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“Oh please, don’t make me do that—I might get reprimanded!” A general studies girl whispers to her friends across the cafeteria table.

“It’ll be funny! C’mon, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it before!” One of her classmates’ giggles in a hushed tone, shushes being passed around the table.

“Okayokayokay.” She stresses massaging her temples, “But for fuck sake I want more than 5000 yen! I’ll do it for 15000.”


“12500.” She haggles


“Fine, okay. Yeah, sure.” She takes deep breaths.

Snickers and surprised sounds of shock circulate the table, anticipation filling the immediate air.

The girl stands up from her chair, the sound lightly scuffing the floor.

She psyches herself up and walks with mock courage towards the table belonging to 2-A. After everyone moved into dorms, homeroom groups tended to stick to one another and 2-A was no different.

The girl walks up to the table and touches the shoulder of the person on the end of the table with all five fingertips, who happened to be Hitoshi Shinso a former student from her department.

Her fingertips glowing pink quickly and a short pulsing feeling spreading across the other 19 members of the table, the others feeling said pulse although many of them were simply engrossed in their own conversations.

He looks up to her, looking at her with a puzzled expression. “Do you want something?”

“I just wanted to congratulate you on getting into the hero course!” She says, the first thing that came to mind mentally cringing at the awkwardness.

“I don’t even know who you are.” He deadpans, being brutally honest to the poor woman.

“Oh well, that sucks. I guess I should go now!” She smiles with about as much authenticity as second-hand car dealership advertising, lowkey running out the door to the cafeteria.

“That was weird.” Kaminari points out, his mouth full of chicken burger bought less than a minute ago, five minutes before lunch finished.

“I’ve honestly never even met her.” Shinso shrugs.

“She seemed kinda scared, maybe she was just dared to touch your shoulder.” Hagakure copies Shinso’s animation although it was much less visible on her invisible body.

“We’ve had weirder dares during truth or dare before.” Kirishima agrees, not wishing to bring up the time he dared Bakugo to hold Todoroki’s hand for the rest of the night. And Bakugo "not being a pussy" (his words, not Kirishima’s) went through with it practically growling at anyone that who even looked at him.

The bell rung before the class had a chance to ponder on the chance encounter further. Forcing Kaminari to hurriedly scoff the rest of his burger with appropriate scoffing sounds.

The others leave him be, shooting the occasional glance at the brain damaged electricity wielder.

It took them little under five minutes to reach their classroom, walking in and taking seats at their desks in wait for their next teacher who happened to be Present Mic for English.

The waiting period was often quiet save the occasional snippet of dialogue between friends or threat made by a resident lord explosion murder. Only now it was coupled by a unanimous feeling of slight sickness.

“Christ, I just got like the worst headache.” Sero sits down on the nearest desk which happened to be Uraraka’s

“I feel it too, oh God I wanna vomit.” Mina shakes her head.

One by one the members of 2-A lose consciousness, some of them falling to the ground, others slumping back in chairs.

After a collective period of three or four seconds the students begin to wake again, all of them with splitting headaches.

“Ah fuck, what the lightning bat shits was that?” Midoriya snarls, focus turning to him very quickly.

“Did—did Midoriya just?” Jiro points to him with a shaky finger.

“What a mad bouquet of darkness.” Aoyama places two hands over his nose and mouth, just as shocked as everyone else although attention was now on him.

“Aoyama, what did you say?” Hagakure asks shocked putting her hand to her face without saying a word (or being too panicked to say anything) when she sees, or rather doesn’t see, her hand. “I think I’ve somehow upgraded from the 'hand-crusher'. I’m now the hand… eater? No no, that’s dumb.” She trails off, her words monotone and deadpanned.

“Yeah, and why did you call me Deku? Do I look like shitty Deku to you?” Midoriya asks, jabbing a thumb into his chest.

“Do you really want that question answered?” Yaoyorozu answers, her hands shaking in fear as she gestures to Midoriya’s body.

“I recall being called after Aoyama.” Aoyama raises his hand.

Sero stands up on a desk and claps a few times to call eyes to him. “Listen class 2-A! I fear the worst. We may have had our minds transferred into the body of our peers. I suggest we stay calm and try to find out who is who, starting with me.” He explains his theory regarding the situation whilst making vigorous arm movements

“Okay, that’s weird.” Uraraka croaks, a gravelly tone to her voice and her sentence ending with a ribbit.

“Iida in Sero’s body? How intéressant!” Tokoyami claps his hands with excitement.

“Is that who I am?” Iida asks, looking himself up and down making sure to check is elbows and calves especially. “Nice mufflers, dude. Do you like, oil them or something? I don’t know anything about cars.”

“So, I’m Kaminari…” Kirishima gestures to himself, “But who—am I? Like am I still Kaminari or am I like Mina? Nah wait, she’s over there. Time to count!”

Kirishima begins counting his classmates very slowly, even going as far as to trip up on five and going straight to seven, when a relatively high pitched grunt stops him. “Ooooh my god, you’re Kirishima.” Koda sighs, completely done with the shenanigans coming with their current situation.

“Dude! I’m like, so manly now. Isn’t that cool?” Kirishima puffs out his chest.

“I’d beg to differ.” Mina rolls her eyes, bringing a hand just below her ear only to be surprised when nothing was there.

“Who are you? Imposter…” Jiro cups her cheeks, bringing them closer to her face so their noses and foreheads were touching.

“What, am I Mina?” Mina pushes Jiro away from her in a confused motion, the person piloting the body clearly liking their personal space.

“Yeah! You’re me! So, who are you? Who—who am I?” Jiro asks frantically, going on a tangent similar in nature to Kaminari’s.

“Jiro, I’m Jiro.” Mina explains, still in a recoil position from the unwanted physical contact.

“You two should be lucky! I am a boy.” Todoroki comes up to them, clearly the swap-ee was stressed with the new (male) body.

“Who’re you normally?” Mina asks.

Hagakure! Like, shortish invisible chick?” Todoroki enforces his previous identity.

“At least I have a body I’m comfortable in.” Tsu sighs, the usual frog nature of her voice gone with the new conscience.

“How comfortable?” Kaminari (or Kirishima) pokes her in the side a few times before she blushes and conjures some distance between them.

“You know what I meant!” Tsu draws out the last word of her sentence, her mannerisms very similar to Uraraka’s.

“Stop making sexual innuendos! Especially towards female members of our class! It’s frankly embarrassing.” Sero steps in between Tsu and Kaminari.

“Speaking of sexual innuendos—” Mina points to a certain grape-like hero in training who was rocking back and forth on the ground clearly not content with the trade made. “What poor bastard got the resident perv?”

“Where’s Yaomomo’s body?” Jiro yells across the room, class 2-A prepared to go into lock-down.

“I’m right here!” Yaoyorozu puts her hand up to draw attention to herself. “I’m Ojiro, not Mineta.”

“So, who is?” Hagakure asks, her voice rung with a certain depression trademarked to Todoroki. "Mineta, I mean."

“I refuse, I refuse! I can’t accept this new body. I don’t wanna be a— a grape pervert!” Mineta whines, tears streaming down his face and his lisp still present. “I spent the last year and a half building up my reputation as a man who respects women! This is my worst possible match up!”

Sobs fill the classroom as Ojiro scoots closer to Mineta, hugging the poor soul with his tail too (only after accidentally whacking it on the desk he came from)

“I was six-two Ojiro, six. foot. two.” He mumbles into the tailed boy’s chest.

“Shoji?” Ojiro recoils in a mix of shock and fear.

“Yes! Mezo Shoji! And now I’m just a four foot perv.” Mineta looks over to his previous body who was giggling with a certain unhinged insanity that would’ve come from the swap.

“I’m finally tall, and I don’t have the lisp ohoho, this is going to be so much fun!” Shoji mutters to himself, looking out of the window with one hand on the glass and another being run through his hair. “Gone are the days I can upskirt girls, yes. But now I have brute strength and a powerful quirk! The only thing weird is this mask—”

“If you take off my mask I will start shoving these balls up my ass, or well, your ass. Just—Mineta’s ass!” Mineta throws him the threat. Something out of character for Shoji, sure, but this was his precious mask on the line.

“C’mon guys, we can resolve this peacefully!” Bakugou tries to calm the two boys down, his voice soft and panged with fear.

“Go back to swearing, dude.” Kirishima tells him.

“Yeah, this is weird.” Kaminari confirms.

The door to the room slides open again and attention is turned to their teacher, Present Mic who was being greeted with an ensemble of paused chaos.

“Uhm, okay?”

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Again? Don’t you think they’ve had enough of this? Anymore is just cruel!” A general studies girl with a body swap quirk scolds her friends who were theorising new ways to mess with the illustrious class 2-A.

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Karadako! It was funny, right?” Her classmate prompts. The girl shifting in her chair frowning.

“I got off on a warning, if you do it too you won’t have as much luck…” The body swapper warns.

“I don’t think so.” Her friend flips her hair, straightening herself in her stride and walking to the familiar table holding all 20 members of class 2-A.

Previously, Karadako had used her quirk to swap the bodies of 2-A leading to (allegedly) Midoriya pissing his pants during class because Bakugou, who had his body, didn’t want to go to the bathroom because it would mean seeing Midoriya’s privates.

As she passes the table she feigns a trip, coming into contact with the hard ground below. Like her classman before her, she places a hand on the shoulder of the person nearest to the table’s end only this time for ‘support’.

Quickly she finds herself being lifted up by a firm grasp, once she was on her feet she focuses on a pair of violet eyes and pale blonde hair. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, y-yeah.” She brushes his shoulder with her fingertips, a pulsing effect washing over him and the other nineteen members of the first hero course class.

 Without so much as a single falter in her acting she lets go of him and walks casually out the door of the cafeteria leaving Aoyama to retake his seat.

“What was that about, I wonder.” Ojiro leans forward in his place, watching the girl exit the large hall.

“Anyone getting body swap flashbacks? Or is it just me.” Mina asks the table, many people ignoring her and thus the situation, in favour of their own conversations.

“I’d rather you shut up about the body swap.” Shoji deadpans, his tone serious and scarred, probably from the horrors of spending the night in Mineta’s room.

“Whatever. I mean, let’s be real; how likely is it that general studies has two body swap type quirks?” Sero leans back in his seat with a cocky scoff, the kind that screams faux invincibility.

“Not very,” Jiro frowns, twiddling her quirk. “But still.”

The bell rings and the corridors suddenly seem like a warzone, an influx of students entering them to go back to their classrooms hurriedly.

True to form, the last one to exit was 2-A’s very own Denki Kaminari who was scoffing another chicken burger he had bought near the end of the lunch break all the while yelling at his friends to ‘wait up’ or ‘slow down’. Those being cries that were obviously ignored.

The rest of the day went by quickly and easily, the last two periods being uneventful and simplistic in nature of content.

It was only when 2-A reached Heights Alliance did things begin to go wrong.

However, not wrong in the traditional sense; things just started to fall apart. It was no secret that dinnertimes had been unpleasant now because they were living without their resident chef Sato, but never had the food they ate made them so nauseous and uncomfortable.

It was a near unanimous decision to go to bed straight away with those who decided against it (namely Tokoyami and Shinso) following suit with less than an hour later between them.

The night was uncomfortable for everyone, only it managed to take a turn for the worse when Mina got out of bed to vomit. She walked down he hall quickly, not bothering who her steps woke. She did however realise they sounded heavier than usual.

She reaches the female toilets and throws up her dinner, flushing the toilet then sitting down next to it waiting to regain any amount of her strength lost.

She runs her hand over her face, resting it on her cheek. Feeling something was off, she feels her facial structure more in depth, running her hand along a rather masculine jawline.

In unknown panic she scrambles to the mirror to be met with a male carbon copy of her body, complete with the black eyes, pink features and bleached yellow horns.

Surprisingly however, Mina doesn’t panic, instead her features turning to regret and shame. “I should really ask before taking Kaminari’s brownies again.” He groans, sliding back down the wall.

He takes a minute to think, rubbing his hands together then pulling forward the waistband of his pants. “It’s pink.” He looks down in a neutral state of disbelief, “Forgive me lord, no—forgive me Iida, for what I’m about to do.”

Mina shakes his head, shedding a single tear before pumping the head of Yaoyorozu’s moisturiser dispenser.




On most days the students of class 2-A were woken with a combination of soft alarms, hard alarms, and Iida pretending to be an alarm. Today however, they were woken with the screams of Midoriya on the second floor.

Naturally everyone ran downstairs (and in some special cases slid down railings) to meet the kerfuffle, not bothering to check on their own body’s state before rushing to help the young broccolini.

“Yo, Midoriya, are you oka—woah.” Kirishima stops when he sees a very female Midoriya lookalike on her hands and knees in hysterics. Long green hair covered her face, All Might branded pyjamas fitting loosely on her thin frame.

He takes a second to contemplate the higher pitch of his voice but snaps out of it to help up Midoriya.

“Thanks, uh—who’re you?” She asks, clearly still shaking.

“Kirishima?” He furrows his bows, taking her shoulder into his left hand, noticing how soft it was.

“Oh no, you’re a girl too.” She-zuku shakes in his arms. “What about the others?”

“What about the others?” Tokoyami repeats the question, entering the girl’s field of view, her bird head rounder and lighter coloured to a softer black.

“Oh no, I can’t be a girl! I don’t have any bras or—necessities.” Midoriya sobs into Kirishima contemplating her new body.

Soon the rally from Midoriya’s cries caught up to her, a small crowd of precisely 15 (including Tokoyami) gender-warped class 2-A members form around the two embracing girls.

“Shit, this is so damn unmanly.” Kirishima huffs.

“What’s going on?” A feminine Iida pushes her way to the front of the crowd, deducing a strategy or plan for the rest of the class to follow. “Oh no.”

“It looks like we’ve all been gender-swapped.” Tsu points out the obvious.

Murmurs spread around the stunned class as each of them look to one another eyeing their bodies up and down. 

“Okay, if this isn’t me dreaming, I think maybe we should start lending uniforms around.” Yaoyorozu voices his opinion, “It’s seven thirty already and school starts in an hour.”

“Good idea, guys turned girls should find the girl turned guy closest in height to them for uniforms and we’ll cross the underwear bridge when we reach it.” Uraraka takes charge, inspiring a lot of shuffling around as many find their height match.

“Wait! That won’t work.” Sero waves her hand, bringing it down quickly to move black bangs out of her face.

“What do you mean?” Uraraka asks her.

“I mean—” Sero walks over to Yaoyorozu and places a hand on his head much to his confusion, she takes a step back maintaining the level set with her hand, walking over to Shoji all the while hailing Hitler with her hand motion. She places her fingertips on Shoji’s chin where they came naturally using the Yaoyorozu hand-height measurements.

“Uhm, okay but—” Kaminari is cut off when Sero gives an unintelligible yelp to shut him up.

Sero continues her quest, walking over to Koda and using the previously gathered measurements to place her fingertips slightly above Koda’s eyebrows.

Sero then turns on her right heel and walks over to Iida, still in the same position.

“Fucking—We get it, Sero!” Jiro yells, making Sero jump and lose her measurements gathered from Yaoyorozu’s head. “Quite a few of the new girls are going to have trouble borrowing uniforms.”

“Where’s Bakugou? He should be present; we’re talking about his body now too.” Todoroki raises her hand to aid in explaining she was present.

“Still asleep, I think.” Mina answers her question.

“How many uniforms does Yaoyorozu have? It seems to me like he’s the closest match to us all.” Ojiro holds her breasts with her arm under them, the other hand holding her chin as she thinks.

he’s—oh god it hasn’t even hit me yet, this is reality…” Yaoyorozu sobs, cupping his hands over his face.

“At least we don’t have Mineta here with us.” Shinso puts her hand on his shoulder to console him.

“Pardon my saying, but it’ll be weirdly fun seeing him get what he deserves.” Hagakure coughs out the opinion in fear it’ll be unpopular.

“I—yeah, kinda.” Kirishima laughs.

“I suspect he’s reveling his new body; I pray none of you did the same, this morning or otherwise.” Iida frowns.

“Define ‘revel’ for me?” Mina laughs awkwardly.

“Yeah, just a quick- *whistle* -debrief? Like a—” Kaminari purses her lips.

“You both disgust me.” Jiro cups his face, shaking his head and scrunching up his nose.

“Hey, I think it’s perfectly okay… y’know… to explore a bit, if you understand where I’m coming from.” Haugakure eggs on his own analogy, trying to find the correct words without making it seem like he was a disappointment.

“Oh c’mon, Tooru!” Ojiro blushes, turning her head away in embarrassment and planting her face in her tail.

“How can you even see, y’know, it?” Shoji asks him.

“I can’t.”


“At least you don’t have that insecurity then.” Kirishima shrugs. “Size, I mean.”

The door next to Midoriya’s slides open and the unmistakable head of Aoyama pops out of the gap. At face value, she looks identical to the way she looked before the swap, almost like she didn’t change at all.

She sidesteps out of the room and looks at all her gender swapped classmates, taking an opportunity to run back inside her room then out again after five seconds.

“Aoyama, were you even affected?” Midoriya asks her.

“Hold on, one second s'il vous plait.” She looks down her night-shirt, letting go of it then checking her pants and sticking her thumb into her boxers. “I am indeed a woman now.”

“Really? You still look pretty much unchanged.” Tsu questions her.

“That’s because I was so dazzling to begin with!” She strikes a pose in cocky flamboyance, quickly dropping it when she sees all she was getting was stares. “In all seriousness though, I am biologically male.”

Iida just facepalms and sighs “Anyway, we really should—"

Iida was interrupted by another, louder, sliding door behind Aoyama revealing a short girl with three purple balls on either side of her head in permanent piggie-tails.

“Oh fuck! Am I gay now?!”

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“So, Karadako got a warning and Seikokan got suspended for three days.” The third general studies girl smirks at her friends who were sitting opposite her. “Y’know what I’m thinking?”

“No, don’t do it.” Karadako groans, the body-swapper leaning back in her chair with her arms behind her head.

“If I got suspended, you’re getting expelled.” Seikokan, the girl with a gender-swap quirk tells her off.

“Only if they catch me!” She pouts, slamming her hands on the desk.

“They will!” Karadako throws her hands out to their sides.

The last time 2-A was targeted Seikokan had gender-swapped the class, of course this led to many weird happenings such as a female Hanta Sero stealing a male Kyoka Jirou’s panties under the guidance of Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta.

Also, a large fiasco regarding hero costumes which only Tooru Hagakure was exempt from.

Now it was round 3 for general studies despite the strife caused to their reputation as individuals.

The third girl shakes her head and flips her hair in defiance, walking over to class 2-A in a confident strut.

The hero course’s schedule was, by this time, common knowledge. It was a Wednesday and thus, the next period was physical education.

The girl makes the same ‘mistake’ her friend, Seikokan, made. Tripping when approaching the table and touching the shoulder of the person next to her with all five fingertips.

She collides hard with the ground below only this time to be met with silence.

“Bakugou? Why’d you trip her?” A voice (which could only be described as ‘manly’) whines, looking over to the girl on the ground.

“I didn’t! She just fell!” The boy she had touched on the shoulder yells back.

“Bakugou! Why did you trip that poor girl?” An authoritarian tone pipes up, his voice cracking halfway through Bakugou’s name. The girl is lifted off the ground to meet the face of Tenya Iida, class 2-A’s president.

“I didn’t trip her, you cum-stain!” Bakugou gets out of his seat to yell.

“Language, Bakugou.” Class 2-A’s homeroom teacher scolds him, the others turning to see Aizawa who’d been passing by.

“You better apologise, man. We have the ever watchful Mr Aizawa in our presence.” Shinso laughs, teasingly.

“Careful, Hitoshi.” Aizawa warns, scared his student were becoming too informal with.

“I. didn’t. trip her.” Bakugou gets in Shinso’s face.

“Are you okay?” Iida asks her.

The girl nods and walks out of the cafeteria with her head hung.

“I should get back to what I was doing.” Aizawa sighs, walking back outside the cafeteria.

The bell rung almost directly after, class 2-A getting out of the table and walking towards the cafeteria’s entrance with their peers from different courses.

Again, the last to leave was Denki Kaminari, the electric type pokemon wolfing down a chicken burger because he didn’t have the common sense to eat it earlier.

Soon he was able to catch up with his class who were walking to the changing room to, well, get changed.

“Who was that girl Bakugou tripped?” Mina asks, doing stretches as she walked along with her class.

“I didn’t trip her.” The ashen blonde insists.

“She was probably one of those damn general studies chicks.” Shoji sneers, his attitude towards them bitter still from the body-swap.

Three swap quirks? I don’t think so.” Sero says.

“Guess we’ll find out soon.” Jirou frowns as the boys and girls parted ways, leaving each other for the changing rooms.

The changing was uneventful. They had all learnt to change quickly to minimise the time wasted, something Mr Aizawa was adamant they got better at.

“Wow, I feel nauseous already and we haven’t even started.” Uraraka whines, her quirk infamous for giving her such terrible nausea.

“It isn’t just you Ochako, I feel awful.” Tsu comforts her, she was renowned for being sympathy-sick and this was likely just her sharing Uraraka’s pain.

“You two feel bad as well?” Yaoyorozu asks surprised.

“That’s weird, are all of us feeling sick?” Jirou asks.

“Oh no…”

With Yaoyorozu’s last words of epiphany, the girls fall one by one.

When they awoke they were still in the changing room by themselves so not much time had to have passed, right?

“Alright, so. Am I me?” Mina starts, the other girls looking at her with eyebrows raised. Mina notices and tries to clarify in trademark idiocy linked with her personality. “Like, am I me? Or am I Jirou? Am I still in my own body? Oh, wait my hands are pink I’m still me…”

Silence befalls the six as they still check their bodies for abnormalities.

“Am I a boy?” Mina asks again.

“No.” Yaoyorozu tells her.

“Woah.” Hagakure says, her hand to her face, the unmistakable cream colouring of a finger emerging from the patchiness of dwindling invisiblity.

Then the screams started.

Asui, Jirou, Mina and Hagakure started writhing on the floor in terrible burning pain.

Yaoyorozu and Uraraka look on in horror as Jirou’s ears retract into themselves, leaving her with normal earlobes like the rest of the girls.

Mina’s skin returns to a creamy colour, her hair turning a light brown like Uraraka’s.

Hagakure is revealed to the rest of them for the first time, her hair was a pale blue almost the same shade as Shigiraki’s, and she had eyes of an equal colour. On an additional note, her hair looked like it had never been cut.

After the pain stops stunned silence fills the air, Tsu sticking out her tongue to find it normal and unable to reach any distance it previously could.

“What the hell?” Jirou weeps, panting from the lingering pain in her ears.

“I think it’s over.” Mina pants.

No sooner did she say this than a wave of pain resurfaced. This time effecting Uraraka, Jirou and Hagakure.

The girls looked on in horror as Hagakure’s long waves morph into a wave of balls down the middle of her hair, Uraraka grows a large tail with fluff on the end matching her natural hair colour.

Jirou spouted extra arms left and right, her mouth also became wider and toothier to the point where she clamped her hands over it to not frighten her friends.

“I think we’ve all been quirk swapped.” Yaoyorozu says in fear, looking around at the assortment of new mutants.

“Oh cool! I wonder who has yours, Yaomomo!” Mina says gleefully, forgetting the amount of pain she was in moments before.

“It would be very unwise for those of us who are likely emitter types to activate our quirks in here. Someone might have Midoriya’s, or Bakugou’s.” Yaoyorozu frowns, cradling her arms.

“We should go to the gym and find the boys." Tsu notes. "It looks like none of us swapped with another girl.”

“At least we know who we swapped with…” Hagakure looks over her shoulder, plucking a ball off her head and placing the light blue orb on the wall, sticking it there effortlessly.

“I know why Shoji wears the mask now.” Jirou says through her hands, her voice heavily muffled.

The girls stand up and walk out of the changing room, reaching the gym in ample time hearing the boys’ bickering on the other side.

“How come Deku keeps his shitty quirk but we don’t!” Bakugou roars as they enter.

“I blew up half the changing room, I think it’s better no one got Midoriya’s quirk lest they started to break bones.” Todoroki’s monotones ring through the air.

“I guess you can’t handle the panache of my laser!” Aoyama’s accented tone makes it clear whose quirk Todoroki had.

“I’m not sure who I swapped with, but I think I don’t have one at all. I tried to activate Dark Shadow before, but nothing happened.” Tokoyami points out.

“Yeah well none of us have a sentient quirk, so I have no idea if mental activation is the same or not.” Sero shrugs.

As the boys came into view they stop in their tracks, looking at the girls, especially Hagakure.

When everyone had stopped walking, attention is diverted to Kaminari who squats down with his hands in front of him and legs to the side. A position which looked especially uncomfortable for a male.

“Dude, get off the floor.” Kirishima snarls in disgust, his skin a noticeable shade of pink.

“Yo! I can’t help it this feels natural!” Kaminari yells at him, his tongue falling out of his mouth after he finished his sentence. The new frog scoops it back into his mouth embarrassed.

Seeing this, Tsu holds out her left hand and mentally activates her quirk, sparks of electricity covering it.

“Hey Kirishima! Do you have my quirk?” Mina jumps up and down excitedly.

In response Kirishima holds out his hand facing a rock and spurts acid onto it, melting it instantly. “Yeah.”

Mina activates her new quirk, her arms turning into hardened spears.

“So, it looks like it’s a two on two swap.” Iida points out.

“If that’s the case, please don’t answer any of Iida’s questions.” Shinso warns, showing off his new leg accessories.

Shoji walks over to Jirou and takes off his mask, handing it to her. No one had noticed the fact she was covering her mouth. She takes it graciously, fastening it sloppily because of how different their face shapes were.

“Alright, now which one of you extras has my explosion quirk, I don’t want people getting hurt.” Bakugou addresses the class.

“Easy, activate yours and whoever it belongs to has your quirk.” Sero shrugs, looking very weird without his trademark elbows.

Bakugou glares at him before walking to a free space. Things are quiet for a bit before his clothes become wet and water starts pouring out of his entire body.

Obviously, this confused everyone as no one had a water quirk in their class.

“Dude, turn it off!” Kirishima yells.

Ojiro runs over to help, unsure of what to do he places all five fingertips on Bakugou’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, a pale yellow glimmer and a twinkling sound lifts Bakugou into the air.

“Now you’ve royally fucked up, Tails.” Bakugou sneers, sprinkling water onto his classmates below.

Ojiro takes quick shallow breaths, aware of the enemy he’d just made.

“Ojiro, we swapped. Just put your fingers together and say ‘release’, okay?” Uraraka demonstrates, putting her fingers together, all the while getting sprinkled with water and profanities from the resident angry Pomeranian.

In the panic Kaminari hops around catching the water with frog-like vigor, blissfully unaware of what he was doing.

Ojiro does as he was told, pressing his fingers together and saying ‘release’. Only it wasn’t working.

Frantically, Ojiro slams his fingers together over and over, saying ‘release’.

“Bakugou can you turn it off now?!” Iida calls after him, scared.

“I fucking can’t, okay? I am having a really hard time! Someone get Mr Aizawa here!” Bakugou admits, his voice distant seeing as he’d somehow managed to float so far up.

“Whose quirk is it, even? We don’t have a water user.” Todoroki asks around. “We know its not mine because I’m swapped with Aoyama."

“Before the room floods, we should figure it out by pairing up.” Midoriya suggests, terrified.

“No wait! I think it’s mine!” Yaoyorozu yells, calling attention to herself. “My quirk makes it so I can create things only if I understand the molecular structure, right?”

“What do you mean?” Shoji asks her to elaborate.

“Well, what’s the one molecular compound everyone understands?” Yaoyorozu probes.

H2O, it’s water…” Todoroki has the epiphany.

Yaoyorozu turns away from the others and fires off a small explosion, just large enough to prove she was the one Bakugou had swapped with.

“Wait! When Midoriya’s quirk got out of control, wasn’t it Shinso who managed to stop it with a brainwash?” Uraraka recalls the time they versed now class 2-B, the author apologising for the manga spoilers.

Uraraka apologises under her breath to Mina as she hits her accidentally with the new tail.

“Iida, ask Bakugou a question!” Kaminari croaks.

“Wouldn’t brainwashing him be immoral?” Iida protests.

“Dude, it’s either that or we all drown.” Kaminari yells back.

“You have my quirk, Kaminari.” Tsu reminds him. “That’d be impossible.”

Kirishima looks at the floor and the back at Iida.

Then at the floor.

Then back at Iida.

“Now, I’m no genius, but I feel like us drowning would not happen.” He voices his opinion.

“Kirishima’s right, at worst Bakugou runs out of lipids and falls unconscious.” Todoroki scratches his chin.

“Well, if Iida brainwashes Bakugou, we still gotta get him down, right? And Ojiro doesn’t look like he’s having much luck.” Mina points to Ojiro who was on the brink of tears trying to release the target over and over.

“I can make a pillar of ice that will not only dazzle you all, but allow me to grab him safely.” Aoyama strikes a pose.

“Sounds like a plan.” Tokoyami shrugs, looking over to Yaoyorozu who was debating saying something but decided against it in the end.

Aoyama runs so he was under Bakugou’s floating form, eyeballing the distance required for a rescue all the while trying to avoid the rain.

“What’s French-fuck doing? I don’t trust this!” Bakugou yells, still sprinkling everyone, although now it was less viscous.

“Time to shine, Iida.” Shinso pats him on the back.

“Bakugou!” Iida yells to him.

“The fuck you want, four-eyes!” He yells back.

“What time is it?”

WHY THE FU—” As Bakugou lost his metaphorical shit at the class rep, his eyes dilated and the brainwashing set in.

The rain stopped and all that was left was Bakugou in the starfish position, floating aimlessly in the rafters of gym gamma.

Aoyama saw this as his chance, twisting his right foot outwards and making a pillar of ice which reached the roof.

Once the sparkly Frenchman had reached the same y-axis as Bakugou he notices he was off by about three or four feet, unable to reach him as he floated ever further away.

“What’s going on, Aoyama?” Kirishima yells.

“Uhm, I’m going to try get closer to him.” Aoyama announces, thick ice appearing under his feet as he walks ever closer to Bakugou, shuffling across the ice with care.

“Why didn’t I say anything? I knew this would happen!” Yaoyorozu breaks out into sobs.

“What do you mean, Yaoyorozu?” Tokoyami asks, placing his arms around her for support.

As soon as the bird’s query was voiced, Aoyama’s suspended ice ramp seemed to crack under his weight.

This wasn’t to go unnoticed by Aoyama who started swearing rather loudly in French as the bridge became more and more unstable, his body top heavy as he leaned for Bakugou.

Finally he grabs Bakugou’s shirt and pulls the other blonde closer to him, relieved.

The air becomes a little calmer even though Aoyama, and now Bakugou, could fall at any minute.

Ojiro clapped audibly in relief.

Unfortunately, pale yellow light beamed from his hands as he did so and Bakugou’s weight returned, making him land on Aoyama’s flimsy ice ramp with a sound thump which woke him up.

“Iida I’m gonna come down there! And Imma fucking rip your face off, bitch!” Bakugou yells. It was common knowledge by this point how Shinso’s quirk worked, with the afflicted maintaining consciousness the entire time.

Bakugou was clearly infuriated at Iida for taking advantage of him, shaking the platform even more.

“Hey! Stop!” Aoyama yells at him as the ice gives way, causing both to plummet.

Class 2-A proceeds to venture into panic mode. Normally they would maintain level heads, but now their powers had been swapped around and no one knew which way was up.

In the kerfuffle no one heard the door open behind them.

Midoriya activates his full cowling, running after the two falling boys but he was too far away to get there in time.

“Dark Shadow!”

Got it!

The familiar avian companion of a single Fumikage Tokoyami swoops into action, catching both Aoyama and Bakugou.

As the two were being propped up, the students notice the form of their teacher, now with a new power.

“This thing is really annoying.” He groans.

“Mr Aizawa? I thought Tokoyami was quirkless!” Sero exclaims.

“If I had to guess, you came to that conclusion based on the fact Tokoyami doesn’t have my tells.” Mr Aizawa explained.

It made sense if you were to think about it however, the tells for Aizawa’s erasure were red irises and elevated hair. Tokoyami had natural red eyes, and no hair to speak of hence why the mental activation seemed to have done nothing.

“Well, it makes sense, right?” Hagakure shrugs.

“How do you mean?” Shoji gives into her question.

“No one here’s quirkless.” She explains.


Midoriya and Bakugou look at each other.


And start sweating bullets.