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Pot, Meet Kettle

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It always starts the same way.

“Not good enough?” Katsuki grouses upon catching the strange look on Izuku’s face, taking the plate of curry from under his chin, “Should’ve taken your ungrateful ass to a nicer place with your friends then.”

Izuku leans back on his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose as he breathes deeply.

“Maybe I should’ve. It would have been better than listening to this again.”

And then, as usual, it all goes downhill.

“You should’ve been more careful if you didn’t want me to learn that you’ve been speaking behind my fucking back!”  Katsuki bellows indignantly, “With my best friend!”

“I thought you didn’t care about what anyone said about you!” Izuku argues just as louder. They were a few feet from each other, “I was out, speaking to my friends and guess what? He happens to be my friend too!”

Kacchan, he’s… still a little stuck-up, you know?

“You go out with your friends too and I know you talk about me!”

Deku, he’s… still a little wimp sometimes, you know?

“Don’t turn this around, Deku!”

“Avoiding it now? I didn’t think you were a coward!” Deku snaps, taking another step closer to his seething husband, “I know what you say about me! What you really think about me!” Once in the zone, Deku grabs the sleeves of Katsuki’s shirt and starts tugging, “You think I’m a wuss, don’t you?! You think I’m useless? Worthless? Tell me, Kacchan, is it true!?”

Katsuki swats his hands off and starts to jab Izuku’s chest, “You turned this shit around to avoid talking about what you say about me to Round-Face and Half-n’-Half!” He hisses, fingers jabbing with every word, “I know everything. I know you still think I’m presumptuous, unbearably rude brat! That I’m no good at this—” He lifts his hand, pointing at the ring on his finger, “This fucking—I know that’s why you’re distant. You think I’m bad at fuckin’, at kissing. You still think I’m obnoxious, don’t you? Why don’t you knock on Half-n’-Half’s door next time you wanna bust your fuckin’ nuts, huh? I know you two been real chummy—”

Izuku’s One for All sparks. He lashes his hand, slapping Katsuki’s face, leaving an angry mark on his skin. Then he gapes his mouth. The barrage of insults, things neither really meant, continue throughout the evening until they’re kissing like madmen on the bed, with Izuku spreading and fingering his ass for Katsuki’s cock, who pumps his shaft vigorously.

And this is always how it always ends.

With Katsuki breaching his asshole raw, with Izuku’s sobbing face on the pillow as his body sways with Katsuki’s brutal thrusts, moaning and screaming angrily, sparkling hands clutching the sheet until they ripped.

With Katsuki pounding his tight, clenching hole, one steaming hand on his hip, the other jerking his cock until he’s coming long and hard, hot pleasure dripping like goo from the slit, but Katsuki keeps fucking him against the mattress, burying his body in the surface, fueling the fire until he’s hard and bothered again. Until he comes again and again. Until Izuku feels his stomach bloating.

The bed creaks, something breaks, the slap of skin on skin echoes, their grunts and moans clogging their ears, but neither stop.

“Deku,” Katsuki pants, flipping Izuku’s muscular body around to see his mottled face twisted in utmost pleasure; eyes rolled back, tongue out like a dog’s, skin sweating, damp curls sticking to his forehead.

Ground Zero takes his fine legs, lifts him up until he’s sloped to pummel into his ass, hooking those limbs on his shoulder, lips mouthing and teeth biting his knees. Izuku cries out, back arching high, and Katsuki’s takes off.

“Hey, Deku,” He hisses as Izuku’s walls clench around his girth, heat searing, “Tell me. Tell me what you really think about me. Tell me I suck as a husband. Tell me I’m the worst cook, the worst—fuckkkkkkkkkk, Deku! C—cumming!”

A loud groan tears from his throat as he buries himself deep inside his husband’s asshole and comes for the last time, cock aching from so much stimulation, slipping out completely spent, still twitching weakly, squirting small clots of gunk around Izuku’s ring. The second he’s out, molten seed leaks out of Izuku like a fountain and onto the bed.

Do you really love me?

“Fuck,” Katsuki wheezes as he doubles over his husband’s fucked body, arms at each side of his head. The sweat sliding from his temples drips on his blissed-out face, “It… it always ends like this…”

“Kacchan…,” Izuku whimpers. The tears were back, “I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah,” Katsuki slumps and rolls over his back to run his clammy hands over his face, “I’m… sorry too.”

“I… I do think you’re a little stuck-up, s—sometimes. You sometimes make a few cold, snobbish comments I don’t really like. Just sometimes, a—and you’re so bossy too. I can do stuff on my own, you know this. I know what I have to do, I—” Deku bites his lips, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to—”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Katsuki chuckles, rolling to his side to run his fingers over his cheeks. Face to face with the love of his life, “Just… call me out, alright? Don’t just keep quiet. That goes for me too. We’re both at fault here.”

“I know,” Izuku scoots over, pressing his face to Katsuki’s large chest, “I don’t think you’re bad at sex, though,” He hums, legs twisting around Katsuki’s, “You’re really good, Kacchan…”

“Yeah, dunno if you could hear yourself, but you made some really sweet sounds tonight,” Says Katsuki, squeezing Izuku’s butt, “Shouldn’t have listened to Dunce Face, but I was drunk off my ass. That’s my fault too.”

“Do you really think I’m a wimp, Kacchan?”

“I… shouldn’t have said it like that. You’re probably worried or nervous,” Katsuki sighs, “Just wanna try new things with you, y’know? Like raising a family, travel the world, that sort of stuff. You’re too head deep in your work. I want to take you out, relieve the burden for a day—fuck, I dunno.”

“Oh, Kacchan, I’m… I’m sorry—”

“Stop apologizing already.”

“Let’s do it, Kacchan,” Izuku declares, looking up at his husband with unwavering determination he shows during duty, “Let’s do all those stuffs. Let’s do more than just.”

Katsuki smiles, heart pounding, happy butterflies ruling his chest, “Yeah.”

“I love you,” Says Izuku, his own heart pounding as he kisses Katsuki’s lips, “Now and always.”

“Love you more, nerd.”



3:30 a.m.

“Who told you any of that anyways?” Katsuki mumbles, hugging Izuku’s body from behind.

“Kiri did.”

“Huh. He told me too.”

Izuku chuckles, “I think he wanted us to work it out like adults and, y’know, talk it out. Be honest.”

“Shitty-Hair. I’ll get him.”