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Yandere amajiki x reader

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As the school bell began the preschoolers were running around like crazy but the one child sitting in the corner looking at the wall. He tried to not make eye contact with any of the other preschoolers but one seemed to not notice and walked up to him.

“Hi are you in time out?” The little girl asked, the boy flinched in fear

“N-no I just-just want to go home,” he shaking in anxiety while the girl smiled at the young boy

“Do you want to play superheros?” She asked, Tamaki turned his head to look at her and respond.

“O-ok, I’m Amajiki Tamaki,”

“I’m (L/n) (F/n),”

“Hey stop that,” (Y/n) said to the bullies of the school before they pushed her to the ground. Tamaki walked out of the building and saw his friend being bullied.

“H-hey! Leave her alone,” Tamaki said as they turned to see him and laughed

“It appears her weak scared boyfriend has come to help her,” the top bully laughed at Tamaki. Tamaki quivered at the bully before standing in front of his friend before taking a piece of squid he had kept to eat for after school. His arms grew and formed to be octopus arms and pushed the bullies back harming them with his eyes having a gleam of pleasure almost at getting back at them for hurting his (Y/n).

“What is the meaning of this?!” A teacher came walking to his students seeing them fight. Tamaki had immediately cleared his head at the realization of hurting his fellow students and remembered why the fellow students had angered him so he looked back at (Y/n).

The school had to tell all the kids parents about the fight which got Amajiki into trouble with his parents but it didn’t matter to him, he saved (Y/n), he was her hero. That’s all that mattered too him.

*Ring ring* Amajiki heard the phone start to ring and sat silently as he knew he wasn’t allowed to answer the phone yet until he was a bit older. His mom came in and grabbed the phone.

“Hello? Yes this is she. Oh my goodness, oh ok. Yes I understand. He hasn’t done this before so is there a chance-oh ok. Yes I will talk to him,” His mother hung up the phone and turned to her son.

“Honey your school has decided that you aren’t allowed to go to that school anymore because you had broken one of the kids arms,” Tamaki had froze in shock. He hadn’t expected to be expelled. He tried to feel bad for the kid he hurt but oddly...he wasn’t. He deserved it for bullying (Y/n).

When he had to go to a new school he felt so nervous wishing (Y/n) was with him more than anything. Others would probably think he was a troublemaker over one choice he made but when he got there no one really mentioned it. The teacher had announced him to his 1st grade class which he had worried about all summer long(He thankfully got expelled on the last week of school). Kids had crowded him during break asking so many questions. He felt like they were ganging up on him causing him to shrink away. One kid asked what he wanted to be when he was older.

“I-I-I want to be a hero,” He was so quiet no one but one other kid could hear him so he spoke.

“I want to be a hero too,” A kid with blonde hair and game like blue eyes said, the kid was obviously an extrovert.

“I’m Mirio. Want to be friends?” Mirio had stayed his friend from then on and they met Nejire at UA making another friend.

As time passed he had never forgotten (L/n) (Y/n). They may have only been in preschool and kindergarten but they never forgot each other. She was there for him for a lot of things such as when his dad abandoned his mom and him  which had caused him to have worse anxiety than before. They didn’t live close to each other and they didn’t have much of any communication but Tamaki would still never forget her.

 When he got into UA he still never forgot about her. Over the years he felt more desperation every year to try to contact her.  When he heard that another hero school that was visiting for a school trip he never thought of her. When he saw a bus stop at the school he didn’t really pay any mind to it but of course Mirio had to greet everyone of them like the extrovert he was which made Amajiki nervous at having to make eye contact with all of them but when he saw (Y/n) he actually felt his heart stop.

It was her. Would she recognize him? Of course she would. They loved each other. Wait love? He didn’t think about that before but when he saw her again he knew they belonged together...and he would never let them be separated again.

“ that Amajiki Tamaki?!” (Y/n) hugged him as tight as possible as she remembered him. She remembered him. Him. Amajiki Tamaki, the scaredy cat of the Big Three.

“Y-you remember me?” He asked in shock while his friend who was normally the one everyone talked to smiled as usual but had a spark of interest in his eyes.

“Of course I do. It was pretty big news to hear the kindergartner who got expelled is part of the big three and I could never forget when you saved me from those bullies,” She said, Amajiki blushed as red as a tomato obviously and tried to cover his face with his hand but felt to much pressure so he cowered and walked as fast as possible pushing her off and stood staring at a wall.

“Haha sorry about that friend, Amajiki-chan just has a hard time socializing but he is getting better at it. When did you meet him before?” Togata asked

“It’s ok it appears he hasn’t really changed since kindergarten then. I met him in preschool and kindergarten then he got expelled and we haven’t seen each other until now. I can not believe how lucky we got. What are the chances my school would be allowed to go to UA for a class trip and Amajiki would go to UA?” (Y/n) asked in a rhetorical way. Mirio just laughed at her response and felt happy for friend to have someone new to call his friend.

“Come on Tamaki say hi to your friend,” Mirio said putting his hand on Tamaki’s shoulder causing him to try to sink more into the wall.

“I-I-It's go-od to s-ee you,” He blushed at hearing himself stutter in front of his crush. She smiled at him and heard one of her classmates call her name.

“I gotta go. It was nice to see you again. Have him text me sometime. We should get into contact again,” she gave mirio a piece of paper which most likely had her number on it.

As time passed Tamaki grew further in anxiety of talking to her, (y/n). He was worried as usual. Worried about him messing up. He would freak her out. She would hate him. She would find out how much of a loser he was. She would pass him sometimes in class and wave at him but he would just freak out  causing Mirio to have to calm him down.

He wished more than anything he could talk to her, say hi, or anything really.

What would her hair smell like? He would love to know.


As Tamaki’s crush grew Mirio had to help his friend by cornering his friend and telling him some good advice.

“If you really love someone you should do everything you can do for them,”

Tamaki was just walking to his next class but he stopped when he heard (Y/n) talking to one of her friends.

“I know my brother would kill me but...I just really like him. I like my brothers friend. He is only a year older than me.” Tamaki never thought this day would come. He just never thought his love would betray him but there he was hearing his (Y/n) talking about liking someone else. His (Y/n). Maybe Mirio.

(Y/n) sat on her couch and was trying to watch tv when she heard someone knocking on her door. She stood and walked to the house before opening the door seeing Tamaki holding a cupcake.

“H-Hi,” Tamaki stuttered.

“Hey, what’s up?” She asked confused, He rubbed his neck.

“I-I-I thought-I mean...I made you a cupcake. No special reason, I just-maybe you wanted to have a cupcake?I made too many so…” He lifted to present the cupcake to (Y/n).

“Oh Tamaki that’s so sweet,” She didn’t even notice the way Tamaki watched her eat the cupcake. He was her friend. He would never put something in the cupcake.

“Do you-maybe-you don’t have to-but if you could...go for a walk?” He was practically red as she laughed

“Of course, I’ve been wanting to hang out with you for awhile,” She smiled, Tamaki looked away for a second before looking at her as she held her few bitten nites cupcake and walked passed her friend expecting him to follow her.

“So I’ve heard you have been working on a new move, is it for one on one or a group of people fighting?” She asked, he thought for a moment before speaking.

“Oh its for when I’m fighting around 5 people. It’s not really going well. I’m not really doing well with the move. I’m not really good with anything,” Tamaki said not looking at (Y/n)

“Don’t say that. You are super talen...huh I feel kinda...funny,” (Y/n) said, she didn’t even notice how he seemed ready for something to happen. She began to feel dizzier at each step she took. She didn’t even notice herself stop and fall into unconciseness.

“After 5 years missing (L/n) (Y/n) was found by the hero Suneater,” The news reporter told about the young woman who went missing. Mirio remembered when she went missing...explicitly the fact Tamaki didn’t seem effected at all. After talking and seeing his friend freaking out about that girl...he was completely calm about the girl disappearing.

After seeing her next to Tamaki so dependently he felt something was off...but Tamaki never looked so happy. After he got his powers back it took him a few months to get back into his mojo but he quickly became number one though not that he cared but his hero instincts still killed at him when he stood at Tamaki’s and (Y/n)’s wedding.

“Mama Haruhi called me a cry baby in front of Miki-Chan which Miki-Chan had copied and won’t stop calling me cry baby,” (Y/n) was multitasking doing the dishes while listening to her son, Okista. Tamaki had her have five kids, her oldest was her son Tsilima, he was definitely a mama’s boy as he was the replica of her as well with his (h/c) and (e/c) but he acted just like Tamaki.

Her second was her daughter, Haruhi. She was definitely the trouble maker as she loved to pick on her siblings though she was the perfect of Tamaki and (Y/n) she had Tamaki’s purple hair and her mom's eyes. The third was her daughter, Yuki. She was as anxious as her father while being the female version of her father with his hair and eyes. Her fourth was her son, Okista aka Tamaki’s clone. Her youngest was her daughter, Mikison. She had Tamaki’s purple hair and eyes.

“Haruhi stop having your sister copy you. If she says another bad word you’ll be punished,” Miki was only 6 months old and copied her siblings a lot. (Y/n) heard her husband walk into the house. Everytime he came home she felt sweat go down her neck. He was insane. She cared for him but after everything he did...she didn’t anymore.

“Daddy!” He still didn’t even know what he was doing wrong.