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Dio steps out into the airport, taking a deep breath. His face was pale and he felt woozy from the flight. Planes really weren't his thing. Any vehicle not on the land was bad for him, really. He takes a look around, watching people rush around the hallways of the airport, luggage in hand, chattering noisily. Dio smiles, the color slowly returning to his face. He was finally here. America! The land of dreams. Though it probably wasn't much of a change from Europe, it was a chance. An opportunity.

"That'll be 68.74, sir." Dio hands over the cash, stepping out of the taxi. Hugh Hudson University. Dio gazes up at the tall spire at the front, a large flag hanging from the top. The gate is open, and students trickle in, heading for the main hall. Dio pulls his suitcase behind him, stepping onto the school grounds.

"Your room number is 772, in the Empire building. See the red flag?" The man at the chair points to a building that looks like a church. Dio nods, taking the ID and his suitcase. "Next!"

The building is full of people, parents chatting among themselves and crying over their children leaving home. Dio scoffs, pushing past the crowd. He jams his finger on the button, tapping his foot impatiently. He was going to wait in his room until all the annoyances cleared out and-

"Hey! Are you a freshman too?" Dio sighs, squeezing his ID tightly. Of course he wouldn't be able to avoid everyone. He looks to the right, as the person who spoke. His eyes widen, and he looks up.

He's huge! Dio thinks to himself as the boy cocks his head.


"Yes." Dio ends the conversation there, and the elevator dings. Dio gets on, and presses the door close button, sighing again. The boy sticks his hand in between the doors, and quickly gets on as the doors pull back open.

"My bad... I was a little slow I guess..." He laughs, but when Dio doesn't respond, he trails off. The ride up is silent, and the elevator dings again, a red seven appearing on the screen. Dio quickly gets out, heading towards his room. 

772, 772... Dio stops in from of his room, swiping the ID card. He pushes the door open, revealing a large symmetrical room, with on each side  a bed, desk, bookshelf, and dresser. One side of the room already is set up, with blue bedsheets and a laptop charging on the desk.

"No, this isn't right." Dio mutters, checking his ID card, then the room number. He'd definitely requested a single, why was there another person here? Dio huffs, shaking his head. He'd have to speak to the dean of this dorm about this. Dio deposits his suitcase, spinning around. His face meets a navy blue wall, and Dio stumbles back, almost falling. That was not there before. He looks up at the face of the boy on the elevator, who picks him up, righting him. Dio smacks his hands off his shoulders, stepping back. "Keep your dirty hands off me!" 

"Sorry, what?" The boy looks confused. He tries for a smile, reaching toward's Dio's suitcase.  "Here, let me help you with that. I take it you're my roommate? Nice to meet you, My name's-" Dio cuts him off, twisting the boy's wrist behind his back.

"Ouch! Hey, what're doing?" He shouts in pain, freeing his wrist from Dio's grip. Dio glowers.

"Keep your goddamned hands of my stuff! I won't be your roommate for long. I'm going to speak to the dean about this. I don't care what your name is. Move." Dio storms down the hall, fuming. "Damnit, I thought this school was good about these things. I refuse to sleep in the same room as someone else here."

"Sorry, there's no singles for freshman." The dean leans back in his chair. Dio furrows his brow, then leans over the desk.

"Excuse me?"

"There's. No. Singles." The dean repeats, frowning. "We went over this at orientation." He pulls out the handbook, pointing to the paragraph going over rooms. Dio sits back down. He didn't go to orientation, he didn't have enough money to go here and back to London. 

"Is there anything you can do?" The dean jabs his finger at the handbook. 

"No. Go back to your room. There's a lot of people that need better questions answered." The dean claps the handbook shut, handing it to Dio. "Read it, why don't you." Dio snatches the handbook from him, and slams the door open, making an old woman jump. He stomps back down to the room, slamming the door open. The boy sits at his desk, laptop open, reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. He turns as Dio stalks over to his bed, angrily muttering.

"Um, did you get my name earlier?" Dio ignores him, slamming the door open to the bathroom. He splashes his face with water, mind racing. He would just have to deal with it for a year. Yes, this was a temporary setback, no match for the likes of Dio. After drying his face, he goes to make his bed, silently pulling and tugging the sheet over the mattress. The boy clears his throat again.

"What do you want?" Dio raises his head, irritated. Couldn't this guy take a hint?

"My name's Jonathan Joestar. My friends call me Jojo." Dio scoffs, then with a last tug, pulls the sheet taut.

"Did I ask for your name?" Jonathan looks confused.


"Exactly." Dio drops his pillow on the bed, taking a seat. "So don't give me your name. I don't like knowing useless things. And your name's one of them."

"What? You're really rude, you know!" Jonathan gets up from his desk. "All I did was introduce myself, and try to help you with your things!"

"Shut up." Dio pulls his shirt off, shucking his pants on the floor as well. "I'm going to sleep." Dio flicks the lights off on his side, then burrows under his covers. It might only be 6 o'clock, but staying awake to listen to the mindless drivel of his roommate would be more of a waste of his time than sleep.

Dio wakes up abruptly, body covered in sweat. He checks the clock on the wall. It reads 3:54. Dio sighs, then rolls over in bed. That's expected, he did go to sleep at 6. So what to do? Getting more sleep sounds stupid. Dio rolls out of bed, stretching. A run might be good. And he could go for some food. He rummages through his suitcase, and tugs a tank top over his head, pulling on some shorts. He grabs some socks and slides on his running shoes, tucking his ID into his shorts. The boy, Jonathan Joestar, is sound asleep, snoring. Dio scowls again, reminded of last night. He notices a picture of a young woman on his nightstand. He takes a closer look. Maybe a sister, or this Joestar's girlfriend. He snorts, no one would ever fall in love with this ungraceful buffoon. Dio takes his phone from his nightstand, and heads out. 

An hour later, Dio is hopelessly lost. He ran 5 miles out, then decided to turn back around, but on the way back, got lost. Dio curses after his phone's no signal sign pops up for the third time. It was 5:12. Dio glances around, eyes landing on a small cafe open early. He shrugs, as he hadn't had anything to eat since last morning. 

It's 5:40 when Dio finishes his breakfast. He checks his phone's signal again, but no such luck. He sighs, leaning his head back on the wall. He has time, but Dio doesn't really want to stay here for three hours. He signals the waitress for more coffee, then fiddles with his ring. 5:43.

"Hey, Jojo!" The waitress calls as Dio's accursed roommate walks in, a big smile on his face. "I already made it." She slides a sandwich and tea over the counter, leaning in for a kiss. Dio recognizes her then, the woman in the frame. He groans internally. How could this be made any worse?

"Yeah, thanks, Erina!" Jonathan pecks her lips, then slides a $20 over. She rings him up, then hands back the change. Jonathan pockets the cash, then turns around, meeting Dio's eyes. 

"Hey, roomie!" Dio ignores him, sipping at his coffee. Jonathan pulls out the chair in front of Dio, grabbing his sandwich. "I never got your name now that I think about it." He says through a mouthful of food. Dio grimaces, then stands up. "Hey!" Jonathan calls as Dio heads out the door, turning to the right. "Campus is the other way."

"Shut it." Dio growls, taking off in the other direction. He's stopped by someone grabbing his arm.

"Are you, by any chance, lost?" Dio flushes, then yanks his arm out of Jonathan's grasp. "I'll take that as a yes. Come back in, I'll buy you a treat."

"Here you go, four chocolate eclairs." Erina sets the dish down in front of Jonathan, who grins, kissing her on the cheek.

"I love you, you know that?" He stuffs one whole pastry in his mouth, swallowing, then continues to chatter on. "Yeah, this cafe is pretty far out. No one ever comes here, it's closer to the university Erina goes to. I run here every morning though. It's a good workout, and the food is delicious!" Dio closes his eyes, teeth clenched so tightly he's sure one of them's going to crack. He knew all plans would go off the rails at some point, but this was far too early. Was his father cursing him from the grave?

"Hey, are you going to eat that?" Jonathan points at the last eclair on the platter, eyeing it hungrily.

"No. I hate sweets." Dio, in fact, loved sweets, but his pride refused to take anything free from this man.

"Alright!" Jonathan pounces on it, smiling contentedly. "Here, let's try this again. My names Jonathan, but my friends call me Jojo. What's your name?" Dio scoffs.

"Dio Brando. Nice to meet you, Jonathan."


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It's 10:04 when Dio decides to go to sleep. After showering, washing his face, and brushing his teeth, he gets ready to go bed. The room is empty, no Jonathan to bother him. Perfect. Dio pulls a book he borrowed from the library out from his bag, and settles down for some reading. Just as he opens the book, a piercing shriek rings through the hallway, and the dorm room door slams open with a bang. Dio jumps, dropping the book. He pulls the sheets close to his chest, being in his underwear and all, and squints at the figure. It's not Jonathan. This person is too small to be him. 

"Hey, who're you?" The figure approaches Dio, cocking his head. Dio clutches the sheets tighter, backing against the wall. This could be bad.

"I could say the same to you..." Dio's hand reaches for the book he dropped, eyes never leaving the figure in front of him. The nerve, Dio wrinkles his nose. The figure leans over him, stroking his chin. The man over Dio places a hand on the bed, leaning closer. Dio clenches his teeth, glaring at the figure on top of him That's it, he thought. If he makes another move, he's going to eat this book, no matter what repercussions I get for it.

"Hey, you wouldn't be-" The boy reaches for the light, and Dio slams the book into his face. He goes flying across the room, rolling to a stop in front of the doorway. Another boy slams the door open again, flicking the lights on. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and wears a light blue t-shirt and shorts. A headband is tied around his forehead. He looks down on the ground at the groaning brown haired boy, then back up at Dio, who holds his book defensively.

"Um, did you happen to be the one that hit Jojo?" The boy glances nervously at the book, taking a step back. "I'm sure he deserved it, so I'll take my leave now-" 

"Caesar! Please don't leave me, he's scary!" The boy named Jojo wails, pulling Caesar's leg to his chest. Caesar shakes his leg, hopping around the room, trying to get Jojo off.

"Let go, you bastard! You broke into his room, you deserved it, let me leave!" Dio watches the two of them shout and fight, then climbs out of bed, underwear and all, book held menacingly out, and roars,

"Who the hell are you guys, and what the fuck are you doing in my room at 10 o'clock at night?" 

"Sorry, Mr. Brando..." Dio huffs, sitting back down on his bed. A pressure lifts off his chest, and he feels much better. Joseph and Caesar both have a large bump on their heads and tears in their eyes. Dio claps the book shut, watching as Joseph and Caesar flinch.

"Now get out!" They scramble to their feet, running for the door, just to be met by Jonathan's chest. He raises his eyebrows, glancing at the scene in front of him.

"Joseph? Caesar? Why are you here? How did you get in?" They look back at Dio, who flashes them a nasty look, and they run, diving past Jonathan's shoulders. Joseph drops Jonathan's ID at his feet as he flees down the hallway. Dio sighs. It had been a long day, and now it was even longer. Jonathan sets a bag down on his desk, humming as he sorts through it.  Dio yanks the covers over his head, exhaling loudly. "Dio, you're a freshman, right?" Dio doesn't respond. This man is far too friendly. "Joseph and Caesar are also freshmen. He's my little brother, by three years. I'm a junior, though."

"Junior, huh. And you're still rooming with freshmen." Dio rolls over in bed. It makes a little more sense, why he's so big.

"Yeah. I could get separate housing now, but it's a tradition if you live in the Empire house to stay until you graduate. We got the short end of the stick this year, there are other dorms with multiple rooms we could've gotten." Jonathan sighs, then rustles the bag around a little more. He taps Dio, and when he pokes his head out from under the covers, he offers him a can of beer. 

"Oh? I'm 18, you know." Dio arches an eyebrow. Jonathan gives the can a shake.

"Never thought of you as someone who'd actually care about that. You've definitely drunk before." Dio scoffs, then pushes the can away.

"I only drink red wine." 


"Shut up, I'm going to sleep. Turn off the lights." Dio rolls back over, facing the wall. He closes his eyes as Jonathan flips the switch, heading into the bathroom. He falls asleep to the sound of water from the shower.

The next morning, at 7, Dio's alarm goes off, and he groans, rolling out of bed. He heads to the bathroom, as usual, and gets ready for his run. He had decided to run laps around the track today, to save himself from the embarrassment of getting lost like he did yesterday. He pushes open the door, ruffling his hair as he waits for the elevator.

The morning air is chilly, and a nice breeze blows over the field. Dio stretches, watching a bird fly overhead. He begins to run at a nice pace. At this rate, he'll finish around 8 miles by 8. As he starts on his ifth  lap, a group of guys stomps onto the field. A man wearing a white polo separates himself from the crowd, blowing a whistle. 

"Take a lap, boys!" He claps his hand, and the crowd shouts affirmatively, storming onto the track. Dio groans internally as the pack of testosterone, AXE body spray, and sweat barrels towards him.

"Shit." He picks up the pace, desperately trying to distance himself from the crowd, but he's quickly swallowed by it. The boys peer at him curiously, each one a hulking wall of muscle. 

"Dio? What're you doing out here?" He can hear Jonathan run up behind him, and Dio raises his head to the sky, and opens his mouth in a silent scream. Maybe university was a mistake. 

Why? Why me? Dio curses God, as the stench of sweaty guys slowly chokes him. He can't see anything but polo shirts that read Rivers Rugby and  oversized bodies.

"Hey, this guy looks like he'd be good at rugby!" One of the guys eyes him, watching Dio run. He can hear the gears in Jonathan's head turning, and he frantically looks for an escape route between the rows of red and blue polos. A hand claps on his shoulder, and he whips his head around to meet eyes with the coach. 

"Uh..." Dio had raised his hand for a slap, but pulls back once he notices who it was he was about to slap. The coach grins, a kind but sinister smile on his lips, then speaks.

"Nice. Aggressiveness is good. So what about it? How about joining us for practice today?" The other boys hoot and clap in agreement, and Dio shivers. 

"No...I think I'll pass today." Dio shakes his head, trying for a gentle smile. The coach squeezes his shoulder, smile widening. 

"Oh, that's not good!" Dio tries to sidle away from the coach, but the man's grip tightens even more, locking into a vice. Damn! This old bat's strong! He thinks, shoulder starting to ache. The coach leans in and whispers in Dio's ear, "You know, I'm very good friends with your English professor, Dr. Spe." Dio clenches his teeth, forcing a smile. He had always though of himself as tricky, but this old man was on a different level.

"I...see. I'll give it a try then." Dio coughs, trying to wiggle the man's hand off his shoulder. The coach claps, sending up a cheer. Dio winces, then laughs awkwardly as the coach gives him a look.

"That's the spirit, Mr...?" 


"Welcome Mr. Brando to the team, everyone!" Dio grits his teeth, his smile faltering.

"Coach, I said I would give it a try-" Coach clicks his tongue, shaking his finger at Dio, like when will you learn?  Dio wants to scream again.

"Uh-uh. There is no try, only do." Jonathan pats Dio on the shoulder as Dio fumes, squeezing his hands into fists. "Ok, bring it in, boys! Lets start with some drills." He blows his whistle, and the boys line up, leaving Dio in the middle of the field. He groans, for what feels like the 20th time that morning. And it was only 7:26.


Dio slams the door to his dorm open. He yanks off his shirt, examining the several bruises on his chest. He curses, whipping his shirt across the room. He hadn't played rugby since he was a kid in London, but he had taken far too many hits anyway.

"Damned old bat! Fucker..." He trails off, muttering, a he wipes at the mud on his face. Jonathan opens the door, soaked in sweat and sports drinks from the other boys. He laughs, noticing Dio's bruises. 

"Coach got you good, didn't he?" Dio whips around, teeth bared. Jonathan raises his hands in surrender, then pulls off his clothes. "Here, you can use the shower in the room, I'll go to the communal bathrooms. He pulls a towel from his closet, wrapping it around his waist, and drops some ointment on his bed. "You can use this for your bruises." He waves, door shutting behind him with a click. Dio kicks the wall, then curses. He slams the door to the bathroom, angrily cleaning the mud from his legs and face. He ignores the ointment, going to class sore. 

When Dio gets back to the dorm at 9, he passes out on his bed without turning the lights off. 

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Dio wakes up in even more pain then he went to sleep in. His bruises throbbed, and his muscles aches from the strain on them yesterday morning. He groans, rolling over, but that causes him even more pain. He shifts back onto his back, then, noticing Jonathan standing over him, jumps, head butting him. 

"Ow! I was going to ask if you were feeling up to practice but..." He groans, stumbling back, hand clapped over his forehead. Dio hisses in pain, hunching over in the bed.

"What makes you think that I'm ever going back there?" He shouts, curling up tighter. "And why were you watching me sleep? What the hell!" 

"No, I was going to see if you were going to practice today! You looked pretty sound asleep, so I was about to leave, but you head butted me!" Jonathan whines, rubbing at the bump forming on his head. 

"That's your fault! Anyway, go tell that geezer that I'm never attending another practice!" Jonathan balks, face turning white. Dio cocks his head, watching him retreat to the corner.

"No way!" He bites at his nails, quivering. "You go tell him... but I'll warn you here, anyone who goes against Coach..." He shakes his head, then grabs his bag and ID. "I'll see you around, Dio. I have to go or I'll be late." He dashes out the door, and Dio watches it creak shut. The coach made Jonathan scared? Dio scoffs.

"Always knew he was a loser." He situates himself back under the covers, wincing as he leans on his bruises, and closes his eyes. He didn't have any classes today anyway.

"I'm not joining the rugby team." The coach smiles, then leans closer.

"Sorry, my age must be getting to me. What did you say?" He cups a hand around his ear, smile growing more menacing by the second. Dio had no doubts that he could take the man physically, but something about his face unnerved Dio to the point of breaking a cold sweat. Jonathan was right, sadly, and his fate now was to suffer through every morning practice and scrimmage that this old man could throw at him. Something had to be fucking with him from above, to be outclassed by this old man. Dio sighs, hanging his head, then mutters,

"...I'll be there tomorrow." Coach leans back, a huge grin on his face, then shakes Dio's hand. He claps him on the back, then pulls a polo out from his cabinet, laying it out on the desk. 

"This will be your uniform. I suggest you go shopping for some spandex soon, otherwise you'll have a very embarrassing moment on the field. Good to have you with us, Mr. Brando! I can sense you'll be a great player. Dio takes the polo, bunching the fabric up in his hand and clenching his teeth together. 

"The same to you, coach..." He glances at the placard on the desk, "Coach Hugh-Hudson." Same name as the school.

"Just call me Coach!" Dio nods stiffly, then shuffles out of the office. He squeezes his eyes shut, suppressing a scream, then punches the wall, and instantly regrets it. He shakes his hand, knuckles throbbing, and curses under his breath.

"Hey, it's you!" Dio whips his head around, coming face to face with Joseph, the boy who broke into his room last night. He cracks his knuckles, grinning. "You had a lot of nerve, hitting me with that book last night." Dio takes a deep breath. One chance, that's all he'll give this boy.

"Get lost, punk." Dio growls, rolling his neck. He 

"No, don't think I will!" 

"JOJO!" Joseph flinches, turning around. Dio huffs, irritated. 

"What the hell are you doing to-" The boy blanches, recognizing Dio's face, then yanks Joseph next to him, pushing his head down into a bow. "Apologize to him!"

"He doesn't deserve it, Caesar! He hit you too!" Caesar presses down harder, bowing as well.

"You broke into his room!" Caesar nervously smiles at Dio. "So sorry, Joseph likes to get into fights." Joseph squirms out of his grip, taking off down the hall. He doesn't get far, running into Jonathan.

"Joseph?" Jonathan peers over the stack of books in his arms at Joseph. "What are you doing? You have class today!" He turns to Caesar, who's face is dark. Joseph gulps, then clasps his hands together, either pleading with Jonathan or praying to God. 

"It's English! No one likes English, c'mon Jojo!" Jonathan shakes his head, then nods at Caesar.

"Bring him back to class, Caesar. Ms.Lisa Lisa isn't kind to class skippers." Caesar nods gratefully, taking Joseph by the collar and dragging him down the hallway.

"Caesar! Please! I can't face her! Caesaarrrr!" Joseph's wails fade as they turn the corner. Dio exhales loudly, knuckles still aching. Jonathan notices the polo shirt in Dio's grasp and chuckles.

"What is it, you muscle bound blockhead?" Dio shouts, gritting his teeth. He really needed to hit something.

"Whoa, calm down! I know Coach can be a little frustrating, but rugby's really fun. You've played before, right? I could tell by the way you practiced yesterday." He shifts the stack of books onto one arm, then picks up the fallen ones. "There we go!" He hefts the books back up, and nods his head at Dio. "You have a slight British accent. Did you live there? I know they play rugby a lot there." Dio ignores Jonathan as he speed walks to the library. Jonathan keeps asking questions, hovering around Dio like a puppy, or an over protective mom. "Hey, what's London like? Did you ever get to meet the Queen or-"

"Do you ever shut up?" Jonathan looks hurt, and Dio almost feels bad. Except for the fact that Jonathan is quiet now. He sighs, then walks into the library. Jonathan is still following him, but he's quiet, so it's an upgrade. Dio takes the books he's looking for from the shelves, tucking them under his arm. He looks up at the next book he needs, but it's on a shelf that's far higher than he is. He looks around, then spots a ladder. There's a sign on it that reads: Please contact staff to use this ladder. Dio shrugs, then climbs to the top, where the book he needs is. As he stretches, reaching for the book, his side flares up in pain, and he stumbles, falling back, off the ladder.

"Dio!" Dio closes his eyes, bracing to hit the ground, but he never hits it. He opens his eyes, and finds himself in Jonathan's arms, books scattered around them. A librarian comes running from behind the counter, book still in her hand. Dio wriggles out of Jonathan's arms, face red.

"Young man, this is why you don't use the ladders by yourself. Do you understand? If it wasn't for Jojo here," The librarian, Ms. Guahan smiles as she looks him up and down, "You could've been severely injured!" She scolds Dio, stamping his books.  Dio bows his head, nodding.

"Yes ma'am. I understand completely." Jonathan stands awkwardly beside Dio as she continues the lecture. She stamps the final book, then slides the stack towards him. 

"Be more careful now, you hear? Jojo, stay with him for now." Jonathan nods, taking the books from Dio as he tries to grab them.

"Yes ma'am. I'll watch out for him." Jonathan heads out of the library, Dio chasing after him. 

"I can hold my own damn books-" Dio reaches for them, then winces as Jonathan pokes his side. "You-"

"I'll tell Coach you won't be making tomorrow either." Jonathan grins, starting towards Empire. "Come on, dinner's going to start soon."


Chapter Text

Dio shivers, breath fogging in the cold air. It was February, and the first rugby match of the season was tomorrow. After a few months of grueling training from Coach, Dio had been put on the starting team. Despite being forced at first, Dio had grown to enjoy it, and beating the shit out of someone on the field was a fun and legal way to fight. He and Jonathan had grown a little closer, and now Dio considered him almost a friend.

"Hey, Dio!" Caesar calls from the window of the Empire building, waving. Dio waves back, then retracts his hand as Joseph sticks his head out the window as well. He liked Caesar, though his womanizing personality still irritated Dio. Joseph on the other hand...

"Dio! Good luck on your match tomorrow!" Joseph calls, grinning wide. Dio huffs. He was a piece of work, to say the least. He had gotten in a fight with him at least twenty times since the start of the school year. He turns away from the window, shouldering his backpack. He was about to be late for class, and the snow was starting to soak through his shoes. He starts down the field, heading towards the english hall, when he's nailed by a snowball. Dio feels the icy water from the snow drip down his cheek, and slowly turns around. He spots Jonathan rustling in the bushes and an evil smile grows on his face.

"Nice!" Joseph gives a thumbs up from the windows as Caesar groans, dragging him back in. Dio scrapes the remaining snow off his face, molding it into a ball. Jonathan pops up from some bushes, another snowball in his hand. Dio rears back, then pitches the snowball at him, hitting Jonathan in the face.

"Hey!" Dio grabs at the snow again, making another snowball as he dodges. 

"Eat this, loser!" Dio shouts, pitching another snowball into Jonathan's collar. He shouts, shaking the snow out of his scarf, then begins to chase Dio down the field.

They arrive at class 20 minutes late, Dio with frozen red finger tips.

"You're wet." Ms.Lisa Lisa stalks around the room, a yardstick in her hands. With each thwap, Jonathan hunches himself into a smaller and smaller ball. 


"Go change. You two write a narrative essay on your game tomorrow." Dio raises his eyebrows as Ms. Lisa Lisa stifles a small smile, and Dio smirks as he notices. As she notices her grin, she whips her hair over he shoulder, then slams the yardstick down on the ground like a staff. "5000 words." Dio bows his head. Jonathan sighs audibly, and Ms. Lisa Lisa brings the yardstick down again right by his head. "No complaining! Now sit back down."

No snowballs are thrown on the way back, Dio's fingers haven't even thawed completely. They head to the mess hall, swiping their IDs as Jonathan complains about how hungry he is. 

"Yeah, I got it." Dio watches as Jonathan goes through every line, piling up his tray. He returns to the table with five plates and a slice of pie. Dio watches Jonathan inhale one plate, then moves onto the next. "Geez, why and how can you eat so much?" Jonathan barely breathes in between bites, finishing his third plate in seven minutes.

"Game tomorrow." He gets out, then goes back to eating. Caesar and Joseph sit down with them, along with Polnareff, the French exchange student, and Abdul, the friend Joseph met in Egypt. 

"Buy me a slice of pie, will you?" Joseph makes puppy eyes at Caesar, who sighs, getting out of his seat. Joseph cheers, then pecks his cheek. Caesar's face goes red. Dio still wasn't too clear on their relationship, as they might be dating, but Joseph's personality was also just like that. They head over to the lines, grabbing trays as Joseph rubs his cheek all over Caesar's chest. 

"Ahhh." Jonathan sits back in his chair, with an expression of bliss on his face. Dio looks down at Jonathan's tray, which is completely cleared, then at his tray, which is missing-

"Jojo! Where's my pie?" Dio stands up, eyes darting around the table. 


"He took it!" Polnareff points at Jonathan, who refuses to meet anyone's eyes. He thinks for a second, then says in broken English, "Ate pie very quick." Abdul nods, and Dio turns to Jonathan, who's already trying to leave.

"Get back here, you-" He takes off out of the cafeteria, and Dio drops his bag in Abdul's lap, giving him a nod. Abdul glances at the bag in his lap, then at Dio, and salutes. Dio vaults over the table, grinning as he thinks about how cool that had to look. He hits the ground, darting around the various students, then slips through the door, jumping down the stairs. He rolls as he hits the ground, then catches sight of Jonathan on the field.

Jonathan was a 264 pound, 6' 5" wall of muscle, but Dio was quicker. As Jonathan wades through the snow, Dio jumps, grabbing a street light above him, then swings, landing on Jonathan. He wraps his arms around him, clinging to his back as hard as he could. Jonathan didn't fall. In fact, he hardly wavered.

"You-what are you doing?" Dio shrieks as Jonathan continues to run, plowing through the field. "Jojo-Stop!" And he does, doing so so abruptly Dio nearly falls off his back "Why'd you stop?"

"You told me to, Dio." He brushes the snow off his pants, then pulls Dio off his back, placing him on the ground in front of him. Dio cocks his head, confused as Jonathan grins, smile almost splitting his face. "But you just called me Jojo!" 

"No I didn't, don't be stupid." Dio crosses his arms. He'd definitely called him Jojo. Shit. Jonathan grins, then hugs Dio, knocking the air out of him.

"Am I your friend now? How perfect, right before our first match!" Dio slaps Jonathan's back, choking inside of his arms. 

"Let...go...stupid..." Jonathan releases him, and Dio gasps, what little color he had returning to his face. Jonathan still has that stupid smile on his face, cheeks red from the cold. At least, Dio thinks its from the cold. He recrosses his arms, then turns his head. "I didn't call you Jojo, ok? You're making things up now, from the stress." Jonathan grins, nodding happily.

"Ok, Dio."

They head back to the dorm. Though Jonathan did know Dio called him Jojo for the first time, he didn't know that Dio's face wasn't red from the cold.

As Coach leads them through warmup drills, whistle blowing every few minutes, the opposing team hoots and jeers, making obscene gestures, flirting with the Hugh-Hudson cheerleaders, and generally causing a disturbance.

"Tch." Dio wrinkles his nose, then goes back to stretching. Jonathan laughs, patting the team captain on the back.

"Just ignore them, gentlemen!" They finish warmup quickly, and when Coach claps his hands the team huddles up. "This is the first game of the season. This is where we show our strength!" The team cheers, but quiets when Coach raises a hand. "So, lads, if you're going to pussy out, get on that bench. Kick their asses, but show them a good game." The team shouts affirmatively, then forms ranks in a line. The other team does the same, and the captains shake hands. The other team members extend their hands likewise.

"Hey, pretty boy, you sure you don't belong with them.?" The boy Dio shakes hands with leers, squeezing Dio's hand too tightly. He scowls, then  hisses,

"I would call you ugly, but ugly is too much of a compliment for you." The boy scowls, then retreats to his position. Dio does the same, kicking at the grass and rolling his head. Finally, he'd be able to crack some heads.

"Game, start!" The whistle blows, and Dio takes off.

The game went smoothly, and as Jonathan tosses the ball for one last try, Dio snatches it and takes off down the field. He ducks and weaves around the other team, streaking down the field as the goal line approaches. 

"Gotcha!" The boy from before leaps in front of Dio, stretching his arms out. Dio smirks, then plants his palm on his head, shoving him out of the way. He goes down with a satisfying thud. Dio lands inside the goal line. The crowd cheers, and the team storms Dio as he drops the ball on the ground, raising his arms triumphantly.

"Dio! Dio! Dio! Dio!" They chant, lifting him onto their shoulders. Dio smiles smugly at the boy on the ground as they parade him around the field. After they reach the end of the stands, they let him down, Jonathan putting him on the ground gently.

"That was spectacular, Dio!" He holds his hand out for a high five. Dio slaps his palm against Jonathan's, grinning wide.

"You as well, Jojo!" Jonathan beams, grabbing Dio for a hug. The team whoops and whistles, smacking each other, as Jonathan squeezes Dio tightly, crowding back around the two.

"Everyone, drinks are on me tonight!" The captain shouts, pumping his fists in the air. 

"Oh? You sure about that captain? You won't be able to pay for food for three months after tonight!" One of the members calls. Coach raises his hands, a grin on his face

"I'll chip in. You lads deserve it!" The team sends up another cheer, and Dio laughs. It had been a while since he'd last drank.



Chapter Text

Dio slams down his glass, slurring his words as he sways over the table. His face is red and his breath stinks of wine.

"Smug...bastard-Fuckin' smacked him-" Dio claps his hands together, then leans over the counter. "Bang! Useless." He giggles, then leans back, almost falling, but getting caught by Jonathan. The other team members are too drunk to do more then cheer lazily, most of them dozing off. The captain, Jonathan, and two others are the only sober ones. Coach had gone home a long time ago. 

"I'm cutting you off, sir." The bartender swipes the glass away from Dio, who's head shoots up. His cheeks are red, and eyes half lidded as he swears at the bartender, aiming a weak jab at the man's face. Jonathan slings Dio over his shoulders, picking him up from the bar.

"I'll get him home, sir. Thanks for the drinks, Cap." The captain sighs, and smiles, poking at his soda.

"Appreciate it, Jojo. Taking care of him's a whole 'nother job." The captain nods, then waves. "See you later." Jonathan waves, then carries the drunk Dio to the car. Dio mumbles incoherently, eyes fluttering open and closing again. His head flops against Jonathan's back, and his arms dangle down Jonathan's back.

"Mmm..." Dio groans, then flops around in Jonathan's arms, until he's belly up and facing him. He reaches his arms out, wrapping them around Jonathan's neck, and buries his face in Jonathan's chest.

"Dio?" Jonathan watches as he rubs his face on Jonathan's chest, mumbling to himself. Jonathan watches as he grumbles and squirms as they walk to the car. Jonathan fumbles the keys, barely getting them into the car. He opens the door, loading Dio gently into the car. "There we go..." He pushes Dio into the seat and buckles him in. 

Jonathan puts the car in park, pulling Dio out of the seat. He shuts the door with Dio in his arms, then pushes the door of the dorms open with his shoulders. As he gets in the elevator, Dio wakes up, blinking groggily as he gets a hold of his bearings. He wiggles out of Jonathan's grasp, staggering to his feet and wandering around the elevator. As the elevator doors open, Dio starts down the hallway, stumbling to their room. 

"Dio, slow down there, you might-" Dio trips, falling face first to the ground. Jonathan grabs him, righting him and sighs. "A whole new person. The bartender should've cut him off earlier." He swipes his keycard, pushing the door open to their room. He peels Dio's sweaty body off of him, wrinkling his nose. "A bath. Right."

"...bath..." Dio mumbles, taking his clothes off. Jonathan covers his eyes as Dio yanks his underwear off, tossing it on the floor.

"A little early..." Jonathan nods, nudging him towards the bathroom, wrapping a towel around Dio's waist. He turns on the tub, reaching for some shampoo and conditioner. Dio bought the really fancy kind, so Jonathan's hair had been looking nicer recently. Dio sits on the floor, dozing off, as the tub fills slowly. Jonathan searches the room for wherever Dio keeps his clothes, but he can't find anything. Now that he thinks about it, he's never actually seen Dio change, or paint his nails the different colors they always are. Jonathan shrugs, then pulls a jumper and a pair of shorts from his drawers. He'll have to deal for tonight. 

He heads back to the bathroom, helping DIo get into the tub. He's almost alsleep as Jonathan wets his hair, scrubbing the shampoo into it and rinsing. 

"Ouch!" Dio grumbles, squirming under Jonathan's grasp. As he flops around the tub, he smacks Jonathan in the face, leaving a wet hand print on his cheek.

"Oh, sorry." Jonathan rinses the soap out of Dio's eyes, putting the conditioner in his hair. He lets it sit, then goes to dry his face. He peels the wet shirt off his chest, letting it fall to the floor. "Ok, Dio, last rinse." He washes all the conditioner out, then helps Dio out of the tub, wrapping the towel around him. He drains the tub, then helps Dio dry his hair and put his clothes on. He sits Dio down on the bed, then goes to change his clothes as well.

"...sleep." Dio mutters, wandering over to Jonathan.

"Yeah, that's your bed." 

"No." Dio climbs on top of Jonathan, wrapping his arms and legs around him. He falls asleep immediately, breathing slow and seated.

"What? Dio, get off!" He pushes at Dio's shoulder, but only succeeds in making Dio shift closer to him. Jonathan tries again, rolling Dio over to where he's facing Jonathan. His face is serene and peaceful, so different from how his face looked when he was awake. Jonathan gives a final push, then grumbles softly, arranging himself back around Dio. How bad could this be, anyway? He was sure that this was pretty normal for friends, right?

Dio wakes up, rolling over to face a large purple pillow. Purple pillow? He didn't own one of those. Let alone one that...breathed? He jumps up, staring at Jonathan peacefully sleeping beneath him. He raises his arm to wake Jonathan, then notices the sweater he's wearing's sleeves reach far below where his hands end. And that the sweater has Joestar embroidered on the chest. He also notices the pounding headache he has, and the fact that he's wearing no underwear.


"I already told you, Dio! You got drunk last night and I had to take care of you!" Jonathan holds a hand over the bump on his head, groaning. "Shouldn't you be more tired?? You drank two whole bottles of wine?"

"Shut up. I'm strong." Dio paces the room, blanket wrapped around his shoulders. The room is wobbling under his feet, and his hair is definitely a mess. Regardless, he needed to find out what happened last night. "That doesn't explain why I was asleep on top of you, and why you were just in your underwear!"

"You fell asleep on me!"

"I would not!"

"You did!" Dio folds his arm and huffs, turning away.

"I don't believe you." 

"I thought you wanted what happened? And you're still wearing my clothes."

"Oh, fine." Dio rolls his eyes and yanks the sweater off himself.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Jonathan shouts, covering his face. Dio quirks an eyebrow, tossing the sweater at him.

"Getting changed." He moves to pull his shorts off too, but is stopped by Jonathan.

"Woah, wait a second! You-uh..."

"What, you've seen me naked before, haven't you? If your story is true, you did last night." Dio smirks, trying again.

"No, I-"

"Uh oh." Dio yanks his shorts off, tossing them into Jonathan's hamper. Jonathan sucks in a breath, covering his eyes. Dio watches as the red on Jonathan's cheeks burns, going from pink to bright red. "Oh? What's this?" He raises his eyebrows as Jonathan gropes around the room for the jumper he dropped.

"Shut up!" Jonathan, with one hand firmly clapped over his face, pulls the sweater over Dio. "You'll catch a cold if you stay naked. That's all."

"That's all?" Dio puts his arms back through the sleeves, walking over to his bed, where his clothes were stored. He pulls on a pair of underwear,  turning back around to Jonathan. Is that so, virgin?" Jonathan takes his hand off his face to protest,

"I'm not a virgin-" Jonathan clamps his mouth shut again, blushing even harder. Dio raises his eyebrows, surprised. To think that Jonathan would actually have urges like that-Dio mentally shakes his head, turning back to the conversation.

"You aren't? Who was it, then?" Jonathan shakes his head, turning back to the bed.

"I won't tell."

"Erina?" Dio picks at the lint on Jonathan's sweater, examining his nails as he does so. Jonathan goes still, and though Dio grins, he can't help but feel a little jealous. "Oh, who knew? The innocent Jojo?" Jonathan whirls around, mouth open and face red, but he says nothing. Dio smirks, hand on his chin.

"I'm going for a run. Put some clothes on." Jonathan tugs a long sleeve shirt and a pair of running shorts on, then slides his shoes on.

"To your beloved Erina?" Dio calls after Jonathan, watching the door swing closed. He gets no response except the ding of the elevator. He sighs, rolling over on his bed. Dio sneezes, rubbing his nose. It was pretty cold in the room. Dio pulls on his own jumper and a pair of black jeans, putting some thick socks on.

He rubs his arms, thinking of that woman, Erina. The blond haired girl that worked at the cafe he found himself at on the first day school. She was nice, yes. She was pretty. She was friendly, too. Dio runs his fingers through his hair, working out the knots from sleeping on Jonathan last night. His breath stinks of wine, and his head throbs. Makes sense, he thinks. A nice guy for a nice girl. Nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, they're too perfect for each other.

Dio huffs, storming into the bathroom. He was stressing too much over this. He'd known that Jonathan was dating Erina since the beginning of the year. He had no qualms with the girl, but whenever he saw her...

Dio gulps down the water with the painkillers, almost dropping the glass onto the ground. He splashes his face with water, then dries it with a towel. 

He needed to stop. Jonathan was with Erina, and he didn't even like the man. But then, he'd think of him, and his chest would tighten again.

The room felt cold without him.