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The Stray Problem

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Fingers delicately toyed with the long black leash, rubbing down the material and slipping through the loop on the end. With a hum, Jungkook turned around, draping the leash over his shoulder so he could easily tug on it whenever he felt like it. It was something he hadn't ever thought of doing, as he was pretty against people making their hybrids wear collars and leashes, but he wasn't owned, and it wasn't him wearing it, so he agreed to go along with it once.. And hasn't stopped since.

It gave him a sense of power to be a hybrid and controlling a human with a leash, and Hoseok loved to be controlled so much he turned into a mess. Jungkook swore he did things on purpose just to be treated badly during sex, but as long as Hoseok was happy and enjoyed it, he wasn't going to protest.

He bent his form over, resting his torso against the comfortable bed while arching his back to allow Hoseok the perfect view- With his tiny little bunny tail lifting as well to complete the picture. "Come on~" Jungkook hummed, offering a light, playful tug on the leash to get Hoseok to come closer. When he felt Hoseok's cock press up against his entrance he let out a pleased sigh, that is, until Hoseok pressed into him, only for his cock to slip and instead rub down the length of his slick drenched cunt.

"Can't even get your cock in, can you? Do you need my help?" Jungkook teased, reaching with his free hand between his legs to grab Hoseok's cock a bit too firmly, and the yelp that he got in response was enough for him to know he held it just right.

"S-Sorry." Hoseok whined, trying to keep still while his cock was being rubbed slowly by Jungkook. He hated that he had to wear a condom- Unable to feel all his touches directly, but this was his punishment for bringing another stray into the house, so he wasn't going to complain.

Licking over his lips, Jungkook positioned Hoseok's cock up to his entrance, holding it still as he began to push back onto it, allowing it to slip inside of his cunt easily. "See how easy that was?" He shook his head slowly, pressing back further onto his cock until he was fully seated on it. With a firm tug of the leash, Hoseok's hips rocked forward just once, shifting Jungkook's position back up flush against the edge of the bed. Next, he began to wrap the leash around his hand, shortening the length bit by bit until he arched up off the bed, meeting his human half way down for their bodies to touch, lips close- But not close enough. 

Kook rolled his hips back, grinding against Hoseok slowly while keeping a firm grip on the leash. It didn't take long before the bunny let out a long, disappointed sigh. "Do you really think a cock like this is enough for me?" He whispered, breath hot against Hoseok's face, causing him to tremble. "I've seen omega's with bigger cocks than you- This is nothing compared to a big fat alpha cock." He could hear Hoseok inhale deeply, and not a moment after he was trying to press his cock into Jungkook more.

"I-I can make you feel just as good.." In reality, Hoseok's cock wasn't small or anything, though it was a bit on the "average" side for humans. Jungkook loved it though, he didn't really like to feel like he was going to split in half from alpha cocks, no, Hoseok's cock fit inside him perfectly, giving the smallest stretch while still being deep. He could feel it all, and he loved to clench up tightly to hold him in.

"Yeah? Wanna fuck me with your pathetic little cock? Go on, try it." The tension in the leash was let go as Jungkook pressed himself back against the bed, letting the material fit loosely under his fingers once more, he was eager to be fucked. The last time they did something like this he wasn't able to walk for a few hours, and he wanted that feeling again.

Hoseok rubbed his hands over Jungkook's thin waist, taking a moment to appreciate how nicely it fit in his hold before shifting his hands over the bunnies hips, holding it firmly, but not enough to hurt or leave any marks. At first, he tried a slow pace, pulling his cock out before easing it back in all the way, it was a good, slow pace and he enjoyed it himself, but he saw no reaction from Jungkook, so he changed his gears, instead giving quick, short thrusts inside.

Jungkook bit down on his bottom lip, he was easily pleased by anything Hoseok did to him, but he couldn't let that show, not yet, it was too soon. "Is that all you got, puppy?" He teased, fingers pulling the leash forwards just a bit, but enough for Hoseok to work his hips faster. The soft sound of Hoseok's hips meeting with Jungkook's toned ass had the bunnies ears twitching and his mouth parting in a silent moan, fingers tugging on the leash, encouraging him further.

There was a low groan from Hoseok that Kook wasn't sure he had heard before, it was so intense and throaty and intoxicating, he had to hear more, so he gave a firm tug on the leash, not once, not twice, but three times in a row. "Come on, fuck-- Fuck me puppy, work for it." He breathed out heavily, pressing his face into the bed to try and hide his expression from the eager man behind him.

A light grip turned rough and bruising easily as Hoseok continued to shift into it, his hands picking Jungkook up in the slightest- Pushing him up into the bed to get a better angle before he fucked into him rougher- Not a little bit rougher, but enough for the soft sounds of skin to become loud and echo throughout their bedroom, hard and fast enough for Jungkook's body to shift forward with each bruising thrust inside. That's what broke the bunny.

A loud moan escaped Jungkook's parted lips as as pulled on the leash harder, this time keeping it held taught until he got his human to bend his torso, pressing firmly against his own back while he fucked into him deeply. Hoseok's weight only added a new feeling into it all, being held down on the bed like this, not allowed to move around despite how his body shifted with each thrust into him, it was enough to have Jungkook's knees bending, his legs pressing firmly against the outside of Hoseok's thighs as his feet brushed against the elders form. "Just-- Just like that puppy! Keep f-fucking me!"

Kook could feel Hoseok breathing heavily against him, but he still kept that innocence he always held as he nuzzled against Jungkook's neck, nipping at the skin. "Puppy wants to be an a-alpha huh? Wants to mark me up as yours?"

The moan Hoseok let out into Jungkook's ears had the bunny squeezing around his cock, which had Hoseok fucking into him harder in a way that Jungkook didn't realize was possible. "Wanna-- W-Wanna make you mine." Hoseok whimpered out softly, tongue running over the bunnies neck and jawline.

Tilting his head back, Jungkook exposed his neck fully to Hoseok as another moan escaped, fuck, fuck, it was so good he could barely speak. "G-Good-- Puppy.. Oh- Good puppy!" Jungkook managed to get out between moans. "Use this pathetic-- Fuck! P-Pathetic cock to make me yours!" Hoseok bit roughly into Jungkook's neck after getting permission, sucking over his bite marks before moving to a new spot to repeat it. He didn't have the teeth of a hybrid, but it still hurt like hell, and Jungkook loved it.

He clenched up tightly around Hoseok's cock, unable to relax around him as he felt his orgasm coming quick and the biting was only making it quicker, fuck. The leash was abandoned as Jungkook's hand shot up, reaching over his shoulder to grip onto Hoseok's hair tightly, tugging on it firmly and refusing to let go. "Fuck, fuck, f-fuck..!" He chanted the word over and over, drool spilling down his chin as his body tensed up fully, toes curling up and breath sucked in.

Jungkook swore he forgot how to breathe for a second as he came, taking a minute before he exhaled sharply before sucking in another breath. His body was shaking and twitching under Hoseok's, but his boyfriend continued to fuck him through his orgasm until he was able to function properly again.

But that didn't mean Kook was happy when he felt Hoseok's cock leaving his cunt so soon, he needed more than one orgasm to be satisfied- Hoseok knew this. "Hoseo-"

Hoseok quickly pulled the condom off, throwing it aside as he rubbed his cock against Jungkook again, only this time shifting to press up against his ass, and pushing into it with one quick thrust. Jungkook always made sure he was cleaned out if they were to have sex in any way, but they hadn't prepped his ass and the only thing allowing Hoseok's cock to enter him so easily was the amount of slick his cock was covered in.

"Ah!" Jungkook cried out, unable to process anything due to how easily Hoseok began to fuck his ass, keeping the same brutal pace he had with his cunt just moments ago. It hurt a bit, of course, he hadn't been stretched out or anything, but luckily it was nothing compared to the pain he would have been in if Hoseok's cock was dry.

Tears easily poured from the bunnies eyes, rolling down his cheeks in an endless stream. Hoseok had noticed it of course, nuzzling against his neck once more before allowing his lips to hover over his skin, waiting for Jungkook to use their safe word if he was going to. But he didn't, instead he was able to relax enough for Hoseok to not be forcing his cock in with each thrust, so he continued, sucking marks on any patch of bare skin he could get to.

Jungkook could feel everything, the way his hole was stretched so roughly, how Hoseok's cock stretched him open, the feeling of him thrusting in and out, filling him up completely and roughly. He was going to cum again soon he just knew it. The pain made it so much more intense, but he loved it, so, so much, unable to think of anything except the feeling of Hoseok taking him- Quite literally making him his. "M-My ass! O-Oh!" 

Hoseok closed his eyes, giving in to the feeling of making Jungkook take his cock. The sounds were so lewd, wet skin against skin, the sound of Jungkook's wet heavy breathing mixed with his small sobs, even his moans were music to Hoseok's ears, allowing him to chase his own orgasm.

Each thrust had Jungkook shifting more and more, to the point where his poor clit was being rubbed against the blankets over and over, rubbing him raw in only the best ways possible. He was getting off on it, knowing that it would hurt so much later, but he didn't care about that because right now it was amazing, taking over the pain as his ass began to relax more and more around Hoseok's cock, taking him easier and more willing. He wanted to hurt, wanted to have a reminder of what Hoseok could to do him as a human, and this was it.

Hoseok's cock had hit him in just the right spot, just one more time and that was it, Jungkook was a mess under him all over again, body shaking with a new intensity as he came once more, it was bigger this time, harder, he couldn't stop how his body gushed cum everywhere, not stopping until Hoseok had buried his cock inside of him deeply and filled him up with his own cum. Fuck, with the surprise, Jungkook didn't even realize that Hoseok had taken his condom off.

Sure, he loved to be filled up with cum, but that condom was his punishment for bringing in another stray, he'd have to find another way to punish him later, right now all Jungkook could focus on was the pure weight of Hoseok on top of him, the mixed sounds of their breathing as everything had stopped.

As Jungkook let out another sniffle, Hoseok's hands relaxed on his hips, sliding up the sides of his body gently before slipping under his torso to hold him. "It's okay baby." Hoseok muttered softly between breaths. "You're okay. You did so good bossing me around like that." Hoseok knew how Jungkook's body wanted to be knotted from sex, so he always made sure to allow the bunny to cockwarm him for however long he wanted after before they got cleaned up. 

Shifting positions was a bit hard in situations like this, but he managed to scoot them up on the bed and onto their sides enough so he could spoon Jungkook properly. "There we go, nice and comfy, huh?" 

Jungkook nodded as he relaxed in the comfortable, safe hold of his boyfriend. Talking down to Hoseok got to him sometimes, so he loved it when he was taken care of after.