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Let's Make a Movie!

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It Starts with a Phone Call


Usagi was on the phone, and even from across the large living area Misaki could hear Aikawa yelling at him.

“Did you miss another deadline, Usagi?”

Usagi hung up before answering. “Of course not. She wants me to go into the office. They're going to do another movie or something. Nothing that really matters to me.” He sat down on the couch and picked up the newspaper.

“Which book?”

“Hmm? Oh, The Case of Yamamoto Takafumi.”

Misaki stared. “Uh oh.” Now his phone was ringing. Aikawa of course. Usagi hid behind the morning paper.

Misaki! You have to make him come in! The producer is insisting on meeting the author! DO SOMETHING! This is going to be huge! They are talking about the two sexiest actors in Japan playing the lead roles! I NEED this to happen! HELP ME MISAKI!!!!!”

"Whaa? You mean it's going to be live-action? A BL movie as a mainstream, full-length production?” Misaki couldn't believe it – an anime, maybe, but live-action? This would be a big deal, but...

“Wait. Isn't the producer expecting a woman? 'Akikawa Yayoi' doesn't exist, and this would reveal Usagi as the author of all those novels.” Which would, in turn, reveal all his associates being barely-disguised main characters...

Oh no. The producer won't expose the truth – we made him sign all sorts of papers on that. But he still insists he needs to meet Usami-sensei just once. He will be at the office for a meeting this morning, so if Sensei could just pop in for a few minutes, it would be enough. Please, Misaki, I think it will be an important movie for the entire gay movement in Japan, not just Marukawa's profit or my entertainment.”

Misaki thought about it. That book had been fairly tame on the lewd stuff, a real love story. Yokozawa was going to lose his mind, though Kirishima would laugh and laugh. “Okay. What time?...10:00...Um, can you tell Kirishima that I won't be in until then? I'll drag him in with me.”

Misaki! I love you!! I'll tell Zen – he'll understand. Thank you!” She hung up.

Misaki sighed and looked over at Usagi, who had been listening to Misaki's side of the conversation with amusement, newspaper forgotten.

“So. You're going to drag me in, are you? And just how are you going to manage that?” Usagi obviously had several thoughts about how Misaki could persuade him, especially now that they had a few hours of extra time.

Misaki studied his lover. The amethyst eyes held a challenge, those sensuous lips were curved into a knowing smile. He was dressed casually, just a navy cashmere sweater and faded jeans that showed off his broad shoulders and long legs. It had taken Misaki a long time to persuade him to stop wearing suits around the house - he'd only managed it by expressing how hot Usagi looked in casual clothes.

So now there he sat, sexy as hell, and waiting to see how Misaki was going to handle this. But he didn't know Misaki had been consulting the internet recently. He was ready to try a new approach.

Misaki slowly walked over to the couch, straddled Usagi's lap and wrapped his arms around his rabbit's* neck. This earned him a very shocked expression in those exotic eyes. This might work if I can manage it. Next step, a soft and sweet kiss. Usagi leaned into it, but Misaki kept control, pulling back after just a moment.

“I want you to come into the office with me and meet this guy. Not because I'm paying for it with sex. Only because I'm asking you. I think you should. I think your writing is important and you should appreciate the people who buy it and those who work hard to help you be successful. Please.” Misaki said it softly but firmly, careful not to whine or beg or demand.

Usagi said nothing. He did look somewhat ashamed, but also defiant.

Misaki rested his head on Usagi's shoulder and went on. “I know you hate it, meeting with strangers who treat you as special for shallow reasons. Being fawned over by people who don't understand you or know anything about the real you has to be frustrating. But the praise for your writing is real. You do good, you help people, you make them cry or laugh or get horny or forget how boring and awful their lives are. Don't dismiss that so quickly. Appreciate it, just a little.”

More silence. Then, “Don't ever leave me Misaki. I couldn't go on living without you.”

“I will never leave you. Even if you refuse this meeting.”

“I will go. And not just because you asked me.” Usagi held him tightly. Did he shed a tear or two? Only Misaki will ever know. “Will you kiss me? Only a kiss.”

“Take me upstairs, you dummy.”


Some love scenes should remain private I think. We won't intrude on this very tender one. Just wait for the last chapter, you perverts!

*Usagi means rabbit in Japanese – not really sure why Misaki's brother gave him the nickname though.