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The Gods of Mythology

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I'm really not in the mood to make any introductions. But let's go. My name is Carter Kane and you can tell that my life is far from normal. Would you believe that in the middle of the 21st century there would be someone who would say, "Hey, I'm a Pharaoh," and that person wouldn't be lying? Yeah. That's me. Nice to meet you, I'm Carter Kane, Pharaoh of the House of Life since about two years ago. But now I'm currently in despair about the idea of being able to enter an University. Much has happened in recent years. About three years ago I discovered that my sister and I are descended from two long lineages of pharaohs, we discovered the existence of the Egyptian gods, we defeated many monsters and two years ago we defeated the most complicated one, a serpent called Apophis and then the Egyptian gods left the human world (but then we discovered that Greek gods also exist, since we met a certain Percy and a Annabeth soon after that, long story), but only an Egyptian god stayed here, Anubis. And that's the problem that makes me not have the mood to do this introduction, but I'll have to do it since my sister is not fit for it right now.

My sister, Sadie, has been practically raised away from me. She is only two years younger; I am currently 17 and Sadie is 15. If you meet us on the street, you will never say that we are siblings, because we could not be more different. At the moment, my sister is locked in her room crying a lot, and I do not blame her. I would be like that, too. I could hear the cries coming from her room from the living room couch. I sighed, not knowing what to do.

"She's still the same, eh?" Said a voice that appeared behind me. I turned around and saw Anubis, the god Anubis. And I had to admit that even for me it hurted to see that it was "only" Anubis.

"Yes," I said with a sigh. "I don't know what else to do. Can't you do something else? Being the god of death and everything else ..."

"I rarely have to deal with the living in a situation like this and ... The fact that it's Sadie makes it all more complicated." He replied.

"If as god you can't, and as her boyfriend?" I asked.

"Exactly the most complicated part," he said, sighing and looking toward my sister's room.

Yeah. My sister was dating a god. But then you might say, "But Carter, he might as well try to do more for her." Well, I agree it's pretty complicated. Let me explain, or try to explain, everything that happened. It's kind of complicated so try not to get lost.

When Sadie and I discovered the existence of the Egyptian gods, it didn't take long for her to end up with a ... crush ... on Anubis. (It was very annoying to hear her talking about how cute he was). In the meantime, she started having a crush on another boy, a normal mortal one ... Or almost that... Called Walt. Walt was also from the blood of the Pharaohs, descended from Tutankhamen himself. The love triangle was the least of Sadie's problems. While Anubis enjoyed an infinite amount of years of life in the future, Walt's years were numbered since he was cursed and such a curse had apparently no cure. When we were close to our battle with Apophis, Walt was almost killed by the curse, but to make him live, Anubis used Walt as a host because even for Anubis it would be very difficult to date Sadie since he can only appear in places of mourning and death (and having dates for the rest of the life in cemeteries does not seem pleasant. I won't even get into the problem of him never getting old).

After our biggest problems with Apophis ended this relationship on three was working somehow. We all returned to school, trained our magicians (oh yes, here at home there are a lot of other children and teens who also have pharaoh blood and we train them), fighted against occasional monsters and all these normal things in the life of every teenager. But it all went downhill earlier this week. Walt was actually dead now. And that was why it was now "just" Anubis looking worried at Sadie's door. Please, understand, he tried to comfort her (more than once), but I guess that just seeing his face right now is hurting her too much.
Now I'm here with my worries divided between Sadie and the whole situation that led to Walt's death.

It was just another normal day, even by the normal "normal" standards. We were coming back from school. Me, Sadie and Walt / Anubis. We were walking through the streets of Brooklyn when a bald man with a huge black beard decided to run toward us and bump into Walt. The man was strong and muscular. I think his arm was the size of my thigh. He pushed him into a narrow corridor of those no one with the right mind would enter in a big city like that. And in that corridor, there was a portal.

"Ah! " My sister cried almost instantly, taking out her wand and entering the portal after Walt and the bearded guy.

" Sadie! Wait! " I screamed back already chasing after my sister while she did not even give a signal to have listened to me.

When Sadie and I appeared on the other side of the portal, the portal closed and we noticed that despite having taken a strong push from the unnamed man, Walt managed not to fall to the ground and was already invoking an Egyptian sword from the Duat (called Kopesh ) and trimming the blow that the nameless man also gave with a newly invoked sword. I'm not quite sure where the portal took us, I just know that it was a very deserted place, I could only see, stone sand, stone mountains and more stone.

" Hello, Anubis ... How long have we not seen each other eh? " Said the nameless man with a half-maniacal smile making the hair of my neck twitch.

" Zababa. " said Walt.

" Do you know this guy with such stupid name? " Sadie was already apparently preparing a spell, probably also concerned about her boyfriends.

" Yes." said Zababa " unfortunately, I am not your adversary today, Anubis. "

" Oh? " that was all Walt had time to say before, under the sand, a large tail came up that grabbed him by the waist and pulled him away in the air to the horror of Sadie who screamed. I barely had time to see the huge creature that came out of a pile of sand and was the owner of that tail. The creature was a huge serpent-like dragon that flew off to devour Walt in the air.

I didn't have time to think about what to do about the dragon, for Zababa runned toward my distracted sister. I summoned from Duat my own Kopesh and started to fight against this Zababa.

The movement brought Sadie back, she didn't seem to know who to help, but, I think she ended up deciding to help me (since theoretically Walt had Anubis and Anubis had Walt).

" A'max! " Cried my sister, invoking the divine word of fire. Not that this seemed to have affected Zababa much, he managed to stop my blow and almost knocked me down and then attacked Sadie. She managed to use the 'N-dah' spell on the last second creating a shield around her.

When I almost fell, I could see how the fight between Walt and the dragon was. The dragon was trapped in strips of linen (of those used on mummies) screaming and trying to get rid of them. Apparently, Walt was no longer at risk of death by falling from great height, for he was already standing on the ground invoking armor for protection.

Noticing that I should help my sister, I got up as fast as I could and started to attack Zababa again with all sorts of blows I had learned from Horus. Sadie was also trying to use her combination of spells trying not to hit me too (gratefully). But the man was good and he fought like a savage. Sometimes we managed to hit some attacks that seemed to affect him, but, on the whole, it was the other way around.

I wanted to know how things were going against the dragon, although I doubted they were much better since yeah ... A dragon is a dragon. As I asked myself this, I saw with the corner of my eye something strange. It looked like a buffalo, only much bigger than what I expected and it had wings and looked much more demonic. I bet, unfortunately, that it was a little help for the dragon and Zababa. I hate to admit I got it right. Perhaps judging that the dragon needed more help, (or perhaps for another reason, as I would have thought later), the buffalo was to participate in the fight against Walt and Anubis. It was probably at this time that Sadie felt more like going to help her boyfriends, because I did not see very well what happened. Anubis would tell me later, that the buffalo crossed Walt's body as if it was made of smoke and disappeared. As he told me, it didn't make much difference at first and they continued to fight the dragon by summoning their jackal warriors. But with each passing second, he found it more difficult to continue the fight and keep the linen strips holding the dragon.

Meanwhile, we were losing to Zababa. Distracted by the Walt's fight that did not seem to be going so well, Sadie began to become sloppier. Being Zababa a formidable opponent, very difficult for me alone or even Sadie by herself (and I have my doubts if the two of us together would work much better), the fight began to get even worse for us.

I could see that Sadie's legs were shaking, her eyes going fast from Zababa to the dragon and her cheek and arm were bleeding. I wonder now if she was running out of magic. I think so, because I was already running out of strength and was also bleeding in the thigh and feeling a severe pain in the ribs.

"You lasted long enough, Egyptian mortals." Zababa said as his sword turned into an ax. Sadie tried to wrap us in a magic shield with the magic left, but I realized that the shield failed.

It was then that several things happened at the same time. A portal appeared above Zababa's right shoulder, from which Walt fell while the dragon screamed in frustration from afar as noticing that his enemy just fled from him. Walt, apparently very weak, clung to Zababa and quickly Zababa went through all stages of putrefaction until it became a heap of dust on which Walt fell. Without strength and erroneously momentarily relieved, Sadie and I fell on our knees, forgetting that we still had the dragon to deal with. Such dragon was already going fast towards us, Sadie and I noticed this and tried to find the strength to get up and fight. But, letting the wind carry the dust that once was Zababa, Walt used the strength he had to throw himself in our direction and grab us by taking us through another portal that he opened almost at the same time that the dragon swiftly passed by right through where we were as trying to use us for breakfast. If we took just a second longer, I would not be here telling such an adventure.

When we opened our eyes, we were still surrounded by sand and stones, but this time, in front of a house made of stones too and a different man was running toward us. I don't know if he was bald too, because he wore a strange hat. He had no beard, just a generous mustache, and eyebrows as generous as his mustache.

" Anubis ... Where did you get us? " Asked Sadie, because the choice of place probably was not from Walt. But she turned pale as she looked at her boyfriends, and then I decided to look too, and I was equally pale. Walt looked weak. He barely had the strength to stand on his knees, his body was trembling and he was coughing and spitting blood as his expression shifted from anger to pain.

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The weakness really was great and indeed horrible. While I felt that Walt was in a lot of pain himself, it was as if my head was splitting in two. I heard astrange, shuffling, whispering voices that encouraged me to do things that it was easy to judge to be wrong or at least questionable. It was taking more and more of me to resist the demon or to understand what was going on around us.

I also noticed that Walt was also trying to deal with the pain and perhaps ask what happened. But, besides not being able to, he seemed to understand even less what happened.

"Who are you?!" I heard Sadie ask already preparing her wand to attack the approaching man.

"Wait ... Sadie ..." he said weakly. "This is Ninazu."

"Nina-who?" I heard Carter ask. I remember opening my mouth to answer, but the voices grew louder inside my head. It felt lke my head would explode soon. Damn Shenu.

"We do not have time for this! I have to start the ritual to get Shenu out of him!" said Ninazu running from one side to another gathering the things he needed once he noticed now what was happening inside me.

"Who the hell are you? I will not let you touch them if I don't know that I can trust you!" Sadie argued. Which made me smile lightly and hold her hand.

"U-Um ... Old friend ..." I managed to say though Walt's body.

"Now, save the effort Inpu!" said Ninazu kneeling as, I am ashamed to say, Walt and I were already thrown on the ground without strength for anything else.

It was strange to hear that name. Since many centuries ago, most of the people I knew had stopped calling me by the Egyptian name "Inpu" and began to choose the Greek name "Anubis". That turned out to become the most famous apparently. I noticed that Ninazu was already beginning with the preparations, but I shook my head.

"Wait ... H-hold on a little," I said, "explain everything and make the pain go away for a moment. I know little of the Shenu ... And the little I know let me ... W-worried about things you do not know."

Ninazu snorted and rolled her eyes. I felt that mentally he should have muttered something like "Stubborn as always." But even so, he did as I asked. He mumbled a few words in Sumerian as he held a talisman and felt the pain pass a little.

"What ... was that?" Walt's voice echoed in my mind.

"I ... I just know one part. Ninazu will explain the rest. "I replied apprehensively.

"Why it sounds like you're hiding something?" Walt asked.

"I ... I'm still not sure about what I know, so I'd rather not reveal it now. So it won't cause unnecessary pain and stress. Ninazu will clear my doubts and hope I'm wrong. "

So, I sat on the floor a little. Walt's body ached everywhere and my head throbbed. The erroneous things that the voices whispered (I recognized, now calmer, that they were whispering in Sumerian) seemed more and more like tempting ideas. That worried me.

"Sadie, Carter," I said, trying not to show that I wanted to vomit as I hoped for it to end soon, and preferably in a happy ending. "This is Ninazu ... He is the Sumerian god of the underworld and health..."

"Sumerian?" Carter asked in surprise.

"What contradictory things to be a god." Said Sadie.

"How do Sumerian gods exist, too ?!" Complained Carter.

"We've met Egyptians and Greeks, so what? That's time to be discussing, Carter! Explain to us what the hell happened or is happening!"

"This body that Inpu is inhabiting ..." began Ninazu, who was soon cut off by Walt.

"W-Walt ... My name is Walt ..." said Walt.

"Whatever. Walt. Walt's body was possessed by a very powerful, Sumerian demon named Shenu. If I were to make a comparison, I would say that a Shenu is almost of the level of a Knight of the Apocalypse. " Ninazu explained "The signs are very characteristic and I felt the aura of the monster as soon as you arrived. We have to get the demon out or Walt will die and Inpu will be contaminated."

" How contaminated?" Asked Sadie.

"Being immortal, such a demon would not kill him. But they are corrupting him. I suppose you should have a lot of headaches, right, Inpu? Listening to voices that seem ever more tempting." said Ninazu.

I noticed that the last sentence was not a question and I looked away ashamed.

"B-But ... He's a god right? Can't he deal with this alone?" Sadie asked apprehensively, holding my hand tightly.

"To defeat a Shenu, you must channel magic made of extremely pure energy. I can do rituals that use it for being also the god of health. But Inpu ... " said Ninazu, sighing at the same time that Walt almost coughed his lung out "He may be a good person ... just a bit grumpy in most of the centuries ... But ... There's no way to run away. Personality does not alter the nature of magic so much. Inpu is still the son of the Egyptian god of chaos and his magic revolves around necromancy."

"But Ninazu ... L-let me ask ..." I started wanting to stop my doubts soon. "S-Shenu is in possession of Walt's body," I said as I pressed my hands to my head, holding on to the urge to crush it."I am too a certain way. So..."

"Then the two of you are fighting over the body, and when the Shenu wins, the body will die." Ninazu said, "I have to get you both out. You and the Shenu"

" No!" said Sadie with wide eyes filling with tears and I realized, by the cold feeling that took over Walt's heart, that he also felt the problem of Ninazu's idea. That cold feeling also spread through my heart, because we knew that if I left Walt's body, he would immediately die for the curse that haunted his family since the time of Tutankhamen.

"There must be another way," Carter suggested.

Since Ninazu seemed kinda lost about such concern about taking both me and Shenu from within Walt, an explanation of the curse was briefly given by Carter and Sadie. Or rather, I think that's what they did, because the pain began to grow again showing that Ninazu's spell, which I knew would not last long, was ending. My attention drifted again and when I realized, I was on the ground again.

" No! No! I don't want to lose anyone else!" Said Sadie, throwing herself at us and hugging as her face filled with tears. It broke my heart to see her like that. At that moment I swore by the waters of the Nile that whatever happens I would take revenge on whoever sent that Shenu for making Sadie cry.

"Anubis ..." Walt's voice caught me by surprise. He had been quiet until then (and not without reason) "There ... there is no other way, right?"

"Not that I know. I'm not exactly the professional in Sumerian mythology. If Ninazu does not know, it must hardly exist" I replied.

"Judging by the pain, too ... even if I don't do the ritual I don't think it would be long before ... you know ..." said Walt.

With his hand shaking, Walt stroked her cheek lightly and tried to force a smile through the pain he felt. Something that surprised me, for I also felt the pain and I must say that doing anything but screaming was a considerable challenge.

"Hey," Walt said, "do not cry. In a way, I was supposed to be already dead a few years ago."

"B-But ... I do not want ... Right now ... T-that ... Everything seemed ... To be working ... " said Sadie sobbing as tears ran down her soft cheeks.

From that point on, everything was confused in my memory. I remember screaming in pain as Ninazu's spell finally broke. I remember a strong hug and a kiss on the forehead. I remember the voices that at first whispered, but soon they were already screaming in my head hurting my ears although this was impossible, for they existed only in my mind.

When I found myself again, I realized I was lying on the floor and my mouth tasted like earth. I didn't have the strength to move yet. When looking forward and seeing black paws instead of pale hands, I came to the conclusion that I was not only in the shape of a jackal, but also outside Walt's body. I don't know how long I looked into the void trying to find some strength to get up. Getting up was already difficult, having enough strength to change into a human form would be even more so. When I got to my feet... my paws.. I turned my face and the first thing I saw was Sadie crying and hugging Walt's body while Carter was torn between comforting her sister and crying in pain as well.

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I'm not really good with words at times like this. And I think you can forgive me for that. Of course I had a discussion with Ninazu after Walt / Anubis fainted. There had to be a better option. Yes, it was good that at least one possible option made me still able to have Anubis, but I wanted Walt to stay alive too. Am I selfish for wanting both?

I sobbed and tears were dripping from my face for some time already when Anubis rose from the ground in his jackal form. Until then I had not noticed it, I just kept crying over Walt's body.

"Sadie ..." Carter said lightly, probably crying too, and then put his hand on my shoulder.

I do not know how long I stood there, ignoring everything that was happening around me. I just wanted to cry until I was finished.

At one point, I noticed that Walt probably would not want to see me like that. It was difficult and involved several sobs, but I managed to take a deep breath to move away from his body and just stand there, sitting, watching while the tears were still running down my face. I had the slight feeling that both my brother and Anubis looked at me worried even though they themselves were in their form of mourning as well. I took a deep breath again and a few seconds later, I felt Anubis's muzzle on my cheek. Kind of weird, he was in the shape of a jackal after all. I had not seen that form for a long time.

"A-Are y-you b ... B-back to n-n-normal?" I asked between sobs.

He nodded as he looked at me with those chocolate-colored eyes with a concerned expression. I wonder now if he could speak in that form, but it seemed to me that at that moment he was silently trying to think of something to say as probably knowing that asking "Are you okay?" would be stupid. At that moment, the only thing I could do was hug him tightly.

From then on, things were kind of confusing to remember. I have the faint memory that Ninazu, Anubis, and Carter talked after a few seconds, but I do not remember what they said. When I was myself again, Anubis was in the human form that I knew so much. He knelt down beside me and ran his hand gently on my cheek, wiping away the trail a tear had formed. I think he said something, but I do not remember. Anubis carried me affectionately like a princess and I hugged him tightly. I think someone must have opened a portal, because one appeared in front of us and then we were in our house in Brooklyn.

Since then, I've been in my room. I do not know exactly how many days have passed. Maybe I should count how many times Carter tried to give me something to eat? Not that I've ever tried to touch the food. I think I can say that the only advance I had was that I got tired of the silence that was in that house, especially in that room, and ended up putting all my Adele's playlist to play randomly. At that moment, I stared at the emptiness of the wall of my room to the sound of "When we were Young". The music was already at the end when I heard footsteps in the hallway, the noise of combat boots was very characteristic since I used them frequently. So I knew who it was. Anubis. He had come a few times trying to talk to me, but I never answered the knock on the door and he hadn't tried to simply enter my room without permission (which I imagine would be quite simple considering that he can appear virtually anywhere he wants ... of course... since the place has the prerequisites such as being place of death or mourning. But I think there are other places ... divine ... or magical ... that also allow this). A few seconds later, I heard the knock on my bedroom door.

I bit my lip wondering if this time I would change my answer (or lack thereof).

"Come in," I said monotonously, and then I heard him opening the door seemingly cautiously. I had my back to the door, but my ears followed in his footsteps through my room and the noise and movement of the bed stirring as he sat next to me.

"Ahm ..." Anubis said, probably thinking what to think. "Carter said you're still eating too little."

"No appetite." I said dryly.

He sighed and took a few seconds before gently stroking my fingers through my hair, pulling a few strokes down my face. I recoiled at the feel of his fingers. Even from my sadness, I could remember how I liked that beautiful god of toilet paper. I sat down and, still not looking at him much, I hugged him and laid my head on his shoulder. Anubis said nothing, just hugged me back and patted my head and then gave a light kiss to its top. We stayed that way for a while as Adele's song filled the room. I squeezed the hug and he corresponded the grip. It didn't look like words were needed to be said, they all seemed to be expressed in that embrace.

"Be strong, Sadie. I know you are." He said, running his hand gently over my head. They could have been simple words, but they made me open the first smile I had since Walt died. It was a simple, small smile, perhaps still quite filled with sadness, but it was a smile. So I lifted my head and stared into his eyes. I thought he deserved to be able to see the smile he was able to put on my face.

"Thank you," I replied, running my hand over my eyes that already seemed to fill with tears.

The god gently held my face with his pale hands while my cell phone now played "All I Ask", originally from Adele, but this was in the Spanish version that I found by chance on Youtube that was sung by a certain Kerly Karla & La Banda. It would be a very romantic time if it wasn't a moment so full of mourning. Slowly, he kissed me on the lips and it was nice to be able to feel even more of his warmth. There was no way I could say it was 100% better, but I was certainly getting a little better thanks to his presence there. After we parted from the kiss, he looked at me with an expression that I came to know well.

"What's it?" I asked. That expression on the god's face was of when he had something to say to me, something that I might not like, and so he thought of the best way to speak.

He lowered his head, sighing a little, then looked at me again holding my gaze as he held each of my hands with his as if to give me strength.

"Last night," Anubis began, "Walt's ka arrived at the Hall of Judgment.

I felt a chill run down my spine. How stupid I was. I hadn't considered the fact that probably his ka (or soul) would go to the Hall of Judgment where Anubis would... Oh my gods ... where Anubis would judge him and then his soul would go to the Sekhet-Aaru . As close as possible to what would be a "paradise". Otherwise, the person would turn into Ammit's breakfast.

"Please do not tell me Ammit devoured him!" I asked in desperation grabbing his Iron Maiden shirt.

"N-No ... I ... I have not judged it yet." - He said and I could calm myself more.


"No. Actually, that's why I came. He wants to see you. Sure, if it's in your best interest. You do not have to force yourself to go if you do not want to, he said he'd understand."

"Not at all! I am going!" I answered, perhaps pressing too hard on his right arm.

All he did then was to shake his left arm and then in the middle of my room a portal came up. I stood up, trembling, but determined. Anubis waited to see what I would do and when I entered the portal, he followed me.

In the blink of an eye, I was in the Hall of Judgment. He had not changed much since the last time I had been there. I think that would be the normal thing to expect since all the Egyptian gods had left the human world. I looked where my father (who was dividing the body with Osiris) used to stay with my mother and my heart was tightened by not seeing them anymore and, instead, seeing Walt near it. It was obvious that it was not exactly him, it was just his ka, practically a ghost, and his slightly transparent image proved it. Despite his sad eyes, my first reaction was to rush to embrace him as I felt my eyes fill with tears again, but I stopped when I was a few steps away from him.

"Hey, Sadie," he said. I looked at him and I reached out a hand lightly to his face to confirm a question that had arisen in my mind when I had run towards him. When my hand went through him as if he were nothing more than cold air, my heart clenched and I could no longer contain my tears. I could not even touch it!

"H-Hey." I said weakly as tears streamed down my face.

"Hey. Hey. Do not Cry. Please. I don't like to see you crying." He said trying to cheer me up. I could tell by the movements that he might have thought of cleaning my tears, but he remembered that his hand would only cross me. "I'm sorry it was all over like this."

"D-Do not apologize, idiot." I said "What are you guilty of, apologizing like that?"

He opened a crooked smile at my words. Oh how I would miss that smile.

"Let me apologize then for not being able to say goodbye first. W-Well ... At least I'm getting it now, right?"

"Is that allowed?" I asked with a weak, tearful laugh.

"No," he said with a guilty grin and looked at Anubis who was not far away.

"VIP customer," replied Anubis, shrugging his shoulders with a mischievous but sad smile. "Sad" was a word that accompanied all the actions of the day until then.

"Sadie, I'm not good with goodbyes. Even more terminal like that, " Walt said, turning my attention to him. "But I still wanted to talk to you again. I know there were lots of ups and downs in our relationship and ... Well ... It was far from normal. I spent a lot of time ready to die because of the curse so I think having earned two years more was up to profit. After all, we could date each other, right? I do not know what will happen to me when going forward or if I can say "I see you on the other side" since, if it's "only" me, I'm already a VIP client of the death lord there, I imagine you would be a Super VIP Client 5 stars Gold Platinum. I know it hurts when someone we know dies, but I wanted to ask you to be strong ok? Be that annoying and chatty Sadie we both know and love.

Those words filled my heart and at the same time crushed him. I cried like a baby (or maybe worse than one).

"And also," he went on, "no matter what happens, always remember something. I love you Sadie Kane."

And that was it. Those last words went to the final stab at me to fall apart.

"You can not go! Can not! I cried, kicked, and slammed my foot." Anubis approached me trying to calm me, but I started yelling at him. "You can not do that to him!"

"Sadie, I have no choice," replied Anubis, hating as much the situation as me apparently. "Eventually something will happen to his own ka if I do not judge him. Be this something good or not. The chances of something bad happening are too great. Me and Walt talked a lot about this before I went to pick up for a last goodbye. It is much better in the short and long term for him to simply be judged soon."

"B-But ... But ..." I stammered. It was rare for me to be speechless to argue. But here I am. Sadie Kane, famous for being chatty, not knowing what to say.

"It's all right, Sadie. It's going to be all right, "Walt said with a smile trying to cheer me up."

I reached my hand close to his face, knew I could not touch him, but wanted to imagine I could. At least I felt the cold air touching my hand. Slowly I did the same to "kiss him" and he did the same.

"I love you too, Walt," he said back.

After a few seconds, he turned to Anubis who was apparently already preparing for the ritual of the trial, for he had changed his standard hot rocker outfit for Egyptian clothing with the a scepter of about 2 meters in which he rested lightly with a sadness look.

"You'll take care of her, won't you?" Walt asked.

"Of course I will," replied Anubis. I had even the most super protective boyfriends.

"Can I stay for the trial?" I asked, and Anubis shook my head, already opening a portal for me to go back to my room.

"Sorry, but no. It is forbidden to the eyes of mortals that are still alive, "replied Anubis.

I nodded briefly and after one last good-bye look at Walt, I walked towards the portal, but first I went by Anubis.

"Thank you, and I love you too," he said, and kissed his lips.

"I love you too, Lady Kane," he said, smiling at me, and then I passed the portal taking one last look back as the Hall of Judgment vanished from my sight.

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It had been a week since Walt had died. In the middle of all this, today we were in the day after the most sad Christmas I had ever seen. The god of death had not come back since the day that he apparently led Sadie to bid farewell to Walt. I still blamed myself for not feeling well that day Walt died, so I did not go to school. Maybe something could be done. Or not. We still did not know much about exactly what happened that day. I think the only one who could give better explanations would be Anubis, but he didn't show up again. Meanwhile, everyone took advantage of the Christmas holiday to ... I don't know ... Everyone was in a different mood. Some tried to cool their heads, others were really trying to bring the spirit of Christmas, perhaps to forget everything that happened.

Thanks to Christmas, many of the apprentices went to spend their Christmas and New Year's Eve parties with the family, which left Brooklyn House even emptier (and perhaps even more depressing). Of all the apprentices, only those who remained for Christmas were Sean, Cleo and Julian. Sean is an Irish boy being trained on Bast's path, after much hesitation as to which to choose. As for Cleo, she is a sweet girl who was born in Rio de Janeiro, that is completely addicted to books and follows the path of Thoth. Julian has a lot of practice with Carter as they both follow the path of Horus. However, they do not look like much.

I was lying on the couch, not without a sigh, passing through the fourth Christmas movie there was on television. I really was not in the mood for that kind of movie right now.

"Hey," said Carter, appearing on the side of the couch. "Anything cool to see?"

"Amazing how there are many channels and still nothing that is good." I replied to my boyfriend who opened a crooked smile and decided to sit next to me.

"Maybe you're being a bit picky with the poor the TV." he said

"Maybe ..." I said, sighing in dismay and laying my head on Carter's shoulder. What made him blush instantly. Incredible how he was still embarrassed by such things. But nothing against it, it even make him become more... Erm ... Cute ... When he was embarrassing like that.

So we ended up watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas". According to what Cleo told me once, it was apparently a movie that went straight through both Christmas and Halloween since it was somewhat ... Multi-holiday. Although the TV was in the movie, our attentions were not in it, but a noise that came from the stairs caught our attention. Following the noise, it was not long before we saw Sadie running, pulling Anubis by the wrist. I still find it incredible how he does not even seem to care. If it was another god, surely Sadie would be nothing but dust. Now that he was out of Walt's body, I felt uncomfortable when he was present. You can call me exaggerated if you want, but I can't totally trust it. Despite that, I have to admit, he was the one who managed to get Sadie out of her room. Not that she was all happy, but at least she was eating again.

"Look who I brought back here!" she said triumphantly raising his arm like a winner of a Box fight while he, after looking at her with a faint smile, waved slightly to me and Carter like giving a brief "hello".

"Hey Anubis," said Carter. I just stared at him and crossed my arms. "I ... Don't want to go into details of this kind... But ... Walt ..."

"He went to Sekhet-Aaru if that's what you wants to know," answered the god. Which meant that Walt had gone as close to the idea of "paradise" that Egyptian mythology had. Which also explained why Sadie seemed a little happier.

Carter smiled and nodded as Sadie was pulling Anubis and then pushing him to sit on the other side of the couch next to the one Carter and I were.

"So I brought him here," said Sadie, "it was not easy when you do not have a cell phone. You should get a phone Anubis! Why did you take so long to come?

"I do not think there is sign on the Duat." He said apologetically. "Erm ... I was doing some things ..."

I do not know if Carter felt the same way, I know Sadie didn't, but I thought there was something else behind those "things." But I decided to let it go for now, we had more important issues to solve at the moment.

"Well ... We were still trying to figure out what happened that day, and a little help from you would be welcome," Carter said.

"Sadie said," said Anubis with a sigh. "In fact, what happened that day made me very intrigued."

"Who were the ones who attacked us?" Sadie began "The guy with the name of baba, the dragon and that strange thing that ... " she stopped, as remembering the monster responsible for taking Walt's life.

"The guy with the name of baba," said Anubis, seeming to find the man's new nickname a little funny, "is one that makes me more worried. He was Zababa. He is the Hittite god of war.

We were all obviously surprised that this guy was a god, but beyond surprise, an expression of unfamiliarity crossed Sadie's face.

"Hittite?" Asked Sadie.

"The Hittites were one of Ancient Egypt's favorite enemies," Carter said. "It was between these two that the Battle of Kadesh occurred. Battle that gave rise to the first Treaty of Peace that is recorded in history and the first battle in recorded history for which details of tactics and formations are known.

"Nerd," said Sadie.

"Oh really? Is it just so far that you know today? " Asked Anubis, somewhat surprised.

"Well ... As far as I know, it's ..." Carter said, uncomfortable.

"Do you remember how old were you in this battle?" Sadie looked at her boyfriend.

"Not exactly," said Anubis, sighing and concentrating as if he was counting the centuries. "Surely I was more than a thousand. Maybe almost 1900. I do not know. "

"Old man," said Sadie, laughing. Which made him roll his eyes.

"Well," Anubis went on, "I think they are more or less the Turks nowadays.

"So ... From what you guys told me about the day. This Zababa is Hittite, the monster Ninazu took and Ninazu himself are Sumerians. We already have two mythologies that we did not know together. " I said, "What about the dragon?"

"The dragon was Illuyanka. " Replied Anubis. "Hittite, too. He is actually a very powerful dragon that has already fought and almost killed a Hittite god. He also worries me a lot since he is so powerful. "

"In the meantime, you seem to have sprayed Zababa so easily. Or more or less. " Said Carter.

"The power of a god is greatly influenced by how much he is known in the world. " Anubis explained. "Not exactly worshiped, just known. The Hittite gods are somewhat forgotten by the world. "

"So if it was you like you, not being hosted by someone, against Zababa, would you win?" Sadie asked, and Anubis nodded uncertainly.

"Well ... I can not say for sure. But it is a fact that the name "Anubis" is much more well-known than "Zababa" although I do not have any serious believer anymore" said Anubis shrugging "but Zababa is very attached to fighting combat, swords, punches and such things. I'm not much of a warrior type. I think it could be said that if it was those computer games, I would be more of a mage type.

"A Necromancer, perhaps?" Suggested Carter, and Anubis nodded.

"Leaving that video game chat aside," I said. Because seriously, I could not stand it, we should go to the main focus of the conversation "what could these three be up to? "

"That's where things get weirder," said Anubis. "It's not at all normal for beings from different mythologies to come together to fight another mythology. "

"Even among gods and monsters there are cliques as in school?" Asked Sadie.

"More or less. " Said Anubis. "That's why the situation makes me worried. I tried to investigate in the underworld for some more information, but I really did not find much besides others sharing the strange feeling that something is not right. "

We all took time to digest that information. I may not have seen those three who attacked them, but considering what Carter told me after they returned and now with this brief conversation with Anubis, I could not help but be worried. How many more monsters could the Sumerians and Hittites have and send to attack us? What other mythologies could you join? Because at this point it would be foolish to think that only these few existed.

"Well ... I guess we can take a vacation from any research and enjoy what's left of Christmas mood, right?" Asked Sadie.

"Do you want to celebrate Christmas with all this happening?" I asked, looking at her like she was crazy.

"Well, Anubis has been investigating the underworld and has not discovered much. I do not know where we could draw more conclusions. " Said Sadie. "In the worst case, call Percy and Annabeth to see what they know about the Greek side of mythology?"

"Do it then! It's better than nothing. " I complained, rising from the couch.

"I'll do that tomorrow," said Sadie.

"Not at all. Today. " I emphasized. I think I noticed Carter and Anubis looking at each other silently, "Are not you going to try to talk to your girlfriend?", "I won't. You go man. "

"If you want to talk to her so much, call her," Sadie said, grabbing Anubis's arm and pulling him from the sofa. It's me who has her number. Not even the little nerd there saved their number.

And with those words, she turned and went with Anubis to her room. I looked at her angrily and was not proud of it or the tone of voice I used. Since there was nothing more I could do, I threw myself on the couch with my arms folded back to the film as Carter looked at me wondering what it would be safe to say or do without making me more irritable. She did not want to follow Sadie's advice and try to enjoy what was left of the Christmas mood. A strange feeling had settled in my stomach ever since I had awakened. It was not a good feeling. It was a feeling that something was going to go wrong. But in spite of everything, I hoped that the Christmas spirit that Sadie spoke of would prove that my stomach was wrong and that in fact I had only eaten too much chocolate.

Chapter Text


I think that if you're going to count how many Christmases I've had since I was born, you probably can't say that most of them were happy. When I was small everything was simpler. When I spent Christmas in Venice with my mother and my sister Bianca without knowing anything of these things of Greek gods besides the fact that they were only mythology or, at most, characters that appeared in the cards of mythomagic. But, of course, everything had to get worse because the World War II began, so, we had to leave Italy. Then it came the United States and ... It ... It just gotten so bad. I'm really not in the mood for a sad flashback to simply summarize my life to this day. After so many lows and highs and lows, I think I can finally say things were getting better. I mean, I had already completed more than 1 year dating Will and ... I guess... I guess I can say that I'm happy although I occasionally invoke a zombie "unintentionally" to be able to get an excuse to stay at the table of the sons of Apollo instead of the solitary table of the sons of Hades in the Camp Half Blood.

Will is the son of Apollo and a Texas singer. When Apollo decided to get thrown away from Olympus by Zeus, I was able to meet him. I mean, I had met him before, but never as "my boyfriend's father." Perhaps because of the neglect of some gods with their children or the reasonable reputation of Apolo's 'womanizer' or ... 'manizer'? I did not even care about this meeting. Especially when considering that Apollo was in a strange situation, he was now a mortal with the ridiculous name of Lester Papadopoulos. But I must admit (and do not tell Will, though he probably noticed) that I was VERY worried and anxious when he talked about meeting his mother at Christmas.

"My mother said she's coming to spend Christmas in New York," he said one day at breakfast in the camp. "We can go spend it with her and then she gets to knows you. What do you think?"

I almost threw my orange juice out to hear it.

"Gets to know me?" I repeated as if I had not believed my ears "are you sure about that?"

"Of course. Why not?" Will asked, looking at me hopefully.

"W-Wouldn't it have been better for you to go to Texas instead of her coming to New York? It's not like hotels are cheap through New York at this time of year." I said

"Well ... that's what she suggested earlier." He said, "but then I mentioned that my boyfriend can be a problem magnet for being a son of Hades, so maybe it would be better for her to come even closer."

I really did not believe what he said. He practically forced his mom to spend a extra money just to meet me?

"Did you say that? And she agreeded?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course. At the same time. She's looking forward to meet you. " he said.

"And she knows that ... That I ... I am ... Your BOYfriend and not GIRLfriend?" I asked staring at the glass of juice emphasizing "boy" and "girl".

"Of course she knows. Stop with that 30s thinking. Everything about it is a lot more good nowadays." he replied.

"Yup. OK. Tell that to Trump. " I replied.

" There ... There are exceptions." He said with a shrug. "So?"

It took me a few more seconds for consider the idea, but eventually I sighed and agreeded into it.

That is why I was here in New York now facing the reception of a simple but cozy hotel.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?" I asked nervously, putting my hands in my jacket pocket.

"Relax. It'll be all right, " Will told me, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek that made me blush and hide more in my jacket, glancing around quickly, but no one seemed to have seen anything too much.

Suddenly, I hear only a female voice shouting happily at Will's name.

" WILL!" Shouted a smiling Naomi Solace. It was easy to see her resemblance to Will though I think Will probably got more of Apollo's looks and her personality. She hugged Will tightly at the moment and stood there for another few seconds until she turned to me. " And you ... You must be Nico. Right? " She asked, holding my shoulders still smiling.

"Yes, I am" I replied.

At the same time she hugged me almost as tightly as she had hugged Will and whispered in my ear, I think only for me to hear.

"Thank you for taking care of my son." - she said.

I could not help but smile and finally respond to the hug.

"You're welcome," I said.

After that, we talked little (basically if we were okay and about the fall of Apollo from Olympus) and then we all went to the room. It was a cozy room with three single beds. She said to we let ourselves fell at home and I think Will was able to fulfill the suggestion more than I did I only sit on one of the beds and took off my jacket since it was warmer in there. I was not sure how to behave or what to say.

"Did you see Mom, didn't I say Nico was a nice guy?" Will asked, pulling me out of my reverie.

"Well, of course he is. He's a nice boy. I'm just wondering how much trouble you've gotten into in the Camp. It makes me worried, you know?" Naomi said with a sigh. "It would be nice if we could use a cell phone."

"You know that a cell phone is not a good idea, Mother," Will said with a sad smile.

"I know." She said giving Will a little kiss on the head. Well, mother thing, I guess. Perhaps a dark expression passed over my face at that moment as I remembered my late mother. I think she noticed, because she sat next to me on the bed. "Well, Nico, I have to ask you to make a very important decision.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes. Well, Will has said to me that you are Italian. So ... "she said, taking three pamphlets from her pocket." You'll be responsible for choosing where we'll spend the Christmas. I got these three pamphlets from restaurants that are going to do something special for Christmas. This is from an Italian restaurant, "she said with a wink." But ... If you're not feeling quite in the natale italiano food mood ... Did I said it right?

"You did," I said with a small smile.

"And well, if you are not in the natale italiano mood, we also have a restaurant with good american christmas food and ... this last one ... I never tried... I think that I can't read that right ... genéthlio ellinikó? Anyway, Greek Christmas." She said, handing me the three leaflets. "All right, we have the three most near heritages on food of the two of you to choose from. But of course, we can go on the others for a delicious dinner any other day while we're here."

And it was like this, that now I saw myself in the middle of December 25 eating a good pasta, filling my belly with panettone and eating a good pizza together with Will and Naomi in an Italian restaurant full of Italians and with a Italian TV. It made me long for Italy although much of it has changed since I left at the beginning of World War II. One day I would think about going back there more calmly. I mean, without having to run away from monsters and try to save the world.

"Hey," Will said at my side of the table after I finished chewing the last piece of my second slice of pizza. I looked at him and he smiled and looked me in the eyes with those blue eyes like the sky or the sea. But that smile ... It was a beautiful smile that made me blush. "Feliz Navidad!"

"That's Spanish, idiot." I said, and he laughed lightly as I rolled my eyes, but then I looked at him again and smiled at him. "Buon Natale."

"Buon Natale. " He said rightly this time.

He smiled back at me and, at that moment, I did not care if anyone was watching or whether Will's mother was or was not having a fangirl attack, I only know that when I saw Will's face approaching to kiss me, I approached also until our lips touched sweetly. I can't tell you how long we were there kissing, I know that soon I felt Will's hand on my cheek and I placed my hand over his.

If I ever stopped to make a ranking of the best Christmas I've ever had, that one certainly was among the top 5. I will not say that maybe at first because my Christmas memories with my mother and sister in Italy are a bit forgotten, but still precious.

After that we went back to the hotel. We had agreed with Percy and Annabeth to do something in the city in the next day. They were also in town to spend the Christmas and New Year with the family, especially Percy who was now with a new little sister (by mother's side) and he seemed to be a very doting brother and, as Percy and Annabeth were now living on the west coast while studying in New Rome, I imagine that they are missing their families quite a lot.

"So? How long had it been since you had a real Italian Christmas?" Said Will, already in the hotel room while his mother was taking a shower.

"Honestly, I don't know." I answered as he sat on my bed.

"We can try to make a deal with all the monsters and everything else so that next Christmas we can spend in Austin at my mother's house." Said Will, taking my hand.

"You would have to do a lot of agreements." I said, and he let out a short laugh.

"We'll find a way," he said.

The idea was to be from the 23rd to the 5th of January with Will's mother in New York just walking around, getting to know us and taking lots of pictures. On the 23rd I met Naomi and we walked around Times Square, on the 24th, his mother insisted on buying Christmas presents for us even though it was not yet 25th and we were all watching Christmas movies on TV at the Hotel with a popcorn mess by the sofa wanting until the 24th to turn the 25th. On the 25th, we strolled around the city a bit before heading to the Italian restaurant I mentioned. By day 26, we had scheduled to meet Percy and Annabeth at a point near Central Park. Plans from the 27th onwards were still a surprise, Naomi said. Thinking about it now, I feel bad for her because of her plans didn't work so well.

The snow still occupied the streets of the city (which I find a bit annoying) as we went to meet Percy and Annabeth on the 26th. The hotel we were in was a bit far from Central Park, we had to go by subway to narrow the distance we would need to walk. Nothing against this specifically, since the cold was a good excuse for Will and I sat together in the subway hand in hand. After exiting the subway, we were walking towards Central Park, but ... Well ... What we saw there was not quite what we expected to see.

Yes, we saw Percy and Annabeth. At the time I could recognize them both from a distance, I saw that they seemed almost as frightened as we were. The humans around did not seem to see anything, the fog is the guilty, but there, coming in more and more into the park was a considerable amount of monsters. Most troubling, however, was that they had a second group, even bigger, that was going in another direction.

"PERCY! ANNABETH!" Will yelled and we started running towards them while they were busy trying to stop a monster I had never seen. He looked like a ... Um ... Well, it has no better definition than "Headless Knight." The Knight, who even had his own horse, chased a screaming girl. I wonder what she saw.

" WILL! NICO!" Annabeth said as Percy punched the knight's chest with Riptide and the girl ran away as fast as the snow-slick floor allowed. After the scream of the girl, the chaos began even among the common mortals.

"Where did these monsters come from ?!" I asked at once with my sword in my hand. After all, it's not just Percy who has his sword tricks that something more "loadable" through the streets in the 21st century.

"We do not know," Annabeth said. "They were here when we arrived. Most do not seem to care about mortals, but some insist on attacking them. Most either go into Central Park or down this street.

"Certainly, neither of them thinks of preparing a fireworks show for the New Year." Will said.

"Sadly not," Percy said.

"That's too much for the four of us." I said while, probably attracted by the presentation of four demigods together, at least half a dozen monsters went on top of us. I recognized among them at least one Dracanae, but apart from it, the other monsters seemed strange to me, almost "foreigners" if I could use that word.

Will was able to get far enough away to get his equally practical bow and arrow (yeah, Hermes' sons from the camp were managing to make practical weapons to carry around or change one or other that does not already have that ability), Annabeth took a knife and Percy and I took our swords, and the four of us fought the half-dozen monsters that were over us. I think I could say we were a good team. Will's aim was perfect to hit a monster no matter that it was fighting with us (son of archery god, duh), it distracted the monster and then some of us could send him to Tartarus (ie where those strange monsters went).

"We can't let that second group that is going to gods-knows-where-to do whatever they want to do!" Percy said breathlessly as he killed the last monster.

"Nico and I are going after them, you can take care of those from Central Park," Will said.

"Are you sure?" Percy asked.

"Central Park is well surrounded by water ... I think we'll be good seaweed brain" Annabeth said.

"Water that is frozen," Percy said. "But be careful."

I nodded as Will was already pulling me by the wrist. We ran after the monsters following the path they made. These seemed less interested in attacking mortals. The only strong enemy we had was the ice that covered the sidewalk and sometimes it made one of us slip.

"I think we're in Brooklyn," I said. I do not know how much time we ran, I was out of breath.

Apparently the monsters had stopped walking and were attacking a large and beautiful house. From a hole in that house, I saw a girl with blond hair and colored wicks holding something in her hand while an African-American boy fought with a weird sword against at least three monsters. Joining them in battle, I could see another short-haired girl who helped the boy and also a girl with two boys who together threw ... Spells? ... and attacks on a dozen monsters. Apparently what prevented everything from getting uglier was something that looked like a magical field that seemed to be the girl's work and also had ...

"IS THAT A DRAGON?" Will said looking up.

I looked up and saw that there was actually a dragon struggling with another person, a black-haired boy.

I do not know who they were, but they were obviously in trouble and, any enemies of the monsters, I think I could consider friends.


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Chapter Text


Okay, probably this is the time when you expect me to start telling all my and Annabeth's side of this problem from where we separated from Nico and Will. But you know what? Not yet. Let me pretend that I have moments that seem like normal for a person for my age. Let me pretend I can make it from Christmas to New Year without having any monstrous or divine stumbling problems in the way. So, I'll start telling from a few days ago.

Annabeth and I decided to spend Christmas and New Years' time in New York but Annabeth would stay the New Year in San Francisco with her family. San Francisco was closer to New Rome than New York so she had gone there a few times. And now in New York, she could quickly visit Boston to see her cousin Magnus. Oh, I don't know if you know. We're going to the university in New Rome. Annabeth is very happy and proud to have gotten this far and she shows it by picking on me there.

"Do you want to bet the probability of a quiet Christmas?" I asked Annabeth as we headed toward my house. It was very cold, but we were well protected even though we still walked hand in hand to warm out hands ... Okay ... It was not to warm the hand.

"So ... I'll bet a drachma that we can not have a quiet Christmas," Annabeth said.

"Wow. How pessimistic. " I complained as she smiled at me.

"Prove me wrong then, seaweed brain." she said as I rolled my eyes.

""Annabeth" and "wrong" are two words that do not usually go together in the same sentence unless you have a "is not" in the middle of them." I replied.

She even tried to roll her eyes, but you could tell by the smile that she liked to hear it. What? I know what my girlfriend likes to hear.

As I reached the front door, I took the keys from my pocket and opened the door. I could hear my mother's voice as the lock began to crack.

"Did you hear that? Who is it, Estelle?" My mother said to Estelle, my baby sister.

At the same time I saw that little toothless smile looking at me from the room. She screamed for my attention as she stretched out the small, chubby little hand. I walked over to her and pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly (but not too tightly) as I pressed my cheek against her cheek.

"Estelle! I missed you! I missed you so much! Did you missed me?" I asked and she answered something I did not understand in baby language. Still with her on my lap, I also managed to hug my mother.

"Was it all right across the country?" She asked as she finished hugging me and started to hug Annabeth.

"Yeah ... Kinda… " Annabeth said as he hugged her too.

"Well, I guess you two deserve at least a break then, don't you?" My mother asked.

"As normal as possible, preferably." I complained.

"Just remember that you may be asking too much when you use the word "normal"". Said Annabeth

"Anyway ... Where's Paul?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, you guys just missed each other. He went out to buy some things. Well, I imagine the trip was tiring. You can relax that soon we'll be having dinner. And, Annabeth, do you know this house is your house, right?"

"Thank you," Annabeth said with a sweet smile.

The rest of the day passed fast like a blur. We dropped our things and we took turns to take a shower. As one was bathing, the other was playing with Estelle. Then we were both playing with Estelle until Paul arrived. With everyone at home, we started to have dinner, and as always, Paul asked for details and asked several things about what happened on the magical side of the world. He also talked a lot with Annabeth, the two could keep themselves busy in conversations that after some minutes I could not follow along. The conversation was so good that at one point Estelle was already sleeping in the chair.

"Well ... I think it's time for a little someone to sleep," my mother said, starting to rise from her chair.

"No," I said, standing up for her. "Let me put her to bed today?"

"Thank you," my mother said with a tired smile. Ok ... I may not know what it's like to be a mother, but I imagine it's tiring. Well, one thing I'm sure of, I think Estelle is going to give her less worries than I did and still do.

My house is no mansion. We did not have any guest rooms where Annabeth could sleep, and for my mother and Paul, leaving such an important guest to sleep on the couch would be unforgivable. Of course I offered to sleep on the couch instead of Annabeth, but Annabeth was very stubborn on insisting that I couldn't do that. And that was how the solution came in the form of an extra mattress in my room (as it couldn't be on Estelle's or my mother's).

When we were tired enough to sleep, Annabeth and I went to my room, but my mother followed me and looked at us both with a serious expression.

"No fooling around just because they're sharing the same room, eh. " - she said. Oh ... Annabeth said that my face turned redder than a tomato. In my defense at least, I say that hers did not get much better.

"M-Mom ..." was all I could say at the time.

No, I didn't fool around with Annabeth yet if that's what you wants to know. I will not go into detail about that, either. Do not ask me, okay? I think it's a too personal thing to be put in the story like that.

But what I think I might include is: I was sitting there in my bed while Annabeth was on the mattress next to it putting something in her backpack. Everyone else was already asleep or almost asleep and we were going the same way. Annabeth turned to me, resting her arms and head on the edge of the mattress on my bed.

"What is it?" I asked, knowing very well when she looked like she was up to something.

"Maybe next Christmas you can go to San Francisco to visit my family," Annabeth said, "what do you think?"

"Oh really? It would be a great idea, " I said, laying down on my bed so that my face would face hers.

"And then maybe in the next ... The two families together?"

"You really have bold ideas for the future, eh?"

She blushed and turned around so she sat on her mattress using my mattress as backrest so she had her back to me.

"It must be an effect of the university in New Rome. Everything there seems to give a perspective of the future."

"True," I said, sighing, then looking up at the ceiling. "We'll then plan those two Christmases to come. And who knows? Maybe more things too, since you are so excited."

I guess I was a little too focused on the ceiling, because the next moment I noticed Annabeth's head entering my field of vision giving me a sweet kiss on the lips as she sat beside me on the bed. I guess now I have to admit that I blushed again as she ended up getting into the blanket with me and laying beside me on the bed.

"W-What, seaweed brain? W-We will not do anything ... just ... It's cold ... It's winter and ... "Annabeth said leaving the sentence in the air.

"Um ... Cold ..." was all I could say. Seriously, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but recently it was being hard to find the words that existed in my vocabulary.

The bed, being for single, was obviously a little tight. But I did not care, I do not know if she did. Maybe it was even better that size. It was not too tight to be uncomfortable. I venture to say that it was the right measure.

I looked away from the ceiling a bit after I had recovered from the fact that Annabeth was in the same bed as I was, and I took the risk of looking at her. And there she was looking at me with those gray eyes of hers. I could not help but notice how beautiful she looked. There, a with her hair as a little mess, sleepy-faced and with pajamas. Beautiful. I think my eyes showed what I thought, because the next second we were one approaching our faces and then we were kissing deeply. One of her hands gently rested on my cheek and, in response, my other hand instinctively hugged her slightly. How a bed could be uncomfortable at times to find place to the hand! Especially when it wasn't exactly one bed that had a lot of space.

After what seemed like a good amount of minutes, we separated a little bit and stood there, one staring at the other and both blushed. Maybe that's because ... I don't think we ever had a kiss like that. Of course, there were several moments of special kisses. The kiss underwater for example. But that ... Well ... I guess I don't have to go into the details, right?

"I love you, seaweed brain," Annabeth said in a whisper.

"I love you too, wise girl" I replied, although " wise girl" was still far off in the nickname ranking of nicknames that was "seaweed brain".

She smiled and her cheeks flushed more. She hugged me and took her pillow for her, Then, she whispered,

"Good Night"

"Good Night" I said back.

Well, of course took some time to fall asleep. I had my girlfriend sleeping next to me on the same mattress. But I think I eventually fell asleep. I remember something that happened in the morning when I was in that state where the person is not awake nor sleeping and one doesn't want to open the eyes either. I have a faint memory that the sound of my room's door opening awakened me a little and left me in such a state. After a few seconds I heard Paul's muffled laugh that said something like, "Well, since the clothes are still in place, you think we can assume they were not fooling around." I then heard a sigh from my mother who complained something about how teenagers are complicated. I'm sure I remember hearing that, Annabeth did not remember that when I questioned her. My mom and Paul have not said anything about it and I'm not crazy to ask. But I'm still kind of dumbfounded to look at them.

Anyway, that's basically how my days went by until the day we had scheduled to meet Nico and Will. Basically I stayed at home with Annabeth enjoying a cozy and familiar atmosphere. And not making anything up at night, okay? Just sleeping. But she did not always wanted to share the mattress.

At Christmas, we ate my mother's delicious food who decided to make blue rice. I think it was the funniest Christmas I've ever had, because it was also the first one I spent having a little sister. And what a mess she could make when she had a plate of food near her chubby little hands.

But then, the day we'd arranged to meet with Will and Nico, Annabeth and I went to Central Park as planned. We had literally just turned the corner when we faced monsters going into the park while a second group came down the street going I don't know where. I am not an expert in mythology, but these monsters were very different from what I was accustomed to seeing, and judging from the experience I had with the Romans and the recent short-contact I had with Annabeth's Nordic demigod cousin I think "different monsters" are hardly a good sign. Monsters in general are not a good sign.

"B-But ... What?" I exclaimed, half shocked. See? Vocabulary acquired throughout life thrown in the trash recently.

"Where did so many monsters come from?" Annabeth asked until she seemed to notice something strange. "They do not seem to care about other people ... At least ..."

"Most of them..." I said picking up Riptide when I noticed that a totally headless rider (and yes, it's possible to be nearly or partially headless. I've seen Harry Potter movies) riding a horse was going towards a girl.

We were preventing the knight from hunting the girl when we heard Will and Nico's voice calling us. Annabeth was the first to notice them, even because I was kind of busy defeating a monster. I punched the knight's chest and the girl ran away. I think it was because of this scene that humans began to notice that something was not right. I do not quite know what they saw, but the chaos broke out at once and everyone started to run.

"Where did these monsters come from ?!" I heard Nico ask as the four of us got together.

"We do not know," Annabeth said, "they were here when we arrived. Most do not seem to care about mortals, but some insist on attacking them. Most either go into Central Park or down this street.

"Certainly, neither of them thinks of preparing a fireworks show for the New Year." Will said.

"Sadly not," I said.

"That's too much for the four of us," Nico said, and I hate to admit that I agreed with what he said. But we couldn't just give up like this.

Then, each one of us took our respective weapon and we managed to defeat the monsters who approached us. Me and Nico with swords, Annabeth with a knife and Will with his bow and arrow. It was a good amount of monsters even though we were in four, and some were even very strong, but it was that group that was getting farther and farther down the street worried me.

"We can't let that second group that is going gods-knows-where to do whatever they want to do!" I complained when I had a second to catch my breath.

"Nico and I are going after them, you can take care of those from Central Park," Will said.

"Are you sure?" I asked. It seemed risky to leave them alone with so many monsters. Yeah ... We'd both get lots of monsters too. It was too many monsters just for the four of us anyway.

"Central Park is well surrounded by water... I think we'll be good seaweed brain" Annabeth said.

"Water that is frozen ... " I complained. Water could be comforting ... Frozen, not so much. But I do not think I was in a position to be more demanding. "But, be careful."

After alerting them to be careful (something I don't think I need to keep remembering, but it's always good to remember), Will nodded and the two then ran after the second set of monsters. We then turned to our group of monsters, too big for two demigods. I swallowed hard as I stared at what lay ahead.

"Please tell me you have some brilliant plan worthy of a daughter of Athena." I said.

"Not yet." Annabeth answered.

Chapter Text


Some minutes after my sister left the room pulling her boyfriend to her room with the excuse of trying to enjoy what was left of Christmas, it would begin the attack on our house. This attack would lead to another destruction of the house and, or I hope at least, another renewal of it. However, before the monsters attack started, before I knew that our attempt to have a quiet day was not going to work, I kept looking at Zia. She was visibly irritated, even worried. I wondered what could be safe to say to her at that moment.

- I.. ahm ... - I started to talk in an insecure way - I noticed that you two walk a little ... angry with each other ... Lately?

"I know ..." Zia sighed and laid onto my shoulder with a slightly sad expression. "I do not want to be bickering with Sadie like that."

I tried to relax the situation a little by letting her lie on my shoulder. I took one of her hands delicately and brought it to my lips giving a light kiss on it. It made her smile slightly at me. However, I could see from her eyes that the situation still worried her a lot, but I think that just by having a smile on her face I can already consider myself a bit victorious.

"Why are you fighting so much lately?" I asked curiously.

"I think she's mad at me for some of the things I said yesterday when she came to dinner ..."

Oh yes, yesterday's dinner. I remember it was one of the few times that Sadie had left the room since Walt had died. I think it was the third or fourth time or something. At the time I was not there, I was in the middle of a little training with Julien who had insisted that he needed to be distracted with something. As a distraction was something that many of us were needing lately, I ended up agreeing. When we stopped for a drink, I remember hearing Sadie screaming at Zia telling her that she knew nothing and that she was judging everything without knowing all the details. Zia had yelled to Sadie saying that Sadie shouldn't say later that she had not warned.

I had tried to ask the two of them exactly what the quarrel had been about, but they both refused to respond. This time I was not going to miss the oportunity, I was going to ask her exactly what had happened between them at dinner yesterday, and that's when I heard the glass from the upstairs windows break.

"It came from Sadie's room!" - it was all I had time to say before one of the windows of the living room also broke and from it jumped on me a snake with horns, front paws and wings.

The surprise apparition of the horned snake took me by surprise, so it was up to Zia to save my life this time.

"Ha-Di!" She shouted using the Egyptian spell of explosion, but that only made the snake deviate from its previous path (which was straight to my neck).

When I was able to take my Kopesh, the Egyptian curved sword, I saw that a second horned snake came from the same window. Also, to make matters worse, a second and third window were broken as well. From each of them came a strange creature that seemed to complete each other. Those two were those creatures common in mythology in which the body was made up of parts of different animals. I could notice that the predominant animal of one would be a dog (but not the cute ones, it was more like the hellish type). While the body was predominantly a dog , it had a human head. The others body was predominantly human and had a dogs head. Both still, to make matters worse, held weapons and seemed eager to test the blade's wire.

That's how the chaos broke out in the Brooklyn house. I was worried about my sister and the apprentices, but those two snakes and two strange monsters were occupying me and Zia. Even because other monsters were quickly appearing but the strongest still seemed to be the first four since we could not get rid of them. Zia and I tried to execute sequences of attacks, she with the spells and me with my sword. But everything we did seemed to be not enough as the number of monsters only increased.

At some point in the confusion, I could see Cleo and Sean running down stairs from a very ugly monster without mouths, ears or lips and followed by threatening-looking shadows. Cleo was casting various fire spells on the monster and its follower shadows, but all it could do was to spread the shadows a little and set the house on fire. After they had finished down the stairs, Sean managed to concentrate enough to try to fight his sword.

I thought for a brief hundredth of a second that I had seen Julien appear from one of the doors holding his sword and being followed by a third horned snake but the ground beneath his feet crumbed. I'm not sure where he fell. I could not see where he fell because at the same time everything collapsed when a strong dragon's tail entered my field of vision. The dragon's tail, which I recognized as being that of Illuyanka, had broken the walls by strongly beating a black thing. This black thing, when it fell over the rubbles filthy with dust, I could see that it was Anubis.

"Nek," he cursed in ancient Egyptian. Note it if you like to learn how to curse in dead languages. I think it's the equivalent of "shit" or something.

"Get away from him! Ha-Di!" Shouted Sadie, sneaking through what was left of the ladder, attacking with the blast spell the great dragon Illuyanka, who had already destroyed almost our entire house.

The dragon apparently did not like that and then decided that Sadie would be an interesting target. I cried out as I saw the dragon's mouth go towards my sister. I wanted to do something but it was a little far away and the brief distraction made a nasty claw monster grab me by the neck. The monster threw me against the wall as I tried to get rid of it to save my sister. I managed to cut off the monster's arm and get rid of it, but I saw it took too long. However, to my delight, Anubis did not take too long. He dissolved into a black smoke that quickly went to Sadie before the dragon made her a toothpick. In a blink of an eye she was there in front of the dragon surrounded by a black smoke and in the other she was a few meters from me in a safer place.

"Thank you," I heard Sadie said. Anubis did not answer back, just nodded and wiped the ... Blood? ... That dripped from his head from where he'd probably gotten beaten by Illuyanka. Well ... I suppose it was blood because it was kind of different. Not "kind of", very much different. Sadie also noticed and asked what I thought. "What's that running out of your head?"

"Ahm ... I think it's the closest to being called blood." Anubis answered. "A few more seconds, and the cut must close."

"Wait, your blood is silver?" Asked Sadie.

" I DO NOT REALLY THINK IT'S TIME FOR THAT!" Zia shouted nervously as she beheaded a monster. I have to admit that I agreed with her.

"And the Greeks are golden. You get used to it, "answered Anubis as he held the face of one of those partially dog monsters I mentioned earlier and pulverized it.

Zia and I got rid of some of the monsters around us, I thought about how we needed to organize better, think of some strategy, anything that would control that mess. I could no longer see where Cleo, Julien, and Sean were, and that worried me. I think Zia thought the same as I did because she used her great affinity with fire spells to suck out the fire that Cleo had scattered around the house and then used it to attack as many monsters as possible. With this, we managed to get rid of the weak ones and I could see that our three apprentices were fighting against some monsters while protecting themselves with Cleo's magic shield. They looked tired and bruised, but they were alive.

Since our true and biggest problem still seemed to be that stupid dragon, Illuyanka, I think Anubis took as his charge defeating him since he was immortal and all. He dissolved into black smoke and took advantage of the distraction that the fire made to run towards him. Linen strips used to curl mummies tried to limit the reach of the dragon's attacks and I'm not sure if it was the linen strips or Anubis fighting with the dragon, but parts of the it's body seemed to begin to age and then to putrefy. The tip of the tail for example, was just bone and dead flesh. Meanwhile, despite all this, the dragon still seemed well enough to fight. It was then that Illuyanka managed to snatch Anubis and threw him up high. I heard Sadie's scream of concern echo as I was busy cutting in half, from head to tail, one of those horned snakes.

"Relax, he's immortal. Remember?" Zia said as she formed a barrier of fire burning any monster that tried to reach behind my back. Though she had said that, Zia did not seem to be hoping for Anubis's safety. It may be my imagination, but when he was high up, I think I saw the image of Anubis fail like an old television. But it can be just imagination, since I was very busy.

Following the example of our apprentices who were fighting the three together, Zia and I joined, but Sadie seemed lost and she was still alone among the monsters since Anubis was in a very complicated situation and she did not seem to be concentrating enough to get rid of the monsters with their spells because of it. My heart stopped as one of the walls shadows literally turned into a monster and grabbed my sister ready to break her neck.

"SADIE!" Was all I could scream as I noticed, for the second time in a day, my inefficiency as older brother when I saw my sister in distress again and I was, again, too far away and too busy to help her.

To my delight, again, someone else has decided to do the honors of saving my sister. An arrow cut the air from afar and hit the monster on the head. I think that the arrow even had a little light of its own. I wondered at the existence of the arrow and followed with my eyes the place from which it seemed to have come from and I saw a boy with black hair holding a sword that gave me shivers and a blond boy who was probably the savior of my sister since he held a bow and was preparing to shoot a second arrow.

We did not have exactly a lot of time to talk, but it was nice to have two people joining the fight on our side for a change as it seemed that monsters and more monsters did not stop appearing. I'm not sure who they were, introductions would come later.

The fight was unfolding and we were not on the winning side. I saw that Cleo was already on her knees, unable to hold the shield for long, and that Sean and Julien were badly hurt. Zia seemed to be holding herself so she would not faint after using so much magic. I was not much better while I almost gave in to exhaustion. Sadie was with the two surprise-help-boys, and the three of them, especially Sadie, looked very tired as well.

"What did I say about invoking the undead, Nico ?!" I heard the blond boy complain. As I looked, I noticed that the black-haired boy, who I now imagine is Nico, had actually invoked the undead. I thought about how strange it was, I had not seen anyone do it unless one followed the path of Anubis. Path that only Walt had followed. Anubis, who was now fighting a half-necked dragon. Invoking the living dead, Nico looked even more tired than before.

I do not quite know how it happened, but at one point in the fight there was me, Zia, Sadie, Cleo, Sean, Julien, Nico and the blond boy together in the center of what used to be our living room. Anubis continued to prevent Illuyanka from crushing ugly ants and the living dead soldiers invoked by Nico were scattered around.

"That is not working very well, there are too many monsters!" Cleo said as, with her legs wobbly, conjuring a small magic shield that prevented a monster from hitting the ax on Nico's head, who soon took the chance to behead the monster.

"We have to think of something," said the blond boy.

"I think I have an idea," Sadie said, looking at Anubis in the distance. "HEY! ANUBIS, I HAVE AN IDEA AND I NEED YOUR HELP!" She shouted at him.

"I ACCEPT ANYTHING!" He shouted back.


"What?" Julien asked, expressing what I thought too.

Anubis, however, did not seem to need anything more to know what Sadie wanted. He pointed in our direction and a portal appeared behind us. At the time I wondered if Sadie's plan was to just run away, but then I understood the meaning of her words. Besides, I'd bet the monsters would chase us even if we ran away.

"Fast! Go through the portal!" I screamed as I kept the strange mouth-less monster out of the way.

Sean and Cleo were practically carrying each other through the portal as Zia and me were guaranteeing their safety. It was then that a female monster attacked me. It was not a physical strike like a punch. I don't know how to describe it. I felt weak, very weak, with my body burning and the force abandoning me completely.

"Hold it, hold it!" It was the last thing I heard Nico say when he grabbed me before I fainted.

Chapter Text


I don't think I need to say that I didn't like the situation. We tried to cope how just the two of us could win against so many monsters. I guess Will and Nico would also have their problems to face. Although most monsters didn't disturb the normal humans, we couldn't let that situation like that. Whatever the normal humans have seen, the chaos had already started in the Central Park. That way, it would be a matter of minutes for the police or something like that came and, consequently, the situation would only get worse.

You know, certain times I wonder why I couldn't just be a normal girl with normal concerns like College, friends, family, dating ... And not have to add to that list monsters, gods, magic and all that sort of thing. Since I can't do anything about it and as someone has to stop the plan of those strange monsters, I couldn't help but sigh to let my ideas of a normal, dull and quiet life aside and then begin to tell Percy my plan.

"I have an idea, but you won't like it " it was the first thing I said to Percy after trying, as fast as I could, think of a solution to our problem.

After Nico and Will run after the other group of monsters, in an ideal situation, I would hide in a quiet place near, like the children's playground, so I could think of a strategy. However, as some monsters were attacking civilians, we didn't have this opportunity.

"If it's an idea, it's worth something" he replied.

"The monsters are virtually all ignoring people and, if you look closely, they don't let anyone approach or stay at Central Park" I was explaining as took my cap from my purse. It wasn't a normal cap, if I put it in my head, I'd be invisible.

"Noticed." said Percy.

"I can hide with the Cap and follow them to find out what they want in there. There must be something. They all follow this path by the side of the Metropolitan Museum of art."

"You're thinking of going alone?"

I knew that Percy was going to complain about this small part of the plan. But no, I didn't plan to go alone. I mean, not in a way. However, we didn't have time to argue, we had to be quick.

"No. I said that I have a plan, didn't I? Calm down and listen. On the other side of the Art Museum there is a pretty big Lake"

"Lake which is probably frozen." He said. "Ok, officially I hate this plan and I don't even know what you want me to do with this Lake."

"You go to it, try to create waves, as high as you can. Throw them at the monsters, drowning them or simply to distract them. Whatever. " I explained.

"But you, theoretically, won't be there in the middle of it all?" Percy asked without missing this detail.

" I'll try to stay close to the Art Museum. Wait about 5 minutes before creating the wave so I have time to go."

"I don't like it." said Percy.

"Have a better plan?" I asked as putting the cap.

"Be careful." He replied then sighed.

I cracked a smile. I hated when we were put in these tricky situations that placed our lives at risk, but warmed my heart when he was worried about me. While the situation gave me chills, he warmed me with just his mere presence. To repay it, I approached him and gave him a quick but sweet kiss on his lips.

He smiled when our lips touched and he understood that was a kiss. After all, I was invisible. I knew that if it were up to us, we'd be there kissing each other for a long time while the monsters continued to do what they wanted. So, in order to once again save the day, I walked away from the lips of Percy and inspired deeply getting ready for what awaited us.

"Let's go, seaweed brain." I said before starting following the monsters and do my part of the plan.

The monsters followed by a path that cut the trees that were on the side of the Metropolitan Art Museum of New York. The more I walked, the more I noticed that the amount of monsters increased. The funny thing, however, is that I didn't have to walk far. I thought they had gone deeper into the Park, but no. I could no longer see the buildings, thanks to the trees, but I could still see the bottom of the Museum.

Another thing I found intriguing was where the monsters seemed to gather. They formed a circle around the Cleopatra's needle. Cleopatra's needle is an Egyptian obelisk in Central Park near the Art Museum. Kinda weird to have something Egyptian in the middle of New York? Not much. It was given to the United States as a gift by Egypt in an attempt to strengthen the relationship between the two countries in the 19 century. If you don't know what is an obelisk, it is a tall and slender monument made in raster form and with a pyramidal termination. Even the word "Obelisk" comes from the Greek obeliskos, which means needle. Leaving this part of history and architecture aside, I think it's kind of depressing that this wonderful example of ancient Egyptian civilization is so far from home.

The monsters formed a circle around the Cleopatra's needle without moving much. That is, with the exception of a few. One of these monsters was a woman. Calling her a monster would be cruel, she didn't look like a monster. She was very beautiful. She had the skin tone of chocolate, enigmatic yellow eyes and walked gracefully without shivering due to the cold winter wind that made her blue hair move. Her clothes couldn't be more out of season. She wore only a long cream-colored skirt that seemed to be made of very thin tissue and a top almost the same shade of blue that her hair. While she gave a sense of elegance, she also passed a sense of danger and madness, her look made me shiver. In addition, she seemed to chant something for the obelisk in a language I didn't know. To the sounds of she intoned, the other monsters seemed to respond or repeat and I think not necessarily in the same language, because I thought I heard a few words in Greek and even in Spanish. However, it was impossible to get any words with everyone talking at once. I imagine having caught the words "River", "light" and "line", but I could be wrong.

As I approached, I could see that Cleopatra's needle was emanating a slight light. The Obelisk radiated a soft yellow light while the hieroglyphics carved in it began to shine brightly in red. Those who were closer to the ground were the first to begin to shine. The light was then spreading rapidly toward the tip of the Obelisk until it escaped by the tip crossing the sky of New York. Whatever it was it,I doubted that it was a good sign.

"Is done. One less. " said the blue-haired women admiring the light that cut the sky. What most concerned me in the phrase was "One less".

"Don't you think you'd better go doing the same in the others at once than one at a time?" asked a man approaching her. He did not give the same impact that the woman gave. The man was bald, had a big and bulky beard and his arms were as large as those of Thor. Thor of the Avengers movies. I haven't had the opportunity to meet the real, but my cousin Magnus said it is far from being the same thing.

"That's why nobody leaves the art of making plans for a Hittite as you" the woman said crossing her arms with superiority while the man looked with extreme bitterness and hatred "No, you idiot. If we do it all at once, we'll call too much attention."

"Don't you dare call me stupid, woman!" shouted the man by pressing his hand into a fist. He apparently got so angry that he was almost punching the woman. But she never lost her poise of superiority.

"Forgive me if I have mistaken ..." said a second woman, also very pretty. This second woman had long red hair and sat with extreme elegance on metal fence that prevented the people of getting too close to the Obelisk. She looked like those beautiful women who appear on the cover of magazines after a lot of photoshop. She could be a model if it wasn't the blood dripping down your mouth. Describing this way and looking at her, she could very well be a vampire. After all that's happened since I found out I was a demi-god, now I wonder if there is some magical, mythical or fictional creature that appears in the stories of the movies, books and things like that but does not exist. I'm officially open to accept everything.

"What is now?" asked the blue haired woman rolling her eyes.

"You said you don't want to draw attention, but what we're doing does not call much attention already?" asked the woman that I'm judging to be a vampire.

"Our largest group was home to Brooklyn. This will create a diversion, let the wizards be busy and they will still resolve the error that Zababa committed." explained the woman with blue hair. If I had to guess, I'd say the man was Zababa, because he was angry the blue haired woman comment.

"Come on, stop with this ugly face, Zababa" told vampire making pucker up.

"Yes. I should send you there to fix your mistake." said the Lady in blue hair "All I asked for was for the shedu to possess the god of death so he could to be on our side, but your incompetence can't even get hold of one god alone."

"The fact that almost all the other Egyptian gods are not here doesn't mean he is not a god anymore." justified Zababa "and also, he was with those kids…"

"And are you not a god too?" said the woman in the blue hair cutting Zababa's speech "and don't tell me you're afraid of a little group of mortals! You're lucky to have returned from the underworld so fast."

I was worried about the five minutes that I asked for Percy. I looked in the direction of the Lake, and everything seemed normal so far. I looked in the direction of the Art Museum and already planned my escape route for when it would necessary. I would have stayed more to hear more, but at that moment the blue haired woman turned her back to the Obelisk.

"If we had someone less forgo-"she started to say. But then she stopped.

The blue haired woman stood completely still as a statue. She began sniffing the air quickly and she put her tongue out three times. It shivered me to notice that her tongue was like a snake's. However, the shiver that ran through my body from the feet to the head at that time was nothing compared to what went through my body when she focused at me with those extremely yellow and eyes with vertical pupils.

It shouldn't be possible. I was wearing the cap that made me invisible. It was not possible that she was seeing me. I was still completely afraid to do anything that could give away my position. But apparently it wasn't necessary...

For she knew exactly where I was.

Again she recited something I didn't understand and snakes appeared like magic in front of her and some from the group of monsters. On the next moment, she jumped towards me probably trying to kill me. I was able to move fast enough to dodge and pull my knife to defend myself. I rolled gently in the grass when I fell after dodge. I fell, because she managed to hurt me at my waist with long claws that had appeared in her hands. To make matters worse, she took my cap.

Now that apparently everyone could see me, I heard the other monsters saying repeatedly "human" or "demigod". I took my knife and held strongly ready to defend myself against anyone who tried to attack me. My hips hurt and I felt the clothes beginning to stick with my body. It was then that I heard a loud noise that sounded like running water, wave and ice breaking. Percy! As soon as I could I turned to run to protect myself inside the walls of the Art Museum, but I saw that wasn't going to make it in time, because a great snake grabbed me curling around my waist and holding my arms. The body of the snake had easily the diameter of the wheel of a truck. On that moment, several things happened at the same time. In a moment I felt the snake squeezing me like it was thinking if it would rather kill me crushed or use me as breakfast and at the next second I saw someone with a sword killing the snake. I didn't even had time to think whether it was Percy this person as the next moment I was inside the Art Museum as a wave carried the greatest amount of monsters that it could.

I coughed, trying to recover the lost air after the fight against the Snake (a one-sided fight). I raised the look to see who saved me and I saw an old lady that ignored me and went towards the door of the Museum. She was tall, had freckles on her face and her gray hair was stuck in an elegant chignon. In some ways, she reminded me of my mother. As if she was an older version.

"W-Wait ..." I could say as I tried to get up, but ended up falling again. She never looked back, but I could see she was fighting swiftly with the sword preventing any Monster to enter the Museum. Watching the fight like that, I doubted that the old age brought her some burden.

At one point, it looks like the old lady with no name let Percy enter the Museum. I got up with wobbly legs while they were discussing something.

"Percy ..." I said getting up and pressing my injury.

"You okay? " He asked holding me "We have to go!"

"And leave her like that?!" I said surprised.

"I got this, girl" answered the old woman while still fighting "after all, it may not look it, but I am a goddess. You have to go. You have something more important to do than stay here."

My mind went into a tailspin at the time. Go? To where? Her? A Goddess?

"Calvary Cemetery" said the old lady as she was trying to answer my questions as soon as possible "the fate of the world is in the hands of all of you. "

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Chapter Text


I'm not a professional in the art of storytelling, but I will give my best. I promise.

Well, about the boy that Nico held, it wasn't necessary to be the son of the god of medicine to notice that he wasn't feeling well. As preventing that the boy fell to the ground, Nico guard got open and so it was left to me and the black and short haired girl to protect them both.

"GO ON, NICO! GO THROW THE PORTAL WITH HIM!" yelled desperate to get out of that place.

Of course, I didn't know how that portal was created. However, by the looks of it and by what the blonde girl had screamed, it was undeniable the fact that it was a portal.

Nico walked through it carrying the boy that could hardly walk while I protected their passage. When the two passed, me and the short-haired girl ran practically at the same time to pass through the portal followed by the blonde girl and then by the boy fully in black clothes that seemed to have materialized in front of the gate and then crossed it. Strangely, he reminded me a little of Nico.

"Get out of the way!" said the boy in black clothes and we all did what he said very willingly.

Everyone looked tense while the dragon was going toward the portal trying to cross it. When his head went through the portal, the boy in black clothes seemed to begin to close the portal as stretching his right arm towards it and then close the hand. It didn't seem to be exactly easy since he seemed to make some strength in his hand. The dragon roared and screamed increasingly as the portal closed. Everyone looked tense, exhausted and defeated while waiting to see what would be the resolution of that crazy idea. I know that my dad was busy trying to restore the oracles and deal with pimples, but, at that moment, I made a prayer to him so the idea worked and we could get out of that craziness alive.

When the portal closed beheading the Dragon, it was with a sigh of relief that all collapsed on the floor, exhausted. I twisted my nose to smell that emanated from the dead flesh of the dragon and stared at another direction. It was a pretty disgusting, the dragon's head was necrotic at some parts, bones in others and, to supplement the sick, was bleeding. Look around to divert attention of the dragon was not, unfortunately, a good idea too. When looking around, I noticed that we were in a cemetery. Okay, another point to consider the boy in black like Nico.

"WILL! YOU WOULD BE QUITE USEFUL HERE NOW! " Nico screamed and I looked to where he was.

Nico still held the boy who now seemed to be having a seizure. He shook and squirmed. I got all the strength I had and I got up as fast as I could and ran next to the boy.

"CARTER. " shouted our new friends (or so I hope so) almost at the same time.

However, despite the remarkable concern with the friend, Carter, they also were not in the best of conditions. While trying to get close to Carter, one of them discovered he had sprained his ankle, because he soon fell on the floor. One of the girls, the one with black and short hair, also didn't look good, I don't know if it was fatigue or something, but she lost the strength to stand up and ended up having to drag on until Carter.

Without thinking twice, I was soon doing all the healing thing which I was already used. I had nothing that I could use in my pockets, so I had to rely on my gifts as a son of Apollo. What, at worst, I think it's a good thing to rely upon on.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BROTHER? " complained the blonde girl. I realized she called him brother. Maybe half brother? On the part of some god? After all, she was white and blond and he had brown hair and was black. Anyway, I'd worry about relationships after.

"Relax. I'm just going to heal him. " I complained. I didn't want to wait even one more second, I had a bad feeling.

What happened to Carter seemed strange to me. Somehow, the feeling was as if he was ill, but at the same time, cursed. It was strange. I've done my best to heal him. Diseases and curses are more complicated than a wound, so I had to use more of my powers with my hands headed for him while I sand in ancient Greek a hymn for my father. Over time, the seizure of Carter was stopping and then he just puffed lying on the grass in the cemetery. I sighed, a drop of sweat ran all over my face. Healing others can not seem to depend on physical strength and stuff, but it could be tiresome when I use my powers.

"He should be fine now. You just need to rest enough" I said and the two girls, the blonde one and the one with short hair, were soon giving attention to him.

"How are you feeling?" asked the girl with short black hair.

"Don't you dare give me a heart attack like that again!"claimed blonde girl with a slight British accent.

"Oh. Sorry" he replied weakly barely opening her eyes and giving a slight laugh.

Since Carter seemed fine, I decided to check the kid who probably had sprained his ankle. The tasks of being the team's doctor. You're always the last to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. As the process of healing the boy's foot was easier, I thought about taking this opportunity to talk to him, asking who they were exactly, but I was distracted by Nico approaching me and looking for the group with the a suspicious look.

"What's that look?" I asked after a sigh.

"I'll tell you after… "said Nico in mysterious ways making me roll my eyes.

It didn't take much to cure the boy's leg, but felt uncomfortable to start chating with him while Nico was there ready to fly in the throat from the first that would be crazy enough to confront him. Not that it was necessary, we were all tired and enjoying the fact that we were all alive. I barely finished healing the boy's leg and Nico pulled me by the arm to a safer distance.

" What is it?" I complained looking at him.

"I Don't trust them." Nico said.

"Why? They didn't try to attack us and the monsters clearly didn't saw them as friends" I said while crossing my arms waiting for his argument.

"That one ... Wearing black, "said Nico quietly staring and whispering "I don't like him."

"Great, I don't have to be jealous then? " I joked and he rolled his eyes.

"He gives me a strong feeling of death." He said and I looked furtively to where the boy was.

Well ... It was difficult to doubt him, because he was in a scene that was actually quite cute. I'm jealous, I wish Nico was more ... Ahm ... I don't know the word ... "loose"? "relaxed" maybe. Then maybe we could copy. The boy in black sat on the grass that was covered with a light layer of snow and, after checking the brother, the blonde girl approached the boy and sat in his lap. I could see the boy got a little flushed when the girl sat facing him.

"You are not hurt right?" She asked holding his face with one hand and looking in each side and at the top of the head and also checking his abdomen and chest protected by a black shirt that was half torn and a little dirty of something that looked like liquid mercury.

"A little ... The worst is healed already. Only a few of when Illuyanka bit me." He replied by raising a little his shirt and showing a waist injury that was filled with the same liquid that looked like mercury. Strange, he had Unicorn blood? "And you? " He asked this time stroking the hand on her cheek that was dirty with dust and ran his eyes on her body as searching for any injury.

"Just a few scratches" she replied with a sweet smile giving then a kiss on his forehead "But don't try again be my shield. " She completed eye-rolling.

"I don't care, I prefer much more to keep you in that way, alive and breathing." He replied.

Thinking I had seen enough of that full of sugar scene, I looked at Nico once more.

"Look ... I don't know. I think I'm really jealous. Because… why we don't do anything like that?" – I asked Nico immediately blushed.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Like..." I said approaching and picking his chin gently forcing his face to approach and look at me in the eyes " Are you not hurt? Aren't you tired of summoning the dead?"

Nico blushed and looked away from side to side before answering.

" I'm fine. J-Just a little tired ..." He replied.

"Do you think the monsters will follow us down here?" asked the boy who I healed the ankle.

"I think so" answered me, Nico, the boy in black and his girlfriend, and Carter at the same time.

"We have to plan what to do..., "said Carter trying to get up, but was soon stopped by the girl with black hair that forced him, delicately, to continue lying.

"No, you have to rest" she replied by gently stroking his face with her fingers and then taking his hand firmly, but gently, as if she was afraid to break him.

Carter smiled at her and, to make the romance more on air, she gave a kiss on his forehead delicately. Seriously, I think we were all forgetting the small detail that we were in the middle of a cemetery.

"Any person less broken could help figure out what to do, "said a third girl who had stayed quiet until then. She had accent. Not quite the Latin accent that had the Mexicans, but reminded me a little bit.

"At least a cemetery ... This is good. Right? "asked the blonde girl looking for her boyfriend who nodded.

"The choice was deliberate" he replied.

Then, everyone's heart nearly came out of our mouth when we heard footsteps approaching. I would like to say that, as well as the brave warriors demigods who we are, we got up, with weapons drawn, ready to fight. But that's not what happened. Nico and I were already standing, so it was easy to draw our weapons. Carter was weak and when trying to get up, he seemed under a lot of pain so he had strained his girlfriend who had to stop to stand up and hold him. The blonde girl was still in the boy's lap, so they took some time to get up. The girl with accent was very quickly, points to her. The one with recently healed leg almost fell when getting up and another boy had to hold him. I'm glad, however, that we had nothing to fear, because soon we saw Annabeth and Percy approaching. I don't know how they found us, but I thanked them for having done it.

Chapter Text


It was a relief to be able to see that Percy and Annabeth were well. I don't know how they have dealt with all those monsters, Annabeth must have had a great plan. I'd ask about that later, because, at that time, we had more urgent things to deal with.

As they ran, reaching the cemetery where we were already pretty breathless. Percy was disheveled, clothes dirty with blood, but with no cuts whatsoever. Annabeth, however, was cut and with blood on her clothes. She puffed more than him while holding the wound firmly.

"You okay?" asked Will as noticing her cut -Let Me fix it. Come.

Will was very proactive and helped Percy to sit Annabeth on a stone bench that was nearby. Before he sit her there, however, me and one of the girls we met today, we took out the snow that was on top of the bench. It wasn't the girl that now gave full attention to Carter, nor the blonde girl who was near the boy in black, it was the girl who had Brazilian accent. I knew the accent more than Will since I was one of the few who could speak with Paolo, the Brazilian at Camp half blood.

It didn't take long for Will to heal the wound of Annabeth, however, after the cut closed, he looked seriously for her.

"So" he said "the cut closed, but ... It seems that whatever caused it, it was poisoned."

"Ugh. Shit. Like if having got cut wasn't bad enough" complained Annabeth

"We have to give an antidote for you. " continued Dr. Will "is a very strong poison so I can't heal everything, because I am very tired after Carter. But relax that is not all bad news. I managed to greatly reduce the quantity and contain the remnants of the venom for a few more hours. You'll feel a lot better now, but it would be better if you don't move too much. Give me a few minutes to try to get off what's left of the poison. You're safe at least until tomorrow night if you stay quiet."

"I'll remember" Annabeth mumbled sighing slowly while, exhausted after making three cures, being two of them apparently complicated, Will lied down on her side into what was left on the bench kind of lying only leaving the legs out.

"I'm tired" He mumbled.

As the perfect attentive boyfriend that Percy was, he sat in a small spot of the bench close to Annabeth that wasn't being used and gave a kiss on top of her head. I looked at Will, a bit silly to do something, but also wanting to give some attention and energy to my boyfriend while I myself was also a little exhausted after invoking those dead who stayed behind after we crossed the portal. So I leaned next to the bench getting the closer of Will and whispering so only him could listen.

"Working hard today, huh? Dr. Will?" I told him after giving him a kiss on the cheek. He laughed and looked at me right in the eye.

"Thanks" he answered by passing one of the hands in my hair.

"So, "said Percy breaking the moment. I thought he was looking at the two of us, but he was actually looking for the group of people among which I only knew the name of Carter "long time no see eh, Carter and Sadie."

"Really, I didn't imagine it we would find you today, but I figured that when we met again, it would be in a situation like this. " said Annabeth still on the bench.

"Dangerous, full of monsters and inexplicable things?" answered the blonde girl while the boy in black protected her with his coat. I imagine she was cold as she was wearing what seemed to be her pajamas. I don't think it was in her plans go sightseeing at the cemetery today.

"It's exactly that, "said Annabeth opening a smile.

"Hey. Hold on. Wait" I said getting up and getting between the two groups " you know each other?" I asked. Especially because I was worried about who (or what) would be the kid in black clothes.

"Make your question mine" said one of the other boys who was not Carter or the boy in black. This had Irish accent.

"I met Carter and Sadie some time ago" Percy explained.

"Pleasure, Carter" responded weakly who I already knew it was Carter.

"Sadie here" answered the blonde girl "we also just met Percy and Annabeth some time ago." She explained and Percy and Annabeth raised their hand when the names were called.

"I think we need a good session of introduction of new friends, "said Percy.

"I agree" I said. I may have looked to the boy in black and I guess he noticed, as he looked back toward me and didn't seem the least bit bothered or scared when noticed that I was watching. On the contrary, a slight laugh seemed to escape his lips. I don't know if it was a challenging laugh or giggle or something.

"Well, nice to meet you all, my name is Percy, son of Poseidon."

"Wait… wait" said the girl with Brazilian accent " son of Poseidon. Poseidon as in "the Greek god of the sea"?"

"Himself." said Percy used to this reaction "I got it from the little that I spoke with Carter and Sadie that you Egyptians are not demigods. Apparently the Egyptian gods don't usually make children around."

"No" replied the black boy.

"Egyptians?" said Will interrupting the explanation. Although I must admit that if he hadn't done it, I would have "Man ... That's cool! And they still remains faithful to its divine marriages? Sometimes it seems that the Greeks only know how to cheat, make a lover here and there, enjoy an exciting night and things like that.

"Well ..." said the boy in black "Infidelity happens more between the other gods. Most gods think it's disgusting to have such a relationship with mortals."

"Stupid" said Sadie. The boy in black looked at her with a crooked smile almost like apologizing and then she hugged him.

"Well, anyway, "said Annabeth " I'm Annabeth, daughter of Athena."

"Athena? The goddess of wisdom? Really? That's cool!" said the girl with Brazilian accent "I'm Cleo. I follow the path of Thoth."

"The Egyptian god of wisdom, "said Annabeth with the shining eyes of interest while Cleo nodded.

"Easy there." now it was my turn to stop "what is "follow the path of Toth" and if you are not demigods, what are you?"

"Mages and descendants of Pharaohs" replied the boy of Irish accent "By the way, I'm Sean, follower of the path of Khonsu, Egyptian god of the Moon and time."

"When we say "follow the path" of some god, means that we train spells or combat techniques and gather knowledge or something connected to this god and use it as our abilities" explained the boy who Will fix the broken leg " it's almost as if calling deeply to a god, but without having him or her within your body. Oh, and by the way, Julian, a follower of the path of Horus."

Will was apparently thinking that mages and descendants of Pharaohs was something pretty cool to be. I, however, was already itching to know who was the boy in black. Is that as just as I was the son of Hades, he followed the path of whatever of the Egyptian god of death? Hoping that maybe it was the case, I decided to introduce myself for those who didn't know to hoping to find out who he was as just him and the short haired girl were left.

"Different ... " I reflected before introducing me "Well, I'm Nico. Son of Hades, the Greek god of the dead."

I made a point of saying of what my father was god in case he doesn't know whom Hades is since I don't know who was the Egyptian god of death. I looked at him waiting to see what would be the reaction, and a glimmer of understanding seemed to cross his eyes. Sadie, his girlfriend, looked at him and whispered something in his ear, and he nodded with the head. Meanwhile, I was only more curious. She said something I couldn't hear and laughed while he rolled her eyes with a smile on his face.

"Well, "said Sadie ruining my plans he presents itself after me "I said I'm Sadie, but didn't mention that follow the path of Isos. Egyptian goddess of motherhood and protector of magic. As for my brother and his girlfriend... "

"Ah yes, true, I also didn't say" said Carter when Sadie looked at him. Why I had the feeling that she wanted her boyfriend to be the last to speak? I wonder if this was one of the things she whispered with him? "I follow the way of Horus. God of the sky and of Kings."

"And a few basic punches too " completed Sadie as Carter rolled his eyes.

"Wow, that's a cool path to follow. And you? The one that is his girlfriend?" Percy said looking at the girl with short hair that helped Carter to sit.

"Yes " she said "my name is Zia, a follower of the way of Ra. Egyptian God of the Sun."

"Last time I checked, weren't Horus and Ra very important gods of Egyptian mythology?" asked Annabeth and them all nodded with the head.

"Well ... Were almost everyone" I said crossing my arms no longer holding my dawdling.

"Sorry, I was going to speak after her, but she asked me to be the last, " said the boy in black pointing to Sadie.

"Hey! What kind of boyfriend are you? Ratting out your girlfriend like that!" Sadie said punching him with her elbow while Carter, Cleo, Sean and Julian laughed or opened a smile.

"I notice that also" said Carter.

"I'm sorry" said the boy in black taking her hand and giving her a kiss on the back of her hand. She seemed to have been trying to keep angry with him but a silly smile that wanted to appear on her face showed that she couldn't stay mad at him for a long time. "Well, I'm Anubis."

"Wait" said Annabeth cutting him before he had time to say anything else "Anubis as in the Anubis? The Egyptian God of death?"

"Myself" he said shrugging lightly.

"Sadie ... You didn't mention the last time that you were dating a god, "said Annabeth looking for Sadie in a mixture of surprise and concern.

"Wait. Nether magician nor demigod, you're a god. " said Will and Anubis nodded with the head "you said that the Egyptian gods didn't like to relate with humans."

"I am one of the exceptions to the rule." said Anubis answering Will, but after that looking at me "well, I guess maybe that explains why you were so suspicious of me."

"You noticed." I said and the nodded. OK, I had no idea that he was a god. Maybe I should have considered that option since it wasn't a sensation very different from my father's. I just hope he's not one of those temperamental and rancorous gods. Not that I wouldn't face him if he was, but it is always good to avoid a headache.

"Ok, now that we all know each other, I think we can give a short version of what happened on each side of the battle we were?" suggested Percy.

And so, each one gave his or her explanation of the battle. It was a bit of a mess because there were a lot of people. But we managed to sum up, more or less, what happened in the House (which now I know what it's called Brooklyn House and they live there) and Percy and Annabeth summed up the adventures of Central Park. Apparently, some of those monsters had already fought against Carter, Sadie, Zia and Anubis and it costed the life of a guy named Walt.

"I think then it's safe to say that they're going to come after you, "said Annabeth "I think I heard the woman who attacked me saying they wanted the god of death. I imagine now it's you Anubis."

"Probably. Since it also hits the description of being alone as no Egyptian god is currently in the human world. However, some things you said concerned me. "

"Like?" asked Annabeth.

"Almost looks like there is other Egyptian god here. And, what bothers me is that I didn't know that, " said Anubis seeming to be thinking about the issue " How was this woman who spoke about."

"She was very pretty, had dark skin, blue hair and yellow eyes." Annabeth said describing it.

"Yellow eyes like a snake?" asked him now seeming to remember something " and she is the one who made your wound and Will said the wound was laced with poison, right?"

"Absolutely right. Think you know this monster?" said Will.

"I think. And I also think that she is not a monster. I think it's a goddess called Naunet." said Anubis.

"Okay, this one I don't know" Sadie said.

"She represents chaos and the primordial waters. It's a very old goddess. One of the ... First ... Right?" Cleo explained and looked at Anubis as if in doubt and wanting to check the information and he nodded the head.

"She is my ... Ahm ... great-great-great Grandmother." said Anubis.

"Okay, that does sounds like quite a lot, "said Percy.

"You could go to your great-great-great Grandmother, pick up some cookies, spend some time with her, what do you think? " asked a girl who, on our distraction with the conversation, we haven't seen approaching. She was beautiful, had red hair and was bloodied mainly in the mouth. But she seemed to like it, because she licking her own lips. To our dismay, after her came some of the monsters that were in Central Park and at Brooklyn House. The amount was minor, but there they were, following us.

We prepared for battle as fast as we could. Annabeth and Carter, however, did not. Percy and Zia were fighting with them insisting that they should rest, but they ended up raising up and preparing for battle anyway. The amount of monsters may have declined, but we were all extremely tired.

Chapter Text


I wish I could say that I was very useful and that I had ran straight to the woman as soon as I saw her, but that was not the case. I was still pretty weak even though Will's treatment helped a lot. Carter was in a very bad situation too, though we all seemed tired on some level.

The first to attack the woman was Nico, as he was closer, he attacked the woman with his black sword while I felt guilty for delaying Percy since he was slow to react because he was worried about me. The woman avoided Nico's attacks with great ease and, to make matters worse, she managed to get behind him and bite him in the neck and suck his blood. At that moment, Will threw an arrow at her and she walked away from Nico with a smile on her face. Blood trickled down her chin and she wiped it with her hand.

"Nico! Are you alright?" Percy asked as he used the snow that was lying on the ground as a weapon. He controlled it and formed stakes of different sizes that he used to pierce any monster that tried to get close to us. I, on the other hand, was weak , but I held my dagger tightly as I pierced the face of a manticore (which, for my happiness, was small) and also cursed Naunet for the loss of my invisibility cap that had been left behind in the Central Park.

"I ..." he said, holding the wound as Will alternated his gaze between him and the woman.

"You're not going to become a vampire, are you?" Will asked worriedly.

"DO NOT DOWNGRADE ME AT THE SAME LEVEL OF A VAMPIRE!" She shouted in a thinner voice than the angry woman, her face disfiguring like a possessed ghost. She then headed toward Will, probably wanting to cut his throat. She was very quick, I thought we were not going to have time to save Will, but in a heartbeat the scene seemed to change. Will was knocked over with Sean on top of him, as if the Irish-guy had knocked Apollo's son down with a push.

"What?" I said confused trying to understand what had happened.

Looking at the Irish-boy friend of Carter and Sadie, made me notice that the woman also had an Irish accent.

"You're not a vampire ... Are ... Are you a D-Dearg-Due ?" Sean stammered in fear the strange word I did not know.

"My dear countryman," replied the woman, Dearg-Due. I think I would have to talk to Sean a little later, because I did not quite understand this last scene that happened. Anyway, my attention was focused on my part of the fight.

Percy did a great job of moving the monsters away from us, but I feared that his ice stakes were not enough for the monsters. To my delight, Zia also did the same thing by using flames. As they killed monsters, Zia and Percy created a sort of circle of fire and ice so that the center of it, where Carter and I were, turned into a safe area. I looked at Carter, and I saw that he was worse than I, barely able to stand, and consequently his participation in the fight had been nil.

"Some living dead would come in handy!" Sadie shouted from somewhere I could not see where .

"I'm not well enough to summon anyone else!" Nico yelled back, hurrying up a piece of his T-shirt and using it to tie it around his neck and stop the bleeding. He was fighting against the Dearg-Due with Will and now also with Sean and Julian.

"Not to sound rude, but I was not talking to you." Sadie shouted back.

I noticed her voice coming from a few feet behind me. I looked back through Zia flames and saw Sadie and Cleo casting various spells against a trio of monsters I could not identify. A little further on, I saw half a dozen monsters already fallen and one more falling to its demise when Anubis transformed a six-foot-tall monster into powder. I guess it was with him that Sadie had spoken and my suspicions was confirmed when he seemed to mutter something. I did not understand anything, I think it was in ancient Egyptian. I just know it was pretty creepy. His voice echoed through the graveyard as one of his hands touched the ground. I started to think about why the so-called "pagan" religions have received that word to define them and have been so persecuted. Hearing those incomprehensible words being said in that rather serious and scary way, was actually kind of scary. Maybe that was a reason. He soon stopped talking and then ... I was sure it was with him that Sadie was talking. I do not know how many living dead Nico was able to summon at the same time, I only know that about half the dead of the cemetery rose to help us. It looked like a horror movie scene.

The living dead were quickly joining the fight so we were getting freer and then Sadie and Cleo were able to help Will, Nico, Sean and Julian with Dearg-Due. As for Anubis, I saw that something distracted him, and only after I'd dealt with a few small monsters that had been able to get past Percy's ice stakes I could see what it was. Amid all that mess, I saw the man named Zababa approaching quietly. Next to Zababa, two creatures were approaching as well. They looked like a buffalo with wings. Zababa stopped at some distance, looked at us, seemed to complain about something and pointed at us. The two buffalo rushed toward us only without touching the ground and I prepared myself the way I could to face the new enemy.

"CAUTION! DO NOT LET THESE STUPID MONSTERS TOUCH YOU!" Shouted Sadie throwing bright spells at the monsters. One of them avoided the spell completely, but the other seemed to be injured by the attack. "LIGHT! WE NEED SPEELS THAT USE LIGHT! PURE THINGS AND SUCH!"

Well, I did not exactly have type of spells to throw at them, but the others did more than enough. Zia, Cleo , Sean, and Will fulfilled Sadie's request well enough while our Egyptian friends seemed far more concerned about what these buffalo could do. I found it a very good feat since it was left for Julian and Nico to distract Dearg-Due. The buffalo monsters seemed to have specially hated Will's arrows. With every arrow he shot that struck parts of the bodies of the monsters, those parts disappeared completely causing an ugly and bloody wound to the monsters who were soon dying of pain and then disappeared altogether.

"It was their fault that W-Walt died," said Carter, sitting behind me. I glanced sideways at the brief explanation he had given before Dearg-Due appeared. It also crossed my mind that he did not look well at all, especially considering that Will had theoretically already cured him.

"WHY HELP THESE MORTAIS, INPU ?!" Zababa shouted, crossing his arms, I noticed how he did not seem to want to enter the boundaries of the graveyard. The number of monsters had already reduced greatly thanks to the living dead.

"You expect me side with you then?" Asked Anubis.

"It may be bloody and complicated, but Egyptians and Hittites have a history. We even have a peace agreement, do we not?" Asked Zababa. Zababa's question was accompanied by a cry of pain as the Dearg-Due was mortally wounded by a Nico's attack. She fell to the ground motionless.

"Which, I imagine, lost the validity several centuries ago." Zia answered as I realized there was just us and Zababa now.

"SHUT UP, MORTAL !" Zababa shouted back at her. He rumbled his neck as if trying to regain his composure and looked back at Anubis. "So? Why do you help them? What did they do to deserve it? Your own people changed you, their gods, by Jesus and then changed Jesus for Allah. They are volatile and unworthy!"

"Things change over time. " said Anubis, shrugging his shoulders " Do not make it seem like it was a thing of two or three days."

"Do not tell me you've surrendered yourself to the human world!" Said Zababa, pointing at Anubis and holding the collar of his own clothes, probably indicating the Iron Maiden shirt that our god friend wore.

"Oh, Come on! The cover of this album has a very old Egyptian atmosphere" Will said, trying to defend Anubis.


"It's not my fault if you're still stuck in the Before Christ, Zababa," Anubis said, sighing.

"Yes, time has passed, mortals have changed…" said another person joining Zababa and literally appearing out of nowhere , but not entering the graveyard. My new enemy, Naunet "Do you not miss it, Inpu? Those times, That power."

"We can begin a session of millennial nostalgia sitting in one of these tombs, what do you think?" Anubis suggested, and some of us looked at him as if he had gone mad, but Naunet smiled coldly and frighteningly.

"I will not fall for this. I know well enough that cemeteries are your territory. You're mistaken if you can make me fall into this trap."

"The strongest you can get is in a graveyard?" Asked Zababa. "How you have fell, Inpu. You are no longer the one I saw fighting in the Battle of Kadesh.

"In any case ... Let's go to Zababa," Naunet said.

"Ugh? What do you mean with "let's go"?" Said Zababa. We were also surprised by the speech. I would have asked the same thing that Zababa did if it were not for the fact that I was crazy for them to leave, I already felt the weakness of the poison coming back to me.

"Oh no ..." Percy mumbled in reverse. "Anubis, do you not mind if I attack your great-great-great-grandma right?"

Percy did not wait for Anubis to respond and was already running towards Naunet with a look of anger in his face. She deflected and countered all the blows that he gave with the Riptide using her claws that had poisoned me. Zababa wanted to participate in the fight trying to attack Percy's head, but Nico and Sadie quickly joined the fight against Zababa. I tried to join the fight against Naunet, but my knees failed and I fell, again, to my extreme rage, on the ground. Zia and Julian fulfilled my desire to attack Naunet, but she was very good. Will tried to shoot an arrow at her, but she stopped that arrow without difficulty creating a small swirl of pancake-size water between her hand and the arrow that was coming toward her. The arrow fell uselessly on the floor as she swirled that whirlwind and shifted it so that it surrounded her and Zababa. This whirlwind drove back all those who fought against them, except Percy. Apparently Percy's presence was not something they wanted, as Zababa punched Percy's head so that he fell out of the whirlpool and collapsed on the floor. The whirlwind then began to swallow them. Anubis threw what looked like mummy linen trying to hold them and prevent them from running away as Sean threw something that looked like a light rope and the others who were able to launch long range attacks did, but Naunet and Zababa were gone.

"Damn ..." Nico complained tiredly falling to the floor. We all collapsed on the floor.

"We look really bad, right?" Zia said as I approached Percy, who was lying on the floor fainted, crawling.

"And I don't have the strength to heal anyone now, guys, my bad." Will said as he lay on the floor with his arm over his face.

"It will not be a problem," a female voice said, startling us. We were having too many surprises with people popping out of nowhere. It was getting annoying. I was about to complain by asking something like "argh, what is it now?" Until I saw that the owner of the voice was my mother.

"M-Mother?" I said. Yes, Athena was before us in the middle of a graveyard "What ...?"

"What am I doing here?" She said looking at me "An exceptional situation. Menrva informed me that she communicated with you near the museum and the needle. Given the current situation, I thought a little help would be welcome."

"What help would that be?" I asked.

My mother looked away from me and then looked at Anubis.

"I, Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, give to you, Anubis, Egyptian god of death, the permission to open a portal to camp half blood so that these children, including the Egyptian magicians, can rest and recover." My mother said, and a look of surprise crossed Anubis's face. He nodded. "And you all, for now, rest. It was an arduous battle. The current situation is very complicated and I feel that soon you'll find something to do."

"Little question," said Anubis, "do the other Greek gods know of this little permission you just gave?"

"I think you, who loves to break one rule or another, know that sometimes, to win, rules must be broken." Said Athena with a serious face but soon opening a small smile.

"I guess that was a no, "Zia said.

In addition, Athena approached Will and handed him a paper with some written things.

"These ingredients should make an excellent antidote. Use it well and have it in stock, son of Apollo." Said Athena. Will took the sheet and nodded. " Good luck, you'll need it."

And so, my mother disappeared again.