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your voice is sweet (like a kiss)

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namjoon sighed as he turned off the lights in his studio, closing the door, waiting for the auto-lock to kick in. once it dinged, he turned around, smiling politely at the people he passed by. he still wasn’t finished with his songs but that would do for tonight, there was no way namjoon will finish it tonight.

his phone buzzed, namjoon checking the caller id. he smiled as he answered.

“hi hyung,” he said, pressing the elevator button. “not tonight, no. i’m just—i don’t know hyung, nothing sounds right.”

yoongi laughed on the other line, “you didn’t hit a bump in the road, did you, kim?”

namjoon had been spitting up song after another for three years, even getting the name as ‘song genius’ around the company. he was also infamous for being able to get rid of his creativity blocks.

but this song, it felt different.

namjoon stepped into the elevator, changing the phone to his other shoulder, checking his bag to make sure that he took all his papers.

“course not, hyung,” namjoon said. “i’m just really tired tonight.”

“does that mean you won’t be coming to hoseok’s party?”

namjoon chuckled, “i’m not that tired, hyung.”

“that’s my boy!”

namjoon laughed, agreeing to meet yoongi at hoseok’s penthouse. he sighed, staring at the reflection in the elevator reflection. he noticed the bags under his eyes, just how exhausted he actually looked.

three years of non stop producing and writing, namjoon wondered if this block would last more than the weekend. he hoped not, this song was due in four months.


namjoon smiled as he arrived at hoseok’s penthouse, finding yoongi immediately. he walked over to his friend, smiling as he got closer. “hello.”

“hey, joonie!” hoseok said, leaning in for a hug. namjoon hugged him back, patting his back. “how are you?”

“i’m alright, just trying to fight against my lack of sleep,” he chuckled.

“trust me, one sip of seokjin’s specialty drink and you’ll be better,” hoseok handed him a drink.

namjoon laughed, nodding. “thank you, hobi.”

yoongi wrapped one arm around namjoon. “you’ve hit a block, haven’t you?”

“have not!” namjoon scoffed, not wanting to admit it. even if he knew better. of course he did, he knows a block when he sees one. but that wasn’t the problem, the problem was how he was going to fix it.

yoongi just smiled at him, shaking his head. “it’s okay, joonie. we all get them, even the best, like you.”

namjoon scoffed, spotting seokjin at the bar. he slowly walked over to him, sighing as he sat down. “nice place.”

“nice under eye circles.”

“huh?” namjoon touched his face.

seokjin laughed. “sorry, were you not dissing my penthouse?”

“no, it was a genuine compliment!”

“sorry,” seokjin smiled. “thank you, but seriously, when was the last time you slept?”

“last week.”

seokjin scoffed, shaking his head as he cleaned his bar counter. “i understand though, ever since hoseok installed my own bar, i haven’t left this position.”

“it’s nice,” namjoon looked around. “hoseok outdid himself.”

“please don’t tell him that, if i hear him compliment himself one more time, i might dump him.”

“but you’re married?”

“even better.”

namjoon chuckled, shaking his head as he sipped the drink hoseok had handed him. “so how is it?” seokjin raised an eyebrow. “being married.”

seokjin smiled, glancing over at hoseok, who was talking with yoongi. “honestly? not all that different from who we used to be. i miss my sugar babies.”

“wasn’t hoseok one of them?”

“yeah but i also had this really cute girl,” seokjin shrugged. “it’s fine though, i couldn’t be happier.”

namjoon smiled at him, nodding as he looked back at hoseok and yoongi.


namjoon deleted everything.

he wrote more lyrics.

deleted everything after thirty minutes.

it was already 5 in the morning but namjoon’s screen was blank, his junk folder filled with songs that didn’t please him.

once again, he tried for an hour, only to delete everything again.

namjoon sighed loudly, pulling at the roots of his hair. he tried doing what he usually does for his blocks. meditating, going out for a walk, playing games, rearranging his studio, clearing out his emails, messaging loved ones back. but nothing.

no tune. no lyrics. nothing.

namjoon sighed, leaning back on his chair, staring at the blank screen. having enough, he clicked on his internet browser, deciding to browse his favorite furniture shop.

he frowned when the page wouldn’t load. namjoon opened a new page, fingers hovering over his keyboard. namjoon sighed, debating the idea that had spread through his mind. the same idea that he had when he heard seokjin’s story.

it was stupid.

namjoon knew that it was stupid but he was desperate. nothing annoyed him more than these creative blocks. and it wasn’t like this was the first day, namjoon has been struggling with this song for a week now. so it was justified, right?

namjoon groaned. fuck .


jimin woke up to his phone blowing up, making him furrow his eyebrows as he picked up the phone. he yawned as he sat up, his dorm mate complaining about the noise.

“sorry,” jimin whispered to his dorm mate.  he turned his phone on silent before scrolling through the multiple texts messages from his friends.

his eyes widened as he read over the messages. jimin quickly opened twitter, heart beating fast as he typed in the username. ‘@kim_namjoon ,’ holding his breath, he waited for the profile to come up.

jimin gasped as he read over the tweet, the same tweet that had been sent to him numerous times. he felt his eyes widen more and more as he read over the tweet, a yell wanting to come out. but jimin didn’t want to bother his dorm mate, so he just laid back down, staring at kim namjoon’s tweet.

jimin shook his head, a soft giggle coming out.

@kim_namjoon: spent all summer feeling lonesome. come keep me company this summer, all expenses paid. big hit entertainment @ 1 pm tomorrow.

jimin screenshotted the tweet, locking his phone, and holding it close to his chest. it was stupid, even jimin knew it. but he couldn’t help it.

jimin couldn’t help the flutter in his chest when he saw namjoon’s latest tweet, or the way that every song namjoon produced ended up in his playlist. it’s been like this for years, jimin has been like this for years.

ever since jimin saw namjoon perform at their school’s talent show, jimin’s had a huge crush on namjoon, always trying to get the older boy to notice him. but namjoon left school to join big hit before jimin could make a move.

jimin’s been following him since, always watching his live-streams, buying his songs, and supporting the artists that namjoon writes for.

his friends tease him about it, even say that jimin never went to the same school as namjoon.

he knows it’s dumb, to be so infatuated with someone without them having any idea who you are. in a way,

jimin was just another fan. but jimin couldn’t help it.

“did namjoon tweet again?” his dorm mate mumbled as he turned to face jimin. “do you need to scream?”

jimin turned to face his dorm mate. “just a little.”

“make it quick, i have a test tomorrow.”

jimin smiled. “thank you.”


“are you sure about this?”

“what if he was hacked?”

jimin let out a sigh, looking up at the tall building. there were lines of people, jimin’s heart beating fast as he crossed the street. he knew namjoon was popular but this line just diminished all the hopes jimin had.

“you really think you’re going to pull a y/n moment, huh?” taehyung teased.

“shut up,” jimin glared at taehyung. “i’m just hoping he recognizes me. i used to hang out with one of his close friends.”

“and if he does?” jungkook asked, popping his head out from behind yoongi. “what will you do then?”

jimin looked up at the big building. “then i’ll be the best y/n ever.”

“so in other words, you don’t know.”

“of course not, idiots! i’m standing in line, waiting to meet someone i’ve liked for a really long time. i’m freaking out!”

jungkook giggled. “serves you right for being like this, why hold on to a crush for so long? what makes namjoon so special?”

“honestly, minnie,” taehyung said. “i love doing stupid things for you and with you, but i always asked myself that too. why namjoon?”

jimin sighed. “i don’t know,” he smiled up at the company. “why kim namjoon of all people, right? i can’t explain it really, just thinking about him makes me smile, makes me feel so happy. being able to see him, hear him. it all makes me so, so happy.”

taehyung chuckled. “you like him that much?”


“then we’ll wait with you!” jungkook nodded, stopping his foot adorably. jimin smiled as his best friends, looking back up at the building, wondering what was in store for them.