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your voice is sweet (like a kiss)

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namjoon sighed as he stood up from his desk, tapping on the ‘send’ button, and quickly stepping back from the computer. he watched as the loading screen loaded before a confirmation message popped up. 

“fuck,” namjoon said to himself. finally. he finally finished the song that’s been giving him trouble. finally. 

namjoon quickly walked out of his studio, running down to yoongi’s studio. he felt like he needed to celebrate with someone. 

jimin would be stuck in class all day, so he couldn’t call him. or could he? no, he shouldn’t bother him. or can he? 

namjoon looked up at yoongi’s door, debating whether or not to call jimin, when the door opened. 

“namjoon-ah,” yoongi yawned, his fluffy hair sticking everywhere. namjoon smiled at him, knowing that the man had just woken up from a nap. “hi, what are you doing here so late?”

“late? it’s 8 am, hyung, did you spend the entire night here?” namjoon asked, watching as his friend stepped outside, scratching the back of his head. 

“i think i did,” yoongi said, yawning again. “wow, i need some coffee. do you want some?”

“sure,” namjoon followed yoongi to the coffee room, wondering when the right time would be. it seemed like yoongi was in the same funk as namjoon. would telling him encourage or discourage him? “hyung?”

yoongi hummed, grabbing two cold brews from the fridge, and pouring them over ice. “yeah?”

“i finished the song.”

yoongi lifted his head to look at namjoon, a tired smile spreading on his face. “wow, that’s amazing! i guess jimin really did help, huh?”

namjoon looked away shyly. “yeah,” he laughed, embarrassed. he couldn’t help but smile at the name. “it helped a lot.”

“i’m happy for you,” yoongi said, handing namjoon the glass of cold brew. “because we’re going to need five more.”

namjoon immediately froze, eyes widening as he stared at yoongi. “what?”

“yeah, their manager talked to us last night. the company has decided that the group is ready for a mini album,” yoongi sighed. “it pissed me off a little, i’m close to finishing my own mixtape, you know? i was really excited.”

namjoon nodded. “yeah, i know what you mean. i have so many songs that i wish i could—do we have a due date yet?”

yoongi took a sip of his cold brew. “not yet, i think they’re being nice to us since our song genius has been in trouble. they’ll probably work within our timeline.”

namjoon shook his head, tapping his fingers against the glass. “six songs,” he said. “that’s a lot of work.”

“they’re going to ask some outside songwriters and producers to help us out,” yoongi explained. “they promised to email all of us a debrief.”

namjoon nodded. “why wasn’t i invited?”

“i personally asked for you to be absent,” yoongi replied. namjoon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “you just came from abroad, namjoon-ah. i didn’t want to overwork you. you did good on finishing the song. go out and celebrate, i’m sure jimin deserves a good expensive meal.”

namjoon smiled. “yeah, he does. thank you hyung. and don’t worry about me. i’m fine. i love working.”

“go call jimin like i know you’ve been dying to do.”

“that’s alright,” namjoon shook his head. “let me invite you to some breakfast, hyung. to celebrate.”

yoongi shook his head, chuckling as he waved his hand around. “forget it, it’s fine. you don’t have to do that.”

“it’ll be just like old times,” namjoon insisted. “jimin is in school all day. i’ll see him later tonight.”

“fine,” yoongi sighed. “but i’m picking the place.”





jimin pouted up at namjoon. “why didn’t you tell me first!”

namjoon smiled as he pressed a kiss to jimin’s lips. “are you proud of me?”

“beyond proud,” jimin immediately broke out into a smile, wrapping his arms around namjoon’s neck. “i’m kind of bummed that i wasn’t the first one but what can you do?”



namjoon shook his head. “nothing,” he chuckled. “i just—i’m really happy you’re here.”

“where else would i be?”

namjoon pulled jimin into a hug, leaning his head over jimin’s. he knew it was too early. it was too early to fall in love and it was too early to confess to jimin. 

but as the man smiled up at him, that pretty smile reaching his eyes, namjoon can’t help but want to tell him. to let jimin in, to let jimin know all of his secrets. 

it’s too soon. 

that’s what his brain keeps telling him but he can’t help it. 

he loves jimin, he really does.