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For The Glory

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The overwhelming smell from the alley’s dumpster really didn't help the already dank atmosphere. Flies buzzed around, annoying Shinsou with their tiny shrill buzzes, while he waved his arms, trying to make them leave him alone. 


Slowly he crouched in front of the body that was smeared across the asphalt, one arm stretched forward and the other arm was nowhere to be seen, which kind of creeped him out for a second. A messy tuft of blonde hair covered the guy's face, however there was no mistake when he noticed the black locks that formed a very prominent lighting bolt. 


He breathed out shakingly, his arms began to wrap around his shoulders. Carefully he pulled the unconscious man into his arms, making sure he didn’t hurt Kaminari anymore than he already was. It took him by surprise realizing how actually heavy Kaminari was: When he tried to gather his legs closer he huffed from the sudden heavy weight, and then decided to place the blonde gently on the floor so to not drop him or anything. 

His tired violet eyes observed the blond haired man closely, as his hand trailed down the side of the shirt when an arm was supposed to be. Only when he reached the upper side of the arm, he felt the limb underneath his fingers. In his memory, a vague conversation he had had with Mina popped up. 

Uh, right. She had told him about Kaminari's injuries after the Shigaraki Incidence but he… He forgot. Sudden heavy feeling spread in his chest as he looked down at Kaminari and swallowed a lump of nerves. Did he even had the right to worry about Kaminari now? He didn't even visit him- Well, maybe once or twice but they didn't really interact. 

Overall after high school ended they hadn't been in touch expect sometimes during patrols or meetings. They weren't close friends, or actually friends at all, so could he really be so concerned and worried about him now? When he was lying unconscious under him, his face pale and he lips parted, while heavy breathes rolled out in between them and his chest rose up and down slowly. 

Water, perhaps it was his saliva, dripped down his chin. Shinsou pressed his finger underneath it and wiped it gently. He then closed Kaminari's mouth, shaking his head. Idiot. Help him. What kind of hero you are? He scolded himself angrily, then wrapped an arm around Kaminari's ridiculous slim waist. 

Now when he thought about it, he remembered Kaminari a bit wider. Well, with everything that the poor guy had to go through he probably couldn't hold his hero form for long. But still - even with his slim form he was heavier than Shinsou expected. Slowly he pulled him up to his back, securing him with his arms. 

OK… What now? He frowned, stopping in his place. I can't go the way I went here because those idiots will be there… He chewed on his lower lip, while trying to wreck his mind to the most optimal solution. 

Of course that the best for Kaminari at the moment was to get to the hospital. He had no idea what had happened to the blonde, he just guessed it couldn't be something good. But there was no way he would bring him to the hospital when the whole city was thinking of his as a criminal that had escaped from prison. It would be a very ridiculous and reckless move from his side. 

Thus, Shinsou decided to bring him to his apartment. Mina told him that Kaminari's apartment was a complete mess, the police had turned his place upside down looking for evidence. At the moment Shinsou's apartment was the only safe place for him. Kaminari needed to rest. Shinsou would find some paramedic or doctor that he could trust to not tell the police about Denki and bring him to get checked out. Then, he'd contact Kaminari's friends and they'd take care of the blond. 

The only unsolved thing was how to get to his damn house, preferably without getting caught. Good job, Hitoshi. He huffed, feeling his arms growing a bit tired from holding Kaminari's absurdly weighty legs. 

Breath in. 

Breath out.

Let's go. 

Shinsou peered out of the alley, the sun of the late noon hit his face and made him growl in annoyance. He began to sneak slowly and cautiously towards the street where he parked his motorcycle. It wasn't too far, just a few blocks away. The problem was that it was parked in a pretty open place... And they would have to sneak through alleyways so that they wouldn't get caught. It was going to be a tough mission.

"Yes, sorry. I just felt really bad- Yes, sir. I'll take the evening patrol tomorrow. Again I'm sorry- Uh, I had a stomach ache. Probably ate something bad, felt like throwing up- No. I'll be fine by tomorrow. Yes. Good day, thank you Sir." 

Shinsou tapped his fingers on his phone, chewing on his lower lip nervously. Only when he heard the beep that told the phone call was over he let himself exhale loudly, massaging him temples. He didn't know how stressing it actually was to lie to his boss up until today, he simply never had a reason to lie. 

He glanced to the side, looking at Kaminari. The blonde was sleeping peacefully on his couch. After Shinsou placed him there and covered him with a blanket. The quiet snoring Kaminari made were kind of relaxing to listen to, but that was probably because he almost had a heart attack when one of his sidekicks almost caught them on the way to the bike. 

Listening to him sleeping on his couch meant that they had successfully completed the mission, ‘Hide Kaminari and Don't Get Caught’ but it also meant that Shinsou just now committed a crime himself; and he wasn't really sure what to think about it. 

Was helping an innocent to get away with a crime that he had never committed; was a crime? 

Could he really trust Mina that easily with it? She had no reason to lie to him about Kaminari. Heck, if Bakugou was so fired up with getting him out of jail probably Kaminari indeed was innocent but… But who could do it to him? And why? What did Kaminari do to trigger someone into falsely imprisoning him? 

Shinsou plopped on a chair in his living room, burying his head between his palms. It started to ache a bit from the swirl of thoughts attacking him. He just felt so… lost. For the first time in his life he had no idea what to do- Well, maybe not the first time, but it was how he felt anyway. 

A cough caught his attention and burst his bubble of thought. He lifted his head sharply, noticing Kaminari moving a bit. He thought the blond was going to wake up, but he only huddled into his blanket turning his head and letting out an uneasy breath. Shinsou stepped closer to him, pressing his palm to his forehead. It was cool. 

What should I do? He asked himself again, rubbing the back of his neck. After a solid minute, in which the only thing he did was to study Kaminari's features, Shinsou decided to call Mina. 

He found her contact on his phone easily enough and pressed call. He was so damn close to breaking something because instead of Ashido, he was sent to voicemail. God dammit! He took a deep breath, remembering that Mina had mentioned that she was going to the police station today. Of course that her phone would be out of range - she didn't want no one to interfere or locate her. A smart move, he was the dumbass here. 

Next try: Kirishima. He started to search for his contact, only to notice that he… Didn't have his number. He remembered talking to him a few times but he was probably too lazy to make a new contact. Shinsou was now one step closer to bursting. 

Bakugo. I have to have his fucking number. His finger was scrolling down furiously while eyes searched for the name tag Bakugo Katsuki and then - he noticed it, immediately sliding his finger on the contact and pressing the phone to his ear.  

"What the fuck do you want zombie?" Katsuki's irritated voice made Shinsou sigh in relief, despite him hating the dumb nicknames he called him since high school. 

"I need you to uh… Come over, like, right fucking now," Shinsou felt paranoid, but the thought that someone could listen to them talking on the phone suddenly gripped into him and refused to let go. Even when the more rational part of his mind told him that the chances were minimal, he still preferred not to mention Kaminari. 

Especially because he didn't know who else could be listening in.

"Why the hell should I?" 

Shinsou swallowed a lump of nerves. "There's a Pikachu on my couch."

A moment of silence. "What. The fuck." Bakugo sounded very confused. 

"You know, like, whey-" 

"I know what Pikachu is- Oh," the feeling Shinsou had when the realization hit the other pro hero was familiar to a stone falling from his chest. The relief that washed over him was relaxing in ways he couldn't find the right words to explain. "Be right there. Send me the address."

"Ok," when Bakugo ended the call Shinsou hurried the to do it, then he turned around towards the couch-

And almost had a heart attack when a pair of gold eyes were watching his. 

"Oh!" he yelped, hearing his voice cracking a bit. After clearing his throat, Shinsou lowered his tone a bit. "You're awake."

Kaminari studied him for yet another solid minute, as if he wasn't sure who he was looking at. Then he slowly looked around, tired eyes observing Shinsou's plain living room. 

It was nothing special, at least in Shinsou's opinion: a dark purple couch that fitted in its colors to the grayish walls. A few vinyls hung on the walls, from his favorite bands or just some that he thought had some cool designs. He also had a square coffee table and a TV in front of it, and that was it. He didn't really tried to make to living room look presentable. 

"Uh…" Kaminari breathed out, then coughed into his palm, eyes narrowed. "Where… Am I?" whispered, his voice thin and tired. 

"My apartment," Shinsou fiddled with his phone in his fingers, not really sure how to approach him. "I found you unconscious in an alley, the police was chasing after you so I picked you up and hid here."

Kaminari lowered his head, lifting his only arm to rub his eyes. "Ugh... Sorry, can I please have an aspirin? My head's killing me," he mumbled, leaning on his side on the couch. 

Shinsou nodded. "Sure. gimme a sec."

His feet led him to the kitchen, but the moment he was out of Kaminari’s sight he stumbled and had to place his arms on the kitchen table so as not to fall. One of his hands wiped cold sweat from his forehead and he breathed in, forcing air down his lungs. Kaminari had never had an aura that terrifying and sad. He felt that he was choking on something from only standing near him. The usual dumb smile on his face was gone, he looked miserable, drained, and exhausted.

This wasn’t the Kaminari, the Chargebolt, he used to know.

After calming himself down he walked back to his blonde guest, with a cup of cool water and a single pill. He gave it to Kaminari, who drank it all in one gulp, some water even spilling from his mouth. Shinsou watched him carefully, and when Kaminari stretched his arm to try and put the cup on the table, but couldn’t reach, he immediately helped him. “Thanks.” 

“No problem.”

Kaminari wiped his mouth, while awkward silence spread between them.

“So uh…” Kaminari, of course, was the first one to break it. It eased Shinsou a bit. “You found me unconscious in an alley,” he repeated Shinsou’s words, receiving a nod from the other man.

“How did you find me?”

“The news about you breaking out of prison has spread like a wildfire, the whole fucking city is chasing after you.”

Denki snorted. “Cool.”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, “Mind maybe explaining a thing or two?”

“Ask away.”

Shinsou let out a breath. “How the hell did you even end up in this mess?”

It took the electric user a moment before he finally answered. “They thought that I broke into an apartment and stole something. They funny thing is it was my goddamn apartment.”

"Yeah… I heard something like that from Mina,” once again, a disturbing silence spread through the room. “They’ve been worried about you. They keep trying to convince the police to let you go. I called Bakugo, he’ll be here soon.”

Kaminari sighed. “Sorry, I’m probably a burden to you.”

“A bit, but I don’t mind,” shrugged Shinsou. When he noticed a smile and heard a chuckle rolling from Kaminari’s pale lips, a weird warmth spread in his chest. Was he really that worried about him?

“I really don’t wanna bother you more, but I have no place to go to. They took my apartement and…uh…” Kaminari trailed off. Shinsou narrowed his eyes, noticing the sudden uneasiness in Kaminari’s body language. Was he hiding something? Could it be that there was more to this story? “Never mind.”

Shinsou hesitated before answering. “You can stay here for tonight, if Bakugo wouldn't take you to his place or something,” the blonde nodded. “Though, I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to let you out for now.”

“Probably not.”

Shinsou breathed out too loudly. “Are you hungry?” he received a nod from Kaminari. “What would you like to eat? I suck at cooking so I’ll just order us something.”

“Anything’s better than prison food, so whatever you want.” 

“Ok,” Shinsou glanced at his phone, noticing a new message from Bakugo, saying that he would be there in a moment and that he was with Kirishima. Not that he expected anything else, honestly.

However, the sudden knock on the door was something he didn’t expect.

He noticed how Kaminari strained in his place, eyes darting to the door. “Is it Blast- I mean, Bakugo?”

“No…” Shinsou turned to look at the door. Another knock was heard. He tucked the phone back to his pocket and approached the door, pressing to open the front camera. In front of him appeared two men, wearing black suits. They weren’t police officers for sure, and he couldn’t recognize the tugs on their chests. 

“Were you waiting for someone else?” squeaked Kaminari. He sounded so nervous, as if he was about to puke.

“Not that I remember,” Shinsou whispered. “Who's there?” he called in a louder voice.

No answer. The men on the camera exchanged looks before knocking again. This time, more aggressively. 

“I’m not opening the door until you don’t tell who the fuck are you,” demanded Shinsou.


“Wait, stay still,” hissed at him, hearing another whack on the door. It made the door tremble for a moment. “Fucking tell me who you are or I’m calling the police!” the threats were useless but perhaps it would work. If they didn’t know that the police were useless, that is to say. 


He turned his head sharply towards Kaminari. “What?!” this situation was really getting on his nerves. 

His eyes gone round when Kaminari was darting towards him and bumping into his body, making both of them fall. “What the fuck?!” he yelled - and then a bullet crashed through to window, aiming right to the place Shinsou was standing a moment ago. His head hit the floor as Kaminari’s weight smeared about him. He growled, the pain exploded on the back of his skull, eyes closing for a moment.

“We gotta get out of here!”

“Wanna tell me something else that I didn’t know?!”

“I think they’re the dudes that attacked me then!” Kaminari hopped off him and helped him stand up. The metallic sound his legs made when he hit the ground made Shinsou glance then in concern for a moment, before the blonde was already dragging him to the side faster then he would expect him to be able to.

As if it on cue, his front door burst open, the two men crashed inside of his house. One swung his arms, which caused the floor underneath their legs tremble and two huge metal rods jumped out from the floor and sent it their way, Shinsou’s eyes widened.

Out of instinct he pushed Kaminari to the corridor leading to the balcony, his legs began to run too after the blonde. “What do they want?!” he screamed, trying to sound louder than the crashing sounds around them.

“I have no fucking idea!” yelled Kaminari back, bursting into the balcony. Both of them stopped at the edge, looking back. “Jump on my back!”


“Do it!”

Shinsou really didn’t know if he could trust Denki, but the yell from behind telling them to stop in their place by one of the men didn’t sound appealing, so he didn’t really have an option. He hopped on Kaminari’s back, surprised that his legs didn’t stumble, wrapping his arms around his not-so-wide shoulders. Kaminari was too small for him to sit properly but there was no time to voice it out - because the next moment, the blonde had already jumped out of his balcony.

The initial scream Shinsou had was probably very loud, if he had ever vocalized it, but he didn’t because he just wasn’t the type of person to scream aloud. He gripped harder on Kaminari, forcing himself to not shut his eyes as they were falling. Kaminari strained his legs - and they crashed into the wall of the building next to Shinsou’s, making holes where it absorbered the hit. 

Now his eyes were absolutely round, mouth agape and a total confusion swallowed all logical and illogical part of his mind. He could expect if from Deku, Red Riot; but Kaminari?

They slid down in awfully fast speed, thought Kaminari pressed all of his body weight trying to stop it. Shinsou didn’t wait another moment - He grabbed the cloth wrapped around his neck and swung it up, until it wrapped around a protruding pole from one of the balconies in the building, stopping their movement. Only when they stopped did he notice how heavy Kaminari and he were panting, and that his nails dig through the terrible orange garment that Kaminari was wearing to the point of blood spots were formed there.


“Sorry,” breathed out Shinsou, letting go of him. He looked down, and after seeing that there was not much left until they reached the ground, he hopped off Kaminari’s back and leaned on his feet. Then he stretched his arms forward and caught Kaminari - and both crashed to the floor. Once again he forgot that Kaminari was heavier than expected.

“Ouch,” winced Kaminari, rolling off of Shinsou. “Jesus-”

“We could have died!” suddenly burst Shinsou, sitting up.

Kaminari bit his lower lip. “But we didn’t,” he blurted out. Well, this sounded more like Kaminari but Shinsou was still mad.

“It was so fucking reckless. What if your legs broke?!”

Kaminari snorted. “I don’t think so,” he pointed to the building. Shinsou looked up, his eyes widen again to the trail of the broken wall formed there from Kaminari's feet.

“How-” he breathed out.

“I have bionic limbs. Didn’t you know?” Kaminari tilted his head.

Shinsou blinked, and was about to answer - when then sounds of sirens caught his attention.

“Fuck,” he noticed Kaminari’s face turning pale. “Let’s go, we’ll talk later.” he grabbed Kaminari’s wrist, pulling him aggressively to a standing position - and both men began running away from their chasers.

Whoever they were.