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Not in the way

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“You never loved her”Camille was sort of speechless

“Not in the way that I love you Cam”Aaron tells his ex wife

“What were you doing with her then?”Camille questioned him


“I thought that if I got myself back into the dating scene I could move on but I just can’t” Aaron tries to explain everything to her

“We are separated”Camille reasons as her reason for not wanting to be concerned with what he chooses to do

Especially since they were no longer together

Camille shouldn’t be pressing him about his new love life with his new girlfriend Karen yet here she was doing just that


“You are making me feel so guilty right now”Camille says to him

Aaron stood there unsure of what to tell her

“I didn’t mean to upset you”Aaron tries apologizing but then suddenly automatically regrets his poor choice of wording

A look of pure hurt flashed over on her face she stared at him shaking her head in silence