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Like Starlight

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He was beautiful like this,face flushed ,breathless,warmth against Johnny's own as he succumbs to Johnny's touch.Watching Gyro unravel made something come alive in Johnny.It was a side of Gyro he rarely got to see,raw,vulnerable,needy. Gyro was a man who liked to keep his secrets,liked to be hidden,even with his emotions at times.But right now,there were no guesses,nothing to hide behind,just the two of melding together just to feel.

Johnny likes to think its love ,maybe,likes to think if he'd met Gyro in a bar,at the stables,on the streets...anywhere else except on that beach in San Diego that Gyro would still be his.He knows for a fact that any other place in time,Johnny would've covetted him,would desire him,and would hold onto him like a lifeline like they do at night as they hold hands ,share touches,and kisses while nobody's watching.

Like now.

Right now they're in a barn,blankets over hay after washing in a basin at a deserted farm.It's in the middle of god knows where and Johnny doesn't care.All that matters is this moment,together with his lover away from prying eyes.

Under the gas lamp,the two are intertwined. Gyro's body is lying against some pillows and blankets against a wall and completely naked save for the band's on his arms.Meanwhile Johnny's mostly dressed save for his hat thanks to Gyro's wandering hands in his hair as he holds him close.

Johnny is sitting half between Gyro's lengthly legs,his blue eyes lidded gazing down,entranced by the sight before him.Deep tan skin glowing beneath the light,the lightest sheen of sweat on his brow.His hair's messy and splayed out ,his pretty green eyes gazing back addled with lust and adoration.

Johnny's hands trail Gyro's body,down his toned chest,his slender waist and curved hips peppering kisses wherever he can.The traces of green from Gyro's lips now stains Johnny's as well as his body.His hands move lower,one caressing a toned thigh,the other grasping at Gyro's half hard cock .Johnny then leans down catches a nipple in his mouth ,making Gyro gasp, wordlessly begging for more.But he can only have what Johnny gives.

Still,the sounds from his lips make Johnny painfully aware of the tightness in his own pants and he wonders how long he can hold out before he loses himself.There was a time after the accident when getting hard was sometimes difficult,but lately that's changed--and he has no idea if its because of his stand,Gyro's steel balls or because he never wanted anyone more than the man in front of him.

But he'd take what he could get,take the little miracles as they came,use them up before they disappear like everything else in his life.But he doesn't want this to stop and from the needy sounds from Gyro's lips he felt the same.

And Johnny loves it..,loves having Gyro practically at his mercy like this.The smirk on his lips as he pushes one of Gyro's legs up ,drags his body closer is only one indication of it.The bite he leaves on his shoulder with kisses another,along with the hand that roughly grasps Gyro's hair then caresses his face.

Johnny had always been a bit possessive,it was in his nature.Liked to be a little rough,that was true too.Maybe it was his own unloved heart that did it ,he didn't know.But something about Gyro just unleashes everything in Johnny,makes him wild with passion.This,he likes to think is love too,but he wonders if maybe that he loves Gyro too much.

But instead of thinking on that more,Johnny reaches down again,rubs Gyro's hardening cock again as it rests against his stomach making him writhe his hips.He then finally takes hold,stroking him until he's completely hard.Then just when Gyro's getting into it,Johnny stops ,trailing back to his leg.It's methodical,but isn't.He wants to feel as much of Gyro as he can,yet he doesn't want to lose the moment.

"Johnny..please..",Gyro pleads,frustration and helplessness lingering in his voice.

A chuckle fell from Johnny's lips as Gyro's hand harshly squeezes his muscled arm.Ever since Johnny lost his legs,he made damn sure his arms and upper body made up for it,he never wanted to be helpless as he was in the hospital again .But it has its other uses,like now as he hefts one of Gyro's toned legs onto his shoulder with ease.And when he grasps Gyro's slender wrist,trails up to lace their fingers together and ,pins his arm against the wall.

Gyro was by no means a weak man,the bruising strength in his grip on Johnny is evidence enough.But he was only slightly larger than Johnny, just a few inches taller and visibly broader across the,chest and hips .And though his body was well toned he didn't quite have Johnny's upper body strength,and thus he was at a disadvantage here.Yet he was unbothered, he trusted Johnny,something that coming from a man who trusted no one was a precious thing.In fact the display of strength made the desire in his eyes burn stronger than ever now,and Johnny noticed it,he always does.After all that hidden strength of his is what attracted him to Johnny to begin with.

"H-hey...stop teasing me already...",Gyro says breathlessly,shy under Johnny's lustful gaze.Messy copper hair framed Johnny's youthful,but handsome, face bringing out his beautiful ,intense blue eyes as he leaned down to give Gyro yet another kiss.

With Johnny's breath against his skin and hair against his cheek,the feeling of his lean but muscled body against Gyro's own Johnny was impossible to resist--more so now that  Johnny had shed his shirt,and his surprisingly strong hands were holding him close.

"...just a moment..'',Johnny says into Gyro's ear with a kiss on his lips,then his jaw.

"I wanna enjoy this...",he gently brushes Gyro's hair from his face."'re so beautiful,...I'd do everything to you...",he said his southern drawl stronger now that he was so deeply aroused. As he spoke,he caresses Gyro's face,traces his full lips,before cupping his cheek.

"..don't make sense how pretty you are...",he said between kisses.

" really are a charmer when you're not being a brat...if only you were always this sweet",Gyro said with a soft smile and that weirdly cute laugh of his.

"Whatever...I'm only like this for you..",he said with a light smile of his own. "....don't care bout anyone else,don't care how pretty they are...only're all that matters to me",Johnny said back.

To that,Gyro melts in his touch,basking in it ,and Johnny feels it. He doesn't know the whole story,but he can feel it under his skin how starved of affection Gyro is,not that he'd ever admit it.Johnny's like that too alot of the time,though not now.Not when they're so close like this.

As Johnny's hand trailed up Gyro's thigh ,the curve of his hip,then settled on his small waist,he used the other to gently caress the leg over his shoulder.

"But enough of that....",Johnny says,kisses Gyro's thigh as he strokes his leg.

" know what I want" ,he said.Johnny's other hand travels down Gyro's hip and settles on his ass with a squeeze that sent shivers down his spine.

"You gonna give me what I want,right?Gonna let me have this?",Johnny said as his fingers slid between his cheeks to brush his hole.Gyro's breath hitched ever so slightly,and he shifted under Johnny's touch as his cock anticipation.

"Yeah...",he gasped as Johnny teased his entrance

"Alright know how this goes...",he murmured as he kissed Gyro's cheek.

"Spread for me nice and wide...I'm gonna get you ready.You're gonna ride this dick tonight" Johnny said and Gyro did as he was told,bashfully looking away as he did.Johnny discreetly reached over and grabbed some oil he'd set aside earlier,pouring it into his hands.He ended up with more than he wanted but that was okay,he'd make use of it.He was just glad it didn't go to waste.

Slowly Johnny's slicked fingers traced Gyro's hole before one slipped in followed by another right after.A low huff slipped from Gyro's lips as he clutched at the blankets.The feeling of being stretched  excited him enough that he was already writhing to Johnny's movements.He'd done this himself enough that he knew what was coming, and with Johnny it was so much better.With a curl of his fingers Johnny found what he was looking for,hitting his prostate immediately.A breathy moan slipped from Gyro's lips before he could stop it.

"Like that?",Johnny breathed into Gyro's ear at the sound of his moans as worked his prostate while, stretching his hole open.After a few minutes of that then added a third finger,prompting Gyro to let out a low ,gutteral moan rolling his hips to meet Johnny's motions


"M'gonna make you come so hard baby...I could make you cum from just this...",Johnny said,licking his lips at the thought.He's done it before,gotten Gyro off with his fingers alone.With Johnny's situation,sex in a traditional sense wasn't always on the table for him.But he wasn't going to deny his lover because of that.

Besides, just watching Gyro in pleasure,feeling his body against his own and hearing him in ecstasy was nearly enough to take him over the edge.However,now that Johnny was sure he was he wasn't dead beneath his belt,he wasn't letting the chance go to waste.

"God,J-johnny...",he moans ,grabbing Johnny's arm.And the sound of his voice just pushes Johnny that much closer.He grabs Gyro's hair pulls him close ,kisses him breathless as he moves against Johnny's fingers.Gyro's almost at his limit,Johnny could easily see that.He's sweating,breathless,mess of precum from his cock leaking all over ,with dazed eyes .Johnny finally pulls his own cock out ,and gave it a few strokes aa he fucks his fingers into Gyro.

"Hah....Johnny...I ...."

"C'mon..we not done yet",he said between breaths as he slows his fingers planting a kiss on his lovers neck.


.His first instinct is to spread Gyro's legs and fuck him to oblivion.He's done this enough its second nature.But Johnny remembers his lame legs won't allow that,and he nearly breaks.But when he sees the look in Gyro's eyes,the sheer want and desire for Johnny and him alone,it strengthens his resolve.

"..alright,get on m'lap take it til you can't take anymore... "he says.

Gyro ,hazy from near orgasm obeys.Moments later Johnny and him.have switched positions-- Johnny against the pillows,and Gyro heavily depositing himself on Johnny's lap slumping over his shoulder while kissing his cheek.

Tentatively,Johnny kisses him back then grabs Gyro's hips,positions him just so.Gyro made no move to stop him,shivering at the feeling of Johnny's thick cock against his entrance.Johnny then gave his ass a nice squeeze before kissing his cheek.

"You ready ?",he asked.Gyro just nodded in response.Hardly a moment later he felt Johnny pressed against him,and Gyro responds by pushing himself down onto his cock.

Gyro was trying his best to hold back his sounds,biting his lip to do so.But as he felt himself being filled he couldn't hold back anymore.A low gasp then low dragged out moan left his lips as he felt himself being stretched open and completely filled.And with Johnny's strong grip on his waist it was all the more intense.

"Ohmygod..shit Johnny...",he says as he tightly clutches the cover adjusting to the feeling .

"C'mon,you can take it...we done this before...",Johnny said between breathes,caressing his hips. And its true,they have,more times than Gyro cared to count.They'd long since crossed the line between friends ,partners and lovers,and there was no turning back.

"You say its easy..."Gyro managed to get out as he began taking Johnny in.

"...for a guy so small, sure didn't get skimped down here ,Johnny....",he added,and Johnny couldn't help but smirk at that.It was vaguely nostalgic

"Not small,you're dumb tall.I'll just have to fuck you more so you'd get used to it...",he said as he pulled Gyro down the rest of the way.Gyro had no comment,his only reaction being a loud moan and the grind of his hips.

'...move...",Johnny says into his ear and after a moment of catching himself Gyro did just that.

Bracing himself and clutching the pillows Gyro closes his eyes,and their sensuous momentum begins slow.As he rises,Johnny holds Gyro tight,guiding him.back down again,breathless moans low from his own lips mingling with Gyro's own louder sounds.

Heart pounding,their bodies warm,the two of them moved in tandem with each other,Johnny's hands wandering the lean muscles of Gyro's body and grasping him harshly to get as much friction as he could.God knows he wished he could do more,wish he could meet every motion Gyro made with one of his own.

Watching him ride his cock through bleered eyes behind messy locks,hearing him in throws of pleasure ...feeling him tight around his cock too--it was more than Johnny could ever ask for.

Johnny decides to change his pace.With one arm,he braced himself against the pillows ,holds Gyro's waist while he thrusts up to meet Gyro's own motions.Now he could finally force those lovely sounds from Gyro's lips to get ever so louder and sweeter.He knew he'd be tired,he'd ache but to have this it'd be worth it.To have his lover in the throws of pleasure,he'd endure.

It doesn't take long for Gyro to completely lose it.Johnny could hear it in his ragged voice,see it through glimpses in his lidded eyes,feel Gyro tensing above him.It stirs.something in Johnny,something deep with in and soon,he too is releasing himself ,inside his lover.As he does,he feels warmth coating his stomach,felt Gyro tighten around him.He ,hears a last final cry of ecstasy now as Gyro holds him in a vice grip ,before his body's drained.

A few breaths later,the two are sweat soaked clinging to one another.Chaste kisses are exchanged before Johnny pulls out and Gyro maneuvers himself from Johnny's lap.As he does a low gasp escapes his lips,and a slight shiver runs through him at the feeling of cum dripping from his used hole. The sight of that alone sparks arousal in Johnny yet again,but for now,he could do nothing about it.

Instead,he dragged himself a bit closer,running his fingers through Gyro's hair,kissing his brow.To that ,Gyro pulled him into a kiss that landed on his chin causing the two to chuckle as Gyro fell against Johnny who pulled him down into their make shift bed.

"That was're amazing...I don't want to move,but we'll have to soon",Gyro said with a sigh as he linked Johnny's fingers with his own.Johnny took Gyro's hand and kissed it before moving closer.

"Neither do I ",he admitted.

"...I'm so in love with you ,I don'twanna leave your side ...",Johnny said.

"You sure its not cuz this is the finest piece of ass you ever got your hands on? ",Gyro said with a playful grin.

"Please...I've been with enough people that that's hardly a thing...I just like you more...",Johnny said.

"...though I'll be honest with you...when you're not being ridiculous,busted up and smellin' like horse you look like an angel....",he said with a smile.

"...but you fuck like a demon..."

"Fuck you too,Johnny Joestar",Gyro said swatting Johnny's hand as he caressed his cheek.

"Maybe some other time...though if you want I can take you for another ride...night's still young and you feel so good inside...",he said ,gently tracing Gyro's lip with his finger,before catching his cheek in the palm of his hand while fondling his ass.Gyro smirked,kissing his hand then pulled himself close.

"You ass...after what you just put me through?",he said.

"Fine...",Johnny said.

"But I mean it what I said...I love you ,really...",Johnny said fondly as he placed another kiss on Gyro's lips.

"I love you like the sky is blue,like the grass is the moon shines over the sky ...",he added softly as he gazed into Gyro's eyes.

"...and I love you like the stars shine ,I love you like starlight..",Gyro chimed in as he gazed back.They stayed like this ,fingers intertwined until Johnny began to doze.Then suddenly Gyro seized Johnny by his shoulders and rolled over top of him ,a smirk on his lips.

"Whoa,what the...!"

"You said you wanted to do it again,huh? Let's do it again",he said dragging Johnny's arms around his waist.

"You sure 'bout that? Your legs are probably tired as hell..."

"Its fine,I had a nice rest.Plus you're gonna gimme a nice massage when its over.And if you don't I'll starve you out for the rest of this course ",Gyro said.

"Alright then,that's fair I suppose...",Johnny said,catching Gyro by his hips then kneading his thighs.

" won't have to worry 'bout that soon ",he said.

" Right..",Gyro said,leaning down to kiss Johnny's lips.

". I'll hold you to it",he said just inches away .Gyro leaned down to give Johnny another kiss as Johnny clutched his waist,embracing him once more.

'Even if you never got your legs back ,I'd still love you,you have to know that...",Gyro thinks absently,as he lays in Johnny's arms beneath him.

'...but I won't discourage you...I could never do that...'

'..I love you too much for that...',he thinks,as Johnny's hands wander lower and once again their lips meet.

'...I always will...'