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This season’s Bachelor, Mitchell Marner, as many may remember from his surprising let down with Bachelor Matt Martin, will be the first gay Bachelor in franchise history. Hot on the heels of the first bisexual Bachelor season with Matt, Mitch’s season has stirred up some controversy with longstanding fans. 


As any die-hard Bach fan knows, seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette always alternate, often choosing the next star from the previous show, with summer favorites like Bachelor in Paradise in between to give night-oner’s another chance at love. This year, however, with the outstanding popularity of contestant Mitch Marner, the Bachelor will actually be reprised, leaving many heads scratching as to the fate of the Bachelorette .


With a largely female fan base, it’s no surprise that viewers are eager for a woman on screen again. With no women to choose from from this coming season, fans worry that interest and familiarity with the ladies from Matt’s season may cause disinterest and even cancellation of the female lead version of the popular franchise. The zeitgeist that is the franchise seems to suggest otherwise.


The progressive action the show has taken casting a gay lead may alienate the show’s more conservative roots. Others, however, are astounded by the move and excited by the franchise’s steps towards progress. Others still are concerned about the formulaic structure of the show and it’s history with missteps in progress. Most notably Rachel’s season and the following season of BIP where issues of racism and rape were handled poorly by the studio, as well as ABC, leading to a massive uproar against the show. 


They must have hired new writers though seeing as Matt’s season as the first bisexual bachelor  created not only new logistical problems but also new narratives, making it one of the most watched seasons in series history. 


Bachelor Mitch has a lot to live up to in terms of entertainment. While the viewership is still largely heterosexual women, the interest in his season hasn’t waned. Some critics believe this is due to a fetishistic interest in the relationships of gay men and the idea of “shipping” while other critics think that this a great step towards normalizing LGBTQ relationships in mainstream media.


Whatever the narrative, we will have to wait and see how Mitch and his boys get “edited” this season so tune in Monday, June 7th at 7:00c!


Jan Janis , May 28th, 2021




Rosebuddies Podcast


Griffin McElroy : “Heeeelllllllooooo, we are back to wax poetic about these good good boys”


Rachel McElroy : We are very excited for this season of the Bachelor. 


Griffin: That’s right, this season is starring probably our favorite contestant on this show to date. Wouldn’t you say so?


Rachel : Oh my god yes. So if you are just joining us and aren’t familiar with this podcast or the show, last season’s Bachelor was Matt Martin who was, well I mean he still is, obviously, bisexual.


Griffin : Yes, the first bisexual lead on the show ever. Matt, or Matty as he became affectionately known, is 32, a retired hockey player, and sports a lovely mullet.


Rachel : *huff* It was not a mullet 


Griffin : Fine. He had a nice flow. That’s what hockey people say isn’t it?


Rachel : Honey…


Griffin: What? Is it not? I thought you were big hockey fan? What would it be then?


Rachel: *giggle* We’ve been over this Griffin. 


Griffin: What being a Blues fan and all? St. Louis Blues? Good Ol’ Saint Loui-y?


Rachel: *giggling* Griffin please.


Griffin : ANYWAY, he has a beautiful head of hair, had both men and women on the show, and was a complete DOG.  Nah, I’m just playing he just made out with a lot of folks it was fine.


Rachel : And one of those people…


Griffin : Was our favorite good boy, Mitchell Marner. 


Griffin : Mitch Marner is 26 as of May, a biochemical engineer, Leafs fan, and loves playing beer league hockey with his friends.


Rachel : He won our hearts with his impressive recovery after hurting himself on a group date, ironically enough, at an ice rink. 


Griffin : Ah yes, he took a pretty good stumble in figure skates, bonked his head on the boards, and elicited the help of not just the bachelor but of a number of the men and women on the group date and few older ladies sharing the rink as well.


Rachel : He handled it with great humility and even had a laugh at himself.


Griffin : Haha yes, I believe he said something along the lines of “The secret is out, I’m a hockey player who can’t skate.”


Rachel : This seemed to gain him a lot of points with Matt.


Griffin : Yes, indeed. After laughing at him for a good five minutes before helping him up, Matty took this opportunity to chirp. the living. shit out of our boy Mitch. But Mitchy, man, he gave it right back. Their banter lasted a good minute, which in screen time is forever .


Rachel : Griffin would know.


Griffin : *cackling* Ahahaha yes I would, seeing as I am a big Hollywood hotshot with a tv show now.


Rachel : *giggling* Anyway, the connection seemed really real and they both seemed to get a kick out of teasing each other and sharing their love of hockey.


Griffin : Anyway, enough backstory, we should probably be getting on to this season's contestants…


12:50-55:33 :paused: