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For The Glory

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"... you’re lame, dude." 

Kaminari squirmed in his place, tilting his head a bit as arrows of pain were shot back and forth through his head and spine. 

"No! I'm telling you, it's the purple bitch."

Something buzzed in his head, as if someone whacked his eardrums with cymbals. 

"Are you kidding me? You're a human killing machine and you couldn't defeat a junkie twink and an unarmed hero?" 

A junkie twink. Was that a new nickname for Kaminari? Those voices sounded so distant yet close, he had a hard time telling wherever they were familiar or he had never heard them before. It could happen with a man after being knocked out in the middle of the day. Kaminari tried to force his eyes open, but the task was hard. 

"I forgot about his quirk, okay!" whined whoever talked. 

"That's because you're a dumbass- oh, looks like the Junkie Twink is waking up."

So the nickname was definitely in his honor, because a strong gut feeling was telling him that indeed he was the only person in the room that could be in a progress of ' waking up'

"I'll go call the doc."

He heard the sound of an automatic door opening and closing; then finally managed to fully open his eyes. It took a moment for his eyesight to stabilize itself, and when it finally agreed to cooperate with his fuzzy brain - a dark room was discovered in front of him. It had plain gray walls, a table that stood in the middle and a few chairs behind it. Also, machines were placed on the floor, looking like dead computers. 

But then, he realized that a transparent wall separated the part of the room where a woman sat with a judgmental look on her face; and the other part where he was chained to the wall. His eyes went round in surprise and sudden fear pumped in his chest. Immediately he tried to move; the sound of ringing chains couldn't be good. 

Kaminari looked down at his body when his senses came back to him, because he realized that something was missing. His movements felt too light, despite the chains. He almost yelped aloud when he noticed that actually what was chained was his torso, because his legs seemed to be missing.

They took my legs. Fucking perfect. 

"Don't look so offended," the voice of the random woman echoed in his ears. "You'll get fresh new limbs from the doc."

The doc. Kaminari frowned, looking up at her. "Where am I?" he demanded to know, though his voice came out shakier than he wanted it to. He cleared his throat, looking as stoic and indifferent as he could. Basically, he was just trying to mimic Bakugou's expression and hoped it would work. By looking at the amused smirk that was drawn on her face - it didn't. 


Goddammit. Kaminari sighed heavily. He looked to the side, trying to recall the last events before he was knocked out. He and Shinsou   were on the balcony of Kirishima and Bakugo's household. They talked about… Something; and- Red exploded on Kaminari's cheeks as his face suddenly grew hot, remembering that lust in Shinsou's eyes and the fact that they almost kissed after Kaminari's mental breakdown. Anyway , Kaminari shook the feeling off of his chest; later on they were attacked by some creep and… 

Shinsou was shot. 

"What did you do to Shinsou?" he blurted out. 

The woman tilted her head. "Shinsou?" Kaminari glared at her, until she suddenly clapped her palms and made an ‘oh!’ sound with her dark red lips, “That dude. Well, he was an obstacle so we got rid of him.”

Kaminari’s face paled. “ Got rid ?”

She smirked, and the door opened again. He recognized the human-gun with the pink messy hair immediately, nonchalantly following the back of some old man wearing a white lab coat. He had small, square glasses, and his brown eyes sunk in from how tired he was. His facial features were sharp, yet he himself wasn’t the thinnest man alive. Kaminari wasn’t dumb, he already knew that it was the said doc they were talking about, however, it didn’t mean he was going to sit here and let them fool around with him.

"I can't believe this is E's precious finding," suddenly grumbled the man, rubbing the back of his neck. "I thought that he was talking about the other blond. What was his name…"

Kaminari wrinkled his nose. The other blond? 

"Bakugou Katsuki? Yeah I thought so too, but he doesn’t look like the twink from the pic," shrugged the pink haired guy. "I mean, this twink," he pointed out at Kaminari. 

"What do you want with Bakugo?" shot Kaminari, his eyes widening with fear. First they hurt Shinsou, now they were after Bakugo, couldn't they leave him and his friends alone? Whatever was happening, wasn't good. 

"None of your business," spat the heavy man. "You need to shut your mouth and do exactly as I tell you."

A nerve popped in Kaminari, as he tried to move his body, feeling electric current running up and down his body. "Try me."

Suddenly, the pink haired guy and the girl burst in laughter. He shot them in irritated glance, realizing why were they making fun of him. All of his missing limbs were, well, missing. He could activate his quirk from the one arm that was still in its place, however his quirk wasn't as strong as it used to be since the incident. And for some reason, he had a strong gut feeling that they had something to do with it. He had never given it a thought before, so only he realized how bad it actually was - because he couldn’t use his quirk and escape out of here. Not that he had legs to runaway with. 

Pressing his lips tight in defeat, Kaminari glared at his enemies, refusing to satisfy them furthermore. 

"Now that that’s settled, you better do exactly as I say." repeated the doctor, "If you want to have your limbs back, that is." 

Huh…? To say that Denki wasn't confused would be a lie, but the term confused was too gentle to describe the feeling he had. "My limbs?" 

The doctor pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well of course not your original limbs, dumbass, those rotted long ago," he turned to the other two villains in the room. "Bring him to room 056, we'll start the operation in a moment."

To say that Katsuki disliked the new findings was a very gentle way to put it.

He trudged to the kitchen, opening the medics drawer. Automatically, his fingers fished a pack of pills under the name Ketamil. A shaky breath escaped his lips as he slowly shuffled back to Watanabe, forcing the usual scowl on his face. “Hey check those too,” he said, throwing the pack to the man sitting next to him.

Something was fishy.

In his mind, the dots didn’t connect. Everything the blond told them wasn’t making sense. And Denki’s reactions? The fact that his heart stopped less than a day ago? Only a fool wouldn’t be bothered by it. Eijirou was acting weird, too. In the last year and a half he learned to trust the red head but…

He had always suspected that there was something missing. A small secret kept under covered by the man. But Katsuki couldn’t speak for sure.

Why? Well, the answer was simple.

He couldn’t be sure about anything.

The fateful day, when he woke up in an unfamiliar place; connected to machines that kept him alive and being confused - was fresh and clear in his head. It was the only memory he could state for sure that he had. The first face he saw was the sleeping face of the redhead, smeared on the hospital bed beside him, scarred and beaten up.

At first, he couldn’t recognize him. Little by little as he recovered his memories arose from the dark abyss; but not all of them. There were still huge gaps in his head that refused to fill up as time passed.

Kirishima always reassured him that it was expected. After all, Bakugo suffered from a heavy head injury and barely made it out after the Shigaraki Incidence . It was a miracle by itself that he returned to the hero job. But it was supposed to be obvious for everyone.

With or without his memories, Katsuki was determined to be a hero as he supposed he always was. But that wasn’t his point. What bothered him now was that it was too suspicious, too easy .

How come that he and Kaminari both suffered from the heaviest injuries (well, not in concluding the dead ones) and both were taking some weird pills to recover?

As what he could tell, Kaminari’s trauma was way worse than his - the guy lost three out of four of his limbs and had two open heart surgeries in less than two months in a row. The true miracle was how the electric blond was still alive.

Honestly speaking, Katsuki vaguely remembered what had happened on the battlefield, he just knew about the aftermath.

He was part of the aftermath.

The look Watanabe shot him after he checked Katsuki’s pills too made his stomach flip. The man opened his mouth to speak - when suddenly an explosion startled the house.

Walls trembling and crumbling cracks: Katsuki looked to the direction of the explosion which appeared to be the balcony. The place Kaminari and Shinsou went to. “Shit.” he breathed out, darting there before he could process any other information. Eijirou peered out of the bathroom, his face pale. “What happened?” he bypassed him, hearing the redhead immediately follow his tail.

“I don’t know!”

They didn’t waste a single moment, sprinting to the transparent door of the balcony and bursting it open. He broke out of the house, covering his eyes from the rising smoke. It took a moment for it to dissolve into the air, leaving only the view of their ripped balcony - and Shinsou who coughed blood and tried to lift himself on shaking arms, basically bathing in his own puddle of fresh, red blood.

“Where’s-” he cut himself off, turning to Hitoshi, “Shit, Ei - call an ambulance right fucking now.”

“Y-yes!” squeaked Kirishima, running back into the house.

“Stay with me,” he leaned down next to the guy and grabbed him, turned him on his back and examined him. Something penetrated his waist, there was no bullet. According to his knowledge of human anatomy - the kidney was the place that suffered the hit. Not good at all, but if they act fast it can be saved.

Without warning, he pressed down the wound, causing a high-pitched scream to emit from Shinsou’s mouth. The purple head yanked his body and grasped onto the floor, his breaths were heavy but rapid.

The fact that Kaminari was nowhere to be seen didn’t contribute to the situation either.


Bakugo parked the car under a tall building, glancing at Watanabe sitting next to him and typing something on his phone; as his hand reached for the door to open it. He shut off the screen and turned to look at the ash blonde, smiling. 

“Thanks,” he said, pushing the door of the car opened.

“Uh,” let out, “No, thank you. And sorry for the mess,” he said as apologetically as he could.

The man stopped and looked at him, sighing, “It’s alright. I hope those two will be fine… I’ll finish working on the pills in two or three days and contact you asap.” Bakugo nodded and watched silently as the man exited the car. “Stay safe,” he added and then closed the door.

The moment he entered his building, Bakugou pressed the gas and let the car roll down the road, his eyes narrowed in the uneasiness that hovered around him the past day.

After they found Shinsou, the ambulance took him to the hospital. Kirishima volunteered to ride there with him and keep an eye on the guy, so that Bakugo would be able to give Watanabe a safe ride home. They didn’t want to get the man involved furthermore in the brewing mess; so they asked him to keep his profile law and work undercover for them.

Hopefully, it would do the job. The man was a pharmacist that took part in dirtier projects than that. Anyhow, he had to tell them what those pills were really doing to him and Kaminari.

Though, he didn’t tell Kirishima that he gave the man his medication too. It was better to keep quiet about that for now.

Now, the ash blonde headed to the hospital. He drove through the silent street, as for it being already a late evening hour. The sun made its way to the horizon long ago, letting the shadows take over the realm of humanity. His skin shivered as he scanned the streets, feeling the heaviness and tension in the air around him. It wasn’t a peaceful evening.

The plan almost went according to what he initiated at first, but an unexpected figure caught his attention. To his surprise, or maybe sorrow, it was the only man in the world he couldn’t stand since they were kids - Midoriya Izuku, The Symbol Of Peace: Deku.

His stomach flipped at the sight of the green haired hero, who walked nonchalantly on the street, wearing a horrible, beige trench coat. Why, on earth, did the blond have to see his face now? Was it the laugh of fate? His day was shitty enough, he didn’t need to see him too-

Kaminari’s words suddenly drummed in his ears.

“...I couldn’t take the Didactium with me because Midoriya appeared out of nowhere...” Was what he had said when he told Watanabe about his other two pills. Therefore, it meant that for some odd reason, Deku was in Kaminari’s house when they went there to take that letter Kaminari had never found. Not thinking, Katsuki hit the brake pedal and turned the wheel, parking randomly. He didn’t even know where he was allowed to park his car there but he didn’t really give a fuck.

Midoriya, as oblivious to Bakugou’s presence as before, turned into an alley. The ash blonde grabbed a mask for his mouth he sometimes wore to run away from the annoying press and wore his disguise, exiting and locking the car. He waited a few moments before ducking his fists in the pockets of his hoodie and plowed after the green haired man.

Following his steps was easy. As a trained pro hero he mascerded himself damn well, going completely unnoticed and mingling in their surroundings. However, not even once he let his eyes slip away from Izuku, in the fear to accidentally lose sight of him. Yet, he never did.

Within half an hour of walking, the urban landscape changed into tangled vegetation of the nearby forest. His eyes explored the environment while he was careful not to step on a broken branch, continuing to follow the hero carefully. The feeling of discomfort increases more and more as he followed the man, his heart throbbing in his chest.

Suddenly, the man in front of him turned sharply. Eyes widening, Bakugou hurried to leap behind a tree, clinging to it, his breath caught in his throat. They both stood frozen for a few moments, and then he heard rustling leaves, signifying that the man continued his walk. He quickly followed, now keeping his alertness even more. Yet, he couldn’t help but wonder how stupid this nerd actually was, or maybe he was just trained too well.

Bakugo couldn’t expect the great building that appeared after another twenty minutes of walk.

At first glance it looked like an abandoned building, with ivy growing on it and the trees completely masking it with their branches. The two men in black uniforms were the only indicator that it was far from an abandoned building, and his eyes flicked to the familiar big, white letters that formed the word E-TECH . He had seen it somewhere, but couldn’t remember where.

From the distance he was he couldn’t eavesdrop to whatever was said, but Midoriya patted a shoulder of one of them and entered throughout the apparent automatic door. Yup, this isn’t an abandoned building at fucking all. He let a minute or two pass, before he began his movement in the shadows toward the entrance. Whatever this place was, it was shady and Katsuki didn’t like it; nor the fact the Deku was part of it.

Bakugo snuck up behind one of the guards, slamming the side of his neck. Without even watching him fall, he grabbed the pistol he had hung from his belt and shot at the other guard, who didn’t have the time to even let out a scream before the gun was slammed against his head. The two were knocked out, as the pro hero smirked above them nonchalantly. Now, was the less intimidating part - he had to strip one of them.

The grueling operation was done at maximum speed, and within two minutes the blonde was dressed in a black suit, covering his face with the helmet and heading for the entrance. He picked up the ID card of the one who he took the uniform from and transferred it on a scanner at the door, stepping inside into the pit of the unknown.

Upright shoulders, forceful walking - he overtook the guard's character momentarily. His legs led him down the corridor that seemed to widen the more he deepened into the cliff core; in which was the mysterious building. There were no people, the walls were white and the smell of a lab was in the air. Strange chemicals wafted through the air making his nose tingle, along with distant sounds of squeaks and engravings, as if someone was trying to scratch a fossilized wall.

His stomach flipped but he shut off his inner voice that was telling him to run, and kept his walk farther. He approached a door that required once again to scan the stolen ID card, and for his luck to door opened and he passed it too. He had no idea where he headed, or where he was generally, but it was his duty now to discover whatever this place was and to do… What he needed to, eventually.

Midoriya was nowhere in his sight, and slowly but surely the place turned into a maze of halls, doors and corridors. The strong lights made his head hurt. Completely lost but too proud to admit it even to himself, Bakugo took a sharp turn - and accidentally stumbled upon a bunch of people. He froze for a second letting panic take over him, before he did the most logical thing in the situation as his eyes noticed the white lab coat one of them was wearing.

He saluted like a disciplined soldier, standing still. Hopefully, it was the right thing to do. The tired looking man nodded at him and passed from his side, barely even looking. The rest of the people that shuffled behind him did too, too busy with themselves.

Only after their footsteps were no longer heard, Katsuki relaxed and hurried to walk down the corridor. He was on the right path, if he saw some people already. Or so he told himself.

Five minutes of total silence passed by before he exited the corridor and found himself in a lobby. Behind the reception desk he really didn’t expect to see; sat two women, chatted among themselves that didn’t spare him a second glance. His guessed that those two had no idea who they were working for, and it was sad how easy it was to manipulate people who just wanted to earn some money. He brushed the thought aside as he turned to the elevator and pressed the bottom.

The doors opened and he stepped in - immediately taken aback by the fact that Midoriya was in one of them, holding a note in his palm. The green haired man shot him a look and then smiled, moving to the side giving him some room to stand. Katsuki didn’t flinch, nor gave away any hint about being an intruder, and pressed randomly on the fifth floor.

“Did The Doc called you too?” suddenly asked Midoriya.

Shit. If Katsuki answered, his disguise would go to hell immediately. So he just nodded, his arms crossed firmly on his wide chest. Who was that Doc anyway? Did Midoriya really got himself involved with something… He still didn't have the right words to describe that something, he just knew that he didn’t like it.

“I see,” it was irritating that he used his usual cheerful tone, “Say, have you seen Kirishima here today by any chance? He said he would come here by six but I was called because apparently he didn’t.”

That almost made Bakugo choke. Eijirou? He glanced at Deku as restrainedly as he could, shaking his head in negation. However, his heart thrilled in his chest and had begun pumping so loudly. Why did he say his name? Why was he looking at him so puzzled? He watched as the green haired wrinkled his nose and shrugged, scraping the piece of paper between his fingers.

“Oh well, I’ll ask him later,” he yawned, and the elevator dinged, telling them that they reached the floor.

Midoriya went out first, Bakugo on his tale. The tension seemed to grow as his mind went bonkers: what was Kirishima’s connection to this place? Why he had never heard Kirishima mentioning being with Midoriya in some weird lab? Sweat gathered on his forehead as things started to make sense in his mind but he just shoved it forcefully aside; denying it with all of the will he had.

 They approached a heavy, metal door with a retina scanner that scanned Deku’s eyes. He peered inside, and then looked suddenly at Bakugo, who almost jumped in his place. “You coming in? They’ve already started.”

Who are they ?

He nodded and hurried after him, the door closing behind the two men. The room was dark, the only source of light was from a lamp that was in the center of the room. Screens were viewed on the walls that showed lots of weird captions, drawings of a rotating 3D body and all sorts of graphs and alternating numbers. The sounds the machines made, beep beep beep, were annoying. His eyes scanned the room as they walked toward the center, to a man that was attaching something to someone tied to a huge chair.

His heart throbbed.

It was Kaminari who was bound to the chair, wriggling and growling like a trapped animal, stripped of his clothes except a pair of boxers. He looked as if he was in pain, his hair standing slightly from the static electricity that must have formed there. Bakugou then noticed the tears that were rolling down his cheeks as he suddenly let out a cry of pain that was muffled by the clothes tied to his bruised mouth.

The man was holding weird looking instruments in his hands that Bakugo couldn’t tag names to, and fastening a screw into a bionic leg that was attached to his thigh. Another, similar bionic leg was already attached to the knee of his second leg, and finally for the first time in a few days - he saw another arm connected to the former pro hero’s shoulder. They’re giving him new limbs…?
Then why did it hurt him so much if they were helping him? Or maybe they didn’t? He didn’t look like someone who wanted them to do what they were doing.

“Hey Doc!” greeted him Midoriya, coming closer. Bakugo didn’t miss the way Kaminari’s eyes widened at the sight of the green haired man. That made his gut flinch even harder. “Hello to you too, Kaminari,” he said in a soft tone, “Finally. I thought you would never do it.”

“Yes because it was fucking impossible to bring him here,” grumbled the man, looking up at Izuku.

“That’s because Tai is a dumbass!”

“Shut the fuck up Akira.”

Bakugo only now noticed the presence of another two people in the room - a young woman and a guy sitting across from them. He stared at the as they nonchalantly watched the man torturing the blond, feeling a strong urge to punch them in the face. He forced himself to look back at Denki, who sat slouched in the chair and was breathing heavily, saliva dripping down his chin and mixing with his tears.

Anger bubbled in his chest and it was so hard to maintain quiet. Suddenly the man looked up at him, their eyes locked as he frowned, shooting the green haired hero a confused look. “Why’d you bring a guard?”

Oh shit-

“Huh?” Midoriya raised his brow. “He told me that you called him…?”

“We called no guard,” interrupted the young woman, glaring at Katsuki. “What are you doing here you idiot?”

Bakugo cleared his throat. Their eyes dug into his flesh and made him almost choke on his own saliva. His body strained in his place as he wrecked his mind, searching for the best option possible in the dumb situation he found himself in because he was too reckless for his own good - when suddenly his eyes landed on Kaminari’s.

Fear. A cry for help. They were begging for someone to come and save him. 

That was it. Bakugo couldn’t take it anymore. 

Whatever they were doing to Kaminari wasn’t good, and he wasn’t the type to stand still and watch his friend getting hurt. The process of putting on those robotic prosthetics looked painful enough for him to be convinced that Kaminari wasn’t in charge of what was happening to his body, despite him being fully aware of his surroundings. Bakugou took a deep breath and smirked underneath the helmet, the adrenaline kicking in.

“Well no shit you didn’t call a guard,” he hissed, yanking the helmet off of his head. His crimson eyes fixed on Izuku’s stunned green eyes, taking in the pleasure of the way his body strained and face paled. “Hey nerd,” he spat, taking a step closer.

“Kachan-” breathed out the pro hero. “W-what are you doing here?”

“I could say the same to you,” shot at him, feeling his palms become hotter. “What the fuck is your business with Kaminari?”

“Ah…” Midoriya looked like a lost puppy as he took a moment to probably analyze the situation but Katsuki didn’t let him do that - because he had already charged forward and hit his palm at the main computer screen, exploding it to shudders.