook her head and blushed at his nakedness, her eyes trailed down until her eyes came upon his growing erection. Her cheeks reddened as his smile turned wicked. 

“No one can see you from this height Detective, only I” he pulled the pillow away and threw the towel over his shoulder when she didn’t take it. “I wouldn’t mind another round, what do you say? You, me in the shower with powered jets that would make your toes curl” he pressed himself up against her, her breath hitched as his erection pressed into stomach. 

The hunger in his eyes made her want to jump him but she wanted to get back at him. She looked him straight in the eyes and ran her hand down his muscled body, he stepped closer to her welcoming her touch. She let her hand run along his length drawing out his pants, she made sure she had him exactly where she wanted him. He was on the brink of orgasming when she pulled her hand away and turned her back on him and started walking away. She looked over her shoulder and gave him a wicked smile, Lucifer stood there looking dumbfounded. 

She curled her fingers signaling him to follow her as she disappeared into the bathroom. His brain slowly caught up to him and rushed after her, the shower was already on with her under the water. It was every wet dream he envisioned with her in it, he opened up the shower door and picked her up by the hips. She yelped and automatically wrapped her legs around his waist. 

“Hot Tub High School has nothing on this, you are beautiful” he showered her with kisses and pressed her against the tiled walls. The water was on them making it hard to keep their eyes open. 

“Shut up and show me what those powered jets can make my toes do” she tilted her neck back signaling him to work on her neck. He did as instructed and ran his teeth and tongue along her neck, her hands buried themselves in his curls. Her moans filled his ears making his erection bob freely. 

Chloe showed her impatience by grinding into his core, he gladly lowered her down and slid himself into her folds. They both groaned at the feel of one another, Lucifer gripped her ass and began sliding her up and down onto his cock. The two went at it until the steam was too much to handle, their orgasms came and had their legs feeling like jelly. Lucifer placed the Detective down and back on her feet. She made sure to clean herself up from last night's activity and their current session. Lucifer watched as the water droplets fell off her breasts and chin, he badly wanted to have another round with her but he knew they had to get ready for the day. He hugged her from the back and placed kisses along her shoulders. 

“I’m going to go make us some breakfast, I fear I’ll pin you against the walls again if I continue to watch. Take your time love,” he turned her around and gave her one last kiss. She nodded her head and deepened their kiss. He reluctantly let go of her and walked out of the shower. 


“Go ahead and use my products. I should have another tooth brush somewhere for you to use. Make yourself at home,”  he said placing a towel over by the shower listening to her hum and freshen up. He smiled and walked out of the bathroom and into his dresser, he put on some fresh boxers and wrapped his robe around his body. He went to work putting together a breakfast for him and the Detective. As he was preparing the food he caught wind of something coming entering the living room. It was a gust of wind. 

Michael stood at the bar nursing a glass of Lucifer’s finer scotch bottles. 

“Michael? What are you doing here. Shouldn’t you be guarding Hell?” he walked over to Michael, but it didn’t seem like Michael knew he was talking to him. “Michael?” he reached out a hand to touch his shoulder, Michael flinched with his contact. 

“Apologise… I just needed a break. Hell’s fine. Peachy really” the sincerity of his words not quite reaching his face, he seemed to hold a hollow stare. 

“Mike what’s happened?” Lucifer pulled Michael to look at him “Mike look at me” Michael was staring out at nothing as if trying to concentrate, he eventually looked at his brother, “yes there we go. What happened?” 

Michael snapped out of his trance, shook his head, and spoke “It’s been awhile now. I am… I’m...” Lucifer snapped his fingers trying to collect Michael’s thoughts. 

“I needed a break. It’s hard trying to collect my thoughts around them. The gates are closed. No one wanders anywhere near the gates anymore” Lucifer was finding it hard to believe Michael’s words. 

“Honestly. Scouts honor” He lifted his fingers up signaling he meant his word. 

“Pssshh you were never a Boy Scout so that means nothing to me,” Lucifer retaliated while Michael shrugged, he swirled his drink and looked at the brown liquid.

“Seems I can feel Hell’s pull. Wanted to see if it went away once I got here. It does, but it’s like” before he could finish, Lucifer says “a tingle.”

“Yes!” he exhaled like he’d been holding it in the whole time “I thought I was going mad again”

“Mmm sadly no. Is Hell really okay? Do you need my help?” he pulled a chair out and sat in it.

“No. I got everything under control, more than you actually. I’ve been busy cleaning up your mess. I can’t wait for you to see. Raguel will be thrilled with what I have in store for him.”

“You’re truly okay?” he grabbed Michael hand. Michael looked at it and placed his own on top. 

“I’m fine Sam, I just needed a quick break” he shot his drink into his mouth “the scotch is better here anyways. I have to go, Brian will be furious if I leave him with Lilith for too long.” Before Lucifer would even rebuttal his brother’s strange sentence, Michael was gone. The gust of wind once again filling the room. 


Michael’s visit was unexpected and worrying, he’s never seen his brother distracted before. He would soon find out what Michael meant by the end of the day but it was going to bug him nonetheless. For the mean time he brushed it aside and continued to prepare breakfast for the Detective and himself.

By the time she got out, breakfast was ready. She made her way over to the kitchen and sat down. “This looks delicious” she took a bit of the omelette he made and let out a noise that should only be reserved for the bedroom.

“My my Detective. I only thought I could get you to make those noises behind closed doors. Had I known I would of made these more often” a devilish smile formed on his face. She blushed and hid her face. 

“This is really good Lucifer, I didn’t realize how hungry I was,” she decided to ignore his comment and change the subject. 

“Well sex does build an appatite,” he winked at her and watched as her cheeks reddened. “I’m glad you like it Detective, you know I enjoy to cook” she smiled and kept her gaze on her food.

They continued to eat their breakfast and talk. Once they were finished Lucifer picked up the plates and washed them. 

“What did you want to do today love?” she thought about it and answered him. 

“Mmm well we have the whole morning and afternoon to ourselves. At around five, I need to head over to my place so I can be home for Trixie. Dan messaged me that his parents should be dropping her off soon at his place. From there she’ll spend the day with Dan.”

“Would you like to spend the rest of the night with the spawn alone? Or could I possibly tag along?” she smiled at his willingness to spend time with her and her daughter.

“Of course you can tag along. Trixie will be excited to see you” she came from behind and wrapped her arms around him. He hummed and kept washing the plates. 

“Chloe I know I haven’t always been enthusiastic about the little urchin, but I would like to address that I do like young Beatrice a lot. Like I told you before, I would do anything to protect her.”

“I know you do Lucifer and I would love for you to spend time with us tonight. I really think she’d like it” she kissed his back and rubbed her hands along his abdomen. 

He stopped washing the dishes and turned around “I love you” he said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. 

“And I love you” she said leaning in to kiss him. They moved to the couch and sat down. “We have the whole morning until we have to get stuff done” Lucifer nodded “we haven’t really had time to talk about all this celestial stuff. I was wondering if I could ask some questions?” Lucifer nodded his head and got comfortable on the couch. Chloe leaned into his side and face away looking into his penthouse. He wrapped an arm around her and played with her fingers, she in return twirled his ring.

“Of course Detective. Ask away. All I ask is that you don’t assume everything is correct about what you’ve heard” he allowed Chloe to mess with his rings and felt her nod at his response. She got comfortable and thought of a good question to start off with. 

“You said once, that I only make you vulnerable when you’re around me. Why is that?”

“Straight for the hard question I see. Like I said before, I’m not entirely sure why Detective. What I do know is that I’ve been with holding important information from you” she sat up and looked him right in the eyes, his adam’s apple bobbed seeing her panic.

“What do you mean? What have you been keeping from me?” she was panicking and he knew he messed up. He took a deep breath and took her hand in his.  

“You see” he sighed “I found out a couple of years ago that Amenadiel blessed your parents in order to have a child. That child came to be you. You’re a miracle. I… I believed for a long time that you were a pawn in my Father’s plans to send me back to Hell. I’m sure that’s not the case anymore, since Michael and my other siblings have stepped in. I don’t know why he blessed you into being and I’m definitely not sure why you make me vulnerable. All I know is that Dad gave me you and for that I am thankful.” 

Everything that came out of Lucifer’s mouth went right over her head. She couldn’t believe God specially made her to exist. God saw fit to bring her to life just for the Devil, her crazy partner who she loved. She didn’t care if she was made for him anyways, she was happy with Lucifer. The two made a great pair, they balanced each other out. The only thing she was worried about was the fact that he was vulnerable around her. How many times had he been shot or stabbed within her proximity just to be inches from death. They didn’t have the answers, but maybe some in Heaven does. “Is there anyway one of your siblings can ask God?” he looked at her with the most surprised face, he couldn’t believe she just glazed over his confession without even acknowledging it with more than a question on how one of his siblings could figure out how to ask his Father. He shook his head and decided against pushing the subject.

“Afraid not. That’s why Mike is pulling this little mission. He’s challenging Dad” Chloe raised an eyebrow confused at Lucifer’s words.

“What do you mean by challenging?” Lucifer shrugged his shoulders and waved his hand.

“Michael guards the Silver City. He’s currently guarding Hell. Yes it’s a loop pole because he guarding my gates, but Mikey is Chief Protector. He’s the Silver’s City’s Guardian, I don’t ever remember my brother being away for never long. If he ever strayed he was always pulled back like I was. Seems Dads been M.I.A since he kicked me out and dear ol’ Mike has had enough of Dad’s shit” the information was all new to Chloe, she was never religious, but in her time in Rome she had learned a bit about Michael.

“So Michael is trying to cox your dad out so he can what?” Lucifer shrugged. 

“I’m not sure. He won’t be happy to know Michael has gone rouge. He might know and doesn’t care. Which leaves me to worry about Michael. He’s always been a rash thinker, and the fact he’s jumping into this and not thinking of the consequences worries me. He came by when you were in the shower, you know. He seemed off, I really hope Hell hasn’t chewed him up and spat him out” he shook his head and wrapped his arm around Chloe. “That’s the last thing I need. Not to be rude, but if Michael can’t handle Hell I doubt my other siblings can either” he sighed and held Chloe close. 

She knew this was hard for him, Michael made it his mission to help Lucifer. If he couldn’t hold out his part then Lucifer would have to go back and she’d never get to see him again. 

Chloe grabbed his hand “he knew what he was getting himself into. He really wanted to help you Lucifer. I’m sure he’s doing fine. We’ll know more tomorrow, right?” she hoped he understood she cared for Michael but also wanted him to stay with her. Lucifer lifted her hand and kissed it, he nodded his head and looked at their intertwined fingers. 

“More like tonight, but essentially yes. I’m hoping he can clarify is conversation we had today” Chloe nodded her head and buried herself into his side. The two stayed silent for fifteen minutes until Lucifer got up “perhaps we can go see my nephew,” he said trying to lighten up the mood. Chloe smiled and stood up with him. 

“I’m sure Linda and Amenadiel will be happy to see you.” she walked over to Lucifer and wrapped her arms around him, he did the same and placed a kiss on her lips. 

“I’m sure Linda will chew my ear off with my decision making, but I’ll happily accept it. I missed my therapist, Brian wasn’t really cutting it. He’s too nice to me, I appreciate Dr. Martin’s approach with me more” Chloe chuckled and ushered him into the bedroom so they could change. Lucifer placed a new blue suit on, while Chloe put yesterday’s outfit back onto her body. 


The two walked into the elevator and down into the garage. She was unsure which car they were taking until Lucifer walked over to her vehicle. He smiled and stuffed his hands in his pockets waiting for her to open up the doors. She pulled out her keys and unlocked the car, Lucifer shot her a smile and slipped into the vehicle. She shook her head, never had he wanted to take her car over his. She took her silent victory and opened the driver’s door. They pulled out of the garage and drove off to Linda’s home. Lucifer messed with her radio setting and decided nothing was worth his time, so he connected his phone to her car. She kept her eyes on the road and watched from the corner of her eye, Lucifer shuffled through his phone looking for a song. 

As they came to a street light the song, “Stupid Cupid” by Connie Francis started playing, Lucifer smiled and placed his phone on his thigh. She cranked up the volume and bobbed her head to the old song. She loved his collection of music, he had everything in that phone of his. She didn’t think she’d ever get the chance to listen to his whole collection, it was always changing and expanding. The song ended it seemed he was stuck on love songs, she smiled and shook her head. 


Say you love me, really love me. Say you love me true, I love you. Say you love me please believe me, when you do, that makes two who...” 


She was chuckling at the lyrics of the song, she had never heard the song ever in her life, but she loved it. She continued to listen to his jazz hits with a smile on her face. After some time she could feel his eyes on her. 

“Why are you staring at me?” she said turning her head over to him for a split second then back to the road. 

“Just admiring your beauty love” he said with the stupidest smile on his face. She was actually shocked by his response.

“Oh… well thank you” she once again smiled and sneaked a glace his way. 

“Can I ask a question?” he lowered down the music to make sure there were no distractions.

“Sure, it’s only fair since I asked mine. what’s on your mind?” she grew nervous but kept her eyes on the road ready for whatever came out of his mouth. 

“Since we’ve established that we love each other, does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend?” it was such an innocent question she couldn’t help but bit her lip trying to prevent her face from splitting in half from her massive grin. 

“If you want to be. I know I would like us to be” he thought it over and nodded.

“I would like to, but that would entail something smaller. I want to be with you, and only you Chloe. Girlfriend seems small. How about wife?” she swerved the car as the word ‘wife’ came out of his mouth. 

“You want me to be your wife? Lucifer that’s a huge jump. I… I don’t… that’s something really big your asking” her grip on the steering wheel tightened, she didn’t know how to respond to his question. She kept her eyes on the road trying to hid her eyes bugging out of her skull. 

“I know… it’s just I know you were made just for me. There’s literally no one I’d rather spend my time with, you are all I need to keep me happy” he grabbed her right hand off of the steering wheel and held it. “I would be loyal to you, if that’s what your afraid of. When I was with Eve I made it work, I know I can commit to one woman only. What do you say Detective?” she hated that he chose this moment to throw this conversation at her, she didn’t know what to say. She was trying to pay attention to the traffic and to him, she shook her head. 

“Lucifer… can we go over this some other time when I’m not driving. I would love to talk about it more. I really would, this just isn’t a time to hit me with this information” Lucifer nodded and dropped her hand. 

“No… no you’re completely right Chloe. I’m sorry” he looked out the window and tried to hid his face. She knew she shouldn’t of phrased her answer that way, she was mentally kicking herself hurting Lucifer’s feelings. 

“Lucifer” she grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze “I love you, that’s hasn’t changed. We’re partners and lovers. That will never change. We will talk about this later I promise, okay?” she hoped the conversation would continue in greater depth once they were alone, she didn’t want him thinking she didn’t want to be with him. 

“Of course Detective and I love you too,” he squeezed her hand and gave it a kiss. He pulled his phone back out and played her favorite playlist. The car ride continued in silence and good music.





They pulled up to Linda’s house and knocked on the door. Linda opened the door with baby Charlie in her arms. Once she saw Lucifer she nearly attacked him with her tiny fists, she choose to hug him instead.

“Lucifer!” she gave him a big hug cautious of Charlie, she quickly pulled away “you are Lucifer correct” he nodded and smiled at her concern. “Oh I’m so glad Michael was able to make it work. Amenadiel is inside. I’m sure he’d be happy to see both of you. Come in, come in.” Chloe’s followed inside and smiled at Linda.

“Hi Linda, how’s Charlie doing?” she opened her arms to take Charlie, Linda handed him over. Charlie looked at her with a smile and gurgled. 

“Ah yes rightly so nephew, Chloe does smell good” Lucifer walked over and grabbed Charlie’s hand. 

“You can do it too?” Linda asked dumbfounded. 

“Speak baby? Yes” Lucifer said in his baby voice talking to Charlie “come to Uncle Luci.” 

Chloe gently handed Charlie over and watched Lucifer cradle him. He kept surprising her today, from what she remembered Lucifer never wanted to hold Charlie before. 

“He’s doing great. He’s just been fed and changed” Linda said ushering them to the living room. Lucifer walked around the room bouncing Charlie in his arms. The baby gurgled and made noises as Lucifer held him. It was nice to see this side of Lucifer, maybe he would make a good husband. The thought of children entered her mind and she quickly shook that thought away. It’s not that she didn’t want children or want to have Lucifer’s it was just all too soon. They just started this thing between them, she really needed to take it slow. She could hear Linda talking about Charlie and decided to tune back in and pay attention. 


Chloe and Linda were talking when Amenadiel walked into the livingroom. He went straight for Lucifer and took in the sight of his brother and son. 

“He’s going to be a strong lad when he grows up” Lucifer said bouncing Charlie in his arms, “I can feel Michael’s blessing on him.”

“A parting gift from Michael. It’s a strong one too. Whenever Maze walks into the room he shines with Michael’s protection spell” he chuckled “you should see her face whenever it happens, I’d watch out when those two meet up again. I could barely keep the peace the last time they were in the same room.” Lucifer laughed and ran a finger along Charlie’s forehead, he ignored his brothers warning and kept his eyes on Charlie and the blessing he carried. 

“It tingles. I wasn’t aware he could bless anyone without Dad’s approval” he looked at his brother and handed him his son. 

“Michael must have his reasons” Amenadiel took his son in his arms and rocked him.

“He’s doing a lot of things without Dad’s knowledge, isn’t he?” he sat down on the couch.

“I… I only know about our agreement on Hell and the blessing” Amenadiel sat across from Lucifer and looked worried. 

“I am proud of him, but I don’t want him to regret poking the “bear”, Mike has earned his titles as Chief Protector, but I wouldn’t put it past Dad to step in. I mean look at me” Chloe and Linda took this moment to join in on their conversation. 


“You think Michael is in danger of your Father’s wrath?” Linda asked sitting with Amenadiel. 

“Well Michael is Dad’s wrath. When I was put on trial it was Michael who stepped in to contain me. I wouldn’t even know who Dad would send to stop Michael. I’m not even sure anyone can take him on” Chloe moved over to sit next to Lucifer, Amenadiel gave Charlie over to Linda. 

“We shouldn’t even be talking about this, if Father wanted Michael back home he would have collected him by now. He’s done it in the past, I have yet to see any cause that Michael has done anything wrong,” Amenadiel pleaded and shot Lucifer a glare.

“Oh, but he has. Blessing a child that shouldn’t even exist and braking me out of Hell just so he can guard it instead of the Silver City. I’m surprised Dad hasn’t sent Gab to go get him yet, I doubt Gabriel could take Michael” Lucifer made his point and Amenadiel wasn’t in the mood for his brother’s attitude.

“Father hasn’t sent Gabriel out to collect Michael in a few thousand years, I doubt Father would anyways. He’s stopped talking to everyone, ever since you left Luci the Silver City has been different” Lucifer had nothing to say on the matter, he knew his father was quiet, but he had hoped Michael was over exaggerating.

“Why has God stopped talking to his children? How long has it been since your fall Lucifer?” Linda was interested, she could never get Lucifer to open up about his earlier life. 

“Billions of years, I fell shortly after the whole Eden thing. I haven’t been back home since. Surely Dad has spoken since then” Lucifer showed concern, he’d always thought his siblings were joking around. Amenadiel shook his head giving him a sad look. 

“No, he’s been quiet. We’ve been running things by ourselves. Everyone turned to me after Father locked himself away, I kept the position until I came to L.A. I think Michael took over after I left. I can see why Michael is upset, but why does he want to challenge Father so much.”

“He told me it was because he was done trying to interpret Dad’s wishes. I guess he wants to stir things up just enough to get him to show himself” Lucifer shook his head, he didn’t know his brother’s logic enough to speak for them. 


Chloe spoke up “why does it sound like he’s put a target on his back?”

“Because has and he’s not afraid. He’s strong enough to take on anyone who stands in his way. The only one who could actually put Michael in his place is Dad himself. I’ll give it to Mikey, he’s got some balls. He’s doing something I would do, the only difference is that he wants to start shit, I didn’t even want this much drama when the “rebellion” broke out.” Lucifer crossed his arms over his chest and rolled his eyes. 

“Why did you rebel anyways?” both Chloe and Linda asked. 

“I didn’t rebel, I acted out and was punished for it. All I wanted was free will. I wanted to be able to do things outside of my Dad’s orders. I guess I got to enthusiastic about the prospect of the idea and preached too much” Lucifer hung his head, the truth hurt more saying it out loud. Chloe grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze. “I still don’t understand how Dad saw me as a threat. What Michael is doing is nothing I would of attempted when I was younger, now well I’d do it just to see the look on his stupid face.” Lucifer’s memories brought forth anger in his words. 

“It wasn’t even a rebellion” he repeated with frustration, “everyone always makes it seem like I slapped Dad in the face and started a war. I never meant for my curiosity to be taken for disobidience” he left himself calm down before he continued. Chloe sat closer to him and rubbed his back, it helped calm him down. He grabbed her hand and played with her palm.

“I wanted to see the humans I was creating the cosmos for, I got too close to one and accidentally got her to question things as well. It was a slippery slope from there. I wanted what you humans had. You human loved everything and were so curious, it was something I wanted. When I asked Dad if I could have it he accused me of being faulty. Next thing I remembered was my brother Raguel placing chains around my wrists and putting me on trial and Michael putting me down when I started panicking” the whole time Lucifer was talking he looked at his hands intertwined with the Detectives. 

Chloe continued to rub Lucifer’s back and show that she was there for him. She didn’t know what to say because it was all in the past and she didn’t know what God thought of the whole thing. Sure he graced her into existence, but they didn’t know for sure she was a peace offering, she hoped she wasn’t. She liked to think God made her for more important things other than a peace offering for his misunderstood son. Linda moved over to sit on the other side of Lucifer and gave him a hug. He was startled at first but accepted it nonetheless. It was a huge step for him talking about this particular moment, this was the source of his abuse and she was glad he felt comfortable enough to share with her and Chloe.

Linda let go of Lucifer and moved back over to Amenadiel, he had kept his gaze on his brother the whole time. Amenadiel had never heard the full story behind Lucifer’s rebellion, he couldn’t believe that is how it all started and played out.  

“I never knew how it all played out. Mother said you had lost your way and tried to lead a rebellion to dethrone Father. You were always asking questions that questioned Father’s teaching. Michael tried sticking up for you, you know. He petitioned for your return multiples times, Mother always sent him away. After you and Mom left Michael stopped asking and started acting out. I should of known better, I’m so sorry Luci” Amenadiel placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder and squeezed. 

“It’s been a long time, time has passed. The bastard can stay in his office for all I care. I found love in the end. He must of felt bad because he made you Chloe. For that I can forgive him, but I won’t go back to him.” He kissed her hands and held her close. Chloes intertwined their fingers and kissed him on the lips. She was happy to have him, she was glad God saw fit to cross their paths.

Linda understood that this conversation needed to end before Lucifer threw his walls back up. She stood up and placed a sleeping Charlie in his crib. The four of them dropped the conversation and had a late lunch. Linda loved having Chloe and Lucifer over, it gave her the opportunity to watch Lucifer interact. She found that he had grown a bit since she last saw him, he wasn’t afraid to show his affections to Chloe. They enjoyed a nice meal bonding as a small family. Five o’clock rolled around and both Chloe and Lucifer had to leave. They said their goodbyes and drove off to the Detective’s house. 





Dan texted Chloe letting her know that they’d be thirty minutes late, due to heavy traffic. It gave Lucifer and Chloe the opportunity to get settled and think of something to have for dinner. Chloe let Lucifer run wild and raid her kitchen, she was in desperate need of clean clothes. Lucifer made his way into the kitchen looking through the fridge and cabinets but found nothing reasonable to make for the Detective and spawn. Chloe walked into her room and began shedding off each article of clothing off her body.  

“Detective? Should we order something to eat? It doesn’t seem like you have anything qualified to call food,” Lucifer shouted  from the kitchen so he could be heard. All Chloe could here was was his voice but nothing audible for her to understand, she opened her dresser and pulled out black sweats and slipped them on. She pulled out an LAPD shirt and walked out of her room. She tried to yell across from the apartment asking what he said, he too responded with a “what”. They both chuckled walking up to one another, Lucifer smiled and wrapped his arms around Chloe. She too let her arms snake around his hips looking up at him. 

“I said, I was sorry. I really haven’t gone grocery shopping since Trixie’s been gone. I can go for takeout. We can get Trixie’s input when she gets here. She should be here any minute” as if on cue the doorbell rang out through the house and Chloe let go of Lucifer to open the door.

Lucifer followed her, but stayed a good distance away to allow the child's room to say her hellos to her mother. Once the door was open Trixie launched herself into her mother’s arms and Chloe attacked her with kisses. Dan and Lucifer exchanged hellos and waited for Chloe to address Dan. 

“Oh I’ve missed you monkey. How was grandma and grandpa?” she had ceased her kisses and held her daughter at arms length to take in her face. 

“Good. I love spending time with them, but I missed you more mommy,” she smiled pushing the hair out of her face. Chloe helped and tucked her long hair behind her daughter’s ear. 

“I’m glad” as Trixie looked away from her mother’s face she yelped and pushed her mother aside. She ran with full force right into Lucifer’s side. He braced himself as much as he could. 

“Lucifer! When did you get back?” she exclaimed wrapping her arms around his waist. He was sure this child had bruised his hip. 

“I got back Friday morning, it’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten about me spawn” he patted her head and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“How could I forget you Lucifer?” the sentence warmed his heart, not only did he have Chloe’s love he had her daughter’s as well. 

“I suppose I’m rather hard to forget.” he smiled and rubbed his arm along her back showing his appreciation. 


Dan walked over and gave Chloe a hug and explained that Trixie had not yet eaten dinner and would probably be sleepy from her travels. He had to cut his visit short due to filling last minute paperwork, but said he’d see her to take Trixie to her friend’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Dan left after Trixie said her goodbye. 

“Trixie babe, go put your bag away and we can talk about what to get for dinner” Trixie ran to her room and unpacked. 

Lucifer pulled out takeout pamphlets from Chloe’s basket “think we can get away with not having pizza for dinner?” she shook her head and grabbed the pamphlets. 

“I don’t think so, it’s a lost cause and you know it” she placed the pamphlets down on the counter and pulled out her phone ready to dial Dominos pizza. Lucifer shrugged but accepted the decision, he sat on one of the chairs and waited for the urchin. 

“It was worth a try” they patiently waited for Trixie to come out of her room and help them with dinner plans. After five minutes Trixie walked over to her mom and Lucifer. 

“Can we have chinese food for dinner mommy?” she sat on the kitchen table right next to Lucifer. He turned to her with a shocked face. 

“Well that’s a surprise, you don’t wish to have pizza spawn?” he turned his attention over to the child surprised. 

“No, abuela encouraged me to try new things. I’ve actually been craving chinese food” Chloe was shocked as well and deleted the number for Dominos. 

“We can have chinese monkey. I’ll call and have them deliver it to the house.”

Chloe went over to call and Lucifer and Trixie got the plates and cups ready for the food. 

“Lucifer, are you going to leave again?” he ceased his motion and turned to the small child. He didn’t like lying so he told her the truth, cautious not to upset her.

“Every now and then, but for a few days only. Nothing like this past month child” that’s all Trixie wanted to hear, she didn’t like seeing her mom depressed. It had taken a toll on the two of them, that’s why she was forced to visit her grandparents. She was glad her mother looked happy and had Lucifer back. 

“Good. Mommy was really sad when you left.”

Lucifer came around and kneeled down in front of her, “your mother will never have to go through that again, I promise. I’m not leaving without a fight this time.”

She hugged Lucifer and voiced her thanks. Lucifer pulled her into the living room to watch tv when they had prepped their plates for dinner. 


The three of them sat down and enjoyed a tv show called Stranger Things. Neither adults had ever heard of the show and had agreed to hear the child out. Lucifer found the show very interesting and watched with fascination. They were halfway through the first episode when the doorbell rang. Lucifer paused the show and jump to answer the door. He paid off the delivery guy and placed the food in the living room for them to continue watching the show. 

After three episodes Trixie grew tired and requested to be tucked in. After all the food was put away Chloe got dressed for bed. “Will you be staying the night?” She was walking around her room taking off her earrings. Lucifer watched her prep for bed from the comfort of her bed, it was actually quite comfortable. 

“I’m afraid I can’t love. I received word that Michael needs me for the switch off. He seemed excited to show me his progress. I shall only be gone for a few hours, but I must catch up with him. I’ll pop by in the morning and catch you up on everything” he got off the bed and walked over to the Detective and gave her a kiss. 

“I’ll miss you. Be safe and take care. Come straight here when you and Michael are caught up, okay?” he saluted the Detective. 

“I will, I love you. Wish me luck.” before she could speak he was gone and her hair smacked her right in the face from the wind of his wings. 

Chapter Text




The door closed behind Brian leaving Michael alone with his thoughts. He leaned back into his chair and sunk into the confines it gave. He let his elbow rest on the arm chair. He drew his thumb up to his mouth and chewed at the loose skin around his nails. 

His mind was running faster than he could process, he didn’t know what to do. His other hand tapped against the arm rest, while the other chewed on the skin surrounding his thumb. Morpheus didn’t know him, how could he possibly understand the complexity of his life. He didn’t even understand it, but he badly wanted everything to be okay. Michael shook his head and sat up in his chair. He took a deep breath and stood up. He needed to get back to work, a week he was gone, that wasn’t good. 

He pushed the chair out of the way and exited the room. He stalked over back into his bedroom and placed his boots onto his feet. He needed to check in on the torture systems, the last he needed was a rogue soul escaping on him. Once his boots were on, he made his way out of the palace and into the depths of Hell. 

As he made his rounds he noticed lingering eyes on him. He let the demons stalk him from afar, he wasn’t in any danger. He knew they were only curious to see him. One by one Michael checked each quadrant and sought to any problems. The work was tedious, but he knew it had to be done. He started to dread not bringing Brian along, the tiny demon had a knack for paperwork and he was unsure how to catalogue his progress. He sighed and sat down on a nearby boulder. 

He let his elbows rest on his knees as he tried to organize his thoughts once more. Hell was finally catching up to him, he didn’t know how to process everything around him. He needed a distraction, doing routine rounds wasn’t what he had in mind when he signed up to take over for his brother. He excepted excitement and resistance, Hell bent without much resistance and gave him the key to their dark palace. He kicked the dirt surrounding his feet. No wonder his brother left this place, it was lonely and boring. 

His silent prayer was answered when a clicking noise echoed down the corridor. He stood up and made his way into the corridor where a door started to open. He cocked his head off to the side when he noticed the chains still remained intact. He pulled at the chain, they maintained their hold. He quickly pulled up the soul’s information, it took some time to interpret the different language it showed. Once he got around to decrypting its information he nearly collapsed onto the floor. 

He looked around the corridor and found no signs of life in his vicinity. He started to worry Hell had a mind of its own, there was no way him finding this soul was a coincidence. He looked at the souls information once more and weighed his options of the possibility of having some fun. His adam’s apple bobbed with anxiety as he tried to debate on whether or not to go inside the torture room. In the end, his curiosity won. He ran his hand along the cool metal and let a deep exhale exit his mouth.

“It’s my turn,” was all he said as he pushed the chains off to the side and stepped inside the room.  


The door creeped from years of neglect, it looked like no one had come to see him at all. There were cobwebs and dust surrounding the threshold, Michael paid no mind. His only interest was the man this torture cycle held prisoner. He scanned the room in search of life, but found nothing. He was starting to get annoyed until he found the pathetic excuse of a man lying on the floor hiding behind a chair. 

Michael’s face nearly split in half when he saw him, the smile struck fear into the man causing him to scream. 

“Oh you think I’m the Devil. No no no Farouk, I’m much more fearsome than my brother” the man seemed to register what Michael was saying and started panicking.

“No no! Please I didn’t mean to do it. Please! He promised I’d only answer to him. He said you’d never show yourself again” the man ran across the room trying to get away from Michael. He let him flee, Michael knew the room wouldn’t let him get far. He watched Farouk twist and turn through the room trying to escape Michael’s path, it didn’t work. Everytime he turned a corner to slip away from Michael, he would end up on the other side running towards him. Michael gave up after awhile and let the room do the work for him, he stood in the center of the room with his arms over his chest. Farouk could be heard screaming from a distance, the noise brought a smile to Michael’s face. It had been thousands of years since he’s seen this man, it seemed like Hell had surprises up its sleeves after all. 

“Farouk” Michael called, the man continued to move about the room frantic. Michael watched him trip over his feet and slam into the floor, he shook his head at the pathetic man. He signed and made his way over to Farouk, the man stayed on the floor and curled into a ball. 

“Please, please you aren’t supposed to be here. Lucifer said you’d never set foot in this place” he continued to weep into the ground shaking like a leaf. Michael squatted down to get a better look at the man. 

“Things change Farouk, I never thought I’d be here as well. Looks like Hell grants wishes” Michael let a smile spread wide across his face, he resembled a wolf ready to kill its prey. Michael grabbed him by the hair and pulled Farouk’s hair back to make him look at him. He began praying in Arabic, Michael’s face turned sour as the prayers echoed threw his mind. His other hand shot out to clamp onto Farouk’s neck. 

“No you don’t get to beg. You raped your way to this place. You think those women deserved

everything you did to them?” Farouk started to shake under Michael’s intense stare. “No. You don’t get to be scared” Michael tightened his hold on the man’s neck. Farouk began to squirm and gasp for air. His legs began to kick as his face began to change color. Michael lifted him up and continued his assault, Farouk began to cry as his last breaths were drawing close. 

“Look at me! You don’t get to cry for your sins. Those women” Michael’s voice cracked as he tried to hold in his tears “those women are forever scared by your actions. No matter how much of my healing tried to heal their souls, they will forever be scared.” He squeezed with all his strength and snapped Farouk’s neck. Michael let his tears fall and dropped the man.

Michael retreated into the room and pulled a chair up to Farouk’s limp body. In all the years he tried to leave Heaven to find this man, he was never able to catch him. Seeing this man in front of him sparked a hidden joy he never thought he’d feel. Michael sat and waited for Farouk to come back to life. He only had to wait a minute before the man gasped back into existence and held his neck. Michael sighed and stood from his chair. He placed his hand on the collar of Farouk shirt and began dragging him across the room. Farouk kicked and screamed as Michael dragged him to a wooden table with straps on each corner. His fingernails dug into Michael’s arms but had no affect as Michael continued to drag him. Once they reached the table, Michael flipped him sending Farouk slamming into the wood. Farouk gasped as he tried to get air back into his lungs, as he was struggling Michael strapped his limbs to each corner of the table.

“Oh, we're going to have a wonderful time you and I,” Farouk screamed and thrashed around trying to free himself of his bonds. Michael walked around the table and hummed an old tune, he pulled out a leather pouch and went through its instruments. Farouk’s struggle became deaf to Michael’s ears as he found pliers and tweezers. He continued his humming as he walked over to Farouk. 

“Mind if I play us some music? Your screaming is quite annoying” Farouk’s eyes bulged out and continued to scream with panic. Michael sighed once again and silenced his screams, as if making him mute. The volume was lowered and Michael smiled. “So much better, I was beginning to develop a headache. Now how can I play music when I don’t have my device.” 

Michael closed his eyes and concentrated on a specific song that could play out for him to relax. As if the room knew what he wanted it blasted a classical piece for him to enjoy. 

“Oh bless you dear, thank you. Keep it on shuffle, this will be a while.” He smiled and turned to Farouk, he continued to scream but nothing echoed out of his mouth for Michael to hear. “Shh my friend, you and I will paint this room red with our master piece. It will be glorious!” Michael pun around with glee “I’ve waited too long for this moment. Apologies, I’m excited. Shall we begin?”



Brian ran around the palace in a haste looking for his master, he was full out panicking. 

“Oh where could he be, he knows he just cant leave. Oh master, where could you be?” he ran into Michael’s room and turned everything inside out and upside down. There was no sign of where Michael had gone, Brian threw a shoe across the room in frustration. The last thing he needed was for Michael to start picking a fight with the other demons. He quickly left Michael’s room and out of the palace. It looked like he was going to have to search every inch of Hell to find his master. He silently hoped he’d cause enough damage for any sign of Michael to be found. He began his search in the courtyard, but had no luck. The tiny demon began sending out scouts to report back to him on Michael’s whereabouts. He groaned with frustration as the hours dragged on and Michael had yet to be found. 



Michael grabbed a set of pliers and began to test their strength. He took a moment to close his eyes and breath, he let the sweet sound of Bach take him away. The moment was short lived when Farouk began kicking the table. Michael opened his eyes and smiled as the song came to a close. He walked over to Farouk and grabbed his hand to steady his movements. One by one Michael ripped off the man’s finger nails and smiled right at Farouk as he pulled each nail off with force. Tears poured down from the man’s face, the pain sparked joy into Michael’s heart. It was everything Michael dreamed it would feel like. He moved around the table and did the same to the next hand. The pain seemed to catch up with the man forcing him to lose consciousness. 

Michael ceased his torturing and collected the finger nails he pried off of Farouk’s fingers. He placed them in a small pouch and tucked them into his pants pocket, he figured he’d give them to Brian as a present. He knew the tiny demon had a weird fetish for collecting odd trinkets. He walked over to the table that held his instruments and placed the plyers back in their slot. He didn’t know how long it would be for Farouk to awake so he sat down and enjoyed the music the room had to offer. He swayed with the music and tried to imagine how it’d be played on the piano. 

As Farouk regained consciousness, he began to thrash about the table once more. Michael stood up from his seat and walked back to his leather pouch. He began to examine the instruments it had to offer. The song changed and had Michael laughing. He looked up at the ceiling and shook his head. 

“I’m beginning to think you are a living thing now. La Gioconda, really?” he asked out loud but received no answer. He shook his head and smiled, “okay.” 

He picked up a knife and tested its sharpened edge, the knife nicked his finger letting red liquid drop from his finger tip. He smiled and placed his finger in his mouth to heal his cut. Farouk eyes widened as Michael drew closer, inaudible screams came from the mans mouth.

“Oh it’s not over yet Farouk, I’m just getting started. Remember I promised I’d give you Hell once I saw you again. We have a mural to begin!” Michael bounced about swinging his knife to the music. 

Michael didn’t know where this newfound side of him had come from but he was enjoying the confidence he was demonstrating. He stood over Farouk and ran the blade along his tattered pants and ripped them open, he was exposed for Michael to see. Michael shook his head at the man’s manhood and began to cut lines along the man’s thighs. Michael wanted this man to suffer so he dug his knife into the man flesh. Farouk screamed in pain as Michael cut off pieces of the man’s flesh, the only thing Michael could hear were the sweet tickling of piano keys that echoed off the walls. 

The scene was something straight out of a horror film. Blood dripped off the table, the sound of the blood dripping followed along with the music. After some time blood began to squirt across Michael’s face. He was unfamiliar with the art, he seemed to knick arteries as he got overly excited with his technique. Every once in awhile Michael would wipe off the warm blood, he looked mad in this state. He was beginning to feel queasy from the flesh he managed to skin off, so he stopped and placed his knife down. 

He looked around and noticed the walls had yet to show any sign of his work, he frowned and shook his head at Farouk. The man had tears running down his cheeks, begging for a break. 

“Oh no my friend, we aren’t anywhere near finished, we have yet to paint these walls red” he pointed to the wall showing their untouched surfaces. Farouk closed his eyes and cried, Michael shrugged and walked over to his work table. He looked inside his bag and found a black leather apron. He pulled it out and tied it across his body. He gave Farouk a twirl and danced with the music, swan lake was never his favorite ballet but the music was alright. 

He grabbed the knife off the table and walked back over to the table Farouk laid on. He tapped the bloodied knife on his chin trying to decide on how to continue. Michael was never one to torture anything, but he been to war. This wasn’t new for him, he was a soldier. Every man sees his fair share of death and gore. It was always in the back of his mind, he was capable of doing this. He just needed to soldier on and tap into his killer instincts. He flicked his wrist signaling for a song change, the room complied and changed the song. 

Farouk screamed seeing Michael smile with a newfound passion. Michael ran his knife up the man waist to his belly button. Farouk thrashed as the cold blade ran cuts along his stomach. Michael let the knife pierce into his flesh and rip his stomach open. Blood began to pull out by the gallons, it was as if a balloon popped. The thick hot liquid ran down his side and squirt across the room. Michael reached into his abdomen and pulled out his intestines, he made sure to drag out the process to see Farouk howl in pain. One by one Michael pulled out organs and through them across the wall. He promised Farouk they’d make a master piece and Michael was holding true to his word. 

After awhile Farouk passed out and died once more. Michael became annoyed and let the man have his rest. He laid back into his chair and examined his artwork he created from his torturing session. He smiled, it wasn’t as glorious as he would of pictured but it was enough to please his mind. He felt he had satisfied his need for the day and stood up. Michael left Farouk on the table exposed with open wounds. He decided he’d leave him like that until he could come up with a better punishment. Blood covered Michael as he walked to the door, he pulled the apron off his person and let it fall to the ground. He pushed on the door and let the music echo out of the room. 

He exited the room carefully to not mess with its locking system. He swayed with euphoria, he felt like he was walking on a cloud. He made sure to close the door and make his way back to the palace. Demons stopped and watched as their new King made his way through Hell covered in blood and guts. No one bothered to stop him, they feared if they did they’d add to his collection of blood that covered his clothes and skin. 


Brian came running frantically up to Michael as he turned a corner a mile outside the palace. Michael was pulled to a stop when something collided into his side and hugged him. It took Michael awhile to register the demons presence. He looked down and noticed Brian was clinging to his side with his face buried in his hip. He blinked as he tried to understand Brian’s actions, was he crying? Michael didn’t know. He patted the demon’s head and pulled him away from his body.

“I’m fine, it’s not mine” he gestured to the blood. Brian remained frantic as he lifted Michael’s arms to search for cuts. “I’m alright Brian, let go” he pushed Brian away and began walking back to the palace. Brian trailed behind trying to catch up, Michael could hear Brian grumbled under his breath about him. “I heard that! Best keep that bit to yourself before I turn you into a couch cushion,” Brian snorted and repeated his statement louder for Michael to hear. Michael stopped in his tracks and fake gasped. Brian looked like a deer caught in the headlights, he couldn’t believe he challenge Michael. Michael chuckled and shook his head at Brian, the tiny demon looked scared. Michael turned his back away from Brian and continued to walk to the palace. Brian followed but kept his distance, he didn’t want to see if he’d actually turn him into a couch cushion. 

The doors parted as Michael made his way into the palace. Lilith was seated on the couch inside the office, he ignored her and began stripping out of his clothes. Lilith was nursing a glass of some kind, watching as Michael pulled off his shirt and throw it across the hall making his way into his room. She could see Brian trailing behind picking up the discarded t-shirt. The sight of Michael was short lived as he disappeared. Lilith remained in her seat listening to the two men shout at each other. She smiled into her glass as she listened from the office. 

“I told you I’m fine, see no cuts or scars” he was shirtless and in fact had no scars on his body other than the one he received as a kid. Brian walked up to him and jabbed his finger on the childhood scar, Michael batted his tiny fingers away. “I’ve had that since I was a child, that doesn’t count” he turned away and began walking to his room. His fingers worked on the button of his pants, he unzipped them and let his pants fall off his hips. He kicked them off and walked inside the bathroom. Brian collected them and stood outside the room watching Michael undress. “Let me wash this filth off my body and I’ll let you mother hen me afterwards. Now out, know I hate it when people watch me undress” Brian nodded and turned his back waiting for Michael to give him his boxers. Once Michael threw them on the floor Brian grabbed them and left the room.

Brian discarded the articles of clothes into a bin and made his way to his Mother. She always came and went as she pleased, but her presence in the palace shocked him. 

“Oh don’t mind me son, I’m just enjoying the glass Michael offered me” she sipped her drink while watching her son walk into the office and place himself across from her. 

“He didn’t say you could collect it at a later date Mother. You shouldn’t be here” Lilith tilted her head off to the side and pouted her lips out to her son. 

“Boo hoo, I’m here already. I’ll wait for Michael right here until he’s ready to see me” she leaned back into the cushions and crossed her leg over the other. Brian rolled his eyes and jumped off the sofa. He left his Mother on the couch and made his way over to the bathroom. 


He placed a towel off to the side for Michael to use when he was finished. Afterwards, he left for Michael’s room and laid fresh garments out for him to change into. By the time he was finished Michael walked into the room with a towel around his waist. Brian bowed and turned away from Michael to give him some privacy. Michael took the moment to drop his towel and place the clean clothes on his body. Once he was dressed he picked up the towel and dried his shaggy hair. His hair was starting to pool around his eyes, he brushed his fingers through his hair to shift over his curls. 

“Is your Mother still in my office?” he asked laying the towel over Brian’s shoulder. Brian turned around and faced Michael. He nodded and started to fold the towel. 

“Yes, she doesn’t seem to want to leave until she sees you. I’m sorry for her behavior, she tends to do whatever she wants” Michael chuckled and patted Brian’s shoulder. 

“That’s alright, I’ll meet with her. If you want you can join us, I can feel the tension in your shoulders my friend. Relax, I am fine. Join us if it helps ease your mind” Michael walked out of the room and towards the office. 

He found Lilith on the couch with a leg elegantly crossed over the other leaning back into the cushions giving him her best smoulder. She batted her eyes innocently as Michael made his way into the room and over to the bar. He began pouring himself a glass of scotch. 

“I would offer you a drink, but it seems you’ve started without me” he pointed over to the half empty glass on the table. She smiled and watched as Michael came around and sunk into the armchair across for her. 

“You did offer me a drink not to long ago. I figured it still stood” she shrugged and reached to grab her glass. Michael smiled into his drink as he began to take sips. 

“I does. Now tell me, what brings you to my neck of the woods” he opened his arms wide gesturing their location. Brian padded into the room and sat on the sofa he sat on earlier. He looked like a small child sitting in a large chair. He looked between Michael and his Mother, making sure not to disturb their conversation. 

Lilith took a sip from her drink and fiddled with the glass before she spoke. Michael leaned back into his chair and watched Lilith closely. 

“You don’t look well Michael. What’s going on?” Lilith watched as Michael tensed for a millisecond and relax, the act didn’t go unnoticed. He lifted his glass to his lips to hide his smile. 

“Does it show? I thought I was doing a pretty good job at hiding it” for once Lilith dropped her careless act and switched to being a Mother. She stood from her seat and sat on the armrest of Michael’s chair. Michael rolled his eyes as she too worried over his current state of mind. He grumbled into his glass about two mother hens he’d have to deal with. 

“You look like shit, where have you been?” He shrugged his shoulders and avoided Lilith’s gaze. “I’ve been here this whole time, I don’t know what you’re talking about” Brian watched as his Mother narrowed her eyes and shot death glares at Michael. He was curious as to why his master was so secretive with his whereabouts, he had promised he’d inform him once he was finished cleaning himself. The answer didn’t please Lilith, she grabbed his chin and had him look straight into her eyes. A ghost of a smile crept onto Michael’s face, Lilith softened her hold once she realized he was putting on a mask. She brushed his curls out of his eyes and silently pleaded for him to drop the act. He sighed and pulled away from her touch. 


He stood from his seat and walked over to the other side of the room, he didn’t feel comfortable when people touched him. Lilith stayed seated on the armrest looking between Michael and Brian, she tipped her head for her son to try. Brian fiddled with his fingers and remained in his seat. He didn’t want to force Michael to open up if he wasn’t ready. Lilith threw her hands up in the air and walked over to Michael. 

“You know, when I was first brought me here it took me some time to get used to the place” she jumped onto the desk beside him and kept her distance. “It likes to play tricks on you. What games has Hell been playing with you Michael?” he turned his head over to her and found her looking at the floor. He followed her lead and looked down at his feet. 

“I tortured my first soul today” the room was silent, Brian snapped his head over to his Mother and Michael, his face fell with sadness. “I don’t know how this place knew, but it gave me the one human I hated the most” tears formed in the corner of his eyes, he let out a laboured breaths. His adam’s apple bobbed violently as he tried to prevent his emotions from surfacing. He tilted his head back trying to prevent the tears from falling, “and what scares me the most… is that I enjoyed every second I had with him.” 

Lilith jumped off the desk and stood tall in front of him, she pulled his head back down so he was looking straight at him. The tear had already begun to fall, his eyes were red. She cupped his face with her hands and let him surrender all his guilt. He reached over her hands and wiped his eyes, she shook her head and used her thumbs to help wipe away his tears. 

“I need you to be honest with me Lilith, do you really see evil in me?” she looked into his eyes and watched as he silently pleaded for her to say no. She took her time searching his face, she didn’t want to lie to him and she didn’t have to. 

“I never said you had evil in you Michael, I told you to watch out. I said it out of grief, I didn’t mean for you to take it literal” Michael looked every bit of a small child who couldn’t figure out why it was crying. 

“What if I made a mistake Lilith, what if I’m not supposed to be here. What if I turn evil and destroy everything in my path” he dropped her hand and hung his head head.

“The fact you are so worried about becoming evil proves you won’t become evil. You know people call me evil for being banished from the Garden, but you know the reason” Michael  nodded his head but didn’t look at her. “It hurts how humanity sees me Michael but look at me I’m not evil. I may have birthed demons but they’re not evil, it's a job not a characteristic. Michael, look at me” Michael lifted his head and looked at Lilith. “Michael, your Father…. Your Father doesn’t make good and bad people, that’s a myth. He just makes people, or in your case children. Sometimes they do good things, sometimes not so good, but the beauty is that you get to wake up and choose” she pointed her index finger into his chest. “As long as your choosing to do good things, you’re good. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do good things. I can see you want to be good, so continue my boy” she smiled at him and placed a hand on his cheek, Michael started to form tears in his eyes. He refused to let them fall, instead he pushed her hand away and gave her a hug. Once his face was out of sight he left his tears fall, Lilith rubbed his back trying to sooth Michael. 

Brian jumped from his seat on the sofa and walked over to the pair with a box of tissues. Michael pulled away and quickly brushed away any tears from his cheeks, Brian stood by him and silently offered him a tissue. Michael took a single sheet and quickly tried to keep his nose from running. Lilith allowed Michael to retreat across the room and recollect himself. Brian grabbed his Mother’s hand and gave it a small squeeze. She didn’t need to hear the words, she knew they were both thankful for her words, a Mother knows. 



Michael walked over to the bar and started pouring himself another glass. Both Lilith and Brian shifted their attention over to the couch and waited for Michael to join them. Once he made himself a glass and collected himself, Michael sat down in front of the pair. 

“I’ve been away for a while, I know that. Whether it’s been a week” he gestured towards Lilith “or a few hours” he did the same towards Brian. “I want to apologize now, I appreciate the both of you stepping up and taking over for me. Lilith I know you’ve been seeing to my appointments with your children’s concerning the hierarchy vacancies. Brian, oh my sweet Brian, you can relax now my friend. I am going to be okay. I know I have to slip into my role here, I believe I’m finally ready. I’ve been thinking of something huge I want for this place, I’m going to need your counsel on this” he looked at the pair in front of him. 

“What is it you wish to do Michael?” He shot back his drink and leaned forward. Lilith was impressed that he didn’t make a face when the liquid entered his mouth.

“I want to divide power amongst trusted advisors. I don’t want to rule Hell, no one should have that much power. I’m realizing this might cause havoc, but it needs to be done. What do you think? The both of you” he turned to Brian first and waited for him to voice his opinion. 

“Hell has to have a King my Lord, it has to be an Angel” he looked to his Mother for help, Lilith kept her gaze on Michael, she didn’t even know Brian was asking for help. Michael turned to Lilith, the two stared at each other until Brian coughed. 

“You got rid of every person that stayed in your way for the throne to simply divide its power” she was furious, she shot up from her seat and slapped Michael. Brian winced as the sound echoed through the room. 

She turned her back and left the room. Michael cupped his cheek and closed his eyes, he knew he deserved her wrath. He knew she would be upset with his sudden change of heart. He shook his head and tried to come up with a plan to calm Lilith down. Her yelling could be heard from the other room, she was smashing glass and breaking things. Brian hopped off the sofa and walked over to Michael. He could hear the tiny demon shuffle around, he opened his eyes to find Brian holding a necklace in his hands with a sad face. 

“Tar’ath was my big brother, he always looked out for me. He wasn’t a bad person. He had his moments but he wasn’t a monster despite his size and strength. Mother will be okay my Lord, just give her time. The loss took a toll on us in different ways, I am taking it well as I didn’t know most of my siblings that well. Tar’ath will be missed but we have to move forward, right?” he said it more to himself than anyone else, the necklace twirled in his fingers. Michael grabbed it out of Brian’s hands and inspected the necklace. Brian let Michael have it but watched his every move. Michael worked his magic and resized the leather, he showed Brian and placed it around his neck. 

“I’ve too lost a brother, it weighs heavy on the heart. I don’t have anything of his to keep him close to me. I am sorry for your loss my friend, I really am. Be proud of your brother, he fought hard. Keep this necklace on you at all times, I’m sure he’d be honored to know you kept a piece of him with you” Brian grabbed the necklace and cried. Michael dropped down to his knees and hugged Brian, he tried pushing Michael away but he kept him close. After awhile Brian gave in and cried hard into Michael’s chest. 


Lilith continued to scream and break things in the other room, the sound of a vase breaking was enough for Michael to pull away from Brian. He wiped away Brian’s tears and stood up leaving the room to calm Lilith down. Brian trailed behind as Michael walked down the hall to the room Lilith was currently destroying. The door was barely hanging onto its frame when he pushed it aside. There was broken glass and porcelain everywhere. Lilith had blood all over her hands and small pools of blood littered the floor. He rushed over to her and steadied her hands. She thrashed as she tried to pull away, she managed to free herself from his hold due to the blood preventing Michael from maintaining a firm hold on her. He decided she needed the same attention she gave him and pulled her into a hug, she managed to turn as his arms went to wrap around her. He instead hugged her from the back but decided it was best, she tried hitting him but he crossed his arms over them and let her scream. Her body went limp as Michael held her close. He whispered sweet nothings to ease her mind, it seemed to work as she calmed down and cried in his arms. Michael signaled Brian to help with the blood, the tiny demon ran out of the room and came back with towels. 

“If I let you down will you be okay to stand?” he received a head nod and slowly let his hands fall to her hips to steady her balance. “Let’s get these cuts patched up, shall we?” she didn’t bother answering, she allowed Michael to guide her over to a chair. She sat down and looked out into the room. Michael grabbed the towel from Brian and began wiping off the blood from her hands and wrists. She winced in pain but let him help her. “They were your children, I’m sorry. I didn’t even think” she continued to look out and avoid his eyes on her. 

“It doesn’t matter,” she said with sorrow. “Of course it matters” he retaliated. She pulled her hands away and watch as they healed themselves. She tested the skin by rubbing them, once she saw they were healed she looked right at Michael. 

“What matter is this, you don’t let my children die in vain. I know some of them were power hungry but they don’t deserve to die for nothing. I’ll accept this decision about the divided power because if any one of my children you killed managed to defeat you this place would of moved to the Heavens. They all had their Father whispering into their ears, ask Brian he knows it all too well.” 

Michael turned and saw Brian looking at his feet nodding his head. Lilith shifted in her seat and wiped her tears away. “He was a cruel husband and I’m glad he’s gone. My children, they are my world. Every one of them” she looked at Brian and smiled. “No matter how innocent or corrupt they are, they are my children.” Brian lifted his head and walked over to his Mother. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Michael smiled and watched as Lilith showed affection to her son.

“I know that Lilith and I’m sorry. The words you told me earlier got me thinking, we’re not all bad. It’s time demon got a clean slate as well. I’ve been looking at them as monsters and the incarnation of evil. Like you said, it’s a job not a characteristic. It’s time you all received fair treatements” Lilith smiled and kissed Brian on the forehead, he stepped out of his Mother’s arms and stood next to Michael. Michael placed a hand on Brian’s shoulder and smiled down to him. 


“Get some rest the both of you, it’s been a long day. I’ll call for you both tomorrow so I can go over more of my plans. Lilith you may stay here if you’d like, I’ll have Brian open up a room for you” Lilith smiled and started exiting the room. 

“I’ll take my old room thank you very much” Michael looked at Brian surprised. 

“She used to live here, my Lord, with master Lucifer” Michael nodded his head and said no more. 

“Get some rest my friend, I promise to stay in doors for the night. I’ll be in the library for the night, I don’t feel like sleeping” Brian nodded and left the room. 



Michael was left alone and looked upon the damage Lilith created. He sighed and kicked around the shattered porcelain on the floor, one by one the room started to repair itself. He watched with fascination as it cleaned up after Lilith’s outburst. Once it was repaired he exited the room and made his way over to the library. The walls were filled with endless knowledge. He was impressed with his brothers amazing collection on humans. He walked along the shelves and came across books that pertained information on the cosmos. It brought a smile to his face, even in Hell his little brother yearned to see what they thought of his creation. 

He kept looking, walking down the shelves and found what he was looking for. His brother had original music sheets of famous composers. Michael always enjoyed the sound of Sam’s piano playing. If he couldn’t hear it for himself he figured he might as well learn. He pulled out the first name he recognised, Johann Sebastian Bach. A fine man who showed great potential when he was alive. 

He grabbed a music sheet and walked over to a chair. He spent an hour studying the sheet. Once he understood the beat of the song he got up and walked over to the grand piano that laid in the middle of the library. His heart started beating fast as he laid his hands on the grand piano. He hadn’t attempted to play since Lucifer tired teaching him when he was younger. He took a deep breath he sat down. 

He placed the music sheet on the stand and opened the piano. He ran his fingers along the keys to feel its coldness. Memories flooded his mind with countless teaching lessons. He lifted his hands to the keys and played a run down of a scale. He must of been nervous because his fingers didn’t seem to hit the right notes. Over and over he tired until he got it right. His fingers started to cramp, but he pushed through. 

He cracked his knuckles and looked at the music sheet. He played the first eight bars of the music. It wasn’t the best first take he could of given, but he was proud nonetheless. Sam would have his neck if he found out he was playing this shitty on his instrument. It gave him a thrill, he started laughing to himself at what his brother would say. 

Since his first take on Goldberg didn’t go as he planned he decided to break the first eight bars down. He was left hand dominant, so he decided to try his left handed keys out first. Like he predicted it was easy. All he needed was to get his right hand to corroborate and he’d have the thing down. 

He readjusted his seat and placed his right hand on the keys. One by one he slowed down the tempo and played the song. He would get halfway through the fourth bar and screw it up. “Agh! Come on” again and again he’d repeat the four bars until he’d managed to play it right. Once he got over that hurdle, he moved on to the next four bars. 

He didn’t know how long he was yelling at his hands and playing the same eight bars, but the sound of chuckling pulled his attention away from the keys. He looked up to see Lilith trying to stop laughing. She walked over and sat down with him, Michael shifted over and made room for her. 

“And here I thought it ran in the family” Michael knocked his shoulder into hers making her laugh more. “You get halfway through and then I see you mess up at this part” she place her hands on the key and demonstrated the bar he kept messing up. Michael snapped his head to her and shook his head and wonder. 

“Can you show me once more, I’m afraid I wasn’t paying attention” she chuckled and showed him twice more. The two continued to play the piece until Brian decided to join them. They didn’t notice him until the song ended and he was clapping. 

“Bravo, I didn’t know you could play my Lord” Brian came to stand beside Michael at the piano. He placed a hand on the keys and played a funny tune. 

“I do, but not as well as my brother” Lilith snorted at Michael’s words, “okay fine, nowhere near as well as my brother. I have always had an ear for it’s music, I figured I could teach myself. Your Mother was just teaching me, can you play Brian?” he shifted over more so he was in the middle, Brian climbed on and sat down with them. 

“Master Lucifer doesn’t like his things touched so no, I have watched him play countless of times” he smiled and played with the keys. 

“My brother isn’t hear so you’re allowed to play if you wish, it’ll be our little secret” he smiled and bumped Brian’s shoulder. 


Lilith slide off the bench and stretched out her back, Michael shifted over to let Brian continue playing. The two played with the keys while Lilith looked around the library. 

“Have you not been to bed yet Michael?” he ignored Lilith and continued his small tutorial with Brian, the two chuckled at their mistakes. “Michael?” she repeated. 

“I’m sorry what was that?” he said turning around and facing her. 

“I said, have you not been to bed yet?” Michael tilted his head to the side. “I’ll take that as a no, why haven’t you been to bed?” Michael sighed and rubbed his eyes. 

“I’m avoiding someone at the moment. Plus I wasn’t tired, I needed a distraction. Figured I’d learn how to play. I’m a little tired but I can power through” he shrugged his shoulder and picked up his discarded glass of water. Brian stopped what he was doing and jumped off the piano bench. He walked over to his Mother and master, waiting for Lilith to question Michael. 

“Who could you possibly be avoiding in your sleep?” she crossed her arms over her chest and gave him an annoyed look. Brian looked at Michael as he tried to hide his thoughts, seemed Michael was too late when Brian’s eyebrows shot up muttering Morpheus’s name. Lilith looked from her son to Michael with a worried look. 

Michael turned his back away from the two and sat in a chair, he rubbed his hand over his face before opening his mouth. “Yes Morpheus, he seems to only be able to visit me while I’m in Hell. I angered him a few nights ago, I don’t want to run into him again. We exchanged some words that didn’t sit well for either of us. So yes I’m avoiding the Dream Lord.” Lilith nodded her head but said no more, she knew Morpheus held grudges. Whatever Michael said to have him avoid Dream must of been serious, but eventually he’d have to sleep. Hopefully when the moment came, Michael was ready to talk with him. 

“Since we are already here shall we go over the details of this new plan of yours?” Michael nodded his head. He appreciated that the conversation about Morpheus was being dropped, he didn’t want to go over their conversation. 

“Let’s move this over to my room, I have a study inside where we can relax. I need to freshen up” he left with Brian trailing behind him. Lilith was the last to leave the room and follow the pair into Michael’s private room. 

Lilith looked around the room and noticed the bowl of water on the nightstand and cups on all table surfaces, it didn’t look as lived in as she would have expected. Michael disappeared into his bathroom with Brian. Brian came out holding a small pouch close to his chest, he had the biggest smile on his face. She looked at him weird but ignored her son. She continued looking around the room until Brian came around and grabbed her hand, he gestured for his Mother to take a seat at Michael’s desk. She happily took the seat and crossed her leg over the other. 


A few minutes passed before Michael popped his head into the room and found Lilith making herself at home. He smiled and looked around for Brian, when he couldn’t find him, he took a seat on his desk waiting for Brian to join them. 

“I see you’ve settled into the place quite easily, even in my favorite chair” she made it a point to move her ass from side to side to show she was comfortable. 

“It’s a nice chair, It was the only one here so I sat here” Michael chuckled and let her sit in it. Once Brian walked into the room he conjured up two chairs for him and Brian. The two took their seats facing Lilith. Michael clapped his hands together ready to reveal his plan for Hell’s renovation. 

“So as I said before I want to divide power among Hell, it’s more of a way to keep mistakes from being made. I can’t be everyone at once, I don’t know how my brother managed it all these years. I figured I could divide Hell into six quadrants, if my math was right it’d work out where each demon would be able to control that quadrant easily without problems” Michael wasn’t looking at Lilith or Brian while he was talking so he didn’t see their facial expression as he talked. Lilith was the first to speak up before he could continue talking. 

“Wait hold on, you want to give my children control over their own quadrants so you don’t have to what? Waste your time?” she was irritated, Michael shook his head. 

“No. I want to give your children more control over their home. This is their home, not mine, they know how it works better than I. I don’t want to be my Father, I don’t want them looking at me waiting for things to be done. I want them to be independent but not too in control that they think they can rule without an Angel here” they were looking at him like he was crazy. “It’s a bad idea huh? I know I’m not explaining it right, but I feel this will help Hell out. I want to get it ready for Raguel’s time here. He’s really good with Law and Order no matter how chaotic the situation may seem” he waited for Brian to talk. 

“I think it’s a promising idea, the problem is, who will the six be who will take over the quadrants?” he turned his attention over to his Mother, she was deep in thought, trying to process the new information. 


She grabbed the pen on the desk and began writing down something on a piece of paper. Michael got up from his seat and stood on Lilith side watching her write names down. Brian stood on his tippy toes trying to read his Mother’s writing. Michael lifted him up and placed him on the desk, Brian thanked Michael for his assistance. Brian stopped his Mothers writing and pointed to one of the names. 

“I don’t know about Ramla, she’s been missing for some time now. I thought Mazikeen locked her up for talking behind master Lucifer’s back” Lilith shook her head and turned to Brian. 

“I let Ramla out once Mazikeen left Hell, those two girls are going to give me grey hairs” she rubbed her temples and rolled her eyes. Michael ignored their banter and pulled the paper over for him to get a closer look. 

“If you get grey hairs then I’m past due for them myself. I think I’ll need glasses soon, my eyes aren’t what they used to be” he tried to focus his eyes on the writing but couldn’t read them. 

“I believe I can get you some glasses my Lord, would you like me to get you a pair?” Brian asked getting ready to jump off the desk. Michael shook his head and steadied Brian’s movements. 

“That’s alright my friend, I can do it myself” Brian nodded as Michael moved across the room and picked up materials. He closed his fists over the material and closed his eyes. 

With a flash of light Michael placed a fresh pair of glasses on his face and walked back over to the desk. He grabbed a piece of paper and read over the names once more. 

“I see eight names on this paper, I need six. Which six do you two feel would be better for the position?” both Mother and son looked at each other and called out names. Michael placed the paper down and listened to the two talk. 

Michael pulled his chair over to his desk and sat beside Lilith, he wrote down six names that kept popping up. It took awhile for Mother and son to come to an agreement, Michael sat back and waited patiently. He was beginning to nod off when Lilith threw a pen at his face, shaking him from his sleep. 

“Have we come to an agreement?” the two nodded their heads and showed them the new list they came up with. Michael looked over the names and nodded his head. “Shall we gather the six and have them over? I would like to go over this as soon as possible, time is ticking and I need this established before my brother takes over” Lilith nodded her head and dismissed herself to go collect her children. Brian and Michael were left alone, there was silence between the two. 


“Now that your Mother has left, do you have anything you wish to tell me?” Brian avoided his eyes and jumped off the desk. Michael leaned into his chair and watched Brian retreat. Michael sighed, he knew Brian was having a difficult time sharing him with his Mother.  

Michael looked into his desk and pulled out the device his brother gave him. He tapped at the screen until it turned on. He began looking through the device looking for music to play. Brian turned towards Michael and walked over noticing something new in his hand. Michael smiled he knew he could get Brian’s attention this way. The tiny demon climbed onto the chair with Michael and sat on his lap like a child. Michael chuckled and held it up for them both to look at. 

“What is this contraption?” Brian asked curiously tapping at the screen. He tapped on an artist signaling it to play music. He jumped once the rumble of Immigrant Song started to play. He grabbed the device and held it to his ear trying to find the source of its music. Michael chuckled some more and took it away from him. 

“I’m not sure on the name but by brother gave it to me. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it to play, seems you figured it out for me. I like this song, don’t you?” Brian sat and listened until it was finished. He nodded his head once it was done. The next song began sending Brian to bob to the music. Michael did the same and waited for the lyrics to start.


You've got your mother in a whirl. She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl. Hey babe, your hair's alright. Hey babe, let's go out tonight…” 


“Master Lucifer made this my Lord?” he grabbed the device and held it to his ear to hear it better. 

“Well not the music but the playlist, yes. These are people on Earth that sing, they make these songs. This one singing is David Bowie, he’s a hit up in Heaven. My sister Dani won’t stop talking about him. I haven’t heard any of his songs until now, I like this one actually. Here I’ll turn up the volume for you” he pulled it out of Brian’s hands to turn up the volume. The song grew louder sending music across the room


Rebel rebel, you've torn your dress. Rebel rebel, your face is a mess. Rebel rebel, how could they know? Hot tramp, I love you so!”


Brian took the device back and listened with the phone pressed against his ear, Michael smiled at the demons actions. He picked him up and placed him on the desk, Michael stood up and danced to the music. Brian jumped back into the chair and watched Michael dance around the room. 

Michael enjoyed moments alone with Brian, the tiny demon wasn’t bad company. Michael made sure to put on a show for Brian to get him to relax and have fun. The tiny demon laughed as Michael danced about the room like no one was watching. As the song came to an end Michael eased up on his dance moves. He tried getting Brian to dance with him, but had no luck. Three songs played before Michael decided he felt like singing, once the song began Michael got excited and started swinging to the beat. 


Punctured bicycle, on a hillside desolate. Will nature make a man of me yet?...”


“Come on Brian sing with me, if not dance!” he danced over to Brian while he violently shook his head. Michael laughed and pulled Brian off the chair. 


“When in this charming car, This charming man…” 


Brian started to do a little gig and follow his masters example of dance moves. Michael grabbed Brian’s hand and began dancing with him, both of them started to laugh at Michael’s sudden mood change. Michael began to sing and Brian couldn’t help but smile as he listened to Michael sing. 

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear. This man said "it's gruesome, that someone so handsome should care" la, la-la, la-la, la-la, this charming man. La, la-la, la-la, la-la, this charming man” Brian watched as Michael put on a show as if he was performing for a room, he couldn’t stop smiling. Once the song ended the music stopped playing and clapping echoed through the room. The two turned around to find Lilith leaned against the doorway watching the two with a smile. 

Michael felt embarrassed and retreat into his room, Lilith shook her head and shook her finger at him, “Oh no please continue, you have a better voice than your brother. Wouldn’t you say so Brian? Please continue.” Michael let out a nervous chuckle but shook his head. 

“No that’s fine. We were just having some fun, right Brain?” he nodded his head and walked over to his Mother to grab the device. She gave it away willingly but took the time to study it. 

“That’s not yours, Michael gave it to me” he held it against his chest and placed it in his pocket. Michael chuckled and shrugged his shoulders towards Lilith. 

“Didn’t actually give it to you, but you may borrow it. Don’t waste the battery, I don’t know how long it’ll last for” Brian nodded and smiled up at Michael. “Have the six been assembled and brought over to the palace?” Lilith nodded her head and motioned for them to follow her out of the room. 


All three walked out of the room and out into the entrance, all six demons were talking amongst themselves quietly. Michael was the first to enter the room and make his presence known, all six bowed low to the ground voicing their pleasures of being called forth. The six looked like ordinary people you’d run into on a daily basis, none of them showed the horrors Hell had to offer. This shocked Michael, he had expected reptiles and monstrous beasts to show up. He shook his head and scolded himself for thinking such things, these were people just like him. They deserve respect and equality. 

“Please, follow me. It seems like we’ll be needing a bigger room” he ushered them into an empty room, Lilith and Brian followed suit. Michael conjured up chairs for all of them to sit in, placed them all in a circle for them to feel equal. 

“Come in, come in. Sit, we have a lot to go over. Everyone take a seat, sit in whichever seat you’d like” one by one everyone took a seat. Brian sat in between two siblings that looked like he knew very well, while Lilith sandwiched herself between two of her bigger sons. One seat was left open for himself between two girls, he smiled at them as they noticed he’d be placed between them. The room was filled with chatter, he waited until they seemed to get acquainted. Then he’d start their meeting. 

“This is the first meeting of our new renovation” he looked around the circle and smiled at everyone. “Okay so, let go around the circle and tell me your names. I’ve been busy this past week and I seem to of forgotten names. Fill me in on your names and tell me your what your strongest asset would be to this team” he pointed to Lilith for her to start. She rolled her eyes and crossed one leg over the other. 

“Michael you know my name. Everyone here knows me, I’m their Mother for damnation’s sake” Michael shrugged and motioned for her to continue. She huffed and rolled her eyes at him, “my greatest asset would be that I have eons of knowledge of the mechanics of Hell and I’m able to know where each of my children are at all times.” Michael nodded his head and accepted her answer, he summoned a clipboard and wrote down Lilith’s information. Once he was finished he pushed his glasses up and set his pen down.

“Very good Lilith, next please. We’ll be going in a clockwise order from my perspective, so to Lilith’s left will you address your name and strongest asset.” The demon cleared it throat and sat up straight. 


“My name is Falkor, I am the two-hundredth and ninety-ninth son of Asmodeus. My strongest asset to this team would be my intelligence, I happen to be the smartest of my siblings. I am able to predict probabilities ahead of time. I have also helped contruct the torture systems we have here today” Michael was shocked to have a demon like Falkor on the team, he was going to be a huge asset to him and the plans he had for the future. 

“Fascinating. I had a brother with a gift similar to yours. I believe you and I will be working closely together to tighten the coding for the tutoring cycles, bring your A-game Falkor. I have high standards for you” he nodded and smiled at Michael. Michael made sure to star Falkor’s name and write down his information. The next to speak was a woman who looked older than Falkor, she smiled right at her Mother and addressed her name. 


“My name is Orly, I am the sixty-sixth daughter of Asmodeus. I am the proud pit’s master of Hell. I control the fires that burn bright here, I have the ability to control fire” she said proud looking at her Mother. Lilith smiled and crossed her arms, clearly proud of her daughter. Michael looked between the two and then to Brain, the demon was rolling his eyes in annoyance. 

“Orly nice to meet you, that’s a nifty gift you have there. Have you ever used your gifts while torturing” she shook her head and Michael nodded. “Interesting, I appreciate your answer. I believe we can work with your gifts for protection, I’d like to set fire guards to prevent souls from escaping. You look like the demon to talk to, we will talk some more later on” Orly bowed her head and crossed one leg over the other. It seemed Orly had a chip on her shoulder, Michael would have to fix that later on. The next demon crossed his arms over his chest and spoke. 


“I go by Bolt, I am the hundreth son of Asmodeus. Some say I move so fast I stop time, but in reality I just freeze it. I’ve used this power in the past to prevent incidents from escalating” Bolt seemed unsure how he’d contribute to the team, but Michael smiled and wrote it down. 

“My brother Amenadiel, has that ability. He used to use it as a means to observe things around him. Other times he’d use it to annoy me” the room laughed. “I believe I can come up with some ways to harness your gifts to help this team” Bolt smiled and bowed his head and looked to his sister who was next. 


“My name is Ramal, I am the fifteenth daughter of Asmodeus. I have the ability to inflict pain on anyone I wish” she smiled at Michael and waited for him to ask for a demonstration.

“I will not be needing a demonstration, you can try but I doubt you can get through to me,” Michael waited for Ramla to mentally attack him but she chose Brian as her guinea pig. Brian jumped from his seat and cried in pain, Michael narrowed his eyes on her and flicked his wrist. The connection between the siblings ended and Brian thanked Michael. 

“Brian is not a guinea pig, don’t ever do that again” Ramla nodded her head and apologized to her younger brother. Michael scribbled down her name and power and skipped over himself. 


“My Father use to call me Legion, I have the ability to multiply myself by the hundreds. I am also the last daughter, if you wished to know my Lord” she was scared at Michael for some reason, he probably shouldn’t of yelled at Ramla. He mentally kicked himself for getting upset over sibling antics. 

“Why hello Legion, there’s no need to be scared. I’m not going to bite, you are safe here. I believe I’ve heard of you, you have a special place in your sister Mazikeen’s heart” Legion smiled at her sister’s name. “I do believe your gift will be extra useful with our plans” Legion bowed her head and looked over to Brian.

Everyone turned to Brian as it was his turn to speak, the tiny demon stood up as tall as he could and addressed the room. Michael crossed his legs and smiled at his friend, he was curious to know how young Brian was compared to the room of siblings. 

“Uh my name is Brian, I am the last son of Asmodeus” he said softly, Michael hummed at the knowledge and waited for Brian to continue. “I am not truly apart of this team, but I am master Michael’s right hand. I have just recently come into my powers” his siblings leaned forward and looked interested to hear what he had to say. “I have the ability to read minds and enter pocket dimensions” he said the last part so softly Michael barely caught it. The siblings close to him turned to him immediately with shocked faces. 

“Pocket dimensions? How can you be so sure? No one’s allowed to leave this place, did Lucifer knows about this?” his sister Orly rambled question after question, Michael raised his hand and silenced Orly.

“I knew, there’s no need to raise your voice at him” Brian looked scared as he looked over to Michael, he sent Brian a wink. “I’m assuming my brother knew, no one leaves without him knowing. I believe Brian would be a great asset to the team for future trials, but for now I need him by my side” Michael smiled and motioned for the man beside him to talk. 


The demon patted Brian’s shoulder and stood up tall in his seat, Michael realized this must be an older sibling then all of them. He showed authority and discipline in a way Amenadiel always entered a room.

“My name is Jax, I am the fifth son of Asmodeus” Michael noticed the name and paid close attention to Jax. “I am the original torturer of the male human Abel. I have taught all my siblings here how to torture. My gift is the ability to immobilize motor functions temporarily” he pointed to Orly sending her leg to dropped right away almost sending her to the ground. Michael chuckled and wrote down Jax’s information. 

“Jax I understand you are the oldest sibling not only to this room but to all now” Jax nodded his head. “I’m hoping a quadrant is big enough for you, you seem the most qualified for the task I have planned. Should you wish to keep Abel as your charge, you may. I can map it out so you can continue to torture him” Jax looked at Michael and nodded his head. 

“I have spent my whole life waiting for the opportunity to rise to a higher level, you honor me my Lord. I trust Abel with no one other than myself. I wish to keep him,” Michael smiled and nodded his head. He looked at his clipboard and tucked it under his chair. He stood up and walked over to the middle of the circle, he gently pulled his glasses off his face and tucked them into his pocket. 


“Okay, well that wasn’t too bad. Your Mother and I have gathered you all here today to be apart of something ground breaking” Michael made sure to turn around and meet everyone's faces as he spoke. “I want to level out the playing field. I may not of been born here but I understand a working system. In Heaven, I had siblings who covered districts. I want the same here, this place is massive and I can’t cover it all. You six will cover quadrants of Hell I have mapped out and report back to me weekly. You are in charge of running torture rooms and ensuring your siblings catch glitches in the cycles. Some of you will be working closely with me to help tweak the problems that have been occurring recently. We can’t have souls walking around all willy nilly whenever they want to, this isn’t Heaven it’s Hell. I’m trusting you six with this extreme task, I want to give back and make your lives are easier. Now that your Father is no longer with us and ordering you all around, I feel it’s time to enter into a new age of peace and unity. Does that sound like something you all can help with?” he walked back to his chair and sat down. He wanted to see everyone's face on the plan, he also wanted a moment to steady his pounding heart. This was a huge deal and if they didn’t like it, he just gave these six a motive to challenge him for power. 

All of the siblings looked to Jax for guidance, they seemed to make him the leader seeing as he was the eldest. Jax took a moment to collect everything that was addressed, once he was ready to speak he stood from his chair and walked over to Michael. He pulled out his blade from his back and laid it out on his palms for Michael. Michael grabbed the blade and watched as Jax dropped down on one knee. 

“I have already pledged myself to you my Lord, but I wish too again. For too long my siblings and I have coward under my Father’s reign, I believe this new era will lead to great things” he looked up to Michael and smiled. Michael returned the smile and placed the blade back in Jax’s hands. 

“I am pleased you approve Jax. Since it seems you are now the leader of this operation, it is your responsibility to watch over your siblings and make sure they are doing their jobs. Remember their actions reflect back onto you, I doubt I’ll have to worry about that. Stand my friend, we have plans to go over” he tapped Jax to stand. The demon stood tall and waited for further order. “Jax if you’d be so kind as to step forward and help with the layout” Michael conjured a table and a map of Hell. Jax nodded his head and walked over to the map. The chairs disappeared and everyone gathered around the table. 


Hours passed and the six quadrants were layout for each demon. Everyone seemed to be happy with the new territory they were given. Michael had huge plans for the new Hell that was taking form, everything seemed to fall into place for Raguel. If anyone could keep the peace and show order, it was his brother. He was pulled from his thoughts when he felt a slight tug to his shirt, he looked down to find Brian. 

“What can I do you for Brian?” Michael yawned and pulled a chair up for them to sit down. Brian helped Michael onto his chair before sitting himself. 

“It’s late my Lord, you haven’t slept. Perhaps it’s time to wrap everything up. Everyone is exhausted, even Mother been yawning. We can pick everything up tomorrow” Michael thought it over but his exhaustion won. He nodded his head and Brian walked over to his siblings and told them they could pick everything up tomorrow. One by one everyone finished up their notes and tucked them away. They all gave their Mother a kiss and bowed to Michael as they left the palace.

Brian, Lilith, and Michael were alone within minutes. Brian worked fast to collect maps and paperwork and place them neatly on the table for tomorrow’s meeting. Lilith and Michael said their goodbyes leaving Brian alone with Michael. The tiny demon helped Michael to his room and collected the shedded clothes his master stripped off. Once Michael was sound asleep Brian closed his door and found sleep himself. 

Chapter Text



One Month Into Hell 


He felt different, he felt angry. He looked around to see he was in a meeting with Lilith and Brian. He couldn’t understand what it was they were talking about but he knew he was angry. It was like a monster was trying to scratch its way up to the top, wanting to be released. She looked over to him and spoke about hierarchy dominance and how he fucked everything up. He didn’t understand what was going on, he needed fresh air, or any sort of air that wasn’t in the same vicinity as the Human. He tried to calm his nerves by taking deep breaths and exhaling, they didn’t really help but they eased his mind to a point where the anger went from a ten to a solid seven. 

He somehow found himself out in the courtyard and caught wind of voices whispering. He decided to hide in the shadows and listen in. 

“Lord Michael is doing the best he can Siden, home is better than it's ever been.”

“Sure but I keep looking over my shoulder, I haven’t had a good night's sleep since he got here. Lucifer didn’t incite this much fear and he ruled his place for billions of years. Michael just got here and look at us, were dying left and right.”

“Shush Siden, he could be listening” the demon tried to cover his friends mouth, but Siden pushed him away. 

“Let him listen, I want him to know he’s worse than his brother. Michael can…” before he could even finish his sentence, Michael’s stepped out of the shadows. The two demons hutled and bowed to Michael. Anger boiled inside Michael was he walked over to the demon named Siden. 


He watched as the both of them shook in fear, he wanted to draw out their paranoia and fear, he reveled in it. Siden and his friend bowed low to the ground so their foreheads were touching the ground. Michael could hear a silent prayer coming from Siden’s friend, it wasn’t a religious one, but a plea. Michael crouched down and listened to the demon beg for his and his friend’s lives. 

“Please my Lord, I beg you, please have mercy. He didn’t mean it, please, please, please my Lord,” the demons voice stuttered trying to talk through his fear. Michael watched as the demon begged, he tilted his head to the side and tried to understand why he’d beg for his friend’s life when he didn’t seem to care. Michael ignore the friend and turned to Siden. 

“Siden, Siden look at me,” he called, Siden didn’t bother looking at him. “Siden, look at me,” once again the demon didn’t answer. Michael’s took a deep breath and then exhaled, “look at me” he yelled. His voice shook the ground and had Siden looking up at Michael with blood shot eyes. 

One moment Michael was yelling and the next he had the demon pinned to the ground under his boot. Michael’s shook his head trying to recall the moments that lead to this specific one but couldn’t recall them. He soon heard the voice of Brian calling out his name begging him to do something. 

“My Lord please just drop the conversation this is just aggravating you more, please step aside and let them go” Brian tried to pull Michael away from Siden but Michael held the demon down with his foot. His anger was a full blown eleven and he wanted to see the life leave Siden’s eyes, Lilith came into his frame and pushed him away. 

“Get out of here now, you’ve done enough. Look at yourself, you’ve turned into your Father.” The words hit Michael like a bucket of ice, he looked down at the demon and stepped back. He looked around and found Morpheus with his arms crossed over his chest shaking his head in disappointment. Michael looked back at Lilith and Brian helping Siden, Morpheus found his way behind him. He placed his hand on Michael’s shoulder and whispered, “You have the Devil in your soul.”


He shot up from his bed covered in sweat, it had been a nightmare . He placed his hand over his heart and tried to steady his heartbeat. Once he managed to calm down his breathing he closed his eyes and laid back down on the bed. It had been a dream a horrible and totally exaggerated dream. He placed his hands over his eyes and tried to understand the dream, he hadn’t been angry at all. He didn’t understand the dream, he sighed and rubbed his temples. Morpheus was playing tricks with him. He knew there was no way he’d be getting anymore sleep for the night, so he kicked the sheets off and walked down to the library to occupy his time. 

Every night from that moment on, he’d get just enough sleep to get him through the day but not enough to slip into the dream realm. It wasn’t the best idea he could come up with but it was enough to keep the Dream Lord off his mind. He was only one month into a thirty year sentence, he knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Three Months Into Hell


Michael had finally managed to pry his music device from Brian’s hand, it didn’t go over well. Brian resembles a tiny human who had their toy taken away from them. It didn’t sit well in his chest, but he had to do it. Brian was glued to the device too much, his work was becoming sloppy. 

Michael sighed and pulled the device out from his desk. He tapped the screen and saw a photo of him and Brian smiling so hard their cheeks could be mistaken for eyes. He smiled and ran his finger along the photo. Never in his lifetime would he of thought he’d befriend a demon. It was safe to say Brian was his best friend and he loved having him in his new life. 

He swipe the screen and clicked on the music app, the screen came to life and present different named playlists for Michael to choose from. He ran through the lists and tried to find a playlist worth listening to, so far nothing caught his attention. He’d click on a playlist and start the first song only to wind up stopping it and moving onto another playlist. He kept scrolling down until he found the name ‘Classic Oldies’, he smiled and pushed play. 

He stood up from his desk and left the device behind to play. He began swaying to the melodies and humming the tunes. The playlist reminded him of his last visit to Earth, if he could remember correctly it was in the early fifties. He loved the music that came out of the fifties, he walked around the room and danced with himself. The song ended and he stopped his motions, he listened to the beginning of the song and got happy. 


If I give my heart to you, will you give me all your love…” 


He desperately wanted a dance partner but found no one around, he noticed a stuffed bear on the other side of his room and walked over to it. He chuckled to himself noticing it was Brian’s, he picked it up and used it as a partner. He knew he looked ridiculous but he was in the privacy of his own room, he didn’t care. The song ended and he went back to walking around his room. The stuffed bear was gently lowered onto his bed so it could later be returned to Brian. He found that his room hadn’t been cleaned in some time, so he decided he could straighten up his mess. The music helped him keep busy and enjoy his time cleaning. As the music carried on, he sang with the various artists. 


Sincerely, oh you know how I love you

I'll do anything for you, please say you'll be mine” 


Michael turned around as he heard a woman’s voice sing out with the song, he smiled seeing Lilith enter the room. She had a beautiful voice that had him smiling to the Heavens above. She reached out and grabbed his hands, he happily took her hands and began swaying to the song. He kept one hand above her waist and the other around her hands, he was comfortable with her being close to him. They slowed danced in place as the music carried on, Lilith kept her head on his chest as they danced. He pulled away when the song was over and spun her around when an upbeat song started. Laughter filled the room as the two enjoyed their dance session, who knew the Mother of Demons had such cool moves. 


Five Months Into Hell


Michael stood tall with his arms crossed over his chest, he watched as Orly ran her flames across the quadrant lines. Everything was coming along perfectly, the only thing he had left to tweak was the coding for the torture cycles. Falkor came to stand beside Michael, he nudged him to wake Michael out of his thoughts. 

“I’m sorry, what was that Falkor?” the demon chuckled and slapped Michael on the back.

“I didn’t say anything my Lord. You looked lost, is everything alright?” Michael nodded his head and slapped Falkor on the back. The hit was so hard the demon stumbled forward, Michael laughed watching the demon struggle to catch himself. 

“I’m fine Falkor, I was just thinking how everything is working out perfectly. How’s the coding going for the new mainframe?” the demon smiled and pulled out a device from his back pocket. 

“Excellent actually, the algorithm is nearly complete” Falkor placed the device into Michael’s hand and happily showed him his progress. Michael scrolled threw the numbers and nodded his head at the new progress. 

“This is great work Falkor, can you come to me when it’s ready? I’d like to see this one through” he nodded his head. He placed the device back in Falkor’s hands and looked back at the fire that now divide Hell. Everything was going as planned, he couldn’t be anymore proud. Michael looked over to Falkor and noticed he was buried in his device, he smiled and wrapped his arm around Falkor’s shoulder and gave him a noogie. Laughter filled the area as Michael continued his assault on the demon. 


A Year Into Hell


After a few months had passed Michael decided to give the music device back to Brian. He agreed to give Brian the device under the conditions that he lays off the device while he’s working. It was to be used for recreational purposes only. Brian happily agreed and went about his days listening to music after his long days of work. 

What Brian listened to on his time off didn’t matter to Michael, that was until he decided to connect the device to his brother sound system. The bass from the sound was loud enough to shake the walls. Curious about the noise Michael headed over to Brian’s room. That’s where Michael made his first mistake, he made his second mistake when he opened the door to Brian’s without entering. 


“Hump me, fuck me! Daddy better make me choke.

You better hump me, fuck me. My tunnel loves a deep throat.

Lick lick lick lick, I wanna eat your dick…” 


Michael eyes bugged out at what he just heard. He looked around and found Brian dancing around the room singing the song. Brian was too into the song to notice Michael presence. Michael didn’t even understand the dance moves the tiny demon was doing, he was horrified. 

“Brian! What in all that’s holy, are you listening to!” Brian looked over and smiled at Michael. 

“I have no idea! But I love it!” He yelled over the loud music. He continued to swing side to side and snap his fingers to the beat. Once the song ended he walked over and paused the next song before it could play. “Can I help you with anything my Lord?” He asked in such an innocent manner. Michael just looked at him horrified, he shook his head not knowing what to say to him. Brian shrugged his shoulders and walked back over to play the music. 


“All you ladies pop your pussy like this,

shake your body don’t stop, don’t miss.

All you ladies pop your pussy like this,

shake your body, don’t stop, don’t miss.

Just do it, do it, do it…” 


Michael covered his ears and ran out of the room. Brian laughed and sang to the music. Michael could hear the demons voice sing the words “suck this pussy just like you should, my neck, my back, lick my pussy, and my crack” as he exited the corridor that lead to Brian’s room, he bumped into Lilith as he made his escape. 

“Woah there handsome, mind telling me why you’re in such a rush?” She chuckled at Michael, he looked flustered and horrified. He ran his hands through his hair and tried to shake the image of Brian pop, locking, and dropping. 

“He’s… nothing. What are you doing in this neck of the woods? Can I help you wish something?” He ushered her into his room and she’s followed him inside. 

She made herself at home and plopped down on Michael’s bed, he rolled his eyes and stood by his desk with his arms across his chest. 

“I came by to deliver you a gift actually, I know you’ve been avoiding sleeping for too long so I had one of my son’s construct a device to help you sleep. It’s able to mask your presence when you sleep, this way Morpheus stays away from you and you can get a good night's sleep” she pulled the small box out from her pocket and walked over to Michael. 

“You had this made for me?” she nodded her head and opened the box to reveal a silver banded ring with a mahogany obsidian rock on top. “Why do you care if I’m having trouble with Morpheus?” she shrugged her shoulders and placed the box in his hand.

“I can see your work is lacking and you look like shit half the time. It would be nice to have a day to myself without worrying whether or not you’ll fall flat on your ass” Michael smiled at Lilith, he knew she didn’t mean what she said. Michael reached out and grabbed the ring, it was a simple design but he loved it. “It’s beautiful, thank you” he placed it on the fourth finger of his right hand, it was too big making him frown. Lilith grabbed his hand and moved it over to his middle finger, she smiled as it fit perfectly. 

“Much better, I love it Lil. I’ll make sure to keep it on me at all times, hopefully I’ll be able to sleep through the night” he smiled and observed his new ring. Lilith returned the smile and turned to leave. 

“Let me know how it goes, you look like a ghost love. Get some sleep and you’re very welcome” she left the room and left Michael alone to study his new gift.


Third Year Into Hell 


Michael was cranky, he missed the open sky and fresh air. He felt cooped up and caged in Hell, he was in need of a chance to spread his wings. He had decided it was best to keep them tucked away in their plane. That decision didn’t set well with his wings, for over three years they remained stiff without having a chance to stretch. Today was a harder day than most, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to pull his wings out. It was a risk having them out around demons, his feathers were the last healing properties he had left. He was cautious to have any fall in the wrong hands, so he kept his wings tucked in and hidden. 

He currently had his back against the stonewall in his room, his wings were begging to be let out. He groaned as they began to unfurl from their hidden plane. Once they were out he relaxed and let his body fall to the ground and let them hang freely. One by one he moved each shoulder to expand his wings. Michale smiled as his wings stretch and moved about. 

He stood up and began messing with his feathers when he noticed some were twisted and out of place. Michael could hear footsteps approach and looked over his shoulder to find Brian gawking at him. He groaned once more as he tried to pull his wings back in, they resisted his attempts and instead fluttered. Brian circled around Michael trying to inspect the powerful wings, he could hear the small demon cooing at him. 

“If you’re going to circle me like an animal can you at least help me out. I’ve left them unkempt for years and they need attention. You think you can help correct my feathers?” Brian nodded his head and stepped forward cautious, he knew how dangerous Michael’s wings could be. Michael dropped down to his knees to allow Brian better access, Brian stepped close to his back and ran his fingers along Michael’s shoulder blades. The action sent chills down Michael’s spine sending his feathers to ruffle about shocking Brian. 

“They won’t hurt you I promise, I just didn’t expect you to start there. It felt nice, can you continue please?” Michael leaned forward and stretched his wings out for Brian. 

“Of course my Lord. Does it hurt when they are misplaced and twisted?” he began ringing his fingers through the feathers helping them fall back in place, he could hear Michael make noises. 

“It feels like a scratch you can’t itch, but since they’ve been like this for so long yes it hurts. Oh, can you run your fingers through that spot one more time” Brian did as he was told and Michael’s wings fluttered once again. The feathers tickled Brian’s face as they moved involuntarily. Brian continued to run his fingers through Michael’s wings sending Michael into bliss as the feathers were righted and placed in their correct positions. 

“I’m almost done my Lord, I just have the right side to attend to” Michael nodded his head and relaxed. 

As Brian was running his fingers along the right side of his wings Michael could hear another set of footsteps enter the room. 

“Oh my, they’re beautiful Michael. What is he doing?” Michael groaned as Lilith made her presence known. He looked over his shoulder and found Lilith reaching out to touch his wings. He pulled one back sending Brian to jump away in panic. 

“Apologise Brian. Don't touch Lilith, I mean it” she retracted her hand and pouted at him. 

“Why does my son get to touch them? Everyone knows he has sticky fingers” Brian shot her a look and stuck out his tongue. 

“He’s helping me and truthfully, he's the only one I trust right now” Lilith snorted and sat down in a chair in front of Michael, she had a better view at what Brian was doing. Michael leaned forward toward Lilith this time spreading his arms out wide to help Brian out more. 

Michael’s wings fanned out with all their glory, Lilith watched as they fluttered and twitched with every touch her son gave. Michael began to moan after a while causing Lilith to smile and look at Michael. Brian didn’t seem to hear him and continued his movements in the same area that caused Michael to moan. Michael’s hands balled into fists on the ground as Brian worked on the feathers that were twisted around the most. Lilith stood from her seat and kneeled in front of Michael, she listened to him continue to moan into the floor. 

“I believe that’s enough Brian, seems Michael needs a break” Brian stopped his movements and looked worried, Michael refrained from lifting his head off the floor. 

“Is that what you wish for my Lord?” Michael nodded his head and continue to ball his hands into a fist. 

Lilith smiled and ran her fingers through Michael’s hair, the touch of her nails running across his scalp made Michael shiver. His wings stretched out and tried to correct themselves all by themselves, the movement was successful. 

“Would you like me to take care of that for you Michael? I’m sure it’s uncomfortable in that angle you have it” she continued to run her fingers through his hair. Michael groaned as his body began to betray him, he shook his head and kept his head low to the ground. 

“What’s wrong with him Mother? I can help you my Lord, just tell me what you want me to do?” Lilith chuckled as Michael continued to shake his head and shift his hips to the side 

“No no Brian, I’m fine really. Can you both leave me so I can deal with this myself” Brian looked from his Mother to Michael in confusion. Lilith just shook her head and ushered her son out of the room. 

“Seems little Michael came out to have some fun without being invited to the party, best we leave Michael to deal with it himself, isn’t that right?” Michael slammed his fist into the floor and groaned. 

“Get out Lilith! This isn’t funny” he kept his face hidden as he made his threat. 

“Oh but it is, just wait till my children find out about this” her laughter rang out and he groaned. 

Once he heard the door close he stood up and readjusted his pants. He looked at his wings and found them to be in order so he called them back. He walked over to the bathroom and started to strip out of his clothes. There was only one way he was going to get rid of his raging boner, he might as well make the clean up easy for himself. 

Fifth Year Into Hell


Today was their weekly game night, it was to be held in the Palace. Michael found that spending time with his six advisors would help form a better connection, so he came up with game night. So far it was the best decision he’d ever made, everyone looked forward to kicking back and relaxing. He wouldn’t dream of leaving Brian out of game night so the tiny demon tagged along. Lilith managed to wiggle her way into his game nights after the first three. He was beginning to slowly enjoy having her in his company. 

With everyone in attendance, they gathered around to discuss what game they’d be playing tonight. Legion and Brian were in charge of picking the game they’d be playing, it was currently a toss up between Charades and Cards Against Humanity. They were currently taking a vote on which they’d rather play. 

“Okay, so all those in favor for Charades” the only ones to raise their hands were Michael, Ramal, and Bolt. The rest of the room cheered to of won the vote, Falkor hit Michael on the shoulder for not picking the card game. Michael shrugged his shoulders and went to grab the card box. “Who wants to be the Czar for the first card?” Orly raised her hand and took the box from Michael. 

She went to work dealing out the cards for everyone and going over the instructions. Once everyone was caught up, she picked out a black card and read it out. 

“What give me uncontrollable gas?” she groaned and leaned back into her seat and waited for everyone to hand over a white card. Michael looked at his hand and tried to come up with a funny card to give to Orly. He giggled to himself as he slid his card over to her. Orly collected the eight cards and shuffled them around to keep the owner a secret. She laid them out and laughed at her possible answers. 

“What gives me uncontrollable gas? I have sniffing glue, hot pockets®” she shook her head, “civilian casualties, vehicular manslaughter, mutually assured destruction, chunks of dead hitchhikers, lockjaw, and the Holy Bible. Y'all are fucked up, you know that right?” 

Brian turned to his sister Legion and asked what lockjaw was, everyone heard and started to laugh. Michael was clueless to the joke so he remained silent. Legion patted her brothers back and whispered it in his ear, his mouth made an ‘O’ with her answer. Orly cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

“I’m going with the Holy Bible, who dealt this card?” Michael raised his hand and grabbed her black card. Everyone responded differently as they registered Michael’s sense of humor.

“That’d be me. Didn’t think the Angel would choose that card huh?” he winked at Brian who in turn giggled. “Don’t underestimate me you lot while I’m here, I’m one of you. Come on who’s next?” Jax reached forward and grabbed a black card to read out. 


They were playing until someone collected seven black cards. So far Bolt, Lilith, Legion, Brian, and Michael had five black cards. Orly, Jax, and Falkor had four black cards. Which lead Ramel dead last with a total of three black cards. The game was getting intense, everyone had broken out of their shell and revealed their true dirty minds, even Michael. Legion was currently the Czar and she was having a hard time choosing the winner of the black card; How did I lose my virginity? Everyone was looking at the white cards she could choose from and shouting out their favorite. “Bubble butt bottom boys, pork products, my collection of high-tech sex toys, unfathomable stupidity, the Devil himself, the Make a Wish® Foundation, and the Pope.”

She groaned from having such great cards to choose from, in the end she grabbed her favorite and read it out loud, “the Make a Wish® Foundation.” Falkor clapped his hands together and grabbed the black card from his sister’s hand. “Wait okay I want to know who laid down what card. Mom you don’t have to tell me yours I already know yours was the Devil card” Lilith gasped and shot her a look, everyone laughed. 

“For your information no I didn’t, I put the Pope” she turned and winked at Michael. He didn’t know what to do with that so he nervously looked away. Jax raised his hand to being the owner of the Devil card and nervously pushed the white cards into the wastebasket. Michael turned over to him and tipped his head in surprise. 

“I put high-tech sex toys” Ramla addressed flipping her hair to the side in a sassy way. 

“I put bubble butt bottom boys, that was a tongue twister” Bolt said laughing.

“I put pork products” Brian said way to happy for the group. Which left Michael to be the sole owner of the unfathomable stupidity, he shrugged his shoulder to the group. He reached over and grabbed his black card to read out for everyone to hear. 

He smiled down at the card and looked right at Brian, he in return smiled back and looked at his cards. In Michael’s mind he told Brian, “what is my superpower, you better pick a good one my friend.” Brian went to work picking his card while his siblings waited for Michael to read out the card. 

“What is my superpower? Make it a good one guys,” he chuckled and got comfortable. 

One by one everyone laid their card face down and slid it over to Michael. He flipped over each card and read them to himself, there were four cards that were directed right at him. 

“I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now” he pretended to be offended and everyone laughed. “I’m going between these three” he pulled them forward and thought over his choices. Everyone stood up and leaned forward to see what he was choosing between. Legion was furious and started encouraging her siblings to put in their thoughts. Everyone was shouting and giving him a headache, he raised his voice to quiet the room. 

“Order order order! Everyone settle down” Michael roared into the room. Everyone stood still and looked up at Michael. “It’s my call not your Legion” she sneered at him and Michael smiled, he picked up the white card he felt was the funniest and cleared his throat, “What’s my superpower? The winner of this one will have to go to, powerful thighs” he chuckled and Brian jumped up and grabbed his black card. Everyone groaned and accused Michael of playing favorites. 

“Bisexuality” said Bolt.

“Alcoholism” said Jax.

“Flying dildos!” screamed Legion.

“Getting so angry you pop a boner!” yelled Falkor.

“Emotions” Ramla said disappointed.

“Bees?” said Lilith but didn’t seem upset he didn’t pick hers. 

“Seduction!” screamed Orly from across the room. Michael laughed but motioned he wasn’t changing his answer. They all rolled their eyes, Brian reached over and grabbed a new black card and read out for his siblings, Mother, and Michael to hear. 

“I drink to forget, blank” everyone groaned as they all knew their last card would of been perfect for this current black card. 

Tenth Year Into Hell


There was a disagreement between Brian and Michael, one in which led to the two yelling at each other from across the courtyard. No one knew why the two were yelling or how it even started but they let it play out. No one had ever dared challenge Michael, not since he killed the twenty-five during his first days in Hell. Today Brian decided to break that streak and go on a rampage seeking a fight with Michael. 

Everyone gathered around and watched as the small demon pointed his finger at Michael and shouted at their King. Michael face was red with anger and he watched Brian call out threats, everyone feared for their little brother. Falkor, Jax, Orly, and Bolt kept their siblings from cycling the pair, they made sure to form a barrier to keep anyone from witnessing the fight. 

After some time Michael lowered his voice and looked around at the crowd they attracted, he scolded Brian once more and pointed to the crowd they drew to them. Brian shrugged his shoulders and spat out words in another language no one could understand. Michael seemed to accept the words and plop down on the ground away from Brian. Jax looked confused but signaled for his siblings to move along and leave the courtyard. Everyone dispersed and left the area, Lilith came running into the courtyard towards Falkor about the scene that just happened. 

“Why are Michael and Brian sitting with their backs to each other?” everyone turned around and found that Brian and Michael were in fact sitting on the floor with their backs to one another. Falkor shrugged his shoulders and looked back to his Mother.

“They had a fight just a few moments ago” he looked confused as Michael slid his hand off to the side and placed his hand on Brian’s. 

“Then why are they holding hands?” Lilith asked pointing to the two sitting on the floor. Falkor shrugged his shoulders and looked back at his Mother. 

“They get sad when they fight, I guess” the two still looked mad but at least they were showing some affection to one another. 

Michael gets up and leaves the courtyard like nothing ever happen. He doesn’t bother to acknowledge anyone as he leaves. Brian slowly get up once Michael has left, everyone walks over to him ready to ask questions. They never get the chance, Brian zips away in a blink of the eye and leaves them with their thoughts. Michael makes his way into his room and slips into bed. The day didn’t plan out like he expected, it went the complete opposite. All he wished for now was to relax his mind with a book. He spent a few hours alone reading his book before he hears footsteps in his room. He decides to ignore it and continue flipping his page and read his book. All of a sudden the bed dipped and something wraps its arms around his torso. He looked off to the side and sees Brian hugging him. He pats the demons head and lets him stay. Brian looked up to see what he’s reading, Michael angles the book down and begins to read to Brian. 

After thirty minutes had passed. he noticed Brian had fallen asleep. Michael puts the book down on his night stand and shifts out of Brian’s grasp. He gets up and scoops him in his arms, the small demons weight nothing in his arms. Michael goes ahead and carries his friend to his room. 

Michael walks in to find it littered with junk and nicknacks, he smiles and moves about the room carefully. He lays Brian down into his cot and tucks him in. He takes the time to look around and straighten up his room for him. Once he’s finished he slips out and runs into Lilith outside of Brian’s room.

“I heard you two had some fight out in a courtyard earlier, what was it about?” Michael made sure to close Brian’s door. He pulled Lilith out of the corridor before opening his mouth. 

“He’s been jumping more and more frequently and he said he entered a new dimension. I got mad and told him he wasn't allowed to ever leave Hell again. He didn’t like the way I ordered him so he yelled back” Michael sighed and fiddled with his ring. “I shouldn’t have ordered him like I did. I just got worried when he told me in front of Orly, she had that look in her eye. She wanted me to strike him, I didn’t have the heart so I made a scene and yelled instead” Lilith nodded her head and led him to the library so they could talk. 

“He’s headstrong and stubborn that boy, it’s good you scolded him. He needs to understand that he can’t do as he pleases without consequences” they sat down on the couch and looked at one another. “Thank you for not hurting him, he’s had a hard time adjusting since Tar’ath’s death. I’m glad he has you to show him right from wrong. You’re somewhat of a Father to him you know, I can see it, he’d do anything to make you proud” Michael looked down at his hands and fiddled with his rings. 

“He made me proud today when he spoke back to me in my language. I rather he sees me as his friend than a Father, that’s too much responsibility for me” Michael stood up and smiled at Lilith. “Feel free to move about the place, I’m finding myself tired after today’s events. Goodnight my dear” he bowed his head and walked out of the room. 


Fifteenth Years Into Hell


He was on his way out to meet with Brian when Lilith called upon him from the main room. He stopped in his tracks and looked at the grandfather clock by the entrance. He felt he could spare some time so he turned in her direction and entered the room. 

“Why hello my dear, what can I do for you?” he looked around the room and found his favorite bottle of bourbon laid on the table with two glasses. 

“Oh nothing, just wanted to know if you’d like to join me for a drink or two” she batted her eyes up to him, Michael narrowed his eyes and smiled. He rolled up his sleeves and readjusted his glasses. 

“With my alcohol?” she shrugged her shoulders “fine, but two glasses no more. I have twenty more years here, I don’t think I can go the whole time sober” he chuckled and took a seat beside her. She grabbed the tumbler and pour them a glass each, she handed Michael his glass. He went to grab the glass and accidentally touched her hand and blushed. Lilith smiled and placed it in his hand. He lifted it up to cheers her and took a huge swig.

“The slightest touch gets you blushing? My my Michael I didn’t know I make you fluster” Lilith sat back and got comfortable. 

Michael shifted away from Lilith and focused on his glass, she kicked her leg out to tap his knee. He looked up at her and pushed her back, a smile escaped from his lips. 

“Shut up, how’s everything going with the new demon’s resources department?” she hummed and drank from her glass. 

“Don’t ignore my question Michael, I’m curious now. Come on it’s only the two of us” she winked at him. Michael was nervous, he wasn’t comfortable with conversations like this. 

“I’d really appreciate it if I did Lilith” she watched as he rang out his fingers. She in no way was letting him off the hook. 

“Nope. Now I’m getting the feeling you my sweet Angel are hiding something from me” the way she said it made Michael want to run away and hide. He ignored her for a good minute until he heard her place the glass on the table. The couch shifted, he couldn’t tell if she got off or if she was moving closer to him. He turned to see her on the table in front of him waiting for him to break down and pour his secrets out to her. He smiled and shook his head, he shot back his glass and grabbed hers. He spinned the bourbon around and shot it back with a wince. 

“Two glasses, as promised. I have to go meet with your son” he stood up and looked at her for a moment. “Have a nice day my dear” with that he walked away and meet up with Brian. Lilith was flabbergasted, she couldn’t believe he left like that. She picked up a glass and poured herself another glass. She lifted to her lips and smiled into the glass, one way or another she’d get him to crack. 


Eighteenth Year Into Hell


Michael couldn’t sleep, his mind was too active in order to sleep. He decided to take a stroll into Bolt’s quadrant to check on Farouk. He hadn’t paid a visit to his rapist friend in some time and was in need of a stress reliever. As he walked the corridors leading to Farouk’s cell he heard the sound of crying, they sounded like a child. He picked up his pace and followed the wimpers echo off the walls, sure enough, he found a small boy hurled in a corner hugging his legs. He pulled out his tablet from his back pocket to check to see if any doors were opened, he found nothing out of the ordinary. He frowned and walked over to the small child. The boy didn’t seem to know he was there so he approached the boy quietly. 

“My boy are you lost?” the child looked up with teary eyes and nodded his head. “I thought so, would you like to come with me? I can take you somewhere less frightening” the child nodded his head and Michael scooped him up. The boy buried his head into his chest and wrapped his arms around his neck. Michael held him close and walked him out of the corridor and to the palace. He didn’t bother getting the boy to talk, he knew he didn’t feel safe. Bolt watched as Michael exited the corridor, he asked questions but Michael ignored them. Bolt followed along and kept his eyes on the child the whole time. 

Once they reached the palace Bolt made sure to inform his sibling to scour their territories for rogue souls, everyone set out and checked. He remained at Michael’s side and watched the child when Michael left to gather things for the boy. He looked like any ordinary boy, he couldn’t smell a single drop of evil in him. He was about to question the boy when Michael walked in holding a giant stuffed bear. Like a fly to light the boy gravitated towards the bear and hugged it. 

“Go get your Mother, I need her help getting this boy to talk. Can you do that for me?” Bolt nodded his head and took off. Michael sat down on the table and watched the boy cuddle Brian’s stuffed bear. “Do you have a name son?” the boy ignored him and continued to play with the bear. He sighed and refrained from pestering the child. He watched as the child bounced the bear around and giggled to himself. The scene made Michael smile, it was short lived when he realized this was a dead child who was mistakenly sent to Hell. 


Lilith came bursting through the doors forcing the child to hide behind the bear. Michael turned around and gave Lilith a glare. She rolled her eyes and walked over to them. Bolt stood by and watched as his Mother sat down and brushed a hand through the boys hair. It seemed to relax the child enough to have him drop the bear. 

“Where did you find him again? I wasn’t listening when Bolt told me, I just heard child and came as fast as I could” Michael picked the bear up and moved it away out of the boys reach.

“I found him in Bolt’s quadrant just lying on the floor crying. I already ran a screening, he’s not supposed to be here. I wanted you to get some information out of him before I call for my sister” Lilith nodded her head and placed the boy on her lap. He curled into her side and held her hand. Michael smiled seeing the child warm up to Lilith, she made sure to be gentle with him. 

“No, we wouldn’t want that. Now tell me, what is your name sweetie?” Lilith’s cold exterior melted away and showed her nurturing side. The boy looked up and wiped his eyes dry. 

“Adam ma'am” she smiled and placed her hand on his cheek to dry his eyes. 

“I knew an Adam once, you wouldn’t happen to know him would you?” he thought about her question and then shook her head. “That’s ok sweetie, maybe you can say hi to him for me when you see him. You see that man right there” she pointed to Michael, the boy nodded. 

“He’s an Angel of God, the strongest one I know. His name is Michael, would you mind telling us how you came to be here?” the boy looked at Michael and didn’t answer. 

Michael smiled and nodded his head. The boy tried to look past Michael to see something, everyone looked confused by the boys actions. Something clicked to Michael and chuckled to himself. Adam was trying to look for Michael’s wings, he caught on and unfurled his wings for the boy. Adam’s eyes widen in surprise and jumped off Lilith’s lap. Michael opened his arms and let the boy look at his wings. 

“You’re safe little one, no one is going to hurt you. Do you know how you got here?” the boy ran his finger through Michael’s wings, he giggles from the feel of them. They waited patiently until he stopped and climbed back onto Lilith’s lap. 

“Mama said pain go away” was all he said. Lilith held him close and kissed his head. Michael stood up and prayed for Azrael, the Angel of Death came crashing down scared. Michael kept his wings out and stood tall. She looked to the floor and avoided his eyes. 

“Don’t you dare look away, look at the mistake you’ve made. This poor child was found crying in a corner for Father knows how long. What could you possibly have had going on to abandon a child in such a place” he voice was stern and loud. Lilith held Adam close to shield him from Michael’s anger. Azrael looked up with a sad face. 

“He slipped out of my grasp, I thought he jumped when I handed two kid over to Ezekiel. Michael I’m sorry, please don’t tell Dad. He’ll get so mad, I can’t afford to get on his bad side” she tried walking up to him but Bolt stopped her advancement. 

Michael waved his hand for Bolt to let his sister go, he nodded his head and let her move. 

“Don’t ever let this happen again, take one soul at a time like you’re instructed to do. Don’t lump them all together to save time. If I find another child in Hell I will see to it you’re replaced like I was. Leave me now, take the child straight to Dani she’ll see to it that he is taken care of. Go, I don’t want to see your face here again” she nodded her head and held her hand out for the boy to come forward. He gave Lilith a kiss and walked over to Azrael, he grabbed her hand and waved to Michael. Michael waved back and watched as his sister leave. 


Bolt huffed and said something about Angels under his breath. Michael shot him a glare and had the demon retract his statement and left. Lilith corrected her dress and looked at Michael. He pulled his wings back and sat down beside Lilith. 

“Ugh, I hate my life right now” he laid his head back and looked at the ceiling. Lilith chuckled and slapped his thigh. 

“Your Father is getting sloppy, that’s the tenth child that’s slipped under his radar” Michael groaned and ran his hands along his face. 

“Seems I’ll need to run a better security in Heaven as well. I can’t believe no one noticed, I have precautions for these things. Remind me to run security checks with Falkor, that child shouldn’t of been able to enter the quadrants” she nodded her head and made a mental note. 

“Things can’t always go as planned, these things do happen. You handled it the right way” he looked at her and made a face. “Get some rest, I’ll continue your rounds and report back to you when you wake up” she stood up and kissed his cheek. “Sleep well Michael” she walked out and left Michael with his thoughts. 


Twentieth Year Into Hell


Michael had developed a close friendship with all of his advisors, there was no doubt about it. The three he enjoyed spending most of his time with were; Jax, Falkor, and Legion. When he wasn’t in the company of Brian, one could always find Michael with one of the three demons. He was currently having a demon’s night out with them. When Michael first heard about the night he assumed he’d be out torturing some of the worst souls known to man, instead he was in their shared loft drinking Dad awful alcohol. 

“What in the name of Hell is that? It’s awful!” Michael coughed, trying not to let the liquid make its way back up. They laughed and poured him some more, he groaned as he looked at the dark liquid. 

“It’s IPA beer Michael, have you never tried beer before?” Jax said, Michael shook his head and pushed the glass away from him, he wasn’t ready for another glass. Falkor grabbed his cup and sat so close to Michael they were touching knees. 

“It takes some getting used to but you’ll get around to it. It’s the only beer we get down here, seems the humans dislike it just as much as you. The faster you drink it, the easier it’ll get Mike” he slapped his knee and handed him his glass. They clinked glasses and he chugged his drink. Michael made a face but followed Falkors lead. While the two raced to finish their drinks Legion cheered them on. 

Falkor was the first to finish, Michael had two gulps left. Once he got to his last gulp his reflexes decided to betray him, he nearly threw up. They laughed at him but made light of the situation. Legion came around and sat on his other side and rubbed his back. Michael smiled at her comfort but silently told her to refrain from touching him. She backed off and finished his drink. 

“Pretty boy has had the finer things in life, he can’t hang with us Jax. Look at him Falkor, he can barely finish a cup” Legion threw Michael a smug look but winked at him afterwards. Michael shrugged his shoulders. 

“Wait… pretty boy?” He asked dumbfounded, Falkor responded right away not missing a beat. 

“Well yeah. Oh that came out a bit quick” Michael look over to Falkor surprised and smiled. 

“Alright you two stop flirting” she said causing Michael and Falkor to protest. “We’re supposed to be drinking until we regret our decisions, or until one of us can drink Michael under the table. I don’t believe you for one second” she pointed to Michael, “that you have a higher tolerance than us. So game on pretty boy.” 

Jax worked fast and brought them over four glasses of his best ale to start Michael off. He raised the glass up to his mouth and took a sip, he nodded his head with approval and started drinking it. As the day dragged on, they had finished a whole keg before Michael started feeling the effects of the beer. Michael walked over to the homemade bar the three demons had in their loft and started pouring himself another glass for beer. 


“Well I’m just saying, the reason my siblings are so up tight is because we were never able to leave the Silver City. You guys here deal with Earth’s most fawl humans, you get a sense of what Earth was like. The wilder side if you will, you get to embrace that. Us “upstairs” don’t get to, I like it here. You guys are cool, like proper cool. Like I’d come back and hang out with you cool” Jax laughed from across the room while Michael continued his rant. “Hey don’t laugh at me I’m your King. I’m the coolest guy in this joint” Michael held his glass in his hand pointing it to Jax, the beer began to spill with every swish of his movements. Falkor understood that Michael was in need of a break and steadied his motions and placed the beer down. 

“And a mighty fine King you are indeed my Lord, what do you say about easing off the beer for awhile” Falkor grabbed Michael’s bicep and began leading him to the couch. 

“Where are you taking me?” he looked over to the couch and gave a sloopy smile “the couch? I mean okay, but I gotta warn you I don’t think you can handle this guy” he pointed to himself, Falkor looked perplexed with Michaels newfound confidence. 

“You’re drunk Michael, how much did you even have to drink? I left for ten minutes and you weren’t even like this” he placed Michael on the couch, he plopped down and hummed. 

“I finished a whole keg by myself, Legion said I couldn’t drink it upside down. I showed her, wait where’s Legion?” he looked around paranoid. She was currently on the floor passed out drunk with her head on a pillow. 

“She’s always been a lightweight” Jax said shaking his head. “You good Michael?” Michael nodded his head and looked at Falkor.

“Let's do something” Michael stood up and began looking for something. Both Jax and Falkor stood up cautious of Michael actions. “I’m not a gentle flower, punch me and I can’t even feel it. I’m fine, let's do something reckless. I haven’t made any really bad decisions lately, I’m getting bored” he shot them with his best devilish smile. The look on Michael’s face gave Jax the chills, in that moment he saw Lucifer not Michael and oh how it made him happy to see this side of his master. 

Jax walked up to Michael and placed his hands on the sides of Michael’s head, the action caught him off guard but he allowed it. With no words of warning Jax pulled Michael’s head down and pressed his forehead on Michaels.

“Okay pretty boy, lets cause havoc” Jax dropped his head and pulled back, Falkor came around to wrap his arms around the two males. 

“Oh this is going to be fun. Boys night out with an Angel, this is one for the books lads. Where do we start?” he dropped his arm that hung around his brother but kept his arm around Michael. Jax lifted a finger signaling he’d be back and disappeared into a different room. 

Michael politely shrugged Falkor off of him and pretended to hit his stomach, Falkor joined the game and pretended to throw punches himself. Once Jax returned he came back with a small wooden box. He placed it on top of the counter and pulled out a small bag filled with white powder. Falkor started jumping and play hitting his brother with excitement while Michael reached out to figure out what was in the bag. Jax handed it over and watched as Michael opened the bag and looked inside, once Michael went to sniff the contents he pulled it out of his hands. 

“I wouldn’t do that just yet, wait till we get to our destination then we’ll try the white pony. Until then let's move Legion and head out” Michael nodded his head and walked over to the sleeping demon, he picked her up and placed her on the couch. He made sure to lay her on her side and draped a blanket on top of her. 


In the background, Jax pulled out more bag of different drugs and placed them in his jacket. Falkor took a bag or two himself to help his brother out, they were both ready to go and walked over to Michael. 

“We’re heading over to Legions quadrant, since she’s intoxicated and not working it’ll be easier to sneak in. I was hoping she’d get fucked up so we could do this, nice job pretty boy” he backhanded Michael on the chest playfully. “You did my job for me. You get first dibs on everything tonight” Jax lead the way out of the loft leaving Falkor and Michael alone. 

“You know I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand his humor. Why are we sneaking into Legion's quadrant? It’s not a crime to jump into one another territory” Falkor swung his arm around Michael and pulled him out so they could follow Jax. 

“We know, but little sis doesn’t like what we do in her area. See she picked her quadrant for a reason, she doesn’t let us have our fun anymore. We only get to do this when she’s knocked out. Come on, we have a fun night ahead of us” he left Michael and followed his brother. Michael watched as the two brothers walked off and disappeared pushing each other around, he quickly moved his feet and followed them. 

Legion's quadrant was quiet, the fire line that acted as a wall blazed hot. Jax waited until Michael joined them to part the firewall. Once the Angel was accounted for Jax lifted his knife out of his holster and stabbed his knife into the flames. With as much strength he could muster he lifted his blade up to break the barrier, a slit opened and he motioned for the two to hurry up and get inside. Michael and Falkor rushed in and watched as Jax let go and jump into the other side to join them. The firewall went back to protecting anyone from entering and blazed hotter than before. 

“It’s getting harder to break through Falkor, think you can lower down its guards?” he shook his head and looked at Michael.

“No if I do it’ll ruin the firewall protection, I promise we aren’t doing anything bad my Lord. We only come here to blow off steam, it’s hard now that Lucifer isn’t here anymore” Michael was confused but accepted Falkor’s words. 

“Where are we going?” the brothers ushered Michael into the corridors that lead to torture chambers. Once they reached a door Falkor pulled Michael off to the side. 

“This is a special torture room catered to a soul who lives out his nightmare thinking he killed a man with drugs. Jax found it before Legion took over, that’s how we got the drugs. We use this room to have fun, the soul lives out his torture in a seperate room away from the party so we don’t disturb the cycle. I promise it's safe, I worked on the coding personally. Please Mike, you said you wanted to do something reckless, this is your opportunity. There's no going back” Michael was furious and Falkor knew it, the demon grabbed Michael’s hand and pleaded his case. As the demons warm skin wrapped around Michael’s he relaxed. 

“Fine, but only because I made a promise. Show me what you’ve been hiding from me” Falkor smiled and pulled Michael into threw the door. They were automatically hit with loud music and the smell of sweat. 


Jax was nowhere to be seen but Falkor pulled Michael into the room of dancing humans. Michael let himself be guided into the horde of humans, he looked around with fascination. The room wasn’t just a party it looked like a club, there were two different levels similar to his brother’s club. He looked around and took in his surroundings, Falkor stayed close and watched Michael take in the room. Michael was smiling and moving to the music that was playing over the speakers. He was soon snapped out of this thoughts when Jax joined them with drinks in his hands. 

“You may not like beer but I know for a fact top shelf scotch is your cup of tea, drink up Mikey the day has finally begun” he handed the glass over to Michael, they clinked their glasses and drank it in one go. 

Falkor grabbed their glasses and set them on the nearby table. Jax pulled Michael over to the table while his brother pulled a white bag out of his jacket. Michael looked confused while Falkor emptied some on his brother's hand. Jax placed some in the divot of his upper hand and motioned for Michael to copy him. Michael held his hand out for Falkor and the demon placed a small amount in the divot for him. 

“Now you’re going to snort it and I mean all of it pretty boy. Don’t stop, just go through with it” Michael nodded and looked at the white powder. He raised his hand to his face and took a deep breath through his nose, inhaling the powder. Michael winced as the substance stung his nose, he could hear both Jax and Falkor do the same. 

Michael rubbed his nose and wiped the powder off the top of his hand on his jeans. He felt a hand on his shoulder and tensed right away. He turned around to find a human looking at him weird. Falkor grabbed the man and pushed him away. 

“Don’t touch him human, ask before you do it again” the man raised his hands up and apologized. 

“I’m sorry, I only came over to ask him to dance. I saw what you were doing, seems he could use a good time” the man dared step closer, but Jax stopped his advancement. 

“I’m sorry he’s taken for, isn’t that right brother?” Falkor nodded and pushed the man away. 

“Yes he is” he slid an arm around Michael causing him to tense even more. “Run off now, he’s well spoken for” Jax shoved the man away and laughed. 

The arm Falkor had around Michael stayed and began moving up and down his spin. “You okay Mike? It’s okay, we got you. Relax you're as stiff as a log” Jax chuckled at his brother’s phrasing. 

“Oh, how I wish he was” he said under his breath. Falkor shot his brother a glare and stopped touching Michael. 

“Yeah just get the jumps when people touch me without me knowing. I’m good, thanks for the help” both brother nodded their heads and put the cocaine away. 

Michael was about to say something when the drug hit him, he stumbled back and shook his head. Jax smiled at his brother and watched as Michael’s high finally kicked in. 

“Woah, what was that?” Michael said laying a hand on his chest. His heart beat could be felt from under his finger tips. Falkor stepped in front of Michael and smiled. 

“That’s the drug kicking in, how does it feel?” Michael’s eyes were fully blown and he was looking around the room trying to find something. 

“It feels different. I… I have this strange urge to dance, let’s dance” he pulled Falkor out into the dance floor into the masses. 


Jax stayed back and watched as his little brother was dragged off by Michael, the sight brought a smile to his face. He waved a bartender over to get him a drink, as she walked over he looked her up and down. The music was blasting loud forcing the woman to lean over, Jax to the opportunity to look at her breasts. 

“Would you be interested in taking the night off and joining me for a good time, I promise it will be worth the trouble” she smiled and looked around looking for any signs of her boss. 

“Meet me in the private room in the back?” Jax smiled and kissed the corner of her mouth. 

“Wise choice, don’t keep me waiting now” he took off and waited for the bartender to join him for a round of fun. 

Michael wasn’t used to the type of music that was playing, it seemed like his dance moves were made for a kids dance party and not a club. Falkor laughed out loud over the music trying to get Michael to copy him, it seemed Michael didn’t understand the dance moves he was delivering. Falkor moved so he was in back of Michael, he laid his hands on his hips and helped him move his hips. Michael moved with Falkor and shook his head as he still failed to understand. 

Michael pulled away and motioned that he was done dancing. They both walked over to the table and were disappointed when Jax was nowhere to be seen. 

“Seems like the drugs wore off one you. Want to try something more mellow? We can go to one of the rooms and cool down” Michael nodded and wiped off the sweat that was collection on his forehead. 


The two walked over to an empty room and crashed onto the giant couch together. Falkor pulled out a silver container and pulled out a stick that looked like a cigarette. Falkor laughed when Michael tilted his head off to the side in confusion. 

“It’s a joint Mikey, you really are pure aren’t you? Here I’ll let you have first light” he passed it over to Michael and reached into his pocket to find a lighter. Michael grabbed it and inspected the joint in his hand. He placed it close to his nose and gave it a sniff, it wasn’t a horrible smell. He actually enjoyed the smell it gave off. “Place one half on your lips, I’ll light it for you. Once I’m done that take a small inhale and then exhale after five seconds” Michael nodded and did as Falkor instructed. 

Michael took his hit and handed the joint over to Falkor when he was finished. It wasn’t the taste he would of expected but it wasn’t too bad. Falkor sat back and took his hit, once he was finished he passed it back over to Michael. The two went back and forth until the joint was nothing but a roach. Falkor kicked his feet up on the table and leaned into Michael’s side. Michael smiled and leaned back into the cushions enjoying Falkor’s warmth. 

“I believe my brother left me with you so something would happen but I don’t think you see me that way. Am I correct?” Michael turned his head down to Falkor and thought about what he said. “Hey it’s okay really. I know it’s my little brother you like, no hard feelings really” Michael smiled and pushed Falkor away. 

“Why does everyone assume I like Brian? We’re just friends, can’t two people be extremely close and just be friends?” Falkor shook his head and looked at Michael weird. 

“Oh. Well I do, you’re brother and I are just friends. He’s actually my bestest friend, if that’s actually a thing. I’ll make it a think if it doesn’t exist” Falkor laughed because he knew Michael was already high. He took his chance and pressed on about the subject. 

“So since you and my brother aren’t a thing does that mean I still have a chance with you?” he waited for an answer but Michael didn’t answer right away. 

Michael lifted himself off of the couch to give himself room to think, he wasn’t sure how he felt about Falkor. Sure they shared a lot in common and bonded pretty fast when they first met, but he wasn’t sure if he was attracted to the demon in that way. Michael fiddled with his ring and looked right at Falkor. 

“I’ve never been with anyone before, this is new territory for me. I don’t know what I like, I’m sorry. I can’t give you your answer” Falkor stood up and walked over to Michael, he grabbed his hands and steadied his fidgeting. 

“Hey it’s perfectly fine. If I’m being honest I already saw this coming. Probability is my specialty and I could see this happening without my gifts. I’m fine waiting Mike, really” Michael nodded his head and smiled at him. 

“Thanks, these drugs can really get me out of my comfort zone” he dropped Falkor’s hands and ran a hand threw this hair. 

“Yeah, it's pretty much the point. You want to sit down and wait for it to ware off” Michael nodded and took a seat back on the couch. 

Falkor sat down right next to Michael and closed his eyes, listening to the music that played in the background. He felt Michael sit up and shift over, he paid no attention and let the music take him away. 

“Come on, we got to go. Legion is on the premises. I don’t need baby sister bitching at me, I’ve had my fun. You two better get your asses up before I drop you like flies and carry you out myself. Come on!” both Michael and Falkor shot up and ran out of the room. They ran out of the torture room and into the corridors, they could hear Legion yelling for Jax to come out. He started laughing and ushered them out into the side where they originally entered. They were able to escape before Legion could find them. 

Twenty-fifth Year Into Hell 


Michael had successfully avoided his advisors for five years now. After his time with Falkor and Jax he had refrained from stepping out of the palace. His behavior didn’t sit well with him after that night, so he locked himself up and refused to see anyone but Brian and Lilith. 

Lilith worries over him like a Mother but he assured her he was fine. Deep down he wasn’t, he was lost and didn’t know how to deal with his feelings. He allowed Lilith to run the show while he was on leave. She seemed extremely happy with her new role, he was glad he had someone to fill in for him while he was in a funk. 

Brian had tried repeatedly to get him to open up but he refused to speak about his feelings. Everyone grew worried about Michael, Falkor tried multiple times to get in contact with him. He didn’t appreciate the persistence and assigned him to do extra work to keep him busy. Brian stayed close and kept Michael company. They’d listen to music, play piano, enjoy a game of chess, and even mule thing over with a drink or two. 


Today wasn’t a good day for Michael, he was depressed and didn’t know what to do. Music always helped him get through the days so he turned his device on and played his favorite playlist. He walked around the library and plopped down onto the floor. He didn’t feel like sitting on a chair, the floor was comfortable enough so he stayed on the floor and listened to the music. 

As the music began to play he slipped into a mood and laid down on the cold ground. Somehow Hell always knew how to hit him where it hurts, the next song to play sent Michael into a depression. It was as if the room was taunting him, the song “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” by The Smiths echoed out into the room. That’s where Brian found him, he was currently in the library laying on the floor with the song blasting on repeat. 

“I was looking for a job, and then I found a job” he rang out “and Heaven knows I’m miserable now” he said with such passion he had to cover his eyes. The music was cut off once Brian saw the distress it was causing his master. 

“What… why did you turn it off?” he sat up and looked in the direction of the device. He found Brian with his finger on the pause button shaking his head. 

“My lord you were wailing” he said placing the device in his pocket. 

“I was NOT wailing” his voice jumped a few octaves as he said it. 

“Whatever you say my lord. Shall I reconnect the device to another song, or would you like to continue your self wallow?” Michael rolled his eyes and laid back down on the cold floor. Brian figured he’d allow Michael to continue his self wallow but changed the song. He left the room to give Michael some privacy. 

He needed to get out of this place, he wasn’t feeling like himself. He felt he needed to step out for a minute to maintain a sane mind. He lifted himself up off the ground and flew straight for the gates. He took a deep breath and opened them, maybe he could pay baby brother a short visit. Lilith had things covered for the day, it wouldn’t hurt to get some fresh air and decent scotch. He grinned and took off for his brother’s penthouse.



Once he reached the gates he found Brian with tears in his eyes holding the device. Michael rushed up to Brian and dropped to his knees, the demon buried his head into Michael’s chest. 

“You’ve been gone for a month, why would you leave us? We couldn’t find you, I looked everywhere. I thought something bad happened to you. I had the hellhounds searching everywhere” he burst into tears. Michael shushed him and wrapped his arms around Brian. 

“I went to see my brother for five minutes, I forget time runs faster here. I didn’t mean to leave, I just took off without thinking. I shouldn’t of done that I’m sorry” Brian continued to cry and Michael let him. Lilith walked out of the shadows and watched as Brian latched himself onto Michael. She rolled her eyes at Michael’s apology. 


Brian’s pulled away and Michael stood up and gave her a small smile. She walked straight up to him and slapped the smug smile off his face.

“Oh no don’t you smile at me, he almost left to go find you. You know how hard it is to catch a child who can jump dimensions. He almost left to see if you were in Heaven” she yelled and pointed her finger at his chest. “They would have killed him if he had found his way up there, he’s a boy Michael. Not your play thing” Michael looked down at Brian, he couldn’t believe he would go to those lengths for him. 

“Brian… you can’t go jumping around we’ve talked about this. I just popped up to see Sam that’s all, it was for five minutes. I shouldn’t have left, I see that now. I still have six more years here my friend, you don’t have to worry” Brian nodded his head and grabbed Michael’s hand. Michael smiled and let the tiny demon walk him back into Hell. 

Lilith shook her head and followed behind, she watched as her son looked up at Michael and held the brightest smile. It broke her heart to know he’d be leaving them soon and wouldn’t return for another hundred years. 

Thirtieth Year Into Hell


Things got better after he returned from his short visit to Earth. He realized these people here cared more about him then he realized. Lilith had come to his room and laid it out for him, he’d hadn’t seen her that upset since she cried over her lost children. He had agreed to spend more time with everyone to get over his depression. In honestly he needed it, they kept him on a cycle to have interaction. Game nights opened back up and he joined the team again. 

Him and Falkor never picked up where they left off but they did spend time with one another. Aside from Lilith and Brian, Falkor showed similar distress of Michael’s disappearance. He kept close to Michael and asked for him to teach him everything he knew. Michael was happy to show off his knowledge, he’d never met anyone so interested with history and the formation of Earth. The two became closer as the years flew by.

Falkor wasn’t the only one to stick to his side when he came back, Lilith was a complete surprise to him. She never enjoyed spending too much time with him, due to his awkwardness. In the past five years she loved to sit down with him and simply enjoy his silence. They’d read books together, play music, and go over paper work with one another. She never complained about his silence, she accepted him for his quiet nature. 

One day Falkor showed interest in Michael’s fighting techniques and asked if he could show him how to fight. Michael accepted and agreed to set some time out of his busy schedule for the two to spend time together. 



“Alright tighten up your turns, yup just like that. Come on, harder Falkor!” Michael’s instructions rang out from the room. There were grunts and heavy breathing bouncing off the walls. Lilith stopped dead in her tracks as she heard Michael’s voice followed by her son’s panting. Her heart dropped into her stomach as she immediately thought of Michael fucking her son. She had yet to figure out if he had a certain sexual preference, hearing the grunts coming from the room certainly gave her the idea. She shook her head with denial, she could feel her heart tearing in two. She picked up her dress and speed walked to the room Michael and her son were currently residing. 

“Come on Falkor, if you’re going to pin me down you have to put your whole body into it” Lilith was now very worried she was losing Michael to her son. Once she reached the entrance she steadied her hand over the door and thought about entering for a moment. The grunts continued along with slapping noises, she closed her eyes and tried to steady her mind. 

“Agh! Easy Michael I’m not as strong as you. That really hurt” she heard Michael curse and decided she needed to rip the band-aid off. If Michael really wanted the company of her son over hers it would be better for him to know she caught them in the act. She swung the door wide open to find the Michael holding a cloth to Falkor’s head wiping blood off his forehead. The two looked to of been fighting, the were shirtless and dripping with sweat. She placed her hand over her heart to try and steady her breathing, she was deeply attracted to him right now. She was so happy to see her mind was playing tricks on her. 


Michael turned his head and lifted his eyebrow silently asking why she was there. 

“My apologise, it sounded like you two were” she trailed off, she was too distracted by Michael’s muscular form. His chest was covered in hair, she was never one for body hair but on him she felt reduced to a puddle. He shook his head and helped her son over to a chair. Falkor groaned as he limped over and took a seat, Michael made sure to check on his cut before he turned to speak with Lilith. 

“I was training him how to fight, I got a little carried away it seems” he grabbed the towel out of his waistband and used it to wipe off the sweat on his face. Lilith took the moment to rack her eyes over Michael’s chest and naval, she bit her lip with approval. She smiled to herself as she noticed his happy trail, what she’d give to see where it lead. Falkor rolled his eyes as he watched his Mother eye fuck Michael. Michael wrapped the towel around his neck and patted Falkor’s shoulder, “Fighting always helped me relax my active mind, Falkor here has been pretty stressed lately. Felt we could help each other blow off some steam” her son stood from his chair and handed Michael his shirt. He was sick of the way his Mother looked at Michael, he needed to sizzle out her flame.

Michael grabbed the shirt and put it back on. It slowly started to collect the sweat on his body. He was oblivious to Lilith’s hungered stares and kept his gaze on Falkor as he spoke.

“Yeah but that wasn’t blowing off steam that was torture. You kept knocking me to the ground and slapping my head. I thought you were on the defence” Michael chuckled and wrapped his arm around his shoulder. 

“I was on the defence but that doesn’t mean I can’t slap you around to keep you focused” he lightly patted Falkor on the chest and pushed him away. “Let’s pick this back up tomorrow, ice that forehead and bring your A-game alright?” Falkor nodded and shot a glare to his Mother before leaving the room. She ignored him and rolled her eyes. Michael watched as the man exited the room, once he was out he turned to Lilith and shook his head. 

“What can I do for you my dear?” he walked away and went to collect his things. She watched him bend over and walk about the room, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. 

“Oh, uh, nothing really” she said nervously, Michael turned around and raised his eyebrow questionly. As much as everyone likes to believe he was oblivious to Lilith’s stares he knew about them, he caught on shortly after their talk about him blushing. “You know your beard is the longest I’ve ever seen it, I’m surprised you haven’t shaved it off yet” the sentence caught Michael off guard, he ran his fingers through his beard and hummed. 

“I actually haven’t had the heart to part with it. I guess I should say goodbye, you know I use to go to Sweeney for a clean shave. Now, well I’m too afraid now. After the whole demon blade barber knife, he nicked my throat with that thing. Brian did warn me but how was I to know he had demon forged blades” he chuckled and itched his beard. Lilith closed the distance between them and grabbed his facial hair.

“Love he kills his clients, hence why he’s named the Demon Barber. This needs to go, it’s getting too long for my taste” Michael huffed and batted her hands away. 

“Alright, well since you’re here do you think you can give me a proper shave? I’m told you can work wonders with a pair of blades” her heart fluttered, she wasn’t entirely paying attention to what he was saying but she nodded her head anyways. He waved a hand in front of her, she looked to be in a trance. “Everything alright my dear? If you’re not feeling well I can ask Brian, he may be a tad small for the job but I can stand by the sink” Lilith shook her head and slide her arm around his bicep. 

“No I can do it. I’m sure I can find that handsome face somewhere under all that hair” she chuckled leading him over to his room. 

Michael pulled a chair into the bathroom and got comfortable for Lilith. She rummaged through his drawers and found shaving blades and clippers. She made sure to wrap a towel around his shoulder to prevent the hair from falling onto his shirt. She grabbed the clippers and turned them on, Michael closed his eyes and let Lilith work her magic. The buzzing of the clippers rang out into the room and did their damage of getting rid of his long beard. Once she found it to be a decent length she ran soft hands ran along his jaw and inspected her work. He kept his eyes closed and he enjoyed Lilith’s touch. 

“You know I quite enjoy this look on you more, it’s still a full beard but its tapered back to your jaw” he opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror and hummed in approval. 

“I do too actually, I’ll keep it. Thank you” he smiled and went to remove the towel but Lilith steadied his motion. 

“Nuh uh, I’m not finished. Sit back” he looked at her with questioned look, but she ignored him. Lilith ran her hands through his thick locks of hair and tested its length, Michael grabbed her hand.

“Easy Delilah, I wouldn’t want to end up like Samson” he said jokingly, she smiled and decided to play along. 

“Oh is that so Samson? Now tell me” she walks over to stand in front of him “what is the secret to your strength?” Michael bellowed out a laugh and shook his head. 

“Since I’ve seen Brian cut your hair before I know your strength still remains intact” she smiled and ran her fingers through his curls once more. “So now I’m wondering how one as strong as you could lose their strength” Michael shrugged his shoulders and looked at her. 

“Maybe a kiss from a human?” she teased, she watched as Michael’s adam apple bobbed. She threw caution to the wind and went for it, she leaned forwards and ran a hand along his trimmed jaw. She closed her eyes and slowly placed her lips on Michael’s.

He tensed as she laid her lips on his but didn’t flinch away. She moved his lips to get him to respond, he kisses her back like she intended. She smiled at her success and pushed his legs apart to slip in between, Michael did so and tilted his head back to meet her kisses. His hands moved the arm rests to her hips as they continued to kiss. Before anything could escalate, Lilith pulled away and ran her hands along his jaw. He looked up at her and smiled, he seemed to understand and kissed her palms. 


“Should I test my strength to see if I still have it?” she bit her lip and stepped aside to continue their little charade. Michael stood tall and cracked his knuckles, Lilith watched as Michael put on a show and stretched his arms. She rolled her eyes at his attempts and yelped once he lifted her up with one arm wrapped around her waist. “Seems I still have my strength, you’ll have to try something else my dear” he smiled up at her and kept her in his arms.  

“Pitty I was hoping I could over power you and keep you as my personal slave” he placed her down and chuckled at her words. He knew she was kidding but apart of him hoped she would.

“Maybe one day my dear,” he sat back down on the chair and draped a towel over his shoulders. “I’m sure you can work wonders on my hair, I wouldn’t say no to a haircut” she smiled and picked up a pair of scissors. She went to work shortening his sides and keeping the top heavy with curls. She brought the clippers back out and cleaned up the back, once she was done she stepped out of the way for him to see. 

He stood up and leaned into the mirror to see her work. He looked at it from every angle and smiled. 

“I love it Lil truly, who knew you were a hairstylist,” she came to stand in front of him and play with his hair. 

“I didn’t have the heart to chop your curls off, I love them too much. I’m glad you love the haircut” Michael wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. 

“One more kiss before Brian comes looking for me” she nodded her head and placed her lips on his, He let his arms travel up and land on her cheeks, he deepened the kiss before she could pull away. Footsteps followed by creaking of wood forced them to pull apart, Michael watched as she pulled away and walked across the room. Brian entered shortly and gasped as he noticed Michael’s new appearance. 

“I love the new look my Lord, did you help Mother?” she nodded her head and tried to hide her smile, Michael chuckled and walked over to Brian.

“I have to shower, mind helping your Mother out with the cleaning?” He nodded his head and walked off to find a broom. “Until next time my dear, I look forward to our reading session” he smiled and exited the room. Lilith smiled once more and watched Michael leave. She knew she had to watch out, he was leaving soon. The last thing she wanted was for Michael to leave and never come back. 



Chapter Text


Silver City 


Raguel couldn’t take Charollet’s yapping anymore. She was driving him crazy with her knowledge on human law, he needed a break. 

“Charlotte” she just kept talking, “Charlotte” again she kept talking, so he raised his voice “Charlotte!” finally she closed her mouth. Oh the Heaven swept when she stopped. 

“Thank you dear. Mind if we take a break and continue this tomorrow?” she nodded and packed up her notes. 

“Don’t forget what I told you. You need to address Gabriel and seek an audience with God” she shot him with her best mom stare and left the room. 

He exhaled and collapsed onto the chair. That woman was going to be the death of him. He knew she was right, he had to take all the evidence they collected and seek an audience with his Father. He just couldn’t do it now. He had to prepare for his time in Hell. 

Raguel was nowhere near ready for his session in Hell. He started to question whether or not he should take over for his brother. He kept getting a terrible feeling Michael wasn’t fairing well. If Michael couldn’t handle Hell how was he supposed to fair. He stood up and looked over his notes he’d been drafting up with Charlotte. Ever since she found out about Lucifer’s fall, she made it her mission to throw the book at his Father. He always thought the trial was delivered with justice, but it seems his brother never received a fair trial. That’s what Charlotte wanted him to address to his Father. 

This new revaluation was enough to shake the Heavens. This was the piece of evidence Michael was looking for. If he came forth with his notes he was sure God himself would interfere. He didn’t want his Father raining Hell upon him. If one was to question God’s motive they were cast out, Lucifer was the prime example of that. 

What Charlotte was stating would cause another rebellion. One he wasn’t ready to be apart for the sake of a rogue brother. So he kept derailing her and sending her away. He knew if he went to Gabriel he’d be dismissed. Law was his position and he was to deliver it in the word of God. The only thing wrong with that, was he hadn’t heard from his Father in so long he’s forgotten what those words even were. 

He shook his head and banished those thoughts. He was Raguel, justice seeker and upholder of law. If new evidence on a case was presented he was responsible to seek justice. He just wish it didn’t have to involve his family. No wonder humans were advised to not get involved in cases that involved people they knew. He sighed and got up from his chair. He collected his papers and put them in his folder. A gust of wind filled the room, he looked up and saw his sister sitting on the table. Dani gave him a smile “Getting ready to head out? Did you think you could leave without saying goodbye?” she playfully pushed his shoulder. 

“Never, you know that. I was just going over the rest of a case. Seems Heaven will have to wait for this one to be justified” he placed the folder under his armpit and made his way over to the door, Dani followed. 

“Is that your case on Luce? Rag you really shouldn’t be walking around with that information. Here give it to me” she opened her hands to receive it. He clutched the folder under his armpit.

“No Dani, it’s worse for you to be found with it. I’m taking it with me, I’m taking a break. You and Charlotte should do the same. Keep an eye on her for me, will you. I know she won’t let it go until I present myself in front of Gab” she nodded her head as they exited the library.

“I promise, just please take care of yourself down there. They may have seen your demonstration of strength, but it seemed unstable when we arrived. We don’t even know how Michael is doing, he’s never responded back to our prayers. I’m worried about what we’ll find.” The two of them were in the park walking along a pond. 

“I’ll watch my back I promise” he gave her a smile. “You know I’ve noticed he hasn’t responded back as well. Maybe he has his hands full” he pulled out his pocket watch and checked the time. His lips moved side to side as the hands ticked.

Dani shot him a look, “Rag Michael isn’t weak, nothing can keep his hands full. Somethings wrong, can’t you sense it?” she grabbed Raguel forcing him to stop looking at his watch. The pocket watch dropped from his hands and hung from his waist coat. He grabbed the chain pulling it up so the watch was back in his hands. 

“I have, I told you that but Michael has been unpredictable for some time now, maybe he simply thinks responding back would show he regrets his decision” he looked around the park and started walking, Dani was starting to make a scene. She watched in surprise as Raguel left her standing in the middle of the park. She huffed and followed after her brother. 

Their younger siblings could be found convering on the grass. Raguel shook his head and stared at them as they walked by. 

“Can you believe it, they’d rather lay around doing nothing than help us out. Michael didn’t even try to use his influence” he was by the small group of siblings and sneered at them. No one paid attention to him and Dani.

“He didn’t want to pressure the others, it’s their choice Rag. You know Michael is big on free will right now” Raguel rolled his eyes and flipped off the group, he continued to walk around the park.

“Free will isn’t for us, Father didn’t create us to run on free will. That’s for the humans, and look what happened to them. They are killing themselves and Father’s work.” Dani had enough, she grabbed his arm to stop him. 

“Yes, but it was their choice. Take that away and you will be a dictator” Raguel shook his head in shock as his sister uttered out her words.

“Where did you learn that word?” he shot her a stern look. She folded her arms across her chest and gave him her best stare.

“Charlotte. That’s what Father is, he dictates us to do what he wants. At least he use to” she was getting bolder by the decades, Raguel was worried. First the gender change now talking to humans about free will, it was too much to look past.

“Mind you tongue Dani, I told Michael to watch his. If this gets out the two of you are in trouble. I don’t want this to turn into a trial.” Dani pushed him as he dared to threaten her. 

“Listen to yourself. Did you even pay attention to the information Charlotte told you? Father has manipulated us. We are pawns. Luce was right. The truth hurts brother, but you need to open your eyes and uphold the law, not Father’s.” she walked off and left Raguel with his thoughts. 


He stood their clutching his folder in the park. Dani made a big enough scene for his siblings to look over, but he managed to shield their conversation. He sighed and continued his journey to his quarters. Dani was right, Father had decided Lucifer’s fate before he even had a chance to review his case. He let his Father use him as a means to trick Lucifer into releasing himself willingly just for him to cuff his brother. He shook his head, he needed to forget the case until he was in Hell. His thoughts weren’t safe here, Father always knew when he was working on something. He didn’t need Gab snooping around asking questions. 

He finally reached his living quarters and placed his folder on his desk. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw someone in his chair. 

“Give me some warning next time, will you?” he clutched his chest trying to calm down. “What are you doing here Raphael?” the Angel in question smiled in his seat, chuckling at his older brothers scared face.

“Oh that was priceless. What has you so jumpy brother?” Raguel laid his hands in front of him showing him he wasn’t expecting anyone. “Apologise. I came to help.”

“Help with that exactly?” Raguel grabbed his folder before Raphael could touch it. He kept it close to his person and set it down in his safe. Raphael paid no attention to his brother. 

“With Michael’s crusade of course. He’s been gone for sometime now, I’m surprised he hasn’t returned. Rumor has it Gabriel doesn’t know, other rumors say Father forbid him from chasing after Michae l” Raphael leaned forward into his seat. “Now which one do you think it is?” 

Raguel didn’t answer right away, he was informed that no one was to tell Gabriel. It was possible his brother had yet to hear about their mission, but it wasn’t that easy. Their siblings loved to gossip, secrets don't stay secrets for long here. He pulled his pocket watch back out from his pocket and checked the time, he bobbed his head up and down. He still had time to pack and have a conversation with Raphael. 

“I doubt Gabriel is still in the dark about Michael’s absence, we both know he likes to play fetch when it comes to Michael” the thought interested him, he hummed and placed his watch back in his pocket. He pushed his brother out of the way and wrote something down on a piece of paper, he quickly tucked it into his pocket to give to Michael for later

“Yes, shame really how embarrassing it must be to be dragged back like a criminal by a younger sibling. I can’t believe Michael let’s him get away with it, if I was him I’d have punched Gabriel in his smug mouth for disrespecting me like that” Raphael was one of four siblings to of witnessed one of Michael’s incidents. It never set well with Raphael and Raguel, how Michael had to be detained when he returned from Earth. 

“It’s the chains we used on Lucifer, they’re the only thing to weaken Michael. Last I heard, Michael cracked them on his last visit. That’s how we got the huge crack running through California, Gabriel was an idiot for rushing after Michael. Seems big brother showed him who's boss, ever wonder why Gabriel carries his sword by him at all times?” Raphael slapped the desk and laughed.

“Good for Michael, I think Gabs due for another smack down. I tried to go see Father not to long ago and I couldn’t even make it up the stairs. I’ve always been able to deliver my reports into the slots outside Father’s office, now I can’t even make it up the stairs” he rolled his eyes and sank into the chair. 

“I tend to stay out of his wing no a days, since nothing needed my attention. When Amenadiel comes back maybe he can get Gabriel to ease up a little, I wouldn’t worry too much about it” Raphael waved his hand in the air, dismissing Raguel’s words.

“So where is big brother, Michael” he stated, he already knew where Amenadiel settled. “I expected to see him again before everything started, I’ve been waiting for him to fill me in on the deets about Lucifer” he flicked pieces of dust off Raguel’s desk waiting for him to speak.

“He took the first shift after Lucifer left Hell. I’m next, I was just getting my things together before I met Michael at the gates” Raguel collected a few trinkets and placed them in a bag. Raphael studied his brother and watched him move around. 

“Why was Michael the first? Shouldn’t Amenadiel of been Lucifer’s successor, surely he could have spared the time, he’s watched the gates before” he stood up from his seat and pushed the chair away. He came to stand in front of the desk and watch Raguel shuffle around placing items in a bag. 

“Michael made it very clear he wanted to go first. Plus Amenadiel has his son to watch over” Raguel continued to place items in his bag, he hadn’t noticed Raphael in back of him. Raphael tipped his head to the side weighing the statement in his head. He knew about Charlie, but didn’t understand the need to constantly be by the child's side. 

Raguel grabbed his bag and placed it in front of his door. When he turned around he noticed Raphael leaning on the desk, he came and stood beside him. “Why are you all of a sudden interested with our whereabouts, you made it quite clear you were on the fence about helping us” Raphael shrugged his shoulders and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I admit I was on the fence before, but I thought it was a trick for Michael to get his powers back. He said he’d fill me in when he came back from seeing Lucifer, I’ve been waiting patiently. Seems big brother got busy” he sighed and turned to Raguel. “Have you heard from Michael at all? I got this weird prayer that mentioned Hell, but it didn’t sound like him. It gave off his presence or something similar, I can’t remember much about Lucifer so I’m not sure if it was him” Raguel turned to his brother and grabbed his shoulders, Raphael was taken by surprise.

“What did it say? I haven’t heard from him since I left with Dani. We’ve been trying to get in contact for awhile now, we’ve heard nothing but silence. Do you think he’s hurt? Why didn’t you inform any of us?” he let go of Raphael and began pacing. He rushed over to his bag and picked it up. He went to open the door but Raphael used his powers to shut the door and prevent him from leaving. 

“Relax brother, I doubt Hell can keep Michael hostage. If anything he’s having too much fun, you remember the duel between Mazikeen and him. Imagine the fun he’s having kicking their asses, he’s probably having one lick his boots at this moment.”






“No no no. You can’t move your knight four spaces and then say checkmate at the beginning of the game. Come on, you remember the rules. Play correctly, Brian” the tiny demon huffed and moved his pon over one space. Brian didn’t like playing chess when he was forbidden to read Michael’s mind. It made the game harder to understand, he rolled his eyes as Michael smiled and took his pon off the board. Brian groaned and moved another one into place. 






Raphael laughed at the imagine of his big brother giving demons Hell. Raguel shook his head with disapproval, he knew Michael wasn’t like that.

“So you want to help Michael now?” Raguel wasn’t happy with his brothers sudden change of heart but the more siblings they got to help meant less time for them to spend in Hell. 

“He’s the eldest now” he shrugged his shoulders “I go where Michael goes, apart from popular belief we’re actually quite close. Put aside the power grab and we’re good chums” he came to sit back down on the chair. He crossed his arms over his chest and shot Raguel a smug smile. Raguel looked at his brother and studied him, he’s never known him to be friends with Michael. All he cared for was his job and his new healing abilities. Something must of caught his attention because Raguel had his wings out and in attack mode. The tips of his right wing was against Raphael’s throat. 

“Easy brother” he lifted his hands in surrender. “I came in peace. Put them away before you regret it. I seriously want to help. Not so much for Lucifer, I could care less for our wayward brother. Michael is my main interest, he’s been off lately.” Raguel could see the concern in his brother's eyes, seems everyone was on edge with Michael’s silence.

“You’re really that worried about Michael? Is it that bad, should I be worried?” he put his wings away and pulled his watch back out to check the time. He was running out of time, he needed to leave soon before Lucifer got restless. 

“I don’t know yet, I’ll know more when I see him. It’s hard to check in on him when he’s in Hell, it’s like a storm cloud. It’s not clear, I wonder if Lucifer placed it there” Raguel sat on the desk and looked at his brother. 

“Will you bring him home once his shift is over?” Raphael shrugged his shoulders and pushed a pen across the desk.

“I would like to, but something tells me he won’t come willingly. I’ll offer my services to him if he’ll have it. I wouldn’t dream of forcing him back here, I’ve seen the way he gets when Gabriel brings him back” Raguel nodded and stood up, Raphael followed and hugged his brother. 

“Take care of yourself down there. If you need anything call for me, I will ask around for more to help. Once you are back, seek me out and I will bless any suffering you are having. Truly brother take care” he let go of Raguel and laid a hand on his head and chest. A short prayer was given to Raguel to aid him with safe travels and a guidance of peace of mind. He left, leaving Raguel to dwell in his thoughts. It left a tingling sensation all over his body. Raguel picked up his bag once again and flew to the gates. Ezekiel bowed his head and opened the gates. 

“Tell Dani I will be back and fill her in when I return” Ezekiel nodded “wish me luck Zek.”

“Good luck brother.” He flew past Ezekiel and down to Hell where he’d find Lucifer with his back against the gates waiting for him. 






It had been two days since he’d last seen her, not because he was ignoring her. He had to prepare his advisors for the switch off, seems like time slipped his mind. He sent out a message for Lilith to meet him in the library, she happily responded saying she’d meet him in ten. It was new for him, he’d never let the small gestures or signals go answered from Lilith. That day though, she looked beautiful beyond compare. A true vision of beauty he couldn’t shake from his mind. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he decided not to hold back anymore. All he knew was that he was finally ready to pursue things with Lilith, he truly liked her and felt he could have something with her. 

He got up from his desk and grabbed a book to take with him. Before he left the room he looked at himself in the mirror, he corrected his clothing and made sure his outfit was appropriate. He caught on early that Lilith appreciated his simple clothing choices, she hated when he dressed like his brother. So he stuck to t-shirts whether they were long or short sleeved and a pair of pants. He looked at himself once more and made sure to mess up his hair. He badly wanted Lilith to run her fingers through his hair to correct its placement. His heart fluttered with the possibility. 

He smiled to himself in the mirror and walked out of the room into the library. She was nowhere to be seen so he walked over to the couch and sat down. He placed his book on the table and looked around the room. He would be leaving soon, in three days time. He wouldn’t say it out loud, but he would miss this place. He was lost in thought when Lilith came strolling into the room. He immediately stood up and smiled as she walked up to him. His heart was hammering into his chest, it must of shocked his body because it forced him to cough a bit. Lilith smiled and knocked her book into his chest. 

“Don’t you dare say I look you breath away, don’t go all mushy on me Michael” he chuckled and rubbed the spot she assault him. 

“More like knocked the air right out of me, how are you my dear?” she lifted her hand for him to kiss it. He gladly grabbed it and kissed her hand, she smiled at his actions. 

Instead of lowering her hand she let it rest on his jaw, her finger ran through his facial hair giving him chills. “I’m actually in a good mood, you caught me at a good time” she reached up to kiss his cheek. “What is going on with your hair? Don’t you own a mirror? Come here” she pulled his head down and fixed his hair. He hid a smile as she played into his trap. She ran her fingers through his hair in order to fix it the way she wanted it. Once she was done she motioned for them to sit and Michael obeyed. The two sat down and made themselves comfortable on the couch. It was a small couch, both were able to have their own arm rest and still be able to be close to one another. 

“I’m glad I caught you before I left, I know how we can go days without seeing one another. It seems these days are narrowing down on us” he tried to keep a neutral face about the topic but his facial features betrayed him when Lilith looked away from him. He scooted closer to her and placed a hand on her knee. She refused to meet his gaze so he pulled her head over to his direction. “Lil please, I’m trying to say I would like to spend them with you” she slapped his hand away but kept the one on her knee in its place. 

“I thought you brought me here so we could read, not talk about our feelings” she looked over to him and saw the stupid sad look on his face. “Fine, fine. I’m sorry” she turned her body to face him, she grabbed his hand that was on her knee and locked her fingers with his. 

“I sent the kids on errands for the day, Brian especially. We have a proper day to ourselves” she cast a smile over to him and lifted her eyebrow in question.

“The kids? You do realize they’re mine not yours” he shrugged his shoulders that caused her to laugh. “Does this mean you’ve finally accepted your role as Father to them? I’m sure I heard Legion call you dad the other day” his eyes bugged out and panic, she hit his chest and started to laugh. “Hey you said kids, I guess you could be my new husband. You’re a Hell of a catch, strong, charming, smart” she brushed his hair out of his face, “I have to see how good you are in bed but nonetheless I’m sure I can make due with your looks alone.” Michael bellowed out a hearty laugh. 

“Oh you are a prize in itself, my dear, I think I’ll miss you the most. Don’t tell Brian” she smiled at his statement. He leaned forward and went to kiss her cheek, she moved the last second making their lips touch. He gave her what she wanted and kissed her. 

He rested his forehead on her and closed his eyes, she did the same and stayed quiet. 

“I meant what I said earlier, I made sure the kids were occupied so it’d just the two of us until I leave. Brian may pop up here and there, but other than that it's just the two of us. Figured we could read, dance, and play some piano. Something like that, you know. Anything in your company I’d like Lil” he opened his eyes and kissed her forehead. She smiled and pulled back to stand up. 

“Well since we have all this free time and you went through all that trouble, I’m sure I can squeeze you in” she held out her hand for him to take it, he did and she helped him up. 

“If you’re to busy my lady, I wouldn’t want to disturb your schedule” he tried to keep his face neutral but he couldn’t, his smile shined bright. 

“Shut up you goof” she playfully hit his chest “how about a dance? A slow one, so I can control those wild hips of yours “ he chuckled and pulled her close to him. 

“You love the way I dance, don’t think I don’t see the way you look at me” she turned her head away from him “mhmm see, I know you” they both laughed. 

He reached into his pocket and retrieved his music device, she grabbed it out of his hands and connected it to the speakers. She kept him at arm's length so she had control over the music choice. He huffed and let her control the music, he smiled as he watched her try and find a song. Once she found the song she threw the device on the couch and swayed to the beat. He opened his arms and she moved into them. The two moved slowly to the music and let the song take them away. They continued to dance until Brian came walking in asking if Michael needed anything. He shook his head and sent him on his way. He didn’t want anymore disruption so he walked over to the doors and locked them. Lilith shot him a wicked smile but he shook his head and held out his hand. 

“Naughty girl, keep your hands where I can see them. I’m a gentleman, my dear” she laughed and grabbed his hand so they could continue dancing. 



Problems prung up shortly after their dance session, forcing Michael and Lilith to cut their time short and step back into their jobs. He was disappointed but he knew it was too good to be true. Lilith tried her best to visit him but when she did he was out dealing with a problem. It was his last day in Hell, the hours were closing in on him. He began packing his clothes, he didn’t have much but the clothes he collected were his favorites. He had his bag packed and placed by the door in a matter of minutes. His heart was heavy with sadness, he didn’t want to leave. He knew he had to, his brothers were probably waiting by the gates by now. He placed his bag by his door and walked out. 

As he started to make his way out of the building he found Brian creeping around the corner moving his bag. He stopped in his tracks and watched the tiny demon try to remain hidden. He chuckled to himself and finally decided to open his mouth when he noticed Brian was trying to hide his belongings. 

“And where do you think you’re going with my bag Brian?” the demon stopped in his tracks and turned around to find Miichael with his arms crossed over his chest trying to conceal a smile. Brian snapped his fingers and sent his bag disappearing into a void. 

“Nowhere” he simply said trying to look innocent. Michael hummed and started to walk out the building once more. Brian tailed him as he walked out of the palace. 

“My Lord” he called, his voice was so soft Michael barely registered Brian voice. 

“Yes Brian?” he slowed down his pace and let Brian catch up to him. The two walked side by side to the gates. 

“Do you have to go? Why can’t you continue your work here instead of master Lucifer” Michael looked ahead and thought over his response. He stopped in his tracks and faced Brian. 

“My brother isn’t coming back for this session, that my brother Raguel. Sam will pick up after him. I don’t want to go either my friend, but my place isn’t here” Brian looked heartbroken and started to cry. Michael looked away as he started to think of his days without his friend. Brian collided with his hip and hugged him tight, Michael let his arms wrap around the demon. 

“I have to go meet up with my brother Brian, it's best you prepare for the switch over. Go, I’ll call for you when I’m heading out” he tried to push Brian away but the demon kept an iron tight hold on him. He summoned his wings to try and frighten him but nothing happened. 

He knew this brothers were at the gates, he could feel their presence. He tried once more to pry Brian off but failed to make him budge. He sighed and held an arm around him, if he wasn’t going to let go he might as well take him along for the ride. 


“Brother” Raguel said acknowledging Lucifer. Lucifer was currently nursing a cigarette. He took two more puffs out of the thing before he discarded it on the floor and put it out. He fixed his cufflinks and looked over to his brother. 

“Raguel. How is the Silver City?” he walked over and stood on the side of his brother facing the gates. The two of them waited patiently for Michael to open them. 

“Quiet, nothing ever happens anymore. Charlotte says Hi by the way” he said turning his head to the side to address his brother. 

“It was always a boring place, you’ll have your hands full here. I hear Michael has prepared it just for you” He smiled at the mention of Charlotte, but didn’t bother to respond.

“You’ve heard from Michael?” he dropped his bag and turned to face his brother. 

“Yes” Lucifer raised his eye in a questioning form.

“He hasn’t responded back to us in the Silver City. We started to worry” he looked at his brother puzzled that he too wasn’t worried. 

“Yes, seems those don’t get answered when you’re down here. If you are in need of any help you call for me or Amenadiel, is that clear? If this is too much for you, you need to call.” There was a seriousness to his voice that scared Raguel. Hell couldn’t possibly be that bad. He nodded regardless and looked forward waiting for their brother to show up. Minutes went by and soon turned into an hour, Lucifer was getting restless. 

“Where the bloody Hell is he?” he shook the gates trying to open them, but they didn’t budge.

“Do you have the key?” Raguel asked, Lucifer turned around and looked at him as if he was an imbecile .

“Key? There’s no key. He’s done something that won’t allow me to enter. We’ll have to wait or get attacked by the hounds. They may be loyal to me, but they are trained to attack if someone forced their way through,” he kicked the gates and sat down on a nearby boulder. 

He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his cigarette case, he pulled out another stick and lit it. He tilted his head back and he inhaled its rich flavor. He let the smoke settle into his lungs and take shelter. Once he was ready to exhale he plucked the cigarette off his lips and blew the smoke towards his brother. He was surprised to see Raguel not complain, so he held out his case for his brother to take a stick. Raguel grabbed the silver tin and pulled one straight out. He passed the case over to his brother and waited for a lighter. Together they sat in silence and enjoyed their death sticks.   


Michael came crashing down from Father knows where, carrying a small demon. He opened the gates with a quick wrist flick to let his brother inside. 

“Apologies brothers. I couldn’t get this one to let me go. So I figured I’d just have to leave with him attached to me” Brian clung to his masters leg, holding on for dear life. He wasn’t aware they weren’t moving anymore.

“Brian we’ve landed, you can let go now” still he held on “Brian” still nothing. He finally had to pry him off to get him to release. 

“I’m terribly sorry, my Lord” he turned around to inspect the area. As soon as he saw Lucifer he smiled and beelined for him. “My Lord you’ve returned!” He ran to Lucifer and attacked him with a hug. Lucifer wasn’t having it and tried to push him away. 

“Easy Brian, he’s just here for the switch off remember” Brian let go and walked over to Michael’s side. 

Lucifer dusted off whatever he thought Brian had on him off of his suit. 

“I see you’ve lost respect while I was gone. Have you been this disrespectful since I’ve been gone?” Lucifer’s eyes flashed red with the intention to scare Brian shitless. The reaction was received sending Brian to cower behind Michael. 

“Easy brother, he’s my friend. We’ve grown to enjoy each other's company. I’ve given him free range to act accordingly” Michael place a hand on Brian’s shoulder and smiled down to him. 

Raguel watched the scene with fascination, he’d never know his brother to show such affection to anyone. He realized he must have spoken out loud because he had three sets of eyes on him looking at him to finish something. He acted fast and cleared his throat to speak.

“Treating demons as equals, my Michael. Hell must have changed you” Michael shrugged his shoulders and patted Brian’s head. Brian beamed a smiled up to Michael and wrapped an arm around around the Angel. The two soon let go of one another and Michael motioned for them to step inside so he could close the gates. Raguel picked up his bag and walked inside with the rest of the party. Lucifer kept his pace in sequence with Michael’s and turned his head over to talk to him. 

“Why are the gates closed instead of having the hounds guard them?” Michael smiled.

“I set up better security systems, I didn’t see the point of having an open gate. Who keeps doors open? That’s just rude. And frankly just asking for someone to walk in and out” Michael said talking with his hands while looking ahead, Lucifer shook his head with shock. Since when did Michael put much thought into details like security. 

“Security? What did you put up hired guns around every inch of Hell? No wait let me guess you use those big muscles of your to scare everyone into the shadows” Lucifer punched his brother’s bicep playfully. 

“Very funny, but no. Well” he said tilting his head off to the side “I did kill thirty demons when I first got here but no I set up border with firewalls to help limit break-ins and break-outs” he said proudly, he continued to show his brothers the way to the palace. “You’re welcome by the way” Lucifer blew raspberries to Michael last statement. 

“Why would I thank you for delivering my justice?” right as Michael was about to answer they reached the entrance of the palace. Lucifer opened the door and beelined for the Library. 

Raguel, Michael, and Brian followed Lucifer inside and made themselves at home. Lucifer walked straight for his secret liquor stash and opened it just to open it and find it empty. He looked over to Michael to find him ignoring his gaze. Michael walked with his hands behind his back trying to hide away, he knew his brother wouldn’t find any alcohol inside this room.  Lucifer tried searching in four different hiding spot before he’d given up.

“Really?” He placed an empty bottle down and threw his hands in the air. “Is there any secret hiding spot you haven’t found? Or did you drink everything?” Michael brought over a bottle from inside the piano and placed it in front of him. Lucifer was ready to argue about his poor treatment to his beloved piano when Michael stated pouring him a glass. He’d never known Michael to do anything for him since before the fall, he looked at the glass and then Michael. Michael tipped his glass over to Lucifer and waited for him to clink his glass against his. Lucifer smiled and lifted his glass up to his brothers and clinked it against his glass. He pulled it back to his lips and savored its taste.  

Raguel walked around and took to looking at the books while Brian took a seat in a beanbag chair and placed earphones into his ears to listen to some music. Raguel looked up and down at his brother’s collection with a smile on his face. Michael looked over and saw his brother snooping through the vase amounts of long forgotten literature. 

“Ah yes. I smiled too. Seems Sam here keeps a rather beautiful collection of human literature. There’s a section on law I’ve been studying, that I’d think you’d enjoy” Michael walked over and pointed at the section for his brother to look at. Raguel walked over and read the titles written on the spines.

“Where did you get these books Luce?” He said turning to his brother, Lucifer brought his glass over and took a look at the books he was looking at. 

“Over the course of time, traveling here and there. Met some great scholars who taught me some things on law enforcement and justice. I didn’t know a lot about punishment when I first got here so I had to learn,” he grabbed a book and gave it to Raguel. “This should help with understanding the way I’ve been upholding law.” 

Michael came around and looked at the book, he shook his head “that’s what you were going off of? You do realize that guy wasn’t even talking about law” Lucifer looked at him blankly. “Wow, no wonder this place was a shit show” he said under his breath. “I’ve changed things around Sam, Bolt and Falkor have assured me everything is running smoother since your reign.” 

“I beg your pardon” Lucifer snapped “Bolt and Falkor?” he started to laugh. “Since when do you memorize names? Better question what are those two doing reporting information like that to you?” he walked up to Michael and met him eye to eye. 

“I told you I changed things around here, I’ve installed mandatory check-ups and software updates to every cell to ensure full and total function here” Michael stood his ground. 

“Doesn’t explain why you have two lower demons reporting back to you. Where’s Hicks and Tar’ath, I want to hear from the ground how things are going” Michael looked over to Brian and saw he was listening to music. He sighed and pulled Lucifer over over to the side. 

“I didn’t get to go into detail about the thirty demons I killed. Brother I think it’s best you sit down” Lucifer shrugged out of Michael’s hold and pushed him. 

“I’m not a baby anymore Mike, I don’t need you to hold me” Michael threw his arms up. He clenched his jaw and tried to find the words to use. Lucifer gestured for him to talk. 

“They’re dead brother. You’re free” was all Michael said. Lucifer’s face went from confused to neutral. “I will always” he reached out to grab Lucifer’s face, “I repeat always be there to hold you up when you need help. You just say the words and I’ll be there.” Lucifer looked at his brother not knowing what to say, he settled for nodding his head and remaining silent. 

Raguel walked over and laid a hand on Lucifer, Michael did the same and rubbed his back. 

“What’s so important about these thirty demons you killed?” Raguel asked. 

“Some of them had deals with our brother here, ones that had his hands tied. They’re all gone Sam, Brian assured me” Lucifer nearly dropped to his knees as Michael said the words. Michael caught him and dragged him over to a chair. 

“How” was all Lucifer said. 

“I challenged them, they took the bait. Asmodeus was the last, bashed his skull in with my own fists. There was no sign of a head when I was finished” Raguel looked over to Michael in concern, he was about to talk when Lucifer opened his mouth. 

“Why?” again he voiced a one worded question. Michael looked at his hands and hung his head. 

“I rather not talk about it, that day still haunts me. What matters is that Hell is no longer a puppet to Asmodeus and his minions. I rearranged it’s hierarchy and made new positions, I have six advisors that monitor six separate quadrants. It’s easier this way, I’m sorry I did it without your approval brother” Lucifer stood up and came face to face with Michael. 

“You did what?” he flashed his red eyes at Michael, it did nothing to intimidate Michael. He crossed his arms over his chest and stood his ground. 

“You really think that’s going to work on me Samael, think again. This place almost took hold of me, I did what I had to, to ensure I kept my sanity. Can we please talk about this another time?” Lucifer eyes burned bright and Michael could see his brother starting to change his form. Brian stood up and walked over to Michael, the demon kept his eyes on Lucifer. It seemed Brian was ready to attack if Lucifer struck Michael. Michael signaled Brian to stand down, he kept close instead. 

“You will show me instead, might as well show Raguel what he has in store for himself” Michael nodded and stepped away from his brother. He didn’t want to pick a fight, he rather stand down than have Sam make a fool of himself. 

Michael ushered Raguel out of the palace and talked to him about the layout, Lucifer stayed a few paces behind them listening. Brian followed along and kept an eye on Lucifer, it seemed he was unaware Brian could be a possible threat. Michael carried a notepad and showed Raguel the contents on it. The two talked about layouts and barriers which intrigue Lucifer. They came upon a wall made of fire, both Lucifer and Raguel looked up in wonder. 

“Orly, one of Lilith’s daughter is the pit master. She’s also one of my advisors, this is her quadrant actually. She has set up barriers to keep rogue souls from escaping. When you want to go inside you bring this notepad and enter the codes, Falkor helped set up the schematics. It’s more efficient and accurate to keep track of who comes in and out” he showed Raguel and his brother nodded along. Lucifer stepped up to his siblings and looked over their shoulders to listen. “Lilith or Falkor can show you the ropes, it’ll take you a day or two to get used to it” Michael placed the notepad into Raguel’s hands and let him tinker with the device. 

Lucifer pulled Michael away for Raguel to talk to one another. Brian stayed with Raguel and helped him with the device.

“You did all of this?” Lucifer asked, Michael nodded his head. “I haven’t sensed any disturbances since I’ve been here, that’s your systems doing right?” Michael nodded once again shoving his hands in his pockets. “It’s running smoothly I see, I look forward to seeing it for myself when I return” Lucifer smiled looking around at Michael’s work. He wouldn’t say it to his face because he knew Michael had an ego, but he was proud of Michael. 

Lucifer was immensely proud to see his brother had turned Hell in a collective whole. Hell held so much leverage that he was never able to hold control over all areas. Michael managed to use his abilities to reverse everything they built and the progressed showed. He was proud to call Michael is brother, he didn’t know what he did to deserve his love once again. His thoughts were interrupted when Lilith came out of the shadows. 

“My Lords” she addressed with a bow. Michael and Lilith kept eye contact the whole time she bowed. Michael shot her a smile but she didn’t return it. Michael walked up to her and grabbed her hand, she didn’t pull away. Instead she kept her eyes locked on him as he lifted her hand and kissed it. He badly wanted to pull her aside so they could talk but figured she only came around to ensure her status with his brother. He turned around and introduced her to his brothers. 

“Raguel I’m sure you remember Lilith, she will become a very reliable allie during your stay here. She’s my first in command in keeping order.” Raguel held out his hand to a handshake but Lilith stared at it. 

“It’s a handshake Lilith. Never mind. It’s nice to see you again.” He gave her a genuine smile. She returned it and looked at Michael and Lucifer. 

“Lucifer, I was wondering if I could plead my case once you returned, I don’t think...” She was cut off by Michael. 

“Actually Lilith the best brother to ask is Raguel. Not to put you in the backseat brother” he said to Lucifer “but Raguel is more qualified to work on cases, Hell needs a justice system and who better than God’s Justice himself.” He slapped Raguel in the back. 

Lucifer surprisingly nodded and let his brother handle the affair. 

“My lady I’d be happy to look over your case. I’ve actually planned on offering my services to all Hell’s residents. When it’s just the two of us and I get settled in I’ll call for you.” Lilith bowed her head and looked over at Michael. Her eyes lingered on Michael, Lucifer seemed to notice. Raguel waved his hands motioning she was dismissed, she shot him a glare and looked at Michael in disgust. 

“Brother... “ he stepped forward, “Id appreciate it if you didn’t treat Lilith that way. Like I said, she's a great allie while you’re down here, try not to piss her off” he dared to look at her, she had her arms crossed over her chest giving him death glares. “Treat her as an equal, if not she’ll make your time here living Hell. I learned the hard way” he smiled over to her and melted her cold exterior. Lucifer silently watched and smiled to himself. 

“Fine. I’m sorry for how I acted. You may retire for the night, I’d like to say goodbye to my brothers alone” she nodded her head and bowed to Raguel and Lucifer. Michael took tall and watched her bow to him, he smiled as she rolled her eyes at him. He made sure to bow low to irritate her. She was about to leave when he grabbed her hand and kissed it. 

“Until we see each other again, my dear. Try not to burn the house down, I just had it reapulstered” she chuckled at his statement and played along. 

“You know me” she turned away and started waking “I’m unpredictable” he smiled to himself and watched her disappear into the shadows. 

Lucifer pulled him out of his trance by laying a hand on Michael’s shoulder. He tensed up right away but relaxed noticing his brother was the culprit. “Still dramatic as ever I see” Michael chuckled and nodded his head. 

“You didn’t warn me about her when I got here. It’s been an interesting time with her by my side. Treat her well Rag, she only responds back to equality” his brother nodded his head and looked at his pocket watch. 

“Brian would you mind coming here real quick?” Brian came rushing toward the three angels. He bowed and waited for Raguel to talk. 

“Would you mind heading back and getting my quarters ready for me? Once my brothers have left I will go over your responsibilities. I look forward to working with you Brian” Brian’s smile didn’t quite reach his eye. 

“I’ve heard great things my Lord. I’ll get to it right away. It was a pleasure to serve you master Michael, I look forward to having you back.” He bowed with tears in his eyes.

“Oh Brian don’t give me those eyes my friend you’ll make me cry” the tiny demon chuckled trying to wipe his tears away. 

“I’m terribly sorry my Lord, I’ll just miss you so much” Michael stepped forwards and kneeled down to hug Brian. He rushed up to Michael and threw his arms around his neck. 

“If I could bring you believe me I would. If you get lonely and miss me play some music don’t go jumping okay. I’ll be back before you know it” Michael pulled away and stood up.

“Promise me you’ll take care my Lord” Michael nodded. Lucifer was taken aback by the scene and spoke up. 

“You’ve bonded with Brian brother?” 

“Indeed I have. He’s kept me company and sane during my time here. I see why you picked him to be my assistant. I care for him dearly.” He rubbed Brian’s head. 

“He can come with us if you wish, I see no problem with him joining us. I’m sure Mazikeen would enjoy having a sibling around.” Brian looked up and smiled at Michael, Raguel and Michael laughed. 

“Well I guess I still have my chess partner. Is that okay with you Raguel? Do you think you can handle your time without an assistant?” Raguel nodded his head and smiled at the pair.

“I believe I can manage. I’ll ask around and see if anyone would like to show me around” Raguel snapped his fingers and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. “I almost forgot, this is important. Rumor has it Father forbid Gab from collecting you but I’m not sure. I didn’t get to look into it before I had to leave. Keep an eye out Michael, I mean it” Michael was confused but accepted the warning and piece of paper. Brian tried to grab the paper but he tucked it away to read for later. 

“Go collect my bag since you know where it went. Also pack a bag for yourself, avoid your Mother at all costs. I don’t need her getting any ideas, hurry now” Brian saluted Michael and disappeared. Lucifer looked shocked and looked to Michael, he shrugged his shoulders. 

“Guess you didn’t know about that, yeah I’ve been trying to get him to stop but it’s pointless” Raguel chuckled and wrapped an arm around his brothers. 


The three slowly made their way over to the gates and said their goodbyes. 

“Remember if you need either of us just call. Michael didn’t use his free phone call, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. I mean if Rag.” Lucifer said pointing his finger at Raguel. 

“You worry too much, I’ll be fine. Michael assured me Hell was ready for my rotation. I promise to call if anything comes up.” He pulled out his watch and started his timer. Michael stepped in front of him and forced Raguel to look at him. 

“Lilith lives in the palace, she can help you get settled in. She’ll be waiting for you when you get back. She’ll also introduce you to my advisors, they’re nice don’t worry” he patted Raguel’s shoulders and smiled at him. “Take care of yourself, take the time to relax and enjoy the fun. Also keep game nights going, they’ll get cranky if you don’t keep that up. Take care brother” Raguel smiled and hugged Michael. 

“I will, thank you for the information. I’ll make sure to keep the peace until you return brothers” Lucifer waved a hand to say goodbye, Michael did the same. Raugel flew away and disappeared from the area. 

Brian arrived shortly with two suitcases. Michael and Lucifer chuckled at the scene of Brian trying to carry two large suitcases. Michael stepped forward and helped. 

“Thank you my Lord, I brought the chessboard. I couldn’t find the device, I think Mother hid it. I brought some knick knacks that may come in handy during our time on Earth” Brian tried to show him the knick knacks but Michael dismissed Brian’s show and tell, he didn’t want Lucifer to know.

“Thank you my friend. Are you ready to go?” Brian nodded his head and hide his knick knacks. Lucifer smiled at the two’s affection for one another. 

“I see you have his one well trained, best to keep him close by. Wouldn’t want him straying too far away from your bed.” Michael nearly choked on the air around him.

“Brian and I aren’t a thing. He’s my friend. I’ve never shared a bed with him” he squawked.  Lucifer gave him no time to truly plead his case, he flew away leaving Michael to carry Brian back to Earth. 

“That little shit, he just left like that” he scowled out into the distance.

“We’ve shared a bed before my Lord” Michael went red at Brian’s statement.

“That’s not what he meant Brian and please don’t mention that to him. He’ll take it the wrong way” Brian nodded his head and looked at their bags. “Where are we going my Lord?” Michael pulled his ring off and gave it to Brian, the tiny demon grabbed it and inspected the ring. 

“I want you to track my whereabouts, follow me. I want to test out your jumps. You think you can move fast enough to catch up to me?” Brian smiled and nodded his head vigorously.

“Good, try and keep up. If you get lost, call out and I’ll come get you” Michael picked up their suitcases and unfurled his wings. He flew out and watched as Brian disappeared. 




Michael landed in Lucifer’s penthouse with grace, while Brian crash landed into the couch giggling. Lucifer rolled his eyes from the bar, he laid three glasses of whiskey out for them.  

“It’s about time. Did you get in a quick shag when I left” Lucifer teased, Michael didn’t find it funny. 

“Ha ha ha very funny and no. He’s harder to hold onto than you think so we left separately.”

Lucifer laughed, “that’s what she said.” 

The joke went right over Brian and Michael’s head. 

“Who said? There’s no woman here but us” Brian said looking around. Michael handed him a glass and the two of them drank from it. Brian walked off into the penthouse to explore.

“Oh, I can’t wait to pop your cherries. Still a virgin Mikey?” Lucifer asked teasingly, Michael rolled his eyes and continued to drink from his glass. “Oh come on. All that temptation down in Hell and not once you managed to try the forbidden fruit?” Lucifer bumped his brother’s shoulder to get his attention. “I saw the way you and Lilith looked at one another, anything going on there?” Michael shot his brother a scowl that was equivalent to Lucifer’s red eyes.

“Alright I’ll stop. You and Brian can use the penthouse for the night. I’m assuming since Brian has tagged along that you don’t plan on returning home anytime soon?” Michael shook his head. 

“No. I need some time to collect myself. Plus Raugel said Father might of held off from sending Gab, figured I could stick around and see some familiar faces” he smiled at the thought of seeing Chloe, Dan, and Ella again. 

Lucifer nodded “you can stay for as long as you want until your rotation is back. I would love for you to watch over Chloe while I’m gone.”

“I’d be happy to watch over Chloe for you” he smiled “it’s been a long time.”

“I promised her I’d come visit in the morning. The spawn is back home, so if you’d like to join me you can. We can make a family outing out of it” he shrugged his shoulders trying to downplay his suggestion. 

“I’d like that. I’ve only ever heard her, it’d be nice to put a face to the prayer.” Lucifer raised an eyebrow. 

“Young Beatrice prays for you and her parents a lot.” Michael shrugged. 

“Well the offer still stands. Get comfortable and we’ll spend the night discussion your time in Hell.” Michael tried to protest, but Lucifer shushed him. “Go, I know what Hell is like. You need someone to talk to. I’m here for you. Now go take a shower and change. I’ll be here when you get out.” Michael got up and walked to the bathroom.